They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Washington DC Homicide Rate Goes Down, Unlike Chicago And Philadelphia

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The days when Washington DC was pumping out 500 homicides per year appear to be over.
88 homicides in one year is a vast improvement for the city.

Philadelphia: 2012 Homicides Rise As Overall Crime Declines

"Django Unchained" Discussed On A "Battle Royal" Cable Channel Where "Black Community Consciousness" Is Blind-Folded And Pummeled Into Compliance

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AGAIN if you took the framework of "Django Unchained" and use the "flora and fauna" of a dystopic view used in "New Jack City" the film would have worked just as well.

I can't wrap my head around two "Hip Hop Professors" who point to "SLAVE HISTORY" that is in the film but then dismiss the molestation where:
  • A "hooded Klan" lynching scene where they debated about how the holes in their hood might prevent them from seeing as they ride.
  • A Black man who shoots "White fugitives dead" but his WHITE "confidence man" partner shows up on the scene in a nick of time with the appropriate paperwork that triggers the WHITE SLAVE OWNER, his overseers and handful of armed slaves from SHOOTING THE NEGRO DEAD and then asking the White man to see the paperwork.
 The intellectual fraud of these two "Hip Hop Professors" who bathe in "intellectual fraud" is that they GREEN LIGHT the cherry picking of slavery - because they understand the ENTERTAINMENT VALUE of appeasing "Modern Day Negroes", showing them how "The Black Man Finally WON" - because it provides currency in what they are scheming upon today.

 I can only pray that "Hollywood" will see the profit that this film has made and that a new genre of "American Chattel Slavery Comedies" will come along, except this time, without the vetting of "Foxx/Washington/Jackson" and the "Paid Black Media" (TVOne, MSNBC, BET, The Grio) to stamp their blessing upon it.

THEN "Our Ancestors" will be disrespected and it will provide yet another opportunity to see the FRAUD and SELECTIVENESS within those who believe they own the right to determine "Black Authenticity" while wearing "Knock Off Foster Grant" eye glasses. 

In Order To Combat The Fraudulent Press - You Must Know "The Album Version" And Not The "Radio Edit"

Lifted from the "Prof Mark Anthony Neal" blog

If I did not know the "album version" of Rick Ross' 'This Ninjas Won't Hold Me Back" and how HE IS PROMOTING SELLING DRUGS to pay his bills - I too would have bought the "Historical Narrative" that this radio piece that Prof Neal was a contributor to.

When "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Rick Ross sees that his fridge is empty and he orders up a "kilo" - is he ordering FOOD or COCAINE for distribution?

When Duke Professor Mark Anthony Neal heard the entirety of the radio report - was he so offended that he would be paired with "Rick Ross" that he demanded that the audio be reedited?
 OR was the "Radio Version" that focused on "Haters" instead of "Hoes and Niggas" sufficient to get Prof Neal to go along?


The Black Community Will Never Prosper As Long As The "Guardians Of Blackness" Are Corrupt And Intent On Pushing Fraud Upon "The Least Of These" Rather Than Developing Them

 I told you that "Pink" and "Janelle Monae" were not going to do an update to "Dear Mr President" during the time when a "favorable president" is in power - regardless of how much "The Least of These" struggle.   These type of indictments are used to beat the enemy upside the head.

It should come as no surprise that upon listening to "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" about the "Fiscal Cliff" 100% of the "Embedded Confidence Men" have framed this as "the enemy Republicans protecting tax cuts for the rich".   The news that BOTH of the Dung Producing Party Animals ARE FRAUDULENT are no where to be found. 

The key talking point is that "The Least of These" who have been attacked by corporate and bank greed stand to be harmed as austerity cuts of needed social programs are cut and "the rich receive their 'Bush Tax Cuts".

You never hear any mention of ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT of "The Least Of These" after 50 years+ of investing their valuables in the cause.

The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" is not seen as a voice of DESTRUCTION for the Black community but instead a "desperate voice" who "does what he has to do" BECAUSE "the System" is stacked against them.    The people who hope that he will use his voice to generate a "ballot harvest" argue that when "The System" offers opportunity to more people then he will stop SELLING POISON to his community.  When the system stops incarcerating him and allows him to VOTE - he will run the oppressors out of power.

When their "Infinite Universe" doubles back upon them and they become "The Establishment Power" that is failing to provide social justice to the unwashed masses - we see how "the media" and "the academy" do their part in denying the truth about the forces that they are in bed with - that are harming "The Least Of These".

My Ninja

Equal Examples Of "Regulatory Capture"

Since it would "not be cool" for a White kid to "smooch the Black President's Head" - the Embedded Confidence Men Propagandists decided to use the picture and add their own "propaganda" quotes to the bottom of the picture.

 Madam Noir - Boy Pats The President's Head Makes History (As The First Black To Touch A Sitting President On The Head Who Was Not A Part Of The Staff Of White House "The Help" Staff)

My Visit To A "Predominately Black Mall" Over The Weekend 

The Black Thinkers

The Figurines Were Made In China But Its The Thought That Counts
These don't sell as well now that the "Obama Figurines" are on display

This is the picture that the East African woman who was running the "Black Art Gallery" on the lower level of the mall told me "No Pictures Allowed".

The very same picture was on display in the other 'Black Art gallery"

"No Weapon Held By A Republican Against The President Of The United States Shall Prosper"

"It is IGNORANT for you to think that we believe that 'Obama is our Jesus'.  But we do believe that JESUS is on our side and not on the side of those Right-Wing Republican Christian Evangelical Devils who misuse Christianity for Political Purposes."

"Jesus Please Help This President To Successfully Conduct Another 'Humanitarian Mission' In Africa In The Name Of 'Social Justice' " .

When the "Buffalo Soldiers" were deployed to Cuba to fight the Spanish and were heard making "Indian Chants" in the jungle to frighten the enemy into believe that there were more combatants against them than there actually were on the American side  - they did not learn this from Killing Native Americans while wearing American uniforms.  They were "too conscious" to kill Native Americans on behalf of the United States.

After I learned from the East African woman on the first floor that I am not allowed to take pictures of the merchandise - upon entering the second "Black Art Gallery" on the second floor of the mall - I made sure that this Indian woman in the second gallery was not looking when I took pictures of her merchandise.  He told they guy in the grey "No pictures of the merchandise sir".

I did notice that both shops had the very same "Horseman In The Struggle" picture .

(Note: The Indian Woman was looking at me so I could not get the "Swagga" portrait.)

Get "The Blacks" To Live Vicariously Through The Object Of Veneration And You Won't Have To Worry About Justifying POLICY, RESULTS And "Imperialist Actions" To Them.   They Will Always Ask "Why Is The Racist Opposition So Opposed To This Honorable Agent Of Social Justice?"

Hey - I had just watched "Training Day" this weekend and they have  a picture of Denzel Washington and another picture of "Scar Face" right across from him.

Note - I will protect the right of any artist and vendor to SELL WHATEVER THEY CHOOSE TO.

The hard truth remains - Few people who have this "Black Art" hanging on their walls will be out protesting ANYTHING that the American Government does through 2016 - because they are anticipating that the "family heirloom" that they have on display will exponentially multiply in price one day and they won't play a part in degrading their VALUABLES.

It was telling, however, that an East African woman and then an Indian woman were running both of these shops targeted at Black American consumers.

CSU Psychology Studies: WAOK Part II: "County School Systems Are Losing Their Accreditation Because People Can't Work Together"

The guest host on the "Mo Ivory Show" talked about how elected officials can't get along and how it harms the interests of the people.

She made a glancing reference to the various county school systems in metro Atlanta who have lost their accreditation as an example of how personal and ideological squabbles harm the public interests.

Most people would accept this claim, disarm and say "OK let's work together".
Being in metro Atlanta allows me to disassemble that argument.

  • Dekalb County GA School System - Probation
  • Clayton County GA School System - Lost Accreditation and got it restored
  • Atlanta Public Schools - Probation

Let me say in passing that all of these school systems are lead by 100% Democrats or a monopoly majority. AGAIN - this is not the centerpiece of my argument.

The talkshow guest went on to enumerate how President Obama's policies and theories match her own and thus she voted for him, and in turn was strongly opposed to President Bush.  Point well taken.

HOWEVER - when he look at the SYSTEM and how it is true that all three of these problem plagued school systems had individuals just like her, VOTING for what was appealing to them as the proper course to obtain QUALITY EDUCATION for (Black) children - the results, in aggregate do not bear this out.

I have been saying incessantly what is POPULARLY ASSUMED to be the "Best Interests Of The Black Community" cannot, in and of itself, be confirmed as the EFFECTIVE MEANS of producing these desired ends.

When a person, like the radio host starts out with the notion:  
  • My (progressive) views are correct
  • I am open minded enough to receiving information about a better way of doing it and I will change upon seeing it
  • NO ONE HAS CONVINCED ME YET so I keep investing my valuables.
BUT WAIT!    Why aren't the failures that you just referenced evidence that you are not correct in your assumptions?   
When the "Mission Accomplished State" is achieved in a metro-area like Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago - those who are entrenched in their beliefs merely "Expand The Police Tape Outward" - finding the RIGHT WING enemy who is made into the "External Variable" that must be defeated before this "social justice" end can be achieved.

The radio host - who I am not sure if she actually lives in metro-Atlanta fails to mention the powerful force of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" that have a strong influence upon the way things work in Atlanta.

Take the model that I mentioned above about the "Mission Accomplished" school systems, municipal governments (executive, legislative, police and judicial) and then note the RESULTS that I mentioned.  Just because "Black people have been failed" DOES NOT mean that those "favorable people in power" will be protested against.

The "Civil Rights Pharisees" are the force that define "good and evil" (ie: are Black people to be OFFENDED by the actions of the government OR is there a away to generate a "Struggle Motion" against the external right-wing Republicans?).

In recent years the "Civil Rights Pharisees" have conducted more legal and protest action against majority White (Republican controlled ) school systems than they have shown willingness to defend the interests of the parents and students who voted for the school board in the "Mission Accomplished" systems listed above. 

It is not the presence of PROTESTS against their friends in power that would show proof of their even handedness.  My test for their transparency would be for them to identify a model for good governance, lean upon their friends to implement it, clearly communicate to the adults in the community their role in achieving academic success and then measure the results   Affirm what works and throw out what has failed- firing some people in the process. This includes their own recusal.

Instead we have the notion of "Sharing The Poverty" with the White school systems as the new name for "school busing" - because "racial integration" has fallen into disfavor.  Shamefully only "poor Blacks" are in mind when they talk about the "shared resource" that will get on the bus each morning. 

"The Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice Scheme"

The radio host's model of "Work together" did not mention if SHE AGREED with the findings from the "Southern Association Of Colleges and Schools" on their probation/ loss of accreditation.   While it is true that in all 3 cases the "dysfunctional school board" and/or sloppy governance was the reason sited for the sanction - the CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES ran a "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" play in which they PUT THE JUDGE (the system) on trial and deemed the "defendant" a VICTIM (of SACS).

The fact that only "Black school systems" seem to get in trouble with SACS was proof of their RACISM.  The notion that the ANTICS that are allowed among the system leadership that was elected by the parents - who are influenced by the Civil Rights Pharisees was never considered as part of the problem.  

This is how the promise of "Salvation Through Voting" is squandered within the Black community.   The rational shift from "Once We Get Favorable People Into Power We Will Prosper" over to "OUR VOICES Are Represented By The People In Power.  We Must PROTECT THEM From This Attack Upon Black People". 

I don't recall Mo Ivory - the Democratic Party delegate standing against the antics of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" to "judge the judge".    I do recall during this recent election, however, she joined the chorus against the "State Charter Schools Initiative" as an attack on BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS as White people seek to do an end around against their local power by starting their own charter schools.

The point is that the Civil Rights Pharisees are guilty of promoting BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS over the interests of THE RANK &  FILE.   
It sounded to me that the talk show guest did this very same thing in acting as the voice of Obama.
Instead of being able to say "The 50 year economic development policies have failed the Black community and thus we have a disproportionate number of people who are unemployed" - she advocated for more Unemployment Insurance and THIS was the adopted "Struggle Motion" against the right-wing that opposes the extension.

The cascading shift toward the "external indictment" while abdicating the "Black Community Governance Culture" where the INVESTMENTS are to be protected as someone stands up and demands a return on investment FROM THE INSTITUTIONS THAT DEVELOP THE PEOPLE rather than from PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY TRANSFER PAYMENTS - is the biggest damage that is being done to the Black people as so many people go along, affirmed by the POPULARITY of the theories. 

The notion that the "combatants" in the school board have lost sight of their jobs of educating the children, leaving them less prepared to become "Professional Service Providers" for the Black community's uplift - is lost as "The Blacks" function as loyal Democrats. 

CSU Black Psychosis Studies: Turn On WAOK Radio Show NOW!!!!


This Negro Is Projecting His feelings of INFERIORITY Upon All Blacks and OBAMA

  • Why does Obama have to ask "Is It Me" when he has difficulty getting the "Fiscal Cliff Deal" passed?
  • Why do Black people have to fight to VOTE for JOBS, Education and the same thing that WHITE PEOPLE have?


(Whoever is the guest host for Mo Ivory):   
WHY didn't BLACK PROGRESSIVE protest when Libya was attacked by NATO and the USA?   
WHY is it that when Obama said that it was a "Humanitarian Mission" that NO BLACK Progressive Leader asked him to prove it?

Obama's VOICE As Heard Through The Negro With A Microphone

"Obama said YOU ALL GAVE ME A HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE and I need to extend unemployment rate until these rates come down".


Do you think that this person will ever reach the point where HER "INVESTMENT" has had enough time within enough SEATS OF POWER in the architecture (local, county, state, federal, NGO [ie Civil Rights Organizations, Media, entertainment] where this person is going to accept:  MY INVESTMENTS HAVE NOT PAID OFF AS I THOUGHT - with respect to the RIGHTS that we enjoy in this nation (Private property rights where the government can't outright CONFISCATE property in order to feed the firy furnace that demands resources to keep the fraudulent economic shell game going"?

The truth is - the voice that you hear on the radio can't logically DISTINGUISH herself from her Progressive Fundamentalism and make A SINGLE COMMENT about how the Black community should have been developed:

  • Through our schools
  • Through the economic development theories that have been put in place
  • Through the culture that we enforce
This person is fundamental dishonest and NEEDS the RIGHT-WING ENEMY to stand up AGAINST OBAMA because she is NEVER going to do a TRANSPARENT INSPECTION of her own set of beliefs.

THE BEST THING that could ever happen to her and the millions of other people who think like her and influence other people is for the to be LEFT ALL ALONE BY THEIR DAMNED SELVES, and be forced to PROVIDE SOCIAL JUSTICE to the LEAST OF THESE who were tricked into following them. 

These people PROJECT THEIR BLACKNESS upon the "President Of The United States" and he is a VICTIM OF RACISM.

In truth this is merely a mental "self-trick" to get them to advance their own Progressive Fundamentalism and generate a "War On {Fill In The Blank}" rationalization to LOOK PAST what the US GOVERNMENT has continued to do with Obama in power.

He says that he is VOTING FOR JOBS and EDUCATION - just like WHITE FOLKS.
He can't bring himself to see that he SELF-TRICKED himself with this same argument in Philly, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit for the past 50 years and after winning over the seats of power that were once worthy of PROTEST ---- he has now slid past these offices, are now facing a "WE ARE IN THE WHITE HOUSE" moment but instead of PROTESTING AGAINST the establishment he is the VOICE GIVING CLEARANCE to the ESTABLISHMENT!!!!

This "Negro's Consciousness Is SICK but AFFIRMED" so he is not well enough to STOP HIMSELF from doing further damage with his projections.


It is NOT IMPORTANT to prove that there are Black people who believed that PRESIDENT OBAMA IS JESUS!!!

The Black Progressive Fundamentalist SEES PRESIDENT OBAMA as "The Progressive Fundamentalist WEAPON AGAINST THE RIGHT WING"!!!
Take away THE RIGHT WING and leave them ALL BY THEMSELVES and you will see how EFFECTIVE THIS CONSCIOUSNESS IS when it must STAND ON ITS OWN.

I am not worried about how PRESIDENT OBAMA'S VIEWS ARE CONGRUENT WITH YOURS and thus you VOTED FOR HIM!!!!
The truth is that after decades of USING BLACK PEOPLE - the institutions that were supposed to build us up and MAKE US STRONG - are not present to support such an erect stance. 

As Long As "The Filled Negro" Is The Historian The List Of "House Negroes" Will Be Those That He Hates Rather Than Those Who Stole His Cotton As He Thanked Them For Taking The Burden Off Of His Back

My Friend Filled Negro's Top 10 House Negroes For 2012

  1. Herman Cain
  2. Juan Williams
  3. Trenton Mayor Tony Mack
  4. Rev C.L. Bryant
  5. Clarence Thomas
  6. Allen West
  7. Tavis Smiley
  8. Chris Brown
  9. Joe Oliver - BFF Of George Zimmerman
  10. Track Star Carl Lewis

I still have to do a post on the Top 5 "Black Agenda Items" that came from the "smoke filled room" when the "Top Black Progressives" met.  I am not sure if they knew that the  "Legalized Marijuana In Washington" was "Washington State" and not "DC".  But more on that later.

I love allowing my dear friends to have a blank slate to itemize their priorities as they see fit.  Their agenda and the "List Of Evil Doers" speak volumes about the electrical activity that goes on between their two ears.

If I was still posting on my dear friend Filled Negro's blog I would request a few entrants for him to consider:

  • The "Street Pirate Militia Of Philadelphia, Inc" - who are on the cusp of rained death upon the streets of his beloved city at a rate not seen since 2007. The shame of "Philadelphia Pa 2012 Becoming Like Philadelphia Mississippi 1960" should not escape damnation by any conscious Negro living today.
  • Mayor Michael Nutter - who exposed the consciousness of the aggrieved people in West Philadelphia.  They care more about how Romney "destroyed" the education in the #1 state in the nation during his 1 term as governor than they care that Michael Nutter's city has a school system that has FAILED its 72% Black student population.  When he was on stage they would have been angry if the mayor talked about what THEY AS PARENTS needed to do to improve the schools in the city.  Mayor Nutter has grown from the nasty words said against him by former Mayor Street.  Nutter is INDEED a "Black Progressive mayor" - feeding the Black masses the self-chum that they want to hear.
  • District Attorney Seth Williams - you can hear the man in his own words, erecting policies that will be called in the future 'The New Jim Crow Of Philadelphia", once Michell Alexander grants Filled Negro the rights to borrow her book title as he pens a "Philadelphia Centric" version of the book.  If DA Williams plan to raise the bail for possessing an illegal gun is raised to $25,000 and thus more young people have to sit in jail until their poor family raises the $2,500 to pay to the bail bondmen - this will be a boon for the bail industry but will trigger an increase in the number of young people taken off of the streets and thus not able to VOTE.  Sounds like an engineered scheme to me.
  • Police Chief Charles Ramsey - Even though "Stop The Racist 'Stop And Frisk' Laws" did not grow as big as the "Hoodie Rallies" (Justice For Trayvon) - Chief Ramsey is responsible for bringing "Stop And Frisk" policies to the various police forces that he commanded.  In the case of the Philadelphia Tribute - they had problems with Ramsey's history of 'Stop And Frisk' but this did not exceed their PRIDE in seeing the "Racist White Cops Of Philadelphia" SALUTING a Black man and saying "Yes Sir" to him.  
  • Whom Ever Is "Green Lighting" the American Drone Bombings on "Nations Of Color" that the USA has not declared war upon.   (Note:  I am NOT talking about President Obama.  As a frequent reader of "The Final Call" - I have learned that some other POWER is controlling Obama.   This power should be labeled a "House Negro".  The Nation Of Islam is adept in their knowledge that they can't attack Obama in an organic (stand alone fashion).  Too many of their future recruits live vicariously through Obama and if they are seen as an Anti-Obama organization - their membership intake would go down.).  
    • This POWER also understood that the Black Progressive of today is no "Dr King".  They are intent to not make the same mistake that he did by standing up against Vietnam and losing the struggle for "Domestic Social Justice" by going against the sitting president.  Since THEY ARE IN THE WHITE HOUSE NOW (consciously) - and a balanced approach is taken as they are given "domestic social justice" in exchange for their silence on "injustice everywhere", unlike with Dr King's stance - they have something more than RETAINED MORAL HIGH GROUND that they can point to as the benefit.  They can point to "Social Justice Benefits".   Unfortunately they can't see that people are watching what it takes to pay off "Americanized Blacks" into complicity 
The Fraudulent Historian

If you read the history of Cecil Rhodes you will see how the "African tribal leader" (some of them) were instrumental in assisting Rhodes in carrying out his conquest of Africa on his way to making a railway "From Capetown To Cairo".

By definition the "tribal leader" was an INSIDE man, with influence upon masses of Black Africans.
Notice how when we hear about the "Uncle Tom" character in its modern parlance he is defined as a man that is outside of the favor of the average Black American (progressive/pro-Democrat).

I do yield that a "Clarence Thomas character" can RILE UP more Black Progressive Fundamentalists in a fit of rage than can an "Embedded Confidence Man".   The fact remains, however, that when we shift consideration away from POPULARITY over to POWER OVER BLACK PEOPLE - the fraud of the entire construct is brought to light.

Not only can a "Black Progressive Tribal Leader" work in cahoots with outside "colonial forces" who's goals have nothing to do with the DEVELOPMENT of Black people, they can also define a narrative by which fellow Black people are made convinced that if they ask "Where Is The Money That I Gave To You Before?" that this would prove damaging to their "Black Interests" because it breaks the bond of unity.   Just imagine that - the very notion that you might demand transparency upon your investment is sign of "distrust" against the group.

In my observation of "The Obama Years" my ideological disagreement with a large portion of his policies and theories is insignificant when compared to the more scandalous truth.   When you turn from "Obama on stage" and instead LOOK INTO THE CONGREGATION - the real "Scandal Of The Obama Administration" is not inside of the Adminstration".

The compromised "institutional integrity" OF the Black Racial Services Machine is the scandal that has damaged Black people for decades to come.   The notion that the "President Of The United States Of America" is your "DR KING" has ramifications that have not come to light (consciousness) just yet.

Who's PeaceWHO'S POWER?  Who's Respect?
  • Two of these men fought against the US Government, demanding that it lives up to its own creed
  • One of these men "IS" the US Government.  His fight against the Right-Wing makes "The Blacks" happy and as a result they won't bother him about what the "US Government" is doing over seas or about the run up of the American debt that will hurt their "domestic social justice" in the future as Black people are not developed to create their own "social justice"

"The 'We Are In The White House Now' Negro"
Do you think that a person with this picture hanging on the wall could bring himself to PROTEST against the actions of the United States Of America - when one of his "Heroes in the Struggle" has violated his trust per his power as President Of The United States?

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers At A Black Shopping Center - Your EBT Will Be Delivered Early For Christmas

The man who coined the term "WE Are In The White House Now", providing insight on the consciousness and assumptions that Black people who think like him operate with in reference to President Obama.  .

After 50 Years Of Black People Handing Over VALUABLES To "The Political Struggle".....
  • The High Black Unemployment Rate as evidence of the failure to develop opportunity in the 'Mission Accomplished zone' was not enough to have them stop VOTING FOR THEIR SALVATION
  • The Failure Of "Mission Accomplished School System" to prepare Black children into becoming PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS that will "service" the people in their community UP TO the desired living standard was not enough for them to stop VOTING FOR THEIR "SOCIAL JUSTICE JESUS"
  • As "Strange Fruit" is shown on the news as Black people are murdered in the streets in areas where only "Favorable People" bother to run for leadership positions - "hopes that the BLOOD OF THE SOCIAL JUSTICE JESUS" will one day be shed has trumped the sight of the Negro's blood that has been hosed off of the side walk by the firemen who are commanded by a chief that the balance of the Black community has voted for.  The police were too busy doing the thankless job of trying to keep the community safe - from a consciousness that was allowed to ferment within
  • The HEALTH CARE for the community - which is an amalgamation of governing competence from the above 3 points - did not come at the hands of new Black physicians who matriculated through the schools that are controlled by favorable people with their education and the community clinics that they will work in being financed by the CONSCIOUS awareness of "collaborative economics" from the people who will benefit the most.  Instead it was LEGISLATION via the hands of previous progressive partnerships in the legislative, executive and judicial branch that afforded the promise of "Social Justice Healthcare" to The Least Of These.
What my friend Field Negro and others who think like him - as they reference the Malcolm X quote about 'The House Negro' - IT IS THEY who are not going to ever BE DEVELOPED into a point where they are equipped to "Leave Massa".  

"Massa", thus is the promise of Nationalized Social Justice' from America.

(I just violated my personal ban on using "Slavery Metaphors" - but how else do you debate with a guy who calls himself "Field Negro"?)

Media Matters Radio Only Cares About Africa When Their Interests Are Under Threat By An American Right-Wing Reference

NRA = "The Child Killer Lobby" (said the host)

"What channel is this? (On Sirius XM)

The display said "Left".
OH - its the "Media Matters Radio show" on the "Sirius XM Left Channel".

I was scrolling through NFL football games and went too far down the radio dial.   I repressed my tendency to turn away and decided to listen in.

Interesting that they believe that the NRA which supports "gun rights" are "Child Killers" but the fact that Media Matters and other Progressive Fundamentalists drive for "Abortion Right" that they are fighting for women against the "War On Women".

In using this language I immediately thought of a particular Black female blogger who co-opts this language from her "allies" and introduces these bombs into the "Black Progressive Fundamentalist" space.

The man from "Equality Matters" - a gay rights group was up next.
Wow - they are talking about AFRICA.  Maybe I have been too hard on them.

Oh, I see.  Yes they are talking about HUMAN RIGHTS in Uganda, but they are only talking about the "Gay Suppression Bill".    The issue of "gay rights" that provoked MSNBC Rachel Maddow and other White Progressive Cheshire Foxes to focus in on Africa and get the legislation in Uganda defeated about 3 years ago - is now back up for consideration.

The "Equality Matters" guest did a media survey:  "How much are the cable news outlets focusing on "The Humanitarian Suppression (of gays) in Uganda" versus the news that "Gangnum Style" now has 1,000,000,000 views on YouTube?

They panned CNN, MSNBC and FoxNews for promoting "Psy" over the human rights violations over "Kill The Gays" legislation.   They criticized Rachel Maddow for failing to live up to their expectations in the context of the others who they expected would fail them.

This is yet another example of "Myopic Filibuster".   
Media Matters DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN about Africa or Black people - BEYOND some larger left-wing issue that they can drive in support of their own agenda.

The commentary on the radio station was disciplined to their credit.  They did not call the people of Uganda "savages", "unevolved", "ignorant" - as the "right wing" is prone to get caught doing.   I do not need to have someone SAY what their narrative clearly indicated.  

The "left wing" version of calling an African a "savage" is for them to LATCH ONTO A WHITE RIGHT-WING hand that is behind the "foolishness" that is at hand.   This is evidence of "assumed Black inferiority" and indeed "Media Matters delivered".

Despite being a sovereign nation with its own government.  Despite referencing some "man on the street" interviews of Ugandans in which there was a strong negative sentiment against homosexuality - "Media Matters" referenced to their CONSERVATIVE WOLF combatants in America - "The Focus On The Family" group and other White Christian Evangelicals as the driving force behind what the "Black Savages" are doing.

Think about this for a minute.    MY claim - as I watch domestic American relations between "The White Progressive Cheshire Fox" and "The Blacks" - is that the White allies do not see Blacks as equal in our "dimensions".  Our VOTES are equal and thus the relationship is of value.  They do not talk about ORGANIC DYSFUNCTION WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  They only define any problems within our community as a FUNCTION of "Overt White Right Wing" attacks OR a situation where more work needs to be done to reform the nation with "Progressive Public Policy".  This "Trickled Down Social Justice" will wash the Negro clean.

This comes at the cost of stripping "The Blacks" of our ability to possess the same compliment of "good and evil" that they ascribe to White people.  

For so long our people have called for "Equality".   The truth is this brand of "equality" is in the form of "public accommodations" and access to "opportunity".    

I have showed a stream of examples that when it comes to obtaining a perceived benefit in the relationship with the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" it is BLACK PEOPLE who don't mind playing "inferior" as long as this benefit will be received as part of the transaction.    This "joint venture" relationship - akin to "Good Cop Bad Cop" or "Laurel and Hardy" - seeks to benefit "the team" as one plays off of the other in order to target their common enemy.   The damage is done most to the BLACK COMMUNITY'S ability to govern its own communities - after placing favorable people into power with no right-wing enemy encamped to assign the blame upon.

At some point we have to seriously inspect if the BLACK ring leaders also have these assumptions of inferiority among the "rank & file".  While we hear about "The permanent underclass" (in the context of an indictment of the American economy) - few people inspect to see if these status proves beneficial to the people seeking to harvest their "Equal Black Ballots" yet failing to develop them.

The REAL Human Rights Violations In Africa
Any Of These Places Is An Equal "HUMANITARIAN CRISIS".  The
Only Question Is About The American Interest AND The Interest
Of The Activists To Protest Against The American Government
FOR OR AGAINST Its Action/Inaction

If the proposed legislation in Uganda against homosexuals is an example of a "human rights violation" that triggers Media Matters into action then from this we can determine what is most important to them.

They cheered as Uganda was warned by Canada that economic sanctions would follow if the 'Kill The Gay's Bill" was passed.  They plan to lobby the US government for the same.  So you see "economic sanction against 'The Least of These' " are justified IF they are in line with one's own agenda.  All such actions against the poor are not the province of a "mean spirited right-wing imperialist", seeking to  impose itself.

My agenda is to identify their priorities and then infer how the priority relationship between this special interests group and "The Black Progressive Fundamentalists" who purport to be representing "Black Community Interests" comes at the cost of BLACK PEOPLE needing to purge many of our community's "permanent interests" as they instead focus upon the lowest common denominator with the coalition.

In the context of actual "human rights violations" and terrorism suffered by the people - war and the resulting carnage and chaos in certain key hotspots in Africa trump the number of people who are threatened by the "Kill The Gays' Bill" in Uganda.

To be clear - I support "Media Matters" right to choose whatever special interest, anywhere in the world.   
I reserve the right to INSPECT their agenda, applying it to the larger question: "Take away YOUR special interest - do you give a damn about Black people, when you don't have a ballot to harvest from them OR if there is no White Right-winger to indict?".  

The answer is HELL NO!!!

To be clear as well - I respect "Media Matter's" right to play Black allies as such.
Thus my ultimate indictment is against the BLACK ALLY.

They are engaged in a "joint venture" with forces that are using each other.  As long as the RIGHT-WING is the common enemy - it produces a "War On {Fill In The Blank}" effect.   The compromises are justified in the context of the crisis.  

We are not going to see protests in America against the US drone strikes in the impoverished nation of Yemen - where the drone operator determines the guilt of the "terror suspect".  
There is NOT going to be a US/NATO "Humanitarian Intervention" into the "Central African Republic", "Mali" or "The Congo".    When President Obama used this as the label for the intervention in Libya it was fraudulent.   I do not fault Obama any more than I do "Media Matters".

People can say and do whatever they want to. 
It is more important to LOOK INTO THE CONGREGATION to note if they are buying it or rejecting the message. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Constructive Feedback University: The Gun Control Debate Has Produced A Bounty Of Research

Note:   These Two Doctoral Students For "Black Studies" At The University Of Chicago provided the spark that initiated the creation of  "The Constructive Feedback University"

We could not substantiate the rumor that they planned to suspend their doctoral studies at the University of Chicago, Black Studies Department, in order to become "Community Activists" with the hopes that fewer Black people would be murdered next year in America - the most EFFECTIVE means of ensuring that "More Blacks" are alive to STUDY "Black History" in the first place.

The Black Press refused to help us track them down in order to inquire about their community engagement plans in the presence of this crisis.  Once this report was filed about "Swaggering Into The Future" - the Press believed that their job was done - just as they did in Gary Indiana.

Issue Artifacts
I Fear The Father Of The Late Rapper "JayLoud" More Than I Do His Son's References To "Blllak Blllak Blllak" (The Sound Of Automatic Gun Fire) In His "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Music.

The Father Proposes To Violate His Community's "4th Amendment Rights" As He Demands That The Government Do Raids Upon People's Houses.  I Assure You That His Mindset Is Common In Certain Communities Who Have Not Been Developed And They Have Reached Their Whits End.

Yet Years From Now The When A Report Shows That BLACK FAMILIES Have Been The Targets Of These Police Gun Confiscation Raids You Can Be Sure That These Same People Who Called For The Raids Will Lead An "Occupation" Against Racism.

Few People Will Tell You That "Stop And Frisk" Is The Response to "DO SOMETHING" From The Last Crisis With "Illegal Guns" 

An error has occured. Please contact EasyFLV customer support to resolve the issue.

After Failing To Prevent His Late Son JayLoud From Obtaining The Consciousness Of The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" - The Father Proves To Be A Greater Theat To The Constitutional Rights Of Americans Than His Son's Lyrics Were.

WHYY: "Radio Times"
 Guns In Philadelphia Part I

How The "New Jim Crow Framework" Is Affirmed By The "Civil Rights Pharisees" At The Time Of Desperation Only To Be Assailed As "Oppressive And Racist", Ultimately Used As An Indictment Against The Right Wing
Radio Times:  Interview With Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams

"Establishment Power Repudiation" In Action
LISTEN CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. DA Williams received 50%+1 of the Black Vote, showing that he was affirmed by the community that suffers a disproportionate amount of the gun violence in Philadelphia
  2. DA Williams tells of his plans to strengthen the 'New Jim Crow' sanctions against individuals caught with illegal weapons
    1. $25,000 Bail
    2. No Bail (Stay In Jail)
    3. Go To The State And Lobby For Stronger Sanctions Against Individuals
  3. DA Williams trashes the "NRA Plan to ARM TEACHERS" - but fails to substantiate that this was in their plan.  
    1. They proposed more ARMED OFFICERS.   When Bill Clinton proposed the very same thing it was evidence that he wanted more "police on the street" because he CARED about the vulnerable.  
  4. After learning the skills of what a Black Progressive Establishment figure must say to balance out his "New Jim Crow" policies, DA Williams makes the case that VIOLENCE IN PHILADELPHIA must be addressed holistically - ECONOMIC/EDUCATION/OPPORTUNITY
 With reference to #4 above - this is the "Self-Chum" that is thrown out for the aggrieved people to latch upon.   Their HOPE is affixed to the future receive of "Social Justice" - as long as they stick with the "Favorable People In Power'.   WHEN the "Social Justice Jesus" never shows his face in the future and they end up ONLY with the regulatory components of the plan - fraudulent terms like "The New Jim Crow" are created BUT the Embedded Confidence Men who advanced them - after listening to grieving people like in the video above - they can DENY their role in the implementation and run a new "Struggle Motion" at that time in the future - demanding that the right-wing elements in the nation provide "Social Justice To All".   This is how the local seats that were once powerful enough to trigger protests in the past are today used as "key foot holds" in the national struggle for social justice - as long as the people hold them blameless and do not ask "Where Is The Money That We Gave To You?"
WHYY: "Radio Times"
 Guns In Philadelphia Part II
(Listen to the audio report above)

The Intellectual Dishonesty Of "Mother Jones"

While Mother Jones Reports 62 "Mass Shootings" Over The Past 30 Years - AND No Doubt Has A Series Of Stories On "Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman)........
How Many Times Have The "Allies" At Mother Jones Reported On The KILLERS Of Black People In The Inner City?

NOT The Weapons, The Laws, The Lack Of Opportunity.  I SAID THE PEOPLE WHO ARE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE Most Frequently?

What Makes Them INFERIOR (Hands Off) As A Subject Of "Hatred" And "Evil"?
The "Keep Your Enemy On Trial - So You Don't Have To Defend Your Own Fraud" Technique personified
Do You Notice That If An Individual Rejects The Notion That "Man Came From Apes" He Is Called A RELIGIOUS BIGOT Who Needs To EVOLVE His Thinking? 
BUT  If "Monkey" Metaphor Is Used To Slander A Black Politician Or Criminal Those Same People Who Believe That We All Evolved From Monkeys Will Call The Person Using These Images A RACIST BIGOT
The Truth Is - "Offended Black People" Is The Optimal State Because It Keeps The "Gun Fire Going" Between The Waring Bigots.   But Only One Side Knows That At The End Of The Battle They Will Possess All Of The Valuables From "The Blacks" As They Vow To Punish Those Who Have OFFENDED THEM. 

Listen to the audio report from the representative from "Mother Jones".
He sets himself up as NEEDING to be CONVINCED by the supporters of "Gun Rights" that people would be allowed to keep assault rifles and high capacity clips.  Some one needs to tell him to go screw himself.

He holds up 62 "Mass Killings" and then demands that the NRA PROVE TO HIS SATISFACTION that any potential victim who was armed has successfully stopped the massacre.
The NRA was dumb enough to accept this framing.

WHY IS A "MASS SHOOTING (with a high capacity weapon) SUPERIOR" to the daily murder using lesser weapons?
This is a 'Targeted Filibuster" scheme that is used to WIN a debate while it FAILS to define the dimensions of the UNIVERSE of the problem.

Further - why are we restricting the debate to "The Schools" (ie: "Should Armed Security Officers Be Placed In Every School?  Is This An Effective Way To Stop School Shootings?" ).  The vast majority of homicides in America do not take place in schools.   While a school shooting is more dramatic - this STILL does not address the larger set of murder scenes.

Knowing that they can't address the fundamental "human" issues of "Why People Kill" nor the more common use of the standard handgun - the Anti-Gun Progressive Fundamentalists use expert language that keeps their INDICTMENTS focused.

Why a ban on assault rifles and high capacity clips are called "REASONABLE GUN CONTROL" - the bigot from Mother Jones kept control of the framing of the issue toward "Mass Shootings".  WHY?

BECAUSE he knows that this ban IS NOT going to substantively reduce the number of gun homicides in this nation.   It is merely a "Progressive Base Hit" that will be SOLD as a victory against the right wing.

I was made to wonder - since Prof Cornel West told us that "America needs to be concerned about violence more than when VANILLA COMMUNITIES" are the victims" - WOULD HE include his White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies at "Mother Jones" in on the scheme?

No "drip by brip" NEGRO Murder Spree has yet motivated them to donate "white space" in their magazine, focusing on the problem until the "Black homicide victim rate is brought down EQUAL to our population proportions".
The problem is that Mother Jones needs an WORTHY INDICTMENT TARGET in order to get into gear.

"The Drip By Drip Negro Murderer Spree" is off limits.   Such a killer can't be made into a 3 dimensional character as is his White counterpart who kills.   Functionally they USE "Black grievances" for the advancement of their fight against the "White Conservative Wolf".   They would anger their Black Progressive allies if they did profiles upon those who received their conscious bearings from within the Black community and ended up being as competent at killing Black people as any Klan member.

"The National Rifle Association" produces the "don't step on the in-grown toenail" effect that they all are looking for.

I told you before - "The Diverse Progressive Joint Venture" has achieved the "Post Racial Coalition" that they indict the entire nation for squandering as it holds on to its "right-wing" accouterments.    It just so happens that "The Blacks" and their allies are converging around the NRA at the very same time.    This is because their ideology is the same.   The Black progressive merely is at the table to insure that the Black community gets its share of "Progressive Social Justice" spoils.

Sadly - once this fails to mitigate the Black homicide victim rate - few voices within the Black community will question if they were used.

Blax News Stitching Service:"The FoxxHole" On Sirius XM Self-Claims The Label "Authentically Black", But Is As Authentic As The Whip Marks On Jamie Foxx's Back After Telling The Weinstein Brothers That He Wanted 25% Of The Box Office Take Because He Could Pack A Movie Theater Full Of Black People And Get Them To Laugh At The Klan Lynching Scene

In listening to "The FoxxHole" on SiriusXM over the past few days I noticed that the show "self-promotes itself" as "Authentically Black".

While I understand that within the Black community you can claim whatever you want and that the process of REBUKE/AFFIRMATION or SILENT NON-INTEREST gives a hint to the mass agreement of the supposition.

More often than not "Strong Black" is an ideological and political reference.  Get your street cred in this area and you can pretty much do what the hell you want to.

Beyond the occasional comic routine that told a funny narrative I found that "The FoxxHole" was little more than the mindset that could be found at most "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate Radio Stations" but with more variety.

  • If "Pulp Fiction" had gratuitous use of the word "Nigger"
  • Then "Django Unchained" had comedic placement of the word "Nigger" to play up the revenge meme in this movie that used "Slavery" as its flora and fauna
  • "The FoxxHole" has gratuitous comedic us of the word "Nigger" to a point where "Dr Laura" should have referred to "Pay Radio" and not just "Pay Television" as the place where you can hear "Nigger Nigger Nigger".
Therein lies the rub.
While the "NAACP" has "Buried The N-Word" in a symbolic ritual there is no process for public rebuke of "Favorable Negroes" when they are out of sych with the "New Rules".
Most of the processes among the "Civil Rights Pharisees" and the "Black Press" involve "Free Range Negroes", those who's IDEOLOGY is out of accord with the standard line that they want towed.  It is THEY who are called "Niggers" and "Coons" by the gallery in the 'Black Racial Services Machine' who are the enforcers of this bias.

The POWER Of "Authenticly Black Media": The FoxxHole Achieves A Multi-Channel Spread Of Ignorance - Satellite Radio, Streaming Internet Audio And You-Tube

What makes the content of "The FoxxHole" "Authentically Black" BUT NOT a portal through which "Non-Blacks" can see the way Black people talk to each other - and laugh?   Those same people who make references to "dirty laundry" can't bring themselves to see that anyone who pays their money to SiriusXM can tune to channel 98 and see the "skid marks" in the underwear.

The problem is with the COWARDICE that is resident within the "Black Racial Services Machine".  The Prevailing Black Consciousness is more OFFENDED by "Political Hate Speech" than they are with the downward decline of "'Black' COMMERCIAL Speech".   They are "Keeping It Real" in the minds of those who run on "popularity" as evidence of "Authentic Blackness".

They are loathed to look at the RESULTS in our community and then square these RESULTS against where the community NEEDS TO BE/SHOULD BE at this phase in "The Struggle".   Of course the truth about 'The Struggle' is seen by the Congregational Unity of thought and political support.   With this having been obtained - along with the void in the "Black Community Governance Culture" - the primary gravitational pull upon Black people is in RESPONSE to some perceived "Existential Racial Threat" that is on the "Malcolm X Political Football Field".

Recall that several years ago the Congressional Black Caucus stood opposed to the merger of Sirius and XM Radio as they held out for more "Black and Hispanic Channels" and noted the lack of "COMMUNITY./CULTURAL INTEREST" content.

Just like the "tattered banner" that is attached to the city hall in Gary Indiana - after these muscles were flexed and a "victory" was had by holding up a multi-billion dollar deal - THERE ARE NO NEGROES who will tune into the merged Sirius XM and protest the fact that "The FoxxHole" and "The Power" qualify as "community/cultural interest".    They are "Urban Slapstick Entertainment" and "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Politics".

INDEED it seems that this is what the present prevailing consciousness within Black America is INTERESTED in.   The best we can say is that today Black media gives the consumer consciousness what it demands and it motivates "The Blacks" to respond politically as the corporate & joint-venture powers wants them to.   It fails to produce a "Black Community Governance Model" that is shown transparently and then FEEDS the people's consciousness with the vitamins that are putrid to their present senses but are ultimately nutritious to their minds, knowing that it is an acquired taste.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Progressive Fundamentalist Press Operatives Have Achieved A "POST RACIAL World" As Black & White Are Interchangeable At Going After The Right-Wing

I am now fully immersed into "Progressive media".   The only "Fox News Channel" show that I watch with regularity is "The O'Reilly Factor".   I also record various financial shows on Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business.

While I appreciate "muckraking journalism" - my eyes have been opened to the truth.  Just as 4 years ago I was sadly mistaken when "Crooks &  Liars" showed that they are not interested in "Speaking Truth To (those in) POWER" but are merely fighting against the right-wing - I have come to a similar conclusion about Amy Goodman and "Democracy Now".

Though I still consider Ms Goodman an "unattached progressive" and credit her for her willingness to criticize a Democratic administration when they violate her "progressive principles" (more than a "machine progressive" would ever do), Ms Goodman's fatal flaw remains that she has bought into "The Lesser Of Two Evils" meme.

Upon the announcement that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has submitted her resignation - "Democracy Now" lauded her accomplishments as being (organic) to her good will but then queued up "The (evil) Republicans" as the forces responsible for the policies FROM THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION that the Environmental Fundamentalists found abhorrent. 

As you move away from "transactional politics" and consider where this body of though (possessed by Ms Goodman) stands - they are against all of the key systems that generate wealth and a high standard of living BECAUSE they focus on the "particulate matter" that results from the production process.

If a  3 column matrix is created to understand this consciousness we would understand that it is indeed a fundamentalist movement that is interested in retaining its MORAL HIGH GROUND as a means of gaining POWER - as it indicts its right-wing/corporate enemy to live UP TO the standards of "Social Justice" yet fails to produce much of it on its own. 
Subject Matter Point Of Opposition The "Stretch Goal" For The Future That Ignores The Present Economic Reality Yet Depends On Debt Financed By The Capital Markets To Achieve The Desired End
Energy Production No More Coal Fired Plants Because They Pollute And Cause Global Warming If More Investments Were Put Into Green Energy We Could Supplant Carbon Based Fuels
Environmental Degradation No More Fracking For Natural Gas Or "Mountain-Top Removal" For Coal As They Destroy The Ecosystem The Jobs &  Economic Prosperity Created By These Processes Are Not Producing Prosperity When You Factor In The Cost Of The Damage To The Environment.  Green Energy - With Sound Government Investment Today Well Be Seen As A Cheaper Alternative - Once We Factor In The Positive Benefit To The Environment.  (Environment As A Public Good That Has A "Cost" That Does Not Appear On Corporate Balance Sheets)
Labor Rights And Wages Workers Around The World Deserve A Living Wage.  US Jobs Have Been Lost Due To Corporate Greed.  As The Unions Have Raised Wages For The Benefit Of Workers, The Corporations Have Shipped Their Production To Foreign Sites Where Workers Compensation And Work Place Safety Rules Are Lower. IN AMERICA The Loss Of Opportunity In The Once Powerful Industrial Cities Has Created An Environment Of:
  • Violent Crimes Of Opportunity &  Desperation
  • Schools And Local Governments That Go Starved For Resources
  • Destroyed Hope
Social Justice We Are Opposed To "Entitlement Program Cuts" That Are Proposed By The Right Wing.  They Will Throw Millions Of "The Least Of These" Back On The Streets And Eating Dog Food.  The Wealthy Should Be TAXED More As The Surest Means Of Addressing The Deficit And Debt As They Use Their Money To Make More Money.  "The Least Of These" Will Instantly Spend Their Money To Survive And Thus Provide Greater Stimulus. This Entire Argument Is A Slight Of Hand (Equal To The Right Wing Slight Of Hand - Both Of Which I Will Explain Below).

As They Gain ESTABLISHMENT POWER Over The "Human Resource Development Institutions" And Are Now On The Hook To Produce "LIVING WAGED JOBS" In These Shells Of Cities That Once Grew Strong Because They Had Jobs - THEY ARE Shown As True CAPITALISTS.   They Don't Have To Go To The Capital Markets And Sell Securities To "The Wall Street Banks".  They Allow "The System" To Do It.  Once This Money Is Loaded Into The "General Fund" Of The Government THEN They Become "Retail Quasi-Socialists", The Capitalist Money Now Duly Laundered.

Their main failure is in having failed to DEVELOP THE PEOPLE.  As they express their altruism at "caring for The Least Of These" and their needs TODAY - they should be damned because they have only INTENTION but no track record to make them the "UN-Least Of These" after they have grown strong.

When I See "Joy-Ann Reid" On Television I Remove Her "Blackness" From The Visual Image In Order To Reconcile The Audible Antics Of A Progressive In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"

Why was Joy-Ann Reid recruited and hired by NBC/MSNBC?   
She represents the popular voice of the Black Progressive Fundamentalist.  This stands only in the context of what the average Black American BELIEVES is his best way forward toward "consumer contentment".   The logical deduction (from listening to their arguments" is that THE RIGHT WING holds whatever the missing link to "Progressive Social Justice" and thus they don't argue the merits of their proposals - other than seeking to honor the "Human Dignity" of the "poor and the vulnerable" and then attacking the RIGHT-WING who's cold hearts do not allow them to look down and see the suffering among the masses.

On CNBC's "The Kudlow Report" I heard Ms Reid make reference to "the Republicans throwing poor people off of safety net programs".     
  The reason why I "de-Blackify" her when I see her image on the news is because it helps highlight how ANTI-BLACK (Organic) Development she.  She is employed to JOUST WITH THE RIGHT WING.   If the right wing is not present - as she is nestled at home in front of her computer, making a submission to "The" then the RIGHT-WING is ON HER MIND.

From her, the Black community will NEVER receive "Investment Protection".  The question of "Where Are The Valuables That We Gave To You For Over 50 Years? " will not flow from her lips or fingers.  This is because it would produce a SELF-INDICTMENT of the machine that she is ultimately working to empower.  Her media role is to orchestrate the "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" which argues that the RIGHT-WING ENEMY is guilty of "abandonment" of "The Least Of These", give "US" power through more of your invested CONSCIOUSNESS and VOTES and we will ease your pain.

Shamefully that day never comes.
Even worse - those among the press who position themselves as "protectors of the Least Of These" are never going to walk into their own offices with a "hidden camera" as they risk putting James O'Keiff's exposes to shame because they have inside knowledge of the actual contempt for "The Least Of These".  The most damning is they know that THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF DEVELOPING THEM via their antics.  "The Struggle Motion" is merely for congregational unity.

See that sign above?  IT DOES NOT depict what political "The Least Of These"  shepherds are doing. 
When you AMASS VALUABLES from "The Least Of These" as you promise to serve as their REPRESENTATIVE VOICES - "They are DOING SOMETHING FOR YOU".   

You have gotten them to "FUSE THEIR GRIEVANCES and UNMET HOPES" into YOUR MACHINE.  The central reason for the "golden chalices" was to capture the FLOW OF "VALUABLES" from the "Black Community Development Consciousness" INTO the "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture".  

Today - with the CONSCIOUSNESS duly fused - the "rank & file" is not predisposed to ask "Where Is My Money?".   They fear that the audit of their machine is a sign of "mistrust" and that in the time spent going through the receipts is "lateral movement" that will take valuable time away from FIGHTING THE RIGHT WING.
The Scheme Used Against The Black Community By The Inside Confidence Men - The Notion That Our INTERNAL PROBLEMS Would Be Solved By SHOWCASING BLACK GRIEVANCES For Solution By Institutions That Are Increasingly Further Away From Our Communities.   As VOTE POWERED CONSUMERS - If The Next Rung Of Power DO NOT "FIX THE BLACK COMMUNITY" And Stand In The Way Of PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY Then The Force Of ATTRITION Will Cause That (Right-Wing) Power To Fall.   All The While The Black Community's Consciousness If Focused On "The Struggle" - The TROUBLING CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK That Shows The Conditions Within The Community And How The New ESTABLISHMENT POWER Has FAILED To Mitigate The Problem.     In A Sign Of Fatal Corruption - The Voices Of The CONFIDENCE MEN Tell The "Rank & File" That They SUFFER TODAY - NOT As A Result Of The Incompetence Of The Forces That They INVESTED INTO POWER, But By The Residual ENEMY RIGHT WING Who's RACISM Prevents Them From Being PROGRESS.  It Is The Black Rank & File Who Must Be Blamed For GOING ALONG WITH THE SCHEME As Their Hatred And Grievances And Lust For Greater Power Are Used Against Them.

The way to debate Joy-Ann Reid is to (ironically) FORCE HER TO FOCUS back WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.    As an employed volley ball player her immediate next words will be a reference to a "Republican".   
Just as the CNN reporter who interviewed Jesse Jackson, you must be keen enough to see her pattern and realize that she DOESN'T INTENT to serve as the "protector of the Black Community investments".  SHE IS the Voice of the "Black Racial Services Machine" and by extention the "Diverse Progressive Fundamentalist Joint Venture".

Her "favorite Black" is one who HATES THE REPUBLICANS more than they HATE:
  • What the Schott Foundation Report showed about Black Male graduation rates
  • What Chicago as a "Mission Accomplished City" with the accompanying results gives as a foreshaddow to what "Nationalized Social Justice" will bring once this Establishment Consciousness is scaled nationally and there is not an INCUMBENT RIGHT-WING THREAT to retain "Congregational Unity" against       

The Yin And Yang - The "Dark Matter" Of Opportunity Costs

Both of the "Dung Producing Party Animals" are corrupt to the core.  BOTH are going to destroy this nation fiscally.  They are merely fighting for control over the steering wheel as the vehicle of state moves closer to the edge of the canyon.

Until BOTH SIDES keep their BIGOTS in check - this nation's economic/cultural/academic future is in trouble.