Monday, June 18, 2018

The White Right Wing Wolf Taunts: "Dr King Would Have Been Proud Of What President Trump Is Doing To Help Blacks And Hispanics", The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man Snaps Back, Knowing That The Media Will Never Ask About More Substantive Problems That Remain Unaddressed Within The Black Community DESPITE All Of The Valuables That Have Been Harvested

If US Rep John Lewis is a "Protected Man" in the media DESPITE his power as an insider, then Dr Bernice King and her anual "50 Days Of No Violence" program, which assumes that 'Dr King's Virtute' STILL HAS LEGS among "Street Pirates Who Are Black" similarly enjoys no scrutiny among THE MEDIA who tabulate 'dead Black bodies' in Metro-Atlanta

THIS blog argues that Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter and Lebron James are not the INTELLECTUALS they are purported to be.   They are NEVER asked 'RACE QUESTIONS' by their Progressive friends in the media that go beyond the claim that "WHITE SUPREMACY (Criminal Justice, Economic Oppression) is the cause of the outcomes that Blacks suffer and THEY ARE promoted as the REFORMERS OF INJUSTICE----- as long as the BLACKS INVEST THEIR VALUABLES.............

THEN we must add the Civil Rights Pharisees to this same "Anti-Intellectual List".

Despite the fact that the AJC only presented ONE of the episodes of "5 BLACK PEOPLE MURDERED IN AN 'EPISODE' IN DEKALB COUNT" (there was a second set of 5 Blacks murdered - including 9 month old Kendarious Edwards) NO ONE is ever going to stick a microphone in the face of Dr Bernice King and ask her:  "WOULD YOUR FATHER BE PLEASED WITH THE 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONE' KNOWN AS DEKALB COUNTY GEORGIA TODAY?"

This is the byproduct of "NARRATIVE EDITING" - the very same phenomenon that is attributed to WHITE HISTORIANS who are allowed to give THEIR VERSION of "American History".

While it is more profitable to live stream the battle between the WHITE CONSERVATIVE WOLF and the BLACK EMBEDDED BLACK FOX CONFIDENCE MEN - with the WHITE PROGRESSIVE CHESHIRE FOX selling PayPerView tickets to the event - THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S TRANSFORMATION will only come when the BLACK RANK AND FILE itself -REFUSES to tune in to the latest volley of IGNORANCE and instead keep focused on WHAT MATTERS and not THE "HAS BEENs" from a different time and place and antagonists .

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