Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Arrest Of Clifford 'TI' Harris Per The Wishes Of MINIMUM WAGE BLACK SECURITY GUARDS At An EXCLUSIVE WHITE SUBDIVISION In White Republican Donminated Henry County Georgia Gave LONG TIME WHITE RESIDENTS An Opening To Say On TV: "Some Of These Black Security Guards DON"T THINK STRAIGHT"

MATTER: "(White Folks) Stop Calling The Police On BLACK PEOPLE

DARK MATTER: To American Containerized Blacks: "YOUR Racial Fraud Schemes, Which Mostly Ask BLACK PEOPLE To Molest Their Own SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT In Support Of Your Perpetual Fight Against 'White Supremacy' JUST GAVE AN OPENING To A WEALTHY OLD WHITE WOMAN To Summarily Criticize BLACK SECURITY GUARDS As 'Simple Minded' Because A JACKASS Millionaire Rapper Who REFUSED To Build A Luxury Estate On 'Cascade Road' In Southwest Atlanta - Chose To Move Into A White Republican Dominated County, Inside Of An Exclusive Predominately WHITE Subdivision (Which is planning to SPLIT AWAY from the city of 'Stockbridge' which has a strong 'Black Political Machine' in place) ----- GOT ARRESTED FOR MAKING A DISTURBANCE AT 4AM IN A COMMUNITY THAT VALUES ITS QUIETNESS AND SERENETY -  Yet You STILL Allow Him To FRONT As A "Pro-Black Political Sage" When It Comes To Donald Trump And Republicans

Listen to his Wealthy White Neighbors in Henry County Georgia who are now using this opening created by TI to attack the competencies of the BLACK SECURITY GUARDS at this wealthy exclusive subdivision.

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