Thursday, July 26, 2018

Professor Jonathan Haidt Proves That The "Fake Religion Of Black American Politics" IS ONLY A Subordinate Entity Of The 'American Progressive Fundamentalist/Permanent Leftist' 'VICTIM Culture / Indictment Of The Establishment To Gain Power' Scheme

Listen to the analysis of Professor Jonathan Haidt and his assessment of THE HUMANITIES DEPARTMENTS in Academia.

THIS BLOG has been exposing 'Humanities Professors' as the greatest INTELLECTUAL FRAUDS on campus.   ("Gender Studies", "Black 'Oppression Studies' History", 'Re-distributive Justice Studies' ).   [Yes Marshawn Lynch got his degree in 'Social Justice' - the new 'Basket Weaving' degree].  Add to this the false narrative of "American History" / 'World History' - to which: The Victor Gets To Write His Own Version Of History.

Professor Haidt argues that the best way to WEAKEN A PEOPLE is to make them VICTIMS who turn to the CENTRAL ESTABLISHMENT POWER for recourse.

This is in line with this blogs argument that the previous "Mission Accomplished Local Politics" in which the VICTORY WAS WON, but the PROMISED UPLIFT did not transpire among a broad swath of Black people - had to be RE-CALIBRATED into a NATIONAL PROGRESSIVE STRUGGLE in order to keep people riled up with a PURPOSE - at the expense of walking outside of their own communities for SALVATION.

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