They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Constructive Feedback University: How Selected Individuals On The Grio/Roots 300 Progressive Leaders List Are Dealing With The Painful Truths In Their "Mission Accomplished Zone". How The Black Community Is Developing Beyond The Media Marketing Effort

(Articles lifted from Black Electorate)
BALTIMORE - Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Baltimore Sun article
Despite of one of the most VIOLENT SUMMERS in recent history, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is skittish about former mayor Governor O'Maley's plan to use the police to reduce crime and bring forth 'Social Justice' for innocent citizens in Baltimore.

Last year Mayor Blake voiced her vision of a Baltimore that is revived by foreign  IMMIGRANTS.  Their CULTURE and INDUSTRIOUSNESS, allowed to marinate into Baltimore would change the city for the better.

The dark matter twin to this expressed hope is to ask Mayor Blake - WHAT ABOUT THE EXISTING RESIDENTS of Baltimore?  What DAMAGED THEIR CULTURE to the point which the promised political victory that they were sold upon has not delivered the promised uplift?

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Became A Rising Star In The Democratic Party And Black Progressive Circles For His Efforts To Secure Victory For His Party In The 2012 Elections

Mayor Nutter And Landreau Discuss Black Male Violence At National Press Club
During The "MLK2 50 Ritual" there were multiple references to the "3 Murdered Civil Rights Workers In Philadelphia Mississippi From 1963".

The main reason for these "shout outs" was because it fortified the INDICTMENT made by the "Civil Rights Pharisee" behind the microphone.

The thought that these same people could ever bring themselves to be as transparent in their callouts about the situation in "Philadelphia PA" today is hard to fathom.

This SIGN, put forth by a Black Anti-Abortion group triggered far more national outrage as various operatives warned that this is a clandestine "Legislative Attack On The Wombs Of Women".

Thus mural in Philadelphia, which lists the total of homicides in Philadelphia for the year 2006, (up to 75% of the being Black) DID NOT trigger the same public outrage.

I can't personally take Mayor Nutter seriously however.  In April 2012 when he had the opportunity in front of a large crowd of angry residents to tell them about HIS PLAN TO REFORM THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA.   Instead he understood that they came out to confront the Republican Presidential Candidate and that they wanted to hear about how he as a one term governor of Massachusetts had destroyed the public school system, despite it being rated the #1 state school system in the nation.

Kamala Harris - Attorney General Of California

LA Times Article

Harris' interest in the issue was sparked when, as San Francisco district attorney, she found that a disproportionate number of criminals and crime victims were high school dropouts whose academic failure began much earlier, said Brian Nelson, special assistant attorney general.
But some community advocates were wary about the deepening participation of law enforcement in truancy issues. Ashley Franklin of the Community Rights Campaign, a Los Angeles organizing effort to minimize such involvement in schools, said legal threats to truant parents or their students would have a negative effect.
Harris and others say law enforcement can make a difference, however. When Harris began sending notices informing parents they could be subject to criminal penalties if they don't send their children to school, truancy rates fell 40%, Nelson said.
This situation with truancy in California must be viewed from the perspective of how when THE LEAST OF THESE need to DO SOMETHING as the primary agent for their DEVELOPMENT - the traditional tactics of a progressive public official must change.

Whereas they can normally pit these masses against a "corporate" or "right-wing" or "weathy" this case none of these tools are available.

As the article states, the following is at risk:

  • (Obviously) the Education of the children who need to be present in school in order to learn
  • $1.4 Billion in state educational funding because of truancy
  • Drawing upon limited school resources to hire truancy specialists, spending money that could be spent elsewhere IF the parents did their part
  • Parental engagement with law enforcement authorities that are mandated to enforce the compulsory school attendance laws upon the parents.
The Emergency Managing Minister Of Social Justice Al Sharpton - Calls For More Community Support For A Chicago Gang Summit

Sharpton Advocates For More Social Justice Ministers To Engage In Gang Summit 

Gang Summit Drew Victims Of Crimes But Few Street Pirates
Attorney Genral Eric Holder has learned well from his boss.

When it comes to Black progressives - BEFORE you use the iron fist of the US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT........................(see cell to the lower left)

Tribune US Justice Department Goes After "The Hobos Gang" In Chicago

Sun Times article
US Attorney General Eric Holder sues the state of North Carolina over their Photo Voter ID law, reduction of early voting and removal of same day registration policies


  2. THEY ARE QUITE PLEASED When He Uses The Power Of The US Federal Government To Go After RIGHT-WING LAWS That They Both Disagree With



Few will bother to ask why the prevailing FORCE FOR MOBILIZATION has failed to bring forth a new order - as promised. 

Southside Metro-Atlanta Watch: Grand Jury: Officials In Clayton County Incompetent & Corrupt. Georgia NAACP: We Won't Allow Any Racist Grand Jury To Take Our Eyes Off Of The Racism In Fayette County Which Doesn't Want Black People In Elected Leadership Position

You Only Need To Understand This Map Of "Mission Accomplishment" And "Opportunism" In Order To Understand The RESPONSE That Will Be Issued As News Is Issued About Various Municipal Governments In Metro Atlanta

Despite What "The Butler" Would Have You To Believe - HBCU Students In "The Deep South" Face Threats That Are Different From "The Civil Rights Movement" BUT Prove To Be Just As Deadly

James Meredith Was Shot By Bigots As He Conducted A One Man March To Support Black Voter Registration In The South, After The Passage Of The "Voting Rights Act Of 1965"

After the outrage over this brutal shooting - other "Civil Rights Leaders" came to town to finish the march.

In 2013 A Black Man Was Shot In The Back At A Part Near Tuskegee University - This After He Confronted A Stranger Who Tried To Get Into A Camera Shot That Some Black Females Were Taking
Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

There Is NOT Going To Be A "Civil Rights Protest March" But There Is A High Likelihood That The Civil Rights Pharisees Will Come To Town To Get Into A Picture Of Their Own Making.

Black People With LEGITIMATE Problems With Identification

Relatives Of Kenyan Mall Attack Victims Are Frustrated By The Process Of Identifying And Retrieving The Bodies Of Their Loved Ones

AMERICANIZED (One Day I Am Going To Take A Picture Of The "Inbox" Of My "Honeypot" E-Mail Account Where I Subscribe To E-mail Blasts From Right-Wing And Left-Wing Operatives)


Body In Philadelphia Burned Beyond Recognition 

EITHER The Nissan Motor Corporation will be subjected to a new product liability lawsuit as Trial Attorneys seek to MAKE SOMEONE PAY for their defective product that catches fire


The collective masses in Philly and the Civil Rights Pharisee Community will MOVE ON.  There is nothing here for them to grab a hold of in the name of "Social Justice".  There will surely be other homicides for them to inspect.

Best Wishes For The Rev Joseph E. Lowery Family After The Loss Of Evelyn Lowery

Though I have strong disagreements with Rev Joseph Lowery and his damage done to the Black Community Governance Culture by dragging "The Black Consciousness" and "Religious Institutions" into retail politics - contaminating both of them - I will temporarily pause my critical observation of his antics - long enough to say - I AM TRULY SORRY FOR THE LOSS OF YOUR LIFE PARTNER.   Married for 63 years.  This is truly a blessing.

I hope that those you invite to the stage on Wednesday will refrain from making a solemn gathering into a POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL rally as you did with Coretta Scott-King's funeral.  At a community memorial for the late teen Bobby Tillman of Douglass County who was stomped to death by 3 Street Pirates you tried to turn it into an "Anti-Police Brutality Rally" because you understand your limits in GOVERNING the Black community that allowed 3 "would be pillars of the community" to morph into Street Pirates.   The real problem is that few people are willing to call you out and stop you BECAUSE their value your IDEOLOGICAL LEADERSHIP outward more than they note the damage done within.

Blax News Hidden Camera: When MSNBC's Rachel Maddow First Learned About The Louisiana Pastor Murdered In The Pulpit

The Arguments Of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Journalists DeWayne Wickham And Edward Wycoff Williams PROVE That "Social And Economic Justice" IS NOT "Development Of Black People"

Now that I have printed out and marked up the recent newspaper columns of two Black Progressive-Fundamentalist journalists - I have the evidence in hand that proves that they have no intention in advocating for DEVELOPED BLACK PEOPLE as the byproduct of their Progressive-Fundamentalist Social & Economic Justice theories.

If you fail to account for the fact that there are some people who see a LONGER SOUP LINE over time as evidence of INCREASED SOCIAL JUSTICE then you won't appreciate their responses.

This past weekend "Fox News" reran their investigative report on the increased spending on SNAP (Food Stamps) - featuring the "Surfer guy as the new 'Welfare Queen'".  Clarence Paige of the Chicago Tribune dutifully noted this in his latest column.

This same report voiced the words of a local county official who worried that the refusal by his Republican leadership at the state would mean that his COUNTY would have to raise taxes on their local constituents to pay for millions in indigent care at the hospital.

Above is the lynch pin to the arguments about financing of all "Redistributive / Social Justice" programs.  The advocates reserve the right to retain their claim to "Social Justice" despite their attempts to shun the local tax burden by placing it upon the NATION via federal contributions.  This is the same argument for SNAP as with Obamacare.

Yesterday I showed that the federal government runs a FIAT BUDGET.  (Yes I know the difference between the national money supply per the Federal Reserve and the US Federal budget which puts forth government spending).  The fact remains that the federal budget deficits that have been above $800 billion for the past 6 years - IS the very "Angel Investor" that they keep pointing to, allowing them to retain their standing as "Social Justice Advocates".

The best way to upend these claims is to inspect the results of their efforts IF they were to try the very same thing with a population of people who do not live within the United States.   You will see that all that they promote is PART AND PARCEL OF THE UNITED STATES and its fiat economy, currency and budget.

One would logically think that they'd be averse to tying "The Least Of These" to the US Sovereign Debt in such a manner.

DeWayne Wickham: How The Democrats Need To Proceed Constructive Feedback University - "Study Of Americanized Blacks" Doctoral Program

I shed a tear inside as I READ THROUGH THE LINES of the arguments made by some commentators that are POPULAR with the present Black Consciousness but who show strong agreement with the anti-Black bigots over at "Stuff Black People Don't Like" EXCEPT they also find WHITE FOLKS to sit in the mud with "The Americanized Blacks" , thus distributing the "Assumed Inferiority" EQUALLY.

Mr Wickham is the consummate confidence man who is wise to the fact that the INTERVAL OF TIME by which the "Black Treasury Bond" is due and that Black people will start to ask for their money.   He has reached the point to where it is instinctive for him to do his job marketing to the Black investors, selling them on the need to do a Roll-Over of their valuables into the next interval of time.  This allows the Progressive-Fundamentalists to retain their LOCAL BASE of supporters that got "rolled upon" as they refocus on the NATIONALIZED scheme of opportunism.


Here are the key points that bleed from Mr Wickham's column:

  1. President Obama doesn't realize that he is fighting A CIVIL RIGHTS BATTLE TODAY against his Right-Wing opponents in the US House
  2. SOCIAL JUSTICE VIOLATION - To cut $40 billion from the SNAP program over 10 years - rendering 14 million Americans off of the roles
  3. ECONOMIC JUSTICE VIOLATION - The attempts to defund Obamacare which promises to provide health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans 
  4. THE CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES should put on their FULL WAR FOOTING and march with Obama in THEIR fight against the Republicans
(Question Mr Wickham - when you hear people like Michelle Alexander commenting about "The War On Black People" (Drugs) in Baltimore and YOU KNOW that not only that BLACK PEOPLE RUN BALTIMORE but THE BLACK VOTERS PUT THEM INTO OFFICE - do you  feel motivated at all to recalibrate your SOCIAL JUSTICE FRAUD, knowing that it is ONLY used to make external indictments against the Right-Wing?  When the Progressives take over this claim becomes nebulous and ambiguous - as PEOPLE LIKE YOU won't seek to attach Mrs Alexander's empty words to an ACTUAL SET OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE POWER - just as the Black Community assigned to them?) 

When I Tell You That The BLACK PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST CONFIDENCE MAN is EQUAL in his ability to script history as is any WHITE HISTORIAN who's accounts of the past are suspect in the halls of "Black and Hispanic Studies Courses" - Mr Wickham proves my point.

Notice how Mr Wickham represents a FUSION of BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS into the Democratic and Progressive STRUGGLE MOTION.

AT NO POINT IN TIME does it come to this BLACK MAN'S MIND that his role should be to INSPECT THE ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT built up in Black people and then voice the questions:

(Note - Though he is talking about ALL OF AMERICA.  I am talking exclusively about the Black community)
  1. WHY IS IT, BY 2023 - The SUCCESSFUL EXECUTION Of The "VOTE FOR YOUR SALVATION SCHEME" that the Black community shall have created X million jobs as the agent for reducing the participants in SNAP?    
    • This is an implicit VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE at minimum OR a tacit admission by Mr Wickham that they have NO PLANS TO DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE - only expose their ECONOMIC JUSTICE RIGHTS
  2. Why Is It That Despite 12 years and $67 billion INCREASE in the backdrop of a nation that is becoming more PROGRESSIVE and will experience a seismic shift as PROGRESSIVE VOTERS take over - is a call for a $40 billion REDUCTION IN SNAP SPENDING - seen as evidence of retrogression?   
    • Why isn't Mr Wickham and those who think like him willing to tie the PROGRESSIVE VOTING STRENGTH to material improvements that show DEVELOPMENT among the people rather than an increase in "Social Justice Entitlements"?   
  3. Mr Wickham points to the VICTORY that the Right-Wing hopes to receive by WEARING DOWN THEIR ENLIGHTENED PROGRESSIVE OPPONENTS
    • Why is it that Mr Wickham has NEVER written a column in which he takes the claimed VICTORIES by Progressives that are sold to Black people and then inspect the PRESENT CONDITION OF THE MASSES OF BLACK PEOPLE - and then deem that a SUFFICIENT RETURN ON INVESTMENT HAS NOT BEEN HAD - he can no longer advise that future investments should be made UNTIL someone does a full accounting as to WHERE THE MONEY WENT TO.
  4. The Civil Rights Pharisees Are To Put On Their "Full War Footing"
We we go back and read the abundance of reporting about the City Of Detroit over the past 30 years - YOU WILL NOT FIND any Black Progressive Fundamentalist Media voice detailing how THE BLACK RANK & FILE'S INTERESTS are distinct from those of the ELECTED OFFICIALS IN POWER - and that it is incumbent upon the Black Rank & File to DEFEND THEIR VALUABLES FROM USURPATION. 
    • Instead Mr Wickham and alike were the agents of FUSION of these two interests.
    • When THE COLLAPSE OF DETROIT directly harmed the loyal "Black Rank & File" these operatives did what they know WORKS BEST WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - FOCUS ON THE "OFFENSIVE" words said by the RIGHT WING who did everything they could to derail Detroit as a means of embarrassing the Democrats Black people.

Edward Wycoff Williams Gets Syndicated Among WHITE RURAL REDNECKS,  The Same People That Were Said To Be POOR AND IGNORANT Because THEY WERE RACIST I have a copy of a newspaper from Kentucky that featured "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Journeyman Journalist" named Edward Wychoff Williams.

Mr Williams goes on to argue that the WHITE REPUBLICANS in the US House that propose cutting government entitlements are doing so DESPITE the fact that some of their rural districts have masses of poor White people that are dependent on these programs.

Mr Williams knows that no one else in the press are going to take the time and plot out the ramifications of his Jedi Mind Trick

  • Poor White People Who Vote Against Their Personal Interests By Supporting Right-Wing Policy Stances Against Redistributive Justice
  • Poor Black People Who SUPPORT THEIR PERSONAL INTERESTS By Supporting Progressives Who Advocate For Redistributive Justice
Mr Williams benefits because no one else bothers to define the DARK MATTER Conjoined Twin that should go along with the above two.

First we need to define some founding principles.
  1. I assume that everyone is interested in DEVELOPING people rather than making them DEPENDENT - especially since we know that the federal government's economics are fiat and fraudulent
  2. VOTING is a representation of POPULARITY among the masses.  WE SHOULD NEVER confuse POPULARITY with EFFECTIVENESS - especially since some operatives have vested interest in keeping the masses thinking as they do
The DARK MATTER SPACE TWIN to Edward Wychoff William's arguments

  • Poor White People have long been said to be VOTING AGAINST THEIR PERMANENT INTERESTS.  They'd rather remain poor and uneducated rather than join arms with BLACK PROGRESSIVES to fight against the system of capitalism that creates fractures among interest groups - allowing the MONEYED FEW to continue unabated

What we will never hear from E.W.W. is:
  • The tale of the AMERICANIZED NEGRO who has invested his valuables into taking over various "Mission Accomplished Cities" - upon SUCCESS, only to remain................
    • Impoverished and Under-Developed
    • Under-educated 
    • Terrorized mostly by people who's consciousness came from the ecosystem that HE NOW CONTROLS
You see Edward Wychoff Williams is EMPLOYED to be the AGENT OF DISTRACTION for Black people.   Instead of them noting how under-developed they remain DESPITE being happy with the prospects of their party's fight against the right-wing enemy - YOU WILL NEVER HEAR an analysis from E.W.W. (or DeWayne Wickham that makes an assessment of the investment portfolio of the Black community, sees a bunch of nonperformance - and then calls for halt to all INVESTING activity until a more effective plan for asset protection is forged.

They are both on the periodicity of the American - 2 year election cycle. 
Such a call for BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS would be detrimental to their PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST agenda. 

Blax News: Tuskegee Student From Atlanta Shot To Death. The SCLC Of Alabama Offers The Bereaved Family A BluRay Disc Featuring "RedTails"

The Tuskegee Airmen - Men Of Pride


The challenge is to inspect the ADULTS IN HIS COMMUNITY who allowed him to MORPH INTO THIS FORM.

ILLUSTRATION: The Theft Of Black Community Upward Thrust By The Black Racial Services Machine

The Grio/Root Serve As The "Entertainment / Marketing" Media In The Middle Rung, Highlighted In Blue

The goal of the BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE and all of its subcomponents is to CONVINCE THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO of the necessity to LOWER HIS OWN SELF-DEFENSIVE GUARD that would ordinarily have him to PROTECT HIS OWN VALUABLES FROM THEFT by justifying the agreement to refuse to ask "Where Is My Money That I Gave To You" BECAUSE such disloyal statements that implicitly question the honor and integrity of the CONFIDENCE MAN LEADERSHIP - breeds an environment of mistrust and factionalism.

When the Americanized Negro is made fully engaged into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" YOU WILL HEAR HIM TALKING TO HIMSELF - if you watch him carefully.

  • When you DO SEE HIM sitting alone, working to put "2 + 2" together regarding his present condition, long after making so many investments into the "Post-Racial Ecumenical Progressive-Fundamentalist Alliance" that was supposed to lead to his DEVELOPMENT by now............
  • YOU WILL THEN hear him telling himself:  "SHAME ON YOU!!  How Could You Think Such A Thing?"  - when he arrives at the point inside of his own mind where he thinks about asking his Embedded Confidence Man leadership:   "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU FOR 50 YEARS FOR MY DEVELOPMENT?   I Was Squarely On The Team When We Won Gary, Cleveland, Newark, Detroit and Chicago.    Now That Casino Gambling Is Being Pushed Within The City As A Means Of Revenue Generation - I Am Now Starting To See That The ODDS Of Me Ever Returning To A Thriving Life In An Industrial Metropolis Is Fading Away, Beyond The Point Where I Can Claim To Be Operating In My Own Best Interests.   Since I Can Threaten To Cut Myself Unless I See My Money.  I Need To Make This Threat Against YOU - My Spiritual Leader"

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Constructive Feedback University: The Grio 100 List - NRP's Michel Martin Was Too Attached To Call The List "Bull Sh#*" After Shifting The Measure From POPULARITY Among Americanized Blacks Over To The Forces Most Impacting ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT After Receiving The Black Community's Valuables

Before I go into this let me put forth my solemn beliefs:

  1. I value seeing the views of "The" (owned by and the Washington Post Company".  Without the ability for them to place their unfettered view point into the public space the ability of "Constructive Feedback University" to ANALYZE their viewpoint as it is placed upon the larger context of the DEVELOPMENT HOPES of the Black Community would be seriously curtailed
  2. We should not confuse what is POPULAR among Americanized Blacks with what is EFFECTIVE in DEVELOPING the Black Community - this after they have invested their valuables (their loyalties, time, hopes and their votes) into a given cause that they believed would translate into certain outcomes within the Black Community
  3. I view the collection of Black people at "The Root" (and the, etc) as a group of Americans expressing their right to free assembly.  They have no official station within the Black community
    1. The "Black Community Governance Culture" and its state of operate is defined by its ability to STOP any messages that serve to STEAL the ability of the Black Community to govern itself through the "Human Resources Development Institutions" that it has promoted into power for that purpose.  
    2. We have to accept then - the prevailing consciousness among "Americanized Blacks" are not read to recognize the "Establishment Power" that it has lifted its favorable people into.  Despite the fact that the majority of the seats of power that the (real) "Civil Rights Protests" took action against are today housed by people that 50% +1 of Black people have voted for - the claim that "A War On Black People" is being conducted is often unable to point this fact of INCUMBANCY out, proving that it is merely rhetoric meant to continue "The Struggle Motion" rather than the GOVERNANCE CULTURE necessary to manage the community resources toward favorable ends.

Thank You "The" for your "Who's Who Of Black (Progressive) America" - Next Time Produce An Accompanying XML Data Stream So I Don't Have To Type The List Into My Spreadsheet For Analysis

NPR's "Tell Me More" interviews The's Donna Byrd on the list of "Who's Who In Black (Progressive) America"

 (Note - most of these photos were taken from "Rolling Out Magazine's" web site.   R.O. is merely another distribution channel of this same mindset that fuses Ideology/Politics/Entertainment and images of BLACK DEVELOPMENT via the trinkets of "Black Wealth & Prosperity")

QUICK - Name One Time In Which You Saw An Article On "The Root/Grio" Fighting For THE VALUABLES OF BLACK PEOPLE - By Refusing To Invest Any More Money Into The Malcolm X Political Football Game - UNTIL The Black Rank & File Was Shown Proof Of DEVELOPMENT That They Have Received As A Result, Unlike Is The Case In The "Mission Accomplished Zones"?

ANSWER - They were not assembled to serve as this function.  They were created to INJECT a message INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY, executing the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" into NATIONAL POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM - as a means of evading culpability at the local level.  When it comes to "DENIAL OF SELF", allowing the Black Community to gain footing by seeing HOW IT IS BEING USED AS A FOOTBALL, and instead choose to BUILD UP ITS OWN INSTITUTIONS AS A MEANS OF ACHIEVE the accoutrements of the fantasy location called "Social And Economic Justice" - it is The that is charged with stopping such a movement by pointing out how this will COST BLACK PEOPLE per the longitudinal fight against the Right-Wing.   "Every Black Person Who Does Not Vote In The Federal Elections For The Democrats Is Voting For The Republicans And The Denial Of Social Justice For Black People".

They don't need to ask themselves IF the Mission Accomplished Zones of Philadelphia, Chicago, Newark, Atlanta, Baltimore provided the Black Rank & File with SOCIAL JUSTICE as the right-wing enemy was thrown out of office.   This is because nothing that they are doing is for EFFICIENT INVESTMENTS of Black people.  It is ONLY for "Black Popularism" with them hiring the bouncer and giving him the list of who to let past the velvet rope and into the club.


Michel Martin opened the interview with the claim that "The" is a DIVERSE media organization.

The is a PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST operation that projects progressivism into A DIVERSE set of fields.

My brand of "diversity" IS NOT "Adding Republicans to debate their Democratic operatives",  "Hiring Michael Steele to give a drop of conservative viewpoints into a Kool Aid pitcher of progressive fundamentalist advocacy".

DIVERSITY AT "The" would be seen in............

  • An accounting of all of the VALUABLES INVESTED BY BLACK PEOPLE during the "50 Year Interval" that we were treated to during the "MLK2 50 Ritual
  • A TRANSPARENT assessment of the STANDING OF THE BLACK RANK & FILE after they have been summoned to channel their "Black Community Development HOPES" into this political scheme (Vote For The Black Community's Salvation scheme)
  • With the adoption of the notion that WHAT BLACK PEOPLE DO TO-DAMNED-DAY for UPLIFT is SUPERIOR IN POWER to what "The Slave Master Had Done 150 Years Ago" - Those who are SERIOUS about "Organic Black Community Growth" through the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that are now lead by those of the choosing of the Black Community WILL FIND THEIR VOICE
    • Instead of being TRICKED into fighting FOR "Social Justice" against the RIGHT-WING ENEMY and/or Living vicariously through the FAVORABLE PERSON IN CHARGE (the present commission of The Root/Grio/Politic365)
    • GOVERNANCE and MANAGEMENT CULTURE will be seen as the fundamental take-away that Black people must possess from this AMERICAN EXPERIENCE
      • REGARDLESS of the fanciful notions of 'Social Justice' that they can conjure in you - IT WON'T BE EXPORTED TO THE BLACK DIASPORA regardless of how many "Americanized Negroes" agree to travel on the "Progressive Star Line" to ensure strength in numbers to insure its success in another nation.
    • One that REFUSES to go to the "Justice For Trayvon Rally" in Chicago because they have a problem with "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" LOCALLY but were not considered a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION
    • One that notices that despite all of the promises made in the past about how PUBLIC SCHOOLS would lead to EQUALITY - once control was assumed by favorable people - the failure was still blamed on EXTERNAL RIGHT WING FORCES - just as was the case when they had power
    • One that sees the trick called "Establishment Power Repudiation" - where the rungs of power that used to receive protests and picket lines run by Black people who were turned away by police dogs and fire hoses - are now housed by favorable people BUT the voices of Black Progressives still talk in terms of THE ENEMY STILL BEING IN POWER (ex "THEY keep locking Black people up" when "THEY" is the Black police chief appointed by the Black mayor who got 80% support from the Black voters)

The greatest damage of these corporate front media operatives is that they are stealing away the GOVERNANCE and DELIBERATION that must take place WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - if it is ever to stand up on its own, by DEVELOPING ITS PEOPLE THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS that it controls.

While I appreciate the motion of "scrutiny" done by NPR's Michel Martin as she noted to Donna Byrd that the "Grio List" was top heavy with entertainers - this analysis was ultimately immaterial and still failed to call out the grand flaw (and fraud by diversion) of the Grio List and their entire operation.

Mrs Martin - The was created NOT TO 'DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE'.
The was crated to AFFIRM WHAT AMERICANIZED BLACKS ALREADY BELIEVE, provoking them to make more deposits of their valuables into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

Beyond my reading through the lines of your questions of Ms Byrd (in which you were calling the list "B.S." in a nice way) - I was waiting for you to call this company of Black media operates a DETATCHED FROM THE AFFAIRS OF THE "BLACK RANK & FILE".

This would be damning enough, Mrs Martin, EXCEPT "The" is one of the several "New Jack Black Progressive Media" organizations created to frame the narrative through which these struggling "Black Rank & File" members participate in "The Struggle Motion".

Governance In Support Of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT Is Superior To The Quest For "Social And Economic Justice"

In 2013 the "Bayard Rustin/Dr Ronald Walters" strategy to have Black people VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION is in full effect.

Despite the fact that the "All Politics Is Local" meme has it that the average Black person now lives in a local zone run by people of his own choosing - The represents a diversion scheme, meant to provide the Embedded Confidence Men that arrainged the terms of this previous interval of "The Black Struggle" into the take over of local politics - shifting their POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM toward "NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE" - battling the Right-Wing enemy at the federal level.

The fact that THERE ARE NO BLACK MEDIA VOICES who saw this shift and are standing within the breach PROTECTING THE VALUABLES OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY from further usurpation - speaks to the level of corruption that goes unchecked within the Black media today.  (I plan to do a deeper review of the recent article by USA Today's DeWayne Wickham who recommended that the Democrats use Black people as their "poster children" for "Social & Economic Justice Denied.  This despite the fact that he was a ring leader of the investment scheme that took their valuables )

In a rather perverted turn of events - the forces on stage who control the lighting and special effects have learned one valuable truth about "The Americanized Negro":

  • You don't need to DEVELOP the Americanized Negro as a byproduct of the struggle you engage him in
  • You only need to give him a sense of BELONGING to the TEAM 
  • By standing up an ENEMY that he can be made to believe is denying him his "Social & Economic Justice"
  • He can be made to BE INSULTED by the thought of asking his investment advisors "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU FOR MY DEVELOPMENT"
    •  - as HE will note that this is a SELFISH STATEMENT that shows disloyalty to the Post-Racial Ecumenical Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance


Last week I wrote about "Atlanta Black Star" news and their list of "10 Media Figures Who Won't Admit They're Racist Against Black People".  They all were conservative - even the 3 Blacks included on the list.

The plot to the right allowed us to see the THREAT that "The Media"  use by the right-wing enemy is to the embedded confidence men at "Atlanta Black Star".

All imperialist military powers around the globe understand that the #1 task at the start of a ground war is to DESTROY THE ENEMIES MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS and then to project their own messages as they seek to win favor of the people.
Michel Martin noted the imbalance of "Entertainment" entries into the mix of the Grio list.

To the right is our classification of all of the entries on the list.

Entertainment and Media are the two domains that have a large measure of unregulated access to the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus".

I have another chart (that I will post later) that assigns three additional attributes to each entry:

  1. Ideological/Political Neutral (y/n)?
  2. Race Man?
  3. Member Of "The 1%"? 

For example Serena Williams is on the list and has no pronounced ideological or political agenda in her public interactions.  She was label "No" for #1 and "No" for #2, while she is, of course a member of "The 1%".

The real goal of "The Grio 100 List" is to stand up a list of individuals for fellow Blacks to "Live Vicariously Through" as a point of pride.   It just so happens that, unlike the "Atlanta Black Star" list - they have a progressive or neutral orientation.

The Constructive Feedback University List - The Forces That Steal The Valuables Out Of The Black Community Nucleus 

It is more important to assign categories than list names.
This work has already been done.

THE BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE is a list of "celestial bodies" that function in various domains, working to create a narrative for "Americanized Blacks" - that has little alignment with the truth on the streets of Black America.

  1. The Progressive-Black Corporate Press
  2. Performers (Entertainers)
  3. Political Preachers
  4. Public Intellectual Professors
  5. Popular Politicians
  6. Perpetual Protestors (The Civil Rights Pharisees)
  7. Prison Planet Activists (Mass Incarceration/ Stand Your Ground)
  8. Public Policy Think Tanks
  9. Public School Job Protectors
  10. Posters (Bloggers)
  11. Political Opposition - (Republicans Who Are Black)
  12. Pro-Union Labor Forces

The Source Of SBPDL's "White Money" And The Black People Who Answer When Called "The Least Of These" Who Pursue It In The Name Of "Social And Economic Justice", Part 1

Please accept this as a kickoff of a multi-part series that ties together a large collection of observations that I have captured as I monitor the BIGOTS on both sides of the isle.

  • Over at Stuff Black People Don't Like - they have conjured up the notion of "White Wealth" / "White Money" and they feel a bit of supremacy over "colored people of the Earth" - knowing that Black people/People of color are always chasing after it.    I have learned that my friends at 'SBPDL' have the same debating style as my Black friends who stand on the opposite extreme.  They can't bring themselves to foresee the door that will be slammed in their face as they go to the home or business of a "rich White ally" and begin talk about the personal and corporate wealth of this third party in terms of "WE"!!!!     The diverse troops of security guards on duty will kindly escort them off of the property, turning violent ONLY if the delusion of the SBPDL member turns violent
  • Among my dear Black friends who claim the mantle of "Interior Decorators" for the Black Community Consciousness Nucleus - they show constantly that THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR BLACK PEOPLE'S ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT.  Regardless of how much they SOLD their Black Congregation on the promise that this NEXT election victory in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" would bring to the Black community - BECAUSE OF THE "REGULATORY CAPTURE" that exists which has stolen the "Black Community Governance Culture" - which is normally expressed with the words "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU WITH THE PROMISE OF TRIPLE THE RETURNS ON INVESTMENT?  Somebody had get to talking and counting up my money with the intent to return it to me and MAKING ME WHOLE or I'm gonna CUT every last one of you.  If I wasn't pro-Gun control I'd shoot you without having to risk getting blood stains on my clothing from the knife"

The Shawshank Redemption
In order to topple BOTH of these BIGOTS I must go after the lynch pin of their respective arguments.


Please note the dynamics of race and ideology in this debate.
Over time and from study I have concluded that IDEOLOGY and the proactive theories around it is the predominate and universal uniting construct that these factions form around.  RACE is merely a discriminator.

The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies merely appropriate "Black and Minority" grievances for use in the fight against the White Right-Wing Wolf.  They feel no impetus to actually DEVELOP "The Least Of These" or, consequentially, agree to stop using "Progressive Techniques" because the promised development has fallen short.

The White Conservative Wolf is a bit more interesting.  (Using SBPDL/VDare as a reference and not the mainstream political right-wing party machine)   He has little interest in forging a unregulated coalition with other "non-White conservatives" to allow "conservatism" to win.  His "conservatism" is to have White, Western social, economic, academic and cultural order retained in which WHITE PEOPLE control the "commanding heights" of the nation and ultimately THE WORLD.

The key benefit of the "Conservative Negro" - per their vantage point is for him to GOT AMONGST HIS OWN PEOPLE and get them in order - just as he plans to do his own people - specifically focused upon the "DWL" - (the Dishonest White Liberal" - the forces that HIDE their WHITE SUPREMACIST viewpoints all for the benefit of retaining favor of the various "protected classes" (racial minorities, gays, immigrants, etc) all for the purpose of fighting the White Right Wing Power Structure.   They see this as a "Deal With The Devil" - who ultimately seek White genetic and cultural annihilation.

Since science tells us "There IS NO scientific construct of RACE among humans"............we are all merely a product of MATING DECISIONS over time - it would be wise for us to also note that so much of what the SBPDL/VDare group cling to as evidence of their White Supremacy has anchored on a similar bedrock of fraud and smoke.

The "White Money" that they claim the Americanized Negro seeks from their wallets - either through the "Big Payback" of Reparations or the slow bleed of Social Justice Entitlement Spending - is the evidence of their superior standing over all others.

While I accept the tenants of a "fiat currency / economy" as one based upon CONFIDENCE - we all saw that when the condition of over-leverage is cast - the abstraction between the VALUE and the TRANSACTIONS ("the motions") will increasingly rely on the CONFIDENCE SCHEME - where all players are mandated to participate in the fraud lest it collapses, killing everyone that dared walk into the superstructure.

The best thing to watch about BPDL/VDare is the grand "Dark Matter" space that they leave exposed as they reach consensus about the "retrograde state of the Negro".   They can't help themselves to justify their claims of GENETIC superiority by looking at one's level attained in the said "superstructure" above - the very building that they crafted the architectural drawings of.

Beyond the news of the latest "Black Run City" filing for bankruptcy on a grand scale or the "Welfare Queen" Black mother borrowing bus fare to go down and request an increase in her food stamps - is the CONSCIOUS ACCEPTANCE that the US Sovereign debt is far, far, far, far greater than the aggregate amount of money that has ever flowed through the hands of EVERY NEGRO that has ever walked this planet since civilization began using double entry accounting.   Such an admission would force SBPDL to come to the conclusion that while there is indeed a BIG DARK FIGURE with seeming 'Negroid Features' lurking behind them, per the shadow that is being cast by the street lights - this figure is NOT THAT OF A BLACK MAN - they don't have the POWER to render such a decapitating blow with such a broad swath.

The ONLY thing that can kill the SYSTEM that allows their fanciful notions of "White Supremacy" to perpetuate is THAT SAME SYSTEM AS IT FEEDS ON ITSELF, all done to cover a lie.

My dear friends at SBPDL are able to look at Detroit and Camden as examples of "Black Run America" and then make an inference about race.  Yet as we look at the present predicament among some European former colonial powers - the lack of foreign resources to draw from makes them today, a mere shell of themselves.  Portugal is an excellent example of a "would be Detroit" but for EU - INCOME REDISTRIBUTION.

This Is The "White Money" That SBPDL Is Referring To:   If Income Redistribution Is Not Based On VALUE (Money Earned) Then What Is MAGIC MONEY CREATION By The Fed?

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has more say in "White Money" than ANYTHING that the people over at SBDPL/VDare who live the life of "self-aggrandizement" could ever hope to generate.

As The NAACP Of Georgia Protests Racism In "Chuck E. Cheese" In The Greenfield Of Cobb County GA , 4 "Ninjas Get Themselves Shot" In The Mission Accomplished Zone Known As Atlanta

AJC: Dozens Of NAACP Activists Rally Against Racism At Chuck E Cheese In Cobb County Georgia

The Distance Between "Ebenezer Baptist Church" In The "King Compound" In Atlanta And Chuck E. Cheese In Cobb County

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12 Miles Away 
Man Shot And Killed In Castleberry Hill

A Man Found Dead, Laying In The Grass.  
2.8 Miles From The King Compound To Castleberry Hill

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A Stones Throw Away From The Two Black Churches Involved In The New Falcon's Stadium Negotiations
3 People Shot By A Street Pirate Who Told Them To "Give It Up"

2 Females, 1 Male 
6.5 Miles From The King Compound

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