Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jason Black Wins The "Online Debate Against Cynthia G" But "LOSES THE RACE WAR - As The White Folks Now Understand That 'Black Race Warriors' Use WHITE PEOPLE To Slander FELLOW BLACKS' "

  • JASON BLACK is a funny dude.
    • He "Handled" Cynthia G by denying her the conversation that she WANTED TO HAVE (Force Jason Black to define the state of the 'Beta Black Man')
    • JASON BLACK LOST THE DEBATE because HE COULD NOT SEE PAST CYNTHIA G to understand that FOR VICTORY AGAINST WHITE FOLKS in the "Race War" he is going to NEED "ALL BLACK HANDS ON DECK" and to NOT necessarily create DOUBLE AGENTS who will stab him in the back in the RACE WAR
  • CYNTHIA J is on to something about "BLACK MALES"
    • She technically WON THE DEBATE because it was JASON BLACK that needed to RISE ABOVE the fray of endless debate and ENGAGE HER on his LARGER RACIAL VISION.   Jason Black FAILED - more than Cynthia G 'Won'

BOTH Cynthia G and Jason Black are "NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACISTS" - their VERY EXISTENCE depends upon having FELLOW BLACK FOLKS talk about WHITE FOLKS.
In both cases their primary SLANDER of fellow Blacks is related to their RELATIONSHIP WITH WHITE FOLKS (Coons - who are too accommodative of Whites.   Massa's Helpers who assist Whites in carrying out their attacks upon Black people)

BOTH OF THEM FAIL BLACK PEOPLE - because neither can see that ALL WARS are won based upon:
  • LOGISTICS - the ability to move your troops and weapons to the front lines
  • FEEDING THE TROOPS - addressing the dietary needs and will to fight of your ground soldiers 
  • NO DEPENDENCY UPON YOUR ENEMY - more "American Containerized Blacks" are seeking FRUIT FROM THIS SYSTEM - the very system that they say WAS CREATED TO DESTROY THEM.  If a RACE WAR ultimately suspends OBAMACARE distributions this would be a more effective tool at carrying out WHITE RIGHT WING LEGISLATIVE ATTEMPTS - all without casting a vote in Congress.

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