They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Friday, January 31, 2014

The Intellectual STD: Don't Fall For The Mis-Analysis Of Obama By "The Black Chicago Activists" Or Bill O'Reilly (Space/Time Distortion)

  • "The Same Old People Are Going To Get The Same Ole Resources?"

  • Creating Industries In America That Will Create Jobs  -  CORRECT
    • BUT WHO Do You Look Toward For Create The Industries That You Speak Of?

WHY DO YOU LOOK AT OBAMA - After 5 Years In Office?


Republicans - Black and White will hear BLACK PEOPLE criticizing President Obama and cheer.

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY listened to the expectations of these activists in Chicago, made note of WHAT they are still looking for and took a glance at their "Investment Porfolio" of the past 50 years and we still conclude - THEY ARE NOT READY to form a DEFENSIVE BARRIER around the Black Community Consciousness Nucleus, keeping the POLITICAL OPERATIVES from harvesting and mining the valuables from the Black community.


WAOK - Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Watch - New Morning Show Host Rashad Richey, Former GA Democratic Party Marketing Director, Should NOT Be Inspected For His Party Loyalty But Upon His Capability Of Telling Black People To NOT Seek A Solution Through POLITICS, As This Must Be Done Through INTERNAL GOVERNANCE


I will post the audio recording of the show later to back up my claims.

Rashad Richey - New Morning Show Host for WAOK Atlanta

Former Political Director, Georgia Democratic Party

OWNER - National Amusements - Sumner Redstone

I HAVE NO PROBLEM with the management at WAOK employing a Democratic Party operative into the seat of the morning show host.  It is more continuity than revolutionary.

MY PROBLEM is with the Black people who believe that THIS MAN - or any other employee of the station will EVER..............

  1. Make note of the condition of large segments within the Black community in Metro Atlanta
  2. Make note of the part that they in the "Mentholated Black Media" have played in aligning the INVESTMENTS of the rank and file in support of their Political Opportunism
  3. Make note of how the BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS have allowed their INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY to be converged around political opportunism

  • The Popular Black Democratic District Attorney Prosecuting...........
  • The Popular Black Democratic County CEO
Rashad Richey:

"I have not been covering the pre-trial proceedings of CEO Burell Ellis BECAUSE..............A LOT OF DEKALB COUNTY RESIDENTS LISTEN TO WAOK AND I DO NOT WANT TO POLLUTE THE JURY POOL".


Richey admitted to being friends with both the CEO and the District Attorney.
IF ONLY he was concerned about the WAOK listening audience with regard to the FRAUD and DIVERSION that he spouts so frequently.

To top it off - the caller that brought up the trail said that he was tired of the corruption in Dekalb County and that he was SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER.

This is when I recalled that certain "Too Black Too Strong" words are FOR TALK ONLY.

The caller fails to realize that Rashad Richey has a VESTED INTEREST in maintaining the Democratic power base in Dekalb - THE BLACK COMMUNITY BE DAMNED!!!


Rashad Richey:  "I am personally responsible for getting the TOWING FEES WAIVED that Dekalb County was going to charge for the removal of vehicles abandoned during the storm.  I had to call up certain officials that I know in power and STRAIN OUR RELATIONSHIP by convincing them to not punish the citizens for the govern of Georgia's failure to respond to the snow storm".

Rashad Richey:

"The Governor Of Georgia and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency SHOULD REMOVE THEMSELVES FROM POWER over this snow storm.  2 PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF THE BOTCHED SNOW EMERGENCY PLAN."


So NOW we are asked to believe that the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man CARES about people dying?

If I called into the WAOK morning show, with all of the data collected over the years to show that "Northwest Atlanta Is A KILLING FIELD FOR BLACK PEOPLE" - I Assure you that Rashad Richey and crew would not be moved into action and MOST CERTAINLY would never call for the removal of a FAVORABLE PERSON IN POWER because they FAILED TO KEEP THE BLACK COMMUNITY OF NW ATLANTA SAFE.

Rashad Richey's Defamation Lawsuit

Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell

Bob Herbert & Demos - Henry Louis Gates & The - The Zero Degrees Of Separation Of The Cogs In The "Black Racial Services Machine"

Dr Henry Louis Gates
Several months ago I told you to keep your eye on the associations of Dr Gates and Professor Charles Ogletree because these nefarious associations did not skew with their supposed (global) Black community advocacy and "anti-White Supremacy".

While many of you are seduced into believe that the 'Harvard Brand' (Ivy League brand) connotes some high pedigree and quality without reproach - thus you agree to focus your efforts on "Affirmative Action" at colleges with competitive admissions - the fact that the 'Gates Brand' is so closely tied to "The" - the Black Quasi-Social Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasing portal, with no hint at repudiation of the messaging that gushes from its trained propagandists and operatives.

CLEARLY the Root represents the voice of the POPULARIST views of the "Americanized Black".
CLEARLY these POPULAR VIEWS, so frequently affirmed and narrated by the "Mentholated Black Media" has proven INCOMPETENT at translated the VALUABLES INVESTED BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY into measurable, comprehensive, sustainable and perpetuating ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY through the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS.

Prof Gates proves, once and for all, that 'YOU DO NOT NEED TO DEVELOP THE AMERICANIZED BLACK' as a byproduct of the artifacts produced from your "Struggle Motion".

With the goal being to DISARM the "Americanized Black" so that he can agree to the "Lowest Common Denominator" for membership in the "Post Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" - the Americanized Black will agree to withhold asking the one damning question that would otherwise threaten the PROGRESSIVE TEAM - "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU FOR MY DEVELOPMENT?"  

We Know What Our Congregation Desires The Most -
So We Pack As Many Subtle Images In Our Propaganda As Possible

The Stitching Of Facts  That You Are Not Going To See From The "Mentholated Black Media"

A Few Weeks Ago Prof Skip Gates Used The Progressive Fundamentalist Platform, "The", Which He Co-Founded, To Redistribute The Sage Warnings Made By His Dear Friend - Bob Herbert - Formerly Of "The New York Times" And Today With 'Demos' - A Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Advocacy Group

NY Times columnist Bob Herbert delivers a stinging indictment against President George W. Bush and how his FANTASY about the threat that Iraq represented that translated into thousands of lives lost by both American troops and innocent Iraqi casualties.

The lesson that Mr Hebert gives voice to is the notion that:

REGARDLESS of how much your ENTRENCHED IDEOLOGY wishes the world would operate in kind - REALITY proves to be a more powerful elixir - IF you dare to let go of your entrapments.


We are all made familiar with the 'Revolving Door' Between The US Military And Government - where former military officials who accepted the friendly gestures from government contractors while serving as the "people's representatives", retire and then accept a position with that same contractor.   The idea is to leverage his "organizational knowledge" to improve the contract take rate by that contractor with the branch of the Department of Defense that he is most comfortable with.

Despite the fact that there is a CLEAR lack of boundary within the cogs of the "Black Racial Services Machine" - the thought of having a highly respected brand in one domain to jump ship and provide guidance in another domain, putting aside the different INTERESTS of the two - is seen as an ADVANTAGE and a "strong hand".

Once you understand that these people are NOT seeking to protect BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY but to have it compromised for the favor of PROGRESSIVISM - then all that you see them do will make sense.

Worse - when you see the Black community's investments fail to make sufficient returns and yet they STILL remain in power, guiding the "Americanized Black Congregation" to stick with them in order to fight a NATIONALIZED fight - we should understand this as a case of REGULATORY CAPTURE.

Bob Herbert and his "Comfort Among Progressive Friends"

Despite all of the decades of exposure and condemnation of WHITE SUPREMACY upon the psyche, economy, and institutions of 'People Of Color' - WE SEE that when Bob Herbert was given the open microphone to voice his VALUES and PRIORITIES - he PUNTED on the matter of "American Imperialistic Attacks Upon Various African Nations, Yemen And Pakistan - yielding this role to a White Progressive Muckraking Journalist who UNDERSTANDS that the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT has all of the "Keys To The Imperialist Kingdom" - equal to his predecessors.

After botching his opening salvo, not realizing that any of his Progressive friends would "Go There" - Bob Herbert - chose to continue on his focus upon Domestic American Progressive Public Policy - as he understands within his soul that INDICTMENTS ABOUT AMERICAN IMPERIALISM and Extra-Judicial Killings By The Executive Branch are reserved for Presidents that are HOSTILE to the DOMESTIC SOCIAL JUSTICE AGENDA.

As such - Mr Herbert made his choice to focus upon selling the benefits to Obamacare and the glories of a raise in the Minimum wage, unscathed by the attempt by Jeremey Scahill to shift the conversation.

Let Us Return To Professor Gates And The Mentholated Black Media

You must understand that, as political/ideological operatives - when they bring for "Americanized Black History" is done to POSITION Progressive-Fundamentalism with a stronger hand.

After decades of avowing to be "Unbought and Unbossed" it took their presence in "ESTABLISHMENT POWER" for them to prove that they are 100% EQUAL to White operatives in power and that they must be regulated as such.

The key distinction is that it is not the government (FBI, local district attorney) that needs to provide this level of regulation to protect the interests of the Black community".

They have CONTAMINATED the "Black Community Governance Culture" - the set of institutions that provide the buffer between "The Black Community Development Hope" (the valuables) and the POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM that the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men" seek to have unchecked access in order to exploit.

Should Anyone Be Surprised That REAL AFRICANS Have A Different Vantage Point Of The United States In Relation To Africa Than Their "Americanized Black" Cousins?

WHO Other Than The "Mentholated Black Media" Is Responsible For This Disconnect?

When Reality Hits The Failed Execution Of "Social Justice" - A 35 Year Old Who Barely Escaped With His Life As A Youth From Iran Is Tapped To Lead The Camden School System In Its Promise For "Equal Education" For Its Majority Black Student Population

LISTEN for the intricate details of Paymon Rouhanifard's accounts of the problems that he has witnessed first hand in predominately Black schools inside of New York City and the whole of Camden New Jersey.

In talking to the parents in Camden about their expectations of the school - the #1 request is about "SCHOOL SAFETY".

While there is more popular debate in the "Blogging While Black" realm regarding the "Insanity Of The Latest Republican Plan To Allow School Teachers To Carry Firearms" - in response to the Newtown shooting - it is clear that the parents who send their children to school in Camden New Jersey are worried more about a constant and pernicious threat which they have no time to intellectually theorize about in the context of the perpetual fight between the "Two Dung Producing Party Animals".

For those who claim to be seeking the "Best Interests For The Black Community", through their activism and journalism it seems that reporting from this perspective of those who are on the ground ONLY is used to advance the notion that THE LARGER SOCIETY has failed "Mission Accomplished" zones like Camden (or Trenton or Newark).

The news that Camden's per-pupil spending rates are off the charts and that the student to teacher ratio of 9 to 1 is even lower than they themselves would ever call for in their fight against "large class sizes" - the SUBPAR RESULTS  achieved by Camden, despite reaching these two points of reference (per pupil spending and student teacher ratio) that are always used to contrast with "White schools" other schools which produce more desirable results - WILL NOT cause a change in the basic assumptions that are firmly entrenched in the minds of these advocates.

What is it about the AMERICANIZED CULTURE that would have it that a foreign born young man is assigned to the seat in the control room to make something out of a "Mission Accomplished School District" that those who had a more political/ideological vision for the city over the last 50 years have desperately failed to achieve, leaving this present generation of Black students vulnerable, the missplaced dreams of POWER, seen reaching forward to STEAL the valuables of the Black community beyond that which they have harvested from the past 50 years?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Analysis Of "The Black President" By A "Mentholated Black Media Operative", A Hispanic "Pro-Immigrants Rights" Operative And A White Progressive Who Sees No Difference In The US Policies Between "The Black Guy In Chief" And The "43 Other White Men Who Held The Seat Before A President Could Be Claimed To Be A "Victim Of Racism" Despite Being An Imperialist Against Nations Of Color

No Commentary On This One. YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF

Just ask yourself the question:  "WHY Doesn't 'Demos', "Think Progressive" or "The Grio/Root" Focus Upon The Actions Against "Nations Of Color" Like Jeremy Scahill Seems To Be Impassioned About Covering?

  • The Opening Statement As An Operative
  • The Observation Of The "Tone" Of The Session
  • The Re-calibration Of Your Own Rhetoric 
  • The Tone Of Your Second Round On The Mic That Is More Critical 

Filled Negro Says That The "Republican Threat Of Violence" In Washington DC Is Always SUPERIOR To The Concern About A Philly Street Pirate Or Any US AFRICOM Strike In East Africa, Both Of Whom Has Actually Murdered Black People Rather Than Merely OFFEND Them In The Context Of American Political Opportunism

I was also threatened with violence by this Right-Wing Republican Congressman.   He also said that he would lift me up, break me in half and thrown me over the balcony.

This is the problem with Republicans and their appeal to Black people through the Black media personalities like me.

Where as the Obama Administration and the local Democrats LIFT ME UP FOR PRAISE for my favorable reporting upon them - those Republicans that I am forced to write critically upon just can't see that there is no chance that the Black community is going to stop being OFFENDED about their behavior when they systematically attack the Progressive journalists after we "Keep Them On Trial".

We understand that if we "Keep The People Who The BLACK COMMUNITY ELECTED TO REPRESENT THEM On Trial " that we might receive those same type of threats from the community that the Republicans are directing at us.

It is better to have the Black Progressive Community having your back instead of wanting to break your back.

I Have Been Charged With Murdering At Least One Person In Philadelphia

Thank Goodness I Have A Good Defense Attorney Who Will Charge The Police With "Tattoo On The Face Profiling".

After all there must be thousands of Black males in Southeastern Pennsylvania with a "Target" tattoo on their forehead.

How can one Black man's dying words detailing these identifying features of his killer be used against MY WORD that I did not kill that bastard who owed me money?

I am going to call "The Innocence Project" to demand that the Philadelphia Police and District Attorney find my DNA or let me free.

Police arrest repeat offender in West Philly murder
I was held hostage and left near dead by my caretakers in Philadelphia.

As the community organizers walked past my house with their "Travon Martin Hoodie March" in Philly - I was banging on the window hoping that at least one of them would help me.

The voice heard over the megaphone that they were following drowned out my plea for help.

THANK GOODNESS for the local media who finally came around to give voice to MY STRUGGLE - to survive.

Disabled Man Held As Virtual Hostage Until One Call (And It Wasn't To The 'National Action Network' Philadelphia Office)

Re-Edit Of AJC Mike Luckovich: Luckovich To Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed: "If You Want To Make Nice With The Georgia Right-Wing Republicans Then I Am Going To Draw You As I Do The Right-Wing Republicans"


The present attacks upon the Democratic Mayor of Atlanta and the Republican Governor of Georgia fall down once you alter the "space" dimensions.

Of the 3 times I went into a "death spiral" as my car slide uncontrollably down a hill yesterday - 2 were outside of the city limits of Atlanta.
In addition the state of Alabama had just as much of a challenge in dealing with the snow storm that quickly turned to ice.

We are seeing ECONOMICS in front of us.
The "South" has to choose between stocking up with a bevy of snow removal and salt distributing equipment to prepare for the "Once Every 3 Year Ice Storm" OR to put their limited resources into other pressing needs - that are not "warehoused" most of the year - as are snow plows.

The Scene In Hoover, Alabama

I take both men at their word that it was not possible to put down salt prior to the storm as this material would have merely been pulverized and blown away from the road surface as the cars drove by on the interstates.

While I empathize with the people, some of whom were stuck in their cars for 24 hours between rush hour Tuesday afternoon and the next day - they were trapped due to the conundrum of being on a highway that needed to be treated with salt to help clear the ice that caused certain hills to become impassable - while their cars formed the traffic jam that prevented the snow removal equipment to get through.

On top of that - the temperature never reached beyond 30 degrees all day on Wednesday.  The snow melt came from direct sunlight hitting the road.  The same road can be bone dry this morning (Thursday) while the spot that did not get the afternoon sun because of trees is still ice-covered, just as was the case on Tuesday.

The roads won't be totally cleared until the temperatures go up to 50 degrees, as predicted on Friday and Saturday (with possible rain on Saturday)

Mike Luckovich's Selective Indictments

"You Want To Cavort With The State Republicans Then I Am Going To Treat You Like One"

I give credit to Mike Luckovich.  There is a heavy dose of his sarcasm behind the 'Blax News' bit on this blog.

I have less of a problem with Mike Luckovich being a "Progressive-Fundamentalist" than I do with his "indictment selection".

At any given time in metro Atlanta there is some GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION SCANDAL going on somewhere in state, county, or city government.  Add that to the federal government slug fest.

When a news cycle provides Luckovich with the choice of going after a "National Right-wing" adversary versus keeping his eye on the people's interests by pursuing a local issue that ultimately has more impact upon them (their school system) - Luckovich is always going to do the "Passover".

The TRUTH about "Metro Atlanta Mission Accomplished Governments" is that the LOCAL TELEVISION NEWS ORGANIZATIONS are the "Civil Rights Organizations" - protecting the interests of the Black community by enforcing transparency in government BECAUSE the "Mentholated Black Media" has yielded this role as they work as the press agents for the "Civil Rights Pharisees" - who play a strong hand in orchestrating WHO will get into office to represent "the people".

These news organizations do their job by REPORTING on the various court appearances, investigations and grand jury rulings.  It is left up to a news OPINION WRITER to take in all of these individual streams and stitch them all together.

Mike Luckovich is an "opinion writer" who draws his opinions.
He understands that there is a COST to be had by going against the "Black Racial Services Machine" on his way to DEFENDING THE INTERESTS of the constituencies (in Dekalb County, Clayton County, for example).

The "Jedi Mind Trick" would have it that in response to a damning series of articles focusing upon how "The PROMISE Of Voting Has Fallen Short" - would be seen as an ATTACK UPON (Popular) Black Elected Officials.   The "Civil Rights Pharisees" who control the megaphone that is trained upon the Black rank & file would establish the artificial horizon which says that latent RACISM causes the attack media to hate the sight of a Black man in power and that WE should congregate together to FIGHT THIS RACISM!!!   A protest would be had outside of the offending media company's headquarters.

All the while the people who are most injured by the stolen promise in their city or county are left to lumber along, PROUD of their "victory" in protecting their honor - but then looking outward at some other part of the metro:

  • "The Black Flight Progressives" - seeking to move to these other places that use more traditional means of governance
  • "The Civil Rights Pharisees" - looking at how the legacy of "White Supremacy" continues the mis-allocation of societal resources into their treasure chest. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Macklemore: Inspecting The "Mentholated Black Media" For The 'Ideological Agenda In The Room' That They Can't Bring Themselves To Talk About

All Hip  Don't Try To Depict The Hip Hop Community As RACIST For Their Anger Over Macklemore - We Have A History Of Diversity

No mention of the IDEOLOGICAL AGENDA (The Marriage Stunt) that Macklmore had under his wings, endorsed by Queen Latifah -the "California Official For A Day" and LL Cool J - among others who had to go along with the "shelving of hip hop", in order for this scheme to go on without protest from the insiders. .

Flaovorwire:  Macklemore The Marketing Genius, But He Is Sincere And True (To The Black Cultural Roots Of Hip Hop?

Flovorwire Comes Close But Ultimately Talks Past The Issue Of "WHO ENGINEERED THIS CLEAN SWEEP?"

As far as the “no homo” business goes, honestly, I think we’re looking at the record of a man growing older and wiser. Of course, the passage of time doesn’t make the original tweet defensible — after all, I wasn’ttweeting homophobic slurs five years ago, and I’m guessing you weren’t either. But I also think that these three tweets provide a neat encapsulation of the construction of the Macklemore persona, from being another kinda clueless C-grade rapper through becoming a decent human to evolving into the Macklemore we know today: the preachy Nice Guy, the reassuringly liberal and non-scary white guy who even your grandma can appreciate, the one who Speaks for Minorities whether or not they can speak for themselves.
The question with Macklemore has always been how much of this is genuine and how much of it is a calculated affectation. After all, his schtick is marketing genius; instead of being a goofy white guy trying to look like you fit in, competing with a gazillion other better qualified rappers to be taken seriously in a genre where the perception of authenticity is everything, you embrace your outsider status and make sure everyone realizes you’re painfully aware of it. Instead of competing with a load of others to appeal to “real” rap fans, be the one guy who appeals to soccer moms and, y’know, the Grammy voters.

The article credits Macklemore as a savvy self-marketer and recognizes him for being a voice in the backlash against the "No Homo" term that was a necessary prefix prior to expressing "love" for a fellow male recording artist.

From this article we are still left wondering WHO recognized Macklemore's "sermons" (since he was called a "preachy White liberal") and the broader vision of the "Carnival Marriage" that transpired on the Grammy's as a result of his song.  Some one or some group of people had to synergize these individual items together.

Tom Hawking appears not to be curious enough to pull off the covers.

HipHop DX: Rapper Fabolous Sticks With The "Racial Meme" - Infers That When BLACK JUDGES Get To Appraise The 'King Of Hip Hop' Later This Year The Choice Of Macklemore Would Be A Surprise
Again Fabolous misses the point.

He seems uninterested in exploring WHO called in Queen Latifah and told her to get "Deputized" by the State Of California to perform the group marriage.  CLEARLY this was well coordinated, well in advance.

If LL Cool J knew about the "Opening Performance" to warn people to "Not Miss It" - SURELY he knew about the rest of the "Bread & Circus" acts that were lined up in the show.

WHY worry about BET judges as "authenticators of Hip Hop" when there were at least two well respected industry veterans in on the scheme, AGREEING to go with Macklemore BECAUSE of the larger, agendized message that he was pushing?

Despite the recent backlash against "R Kelly" and "Lil Wayne" - the "BET Judges", in the past, don't seem to have a track record of upholding "Black Community Honor".   WHY ASSUME THIS IS THE CASE NOW WITH THEM?

NY Times - Do A Deep Dive On Hip Hop & Authenticity And Our Readers Won't Bother To Question About The Engineering Behind The Entire Carnival Event

Even though hip-hop has countless shades, colors, splinter wings and internal dissenters, it’s still often spoken about as if it were an undifferentiated mass. Many consider it an outsider phenomenon, even though hip-hop has effectively become the center of pop music. This attitude partly stems from age, race and other things, but mainly from a refusal to see the world as it has become. 
Notice the author talks about AGE, RACE and "Other Things" - he is ultimately forced to DECOUPLE his analysis from the key content in Macklemore's song that initiated the ORCHESTRATION of all of the carnival activities that were shown on stage.

Depending on your lens, this reflects a tremendous cultural victory for hip-hop or the moment when hip-hop, as a construct, begins to lose meaning. What it really portends is hip-hop’s centerless future, in which its elements and references will be widely up for grabs — even more so than they are now — and used in unanticipated ways, inevitably weakening the center, and maybe undoing it altogether........................
As a rapper, he recalls most vividly the progressive independent hip-hop of the early 2000s, as if he had swallowed whole the early works of Atmosphere. That was an era when hip-hop was still filling out its margins, and a heavily white underground was exploring new thematic territory.
The success of that scene also helped generate an audience for hip-hop that did not seek out or understand the genre from the inside out but rather from the other way. Macklemore may be a rapper — last year, prophetically, he was one of the 10 young rappers on the cover of XXL magazine’s annual “Freshman Class” issue — but his audience is something else. 

In his attempt to define the present state of "Hip Hop" as a genre with a multifaceted audience with their individualized preferences - Jon Caramanica  gives us an excellent "history lesson" and the coordinates of the distinct subgroups in the "hip hop culture" BUT - he too seems uninterested in enumerating the forces that orchestrated what was seen during the Grammy's.

UK Guardian - David Dennis - The Promotion Of Macklemore As An Attack On The Black Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates
As I read David Dennis' commentary I also looked at his article archive and thus my suspicions where affirmed.  He, like Denzel Mykel Smith are not "UK residents".  They merely have a "gig" with the paper.

From his line up of articles:

(Note - THERE IS NO REASON To Take David Dennis as a serious commentator on the Macklemore Carnival Act.  )

Color Lines: Our White Progressive Friends Are Allies With Fighting The Right Wing But They PISS US OFF When They Fail To Consult With Us When They Engineer A Propaganda Moment To Advance The "Post-Racial Progressive-Fundamentalist Alliance" - Queen Latifah Does Not Speak For All Black Progressives.
Correction.  Color Lines has an entry that references David Dennis.

I should have said - "There is no reason to take David Dennis OR Color Lines seriously in their assessment of Macklemore


"We are 100% in line with the progressive fundamentalist agenda of our friends at 'Think Progress'.   We just see the need to have a redefined RULES OF ENGAGEMENT when our common progressive fundamentalist agenda involves the LGBT agenda seeking to appropriate CORE BLACK COMMUNITY CULTURAL entities without sufficient negotiations for those of us who need to propagandize INTO the Black community before hand so they'll agree and go along with the scheme because of the larger progressive ends that they should support by temporarily disarming themselves. 

SPIN Magazine by Brandon Soderberg
It is my solemn dream to read a WHITE LIBERAL FRIEND take their observations of WINS AND LOSSES and apply them to issues that are MORE SUBSTANTIAL to the condition of the "Americanized Negro".

  • The "White Rapper Won" / "The Rest Of The Blacks In Rap Lost
  • In POLITICS - The Machine, Once Again Convinced The Americanized Negro To VOTE FOR HIS SALVATION - There Was A Great Loss Suffered Because He, AGAIN, Declined To Ask The Investment Advisers Who He Gave His Valuables To Many Times Before: "Where Is My Development?"

Blax News: "I've Known Rivers" And All Of The Bridges That Span Them Which The Americanized Negro Was Sold The Title Deed For The Assumption Of Ownership

Black History:  "The Negro Speaks Of Rivers"

"The Souls Of The Americanized Negro" After His Consciousness Was Molested Away From Him By American Political Opportunism

The Edmund Pettus Bridge In Alabama

"I Still Remember The Day That I Got My Ass Kicked On This Bridge, 50 Years Ago, As I Was Marching For Justice!!!

Today I Stand Resolute!!
I Will NEVER Allow Those Alabama State Police Men Who Shed Their Uniforms And Are Now Republican Congressmen And Governors To BEAT ANY OF YOU - Like They Would Be Doing Today, But For The Army That You Have Assembled To Fight Against Them Where They Threaten You The Most.

I Ask That You Look Past Those Threats That You Report Into My Office That You Suffer When You Walk Down 'Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd Or Rev Joseph E Lowery Blvd Inside Of My Congressional District.   If We Splinter By Worrying About These Petty Things Like Your Physical Safety Then The Superior Right-Wing Enemy We Resume His Unchecked Power And You Won't Be Allowed To Cross That Bridge That Goes From Vine City To Downtown Because Downtown Will Be Resegregated".

The Bridge Of Social Justice In Rev Joseph E Lowery's Mind

"I Told You That Those Georgia Republicans Had A Quest To Construct SUPER WHITE CITIES As Their Enclaves To White Supremacy.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution Just Proved Me Right."

AJC: New Georgia Cities Reignite Debate Over Race
Investigation Shows That Of The New Georgia Cities That Were Crafted Out Of Un-Incorporated Sections Of Local Counties With A Significant BLACK POPULATION 45 Of the 46 Elected Seats Of Power ARE WHITE, While The One Remaining Is VACANT - (.......Waiting For A WHITE PERSON To Get Elected To It.)

"Don't you see people?   Every time those WHITE FOLKS seek to rebuff the BLACK representation on the larger political entity that engulfs them BECAUSE THESE OFFICIALS ARE BLACK - these WHITE FOLKS will always seek to circle their wagons and set up a barrier between their interests and their money and OUR COLLECTIVE SOCIAL JUSTICE as a community.

For years I have been extending an olive branch to these  RIGHT-WING WHITE FOLKS in Georgia, offering a bridge to reduce the conflict by having them to reject their foolish Republican antagonism and to come join us Blacks and White progressives in the Democratic big tent so we can move Georgia forward.

While it is true that my BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY preaches similar 'Race Specific Goals' in support of our provincial interests as Black Progressives - it is the 400 years of Slavery, 100 years of 'Jim Crow' and 50 years of White Right-Wing Republican intransigence that forces us to suspend these internal bridge building efforts between Black communities in American and those in Africa - as we focus upon FIGHTING THOSE WHITE FOLKS who are trying to attack our shared social justice tax base.

We need Obama to put in those Progressive judges in Georgia before he leaves office.  I have a feeling that the White folks in Buckhead are gonna try to secede from Atlanta.  While Obama had his arm twisted by the two Republican Senators to get their share of conservatives on the bench, we can stand against the lack of progressives by noting the lack of RACIAL DIVERSITY in the line up.".
Over the years Rev Lowery has evolved from PROTESTING AGAINST elected officials in power that have failed to develop the Black community - over to STANDING ALONG SIDE progressive Democratic politicians to fight the Right-wing - hoping that the Black congregation in Northwest and Southwest Atlanta will put aside their concerns over anemic development and see his VISION of Georgia as a Democratic Party dominated state - again.

(ONCE AGAIN PEOPLE - You DO NOT Need To Show DEVELOP THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO as a byproduct of your STRUGGLE MOTION.  YOU ONLY need to compel him to buy into it and DISARM himself from the tendency to ask "Where Is The Money That I've Been Giving You For The Past 50 Years With The Promise Of MY DEVELOPMENT?")

"The Bridge To Nowhere"  Alaska 

"When the Mentholated Media needed to counter the Republican's counter to the 'War On Women' meme by appointing a woman to run in the 2008 vice-presidential slot they chose to focus upon 'The Bridge To Nowhere' and 'Rape Kits'.

The same fiscally irresponsible woman who drew federal money into Alaska to build a $25 million bridge that was not needed - also cut the funding for 'Rape Kits', allowing many female victims of rape to go without JUSTICE.

These two items were bridged in order to paint a picture.

By the time the "Mentholated Black Media" found out about the mishandling of RAPE KITS in Robbins ILL a small city outside of Chicago , Detroit and in Cleveland - the use of "Rape Kits" as a political indictment was just "water under the bridge".   Besides America is too RACIST to care that these two places mishandled JUSTICE for Democratically controlled cities where the victims were disproportionately Black.  We suppressed the stories because there were other pressing right-wing indictments that the people wanted to hear.
George Washington Bridge New York

The bridge scandal in New Jersey that justified the "Mentholated Black Media" to agree to avoid doing investigative reporting about the impoverished conditions for Black people in New Jersey that "Al Jezeera America" does - EVEN THOUGHT they do so from a biased perspective with the goal of indicting THE SYSTEM - rather than to question why the Americanized Blacks continue to VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION, expanding outward, further beyond their own communities.

While Al Jezeera should be praised for their muckraking style of journalism, covering issues that most others gloss over - this is STILL a leftist-biased news operation and as a result they are NEVER going to report on the 'Under-Development Of The Americanized Negro" in these Mission Accomplished Zones from the perspective of:

  • WHO sold them on the promise, some 50 years ago that BY NOW - "They would be standing tall......right next to Progressivism"
  • WHAT internal Black community forces are orchestrating this strange set of events where the Americanized Negro, who is known to CUT someone who jerks around with his money - is instead seen complicitly going along with the clear case of Political Opportunism - without realizing that IF HE WERE DEVELOPED, the Americanized Negro would read the portfolio statement and determine that he is not getting a sufficient return on investment.
IF ONLY Al Jezeera - which presents itself as a "fresh voice" in journalism would TURN ON ITS OWN peer Progressive-Fundamentalist journalists and see THEM as part of the conspiracy to SET THE ARTIFICIAL HORIZON FOR THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO - then they would become the break through voice to disrupt the "Fox-MSNBC-CNN" barrier.

Education - The Bridge To Equality

We Now Have Equal Access To The Oval Office And Are Quite Pleased.  Now We Desire To Maintain This Access From 2017 Through 2023

"If We Were Not Pleased About The Past Works Of This President And Hopeful That This Latest Initiative To Educate Black People Won't Make Us Pleased In The Future, Regardless Of The Results - We Wouldn't Be Smiling"

Something Got Lost Along The Way

We have more pressing issues to confront the right-wing against.