They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The "Emergency Managing Minister Of Social Justice" Jesse Jackson Joins The "Justice For Trayvon Sit In" In Florida For The Same Reasons That "Jay-Z Couldn't Sleep For Two Days" - Standing With The Congregation Is Good For Sales Of Their "Audio History"

Justice For Trayvon Martin Protesters Get "A Thrill Up Their Leg" As The Emergency Managing Minister Of Social Justice Jesse Jackson Joins In On Their Sit In Against The Republican Governor Of Florida In Protest Against The "Stand Your Ground Law"

Let me be 100% clear from the outset.

  • I will fight anyone who attempts to stop Jessie Jackson or anyone else from congregating and investing their time in this or any other protest.  It is their RIGHT as Americans to voice their opinion and congregate as they please.
  • I do not see Jesse Jackson, The NAACP or the "Civil Rights Pharisees" as an "Official" appendage of "The Black Community"
    • They are individual Americans, congregating together to convince other "Black Americans" to agree with their view of the world.
MY ONLY PROBLEM with any of them - including "Republican Who Are Black" - POLITICAL Black Conservatives is that they are more interested in running a "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" that ultimately is intended on compelling "Americanized Blacks" to VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION.

They have mastered the use of "THE CONTROL OF THE DEPTH PERCEPTION OF THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO" so that he will SUPERIORIZE the "Threats" and "Opportunism" that the "Black Racial Services Machine" promotes and MINIMIZE issues that would otherwise compel the "Americanized Negro to ask "Where Is The Money That I Gave To You In The Past For My Development"?


I just disqualified my comments above because I used the word "LOGICAL" as a qualifier.

LOGIC is the main thing that is absent in these "Congregational Unity Generation" displays.

Selena Gomez Knocks Jay-Z Out Of The Top Spot All Without Losing Sleep Over The "Justice For Trayvon" Jury Ruling 
I Am NOT MAD AT JAY-Z He Has Broken The Code On How To STAND WITH AMERICANIZED BLACKS - Never OFFENDING THEM And Triggering A Boycott Of Their Purchases.

The Korean Retailers Have Mastered This As Well.

March 2013 - After SELLING THE CONGREGATION On The Notion That $300 Million Owed By The State WOULD CURE THE PROBLEM - Jesse Jackson Has Moved On To A New STRUGGLE MOTION

He is allowed to SET HIS OWN RULES on what he markets to the congregation of "Americanized Blacks"

THE PAID BLACK PRESS who NOW KNOW that Detroit is $18 billion in the hole DID NOT FOLLOW UP by putting a microphone into ANY OF THE "Emergency Managing Preachers Of Social Justice" and DEMAND an answer as to why they misled "The Blacks" a few months ago that the issue was $300 million and the WALL STREET BANKS.

After A Year Of Fearing That The "Emergency Manager" And "The Republican Governor Of Michigan" Would Silence The Voices Of Black Elected Officials - The Final Call Syndicates A Story From RT.Com That Doesn't Mention The Hand That Any Elected Official In Detroit Played In The Bankruptcy

In the story from the July 30th edition of 'The Final Call" that has the title of "Angry & Outraged" - related to the "Justice For Trayvon Movement" - the story pictured to the left appears.

I read every edition of "The Final Call" with the hopes of receiving a perspective that is different from the "Paid Black Press".

It turns out that "The Final Call" is actually two papers under one binding.

  • The rear section contains the "Black Man Do For Self" messages from "The Nation Of Islam"
  • The front section is a "NNPA syndicate" - featuring various "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" content providers.  The same sentiment that is found in "The Atlanta Voice", "The Philadelphia Tribute", The "Louisiana Weekly"

After all of the talk about the "Black Voter Suppression" orchestrated by the "White Wall Street Bankers" and the "State Republicans" as they seek to strip the voices of the people from power - when "The Final Call" sought out content to detail the fiscal issues in Detroit they chose "" (Russian Television).

The article they chose referenced:
  • Kevin Orr - The Emergency Manager (a Black male corporate bankruptcy attorney)
  • Republican Governor Snyder of Michigan
There was no mention of:
  • Mayor David Bing
  • The City Council Of Detroit
  • Any of the legacy politicians elected by "The People" that lead them to their present place

Civil Rights Pharisees Of Southeast Pennsylvania Justice for Trayvon Association (SEPJTA) Say That A Drive By Shooting Is Only A Civil Rights Violation Based On The Traits Of The Shooter And His Ability To Trigger "Justice Protests"

Drive By Shooting In North Philly Sends Three To The Hospital

SBPDL 360 Right Black At Cha: After A Rash Of High End Robberies In "Cans" SBPDL Demands That France Stop Allowing African Immigrants Into The Country As The Primary Source Of Crime Reduction And Make "The Real French" Feel Safe

ABC News: Cannes Police Getting Reinforcements After Second Jewelry Heist

Fearing That "The White Women Wearing Diamonds Will Be The Next Targets" - The Press Agent For"Stuff Black People Don't Like" Issued A Statement Calling For The Immediate Cessation Of African Immigration Into France And The Deportation Of As Many Blacks That The Government Can Get Their Hands Upon As They Look For The Black Jewelry Thief That Has Cannes In The French Riviera On Edge

SBPDL White Legal Defense Fund Spokes Person Paul Kersey:

"My greatest nightmare would be to see this image above with my daughter kissing a Black man who tricks her to fall in love with him.   While she might be motivated to spite me after years of indoctrination against Black people, confused by what she learned at New York University, she won't be wise to my guidance that she can't trust Blacks and thus he steals her valuable diamond earrings as those Negroid lips kiss her earlobes and simultaneously loosens the claps on the back.

The only way to defend against this global 'African Problem' is to keep them in their place via border control and targeted violence to teach them a lesson".

There Is No Patent Upon The "Social Justice Treadmill - Green Energy Power Plant" - It Is Open Source

Why Didn't NPR's Michel Martin Do A PSYCHOLOGICAL Inspection Of The Slate Journalist's Article About Detroit Instead Of Orchestrating A Political Debate?

This is "Part 2" of my series in which I provide "Constructive Feedback" to Michel Martin of NPR's "Tell Me More Program".

A review of the audio segment featuring Eugene Robinson and Leonard Pitts that got me cursing while I was outside doing yard work is still in queue for publishing.   The audio report on the "Bankruptcy Of Detroit" that aired yesterday is an "easier read", without the requirement of research on Robinson and Pitts for the sake of accuracy in my indictment of their "Embedded Confidence Man" relationship as they draw the "Black Consciousness Nucleus" into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" while maintaining their surprise about the outcomes suffered by the Black community as a result.

This is yet another occasion in which the analysis of the content of a media interview must necessarily include an inspection of the "show bookers" and their agenda in order to gain a complete understanding of the "Stage Play" that was assembled.

When I heard that the title of David Sirota's article about the bankruptcy of Detroit was titled:  "Don't Buy The Right-Wing Myth About Detroit" I began to focus on THE AUTHOR because the title indicated that he was fighting "greater demons" than the facts that are contained within the corporate borders of "the City Of Detroit".

Dear Mrs Martin:  Knowing Your Familiarity With Mr Sirota And "Salon" Why Didn't You Or Your Show Handlers Speak To The Psychology And Agenda Of Their Recent (And Longitudinal) Reporting On Detroit, Instead Of The Political Analysis?

Have I told you before that my favorite teacher to this day is "Mrs Rose Martin" of the "School District Of Philadelphia", who taught my 6th grade class?

She was a Black female with integrity.
She was not going to allow her students to "Embarrass Her!!!" in the class room or when we exited.  She loved us but she also had 4 rulers bundled with rubber bands and had 3 other Black female teachers that are now coming to my mind to back her up.

The diagram above is my VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the INTEGRITY of the "Black Racial Services Machine" (and their "White Progressive Cheshire Fox BFF's").   

As an observer of "What Makes The Americanized Blacks Tick?" - it is clear that CONGREGATIONAL UNITY is the superior interest of the "Post-Racial Ecumenical Progressive-Fundamentalist Alliance" than is BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.   PERIOD!!!

Mrs Martin - What do you suggest for a Black man who is watching all of this, who sees that REGARDLESS of what the "Americanized Blacks" are promised that triggers them to invest their valuables into the latest "Get Rich And Get Social Justice Scheme" - REGARDLESS of the results suffered by the Black Community - the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN will control the "Historical Narrative"?

Mrs Martin - WE ALL KNOW that the City of Detroit has no elected Republicans in power.   That this is what is triggering the invisible magnetic force of repulsion behind David Sirota's article.   His goal was to supply "talking points" to fellow Progressive-Fundamentalists when they engage in debates with right-wing critics that point critically to Detroit and trigger a measure of angst inside of the mind of the Progressive.

I hope that you will appreciate my lack of interest in "jousting" Mr Sirota on the political and economy theory issues at play.   My issue is one of INTEGRITY.

What Is The Consequence Suffered By Those Who Take In The Valuables Of Black People Yet Fail To Deliver The Promised Returns In The 'Black Community Development Fund'?

Blax News Fake Quoting Service:
Bayard Rustin:

"I found a 'Can't Lose' way to gain political power for the advancement of the progressive movement while dangling 'HOPE' upon Black people - given them a "Purpose" via the "Permanent Struggle Motion":
Make every political victory for progressives into a "Black Victory", a veritable step closer to "The Promised Land" - just as I convinced 'Dr King' to adopt.
Your job is to make the"Right Wing Enemies Of Progressives" into the  "Exclusive Enemies Of Black People".
Soon they will forget that the #1 Enemy Of Black People is the "Separation From GOD And HIS WILL For Them".
The second enemy of Black people are the THIEVES OF THE 'BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE', allowing Black people to matriculate through 'A Struggle' but at the end of the interval of time they have no more competency to help any other Black Diasporatic collection of Black people, despite their "Freedom" to choose their own priorities as evidence of the AFFIRMATION OF THEIR EQUALITY.
Your job is to control what the American Black BELIEVES as his pathway to 'The Promised Land'.
If I was alive today I would have labeled this my "Social Justice Tread Mill", connected a generator to the tread mill and sold the energy generated from the "Perpetual Struggle Motion" back to the electric company and gotten credit for "Green Energy",  "Weight Loss" and "Cardio Vascular Health" for the Negro as I received an award from the NAACP for my efforts at 'helping 'My People' "

Mrs Martin I possess no secret agenda to "trick" Black people into becoming Republicans.
My belief is that POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM is the greatest thief of the "Black Community Governance Culture", the set of enforcements that are necessary to manage the institutions of the Black Community, ensuring that the desired "Organic Competency Development" is produced, commensurate with the investments tendered.

What has the "Americanized Black" achieved IF, after matriculating through time and circumstance in this "American Experiment" he finds himself ill-equipped to effectively manage the key constructs of the societal institutions within his own community, the circumstances at the time forcing him to "Stand On His Own", leveraging the competences that needed to be learned during this present time?

Is it not more important to you that INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY be gained, above the advantage of POPULARISM - and the "Progressive Dogma" that the majority of American Blacks have bought into?

Is there any chance that the BFF "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies" that tend to our people are not WATCHING attentively, making note of this propensity to compromise our institutions, knowing that they will receive another deposit of our valuables?  

The truth is - it is not just the "White Progressives" that are orchestrating this scheme.   The opportunism of the non-race specific ideologues - both left and right - understand that the best way to retain the status quo - the "squandered development of Black people" - is to KEEP THEM "ANGRY & OUTRAGED".

The Right Wing ANGERING them
The Left Wing as a repository of their OUTRAGE.

With this "rapid hand movement" placed in front of the senses of the "Americanized Negro" - he won't soon recognize that other people are entering into exclusive places that the "Americanized Negro" has withdrawn himself from due to the importance assigned to these distortions.

Mrs Martin - I OFTEN ENTER these "exclusive places" (per the customer meetings and professional conferences that I attend).   It is clear that Carter G. Woodson's "Opening The Door To The Back Of The Bus" analogy is at work today.

Here is my official rebuttal to your friend Michelle Alexander's book "The New Jim Crow"

Again - the mandate that I established for her prior to reading the book was for her to demonstrate the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES received by the Black Community between the time of the start of the "Voting For Our Community Salvation" movement (at the "real" Civil Rights Movement ended) and today as her "US Injustice System" video and "New Jim Crow" book were presented as a model of her view of the world.

Documenting "transactional racism" in the criminal justice system as a pretext for more "Progressive Political Power" indeed explains some of the motivations that allowed the leadership in Detroit and other "Mission Accomplished Zones" to retain their seats in power.  They sold the people of a MISSION that exceeded a "2 or 4 year term in office".

The failure of Mrs Alexander's book is that it could not "Defend The Valuables" of the Black community by pointing out that with "Favorable People In Power" the prisons are still filling up, concluding that THIS is not the solution and we must resist these lures into politics beyond what politics is able to fix.

Instead the "compromised institutional integrity" allows these "lines in the sand" that define the city limits to "The Promised Land" (which resides in the"Black Community Development Domain" ) to be eroded and redrawn on a "4 year cycle" that suspiciously shares the periodicity of the "American elections".

"Telling Black People What They Want To Hear", Being Careful To Not "OFFEND THEM" -  STEALS MORE VALUABLES FROM BLACK PEOPLE Than "Voter Suppression" Steals From Them In American Political Elections

While Rep. Elijah Cummings Shows Deference To The Emotions Of White Women By Crossing The Street - What Is He Doing For The "Black Women Seen Crying On The News In Metro-Baltimore After Suffering A Personal Loss At The Hands Of A Street Pirate"?

If you allow an "Embedded Confidence Man's" antics to go unchallenged by ATTACHING THEM TO A LARGER CONTEXT they will proceed forth, trolling the sentiments of their "Americanized Congregation" without the ridiculousness of their claims exposed.

WHOSE SIDE OF THE STREET IS "ELIJAH CUMMINGS" STANDING UPON?  The "Non-White White Supremacist's Side" With A "Down Escalator"  Or The Side Of  "Black Conscious Development" With A Rubberized Track In Order To Exercise Our Cardiovascular Health And Weigh Loss Efforts?

During American Segregation - Custom mandated that Blacks lower their heads and move off of the sidewalk when they see a WHITE PERSON coming their way.

This fused the notion of WHITE SUPREMACY in the minds of WHITE PEOPLE as they projected the lack of worth of "The Negro" in societal rules and used "The Law" to fortify this belief.

BLACK PEOPLE who were otherise "100% Equal Human Beings" had two experiences as a result:

  • SELF-PROTECTION - Regardless of the pride that one felt in their worthiness to walk on the side walk THE THREAT OF ARREST and/or ASSAULT compelled the most honorable of Black people to fall in line, looking forward to the day when THE LAW was on their side - as evidenced by FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL - Not all of 'The Blacks' had the mental fortitude to separate what the "Systematic Racism" mandated that they do and their ORGANIC SELF WORTH that affirmed their equal value - no physical assault could strip this away.  INSTEAD they saw the "White Privilege" all about them and naturally adopted the INSTITUTION OF BLACK INFERIORITY.
    • These were the BLACK PEOPLE, upon hearing the news that Black people who were "Sick and Tired of being Sick And Tired" were planning to confront the system - the CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED - the INFERIORISTS verbally attacked this plan saying:  "You all are interfering with WHITE FOLKS' BUSINESS.  You have no right to do what you are planning to do"
CNN:   Long Time US House Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD) "I Cross The Street When White Women Walk Toward Me" 

Just as so many "Black Progressive Journalists" are heard throwing out the "I was followed around the store while shopping BECAUSE I WAS BLACK" tale that they spout, so is the case with this high ranking elected official from Maryland.

In their consciousness - "Blackness" is a shared sense of "RACIAL VICTIMIZATION".  An episodic stream of INSULT and OFFENSES that, on the surface provides them the impetus for "Social & Economic Reform" through POLITICAL POWER.

The truth is - TO THE CONTRARY.  
They JUSTIFY their theft of the "Black Community Governance Culture" - REFUSING to manage the FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER, forcing them to DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE via the institutions that they now hold towering command over - BECAUSE the SUPERIOR threat of WHITE RIGHT-WING RACISM

They want you to believe that they believe in a "Too Black/ Too Strong",  "Unbought/Unsold/Unbossed" didactic.   The truth is that THIS IS MERELY A FRONT.

At the core the infection of "NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY" is at the heart of their ethos.

The TRAGIC CONSEQUENCE OF 'NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY' Is That Congressman Elijah Cummings SEES THESE "BLACK WOMEN CRYING ON THE EVENING NEWS After Suffering A Loss At The Hands Of STREET PIRATES" But THIS DOES NOT TRIGGER A CHANGE OF COURSE In His IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY that is STEALING the "Black Community Governance Culture"with the complicity of his constituents.




Six More Convicted Murderers In Baltimore ARE RELEASED FROM PRISON - Because A Judge Ruled That The Jury At Their Respective Trials RECEIVED IMPROPER INSTRUCTIONS.

Once you understand that the SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED ABOUT GEORGE ZIMMERMAN IS THE EXCEPTION - THAT the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist's de facto view on jurisprudence is the "10 GUILTY MEN GO FREE..............." milieu, allowing them to play the role of the SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS REFERENCE -    then you will understand that NO FACTS ABOUT THESE MURDER SCENES IN BALTIMORE were contested - ONLY the JURY INSTRUCTIONS that were yielded long after the bodies of the murder victims were planted into the ground - all of this sets the ground for a RINSE AND REPEAT cycle within the city.   

POPULARIST IDEOLOGICAL/POLITICALLY Motivated Sentiments On "JUSTICE" is EQUAL among WHITE PEOPLE as it is among BLACKS, these "Equal Lynch Mobs" no longer need to use ropes.

Unfortunately "THE AMERICANIZED BLACKS" practice "Establishment Power Repudiation", rejecting the role that THEIR COMPLICITY IN THE THEFT OF BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE plays in their incompetency at regulating the OUTCOMES from WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY toward the rates that they INVESTED IN when they handed over their valuables. 

Dear Sherri Shepard Of The View: Barack Obama Was Never A "Young Black Male In An Inner City Environment Either. He Never Set Foot On The US Mainland Until He Was 17

Sherri Sheppard is very sensitive on who she will allow to position themselves as AN EXPERT ON THE "BLACK EXPERIENCE IN AMERICA"

What If Sherri Sheppard And Other Black Progressive-Fundamentalists Were Able To Make Note Of The VALUABLES INVESTED BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY On The Promise Of Their DEVELOPMENT Only To WIN In The Are That The Embedded Confidence Men Had Lined Up - But Have NOT BEEN DEVELOPED With Sufficient ORGANIC COMPETENCIES, Commensurate With The DEFENSIVE INVESTMENT STRATEGY That Other People Who Are Interested In GROWTH FUNDS Practice To Protect Their VALUABLES?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

As Philadelphia PA Turns Into Philadelphia Mississippi: The Perimeter Around "Malcolm X Park" In SW Philly Is More Deadly To Black People Today Than The Road Trip Taken By "The Great Debaters"

Whenever I hear of a murder in Southwest Philly I go to Google Maps and then reference the location of the newly spilled "Slave Blood" with a known location that is firmly affixed in my mind:  "The Malcolm X Park".

The "We Are In The White House Negro" Will Say Any Damned Thing On The Radio - Regardless Of How Intellectually Fraudulent It Is

On the "Dr White Show" this morning I caught the tail end of a segment that included "An Honest White Couple" who admits to "White Privilege" and someone named "McCall".

This was "Nathan McCall", author of "Makes Me Wanna Holler.

I DON'T GIVE A DAMN how "published" or "educated" a person is.  FRAUD and IGNORANCE voiced from their mouth is judged the same as if they were uneducated with access to nothing more than a composition notebook.

FRAUD #1 - (Paraphrase) "We Should Take Don Lemon's Commentary With A Grain Of Salt BECAUSE It Is Being Motivated By The TRAYVON MARTIN Debate"

(insert curse words of damned astonishment here)

"Dr White" - wife of a Christian preacher, the voice of the NAACP, Democrat and vicarious living through Obama - VOICED ON YESTERDAY'S SHOW :  How she hoped that the 700 BIKERS FOR "JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON" that rode to the Georgia Capital will KEEP UP THE MOMENTUM THAT IS TAKING PLACE IN MAKING AWARENESS OF THE VALUE OF BLACK LIFE IN AMERICA.

If I gave you this tape, MCCALL - will you call out "Dr White" for USING TRAYVON'S CARCASS?

The ENTIRE CHERRY PICKING OF A MARTYR while walking past all of the other DEAD BLACK BODIES is a FRAUD!!!  Why do you JUST point out Don Lemon?

These Bikers Rode Because They Are All "Humanitarians" NOT Just Because Trayvon Was Murdered And His Killer Got Away With Murder


  • This nation was built up on RACISM with land stolen from the Native Americans
  • This nation was built on SLAVERY of Africans
  • The White apologists of today won't tell you about the resistance to Civil Rights
  • The voter suppression of Black people
  • And yet when we did get our FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT - they publicly VOWED TO MAKE HIM FAIL
  • In their RACISM they would do economic harm to the nation just to destroy a BLACK PRESIDENT

The Most Learned "Americanized Negro Progressive-Fundamentalists" that use the NARRATIVE OF RACIST AMERICAN AGGRESSION - show themselves to be EQUAL IMPERIALISTS - IF they have interests that are conflicted, preventing them from emoting a CONNECTION with PEOPLE OF COLOR around the world on the receiving end of what they would have otherwise called "Racist American Foreign Policy" BUT FOR the "Black President In Power".

FRAUD!!!!!!!!  By Fraudulent Inducement

 In the HISTORY LESSON that "McCall" spouted the pleasure of the "Black Wing Grievance And Political Opportunism Talk Radio" listening audience - A SLIGHT OF HAND WAS PERFORMED.

  • In The "AFTER OBAMA" period of this fraudulent history lesson - OBAMA became the INDEX OF BLACK ACHIEVEMENT and THE TARGET OF WHITE RIGHT WING RACISM

  • McCall's Narrative Is Too CORRUPT To Tell Us WHAT THE US FOREIGN POLICY And Intelligence Operatives In Libya, Somalia, Yemen (Not In Africa) And Other African Nations and Pakistan REPRESENTS - And Why He Has Not Demanded That THE BLACK PRESIDENT Stop Executing RACIST FOREIGN POLICY.

SUMMARY:  The FULL EQUALITY OF BLACK PEOPLE will be made evident by the observed need to REGULATE both an INDIVIDUAL BLACK with power and A GROUP OF CONSPIRING BLACK PEOPLE.........................JUST LIKE YOU REGULATE "CITIBANK" and "MONSANTO" - or else THEY WILL EXPLOIT YOU .............IN THE SAME MANNER THAT "WHITE FOLKS" Have Been Known To Do,  Except This Time COMPLICIT BLACKS will look the other way.

If McCall Was Not Compelled To Include "The Black Press" In On His Claims Of American Imperialism/Supremacy - JUST IMAGINE What Else He Could Be Compelled To STAY QUIET ABOUT Because It Is In His Larger Interest To Do So.


"The Root.COM" = The Washington Post Company's "High Fructose Corn Syrup" Poured Upon The Black Community To Trigger An Ant Infestration And Type 2 Diabetes

If You Want To Understand Where The "Klan-Like" Congregational Agreement Within The Black Community Comes From - As They Agree To WALK PAST THE "DEAD BODIES" And Follow Their PASSIONS - Look No Further Than The PROPAGANDA MEDIA That Is Trained Upon "The Americanized Negro".

The BEST Part About Them Is That While Their "BFF's" On "Democracy Now", "PBS" And "Free Speech TV" Attack The Manipulation From "CORPORATE MEDIA" - As Long As THESE CORPORATE MEDIA OPERATIVES Voice The IDEOLOGY That Their "Progressive BFF's" Like To Hear - They All Will Keep You Believing That "CORPORATE MEDIA IS ONLY RIGHT WING"


How North Carolina Became Red Again - And Riled Up The NAACP By Corey Dade (Michel Martin's Friend)

  1. North Carolina Grew From Immigration Of Non-Southerners
  2. Early Voting Was Adopted By NC - Increasing Black Voter Turn Out
  3. "The Obama Effect" - Won The State In 2008 And Knocked Republicans Out Of The Govern's Mansion And The Senate
  4. Tea Party Racists Of 2010 - The Backlash Against A "Black Man In The White House"
  5. Blacks Invested Their Ballots At A Higher Rate Than Did White Folks

The "Philadelphia Negro" Consciousness Can Be Made To:

  1. NULLIFY His Grievances Over Those Who Are Running His Schools
  2. NULLIFY His Grievances Over Those Who Failed To Grow The Local Tax Base Via Organic Economic Growth
  3. NULLIFY His Grievances Over Those Who Represent HIS LABOR But Failed To Create Jobs In The Local Job Market
  4. NULLIFY His Grievances Over Those Who Shaped The CULTURE That The "Would Be Pillars Of The Community" Ingested - Allowing Them To Foment Into "Street Pirates"...............

STAND UP A SUPERIOR THREAT To His Interests In RACIAL SELF-PERPETUATION And He Will Roll Into A DEFENSIVE POSTURE - After Which You Can Pick His Pocket Of His Valuables:

His CONSCIOUS LOYALTIES And His Vote In The American Elections


These People HAVE NO LIVES OUTSIDE OF BEING POLITICAL OPERATIVES In "The Malcolm X Political Football Game"

They Can't Bring Themselves To See That - At A Zipcode Level - THEIR CHERISHED MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONES In The "Evolved Progressive States" OFFER THE AMERICANIZED BLACK CONSUMER No More Solace Than The "Former-Confederate States".  Yet In BOTH PLACES Their "Black Valuable Harvesting Scheme" Goes Unchallenged At The Community Level.

In the world of Cory Dade:

  • Culture
  • Human Resource Development
  • Religious Truth
....GETS CROWDED OUT By HIS RELIGION:  "Secular Progressive Politics" 

As A Result - Black People Are 2 Dimensional Caricatures 

Peniel E. Joseph, like other Black Progressives, chooses to use President Obama as their "Search And Rescue Vessel" upon which they hope to find "racial and social justice".

The flaw and fraud of "Living Vicariously Through President Obama" and thus fighting HIS FIGHT goes beyond my previous observation that notes that when THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT "fights" per President Obama's orders - the "We Are In The White House Negro" is necessarily SILENT because - LOGICALLY - HE WOULD BE PROTESTING AGAINST HIMSELF - if he protested OBAMA - the Commander In Chief that "green lighted" the CIA or US Military operation.

The "We Are In The White House Negro" needs a MAXIMUM AMONG OF "Americanized Blacks" to join in on their "struggle motion".  In doing so they can justify their choice to overlook the Black VICTIMS pictured above - from the Time Magazine article on "The Bankruptcy Of Detroit".

While President Obama talks about "the broken contract between the people and their government" and warns of civil unrest as ECONOMIC CONDITIONS ERODE - it is rational for me to find a parallel construct for President Obama to that of "The We Are In The White House Negro" who projects himself into Obama.

Obama is able to pretend that the machine that he sits atop of WAS NOT in dominate control over the "Mission Accomplished Zones" like Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Camden, Baltimore, St Louis and Newark - treating them like "Black Voter Mining And Mineral Harvesting Operations" - sending the valuables from the local Black community to the COLONIAL POWER:  the Aspirations Of The Progressive Fundamentalists For NATIONALIZED PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL POWER in the name of 'Nationalized Social Justice' .

It is Obama's "I Can Project The Voice Of The Least Of These Into The Fight Against The Right-Wing" that allows him and his ideology to TAKE THESE VALUABLES yet satisfy the aggrieved people because he is doing what they want him to do: FIGHT THE RIGHT WING ENEMY.

President Obama and the Progressive Operatives expose the truth about the Americanized Black:
The Americanized Black DOES NOT CARE to demand "Where Is The Money That I Gave To You For My Development After I Believed Your Promises?"

They can easily be lulled into a STRUGGLE MOTION.

The operatives paid by Washington Post Company, Comcast, NY Times Corp serve as the CONFIDENCE MEN that grease the skids in this diversion scheme.

Jozen Cummings

Taking a queue from President Obama and the affirming response that he got - New York City mayoral candidate William C. Thompson Jr linked the death of a Black teen in Florida in 2012 with the policy of "Stop And Frisk" in the city that he hopes to lead one day.

The Proper Rebuttal To William C Thompson Jr is to ask him what about the issues of "Trayvon Martin" and "Stop In Frisk" MOTIVATED HIM TO TALK, while the news that 94% of all shooting victims in the city that he hopes to lead one day are those of BLACK MALES and HISPANIC MALES?

Is there something that is INFERIOR about them that compels Mr Thompson to talk about the actions of "White Hispanics in Florida" and the Police Force in NYC instead?

Is he afraid that the same operatives who are pleased by his words today would be OFFENDED if he made his words more relevant to the actual situation on the ground?

As shocking as it may be to some, the shooting of a little 8-year-old boy in the Bronx on Tuesday is an unacceptable reality in the poorer neighborhoods in the city, where young men of color are far more likely to be the victims of shootings than their white counterparts.
An examination of shootings last year showed that 94% of all shooting victims in the city were black or Hispanic, often targeted by other youths, or accidentally shot as bystanders like the little boy in Soundview.
Disputes that were settled generations ago with fists are settled with guns, which were often manufactured before the shooters were born. In most cases, the guns were purchased outside of New York State — in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and other points south — and then resold on the streets of New York at triple their retail value.

Read more:

Jason Whitlock - HOPELESSNESS, Not Poverty Or Cultural Entropy Is The Real Problem In The Black Condition

Sometimes the best rebuttal that one can provide to another opinion is to AGREE with the conclusions but REJECT the argument because of the improper framing.

Jason Whitlock is not wrong about the damage that "Hopelessness" transacts upon a people.

My problem with Mr Whitlock is that he failed to set up a TIME LINE, noting WHO GOT THE VALUABLES FROM BLACK PEOPLE OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME, with the PROMISE that - by today - after the attainment of the "Political Agenda Items" that the Embedded Confidence Men set up for the "Americanized Negro" - not only is there a massive sense of HOPELESSNESS - they are BACK AT IT AGAIN seeking to FILL THE VOID with a Martyr.


Where is Mr Whitlock's call for PROTECTION of the sensitive emotions of "The Aggrieved People"?

Just as is the case in "Holl'in Churches" where the lead signer in the choir knows that if he stands next to a lady that is known to "emote" and then roll on the floor if he keeps singing the chorus,  as she "Catches the Spirit" - AT WHAT POINT is it the responsibility for the observers in the congregation to note the MUTUAL INTERDEPENDENCE between the these two and keep them apart?

Keli Goff - With The GOP OFFENDING Black Progressives It Is Going To Be Hard For Them To Reach Minorities 
Here is the trick in understand Keli Goff.

Apply the "Dark Matter Analysis".
Make note of what she covers:

  • The OFFENSES of her Right-Wing Enemies
  • How Her Progressive Friends have disappointed her for not being Progressive enough..............
And then apply her coordinates to YOUR KNOWLEDGE of the larger universe.

Keli Goff can't see that her main flaw is her inability to PROTECT THE VALUABLES OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  Instead she serves as a propaganda agent.

She was PLEASED that Philadelphia Mayor Nutter had a "Prisoner Reentry" program.  The very presence of the program was sufficient to market it, while she never bothered to define the SCALE OF THE PROBLEM and the proportion of this "solution".  The fact that it was a "progressive public policy" initiative was sufficient.

Of course - if we inspect the inflow of young Black males into the "Prison Industrial Complex" in metro-Philadelphia - the fact that there are more people operating this system that BLACK PEOPLE HAVE VOTED FOR, more than at any other time in American history - this fact does not compel Ms Goff and other Black Progressive-Fundamentalists to alter their narrative about "The New Jim Crow" because it works to achieve their real goal:  BLACK CONGREGATIONAL UNITY behind their "Progressive Struggle".

We must therefor conclude that - as we move from the "American Political Domain" over to The "Black Community Competency Development & Governance Culture Domain" - the fact that THE PROGRESSIVES can compel the Americanized Blacks to INVEST THEIR VALUABLES into the "Malcolm X Political Domain" and NOT GET OFFENDED BY THE RESULTS that are felt in their communities IS A GREATER ASSAULT upon the Development of Black people than the latest news from Keli Goff of the RIGHT WING OFFENSE that further estranges them from the hopes of receiving "Black Votes".

Ms Goff are you even able to report from a "BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FUND" defensive posture - protecting our valuables DESPITE the popularity of the scheme?

Keli Goff

  1. Jay-Z Takes Money From Black People
  2. Jay-Z Sold Crack To The Black Community
  3. Jay-Z Embarrassed President Obama
  4. Jay-Z Uses The Words "Bitch" And "Nigga" In Commercial Speech
  5. Jay-Z Has A Limited Domain In "Intellectual Debate".  Whereas Some People Use The Words: "Like" Or "Yo" Or "You Know What I'm Say'in" - Jay-Z's Filler Word Is "Nigga"

Holding A Mirror Up To Keli Goff, Hoping That SHE WILL SEE HERSELF One Day

Ms Goff it would be too easy for me to ask you "WHY NOW?  Why is this all coming out about Jay-Z NOW - When You Had So Many Other Chances To Question 'A Crack Dealer's Access To The President Of The United States"

I have a diagram in draft mode, Ms Goff.
It says:  "A progressive OPERATIVE never uses a progressive REGULATION to make an indictment against a fellow progressive FRANCHISE PLAYER, thus choosing progressive PURITY over progressive OPPORTUNISM".

Then the second frame of the diagram strips way the word "Progressive" and leaves the model:


It seems to me, Ms Goff that you are the epitome of this formula - with the addition of what I posted about "Mayor Rahm Emanuel verses President Obama".

When Rahm Emanuel returned to Chicago, absent a RIGHT WING THREAT to fight against - we saw that he was forced to ENFORCE THE INTEGRITY OF THE CITY (its fiscal viability) even if this meant going up against fellow progressive constituencies.

For you, Ms Goff - with this lull after the "2012 Elections" and before the "2014 Elections"  we now see your feelings against Shawn Carter that did not come out because the election/re-election of Barack Obama was SUPERIOR to your enforcement of "integrity and honor".

Notice that you never question BARACK OBAMA'S CHOICE to cavort with a "Crack Dealer".

Why is it that you demand that Banks operate with regard to a higher standard, regardless of the willingness of their customers to "go along with fudged numbers" (Subprime Mortgage scandal).  If any WHITE RACIST COUNTRY SINGER associates with a Republican candidate (or, per your recent article on Rand Paul, hires one on their staff) - YOU BRING IT TO THE ATTENTION OF YOUR READERSHIP.

Yet for some reason you can't bring yourself to call upon President Obama and the Democratic Party to DENY THEMSELVES the political advantage of associating with "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" - BECAUSE you now see the damage of the "Colabo".

Thus we must ask YOU - Keli Goff - WHAT DO YOU VALUE MORE THAN POLITICS?

Have you in fact LOST YOURSELF (Your Blackness) and your will to PROTECT THE VALUABLES OF BLACK PEOPLE - because of your "Progressive Political Cultural Imperialism" that is trained upon the Black community?

Very Simple On This One.


What About The Events Of Sanford Florida Is SUPERIOR To The Painful Truth That Is Documented On This Wall In North Philly?

Are The Americanized Blacks Being CONDITIONED To Field A GOVERNANCE CULTURE That Can Fill The Entire Enclosure Of The BLACK COMMUNITY?

OR Are These "Struggle Motions" Merely Established To FILL A VOID, Compelling The Masses To Look Past The Shortfalls?

This was the time for ONE DEEP THINKING BLACK PROGRESSIVE to modify the oft heard phrase:


...reframing it onto the issue with Don Lemon:



The most frustrating part of the "Journalism" (your label, not mine) that is seen in "The Root/Grio" is that it uses tired tricks that the "congregation" will respond to as a means of evading the SUBSTANTIVE ISSUE.

They understand that a discussion of the SUBSTANTIVE ISSUES - without THEM LEADING THE DISCUSSIONS and INDICTING THE FORCES THAT LEAVE THEM AS "THE MORAL MAJORITY" is a threat to their interests.

The parallels between the "Black Progressive Fundamentalist" and the "White Right-Wing Christian Evangelists" are stunning.  Both believe that they operate under the aegis of "Their Jesus".

The agenda of The Root/Grio is to throw up enough flack to prevent a (right-wing feeling) BLACK CULTURAL REVIVAL within the Black Community.

(HEY - THE ROOT content providers:  Why don't you write an article titled:  "Don Lemon Fails To Realize That If His New BFF's On The Right Had Their Way HE AS A BLACK And Gay Male Would Be Silenced And Put Back Into The Closet".

You guys are slipping)
Edward Wyckoff Williams
Who hired this guy?  (Thank you)

Does it seem strange to anyone that the same people who portray themselves as "The Moral Compass Of America" - constantly show that, when THEY THEMSELVES are inspected - they are SATISFIED when they prove that their statistics are no worse than those of THE RACIST DEVIL ?

I can tell that many of you have never been forced to defend your core beliefs - OUTSIDE OF:

  1. Your Progressive Black Friends - that reflect your views
  2. Your Progressive White Friends - who you believe is "cured" because of their altruism
  3. A Debate Against A White Conservative who you see as "Racist" in his motivations and thus this is the essence of your rebuttal
  4. A Debate Against A Black POLITICAL Conservative who you can clown by pointing to his nefarious "Republican associations"
Edward Wyckoff Williams and crew are fundamentalist SELF-CHUMMED FOOD SOURCES TO THE "AMERICANIZED BLACK CONSUMER"

Williams only needs to prove that "All Races Of People Kill Themselves In Greater Numbers Than Do Outsiders".    

If Mr Williams had the requisite intellectual honesty - we would then see him pin an article QUESTIONING THE "ANTI-STAND YOUR GROUND PROTESTS".  By his own admission this is "Majoring In The Minors" as "Ninjas Get Themselves Kilt" via situations that are other than this.

Of course Mr Williams has no interest in applying PROPORTIONALITY DISCIPLINE upon the "Struggle Motion" of Black people.  

It is clear to me that the Black Activist MUST BE GIVEN DIRECTION rather than being allowed to set the agenda.  Failing to do so they will always run a BLACK CONSCIOUS ATTENTION FILIBUSTER.

INSTRUCTION:  REDUCE THE BLACK HOMICIDE VICTIMIZATION RATE FROM 47% DOWN TO 25% IN 10 YEARS - LEVERAGING THE RESOURCES ALREADY IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - The Benefit Being That This Discipline And Lack Of External Dependency Will Afford The Opportunity To Transplant This Into Other Black Diasporatic Locations. 

Anyone who tries to VOTE OUR WAY TO THIS POSITION OF SALVATION should be kept out of the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus"