They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Political Analysis Of The Book Presentation: "Redefining Black Power"

This interview from C-SPAN book TV needs to be addressed from two perspectives:

  • The Political Analysis of how Black people's choice to LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH Progressivism, The Democratic Party And OBAMA Has Caused The Black Community To Compromise Its Investments Of Its "Equal Black Ballots", Upon Failure To Obtain Its Promised "Return On Investments" It's Compromised Institutional Integrity Allows The Goal Posts To Be Constantly Shifted - Due To POPULAR ACCEPTANCE Of The Locomotion
  • The PSYCHOLOGICAL Analysis (Which This Blog - My Non-Political Blog - Will Carry) On - What Type Of INSTITUTIONAL/CULTURAL CONSTRUCTS Are Inculcated Within A People When They Project Their "Community Development Consciousness" Upon An Entity That Will NEVER Be "Their Own" AND YET When They Do Get Sufficient Power To Begin To Enforce "Establishment Power Accountability" They Agree To Deny That They Have The Power To Have Achieved Better Results - So They Continue To Struggle


I am going to fill in this post with my own commentary.
I have no mandate that YOU AGREE WITH MY TAKE.
I am going to present MY VIEWS upon hearing how the mainstream Black Progressive-politio thinks.

When I hear people LIVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OBAMA, noting that the "Return On Investment" has come up short and then BLAME THEMSELVES for failing to HELP HIM govern to OUR WISHES........................I understand that OBAMA AIN'T THE PROBLEM.  

The central problem is with the PERSON WHO'S CONSCIOUSNESS made them make these ASSUMPTIONS.

These are not unintelligent Black people.
You will NEVER hear me call the majority of the Black media voices "stupid".  They are not.
They are merely encamped in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" in which they see themselves as agents of what the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN has convinced them that they are.   

Those of us who are "on the inside of the group but who are on the OUTSIDE OF THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS" sit in stunned amazement as we get to hear what we already know is inside of their PSYCHE AND SOUL get rendered via their spoken, written or performance art.

In the spirit of "A Fish Don't Know He Wet" - they are unable to grasp the notion that THEY ARE "THE SYSTEM" now per their conscious integration.  That if they were to ever be removed from the framework of the United States - their present CONSCIOUSNESS would not allow them to survive the experience. 

The POLITICAL ANALYSIS View On "Within The Black Community" Blog

BLAX News: President Obama Bombs As A Stand Up Comedian At The White House Correspondents Dinner, Should Stick To Bombing Sovereign Nations With Drones - The Correspondents Don't Seem To Mind

"News" Organization
Evidence Of Our Priorities Per Our Coverage
President Obama & Critical News About "King George Zimmerman"

(You are going to respect the President or you'll get whipped on the air.  We respect all Presidents but only assign mocking nicknames to the one's that we do not live vicariously through.)

The BLAX News Correspondence Dinner

We Feed Our Readers The Very Same Fertilizer That Portobello Mushrooms Receive To Achieve Maximum Size

At BLAX News - you should NOT make the mistake of assuming that we are looking at what our competitors publish and we are complaining about their lack of coverage of what WE VALUE.

Instead - we are looking at what they do cover, make note of what is absent and then make the observation of their gracious attempts at screening out unsavory bits of choice morsels of food that their audience has thrown up upon the floor when they were fed this information previously.

Since our competitors are responsible for having to clean up this undigested food before closing AND the sight and smell of it causes them to throw up as their senses are as attuned as their customers are - we understand that they are not going to change their menu.

"Its far cheaper to use unmanned drones."

  • They are inexpensive
  • No US or NATO pilots are put at risk in a war zone
  • The high resolution camera allow the USA to decide IF the people on the video screen are terrorists
  • The cells at Guantanamo Bay Cuba are not filled with incoming "Terror Suspects"
  • There is no need to use Water Boarding on any of the suspects to get them to talk. THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD!!!!  Thus making the ACLU's case of torture moot.  They no longer have any standing in the matter because there are no visible body parts to piece together a corpse that can stand.
  • The former Anti-War Activists against US Imperialist actions and against Torture are not prompted to protest, depending on the results of the November 2012 Presidential elections

Essence Magazine Proves That While It Is Pro-Racial Diversity, When You Are An Ideologue You'd Better Be Progressive-Biased, Regardless Of Your Race

(File this under: "I Couldn't Make This Up - And If I Did You Wouldn't Believe It)


The Official Black Racial Services Machine Press DEMANDS That You Tow The Line Of The Official Message That All Of The Loosely Connected Components Of The "Black Racial Services Machine" and the larger "Progressive-Joint Venture" operate within.

Michael Bullerdick should have been more insightful and instead of "taunting" the Black Progressive-Fundamentalists that he works with (indirectly) through social media - he should have taken the case OF How Black Females (and the "Least Of These" Black Community) have fully bought into PROGRESSIVISM as their vehicle for uplift yet "Official Black Racial Services Machine" oracles like Essence Magazine can't bring themselves to STAND UP FOR BLACK WOMEN as a distinct entry from any:

  • Ideology
  • Political Party
  • The venue of "The American Political Domain"
In short Bullerdick should have taken the VOICE of Black Females and used it to inspect IN TOTAL what most of the content contributors at Essence can't get beyond their IDEOLOGICAL, TRANSACTIONAL analysis of.


Why are Black Progressives so afraid to allow their SCHEME that purports to uplift Black people  to be PUT ON TRIAL with the standard transparency of jurisprudence and "rules of evidence"? 


When I run across these type of stories I try to go beyond the typical rebuttals that one might hear in the endless volleys between "right and left"  or more accurately "White right wing and Black/White Left wing"   (There is no significant "Black Republican Right Wing" threat to even register a mention.

On the subject of Essence Magazine's newly unemployed Managing Editor - we should NOT go out to social media and find Left-wing biased material that employees at Essence (and Ebony and Jet) have published............................We should READ THE RESPECTIVE MAGAZINES to see their handiwork!!!!!!

About 3 years ago when I had a advertisement for a super-cheap magazine subscription I chose "Wired Magazine" over "Essence Magazine" - this after hearing a radio talk show in which a content contributor from Essence Magazine ASSAULTED my reference on the priorities of the Black community.  (On the subject of how to address education, violence and the radical changes in traditional marriage).   Just as I refuse to fund the NAACP (and now the National Urban League) as they run hard and counter to my beliefs and are ATTACKING any chance at ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT of Black people THROUGH our INSTITUTIONS - this view on my sponsorship is extended to my media purchases.

To be clear - I do purchase "left wing" magazines - for "opposition research".   In order to understand the roots of what represents itself as "Black Media" it is best to go to the mainstream progressive-fundamentalist/leftist sources to see the origins of this thought.    No one can claim that I do not understand the line of thinking that I am dealing with.

Their problem is that they try to promote RACE as a cover for their IDEOLOGICAL (and to some extent CLASS-based) battle that they are executing.  The truth is that "Race" is but the Trojan Horse that their "Progressive-Fundamentalism" rides in upon.

Had Mr Bullerdick read my analysis on "The Free Range Negroes" and limited his attacks in the social media to:

  • US Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas
  • Rep Allen West (R-FL)
  • Rep Tim Scott (R-SC)
  • Lloyd Marcus of the Tea Party
  • Condi Rice
.....he not only would have survived using such disparaging language against "The Blacks" - he might have been able to take his posts into some Essence Magazine co-contributors and received the coaching that other White males like Ed Schultz has received in making attacks against "Free Range Blacks" while leaving the 'Favorable Blacks" alone.

Had Mr Bullerdick been more insighful he would move beyond the TRANSACTIONAL analysis of claimed "Voter Supression" that Attorney General Eric Holder now serves as the "Point Man On The Inside Of The Justice Department" for the Civil Rights Pharisees as "Obama Fist Bump Black Press Operatives" and instead insist that his journalist resources inside of Essence Magazine go to "Mission Accomplished Cities" where the BLACK VOTE IS NOT MOLESTED - and look at the OUTCOMES suffered by PERMANENT INTERESTS of Black Females once the Progressive-Establishment machines take dominate control over the city (See Detroit).

You see - when MSNBC's Rachel Maddow went to Detroit to tell of the closure of a public school for pregnant teens - the majority of them Black - she DID NOT go there to make an indictment of the incompetence of the governing authority in Detroit to sustain a fiscally solvent city that could provide the SOCIAL JUSTICE services that this school for pregnant women was offering.

Ms Maddow's agenda was to tell of the damage that State Republican-sponsored austerity programs are having upon "the least of these".    Even though this past weekend former Governor Jennifer Granholm was heard on "ABC This Week" singing the praises of the present state of the economy in Michigan and the "tough, progressive decisions" that brought the economy back - none of the impaneled progressives sitting by her side thought to translate these "good tidings" into the ACTUAL condition of Detroit - and the other "Super Black" cities that the "racist" state Republicans seek to put an Emergency Financial Manager at the helm - thus project a voting rights violation.

You must understand - THE INDICTMENT reigns supreme for the Progressive.
There was no risk that Gov Granholm, in using the claim of good tidings for the state of MI would be seen as a Republican who looks at the "1%" and asks "What is the problem?  I don't see a problem.  My people are doing fine".


If Mr Ballerdick had sufficiently represented himself as a White Progressive , enough to your liking to have him work his way on the inside up to "Managing Editor" of the premiere Black Progressive Female magazine ------------------  WHO ELSE among the White Progressives Cheshire Foxes that enjoy your company and listen into your CORRUPT, ideologically bigoted schemes to stream a message into Black America hold these same views??  (Or do you really believe that MSNBC created "The" because they "VALUE Black people" instead of understanding that our "Equal Black Ballots" are valuable once they are mixed in with the batch of others?

The proper way to analyze your entire scheme is to look past what you publish and instead LOOK AT THE CONDITION OF BLACK AMERICA after your take over of our INSTITUTIONS.  

The fact that you and your "Joint Venture Partners" are able to avoid any self-inspection that might trigger the erection of a PROTECTIVE FENCING within Black America to defend against YOURSELVES - is enough evidence that anyone who is serious about Black Community Development to see that your primary interest is IDEOLOGICAL POWER CONSTRUCTION and NOT Black Community DEVELOPMENT.

Someone WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED by now for TOWING the line that the Black community was sold IF your interest was in development.  

NPR "Tell Me More" Discusses BIGOTRY In Social Media - Joel & Joe In The "Post Racial Society"

The Post-Racial Society

When it comes to the use of the term "Post-Racial Society" - those who make use this term typically do so mockingly to attack people who make the case of "You people now have a Black President, your claims of racism are now moot".

In the case of the commentary on "Tell Me More" (hear audio below) the news that a Black hockey player's winning goal had triggered a swarm of racist commentary on social media was used as evidence that the "post racial society" is a joke.

If we seek to frame the situation with Joel Ward "the Black hockey player" who was "out of place" per his race:

  • The sight of a Black man "out of his place" triggered a major bit of angst in people supporting "the other team" 
  • As they set out to strike back at "the Black man out of place" they put aside the social pleasantries that we as a society have evolved to after many long decades of confrontation over the use of tactics for malicious purposes
  • History says that these tactics are used by forces that prefer not to debate or respect the fact that other people are allowed to hold opinions that differ from their own.  By attacking this opponent using attributes and stereotypes associated with his race they hope to both reassert the normality (ie: how the world SHOULD be ordered) and vent some of the hatred that was penned up inside of them all along.
My claim is NOT that any of the thoughts and marginal desires for group advantage that were problematic in the past BECAUSE THEY WENT UNCHECKED have changed within the minds of people.  They have not.   Only the repudiation of these blatant public acts have changed, making them less acceptable.

Those who's main goal is to craft an EXTERNAL INDICTMENT as a means of substantiating and retaining their own biases as being justified.  


The picture of Joe Oliver was not obtained as part of any attack upon "Jack And Jill Politics" or "AfroSpear".   
Try this yourself.
Go to "Google Images" and type in the search phrase "Joe Oliver". 
You will see the following image gallery.

The first "Uncle Tom" reference to Joe Oliver which caught my eye is ALSO the contribution that "Jack And Jill Politics" had contributed to "social media".

I come to this with the assumption that it just might be the case that since "J&J Politics" (along with several other AfroSpear blogs) participate in this type of salacious behavior so frequently that my chances of happening upon this image that is on their page was heightened.


What is the common link (and irony) between the Joel Ward and Joe Oliver?  The answer is pictured here:

I HAVE UNQUALIFIED RESPECT for Michelle Martin as a journalist.   PERIOD. End Of Sentence. 
I listen to "Tell Me More" everyday.  (So I believe that I have a good sense of the facts.  Still my assessment will only ever be from MY perspective).
She is more of a journalist than she is a progressive-ideologue.   Her favoring a progressive point of view is not an indictment that I have against her.  This post is my attempt to show how this is carried out as it prevents some people from seeing THEMSELVES in the indictments that they render.

I have said before that Ms Martin gives a more comfortable interview with a Thurston or Rich Benjamin as they are progressives who seek to "change the (racist) system".  

In the classic "A Fish Don't Know He Wet" meme - there is no notion that these two Black Progressive who are seeking to change the larger system might in fact be UNRAVELING some of the structure that is already WEAK WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.   Or that their OUTWARD STRUGGLE merely is a more interesting diversion to the work that needs to be done WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.   

As I understand it - Michelle Martin and other left-of center Black journalists who care for their craft are NEVER going to engage a favorable progressive (Black) radical from the standpoint that their ideas are not fully baked, that they might indeed be causing harm to the INSTITUTIONAL interests of Black America - regardless of the POPULARITY of the notion in the minds of people who are itching for a revolution because they have nothing to lose.

The irony of hearing "Tell Me More" talk about the RACISM that was displayed on the ice as a Black NHL hockey player scored the winning goal is that Mr Thurston would never be called for a visit to "News And Notes" to explain his blog site's salacious use of IDEOLOGICAL bigotry to enforce the RACIAL "congregational unity".

In fact most people don't get this point.
There is ONLY a "POPULAR PROGRESSIVE AGENDA" with a goal of expressing "Progressive Benefits" INTO the Black community.   
Thus people get confused as they seek out EQUAL "racism" among Black people to prove that we are capable as being as "racist" as a right-wing Conservative White (or his "Uncle Tom Black Republican" soulmate - who always seems to have INFERIOR intellectual skills - while the person spouting this claim are never heard suggesting that 'The Least Of These Blacks" in the ghetto might suffer from the same ailment.   [This is an example of what I am talking about. ] ).

Look at the above example.   The same people who attack right-wing Whites for making racist statements about the intelligence of ALL Black people can be heard saying the very same thing about Black long as it is a SPECIFIC group of Blacks - Blacks with an IDEOLOGICALLY opposite point of view as their own perspective which is popular.

What we see here then is IDEOLOGICAL distinctions are the vector of attack.  As such a BLACK with a common ideology is set up to do the attack so the NON-BLACK ideologue won't be accessed of RACISM when the Black ideologue uses RACIST ATTACK VECTOR to attack the IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY.

(And you wondered why MSNBC and Washington Post founded The Grio and The Root?)

MY perspective is that everyone is a 100% EQUAL HUMAN BEING.  The same capacity to perform greatness as to transact in hatred.  

The truth is that some people just never had sufficient POWER to transact the hatred that they now call out in other people.   It is also true that the framework for GREATNESS (power) that they see and envy in others is being squandered as they divert their attention into a "Bread And Circuses" distribution circuit for short term, marginal gains within the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

I challenge Michelle Martin and other JOURNALISTS who value their craft to invest Black "Social media operatives" into their studios for an interview, NOT to talk about how in this "Post Racial Society" OTHER BIGOTS have taken up Twitter, FaceBook and to spout their own bigotry.    Instead it is time to "PUT THEIR FRIENDS ON TRIAL", daring to ask WHY so many blogs that present themselves as "Pro-Black" are merely "Anti-Republican / Anti-Conservative" blogs, where upwards of 70% of their content is focused on this EXTERNAL enemy - for the purposes of "Ideological Congregational Unity" purposes.

I am STILL waiting for a CREDIBLE Black journalist to appraise the investment of the "Equal Black Ballots" not only from 2008 but from the mid-1960's from the perspective of an FORENSIC INVESTMENT ANALYST rather than a "team reporter".    

If they operate from the questions of
  • What internal structures are necessary to DEFEND the Black community's PERMANENT INTERESTS from the SHORT TERM POPULAR WILL?
  • What means of CONFLICT OF INTEREST mitigation is in place to prevent a POLITICAL OPERATIVE from being allowed as a key operative inside of the "Black Community Consciousness Nuclueus" where his expansive MULTI-MEDIA  touch points in support of the larger PROGRESSIVE JOINT VENTURE is seen as a THREAT TO NOT an ENHANCEMENT OF his ability to promote and keep distinct "The Black Community Permanent Interests"

In summary - the real problem that this all exposes is that what is sold as "The Black Agenda" is ONLY a precast IDEOLOGICAL SCHEME that has been folded into a larger "Joint Venture" in which the Black constituent is seen as a MODULE OF THE TEAM rather than as an INVESTOR who sees the entire universe and is making active choices as to which strategy is best for his ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT, leveraging the RESOURCES that he has at his disposal - the HUMAN RESOURCES (the mind and consciousness) being the most important of them all.

The reason why some people can't see themselves in the ignorant hockey fans who saw DIFFERENCE and chose to act out against it is because they understand the power of EXTERNAL INDICTMENT in preventing an inspection of THEIR OWN HEARTS AND CONSCIOUSNESS.
At the end they want their IDEOLOGY to stand strong NOT to have a well governed and PRODUCTIVE Black Community - IF it would come at the loss of their ideological entrenchment.

Add to this the fact that NO PROGRESSIVE EVER GETS FIRED FOR FAILING TO DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE, despite receiving our CONFIDENCE and INVESTMENT RESOURCES - as we see the results:   Media Matters is employed to present to us the RACISM that the "Black Progressive Scouts" failed to see when they "racism chased".

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Up To 20 Christian Worshipers Attacked And Killed In Nigeria By Islamic Terrorists

Nigerian Christian worshipers targeted by Islamic terrorists- Up To 20 Killed

In the context of events and conflicts around the world - the provincial indictments that the average Black-American is asked to get riled up over appears to be cheap by comparison.

In Northern and Northeastern Nigeria, West Africa - people are being told to move away from the area or face death.  Their skin color is not the determining factor that is provoking their forced exodus.  Their religion is what is offensive to the people who seek to occupy theses lands.

 Under the guise of promoting "social justice" for "the least of these" here in America so little of the structure that is being erected will ever produce a set of institutions that could be one day pruned and grafted to some other "Black Diasporatic Zone" around the world, allowing THESE the real "Least Of These" who live under the tutelage of governments that are incapable of providing for the people to be made to prosper as a result.

If I had my way - the news from Nigeria, Guatemala, South Sudan and Haiti would be used as the primary means of providing a more global conscious context to the arguments made by political/ideological operatives here in America that attempt to argue that the American-Negroes present fate in life is threatened because America has not sufficiently changed.
 The consciousness of Black people have changed so much that the sight of the American military machine choosing to bomb places in America that the American government has deemed to be "Terrorist" would now draw cheers as to the efficiency of the drone strikes ordered by the American Commander In Chief without mention that the earth that entombs our ancestors was distrubed by the ordinance dropped from the GPS guided drones.

More accurate than the GPS are the forces who predicted how the Black American community would respond to US Military action in "nations of color" if and when the American machine put a "favorable person of color" into the White House as "Commander in Chief".
 This is so much so that THIS post will be seen as "Anti-Obama" than the read will ever ask themselves if they are being used as a means off allowing the American machine to have its way in Africa without prompting Black American protests for the desire to avoidance of criticism of the Commander In Chief. 

Sunday Morning- Another Black College Student Robbed In SW Atlanta, Near The Location Where The "Hoodie Rallies" Took Place Several Weeks Ago

On the one hand I feel for this young Black student at the Atlanta Interdenominational Seminary.
The news that his iPad that had all of his notes for his final exams on Monday seems suspect.  I will extend a bit of trust to his claim since he is a seminary student.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

What The Map Below Doesn't Tell You
To the northwest of the "Atlanta University Center" is one of the most violent and deadly areas for Black people in Metro Atlanta. You won't win too many friends within the Black community by speaking this truth that the data will substantiate.

I am not critical of Rev Joseph E Lowery for seeking to remove the names of the "Confederate Soldiers" off of the street signs in the area so that the people's 'long time oppressors' are no longer held in honor.  (former "General Ashby Street" is now called "Joseph E Lowery Blvd).  

My criticism of Lowery and those who think like him is that he SOLD the notion that by making the change - the people's CONSCIOUSNESS about themselves would be raised as "their own heroes" now adorn the street signs. 

While Lowery followed up about 2 years ago with a "street sweeping" campaign - any dispassionate review of his "community salvation plan" would show that it has been a failure.

My agenda is not to disparage Rev Lowery.  I actually regard him as a may of an affable disposition.

Just as I make the case that it is CLEAR that there are some forces beyond VOTING that are necessary to provide "salvation" for the Black community - it is also the case that there are some undefined forces beyond placing a fresh coat of paint on a dysfunctional school, proclaiming that the new pastel colors will have mood altering effects.

My actual criticism is directed at the structure of BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS.  There exists no model of governance by which the METHODOLOGY that purports to develop our people is held distinct from the "Permanent Interests" (goals).   If the methodology is proven to be providing insufficient thrust - it is necessarily altered as our main purpose is ATTAINMENT not PROTECTION of a popular methodology.

When a community promotes the METHODOLOGY that they and their "favorable leaders" are advocating, what appears to be "Congregational Unity" (strength) is merely just a PROTECTION RACKET in which the shortcomings of this flawed strategy is necessarily suffered on the shoulders of the people who go along with the scheme.

A measure of mental settlement is achieved as the various "Conspiracy Theories" are introduced as the primary means of explaining the gap between what their present mental rationalizations and hard work doing the right thing SHOULD have brought to them VERSUS what the "constructive feedback" that comes to their mind from their 5 senses tells them where THEY ACTUALLY ARE.

In the choice between CLOSING THE GAP by re-architecting their assumptions of what is needed to be done VERSUS introducing the notion that foreign antagonistic agents are responsible for the short-fall - the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who control the messaging will ALWAYS go for the later option.

I do not fault the "Embedded Confidence Men" for doing what they do.  They recognize the worth of the VALUABLES that the Black community has to offer.  They are going to erect a body of thought that allows the people to converge their understanding and consciousness as such.

The fault musts go to the BLACK RANK & FILE.  The failure to keep a set of "independent books" - distinct from 'the popular leadership' - the books that serve as your personal GPS that makes an attestation that you now stand where YOUR LEADERS TOLD YOU YOU ARE STANDING - is the obligation of every rational individual to maintain for himself.

It is also true that OBSERVERS OF BLACK PEOPLE - from the outside and WITHIN - make careful notice of the people's choice not to make use of the PERSONAL GPS, selling them the notion that if you do contest the popular agreement of your coordinates - such a challenge is bad for CONGREGATIONAL UNITY - the common external enemy will gain ground as "WE" fight.

This argument is no different than what I saw last week on ABC's "What Would You Do?" program.  In a "Candid Camera"-style set up a teenaged boyfriend was seen pressuring his girl friend to do "Sexting", sending him a sexually suggestive photo of her for his personal use.  As she resisted he told her "IF YOU LOVED ME YOU WOULD DO IT.  Clearly you don't TRUST me since you are reluctant".  

While the girlfriend was confused between defending her own interests and making the object of her affection happy - third party females who were placed in earshot to hear the conversation warned her against listening to his CONFIDENCE SCHEME.  They warned that if they were to ever break up on bad terms - he still had the sexually suggestive picture and would likely spread it around for all to see.  Her REPUTATION is attribute most likely to suffer the most.

I maintain that the "Black Rank & File" has a PROFILE that is well understood by our FRIEND - inside and out and our ENEMIES inside and out.    Those who come to us as FRIENDS (inside and out) can also prove to be enemies to the DEVELOPMENT GOALS of Black people.

The forces that come to us as friends in the context of our present GRIEVANCES and the prevail CONSCIOUSNESS might not be working toward the best interests of the community in which ORGANIC COMPETENCIES are developed by which our community goals are achieved through good governance of the INSTITUTIONS through which our human resources matriculate through for "finishing".

It is up to the Black rank & file to begin to better understand: "All of our SKIN FOLKS ain't our KIN FOLKS - especially those that successfully compelled you to make substantial investments in their COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FUND for the last 50 years only to come back and tell you that we'd be worse off had we invested in THE OTHER GUY.

When the community learns that the Confidence Man never has to transparently report on his own performance because he knows that it is not a good news message - they will start to see that their agenda is distinct from his and act in such a manner."

View Larger Map

As The Black Racial Services Media Focus On "White On White Crime" - Street Pirates Who Don't Give A Damn Keep Attacking Black People

The three legs of the media messaging in which "self-chum feeding" is streamed into the Black community is:

  • Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio
  • Black Progressive News Aggregation Blogs & "Anti-Republican Blogs That Pose As Pro-Black Blogs"
  • The "Official Black Journalism/Opinion" Channels Sponsored By Corporate Sources
    • Newspaper Opinion Columns
    • Television News And Opinion Operatives
If you want to understand how Black Progressive-Fundamentalists thing, how they project their views into the Black community and how they make use of current affairs as they interact with other Black people - promoting "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" Priorities that MAY NOT BE valid priorities in relation to the DEVELOPMENT NEEDS of the Black Community - but instead are POPULAR in the present consciousness................look no further than these sources through which this agenda is expressed.

Out of the Trayvon Martin case the push back against the term "Black On Black Crime" has rendered its head.  Having been scathed by the indictment that they are cherry picking the outrage over the issues surrounding Martin's death while thousands of other 'Ninjas Get Themselves Kilt" without any outrage - they felt the need to COUNTER this claim of fraudulent outrage selection with some ploy.

How To Counter The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men Who Seek POPULARITY To Hide Their INCOMPETENCE At Governing The Institutions Of The Black Community

It is clear to avoid getting into a volley ball match over "Black on Black Crime" versus "White on White Crime".

White On White Crime - Father Slashes TheThroat Of His Son Who Attacked Him 

Upon seeing their response to a SERIOUS problem that many Black people are terrorized by - in which they seek to tell us that WHITE FOLKS have their own crime problems - we must understand that their main goal is to PACIFY Black people, contenting them that there are others in the mud along with them.

Unless you understand that PACIFICATION does not provide MITIGATION you will continue falling for their confidence schemes.

Despite their favorable relationship with Black people who have a particular consciousness about themselves and their community (ie: "Non-White White Supremacist" viewpoints) this response actually shows CONTEMPT for Black people, particularly the people who have been VICTIMIZED by "would be pillars of the community" who have been allowed to morph into the consciousness of a "Street Pirate" after these very schemes at play have failed to sufficiently develop his consciousness otherwise.

Long after the pacification that White people have crime problems - THE BLACK COMMUNITY will continue to suffer a disproportionate amount of crime victimization.  Worse - the machine that got into power, promising 'Safe Streets" as "favorable people are put into power' will retain their seats, despite these problems.  The community will begin to fray as an increasing number of people (Black Flight Progressives) begin to leave out of the need to ensure the safety of their family.

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"Street Pirates - Future Political Prisoners"  Order College Students To Strip Down, Jump In The Lake During Robbery,

SEE VIDEO - Street Pirate Takes Clothes Of Stripped Spelman Students

Atlanta:  Two Spelman Students Amount Five Students Robbed In Park

Two Spelman College students became the latest victims of crimes against college students Saturday when they were among five people robbed at gunpoint overnight at a park west of the campus, Atlanta police said. College students have been the targets of a rash of robberies near or on several campuses in Atlanta, including at Georgia Tech and Georgia State University. The five victims Saturday -- two female Spelman students, another woman and two males -- were robbed around 2 a.m. at Dean Rusk Park, according to Channel 2 Action News. Two of the women were age 19 and the third was 20, and the two males were ages 24 and 26, police said.

View Larger Map

The Previous Threat To Black Female College Students - When "The Struggle" Was Legitimately In Support Of Black Community Development.............ARREST FOR STANDING UP FOR JUSTICE

Metro Atlanta - Two Cobb County Men Found Guilty Of Deadly Home Invasion

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Black Woman Murdered - Body Burned As Car Is Torched 

The Only Difference Between The Black Woman Above And The Black Man Below Is That The Black Man Below Was Murdered And Burned By EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS That Were Labeled RACISTS thus their murder of a Black was considered SUPERIOR in the minds of those who are Non-White White Supremacists.

Black Man Shot On Joseph Lowery Blvd After Making Disparaging Comments About Shooter's Girlfriend

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This time it is students from Morehouse College that are left in fear.  (Does anyone else get the picture that the Atlanta University Center is located in a community with a higher than average amount of Street Pirate - Future Political Prisoners?)

Increase In "Street Pirate - Future Political Prisoners" Armed Car Jackings In Southwest Atlanta Terrorize The Victims Within The Black Community

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Black Women on the Television News seen worried about protecting their children from 'Street Pirate - Future Political Prisoners" who ran across their laws and mowed down their bushes.  Hard Working Black Residents Of Southwest Atlanta Have Their Means Of Transportation To Work Molested By Street Pirates - Future Political Prisoners Who Don't Give A Damn That They Might Be Fired If They Show Up Late For Work On Monday After Goodyear Installs Their New Tires

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Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell

Black Media Mine: Homicide The Leading Cause Of Death For Young Black Males

Black Media Mine blog

2010 Study: Homicide leading cause of death among young black males

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tracie Powell: "Trayvon Martin Story Revitalizes 'Black Consciousness Attention Filibustering" Black Press, Mobilizes 'Civil Rights Pharisees'

OK.  I admit.  The story written by Tracie Powell did not have the title of this post.  It had the following title:

Trayvon Martin story revitalizes black press, mobilizes ‘new guard’

The problem with Ms Powell's assessment is that she did just as the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" did with regards to Obama's invasion of Libya:  Focus on the EFFECTIVENESS of the subject at hand but never step back and consider the JUSTIFICATION.

Amazingly Ms Powell includes in her article:
It seems that Ms Powell is content that MSNBC's "The" succeeded in picking out the right "murdered Black person" to identify as "The Emmett Till Story" of our time and thus felt justified in writing 250 stories on the matter in their attempt to bring "Justice For Trayvon" as well as to take down "Stand Your Ground" laws.

The Stunning Historical Analysis By Tracie Powell

Anyone who reads this blog will note that I make frequent references to the void in representative news coverage within the mainstream press of 100+ years ago that prompted conscious Black people to publish their own papers.  The bigoted mainstream press maligned and molested the character of Black people when they did print news about Blacks OR they ignored a press report IF there was a newsworthy event in which an assault upon a Black person would require them to make an indictment against the White racist system that the newspaper was charged with defending.   Both Tracie Powell and I agree on this fact of history.

I am amazed that Ms Powell would take the example of the "Negro Progressive Auxiliaries" of corporate media operations and proclaim that their operations are meant to parallel the function of the founding journals that Ms Powell referred to a few paragraphs above.

Had Ms Powell been a bit more insightful she would have noted that the ESTABLISHMENT PROTECTION that had been done by the mainstream (White) press of a century ago is now being done by the "Black Racial Services Machine - Black Progressive Press cog" in defense of the Black Progressive establishment relative to the Black community.

Clearly Ms Powell has a PROPORTIONALITY problem.

Ms Powell takes the claim of RACISM against a Black murder victim who's cause was not adequately represented by a small, Southern police department and thus 'The Neo-Black Press'  FOUND ITS GROOVE in pursuit of justice.     I get it.

The key to "selling" the Trayvon Martin Story as a DESERVING NATIONAL STORY OF PRIORITY FOCUS for Black America was the need to attack the notion that this heightened focus produced an "opportunity cost".

The obvious rebuttal to the statement of "Why focus on one dead Black teen when there are many thousands who will be buried this one year?" was to deny that there is a "BLACK ON BLACK MURDER Problem" in the first place. 

I have posted rebuttals to several opinion hacks that tried to do this very thing.  Their argument that "Black people, like all other races largely kill their own kind" DOES NOT speak to the OVERREPREESENTATION of Black homicide victims in the national body count.  The truth is that this intramural murder speaks to why we don't have more marches against the killers of Blacks.   A fellow Black does not make a good prompt to rile up Black people into "congregational unity".

The Black Press Of Today Protect The Establishment Power - Just Like Their Bigoted White Predecessors

Had Ms Powell been more "intellectually curious" - she would have noted that with Black people who are 13% of the US population, predicted to make up about 9,000 of the estimated 18,000 Americans who will be homicide victims this year there will be no similar "Pulitzer Prize" winning sustained effort to get to the source of this over-representation.

The grand promise that the Black community was sold -as we came out of the dark days of the racial oppression that was not covered by the press of 100 years ago - was that a growth in Black Progressive political power, in the cities where we live in our highest concentrations would lead to economic, academic gains in the context of safe streets and JUSTICE for the people as anyone assaulting us would no longer do so with impunity.

It seems that Ms Powell, like the monopoly majority of other Black Press operatives can't bring themselves to separate their consciousness as "BLACK ESTABLISHMENT MARKETERS" and instead stand, unbought and unsold on behalf of "The Black Rank & File".

For many in this line of conscious thinking - it is impossible for one to proclaim that the "Black Establishment" / "Black Racial Services Machine" is not acting in the best interests of the Black community:  LOOK AT HOW POPULARLY ACCEPTED THEY ARE AMONG THESE SAME BLACKS!!!  What are you talking about?

I argue the very opposite.
The streaming messages by which the transactional events that occur in America are framed in a manner that allows the "Black Press" to retain their relation of confidence with the masses - also ensures that the "Black Racial Services Machine" that they seek to protect and promote - will retain their power - REGARDLESS of the EFFECTIVE RESULTS as seen on the streets and measured dispassionately.

What we see with the Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman case - for example is a DAILY OUTRAGE about this one case, "self-chummed" out in order to draw a reaction by the Black Progressive audience (I have it all on tape on my computer in the basement as I record various "Black-wing Grievance Radio shows" across the nation thanks to the benefit of Internet streaming).

The transactions: (in reverse chronological order:
  • Zimmerman had $200K in the bank, which he hid to get a lower bond!!
  • People gave this killer $200K!!!
  • They gave this killer a bond and he walked out of jail, able to kill again if he chooses to!!!  This low bond is representative of the value of Black life and you should not forget this!!
  • The Sandford City Council rejected the police chief's offer to resign.  This was all a public relations stunt from the begining.  This is all in the run up to proclaim Zimmerman not guilty
  • They arrested him 2 months after he killed!!!  If he were Black he would have been made comfortable in jail after 2 months!!!
  • (you get the picture....................)
If we assume that 9,000 Black people will be homicide victims this year - then approximately 1,500 Blacks have achieved this status since Trayvon Martin received his unjust demise at the hands of George Zimmerman.

The proper way to address these two facts is NOT TO place them up as MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE - like the argument "Why don't you all focus on these other issues".   Instead I choose to appraise those who profit from "Congregational Unity" by inspecting them on their competency to MANAGE THE BLACK COMMUNITY, effectively driving the vital statics into the range that is in line with what we favor.

The truth is that while they will achieve POPULARITY with their Trayvon Martin Coverage, securing their relationship in the minds of Black people who believe that the Black Press has their back against RACIAL ASSAULTS and INJUSTICE.   It is when we look at the "dark matter zone" - the range of community issues that reside outside of their zone of competency that the problem with this scheme is made known.

The Black Press is not going to wage a sustained attack against the question of the competency of the larger "Black Racial Services Machine" (which they are a part of).   Like a cat chasing its own tail the operative members of the press could easily convince themselves that in using their weekly articles to hold Black or Progressive leaders in their respective cities accountable for delivering the desired ecosystem outcomes - this negative/confrontational disposition leaves an opening for EXTERNAL WHITE CONSERVATIVES to walk in through the breach that has been created.  Even if this White threat is located in a distance that is between Atlanta and the bus ride down to Sandford FL - this threat can serve its purpose because it is a necessary agent for producing the "Black Congregational Unity" that the machine desires the most.

While I appreciate Ms Powell's observation of the corporate ownership of these "Self-Chumming opinion givers" ...........................

....................I would have preferred has she said that the BLACK RANK AND FILE should rebuff this attempt to fuse the "Black Community Development Consciousness and Struggle" in with the Progressive Joint Venture Operations of these corporate owned media platforms by first and foremost REFUSING to allow "The Black Agenda - Building A Stronger America - Presented By MSNBC, Hosted By Ed Schultz" to be allowed to run another year.

Move it back to C-SPAN if there is any chance for reasonable Black people to properly assess the need for the Black Rank & File to set up a structure by which their interests are defended from the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men" who seek to package "The Black Struggle" and sell it on the secondary market known as "The American Political Domain".

Friday, April 27, 2012 Propagandizes About $1 Billion In Obama Health Care Refund Checks In The Context Of 3 Years Of $1,000 Billion+ Deficts

Expect A Check: Obama’s Health Care Rebates To Top $1 Billion

Obama Announces First Campaign Stops......Beyond His Stop On The Obama Fist Bump Black Press Sites That Front As "Pro-Black" Oracles

Maybe it is me.
I have no mandate that anyone agree with me ideologically or that they see my view that the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" is the greater force for corruption of otherwise clear thinking Black people.

In the article above the progressive-fundamentalist web site tells of the good news.  People will be receiving an "Obama check" thanks to the kickbacks from "Obamacare".

Before I go further, we should add to this the two recent "economic victories" (or priorities) that have been trotted out.

  • The "Buffet Tax" which was said to show the gap between those who care about protecting the rich and those who have the interests of the poor in mind.  The point that was muffled is that it would ONLY bring in $5 billion per year.
  • The increase in the student loan interest.   While Obama made the case that this would cost $1,000 for 7 million borrowers - he made it appear as if this was PER YEAR.  In truth it was over the entire life of the loan.  This increase from 3% to a whopping 6% would translate into $10 more per month for the average borrower.   
I would be remiss if I failed to note that while the increase in health care costs was due to greedy corporations that must be regulated - when it comes to sky rocketing educational costs - the government throws more money into the system, without ever talking about resisting paying the ransom that these institutions charge.  Oh yeah - that is unless they are "for profit schools" and then we see Education Secretary Arnie Duncan going after them, demanding that they maintain a specific default rate and graduation rate or lose their ability to receive student loans.   Note that no one mentioned that there are several HBCU's who's default rates are higher than these "For Profit" colleges and if the ideologues were interested in dispensing "equal justice" that they would have been brought into the fold.

But I digress.

Fraudulent Populist Economics
And Even THIS Is Not To Scale With Reference To The Relative Size Of $1B Compared To $1.3T

 No analysis necessary but to say:
Those who are intent on PROPAGANDIZING "Good News" about the man that they live vicariously through should be inspected for what they are NOT telling you.

If you are not clear that what you want is GREATER than marginal ideological and political gains that don't improve your long term condition - keep doing what you are doing.

The likelihood that you will receive HEALTH CARE IN THE LONG RUN is represented by the red bar at the bottom of the diagram above and its big brother - the $16T national debt.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Constructive Feedback Simulcast: Which Was The Black-Wing Grievance Radio More "Offended By" Today With Regards To Obama?

This is the first ever simulcast across my key blog properties.
Since each of my blogs are compartmentalized to focus on various subjects that are related by essentially distinct - the news that the Obama Administration proving approval for expanded use of Drones in the sovereign nation of Yemen provides a great opportunity to view this latest act by the "American Military Imperialist Machine" - NOT from the perspective of the Obama Administration, but instead to look into the audience who is "living vicariously through Obama" to make note of their reaction.

QUESTION - On Black-Wing Grievance Radio in Metro Atlanta today - which "Offense" was more important to the crowd that pushes for "Social Justice" and believe themselves to be "Followers Of Dr King"?

Choice A)  Sprayberry High School Student Newspaper Lists Reasons Why Obama Should Not Be Reelected

A Cobb County high school newspaper is under fire for what some are calling an offensive article.
Students at Sprayberry High School published an article entitled Top Twenty Reasons Why Obama Should Not Get Re-Elected in their school newspaper's April Fool's Day edition.
The article listed reasons such as, "He's black," "He's half-white," "He is a Nazi," and "His dog is ugly."
After the article began to circulate outside the school on Thursday, a response to the article was posted on the high school's website, which read:
"Recently, the Sprayberry newspaper, The Stinger, published an article trying to humorously comment on the President. In regards to the Obama article, we would like to say that the article was meant as a piece of satire. The article was published in our April Fool's section, The Zinger, of the newspaper and was meant to be a comedic take on the media's comments on the President. Satire is the use of humor, irony or exaggeration to poke fun at certain parts of society. We realize that this did not come off as we intended, and we sincerely apologize for offending anyone."
CBS Atlanta News spoke with parents and students who attend Sprayberry High School to get their take on the controversial article.
Danisha Crummie, a parent, said that the attempt at satire was in bad taste.
"I just couldn't believe that it was printed in the school paper," she said.
Tom, another parent who didn't want to give his last name, agreed with Crummie.
"I'm disappointed that they would allow anything like this to be published," he said.
The students that CBS Atlanta News spoke with didn't have as strong of an opinion about the article, and saw both the humor - and shame - in the article.
"I was offended by the first line because he's black," said Sprayberry student Ambur Leggett. "I wasn't offended by the complete article because it's a satire."
Fellow student Maurae Prince agreed with Leggett.
"(The author) was irresponsible, but it shouldn't have been taken to this level at all," Prince said.
While a spokesman with the Cobb County School District wasn't available for comment on Thursday,  the school district issued a statement after being contacted by CBS Atlanta News, which read:
"This is from the school's April Fool's edition of the newspaper. It does state that clearly on the front page. All of the items in that section are intended to be satirical. Obviously, this item is a poor attempt at humor. The newspaper staff clarified and apologized to the rest of the student body this [Thursday] morning in a video message broadcast on closed-circuit throughout the school."
 B) Obama Approves US Drone Bombings In Sovereign Nation Of Yemen - Killing "Terror Suspects" So That They Don't Have To Be Stored At Guantanamo Bay Prison.  The Civil Rights Pharisees Approve Of Obama's Approval Based On Their Silence And Their Continued VICARIOUS LIVING Through Obama Via Any "Racist Insult" That He Suffers.  Since A Drone Attack Is Not RACIST They Have No Interest In Looking Into This Yemen Policy
A person that the USA defines as a "terrorist" and then kills him is not a victim of torture if he dies before he feels the pain of being blown up without due process.

At at least this is what we must gather based upon the lack of action by the ACLU on this new policy adopted since Obama took office.

The Proportionality Filter - All Of The Black Churches That Are NOT Offensive To Jet Magazine And Other Black Racial Services Machine Operatives

The Corrupt LampBlack Yellow Journalist Press Does Not Take Its Mission To Promote The Best Interests Of The Black Community SERIOUSLY - My Only Option Is To Vent My Frustration Through "BLAX News" Because Violence Would Get Me Arrested. 

Now I remember why I had chosen not to renew my subscriptions to Jet/Ebony/Essence several years ago.   I believed that I was paying for ideological propaganda that was counter to my beliefs.  This is what they are, more than they can claim to be "Black magazines".

The "Black Racial Services Machine"/ "Black Establishment Press" is NOT in place to make note of the present condition and challenges WITHIN the Black Community and to fight in defense of the rank & file against all of the forces that hinder our ORGANIC development.   Instead they are a MEMBER of "The Black Racial Services Machine" and thus serve the purposes of marketing the agenda of the machine into the 'Rank & File'.

Have you ever read in any of these propaganda sources a comprehensive challenge to the methodology that the Black community has been encamped into - where our community was supposed to grow based on the political power that we amassed - through "Progressive Public Policy" and the Democratic Party standing strong?

Most Black conservative critics of this scheme - along with the growing number of Black Democrats who know something is wrong - fail to properly analyze the problem.  They are confined into the notion of a binary choice between the two "Dung Producing Party Animals" and thus the "lesser of two evils" becomes clear.  In truth the binary choice is between the politics and ideological loyalties in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" and the alternative of working THROUGH THE PEOPLE to build up community based institutions that serve our development.

The "Progressive Base Hits" Meets The Proportionality Filter
When I read the modern incarnations of "Jet/Ebony", Essence and The Grio/The Root (and other Black Progressive blogs and media) - I come to understand the consciousness of the Black people who put the product out to mass market.

They are not interested in defining the entire dimensions of the Black community and then placing their preferential viewpoint on how to address these problems into the proper context.   Instead their primary goal is CONGREGATIONAL UNITY ENFORCEMENT.  Thus - with Black people in agreement with the agenda that they are pushing the effective results that are cast upon our community means little.  With the base of agreement that they maintain - they can easily leverage this support to blame a disagreeable external enemy as the reason why progressive-fundamentalism has failed to turn the tide.  In the case of the article in Jet that made me weigh its value as a publication - there was yet another dynamic at play.
Too Late, Jet Magazine - The Black Community's Well Being 
you and other 
Black Progressive Fundamentalists.
The Only Thing That You Can Rightfully Claim
Is That You Hope To Prevent Another Bloody Coup By 
People Who Have Mastered Your Propaganda Scheme

"Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends" is the best description of the article pictured here. 

In the "news" section of Jet Magazine (April 30, 2012) the content contributor takes on the subject of the radical abandonment of the concept of traditional marriage by placing a slight of hand which says: "Black Churches have always lead in the struggle for equality"

This would fly by most people.    With this passage we are asked to look past the issue of "Traditional Marriage" and instead focus on EQUALITY and "BEING PROGRESSIVE" for the sake of progression.

Next the same tactic that I have noted in which Obama's invasion of Libya is presented to Black people with the notation "Dick Cheney is critical of Obama's Libya operations" is shown by Jet.    The Black progressive-fundamentalist content contributors understand that they cannot have Black people debate the issue of the proper function of marriage within the Black community.   As a result they have to tell "clear thinking Black Progressives" that the CONSERVATIVES, who wish to do the Black community harm are invading the Black community through certain churches.  Then the crack journalistic staff of Johnson Publishing scour the nation to find 4 BLACK CHURCHES to fit their story.

  • Antioch Bible Church - Redmond, VA
  • BOND (Jessee Lee Peterson) Los Angeles, CA
  • Upper Room Church of God In Christ - Raleigh, NC
  • The Worldwide Christian Center - Pompano Beach FL
Who Is The Greater Threat To The "Well Being Of The Black Community In The Eye's Of The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Black Press? 

His Affiliation With "White People Who Black Progressives
Don't Like Makes Him A Threat, Despite His Small
The Professional Progressive Political Preacher Is A Friend To The Black Progressive Fundamentalist
Because The White Progressive Cheshire Foxes That The
Form A "Progressive Joint Venture" With LOVE BLACK PEOPLE And Won't Ever Say Anything Offensive About Blacks - Because There Is No Benefit In Offending Black People As Long As We Think And Vote In A Manner That Is Agreeable To The Joint Venture And Never Blame The Joint Venture For The Problems In Our Community That Endure, Decades After The Investment Scheme Was Christened.

ANSWER - The Threat To The Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Agenda Are The Forces Who Don't Agree With Them.
The THREAT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S DEVELOPMENT, however, Is The Failure To Develop Sound Institutional Governance During This Time In Our History As A People. 
Those who fail to make the distinction between the "Interests Of The Black Community Development" and the interests of the popular establishment overlay, are doomed to keep falling for these trick plays as seen in Jet Magazine and other Black Progressive-Fundamentalist sources of propaganda.
When you read the blurbs about each of the churches - you are blind if you see that this article in Jet is not about these churches - it is about attacking "The RIGHT WING".  Sadly Jet is merely "The Filled Negro blog" in print per its commitment to institutional integrity.

As they have you supping on the "soul food flavored chum" that they have tossed into the sea - beyond their point that the change of traditional marriage is "the progressive thing to do" - where is there any open discussion in these pages about the FUNCTION OF MARRIAGE WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY?  (Go ahead - I'll wait)

The Incompetency Of The Progressive-Fundamentalist To Build Up The Black Community Through The People
The Violation Of The Proportionality Filter

The Progressive-Fundamentalist is a master of incrementalism.   They understand that by making issues into transactional debates they can have our people "Voting...........when it is against our interests to render certain issues into the Malcolm X Political Football Game".  The main consequence of these actions is that the Black community never develops sufficient institutional governance methods within our own ranks, that would allow us to live at the desired standard of living that we now "Struggle" for.

The proper way to rebut the progressive-fundamentalists at Jet Magazine is to force them to shift their argument from "Marriage As A Right" over to "Marriage And Its FUNCTION Within The Black Community".

Though Black people have the lowest rates of marriage of any demographic (racial) group in America - and though many "Black-wing grievance radio" shows have talked about the damage that our severed "male/female lifetime relationships" have caused upon our people - the drive for the "Progressive Base Hit" allows operatives like Jet Magazine to give the sensation of "forward progress" based on Black community support for changing the traditional framework of marriage between one male and one female over to one of EQUALITY AND RIGHTS.

The same spirit which has Black Wing-Grievance Radio talking about their transactional outrage over each proceeding with George Zimmerman while ignoring the approximately 1,500 Black people who have been murdered in this country since Trayvon Martin's death is at work in this issue of "Progression On Gay Marriage".   Their goal in the Trayvon Martin discussions is to forge "Congregational Unity" in outrage - NOT to address and mitigate the problems in the larger domain of the Black community when it comes to our high homicide rates relative to other demographics.  They actually are incompetent at addressing the issue because while the petition of the government for redress of grievances is fairly easy - seeking change in the fortunes of the Black community by working THROUGH Black people, getting them to agree to sustained and comprehensive change is a far greater task to accomplish.

The Black Racial Services Machine has little credibility when it comes to establishing internal governing structures - that prevent popular will from taking over when it proves to violate our people's permanent interests.  The presence of an overriding American government allows these failures to be shifted elsewhere.

Their credibility is best judged by what they DON'T talk about (the forces in the "Dark Matter" space") than what they do advocate against.  They understand that while talking out of turn against the "Progressive machine" might get you slapped down - there is no point where one will be said to have over done it - in talking about the common enemy, who's name triggers the "congregational unity" that the collective is seeking.  As long as no one assumes that from this scheme ORGANIC BLACK DEVELOPMENT will be produced - they will continue on, unchallenged by a significantly large group of corrective forces who have tired over this "BS" (like me).

If Jet Magazine had the intention of being credible - they would point to the tens of thousands of NON-CONSERVATIVE BLACK CHURCHES that are not offensive to them and then ask
  • Why our traditional marriage rates are below what is necessary for the Black community to prosper
  • Why haven't the HIV "Wrap It Up" campaigns been successful at keeping Black people from being over-represented in the ranks of HIV infections

Black Progressive-Religious Politicians That Jet Likes

The "Check List" Item Of HIV Testing Is Proof Of The Good Works Done By The 'ACT Up' Program. The High Rates Of HIV Infections Is Not Evidence Of Their Failure.  If The Republicans Allowed The People To Spend Their Tax Dollars On Contraception - This Problem Would SURELY Go Away.  Or At Least This Is A Good Message To Keep Black Progressives Struggling Toward That End.  :-/

The Only Thing That Jet Magazine Of Today Has Going For It During My Upcoming Decision To Renew Or Not
(Yes I Am Praying Over This Lust Problem That I Have)