They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Snoop Dogg In White Face - Maybe The Underwealming "Offendedness" Shown Proves That Most White People Have Better Things To Do Than Generate Faux Outrage In Order To Increase "White Voter Turn Out"

AJC:  Snoop Dogg Appears In White Face, Confuses Everyone

When The Reporter For "The" Was Unable To Go Beyond "Assumed Black Inferiority" And Stand For "The Two Way Hand Shake Of Racial Equality"

After Seeing That "Twitter" With Only 3,000 Employees Is Still A Qualified "Civil Rights Target" For Progressive Fundamentalists That Are Incompetent At Turning Their STEM Education Goals For Black Students Into An "Operational Result" In The Schools That They Helped To Pack The School Board With Favorable People - The Leading Technology Companies Are Taking More Strategic Action To Evade The "Social Justice Imperialists" 

I Am A Billionaire At 21 After Creating The Company "Oculus" And Then Got Purchased By FaceBook.  

The Best Defense Against The Black "Civil Rights Pharisees" Who Will Claim That Our Corporation That Is Diverse With White And Asians Is Not DIVERSE TO THEIR SATISFACTION Is To Counter That With The Statement "We REFUSE To Collect Diversity Data On Our Employees" - Since We Are A "Virtual Reality Company" - When Our Employees Are At Work They All Adopt Avatars So We Don't Ever See "Race" We See "Characters"



BLAX News: As The Islamic Militias Storm The US Embassy In Libya, Occupying It As A Symbolic Victory Over "The Great Satan" - The, The, Politc365 And Atlanta Black Star News Make "Black American History" By Thanking President Obama For Having No Religious Bigotry In The "NATO Humanitarian Mission" That Is Now Providing Housing To The Homeless In Libya,They Tell The Republican Party In America That If They Were As Gracious In Sharing American Government Resources To "People Of Color" They Too Would Get A Share Of The Black American Vote

BLAX News Hires A New Journalist - One Little Man More Integrity Than A Plane Load Of "Americanized Black Journalists" Heading For "The Unity Conference" In Boston

The "Welcome Page" To The Website Of The US Embassy In Libya

The Joint Press Conference Of The "Mentholated Black Media Pressgang" Trying To Save Face Now That It Is Clear That Their Previous Choice Of "Silence About Africa" In Hopes Of "Progressive Opportunist Gains" Here In America Has Backfired, Exposing The Truth:   The Average Black American Doesn't Give A Damn About Africa - Except In "DNA Cheek Swab Test Results" That Identify Their Pre-Slavery Origins.   YET STILL They Lack The Scientific Background To Determine If The DNA Company Is Lying To Them In An Elaborate "Wire Fraud" Scheme Orchestrated By Professor Henry Louis Gates Of 'Many Rivers To Cross To Get From Africa To America" Fame.

Americanized Black History Is Made:

The Members Of The "Mentholated Black Media Pressgang" Issue Their First Ever "Black Progressive Joint Press Release" To Induce Continued Confidence Among Their Americanized Readership About The Violent Situation In Libya That They Applied "White Out" Upon In Their News Coverage For The Last 3 Years.

Since They Understand That The Mainstream Media Is Going To Cover The US Embassy Take Over In Libya - Africa, The Black Media's Hands Were Forced Since Most Of Their Readers Know About "Benghazi", "Fox News" And The House Republicans" Attempts To Smear The Black President Over 4 White CIA Operatives Getting Killed In Some Place Called "Benghazi"

Joint Press Release From The "We Are In The White House Negroes" Journalism Alliance:

We readily admit that we too are surprised as the number of "Americanized Blacks" in our circle of syndication have not stood up and protested the actions of the United States government.

We see that the "journalistic style sheet" that we collaborated with the Obama Administration to define has worked admirably.

Instead of calling it "US Imperialism In Africa And Nation's Of Color' - the term "HUMANITARIAN MISSION / HUMANITARIAN RELIEF" has stunted the protests among the ranks of Black people as they too know the big heart that the Obama Administration has domestically in support of progressive public policy and the logic of extending this internationally within nations that are historically oppressed by right-wing "White Supremacy / Imperialism".

We do not see the take over of the US Embassy in Libya as a negative.

We see it as "Obama playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkers'".    This takeover of the embassy represents yet another plot of soil that our "African Ancestors Used To Toil In", handed back to the Africans.    Democrat Jimmy Carter gave the Panimanians back the "Panama Canal", now we can say " Black Democrat Barack Obama gave the land that used to be officially 'American soil' in Africa - BACK TO the Africans".

Our African history does not work in a linear fashion.

We in the Black Progressive Journalism Community will be there to document every affirming event in this history.

As The AJC's Mike Luckovich Reads The Local News In His Paper And Makes Use Of Dekalb County In His Editorial Content The Civil Rights Pharisees Are Pleased With Their Friend Luckovich Because The Cartoon Under-Represents The Number Of Black People On The County Board And In The Audience, Leading People Outside Of Metro Atlanta To Believe That The Problem-Plagued Board Is Majority White

The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Dekalb County Inc Say:

Though we understand the preponderance of evidence flowing through the Atlanta Journal Constitution news room about the corruption in Dekalb County government has forced our friend Mike Luckovich's hand to make use of Dekalb as a subject in his editorial cartoon, lest he lose credibility among  his peer mainstream journalists.

We have now put our friend Mr Luckovich on our 'Social Justice In Journalism' watch list.

If he beings a series of critical editorial cartoons focused on "Black Seats Of Power", thus letting up on his attacks on the Republicans, and we notice that his critical coverage has expanded into Atlanta and Clayton County then we will be forced to terminate the "mutual 'hands off'' agreement that Mr Luckovich agreed to with Representative John Lewis, as we reinitiate our protest marches outside of the AJC headquarters, charging them with racially discriminatory news coverage.

"You know John, I just can't understand 'Your people'.    For years we have had a mutually beneficial relationship in which I agreed to make use of the stock image of a 'White right-wing male' as a violent, gun toting buffoon, making sure that suppress the notions of 'diversity' and never paint a Black progressive in the same light.    We even talked prior to I make use of Black Republicans Herman Cain and Alan West in this critical form and you all gave me the green light as you told me that these were 'Free Range Negroes'.

Now I write one single article that seeks to protect the interests of the majority Black people of Dekalb from government corruption - yet your Civil Rights friends show that we don't have a LONG TERM relationship of respect, but only a TRANSACTIONAL relationship that they threaten to terminate based upon their level of offendedness from my most recent cartoon at the time.

When I refused to e-mail a draft of each of my cartoons to the"Concerned Black Clergy Of Metro Atlanta" I heard Rev Timothy McDonald call me a 'White Right-Wing Racist', despite all that I have done to keep your people in a defensive voting spirit against their Republican enemy.

What do you people want?"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Fraudulent White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally Agrees To Promote "Michael Brown" Into The "Civil Rights Murder Victim Martyr Hall of Fame" DESPITE The Fact That None Of The Black People Murdered In Cleveland Or Cinncinati On His Watch As Govern Has Yet Qualified

The Nefarious Capitalistic Relationship Between The "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally" And The "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man" Is A Fraudulent Relationship Built Upon The Mutual Agreement On The INFERIORITY OF THE NEGRO, Sold For The Benefit Of The "Post Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Coalition" Team



Ohio, with 305 "Black Homicides" did not make the "Top 10 List Of Most Deadly States For Black People" as it came in at #12.  (Source - Violence Policy Center)

NOT ONE Of The "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" In Ohio On Governor Ted Strickland's Watch Prompted Him To Publish An Article On MSNBC.

How The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man In A "Jesus Collar" Conducts Business
How A Corporation With A "Risk Management" Department Conducts Its Business From The Perspective Of An Entity That Seeks To Stay In Business 
The QuikTrip Corporation Says That The Numbers Of Black Men Killed By White Police (100 Per Year) Don't Cause Them To Fear That Another Riot Would Result In The Arson Destruction Of Their Rebuilt Facility In Ferguson.

The real issue that is weighing negatively against their decision is that while THIS time they got away without any gas fumes from the pump getting ignited - the next time it might cause a massive explosion, killing all of the "Freedom Fighters" and that "National Action Network" would compel the US Attorney General Eric Holder to file a $5 billion "Product Safety Violation" lawsuit against them.    

While they have the $400,000  in insurance money to rebuild the place - a US Attorney General who is a "Yes Man" for the Civil Rights Pharisees is the "free radical" variable in their "Risk Management" spreadsheet that is throwing all of their calculations that would justify rebuilding toward the negative.

We Want Our "40 Acres In A Mule"

We Got Our "40 FBI Agents To Ferguson And A US Attorney General Who Is Eternally In Debt To Us Because We Agreed To Be Silent About The US Imperialist Attacks On "People Of Color" In Yemen, Libya And Pakistan

The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Dekalb County Georgia Says That It Is RACIST For Anyone To Question If Their Recent Focus On Ferguson MO Left The Black People In Dekalb County Vulnerable To Street Pirate Attacks. This Kidnapped Couple Just Caught An Unlucky Break

Dekalb County Couple Abducted At Gun Point, Handcuffed And Later Found Shot Dead In Atlanta


Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Filled Negro Says That The Closing Of The "Trump Plaza" In Atlantic City Should Put To Rest The False Claims That Republicans Are "Job Creators" And That Business Men Make Good Elected Officials

Easy come, easy go with the gambling business.

Despite the fact that Philly and other cities that used to feed the Atlantic City gambling crowd are developing their own local casinos the downsizing of the casino business in Atlantic City and the lost jobs is merely a diversion to a larger problem.


Maybe I am just late to the game but when I was in Philly and made my daily run to get the local newspapers - the sight of the "Pennsylvania Lottery" vending machine and the amount of money that middle aged Black people were inserting into it was shocking and eye opening.

Based upon the comments that I heard from them - these scratch off games were engineered to pay out just enough to keep them strung along, giving them an occasional win so they won't give up and keep their money in their pocket all together.

The last time I passed through Pittsburgh I was amazed that the downtown area that used to be dead on a Friday night was bustling with people at the gambling hall.   The same is the case for several small towns in Alabama where the smoke filled casino is now the Friday/Saturday night "entertainment".

I see little chance to prevent this type of mentality to permeate the thoughts of these people when it comes to public policy.  "The game of chance" supplants the "Prosperity Through Skills Development" meme.


Paul Kersey Of "Stuff Black People Don't Like" Said He Doesn't Give A Damn About Michael Sam's Sexual Orientation - If He Had It His Way ALL BLACKS, Regardless Of Their 'Sexual Predilection' Would Be Run Out Of The Stadium And He Wouldn't Have To See Black Males Standing Next To White Cheerleaders

Missouri Football Opening Day Halftime Show

 The School Recognizes Two Visiting Alumni, Michael Sam On The Right

"Stuff Black People Don't Like's " Paul Kersey issues the following sentiments concerning the "misogynistic half time show" and the news that the St Louis Rams have cut "the first openly gay player" from their roster:

"If you purchase my books on you wouldn't even have to ask me my view of Michael Sam and the Missouri Halftime show".

If I had my way Michael Sam:

  • Wouldn't have been cut from an NFL team as the "First Openly Gay Player" -  because he wouldn't have been allowed to play in the NFL because he is BLACK 
  • He wouldn't have received a warm welcome from his alma mater, he and another Black fella standing next to two White girls - because as my book "Opiate Of America" details clearly - THE NEGRO WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON ANY NCAA DIVISION ONE TEAM.  

Not every White person viewing the show knew that at least one of these Black guys were not lusting at those two White girls in the picture above.    When I saw the NFL draft day picture of Michael Sam kissing another man - I threw up in my mouth NOT because it was a homosexual kiss but because he KISSED A WHITE MAN.

To all of the people who claim that we "White Right-Wing Racial Nationalists Men" are unable to change, adapting to the times - I am going to prove you wrong.

After we saw this "Interracial Kiss" on television I sent out an "email blast" to all of my membership telling them that we need to EXPAND OUR RESISTANCE TO RACE MIXING outward to include HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS.  

Even though these two are not going to be able to consummate a "Mongrel Baby" from their relationship - I am more concerned that these muscular Black bucks that used to be "chattel property" during the "Good Ole Days" in America might tip a growing number of our healthy White males, whose sexual orientation is on the feminine side of the sliding scale of human sexuality - over the cliff into homosexuality in support of the Negro's multifaceted attack to destroy the White race by suppressing the creation of "pure White babies".

BLAX News: NABJ Told Us: "IF You Want Black Americans To Know About The Destruction Of Libya, 3 Years After Obama Ran A "Humanitarian Mission" Why Don't You Start Your Own Damned Black Propaganda Media Service And Hire Some Of Our Members Who Have Lost Their Jobs During Media Consolidation, ONLY After We Receive A Paycheck Will We Agree To The 'Editorial Bias' Of Our Employer"

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!!  Why is it that there is more QUALITY REPORTING ABOUT AFRICA into the United States from a CHINESE OWNED NETWORK (CCTV) than from any of the "Black Media" sources in America?

Black Women Seen Crying On TV Report: For The Black Women Who Lose A Loved One, But That Loved One Does Not Qualify For "Civil Rights Homicide Victim Martyrdom", Their Pursuit Of Justice Is A Lonely Road


Their scheme demands that you VALUE THE GRIEF Of "Their Chosen BLACK MOTHERS", While A Far Larger Group Is Left To Grieve On Their Own.

THE ONLY Distinction Is The Fact That The "Chosen Grieving Mothers" Advance THEIR AGENDA.

When The GOVERNANCE Of The Black Community Matures And Gets More Sophisticated An ARRAY OF 'GRASS ROOTS BLACK WOMEN' Will Demand That The BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE Value A Black Mother's Grief EQUALLY - Thus Eliminating The "SOCIAL JUSTICE PROFILING" And Its Discriminatory Effect

This grandmother doesn't understand the situation that could have caused several local young men in Carrollton Georgia to come into her house and shoot her Nizzear in the head as he slept.

5 Local Youth Charged With Murder
Malik Davis

Kenneth Wheat

Black Mother In Dekalb County Georgia Demands That The Dekalb County Police Department Release The Police Video In Which They Shot Her Son After A Car Chase In Which He Was Accused Of Stealing A Car.

WSB TV Article

With 20 Months Passed And Dekalb County Still Claiming That The Investigation Is Open In The District Attorney's Office  - The Grieving Mother Is Not Able To File "Federal Civil Rights Charges" Against The Dekalb County Police Without A Closed Case And The Video In Her Hand

The Federal "Statute Of Limitations" Expires Soon, Taking Away Her Chance At "Justice"

Simply put - (and with all due respect to his family) JAYVIS BENJAMIN Got Killed By The Police IN THE WRONG COUNTY

The same logic which says "Never Attack A Fellow Black Man - With The Same Ideology - IN PUBLIC" extends into the relationship between "Favorable Elected Officials" and "The Civil Rights Pharisees".

Where as it is par for the course for the 'Civil Rights Pharisees" to see the mass firing of the Police Chief, County Sheriff, District Attorney when their enemies are in power- when you have FRIENDS IN POWER - who are stonewalling a case for JUSTICE - the local "Civil Rights Pharisees" gain a strange sense of "Understanding" about how long these investigations take, regardless of what the grieving family thinks.

There Is No Question That Murdered Rapper Lil Phat Had A Bunch Of Family And Friends Who Are Mourning His Loss.

WE JUST DIDN'T SEE THEM Because His Killers Were Not INTERESTING And Thus There Were No Protests For Justice

  • At The Murder Scene
  • At The Police HQ Demanding An Arrest
  • At The District Attorney's Office Demanding A Prosecution
  • At The Arraignment Hearing Taunting The Killers
  • At The Jury Selection Demanding Equal Racial Representation
  • At The Verdict

Who Is The Real "Uncle Ruckus " Character?

The Ferguson "Struggle Motion" Exactly Matches "The Bonfire Of The Vanities"

Candidate #1 

ANALYSIS:  Critical Reaction To "The Struggle Motion" But No Substantial Alternative Plan.  BUT He Has Managed To Piss Off All Of The People Living Vicariously Through The Protesters 
Candidate #2
 I Would Rather Get Stopped By "ISIS Terrorists" Than By The Ferguson Police Department

He lives a life ABSTRACTED from his words.   If he did run into "ISIS" they would VALUE HIM EQUALLY as an America - threatening to cut off his head if his family didn't come up with $10 million to spare his life.

Candidate #3



Since The CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES Live Vicariously Though These Black Men In Power - THEY ARE TAKEN OUT OF CONSIDERATION AS "Uncle Ruckus" Characters

SBPDL Right Black At Cha: "Stuff Black People Don't Like" Rejects The Police Charges Against The Suspect In The Beating Of A Patron At A Bar In North Georgia

AJC: Arrest Made In The Beating Death In Forsyth County

Friday, August 29, 2014

Constructive Feedback University: "The Michael Brown-Police Brutality Ritual" And The Psychological Warfare Scheme To Remove "Black On Black Crime" Off Of The Table So The Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Coalition Can Exploit The Situation For Their Maximum Benefit

The following is an e-mail message from the "Gwinnett County Georgia Democratic Party" that was forwarded to me by a friend of mine.

The fall out of the "Police Killing Of Michael Brown" should be documented and appraised.  I watched the movie "Bonfire Of The Vanities" a few days ago and the AFTERMATH is nearly identical to this Hollywood script.


If you notice the landscape of the debate that is presently being cast - the Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalists who have "walked past a multitude of 'Black Carcasses In The Street', close to their homes as they made their way to Ferguson Missouri" - understand that JOB #1 IS TO DEFINE THE ISSUES OF THE DEBATE THAT ARE ALLOWED UPON THE TABLE.

The debate THIS "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" by the police in the context of a SEA OF DEAD BLACK BODIES, murdered at the hands of other Black people threatens to derail this FRAUDULENT "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster".

JOB #1, thus is to REMOVE the discussion on "Black On Black Crime" so that their agenda is not exposed - and thus they can focus on "POLICE ON BLACK VIOLENCE AND KILLINGS".

Back to the Gwinnett County Democratic Party.

If you have read this blog you will recall that I have exposed the agenda of "The Atlanta Voice" newspaper - a local NNPA syndicate and the "Voice Of The Black Racial Services Machine" / "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta".

  They have their eyes fixed on increasing the ranks of the Democratic Party in Gwinnett County.   "The Atlanta Voice" understands that it has order their journalists to drive through Dekalb County and not report on their problems in order to expose the opportunity for the "Black Racial Services Machine".

The friend who sent me the email originally lived in Dekalb County.  His relocation is 1/5th of the reason why the term "Black Flight Progressive" was coined on this blog.

About 10 years ago - after teasing me for moving to a predominately White county on "The South side" - he and his wife picked up their family and moved from Dekalb to Gwinnett.   His wife told me:  "I want my children in a more competitive academic environment where they can be challenged and motivated to move to the next level.   Gwinnett is more DIVERSE and my children need to be exposed to today to the people who they will ultimately be working with and competing against for jobs".

In other words - their section of Stone Mountain:

  • Had a high school (Redan High) that, despite its suburban location began to adopt the character of an "inner city school"
  • Their property values declined as the golf course in their community closed down and now the county was chasing down the owners, attempting to force them to mow what used to be lush fairways and greens.
  • After we exchanged stories about how strict my "Home Owners Association" is, while his was more tolerant - the once perfectly uniformed front lawns full of Bermuda grass started to show the effects of this tolerance
    • Side note - Please recall that my own "Obama Defensive" Black neighbor once told me "When this neighborhood becomes majority Black I think we are going to move away".   I RESPONDED (me the Black Conservative sellout) "When the HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION stops enforcing the strict rules that protect "curb appeal" and keep our property values up THEN I AM GOING TO MOVE.
It should surprise no one then that Gwinnett County, Forsyth County, (North) Fulton County, Cobb County, Cherokee County, Coweta County, Fayette County, Henry County, Newton County and Rockdale County have been receiving so many "Black Flight Progressives" who have exited Dekalb County, Atlanta/Mid & South Fulton County and Clayton County.

Do not get me wrong - I fault no one for seeking a "better" neighborhood, more stable and high performing schools, a retail environment with more to offer and stable or increasing property values.  You will never hear me tell anyone what to do with their money (unless we are talking about "collaborative benefit").  

However, when we dig a little deeper and make note that the very plots of land that they STRUGGLE to gain political control over, after decades of fighting with their White, (sometimes) Republican, Racist, Conservative enemies - with the promise that "Once We Put Favorable People In Power - Things Are Going To Improve For The Black Community" - it would be a miscarriage of intellectual honesty to not observe that:
  • Once they did achieve the front end promise that THE VOTE provided for them.........
  • They were in no position to stand up and ASK THEMSELVES:  "SELF - Where are those BENEFITS that we promised ourselves would be received once we VOTED 'PEOPLE WHO LOOKED LIKE ME THOUGHT LIKE ME AND MY ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT GOVERNMENT INTO POWER?"
I Did Not Receive A Message Via My Friend From The "Gwinnett County Democratic Party" When This Killing Of A Black Man Took Place In Gwinnett County Earlier This Year

Dear Prof Cornel West - You Know That "President Obama DID NOT Trick Any Black American Into Voting For Him". YOU Are Merely Unwilling To Call Out The "Black Racial Services Machine" That Sold The "Black Harvest" To The American Political Machine AND You Lack The Insight To Call For Regulation WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY For Future Protection

 We take no pleasure in bringing this information from Prof Cornel West forward.

In fact - the fact that he STILL is not being honest shows that there will be a "rinse and repeat" cycle in the future - with a similar misappropriation of "Black consciousness" into political opportunism.

I have more respect for "Al Shaprton" and "Michael Eric Dyson" who KNOW FULL WELL that the "Americanized Negro" is PRIMED FOR THE TAKING and are still playing along with the scheme - than I do for Prof Cornel West - who only NOW has come to see the light of the gross damage that is occurring as "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS" is allowed to fuse into "AMERICA POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM" - the Black Racial Services Machine being full participants in the FRAUD AND HOKUM at the expense of the "Black Rank & File".

It is our belief that the "Presidency Of Barack H. Obama" WAS A NECESSARY transition point in the saga of the "Negro In America".

WHAT OTHER CONSTELLATION of loyalties is ever going to occur again by which the "STALWART BLACK AFRO-CENTRIC GUARD " is seen "standing down" as the AMERICAN IMPERIALISTS attack "Nations Of Color" particularly Africa - all without generating protests akin to what we saw in Ferguson?

WE NOW KNOW that when and if "The Americanized Negro" is forced to choose between his POLITICAL OPPORTUNIST INTERESTS IN AMERICA and his solemn vow for "Protection Of The Mother Land"....................

  • He will choose to not attack the VESSEL through which his progressive opportunism in America that promises "Social Justice" - over his previous promise of "AFRICA - Never, Never Never Again!!"
  • After he purchased his "DNA Cheek Swab Ancestry Kit" to find out which ANCESTRAL TRIBE he got his "Negroid features from" - at the same time that his DISTANT COUSINS where in fear of their lives from the "Ebola Virus" in West Africa - THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO was conducting "FREEDOM FIGHTER LOOTING In Ferguson" against the "White Racist Police", who dress like American commandos that have their way in Yemen - able to kill two Yemeni citizens in a barber shop in country - but never set foot in court.   

Constructive Feedback University: The Victory Of The "White Right Wing" Is Not Found In Their Court Losses Over "Voter Photo ID" But In The Fact That They Provoked The "Black Racial Services Machine" To Agree To Market BLACK INFERIORITY On Behalf Of The "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Coalition", And Never Debate The Question Of "IF The Negro Was Sufficiently DEVELOPED After 50 Years Of 'Voting For His Salvation' "

WHYY Radio Times:  Improving Pennsylvania's Ballot Elections

In most other nations around the world - when the GOVERNMENT proves to be so corrupt that the PEOPLE violently protest as a sign of their "Vote Of No Confidence" in the process of voting in their pursuit of "Governmental Change".

IF there was more honest conversation about the "Americanized Negro" - We would keep focused on the "Black Racial Services Machine" - the overlay force that negotiates the terms of the "Black Community Mineral Harvests" into the receiving train cars of the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" - akin to a colonial power in the continent of Africa - and how today EVERY SINGLE "BLACK STRUGGLE MOTION" ultimately is manifest in a VOTE AGAINST the WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY.

IF there is a "Mission Accomplished Zone" where there are no White Republicans left to fight against - the corrupt "Middle Man Overlay Force" understands that the Black rank & file won't ever demand of them, THE NEW ESTABLISHMENT POWER:  "Where Are The Valuables That We Gave You For Our Development Over The Past 50 Years?"

Instead when it comes to the 'Black Racial Services Machine' showing the "Black Rank & File" a measure of CHARACTER - by acknowledging that their "Best Laid Plans Through Political Opportunism" were flawed and did not work out as promised - THEY UNDERSTAND that since NO ORGANIZED FORCE IS ASKING for a unilateral disarmament of these investments into the "Team" - the logical thing for the "Machine" to do is to SCALE THEIR IMPERIALIST SCHEME OUTWARD - focusing on the next closest White Right Wing enemy to stand up for the FIGHT.


No mental association has STOLEN MORE VALUABLES from the Black community than the words of the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man" who has the gift of articulation to compel the "Black Congregation" to FIGHT.

PSYCHOLOGY NOT POLITICS -   You must understand that the "Fight Meme" provides the notions of "BLACK PURPOSE" to those who are not sufficiently skeptical about the balance in their financial services account.

While Marcus Garvey was successful at turning this "Spirit Of Struggle" into institutions within the Black community" - today's "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaster' is equally adept in DESTROYING BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS by channeling this spirit into the cistern that is acceptable in the age of "INTEGRATED AMERICAN CONSCIOUSNESS" - the voting system of America.

What we have today is a successful "supplantation" (I made up this word, and I don't give a damn what "" says) of the Black community's will to defend its own "Black Racial Interests", yielded because THE TEAM is now an acceptable channel.

(In case you White folks don't know) - Despite the fact that by every ligitimate measure "Black People Are 100% INTEGRATED INTO AMERICA" - the pseudo-resistance to this notion provides a bit of "pseudopsia" that is helpful to the "Americanized Negro" and any of his political "Joint Venture" partners for use in the "Malcolm X American Political Opportunism Football Game"

The Persistent Unwillingness Of WHYY's Marty Moss Cohane And Other White Liberals To Tie The "Serial Black Community Dysfunction" That They Report On Daily With The "PROGRESSIVE MINERAL HARVESTING OPERATIONS" That Affirm Their Own Views

Another episode of "Radio Times" from Philadelphia PA - another missed opportunity for the show host to display some insight about what is REALLY going on within the Black residential areas of her metropolis.

Yes - give them credit for reporting on the problem plagued schools, violent streets and (get this in a majority Black city run by the people who they voted into power).......the sentiments of ECONOMIC DISENFRANCHISEMENT.

IF Ms Cohane and other White Liberals were more transparent - they would confront the operatives like the "NAACP" and "Center For American Progress" who are nakedly seeking to bring more "Black crops" to market via the voting process and DEMAND that they prove that this entire scheme is done to DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE and not just extend Progressive Fundamentalist Imperialism on the backs of "Under-Developed Black People.

Their mistake is to believe that the nearly complete domination of the screen of the "Black Community's Artificial Horizon" by progressives is evidence that they are the inextricable VOICE of the people and their navigation.

IF ONLY they could make the same inference which says that "Citibank and Wal-Mart" do not necessarily have the PERMANENT INTERESTS of the Black Community in mind - DESPITE their sponsorship logos at so many Black events and EXTEND this line of reasoning to the "Black Racial Services Machine" - by putting up a STRUCTURAL CHALLENGE by which this machine is forced to PROVE that their agenda is to DEVELOP THE BLACK PEOPLE and not just to string them along.

On The Matter Of Malaria: Progressive Funamentalist, Athiest, Ideological Bigot Bill Maher Takes Republican Dick Cheney To Task On Malaria Eradication Instead Of Asking His Black Progressive Friends "What Have You Done About Malaria, Clean water And Ebola In Africa - Aside From Getting A DNA Cheek Sawb To Confirm Your Ancestry?"

When Your Conscious Vision Is Properly Directed You Can See That "The Joke Is On Those Who Don't Appear In The Joke Due To Their Propensity For Offendedness - But Their More Significant Connection To The Matter At Hand Shows The Truth That Is In The Heart Of The Fraudulent Comedian Who Knows To Redirect The Indictment Elsewhere, Away From His Incompetent Friends"
Source: Pilgrim Africa

With The Facts Above Presented To You - WHO Do You Suspect That Progressive Fundamentalist Ideological Bigot Bill Maher Is Most Concerned About Spoiling His Favorable Relationship With So He Has Never Indicted Them About Their Questionable Commitment To Africa?

Uganda - The Malaria Hot Spot - The Obama Administration Sanctions Against "Homosexual Oppression" Includes Health Care Spending