They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

BLAX Publishing Introduces "Papa Cepheus Magazine" To Fill The Void That Exists Between THE TRUTH WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY And The Progressive Fundamentalist Propaganda From "Mother Jones" That Pacifies Negroes

The Saga Of The "Haitian Immigrant" As A Political Football

Haitians In Haiti Haitians Once They Get Into The United States

Since There Are No Republicans In Haiti - When Black Women In Haiti Have To Deal With "Legitimate Rape" They Are Forced To Fight Back  

The Ultimate Betray - After All We Did For "The Blacks" - A Black Haitian Couple Has An Anchor Baby And Then She Becomes A Republican.

We'll Show Her By Going After Her As If She Ordered The Killing Of People Of Color Then We'll Show The Pictures Of Them  Burning Her Image In Effigy Because The Mainstream Press Is Too Corrupt To Show Such Pictures.

Notice:  "Papa Cepheus Magazine" was unable to secure the rebroadcast rights for "The First 48: Masacre In Little Haiti" (Miami) because A&E TV (owned by Heasrt Corp and Disney) wanted to charge us more money than we have on hand to do so.

Video Clip:  Massacre In Little Haiti

Papa Cepheus Magazine Can Say With 99% Certainty That The National Rifle Association DID NOT Kill These 3 Black People - This Looks Like A "Drug Turf Hit" And Thus A "Street Pirate Sponsored Execution" Where Clemency Is Never Granted And There Is Never Enough Of A "Stay" To Allow The Anti-Death Penalty Protesters To Arrive To Set Up Their Protest Rally Against The Death Penalty In The Name Of Social Justice.

The journalists from "Mother Jones" refused to do a joint venture report from "Little Haiti".  They said that the area was too dangerous and their insurance company would not allow their employees to go into such a dangerious place for no reason.   They already vote the way that Mother Jones believes all Black people should vote.  Why ruin this by making indictments against the Black community for a small think like "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt"?  

The Black Racial Services Machine's "Shawshank Redemption" Problem: Ideological Bigotry

The Misanalysis And Psychoanalysis Of The "Obama Wireless PCS Lady" In Cleveland"

In reading various blogs and partisan news aggregation sites many on the right are prone to use the "Obama Wireless PCS Lady" as a volley in the "Look At These Stupid Supporters Of My Adversary" war.

In my assessment this is a shallow understanding of what is going on.

We should note that this protest happened in Cleveland Ohio as Republican Mitt Romney came to town.
If you recall back in April 2012 - Romney came to a poverty stricken community in Southwest Philly to attend photo-op at the "Universal Bluford Charter School" where he also attracted a large Black group of Pro-Obama supporters.   In the context of a failing public school system and an impoverished Black community they proclaimed this to be "OBAMA'S NEIGHBORHOOD" and then taunted Romney to come out from his photo-op and come walk with them so see some REAL POVERTY rather than remain in his staged event.

No one in the crowd or the "Obama Fist Bump Press' could get beyond their happiness at seeing the community STAND UP AGAINST ROMNEY and instead see the IRONY of their entire "Hokum On Parade" show.    With Philadelphia and Cleveland as solid "Mission Accomplished Cities" and with their respective constituencies cleaving to the IDEOLOGICAL LEADERSHIP that has brought them to where they are - this after decades of investments of their valuables - we see those who are orchestrating the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" are PLEASED at the loyalty shown by the "Least Of These' who they have keep suspended in their current state of under-development yet loyal.

If Physicist Stephen Hawking Can Create A Claim Of A Multi-Universe To Explain His Way Out Of A Jam About "Black Holes" - Why Can't The People Who Are Legitimately More Interested In Developing Black  People Rather Than Keeping The Congregation United In Politics Craft The Same Construct?

Cleveland Economic Analysis

\Cleveland has a 34 percent poverty rate, making it the third poorest city in the U.S. with a population of 200,000 or more, behind Detroit and San Bernardino, Calif., according to the American Community Survey. Cincinnati is seventh, with 30.6 percent of residents living in poverty.The report, using 2010 data, puts the state's overall poverty rate at 15.8 percent, though rates are much higher for minority populations. About 33 percent of Ohio blacks are in poverty, as are about 31.4 percent of the state's Latinos.
"Part of it is, as the economy tanked, it didn't tank evenly," John Powell, a professor at Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law, told The Columbus Dispatch.
Powell, who teaches about employment discrimination, said blacks as a group face a series of hurdles in finding good work. Other than American Indians, blacks in the U.S. are the most likely to live the farthest from where they work or from where potential jobs are being created, Powell said.
"If they get a job, they're more likely to get a job without benefits, with low pay and in a marginal industry," Powell said.
Raj Aggarwal, a University of Akron business professor, said the disparity between classes is growing more pronounced.

The report, using 2010 data, puts the state's overall poverty rate at 15.8 percent, though rates are much higher for minority populations. About 33 percent of Ohio blacks are in poverty, as are about 31.4 percent of the state's Latinos.
"Part of it is, as the economy tanked, it didn't tank evenly," John Powell, a professor at Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law, told The Columbus Dispatch.
Powell, who teaches about employment discrimination, said blacks as a group face a series of hurdles in finding good work. Other than American Indians, blacks in the U.S. are the most likely to live the farthest from where they work or from where potential jobs are being created, Powell said.
"If they get a job, they're more likely to get a job without benefits, with low pay and in a marginal industry," Powell said.
Raj Aggarwal, a University of Akron business professor, said the disparity between classes is growing more pronounced.


(Side note:  In the last 6 weeks my family, personal and business affairs have placed me into conversations with no less than 50 Black people of various social class, academic attainment, economic class and family configuration.   The ironic point that I note is that while nearly all of them acknowledge massive problems at the "street level" of the Black community per all of the issues that I talk about on this blog - their PASSION during this present time can be boiled down to two essential things:
  • Romney (and the Republicans) doesn't care about the poor Black people - only wealthy people
  • The Republicans are trying to steal the votes of Black people and we must fight them
Everything else is a derivative of these two points.   These two points themselves are founded upon the two critical points used to drive Black people:
  • A Desired STANDARD OF LIVING through Politics
  • RACIAL SUPPRESSION from the Right-Wing against Black people
Any force who gets "The Black Voice" to fuse OUR STRUGGLE with their WAGON will "own" the BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS)

The "Republican Who Is Black" is too tied to his party to see that the question (in red above) is a FAKE BINARY choice.  
Not only is MITT ROMNEY NOT GOING TO CURE THE PROBLEMS WITH THE BLACK COMMUNITY - PRESENT OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS WON'T EITHER - but they WILL receive the balance of the VALUABLES handed into their collection plate from Black people.

The dynamic between the "CONSUMER - Team Purchaser" verse the "INVESTOR who now is seeking RETURNS from the INVESTMENT VEHICLE that received his confidence" must be understood here.

Imagine if a stock broker who lost 50% of your portfolio told you: "I did not know that the COMPANIES that I had chosen for you to invest your retirement savings in were going to implode after running a corruption scheme"?    Does this statement sufficiently remove  him from culpability with respect to YOUR relationship with him as a trusted financial adviser?

Of course your acceptance of his answer requires YOUR COMPLICITY to go along and not take any punitive action against him.  He, after all, was supposed to do due diligence in all of the options available and EXPLAIN THE RISKS to you for you to make the ultimate decision.

You can rest assure that he has noted your previous acceptance of his excuses and will use a variation of them for the next time.

The "Obama Wireless PCS Lady" Is Nothing More Than The Nationalization Of "YOU Can't Tell Us Our Black Leaders That We Should Choose"

Taken at the literal sense - this lady know that a $59.99 per month entitlement to a free cellphone is a mere pittance in her monthly household expense budget.  

Her point is not to proclaim a radical improvement in her standard of living "After Obama" (and several decades of Mission Accomplished control over Cleveland).  She is merely using "The Check List Filibuster" technique that I wrote about before.

In "The Check List Filibuster" the goal is to make a LIST OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS as long as possible for your "Favored Person In Power".   To do so you must remove the MINIMUM THRESHOLD for qualification for entry.  In the "Dark Matter Zone" - the list that is maintained for THE ENEMY - has a bar that not only is high but there are two co-conspirators on each side of the cross bar who's job is to dynamically lift it up, just as the enemy is seconds away from clearing it.   This is the "Black Progressive Fundamentalist's Black Bar Of Soap" in which only they know the bubble count to.  

We should also note that IF an adversary later comes along and cancels the "Cell Phone Entitlement" that such a person will be said to have laid a STRIKE upon the head of the Black community - their "Racism and Hatred had them to snatch a vital life-line from the hands of Black people so that we could die with no one to help us". 

It is simply not worth the time to attempt to debate a person with this type of consciousness.

The only thing that a person who is interested in studying such a person needs to do is to index the "POINT OF HAPPINESS" that was achieved based upon certain Statistical Or Material Receipts.   For example - a given rate of Black unemployment in which they were heard crediting "The Obama' Policies" - despite it falling from 16.2% down to 15.8% - but still nearly double the national average.   The goal is not to satisfy them but to build up a reference library for the NEXT TIME they protest when Black unemployment is at 13% and they are crying RACISM. 

The "Obama Wireless PCS Lady", her Progressive-Joint Venture friends, and the Republican adversary ALL KNOW that THIS WOMAN is not going to achieve a DEVELOPED STATE by the year 2020 - regardless of how the political and policy winds blow over the next 8 years.

She and her counter-protesters were rendered incompetent to GOVERN the resources in their own community.   The ONLY time that they feel a sense of importance is when they can take to the streets and tell an enemy suitor for votes in a neighboring community that HE WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER receive their votes.  They are upset that the enemy has not seen the value to come directly into THEIR COMMUNITY to OFFER THEM SOMETHING TO PURCHASE THEIR VOTE.

The Black Community's Granny Panties - Please Understand The Phenomenon Which Says:  "MY SELF WORTH Is Derived By YOU TRYING TO GET SOME".   The Person Who Doesn't Try "To Get Some" Because He Doesn't Want To Yield To My Demands Must Think That MY STUFF Is Not Worthy As Others - Thus He Is Really Crushing My Self-Worth But Is Also Triggering The Psychosis That I Display Outwardly As I Attack Him - Hoping One Day That This Enemy Will Allow The Children Produced By People Who  "Got Some" When They Did What It Took To Satisfy Me - To Attend The Schools Of My Enemy So My Children Can Be Developed By The Rich Culture That Is Maintained

(Print it people - for it is the truth)

Until the Black community decides in aggregate that THE ACTUAL ATTAINMENT OF ITS PERMANENT INTERESTS is more important than UNITY behind their CONGREGATIONAL IDEOLOGY - the stats in Cleveland, and other Mission Accomplished Cities WILL NOT CHANGE - regardless of who is in power.

When they do get favorable people in power their #1 output will be CONFISCATION and not PRODUCTION (Note: I am listening to a far left economist on C-SPAN as I am typing this.  Richard Wolff a Marxist confiscator - who would effectively capture the hatred and resentment of this woman, leading her on a journey that is temporarily satisfying but which would ultimately lead to her destruction as chaos takes over)

Black Women Bear The Greatest Burden Of The Present "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" That Inserts Diversionary Priorities In The Name Of Congregational Unity


  • The best friend of Quiltavia Patterson say that WHO EVER DID THIS needs to be brought to JUSTICE
  • The mother and cousin of Dejuan Jackson said that THEY shot him in the back of the head execution style

In the case of the 'serial killings' going on in Chicago and other "Mission Accomplished Cities" - it is NOT worthy to bring up the rituals around the Trayvon Martin case and then ask "Well why aren't you protesting these more numerous killings of Black males - WHEN THEY COME AT THE HAND OF ANOTHER BLACK MAN?"

That does not get to the issue.

For me, more powerful than a "HOODIE RALLY" as a means for the general public to show their outrage - something far more basic would be in line:

WHENEVER you hear EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN seek to exploit these serial killings by attempting to shift the conversation toward "EXTERNAL IDEOLOGICAL/POLITICAL ENEMIES" - it is important that you raise YOUR VOICE against them, telling them that these forces that they point to DID NOT MURDER THE BLACK PERSON IN QUESTION!!!!!

The Relative Distance Between Sullivan House High School and the Murder Scene

View Larger Map


I hope that it is our common goal to make TRANSPARENT SAMPLES of the events in the real world as we all seek to apply a force that will mitigate the bad and accentuate the good.

When there is a pattern of distortion of the truth done to protect the "establishment machine" - we get what we have right now, Within The Black Community:
  • Congregational support for a particular narrative that is POPULAR in the realm of "I Know Who Did This To Us And WE Are Going To Stand United To Make Them Pay"
  • I CAN PLAINLY SEE who is doing the TRANSACTIONAL KILLING of Black people - and their consciousness is coming FROM MY COMMUNITY - this as we focus upon our EXTERNAL STRUGGLE.   
The ironic and perverted point that this brings about is that those who CLAIM to have love and valuation for YOUNG BLACK MALES - as they carry out their POLITICAL exercises - are themselves INJURING young Black males because the laws of opportunity costs has them investing more of their intensity against their IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES than they can manage to arouse in compelling their community members to sculpt the consciousness of the SEED that GOD GAVE THEM TO PROVIDE STEWARDSHIP OVER.

One can observe the present situation WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and clearly see that our PRESENT 'GOD' IS NOT 'GOD'!!!!     It is the hopes for marginal attainment upon this Earth, all which comes at a tremendous cost.

The Black Woman Crying On The Television News Is But A "Canary In A Coal Mine" of a greater set of unmitigated dysfunction that imperiled the lives of these "serial killing" victims once they departed the relative safety of their hopes and went onto the streets.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

BLAX News: Young Jeezy - Of "My President Is Black" Fame, Gets A Black Eye After Fighting Rick Ross Of "These Ninjas Won't Hold Me Back" Fame - Back Stage At The "BET Awards"

I need your help.

Those of you who grew up watching "Mighty Mouse" will recall this one.
Remember the episode in which there was a high school for mice in the town where Mighty Mouse lived?
The kids were unruly, disruptive and lived an "I Don't Give A What" life?  They smoked in school and did all sorts of crazy things.

Them Mighty Mouse "came to save the day".
He got the school back in line by instituting discipline.

I need to find this episode.
I looked online and found plenty of old "racist" cartoons of "Bugs Bunny Sambo", etc.
I do not see the original Mighty Mouse series anywhere.


Social Justice Strained To The Point Of Insolvency: Detroit Police Feel Threatened By Elected Officials Who Gave Them Pay Cuts And 12 Hours Shifts And Then Told Them: "Cheer Up At Least GM Is Still Alive And Osama Is Dead"

Fox 2 News Headlines

Black Women Crying On TV Report: Help Install More Video Cameras In Chicago To Help Catch The NRA And ALEC As They Kill Black People

Chicago News and Weather | FOX Chicago News

The Latest Street Pirate Attack In Chicago That "Made A Black Woman Cry On The Television News After Suffering A Personal Loss: 
120th And Eggleston Avenue - Chicago IL
View Larger Map

They Took My Life When They Shot My Son In The Back Of The Head Execution Style

Chicago News and Weather | FOX Chicago News

Friday, September 28, 2012

BLAX NEWS - Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy: "If The Schools Would Teach The Truth About The Pilgrims The Shooting Deaths Would Go Down On The Southside"

(Trust me - Blax News is a necessary sarcastic relief to the internal pain that I have as I watch the Black Community rather than the Political polls.

It is a given that the Black Racial Services Machine and the Progressive Coalition know how to hold large CONGREGATIONS together in their struggle.

The BLACK RANK & FILE now needs to CHANGE- where they, IRONICALLY, demand that THEY BE CHANGED INTO A MORE CONSCIOUS FORM, by the LEADERSHIP that they have been choosing...........................while they are in their UNCONSCIOUS state.

Huffington Post: Chicago - Lil JoJo Murdered After Releasing A "Beef" Track

Dr Marc Lamont Hill Is Forced To Postpone His "Free Mumia Book Tour" In Order To Ensure That  Fewer Other Young Black Males Do Something To End Up On Death Row, Just Like Mumia Abu Jamal

Jesus - Please Help My People To Change

Attention School Teachers - Where The 8th Grade Black Males Who Put Their Heads Down On Their Desk In Your Class Get Their Mentorship

(From the Denmark Vesey blog)

Unfortunately my friend "Brother DV" is not quite ready to accept that Lil Weezy is a violation of the last item of the graphic to the left that I got from his blog site.

FOR ME - I use these type of episodes, that are filmed in "3D HD Stereo" for playback on the flat screen televisions of Black Americans today - to UNDERSTAND that an unspoken advance in CIVIL RIGHTS has been obtained because "Sassing A White Judge, Prosecuting Attorney Or All White Jury" proved DEADLY to Black men from 80 years ago - even IF they didn't actually sas those with the power to lynch them.

The lynch mob only needed to GET OFFENDED by anything that the Black man on show trial did to UPSET them and this was grounds to do the lynching that they were planning to do anyway.

(Do you see why it is so important to not allow "The Black Press" of today to operate without integrity?   Left unbound they too can assume the role of the "Lynch Mob" -NOT per their "killing" but per the stoking of the OFFENDEDNESS that justifies the actions of the mob).

As Art Becomes Life For The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" - The "Highly Offendible Black Progressives" Need To Figure If Such A Verbal Threat Is Equal To That Of One From A Right-Wing Racist Who Makes Political Slights

(Again - Thank you Chauncey DeVega.  Without you I would have never know who Chief Keef is.  I would not even be working if he is an accessory to the murder of a Black man.  The death would have simply remained as "Anther Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt - as the Black Community focused on the threat from Photo Voter ID by those who hate Black people". )

For all of you who don't know.   My dear friend Chauncey DeVega turned me on to this video from Chicago area "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" rapper Cheif Keef.

This Internet  Recruitment Effort Of Young Black Males Via A Mailing List drew less outrage in Chicago than when a Mitt Romney poster that was torn off a telephone pole in downtown Chicago and the wind blew it into the Englewood community where it landed on the windshield of a parked car.    The same Black woman who refuses to "Snitch To The Police" about the murder last week stood by her story that she saw a White man come through and put the poster under the windshield wiper.

Cheif Keef Laughs At The Death Of A Black Man In Chicago - The Black Racial Services Machine Press Operatives Are Too Focused On The National Elections To Get Offended Over This Latest "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt".   

When the bulk of your iTunes library is full of "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" rappers:

  • Threatening what they will do "with their 9 "
  • Threatening to "Blast someone with their chopper" 
  • Offering to put "Three slugs to the dome"
..............the news of one of them commenting about a REAL LIFE MURDER does not raise the ire of the ranks of the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist press.    It's not like Cheif Keef is a racist Republican from Idaho who built a "KKK snowman".   What is there to be offended about?

(What am I thinking right now??? :

"You can't make this up.  You can't make this up.   You can't make this up.  BUT THEY CAN "Make UP THEIR NARRATIVE OF THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEMS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY as they are COMPETENT HISTORIANS just as the historians that road around in the "West" when the calvary was defending against Indians" )


The "Black Republicans" Sent Word About The Murder Through Their Spokesman

GAS-JAR: Social Justice For The Indigent Defense Is Only As Viable As The Solvency Of The City

The Replacement Public Defenders In Philadelphia Have Gotten Far Less Scrutiny By The Public Than Have The Replacement Referees At The Eagles Game

The Price Concession For Social Justice - About $13,500 Per Year
The official arbitrators for Social Justice are no longer willing to participate without serious pay and benefit package increases from the fiscally insolvent City Of Philadelphia.

I have the funny feeling that in a few years some of the same defense attorneys will sue to have their clients released from jail - NOT because they didn't do it - but because they suffered from "Incompetent Council" - because the indigent defense attorney was on strike at the time.

GAS-JAR: As Philly PA Assumes The Character Of Philadelphia Mississippi Report: Street Pirates In Philadelphia Ponder Taking Their Future Murder Victims To Chester PA Because Of The Low Homicide Clearance Rates

The Keystone Cops Chapter Of The NAACP Won't Tell  You About The  Violence And Murder In Philadelphia That Is Causing Many Of Their Members To Leverage The Lull In Hosing Discrimination Per The Strong "Civil Rights Housing Laws" As They Move Out Of The City To Live In The Proverbial "Lily White Suburbs" As The Threat From "Cross Burnings" On Their Front Lawns Is Less Than The Chances Of Them Suffering A Street Pirate Attack On Broad And Lehigh Avenue In North Philly

Though Their Murdered Sons And Daughter Still Mean The World To These Mothers...............The Fact That They Were Murdered By A Subject That Has Little Value To The Agenda Of The Civil Rights Pharisees Triggered Them To Decline To Participate In This Photo Shoot.   These And Other Parent Victims Should Note The Pattern Based Upon The Number Of Local News Media Cameras That Are Invited To Promote Awareness Of The Crisis Versus The Promotion Of Agenda Of The Civil Rights Pharisees.

From The Article

In This Era Of "Political Racism Chasing":  A "NINJA WHO GOT HIMSELF KILT" And Found Laying In The Street Is Of No Use To The Civil Rights Pharisees Because The Opportunism That Is Attached To His KILLER Means More Than The Presence Of A Life-Less Body In The Street.

Since The Trail Of Bloody Foot Prints From His Killer Lead Back To The House Of Cards That Has A Protected Status With The Civil Rights Pharisees, The Incident Will Be Of Little Note, Besides The Additional Tick Mark On The Philadelphia Police Homicide Count On Their Web Site.

GAS-JAR Social Justice Civil Rights Organization Spokesperson:  "Since there are about 50 fewer murdered Black people at this point in the year in 2012 than there were in 2007 - there must be RACISM involved with calling out murders in Philadelphia.    We are QUITE PLEASED with the reduction in murders.  It took a lot of protesting against the Police to get these numbers down to this point.  Y Had we sat a home and just criticized - the murder rate would be no less than 500.  ou should be appreciative us our work within the Black community. ".

GAS-JAR Social Justice Civil Rights Organization:   "Statistically Speaking - Philadelphia Is A 'Law And Order City'.................As Compared To Chester PA.  We Can't Promise You That You Won't Get Killed.  We Can Only Point To The High Probability That Your Killer Will Be Captured.  If His Case Is Compelling Enough We Will Team With "Decarcerate PA" To Protest Against His Death Penalty Sentence.  Its Unfair That The NRA Remains Free Yet Their Victims Receive Death Sentences

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Paid Black Journalist Watch: Milwaukee As A "Mission Accomplished City" But With Massive Problems For The Black Community- Eugene Kane Is Comfortable With His Self-Chum Feeding

Take the dispatches from the "Paid Black Journalist" as evidence of what is of SUPERIOR importance to him.

Take this knowledge gathered based on observation and then go INTO his community of interest.

The Paid Black Journalist was recruited, hired and receives "401K Matching Funds" - to FEED HIS BLACK READ BASE what THEY WANT TO HEAR to affirm their present ideological entrenchment.

He must never OFFEND THEM by daring to look at the problems in their city and community, make note of how their PREFERENCES are in place in the "Mission Accomplished City" and dare assume that there is a need for CHANGE .

Has Eugene Kane Ever Seen A Black Republican In Milwaukee, Besides The Time When He Went To The "50 Cent Concert"? 

The American Press Labels It: 'Murder In Libya" . What Do The People Who Had Self-Labeled Themselves "Africans In Exile In America" Label It?

Commander In Chief Obama Orders A "HUMANITARIAN MISSION" To Free The People Of Libya In Northeast Africa.

Though the American press went along with the story AND claimed that other NATO members took the lead - the US munitions far, far, far exceeded any other NATO member nation

A Battle Between The Nation Of Islam And Various Black Progressive Journalists Over The "Humanitarian Mission In Libya" Breaks Out

See "Within The Black Community Blog" Search Results - NATO 

Black American Progressive Business Men Tell Of The New Opportunities That Are Freed Up In Libya.

His Friend Dr Ron Daniels Never Asks George Fraiser About The Precedent That This Might Set.  They May One Day Move To Africa And An American "Humanitarian Mission" Might Be Run Against Them

George Fraser Promotes The New Business Opportunities In The Newly Liberated Libya
Black Africans are being systematically murdered in "Newly Freed" Libya because they worked for Gahdaffi
After The "Murder" In Libya - Republican Mitt Romney Criticizes Obama.

The Left Wing Team - Including The "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press" run one week of attacks against Romneys' mis-aim.

The news comes out that the Anti-Muslim movie was not the reason for the "attack" but it was a "terrorist Attack"

Why Is It That The Black Progressive Press Operatives Who Got OFFENDED When These American Citizens In Post Katrina New Orleans Were Called REFUGEES, Forcing The News Media To Relabel Them As "EVACUEES" .

And they fought against the "LOOTERS" verses the "FINDERS OF FOOD" label

TODAY can't bring themselves to extend their MEDIA LABELING NARRATIVES over to AFRICAN PEOPLE?

When 4 Americans are killed in Libya it is a MURDER
When The US Imperialist Military In Conjunction With NATO Run A HUMANITARIAN MISSION That Has Killed Untold Number Of People - THEY GO ALONG WITH IT.

Did the sight of the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT being BURNED IN EFFIGY because the people see him as the FACE OF AMERICAN IMPERIALISM stunt the demadns of the Black Progressive Media Operatives to push back against the mislableing?


LIBERATE / RENDER HUMANITARIAN AID - What The ESTABLISHMENT does to people who are outside of the establishment who should be THANKFUL for the PRECISION DRONE STRIKES because the Right Wing alternative would have been an indiscriminate cluster bomb.