They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Michael Baisden's Economic Guidance To The Negroes Who Listen To Him: If You Think You Are Poor Right Now Just Wait Until The Republicans Get Into Office

  •  If You Think You Are Poor Right Now Just Wait Until The Republicans Get Into Office
  • Republicans want to blow up everything and take us backward.  They want to get rid of the "Department Of Education. We are talking about abortion again.  Women still make less than men do for the same work"

All weekend long I was jamming to the music of the venerable "WDAS FM" in Philadelphia.  I had the radio station in my car tuned in after listening to them on Sunday.  When I got back in my car on Monday afternoon - it was tuned into the "Michael Baisden Show".

I do not listen to Baisden, Joyner, Harvey, Rickey Smiley or any of the other syndicated comedian/Black radio DJ shows that are on the air.

I used to be the biggest fan of The Tom Joyner Morning Show about 14 years ago.  Waking up listening to the soap opera bit and J Anthony Brown's comedy.  Driving to work cracking up laughing.

As my ideological and political awareness grew I learned just how much all of these shows are "The Black Racial Services Machine" propaganda outlets.
They ensnare you with their comedy, allowing them to become your trusted friend for news and information.
Just as the leaves turn brown, and election season comes around they all go into "Propaganda Radio Rwanda" mode.

My problem IS NOT that Black people are going to vote 90% or more for President Obama's reelection and in a similar pattern for every Democrat that is on the ballot.  Truth be told - where many Black people live in our highest concentration the good portion of the politicians will run unopposed as the "Democratic Primary" is the "Black Community's General Election".  America's General Election is merely a logistical exercise for the Black Racial Services Machine and Civil Rights Pharisees to get as many warm bodies to the poll as possible - as they know what they are doing to do when the curtain closes.

My problem with Embedded Confidence Men like Michael Baisden, who have a microphone in hand is that they PRETEND as if they are representing the best interests of the Black community - when in truth they are merely agents for the Black Establishment (The Black Racial Services Machine).

If you do not come to the table, fully conscious of all of the forces and issues in the universe within which Black people exist - you will be fed a steady diet of "Self Chum" that sounds pleasing - only to those who want to hear a highly edited version of the truth.

The issues of:

  • The high Black unemployment rate - NOT since 2009 but since the TAKE OVER of the 1960's is not going receive a hearing on the Michael Baisden show.  You see - they see you as a CONSUMER who will purchase whatever sounds good TODAY as a solution.  They don't see you as an INVESTOR - with a print out of a histogram in your pocket that details the investments made by Black people after listening to people like him as indexed by the "Vital Economic Statistics", proving that more Black people than he are now prosperous 
  • The military actions INITIATED while President Obama was the Commander In Chief won't be discussed.  Even though a "Black Progressiveness Nationalist"  conference that seeks to unite all Black people around the world will talk about the NEED TO FIGHT WESTERN IMPERIALISM - you had better not talk about US Imperialism in the same sentence with "Obama" - Obama has only done "Humanitarian missions" and launched "precision bombs" upon people of color.  If you want to talk about the pull out from Iraq from "Bush's Illegal War" you will be warmly received

The point that this all indicates is that you can't expect to hear a full articulation of issues from the "Black Racial Services Machine MEDIA SERVICES".   
They know that you want AFFIRMATION, in support of your present consciousness.

Any one that dares to suggest that it is THIS CONSCIOUSNESS that is the problem that needs to be confronted as the primary OBSTACLE TO BLACK DEVELOPMENT - more than anything that Mitt Romney can threaten Black people with - is a talk show host that won't rate high in Arbitron among "Black Progressive Fundamentalists" 

The Distinction Between Stanley Crouch (The Elephant Chaser) And ME

From my previous analysis of the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press operatives I have developed a model through which their diversionary confidence schemes can be processed.   Just as a 2nd grader does sentence deconstruction to find the nouns, verbs and adverbs - so too can the antics of the press operatives be committed to a predictable scheme.

In the case of NY Daily News operative Stanley Crouch he follows the "Obama Talking Point Diagramming Model"

New York Daily News - Stanley Crouch - Shunning Hot Air, Seeing The Light

Mr Crouch has a "three-fer" in his latest diatribe

  1. He gets to strike against the Elephant - Mitt Romney
  2. He gets to poke at his crosstown NY Post/ News Corp rival
  3. He gets to sing high praise about Obama's "Nationalized Social Justice Education Scheme" 

Please read Mr Crouch's article to affirm my observations.

First he starts out on his favorite subject - the GOP threat - in this case Mitt Romney and his problem plagued trip to Europe.  This is done to hand out the first round of "Self Chum" to his loyal supporters.  Mr Crouch knows that with this appetizer in their gut, his loyal readers will ingest anything that he writes.

Next he comes home and details how, outside of the confines of Fox News - Mitt Romney looks too unvarnished for his tastes.  In fact even Fox News operatives could not make sense of Romney's words said in the land of "Anglo-Saxons".  

With his base now content on the first course of self-chum that they have been served - Mr Crouch now gets around to the main item that he wants you to feed upon:  EDUCATIONAL REFORM WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

You see - Mr Crouch is able to point out the successful islands of inner city education as his reference models.  He is UNABLE to call out the SHARKS that will stop at nothing to prevent any structural change in the status quo. 

President Obama is in a strange place.  While he is universally affirmed by Black friend and foe of these Educational Reforms that won't be favorable to the present administration and teaching staff - he is actually positioned in a spot similar to his drone bombings in Libya, Pakistan and Yemen.    This is because those who would hit hard against any other president for threatening the union strong hold in education - KNOW that if they push back on Obama as they did anyone else -their larger goal of having him reelected would be compromised.    Ironically - just as they wish to deny a Black kid in a failing public school an ALTERNATIVE for her education - they too don't have an alternative beyond Obama and the Democrats if they chose an all out war against educational reforms.

They are in the position to get the best deal that they can - in a landscape that they clearly see is not favorable to them.

In Mr Crouch's world of "good guys and bad guys" he is NOT going to assign a "Bad Guy Status" to any of the forces on the streets, inside of the Black community that took control over our schools, leading them into power - only to fall short of their last round of promises.    

It is far more palatable to blame "the legacy of RACISM", the misappropriation of resources that unfettered CAPITALISM provides and the notion that this present school concept dates back to the days of agrarian America.  

Despite the fact that no Negro that has ever been successfully elected to a major school board has run on a platform of "We Are No Longer ShareCroppers" - these notions appear to be pleasing to the people who appear to be always looking for salvation via the ballot box.

Mr Crouch and others who think like him - and who are gainfully employed by "corporate media" are NOT going to ever run a sustained "muckraking attack" against the "Black Racial Services Machine" and the Progressive Fundamentalist base of thoughts and the "White Allies" that they partner with.  When there is no one chomping at the bit for INTERNAL REFORM - why should one bother in assuming that the Progressive/Black faces in the seats of power that Blacks used to protest against are EQUAL in their power to provide sub-par services to other Black people?

From This Title And Cover Picture From Stanley Crouch's
Latest Article That This Is
A Story About Education Of Black People?

The Black Community Will Be Reformed Through Transparent Governance And The Enforcement Of Institutional Integrity

As UNMITIGATED expressions of racism wanes those who have trafficked upon its sight as a means of diverting attention off of the incompetent governance within the Black community will become more desperate.  

Their #1 goal is to retain POWER.  They can do so be convincing Black people, in our present consciousness that we are INFERIOR when it serves their purposes (difficulty in obtaining Photo ID), that we are VICTIMIZED when it serves their purposes (hyper-focus upon a White Hispanic killer of a Black male while more than 2,000 Blacks have been murdered since that time) that we must stand UNITED and thus SILENT in support of a preferred suite of agenda items.  (Silence about the US Military under Obama while proclaiming that Mitt Romney will join with Israel to bomb Iran).  

In their scheme of "Establishment Power Repudiation" coupled with a lack of infrastructure within to check them - the more POWER they receive over our institutions yet fail to deliver upon the promises - the wider the radius of distraction they must scale as they move our attention away from our communities - and outward to where the enemy elephant is sharpening its tusks to pierce our bodies. 

While Mr Crouch is able to articulate a future with a sound educational platform assured to Black kids, as he fuses the contents of his articles with Obama talking points - he is unable to act as a CHECK, noting that we have heard this before and that many of the same people talking this stuff stood behind President Obama during the signing ceremony, never having to fear being called out for their previous works.

The bottom line point is that absent an EXTERNAL THREAT - and when we have to actually get down and achieve certain ends THROUGH BLACK PEOPLE - the decades of usurpation of our people for short term gains show forth as the task of aligning our people without "bread and circuses theatrics" shows the consciousness of a people who have long been exploited.

There are no slave whip marks upon the backs of the young people that I witnessed around "Mastery Academy" on Media Street in West Philly.    ALL of the lashings that they will likely be receiving in the next 10 years of their formative development will come mostly from OTHER BLACK PEOPLE who occupy a 20 block radius of the community.  This is the community that was deemed "Obama's Community" back in April when Mitt Romney came to town to visit a struggling charter school.  With the fact that the facilities seem brand new and refurbished few people are claiming that peeling paint and broken windows (see Jonathan Kozol) are the reason for the issues at the "Universal Bluford Charter School".  

At a time when we need more people to be "Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired" of hearing PROMISES and POLITICAL PROMOTION - there needs to be a force that prevents the expansion of our "struggle" upon a nationalized scope.   Such a scheme only allows those adult forces who should be standing up and managing the academic careers of the people that GOD provided them with stewardship responsibility over to achieve a bit of a pass as they are allowed to join the crowd and participate in a POLITICAL STRUGGLE, most often against forces that had cleared out from the city 20 years ago.

The greatest fear in Black America - the one that goes unspoken the most - is the FEAR of being left all alone, having to produce desired results through the INSTITUTIONS, CULTURAL NORMS, SOCIETAL ENFORCEMENTS AND ECONOMIC PRIORITIZATION that are presented.  

The truth is - as I see it after a week's worth of reviewing the place where I grew up - the FALSE RELIGION OF BLACK AMERICANISM needs to be DESTROYED before the Black Diaspora can find its footing and field a CONSCIOUSNESS that can support our organic development.

Few of the antics that are projected as "Black Political Thought" in the comforts of America would allow a people who attempted such in most other nations to survive to tell about it.

WE Are In The White House Series: Kerry Washington And Morgan Freeman Show The Corruption Of The "Black Community Development 401K Portfolio Investors"

Note: This reference to Kerry Washington was stolen from my dear friend Filled Negro's "left hand frame of shame"

In listening to actors Kerry Washington and Morgan Freeman its as if they are both reading from the same script.

With the noted struggles and disappointments suffered by the Black community - NOT ONLY over the past 4 years but during the past 40 - as our INVESTMENTS have been applied with the promise of a certain end - they along with their other "Black Racial Service Machine" operatives appear intent on not telling the entire truth - mostly because they understand that YOU WANT TO BE SOLD FORWARD and not bothered with such painful points of fact.

Ms Washington the Olivia Pope character in "Scandal" is far more intellectually curious, based upon the questions that she asks in order to compile information, than you appear to be interested in doing prior to leading millions of Black people in their next investment.

The JingOist Talking Point 
Constructive Feedback University Analysis And Rebuttal
President Obama Ended The War In Iraq - as he promised to do.  

Are we to assume that no US troops that lost their lives under Obama's command should be treated as "Blood On His Hands" because this was "Bush's Illegal War"?  That Obama should ONLY be credited for stopping the war?

Why don't you hear any of the JingOists discussing the expanded war in Afghanistan, the NEW invasion of the sovereign African nation of Libya and the continued US Military and CIA drone strikes into the sovereign nations of Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia?

The most compelling way to communicate the damage that comes with this cheerleading and cherry picking is to understand the following:

AS THEY Praise Obama for their own ideological purposes - THE US MILITARY IMPERIALIST MACHINE continues to do what it has always been doing - EXCEPT this time it has managed to find a way to mute the protests of its former critics - the Left-Wing, Anti-War Advocates.   Nothing more than a change in leadership, who's success they are now vested in is the difference.

These ARE NOT WHITE REPUBLICANS Who Are Hanging Obama In Effigy

Expanded Health Care Coverage For Millions Of Americans I plan to do an in depth study on the legacy of health care in Southwest Atlanta.
While this area is laced with wealthy Black Obama supporters, who think just like Kerry Washington - at the time BEFORE Obama got into office and there was a need to practice "cooperative economics" with their poorer Black neighbors - they chose to drive past the Southwest Atlanta Medical Center and instead spend their corporate backed health insurance dollars at one of the larger, predominately White hospitals downtown.

TODAY their faces are covered from their past deeds.  Their present support for the "Affordable Care Act" makes them "white as the undriven snow".

Truth be told that if they and other clusters of prosperous Blacks were to have formed a community health care EXCHANGE - the same effects that are promised by "Obama Care" could have been achieved - in conjunction with a more coordinated effort to have more health care professionals matriculating through the schools who are named after past great Black educators.

One day Ms Washington will see:  BLACK AMERICANS DID NOT GET "HEALTH CARE" with "Obama Care".  UNLESS to can enumerate 3 things:

  1. A substantive increase in health care professionals
  2. ORGANIC increases in economic output to pay for these services
  3. A measured change in lifestyles and behaviors among Black people that will reduce the onset of disease..............
there was no NEW HEALTH CARE, only increased outsourcing upon an entity that has $16 Trillion in debt and growing fast.

The ultimate proof, Ms Washington, would be for you or anyone else to define a scenario in which this scheme can be packaged up and delivered to any other Black Diasporatic population around the world, where their access to health care is augmented, absent the presence of a "Social Justice Government" that can do just as Obama is said to have done in America.

I am of the belief that some people are more pleased to hear other progressives tell about the excess of physicians that Cuba produces than they can make the claim that school systems lead by Black people in America have produced them for our benefit.

Obama Recovered The Auto Industry Ms Washington - could you tell us what imperiled the auto industry in the first place?
(Clearly you are not an economist or manager even though you are cute)

For years there has been a contentious battle between the auto makers and their suppliers - including the LABOR SUPPLIERS the Unions.   The proverbial can was kicked down the road as the threats of wildcat strikes that shut down production and hurt revenues compelled the "consumers of labor resources" to accept deals that were not in their long term interests.

When you say "The Auto Industry" why don't you note that Ford Motor Co did not receive a government bail out?  They saw problems ahead and went to their suppliers, several years in advance of the collapse of GM and Chrysler.   As a result they were able to avoid bankruptcy.

Why is it that when we see that Delta Air Lines and United have emerged from bankruptcy such a condition is not an automatic death sentence?  Yet when we talk about GM and Chrysler - in the context of your "Obama Promotion" you would have us to believe that absent federal assistance they would have shut down the company.  This just is not so.

Further - why is it that the banks that ensnared themselves into the position of needing federal bailouts are seen as paragons of corporate greed?  Yet the auto makers (and green energy companies) that feed at the same trough are positively affirmed by you?

Are you sure you don't have an ideological bias, Ms Washington?

He’s made college more affordable by increasing Pell Grant funding. So let me get this straight, Ms Washington.
When drugs and health care treatment becomes too expensive and out of reach for more Americans - you and other Progressive Fundamentalists support a government crackdown on the people printing the INVOICES.
When the colleges are shown to be inflating the price of their services, casting millions of people into a life of low paid grunt work - if they can find a job at all - YOU support increasing the amount of money given to colleges?

Does the fact that a significant number of colleges are GOVERNMENT RUN that there is a distinction in how Obama and other like-minded people treat these institutions that are squeezing people's access via their price increases?   I have documented how the Obama Administration has its sites focused on "For  Profit Colleges" (DeVry and U of Pheonix) because they claim a high student loan default rate.  Yet the truth is that many HBCUs have student loan default rates that are at the level of these "For Profit Colleges" yet the Obama Administration has an effort that is parallel to his new "White House Initiative For African-Aemrican Students".

I am struggling as to why I should be impressed, Ms Washington, as this increased spending comes at a time when President Obama has just announced the 4th year of $1.2Trillion Plus deficits?

The way this all works out is - these grants that you speak of are merely federal government transfers to state run institutions.   As state budgets have tightened they have had to push more of the costs upon the backs of the students.
The truth is - what YOU are selling as an "economic benefit" bequeathed by Obama is merely cover for tepid economic production at the state level.
The subject of ECONOMICS does not appear in your list of justifications.

He signed into law a woman’s right to fight for equal pay for equal work. He has promoted clean air and clean energy projects.  I guess I would be considered "mean" by my favorite Black Progressive female NPR host.   The list to the left, as provided by Kerry Washington is what I call a "Propaganda Check List Filibuster".   Unable to have a discussion on the 1,000 Rhino in the room - the present economic state of the nation - along with his 1,600 pound brother - the state of economics WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - Mr Washington and other Black Progressive Fundamentalist are forced to load up the discussion with check list items that they learned from their discussions with likeminded Black people with the same affinity for Obama and the Progressive Movement.


When we assess the NEEDS of the Black Community and then index the pursuit of SALVATION over time - one must ask why Ms Washington is forced to throw out these checklist items while evading the question of the ABSOLUTE ORGANIC GROWTH of the Black community, under the watch care of the forces that are favorable to her, that she is using her star power to vet them on your behalf.

The best way to understand this situation is to place your mindset back to September 2005 as Hurricane Katrina exposed the NEEDS of a large community of "Least Of These People".
The help that they needed was mentally comprehensible in your mind based on  the dynamics of:

  • The Acuteness Of The Need 
  • The Timeliness Of The Response (Now as people are drowning)
  • The CAPACITY Of The Rescue (How many rescue vehicles are NEEDED based on the number of people and the carrying capacity)
QUESTION - In the words of Kerry Washington and nearly all of the articles on The Root and The Grio - DO YOU SEE a "PROPAGANDIST" that is intent on telling you all of the "Ready To Eat Meals" and their contents that the victims should be THANKFUL FOR because otherwise they would be starving without this Presidential help OR do you see a "CONSUMER INVESTMENT ADVISER" who is speaking FOR THE PEOPLE in relation to them receive a RETURN ON INVESTMENT as proven by their PRESENT CONDITION.

The last line is critical as it defines the difference between me and a Progressive Social Justice Advocate.  I am NOT looking for an expanded fleet of government vehicles that will rescue me as my kiddie pool bursts, flooding my basement.  MY MEASURE is on the ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT that is seen WITHIN THE PEOPLE after being exposed to the long term effects of the SYSTEM that the various operatives have in mind.

Kerry Washington and others like her are not prepared to be transparent analysts in defense of the Black community FROM the federal government.  With their promotion of Obama - the federal government and its noted excesses are able to walk into the consciousness of the Black community because those who are working the inside job have intentionally stuck the mop handle through the back doorway, allowing them to knock over the Black community's consciousness during closing time when all of the valuables are in the safe.

He has endlessly fought for the middle class and working Americans. As time passes and I gain a more thorough understanding of how "Black Hole Political Analysis" works - I am made to be less concerned about what PRESIDENT OBAMA has done to help the Middle Class and instead I focus on the people who think just like him and have dominate control over:

  • Cleveland
  • Detroit
  • Flint
  • Chicago
  • Milwaukee
  • Akron
  • Youngstown
  • Buffalo
  • Rochester
  • Pittsburgh
  • New Haven
  • Newark
  • Trenton
  • Camden
  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore
  • Charlotte
  • Atlanta
  • Jacksonville
  • St Pete
  • Miami
  • Birmingham
  • Nashville
  • Memphis
  • Houston
  • Kansas City 
  • St Louis
  • East St Louis
I see why THEY ARE NEVER FIRED FOR FAILING BLACK PEOPLE - when they have the benefit of people like Kerry Washington promoting them.

The spirit within the Black community that seeks AFFIRMATION (of those we see as FRIENDS) and SLANDER (of those who we are convinced are our enemies) will ensure that THIS BLOG is considered a "Mean Blog" that is bent on ATTACK BLACK LEADERSHIP.

All the while people like Kerry Washington and the "Black Entertainer" cog in the "Black Racial Services Machine" will receive "Humanitarian Awards" from the "Black Racial Services Machine" - for no other reason than they AFFIRM what they are expected to affirm and STAY SILENT upon what might lead to an INVESTIGATION.  

Its a good thing that THERE IS NO official "Black Racial Services Machine Muckraking Investigation Unit".    The "Unity Conference" known as "The Black Press' has NO INTENTION WHAT SO EVER to switch from the PRESS AGENTS over to the DEFENDERS OF THE INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE - even as they must protect our community FROM THEMSELVES. 

This is the main reason why no one gets fired.  
They just print out more glossy index cards to continue their marketing campaign.  

If The JOINT CENTER FOR POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC STUDIES had any CREDIBILITY they would take Kerry Washington's assessment of why Black people should reinvest in Obama (and the larger machine)  for the community's salvation and see if such a prospectus would be legal in the eyes of the Security and Exchange Commission IF Ms Washington was selling a mutual fund.

The Calling By "Jesus" Of The "Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton"

In "Obama's Community" In West Philly, Right Down The Street From
The "Universal Bluford Charter School"
A Negro With The Same Spirit That His Mentors Taught Him Knows The Power Of Propaganda Marketing To Compel Black People To Walk Through The Door That "BLACK JESUS" Is Pointing To So They Can Walk On "HOLY GROUND".

If his original plan was to trigger respect from the local youth to not mark up his wall with graffiti then he should be credited for his insightful knowledge of the people for there was not a stray mark on his walls.

We Won't Lose - The Blacks Are Too Appreciative About What We Do For Them

"The White House Initiative On Educational Excellence For Black Folks" - The Analysis That You Won't Hear On Other So-Called "Black" Media Sources

Redding News Review- Full Text - The White House Initiative On Educational Excellence For African-Americans

I know without a doubt in my mind that this latest piece of paper, framed by the "Black Racial Services Machine" and signed by President Obama will be of more benefit to Black politicians in their goal of AFFIRMING the greatness of President Obama and his "care for Black people", more than it will ever benefit actual Black children in "Mission Accomplished" schools.

After reading the entire document and marking it up - I assure you that the two key points that the "Civil Rights Pharisees" and Black Activists would be attacking such a proposal on WILL NOT BE MENTIONED.  This is because their finger prints are all over the document.

  1. There is NO FUNDING specified in this document.  The funding source for this initiative comes from the existing Department Of Educational budgetary funding
  2. The macro-framework of this entire initiative is based on an agenda that was mentioned by Secretary Arnie Duncan several years ago - promising to return America to the status of the top ranked nation for production of college graduates.   This program represents a "Blackification" of this existing program, which hopes to initiate policies to address the specific needs of inner city Blacks.

The primary point that I assure you no other "Black media (propaganda) source" is going to tell you is that THIS INITIATIVE from the desk of the (Black) President Of The United States comes almost 50 years after the Black Racial Services Machine, via the voice of Bayard Rustin told Black people that our communities would receive SALVATION if we initiated a systematic local take over of our institutions, putting Democrats in power to advance PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY.

I have resentful respect for the Black Progressive Fundamentalists as they understand that their monopoly control over the messaging within the Black community will ensure that the average Black person will look FORWARD toward the promise of Obama's Black Education Initiative, rather than at the PAST - where this scheme is merely the next chapter of a long running saga that has NO ONE EVER FIRED FOR FAILING BLACK PEOPLE after successfully compelling them to hand over their valuables into the collection plate.

Let's be honest for a second though.   The "Black Racial Services Machine" and politics in general are merely OVERLAYS upon the activities that are happening on the street, between people.   I believe, and it is clear that - these so-called Black leaders are fully aware of the difficulty in achieving a certain end THROUGH BLACK PEOPLE, as every adult is compelled to do their part in the uplift.   I am not talking about VOTING.   Voting is a 6 month propaganda hype program and then a 1 day logistical challenge to transport people to the polls.   I am talking about COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE.

Community Governance entails establishing properly functional institutions and then instilling respect and honor for these institutions IN THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE.   Through these institutions and the integrity that is enforced - a PEOPLE with a certain CONSCIOUSNESS about themselves and others in their community and the physical plant within their community will be developed.  

Economic output and GDP is merely a measure of the value of all human activity within a certain political parcel.   Even though Tavis Smiley says that "Poverty Is The New Slavery"  this is an irrational talking point.

There is NO SUCH THING AS "POVERTY".   There is an ABSENCE OF ECONOMIC VALUE CREATION.   Just as in physics - "There is no such thing as 'cold'" , there is "HEAT" and "absence of HEAT" - that gives the sensation of "cold".   This little change in analysis of the situation can guide one's set of proposed solutions.    A government program can paint over the lack of economic productivity but it cannot produce a permanent fix.  

The Ironies Of The White House Educational Initiative For The Blacks
The best way to showcase ironies is to do a contrast between two or more intervals of struggle for Black people.

The Key Threats To Quality Education For Black People - As Enumerated By President Obama
Time Interval Pre-Civil Rights Era Mission Accomplished Era
The Lack Of Quality Teachers  Teaching was one of the few "professional" career options available to educated Black women and men.   The teacher was a highly regarded figure in the community.  
The irony of the competing interests of the Black community is expressed here.   When the qualifier of QUALITY is added to the discussion then we must also include the POLICIES that this same educational activist machine have been pushing for several decades.   The school system has become a "Jobs Program".    Initial hiring practices and the retention of "problem teachers" has focused upon the needs of the adults rather than the best interests of the students.

While the goal of providing Black students access to "QUALITY TEACHERS" sounds like a nice talking point - once this is OPERATIONALIZED and there is any hint of RACIAL or CLASS-BASED preferences AGAINST a certain base of teachers - you can be sure that this drive will be watered down, in favor of the interests of the ADULT EMPLOYEES over the students.

This could trigger the first NEA lawsuit against the Obama Administration if the Department sticks to its guns on this one.

Safe Schools  During this era an "UN-safe school" had the characteristic of a gang of White people who were bent on fighting against integration.   The Little Rock 9 feared being attacked within the school if they were cornered and beyond the view of the school administration.  In as much as the adults in the school were complicit in the hostile environment of the school the larger government was justified in sending in resources for law and order to protect the Black children.
In a radio discussion with a local politician a few years ago regarding a dangerous neighborhood I asked the question:  "PROTECTION...............FROM WHOM?"

As I read this entry on "Safe Schools" I can't imagine that the Obama Administration is talking about rattle snakes and wolves that threaten Black children as they walk to school.  They are not talking about wooden beams that might fall from the roof of the school house that is in disrepair.

They are talking about the physical danger that comes from OTHER STUDENTS.  Mainly the ones who look just like they do.

The ironic point of the present resegregation of our schools is that there is increasing proof that threats to students (and teachers) are not bound by race.

The lack of INSTITUTIONAL RESPECT is the vector through which safety concerns are expressed.

The Obama Administration has their hands tied on this one.  They are forced to take off the table the punitive, militaristic responses that were offered up during the Civil Rights Movement to produce safety for Black people.  In as much as this same program hopes to reduce the number of Black (males) receiving punitive discipline - the only option available to seek to address the situation is "Anti-Bullying Training" and similar courses.

While a police officer receives "corrective training" - if he still crosses the line there is a system of punishment that remains in place.  I am not sure that the civil rights pharisees are prepared to accept that IF after 5 years of this scheme and the numbers of Black males receiving disciplinary action has not changed sufficiently that THEY are open minded enough to go beyond their assumptions that the system is bent on derailing Black boys and instead look more closely at the root of the problem.   The fact that "The System" is more "Black" than ever before has not compelled them to change their mind about the system's intentions.

Advance Placement Courses/College Prep
Schools such as Washington DC's "Preparatory High School for Negro Youth" (Dunbar High) were in their entirety crafted for the education of college-bound Black students.   Even though they were public schools they accepted high performing Black students beyond the district boundaries.

A Black school that was located in the agrarian South had students who were largely destined to become farm hands.  The curriculum and school calendar centered around the realities of the student's existence.

I believe that this point was inserted by the Civil Rights Pharisees in conjunction with Thomas Perez over at the Department Of Justice, Civil Rights Division and Ms Ali in the Civil Rights Division within the Department of Education.

You see the civil rights community has been very pleased by Mr Perez's work.   He has done their bidding, going around to various schools and noting that some schools lack Advance Placement Courses.  

In my research on the case of Monroe Louisiana - even thought BOTH high schools in question had a significant number of Black people in attendance Mr Perez looked at the one school that did not have AP courses and deemed it a "civil rights violation".   In BOTH cases the academic performance of the school should have been the "civil rights violation".   The reservation of certain elite classes while the larger portion of the student body drowns in failure is hardly "Social Justice".

  I personally believe that Mr Perez and people who think like him understand that they can only make their indictments at the MARGINS.   As the low hanging fruit that provides them with a purpose are harder to find - they will one day reach the point where they will be forced to address the "mother load", the central problem from which all of these others flow from: INCOMPETENCY IN GOVERNANCE and THE RANK & FILE who must be forced to buy into these larger goals.

Mr Perez and the Civil Rights Pharisees understand that there remains a market for victimization.  As the base of power for progressives grows they will be forced to fight against their ideological soulmates as THEY are the ESTABLISHMENT POWER who is failing the people.
School Discipline  White Teachers, unfamiliar with handling (mostly) Black males and bringing in their prejudices from the larger world have chosen to remove Black males from their class rather than consider improved engagement and instructional techniques that would allow them to "reach" these students who have a different world view than the other students in the class.  Once again - it is important to suppress two converging FACTS about our present school systems.    The same "resegregation" among the student body is also present among the instructional staff.   Majority Black schools are also more likely to have majority Black instructional and administrative staff.

Yet when we focus on the "unfair" allocation of discipline upon the backs of Black males the omission of the facts about the racial make up of the adult disciplinarian leads many people to believe that a RACIST WHITE PERSON is always at the helm, making the call to move the Black male out of class.  This is simply not the case.

I previously reviewed the discipline numbers of various school systems in metro-Atlanta, using their racial make up as the controlling factor.  While of course there were numerically more Black students being disciplined at districts that had a larger Black majority head count - the PERCENTAGES of Black students receiving discipline in more diverse settings was not out of line with the majority Black settings.  This review would tend to indicate that a "racist scheme" to railroad Black male students out of school is not present.

While I am in agreement that, per their circumstances, the Black male student has a differing set of needs than does a similarly situated female - it seems to me that the Civil Rights Pharisees are seeking to place the larger issues of societal and familial failures upon the school system.  THE SCHOOL is asked to accommodate these students.  At the same time the lords of Societal Engineering are never asked to consider how their cultural/societal theories are part of the effluent that is tossed into the river upstream, leading to its polluted state - down stream.

IF indeed Black males have a relationship to AUTHORITY that is different than others.  IF INDEED Black males who were raised around females are impacted in a manner that is different from those who have a male-centered household - WHY THEN are the Civil Rights Pharisees standing in the OVAL OFFICE seeking a fix to that which is fundamentally a problem WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

As I noted before - while they are the paragons of "Social Justice" as it relates to the expansion of the definition of marriage - they are similarly INCOMPETENT at compelling HETEROSEXUAL "BREEDERS" to submit themselves to the institution of marriage so that many of these negative outcomes that are expressed in our community are mitigated.

The summary point that we must understand is:  Whenever they are forced to WORTH THROUGH BLACK PEOPLE - rather than getting Black people to WORK FOR CHANGE IN THE GOVERNMENT - they show that they are not up to the challenge.  Working THROUGH Black people requires strong institutions and enforced integrity.   This often runs awry to their need for "loyal followers" who respond to emoted calls from the pulpit by a confidence man with a microphone.

Special Education In the past,  problem Black students were "tracked" into Special Education classes to problem students from the general body. 
The rebuttal for this claim is similar to the one above.  The preference is to leave the characterization of this issue as amorphous as possible.  The rank & file will trump this up as yet another case where "Da Man" is trying to destroy Black males.  Absent the specifics they won't see that the favorable people that they assisted into power is now "Da' Man".

This entire argument of "comprehensive solutions for ALL" and not custom solutions for small populations, at the expense of the whole (in their view) is parallel to the charter schools debate in this way.   Those who are allowed to retain the "moral high ground", making indictments against "The System" but who are not made to actually engage with the problem and produce results are free to retain their indictment, mandating that the SYSTEM change to be more accommodating.

The fact is that there is a "bell curve" that can be placed on student aptitude in learning course material.  Some people fall outside a reasonable standard deviation and do need to be provided with specialized help.  Their presence in the classroom can slow the pace of other students.  Ironically the call for AP courses in support of the students that are several standard deviations above the norm is an affirmation of this truth.  The difference is that the Civil Rights Pharisees are claiming that the over representation of Blacks in Special ED is "punitive" while the relative lack of AP courses is also discriminatory.

My main rebuttal to the argument about the treatment of Black students at the extreme ends of the "Bell Curve" (slow learners and advanced students)  is that with the WIDE MIDDLE of Black student attainment - the absolute position of the large mass of Black students is BELOW what it should be - for them to compete in the larger world. This is the very point that the initiative is attempting to make. The problem with the initiative is that it can't see that many of the agents who have allowed the problems to persist have done so after taking political power with the promises of a FIX yet now they are seen under the banner of "WE Are In The White House", engineering a new scheme for the next interval of the struggle, without the community holding them accountable for their past failures.

The hallmark of the present Civil Rights Struggle in education is to focus on the margins as a means of rendering an indictment (ie: the small population of Ivy League students in the Affirmative Action debate, while the WIDE MIDDLE of Black people who could be made into college material IF there was heightened focus and competent leadership) as a means of evading the ESTABLISHMENT position that they now hold.

Just think about the grave differences in access to the White House that the Civil Rights Community has between President Wilson, President Johnson and President Obama - three progressive Presidents.

  • Wilson was a progressive but a racial bigot.   Despite attracting the support of W.E.B. Du Bois he stated that he will soon show all Negroes the mistake they made in assuming that their support for him would translate into benefit
  • Johnson had the Progressive/Social Justice policy set that the Black Progressives favored.  His war-making ultimately severed the relationship.
  • With Obama - "WE are in the White House!!!!".  With this vicarious living arrangement in place - the Civil Rights Pharisees agree to be silent about Obama's war making, careful not to make the mistake of derailing their domestic social justice movement by focusing on external affairs.  As such Obama agrees to be SILENT about the past failures of the ESTABLISHMENT MACHINE that is now controlling the "Mission Accomplished School Systems" that this piece of paper upon which this executive order is written is supposed to assist in their efforts to educate Black children.
The establishment machine won't be fired and they will make sure that Obama's political enemies don't fire him in November.    

The Mayor Of Philadelphia On The Day That He Showed
That Black People ARE NOT REALLY SERIOUS About
Educating Black Children
Sadly in 8 years - the condition of education for the Negro is not going to change.   In 2020 as it will have been the case in 2016 - the debate on "Negro Education" will remain as a political football for the combatants in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" to compete over.

The fact that no one is talking about the need to develop BLACK PHYSICIANS, who will surely matriculate through these schools in question, to address the demands for "Professional Services Agents" is enough for me to see the disconnection between EDUCATION and the STANDARD OF LIVING for the Black community.

The ironic point, in my opinion, is that if the SCHOOLS WHO ARE EDUCATING OUR CHILDREN were in order - we would have an abundance of Black physicians to service our community, mitigating the need for a nationalized health care scheme in the first place.

Note: The Above Graphic is NOT Of My Making Under The Banner Of "Blax News".  It merely shows the lack of seriousness that is present within what represents itself as "The Black Civil Rights Movement" of today.  If they had a "do over" - they'd surely put "Trayvon Martin" in as a substitute for Troy Davis, no doubt.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Joint Center For Political & Economic Studies: The WHITE VOTE IS SUPERIOR To The Black Vote

The reference to this report from Nov 2011 was borrowed from "The Redding News Review"

Question -  Why is it that the Joint Center For Political And Economic Studies are aware that Georgia and California both have "One Party Rule" but they are NEVER going to write a report that focuses on California and how such an arrangement is a threat?

ANSWER:  The report focuses on WHAT BLACK PEOPLE (in the present prevailing consciousness) believe to be the POLICY OUTLOOK that best serves their interests.   The Joint Center is not interested in "diversity" or "bipartisanship".  Its ONLY interest is in advancing the present Progressive Fundamentalist ideological position that is popular within the Black Community - which benefits the Democratic Party.  PERIOD.

The ironic point is that the South has recently received a strong net positive inflow of Black people. (just as the report says).  What they can't bring themselves to say, however, is that it just might be so that California and other "Mission Accomplished States" have policies that "The Blacks" favor BUT "Favor doesn't pay the bills" so they are forced to move out.

Rest assure - there are few TRANSPARENT sources of analysis that focus on "Black Political Issues" that come to the table with the assertion that:  What is POPULAR with Black people (in our present prevailing consciousness) is not always what can be proven to be BEST for Black people.   Such an notion often is met with the rebuttal:  "So you think Black people are too stupid to know what our best interests are and who represents them?".

Such a person can't see the circular reference contained in the statement above.
"Why is this in the best interests of Black people?"
"Because the large crowd SAYS that it is?"
"Well where did they get this idea from?"  
"Because the Black Racial Services Machine has been united in making the case that 'Real Blackness' stays UNIFIED and does not publicly challenge Black leadership - unless they want the Republicans to win as we fight each other.  No one who loves Black people would ever do such a favor for the GOP".

The Selling Of Non-White White Supremacy Without Noting So

POINT OF CLARITY:  It is NOT my belief that the Black Community would show less bias if its VOTING PATTERNS were more divided between the two parties.   (This ain't gonna ever happen, "Republicans who are Black".   The existential consciousness of the Blacks with "Slave Blood" is that of "The Oppressed" and thus the Lumpen Proletariat meme will always be attractive in America ).    It is MY BELIEF that if the Black Community was more serious in ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT within, we'd see more NON-POLITICAL activities that form the basis of strong communities, where the people are developed via the INSTITUTIONS that are now firmly in the hand of favorable people.

Voting for a LOCAL leader who will instill the proper policies for sound institutional governance is the key.  When one's EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT is placed on NATIONAL VOTING (as it is today), this produces an outsourcing effect.   The Nationalized Social Justice  mentality produces the conditions by which the machine that has failed the Black community LOCALLY can live another day by merely keeping the people focused on EXTERNAL INDICTMENTS against their enemies.  It is the worst form of OUTSOURCING.   The people's main civic duty is to VOTE according to this scheme.  In doing so they are able to walk past all of the discarded dreams that line the streets of their community, CONFIDENT that SOMEONE ELSE is responsible for their condition....................and they are going to be MADE TO PAY ON ELECTION DAY.  Sadly this "Someone Else" is always outside of their domain of existence.  They are a characterization that was crafted by the Embedded Confidence Men who would otherwise be on the hook if there was not such an external enemy to take the blame.

Do you all see why I am why I am with regards to what passes for legitimate "Black Political Thought"?

With a straight face the "Joint Center" makes the claim that the states with WHITE FOLKS who did not vote for Obama in 2008 beyond 10-14% there is a pattern of "Extreme Racial Voting" being expressed.
When they put a chart that shows that BLACK PEOPLE ALL OVER THE NATION voted for the Republican John McCain that would make them KLANSMEN had they been White and McCain Black - they talked right by that column in their report.

(Please - someone else give me a logical reasoning other than this?)

It is important to move beyond the debate that the Black Progressive Fundamentalist Public Pseudo-Intellectuals want you to remain stuck in.  A debate which says that Black people VOTE FOR those who they best feel can represent them - in their perpetual fight against White Conservatism and thus, UNLIKE WHITE FOLKS, we should not appraise Black people from the stand point of DIVERSITY.

  • Can the Joint Center claim that in "Mission Accomplished Zones" where "The Blacks" have appointed people into office who they favor that the Black community is thriving?  
    • Note: I have pictures from "River Rd" in Camden NJ on my digital camera that will refute any claim that you can bring forth
  • Has the Joint Center ever made an enumeration of all of the promises made to Black people since the mid-1960's which successfully compelled Black people to fuse the "Black Community Development Consciousness" with the American Political Domain, attracting upwards of 90% of the Black voter INVESTMENTS since that time?   Do you think that this august center of research could EVER act as an INDEPENDENT INVESTMENT ADVISER, telling the Black Racial Services Machine that we SHOULD HAVE received 25% more returns on investment IF they had a system by which they could be FIRED for failing to deliver what was promised?
  • Can the Joint Center bring itself to make note of the 2010 Census Data, along with reports on the "Great Reverse Migration" and then make a transparent assessment of WHY Blacks have departed so many of the zones that are in the hands of favorable people, only to return to IDEOLOGICAL HOSTILITY in the South?
  • Is the Joint Center able to bring itself to INSPECT THE PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS OF BLACK AMERICA - making note of its feasibility to lead our community to the level of development that we desire?  OR is it safer to not challenge this consciousness, instead focusing upon Racist White folks?
The answer is that "The Joint Center" is merely the research arm of the "Black Racial Services Machine".  Its job is to affirm their position and feed the machine with data points.   It will NEVER challenge the machine, using statistical inferences to affirm its calls for reform and a purge in leadership in support of a fundamental new direction.

They understand that the numbers registered for Black Democratic support (above) are totally rational in the present consciousness that has been engineered and maintained within Black America.  In turn, when the Southern Whites show an equally slanted preference for the Republicans then this is a sign of the expression of their RACISM - by contrast.

The solution that I have observed over time is to move the argument (exclusively) away from RACIAL BIGOTRY and focus on the subject of IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY as well.   When we focus on ideological bigotry then it is easier to understand how the "Black Racial Service Machine" works to alter the results that are seen among "the least of these".  

California versus Georgia


Jerry Brown (D-CA) 

Nathan Deal (R-GA)
LT Governor

Gavin Newsome (D-CA)
Casey Cagle (R-GA)
Secretary Of State

Debra Bowen (D-CA)

Brian Kemp (R-GA)
State Attorney General
Kamala Harris (D-CA)

Sam Olens (R-GA)

John A. Perez (D-CA)

David Ralston (R-GA)

The Media Spokesperson For The "Joint Center"

When people limit the discussion to perceived RACIAL segregation/ discrimination while failing to see that IDEOLOGICAL segregation can produce the same disastrous results the conversation will remain askew to the reality.

Few people could make the case that Blacks in California have a materially better existence in California, New York or Illinois than in the majority of the South, simply based upon the party in dominate control over the state.

The only thing that we can conclude is that the "Joint Center", as with most Black people prefer to have a "progressive Democrat" in power, promising to fight against the White Conservative public policies that they find abhorrent.

It is when we move beyond a mere consideration of what is satisfactory and can cause Black people to agree to "Struggle" but instead key in upon TRANSPARENT ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS that we see how the hidden hand of ideological bigotry serves to skew tendency to apply punitive retribution FROM the Black community against leadership that is in power but have fallen short of the expectations.

BLAX News - Mug Shots Of Famous Leaders In Pennsylvania Who May Be Disenfranchised Because A State Report Says They Don't Have ID

Many more may have IDs as review questions Pa. numbers.

After reading the article at the link above - my willingness to agree that PA is not prepared to conduct Photo Voter ID enforcement - DUE TO INCOMPETENCE - is higher than I ever would have imaged I would admit.

Former Mayor Wilson Goode does not have ID, according to the state list of victims of voter suppression
Present Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr is a victim of voter suppression as the list says that he has no state photo ID
The State Republicans show that they are willing to suppress the vote of White Republicans as they do to City Councilman Dennis O'Brien what they plan to do with Black people - suppress his vote

City Councilman Brian J ONeill, another White Republican caught in his party's cross fire as they try to oppress Black people
A Hispanic Democratic member of City Council Maria Quinones Sanchez is on the voter suppression list as well

Marian Tasco, City Council member - Voter Suppression list member

Even though the state blames the false positive hits on how names with spaces, hyphens and apostrophe marks are handled - YOU ARE NOT going to see this point of clarification used by the "Peddlers Of Inferiority" to explain the 750,000 disenfranchised claim.

They have a vested interest to maximize the number of VICTIMS on the last so they will leave it up to their constituent base to read this truth from an alternative news source.

I am curious about one thing though.
As I was listening to a Philadelphia area Black radio station I heard a commercial from the "Pennsylvania Department Of Health" - encouraging people to obtain proper ID before they attempt to use state services.

This in and of itself was not the problem or surprise.
The surprise to me was that the commercial was done to a "hip hop beat" and lyrics.

Which rapper would go against the position of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" and encourage people to get a state ID, thus reducing the population of VICTIMS of voter suppression?

Indeed those rappers will stop at nothing to make a buck.  
Shameful.        ::)