Monday, July 23, 2018


  1. A Black Man Looking Past The Insecurities And Contradictions Of A Black Woman BECAUSE In Attempting To AGGRESSIVELY "Show Herself To Herself" Only Makes YOU A "Critic" (adversary) rather than The SUPPORT 
  2. One Night Being PROUD That She Got An Award On Stage Among Her Peers At A Big Banquet.  Then The Very Next Day She Is Crying Because Your (Knucklehead )Teen Aged Son Accidentally Elbowed Her In The Head At Home While They Were Playfully Struggling Over A Pillow
    • You use this as a lesson TO HIM.   You could have gotten violent with him for 'playing too rough' with YOUR WOMAN, but you realize that HE NOW REALIZES how much YOU (as a male lion) must temper your aggressiveness because HE IS WATCHING YOU
  3. MONEY.  (Aside from Oprah and Beyonce) No matter how much money the woman makes - she is ALWAYS going to be reaching into the Brother Man's pockets (along with the kids) to help her balance her books until the end of the month
    • She will always negotiate for MORE MONEY, even IF you already gave more than you had originally thought to give
  4. Appreciating that she has a LIFE AWAY FROM YOU (at the job).   Do not attempt to "correct" the facade that she has established among her friends and associates.   TAKE THE QUEUE and go along with it.    (You'll catch hell if you don't)
    • HER CHILDREN are perfect in her narrative to her friends
  6. You tell your buddies about 'Your Relationship Struggles and Sex Life' do not think for a moment that HER GIRLFRIENDS who are so kind to you - DO NOT know about the details of your relationship - just like you told your male friends
    • Her girlfriends 'have HER BACK' not yours, but they are good sources of information about how to treat a woman (even though your lady believes that YOU SHOULD TAKE A HINT)
  7. These Sambo-ette Reality shows are NOT targeted at women in STABLE RELATIONSHIPS.  They focus on ARGUMENTATION and this imprinting has bled into the real world
  8. You need to make sure that your lady has more FEMALE FRIENDS IN LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS than friends who are DIVORCED or SINGLE MOTHERS
  9. Entertaining Family Friends who are married with children is a good influence upon your own household (as long as they agree to "FRONT"  just like you (living up to an artificial ideal) without loading THEIR DRAMA upon YOU.

10, 11, 12, 13, 14: THE BEST DECISION THAT I HAVE EVER MADE.   She can write a list that is similar to mine (complaints and benefits) BUT we can both agree that we are more valuable and productive TOGETHER than we are as individuals.  Our CHILDREN are evidence of this truth.


Google Image Search:  "Marriage Black Man And Black Woman"

The First 9 Rows Have Interracial Couples

[Yes it is true. I bought a bottle of Chardonnay, hoping to have sex tonight but was shot down, which triggered this post.   I remember the days in which WINE COOLERS and PIZZA did the trick.  MY  WIFE JUST 'HANDLED ME'.  

Those DAMNED KIDS screwed up the sex life permanently!!!] 

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