They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Who Disrespects "Dr King" More?

SBPDL Blog vs The Black Barbershop - Sports As A Proxy For Racial Hatred: This Negro Is A Multi-Millionaire And None Of You All Are

One day my body of work will be classified as "Anthropological Comparative Cultural Studies On The Distortive Effects Of Racial Hatred"

I make the case that Black people are 100% EQUAL.   We have the equal capacity to soar as high as any other human being.  We also have the capacity to hate - just like all others.

I use the views of my friends over at the "Stuff Black People Don't Like Blog" as a "canary in the coal mine" effect.   When "The Block Gets Hot" over there - I know that it is time to purchase more ammunition just in case they come my way.

I am not saying that my dear friend Paul Kersey of "SBPDL" would ever actively participate in the lynching of a Negro.  He is a man who now respects the law.

I do believe that prior to departing the scene just before his friends began squirting the lighter fluid on the Negro - Paul Kersey say:  "Wait a minute before you throw that match.  Let me get that iPhone off of that Ninja.    Its no use burning up a good iPhone on a no good Ninja.   He probably stole it anyway.    I am going to talk to the iPhone using Siri to see if it will tell me who its original owner is.   If it doesn't know then I'll keep it for myself.  Those damn Ninjas.   They are always stealing and always looking at our women.".

Of his friends - Mr Kersey would not consider ANY of them "Violent Murderers Who Must Be Brought To Justice" - after they transacted this deed.  They would be seen as "Order Keepers" that prevented that particular town from becoming "Detroit-like".   Such a negative label is only assigned for violent Blacks and those "Blacks" that have not yet committed violence but it is in their genetic make up to do so.

Sports As A Proxy For Racism - In Da Barbershop

Yesterday I went to a new barbershop because my normal barber had closed for the night.

First the conversation focused upon the "Egging Of The New Orleans Saints Bus" at the Hartsfield-JACKSON Atlanta International Airport in the 'City That's Too Busy To Hate" - which also has a great Civil Rights History display in the Pedestrian Mall between Concourse B and A - that I recommend everyone see.   Get some exercise walking rather than riding the train. 

The diehard Falcon fans were jokingly in support of the "egging".    "We have been nice for far too long.   Now the gloves are coming off".    

Unfortunately - the airport general manager is going to use the benefit of surveillance video to find out who did it and make sure that the person loses his job.   All this to attack a bus load of millionaires that you live VICARIOUSLY THROUGH?

Few people would bother looking at this "Turn About" - where a minimum waged worker seen terrorizing a bus full of millionaires NOT because he resented their money and power BUT because their play on the field is a threat to the team of MILLIONAIRES that he supports.
(Do you see why the NATO Attack on Africa and the CIA agents in a sovereign African nation has taken a back seat to General Patreaus' 3AM Booty Call?)

After they go the Falcons out of their system the focus turned to the Atlanta Braves signing a BLACK MAN to a $75 million contract.

From the article:

Upton was given a No. 2 Braves jersey after finalizing a $75.25 million, five-year contract -- the biggest ever given a free agent by the franchise. He gets a $3 million signing bonus payable by Dec. 31 and salaries of $12.45 million next season, $13.45 million in 2014, $14.45 million in 2015, $15.45 million in 2016 and $16.45 million in 2017.
The 28-year-old spent his first eight big seasons with Tampa Bay. He hit .246 with 28 homers, 78 RBIs and 31 steals this year and replacesMichael Bourn in center. He is not expected to fill Bourn's role as a leadoff hitter.

 Now you WOULD THINK that a "Sports Race Man" would be HAPPY that "a Brother GOT PAID" like this.

Well - its more complicated than this.
The comments made were:

  • "The Braves have previously purged all of its BLACK players once they got too expensive".
  • "I stopped going to see the Braves when they got rid of David Justice and paid that White boy red neck Chipper Jones all of that money"
  • "They got rid of Andrew Jones and he went to the New York Yankees, slamming home runs"
  • "I haven't been to a Braves game in 4 years.  Now that they are trying to get some brothers back in the line up - I might start going again.   
  • "They sent a signal before to appease the White folks in the stands by getting rid of their players of color. I couldn't believe they paid John Smoltz all of that money.   NOW they are interested in winning a pennant so they are bringing some Brothers back".

Let's take that last statement and then contrast that against the SBPDL line.

With SBPDL - the line is (as you see in the image above) - college football has sold its soul.    Taking in bunches of academically unqualified Black male players BECAUSE they want to win championships.

With Da Barbershop - they argue that sports teams are indeed strengthening their roster to win championships.   They would have said that about college sports if the subject was the NCAA.  Instead they made the argument about MLB.

IF you put SBPDL and Da Barbershop in the same room and then argued about "The Black Athlete" there would be grudging agreement.

IF the subject then expounded upon academics in college - there would be INDICTMENTS flowing.

IF the subject then turned to MONEY in professional sports - the recriminations would continue. 

I DON'T WISH to get into this fire fight.
My point is that BOTH OF THESE WARRING FACTIONS ARE BROKE - and will never have  $15 million flowing through their hands.

In as much as POLITICS AND RACISM CHASING is all about getting the fighting TRIBES to debate upon a "PROXY ISSUE" - while they are FIGHTING - someone is STEALING THEIR WALLET during the inattention paid to their VALUABLES. 

My Personal Views Of "Dr King" As Expressed Through The Debate Antics Of Tavis Smiley

Please consider this as an intermediate post for the purpose of level setting, on my way to posting my analysis of the conversation between Tavis Smiley and Dr Robert K Ross.

Today -  "Dr King" is used as the reference model for "Social Justice" by various "Embedded Confidence Men".

 This is not my problem though. My problem is with "The Keepers Of The Flame Of 'Dr King' ".

Once they get you to agree that "Dr King" is a worthy reference for all of us to tuck our efforts under - THEY summarily "Put YOU on trial" - with the purposes of disarming you - while THEY deem themselves as "100% King Compliant".

 I have Rev Joseph E Lowery do a permutation of this very trick for more than 20 years. In his case, his goal is to get everyone to collapse their "foolish tent" and come under his big tent of the Democratic Party.

This is nothing more than the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Do A Self-Indictment Of Your Own Sins And Failures To Deliver Social Justice".

I have no problem using (the real) "Jesus" as a reference of perfection. I will NEVER live vicariously through another man. I reserve the right to make assessment of the individual character traits that I find favorable and/or reprehensible in another man. I can only promise to cherry pick the elements that I find attractive and fuse them into my persona.

In listening to a Muslim such as Minister Louis Farrakhan - you notice that they never directly disrespect "Jesus".   They do not honor him as "THEIR God", but as a Prophet from God.
Likewise - I respect and honor Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr as a "great man" but not the center of MY "Black Consciousness".

The actions within "The King Compound" in Atlanta - and those who seek to use his honor as a confidence scheme to apply in the modern day POLITICAL realm has caused me to become clear in what I believe as a means of not yielding to the pressure of a confidence scheme.

Again - I would be more impressed if these people were to set up foot patrols on "Dr King Drive" and enforce certain standards of behavior on these venerable thoroughfares around the nation.

 Putting Tavis Smily On Trial - Watch How He Reacts To Those Who Are A Threat To His Ideology

The video that I posted the other day featuring Tavis Smiley debating Conservative Larry Elder provides the perfect backdrop to analyze the antics of Tavis Smiley (and others) that make use of "Dr King" as a means of avoiding debate and possible indictment regarding their ability to bring forth "social justice" - after having collected the valuables from "The Least Of These" as they've obtained POWER in the political space.

Note: This should not be considered as an endorsement of Larry Elder's perspective either.

While Tavis Smily and Friends make the case that they have a comprehensive platform to address the problems of "The Least Of These" - BUT - they practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" - Larry Elder and "Black Conservative Critics" might be accurate in their criticism of "The Black Racial Services Machine" (which they are a part of) - they also lack the framework to "operationalize" an alternative scheme.

Preemptive Strike:
"Constructive Feedback - Shouldn't we consider YOU in this band of 'Black Conservatives with no ground game?"
ANSWER: Anyone doing an honest assessment of my package will see that I provide an abundance of MODELS and ARTIFACTS that work to analyze the problems with "Black America's Political Salvation Scheme".   I AM NOT TRYING TO forge an "Alternative Movement".   I am working to get the BLACK RANK & FILE to implement a sound "Governance Culture" - better regulating those who have been allocated power and the establishment of  "fire walls" between the masses and the "Confidence Men".

YOU CANNOT be LEAD by a POLITICAL OPERATIVE.   Black people folding our "Community Development Consciousness" into the "American Political Domain" makes us merely "Special Teams" in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".
WORSE - NONE of what is built up is directly applicable in the larger Black Diaspora.

The present day "Black America" is one grand USURPATION of "The Black Consciousness" - into whatever scheme the loudest, most prevalent VOICES choose to lead our attention span into.
FAILING TO IMPLEMENT A MORE SOUND GOVERNANCE MODEL - will only mean that a grand "Rinse And Repeat" cycle is conducted perpetually - ALL WHILE retaining the popularity and confidence of the masses.

I do not hate Tavis Smiley.
I only believe that he is one of several THREATS to the "Black Community Governance Culture" that I speak of.
Instead of submitting himself and his actions to the notions of full TRANSPARENCY - he instead takes the mantle of "Social Justice" and works to get everyone to fall in line.


  • The Least Of These Are Still In Abundance?
  • They Acknowledge That They Are Now The Establishment Power, Enough To Bring Forth 'Social Justice' But Didn't?
When you look at the above measures - the thing that you must notice is that each requires a THIRD PARTY ANALYST to make such an assessment.

Tavis Smiley (when I say "Tavis Smiley" - I am really saying the Progressive Fundamentalists who think as he does) has no intention of yielding their right to doing a "Black Community Self Breast Exam" - on themselves and their "Social Justice Work".   Thus we must conclude that they are running a POPULARITY scheme, rather than a BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE AND DEVELOPMENT effort.

Any "correction" will come during one of their famous "Black Progressive televised conventions".   "Progressivism As The Cure" is the unspoken prescription.   The entire conversation ends up being a Political/Ideological Strategy Session.  At no point in time does "Progressivism" have to worry about being fired for failing Black people.

The problem, as they see it, is that Progressivism has been blocked by the Right-Wing and thus they need to double down to allow Progressivism to fully marinade all aspects of this nation.

Thus the struggle continues.

Tavis Smiley's Argument 
Constructive Feedback University Analysis 
DEBATE SCHEME NAME: "White Folks Are Down In The Mud With Us" - You Just Like Talking About Black Dirt More

Problem:  It is an APPEASEMENT strategy and not a SOLUTION strategy for Black people

1:00 Minute Mark Of The Video

Tavis Smiley:
Most Crime Is Done By A Person Of The Same Race 
Tavis Smiley's response to Elder is a DEFENSIVE posture to a perceived "attack" upon Black people.

Larry Elder botched his rebuttal of the argument.  He keys in on INTER-RACIAL CRIME when he should have asked Smiley - IF HE IS SATISFIED WITH THE AGGREGATE CRIME VICTIMIZATION RATE OF BLACK PEOPLE.

When a Progressive makes this argument he wishes to PACIFY the issue.
The major subject under discussion was that RACISM CHASING - the Racial Tribalism executed by those who today do "Systematic Racism Chasing" in order to make a POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL Indictment as a means of putting Black people in an "Existential Racially Defensive Posture" - comes at the cost of Black people not "Handling Our Business" and mitigating the MURDER IN OUR COMMUNITY.

Larry Elder focused on "White On Black" / "Black On White" crime - making the case that Blacks commit more crime upon Whites.

The proper rebuttal to this rebuttal from a progressive is to point out that:

  • Black people are only 13% of the US Population 
  • Black people are near 50% of the Criminal Assailants in the US (note Hispanics are considered "White" in crime statistics) 
  • The Black Crime VICTIMIZATION rate is around 42%
  • THEREFORE Black people are OVER-REPRESENTED in crimes - relative to our population ratio
Instead of making an INDICTMENT against The Black Racial Services Machine - there needs to be a GOAL ESTABLISHED.

By 2025 - the 42% Black Crime Victimization Rate is to be brought down to 25%.   Still short of the 13% population rate but far better than today's number.  

I should also note - that in the recent interview with Dr Robert K Ross noted the very same OVER-REPRESENTATION IN CRIME to Tavis Smiley - Smiley was not placed on the DEFENSIVE because it was not delivered as an INDICTMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE (like Elder's comments were considered) but a "Ya'll WE need to do better than this")

As such - we have to conclude that the RITUALS OF DEFENSIVENESS are totally separate from the facts upon the street in Black America.

DEBATE SCHEME NAME:  "Establish A COMMON JESUS Reference - And I'll Will Get You To Unilaterally Disarm As I Tell You Have Much You Fall Short Of 'Jesus'  "

2 Minute Mark

The "Dr King" As The Reference Model Scheme

RACISM = Prejudice + Power

This is an example of what I was talking about above.

Tavis Smiley wanted to use "Dr King" as the point of agreement between himself - a Progressive Fundamentalist and Elder - a Right-Winger.

When Elder called the "product' of "Dr King" "Idiotic" - Tavis Smiley attempted to "Dr King him" - asking "Are YOU calling Dr King an Idiot"?

(I have been debating online since the beginning folks.  I have seen all of these tricks first hand.  "Living Vicariously Through A 'Jesus' Figure" is an important scheme.)

Though this is an old video - the proper rebuttal of Tavis Smiley's RACISM definition (HATRED + POWER) is to observe his SILENCE today as people attempt to make President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Dr Susan Rice - UN Ambassador as VICTIMS OF RACISM!!!

HATRED / BIGTORY - YES.   Mostly IDEOLOGICAL and no doubt some RACIAL.

It is this POWER DYNAMIC - by which people sitting in the echelons of AMERICAN POWER - can't seem to escape the power clutches of WHITE RIGHT WING forces.

Since we have no evidence that President Obama has EVER been blocked from:

  1. Waging a military strike in the name of America BECAUSE he is Black
  2. Has been able to spend BILLIONS in US Debt money upon that which he prioritizes 
.........the claim that he is a VICTIM OF RACISM is specious.

It is more accurate to say that Black Progressives who LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OBAMA are OFFENDED by the attacks upon THIS President Of The United States.  THEY reserve the right to label political invective against Obama.  

In truth - since they don't want to indict President Obama for doing things that they had been protesting over (ie: Warmongering) they use the claim of RACISM as justification for putting aside their standards against war because the greater existential threat of RACISM from the RIGHT-WING is larger.

DEBATE SCHEME NAME: "Assumed Black Inferiority As An Indictment Among Unequals"

Black folks who are prejudiced but without power should not be seen in the same light as WHITE PEOPLE who are RACIST.
This is actually Tavis Smiley's "Dark Matter" argument to the one I just set up in defining President Obama's ability to transact violence in the name of America.

I looked at POWERFUL Blacks
Tavis looked at POWERLESS Blacks

We need to understand how ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY plays a major role in the consciousness of those who's agenda is fundamentally based upon "The Least Of These".

While there is no doubt that there are but a select few Blacks who possess the POWER that I speak of (even though my debate adversaries will practice 'Establishment Power Repudiation' upon them none the less), the fact is their agenda is to INFERIORIZE the rank & file Black, making it so that NO MATTER WHAT they do which might be EQUALLY DEADLY to the actions done by other people - a person like Tavis Smiley reserves the right to WITHHOLD EQUALITY to these actions.

The sad truth is - that IF BLACK PEOPLE ARE ACCEPTED AS EQUAL - BY a person who thinks as Tavis Smiley does - then the RESULTS that we see within our community must be accepted as a remnant of something that WE are DOING or PERMITTING within our community.

The Progressive wants to be the FIXER / FIGHTER against the system.
The notion that HE IS NOW "THE SYSTEM" within the Black community that is failing to provide SOCIAL JUSTICE - would force him to see that the "red tail lights" in his front window that he is chasing is actually those upon the car that he is riding is as HIS UNIVERSE HAS WRAPPED AROUND ITSELF.

There is no consequence suffered by anyone who INFERIORIZES BLACK PEOPLE - as long as there is some value to be received by Black people a tthe end of the transaction.

DEBATE TACTIC NAME:  "We BLACK PROGRESSIVES PEOPLE Don't Like You Black Conservatives Because You Are Always OFFENDING US"

Tavis Smiley asks if Larry Elder can appreciate why "BLACK PEOPLE" don't like Black Conservatives because they are always talking negatively about Black people BUT can't seem to see the evil in White people.

Again Larry Elder botched the response.

It would behoove Elder to learn the concept of "Dark Matter"

While I do agree with Tavis Smiley - that the collection of Black Conservatives who are guilty of maliciously attacking the Black Community by harping on the NEGATIVE - as showing balance by noting POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES would undercut their agenda - is a PROBLEMATIC disposition.

It is ALSO true that the BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE (The Black Establishment Power) who performs the "Success Check List Filibuster" - is at least an equal threat (though greater because of their inside, leveraged position).

The unspoken demand is for AN ACCURATE MODEL of the REAL WORLD.   "Good" and "Bad" are relative assignments.  ACCURACY as a pretext for effective change should be the operating mandate.

From my vantage point as an observer and critic of the SYSTEM that is executed by the "Black Racial Services Machine" - I focus on them as the "proxy overlay" to "The Black Community" and the present condition of "The Black Rank & File" as strong evidence of the damage done from their hijacking of the "Black Community Development Consciousness".

The real issue, then is the question of if the Black community seeks to be APPEASED by hearing what it wants to hear that affirms them OR does the Black community seek to be DEVELOPED - allowing a net raise in the average standard of living that all of us live up to?

Today those who appease Black people and have the benefit of their command of the Black Media channels through which to define their "History Lesson" narrative - only need to pump what people want to hear, blame the enemy for the problems and then keep the masses focused on the next interval of "The Struggle".

The bottom line remains - the Black Progressive Fundamentalist is ALWAYS going to be OFFENDED by what the Black Conservative says.

The job of the Black Conservative is to show that the Progressive Fundamentalist and his Allies ARE NOT OFFENDED by the attributes of the Black community that they SHOULD BE OFFENDED about.  They are not because it would produce a SELF INDICTMENT against Progressivism.

Tavis Smiley Agrees With Larry Elder's Illconceived Proposal To Stop "The War On Drugs" And Is Pleased Because Elder Starts Speaking His Language.  From The Perspective Of The Analysis Of The Debate Style Of Tavis Smiley - Note How When Elder Says Something That Smiley Agrees With - The Disposition Changes.

Now lets talk about the claim made by Elder.

The notion that ending "The War On Drugs" will fix the problem because the present "Cure" is worse than the problem is very short sighted.

While I do not deny many of the problems related to mass incerceration - the cost and the destroyed lives - the proposal is fundamentally based upon "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" in which the criminal defendant is made into a VICTIM of the system, then released while THE SYSTEM is put on trial as the CRIMINAL AGENT.

Abent in the "conservative" comments by Larry Elder (and other conservatives that hold this view) is the clear statements on the responsibilties of the DRUG USERS and the DRUG DISTRIBUTORS in remaining in the bounds of the law - after receiving a respite from criminal prosecution and punishment based upon these reforms.

Regardless of if hard drugs are obtained from the streets or from a licensed distribtor - the drug's impact upon the human body and psyche is not something that a government fiat can fix.

The magic money theory that claims that the billions spent on the "Prison Industrial Complex" can be freed up as it is rechanneled into drug treatment, jobs and education - presupposes that there won't be some unknown portion of this population (that would have been locked up with the old legal scheme) which are diserving of jail - despite all of the intervention.

In this "People Over Profits" scheme - the very same endless blank check that the US military is provided with today will be applyed to the drug treatment (and health care) channel.

Europe of today shows that "Social Justice" is not free, regardless of what someone tells you in order to disarm you.

Table Cell Table Cell

In Houston TX - Who Chooses The Issues To Protest Over As "Disrespect" To The Black Community?

HOUSTON TODAY - Who Chooses The Assaults To Protest Against?

HOUSTON, TX: Man Murders Mother Of Four And Another Man Using A Pellet Gun 

Pellet Gun Suspect Charged With Two Counts Of Murder

View Larger Map
Parents Sue Juvenile Detention Center As A Staff Member Sexually Molests A Minor By Letting Himself Into Her Room At Night For Sex Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston
Second Man Convicted Of 2010 Gang Rape Of 11 Year Old Girl In Cleveland Texas

Salon:  Defense Attorney Of Cleveland TX Gang Rape Trial Of 11 Year Old - Blames The Victim - HE Suffers No Civil Rights Protests Because They Have Made Similarly Crazy Defense Claims In Other Cases And "Game Knows Game" 

Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston
On Martin Luther King Jr Dr In Houston - Man Throws Sucker Punch And Then Gets Shot In The Stomach - The Civil Rights Pharisees Protest, Demanding Resepct

Protests Of Gas Station Shooting Of A Black Man After He Punches A Non-Black Store Clerk In The Face

GAS-JAR CRISIS Journal: Bus Load Of Black Millionaires Gets Egged In The Confederate South Just As It Prepares To Secede - "The Freedom Winter"

Black Bus Driver Had Been Egged Before Because He Was Driving A White Bus - But Never Before In A Secure Area.

GAS-JAR Has Placed A Call To The FBI Director - Demanding A Federal Escort For The Bus When They Pick Up The Georgia Bull Dogs Team Tomorrow - As They Too Are Majority Black

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blax News: Millionaire Entertainer Nikki Manaj Calls Other Millionaire Entertainer Stephen Tyler A "Racist" As He Apologizes, Saying He Won't Even Think About Lynching Her Again

Steven Tyler addresses Nicki Minaj ‘racist’ claim

NEW YORK  -- Steven Tyler is apologizing—if Nicki Minaj misinterpreted his recent comments.  The former “American Idol” judge and Aerosmith frontman responded to Minaj’s claim that he’s a racist.
Minaj took offense to comments Tyler made during an MTV interview in which he said Bob Dylan would likely be immediately dismissed from this year’s show.
“Idol” premieres Jan. 16 on the Fox network with Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban serving as new judges. The rapper called the comment racist and fired an expletive at the Aerosmith frontman, as well.
During an interview with the Canadian entertainment news program “eTalk,” Tyler spoke directly to Minaj, saying: “I apologize if it was taken wrong, Nicki.”
“I am the farthest from—what did she say I was? -- a racist,” Tyler said in the interview. “I’m the last thing on this planet as far as being a racist. I don’t know where she got that out of me saying I’m not sure how she would have judged Bob Dylan. I was just saying that if Bob Dylan came on the show, he would’ve been thrown off, so maybe I spoke out of turn. But a racist I am not, Nicki.”


In The Global Warming Induced Super Storm Hurricane That They Admit Is Destroying The Black Male By Sucking The "Social Justice" Heat Out Of Their Bodies .......The Black Progressive Fundamentalist Is Always Quite Pleased With Their Own Rescue Effort Saying "Good Job Blackie!" - Part 1

This post was motivated by my viewing of "The Tavis Smiley Show" - with guest Dr Robert K Ross of the California Endowment.

As usual, as they note the crisis that is engulfing "The Least Of These" in the Black Community - the Progressive Fundamentalists always give themselves high marks on the fabulous job that they are doing.  Then they give a prescription of how the expanded Progressive Public Policy Changes that they are perpetually struggling for are needed to effect the actual fix.

Due to the fact that Dr Ross made mention of Michelle Alexander and "The New Jim Crow" as well as heaping praise upon George Soros' "Open Society Foundation" (There it is again - lurking inside of the Black community's institutions) - I need to take a  quick diversion to get out two diagrams that I have had in draft form.  

Michelle Alexander And The New Jim Crow - My Book Report That Is Late

When I purchased "The New Jim Crow" book and set out to read it, please recall, I told  you that my mission WAS NOT to try and refute anything that Michelle Alexander had written in her "history book" and her narrative of "the problem".

The task that I gave to her was to define how SHE HAS CHANGED since I first was introduced to her (and Van Jones) in the documentary "The American IN-Justice System".   If you recall I watched the DVD that startled me with its "Wag The Dog" outlook.

If logic holds, then, since "The Criminal Justice System" is CREATING CRIMINALS - then as the "Bayard Rustin - VOTE Your Way Into Community Salvation" scheme (by advancing Progressive Public Policy) takes hold - then we should be seeing improvements in these areas that Ms Alexander and other "Prison Planet" people focus upon.

Since the DVD (and even the book) there has been a record number of Progressives that have been placed in power as:

  • State District Attorneys
  • Federal Judges 
  • Local District Attorneys & Assistants
  • Local Police Chiefs / Sheriffs 
  • Municipal and Circuit Court Judges
  • City Councils / Legislatures
  • Mayors / Governors

We even have a Black Progressive US Attorney General, a renewed Civil Rights Division, a Black Director of the US Bureau of Prisons and of course - A Black President

In most of these cases "The Black Vote" has strongly affirmed their placement into these positions of power, and/or reelection.
SURELY we should be able to go out to where actual Black people live and make note of improvement that is commensurate to the "Valuables" and Hope" that the Black community has invested in search for a brighter day when it comes to "Justice System Justice"?

This diagram sufficiently models the construct that I have been carrying around in my head - months after completing "The New Jim Crow" book.

I WILL NOT impart MY OPINION as to IF the book that has been so widely acclaimed by people who I admit to have strong ideological disagreements with AND who hold the dominate position of influence over Black Americans today.

I no longer wish to have a POPULARITY BATTLE with them whereby I am asked to deliver to the Black Rank & File a counter offer that they will accept - all without having to ponder how their PRESENT PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS might prevent them from making an objective appraisal - and, worse yet, how it might be part and parcel of the reason why they stay steady and UNIFIED in the course that they are following.

The Agents Of Social Justice Should Not Be Appraised For Their Intentions But By The Valuables That They Have Harvested From The Least Of These AND IF They Are Developing Into "The UN-Least Of These"

The next construct that I need to put forth is the observation that the run for "Social Justice" CAN NOT BE ALLOWED to remain OPEN ENDED lest those who embedded themselves inside of the congregation of "The Least Of These" continue to PRETEND that they are agents of grace and altruism while they people are lulled into blindness to the fact that THEY TOO ARE SELLING a platform of notions that must be vetted - as being distinct from the consumers greater interests of being healed.

Today's Progressive-Fundamentalists know that "The Least Of These" are more prone to feeling wanted and provided with hope.   As the forces that transact upon their emotions de jure - they also tend to obfuscate the longitudinal trajectory that the people are traveling upon.


Just because YOU don't recognize the OPPORTUNITY COST - does not mean it is absent.  

Blax News: Key CBC Members Break Ranks With Obama, Demand To Know Why So Many CIA Agents Were In Egypt And Why A Black Female Was Setup To Take The Fall - This News Will Cause The Black Press To Change Its Talking Points

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Too Black Too Strong" Is A Front For Non-White White Supremacy - The White Man's Gun In Jacksonville Kills A Black Man Deader Than 100 Killings By Other Negroes Where I Live So I Never Drive To The Local Murder Scenes To Protest

I want to extend my sympathies to the family of Jordan Russell Davis.
This was clearly an unnecessary death

I am clear and consistent with my position.
IF the evidence shows (and I pray that they had working video cameras at the gas station that captured the entire conflict) that Michael Dunn was the aggressor in the incident and either PROVOKED the conflict and/or USED FORCE BEYOND THE THREAT THAT HE FACED - CHARGE HIM WITH MURDER.  Give him the death penalty.

My "Street Pirate Label" has no racial reference.

This has tipped the balance for me.
Homicide investigators said Dunn fled the scene with his girlfriend, but he later said he felt threatened during their argument. His lawyer said he acted in self-defense.  Dunn pleaded not guilty to murder charges Monday. 

The Confidence Men On Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio Did 'Creecy's Cadence" And Are Planning To Gas Up Their Cars In Atlanta, With Someone Standing Armed As A Lookout And Will Drive To Jacksonville SHOW DEM WHITE FOLKS That THEY CAN'T BE KILLING OUR BLACK PEOPLE!!!

I am going to try and switch things around a bit on this one.

I don't buy the line that the Street Pirate Killer Michael Dunn applied WHITE SUPREMACY as he believed that he could take Black life for cheap.

IT IS MY OPINION that Michael Dunn THOUGHT that he was BLACK and could KILL A BLACK PERSON - after watching:

  • The Local Television News 
  • The Florida Times-Union on his iPad
  • The First 48 Hours
  • The YouTube videos from Lil JoJo and Chief Keef
............and thought that his KILLING A BLACK MAN would "fade to black" as just "Another Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" in a beef over something trivial.

This was a foolish mistake for Michael Dunn.

  • Michael Dunn forgot the POWER that his WHITE SKIN has!!!
  • Michael Dunn forgot the POWER that his WHITE SKIN has in Riling up Negro Media operatives who are PAID by their Corporate Employers to run a Black Conscious Attention Filibuster
  • Michael Dunn forgot the POWER that his WHITE SKIN has to the Civil Rights Pharisees who made their name PROTECTING BLACK PEOPLE from attacks by WHITE SKINNED MEN like himself
  • Michael Dunn forgot the POWER that his WHITE SKIN to STAND ACCOUNTABLE FOR KILLING NEGROS - drawing HOODIE RALLIES because the thought that the SYSTEM IS RACIST and would AFFIRM A WHITE MAN KILLING A BLACK, requires THEIR PRESENCE in a NATIONWIDE PROTEST to apply pressure upon the LOCAL "Jim Crow Law Enforcement" To NOT LET THE WHITE KILLER OF "The Black" Go Free
More than anything MICHAEL DUNN'S WHITE SKIN has the POWER to justify the Black Racial Services Machine (The LampBlacked Yellow Journalists, The Civil Rights Pharisees, The Negro Confidence Man With A Mic In His Hand, The Prison Planet  and the Rank & File Actorvists) to JUSTIFY their drive mast HUNDREDS of police chalk outlines in THEIR OWN COMMUNITY - because A WHITE MAN HAS COMMITTED A SUPERIOR ACT.

I challenge the Civil Rights Pharisees Incorporated to PROVE THAT THEY ARE NOT "Non-White White Supremacists" And Can Provide EQUAL PROTECTION To All BLACK VICTIMS OF MURDER!!!!

  Pick the local Atlanta television news station of your choosing, or the AJC.
Let's meet up there and go through ALL OF THE MURDERS in Metro Atlanta for the past 5  years and then filter it down to the BLACK VICTIMS of murder.  Let's find the UNSOLVED COLD CASE files and then go reach out to the Black families that are still grieving from the double assault.:
  • Their loved one has been MURDERED 
  • The Street Pirate is still on the loose, able to murder another person if he so chooses

My Replacement Concept For CIVIL RIGHTS

I told you that I have been observing the antics of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" and that TODAY they are not "Civil Rights Organizations".  They are now 100% POLITICAL, with the goal of INJECTING AN IDEOLOGY into seats of POWER.
They Look past the injuries from their friends, proclaiming that NATIONAL POWER will assist their friends at providing LOCAL SOCIAL JUSTICE.  As long as they can "work with" their local friends and compile a media strategy - they will not make a public protest meant to knock them out of power as they do with the right wing.

YOU CANNOT LOOK AT WHAT IS "POPULAR WITH BLACK PEOPLE" (in the Present Prevailing Consciousness) To Appraise The Effectiveness Of This Progressive Leadership.

Those who fail to see that this political movement for POWER must be judged based upon THE NUMBERS in the "Mission Accomplished Zones" that they control - will always be made to "SELL A 'New Tide' that will get the clothing of 'The Blacks' cleaner than what they are using right now OR shut up because you don't have an alternative".  

The fraudulent "Lesser Of Two Evils" construct fails to account for the fact that this LESSER EVIL  has collected the Bulk Of The Negro's Valuables over the last 50 years as he FAKES to be something that he is not.  THEY HAVE NO PLAN TO DEVELOP THE NEGRO by instilling a sound BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE CULTURE, allowing our people to DEVELOP through the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS.

With this in mind - the best way to neutralize the CIVIL RIGHTS SCHEME - as it is SELECTIVELY applied.   (That is unless Sherril Ifill can tell me the terms by which one Negro can commit a "Civil Rights Violation" upon a Black man).

The ONLY way to allow them to continue to call themselves whatever they want to refer to themselves as (ie: Civil Rights Organizations") is to pierce their protection racket by:

    1. The Black Press's Factor Receiving A DOUBLE Amount Of All Of The Others


If YOU claim that you are for BLACK EDUCATIONAL EQUALITY - prove it by the Black Graduation Rate, Black Literacy rates IN THE ZONE THAT YOU are responsible for.

This is a MANAGEMENT strategy to replace a STRUGGLE that seeks to DEFINE ITS OWN TERMS for SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT 

"Too Black Too Strong" Is A Front For "Non-White White Supremacy" Part 1 - The Republican Governor Of Georgia And Education For Black Children

There are some things that I hear from Black people - which is put forth as a STRONG BLACK FRONT but which is SO FRAUDULENT that I am made to cry inside upon hearing it.

I told you before - in the above constellation THE BLACK PRESS is the most damaging and corrupt cog in the wheel.    When it comes to Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio - many of the hosts don't matter how IGNORANT a caller is as he forms his justification for his position - as long as this POSITION ends up in support of the Prevailing Progressive Fundamentalist stand.

From these observations I have concluded that their goal is NOT to develop Black people but to generate CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.  PERIOD!!!

They earn the label "Black-Wing GRIEVANCE Talk Radio" because GRIEVANCES are the incandecant light upon which they fly around in their pitch black void.   THE WHITE MAN is always the #1 uninvited guest of honor.    Despite the strong affirmation of their "BLACKNESS", the truth is that their consciousness is ONLY a FUNCTION OF WHAT THE WHITE FOLKS do - and more accurately HOW THE WHITE FOLKS OFFEND THEM.


When you listen to an argument made by a radio host or caller - you must inspect it from two vantage points

  1. WHAT is the effect that it is meant to convey?

On the "Fight The Power" show on WAOK a caller commented on the recent news of Georgia's fate after the new standards for calculating high school graduation rates knocked the state of Georgia down to near the bottom of the heap at 67%.

Iowa topped the nation with an 88 percent graduation while the District of Columbia was last at 59 percent.Among Georgia’s neighbors, Tennessee led the way at 86 percent. North Carolina was at 78 percent, Alabama followed at 72 percent and Florida came in at 71 percent.

The statement made by a caller into the "Fight The Power" show:

"Hey DB get this.   For all the Black folks who voted for the CHARTER SCHOOL AMENDMENT that gave REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR NATHAN DEAL control over your children's education, now that Georgia has been put to the bottom of the heap for education in the United States you should feel stupid that you gave control over your school to the Republican governor of one of the lowest performing states in the nation"

Though this argument MAKES NO DAMNED SENSE(!!!!)  it drew a laugh and affirmation from "Fight The Power".

When you listen to a Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser - you MUST first understand what THEIR AGENDA is.

The comment above is meant to do two things:
  1. Dangle the goal of QUALITY EDUCATION in front of Black people
  2. AFFIRM that the RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN adversary is the force that is TRICKING/STEALING what you want away from you.
Please recall that the state of Georgia had a referendum on State Based Charter Schools.
Previously the Georgia Legislature had a law which allowed the state to grant an operating charter to a school that could not receive a charter from the local school board.   The Georgia courts ruled that this was a violation of the Georgia Constitution and many of these schools were forced to close as they went back to the local board and were denied funding, once again.

The Black Racial Services Machine of Georgia was largely opposed to the measure.   Interestingly - a factions of students from the Atlanta University Center broke ranks and came out in support of the state measure.  They, like many of the Black parents that support school choice are seeking better educational outcomes than what the local school system has thus far been able to deliver.

The Black Racial Services Machine, KNOWING that there is a significant amount of BLACK PARENT support for this initiative was forced to generate opposition to the measure by doing what they do best:
The REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR Nathan Deal became the powerful whipping boy as the talking point became "Do YOU want White Right-Wing, Corrupt Governor Nathan Deal TO CONTROL YOUR SCHOOLS?"

When your goal is to SHEPARD IGNORANCE in the name of "Congregational Unity" the PROPORTIONALITY of the "threat vector" is of no consequence.   

YOU HAVE ALREADY laid down the claim against the RACIST RIGHT-WING.    Now you only need to fuse the connection among your CONGREGATION.

EVEN THOUGH your FAVORABLE PEOPLE ARE IN POWER over the largest school districts in Georgia that are FAILING TO EDUCATE BLACK PEOPLE - you know you can turn what otherwise should be CULPABILITY for FAILING BLACK PEOPLE - into a PROTECTION RACKET.

The constant MEME of the LAMPBLACKED YELLOW JOURNALIST Black-Wing Media is that WHITE RIGHT-WING don't want BLACK PEOPLE IN POWER.    As such the existential RACIST threat is made to put Black people on the defensive, resolved to PROTECT "Who They Voted For" rather than RUN THE JOKERS OUT OF TOWN for failing to deliver after TAKING THE VALUABLES FROM BLACK PEOPLE.

Let us stop right here to emphasize a point.

I keep hammering on the notion of the "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE". 
This is the set of COMPETENCIES and GOVERNING PRINCIPLES that the legislative, executive and constituency all work within with the goal of producing certain desirable ends.  It is MY VIEW that more than any other LOSS OF CULTURE from our previous experience in America - THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT.   With the presence of the "Governance Culture" - all else can be restored into proper functioning order.  PERIOD!!!

The fraud and hokum heard in the arguments and trix on Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio is a MOLESTATION of the "Black Community Governance Culture".    

Even at the face of FAILING SCHOOL SYSTEMS, run by FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER - many of them who campaigned on the very Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio Show, compelling Black people to hand over their valuables - the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN are secure that they can get their CONGREGATION to stick together - looking past the damage done, IF they HOIST UP A RIGHT-WING ENEMY that is seeking to SLASH THE THROATS OF BLACK PEOPLE - like a Street Pirate lurking on Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd at the strike of midnight.

This is actually the NULLIFICATION of the "Black Community Governance Culture".   Any of the promises about what they are going to do to "Fight For The Education Of Black Children" made 2, 4, 8 or 50 years ago is washed aside from consideration of the present condition of the district.   WE HAVE A RIGHT-WING THREAT who seeks to remove the BLACK PERSON that YOU voted into power - OUT OF OFFICE because he HATES the presence of "Negroid Features" at the bargaining table.   Only wishy washy, agreeable Negroes need apply.

The point that you must understand about this consciousness of the "Too Black Too Strong" is that it is a function of PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM.   Since Progressivism is INORGANIC, meaning it can't stand on its own - it MUST always be engaged in a FIGHT AGAINST THE ENEMY.

Please understand.   The failing condition of certain "Mission Accomplished School Systems" is what happens when they are left ALL ALONE, ALL BY THEMSELVES, to promote the priorities.   After years of struggling against "White Supremacy" in these seats of power - they were now charged with providing quality educational services that they said that the WHITE RACISTS had refused to provide our children.

After a few decades of running the show in the key Black school districts in Metro Atlanta - they soon saw that the task of compelling the human resources to achieve disciplined focus upon quality education was a greater challenge than "The Struggle".   

The real world challenge of dealing with poverty, unattached parents, inter-child conflict, lack of academic  preparedness and adults in the community that did not affirm the value of the educational resources in their own communities became the "Klansman" that served as the biggest threat to the vision of the "Bayard Rustin Vote For Your Community Salvation" strategy.

YES it is possible to rile up Black people into a unified congregation, solving the one day logistical problems of getting them to the polls.  IRONICALLY it is the very scheme of the "VOTE FOR YOUR SALVATION" that produces the notion that quality education is a matter of "executive/legislative fiat" what will channel long denied RESOURCES in support of Social Justice for Black people.

When this "mile marker" was arrived at and then passed by on the long road of "Struggle", the results having fallen far short of the promise - the Embedded Confidence Men, unwilling to yield their own power because of failure - MUST expand the indictment in order to keep "The Struggle" going.

Once you understand that "The Struggle Meme" IS the longitudinal agenda and that the "issue de jure" is but a TRANSACTIONAL INDICTMENT against the right-wing enemy - not only will you understand the function of the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man, you also see the DAMAGE that he does to the Black Community Governance Culture.  

The corrupt Black media is the greatest threat - not because of the microphone he holds.  The Preacher, Politician and Entertainer holds the very same studio mic.    

The reason that the Black media/press is the threat is because they represent the greatest COMPROMISE in the REGULATION OF THE OTHER COGS IN THE WHEEL.  Instead of doing muckraking IN DEFENSE OF the "Black Community's Interests" from the Favorable People In power - they serve as strategic marketing agents.

They sell the PROGRESSIVE AGENDA IN BLACK FACE - compelling the buy in by the Black people into the scheme.   PERIOD!!!

Why The Statement Makes No Damned Sense

I won't even bother to post the exact numbers of public schools that are attached to a public school system.

The bottom line is that there will ALWAYS be far, far more standard public schools, run by the local public school franchise than there will ever be state sponsored charter schools.

Just as the Koreans can open up as many Indian hair weave joints in the hood that they want to - WITHOUT CUSTOMERS they will eventually go out of business.  

CLEARLY the issue is NOT about "Supply" (the presence of an outlet) but it is ONLY about the DEMAND from the customers.

The Black Racial Services Machine understand that such OPTIONS are a threat to their POWER that is vested in the local school system.
The real threat is that "involved parents" who are seeking to optimize the education of their own children will start pulling THEIR children from the local public school and stack them into the local charter school.  

While the "Mission Accomplished" school system denied the proposed charter school from opening - the STATE REPUBLICANS offered an escape hatch.

We need to stop right there and ask the question:  IS THE LOCAL PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM'S INTEREST superior to that of the PARENTS?  Are we making strong school systems or strong students?

I have been amazed at how the very people who call for "Reduced Class Sizes" as a key to quality education, in fact DON'T care to admit that their goal is CONTROL over the allocation of the placement of children as more classrooms are built up in the area.   While charter schools produce "more class rooms" it also represents an exodus.  Thus their goal is control, not educational quality through reduced class size.

What is interesting is that they claim that by reducing the class sizes students will receive more attention.   Why then does it matter that the children with parents who are less involved will be left behind in the public schools IF they are now granted more attention?

This is ONLY about the imposition of the "Mission Accomplished School System" forces upon parents who want options.  The RIGHT WING BOOGIE MAN is thrown in because of its known effect upon Black people.

The Schott Report

I now understand why the results of the Schott Foundation Report has been largely spiked by the Embedded Confidence Men (and their White allies).    

IF the (entire) state of Georgia has a graduation rate of 67% and this is called a GRAND FAILURE.
IF the city of Washington DC is t 59%.
BUT the Schott Foundation Report is telling of a 52% Black Male graduation rate nationally - WHAT does this say about "The Problem" in Georgia - who's aggregate number is 15 points higher than the "National Black Male" graduation rate?

If the taunting caller into "The Fight The Power" show is calling Georgia a failure at 67% - what might you imagine he secretly is aware of the failure.   The FRONT that he has put on is only for diversion.

The second reason why the Schott Foundation report has been spiked is because they destroy the typical "Red State bad / Blue state progressive" meme that is popular within the Black community and progressive circles.

New York and Illinois are NOT supposed to be "red states" when it comes to the quality of civic services.

The point that people don't seem to understand is that public education is a co-dependency between Government / The Parents / The Students AND the adults in the community.

If the confluence of these forces are not aligned into a larger focus that is properly translated into their day to day affirmations of their value of quality education - the goal will never be achieved.

"Quality Education" is not a legislative/executive fiat.   It is a manifestation of a series of elements of good governance - that is MEASURED in total, after the fact.

In pursuing the schemes that they presently do when it comes to the education of Black children - the Black Racial Services Machine will never achieve their claimed goals.   Their real goal is CONGREGATIONAL UNITY as a pretext for POWER GRABBING - and not Quality Education.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ebony Magazine - Always Present When "Black History" Wuz Seen "Progressing" Per The Filter That They Used On Their Camera Lens

Again - Background story of how I cam across the picture of Mayor Hatcher of Gary Indiana.

Last week I needed to grab the present cover of "Ebony Magazine" to do a post about how, despite the chatter regarding the damage to the "NAACP Black Image Awards" that the new reality show:  "I Love New York Hip Hop Artists Who Move To Atlanta As A NBA Ex Wives To Hang Out With Tiny And T.I. Hustling" do.   The point was that even though SOME Black Progressive Journalists are pointing this out - for Ebony/Jet nothing is too low in the entertainment genre - as long as you are not a right-wing politico: their main enemy.

In doing so I saw that Ebony had their entire picture archive for sale on the Internet.  The popup of the recently elected Mayor Hatcher of Gary Indiana - THE FIRST BLACK MAYOR of a large city - caught my attention.  Since I was sitting in the airport, heading to Chicago - I had to make sure that I did my standard "Mission Accomplished City Tour" of Gary Indiana (as well as the Southside of Chicago).

I have a collection of pictures but the relevant ones to this post are as follows.

Ebony Magazine - Newly Elected Mayor Richard Hatcher Of Gary Indiana.

This "Black History" picture is for sale by Ebony Magazine

Per their duties as "Black Journalists" - dedicated to the interests of the "Black Community" -
Ebony Magazine wast here when"Black History"was made

If you pay close attention and you add about 40 years to the Embedded Confidence Men pictured - you will see that the SAME MACHINE who earlier this year fought against the "Foreclosure Upon Detroit" by the Right-Wing Michigan State Republicans and the White Wall Street Bankers were, at that time SELLING BLACK PEOPLE on the grand future of Gary, now that it has become "Mission Accomplished".

Gary Indiana - in 1972 hosted the "National Black Political Convention" 

Per their duties as "Black Journalists" - dedicated to the interests of the "Black Community" -
Ebony Magazine wast here when"Black History"was made

I was not there.
I could not tell you what was said in these private halls.   BUT as I listen to Minister Jesse Jackson, Dr Ron Daniels, Dick Gregory and others who were there in Gary - WHAT EVER they schemed upon - the WHITE PROGRESSIVE CHESHIRE FOX ALLY in the Democratic Party has profited handsomely while the Mission Accomplished Cities like Gary, Detroit, Chicago, Philly, Buffalo, Rochester, Newark, Camden, Trenton, Baltimore, Atlanta and Memphis GOT SCREWED in the transaction.

The worst part of it all is that NO ONE GOT FIRED FOR FAILING BLACK PEOPLE.

Prior to them holding the grand press conference in front of Gary City Hall - they pressure washed the side of this building so that it served as a spotless background to serve as a picture frame for this SOCIAL JUSTICE DEVELOPMENT PLAN for the people of Gary.

Per their duties as "Black Journalists" - dedicated to the interests of the "Black Community" -
Ebony Magazine wast here when"Black History"was made
TODAY The Sign That Foretold Of GARY INDIANA'S REBIRTH Seems To Have Been Hanging There For Several Years.

Sun, Wind, Rain And Snow Has Faded And Tattered This Sign Of The Future - Just Like The Many Ramshackled Houses And Store Fronts That I Saw Around The City
Ebony Magazine - Who's Mission Is To SHOW THE BLACK (PROGRESSIVE) COMMUNITY IN A GOOD LIGHT And Attack The Right-Wing Enemy - Is Not Going To Send A Jouranlist To Gary Indiana In 2012-2013 As They Do FOLLOW UP With All Of The "Favorable People In Power" - Asking Them To Justify The HOPE And The INVESTMENTS That They Have Harvested From "The Least Of These" In Gary Indiana.

They Have Their Hands Full Attempting To Come Up With A Narrative About The Southside Of Chicago That Does Not Prove To Be An INDICTMENT Against The "Black Racial Services Machine" That They Are A Part Of.

Since The Black Rank & File Wants To Have Its Present Views AFFRIMED And Any ADVOCACY That The "LampBlacked Yellow Journist Press" Does Make TARGETED TOWARD THE RIGTH-WING ENEMY - The LEAST OF THESE In The Cities Like Gary, Camden, Philly, Newark, Detroit And Memphis WILL NEVER Receive Protected Cover FROM The Black Press As It Muckrakes Against Its FRIENDS IN ESTABLISHMENT POWER.

Like The Bigoted White Mainstream Press That Provoked The Creation Of Johnson Publishing - Ebony And Jet TODAY Is More Interested In PROTECTING THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER And Sweeping "Negro Suffering" Under The Rug Because THE LEAST OF THESE ARE VOICELESS - As The Establishment Power FAILED TO DEVELOP THEM.




Credit Is Due To Tavis Smiley's Interviewing Skills Shown With Larry Elder

Watch Talk show host Larry Elder on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

Below is a previous exchange between Elder and Smiley.  You can see by the body language that Larry Elder is a threat to the progressive sensibilities of Tavis Smiley.

Ironically - in order to remain in Smiley's good graces you must accept that Black people are "The Least Of These" BUT for no other reason than what America did to us and how America must be fixed for the Black man to be fixed.

Upon viewing the most recent interview with Black Republican talkshow host Larry Elder on "The Tavis Smiley Show (PBS)" - I have to credit Tavis Smiley for showing wisdom in having learned and adopted savvy interviewing skills over the years.   It showed.

Tavis Smiley clearly "Knew who he was about to deal with" in Larry Elder.   Elder, the conservative,, no doubt, wanted to have an ideological jousting match with Smiley - the liberal.

In dissing Elders book that paid tribute to his own father - a hard working, "No Nonsense" Marine with a high school education - Elder's comments were laced with ideological provocations that a "younger Tavis Smiley" would have "bitten" upon, thus hopping in the "rabbit hole" for the debate.

Ironically it was Tavis Smiley's delays in "biting" that helped to develop the character assessment of Larry Elder's father.

Since Elder was using his father's life story as a proxy for his own ideological sentiments of "Hard Work", "We don't suffer the RACISM that my dad suffered from", "If there is anyone who should be angry at America it should be him - but he wasn't" - Smiley's engagement strategy helped Elder expound upon the life story of his father - the subject of the book - rather than immediately "get in to it" - losing the value of his father as a proxy for what he (Elder) has learned that should be of value to other Black males who need a personal ethic.

This post is NOT an assessment of "Who Won".    My goal is to acknowledge that clearly Tavis Smiley prepared for the debate and used his skills that he had amassed from having hundreds of guests sitting in the chair.

Now - to be clear - I still recall the elderly, White, Progressive-Fundamentalist, song writing couple that Smiley had on his show a few months ago - being allowed to fire off a string of ideological viewpoints - to the delight of Smiley, as well as Smiley being pleased by the talking points made by Progressive-Fundamentalist economist Robert Reich.    I am NOT saying that Tavis Smiley has expanded beyond his own leftwing ideological proclivities by any means.

IF ONLY he could center upon "REALITY" as it stands today and then use this as a framework for interviewing any guest with a POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL bent.    The very same skill that was effective at accentuating the story of Larry Elder's father - would ALSO force a more "agreeable Progressive" (from the vantage point of Tavis Smiley's world view" - to acknowledge that their theories have compelled "The Least Of These" to INVEST THEIR VALUABLES over many long decades and thus they are not merely a third party,"disconnected, altruistic" observers willing to HELP - they have, instead, RECEIVED from "The Least of These" the fruits of their organizing effort - the two valuables of:

  • Their CONFIDENCE that through the Progressive Channel their DEVELOPMENT HOPES would be addressed
  • Their VOTES/VOICES delivered into the American Political Domain
The pairing of the two - coupled with the limited development of the "UN-Least of These" coalition is the "Dark Matter" issue that should be debated along with the more popular claim that "AMERICA has less CLASS MOBILITY than does most other Industrialized Nation".    

With this INDICTMENT - Mr Smiley never has to PUT HIMSELF ON TRIAL - as to what he and Professor West has done with the valuables they collected as they made promises to the people upon entering the "Progressive Elevator" after they pressed the "Up" button and then the bell rang. .

"Mission Accomplished City" Living: When "The City Of Atlanta Has Neglected Us For The Last Damned Time" Is NOT Said In Response To RACISM But To Incompetence And Thus Won't Trigger A "Civil Rights March" For Justice

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5


As I said many times before - Living in Metro-Atlanta provides people with the observation that there is little difference between being SCREWED OVER by an incompetent government kept in power by RACIAL BIGOTRY and an incompetent government kept in power by IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY.

SBPDL Blog - "The Blacks" Have Gotten So Comfortable At UGA That The Are Now Protesting For Football Tickets Rather Than Against Racism On Campus

With The University Of Georgia on the verge of playing in the SEC Football Championship - there is a major rush for tickets by the student body.

From the Fox 5 Atlanta News report we see that the "Dog Nation" has gathered together to stage a friendly protest against the university, demanding that students be provided with more tickets so they can cheer on their team.

From the news report (see below) we also learn that UGA has a BLACK Homecoming King this year.  

This is not going to sit well with my friends over at "Stuff Black People Don't Like", who wishes that college football stop selling its soul by allowing Black athletes to dominate the football field OR my "Civil Rights Pharisee Friends" that want Black folks to believe that it is "1965 all over again" with regard to RACISM on campus and in college admissions.

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Progressive Fundamentalist Economics - The Dangling Of "Health Care Justice" In Your Face To Entice You To Look Past The Numbers

Medicaid expansion would bring state $33 billion, cost it $2.5 billion

OK I get it.
I have a copy of "The Nation Magazine" in which they indicted Republican Mitt Romney for "personally profiting" $15 million off of the GM bailout - while they saw President Obama's use of $49.5 BILLION in DEBT MONEY to "Save Detroit" as a good thing.  All of this in the context of a one year budget deficit of over $1,000 BILLION dollars.

I understand that certain operatives use NUMBERS selectively when they craft an INDICTMENT against their enemy.

When it comes to the state of Georgia being compelled to drop its opposition to Health Care Exchanges BECAUSE the federal government is going to first fund 100% of the expansion and then graduate down to 90% coverage - it will only "cost" the state of Georgia $2.5 billion over time.

SO WHAT IS THE DOWNSIDE aside from pure "Evil" by the Right-Wing?

If you take the cumulative $33 BILLION in addition receipts into Georgia and compare this to the accumulated increased DEBT that the United States Government will amass between 2013 and 2019 - (using the $672 billion per year for 5 years that are not labeled- and thus UNDER ESTIMATING the debt ) there will be $5,212 BILLION IN NEW DEBT generated by the US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT - while the state of Georgia receives $33 billion in influx for expanded Medicare.

This is 0.63% of the debt total.

To those who are pushing "Expanded Health Care coverage" their argument will be - "With 0.63% spent on expanding care to POOR PEOPLE - why do you talk about the RISK OF DEBT when this is such a pittance that is doing so much good?"

To the right wing critic - they might say "That's the point.   Your focusing on the BENEFITS that you receive for your marginal interests while you can't see the fiscal damage that is converging around you.

FOR ME - I come back to my fundamental argument:

  2. And the PENDING DEBT CRISIS from the Right........................

WHERE IS the reconciliation between the TAKE OVER OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S "HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS" (our schools) and the alignment with creating ORGANIC COMPETENCIES so that there are MORE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS being created to CLOSE THIS SERVICE GAP - 
  1. Thus relieving the pressure upon the FIAT FEDERAL BUDGET
  2. AND as a hedge against the NEAR CERTAINTY that this "Mutha" is going to BLOW UP one day.   
Once the music stops - the Black community is going to have its STANDARD OF LIVING defined by the GOVERNANCE CULTURE that it chose to protect and develop as it stayed focused upon its PERMANENT INTERESTS - distancing it from the OPPORTUNISM for POWER in the sinking ship of state.

Someone PLEASE tell me the downside of expressing the AUDACITY that the SCHOOLS that are IN YOUR CONTROL be REPURPOSED into "Professional Service Agent Development" institutions in support of your desires for SOCIAL JUSTICE?