They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Slain Black Female Officer In Denver Receives Equal Honor In Her Funeral Service

The decision to work security duty after hours for a free Jazz concert in Denver is not supposed to cost you your life and leave your young daughter without her mother.

Rollen Oliver - The Street Pirate Who Committed The "Street Pirate Sponsored Execution" Upon Officer Hollis.
The State Needs To "Sponsor" him just the same.

5 Year Old Little Girl Hit By Car In South Atlanta As She Tried To Retrieve Her Shoe - Driver Drove Off Like She Was Road Kill

A little girl was crossing the street to go to the park with her family.
She ran out in front of everyone else, lost her shoe in the road and then ran back out to get the shoe.

A car driving on Campbellton Road struck the little girl AND KEPT GOING.

It is not possible for someone driving to hit a human being in BROAD DAY LIGHT and not know WHAT he hit.

This was clearly an accident.
The ONLY possible scenario is that this person kept going is that he did not want to interact with the police because of his present state of sobriety or some criminal indictment against him.

Sadly there was no "Human Consciousness" behind the wheel.

A Heavy Presence Of Street Pirates Ensures That "Embarrassing Reality SHows" Are Not The Only Thing SHOT In Atlanta

As The AJC's Rodeny Ho details all of the television footage shot here in Atlanta.............

The Street Pirates, who's antics are far, far, far more embarrassing than "A Real Family Fued Over  Love And Hip Hop In Atlanta With Someone Else's Wife Named Tiny & TI"

Television Shows Being Shot In Metro-Atlanta

People Being Shot By Street Pirates Hanging Out Of A Sun Roof In Atlanta

This woman could have stayed in Los Angeles and gotten shot by someone doing something purposeful - like defending their gang turf.   It all seems so senseless to travel across the country for a baseball tournament only to get shot in the face by a Street Pirate who pull up beside you on I-75 and unloads 5 bullets from a long rifle into your rental car.

The only solace that one can get out of this story is that there is "Nothing Here" for the "Civil Rights Pharisees" to grasp upon. 

Some of them are no doubt in town for the weekend after participating in the photo-op for the ground breaking of the "Atlanta Civil Rights Museum" to commemorate a time when lawless thugs used VIOLENCE to retain ORDER.

At least the Street Pirates of today use VIOLENCE to give a taste of the anarchy they will produce IF the cries of the "Prisoners Rights Movement" of "Free Them All, Free The Land" were ever acted upon.

One thing is for sure:  IF the "Sun Roof Street Pirate Assassin" is ever caught there will be no Civil Rights Pharisee at his arraignment hearing.  UNLESS he is 75 years old who thought she stole something out of his house and the woman driving was merely a teenager. 

From The Article

Atlanta police were investigating a drive-by shooting on I-75 north near downtown that left a Los Angeles woman wounded in the face.

The woman, who was driving a rental car, was traveling with her husband around 2 a.m. Friday after leaving Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when the shooting occurred, according to a police report.
The couple had arrived in the city two hours earlier to attend a son's baseball tournament and were on their way to a Marietta hotel, they told police.
As the couple traveled on I-75 near Northside Drive, they said a man emerged from either the sunroof or passenger window of a dark vehicle that was traveling ahead of them in a left lane and began shooting at their rental car.
The woman was shot in the face, with the bullet entering her cheek.
"She was apparently able to maintain control of the vehicle long enough to pull over and let the male passenger take the wheel and drive to Piedmont Hospital, which was a short drive from their location," APD spokeswoman Kim Jones said in a statement to Channel 2 Action News.
The officer investigating the shooting said the couple's vehicle had at least five bullet points of entry, including two in the windshield.
The couple said they were not involved in any road rage incident before the shooting.
"Based on their story, the incident appears to be a random act of violence," Jones said.
The couple gave conflicting descriptions of the vehicle in which the shooter was traveling. The man said it was either a Chevrolet Impala or Malibu, while the shooting victim said it was an SUV.
The driver said the shooter was a black male wearing white shirt. He was holding "a long gun" that he was holding with both hands.
The woman was admitted to Piedmont in stable condition.

Friday, June 29, 2012

BLAX News - "What Black Progressive Fundamentalist Black Journalists Like Leonard Pitts Should Say To Black Americans"

Miami Herald: What Mitt Romney should say to the NAACP

(Side note: Does anyone else notice that Lampblacked Yellow Journalists SPEAK IN THE VOICE OF OBAMA for 95% of their articles published that there is no need for them to do a 'Hypothetical' about "What Obama Should Say To The NAACP?

The NAACP and other members of "The Black Racial Services Machine see their JOB as DRIVING THE PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY AGENDA.

Above all else they can NEVER allow doubt among 'The Least Of These' nor structured interogation from "Educated Negroes Who Know Better" to force them to protect the "Black Community's Gold" from the "Progressive Agenda" that will one day save us.)

This Picture Of The Obamas Is Posted On The NAACP Office Atop Of The Crumbling "HIll District" In Pittsburgh.  Their Pride In Obama Outlasting Their Disappointment That After Almost 30 Years - "The New Granada Theater" Has Still Not Opened And THEY CAN'T PROTEST AGAINST THEMSELVES To Speed Things Up

The Picture Of The Obama's On Their Front Door Blunts The Pain Of Knowing That When It Comes To Reopening "The New Granada Theater" Which Has Been Mothballed For More Than 30 Years, INTO A "COMMUNITY STABILIZATION CENTER"

  • Booker T Washington's plan for training Black Tradesmen to do the job with in, using underutilized talent who are asked to forgo PROFITS for the long term benefit OF THE COMMUNITY - is counter to their "Why Are You Blaming The Victim" meme
  • Unlike the "Harold Washington Center" in Chicago - there is no college close by to run an "Occupation" against, compelling them to invest in "Social Justice" and thus ensure the system is open - forging loyalties to the people who can look at the politicians who CLAIM that their love for Black people is the ONLY reason why the center is open.  Keep this in mind the next time they are being attacked by the RACIST enemy who would rather see "The Blacks" with nothing in their community.

This Billboard Of Obama Which Is Accross The Street From The NAACP Office Fills The Void That The Boarded UP Theater Triggers.

The NAACP Now Paints The Plywood That Covers The Abandoned Homes Because it is depressing to see GRAFFITI or  advertisements for "Hip Hip Voice Of The Street Pirate" concert posters covering the walls of these abandoned buildings.

What Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Journalist Leonard Pitts And The Majority Of The "NABJ" Membership Should Say To BLACK AMERICANS.

Not the type of "sorry" as in an apology.  
We are "sorry" in the use of the word in a qualitative measure.  We allowed a massive misalignment between our DUTIES TO INTEGRITY TO OUR JOURNALISTIC CRAFT, OUR POSITION AS "THE VOICE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY" WHICH PROTECTS OUR PEOPLE FROM MOLESTATION and our personal ideological preferences that motivated us to be used as tools for propaganda by "The Black Racial Services Machine" and the larger "Progressive-Fundamentalist Multilateral Commission"

We forged an intimate relationship with you, our readership.
WE ARE YOU and thus we fully understand - not just "How Black people think" but also "How Black people, in the prevailing conscious condition, WANT TO HEAR".

"We are sorry" because we chose to feed this consciousness in that it was ultimately doing what we wanted it to do, hate who we wanted it to hate and latch its 'Black Community Development Consciousness' upon that which we wanted to be fused, per our handiwork".

"We are sorry" in that when we were abundantly employed in the local newspapers we lead the way in fortifying the "Machine Take Over" of the local "Mission Accomplished Cities" we sold our base of readers on the glorious ends that would be received by the Black community IF we "stuck together, ENTHUSIASTICALLY voted and accepted the "wink wink" that our editorial bias sent your way regarding WHO was really the blame for the great gap between what we told you would be the benefit and what was actually delivered.

Out Of All Of The Cogs In The Wheel Of "The Black Racial Services Machine" - THE BLACK PRESS - who has the POWER to EXPOSE all other mal-actors is itself THE MOST CORRUPT - at the expense of the Black Community.
Look No Further Than THE PARTNERSHIPS Of "The Unity Conference" (Journalists) OR "The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights" (Civil Rights Pharisee Groups) TO SEE WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE!!!!   They are PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST OPERATIVES who see that to have PROGRESSIVISM advance they must FORM JOINT VENTURES.

"The Black Racial Services Machine" is itself a "solar system" inside of a larger galaxy of Progressive-Fundamentalist Operatives.

The ONLY benefit is that PROGRESSIVISM is STRENGTHENED - insuring that in the PROTECTION RACKET, none of the failures that PROGRESIVISM has registered in its failure to develop "The Least Of These" is subject to the expose' by any of the muckraking journalists seeking reform.

That Keeps The "Struggle Motion" Going, Providing The
Celestial Bodies In A Line

"We are sorry" because we knew that YOU WANTED TO follow along with "The Struggle" that we did our part to retain.  The talking point of "Blame The Victim" was an effective check upon anyone who dared go around our web of deceit.

"We are sorry" because we knew that you would believe that a Black man born in 1992 suffers more from the legacy of "American Chattel Slavery" and "Jim Crow" than from the failed upward thrust from the "MACHINE" that is in dominate control over the majority of the institutions where our people live in our highest concentrations.

"We are sorry" in that we did not tell you the great cost that our people would suffer as the key institutions through which our development as a people and as a community were compromised due to politics and ideology.   We understood that you wanted to defeat your ideological enemies more than you cared to protect these institutions from molestation - from external sources and  INTERNAL.  

"WE CAN'T LOSE" appeared in our internal strategy statements on "How To Keep The Negro With A Consumer Consciousness" that was funded by our White "Progressive-Joint Venture Partners".

Today the "Bayard Rustin Balck Community Salvation Strategy has run its course and we indeed have more "Favorable Progressive People In Power" - just as we had as our agenda.

"We Are Sorry" because we understand that despite the massive failure at the local level in the places that followed our lead - we understand that since Black people need to feel a part of a STRUGGLE that it was in our strategic best interests to shift this "Perpetual Struggle" away from a "Local Return On Investment Muckraking Series", up to a struggle for "Nationalized Social Justice".  Since we dominate the narrative - few Blacks will notice the shift in focus and the obfuscation from accountability for the present conditions.

"We are sorry".

We need YOU, the "Black Rank And File" to stand up to us and provide limits and focus to our antics.  Just as we report about the "Wall Street Bankers" - without regulation and monitoring all EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS will begin to operate in  a self-serving manner.

Since we call you "The Least Of These" - we understand that you "Equal Human Beings " because of the historical damage that placed you in the inferior state that we remind you about. 

Please accept our earnest apologies - We Are Sorry.

A Reference To The Fact That "Paid Black" Journalists (From 2011) Got Bent Out Of Shape Over 2 Police Shootings While They Were Not Able To DEPUTIZE Any Of The "570 Street Pirate Sponsored Executions" That Took Place In Georgia, Allowing Them To See That The STREET PIRATE IS 100% EQUAL In His POWER TO KILL PEOPLE!!!

The "WE Are In The White House" Report: "I Went Listening For 'Independent Talk Radio' From The "Occupation Independent" Rob Redding Yet All I Got Was This "Obama T-Shirt" For $20 To Be Donated To The Obama Campaign

Indeed "Political Labels" are not important.  Just as "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio Host" Rob Redding, member of the "National Association of Black Progressive Journalists" tells us about himself.

It doesn't matter what labels you accept or reject.   The ONLY issue that we really need to appraise someone on their fidelity to the model of issues that impact the Black community AND the measure of our "Return On Investment" after buying into a promised fix is his inclination to pursue BOTH:
  • Those who are offensive to the "Present Prevailing Consciousness" of Black people
  • Those who USE their knowledge of the "Present Prevailing Consciousness" of Black people to get yet another batch of investments from Black people - knowing that the above bullet point is the SUPERIOR concern for people with this consciousness
It doesn't matter what you label yourself.
It is better to appraise such a person based upon your knowledge of yourself based on the model that you operate with, the effectiveness of this model in solving your problems as you thought, and your ability to be open to CHANGE once your investments have failed to produce the outcomes that you were made to believe by your Confidence Man Investment Advisers. 

When it comes to radio host Rob Redding - I knew that when he did is book tour in the company of many "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist' radio hosts and yet none of them cut off his microphone and ran him off of the show because he offended the sensibilities of the hosts (just like the Black Tea Party woman did to the Black talk show host in Tennessee) - I understood that in their lack of despite his statements that "Neither Obama or the GOP has a fix for our problems" and the "Partisans don't want you to hear what he has to day  - these radio host partisans understood that even though Mr Redding was talking - HE wasn't talking AT them with the intention of knocking them out from their power to manipulate and injure Black people - JUST LIKE THE BANKERS WHO'S "OCCUPATION" MR REDDING SUPPORTS.

The web site that the Redding News Review either took advertisement money from or agreed to notify for free.

The real issue with me is not Mr Redding's promotion.   
WOAK is a day long Obama commercial.  This is nothing new.
The problem is that Mr Redding never challenged the title of the web site with a question:


'Republican Who Is Black" Raynard Jackson Must Learn To Watch To Force Black People Align Our Actions With Our Desired Outcomes Above His Desires To See "The Blacks" Join His Party

Romney will not Focus on the Black Vote
(Article syndicated by Booker Rising Blog)

A few weeks ago I witnessed "Republican Who Is Black" Raynard Jackson get quadruple-teamed and stopped by 2 "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist" journalists that were recently suspended by their employers ("Because they are Black"), another who is the "First Black Defensive Coordinator for The Malcolm X Political Football Game" and another guy on a show on TV One who's goal is to accentuate rather than challenge the prevailing Black political consciousness within our community.   It was not that these three had a better argument it was that Raynard Jackson's angle of attack required that he buy into their fraudulent assumptions regarding the Black Community and job creation at the hands of President Obama's "Jobs Program".
Suspended Politico Reporter Joe Williams pictured with
Mrs Romney And "The Dick", the description that got Williams suspended, but which HE "reports" as "RACISM"

In the rapid fire show Mr Jackson did not have the time to establish the proper baseline for the debate.   In truth - I am not sure that Mr Jackson could competently articulate the proper context of the present employment challenge within the Black community.   He is more prone to defend the merits of his PARTY, after the tag team set up against him take turns picking him apart.

After almost 50 years of "Black Voter Straight Ticket Voting" for the Democrats - Roland Martin expressed "Mission Accomplished amnesia" and lead with the charge that the Republicans repudiation of President Obama's "Jobs Program" is the reason why the Black unemployment rate remained stubbornly high.

From a purely dispassionate political debate perspective it is a brilliant strategy to "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" as the argument is focused on the transaction at hand that you desire to gain ground upon.    From the perspective as an "Investment Adviser", in which you are seeking to PROTECT the interests of the Black community from being taken for a ride again, Mr Martin's claim was fraudulent.

Not only was the proposed $384 billion for 2 million jobs proposal insufficient to make a SUBSTANTIAL dent in the "Black unemployment rate", let alone the national rate - it injected the supposition that the federal government is responsible for creating jobs - this after decades of compelling Black people that our votes at the periphery governments closer to home would be the magical job creation elixir.

The job of Martin/Williams/Martin is to "Sell Black American Forward" on whatever Progressive-Fundamentalist scheme that is presently on the table.  This, while ensuring that the "Black Community Attention Span" is focused only on past indictments against "The Enemy" and how the enemy's hatred of Black people is the only reason why our present position is short of 'full employment'.  If you believe that their interests are to PROTECT the interests of the Black community against ALL who seek to usurp our resources and consciousness - you are sadly mistaken.

Unfortunately, Mr Jackson's agenda is little different.  He is merely playing for the ultimate benefit of another team.

Thus, upon reading yet a new article from Raynard Jackson in which he suggests what Republican Mitt Romeny must do to work for "The Black Vote" - it is clear that the previous tag team beat down did not teach Jackson a lesson.

As a person who is immersed into the key "messaging streams" that flow into the Black community - along with the network of primitive progressive-fundamentalist sources to which they are aligned - it is easy to see how this architecture influences that which represents itself as "The Black Agenda".  There is NOT ONE SINGLE POINT that this "Black (Progressive) Agenda" is in violent disagreement with the larger agenda.   (The only possible point is on the subject of "Reparations".  The fact that President Obama is not hit for being against Reparations is merely a permutation of their present silence on the notion of "Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere" in that they are not going to call Obama out about Reparations because he is moving forward favorably on their domestic progressive agenda.  Pragmatism over radicalism is what they are preaching.)

With the above observation in mind - Mr Jackson's assessment of "What Romeny Must Do To Show Black People He Cares" is particularly misaligned.   From a Black Perspective (please see the following two diagrams.........................)

Indeed there is an election going on in the "American Political Domain".
Black people are American citizens in thus should be VOTING for the people they believe will best represent them in government - for the purposes of developing the environment that ultimately produce favorable outcomes for our community.ergy

The problem with the Black community of today is that we are being USED to impart our unique racial history, INTO the "American Political Domain".   The party/ideology to which our "racially grievance voices" are attached to will inevitably profit from being favorable to Black people - as long as we retain this prevailing conscious state.

The residual consequence of allowing this claim to go unchecked is that a "macro-talking point" is created in which "The Black Community Condition" is one of a constant struggle to "set American right" from its shameful past treatment of Black people.   The "radical transformation of America" meme that the Black Progressive Fundamentalist runs with THROUGH Obama says that "Obama is not done yet".

Of course - those of us who are watching this scheme - see that in order for this to be SOLD properly - the "Progressive Joint Venture" must shirk all obvious assumptions of their INCUMBENCY.
The Black voter must be kept as a CONSUMER - who has a bundle of voters (and loyal support) to anyone who EARNS it.   This is indeed a fair disposition to retain.

The problem with the present orientation for Black people is that the "Embedded Confidence Men" who are setting the Black Vote up for "consumption" are themselves OPERATIVES working for the benefit of the "purchaser".

What they brag as a "Democratic Lock" upon the Black vote - a testament to "How much contempt Black people have for Republicans" is also the reason why the "Mission Accomplished City Effect" is with us.

  • (From the yesterday's Chicago Sun-Times that I have in my hand) Former Democratic Cook County chairman Stroger Tells His Democratic Replacement Preckwinkle To Stop Blaming Everything On Him - ANALYSIS - The usual "Black Democratic Blame Everything Upon The Republican Predecessor" and vote them out of power for their failure is converted into an INDIVIDUAL attack upon an individual Democrat as the present Democrat seeks to frame the issue.  AT NO POINT is the PARTY or, more importantly the COMMON IDEOLOGY/MACHINE INTERWORKINGS blamed in aggregate for the failure as the voters chose to clean house, taking a new direction because they desire different results.  (Black people don't vote AGAINST the Democrats - they MOVE to a new location where the machine is less powerful, while they continue voting for the Democrats none the less)
  • Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter - presiding over a public school system that was taken over by the state years ago - is not obliged to tell the crowd of angry "Anti-Romney" protesters when he as mayor would get the Philadelphia Public School System back on track.  He knew that they wanted to hear about Romney's failures in education in Massachusetts, this despite the fact that it remains as the top ranked state for education.  I should also note that a Black journalist from the "Black America Web" article that I blogged about the other day ALSO used the slight of hand done by the Mayor of Philadelphia in which he was adamant that  WE ALL should be talking about Romney's educational failures in MA as governor.  Where as the "Black Press' SHOULD be the agent that prevented the slight of hand by the Mayor Of Philadelphia, reminding him that he has no credibility to talk about "failed education", IS the agent who has joined in on the scheme.  They know their readership base as the mayor knew what the angry crowd of Black people standing in front of him wanted to hear.

Raynard Jackson Doesn't Appear To Understand That He Needs To Be Fighting A Campaign AGAINST THE BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE So That The BLACK COMMUNITY'S PERMANENT INTERESTS Might One Day Be Expressed More Effectively RATHER Than Running A Campaign For More Blacks To Become Republicans
 As a Black Republican loyalist Mr Jackson doesn't know WHAT IS HITTING HIM.

Not only is he within the repository that Black People's prevailing consciousness BLAMES for its problems.  He is fighting against the force that the Black Racial Services Machine has used a steady stream of PROPAGANDA CONDITIONING to cast as the channel through which Black people will be made whole.

Over the past 3 years I have heard more Black people note how "President Obama In Office Is A POSITIVE SYMBOL for Black people to align their educational pursuits after".
With a POLITICIAN allowed to remain as such a RACIAL reference like this - we need not look at the results of this POSITIVE affirmation.   The more interesting PSYCHOLOGICAL outcome is that THERE IS NOTHING THAT HE (or the Machine) could do to FALL SHORT and/or DAMAGE the aspirations of Black people.

In the context of Chicago (as I read in the Crain's Chicago Business) "success" is that the Chicago Public Schools now has a record 60% high school graduation rate.
With Their Effective Progressive-Fundamentalist Propaganda Marketing And "Establishment Power Repudiation", Despite All Of The Video Tape Of Them Seen Happy After Taking Over The School Board - The Sad Fact Is That Since BLACK PEOPLE WOULD RATHER BE PUMPED WITH AFFIRMATIONS Rather Than Retain Their Awareness Of THE BAD NEWS, For The Purposes Of NOT BEING TRICKED THE NEXT TIME, The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press Merely Needs To Mold The Stream Of Talking Points Into The Black Community.

They Make VIOLATIONS OF "NATIONAL SOCIAL JUSTICE" As The Cause Of The Present Condition Of The Black Community And The Reason Why WE NEED TO VOTE.
They Convince The Masses That More Black Children Are HELPED By Their Community Service Projects Than The DAMAGE That Is Received By The Ignorant Messages That They Transmit Via Their "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate Music", Reality Shows.

When They "Open Up The Phone Lines" To Allow Their Base Of Listeners To Call In - They Are Quite Pleased With The FOOLISHNESS AND TWISTED LOGIC That They Hear As Their Listeners
This Helps Their Arbitron Ratings And Substantiates The Democratic Campaign Adverting Spending Which Tells The Masses Where Their Polling Place Is, The Accepted Identification And The Van Pick Up Schedule 

IF "the RACIST" attacks against Obama/Holder as seen by Blacks who live vicariously through their daily calendar and the White Progressive Cheshire Foxes that see the benefit of getting "as many of these Ninjas on the air as possible" to advance this angle of rebuke against their White Conservative Wolf enemies, why is it so hard to see that they are similarly motivated to SPIKE any damning news about the antics of the United States Military - as commanded by "The First Black Commander In Chief", despite the fact that they used to protest against such imperialism?

In my analysis - since there is a PSYCHOLOGICAL desire to have "White People RESPECT Black People Equally" their choice to "Live Vicariously Through Obama" triggered the Black people with this consciousness to note Obama's military actions in the Middle East and Africa and then IMMEDIATELY deploy their "Signal Corps" to tune into what the WHITE RIGHT-WING WAR HAWKS were saying as a result of these military victories by the American Military machine, affirming that they sufficiently venerated OBAMA - just as they would have done a WHITE Commander In Chief.

(I still think that many of you don't get it.)

With this void inside of the psyche of otherwise healthy adults, which triggers them to project themselves and all of their inferiorities upon ONE MAN IN POWER - the rational point for analysis is NOT to wonder "Will They Ever Achieve Satisfaction In Their Quest For Respect From Their Adversaries".    The more rational points of appraisal are:

  1. What is their CUT OFF POINT by which they reclaim their own consciousness and dignity, affirming that they stand distinct from THE SYSTEM that they have reviled for so long?
  2. WHO among the "Allied Whites" will observe them, see this psychological void and need for affirmation from WHITE PEOPLE - all the while USING THEM in the context of their own battle against the WHITE CONSERVATIVE WOLF, being careful not to "Insult" them, thus triggering their defense mechanisms, closing off the unfettered access that their "Joint Venture" now affords them?
Do you see why I am on the verge of refining this blogs focus away from politics and to PSYCHOLOGY?    For me the "political transactions" made by Black people give light to the PSYCHOLOGICAL underpinnings of a "group consciousness" that is needy.

It fronts that it is "Too Black Too Strong", "Unbought/Unsold".  

The truth is that its main point of damage TO BLACK PEOPLE is that it has agreed to molest all reasonable INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENTS for the benefit of short term, marginal gains in politics - which demands that it "Stop Snitching". 

I suggest that Mr Jackson spend more time READING what presents itself as "The Black Press", applying THEIR VERSION of the full universe of FACTS against what he knows to be the larger truth that is impacting the Black community.

In doing this exercise Mr Jackson will then understand my "Dark Matter Analysis" technique which measures the amount of OUT RIGHT FRAUD in the "Black Racial Services Machine" - that he says that Romney should make an effort for outreach - by noting the powerful forces that are NEGATIVELY IMPACTING THE BLACK COMMUNITY - but which they purposefully avoid talking about because in pursuing the "Black Community's Permanent Interests" - they will have to go to their POLITICAL MASTERS and demand that he stop paying them using the "Sharecropers' Accounting Methods" that they use. 

(In case you didn't get that last one:   While YOU are so busy seeking to have the WHITE CONSERVATIVE WOLVES show equal respect for you - YOU are accepting 'Pennies On The Dollar' From the Cheshire Foxes who have learned how to nurture you in your time of psychosis.  You value his assistance in 'HELPING' you in your fight with the common enemy that you have - that you don't want to offend him by demanding that he treat you the very same way that you want HIS WOLF BROTHER to treat you - LIKE A 100% EQUAL HUMAN BEING.

Is it clear now why a person in your condition CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE UNFETTERED ACCESS TO THE "BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS or the "Black Community Development Consciousness"? )

Thursday, June 28, 2012

On "The Redding News Review" When The Claim Of RACISM And The Holder "US Department Of Justice" Was Thrown Out - Which Issue Were They Talking About?

The Real Reason Why The Racism Chasers Are Ignoring Claims Of Torture In The Federal Bureau Of Prisons That Eric Holder Could Put An End To If They "Occupied" Outside Of His Office 
But Instead Are Pushing Their Story About Attorney General Eric Holder, The Most Powerful Law Enforcement Agent In The Nation,  As A VICTIM Of Racism As He Is "Stopped And Frisked" By The Racist Republicans

If you ever want to understand how the "Prevailing Political Consciousness" For Black People is crafted you have to listen to "Black-Wing Talk Radio".

If you listen carefully to 85% of the arguments you'll learn that Black people "live vicariously" through a perpetual ideological/political struggle against their (Conservative) adversaries, more than they care to make note of the overwhelming success that they have attained in getting "Favorable People Into Power" yet have not attained the actual benefits that they invested in.

Since there is a high rate of "Transactional Thinking" the "conflict de jure" against their enemy is SUPERIOR to any conscious notion that a person who has an "Investor Mindset" might deploy, demanding to see evidence that their past investment has produced a "Return On Investment".

Rob Redding is a a RACISM CHASER.   Let's just cut to the chase.
The spoken word of Republican Rep Michelle Bauchmann saying "Tar Baby", "Black Cloud" or signing a petition about intact Black families during the Reconstruction Era is SUPERIOR to Rob's active concern for:

  • The condition of "Mission Accomplished School Systems" that are under control by forces that did not get fired by THE BLACK VOTERS despite their failure
  • The fact that "The Least Of These" needing a national tax scheme for health insurance is tacit evidence that the "Bayard Rustin Local Level Take Over" that was to result in poverty has been a gross failure

The subject of Attorney General Eric Holder being a subject of a RACIST attack comes in the context of a daily claim of "RACISM[!!!!]" by many Black Press operative forces (including one who got suspended from Politico - mostly because they seek to enforce a modicum of integrity more than they care about the skin color of the hack that they hired).

It is personally frustrating to me to see that a BLACK MAN WITH POWER can't seem to get past the assumed inferiorities that come with his race - not only by the White conservative enemy who is "Keep On Trial" for their racial enuendos - but more importantly by the Black Racism Chasers and their White Progressive Cheshire Fox Joint Venture Partners who are in on the scheme.

It is best to not play their game.

The most effective countermeasure against their desire to get you to go on the "Racial Defensive" against a RACIST ATTACK by an elected official that they want you to live vicariously through is - IRONICALLY - to make that 2 dimensional BLACK MAN, as defined by both of the parties in the above proxy fight - into a full 3D EQUAL OFFICIAL.

While Rob Redding - and several of his callers who strangely live vicariously through all that happens to Eric Holder - they seem rather content that Holder is under a "RACIST ATTACK" and that he should volley the "Fast And Furious" attacks by investing BUSH officials that also ran guns.

Like the classical progressive reasoning (I know Rob - labels don't mean anything to you but I assure you that this is an ANALYSIS of you and not a game of GOTCHA) - they justify their own PURELY POLITICAL ANTICS by pointing to the political hijinx of their Conservative adversaries.

I heard tonight that Eric Holder is under a RACIST attack by those who wish to tarnish his name so that he won't be considered to fill the next opening in the Supreme Court.   The racist politics of the GOP to tarnish A BLACK MAN is all connected.

It is interesting that they never look at the org chart of the "US Department Of Justice" and note that many of the "Oppressive Forces" that they don't like about the Federal Government - actually report to Eric Holder.

NOTE: The "Dark Matter Analysis" Technique Requires That You Understand The Entire Domain Of Issues At Play, Make Note Of What The Operatives That You Are Analyzing Typically Focus Upon And Then Make Note Of How Their Are Prompted To Evade Many Of The Issues They Used To "Occupy" About Because They Seek To Protect The "Favorable Person In Power"

Second Only To The Recent Antics Of The Mayor Of Philadelphia Is The Total Radio Silence On The Recent Testimony By The "First Black Federal Bureau Of Prisons" Director Who Is Said To Be Running "Torture Chambers" Inside Of The Prison System That He Is In Control Over, Under Eric Holder

As Is Abundantly The Case In Metro Atlanta - The Worst Chance For Black Citizens To Receive The Benefit Of Cover From Activists Is When The Actor-Vists Are Forced To Choose Between Protecting Their Base In The Community OR Protecting Their Base Of Progressive Politicians In Power From Being Indicted For Having Violated "Social Justice" In The Conduct Of Their Duties

This Is Anthony Graves - a Black man who was originally given a life sentence for rape - along with his friend.
He was recently released from jail as he successfully proved that his friend falsely fingered him as an accomplice.
Mr Graves is seen testifying before a US Congressional committee last week.  He was actually talking about the impact of solitary confinement and general treatment of prisoners in the FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS.

While I know from my research and monitoring that the "Prisoner Rights Movement" is keen upon all of the points that Mr Graves talked about before Congress.   Unfortunately - these points, including the claims of TORTURE from Solitary Confinement have been spiked by "The Usual Suspects".

After Mr Graves - Charles Samuels - the Director Of The Federal Bureau Of Prisons took the stand and was asked a series of peppering questions.  As the director - the "Buck Stops Here" with regard to the policies in the prisons.
  Mr Samuels reports to Attorney General Eric Holder.
However as the grand obfuscatory "Racism Chasing" scheme is run in defense on AG Eric Holder being "Stopped And Risked" by the Republicans - the consequence is that these same voices understand that IN ORDER TO SATISFY THE POLITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS OF BLACK PEOPLE - they don't need to go past their shallow "Racism Chasing" Scheme and key in upon the issues that they had been focused upon.

Again - If you allow the Racism Chasers to cherry pick their indictments - you will see that they foment a protection racket in defense of the "Favorable People In Power" despite the fact that the offenses that they used to protest against - in this case claimed TORTURE in Federal Prisons - because they understand the power of the INDICTMENT and seek to use it exclusively against their ideological enemies.  The problems remain - they just don't talk about them.

To be clear - I never will insist that an operative be forced to stay consistent in his "Occupations".  
This is their free speech right to speak when they want to and remain silent as well.
My agenda is to document their antics and to make sure that no one is fooled by their claims of 

My Transparent Sentiments On "Obamacare"

(I need to remain purposefully vague on this first point).

As the "Obamacare" ruling was handed down I was in a meeting with a health care industry firm.
From previous conversations they were anticipating (and ultimately hoping for) an affirmation because this would mean more customers for them.

They are now working to tweak their ability to market to the new bunches of customers coming their way from the "individual mandate".  They see a fundamental distinct set of characteristics between customers that have "group insurance" and those who have individual benefits.

When I first started this blog I make two keep points that remain at the foundation of my beliefs (with respect to the conscious outlook for the Black community to retain)

Metro Atlanta - South Fulton Medical Center Eliminates Maternity Services, Lays Off 80 Staff Members

As many as 80 metro Atlanta hospital employees may soon be out of job.
South Fulton Medical Center in East Point announced Tuesday it will be shutting down its labor and delivery services next month. Channel 2’s Diana Davis found out the number of deliveries at the hospital has been steadily declining.

Obstetrician Dr. Precious Braswell trained at the hospital and delivered more than 100 babies last year. She said she’s not surprised by the July 26 shutdown.

“We did fight for it to stay open, but I guess it didn’t work out for us,” Braswell told Davis.

Hospital officials and representatives from its owner, Tenet Health Care, declined to discuss the issue on camera. In a written statement, the hospital said the decision came down to money.

  1. You can never confuse "BEING IN RECEIPT OF A BENEFIT" (that allows you to live up to a certain standard of living) versus "BEING COMPETENT TO PRODUCE THIS DESIRED STANDARD - BASED UPON YOUR OPERATION AND GOVERNANCE OF THE INSTITUTIONS that you apply your talents and resources to
  2. A city (local government) is a state chartered entity that founding members petitioned the state for incorporation as a city.   Their belief was that by granting them the power of taxation at the local level - they could create an ecosystem that synergizes a better living standard of their constituents at the local level.

Any "rote conservative" fundamentalism that I might have had over the years was changed after i attended the Concord Coalition's "Fiscal Wake Up Tour" in (approx) 2006 (IIRC).  

The program focused upon the long term damage that interest service on the federal debt would erode America's fiscal viability.  They  stated definitively that the next president of the United States would need to be honest with the American people, telling them:
  1. To expect far less from the central government than they had gotten used to
  2. To expect to pay more in taxes THAT ARE TARGETED at reducing the debt and not to justify more spending
Neither President Obama, the Democrats or the Republicans are heeding this warning.  As they both do their part to bring this nation to the fiscal brink.

Few people were told this week that the Federal Reserve purchased ALL OF THE US TREASURIES that were issued to expand the US debt burden.  The normal investors around the world were not interested in making the purchase.

IF it is true that the "Federal Reserve" is not a part of "the government" but is really a private bank run by a consortium of commercial banks - then it must be so that your "Social Justice", as transacted through the government is really just an arbitrage - in which the same banks that you now "Occupy" are providing the funding.

The true test for me regarding the strategic sanity of following a particular course of "struggle" is:
OR are they merely fusing an increasing amount of their fortunes upon a system that is clearly built upon sand and a grand "confidence scheme".

I have said in the past sarcastically (but it is true) that one day "The Least Of These" are going to protest the fact that other people are profiting off of their BODIES by making the intelligent choice of WITHHOLDING their bodies from being serviced, thus preventing any invoices from being submitted for payment on their behalf.

Sadly we might soon see the day in which it is ILLEGAL to withhold your body from servicing by the government and a fine might be imposed upon all who dare to wage such a protest.


In the long run the question of "Nationalized Social Justice" will be as settled as the pension of city workers in  Stockton California.

ON PAPER they have it.
FISCALLY - they'll should not expect to see it 30 years from now.

A Street Pirate In Denver Who "Don't Give A Damn About 'Fast & Furious' " Murders A Black Female Police Officer Who He Held In Contempt Of The "Congress Of Civility"

Alleged Denver cop killer claimed gang membership when booked Read more: Alleged Denver cop killer claimed gang membership when booked

Rollin Oliver, the man accused of killing a Denver police officer, claimed to be a member of the Park Hill Bloods street gang when he was booked into jail, according to documents obtained by The Denver Post.
Oliver, 21, is accused of shooting Officer Celena Hollis in the head as she attempted to help break up a fight between two groups of people during the City Park Jazz concert Sunday night.
Hollis, a 32-year-old single mother of a 12-year-old daughter, was working off-duty as part of a security detail at the concert when she was shot. She was in uniform.
"As to whether 'gang activity' was a factor in the Sunday evening tragedy, it is important to reiterate that this is an ongoing investigation involving a large crowd of people, and therefore, a high risk of jeopardizing a prosecution by releasing information before witnesses are located and interviewed," said Denver Safety Manager Alex Martinez on Tuesday in an e-mail.
Martinez said his department, which includes the police, sheriff's and fire departments, now releases more information about gang activity than it has in the past.
At a briefing Monday for news media, Police Chief Robert White said investigators didn't know whether Oliver was a gang member. He did acknowledge that investigating officers had been told that the confrontation that led to the shooting was sparked by gang tensions

Read more: Alleged Denver cop killer claimed gang membership when booked - The Denver Post
Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content:

Transparency Statement

As I went looking for a picture of Rollin Oliver - the Street Pirate Cop Killer I found a "Stuff Black People Don't Like" knock off web site.  The Ugly America's blog.

As you might have expected - they could not resist making Rollin Oliver the newest "Trayvon Martin".

They Can't Bring Themselves To Recall That TRAYVON MARTIN WAS THE ONE SHOT WITH THE GUN
If Trayvon Martin Had A Gun YOU Would Have Said That He Was A PUNK Who Needed A GUN Instead Of Using His Fists To Defend Himself
When You Learned That It Was The "White Hispanic" Who Used The Gun To Defend Himself
You Were Forced To Shift The Content Of Your Rhetoric To Support The Ultimate Conclusion Of
All Of Your Blog Posts:


(While you were relieved that your wife produced a baby that was not Black, your relief might be a bit premature because with the presence of the white skin you  are no longer motivated to take a DNA test to find out the truth)

The "good White folks" at Ugly America have no idea how much their antics are merely a mirror image of what is seen among the Progressive-Fundamentalists - regardless of race.  Their latest bag of tricks reminds me of the "Rep Gifford shooting" in Arizona and how their progressive adversaries were quick to stitch together a narrative" against their political adversaries.

For some strange reason, however, the crazed gunman was not discussed in the context of a "deranged White killer", who's cultural and genetic tendencies made his actions predictable. 

I think that all of us would agree that if a person moved next door to you who looked like Jared Lee Lough­ner, you would:
  •  Program "911" in your speed dial
  • Set up a motion detector in your lawn
  • Order some weapons from "Cheaper Than" that have a bigger magazine than the one that he owns.

"No Credit Check Required"

Again - shifting from "Politics" to "Psychology" as a means of understanding the reactions of SOME PEOPLE to key issues of the day.

When you see a sign that says "No Credit Check".................

  1. What does this indicate to you? - (Who I assume has done what he is supposed to do to retain a good credit standing)
  2. If a credit report is sort of a "financial resume" - then what are the likely attributes of a person who...........
    1. Would be attracted by this sign?
    2. Offended by this sign, instead choosing an alternative venue that seeks to affirm their responsibility by offering them traditional credit as they are worthy?
  3. Is there any chance that the END PRODUCT being sold is of the best quality?   That it is a good value for the money invested?
  4. Since credit is, in fact, an extension of trust that the retailer will receive their money back........................What are the means, do you figure, this company will ensure that their exposure to the heightened risk can be mitigated?

Affirming Yourself By Speaking To Your Enemy, Being Affirmed As 'Your Friend' Writes On His Face To Affirm You........To The Portion Of Their People Who You Believe Are Your Enemy, Thus They Affirm Their Friendship To You - Per Your Present Consciousness

Post-Racial, Homo-Ideological Body Art

"We Are Fully Committed To The Principles Of Diversity. 
'Racial Diversity Is In Our DNA.
Harvested Ideological Homogeneity Is In Our Veins.'
Despite what you think about our racially segregated photo shoots,  the only reason why we didn't do an integrated group-Progressive photo is that the photographer had a massive problem getting the proper flash settings on his camera because the contrast produced by 
"White Skin - Black Sharpie" 
along with 
"Brown Skin - White Finger Paint" 
left one group overexposed and the other underexposed,
and vise versa, depending on how he adjusted his flash.
(Please Note - The Sista With The Black Sharpie markings had a skin condition that made her allergic to the chemicals in the white finger paint.  Fortunately her skin complexaion was light enough for her to get by with the black Sharpie.  For the darker brothers, however, the black Sharpie would have been faded out of the picture.  Luckily none of them had an allergic reaction and thus we were able to get beyond this small technical inconsistency that most of you didn't notice anyway.   You were impressed by the message that we are attempting to place into your mind. )

We also were concerned if Duluth Minnesota was ready to see naked Black men standing along side White women.  It might distract from the message we are seeking to advance.

Guffaw - He Said That TIM WISE Is A "White With Integrity"!!!!

Abagond Blog - Three Kinds Of White Bigots

After reading the above blog I am now forced to let you in on a secret.
I plan to rename and rebrand this blog.
Gone will be one of the "P's", replaced with the word "Psychology".  Also the word "HOPE" will be replaced with the words "EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES".  Stay tuned.

Psychology is important because "Y'all" ain't dealing with a "Political" problem.

If you read the graphic to the left very closely this Negro Abagond refers to "White Allies" and we already know which attributes these "White Allies" will have:

Those attribute to HIS LIKING.

We already know that "Using The Word 'Ninja' " is not a proper measure.  Gwyneth Paltrow showed a few weeks ago that certain arbitrary enforcements by Black folks can cause a shooting war.

I still have my offer on the table for anyone who has a recording of "White Ally Tim Wise" speaking at least 10 minutes straight on what BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO DO AS A COMMUNITY TO CHANGE OUR FORTUNES - without ONCE mentioning WHITE FOLKS.   (Hell - there are few "Black community 'What We Need To Do' sessions" that can achieve this threshold).

Why is it that Tim Wise is never seen with a black eye that was received after attending one of his "all White" affairs where he hears a White person making racist comments against Black people and he gets in a fight to "Defend The Negro's Honor"?  

The truth is that Tim Wise is "The Original Media Matters".  He knows that "The Negro Is More Focused Upon What WHITE PEOPLE SAY ABOUT NEGROES Than He Is About What Black People Need TO DO", disciplining ourselves with a prime focus on INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY.

You see Abogond just heard me say "Boot Straps,  Pathologies, blah, blah".

I struggle to understand a Black person who thinks as Abogond does.  He has placed mental traps (along with the White Progressive Cheshire Fox) which most rational people would seek as IMPLICIT BLACK INFERIORITY AFFIRMATIONS.  Yet with the crafty two step of:
  1. "So are you saying that Black people are too STUPID to know who our enemies and friends are?"
  2. "Do you REALLY believe that White Conservative Republicans care anything about Black people?   Well WHY are they against health care for Black people to make our people healthy"? 
Abogond needs to be confined by the two necessary measuring tools to debate a Black Progressive Fundamentalist

The Time Line - which measures the "Interval Of Struggle And INVESTMENTS" made by the Progressive-lead "Black Agenda".  It is necessary to break a journey up into time periods.  More important than the need to tell the present travelers about the "heroics" done by the people who walked the journey before them is the need to plot out the NEXT INTERVAL of the journey - to ensure that more effective means are used to produce better results.  How do you do this when the concept of "bootstraps" is RACIST?

Of course, the next tool is one that measures relative geographic position.   "How EFFECTIVE has your 'bootstraps' been, as directed by the brilliant minds pulling upon them?  

The truth is that a person like Abogond really wants THE POWER TO DEFINE 'THE BLACK STRUGGLE' and of course the EXCLUSIVE POWER to define our "Friends" and the SUCCESS of their own efforts to "Help Black people".

We know the scheme before it even go forward with Abogond.   The people that HE SEES as friends will remain defined as such.  Those who are enemies will be damned to hell - even if they ask that WE walk the other way and let them do the same.  Worse than their RACISM via this de facto segregation is the deep seeded knowledge by Abogond that he is INFERIOR at the task of walking his own way and building up a "bootstrap factory" to employ all of the people who walk along with him.

"What BLACKS Would Call Being Openly Racist", he says.

Notice that he did not qualify which "Blacks".

  • A Political Black has a vested interest in calling EVERYTHING "racist".  They believe that in asking everyone for photo ID is a threat because THEY believe that this will expose the inferiority of Black people and thus is RACIST.   Yet when it comes to the places where Black people live in our highest concentrations, their votes being un-molested by a threatening force BUT the condition of the institutions that "The Right To Vote" was supposed to deliver us fruit through falling far below of the promised outcomes - for some strange reason neither these "Good Blacks" nor the "White Allies" say anything about their own competencies.  They seek to find an "Oppressive Economic System Ran By A Wall Street Banker" to blame it all on.  Thus they both retain their standing as "Allies To Black Development" - as long as they are the "Self-Judges".
  • Media Blacks who will never demand that Black people with responsibility be SCRUTINIZED EQUALLY by their White media analysts friends who are guilty by omission are not good candidates for judgment either.  They understand that it is more important to not offend Black people to the point where we are riled up out of our present prevailing consciousness.   Keep this angst focused against external enemies and you'll have "BFFs"

If These White (Progressive Cheshire Fox) Allies Are REALLY YOUR FRIENDS....................

Why is it that after so many decades by which the "Progressive Joint Venture" has been so profitable per the collection of your "conscious loyalties" and your "Equal Black Ballots" that you are STILL worried more about what WHITE FOLKS THINK ABOUT YOU than you are able to point to the INSTITUTIONS that they assisted you in building up within your community, maintaining the integrity so that YOU will one day be made to feel EQUAL to them - not just because of their words of affirmation to you?

We Know What You "Are Not", We Are Wondering If You Know WHO YOU ARE And Who Made You THINK The Way That You Do

Some things that Black people put on their cars makes my internal conscious eye shed a tear when I see them.

Driving through Clayton County Georgia and seeing (what appeared to be) a Black mother communicating to everyone what she "IS NOT" but clearly not being able to make what she "IS " translate into a transformation that can precipitate changes for her problem plagued community was quite disturbing to me.

I am used to seeing certain sayings applied to healthy sports rivalries.

When a Black American is seen identifying herself as something that WILL NEVER BE "OF HER" (ie: intrinsically in her community's best interests) it is best to look beyond this one person and how she thinks - and instead make note of the forces that see profit in having her and others THINK that they ARE what they are made to call themselves.

We all know that when Herman Cain said "Black people are brainwashed" this was offensive to many Black Progressive-Fundamentalists as they vowed to intensify the attacks on him.

My question is - What if anything should be done to this BLACK WOMAN who is so fused to the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" that she now references herself as "WE................."?

If the conditions in her community mandated that she stand against what she now refers to herself as - is there any chance that she would be able to do it?

The Scars That They Display Today From Their Lashings Appear On Their Conscious Minds And No Longer Their Backs
WHO ARE THEY TALKING TO?  (As If You Need To Guess)

(Is That Last Guy Charles Blow?)