Friday, July 20, 2018

"Underdeveloped Black Females Of Philadelphia" Strike Back At Shawn Carter's Attempt To Make HIS PROBLEMS With The Progressive Mayor Of Philly Into THEIR "BLACK PROBLEMS"

SHOWCASING POVERTY Must Transition From "An Indictment Of Black People" (Since Black Operatives Volley By Showing POOR WHITE REPUBLICANS) Over To Evidence That The BLACK VALUABLES HARVESTING STRATEGY Has INCREASED THE YIELD But Has FAILED TO DEVELOP The BLACK INVESTORS Who Went Along With The Scheme

THE POINT:   BLACK "COMMERCIAL SERVICES PROVIDERS" are no different than "WHITE COMMERCIAL SERVICES PROVIDERS" in their INTENTIONS, except that the BLACK ONE's will leverage their knowledge that BLACK PEOPLE live VICARIOUSLY THROUGH THEIR WEALTH AND ACCESS TO POWER and will NOT PUSH BACK when the BLACK PROPAGANDA MEDIA engineers a narrative that says that the challenges that WEALTHY BLACKS face - are "AUTHENTICALLY BLACK" and they as poor Blacks should advocate to SUPPORT THEM.

(Summary:  No Poor Blacks ask Shawn Carter for a grant of "Our Black Money" from his pockets)

BACKGROUND:  I search THIS BLOG's background using the phase "Philadelphia Deep Poverty" in order to find the picture of the young Black mother sitting at the table [the first picture on the left].  I found many more reference materials, posted below.

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