Wednesday, August 01, 2018 Criticizes The "F#*k The Police" District Attorney For Hiring A Creditor & Friend To A $160K Per Year Job In The DA's Office. PhillyTrib's Michael Coard Says: "Me And All Other Blacks In Philly Are Totally Grateful, Pleased And Forever In Debt To The Progressive DA Kranser For His Reforms In Philadelphia's Mass Incarceration System. Absent 400 Years Of Oppression We'd Have The Money To Loan To Him At Favorable Terms Like The Jews"

THERE IS A DEFINITIVE DIFFERENCE IN QUALITY 'INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM' AMONG THE NEWSPAPERS IN PHILADELPHIA - Associated With Their CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS Involvement In 'The Administration' (Yet The 'Journalism Organization' Allowing Them To Retain Their Position, Unable To See The Conflict Of Interest).


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