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Filled Negro's Field House Home Invasion Watch: How ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY In The Name Of Political Opportunism Clouds The Vision Of The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser

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READ What Is Pleasing To The Americanized Negro And Infer That Such A Body Of Ideas Is In Line With His Inner Thoughts.

Reverse Racism And Other Fables 

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Just being born a Black woman in this current state of affairs, I simply do not have the power or capacity to be racist. And if it’s hard for you to grasp this information from me, please do Ask The White Guy and this really cool Bangladeshi Australian guy who gets it:****

Still, I don’t deny that as an African American woman in 2014 I am born with a certain level of privileges that my ancestors didn’t have. For one, I wouldn’t be writing on this blog because it would have been unlawful for me to read or write. I wouldn’t have gotten two master’s degrees (that I’ve been told Affirmative Action paid for) because that too is a punishable offense. For being an uppity negro wench, I would have been hanged and buried in some unknown location and it would have been deemed justified because I didn’t know my place. That fact is the disturbing root of this discussion. These seemingly innocent demands of my silencing are born out of that same legacy. These are “be quiet or we’ll reprimand you” statements. 

Instead of trying to silence discourse, just admit that you’re a coward. Just admit that comfort and dare I say privilege is more important to you than justice. No we can’t talk about the prison system, the fall of the middle class or the military industrial complex without race. No, no, no! To exclude race from these topics is to participate in the erasure of reality and to disregard the validity of millions of lived experiences. These “reverse racism” and “race-baiter” accusations are built on nothing more than modern day fairy tales.


It is not hard for me to imagine that the source blogger - Jessica Ann Mitchell joins with my dear friend Filled Negro in recognizing the "Slave Blood" that flows through their veins.

While there is no scientific or physiological proof that the experience of a people can transmutate into such a form - for the Americanized Negro - the reference to "Slave Blood" is a psychological badge of honor that works as a coping mechanism.

Ms Mitchell, with her 2 masters degrees, makes the case that she as a Black woman in 2014 remains INFERIOR.  She has no power to be "racist".

After the past 5 years of hearing other people dispense of the notion that having "The First Black President" in power we live in a "Post Racial Society" - both Filled Negro and Ms Mitchell clearly have not thought beyond the "slave chains" that their Black Progressive friends have cast for them.

If we go back to the year 1914 and consider the fate of a recent (White) Irish immigrant who is now working in a New York City textile factory or go back to 1814 and consider a White woman living in Virginia - THEY TOO as INDIVIDUALS lack the POWER to make revolutionary changes to the societal ills that they see all around them.

The key difference between their existence in 1814 & 1914 versus the existence of Filled Negro (I do not know where Ms Mitchell lives so I will focus on my dear friend Filled Negro for this segment) is that in 2014 - as a Black man living in the City Of Philadelphia - HIS VOTE in support of the ESTABLISHMENT POWER in his city that...............

  • Controls The Schools That Educate The Children
  • Controls The Police Forces & Government Prosecutors That Enforce The Laws
  • Controls The City Council That Sets Forth Economic Policy For Business Development
We must understand that Ms Mitchell is presenting to us another permutation of "ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION".  

The Americanized Negro has a vested interest in DENYING the POWER and COMPLICITY that he has in his popular support for the establishment order which he has vested his VALUABLES into the notion that they will lead to the Black Community's Salvation - that as he looks around and sees continued UNDERDEVELOPMENT - instead of going against his favored ESTABLISHMENT to demand proof of his DEVELOPMENT - he understands that BLACK INFERIORITY is a legitimate psychological arguing point - as long as everyone involved in the debate agrees that the NEGRO of today is STILL DAMAGED GOODS FROM SLAVERY.

If Ms Mitchell were to go inside of a dark room to sit down and think through her position - she would see the flaws that make it an unworkable scheme for BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.

  • TODAY we have masses of "Black Human Resources" that have won the political victories in the "Mission Accomplished Zones" that has NOT triggered the promised development long after the "Black Civil Rights Movement" has switched into a purely political opportunist scheme used to DISARM the Americanized Blacks from establishment of a "Black Community Governance Culture" as it chases after "Nationalized Social Justice Windmills" in the name of "Congregational Unity".   
    • IN THE FUTURE this body of BLACK HUMAN RESOURCES that are being used as political pawns for the advancement of PROGRESSIVISM will be the representatives of Black people IN the American Economy and the World Economy
  • IMAGINE if we could re-engineer history and the European Imperialist did not romp through Africa.  Today there would exist a body of BLACK HUMAN RESOURCES who are exposed to the world with a package of cultural qualifications and ideals of their own making.   
    • Those who preach the "Mystical Magical Africa" theory would presuppose that this group of "Africans Unmolested By Colonialism" would be EQUAL in their command of the continents vast mineral and agricultural resources - receiving fair exchange rates for their trades.  Funding a fair distribution of wealth within the societies upon the continent.   Thus repairing the infected wounds of poverty and tragic hopelessness that is see in some parts of this great land today.
    • I CHOOSE NOT TO IMAGINE SUCH A HISTORY THAT I CANNOT CHANGE.   It is far more LOGICAL to make note of the AMERICANIZED NEGRO of today as a BODY WITHIN THE BLACK DIASPORA which TO-DAMN-DAY is interfacing in the American and Global economy.   Instead of ME choosing to apply "Mystical/Magical Attributes" upon my Pre-Colonial African Ancestors - I am conscious that in 500 years from now some FUTURE BLACK DIASPORATIC PEOPLE will inquire about OUR (present day) efforts to prepare OUR FUTURE that will be received as THEIR HISTORY which influenced their PRESENT
My main criticism of the Black Racial Services Machine is that they mask their INCOMPETENCE AT DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE with the constant promotion of OFFENDEDNESS.   

They understand that OFFENDEDNESS among the Americanized Negro is the most effective way to DISARM HIM from his propensity to ask "Where Is The Money That I Gave To You For My Development?"

If A Series Of Imperialist American Military And Foreign Policy Attacks Are Made Upon "NATIONS OF COLOR" But The AMERICANIZED NEGRO - Who Has His "EYES ON THE PRIZE OF AMERICAN SOCIAL JUSTICE AGAINST HIS RIGHT WING ENEMY" Stays SILENT Because He Does NOT Plan To Make The Same Mistake As 'Dr King', Thereby Setting The Cause Of PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM Back For A Time Period Longer Than Did "The Southern Strategy" - IS IT STILL A RACIST AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY Despite The AMERICANIZED NEGRO Is Happy That His Progressive Fundamentalist Mentholated Media Focuses On DOMESTIC RIGHT-WING ENEMIES Which Are More Pleasing To Him?

Do Not Look At The POWER That The Americanized Negro Has Or Does Not Have.   Do Not Look At The Black President.     Instead Look At The American Government Policies While The Vessel Of US Domestic Progressive Opportunism Is In Power (In Every Rung Of Government That The Negro Has Helped The Progressive To Achieve Power) And Then Keep Your Eye On The Complicity Of The Americanized Negro And How He Refuses To Threaten His Position Of Privilege In America For The Cause Of 'Speaking Truth To Power'  - THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THAT THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO IS AN EQUAL HUMAN TO THE WHITE MAN And Needs To Be REGULATED JUST THE SAME


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