Monday, June 11, 2018

Constructive Feedback University Media Analysis: How The Pressure For "Group Consensus" On The Panel Serves Up 'Propaganda Popularism' - Always Aligned With The Progressive Fundamentalist Trends

In the past I talked about how the 9pm "CBS Atlanta News With Sharon Reed and Ben Swann [now fired from the station] was a more causal newscast, allowing more dialogue and personal opinions to be inserted after the news segment was presented".  The banter between these two, featuring faux deliberations from 'all sides' would always trend to what HER Progressive Fundamentalist viewpoints are - with Ben being reduced to 'A Dude Seeming To Want So Booty So He Stayed Compliant'.

That's to to say that he did not enter into the studio with his own heart-felt Progressive left bias (very likely), but the greater indictment is that CONSENSUS rather than APPLIED FACTUAL TRUTH, regardless of the outcome was the operating manifesto.

With 11 Alive's "Morning Rush" - take the two person formula and expand it to four people and the same effects are had.

What serves in the frame work of a NEWS CAST turns into an "Lets Entertain Them To Disarm Them AND THEN Throw In Social/Political Commentary To LEAD THEM ALONG OUR PATH".

On Friday I ate lunch at a sports themed restaurant and (again) note how SPORTS TALK is now "TV SPORTS TALK" that has POLITICS in the starting line up.  They use the attraction of the ATHLETIC EVENTS to fuse the branding upon the consumers and then tow a certain IDEOLOGICAL/POLITICAL LINE, framing anyone who disagrees (with the "PEAPs" - Politicians/Entertainers/Athletes/Prisoners) as BIGOTS or HATERS who need to update their thoughts.

At Least The Young Female Liberal Host Admitted That The 'Mic Cutoff Incident' By The School Administration Allowed The Student Activist To Have A National Platform For Her Words

(Let's get this one out of the way first)

YES it is true - the 'eye candy effect' of seeing the young Francesca Amiker on the set caused me to spread my morning news viewing beyond "ABC and FOX local", outward to include the local NBC station.

Beyond the energy level and comedic finishing, however, is the same routine 'young Black female liberal take' on ALL issues that are in the public domain.

For me - just as the antics seen on 'The Real House Wives Playing Basketball' Sambo-ette reality shows make these women 'Ugly', so too is the case with the 'local Black female NEWS DELIVERY WOMEN', who see a daily barrage of VIOLENCE coming from 'A PARTICULAR PART OF TOWN', but walk past these 'Black bodies' in silence, but then are QUICK to hop upon some nationalized propaganda scheme that support a particular trend that has an ideological political slant.

FOR EXAMPLE the local newspaper (AJC) featured a lost student movement for GUN CONTROL that is aligning with "Parkland" (Florida).   AT NO TIME did the newspaper, and of course, these liberal News Delivery Women" ever ask:   "Wait a minute!!   We report shootings and murders every day - WHY NOW are WE asked to join Parklan?  "

(Or more clearly to the point - WHY  DIDN'T PARKLAND JOIN US A LONG TIME A GO"?


This blog LIKES and STUDIES "Non-Violent Colonization Techniques".

  • They can use the media, nightly comedy and award shows to advance a MESSAGE
  • They can turn MOMENTS into MOVEMENTS as much as they care to
  • They can align all of their investor's vision toward a VICTORY IN THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS as evidence of their RIGHTEOUSNESS 

THE BOTTOM LINE TRUTH that remains as TRUTH is that their "CONTAINER OPTICS" are NEVER going to produce MATERIALLY FAVORABLE OUTCOMES - as experienced BY THE RANK and FILE MASSES - unless the MODEL OF TRUTH that they are selling contains and mitigates all of the SIGNIFICANT VARIABLES that produce the experiences that the larger group of people who ARE TRAPPED BY THE FILTER (not presented on stage).

I am not asking for "Fairness" in these air conditioned media studios.
IN FACT I demand that they KEEP GOING FURTHER AND FURTHER - turning up the temperature on the "Frog Pot".

I am more frustrated that, IN THEIR LIES, they are never held accountable with the RESULTS (as expressed upon the condition of the people).    IN FACT - it is BECAUSE they are the "MEDIA NARRATORS" of the real world - that they are able to TELL THE MASSES "WHO and WHAT IS TO BLAME" , despite them being in place for several generations, making the daily news edits that one day appear as HISTORY - the VICTOR's version of EVENTS. 


are all CONTAINERS placed upon ACTS that occur FAR MORE FREQUENTLY in the LARGER CONTAINER, but adding the CONTAINER serves as a neater package for the ACTIVISTS to move against

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