They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Philadelphia Negro As A Political Football - The Progressives Secured His Vote - Now They Are Debating His Education Vs His Incarceration - But Are Not Around To Feel The Direct Impact Of EITHER On Their Own Family And Interests

With Their White Right-Wing Claims Of Voter Fraud In The Poorest Parts Of Philadelphia Successfully Dismissed....................

The Election Map Of Philadelphia That Made the Progressives Proud 

The Prison Intake Map Of Philadelphia

What If There Is A Suspicious Correlation Between The FAVORABLE VOTING OUTCOMES For The Progressive-Fundamentalists That Inspect The Investments From Philadelphia And The PRIVATE PRISON Industry's Use Of Geographic Information Systems To See Where Their "Profit Centers" Will Come From?

The Post Racial Ecumencial Progressive-Fundamentalist Alliance Now Turns Back To Philadelphia To Leverage The Philadelphia Negro's Vote To Shift The State Police From "Incarceration" To "Education"


They say the IMPRISONMENT of the Negro is doing great damage to his community and families.

I SAY that the OUTSOURCING of the "Black Community Governance Culture" into the dark ally of POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM has stolen more of the valuables that matter the most from him.

The publishers of this poster don't mind tell you that PHILADELPHIA IS ONE OF THE POOREST CITIES IN THE NATION.   Unlike when they tell you that "The South" is backward and ignorant - they are not seeking to attack the "Right-wing political order" in Philly, indicting this as the fruit of "conservatism".

Instead when they tell you that "Philadelphia is Poor" they want to set the stage about the conditions of "National Economic Benign Neglect" that capitalism and racism has wrought - as the Philadelphia Negro has been left all alone.

Like an episode of "Dexter" in which the killer later returns to the crime scene as an agent for law enforcement - these voices can't comprehend the hand that they played in the aborted development of the "Philadelphia Negro".

After decades of compelling him to "stay unified in struggle" - him dutifully depositing the proceeds of his "Black Community Development Fund" into an amalgamated political fund - the "Philadelphia Negro" was unaware of the subtle EXPANDING OF THE UNIVERSE that was around him.

No longer was his "Social Justice" to be had by putting "Favorable People Into Power" in every seat in the local government.  When the "Mission Accomplished" state was achieved and the Philadelphia Negro was seen as PROUD of his achievement - the confidence men saw that when he became aware that his material and economic condition was NOT being improved despite seeing "Himself In The Elected Offices" - they chose to shift the domain of his SOCIAL JUSTICE DISTRIBUTION outward to "Harrisburg" and the white buildings in Washington DC.

At minimum the Embedded Confidence Men practiced lies by omission - failing to tell the Philadelphia Negro that his quest for QUALITY EDUCATION no only is a function of "Favorable Progressive Policy Makers in office" - but that his ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITY must retain a healthy tax base AND has parents or direct community interventionalists - someone will need to help the Black children with their home work.

Expanding The Universe 

Having failed to provide all of the information to make "Education As The Great Equalizer" a OPERATIONALIZE REALITY the forces of confidence are not only running a "Political Geographic" change of context (fight your enemies in Harrisburg and in Washington DC).

They now have erected a "The Ballot Or The Bullet" type existential choice meant to be directed at the IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES.

Why didn't the Embedded Confidence Men tell the Philadelphia Negro that the COST OF YOU.....
  • Voting Favorable People Into Power as a means of outsourcing ......
  • Failing to retain a net positive tax base with your productivity
  • Putting other priorities on your time as adults beyond fortifying the education of your community's children......................
THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY that this ecosystem that you as EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS have allowed to fester - will force your hand from making choices in the three bullet points above - OVER TO a choice between "Education and Incarceration".

Blax News Fantasy Interview: NPR Host Michel Martin Does A Muckraking Interview With NAACP Progressive-Fundamentalist Social Justice Jesus Preacher Dr William Barber

I have never attacked Michel Martin on this blog.  Though some of her supporting cast have received a healthy dose of ridicule from me BECAUSE of the content that they spew - I have more respect for Mrs Martin's journalistic credentials.

Yet as I continue to scrutinize what is being fed to the Black community - by the use of sheer abundance of coordinated messages - my faith that Mrs Martin is able to step outside of her ideological proclivities and instead work as a REFORMER of the New Jack brand of "Black Progressive Journalism" is at an all time low.

Everyone who is honest knows that the stage show - ran twice - in Washington DC recently - which told us "The Work Is Not Finished" with the Black community - was a farce.  

It enumerated a list of "self-chummed" accomplishments - all done in the name of "Dr King" - the biggest accomplishment of them all being in the person of the "Black President Of The United States".

They were not shy to talk about the shortcomings - per the conditions within Black America.  Of course, that is - as long as you agreed that the "Right-Wing agents of resistance to Progressivism" - were at fault for blocking the wholesome agenda - that, if allowed to work at the national level - would "Work this time".   The national instantiation of "progressivism" would defeat all of the local and state-wide attacks that the right-wing shelling of "Mission Accomplished" cities - that had been won over thanks to the efforts of the brave men and women who took the stage.

Yet in this brand of "New Jack Progressive Journalism" there was not one voice that noted that that the same forces providing us with the "History Lesson" to update the historical text for the last 50 years are also the very same OPERATIVES who collected the investments from the "Black Community Development Fund".   It would be like the Koch Brothers owning the Chicago Tribune and then reporting on the condition of the Chicago Public Schools - after 20 years of their "school privatization" efforts.

The flaws in the call for "Black Progressive Unity" is that the close quarters that it demands from discrete "professions" that make up the constellation of the "Black Racial Services Machine" ultimately manufactures a great amount of "Congregational Unity", effectively moving the people into one direction AT THE EXPENSE OF the voices who retain an "independent GPS" - scrutinizing the collective present position and heading against "THE PLAN" that was adopted AND the road map they purchased from Wal-Mart - which might indicate that the plan itself is askew.

The grand flaw of Mrs Martin's friend Keli Goff is that she is now advocating for "PROGRESSIVE SUCCESS".    In doing so she is forced to look past the "road kill" on the road that would have otherwise been important to her and damning indictments of an adversary who had performed the "Hit And Run".   The decision to prioritize this abstracted notion in the grand fight against the "Right Wing" produces a mass corruption in the "Black media" field that ultimately harms the very people who need protection, turning in to a grand "Confidence Scheme" seeking to harvest their valuables into "False Hope"

This Is Where The New Brand Of Black Progressive Feminist Media Activism IS FAILING

Do the New Jack Female Journalists of Color have the INTEGRITY to PUT VULNERABLE WOMEN FIRST - when it means that they must STAND IN THE BREACH - forcing those who they have ENTRUSTED THEIR "DEVELOPMENT HOPES" into - must be made to DELIVER - the unifying RIGHT-WING ENEMY already having been dispensed of?

The termites attacking the wood in their housing and the weather's damage upon their roof  - will render a blow of great impact to them  LONG BEFORE the promised "Social Justice" kicks in.

The failure for the Black Feminist Progressive Journalist to make a PIVOT now - will affirm my suspicion that they are merely the "Female Co-Conspirators In A GRAND CONFIDENCE SCHEME".

Note - I Will Move "The Interview" To A Second Post

Constructive Feedback University's Analysis Of "Smiley/West's" Analysis Of The "MLKII 50 Ritual

"Its' Personal"

When you make the debate over your attempts to have YOUR IDEOLOGICAL PRIORITIES advanced through the PERSONALITY that is in the White House then from this we get:

  1. The First Black President Of The United States IS A VICTIM OF RACISM - despite the fact that he is preparing to use the full force of the American Military to attack another "Nation Of Color"
  2. The Loyal Black Progressives who are critical of 'The Crowning Achievement' Of Black Progressive Political Opportunist Ascent - now occupying the White House - are BACK STABBERS who are jealous that they are outside of the circle of power.   They won't be appraised for the fact that they are holding a Progressive Measuring Stick - and that the "Pragmatic ObamaBots - with an Obama Tattoo On Their Private Parts" - are the ones who are MOLESTING the principles of "Progressivism" for the sake of "Progressive Opportunism"
  3. The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally - who takes to his daily show to proclaim that THE BLACK PRESIDENT'S ENEMIES ARE DRIVEN BY RACISM - as a means of throwing an inside pitch at their head - CAN'T BE INTELLECTUALLY HONEST ENOUGH to proclaim that he would send his White kids to a school system run by the CONFIDENCE SCHEME that has encircled the President and all other 'Black Progressive Elected Officials' from criticism like a WHITE PERSON in their place would receive.  
The only thing that we are left with then is to hearken back to the most brilliant thing that I have EVER hears a "White Conservative Wolf" say about the necessary recalibration of ALL WHITE PEOPLE'S relationship with "The Negro" - as I look curiously as to why the "Cheshire Fox" has never been so brutally honest:

(Sufficiently Doctored By "Blax News")
WE MUST TREAT THE NEGRO AS IF HE WERE A WHITEMAN - IN FULL COMMAND OF THE US MILITARY IMPERIALIST POLICY.  Then, In Fact If Frances Cress Welsing's Psychological Assessment Is Correct That All White People Act In A Manner That Secures Their Racial Self-Perpetuation  - Since Now We Know That The Negro Is Fully Capable Of Executing And Accepting The Very Same Imperialist Atrocities As The White Man - We Must Then Ask Dr Welsing To Turn Her Attention To The Progressive Negro - To Determine Why They Believe That Their White Progressive Friends Don't Similarly See Their Black Development As A Threat, As They Fuse So Much Of "The Black Agenda" In The Name Of "Post-Racial Ecumenical Progressive-Fundamentalism" And Yet The Negro Remains So Under-Developed Despite Him Being So Proud Of The Advancements That Their Ideology Has Made In The Culture And Society.

Until Smiley/West can intellectually note that their Progressive Friends ARE NOT PROTESTING AGAINST AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY - NOT BECAUSE there is a BLACK MAN IN THE SEAT OF POWER - BUT ONLY BECAUSE that there is a PROGRESSIVE VESSEL Through Which They Seek To Achieve Their DOMESTIC PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST AGENDA - then they will continue to get caught up in the PERSON and IDEOLOGY - instead of noting that A PROGRESSIVE and a BLACK is fully qualified to implement POLICIES that DESTROY THE LEAST OF THESE.     In Their Case - EVEN WHEN he is "Helping Them" - this destruction proven by their LACK OF THEIR DEVELOPMENT after their INVESTMENTS and their unwillingness to ASK WHERE THEIR MONEY IS.

The Smiley West Show - Discusses The "MLKII 50 Ritual Featuring MLKIII"

Those of you who have been treated to the new reality show -  "Lost Love And Hip Hop In Black Progressive Leadership" are made to believe that there are substantive differences between these two groups.

There ARE NOT DIFFERENCES - they ALL are "Progressive-Fundamentalists".
They have TACTICAL and RHETORICAL differences only.

BOTH are incompetent at DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE through the institutions that they have compelled the "Americanized Negro" to erect for the past 50 years by yielding his vote.

Yet they with the balance of Black people having been born after this point in time and thus their CONSCIOUSNESS formed increasingly by this machine that has popular support in their base - THIS SAME MACHINE reserves the right to posit a "Black Priority Agenda List".

It is THIS LIST - that is incessantly inserted as "The Oppressive Problem With The Americanized Negro Today" - and it goes unchallenged.

The Inside Machine Progressive-Fundamentalist

The First Time In American History In Which A Sitting United States President Who Said "That's My Nigga" - Is A COMPLEMENT Seen By The Black Masses And NOT An Indication Of One's SELLOUT To The US Government And The FBI
The Outsider Critic Progressive-Fundamentalist

While They Should Be Credited For Attempting To Apply The "Progressive Measuring Stick" To ALL PRESIDENTS - REGARDLESS OF PARTY ----

Their Main Fault Is That They Can't Bring Themselves To Apply The Standard Measures Of "ORGANIC COMPTENCY DEVELOPMENT" Upon THEIR IDEOLOGY - To Determine Where THEY ALL NEED TO CHANGE
Constructive Feedback University - Recalibration Of The Argument

EVERY SINGLE FAILURE TO DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE AFTER "LOCAL MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT" Is Now In The Platform For The "Post Racial  Ecumenical Progressive-Fundamentalist Alliance" As It Makes Its RUN ON THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT - Using The "Under-Developed Condition Of The Negro" As Their Football 
Mass Incarceration -

AG Eric Holder promises to stop arresting low level drug offenders.

Eric Holder stands with them against "Stop And Frisk" which is carried out disproportionately on Black and Hispanic subjects - casting a wide net.

Eric Holder stands with them on gun control

Eric Holder stands with them on the rhetoric surrounding "Stand Your Ground"
Though they are no longer invited to the Post-Racial Progressive Award Banquets where "Self-Chummed Celebrations" take place

You see hear

Criminality That Occurs Among People Who Have Had Their "Community Development Fund" STOLEN FROM THEM.

  • Their Education That Was Promised As A Benefit To Their Support - Has Not Been Delivered
  • Their Job Opportunities That Were Promised After They Put A Now Political Order In Place Over Their Cities That Were Once The Grounds Of The Political 
The BLACK VICTIMS Of CRIMINAL OUTCOMES That Result From The Progressive's Usurpation Of BLACK UPLIFT Is What Was MISSING ON STAGE At The "MLKII 50 Ritual"


The only Black female VICTIM invited to the stage was "Trayvon Martin's Mother" - who's ASSAILANT came from outside of the Black Community.

Summary:  Do Not Judge Them On How Many Drug Or Gun Laws They Liberalize Or How They Alter Sentencing.

Keep Track Of The Number Of BLACK WOMEN SEEN CRYING ON THE TELEVISION NEWS.   When You See This Number Decline Down To Our Black Population Ratio (14%) ONLY THEN Should You Deem This Progressive Public Policy A Success In DEVELOPING THE BLACK COMMUNITY
Voting Rights Suppression

President Obama mentioned "Those who will to erect new barriers to the vote" - as being old enemies that are familiar to those who fought with Dr King.


Let us talk about THEFT.

VOTER SUPPRESSION is a form of THEFT of the "Voice Of The People", subtracted from the government - allowing a special interest to have undue influence over the people - against their will.

CLEARLY someone who wishes to protect their bounty will seek to STEAL THE FRANCHISE of these "outsiders".

Neither brands of the Progressive-Fundamentalists care to discuss the TWIN BROTHER of "Voter Suppression":

"Voter Suppression" resides inside of the 'American Political Domain".  They both ultimately aspire for Black people to VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION.

We are not going to hear about how the "Black Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain" - development hopes and dreams have been channeled into AMERICAN POLITICS.    This looting has left the key INSTITUTIONS within the Black community victimized with decay and entropy.

They will tell you that VOTING IS AN AMERICAN RIGHT.   Indeed it is.

It is when you orchestrate SYSTEMATIC LIES UPON YOUR PEOPLE - using them to ACCOMPLISH YOUR LOCAL PROGRESSIVE GOALS to take over the "Mission Accomplished Cities" and yet as you enumerate the damage that has been done:

  1. You Blame it on the LEGACY OF SLAVERY - for those who were born more than 100 years after Slavery
  2. You Blame it on right-wing political enemies - who you have voted out of power

You fail to see:
  • You have ONE MICROPHONE trained upon the Black community that you regulate in your quest for CONGREGATIONAL UNITY
  • You have no CONSUMER ADVOCATES standing between YOU and the valuables of THE LEAST OF these - the same regulation that you called for when Citibank and Wells Fargo raided their treasure chest with Subprime Loans that played on the greed of the banks, the mortgage broker and the home owner. 
Summary:     Do Not Listen To Their Increasingly Minimized Claims Of Black Voter Suppression.  It Serves As The Most Effective Way To Keep The Black Congregation Together - Agreeing To Look Past The Lack Of Development That Has Been Orchestrated After Their INVESTMENTS.

When You Hear More Black People Asking:  'WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT WE GAVE TO YOU FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS FOR OUR DEVELOPMENT?' Then You Should Accept That SUFFICIENT DEVELOPMENT Has Been Received - Them Breaking Free Of The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" Played At Their Expense.
Economic Development Promise Denied:

NAACP's Ben Jealous - "BUT FOR the Republican Opposition In Congress - President Obama Would Have Initiated A 'New New Deal'

Right below the notion that "Obama would have given us A NEW NEW DEAL but for the REPUBLICANS" is the notion in the minds of the bigots at the NAACP that IF THEY KEEP PROTESTING HARD ENOUGH - the REAL KILLERS in the Lynching At The Moores Ford Bridge 1946 will be brought to justice.

INSTEAD - IN BOTH CASES -  the sentiment is good for drawing large crowds of "Americanized Blacks" out of their communities for a "PicNic" catered by the NAACP.
West - This is intellectually dishonest.
THE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONES where THERE ARE NO REPUBLICANS present - had the opportunity to render a NEW DEAL.

We see - that they are interested in NATIONALIZATION OF SOCIAL JUSTICE - stringing the NEGRO ALONG - knowing that he is not able to PROTECT HIS VALUABLES.

The "Dr King Marched Through Detroit And We Are Following In His Footsteps Before We Move To Chicago Also" Ritual Scheme - Sure To Attract A Long Line Of American Negro True Believers In The Congregation

No one in the national press bothered to talk about the fact that in Detroit before they "opened the books" the "Emergency Managing Minsters Of Social Justice" told the congregation that the White Republicans in the state of Michigan owned the city $300 million in revenues and that this would tide over the city.

When the state appointed Emergency Manager opened the books - we learned that they were $18 BILLION in the hole.

WHY DIDN'T THE NEWS MEDIA permanently STRIP THE CREDIBILITY OF THE EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN from them?   Instead when they reappeared on stage at the "MLKII 50 Ritual" - they PRETENDED as if they were reference models for "Dr King".  (Maybe they are???)

For the Black Community, Dr West, WORSE THAN the fact that the Obama Justice Department has not arrested any "Wall Street Oligarchs" for STEALING THE AMERICAN TREASURY - is the fact that the CROWN JEWELS in the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" are guarded by a SECURITY CONTRACTOR that is owned by THE THIEVES who stole the Black community's CULTURE OF GOVERNANCE.

Summary:  If Europe Needed A Marshall Plan After The Allied Troops And Axis Powers Flattened It During The Bombing Of WWII - Ask The Black Progressives

  • WHO Bombed The Mission Accomplished Zones That They Seek To Apply These Federal Debt Money Resources To?
  • WHY Is It That Despite Their Domination Over These Areas Their Policies Have FAILED TO PROVIDE SUFFICIENT UPLIFT?
  • WHY Didn't They Warn Black People Prior To The 50 Years Of Collecting Their Valuables That Their Scheme Would Be Successful At Taking Over The Elected Seats Of Power And Popular Loyalties But After Reaching 'Mission Accomplishment' - They Would Need Massive Federal Assistance - And That The Favorable People In Power At The Local Level Would Receive It And Spend It Without Discrimination?
  • WHY Hasn't Anyone Among Their Ranks Not Been Fired For Failing To Develop Black People?
  • IF The Black Racial Services Machine Slipped Up And Got Control Over Another Black Diasporatic Nation Around The World - Would ANY OF THESE POLICIES Be Sufficient In Generating ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT Among These Set Of Black People - Who Do Not Have A "Social Justice National Government" To Seek A "Marshall Plan From"?
    • Or Do They Merely See Black Americans As "Black Refugee Camp Occupiers" - Based In America? 

Our priorities are wrong.

NAACP North Carolina is at the "Moral Mondays" - protesting against Educational Budget Cuts by the State Republicans 
Cornel West applauds their strong stance.

Yet in Chicago - a city - more than 2,500 school personnel have lost their jobs - while the "Dastardly Republicans" in North Carolina are proposing 4,000 cuts FOR THE ENTIRE STATE.

While the Black Progressive Fundamentalists seek to take out every Republican in NC, allowing the state to return back to its progressive roots - they indeed are protesting in Chicago - but only after ONE MAN - the Mayor.

The all Democratic - Board Of Aldermen, School Board and Cook County Board - are safe.

When it comes to "Progressive Democrat On Progressive Democrat Attacks" THEY USE PRECISION DRONE BOMBING to take out their Terror Suspects.

Funny How No One At The Microphone Talked About How The "Schott Foundation Urgency" Report Up-Ended The Normal North/South Stereotype


  • At These Massive Progressive Rituals - Why Is It That The Right-Wing Enemy Is Always The Uninvited Guest That Sits On Stage But The Progressives Never Seem To Form A Mental Picture That Separates SUCCESSFUL ATTAINMENT OF BLACK COMMUNITY'S INTERESTS FOR DEVELOPMENT THROUGH EDUCATION And The Progressive Public Policy Increase That All On Stage Agree Will Be The FIX To FIGHT OFF THE RIGHT WING ATTACK On Black Education?
    • Why Doesn't Any One Ever Raise The Possibility Of "A Left Wing Attack On The Educational Interests Of Black People"?
  • Has Anyone Ever Told The NAACP To Stop Suing Majority White School Systems As They Seek "Majority Minority" Political Boundaries To All The BLACK MINORITY To Have A Representative Of Their Own Choosing On The School Board (See Fayette County Georgia)?
    • It Stands To Reason That Since The NAACP Never Sues A "Mission Accomplished School Boards (See Detroit, Newark, Philadelphia, Prince Georges County MD, Clayton County GA, Dekalb County GA) For Failing To Provide Quality Education To Black Children BUT INSTEAD Sues School Systems For Not Having The Choice Of Black People In Power OR Lack Of Racial Diversity - The NAACP Is More Interested In POLITICAL POWER In New Venues AND Having White Kids Encamped In A Classroom Full Of Black Children - Than They GIVE A DAMN ABOUT Or Are COMPETENT IN ACTUALLY PRODUCING Quality Education For BLACK CHILDREN - In School Systems Where THEY ARE "BFF's" With The Elected Officials That "They Can Work With".
It Is CLEAR That The NAACP And Civil Rights Pharisees Need To Watch "Gordon Ramsay's - Kitchen Nightmares" To See That CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT That Forces BIGOTS TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER Is Far More To The Benefit For The Development Of Black People Than Is The CLOSED DOOR MEETINGS That They Prefer To Have With Parties With Differing Interests (Parents vs School Officials vs Municipal Government Officials) Where They All Come Out In Public WITH A UNIFIED FRONT.


A Victim Of Incompetent Management Hugs Chef Gordon Ramsay For OPERATIONALIZE What She Had Believed Would Be The Fix - But She Did Not Have The Management Training To Bring About In Her Restaurant In New Jersey.

Now She Wants Ramsay to Go To The Newark School Board And Make The Same Reforms By Forcing The Entrenched Interests To Focus On What Matters The Most.


No Mention Of War
West - They Did Not Mention War

Smiley - They Did Not Want To Be Indignant And Insult The President And First Lady
In as much as they have already MOLESTED the honor of the Christian church - why do you figure that they started to respect the Presidency?


  • To Look At The Question Of "Did They Speak / Warn About WARS - Just Like Dr King IS NOT THE RELEVANT POINT!!!
  • With The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers With "THEIR GUY" In Power - We Need To Look At THE CHOICES THAT THEY HAVE MADE And Consider THEIR VALUES That Are Revealed As A Result
    • Where As "Dr King" Saw That The Fight Against American Imperialism Was More Valuable Ultimately Than Domestic "Social Justice" Through "The War On Poverty"...........
    • The MACHINE Who  Operates Today  - Adorned By His Cloaks - That They Use Mostly To ATTACK THEIR RIGHT-WING ENEMY As They Reference DR KING As The Universal Unit Of Measure And JUDGE THAT THEIR ENEMY IS ALWAYS COMING UP SHORT And Needs To Change ---- This Machine Has Decided To NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE THAT DR KING MADE.
      • They Value The PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY That Their Operatives In Power Are Achieving Inside Of America.   
      • This Is Worth More To Them Than The Consideration Of The Lives Of Some "Sand Ninjas" In 
        • Yemen
        • Pakistan 
        • Libya
        • Somalia
        • Mali
        • Syria
    • It Is Important To Understand The Symbiotic Relationship Between These "Their Representation Within The American Government" And Their Representation Within The Black Community (Elected Officials, Media, Activists, Preachers).    
      • As Obama Feeds Them What They Want DOMESTICALLY Against The Right Wing Enemy
      • This Purchases THEIR SILENCE From Their Criticism Of Obama's Foreign And Military Policy
Until They Open Their Ideologically Bigoted Eyes And See That THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT Is Going To Do What It Is Going To Do - And That A PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Has The Primary Job Of SELLING THESE AMERICAN ACTIONS To His Base Of Loyal Followers - They Won't See Themselves As The CONDUITS That Give Their Affirmation To That Which They Would Be PROTESTING AGAINST If An Enemy President Was In Power.

They Can't See That In The DARK MATTER ANALYSIS  Technique:
  • The TWIN BROTHER Of Their Claim: "They Are Opposed To Obama Because He Is Black" Is................
  • They Are SILENT ABOUT THE AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY Because Obama The Progressive Is Giving Them What They Want Domestically

Analysis Of The Whole

Most people get caught up on the "RACE THING".  Taking full advantage of the openings that it offers up for their opportunism.  We say this on stage all week - NOT A CRITICAL COMMENTARY to be seen in the media - assuming that these "Civil Rights Leaders" are also GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and/or "Lobbyists" and Media Operatives.

If they studied the words said during the "Harlem Book Fair" they would see that for the Black Progressive-Fundamentalists - EVERY SINGLE TIME they talk about their fight against WHITE SUPREMACY --------- their ACTION PLAN come in the form of FIGHTING AGAINST THE RIGHT-WING.

 If they were indeed fighting against WHITE SUPREMACY - you would hear them talk more against their WHITE PROGRESSIVE CHESHIRE FOX ALLIES.

 Since they never do make critical comments that call for their White Progressive allies to remain out of the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus"  - IT IS CLEAR that these are all PROGRESSIVES IN BLACK FACE - USING their RACE for the benefit of the INDICTMENTS that it renders - but for the uplift of PROGRESSIVISM and NOT BLACK PEOPLE.

Progressivism NEVER puts a stop to A PROGRESSIVE CON that violates the PRINCIPLES OF PROGRESSIVISM but ultimately leads to PROGRESSIVE DOMINATION in the form of POPULARISM.

Smiley/West are getting beat up by fellow Progressives for trying to violate this PROGRESSIVE CODE - but - as you can tell from their comments - they AGREE WITH 95% of the policy initiatives that the Obama Administration is standing up against the Right-wing.

 They merely put up a showing of discord on matters of war, existing poverty and failure to make arrests on Wall Street - they know that ultimately they would never lay their bodies in front of the "progressive bus" - halting its progress into increasing power in our society - by making it stand accountable for FAILING TO DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE.  Instead it is increasing the CONSUMER RELATIONSHIP between all Americans with their government.

Blax News: Florida Bus Beating - The Black Content Producers At Huffington Post Can Empathize With The Anger Generated In Being Black And Then Assumed To Be A "Drug Dealer"

STD Pandemic Watch: MSNBC's Paid-Progressive Host Krystal Ball Is Happy About The "Successful MLK2 50 Ritual" Due To Right-Wing Antagonism But Can't Say That The Mission Accomplished Zones Have Been Successful At Developing Blacks

MSNBC's Krystal Ball - one of the two Progressives on "The Cycle" - is heard thanking her paid Black co-worker 'Al Sharpton' for organizing a successful "March On Washington".

Then then goes on to thank the GOP for bringing us "Stand Your Ground" laws.

It is quite tragic that so many people accept the supposition as presented to them because it affirms what they already believe.

When Krystal Ball uses the benefit of her employment at MSNBC to watch the news wires that no doubt flow through their broadcast headquarters - when she sees the serial "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" in the confines of the very "Mission Accomplished Zones" that have been won over by her ideology - what - other than INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY forces her to talk about "Stand Your Ground" laws rather than the lack of value of life?

The same people who tell us about how the "Klan Culture" produced people who had no respect for Black life - are not able to get past their "Assumed Black Inferiority" and make the case that the CULTURE that was been allowed to fuse upon today's Americanized Negro is able to create KILLERS - in the very same way.

Krystal Ball is the consummate "Popularist".
She knows that all she needs to do is throw alms at the people gathered on stage this past week - and that no one will notice that many of them who were "Civil Rights Leaders" also are ELECTED MEMBERS OF THE GOVERNMENT, placed there by the popular vote of "the oppressed" and that they got these valuables - based on the promise that "The Least Of These" would be DEVELOPED.

If you think that Krystal Ball is going to PROTECT THE VALUABLES OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY from further theft - you must believe that she would be willing to not pay her mortgage next month because she is so committed to the thought.

The "Republican Who Is Black" Is The Absolutely Most Incompetent Voice To Rescue The "Americanized Black Consciousness" From The Progressive Embedded Confidence Men - When Debating Them

With tears in my eyes I listen to the debates between "Republicans Who Are Black" and Progressive-Fundamentalists - both Black and White - and realize that these so called 'Conservatives HAVE NO CLUE'.

They don't understand WHO they are debating against, their tactics and how their #1 mandate is to ENFORCE THE INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - as the PRIMARY SUPPOSITION and then point out how the "Embedded Confidence Men" are stealing Black people's competency at governing ourselves.

The problem with the "Republican Who Is Black" is shown in my model of "The Black Racial Services Machine":

As you see - The "Republican Who Is Black" / "POLITICAL Conservatives" ARE  a part of the Black Racial Services Machine.

They seek to draw Black people's consciousness INTO POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM - no different than their more popular Black Progressive Fundamentalist debate adversary.

Three recent public commentaries by Black Political Conservatives are the basis for my analysis.

Republican Who Is Black CommentaryConstructive Feedback University Analysis

Black Republican Michael Steele attacks his fellow Republicans on their MISSED OPPORTUNITY to speak to the Black Community - while on stage at the "MLK2  50 Ritual"

Matthews:  "Michael Please Prove To Me That All Of The Members Of Your Party Are Not Motivated By RACISM In Their Opposition To This Black President?"

Steele:  "I agree with you Chris, that the Republican Party needs to change their actions which OFFEND Black Progressives.   If we don't change then this entire nation's politics will be dominated by one party - just as it is the case in Baltimore.  I get on the Republicans every day begging them to change"

Michael Steele is a founding member of the "Steele/Watts/McAllister Black Republican Coalition".

They start off with the supposition that THE REPUBLICAN PARTY MUST CHANGE for Black Progressives TO LIKE THEM and consider their an option for their DEPOSIT OF THEIR BLACK VALUABLES.

Michael Steele fails to realize that he was RECRUITED to be on MSNBC for the very same reasons that the other 'Paid Black Co-Workers' were recruited - TO MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO of the relationship between the "Americanized Negro" and his VOTE FOR HIS SALVATION through political opportunism.

Michael Steele accepted the supposition that WHAT WAS FEATURED ON STAGE IN WASHINGTON DC - TWICE in the past 7 days WAS LEGITIMATE.

  • Legitimately "Dr King"
  • Legitimately "Black"
If Mr Steele had a clue - he would have watched the video tape of "Coretta Scott-King's funeral" and saw that the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN ON STAGE WITH A MIC IN THEIR HANDS don't give a damn about HONOR and INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY.
The proper analysis IS NOT to stop at the fact that at Mrs King's Funeral - Rev Joseph Lowery used the time to tell the world of Mrs King's private opposition to the Iraq War - and the Black expression of their own opposition when Bush met with Mrs King a few years prior to lay a wreath at her husband's tomb - 

If Michael Steele HAD A CLUE he would have listened on stage at the people who told of Mrs Kings LIVING THOUGHTS AFTER SHE DIED - and noticed that when it comes to the WAR TIME PRESIDENT NAMED "OBAMA" - not one of these bastards used the benefit of their own LIVELIHOOD to say ONE DAMNED THING about the US Government Military Imperialism.

Their target was THE RIGHT WING - and thus none of them showed up for the roasting.

We heard speeches about "The Job Is Not Done" - yet not one of the corrupt national media outlets bothered to ask of "MLK3" - "TO WHOM is he directing this grade of 'Incomplete' this to?"


As a Republican - Michael Steele is INCOMPETENT at voicing the PROTECTION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY FROM POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTS - who wish to arrange another 50 years of MASSIVE THEFT of the NEGRO'S GOLD.
For, you see - if the Black POLITICAL Conservative had any gift of insight they would see that THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO DOES NOT WANT "JUSTICE AND FREEDOM".   The American Negro NEEDS DEVELOPMENT.


Yet in their lack of imagination and insight - when they hear the Confidence Men onstage telling us about BLACK VOTER SUPPRESSION which identifies THE INFERIORS out of a crowd and that this is promoted as the cause celebre by the leadership both INSIDE of government and their agitators - the more insightful "Black Cultural Conservative" resists the Space/Time Distortion and begins to look at the places where THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO GOT HIS WISHES implemented VIA THE VOTE - and then notes his material and conscious HEALTH in these places.


He has been conditioned to HATE YOUR PARTY more than he ............
  •  Hates the failing public schools that his friends have lorded over
  • Hates the "Serial Killings" of Black people that the PREVAILING BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS produces as 'Strange Fruit'
  • Hates the fact that he has to turn to the NATIONAL HOPES AND DREAMS for EMPLOYMENT at the hands of a favorable president - BECAUSE- his 50 year run at LOCAL POWER, while successful - HAS FAILED TO EMPLOY THE NEGRO at the local level

YOU - with your own corruption believe that you can SELL HIM SOME "RED CANDY" and peel off a few lost sheep.

In truth the Americanized Negro needs nothing short of a SELF-CONSCIOUS LOBOTOMY - forcing him to see that ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT - through the INSTITUTIONS that he invests his "Black Community Development Fund" resources into - is SUPERIOR to any other self-chummed TRANSACTIONAL distraction that is orchestrated via the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" that is so expertly run by Embedded Confidence men and preachers/ disciples of the "Fake Jesus Of Social Justice".

Black Republican "Raymond" Calls Into The Derrick "Fight The Power" Boazman Show

I am not a "radio host" - BUT - if I had an agenda and I hear a caller who's very essence is an affirmation of my beliefs about my adversary  - I would reserve a time each week for him to call into my show.

Such was the case with a "Black Republican" named "Raymond".

Raymond was so intent on having the Black congregation affirm the greatness of Ronald Reagan and how Black people should be appreciative of him that he ended up "losing" the audience and instead became the poster child of what NOT TO BECOME.

Raymond: "Black people should be thankful to President Ronald Reagan BECAUSE he signed the law making MLK Day a federal holiday"

Raymond then told "Fight the Power" that Black and White need to come together in the name of HUMANITY.


Right after Raymond hung up another "enlightened Negro" called in and made the case about:

  • The Republican Governor Of Georgia and his "Ghetto Grandmothers" comments regarding their ability to produce photo ID for voting
  • The Black woman beat up by Troy Dale West at "Cracker Barrel" a few years ago

Derrick "Fight The Power" Boazman is a classic "Black Popularist".  He understands that he only needs to keep his congregation riled up.

He also learned that when they reach their climax and are ready to take to the streets against the closest RIGHT-WING ENEMY - do not allow anyone from inside of his troop to get on stage and sing "This Little Light Of Mine" - as it has a nullifying effect on the organ.

If we moved "Fight The Power's" RHETORIC of "Why would you want to live next door to someone who has beaten you, killed you and STOLEN YOUR LABOR", transforming it into reality - then the proper rebuttal to Derrick Boazman is to ask him the question:


  • Who has MURDERED the Americanized Negro - more than a person who's CONSCIOUSNESS and "Value Of Life" came from the order that YOU have played a part in standing up?
    WHO has "GONE UPSIDE MORE BLACK WOMEN'S HEADS" than the Young Negro who HAS NOT set foot in your award-winning  "Let Us Make Man" program.   It gets AWARDS because your friends are appreciative of your work.  Neither you nor your friends care apply the "FEMA Rule"  - to observe if your program is:
    • TO SCALE with the problem
    • Enduring with its message
    • TRANSFERRABLE to other people's in the Black Diaspora and our future people here in America
    • The White Slave Master who had 10 to 20 million Black slaves matriculate through his system over 300 years?
    • OR the orchestrators of TODAY'S AMERICANIZED NEGRO CONSCIOUSNESS - living in dilapidated housing in parts of Northwest Atlanta and Dekalb County - BUT INSTEAD of being developed with the COMPETENCY to apply building materials and talent to MAINTAIN THE PHYSICAL PLANT of his "nest" - they are conditioned to:
      • Call The Landlord
      • Call The Housing Authority
      • Or Call Channel 2, 5, 11 or 46 so they will send their news crew out to report on "The Negro Problem"
The real question, sir, is to ask "WHO WANTS TO LIVE NEXT DOOR TO YOU?" - when they want to PROTECT THEIR VALUABLES from "Social Justice Redistribution"?

Surely the "Black Flight Progressives" who are still in favor with you because they are Democrats but who chose to MOVE AWAY from your shenanigans - fit this mold.

Speak of Democrats.   You say that "You are not a Democrat and not on ANY PLANTATION".

My initial response upon hearing this while driving was to say "I would be more inclined to believe you if you told me 'I Plan To Have New Gasoline Draws That Have A Size 34 Waist Line By The November 2014 Elections' than to believe that YOU ARE NOT A DEMOCRAT.

But this is not the correct challenge of you, sir.



Knowing Derrick Boazman - he will point to his FIGHT against the "Democratic Mayor Kasim Reed" and his "Stadium Deal" that threatens to force 2 Black churches to move AND the demolition of an abandoned dorm tower on Morris Brown College.

This IS NOT A LEGITIMATE EXAMPLE.   They are trying to get more money out of a Billionaire WHO WANTS SOMETHING.  (For the record - I am not mad at them.   You use these times to maximize your intake).

A better example to appraise Mr Boazman is to drive down I-20, then I-285 and then Cascade Road and take a right on "Fairburn Road" until you get to "Benjamin E Mays Blvd" - named after the educator & civil rights hero and "Richard Allen Drive" - named after the founder of the AME Church.


You see while Derrick Boazman is a "Grady Baby" - he doesn't quite see that a "Yankee Transplant" like me can WATCH his antics and call him on his confidence schemes.

"Southwest Atlanta Medical Center" is now closed due to insolvency and CLASSISM in this part of "Black Mecca" where THE BLACK WEALTHY and THE BLACK POOR converge.

While there is a healthy network of educational institutions in this slice of heaven:

  • A "Mission Accomplished" city and county public school system (K-12)
  • The top Black colleges in the nation 
  • A world renowned Black medical school (Morehouse School Of Medicine)

Yet DESPITE this convergence of EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS and SIGNIFICANT BLACK WEALTH - when it came to recognizing the VALUE OF HEALTH CARE FOR BLACK PEOPLE - everyone in this general area who FAILED THE COMMUNITY - 
  1. Driving past this local hospital to the "White" institutions in Buckhead or Northside
  2. Not sending enough Black students through the institutions of higher learning to produce PHYSICIANS because their battle was focused on "Minority To Majority Busing" into North Fulton County 
  3. Not setting sufficient FINANCIAL prioritization within the congregation - telling them that by INVESTING IN BLACK STUDENTS BECOMING "BLACK DOCTORS" and making sure that a portion of the CHURCH BUILDING FUND is sent to "Southwest Atlanta Medical Center" - allowing JESUS' HEALING HAND to touch others....................
THE CLOSED MEDICAL CENTER is evidence of CLOSED MINDS in the community around it.

But - Here lies the opportunity for Mr Boazman to REJECT the opportunism of his DEMOCRATIC SPONSORS.

When the subject of "Obamacare" came up - Mr Boazman echoed the notion that "THE REPUBLICANS DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HEALTH CARE FOR 'GHETTO GRANDMOTHERS'.

He was pleased as the WEALTHY BLACKS who drove down Cascade - past SW Medical and onward to Northside Hospital, Children's Hospital and Piedmont - were able to GET ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF BLACK HISTORY - by supporting NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Just like Mr Boazman used to attack the wayward "Black Flight Progressives" that moved out to Gwinnett and Cobb Rockdale and Fayette and Douglas County.  NOW that there is an opportunity for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY to make some headway in these places - even though he says "Black Majority" - those who he used to curse for LEAVING - are now important components of his PLAN FOR POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM through expansion.


When these "Cascade Blacks" got on the bandwagon, making the case that the REPUBLICANS don't care about Black Health Care - NOT ONCE did you hear Mr Boazman tell them:  "YOU KEEP YOUR VOTE - and you keep going to the White folks at Piedmont Hospital".  We have already seen what you think of Black health care when we saw your tail lights.   
Your "I Love Obamacare" bumper sticker isn't fooling anyone.


Since it is clear that POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM is the #1 agent of theft from the Black community today - the proper rebuttal for Mr Boazman's claim - is to ask him:  WHEN HAVE YOU FOUGHT TO PROTECT THE VALUABLES OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY by focusing on an ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT AGENDA - rather than a SOCIAL JUSTICE CONSUMER RIGHTS strategy?

What among your theories, sir, can be transplanted to any other Black Diasporatic land - which does NOT have a strong central government to protest for justice against?  

Instead in this green field opportunity - you are able to bring your brilliance and offer them STRUCTURAL BENEFIT for their development?


(The answer to the question will be seen next year at this time as the election season will bring promise to Black people IF they help the Democrats take the US House - making the federal government - Democrat dominated - JUST LIKE Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Baltimore, DC, Memphis and Cleveland.  Funny enough - no one ever sees the pattern and puts a stop to it after noting that THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO might be PROUD of this "Mission Accomplished state but he DAMNED SURE is not being DEVELOPED within these confines).

Do you see sir - Your advocacy should be appraised by what it compels the Negro to BE SILENT ABOUT because it harms the  political opportunism - more than it is able to protest for the salvation of Black people.
(If They Only Realized That After They Move To Africa They Will Need To DO FOR SELF - So They May As Well Get The Practice Doing So Hear So The Culture Shock Won't Be So Abrupt)
Black Republican Joseph C Phillips Hosts Black Republicans Lenny McAllister And Project 21

The majority of the dialogue from Joseph C Phillips was on point.

The issue that "he lost me" on was the point that "Republican VOTER PHOTO ID Efforts"  will trigger a BLACK BACKLASH.

With all due respect, Mr Phillips - TO DAMNED DAY Black America is living through the damage of a BLACK PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST BACKLASH!!!

If you can't see that their escape hatch out of failed Mission Accomplished Zones - after compelling "Americanized Blacks" to invest their valuables to take over the local government - is to GET ANGRY AT THE NATIONAL RIGHT WING - then you are not as sage and visionary that I have taken you to be.

Especially NOT when there is a network of PAID BLACK CONFIDENCE MEN controlling the FOCUS and the DEBATE.

Instead of focusing on the impact of asking EVERYONE for Photo ID and how it might suppress Black votes - LOOK AT THE PLACES WHERE THE NEGRO'S VOTES HAVE SET THE ORDER OF BUSINESS!!!

Has the Negro PROSPERED?
So why do you focus on WHAT OFFENDS HIM in the acts of his RIGHT-WING ENEMY?

The real discussion should be how the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN, partnering with the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally - can compel the Negro to NOT GET OFFENDED over what HE SHOULD BE OFFENDED OVER within his community.   The result is that the NEGRO becomes the "Useful Idiot" for the benefit of NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Sir - If you don't see that PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM has at its core "ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY" then we need not talk any further.

The sight of the Civil Rights Pharisees on stage this past week and talk OUTWARD about how America has failed the Negro and that RACISM remains as the predominate force against him - tells of the intellectual dishonestly that is abundant in the media that offered no rebuttal.

The Black community has FAILED UPWARD THRUST because the Embedded Confidence Men REDIRECTS our jet engine exhaust for their benefit.

You brought on "Horace" from "Project 21" to justify PHOTO ID in the voting booth.

HE WALKED AROUND THE WORLD - making arguments that caused me to doubt that "Jesus is real".

The ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION about "Why Is There A Need To Show Standardized ID At The Voting Booth Is:

period.  NO MORE WORDS.

Your task then is to sit back and listen to the VOICES OF BLACK INFERIORITY rise up and show that the NEGRO is the FOOTBALL in American politics.

  • For the White Conservative Wolf - the Negro's infirmed condition is proof that the White liberal will make company with the dregs of society - making promises - that they themselves know the Negro will never rise up to - but will yield their votes. (Again - this is the sentiment abstracted from "Stuff Black People Don't Like" and "V-Dare")
  • For the White Progressive Cheshire Fox - the Negro's infirmed condition gives them a chance to argue that it is "Nurture" and not "The Negro's Nature" that damns him to the lower rungs of society.  IT JUST SO HAPPENS that all of their goals of attacking the establishment capitalism and social traditions has THE NEGRO as a key poster child - the point of amazement to me is that there is a large complement of "Progressives Who Are Black" who are willing to argue "Non-White White Supremacy" to advance THEIR PROGRESSIVE interests - damning THEIR PEOPLE to a UNDER-DEVELOPMENT HELL!!!
As I look at the post-racial operatives who are aligned by ideology and their use of the "Negro as a football" - their ability to STEAL THE ATTENTION of the Black Community - proves to be the most effective means of STEALING THE BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE - immobilizing the Black community from:
  • Enforcing the culture...........
  • Aggregating their "discretionary income" into.....
  • Prioritizing the academic and conscious development of their children...........
INTO the repository that will translate into DEVELOPMENT and thus UPLIFT.

The proper discussion then is NOT about "Photo Voter ID" - it is WHY IS THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO LOOKING TO "VOTE FOR HIS SALVATION" when we can see from the videos that I recently posted about Dekalb County Georgia - that Joseph Lowery and others on stage - when they see their people physically injured and spiritually wounded THEY OFFER UP A PRESCRIPTION OF VOTING TO FIGHT THEIR RIGHT WING ENEMY - because they understand that this placebo WORKS while there is AN ENEMY around to FIGHT AGAINST for the benefit of the Progressives.

Yet when the NEGRO IS ALL BY HIMSELF their attacks on THE INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that they allowed in their quest for POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM is the key attack vector that renders our people into their broken, desperate state.

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Then, not only will you LOSE THE DEBATE against the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN - YOU ARE ONE because you are still to focused on advocating FOR YOUR POLITICAL PARTY that you can't see that YOU WILL NEVER BEAT POPULARISM.

You need to have THE PEOPLE see that they need to DENY THEMSELVES before their blindness will be lifted.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Blax News: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says That Should Would Officiate The Marriages Of Black Heterosexual Couples But So Many Of Them Don't Marry Because Of The Damage That This Racist Society Has Done To The Black Culture And Male/Female Respect For Each Other

From my vantage point in reading her opinions on race - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will go down in history as the most articulate US Supreme Court Justice for detailing the INFERIORITY possessed and claimed by the Americanized Black - as to why certain government policy has a DISPARATE IMPACT on them as a charter member of "The Least Of These".

Why is this so far fetched and slanderous for your consideration?

I already provided you the voice of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall who believed that the pursuit of school integration should afford a government policy in which a school bus containing White students should be forced to drive across a STATE political border so that they could posit their grace upon a population of Black students who's educational opportunity will be enhanced by their presence in the same classroom.  I showed how this was the policy of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

I showed you that then "US Senator Obama" in his infamous "Race Speech" made in Philadelphia PA during the campaign of 2008 told America of the dangers of having Black kids trapped all by themselves in "inner city schools".

Then we have the Eric Holder-run US Justice Department and the cheers of "Think Progress" in response to the attack on the state of Louisiana for giving school vouchers to 500 children so they can exit failing public schools.  This regulatory action done in the name of "retaining the racial balance" in schools that remain under a "desegregation consent decree".

The Transactional Battle That Steals Our Consideration Of The Damage Done

The full weight of the "Post-Racial Ecumenical Progressive-Fundamentalist" Attack Machine is always focused on the silent Justice Clarence Thomas and his right-wing cohorts.    Rarely are we entertained with a deep inspection of the assumptions that the Progressive-Fundamentalist Establishment operative from and how destructive it is to the chance that "the vulnerable masses" might be able to develop themselves if there was not such an attack wielded by the left upon the CULTURAL UNDERPINNINGS that are so frequently targeted.

With the "Americanized Blacks" - it is easy to see that the gross dishonestly vocalized on stage during the "MLK2  50 Ritual" took the form of claims of "A Job That Is Not Yet Complete", voiced by people who served as the general contractors that orchestrated the aborted development of the "Least Of These" in their congregation - having taken their "Black Community Development Fund" valuables and misappropriated them into the OPTIONS MARKET known as "POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM" in the name of "Nationalized Social Justice" - their central fight against the Right-Wing.

The issue of the molestation of the definition of traditional marriage is a bit more complicated for most to understand.  What is sold as an "Expansion Of The Franchise Of Marriage" is, in truth, another example of "Cultural Imperialism" that is being orchestrated both domestically and internationally.

My arguments thus far has been that we must force the Progressive-Fundamentalist to field an order by which the hetrosexual marriage rates can return to levels at or above 70% in order to regain the societal stabilization rates.   I told you before that the concept of "The Progressive Base Hit" has it that they are not required to focus on the top line impact of their policies.  It is enough for them to show transactional "progress" in their "Struggle Motion" and then use the benefit of media propaganda to showcase the "evolution" against intolerance that they are forging.

What is more intolerant than delivering a SYSTEM OF SOCIETAL ORDER to a next generation of "The Least Of These" - who's consciousness will be incubated within a liberally permissive society that does not compel his two parents that synergized this child via the human reproduction process to serve as the PRIMARY DEVELOPERS of this being ----- because the society EQUIPPED THEM TO BE AS SUCH?   The greatest INVESTMENT that we can make.

Notice I said "Society" and not "Government".    Today we have "government" crowding out an increasing number of societal institutions - because of the lust for POWER that is present among the operatives on the right and the left.

Cultural Imperialism

In a recent debate with a friend of mine who is an educator and self-described "socialist" he initiated a conversation about the audacity of President Obama to go over to Africa and wag his finger at various African leaders on their cultural intolerance of homosexuality.   "Who is he and the United States to go around the world and tell anybody anything when America has an incestuous CAPITALIST culture?".    

(Note he attacks "capitalism".   I attack "consumerism".    Strangely enough his leftism and my right-wing sentiments are converging as we both watch this foolishness that is being pulled over the eyes of the people).

I said to him in response - "What you are seeing is CULTURAL IMPERIALISM".    This after having watched a 2 hour documentary on "Columbus' Lost Voyage" - the 4th voyage to "The New World".   And also my recent visit to the Dominican Republic.    My friend also told me about his research on "The Irish imported to Barbados" as wage slaves.

In response to my "Cultural Imperialism" he told me "Two years ago I would have never heard those words coming out of your mouth.  I can't believe it".

The facts of "Cultural Imperialism" are true.

We all hear about "Africa as a victim" of Western colonialism and (military) imperialism.   We know the history about how Christian Missionaries "Brought Their Bible And Took The African's Valuables".   How they made certain "savage rituals" illegal as they promoted that the Africa worship "The White Jesus".  

As we "evilize" these "dead White people" - few of us today are able to accept that Americans are EQUALLY prone to accept the orchestrated exploits done by their government (and corporations and entertainment operatives) because they are so busy living their daily consumer lives in America.

In theory our response to this history is:  "The White man sought to exploit these people rather than help.  He should have kept his damned hands off of the people and their land".  

Yet today - under the guise of "Gay Rights" and "Women's Right" and other "boutique 'Rights' " - we see Cultural Imperialism being cast.  

I still have a post in draft form noting how in the United Kingdom (name use purposefully) there is a movement to make "Arranged Marriages" done by ex-pat Indian men and women illegal.     This process usually involves an Indian male who has migrated to England, traveling back home to met his wife that their two parents have orchestrated on his behalf.  

He spends a few weeks back at home in India and then brings his new bride to live with him in England.

The progressive feminists in England believes that this degrades the humanity of both Indian women and men and vow to make this practice illegal.    I won't prejudice my assessment by claiming that England won't recognize these marriages - I don't know if this is their specific plan  - BUT wouldn't it be a massive turn of events to see:

  • A culturally traditional "Heterosexual Marriage" pairing practice made ILLEGAL
  • At the same time the Queen of England has approved of allowing Same Sex Couples to enjoy the franchise of marriage?
BY WHOSE AUTHORITY have either of these social policies been enacted?  

While cultural and "Christian" dogma have their roots based on the time cherished practices adopted from some ancestors a long time ago to achieve a certain societal order - POPULARISM is a "popularity poll" based initiative the expresses THE WILL OF MAN in its present order.

Popularism need not stand accountable for any unintended consequences.  The main BENEFIT is that they are expressing the supposed "Evolution Of Man's Thinking", fighting against all social Troglodytes.

When conservatives stand against the wave - they are tasked to explain:  "WHY ARE YOU SO BIGOTED AND HATE FILLED? THAT YOU WISH TO STOP PROGRESS"

This is yet another STD (Space/Time Distortion) injected to take control over the debate by injecting a supposition that the adversary must unstick from his face.

If we DEBATE ON THE WHOLE, demanding that any societal order that we implement have top-line, far reaching benefit of stability, prosperity and respect for individual rights - then it is my observation that many of these transactional points of "progression" done in the name of "liberty" are, in fact - at worst - and ATTACK on top line social order and at least - DO NOTHING to bring ORDER to the lives of the VULNERABLE MASSES - those who would benefit from having the two people who created the child - culturally bound into a partnership - so that their de facto priority is NOT "SELF INTEREST" but  UNIT INTERESTS in the form of their partnership and the impact that it has on the CHILDREN that will one day become THE ADULTS in that same society.

My task WAS NOT to prove that "Gay Marriage is Evil".
It was to PROVE that the majority of the people advocating for it - are practicing "The Progressive Base Hit" diversion scheme, and are in fact - INCOMPETENT at fielding a social order that addresses the far, far,far, far more proportionately relevant issue of the CULTURALLY-BASED rules for relations between MALES AND FEMALES in our society.

The counter-argument that most will use against me is:  "If Gay Marriage Is So Proportionately Small - Why Do You Spend So Much Time Fighting Against It?"

The rational come back is to ask: "IF you are so brilliant of an Evolutionary Social Scientist - WHY DON'T YOU prove your competency at addressing the LARGE OBJECT in the room rather than arranging the order of the small satellites?"
Far worse - however, are the CONSERVATIVES who also have lost their view of the "functional cultural" foundations of the contracted relationships between men and women to offer any defense that is based on understanding what the Progressive Cultural Imperialists are up to.

STD Injection Watch - Knowing That They Are Incompetent At Developing Black People In Large, "Mission Accomplished" School Districts - The Post Racial Progressive-Fundamentalists Cheer As The Holder US Justice Department Blocks The Louisiana School Voucher Program Because It Violates The Desegregation Consent Decree

As long as the Black rank &  file continues to accept the supposition offered to him by the "Post-Racial Ecumenical Progressive-Fundamentalist Alliance" he will continue to have his VALUABLES STOLEN.

STD = Space / Time Distortion - Meant To Trick The Americanized Negro By Playing Off Of His Hatred And His Opportunism - By Forces - Internal And External - Who Know That The Black American Community Does Not Have The Necessary Internal Regulators To Prevent Them From Spreading Virulent Thoughts

The Relationship Between The Eric Holder-Lead US Justice Department And His Progressive-Fundamentalist Base:   The Americanized Negro As A Football To Spike As The Progressives Do An End Zone Dance

The Detroit Chapter Of The NAACP Is Very Pleased With US Attorney General Eric Holder For His Willingness To Champion The Key Points Of Measure That Are On The "NAACP Legislative Report Card"

UNFORTUNATELY When It Comes To Eric Holder Being Able To Do A DAMNED THING About The Problems That Are Stealing The Vibrancy From The Residents Of Detroit:

SHORT OF ARRESTING EVERY CONFIDENCE MAN In City Council And The NAACP Detroit Chapter Until They PROVE That They Were Not Conspiring To Hurt Black People.......................

  1. When It Comes To Eric Holder Regulating The Condition Of The Detroit Public Schools And Its Incompetence At Developing Its Overwhelming Black Student Body
  2. When It Comes To Eric Holder Enforcing RESPONSIVE FIRST RESPONDER COVERAGE To The City's Predominately Black Citizenry
  3. When It Comes To  Eric Holder Putting A Consent Decree Mandating That NONE OF THE POPULARLY ELECTED PEOPLE Be Allowed To Participate In Future Economic Development Policy For The City
..........................The US Justice Department CAN'T DO ONE DAMNED THING To Keep The People Of Detroit FROM HARMING THEMSELVES Though "Popularism"

FLASHBACK - Dan Rather Reports: Detroit A National Disgrace (video)

No Member Of The Detroit Chapter Of The NAACP Were OFFENDED Enough By The Incompetence Of The MISSION ACCOMPLISHED School Board And City Council And Their Damage Done To Black People To Initiate A Call To The "Emergency Managing Ministers Of Social Justice" For Them To Orchestrate A "Exorcise The Demon Out Of Our Local Government" Wednesday Protest
While This "Pro-Black" Insurance Agency In Chester South Carolina Was Quite Pleased That The Holder Justice Department Ruled That The South Carolina Voter ID Law Was Unconstitutional ...................

...Yet When A 3 Judge Panel Reversed The Ruling And This "Pro-Black" Outfit Was Heard Reminding Their Congregation That:

  • America was formed in RACISM
  • America stole the land of the Native Americans
  • America enslaved Black people on this very land
  • America allowed the lynching of Black people

When the poor people of York and Chester County South Carolina who had been investing their valuables for the past 50 years looked around for evidence of their PROMISED DEVELOPMENT -------

This same "Pro-Black" insurance agent told them to wait until next month whne US Congressman James Clyburn would be coming through town and he could tell them precisely how the FEDERAL REPUBLICANS HAVE STOLEN all of their Black Community Development and this is now why they want to take away their vote.

He needs their continued help to prove that a Black Man can run this nation - just like any White man.

BUT unlike with the White Presidents - he needs them to go along with the scheme when Obama bombs other nation's of color - as it would not be healthy to allow the racist right-wing see divisions within the Black community that they can exploit to ship us back into Slavery.

Think Progress Cheers The US Justice Department Actions - Halting 500 Voucher Students From Bringing The DESEGREATION ORDER Out Of Balance By Going To Private Schools

500 Students With Vouchers ARE OF SUPERIOR INTEREST TO......................
When Think Progress Was Asked About Their Plans To Provide Quality Education For Black Students In The Predominately Black School Systems That ERIC HOLDER IS NOT SUING..................

  • Chicago
  • Newark
  • Detroit
  • Philadelphia
  • Milwaukee
  • NYC
  • Baltimore
  • Prince Georges County MD
  • Washington DC
  • Charlotte
  • Atlanta
  • Dekalb County GA
  • Clayton County GA
  • Birmingham
  • Memphis
  • Houston

More Than 3 Million Black School Children In Other 'Mission Accomplished School Districts" That The Progressive Ideological Bigots Can't Spike As Mini-Footballs