They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

My (Real) Christian Easter Message: "The Distinction Between The REAL Jesus Christ" And The "Fake Jesus Of Social Justice" Who's Congregation Is Growing In Size

  1. The "Roman Government's" Jesus
  2. "Constantine's" Jesus
  3. "King James' " Jesus
  4. The Slave Master's Jesus
  5. The Colonalist's Jesus
  6. The Slave Freedom Jesus
  7. The American Political Jesus
  8. The Secular Progressive Social Justice Jesus
  9. The Black Liberation Theory Jesus
  10. The White Nationalist Jesus

There has never been one character who's honor has been more molested in the history of mankind than the "Christian Jesus".

The misappropriation for the benefit of MAN'S WILL is the common theme behind all of these examples.

The promotion of an "External Devil" to JUSTIFY the conduct of "War In JESUS' name" is key to the tear-down of institutional integrity among so-called "Christians". 

These various Christian sects fight more between each other than they do with an individual outside of their faith, who happens to share their same worldly IDEOLOGICAL/POLITICAL beliefs. 

Name One "Black Community Problem" That Roland Martin Has Gone Against The "Black Racial Services Machine" To PROTECT THE RANK AND FILE, In Pursuit Of A Fix?

  • Roland Martin Is A Media Personality
  • Roland Martin Is A Democratic Party Operative
  • Roland Martin Is A Christian / Civil Rights "Voice Of The Least Of These"
  • Roland Martin Is Black


While the multi-talented entertainer who can Sing/rap, Act (Television &  Movies & Plays) and Dance is an attractive personalty - the Black community has not yet reconciled the difference between "Advocacy For What It POPULARLY believes" and INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENT - which would allow it to discern what is favorable from what is EFFECTIVE.

Just like the NFL football team owner who was once lauded for following the "Rooney Rule" and hiring a Black head coach - it seems that a storm cloud of "Racism" has flown over CNN - as evidence by its separation from Roland Martin.

The "Neo-Post Reconstruction Era" As Proven By The Attacks Upon The "Paid Black Media Operatives"

With their egos and personas so intricately intertwined with their RACE and IDEOLOGICAL BIAS - the choice of a media program director to "go into a different direction" is evidence of a RACIST will to purge "Black Voices from the media".

As their fraternity and sorority sisters from the "NABJ" use their air time and column space to string today's events all together - the actions against their friends who did not have their contracts renewed is made clearer to the congregation:

  • The Right Wing attacks upon our Public Schools
  • The Right Wing attacks upon our Black Run cities
  • The Right Wing, racist attacks upon our Black President.........
.....are now converged upon the VOICES in the media who call out these RIGHT WING ATTACKS in order that they may be silenced, allowing these attacks to go on, unimpeded by "Strong Black Voices" from the journalism school of "Too Strong, To Black, To Be Purchased".

IF the top brass of CNN said directly to Mr Martin: "We don't need YOUR KIND any longer.  We assisted President Obama in getting reelected.  Now we need to revert back to legitimate news" THIS WOULD BE "JUSTICE", in my view.   Those who have compromised themselves for the duration don't deserve to control the terms of their "employment contract".

Fear not.   These powerful "Mediums" will soon be seen using their other media channels that flow directly into the Black community to compel their "congregation" to register protests against the media corporations who have "stripped BLACK voices from the air" and rendered them to "cable access channel status".

It is when those like me who keep a watch on the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" scheme that swirls throughout our community note the irony that Black people are asked to focus on protests and on line petitions to restore the employment of media operatives who make 6 figures - that I will note that the congregation was asked to....................

  • ....Take Their Eye Off Of The Condition Of The Schools In Their Community
  • ....Take Their Eye Off Of The Development Of Their Young People So They Don't Morph Into Street Pirates
  • ....Suspend Their Usual Demands Made Against Politicians Who ARE IN POWER To Deliver Upon Their Promises

....Instead there is a greater valuation placed upon the return of the "Self-Chum distributors" who gave their congregation the PURPOSE that they felt they had when they really felt that they were making progress, and saw a PERSON WHO LOOKED JUST LIKE THEM, represented on the news - AFFIRMING ALL THAT THEY BELIEVE.

I have listed to the audio report from Harper High School in Chicago 3 times now.   
The "Invisible Man" in this tale is the NETWORK OF ADULTS in the community, who's consciousness and strong presence are able to tip the balance against the rules of order that have been adopted by the TEENS.    With their command of the ecosystem, these young people had no choice but to submit their understanding of the world to the ORDER that the network of adults have erected.

In as much as it is the case that this is not happening - it is time to look at the "contaminants in the water" in order to understand why the "diseased state" remains.

You will hear Roland Martin and others "talk about" the condition in the "Mission Accomplished Zones".  
You will NOT hear them fight against the constant usurpation of the attention of the Black community into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".   They were hired to fill up the stands.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Opinion: The Criminal Indictments In The "Atlanta School Cheating Scandal"

Past Failed Governance Of The Community And Schools That Lead To The Present Flawed Remedy That Is Taking Place In The Criminal Justice System

The money that is going to be spent prosecuting the educators who are accused of conspiring to doctor the standardized tests to paint the picture of effective educational reforms should be invested in a system of more effective managerial controls WITHIN the 'Atlanta Public Schools System".
There is no greater story in our modern times in which Black Americans' "eyes have been taken off of the prize" than is the case with the schools that educate our children.

The adults inside and outside of the community scheme around their own interests on employment, service contracts and curriculum than they seem to be willing to promote the interests of PREPARING THE CHILDREN TO BE THE NEXT GENERATION OF "PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDERS", the pillars that allow their community to live up to its desired standard of living.  

I am forced to place a greater portion of the blame on the insiders.
In their disposition in which they genuflect into a defensive stance FOR the interests of the children, in truth they seek to retain the status quo.   They stand in defense of the employees and contracts they use as proof of "Black Power".   In doing so they carefully avoid talking about the academic performance that is arrived at which often shames the "Civil Rights Heroes" who's names adorn the buildings.

In the ultimately slap upon the voiceless that they claim to represent -  if the state chooses to intervene - AT THIS TIME they demand that the STATE show evidence of academic improvement among the Black kids during the period of "Emergency Management".   Something that they lost their voice to ask their friends who were in power.  

When their friends were in power their voice amplified the demand for more money from the state.

It is clear that they need a civics lesson.

While they argue that the state has no right to reach into the affairs of the school system (or city) which are chartered entities by the  state, lest a "Voting Rights Act" violation be cast.   The promotion of "voter choice" for leadership is not accompanied with the round trip mandate in the closed loop transaction - that the local franchises maintain a sufficient tax base that will allow them to do as promised:   provide a better set of municipal services for their constituents than the previous unincorporated state of their land was able to afford them.

The Lack Of An Effective Governance Culture Trumps The Funding Challenges

After having read no less than 3 Jonathan Kozol books on the disparity in educational funding between "urban schools" and suburban schools" - it is clear that the educational activist would prefer to make this a conversation about "equal" state/federal funding for education than about the competency of the ecosystem that they wrested control over - in the preparation of their own children to take their place as community "operators" once they come of age.

It is true that all of the "Black" school systems in metro Atlanta ran awry with the "Southern Association Of Colleges and Schools" due to the problems with the governance from the adults than the academic standing of the children.   What the activists don't care to mention is that while they sit in the gallery seeking to "de-fang" SACS from its ability to run the conspiracy against "Black leadership" - they aren't able to transparently appraise THEIR OWN favorable model of "Black Leadership" to prove that its present consciousness is not ALSO part of the problem.

My personal observation is that - in a school board of 10 people, for example, it is healthy to have maybe 2 "activists" who bring a perspective of "the voice-less".  As we saw with Clayton County a few years ago - once the balance of the board are "activists" - appointed by their community but lacking any particular technical skill (public finance, public policy, management, or even an education background) then a bunch of infighting and egos consume the board's business.

While the NAACP promotes "voting rights" where the "people have spoken" on who their representatives shall be - they have a lawsuit against Fayette County School - and its "All At Large" voting scheme.

The provincialism that is created when board officials are elected into an arbitrary school district boundaries is countered by the "All At Large" voting practice, making the members accountable to the entire county.   (Note: Fayette has each elementary, middle, high school assigned to district boundaries and a board member as its representative.    Even though the entire county votes for each member).    Fayette County schools are rated "9 of 10" in a system that is out of favor with the NAACP because they claim that it is "racist" in that "the Blacks" around the northern and western boundary of the county can't get a Black Democrat representative of their own choosing.   Yet the NAACP is silent on the OUTCOMES that the system produces in comparison to the other systems who's voting scheme is more in line with their expectations.

There is a governance and "technical competency" problem, more than a "race" or "funding" problem.   It is a well known fact that election to the school board is often the easiest political office that can be obtained in a fledgling political career.  

Ironically the management development consulting services that are desperately needed by Atlanta, Dekalb and Clayton County Schools - that are provided by the AdvancED company - are seen as proof that there is a conspiracy to profit off of Black children by engineering a fake crisis.

If we agree that there is a GOVERNANCE crisis then it seems that the solution is to
, a sister organization to SACS - the accreditation agency.

I am satisfied that there was a pattern of corruption at the hands of the educators in Atlanta that resulted in "test fixing".   The ability of the court system to use "hearsay" and "circumstantial" evidence to obtain a criminal conviction is going to further splinter the community of adults that CLAIM to want to advance the interests of the school children.

I see several layers of culpability here:

  1. Teachers that directly altered tests/gave students answers should be terminated from the school system
  2. Principals that engaged in racketeering in which they orchestrated their staff to alter the tests should be fired and lose their teaching licenses.   
    1. There are a few of these principals that have enough evidence to be criminally charged.  The District Attorney should focus on these people
  3. The executive level leadership (Beverly Hall, etc) - who failed to implement sufficient controls over the testing administration should be fired.   Their careers are forever tarnished with the news of this scandal.
Having worked a government job for 5 years in my past - the news that the leadership failed to implement sufficient controls - is not news.   I don't believe that it is "criminal" unless the district attorney can prove direct initiative to induce cheating.

Beverly Hall and the "Atlanta School System" accepted the glory of the claimed success in reforming the school system per the results on the tests.  We now know that many of these gains were manufactured.

Dr Hall announced several years ago her "We All We Got" strategy.   No longer would she focus on what other school systems are doing.  Instead she was to focus on working with the students that the district has to work with.  This required more structured focus upon the schools.

The fault of Dr Hall is that she wanted to believe that the favorable results of the test scores had validated that her plan had worked.

She failed to implement and enforce a sufficient governance and control system to insure that the standardized test, the tool which allowed her management staff to receive "feedback" about the effectiveness of their operations, was administered in a credible manner.

The money should be spent in improving the governance of the schools, not on lawyers and court costs.

Everyone involved should ask themselves:  "At the end of all of these proceedings - WHAT is the end result that we hope to receive?  WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?  How will their cause be advanced in the process?"

At The CBLAX Convention Chris Rock Says "Black People Should Be Thankful For Having Gone Through Slavery And Now Having The Opportunity To Play College Sports Instead Of Being Locked Up In The 'New Jim Crow Prison Industrial Complex' Where They Really, Really Exploit Blacks"

"Study Of The Americanized Blacks" Doctoral Program
Subject Observations:
Don't Look At The "Vocalizer Of The Original Words".   Look At The Follow-up To See A "Faux Outrage Pile-On", "Agreement" or "Silence"

Pittsburgh Courier: Chris Rock: For Blacks, “College sports is no different than slavery”

Blax News Fake Quoting Service
Georgia S Schuler says: That is not the same "Pittsburgh Courier" that I used to write for during the days in which I was debating against W.E.B. DuBois.   It is a different publication that just shares the same name.

Had I wrote an article arguing the very same fraudulent points about "American Chattel Slavery" my Black Progressive critics at the time would have seen to it that I was removed from my position as a journalist - like like the corporate media of today did to Joe Williams, Roland Martin, Warren Ballentine and Michael Baisden"

From The Dr Boyce Watkins Article - A Black Man Who Was Legally Taught How To Read And Now Teaches At A Large University

This week, while watching March Madness, that multi-billion dollar professional sports extravaganza that pretends to be an amateur sports league, Rock made some interesting and powerful remarks about what he was witnessing on television. Rock, a man who clearly understands the entertainment business, likely found himself confused about how a show can attract tens of millions of viewers without paying its star performers.
Speaking from his Facebook page, Rock had this to say:

“So I’m watching the Kansas North Carolina game on tv .And I notice there are 9 Black players and 1 White player btw the White player is amazing. Anyway I look in the stands and everybody is White. Since its known that college sports is big money, one could come to the conclusion that the nine Black and one White player are playing to put 100 thousand White kids though college. I know no one is getting whipped or beaten but economically college sports are no different than slavery. I know a lot of Black intellectuals will say we can do so much more than play ball and we can .But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t reap the benefits from sports, White kids that go to Syracuse and Georgetown do. These kids should be paid and allowed to get an education for themselves and their families for the rest of there lives. Black people not making money from college sports is like Arabs not making money from oil insane. We have our reparations lottery ticket right in our pocket and were not smart enough to cash it in.”
Everything that Rock says is right on point. The truth about college sports is that the exploitation runs deep, along with serious labor rights violations, in conjunction with operating practices that would be illegal in nearly any other industry in America. Whenever this many fans watch something on television, SOMEONE is getting rich. It’s amazing that those individuals are not the ones actually doing the work.

The OWNED "Slaves" 
The OWN Today's INDICTMENTS Of Slavery

As Those Who Claim That "Slave Blood" Flows Through Their Veins - They Have Appointed Themselves As Their Ancestor's "Historians"

They Reserve The Right To Choose WHEN They Are Offended About "Slave Analogies  OR When They Believe They Are Legitimate To Describe The Condition Of Today's "Americanized Blacks"

The "Slave Legacy" Of "The Blacks" In Today's College Athletics - By Historians Chris Rock And Dr Boyce Watkins
Issue The Real Enslaved Black  - Per The Legitimate Historical Record The "Black Collegiate Athletic Slave" Per The "History" Of Today's Black Progressive Fundamentalist Historian
The Male Slave's Relation To White Women

Table Cell

Groupies Of All Races And Flavors
The "2 A Day" Schedule Dusk And Dawn

Workouts For Physical Endurance - Not For Picking Commercial Crops

The Authority Figure
The Slave Master

Head Coach

Transportation  Slave Ship

Luxury Motor Coach

Tryouts  Slave Auction

McDonald's Classic

The Products Of Their EffortsCotton, Corn, Wheat, Sugar Cain, Rice

Happy Fans, Consumer Products, Television Contracts

What Are The Chances That Rock And Watkins Will Drop The Foolishness And Instead Do Something Materially Impactful For The City Of Flint Michigan Where So Many Black Males Seek To Enter "Slavery" Because The 'Mission Accomplished Streets" Have Not Been Developed And Thus Have So Little To Offer Them?

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Blax News: Bob Johnson - "With Unemployment At 14%, White People Would Never Keep Investing Into A Machine That Harvested Its Valuables For 50 Years With The Promise Of Equality After The Next Deposit"

(Lifted from the "Redding News Review".)

Notice The "Transference" and "Nationalization" That Bob Johnson Has Performed

It was important for Bob Johnson to "nationalize" the issue of Black Unemployment.

Despite a 50 year run at which "The Black Struggle" has been politicize - in a massive game of opportunism - Bob Johnson is not about to do a self-initiated INTROSPECTION of the EFFECTIVENESS of the "Black Racial Services Machine" to translate the investments of the masses into "ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT" - as promised.

The issue IS NOT for 'Black people to VOTE for Republicans' as a repudiation of the failures of the Democrats to develop the Black community.

It is more accurate to look at the void in BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE - in which there is NOTHING that is kept out of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - so that the "Black Community Governance Culture" can be built up and protected from molestation - as it is today.

When there is a loosely coupled conspiration of various "embedded confidence men" to advance their ideological preferences - at the expense of THE INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Most Black people can't see the OPPORTUNITY COSTS of their transaction into POLITICS.

Their congregational agreement to blame the outside right wing forces - might indeed go over with a great amount of popularity among the masses.   It is only when you make the mistake of ASKING FOR DISCRETE PRODUCTION THROUGH THIS SCHEME that the community sees the flaws.

This scheme is a big "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends".
In the spirit of Popularism - the best way to get more BLACK VOTES - is not PRODUCE EFFECTIVE RESULTS.   Instead - hiring more "Paid Blacks In The Media" who keep the narrative going can stoke hatred and produce the investments of the "Black Community Loyalty and Consciousness" and from this THE EQUAL BLACK BALLOT will flow.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Professional Progressive Political Preacher Minister Sharpton: "The Blacks In My Congregation Need To Get More Serious"......."The Republicans Are About To Steal Our Water And Our Blueberry Pie Because They Are Racists Who Want Us To Die Of Thirst"

The Blueberry Pies Of Minister Al Sharpton-
Employee Of MSNBC and Leader Of The
Church Of The "Fake Social Justice Jesus"

This Post Is Not Directed At PPPP Minister Al Sharpton.  It Is Toward The Press Agent Of The "Black Racial Services Machine" Named Lauren Victoria Burke

Ms Burke took PPPP Minister Sharpton's "Call To The Pulpit" and voiced the list of grievances - as if she was Minister Sharpton's "Tongues Interpreter":

From The Article
Sharpton’s observations may not be new, but they come at a particularly crucial time for Black Americans. Though the first African American president was elected four years ago in a major historic achievement, the legal and fiscal challenges are mounting and the issues require a level of attention that not even presidential power can fix.
The Big Rollback?  The Supreme Court is currently considering two cases that may likely be the end of affirmative action. Simultaneously, the Roberts Court is considering a case, Shelby County v. Holder, that could mean the end of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Three days ago, Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell continued a trend over 30 other states have already worked on: Enacting restrictive new voter ID laws that make it more difficult for people to vote. A rollback of legislative gains won during the civil rights era would appear to be well underway.
sayitloud“Say it loud…”
Additionally, the largest wealth gap in 20 years between blacks and whites as a result of the foreclosure crisis is damaging the community. The Black unemployment rate, which in 2011 featured the highest Black unemployment rate in 28 years — 16.7 percent — has been a persistent problem as has the Black male dropout crisis.
But in a culture driven by celebrity, entertainment gossip, bling and distraction, there is an open question as to whether the type of political mobilization required to meet the challenges of those issues is possible. The entertainment and media industry thrive and profit from ads that celebrity culture drives.
Lauren Victorial Burke Speaking In Tongues, Translating For "The Black Racial Services Machine"

  1. The Threat To Affirmative Action
  2. The Threat To The Voting Rights Act Provision That Requires Federal Review Of Redistricting And Election Administrative Changes
  3. The Threat From Asking Black People For Photo ID 
  4. The Wealth Gap As "The Banks Got Bailed Out And We Got Sold Out"
  5. The Black Unemployment Rate
The key concept that "Politic365"/ "Crew Of 42" fails to grasp is captured in my use of "The Black Community's 3 Gold Chalices"
Ms Burke is not prepared to note that each time she and Minister Sharpton impress upon the "Americanized Blacks" to engage in a "Struggle Motion" there are valuables that are TRANSACTED from the Black community INTO their "Offering Plate".

Minister Shartpon is NOT some "passive observer" of Black people.  HE IS AN OPERATIVE who has done his part in the DIVERSION the he was talking about.

The Trayvon Martin Case - regardless of what you think about the facts of the matter was a "BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUS FILIBUSTER".   For example the 2 Black people who were murdered at the funeral in South Florida the night prior to the "Skittles Rally" that US Rep Fredrica Wilson held - had no POLITICAL advantage to their deaths.   Talk about diversion.

The real problem that Politic365/ Crew 42 doesn't want to address is the "Ritualization Of The Black Struggle" as it drives increasing distances outside of its home "Black Community" in order to display the "Largest Fist" possible.

As the "Auto-Biographic Historians" of their own greatness - the tell of how "The Fist Is Greater Than Its Individual Fingers, standing alone".

They can't bring themselves to see that by MISAPPROPRIATING this "Fist Struggle Motion" into its nationalized form - they leave their individual community's vulnerable.  

In Ms Burke's list above - you have to notice that while Sharpton-Burke tells about the THREATS TO and the CONDITION OF "The Black Community" - there is one thing that is suspiciously missing from their enumeration:


When the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press" acts as press agents for the "Embedded Confidence Men" - you have to make note that they are NOT standing in protection of the Black community.

They have an ideology that is in common with these forces.   They AGREE with what these forces identify as the priority.  

In this "Regulatory Capture" - you are NOT going to get any sort of "Muckraking" on behalf of the Black Rank & File, to ensure that those who they invested in are producing as promised.   
Instead you see a PROTECTION RACKET.  Period.

When The Words "I Can't Think Of One Black Democrat In The State Legislature Fighting For The Interests Of The Black Community" DOES NOT Mean That You Plan To Do Vote Against Them OR Keep Them From Getting You To "VOTE FOR YOUR SALVATION"


If every university sociology program in the nation is not recording "WAOK" in Atlanta and "WVON" in Chicago then they are missing out on the most comprehensive raw material on "What Ails The Americanized Negro Today".

The fact that we don't hear any references to this banter as a possible contributing source of the problems with "Black America" BUT INSTEAD we see various corporate media companies creating their own "Black Media Satellite" operation that PROPAGATES the line of the 'Black Racial Services Machine', rather than CONFRONTING IT - in pursuit of a correction.

When Will The Mainstream Media Attack The "Black Medium" For Calling Black Officials That They Disagree With "Racist" Names?

PROOF That Their God Is "POLITICAL POWER Through THE SOCIAL JUSTICE JESUS" And Not The "Development Of Black People Through The INSTITUTIONS That They Are Seeking To Control
The Black Democrat District Attorney Of Fulton County Used Two "Stage Props" To Justify His Indictment

  1. A Black parent who saw that her daughter was having reading problems and requested that she be left back in the 3rd grade in order to catch up - later found out that the daughter scored "Exceeding The Standard" on the CRCT.  The mother SMELLED A RAT because she knew that someone had changed the test
  2. While a gifted Black student was taking the CRCT her teacher came around and tried to give her the correct answer.  The girl said "Please let me take my own test and be graded for what I know".
Derrick"Fight The Power "Boazman:

"You know - the stories of those two Black girls was compelling............BUT SOME TIMES YOU HAVE TO REALIZE WHEN YOU ARE BEING USED IN A LARGER AGENDA.

NOTE - I am forced to agree with "Fight The Power".
IF THERE IS ANYONE who knows how to USE BLACK PEOPLE for a LARGER AGENDA that has NOTHING to do with their DEVELOPMENT - it is he - a principal in the "Black Liberation Theory Church Of Jesus Of Social Justice".

These Three White Men have been gunning to run Black people out of power for years.   Why isn't the Black community standing up against them?

Mike Bowers
(I need to listen to the recording to get the names of the other 2)


We have to believe that the Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard DID NOT call these shots.  HE IS A PUPPET - despite getting the monopoly balance of the Black vote.

Erroll Davis during the press conference:


Dear Mr Davis:

THESE ARE THE WRONG WORDS TO SAY if your goal is to ingratiate yourself with the forces of "FIGHT THE POWER".

Don't you see - THEY WANT YOU TO FIGHT AGAINST the racist forces who are:

  • Trying to run Black leaders out of power
  • Impugn Black leadership
Dont' you see that this is about THE FIGHT rather than THE RESULTS in the school, Mr Davis?

"Just as soon as No Child Left Behind was implmeneted - Georgia filed for an exemption because so many of THEIR White kids were failing it too.

The Obama Administration IN 2012 Granted "NCLB Waivers" To Several States - Including Georgia.

Fight The Power has repeated the same line at least 3 times this week.
I am not sure if someone gave him wrong information or he is just saying it wrong.   He makes it appear like BACK DURING BUSH'S TERM - when NCLB was first implemented that Georgia got a waiver from participation.

The most accurate statement, however, is that NCLB is the "Elementary and Secondary Education Act" - which was christened in the Johnson Administration. 

NCLB is just a "catch name" that was acquired for ESEA when it came up for reauthorization early in the Bush Administration.

Lyndon B. Johnson at the ESEA signing ceremony, with his childhood schoolteacher Ms. Kate Deadrich Loney
Table Cell Table Cell

Series: Are The Violators Of American Laws Seen As Violators Of The Black Community's Instituitonal Integrity? - Brunswick GA City Councilman Joins The Street Pirate's Aunt And Mother In Jail On Charge Of Witness Tampering

It is so clear (at least to me) what is happening during this phase of the "Black Americanized Experience".

The people who rant and rave about "INJUSTICE AND RACISM" via their official channels - merely have never been in power or situation by which THEY could be "Put On Trial" to have their character measured.

Lets not lose sight of what is going on here:

  • Unlike the "Civil Rights Pharisees" I DO NOT claim that "Black People Are The Least Of These", for the purposes of "Congregational Unity" enforcement
  • Unlike the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies" - I DO NOT claim that Black people are injured victims of American history of the past - than the blows suffered from today's lack of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENT within
  • Unlike the "White Conservative Wolves" at Stuff Black People Don't Like - I DO NOT believe that there is any genetic predisposition among Black people that cause us to commit crimes.  As they focus on the "Black petty criminal" their bigotry has them unable to look at those who have trillions in their "Swiss bank accounts".
WE NEED TO BE WATCHED AND REGULATED - Just like Citibank and "Massey Energy" (coal mines)

The corrupt forces who prefer to project an image of Black people for their own POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM, unfortunately have a lot of co-conspirators within the Black rank & file who go along with them.
  1. They FEIGN OFFENSE by the right wing - to justify their choice to violate BLACK INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY
  2. They practice "ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION", denying the INVESTMENTS that they have made into the forces that dominate their community, yet come up short.   Though the seats of power used to be POWERFUL ENOUGH to trigger a CIVIL RIGHTS PROTEST RALLY, today with Favorable People In Power - they have turned their attention to "Washington DC" in pursuit of their "Nationalized Social Justice", the  Favorable person locally being the most articulate voice to provoke the masses to look outward so they don't investigate his office.

The Killing Of Baby Antonio In Brunswick Shows That The NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA's PRESENT LACK OF ATTENTION - Is PROPORTIONAL To The OTHER MAJOR ISSUES THAT THIS NATION IS DEALING WITH........... The "National Skittles Rallies" That Took Place Months After The Killing Of Trayvon Martin Took Place In Sanford Florida Shows How Much A Justifiable LOCAL Rally Can Be ENGINEERED Into Something Bigger For Those With An Ulteriour Motive.............

Those Local Operatives Who Tried To Engineer A Diversion Scheme Have Been Arrested By The LEGAL AUTHORIES
.......Leading The "Chief Engineer" To Be Awarded The Spot Of "THE #1 BLACK PROGRESSIVE LEADER In The Nation"