They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blax News Reports: With The $150 Million Film "White House Down" Only Bringing In $25.7M In Its Opening Weekend Actor Jamie Fox Says: "I Will Stop Short Of Blaming It All On Racism But If Columbia Doesn't Make Its Money Back This Will Be The Last Major Film With A "Black President' "

Blax News Fake Quoting Service

Jamie Fox:    "I Will Stop Short Of Blaming It All On Racism In The Same Way That President Obama Suffers From The Tea Party But If Columbia Pictures Doesn't Make Its $150 Million Back This Will Be The Last Major Film With A "Black President' "

  • Channing Tatum Will Be Able To Put On A Suit And Play The President Of The United States In A Future $200 Million Film While A "Brother" Won't Get A Chance To Play In A Film Produced For More Than $30 Million
  • But The GOP Whites Can Show Good Faith To All Blacks If They Agree To Go See The Movie Before 11:59PM Sunday When The Opening Weekend Numbers Are Sealed"

I am NOT celebrating this.
I actually don't care.  But if Jamie Foxx were to break me off some of his $20M I can be made to care about the box office take of the movie.

  I was just driving home and I heard the entire list of film results for this weekend.  The radio announcer pointed out the fate of "White House Down" and thus brought it to my attention.

"White House Down" wiki

The Corrupt Black Press: WHO'S VOICE Are They Speaking In?

The Atlanta Voice - VOICE OF THE BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE And NOT The Permanent Interests Of "Black Rank & File"

Do you ever take a step back and LISTEN to WHO'S VOICE is talking to you in so-called "Black media"?

If you believe that a "POPULARIST" voice is indeed the voice of the "Black Permanent Interests" (because it is popular) then you need to ask for some kickbacks from the electricity that is generated from the hamster wheel of circular logic that you are ensconced within.
Today The Atlanta Voice IS THE VOICE of The "Black Teacher" who are being "DISRESPECTED" by the governor of Georgia and the Fulton County District Attorney. 

Instead of "The Atlanta Voice" standing up for the STUDENTS AND THEIR PARENTS within the school system - blasing the "Favorable People In Power" for allowing their integrity standards to become lax - allowing the cheating scandal to cause the reputation of the school system to suffer a massive hit - "The Atlanta Voice" KNOWS WHAT THE BLACK COMMUNITY WANTS TO HEAR and they are expert at channelling the masses toward focusing on these marginal points - AT THE LOSS OF a proper context.

The problem with the Black community today is that most fail to note that while the "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Operatives" have the RED ZONE "On Lock" - to their delight - the JOB that they assumed when they stepped into establishment power over the Human Resource Development Institutions within the Black Community - requires them to SCALE THEIR DOGMA, beyond its activist roots and instead MANAGE THE ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT among "The Least Of These" - rather than always "SPEAKING" and "FIGHTING" for them.

Look at the logic:

  • In the majority White Gwinnett County - The "Atlanta Voice" wants to build a Post-Racial Progressive Coalition to get DIVERSITY in the elected leadership.  They don't mention the quality of the schools as experienced by the Black Students
  • In the "Mission Accomplished Zones" where their friends dominate the elective leadership seats of power - when Dekalb, Clayton and Atlanta Public Schools had major crises' involving the adult leadership  - "The Atlanta Voice" vowed to FIGHT TO KEEP THESE BLACK ELECTED SEATS OF POWER FROM BEING ATTACKED BY RIGHT-WING FORCES.   They argue that "The Black Children" are harmed by this external attack on the confidence of Black Leadership.
Sadly - without the "Black Rank & File" asking "WHERE IS MY MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU" - the fraud and hokum orchestrated by the "Civil Rights Pharisees" and given cover by the "Corrupt Black Press" will continue at the expense of "The Least of These". 

  The Atlanta Voice - "Americanized Negro On The Street" Interview

It Would Be DISRESPECTFUL OF BLACK PEOPLE To Allow A RACIST Back On The Air At "The Food Network"

Yes It Is True That We Hear The Word "Nigger", "Bitch" And "Ho" Played On Various Viacom Networks - BUT WE BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT OFFENDED BY IT Because We Don't Perceive It As RACIST.  Viacom Loves Us Because They Know What We Like In Entertainment

  • "Love & Hip Hop In Atlanta"
  • "Housewives Of Atlanta" 
  • "Basketball Wives"
  • "Black Ink" 
  • Hip Hop Music Countdown

The Values Of The Black Progressive Fundamentalist And How They Track It Into The "Black Consciousness Nucleus" On The Bottom Of Their TENNIS SHOES

Wendy Davis (D-TX) 

Filibuster To Prevent A Late Term Abortion Bill From Being Passed - Making Dr Gosenell Of Philadelphia Wish That He Had Operated Out Of Houston Instead Of Philly.

At Least Dr Gosnell Of Philadelphia Had The Decency To Place Them Into A Metal Freezer Instead Of A Wooden Casket Like The Slave Masters Did

The Shoes That Made The Progressive-Fundamentalists Proud

LeBron James' Killer Nike Shoes


Man Shot And Killed After Attempting To Rob A Group Of People As They Waited In Line Attempting To Purchase The New $180 Nike LeBron James X 10 Sneakers

Every City  Where "The First 48 Hours" Films  
The Soles Of The Sneakers Of The  Ubiquitous "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt"

Too Bad The Civil Rights Pharisees Do Not Believe That These Are CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.

Slate - The Owners Of "The" Understand The Importance Of The "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" - The 1960's Literacy Test Versus The Education Of The Negro Today In Mission Accomplished Zones

Slate Magazine - We Love When The Negro Votes

We Must Keep The Negro Voting For His Quality Education By Focusing On Forcing The State And Federal Republicans To Commit To Providing More Funding To The Local People That They Voted Into Power With The Promise That They Would Receive Quality Education If They Elect Them

The Deep South Of The 1960's

TO-DAMNED DAY Where The "Ally" Is Happy That The "Americanized Negro" Is Still "Voting For His Community Salvation", Not Getting Distracted Over How So Many Of Their Joint-Promises Have Fallen Short After "Mission-Accomplishment" 

The Edits Of Mike Luckovich Cartoons That Would Trigger The Civil Rights Pharisees To Protest Against The AJC

The Slight Of Hand Of Mike Luckovich That Is Pleasing To The Americanized Negro

What is the problem with Mike Luckovich's propaganda?

ANSWER:   EVERYONE Is Asked To Show Photo ID When Voting

The point that the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" and his "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man" depend upon is for BLACK PEOPLE to accept their own INFERIORITY in the effort to fight against the common "Right-Wing Enemy".

After decades of "taking one for the 'Post-Racial Progressive-Fundamentalist' Team - THE BLACK RANK & FILE no longer notes how their own ASSUMED INFERIORITY is the primary ingredient in the mixture.

We often hear:  "IF Photo Voter ID IS NOT RACIST in its intent...........why are there no DEMOCRATS support this?"

Most Black Republican party loyalists are themselves INCOMPETENT at rebutting this fraudulent diversion.


What Democrat in his right mind would step up and defend the INTEGRITY OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S INSTITUTION - when you have the 'Black Racial Services Machine' complicit in this fraudulent diversion?      If "The Blacks" are in on the scheme and they agree to not look at:

  • Their Schools
  • The Safety Upon Their Own Streets
  • Their Economic Situation
  • Their Community Inter-Relationships.......................
WHAT LOGIC is there for someone from the OUTSIDE to stand up and FIGHT FOR THE BLACK RANK  & FILE, going around the "Black Racial Services Machine" when the rank & file is on board with the entire scheme?

Your best strategy is go get MORE AMERICANIZED BLACKS agreeing to prioritize 'THE VOTE' over their COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE.

The Heteronormative Homophobic's Homopropaganda Watch: "Black Gay Lit" Now Available On The Downlow Via "Whispernet" To Your Amazon Kindle

This is not a "hateration" message.

I am merely making the point of how technology allows those with capitalist intentions to "microcast" their wares to subpopulations that crave to have their interests affirmed by someone who relates to their lifestyle.

I typed in the words "Black Male Photographer" to find a picture for the Anderson Cooper piece and got the photograph above.

From a pure consumer marketing perspective - "Popularism" gives the people what they want and defends it all by the fact that that " "as long as no one gets hurt" - what business is it of yours what consenting adults do?"

I AGREE with them - in the "American Political Domain".

It is when "A People" living within a larger ocean, seek to harness THEIR OWN INTERESTS IN DEVELOPMENT, distinct from the "water temperature" that they reside in - that they must DECIDE to not operate at "room temperature" but instead to MANAGE the human resources in their congregation so that they can achieve their distinct goals.

Blax News News Mix: CNN's Anderson Cooper Only Now Sees Alec Baldwin As A Problem Because Of His Gay Slur. He Gave Him The Benefit Of The Doubt After The Attack On The Black Photographer Months Ago

The REAL Africans' Message To The Americanized Blacks: Keep Our Names Out Of YOUR Mouths. We Want No Part Of The American Political Scheme That You Are Running At Our Expense. We Don't Need That Type Of "Help" From You

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Listening To "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" Is The First Step In A Psychological Analysis Of The "Americanized Blacks"

WAOK Atlanta - Friday

A caller, who is talking to Sidney Wood - the Black man who on "President's Day 2012" told his callers that he is ONLY taking calls that AFFIRM PRESIDENT OBAMA on "HIS DAY" - has no clue on WHO he is talking to.

CALLER:  "On the campaign trail this time last year - OBAMA was talking to the Black community about JOBS and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.  Now that the election is over - HE IS TALKING about "Gay Rights" and everything BUT JOBS FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY.   OBAMA LIED TO US."

If an academician somewhere is not already doing a secret doctoral on "HOW THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO SELF-CONVINCES HIMSELF Of Many Things In Order To Keep Going Along With The Confidence Scheme Yet Remains Aggrieved After The Real World Results Fall Short Of What He Self-Tricked Himself Into Believing" - standing her ground against the doctoral dissertation committee that would be inclined to stay away from controversial topics that might bring protests and charges of racism to the front steps of the university administration center  - THEY YOU ARE DOING A BIG DISSERVICE to the "Black American" of the future who will benefit from your expose'.

  • If you were honest, sir, you would NOT start your "Employment Search" with Obama - but instead roll back the clock 50 years to understand that people in your same situation were told that if they 'VOTED FOR THEIR SALVATION' - by this time there would be employment rates EQUAL TO "The 1.0 White Folks in America"
The TRUTH IS, sir, the Black Community's Institutions lack the will to defend the BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS as a separate and distinct entity from their AMERICAN POLITICAL OPERATIONS.

When these two come into a mutually exclusive place - they KNOW that the "Americanized Negro" (like you) can be made to assume a DEFENSIVE POSITION against some RIGHT WING THREAT, rather than "Niggardly" looking over his own BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FUND PORTFOLIO STATEMENT and choose to ask his INVESTMENT ADVISERS:  "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU FOR 50 YEARS FOR MY DEVELOPMENT?"

FOR MY PURPOSES - I have to give the MACHINE assembled by President Obama a massive applause.
They successfully took the forces that had said that they were "UNBOUGHT AND UNSOLD" and proved that their ASKING PRICE was NOT IN MONEY.

Instead they want to feel PURPOSE DRIVEN, by someone who RESPECTS THEM and EMPOWERS THEM to fight against the RIGHT WING ENEMY".

After they won the local elections with "Favorable People In Power" and the RIGHT WING was out of their "Municipal Theater" - the brilliant Embedded Confidence Men WHO KNOW HOW YOU THINK  saw that the best way to prevent the 'Favorable People" who now occupy the seats of POWER that (Real) Civil Rights Leaders used to protest against - is to fuse the "Black Community Development Struggle" TO NATIONAL POLITICS and thus convert the "Americanized Negro's HOPES FOR QUALITY SCHOOLS", for example into a wake up call for him to look past his failing school system and instead FIGHT AGAINST THE KOCH BROTHERS from attempting to take away the service contracts that are currently being serviced by the "Friends Of The Favorable People"

Put an INTERMEDIATE STRUGGLE AGAINST THE ENEMY to obfuscate the bottom line (Quality Education) and you can get the Americanized Negro to agree to do just about anything you please. 

Black Caller On The Right-Wing Michael Medved Show - Friday:

CALLER:  "I know that I won't hear from YOU or FOX NEWS that the dead Ambassador to Libya REJECTED security assistance from the Obama Administration because you want to keep your listeners in the dark".

McClatchy: Ambassador Stephens Refused Security Twice
When I hear (some) Black people call into Right-Wing radio shows - THEIR GOAL BEING to DEFEND OBAMA IN THE NAME OF BLACKNESS- even if they sound like they have a marketing job for the US Government - I shed a tear inside.


  • This is a PROXY FIGHT between the "Two Dung Producing Party Animals"
  • The "Democrat Who Is Black" has a vested interest to make the case that the right-wing attacks on Obama are due to RACISM
The proper way to REBUT the "We Are In The White House Negro" is to not allow him to make THE 4 DEAD AMERICANS IN BENGHAZI into the narrative of "The Republicans Are Trying To Embarrass The Black President".

The very same Black people who have a library full of "COINTELPRO books" often can't get beyond their vicarious living through Obama to see WHAT THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS DOING.

They serve as voice pieces of the American government, regardless of how much it runs awry to their previous "Anti Imperialist' stances.

We already know that the Right-wing doesn't mind the CIA, NATO and AFRICOM in Africa. 

What we now see is that the AMERICANIZED NEGRO can be made tacitly supportive of this IF YOU PIT HIM AGAINST THE DOMESITC RIGHT WING.   (Isn't that right Joy Ann and Perry?)

The Circles Represent The "Humanitarian Intervention" Doses Provided By Each NATO Member To Help The People Of Libya

Do you see that when you allow the two "Dung Producing Party Animals" to define the terms of THEIR FIGHT and you are so locked into the outcomes that favor one at the expense of the other - common sense is the first thing that you have to put aside?

NPR's "Tell Me More About Progressive-Fundamentalism" Remix: Obama's 100% Cotton T-Shirt Goes To Africa To Give 'The Motherland' The Shaft - Part 2

We need to put this in the proper context - The "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Media" waits until "President Obama" (and The First Black First Family) chooses to do a tour of Africa as the provocation of them doing an "All-African Special".

THIS - as:

  • The Imperialist Attacks On Libya (And Yemen)
  • The Expansion Of AFRICOM (and US Drones)
  • And - The "Benghazi Incident" Is Merely A Republican Attempt To Shame The First Black President IS NOT An Expose' Of "The CIA In Africa"
If you claim to be the "Voice Of The Black Community" (and its interests) why is it that your "biorhythm" is so synchronous with American politics? 

A Remix Of "Tell Me More About Progressive Fundamentalism" 

Tell Me More  Constructive Feedback University Remix Of The News
Time: 1:20

President Obama:
"Africa Is Rising"

Time: 1:29

"The United States Must Deepen And Broaden The Partnerships That Are Potentially Here" 

1:40: Izrael: "I really like it that he's trying to open up a rich conversation with shades of Bill Clinton with his rhetoric"

2:20:  Farai Sevenzo "Africa Has 700 Million Buyers" Yeah, But The "Americanized Negro" Will Have $1,000,000,000 In Spending Power By 2015 - The Opportunity For The Koreans To Grab Their Fair Share Of This Is Still Here In America

Time 2:35:  Farai Sevenzo:  "For Africans - OBAMA IS AFRICAN.  There were so many expectations over in 2008.  At the moment we are waiting, asking 'Why doesn't he come home' and use his great influence of identity for procuring much more markets for the United States as China has been doing for the Chinese     " Dear Mr Sevenzo - YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYES AND YOUR MIND.

Obama's "Home Coming" has been preceded by the US MILITARY and CLANDESTINE SERVICE.

His most powerful INFLUENCE is to teach a lesson to "AFRICANS WHO DON'T LISTEN" to reason, instead they try to talk "Africa For Africans".

The point of MY POSTING these 12 DEAD SOMALI "SEA PIRATES" SHOT IN THE HEAD to rescue 3 westerners IS NOT to advocate for the "Sea Pirates".
The point is that THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO would NEVER have allowed the New York Police Department to KILL 12 BLACK PEOPLE to save 3 WHITE PEOPLE - and be heard CHEERING at the POLICE CHIEF that greenlighted the hit.

ARE YOU SURE that "Opening Up Africa For THE UNITED STATES' INTERESTS" is a wise thing?

If YOU THINK that the Americanized Negro will be a FAIR BROKER FOR THE INTERESTS OF AFRICA - you don't know this man.

(And Yes I'm Black)
Just as the video feeds of Ghadaffi's body stored in the walk-in freezer were being loaded up to YouTube - this man sent out a broadcast e-mail, telling his congregation about the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES that have just opened up in LIBYA for Black Americans.

Its a coincidence that the guy from the US Economic Trade And Development officer tells of the same opportunities that are opening up in Africa as George Fraser

His Afro-Centric friend from "Institute Of The Black World" was not upset enough by the actions of his friend to refuse to attend the celebrity birthday party that he sponsored for him.

If an AFRICAN IN AFRICA has the will to destroy his own nation in pursuit of POWER against a fellow country man - leaving dead people and pockmarked buildings - WHY IS IT SO HARD TO BELIEVE that an AMERICANIZED NEGRO who puts forth a favorable front to YOU HERE IN AMERICA is able to conspire to destroy an African nation with the goal of profiting from the natural resources from the CARCASS? 

You are free to continue applying whatever "Historical Narrative" that you choose to to this situation that the Americanized Negro faces.   FOR ME - this alternative model that I apply MAKES IN INCREASING AMOUNT OF SENSE to describe what we are seeing right before our own eyes. 

Time 3:00 Izreal  "Back when the President was elected in 2008 the feeling was that this was a BIG WIN FOR THE AFRICANS.  Do you still feel that way now?"

Dateline - CLEVELAND, OH  1967


(Are You All Starting To See That We Don't Have A "VOTING PROBLEM"  We Have A CONSCIOUSNESS PROBLEM??!!  The lack of ability to WITHHOLD A PORTION OF "Yourself" FROM full attachment to something that others try to emotionally induce you to yield to!!!)

Cuyahoga County precinct map shows areas where Obama beat Romney unanimously (database)

The Least Of These In Cuyahoga County Are Convinced That IF They Needed To Vote "Straight Ticket" In 2012 And Then Help The Democrats Win The US House In 2014 And Remove The Republican Governor In The Election Of 2016..................
..Even Though The Governor Isn't Up For Reelection Until 2016 - When You LIE TO BLACK PEOPLE TO GET THEM TO COME TO THE POLLS  - This Is NOT A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION.

It SHOULD BE HANDLED Within The "Black Community Governance Culture" BUT - Its Institutional Integrity Is Fully Compromised Because ITS PROGRESSIVE ENDS Justify The Means That It Uses To Fill Up The Bus.

Time 3:29 Obama Stepping Through The "Door Of No Return" - Where Many African Slaves Got Their Last Glimpse Of Their African Home Land Was Symbolic For Africans And "Americanized Blacks"

The Pride Of Americanized Blacks Helping President Obama Fend Off RACISM As He Was Made The VICTIM OF RACIAL HATRED By The Tea Party Forces was more important to far more "Americanized Negroes" than seeing Obama at Goree Island.

If we cross reference the real sentiment about "Africa" as expressed by the reactions to the Imperialist Attacks Green-lighted By Obama - there is no doubt in my mind that a growing number of "Americanized Blacks" will say:

"Had the Africans had their own NAACP at the time that the Slave Catchers ships docked at Goree' - they would have never suffered from MASS INCARCERATION.  This is why today they should unite with the American Blacks for FREEDOM, Liberation and Social Justice Health Care - leaving those GAY AFRICANS alone.   There are far more important issues to focus upon like 'Fighting the Republicans'.  You can tell they are still racist based on how Fox News is covering the Trayvon Martin trial.    This is why we can't invest the same time in covering local Black murder trials, allowing them to get away with NATIONAL RACISM because we got distracted within our own communities. "

Time: 3:40 - Obama Trades As "A Black American President The WHITE LIBERAL CHESHIRE FOX Has Transacted  More NEGRO Emotional Attachment

The KOREAN Paraphernalia Merchants Have Gotten More Sales Receipts By Trading On Obama The Black President.

If EITHER Had Their Way - They'd Give The Negro TWO VOTES EACH For Every Election Because Its Good To Business With A Consumer Who Doesn't Demand His Money Back.

Time 3:50 - "He Is Not Focused As Much On POLICIES (For Africa) As His Predecessors Have Been" 

The Americanized Negro has PROVEN that he doesn't give a damn about POLICY RESULTS - unless they are RIGHT-WING POLICIES!!!!!!!!!!!

What does Obama have to do, SIR, other than make rhetorical statements and take pictures with adorning Negroes in the frame?

(Didn't you see "American Experience" when Robert Kennedy asked his aide to take a limo ride with him through a Black community to witness the loyalty of the Black crowd to him as the VESSEL for their dreams?

When Kennedy lost the Oregon Democratic Primary he asked aloud - how he could bring the Negroes from Watts up to Oregon.  After hearing that the White folks of Oregon were even further convinced of their decision.  Today the "Hoover Gang" that moved from LA to Portland represents the "Black Kennedy Family Supporters in Oregon")
Time 4:30 Arsalan Iftikhar - Frames Obama' trip as an economic/trade mission Having listened to Mr Iftikar for many years - IF THIS WAS an "enemy American President" - he would have inserted references to:

  • China is building up infrastructure in Africa while AFRICOM/NATO is "blowing shyt up"
  • The President avoided going to places where protesters could demand that he come to see the damage that his bombs have done
  • Instead he chose to go to the "Southern Africa 'Red States' " that are friendly to him as they are insular. 
Time 5:30 Michel Martin - The President Of Kenya has been indicted by the International Criminal Court  EXCUSE ME MICHEL MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!

While I am sure that you got your news about the "Administration Officials who did not agree with the I.C.C. decision to prosecute the President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya on "background" from the Obama Administration....

COULD YOU DETAIL any public repudiation of the I.C.C. decisions of "Mass Prosecution" of African leaders that have been registered by the Obama Administration OR the Black Progressives in America who are looking side eye at the number of BLACK ELECTED DEMOCRATS in America getting indicted and calling it a RACIST PURGE of Black leaders?

I can send you my e-mail if you want to send it via private correspondence.

"You Can Get A Lot Of Things Done - As Long As You Don't Worry About WHO GETS THE CREDIT"

Dear Mrs Martin (did I tell you that my favorite teacher was named 'Mrs Martin'?)

YOU NEED TO READ the articles from Perry Bacon of "The Grio", Cord Jefferson and your friend Keli Goff to see that BARACK OBAMA doesn't NEED TO ITEMIZE WHAT HE HAS "DONE FOR BLACK PEOPLE".  There is a long line of "Paid Black Journalists" who have a list with a low threshold for inclusion of the entries.

I am more concerned with the ability of THE BLACK MEDIA to focus principally upon the CONDITIONS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY, long after making INVESTMENTS - per the guidance of the "Black Racial Services Machine" - and instead of affixing a number that describes our growth in approximation to the "PERFECT 1.0 WHITE MAN" instead take an inventory of the COMPETENCIES that have been developed to provide STRUCTURAL ASSISTANCE to"the LEAST OF THESE" within the "Mission Accomplished Zones" that Obama cleared to the tune of 96% - in preparation to offer the same support to other Black Diasporatic Populations around the world.

Do you see then, Mrs Martin - instead of indexing your satisfaction with Obama to what OTHER "US Presidents Have Done" - it would be more fair to note that the Americanized Negro has NEVER "Lived Vicariously THROUGH" the standing of a President Of The United States" like this before.  Instead of this self-indulgent act of detailing how he has lived up to the "Dreams Of His Followers" - why not LATCH THEIR DREAMS and POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM to something more meaningful - like helping the REAL "The Least Of These"?

Time 6:45 - Jimi Izrael - "The President Is Not The Only Celebrity Visiting Africa"  Personal Note:
After learning from "Democracy Now" that GEORGE W. BUSH Is IN AFRICA RIGHT NOW - I have never been more disappointed that a build up on "Tell Me More" was instead directed at another person who also said "This Niggas Won't Hold Me Back", but instead of triggering mass protests when he visited "The King Compound" in Atlanta to lay a reef - Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate Rick Ross has several platinum records and a Maybach that the owner of the Black talk radio station in Atlanta occassionally uses to draw Black people into his "Car & Bike Show".

Jimi Izrael has disappointed me again.

In Another Time And Space
Time 6:45 - Jimi Izra - "President Obama Is Not The Only President Visiting Africa.  His Predecessor George W. Bush Is In The House As Well."

Arsalan Iftikhar - Treatises In Progressive-Fundamentalist  Bigotry:

"If there was any justice in this world - the International Criminal Court would dismiss all of the charges against the African leaders and the US Government would drop the global manhunt for Edward Snowden and instead focus on arrested Former President George W. Bush now that he is out of the protection of his 'rat hole' in Crawford Texas.

Bush has killed more 'People Of Color' in Iraq than any of these African leaders or Snowden.

He lied when he took us into Iraq and diverted American resources away from the capture of Osama Bin Laden.

At least Obama made more efficient use of drones and covert operatives in the CIA to ensure that fewer American troops were killed when continued the operations in Iraq & Afghanistan to undo what Bush did and when he went into Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Mali - the only Americans that died are the 4 people in Benghazi Libya that the Republicans are so upset about.

Obama is a more efficient American Imperialist President than George Bush.  This is why we on the left have not protested against Obama in the same way as with Bush.   Obama doesn't make us as angry with his actions as did Bush. 
TIME 12:20 - "You Didn't Experience Slavery And Haven't Absorbed Some Of The Negative Stereotypes That Europeans And Others Have Absorbed About African Americans

I Now Will Expand My Sales Target For My "SLAVE BLOOD" To Include Any Newly Arrived Africa, Who Got One Of The 55,000 "Diversity Visa Slots" Reserved For Africans.

YOU CAN USE MY 'SLAVE BLOOD' As A Token Of Full Acceptance As An "Americanized Black".

When they first hear your African accent and you see their eye's widen - pull out the wallet sized "Certificate Of Authenticity" that I include in every shipment.

I will soon have a "Mobile App" for Android, iPhone, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8 by which you can show the chemical make up of this "Slave Blood" and wow the Americanized Blacks who never took Chemistry in high school, making them believe that its SPECIAL BLOOD rather than just water with red food coloring in it.