Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Mexican Identity Nationalist SPEAKS TRUTH To "White Right Wing Power" As They Agree That Globalist Forces NEED To Keep Mexico/Central America Poor & Corrupt In Governance In Support Of Cheap Labor And Migration

  • I Am Confident Enough In My Self-Identity To Post Arguments Made By "The White Right Wing"
  • REGARDLESS Of The Fact That I Agree With VDare's Peter Brimelow When He Says: "We Must Not Allow Our [White] People To Be So Fused To AMERICAN PARTISAN POLITICS That They Fall For All Of The Whims Used To Deceive The Masses"...................I KNOW THAT VDARE/SBPDL Is NOT CONCERNED About ME - A BLACK MAN Being Mislead
  • I Was Uncomfortable When This "(White) Mexican Identitarian" Used The Word "US" When Speaking To The Crowd Of White Right Wing Male Americans
    • I WILL NEVER Refer To Paul Kersey Using The Term "US" Or "WE" - No More Than I Would Say The Same About Progressive Confidence Man Tim Wise Or Ari Berman

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