They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Stawberry Mansion High, Philadelphia - As The Inquirer Wins A Pulitzer On Their School Violence Series And The Black Press Is Focused On Uplifting Progressive Politicians - ABC News Goes Undercover At A Violent High School To Bring Awareness About A "Mission Accomplished Zone"

Only the "This American Life" series in "Harper High School" in Chicago and HBO's "Hard Times At Douglass High" in Baltimore does a better job at capturing the dysfunction in a Black Community asset - left to make its own way because "The Black Racial Services Machine" prefer SELLING the future occurrence of "Social Justice" within the Black Community than they have the competency of expressing it THROUGH the institutions that they have control over today.

Celebration In The News Room At The Philadelphia Inquirer!!!!
They Won The Pulitzer Prize On The Series: "Assault On Learning"!!!

Awards Given To Those Who Focus On "Violence In The INSTITUTIONS OF EQUALITY" In A School System That Is 73% Black AND By Those Who Choose To Re-Write "Black History" In A Manner That Can Compel A Theater Full of Black People To Laugh At A "Klan Hood Scene" And Be Pleased That "The Black Guy Won" - Even IF It Is A Molestation Of History For Entertainment Purposes.

WRFG - "The Youth Speak Truth" 
In An Episode Discussing The "Assault Upon The Black Community" Per The Closure Of 49 Schools In Chicago.

A Guest From Chicago Is Asked:  "So Tell Us What This Mass School Closing Means To You?"

ANSWER:  "Some people will be forced to travel through two or three GANG TERRITORIES in order to go to their new school.  This places them at great risk".

The Fact That No Media Organization Is Covering The IRONY Of Today's FEAR Of "BLACK ON BLACK SCHOOL INTEGRATION" Due To "GANG/TRIBAL" Distinctions Is Further Evidence Of How The Media CORRUPTION That Is Present.

THEY UNDERSTAND That If They Did Focus On This Point Then This Would Force Them To Start Focusing Upon The FORCES THAT ARE SWIRLING WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - Always Keeping The "Americanized Blacks" Focused On VOTING FOR THEIR SALVATION - So That They Don't Take A Close Inspection Of The Damage That The EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN Are Doing To The "Black Community Governance Culture" That Allows This All To Continue Unchecked.


In Cleveland The "School To Prison Pipeline" Starts In Kindergard As A Brawl At A Kindergarten Gradulation At Michael R White Elementary School Yields A Pipe And Hammer As A Weapon

In the attempt to "place our heroes" atop monuments for veneration something has been tragically lost.

What happens when the promises in which the "Favorable People In Power" are venerated via the recognition atop the school buildings - do NOT translate into the promised RESPECT AND MOTIVATION that was sold?

Beyond the notion of stripping the name off of the institution - is there a means for sanctioning the leadership that sold the promise but show incompetent at "operationalizing" the results?

Forget about the arrest at the graduation.  This merely attracted attention to the school.

The more damning bit of information is the academic performance of the school.

Michael R White - former mayor of Cleveland

Another Violent Assault Upon Atlanta's Streets Named After "Civil Rights Heroes" That Protected Black People From Racist Attacks Back In The Day - Woman Shot In The Head On Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd


What The Paid-Black Press Values The Most

When challenged about their heavy "Celibrification" Of Favorable Politicians  At A Time Of Great Crisis Within The Black Community, Particularly As Many Black Women Are Victimized - Ebony/Jet Can Boldly Rebut The Indictment - As They Are Focusing On A Much Bigger Problem - SKIN TONE DISCRIMINATION IN HOLLYWOOD!!

Light Skinned Actresses Have Had Their Share Of Roles.  Now Its Time To Allow Dark Skinned Actresses To Be Included Under The Tent Of "Referential Beauty".

There Will ALWAYS Be "Ninjas Who Get Themselves Kilt On The Street" - How Often Do We Get A Black First Lady And President In The White House To Live Vicariously Through?

Thanks To Her Freelance Status With Ebony, Politc365, The And The - Keli Goff Won't Ever Have To Travel Back To Chicago To Assess If Obama's Presidential Visit Curbed The Black Homicide Rate - And None Of Her Loyal Readers Will Ever Demand A Follow Up Article Because They Were Quite Pleased With The Positive Press That President Obama Received On The Matter.  

Blax News: The Saga Of Jermaine Dupri - How The "White Owned Bank" Got A Hold Of A Portion Of The "Black Music Archive

AJC: SunTrust Bank Suing So So Def Founder Jermaine Dupri For $1.9 Million

Blax News: How To Get The "Americanized Negro" To Support MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCES - Thwarting The Efforts Of Michelle Alexander And Dr Boyce Watkins To Focus Upon Disassembling Mass Incarceration

How To Get The "Americanized Negro" To Support MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCES - Thwarting The Efforts Of Michelle Alexander And Dr Boyce Watkins To Focus Upon Disassembling Mass Incarceration


(If you are not listening to "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio - you will NEVER understand how the body of thoughts that the 'Americanized Negro' professes are formed though congregational affirmation)

Cartersville Patch
A local mom who has been outspoken about the shooting that killed her son had an emotional reaction today outside the courthouse in Cartersville.
Robert Harvell Taylor III, 13, was an eighth-grader at Bartow County Schools' Woodland Middle in Euharlee, when he died Dec. 29, 2010, at a friend's Freedom Drive home in Cartersville's Oakland Heights area.
The boy who fired the fatal shotgun round pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in Juvenile Court, reports 11 Alive, which captured video of mom Veronica Taylor's reaction the now 16-year-old boy's sentence.
The Taylor family believes Rob was shot on purpose, and points to text messages and other evidence they say was never considered by Bartow County Sheriff's Office investigators.
The boy, then 14, was not charged at the time of Rob's death, but the district attorney's office in September lodged charges against him, apparently at least in part a result of Veronica Taylor's efforts.
The judge sentenced the teen to the maximum juveniles face—two years—but ordered he serve it probation and that he receive psychiatric care, which is not available in jail, according to 11 Alive.
Veronica Taylor had this to say in Facebook post shortly after the proceeding:
"Well, the boy who killed my son is getting away with murder....he has gotten a sentence of 2 years injustice!!! I am devasted!!! He killed someone and he gets probation!!! We get a life is that fair??"

The Little White Boy Who Will Serve As The Martyr In Support Of Mandatory Minimums So That White People Won't Be Given Probation For Crimes That Blacks Do Hard Time For, Regardless Of Their Age.

After years of spiking stories of "Black Women Seen Crying On the Evening News" because it shows the Black Community in a bad light - the CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES see a "WHITE WOMAN CRYING ON THE EVENING NEWS" after the White killer of her young son got probation.

The Civil Rights Pharisees said:

Now you are motivated to change your ways. Drive down to Atlanta and help us protest the Right Wing Governor and Legislature - to demand MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCES when a White killer strikes a Black or a White, removing the minimums from non-violent drug crimes".

Constructive Feedback University - Leonard Pitts' Authority On Boy Scouts And Gay Rights Does Not Extend To Mastery On How To Address The Condition Of Black Males In Little Hatii Or Anacostia

I just searched this blog's archive for the picture that would make my case.

About 8 years ago the "Boy Scouts Of America", Metro-Atlanta organization was in hot water.

For years they had been inflating the number of Black male Boy Scouts participating in their organization in order to craft an image which showed that they were more involved within poor, Black areas of Atlanta than they actually were.

The usual suspects were outraged.

'They don't care about BLACK PEOPLE!!!.  They want to USE US to bolster their image instead of HELPING our young Black males achieve a greater sense of manhood.   We are going to make the Boy Scouts Of America PAY for USING BLACK PEOPLE!!!".

The picture that I was looking for was that of a young Black male with one of the extra long "White Tees" that were in fashion at that time.   He was being interviewed by a local reporter in the context of a poor area of Atlanta with limited access to community centers and he lumped his grievances upon ......................the BOY SCOUTS!

Of course, most Boy Scout troops are nurtured through a local church entity.   At that time no one thought to ask - "Where is the Black church in their community intervention, using the tried and true system that the Boy Scouts of America?"

When Joe Beasley came on "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" I called into the show.  I asked him:  "Mr Beasley - We can all agree that the local leadership of the Boy Scouts did wrong by inflating the Black participation numbers.  HAVE YOU REACHED OUT TO THE BOY SCOUTS AND TOLD THEM THAT THE BEST WAY TO COME CLEAN IS TO ACTUALLY ACHIEVE THIS PARTICIPATION RATE FOR BLACK MALES IN TROUBLED AREAS OF ATLANTA?"

You have to understand.  The agenda of the "Community Activists" against the Boy Scouts had NOTHING to do with the Development Of Young Black Males in Metro-Atlanta.

The Boy Scouts are seen as a quasi-militaristic, right-wing evangelical organization.   In my opinion - In the mind of the Civil Rights Pharisees:  the process of packing more Black males into the Boy Scouts would be akin to allowing a "Republican Youth Council" to set up shop in Southwest Atlanta.

Joe Beasley understood that none of the voices in his troop of Civil Rights 'Permanent Strugglers' were going to go beyond the TRANSACTION of "See, Once Again They Use Black People To Inflate Their Numbers" - and instead note the larger picture about the crisis with Black males.

By the way - the response that Mr Beasley gave referred to some alternative group for Black young people that he is affiliated with.  If the Boy Scouts are guilty of inflating their numbers then the various 'Self-Chummed Award Winning' community interventions done by the "Black Racial Services Machine" are guilty of inflating their importance in the systematic redress of the problems with the young people in the community who are disengaged from a "rites of passage" program that would channel them into more productive outcomes.

If only "The Black Racial Services Machine's" response were measured as they do FEMA.

Use Case - The Progressive Base Hit.  Use To Give The Simulation Of Progress While Evading The Big Picture Of Cultural Entrophy 

The Miami Herald - Leonard Pitts: Boy Scouts' Decision Show That Gay Rights Are The Future

Both of the models above essentially argue the very same thing.

When it comes to the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chaser" they only need to "STAY WITHIN THE BOX" and amplify their support for "Social Justice For The Oppressed" - and few people will bother to note their present ESTABLISHMENT INFLUENCE over the larger societal space.

In fact they ideological bigotry and marginal focus make them INCOMPETENT at producing a holistic societal order that achieve the 'social justice' FOR THE PEOPLE, THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS that those who answer when called "The Least Of These" now have direct influence over.

While Mr Pitts has placed himself "On The Right Side Of History", once again, when it comes to "Gay Rights" - as he takes a stand against a "bigoted right-wing organization" who has the audacity to believe that the intrinsic complementary genitalia of man and women offers some insight about their natural pairing that the "Lost Human Instruction Manual Published By God" may have more explicitly enumerated.

In his "bigot chasing" - Mr Pitts has no choice but to narrow-cast on the issue of advocacy for "Gay Rights".

Now the typically rebuttal (which I always play through my head) is one of TOP LEVEL INCLUSION:  "What about the Boy Scouts acceding to changes in societal tolerance is mutually exclusive from their broader mission of developing young boys into MEN?"

The answer is - Since the Boy Scouts has a long and glorious history of achieving this desired end - BUT the "Progressive Fundamentalist" only is competent at compelling INSTITUTIONS to change their ways - the onus must be shifted to Mr Pitts and others who have this body of thought to PROVE that THEY ARE COMPETENT at fielding a society that actually achieves the desired ends:  DEVELOPED HUMAN BEING - who are the "UN-Least Of These".

The test is simple.
Mr Pitts appears to live in the Washington DC area and has "The Miami Herald" as his primary employer.

Both Washington DC and Miami have large collections of young Black males that are encamped within urban ecosystems that don't contain forces that guide them down productive paths.
I have little doubt that Mr Pitts would have signed the "Celebrities Against Mass Incarceration" letter that Dr Boyce Watkins published recently - this is yet another example of "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice Scheme" - PUT THE SYSTEM ON TRIAL while the CRIMINAL DEFENDANT is deemed to be the VICTIM.   Those who signed their name can attest to the fact that they are fully committed to removing all of the barriers that stand in the way of young Black males, railroading them into the "Prison Industrial Complex" so that the Koch Brother's stock options in corporate prisons can see increase.

Once we step out of the rut of tired ole Progressive-Fundamentalist talking points and see the pattern of abdication at the hands of the gifted "historians" who are good at framing narratives and gaining POWER, despite their culpability in the situation and/or their failure to deliver upon past promises - the entire body of though that is so damaging to the development of the Black community comes under indictment.

You will NEVER see this cluster of though accept their ESTABLISHMENT AUTHORITY that they presently have in the problem plagued communities that they advocate for.  Despite the fact that the sitting sheriff(jailer) and police chief received their commission from their previous "Voter Action" / "Struggle Motion" - when their latest history lesson tells of the "Conspiracy Against Black Boys" - few in their congregation of readers both to disassemble their narrative about "This Nation's History" as they note that TO-DAMNED-DAY in the largest cities where Black people live - BLACK PEOPLE VOTED FOR the "Criminal Justice System" operators that the activists say are out to destroy Black people.

Both they and Leonard Pitts are too ideologically bigoted to scale beyond the transactionalism of their activist roots and do a self-assessment of THEIR ROLE in the Dystopian results.

They leverage the "assumed Black inferiority" and "victim state" to advance their Progressive-Fundamentalist agenda, while exercising the "Establishment Power Repudiation".

This can't continue this engineered lie of denial of culpability any longer.
For the sake of acknowledging the ESTABLISHMENT POWER that you have and how your choices impact "The Least Of These" - at least acknowledge:  WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT NOW.....................These Things Can't Continue To Happen As If This Was 1953!!!!!"

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Which Political Figure Did WAOK's "Dr White" Say: "You Set That Evil Into The Atmosphere It Comes Back Upon You In The Future" About?

Dr White:  What Could The Republican Party Leadership Say To You As A Black Man To Make You Support The Republican.  African Americans like to Touch, Feel, See - ACTION NOW

The Republican Who Is Black Caller:  "I'll Have To Call You Back On That One"

Constructive Feedback University:
To Republicans Who Are Black - YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED To Rebut The "Embedded Confidence Men" By Taking Them Into The Zone That WE Need To Be Talking About.  You ultimately want Black people to join your party

To The Embedded Confidence Men Who Are STEALING Away The Ability Of The Black Community To Develop Itself By Having Us VOTE FOR OUR SALVATION:     THE ANSWER to your question is to REJECT the supposition.

The Best Rebuttal Is To Not Walk Down The "Dark Alley" That They Want To Draw You Down In Their Debate

Synopsis - STOP FIGHTING THE Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Bigot On HIS TERMS!!!
They Are POPULARISTS And Functionally Want You To PROVE That "The Americanized Blacks" Are WRONG In Their Assessment Of WHO THEY LIKE And Who They HATE.
They are always on the "Right Side Of History".

If you are so blind that you can't see that you must break through the FRAUDULENT FRAMING and remain focused on THE PERMANENT INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE and then note how they TAKE THE VALUABLES OF THE AGGRIEVED BLACKS and invest them all into the Ponzi scheme known as the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" you (Black Republicans) will always be made to focus on compelling YOUR PARTY to change to make it more appealing to Black people.


IF you are too blind and bigoted to READ THIS SYNOPSIS about Chicago, a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONE and then INTERPOLATE about YOUR FUTURE as you SELL OUT YOUR SOUL (the "Black Community Governance Culture") for play in the Malcolm X Political Football Game - then you DESERVE THE PROCEEDS that you have engineered.


TIME MAGAZINE -  Chicago And The Future Of The 'One Party State'

(When you all can tell of the point of inflection in the future when Progressive-Fundamentalism all comes together and the 'Americanized Negro' is made WHOLE - I'd love to see it)

In a one-party town like this one, all great conflicts are intramural. Republicans pose no threat to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as he enters the third year of his four-year term, gunning for re-election. It's his fellow Democrats who are scheming to destroy him. Consider Cain and Abel, the Yorks and Lancasters, Michael and Fredo Corleone: family conflict is often the deadliest.
Skirmishing among Chicago Democrats escalated to all-out war after the mayor's handpicked school board voted on May 22 to shutter 50 city public schools. Facing a billion-dollar deficit in the schools budget, Emanuel had good reason to tackle the problem of half-full buildings and underperforming kids. But this giant step--no American city has closed as many schools at one time--was guaranteed to provoke.
Sure enough, the Chicago Teachers Union, a power unto itself, loosed its heavy artillery, with its president, Karen Lewis, calling Emanuel "the murder mayor" when the closings were announced. "He's murdering schools. He's murdering jobs," she said. Neighborhood leaders charged that the closures targeted majority-black schools with majority-black faculties. "Does [Rahm's] new Chicago mean no black folks?" asked Valerie Leonard of North Lawndale on the city's West Side. At a rally against the school closings, people roared as 9-year-old Asean Johnson proclaimed, "This is racism!" "Children will die," a protester cried at another gathering, presumably because they will have to walk farther to school through gang-troubled streets; the accusation was soon echoed on placards waved for the evening news.
You Should Be Focusing Upon?  Or Is 
Your Use Of Such Rehtoric
Indicative Of Your Incompetency In
Addressing The Problems That
Chicago Has?

Strong stuff. And it follows a tumultuous 2012 for the mayor, who weathered a seven-day strike by the teachers and struggled to get a handle on a spike in gun violence. According to a recent poll, Emanuel has lost support among black Chicagoans--who were vital to his easy victory in 2011--while his overall approval rating hovers at 50%. The mayor's efforts at school reform, urban redevelopment, infrastructure repair and job training all seem to irritate the status quo in favor of other, often corporate, interests. Changes he has made in the police department have put a dent in crime, but that hasn't won him the confidence of residents who experience the worst of it. Watching him court corporations and plot strategy with hedge-fund plutocrats, some of whom cut his campaign six-figure checks, Emanuel's enemies have dubbed him "Mayor 1%."
This factious city's gift for turning disagreement into Armageddon is a proud part of its identity. "Stormy, husky, brawling," Carl Sandburg famously wrote of Chicago. For more than half a century, the culture has favored the get-along, go-along machine politics of the Richard Daleys, the legendary Boss and his shrewd, stumble-tongued son. They reigned over Chicago by husbanding power and spreading favors, not always tending to the long term. No Daley was crazy enough to cross the teachers' union or tangle with the unionized janitors at O'Hare airport.
That approach won elections but did not solve big structural problems. Elected in 2011 after 22 years of Richard M. Daley, Emanuel inherited a cash-strapped city in a flat-broke state. Chicago has budget problems and crime problems, problems of inequality and racial division, problems of mutual suspicion and failing schools, of high unemployment and aging infrastructure. And behind it all, special interests so deeply entrenched you need spelunking gear to go after them.
But Emanuel has picked the fights his predecessors avoided. His confrontational approach, he says, is the city's best chance to retain its perch as the country's third largest city, a Midwestern metropolis with global ambition--and to avoid a grim Rust Belt future. "The decisions we make in the next two to three years will determine the face of Chicago for the next 20 to 30 years," he says. And given his bona fides at the highest levels of the Democratic Party--former White House chief of staff for President Obama, go-to Congressman during the rise of Nancy Pelosi, senior adviser to former President Bill Clinton--his clash with the left may prove to be a proxy for a broader fight nationwide over the identity of the Democratic Party. Some of the same constituencies attacking Emanuel have beefs with Obama over such issues as drone strikes, Guantánamo and, yes, education reform. But they have been reluctant to take on a trailblazing President in his second and last term in office.


When I point to the articles from the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally" who point to the "Democratic Straight Ticket" voted by the "Philadelphia Negro" and then TAUNT THE REPUBLICANS for failing to get any Black votes as proof that they need to CHANGE - I also note the implicit "Black Inferiority" that is present in that these same "Mission Accomplished Zones" are some of the most:

  • Economically Under-Developed
  • Academically Derailed
  • Street Pirate Infested Areas
I can deal with the fact that the CHESHIRE FOX ultimately loves the fact that the "Philadelphia Negro" is LOYAL.

It is when I listen to The Black Fox Confidence Men who promote the POPULARISM that the "Americanized Negro" displays as evidence of "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS" - all for the purposes of using this faux racial advocacy for the promotion of their ideological bigotry - AT THE EXPENSE OF BLACK DEVELOPMENT - this is what is most troubling.

When they take it a step further and leverage the "Fake Jesus Of Social Justice" as their moral cover - while they run their "Passover Protection" - where the "Slave Blood" spilled on the sidewalk of the Black community is the markings of the protection racket that they run as they KEEP THEIR EXTERNAL ENEMIES ON TRIAL - I know that the REAL JESUS is working to serve them up with a greater dose of what they dishout - knowing that they are DISHONEST AT THE CORE, but make use of GROUP CORRUPTION to affirm themselves. 

On The Subject Of The 9 Year Old Education Activist Fighting School Closings In Chicago

Dr White:  "While I understand the need to close schools that have low attendance in order to consolidate to save money - they need to do more research on the schools in order to understand the GANGS that are in the new area in order to prevent violence and bullying."

The GANGS in Chicago are merely "Would Be Pillars Of The Community" who were allowed to foment into "Street Pirates" - all because their ADULT MENTORS saw that their lust for political power is SUPERIOR to the young people that GOD gave them stewardship over.

Alternet Says That Police Killings Of Black People Are Superior To The More Prevalent "Street Pirate Killings" Of Black People

Alternet: 1 Blackman Is Killed Ever 28 Hours At The Hands Of The Police
(Lifted from Redding News Review)

These killings come on top of other forms of oppression black people face. Mass incarceration ofnonwhites is one of them. While African-Americans constitute 13.1% of the  nation's population, they make up  nearly 40% of the prison population. Even though African-Americans use or sell drugs about the same rate as whites, they are 2.8 to 5.5 times more likely to be  arrested for drugs than whites. Black offenders also  receive longer sentences compared to whites. Most offenders are in prison for nonviolent drug offenses.
"Operation Ghetto Storm" explains why such killings occur so often. Current practices of institutional racism have roots in the enslavement of black Africans, whose labor was exploited to build the American capitalist economy, and the genocide of Native Americans. The report points out that in order to maintain the systems of racism, colonialism, and capitalist exploitation, the United States maintains a network of "repressive enforcement structures". These structures include the police, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, Secret Service, prisons, and private security companies, along with mass surveillance and mass incarceration.

The best way to STEAL the "Black Community Governance Culture", that should be managing the community to reduce the total number of Black homicides, which has Black people greatly over-represented in the national homicide count - is to promote a SUPERIOR THREAT that justifies the shift of attention into fighting this external enemy.

Even though Alternet attempts to "indict the nation" for fighting a war against Black people - using Malcolm X as a reference - they should be seen as yet another left wing group that is practicing "Establishment Power Repudiation" to make their point.

Today, more than any other time in this nation's history Black people live in areas where they voted for the municipal leadership that POLICES THEIR COMMUNITY.

Alternet needs to strip away this granularity (and suppress the presence of a favorable Black US Attorney General at the helm) in order to propagandize their tale of a "Black Race Under Attack By A Racist Capitalist Nation".

Then it must be said:  AT NO OTHER TIME in American history has the Negro AFFIRMED his own oppression.

Putting The Embedded Confidence Men To Work For The DEVELOPMENT Of The Black Community Rather Than For Appeasement

If the confidence men at Alternet were more serious they would submit to the challenge of reducing the Black Homicide Victim rate.

Notice how they told us that 13% of the US population that Black people represent are nearly half of the US prison population.

They are not going to tell you that Black people are also 47% of the homicide victims.
The reason is that with the incarceration rate they can blame a CONSPIRACY AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE.

With the Black Homicide Victimization Rate - their normal claim of "The System Packed Us Into Ghettoes So That We Would Kill Each Other" can be cross referenced by the Black voter INVESTMENT charts of these particular area to show the number of people "Voting For Their Salvation" to little avail.

The only way to counter the leftist voices of Alternet is to set them on the course to LOWER THE BLACK HOMICIDE RATE - THROUGH BEHAVIORAL CHANGE OF BLACK PEOPLE

Blax News: The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta Say They Support The Proposed City Of "Stonecrest" In Dekalb County Because It Is Not A "Super White City" Like The Other New Cities That Were Created To Undercut Black Progressive Political Power

Dekalb Crossroads News: Proposed City Of Stonecrest Faces An Uphill Battle

I try to go beyond the transactional "gotcha" when there is evidence of inconsistency in the actions of a group of people.

I do not know the position of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" on the matter of a new city in a large expanse of unincorporated South Dekalb.   I do know that they opposed the efforts of White folks other people in North Dekalb and North Fulton County when they too sought a city charter so they could have more localized control over their tax dollars.

The real issue is with the judges who will hear the claims from the aggrieved parties that oppose the formation of these new cities that keep popping up.

The injection of assumed RACIST motivations is the "hair trigger" response in the minds of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" that take to the streets in protest.   They tell of how these White folks people seeking their own city charter can't stand seeing Black people with power don't have the numbers to control the county board so they instead choose to segregate themselves into a city so a city council of their own choosing determines their spending and municipal services priorities.

What we are seeing is the misappropriation of "Racial Remedy".  
Instead of the evidence of:

  • Black people being murdered in a given "Sundown Town"
  • Black people summarily being short changed as one common school district diverts funds away from their schools
  • Black people being economically oppressed
WE SEE the "Civil Rights Pharisees" applying a particular RACIST assumption upon the people who are WATCHING THE CHAOS in the "Mission Accomplished Zones" - where the Pharisees are happy with the race and ideology of the leadership - and they choose to create a city where their own priorities are afforded greater standing.

The judges should be looking at the PHARISEES for they are the force of BLACK VOTER NULLIFICATION.  Their central role is to ascribe a motivation to "their enemies" and keep their congregation focused on what the enemy is doing.   At the same time when the zones that they have the most influence over produce the same functional results from the "Civil Rights Movement" (murder, poverty, etc) - the people who's development was squandered have little to lose but to "Struggle More".

No JUDGE is going to fix this.
This is a void and dysfunction within the "Black Community Governance Culture" that allows these forces to have unchecked access to the consciousness nucleus of the community - molesting it into politics rather than withholding it for organic community development.


The City Of Stonecrest is a logically drawn, contiguous plot of land in South Dekalb.

The proposed "Black District" in Fayette County is produced with the magic of a Geographic Information System - that drew a boundary with the goal of collecting a sufficient number of "black dots" to hit a 50% mark.  The attribute of this district are THE RACE OF THE PEOPLE, and not any other attribute of community that would tie northeast Fayette with Tyrone.

We should also note that South Dekalb has many challenges that it faces with respect to economic stability, crime and the struggle to improve its schools.   IF more focused government would lead to this improvement - then the local residents are on the hook to the area up to the desired form.

I challenge any "Black Flight Progressive" that is vying for a "Black District" in Fayette County (or Gwinnett) to make a list of grievances about crime, education or economic entropy that comes anything close to that of South Dekalb, Clayton or parts of Atlanta.

YOURS IF A PURE POLITICAL POWER GRAB, hoping that a judge would accept a district that otherwise makes no sense (and which still falls short of the 50% Black mark).  It would be more logical to draw a "Virtual Black District" that is affixed to the race of the people rather than a physical boundary of where they live - since you want to play this game.

The "Americanized Blacks" Will Ensure That Obama's Stature Is Unblemished While Blood Stains Continue To Spot The Sidewalks In Their Communities

I Could Not Have Chosen To Watch A Movie That Was More "Right On Time" Than This One With Regard To Explaining "The Americanized Negro's" Condition Of Consciousness.

A Spike Lee Joint:

"We Prayed For A Black President To Deliver Us And We Got What We Wished For.
I See Our Young People The Same As they Were Before Except Now They Can Say 'I Too Can Be President. '
Nah!!!!    I'm Done With That Dream.
Not Much Has Changed.  That's The Gods Truth!!!
The Rich Keep Getting Supper Rich.  The Poor Keep Getting Poor.  Don't Matter What Color They Are - The Poor Is On The Bottom Rung The World Over.

Ah But GOD Is On The Highest Rung!

God?  Your Grandson Needs YOU!

Give Him God. That's Enough.

I Prayed For My Angel (Who Got HIV) Till My Knees Wore Out.  Took Her To "Lil Heaven' Every Sunday.  But The 'Hook' Got Her And She Died.
So This Time I Ain't Just Pray'in For My Child.
I'm Watching Her School.
Her Teachers
Her Friends
Her Facebook
Her Twitter
I Ain't Pawn'in Off My Responsibility As A Parent By Saying 'She's In Gods Hands'
SHE'S IN MY LOVING HAND.  And With GOD'S HELP I Will Raise This One Right.
By Being Honest And Telling Her When I Ain't Sure And Listening.
That's The Only Way.  The Only Way She's Gonna Be Safe And Sound.
And You Enoch - You Ought To Do The Same.
Because Flick Needs A Man.
Not A Bishop.  Not A Bible. A Man.

And When A Good Man Teaches - The Bible Will Preach Itself

The Contamination Of The "American Negro's 'Swim Lanes' "  By The 'Floating Feces' Called POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM

President Obama STANDS STRONG Despite The Attempts Of Our Right-Wing Enemy To Slander Him

Good Riddance Republican Michelle Bachmann - "Even Though My Blog Is About The BLACK COMMUNITY - It Is Of No Consequence That You Have So Few Blacks In Your District.   YOU RILE UP BLACK PROGRESSIVES In A Manner That JUSTIFIES US To Focus On Our Team Victory In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" Instead Of The Black Community Problems At "Broad And Erie".   Thank You, For Without You My Base Would Demand Their Money Back.
I could not ask for a better research site to apply my observations and assumptions about what "The Americanized Negro" VALUES than the content from the "Filled Negro" blog

  • "We Are In The White House Negroes": Fighting Obama's Political Battles As A Black Man In The Seat Of The Presidency Under The Guise Of DEFENDING BLACK INTERESTS
  • When, IN TRUTH, Providing Black People With JUSTIFICATION To MOLEST The "Black Community Governance Culture" As The Greatest FEDERAL OUTSOURCING SCHEME Is Being Promoted To The American Negro Consumer  
  • As Cover For Their Affirmed Belief In BLACK INFERIORITY That Goes Along With Their "Non-White White Supremacy" 

Go To Where "The Struggle" Has Been Won And You See BLACK PEOPLE STRUGGLING - As Evidence Of The FRAUD Of This Entire Venture.

Bloomberg Estimates The Cost Of Street Pirate Sponsored Executions In Chicago

  • Bloomberg - Chicago The City That Bleeds
  • Bloomberg - The Cost Of People Who Use Guns As A Weapon Of Enforcement In Chicago

(Shamefully Obtained From Stuff Black People Don't Like.  They are tracking the data from "Black Run America" in order to SLANDER BLACK PEOPLE.

Constructive Feedback University is open to reading ACCURATE DATA without the same motivation as SBPDL.  It is clear that the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN, not some 'Black Attribute' is the reason for the FAILURE TO UPLIFT BLACK PEOPLE through sound institutional governance)
If The Post Election Reports From Philadelphia Are Any Reference - The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally - Is Most Happy About The Black Consumer's INVESTMENTS Of His Votes Into The Malcolm X Political Football Game In The Areas Of Chicago That Are Highlighted To The Left Than They Care About The Amount Of "Slave Blood" Spilled On The Sidewalks Of Chicago.


Another BLACK WOMAN Betrayed In Her Own Community By The Forces That Chose To Promote Their Interests In The EXPRESSION OF THEIR HATRED AND MISPLACED GRIEVANCE That Is Laundered Into POLITICS - While THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES Are Full Of Individuals Who Are Left Vulnerable And Victimized As The Guardians Of Her Community Retain Their Belief That THE ULTIMATE VICTORY OVER THEIR ENEMY Is Going To Do The Trick In CURING THEIR COMMUNITY'S ILLS.

They Are So Corrupted And Made To Believe In Their Own Inferiority - That When A Rational Check Point Comes Their Way In Which They SHOULD Be Asking To See Development - They Fear That Such A Question Would Hurt The TEAM And Their Final Victory Will Never Come.

The Black mother who is worried about her community says: "The police CLEAN IT UP and they come right back in"

Two Generations Ago She Would Have Been Talking About "The Klan".  The So-Called Civil Rights Leaders Would Have Been Advocating That The Authorities DO THEIR JOB Against The Criminal Klan.

Today She Is Talking About Individuals Who's Consciousness Came From Her Very Community. The Leadership Today BLAME THE POLICE And "Mass Incarceration" For Stealing Tax Payer Funds From Cultural Development Investments.
They Are Too Blind To See How Their POLITICAL DIVERSIONS Are The Greatest Theft Of Them All.

PUBLIC POLICY WILL NEVER fill the space that CULTURE is needed to fill IF your real goal is ALIGNING A PEOPLE TO THEIR PURPOSE - rather than merely LUST FOR POLITICAL POWER using them as pawns.

New York Times Details How The Great Recession Has Hurt DIVERSITY EFFORTS For Well Healed Black Professionals

While about 12 percent of the nation’s working-age population is black, about 5 percent of physicians and dentists in the United States are blacka share that has not grown since 1990, according to an analysis of census data that was prepared for The New York Times by sociologists at Queens College of the City University of New York. The analysis found that 3 percent of American architects are black, another field where the share has not increased in more than two decades.

The NY Times mentioned nothing about these "Black Professionals" serving "The 99%" in the Black Community. 
The Goal Of "Progressive Fundamentalism", After All, Is To Compel The RIGHT-WING ENEMY To Live Up To The Tenants Of "Social Justice", Maintaining Your Own Voice Of Social Morality In The Process.

New York Times Is NEVER Going To Detail How The Many Decades Of Black Community Diversion Into Politics Has Failed To Build Up A Sufficient Economic Base For "The Least Of These" - Who Have Bought Into The "Permanent Struggle".

They are intimidated by the "Slave Narrative" and can't bring themselves to see that - the Americanized Negro's claim of being "Still Damaged By Slavery" as an INDICTMENT must be converted to a TIME LINE in which his INCREMENTAL DEVELOPMENT is more important to prove the COMPETENCY OF THE SYSTEMS That He Has Bought Into TODAY.

Please Keep In Mind That The NYT Focused On DIVERSITY (Within Elite Professions) As A Measure Of Black Progress (Or Retrenchment) As We Continue On Through Our Analysis.

Blacks In The Labor Force
Recall MY Definition Of "Blacks Getting 'Health Care' " Is Defined By:

  • The Evidence Of The Loosely Coupled "Black Racial Services Machine" - REMAINING CONNECTED With The Consumer Needs Of The Black Community
    1. Train Up More Black Physicians That Matriculate Through These Institutions
    2. Finance The Reopening/ Upgrades Of Medical Facilities Within The Black Community - As A Measure Of THEIR OWN PRIORITIES Where THEY VALUE BLACK HEALTH Over Others
Since The Number Of Black Physicians Has Remained Fixed At 5% In Nearly 25 Years - The Notion Of PROGRESS Seems Specious 

One of the first arguments made when I started this blog:

There is a critical distinction between:

  • Being in RECEIPT OF services that allow you as a CONSUMER to live up to a desired standard of living.  Your proximity to this system is the primary factor in your consumer reality
  • Being in possession of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that are applied to other individuals in your community to lift them up to the desired standard of living as they exchange other items of value, when documented will show the presence of a strong economy among the group of people who are appraised as having a "high standard of living".

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

If We Were To Cross Index The Reasons Given For The European Union's High YOUTH Unemployment Rates With Those Given For The American Youth - What Commonalities/ Distinctions Would You See?

While Europe is the 'Reference Continent' when it comes to "Social Justice", "Regulated Capitalism" and "Upward Mobility" in the context of a person seeking to play against the status quo in America - when the truth about Europe's present critical ailments are exposed these same characters don't volunteer this information to those that they sold the glories of Europe to in the past.

From The NY Times Article:

Nearly six million people under the age of 25 are unemployed across the European Union — nearly one quarter of the total, according to Eurostat, the Union’s statistical office. Youth jobless rates are now roughly twice the national average in many of the Union’s 27 member states, with the figures reaching as high as 60 percent in countries like Greece and Spain, which have been hard hit by austerity-driven cuts to social services and other benefits.
Economists say the extraordinarily high rates are in part a result of the general economic slump across the region, but are also a consequence of inflexible labor market rules that make entry into the work force particularly difficult for young people

Please note how the NY Times inserted the spin about "Austerity Cuts" (because they know that this is what you want to hear).

The REASONS for the unemployment conditions are highlighted in red.
Even though they are not claiming that "austerity cuts" are the reason for the high unemployment rates - the NY Times added it in order to soften the admission that INFLEXIBLE LABOR MARKET REGULATIONS are the greater problem in Europe.

From Bloomberg Business Week:

MYTH 5: Targeted programs are the best way to attack youth unemployment.

REALITY: The track record of targeted programs is generally dismal. In France, every government since the mid-1990s has announced an ambitious plan to create jobs for young people. In 2009, for example, then-President Nicolas Sarkozy said the government would provide €1.3 billion ($1.7 billion) in tax breaks and cash incentives for employers who hired young people. President François Hollande, who is backing the new EU youth employment initiative, has previously announced his own program to create 150,000 jobs for disadvantaged youth. None of these programs has made a dent, and youth unemployment has continued to rise.
Broader initiatives to spur growth make far more sense. Even with tax breaks and loan guarantees, companies won’t hire if their order books aren’t growing, which is the case across most of the Continent right now, with the region mired in recession. Nor will targeted incentives offset the serious competitiveness problem faced by businesses in such countries as France, where government-mandated social charges and rigid work rules keep labor costs 20 percent higher than those in Germany.

How The Quest For Political Opportunism Proves To Be An Intoxicant For The Embedded Confidence Men To Distribute To His Congregation's Self-Chummed Pleasure But Invokes Long Term Damage Upon The "Americanized Negro"

The Failure To String Individual Transactions Together To Expose The Real Values Of The "Americanized Negro" - And Why Certain Problems Remain Within The Black Community.

The Embedded Confidence Men Who Need "Americanized Blacks" To FOCUS ON WHERE THEY NEED THEM TO LOOK So That They Don't LOOK INSIDE And Begin To Ask Questions About The Motivations Of The Embedded Confidence Men And Their Incompetence At Developing The Black Community

Key Take Aways From Filled Negro

  • Southern Poverty Law Center's assessment of "Hate Groups" are credible
    • They Have The "Conservative Citizens Council" listed as a hate group AND "Focus On The Family"
    • They ALSO have "The Nation Of Islam" listed as a Hate Group - and I AM POSITIVE that the So-Called Minister Al Sharpton mentioned that fact to bolster SPLC's credibility on his show
    • South Carolina's Republican governor of Indian ancestry not only appointed a BLACK REPUBLICAN to the US Senate - she cavorts with WHITE SUPREMACISTS who don't like Indian or Hispanic Immigrants
  • Pennsylvania's Republican governor says he could not find a qualified Hispanic for his cabinet
  • Black Republican EW Jackson is - who HOLDS NO POWER and has NOT RECEIVED any VOTES FROM ANY BLACK PEOPLE - is more despicable than any Black Politician that RECEIVED THEIR VALUABLES and unfortunately failed to DEVELOP THE BLACK COMMUNITY - despite their ability to channel the HOPES of the "Americanized Negro" through their mere presence in office to fight against the Right-Wing that is OFFENSIVE to the "Americanized Negro"
MSNBC Only Hires The Most Credible Of Journalists 
Mother Jones

NewsBusters - Melissa Harris-Perry

The Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance Coordinates Another Round Of Attacks On A BLACK MAN WITH NO ELECTIVE POWER - While They Live Vicariously Through Officials That RECEIVED THE VALUABLES FROM BLACK PEOPLE But Failed To Develop Their Communities

Do You Notice The Pattern:

The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allied Media Operatives Never Cover The Source Of OFFENSIVE OUTCOMES For Black People Via Their Institutions In Philadelphia (The School Leadership For Example) But They Are Good For Keeping The RIGHT WING ON TRIAL - Even Though They Are Not In Power WITHIN THE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONES.

New York Times: Risky Behavior Among Multiple Partners In Gay Clubs Exacerbate Bacterial Meningitis Spread


(Those silly Conservatives and their rejection of science due to their ideological bigotry)

It Appears That GAY MEN'S Risky Behavior Has More Negative Impact Upon Their Health Than Anything EW Jackson Has Done - WITHOUT THE ELECTIVE POWER To Impose Policy

RACISM That Limits The Scope Of Sex Partners For Black Males AND 'Homophobes' Like EW Jackson Serve To INCREASE THE RATES OF HIV INFECTIONS FOR GAY BLACK MEN.

Therefor we need to support the "counter-attacks" against HATRED that the Progressive-Fundamentalists run.
Their HATRED is actually put to good use in fending off right-wing hatred. US Justice Department To Review Deadly Force By Philadelphia Police Department

The Issues That Are Important To The Black Community But Which Get Crowded Out By The Black Conscious Attention Filibuster

  • Commissioner Ramsey is on record for GUN CONTROL
  • The Philadelphia Tribune has already said that despite their concerns about "Ramsey's STOP AND FRISK" policies in other cities - they are proud to have a (favorable) Black man in Power
  • The Ratio Between "Street Pirate Sponsored Executions" In Philly versus Unjustified Police Homicides is easily "50 To 1".
THERE IS NO CHANCE that the "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Southeastern PA Will Call For Chief Ramsey To Resign REGARDLESS Of The Findings From The US Justice Department.

THE PHARISEES Will Need To Reconcile Their REPUDIATION Of The Justice Department's Indictment Against Assata Shakur And Georgia State Senator Tyrone Brooks With A Finding Against The Police In Philly.

Otherwise A Casual Observer Will Believe That They Will Reject Anything That Is Askew With What They Already Believe - Facts Be Damned

The Philadelphia Inquirer is on a year long review of PHILLY'S GUN VIOLENCE EPIDEMIC 

After Watching "The House I Live In" Documentary About "Mass Incarceration" - I Believe That The SUPPLIER OF THE BULLET EVIDENCE MARKERS Who Want To Sell The Philadelphia Police A New Kit That Uses A 3 Digit Digital Display So That It Can Count Past 100 As The Bloody Summer Is Upon Us - Is Driving The Gun Violence And Use Of Larger Magazines So They Can Make More Money

Noting that a Street Pirate In Philly can do that is of SUPERIOR INTEREST to Filled-Negro when there is a nation full of REPUBLICANS that can effectively "Self-Chum" his readers and keep them happy.

Constructive Feedback University Psychological Analysis: "The Americanized Negro Fears Going To School By Himself"

Take the transactional focus of each of the confrontations over school policy and compile them into a longitudinal study and you will see the psychosis that is present in the "Americanized Negro's Mind" regarding his assumed pathway toward EQUALITY THROUGH EDUCATION.

The positions taken by the NAACP serve as a key index to this psychosis.


Charles Rousseau wants the change. He moved his family to Fayette County 19 years ago for its highly rated schools and low crime. Its proximity to the airport and downtown Atlanta made it the ideal commute to Rousseau’s executive job with Fulton County government and his wife’s job at Delta Air Lines. He quickly immersed himself in the community, volunteering on the local library board and putting his public policy background to work on other community boards including a school board construction committee that oversaw SPLOST spending. But when Rousseau sought election to office, it was a different story. He ran for the county commission in 2006 and lost, joining about a dozen other black residents who’ve tried over the past 30 years to break through the at-large voting system. “I lost by a large margin,” said Rousseau, who worked for Fulton 17 years before retiring as assistant director of administration in the general services department.

 “It’s a great day and, equally, a sad day,” said Rousseau, now semi-retired, as is his wife. “It’s sad that it took the court to force compliance on our governmental body, despite efforts to reach amicable compromises on our own.”


For YOU To Get A Seat In Office And Thus Be SATISFIED?

You are a CONSUMER of what was ATTRACTIVE to you in Fayette County and what was repugnant about the other school systems.

(This is NOT a "Love It Or Leave It" statement.  

This is the REVERSE:  Look at the IDEOLOGICAL THEORIES that are more favorable to you when the RIGHT-WING RESISTANCE is defeated and note how "THE STRUGGLE" is more important to people who think like you than is the COMPETENCY at RETAINING what you prefer when the CONSUMER becomes THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER.

We Need Not Look At WHITE FOLKS Who Have "Flown Away From Mission Accomplished Zones" - WE CAN LOOK AT THE "Black Flight Progressives" Who Move But Need Not Admit That Their Preferred Ideological Distribution Of Governance Has FAILED TO PRODUCE THE CONSUMER CONDITIONS They Prefer)

Dekalb County, Clayton County And City Of Atlanta Represent COMPROMISED EDUCATION OF BLACK PEOPLE!
AJC: Reasons Vary For State's Low Graduation Rates

Comment:  Despite all of the coverage of the problem school districts in Metro-Atlanta and then the NAACP lawsuit against Fayette County (as well as the TRANSACTIONAL responses to RACIAL INSULTS - the content providers at the Atlanta Journal Constitution have expressed great cowardice at STITCHING IT ALL TOGETHER.

The CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES that wield a big stick of intimidation - as they call everyone who disagrees with them "RACISTS" are allowed to retain their veil of OWNERSHIP (ie: run their PROTECTION RACKET) with respect to the Black Community.

While the notion of VOTING RIGHTS permits a constituency to CHOOSE THEIR OWN LEADERSHIP - the MEDIA has failed to pierce this protection racket - identifying the UNDERDEVELOPED BLACK STUDENT who is encamped inside of a school system who's LEADERSHIP IS PLEASING to the Civil Rights Pharisees as a VICTIM of the misappropriation of the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT - which has been picked apart by opportunist seeking vultures and is now a bunch of hollow bones, floating down the Chattahoochee River.

From The AJC Article:

Riverdale High School in Clayton County had a 2012 four-year graduation rate of 43 percent. Another school in that district, Forest Park High, had a graduation rate of 48.7 percent.
DeKalb’s McNair High — whose graduates Tuesday were addressed by Gov. Nathan Deal at the Georgia World Congress Center — had a four-year graduation rate just shy of 47 percent in 2012. And in Atlanta Public Schools, more than a quarter of the high schools whose graduation rates were calculated in 2012 had rates below 50 percent.
In stark terms, that means 2012 graduation ceremonies at those schools included fewer than half of the students who might have marched with their freshman classmates.



Are There Any More Questions About WHERE AND WHO The Problem Is, The Force Of Distraction That Is STEALING THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S DEVELOPMENT THRUST?

We See What The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser VALUES More Than The Competency To Actually Deliver What He Has SOLD The Black Masses Upon For Many Decades.

They Want To Compel "The Blacks" Who They Are Failing To Develop To FIGHT WITH THEM To Protect "The Black Elected Seats Of Power".  
In The Perversion Of The "Struggle Motion" - The People Fail To See That They FIGHT TO RETAIN THE STATUS QUO.

From The AJC Article

  • 20.1 percent of Fayette’s population is black, with most black residents in the northern half. 
    • Fayetteville, in the northeast, is 24 percent black 
    • Tyrone, on the northwest border, is a third black.
  • Of the 180 school districts in the state, Fayette is one of only 20 with at-large elections for all board members. 
    • “Significantly, no African-American has ever been elected to the [board of education ]or [board of commissioners],” Batten said. “This weighs heavily in favor of vote dilution.”



  • Progressive Fundamentalism
  • The Democratic Party
  • WITH THE KNOWLEDGE That The "Americanized Negro" Will Go Along, Never Asking "Where Is The Money That We Gave To You For Our Advancement"?


NAACP North Carolina Versus Wake County School Board
Wake County School System:
Black 31%
White 52%
District Racial Make Up In Line With State Averages
(Schools Still Segregated Along Residential Lines)

The NAACP Fought Against The Dismantling Of The School Busing Program Within Wake County As They Argued That ALL SCHOOLS Must Share Their Black Kids Poverty.

The COMMUNITY SCHOOLS In The Black Neighborhoods Were Not Conducive To Quality Education For Black People

Rev William Barber - President Of The NAACP Of North Carolina
FIGHT Against The White Right-Wing School Board Of Wake County As They Seek To Deny Black Children A Quality Education BY Using The Argument Of "Spreading Poverty Around Equally".

In Truth This Is To Cover Over The Fact That The COMMUNITY AT HAND Is Incompetent At PRIORITIZING A FOCUS ON Long Term EDUCATIONAL PROCEEDS Sufficient Enough To Break The Immediate Discipline Problems.

The NAACP Continuously Shows That By Generating CONGREGATIONAL UNITY Among Black People Perpetual External Struggle Against The Right Wing - THIS Can Temprarily Mask This Body Of Thought's Incompetence At Achieving DISCIPLINED FOCUS Through Educational Pursuits IN ALIGNMENT With The Need For More "Professional Services Agents" To Be Developed Within The Black Community To SERVICE THE PEOPLE UP TO THE DESIRED STANDARD OF LIVING.

The NAACP Versus Fayette County Georgia 

Fayette County School District Racial Makeup
Blacks: 24%
White 62%
School District Has More Whites And Fewer Blacks Than The State Average

Fayette County has an "All At-Large" Voting System In Which Every Voter In The County Chooses The Composition Of The County Commissioners And The School Board.

This system that has effectively reduced FACTIONALISM by artificially created district boundaries has served the county well when it was a majority White county.  Today the NAACP sees this system as a VIOLATION OF THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT because it functionally reduces the chances that Black (Progressive) residents of the county will elect a Black (Progressive Democrat) to the county board or school board.

Fayette County has received its share of "Black Flight Progressives".  As Clayton County and Atlanta Public Schools face problems - Black head of households make use of Internet based real estate research tools that point them toward Fayette County (and Gwinnett and Cobb County) as favorable alternatives for their children's education.

The Fayette County NAACP filed a federal lawsuit against the county and the school board seeking to get its "All At-Large" voting system deemed illegal.

The court found in favor of the NAACP.

The NAACP now proposes a MAJORITY-MINORITY district that swoops across the northern portion of the county and down the western boundary.

The NAACP is loathed to mention that this migraiton of Blacks into Fayette County has more to do with their REPUDIATION of the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONE that they have vacated from (Clayton County, Atlanta, South Fulton, Dekalb County).

Even though what some deem as "The Black Schools" in Fayette (Sandy Creek High School and Fayette High School) have significantly higher graduation rates for their Black students than do the schools that the NAACP are happy with in Dekalb, Clayton or Atlanta - it is the inability for them to elect a FAVORABLE CANDIDATE on the school board that has provoked the NAACP to take Fayette County to court.

(Please retain the nugget of information about how FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER is more important to the NAACP than is the QUALITY OF EDUCATION received by Black kids.  This is the result that is concluded once all of these transactional issues are stitched together)

The Black Press Versus Gwinnett County
Gwinnett County Racial Make Up
White: 35%
Black 28%
Hispanic 22%
Asian 11%
Gwinnett is the largest school system in Georgia and represents the racial diversity that the state is shifting toward.
(Ironically despite being diverse and HIGH RATED ACADEMICALLY - the lack of DIVERSITY IN LEADERSHIP of the schools and county - is problematic to the Civil Rights Pharisees)

The relationship between the "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro-Atlanta" and the leadership at the Gwinnett County Schools has been strained for several decades.

The all-White leadership of the county is seen as problematic by the forces that operate under the guise of "Diversity" to insert their voices into power - while ultimately evading culpability for the end results.  (Yup - I am inserting strong opinion into my "reporting" - just like you do, except I don't claim to be a journalist.)

Several years ago when the Gwinnett Schools superintendent joked that there are not sufficient number of Blacks in Utah to make a difference in the disciplinary records for the school system - the Gwinnett NAACP claimed this to be a RACIST SLIGHT, that rose to the level of TERMINATION.

A few years ago when middle school students were given "Slavery Homework" - math problems infused with references to slavery - the Civil Rights Pharisees packed in their cars from the south side and held a protest march outside of the school in Gwinnett County.   When they learned that a Hispanic teacher had created the homework sheet they still were not satisfied because the White folks in the Administration should have caught the offensiveness of the exercise.

In a recent two part series "The Atlanta Voice" newspaper did a fly over of the problems "City Of Atlanta Public Schools" and "The Dekalb County Public Schools" to voice their concerns about the ALL WHITE elected leadership in GWINNETT COUNTY.  Despite the DIVERSITY in the ranks of Blacks, Hispanics and Asians - there has not been a UNITY CONFERENCE candidate to topple the "White trust" upon power.

Beyond the fact that Gwinnett County Schools has a higher rate of BLACK student graduation rates than the "Mission Accomplished School Systems" that "The Atlanta Voice" are most proud of - we need to make special note of the economic prowess of the other allies in the "Unity Conference".

  • The Asian Community in Gwinnett County has a bustling retail, restaurant and cultural center on Pleasant Hill Road and the northern part of Buford Highway
  • The Hispanic Community in Gwinnett County has a similar arrangement on the remaining stretches of Buford Highway, extending down into Dekalb County.
The ATLANTA VOICE can't imagine that for the Asian and Hispanic partners they have something going for themselves OTHER THAN POLITICS to invest so much in VOTING FOR THEIR SALVATION as the journalists at The Voice rail upon them to do.

The Fight Against The "Super White Cities" Of Fulton County That Threaten To Split Off Into Milton County

Dekalb County / Clayton County / City Of Atlanta Public Schools - Our Friends In Leadershp Positions
Dekalb County Schools - 73% Black

Clayton County Schools - 73% Black

Atlanta Public Schools - 83% Black

The Perversion Of "Non-White White Supremacy" As Misapplied Into POWER IN LEADERSHIP At The Expense Of The School Students

The blame must go to the "Black Rank & File" that are allowing the molestation and diversion of their "Black Community Development Consciousness And Resources" as such.


Within The Black Community Development Consciousness - THERE EXISTS A MASSIVE VOID IN GOVERNANCE - By Which THE MASSES OF THE RANK & FILE, Seeing The ABORTED UPLIFT Of Their Condition AFTER DECADES OF INVESTMENTS Of Their "Black Community Development Hopes" INTO THE MALCOLM X POLITICAL Football Game are compelled to see:

  • This Requires The Consciousness To REFUSE TO YIELD YOUR ENTIRE PERSON To A Cause Because The Sober Part Left Out Is Necessary To Keep Watch Over Your Interests

In The Black Community "The 1%" Are The Elected Leadership And The Entertainers Who Advance The Black Progressive Fundamentalist Agenda - Every One Else Is Expected To Live Vicariously Through Their Growth In Power As THEIR POWER Is Sold As "Black Power" - When In Truth It Is OUTSOURCING Of "The Black Community Governance Culture"

In The "Dr King" Vernacular -  Andrew Young was told to stay out of the march so that when everyone else got arrested he was free to summon the forces for HELP in getting the protesters released.

Today's perversion of these terms seeks to have all "Americanized Negroes" compelled to VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION with the ACT OF VOTING as a DEFENSIVE MEASURE - so that the Rank & File never gets around to asking their elected leaders: "Where Is The Money That We Gave To You For Our Development For So Many Years?  I'ma Cut Someone And Go To The Same Jailhouse That The Civil Rights Leaders Went To.  You All Are So Perverted That YOU'LL COME BACK TO ME And Get Me To Sign A Voter Registration Card And Vote From Within My Cell Block Because My Rights Are Being Suppressed."