They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Missed Opportunity Of Artur Davis As He "Misunderestimates" The Problem With Black America And For America As A Whole

Former Alabama 7th District Congressman Artur Davis Becomes A Republican In Virginia


I wish Mr Davis would have become an INDEPENDENT.
I ALSO wish that Mr Davis would have stepped back and saw that the problem with America today  is larger than the "The Two Party System" construct which has no room for him as a "right of center" person in the Democratic Party.
THE REAL PROBLEM is a STRUCTURAL one in regards to how the original purpose of federalism has been lost.

The CENTRAL GOVERNMENT is the "Lotto Jackpot" - Winner Take All Sweepstakes that it was never meant to be.   Such a scheme reduces the need for LOCAL COMPETENCE, as expressed through management of the key resources that one has at its disposal (human, natural , transportation and financial) and instead shift into a disposition where the promise of a national take over will one day rain "social justice" upon all of the masses.   In addition the corporate class is seen using this same pot of federal resources as their own piggy bank.
We have both parties seeking to pave over local government incompetence at raising money via their ability to generate value via the resources that they control, instead loading up the feds with debt.  Since the Feds are in the hole for $16T and are printing funny money - its a matter of time before the INVESTORS pull the plug on the entire scheme.   All of the groups that lined up at this trough will one day witness a major collapse.
Specifically to Black people - Mr Davis as an Independent would have been able to attack the Democratic Party Machine in Alabama lead by the political king maker Dr Joe Reed.    
Dr Reed  wields an  IRON FIST with regard to PARTY LOYALTY FOR BLACK FOLKS - yet once we move beyond PARTY LOYALTY and look at the CONDITIONS OF BLACK PEOPLE in the state, attempting to find any evidence of ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT - we see that this is all just a CONFIDENCE SCHEME.   The people have exchanged their hope for development into a scheme for "Social Justice Distribution".
Davis should have focused his next phase as a public official on REFORM.   Specifically calling out the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men who need to be called out - to have them REFRAIN standing up what PURPORTS TO BE "Black CONSCIOUSNESS" with the goal of channeling it into Politics for the advantage of the Democrats. Davis' own 7th District shows little sign of increased ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY after it has been securely represented by "favorable people". 

On his Fox News interview this week Davis said that had he ran a massive APOLOGY TOUR he could have won his seat back.  I DISAGREE.   It would not have been an APOLOGY that tipped the scales.   The 7th District would have been sold on:
1) Blaming the White Folks Republicans for holding them down economically and academically
2) Promising that HE WOULD GET IN AND FIGHT TO THE DEATH to make sure that they get their full ladle of SOCIAL JUSTICE just as the WHITE FOLKS in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th district of Alabama get. 
As a Republican - Davis has just set up the conditions by which ALL of his criticisms of President Obama , the Democratic Party and by extension - the fusion of the Black Consciousness INTO the "American Political Domain" - will be thrown into the trash heap.  

In truth, Mr Davis' move proves that he too is a creature of the "American Political Domain" - unable to see his way out of the binary choice that clouds his vision.
If Black people in the prevailing consciousness are not concerned about "Obama's Kill List" in "The War On Terrorism" - what are the chances that any Black media operate will transparently scrutinize President Obama via the words of his former campaign chairman for Alabama?

Just as today's election hijinx offers an opportunity for an honest conversation about what was SOLD TO BLACK PEOPLE both in 2008 and in every election since the mid-1960's as the investments fund that would pave the gateway to our community's development - Mr Davis' imperfect chess move insures that those of us who are watching this foolishness that purports to be in the cause of "Black Community Development" will see yet another generation of our people sucked into this gravitational force field that stunts the growth of our competencies as a community.

What Is The Negro's Fate In The Mission Accomplished Zones: Where There Are No Filibusters, Recall Elections Or Voter Suppression To Steal His Social Justice? WHO Is On Guard For The Protection Of His Permanent Interests In These Places?

Executive Summary - As A Swarm Of Embedded Confidence Men Effectively Convince Their Own  People To Focus On The METHODOLOGY That PURPORTS To Bring Them "Community Salvation", Compelling The People To Become Operatives In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game".   They Will Be Seen Increasingly Putting Their Own Goals Into Forbearance As They Have Failed To Develop The Competencies To Forge A Different Course Of Action Than The Scheme Which Is Clearly Not Working.

With Constant Molestation Of Their Competencies - They  Will One Day Acquire A Consciousness Which Has Them To See The NECESSITY To Avoid Making Measure Of Their Own GPS Coordinates BECAUSE This Independently Verified Positioning Information MIGHT DAMAGE THE CAUSE OF THE TEAM That They Are Playing For.  Massa's The Team's Condition Is More Valuable Than Their Own Standing

When They Reach This Point - THEIR CAUSE IS LOST

UNTIL A New CONSCIOUS REFERENCE Is Forged In The People's Minds AND There Are PROTECTIONS Against Any Future Molestation From The EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN - Their Existence Will Merely Be One Of Continuing Outrage As:

  • Those Of Them Who Care About Them And See The FOOLISHNESS That Draws Them Along Will Continue To Be Amazed At The Violations Of The Self-Imposed Integrity That Takes Place
  • Those Opportunists Who See The VALUABLES That The NEGRO CARRIES ALONG WITH HIM Will Work To Consistently Mine These Raw Materials Right From Under The Negroes Feet In Support Of Their Own Profit Motive

  • Philadelphia
  • Newark
  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • Atlanta
  • Memphis
A sampling of my "Mission Accomplished Zones" list.

Despite the fact that certain forces are trying to "scare 'The Blacks' into a Struggle Motion" the hijinx that are seen in these protected zones don't merit attention.

With a full complement of "favorable people in power" via the machine that the "Black Racial Services Machine" helped to put into power - we need not worry that there will be a sighting of:
  • Legislative Filibusters - As The Opposition Ideology Is Irrelevant.  What we see in "Brick City" Were Fighting Progressive Cliques
  • Recall Elections - A recall election election in a "Mission Accomplished Zone" only means that the Favorable Person In Power has gone too the RIGHT and thus the people would have to admit that they were wrong in investing in this elected official.   All the official needs to do remain in office is to find a reference that is further to THE RIGHT and he will win easy re-election.
  • Voter Suppression - There is "voter suppression" in Mission Accomplished Zones.   As the party leaders (and White Progressive Media Executives) SEE how the "Negro Voters" act - they want to DEVELOP MORE JUST LIKE THEM and thus they fund the "New Black Media" auxiliaries  
    • (We are not talking about the voter suppression that was documented in the film  "Street Fight".  This did not make it into the annals of The NAACP Voter Suppression.   No one could prove that the white paint upon Cory Booker's campaign billboard was not a "Colt 45 Malt Liquor" ad that had been photoshopped to look like a campaign ad by the film's director. )
  • Civil Rights Violations worthy of note by the Southern Poverty Law Center - note the few "push pins" that document hate groups resident inside of "Mission Accomplished Zones"
The Southern Poverty Law Center - (Right-wing) Hate Map - Eastern Pennsylvania

THE CLOSEST KLANSMEN TO PHILLY Appear To Be The Republicans In The State Legislature In Harrisburg
They are RACIST Not Because They Rode Though North Philly - Shooting Negroes.
Instead They Are Too RACIST To Agree To Yield Their 2nd Amendment Gun Rights
So That "Would Be Pillars Of The Black Community" That Were Allowed To Turn Into
STREET PIRATES Can Stop Killing Each Other.
The ADULTS That GOD Gave Stewardship Over These Pillars Of The Community Were Seen Leaving Their Community In Order To Protest  The THREATS AGAINST THE BLACK COMMUNITY As Indicated By The  Push Pins Indicated On The Map

With Gasoline At $3.50 Per Gallon The NAACP Says That It Will Need To Stop Driving To Confront The White Man, Instead It May Adopt More Of The Social Media Tactics That The Young Upstart "Civil Rights Pharisee Group"  - "The Color Of Change" Has Adopted.

The Main Sticking Point Among The NAACP Members Who's Claim To Fame Is "I MARCHED WITH KING" Is That In Filling Out A Web Based Petition The Phrase "I Filed An Online  Petition With Al Sharpton" Does Not Have The Same Ring To It That Will Ensure Them Street Cred In 2030 And Beyond As A New Generation Of Blacks Are Tricked Into Following Along.

If every constituent in the 'Mission Accomplished Zones" were given TWO VOTES for application in the LOCAL elections only - their doubled voting strength would HAVE NO EFFECT in changing the course of their lives.  They already have "Favorable People In Power".

In as much as "The Negro Vote" has been conditioned to be the "Opposition Vote" it is MORE EFFECTIVELY rendered negligible NOT BY suppressing it (as the Republicans are accused of doing), but instead by allowing it to remain ALL ALONE, BY ITSELF - and allowed to PROMOTE FAVORABLE PEOPLE INTO POWER that appeal to the people in their Present Consciousness.

The worst thing that someone can do for ORGANIC BLACK DEVELOPMENT - is to allow the forces that are USING the portion of Black people that are UNCONSCIOUS ABOUT THEMSELVES to retain their UNCHECKED access to the BLACK CONSCIOUS NUCLEUS within which they set up their soapboxes.

The Day The Philadelphia Negro Lost His Sense Of Direction And Then Lost His Damned Mind, Ensuring That Future Generations Of Negroes Raised Under His Wings Will Remain As Unconscious As He

A Black Homicide Memorial Wall In North Philly (Listing Victims From 2006 Only)

I am still grieving as I seek to rationalize what I saw last week in what transpired in my home town of Philadelphia.

  • A Black mayor
  • Of a majority Black city
  • With a political machine that is in place after many decades of struggle from the 'Black Racial Services Machine'
  • A machine that today receives "50% + 1" of the "Equal Black Ballots", affirming its continued operating presence 
  • With a 65% Black school system - that is failing and was taken over by the state
  • A city - which I heard a local area college professor of sociology say on an NPR radio interview that "Many Black people in Philadelphia feel ECONOMICALLY DISENFRANCHISED" 
Within this context of fact - I heard the mayor stand upon a podium which placed him above the smoldering embers that represented the dashed hopes of this poor, West Philadelphia community, allowing him to breathe the fresh air that the people within this community needed for rejuvenation.

The information that the mayor gave which made the crowd of Negroes cheer loudly had nothing to do with the fate of THEIR SCHOOL SYSTEM as evidence that the city leadership (and its constituents) were tuned into the development needs of the young people that would some day form the backbone of this same community.

Instead they were compelled to render a loud cheer in response to the mayor's comments about the educational system.................................................IN MASSACHUSETTS!!!!!!!

I don't know what you all saw in this.
FOR ME - I saw a fateful foreshadowing in this entire episode.

DESPITE having materially achieved (within Philadelphia) what "The Struggle" of some 50 years ago had set out to take over - the knowledge that at the time of the victory there will be a crop of "New Negroes" that are unaware of this chuck of history about their Struggle and thus are not prompted to look for a "Return On Investment" - they will be ripe for the picking in this day.

They themselves will be drawn into the vortex of "The Struggle Motion" , made appeased with the current back-slidden condition of their present closed ecosystem of West Philadelphia as they are told of how their enemy has wrecked this far off place called Massachusetts AND if he is allowed to take over their plot of land - he will surely destroy the little they've got.

My main criticism of Mayor Nutter is that he failed to mention that there were some gold and natural gas deposits found at 56nd and Race Street, warning all in attendance to be on the look out for "Republicans with white hard hats" as they are secretly trying to survey the land prior to the drilling equipment coming in.

The Progressive Joint Venture says:

The Constructive Feedback University - Department Of "Present Black Consciousness Studies" Says:

How The Progressive Joint Venture Is Conspiring To Get The Negro To Curl Up Again Just In Time For The Election So His Consciousness Can Get Picked Out Of His Pocket

How To Get The Negro To VOTE When It Is Against His Permanent Interests To VOTE AS A MEANS OF HIS COMMUNITY SALVATION


Today WhatEver Is Made POPULAR AMONG THE NEGRO, CAUSING HIM TO CHEER OUT LOUD, Is "The Law Of The Land" Within The Mission Accomplished Zones.

What Good Is It For The "Black Racial Services Machine" To Prove That It Is As Competent At STEALING FROM THE "LEAST OF THESE" As Are The Bankers, Politicians And Used Car Sales Men At "Buy Here, Pay Here" Lots?

The Conviction Of Liberia's Charles Taylor Shows The Weakness Of African Institutions Against Its Former Imperialist Sculptors

Question: What is a war crime?
Answer: Anything that the superior power says it is and can enforce their definition upon YOU

This post is not about Charles Taylor.
It is clear that he, as with many other African leaders, got caught up in gaining and retaining power in the context of his small, regional fiefdom.

As with the inner city Street Pirate - the world is attempting to apply its standards of 'law and justice' upon an individual that is caught up in a system in which his basic survival is always under attack from local players.

The sight of children with limbs hacked off by machete or mass killings should be understood in the context of armed bands with limited military discipline and thus target civilians from which their enemies come from, who lack "weapons of mass destruction" to blow up the entire bodies, hacking off limbs, torsos and heads in one fell swoop.

My views of the International Criminal Court are documented.  This organization only strikes where there is weakness that permits its officers of the court to snatch up criminal defendants.  No western nation need fear that the ICC will come knocking on its door.

Unlike most activists that are heard railing against "Imperialism" I do not choose to indict the power of the imperialist.  I ask that those who are now weak to realign their actions and build up their institutions to prevent the conditions that they now face.

To be clear I am not calling on the weak states to build up for battle against the imperialists.   They need to build up their institutions to ensure that this type of mass killing and long, drawn out wars are nipped in the bud via their own hands.

Greater than the fight against imperialism is the need to ensure that your own people do not give them an excuse to intervene.   Today "world consensus" in the chambers of the United Nations DEFINES  what "justice" is.

Instead of me listing the "military atrocities" that western powers have recently done upon the African continent it is far more valuable to discuss the prevailing circumstances that invited them in.

  • Corrupt Governments
  • The Lack Of Enforced Human Rights Among Themselves
  • Rule By The Gun Militia Forces
  • Squandered Potential Wealth Via Natural Resoruces 
At best the various former colonial powers can be called opportunists.  With valuable resources occupied by people that have failed to organize a proper structure to defend their own turf and translate their advantages into the market system - the notion of missionaries coming in to offer "the least of these" some "social justice" is merely evidence that which is done on a small scale for "the least of these' embedded inside of western nations but on a larger scale in Africa.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BLAX News - Voilent Holiday Weekend In Chicago Prompts The Black Press ......To Talk About Donald Trump The Birther

If Donald Trump per his antics has the POWER to produce RACISM against a Black man who sits in the most powerful office in the world......................

Does that man who sits in that seat of POWER have the POWER to produce IMPERIALISM around the world via the use of drone attacks to kill people on a hit list that he is the final arbiter of who lives and who dies - so they don't need to be warehoused in Guantanamo Bay?

If a "White Hispanic" male who murders an unarmed Black man is SUPERIOR enough to create a "Civil Rights Violation" and have his actions promoted to that of a police authority.............

Can we conclude that the Memorial Day Weekend violence that transpired in certain cities, namely Chicago are examples of rampant "Civil Rights Violations" that the reigning government authorities are failing to address as they commit to keeping the community safe?  Are THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES a part of "the reigning government authority" that is failing?

These are the questions begging to be answered on "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio".  BUT only the issues that leave the congregation that consists of the radio host and the callers unscathed from self-indictment ever seem to make it into the hopper for serious discussions on their way to a change in governance.

Those forces that what the PSYCHOLOGICAL WANTS AND NEEDS of the majority of individuals within the Black Community will continue to feed them what is most tasty to their present consciousness about themselves.

We must understand one thing about them in their present consciousness:

  • What is PLEASING to them in their present state is often just a token effort in the context of a larger domain of unmanaged issues that their efforts do not scale to address.   Because OPTICS are so important to them - they believe that by hyping up one act that is appealing to them - that others will be motivated to drop their selfishness and follow suit.  
  • What is OFFENSIVE to them, often called "An Attack On Black People" is, in many cases, merely offensive to their own ego.   If we keep the Proportionality Filter in mind as the key reference it is often the case that what they SHOULD BE OFFENDED OVER as it is indeed an attack on Black people (ie: the people who took their valuables with the promises of producing 'Social Justices' only to string them along, failing to DEVELOP the masses) are overlooked because they have managed the favorable relationship.   Those who are seen as offensive to the ego are standing outside of the protected fortress with all of the defenses aimed at them.  Those who evade use attacks operate on the inside where the soft-tissue organs are left exposed.   Their brain being the primary soft tissue that was conquered
The fact remains - We cannot appraise the aggregation of their antics and the damage that it does to our people in the context of the present system that we are ensconced within.

The most effective point of appraisal for it all is to project the image of a collection of people that have been treated by this indoctrination scheme, being plucked out of their present comfort zone and forced to live in a "greenfield" - their aggregate competencies, culture and consciousness being the only tools that they have to survive.

Those who have no vision of WHERE THEY ARE TAKING OUR PEOPLE - beyond the next election - are also the one's guilty of arranging for our ultimate demise.    At minimum - once the world's civilizations  reconverge as time resets the order - those who failed to build up and protect their key institutions will find themselves in a condition in the future that looks suspiciously like their past in the way of grievances.

"Tell Me More" Discusses The Two Key Sensitive Issues Within The Black Community - "The Impact Of Fatherlessness On Girls" And Street Pirate Violence Within Our Cities

I feel obliged to complement NPR "Tell Me More" show host Michel Martin for putting on an excellent show that discussed two important problems Within The Black Community.   Since I was critical of her for previously failing to see the bigotry in some of her left wing guests who express the very same hate-based sentiment that she as a progressive is more keenly attuned to on the right my previous posts of criticism framed the antics of "her friends" to show that they are little different than the hockey fans that acted out in DC a few months back.

I have no problem with Black Progressives.
My problem is with CORRUPTION fronting as "Blackness".
When a swarm of like-minded people converge to (attempt to) define the rules, the enforcement, the judgement, proving that they have no intention of addressing the full compliment of forces that bear down upon an object THIS SWARM needs to be confronted lest they continue on unchallenged.  They will use their coalition of media operatives to convince the congregation that it was the "other bastards" that are the cause of their problems, assuring them that they have a friend who is always struggling for their best interests in the fight.

In as much as I sense the lack of redeeming qualities among this group of co-conspiring individuals I will continue to attack them as the "Street Pirate" attacks our community.   IF this "would would be pillar of our community is an otherwise normal young male but for the end of the stick that society has given him and thus your goal is to change society by first changing him then view my angle of attack on the "Black Racial Services Machine" in the same manner.   Absent the numbers to change the corrupt scheme that is becoming increasingly blatant - I turn to this disposition out of frustration.

It is not me who has "contempt for Black people" - the forces that collect the "Black Community Development Consciousness" and sell it for cheap are the ones that show what is inside of their hearts.  Do not mistake their popularity among the people as proof of their good intentions.   The people in their present consciousness that is underdeveloped from what they need to prosper as a community have allowed this show to continue far beyond the point of permissibly.


Those who purport to be "The Black Media" have an obligation to act in a manner that has discipline and character.   IF you ultimately want the greater society to RESPECT you as an individual, regardless of your race then how do you explain the lack of respect for your race of individuals as you use your uncontested connection among "vulnerable people" to spew propaganda that is functionally unattached to their DEVELOPMENT?
A group of tightly coupled co-conspirators are allowed to form a TRUST relationship.   The results are the same when they work as a corporation or as a "Black Racial Services Machine" that PURPORTS to have the goal of serving the best interests of the Black community.  When they are positioned to be the key appraisers of their own success - despite the fact that the patient has died they will reward themselves for keeping him alive as long as they did after he was attacked by an EXTERNAL enemy who they converged around.  They are the INTERNAL enemy that failed to set up sufficient defenses to reduce the victims exposure. 
The model for the misdirected Black Community Focus.  After having invested our community salvation into POLITICS some are surprised at the low level of consciousness that has been produced.   Still others are pleased with the level, using it to advance their agenda - which was not for the Development Of The Black Community in the first place.   Only the UNITY of the Black community behind their scheme.
Those who never define the dimensions of the space that they are trying to regulate are going to enjoy the ability to constantly expand the scope, compelling you to follow along each time they move the goal posts in your struggle.

The Unmitigated Problems Detail A Governance Problem Within The Black Community

The two issues covered by "Tell Me More" -

  • The Impact Of Fatherlessness On Black Girls
  • The Carnage That Is Taking Place Within The Black Community 
come at a time when I was about to start a countdown to "Father's Day 2012".   

From previous experience I noted that the Thursday and Friday prior to this annual holiday and the Monday afterward expose some sensitive wounds within the Black community as heard on "Black-wing Grievance Talk Radio".   Gone is the typical ideological / political positioning and obfuscation.   What is revealed is a large group of wounded individuals that have built up scar tissue to cover over the pain.

When you understand that much of the theatrics that front as "Black Political And Social Analysis" is really INCOMPETENCE at addressing the core issues within Black America that is causing our people so much pain the only rational conclusion is to note that choice to obfuscate our attention away from these structural problems for the sake of "Present Unity" merely assures that it will lurk in an unmitigated state for our offspring to suffer from.

When we see anger over the attempts by these forces that propagate information upon our community for their theft of our consciousness then our people will being the walk down the path of resolution.

A few weeks ago the debate over "Gay Marriage" was not one of "Marriage Equality" on the one side nor "Homophobia" (I reject this as a manufactured word).     

The issue at hand is one of COMPETENCY in fielding a holistic order of social governance that ultimately produces FAVORABLE OUTCOMES among the maximum amount of people.

Of course the pain of fatherlessness that was expressed by the guests on "Tell Me More" is the residue of a body of choices made by the Black community and America at large.  As the Black men and women involved in the procreation and rearing of the children that they produced their decisions, as guided by the larger sea of cultural and societal enforcements do produce distinct outcomes that may or may not be in line with our stated goals as a community.

Worse, as special interest groups play on the unconsciousness among the larger society they understand that popularity trumps effective outcomes.

We are now at the point of being forced to reappraise the VALUE of the outcomes that we focus upon.   In economic terms we  talk about the health of the "large middle class" and how it is shrinking.   When it comes to enforcing the body of standards that protect the Traditional Black Family - those who are unwilling to yield dismiss the "Ozzie and Harriett" dream that never was.

I suspect that when they are given the hard choice - it is them who are unwilling to yield their selfish interests to the best interests of the group.   Why is it only those who purse their economic selfish interests targets of shaming? 

Reform Of The Black Press By COMMUNITY REGULATION 

No one should contest the ability for anyone to express their right to free speech as an American.
It is only when they represent themselves as projecting the best interests of the Black community that they should be inspected to affirm that they are not selling "cognac" that was made from grapes grown in California.

The lack of institutional governance within our communities allows those who I call "The Embedded Confidence Men" to continue to focus upon issues that satisfy our present consciousness while failing to grow our people into the governors of our community.

(Note:  The on computer that is recording "Black Wing Talk Radio" is now capturing a conversation of a 'Birther Named Donald Trump'.   This appears to be more important than the NY Times story about Obama's Kill List or the news about the violent weekend in Chicago.    This is a perfect example of how the Right Wing OWNS the Black Community's Attention Span.   Our political lusts trumps the interest in regulating what we have control over that is most impactful to us.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The "Philadelphia Negro's Education" As A Multi-Decade Political Football

.......While my dear friend Filled Negro "Feeds Bread And Circuses" To "The Blacks" in preparation of winning yet another "Best (Progressive) Black Blogger Award at the upcoming "Blogging While Black Progressive" Conference that is coming up next week in Philadelphia.............................. seems that the White folks people interested interested in the strategic planning of the long term fate of education and economic outcomes in the "City Of Brotherly Love" are holding serious conversations about public school policy.

WHYY - Radio Times: May 23: A critical look at Philadelphia's school reorganization plan 
 Last month, leaders of the School District of Philadelphia unveiled a radical reorganization plan that would transform – or “blow up” – the district’s structure, closing 40 schools over the next two years and more each year after that, slashing hundreds of administrative jobs, and creating entrepreneurial “achievement networks” to compete to lead groups of schools within the city. The plan has received some praise and at least as much criticism, from City Council, which is being asked to approve a tax-system overhaul for Philadelphia that could yield $94 million for

the cash-strapped school district. We’ve listened to the voices of the administration and School Reform Commission; now we devote an hour to critics of the plan.


Take a listen to the audio report at the link above as they discuss the proposed changes to education policy in Philadelphia.

If I told you that IF you rolled back the clock to the early 1980's and replayed the conversations from the educational activists - you would hear the very same framework of arguments?

Back then the gap in funding received by "White school students" had been directed toward the Whites in Northeast Philadelphia and the well heeled suburbs to the west (Where Koby Bryant grew up).   Fast forward 30 years later  in which "The Whites" have significantly moved out of Northeast Philly - they now only make reference to Lower Marion and other places where there are wealthy Whites as a reference.

Fear not - this same scheme is the case where ever there is a "Mission Accomplished City" that has failed to deliver upon the promises that "The Black" bought into that allowed the machine to get into power.  Recall several years ago Chicago-area Rev Meeks got on the bus and traveled to a small, rich, White suburb and threatened to register poor Black Chicago kids in the schools if the state did not allocate more money to Chicago.   The key point that I exposed at that time was that the City Of Chicago had a "Per Student Spending Rate" that was higher than the state average.   Rev Meeks knew that no one in the press would dare ask him the same questions that they ask about the costs of American health care:  "IF your per capita spending rate is higher than a certain average - WHAT about your system is INCOMPETENT to deliver services at a given rate?" .  
 (OK - I admit I watched CNN's "GPS" special on global health care costs this past weekend.  I just happened to notice that for Zakaria and other progressives - when the USA health care spending is higher than the global index they call for government take over.  When the USA educational spending is higher than the global index - since the government already has a substantial hand in education - they demand more government money but not for more efficiency to drive the costs down.  I'm just saying.......)

The Black American School Kid Is The Most Talked ABOUT Specimen In America......Also The Most Used

If you listen carefully to the discussion between educational activists - they talk more about:
  1. School Policy and Governance
  2. Government Run vs Private Run Charters
  3. School Funding Shortfalls

  • What BLACK PEOPLE MUST DO To Ensure Better Educational Outcomes For Their Children In Support Of Their Desired SOCIAL JUSTICE OUTCOMES 
  • What Incumbent Obligations Did A City Agree To Assume From The State Government As They Were Granted A City Charter.  Does The Fact That "Favorable People" Are Now In Power In The Cities Absolve The "Corporate City" From Its Mandate To Retain An Environment By Which It Can Fund Its Local Services?  
    • DESPITE The Fact That The Locals Are Disinclined To Hold Their Locally Elected Officials Accountable (and thus ultimately themselves) For Failing To Produce/Maintain The Conditions By Which Prosperity In The Tax Base Enables Them To Fund Their Schools - Does This Mean That The State Is At Fault?

Do you see how upside down this all is?

The very same people that speak of "Black voter choice suppression" as the state exercises its constitutional mandates to deliver constitutional services, even if this means regulating the local chartered  entities - are the same people who show the largest amount of disconnect between their lust for POLITICAL POWER (under the guise of helping Black people) and their incompetency at producing the actual "Return On Investment" - per their actions which compelled the community to invest as they had suggested.

San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez 

In order to understand how this line of thinking has metastasized we must first go back to its roots.

Back in 1972-1973 the case called "San Antonio Independent School District v Rodriquez" considered the issue of local school funding in which the franchise obligations of a local school system to raise adequate funding for its own operations versus how the state, which retains the ultimate constitutional obligation for the provision of educational services must still retain its funding obligations, despite the locally administrated operations.

Of course a reasonable person would conclude that the state can't simply wash its hands of all financial obligations for school funding just because the educational services has shifted from the state/county over to a locally chartered schools.

Yet from a management/governance perspective - the placement of local political operatives who understand that they have no obligation to retain a set of public policies that retain/grow the tax base because the state will always be there to cover for them this will set up a situation in which individuals are motivated to assume power for the sake of power, putting on a show for their constituency while ultimately failing to provide for them the governance that will grow the local economy leveraging the institutions that they now have control over.

Instead what we have will be the situation that this nation is quickly spiraling into:  a constant national resource chase where one's local interest is ultimately focused on obtaining resources from the national government.

The ironic point is that the claim is that more state/federal educational funding is needed to develop the people so that they can become competent enough to run a prosperous local economy.   When POLITICS becomes the measure of the success of this local machine they are likely to lose focus upon their original mission of education.   The lack of funding due to the lack of national commitment becomes the primary point of obfuscation to explain away the local failure.

The development of the people so that the local economy is grown as a result must be the primary point that is enforced.  Growing the environment out of its present condition will trigger a certain amount of discipline and priorities among the base.  By contrast a system that allows the locals to aspire for a piece of the national pie that will never come in the size that they desire then the struggle for perceived "Social Justice EQUALITY" subsumes the direct aspiration of "Managed Outcomes".

This conditioned is evidenced by the group of people who is pacified about hearing their political enemies failures in education more than they show their own competence in addressing their own educational failures.

(Psst - I Am Inspecting To See If The "Black Press' " Principles Are Tested As News Of Obama's Secret Kill List Are Made Public In The NY Times) "

New York Times article: Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will


Any perceived "Hatred For Obama" that you believe that I have motivating me with my content  will ultimately be lapped several times by the amount of COMPROMISE that you have done to your own INTEGRITY for no other reason than your protection racket that will be more difficult to maintain as you transact upon issues that are increasingly indefensible.

It is only when you learn that the main beneficiary of your antics is the MACHINE that is now able to do what it has always been doing regardless of whom is in power, but this time without YOUR words of criticism that you will see the cost of your antics.

This issue is not going to be debated by the "Usual Suspects" in their "Paid Corporate Press" positions that spew propaganda and the gospel into the Black community under the guise of the "Black Agenda".   We see what has happened to the loyal progressives who dared to remain consistent. 

I see through you and I have no "progressive binds" that you can hold me to NOR do I try to live up to "YOUR KIND OF Black Unity" nor "Your Kind Of Jesus" - they both are fraudulent.  Both are meant to generate both "congregational silence and complicity".

We are more likely to see a tangential discussion in these venues after Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney or the loud speaker attached to Ronald Reagan's grave makes some critical comments about President Obama's ability to aim his missiles straight using the drones and thus the debate in these venues will discuss how much more accurate Commander In Chief Obama is than his critics.

One day you will reconcile how it is that you lust so much for equal alms received from White people Republicans via the man that you live vicariously showing his "strength" by doing things that you used to protest against.

We won't see you protest, however, until the young drone pilots depart from the military and are recruited by municipal police departments as they patrol your communities.

The Funding Sources For "Blackness" - Is There A Difference?

Should the curators of "Black History" be forced to petition the mayor, pleading their case so that their vital funding us not cut?

The Chinese decided to bestow upon the Africans the engineering designs, building materials and the majority of the labor to build the brand new "Africa Union" headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

The Neighborhoods Of Philadelphia: The Galápagos Islands For Black Competency Development

I can think of few other scenarios that support my argument that, within the context of the "Present Prevailing Black Consciousness" - the best way for an Embedded Confidence Man/MACHINE who the Black community should be holding accountable for failing to evade such accountability is to feed them the "Bread And Circuses" of something that they feel is SUPERIOR to their own Permanent Interests.

As I watch "you all's" antics - I struggle to understand how you plan to ratchet it all back?  
This is the point where you functionally control a sufficient among of your own community's resources and institutions to the extent that your choice to play this game that you are playing, allowing those who you INVESTED in to redirect your attention, is now a case of your own complicity in the corruption that shows itself as the failure to develop our people.

Has ANYONE EVER seen such an audacious display where a MACHINE simply decides not to talk about their own damage done to the Black community because they know, before they took the podium that 'The Blacks" would rather be entertained by listening to someone else's failures?

Is there much lower that we can go, people?

The video above is of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (D-PA) and District Attorney Seth Williams (D-PA).  They are speaking in response to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney choosing to venture into "Obama's Neighborhood" of West Philadelphia to visit a charter school - basically for a photo-op with Black kids.

Most "Democrats who are Black" will listen to the words from the mayor as he "reads" Mitt Romney's lack of credibility on education policy.  They will be even more pleased that the Black residents in this struggling community were not "fooled" by Romney's campaign stop.

This post is NOT a rebuttal to Mayor Nutter in support of Mitt Romney.  This post is my attempt to call out the OUTRAGE in which the CROWD OF BLACK PEOPLE in a poor, crime ridden community with massive problems with educational services - is so gullible and full of their own bigoted entrenchments that they can be appeased (listen to the lady in the background say "I Like That") by forces who KNOW HOW THEY THINK and who will continue using them BECAUSE they would rather be riled up to believe that their present line of thinking is effective at STRUGGLING for a better end in their community.  In truth - it is this very thinking that put the MACHINE in power while ensuring that the community remained poor and vulnerable.

The Malcolm X Political Football Game

When we leave the analysis of this situation in West Philly - the place where I grew up - at the political jousting match within the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - we miss the great irony and threat to the governance that this scheme represents.

The primary reason why I am harping on this issue in this particular community is because two months ago I had driven through this very community and noted how stagnant the neighborhoods of Philadelphia were.

Back in 2009 I made a post about the tactics that popular Black political operatives make use of.   Just when they reach conditions in the domain which they govern in which they should be subjected to protests from the Black community - they show the skill of playing the crowd of Black people by taking the stage - promoting an EXTERNAL INDICTMENT that the congregation will find compelling and then levitate off of the stage - leading the congregation of Blacks on a protest rally.

The prevailing consciousness of our people find this scheme attractive and it is the mark of a "good leader".  Those who fail to "move the crowd" will be judged as dull or uninspiring.

The key point that the congregation seems to fail to observe is that this leader who is in office will NEVER lead the protest rally past his own office.  He has a GPS powered smartphone, ensuring that they end up on a route that takes them to the agreed upon enemy's office.

The Neighborhoods Of Philadelphia - The Galapagos Islands
The "Blue Footed Booby"-  A Bird Found In The Galapagos Islands And
In The Neighborhoods Of Philadelphia.
Absent Interactions With Other Species In The Larger World
Certain Key Characteristics That It Possesses
Were Allowed To Fester Without The Threat From External Influences.
As Long As This Bird Is Never Asked To Fly Outside Of The Environment
That Had Protected Its Entrenched Way Of Thinking - It Will Retain
Its Blue Feet And Small Mind.
We Should Be Focusing On The Bird Keepers That Profit On Its Dung
Which Is A Rich Fertilizer Used To Make Gardens Grow. 

My view of Philadelphia is from the vantage point of having grown up there during the 1970s and 1980s.  Beyond my surprise of seeing Black people now live where we used to have to avoid lest we get jumped by "White boys" is the lack of wholesale development among the people (in certain communities).

While the downtown commercial district has seen its share of development AND there are various new strip malls that appeared in nearly every community - this still masks a troubling bit of truth.   The PEOPLE in certain communities are suffering from tremendous stagnation.  The lack of employment opportunities and the failure of the school system to provide sufficient thrust upward makes for tough times for classes of people who previously could make their way.

Me and several of my friends left town once we graduated high school and chose to settle elsewhere.   There are plenty of others who went to college - I know none of them who remained within the city limits - having moved to South Jersey, Delaware and suburbs in the northwest of the city.  Still others who did not matriculate on to college scattered elsewhere throughout the community or the city at large.

The key point that must be stressed is that even run of the mill "Black Progressive" Democratic loyalists - when they had to show confidence in the School District Of Philadelphia where their own children had to "eat their own dog food" chose to depart.   When I coined the term "Black Flight Progressive" - it was significantly based on what I saw happening among my college educated Black friends in Philadelphia (and Atlanta) who voted no confidence in the MACHINE that they were largely responsible for putting into power concerning the education of their own children.

Keep in mind that the city of Philadelphia faced a tremendous amount of "White Flight".   This was called "RACISM" - as "The Whites" chose to exit, allowing the communities that surprise me about their present composition to change as such.   Rest assure that no such analysis will be assigned to the motivations of Black Flight Progressives.

 Former Mayor John Street Attacks Mayor Nutter
John Street's Neighborhood Transformation Initiative helped blighted neighborhoods but, at the same time, Philadelphia's middle class neighborhoods were being decimated by the expansion of Section 8 and the non-regulation of absentee landlords. The resulting exodus to the suburbs of anyone who could afford to leave will be a hard fix, and when firefighters and police, long a stabilizing factor in Philadelphia neighborhoods, are no longer required to live in the city next year, we could see yet another exodus.

My goal is to provide that analysis.


The Black Flight Progressive enjoys the ability to ride the wave.  He remains "down" with the sentiments in the Black Community as he continues to vote for Democrats - even in his new community.  He lives in an area that is dominated by his ideological enemy.  He is a consumer of the environment that his ideological propensities has proven incompetent at developing and sustaining.

The challenge IS NOT FOR HIM TO VOTE REPUBLICAN.   Instead the real challenge is for the "Black Flight Progressive" to go against the "Black Racial Services Machine", forcing them into a structure where they are no longer allowed to use our people for their political schemes, only to leave us UNDER-DEVELOPED despite having taken over many of the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" that they promised would lead to our uplift.

Yet Another Chance To Assess The Character And Integrity Of The Black Press

At this point I work with the assumption that the vast majority of operatives within the Black press would choose to be silent and accept the framing of the conditions for education in Massachusetts that were presented by Mayor Nutter to the satisfaction of the Black crowd who ingested them than they are inclined to provide any sort of rebuttal - for the sake of TRUTH.     In listening to "Black-wing Talk Radio" I have learned that it is far more important to forge "Black congregational unity" than it is for the host who is charged with orchestrating such unity to provide correction IF such correction would force him to go against the grain.

How many times has Rachel Maddow done her "Blue State good / Red State bad" comparisons?  Who would have "thunk" that when the one time in which "the bad guy" is from a liberal northern blue state - THE ENTIRE STATE would need to accept the punch in the scrotum.

The chart above, from the venerable source of news that operates with the highest level of integrity - The Huffington Post - ironically shows that the state of Massachusetts is on of a handful of states that has a "Best In The US" ranking.  Pennsylvania - Mayor Nutter's state, by comparison is rated as "Average" - just like Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

While, of course, Mayor Nutter should be held accountable for stringing together a list of bullet points that successfully convinced "The Black" that - IRONICALLY - the state of Massachusetts has an educational system as screwed up as the one in Philadelphia that they are familiar with the ultimate blame about the entire series of events must be placed upon the network of forces who PURPORT to have the best interests of the "appeased Blacks in the crowd" in mind.  Those who have presented themselves as the "Protectors Of The Black Community Interests", leveraging their claimed "No Permanent Friends, Only Permanent Interests" should have already written articles scrutinizing the claims of the Mayor Of Philadelphia because their interests in educating THE LEAST OF THESE is ultimately more important than protecting powerful elected men like Nutter, Williams or Obama.

Sadly this is not the case.

From first hand experience I can attest that the "Philadelphia Negro"is in his 4th phase of a struggle for "education and access".
  1. Arrival into the city, largely from the South, received into highly segregated neighborhoods
  2. The Struggle for access into quality educational facilities and political power
  3. The attainment of the desired political power and control over the key institutions
  4. The present grievances over the stagnated economic and educational conditions for Black people 
The story today about "The Philadelphia Negro" is one of SUCCESS in the terms of "The Struggle" that he was compelled to focus upon (placing favorable people into power).  Yet he has frustration over the elusive benefits that he was to personally receive as a result of "The Struggle"
  • Economic Prosperity within the City
  • Safe Communities within the City
  • Quality Educational Environments within the City

During my walking tour of the key shopping districts in West Philly back in 2011 I noticed that the key community level political conflicts were over a new generation of "community activists" seeking to purge the old generation of "elected city councilmen and ward leaders" out of power because they were seen as out of touch, having failed to move the communities forward sufficiently.

In Philadelphia, as is the case in so many other 'Mission Accomplished Cities' what appears to be revolutionary struggles for power, as a new body of thought with energy seeks to take over - must actually be understood as a 100% Democratic Party and Progressive-Fundamentalist battle between cliques.   The "punishment" for failing to develop the Black community is the threat of being replaced by a like-minded person who tells you that "You didn't FIGHT hard enough for the Black Community".   In the past when there were White folks Republicans around in the city (except they were not Republicans - as most Whites in Philly have always been Democrats) this indictment had the sufficient amount of gravitational pull to prompt people into action.

Today Philadelphia has a favorable balance of power and has implemented many of the public policies that were reasonably attainable - to the delight of the activists.  The present constraint is MONEY.  There was "too much social justice left to be done at the end of the money".

The most ironic point about Mayor Nutter's assessment of Mitt Romney's Massachusetts is that Nutter himself had to perform massive cuts and layoffs.  He can claim that his INTENTION was different than the "preemptive efficiency" performed by Romney which cut off certain workers and forced certain costs to be borne by constituents.   I ask - What does INTENTION matter when your eroded financial condition because you evaded such tough management decisions had you to perform the same layoffs?

The state takeover of the Philadelphia Public Schools took place in the context of this type of thinking.  With the results being superior than the intentions - an outside authority with a constitutional manage to educate the children in the state decided to remove the Philadelphia school board due to their incompetence at performing their tasks.

Do not look through the pages of "Black Press" in which they call Mayor Nutter (and the machine that runs Philly) out for this outrage.

I told you before, the Black Press itself practices "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends".     As such they are likely proud of Mayor Nutter for achieving such enthusiastic cheers from the crowd of Black people who congregated around him in this West Philly venue.

I would not be surprised if the Black Press were the ones who provided Mayor Nutter with the opposition research on Massachusetts, leveraging the databases that their corporate owned media venues provide for them.

If you ever want to understand why "The Blacks" within the neighborhoods of Philadelphia are stunted in their economic and academic growth - you must understand the schemes by which they are made pacified, seen protecting "Obama's Turf" instead of THEIR OWN PERMANENT INTERESTS.

Nothing Is Going To Change Until The PEOPLE Within Our Community Change

Until YOU TELL the people that you have invested in what you NEED and WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO DO to assist in making it happen - reset assure that you are going to find yourself in the same condition - 50, 100, 200 years from now.  

That is UNLESS the ecosystem within which your are isolated from living in the direct consequence of your FRAUD comes to a fiscal collapse and then you will be WISHING that you had built up the system with the necessary integrity to support your long term aspirations.

A White Bigot Who Believes That "The Blacks" Are Helping "The Jews" To Destroy "The Whites" In America

The "White Children Get Very Bad News" Blog

In my listening tour in which I focus upon "What Makes The Present Prevailing Black Political Consciousness Tick" I hear a higher than average "Anti-Jewish" bigotry from certain Black people.  "The Jews run America.  The Jews control Obama, forcing his hand in focusing on Israel rather than helping Black people back at home".    "The Jews control the media".

The blog that I ran across as I did a Google search for the image of the book cover from "The Bell Curve" had the following article above.

This (I assume) White American author makes the case that "Da Jews" are working in cahoots with "The Blacks" to kill "Whites In America".

The key point, from the perspective of a Black America, is - that just as some of the Black people who are content at expressing anti-Jewish views per their understanding of the world - there is a class of Anti-Jewish White people who share their views of "Da Jews" but ALSO have contempt for 'Da Blacks".

The "analyst" who wrote the blog post below is no doubt proud that he has used his mental gifts to uncover the real motivations of the 3 Street Pirates who murdered the waitress in Indiana.

On May 19th, a beautiful twenty year old White female was "hate crimed" by three black men. It appears to be a thrill killing, []JEW TERMINOLOGY FOR "HATE CRIME]. The Jew-motivated, black-racists,  just killed her for being born with White skin. She was a waitress at a seafood restaurant. Only a tip jar, with a small amount of money, was taken, a Obama's group covered up the hate crime.The brutal murder took place in Indiana. We only found two blips the America's nazi-Jew media. The pure-Jew, Chicago Sun-Times, ran a token article, but the Jews covered up the hate crime, hoping to get more White people. A Fox station in Dallas, Another Jew rag also reported on it, but made sure the White race stayed "stupid". You have to put both articles together to find out what really happened, as Jews are doing a dumbing down of the White race. The Rupert Mudoch[JEW]Fox station characterized the heinous murder as a robbery[NAZI JEWS THAT RUN AMERICA ALWAYS POINT TO ROBBERY, WHICH IT NEVER IS, TO SAY THAT WHITE SKIN WAS NOT THE MOTIVATION.THE  JEW-MOTIVATED, RACIST NEGROES NEVER CARED ABOUT THE MONEY, ONLY THE WHITE SKINThe Jew-driven, black-racists beat and strangled to death the White girl right in front of her apartment door. Her live-in boyfriend witnessed the attack and only called 911. A single household firearm would have saved his girlfriends’ life, but Jews have a goal to kill every White person in America so stop Whites from using guns.One of the Jew-powered, racist Negroids is a career criminal that was sentenced to six years in 2009.

My central argument is - While this guy is clearly off his rocker, is there really any difference between his rant versus those who possess the core elements of his bigotry but who use their more finely honed journalistic skills to promote a view of the world that is NO LESS ASKEW FROM THE REAL WORLD?

Those who use their own BIGOTRY to commit a series of "Lies Of Omission" as they engineer their propaganda to avoid discussing a holistic view of the world (or all of the forces bearing down upon a particular community) prove to be just as offensive as this Anti-Jew/Anti-Black blogger in which his content fits comfortably within his limited world view.

Clearly This Guy Is A "Stuff Black People Don't Like" Fan

In the minds of some Black people I, a Black man, am supposed to see the presence of this ignorant White man as he inserts OBAMA into his attacks on Black people and use this as a basis for VOTING FOR OBAMA.

In their minds - I should put aside the large amount of investments from Black people that this scheme has garnered for more than 50 years, failing to develop the Black community as a result.

The White woman has been going to the McDonalds for 5 years without incident.  She gets into a conflict with 3 ignorant individuals who resented her correcting them about throwing trash on the ground and thus justifies his assumption that all Black people would attack White people  in the same way.  This guy should serve as a guest contributor on "SBPDL".

Monday, May 28, 2012

BLAX News: How The AJC's Mike Luckovich Got Fired For Going To Far And Triggering An Occupation Outside Of The AJC Headquarters

BLAX News Breaking Headlines -

Mike Luckovich, Award winning editorial cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution  was compelled to submit his resignation after a series of protests outside of the AJC build and in front of its parent company, Cox Communications after "The Occupation" determined that he went too far with his cartoon in which he made assumptions to a group of people's intelligence to advance underlying BIGOTRY that passes for science.

While the progressive community who for years laughed at Mr Luckovich's comic genius - their anticipated laugh turned into clinched teeth once they saw that Luckovich had violated the rules as he went outside the permitted class of "protected classes" of people.

This marks the very first time that the "Color Of Change" and the "Southern Poverty Law Center" teamed up to attack a non-right wing force for silencing in the media.