They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Libya Off The Front Pages Of The American Press: 147 People Killed In 6 Days

Libya: 147 killed in 6 days of clashes in south

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Philadelphia PA Takes On The Character Of Mississippi - Why Are So Many Black People Being Murdered In Philadelphia? Why So Little Outrage?

Source:  Philadelphia Inquirer

We all know that the only reason why there has not been a greater outrage from the usual suspects about this tragic information is that these are "Black people murdering Black people" and any deep investigation would require some toes to be stepped upon.  The forces that purport to represent our people's best interests would be seen writhing in pain as their bunions were stepped upon.

The graph above visually represents the painful fact that75% of the homicide victims in Philly PA are Black.  80% of their killers are also Black.

Street Pirates In Miami Kill 2 At Funeral, Can't Distract The "Justice For Trayvon" Rally Scheduled In The City

Miami - 14 Shot, 2 Dead At Shooting Outside Of Funeral

Miami Beach Shootings
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 Miami - Thousands To Attend A "Justice For Trayvon Martin Rally" In Bayfront Park, Miami

Those who are on the front lines demanding JUSTICE and EQUALITY are also disproportionately represented in the forces that are incompetent at engendering the people in their community that they have influence upon with the same amount of regard for other people, that THEY THEMSELVES demand from other people.    This is a consumer consciousness.

A STREET PIRATE is going to always screw up the best intentions of the Progressive-Joint Venture to redirect the nation's attention UNTO ITSELF, demanding that it changes.

We need to look at the adult operatives who were charged with turning him into the "Pillar Of The Community" instead of the community's main source of terror.


When people see this happenstance of two conflicting events in the same city, on the same day, those who are prone to go on the defensive will ask:

"So what are you saying?  Black people should first stop killing each other before we demand JUSTICE for the killing of our own"?

ANSWER: NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I simply make my case again:  An ACTIVIST is not qualified to address the entire set of affairs for a community. If placed, unchecked, in a leadership position they will always key upon their marginal areas of interest and seek to OUTSOURCE the larger expanse of responsibilities to some agent to which they can direct the blame.

The consciousness of hatred and disrespect for human life that was shown in Miami was present long before the name Trayvon Martin hit the printing presses around the nation.  The Street Pirates that are filled with this hatred are going to continue their murderous romp long after Trayvon Martin fades from our vernacular.

Sadly while Trayvon Martin will be added to the list that includes:

  • Sean Bell
  • Abner Louima 
  • Yusef Hawkins
  • Amadou Diallo

The sad part is that the 2 people murdered in Miami today and the thousands of others that will be murdered later this year won't be committed to this list.   Their MURDERERS did not have the necessary attributes to forge a rally.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

DeWayne Wade's Nephew Shot In Chicago, No Information On If He Was Wearing A Hoodie As His Uncle Did For Show Of Solidarity

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KEEP Gathering Large Crowds Of Black Folks
KEEP Talking On The Black Wing Radio About What Generates Outrage and "Congregational Unity"
KEEP Asking Your Critics "What Have Then Done To Help Black People - Or Shut Up"

None of this can ease the pain that you have inside.

This pain comes from the painful truth that you have not come to reconcile with inside of you:

Pain that causes TRANSPARENT action is one thing.
The observation of PAIN by the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN that seek to channel this through a fraudulent gateway in support of some other entity's agenda only means that you will be left even more empty as a person as you invest your consciousness and still come up empty.

DESPITE your demands that other people treat you is YOU who can't bring yourself to treat YOUR OWN as "Equal Human Beings".   This hurts you more than the sting of a gun shot to the calf.

You understand that the Black Community, more than any other time in our experiences in this nation NOW STANDS at a point where we need to express HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT COMPETENCY.   This through the INSTITUTIONS of our community.

You know how to get Black people to act - against our long term interests - by telling us what THE IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY is up to, this as you seek to have us act in an opposite manner.

The main weakness of your scheme, and you know this, is when you are left ALL ALONE BY YOURSELF and have no "Social Justice" external adversary to indict as you demand relief.

{/blax news}: Washington Post - Chicago Murders Up 35%, Street Pirates Continue To "Stand Their Ground" Despite No "Stand Your Ground" Law In Illinois

BLAX News Believes Itself To Be 100% Equal At Producing A News Product With The Same Standards As The Larger, Mainstream News Operations.   
In Fact We Believe That In The Future Some Of The NABJ Members Who Got Laid Off By These Mainstream Sources Are One Day Going To Be Our Employees.  

The Only Mandate That We Will Have For Them Is That They Alter Their Conscious Loyalties Prior To Submitting Any Drafts To Our Editors

Washington Post Editorial Board
Rise In Homicides After 'Stand Your Ground' 

What makes the Stand Your Ground law dangerous is that it absolves the individual of any responsibility to consider other ways to avoid harm. Before Stand Your Ground laws, police and law enforcement officials assessed whether a “reasonable person” would have resorted to the level of violence used to thwart an attack; the new law turns that standard on its head and immunizes an individual from criminal charges if he asserts he had a “reasonable” fear of grave harm. Florida’s Stand Your Ground law applies wherever the person has a right to be — whether in his home, his car or his business or on a public sidewalk.
According to the Tampa Bay Times, Florida experienced an average of 34 “justifiable homicides” before 2005; two years after the Stand Your Ground law was enacted, the number jumped to more than 100. Similarly disturbing spikes have been found in other states with similar laws. According to an analysis of FBI data done by the office of New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I), who co-chairs the 650-strong Mayors Against Illegal Guns, states that passed Stand Your Ground laws experienced a 53.5 percent increase in “justifiable homicides” in the three years following enactment; states without such laws saw a 4.2 percent increase.

The Washington Post's fraudulent spin in which they blame "Stand Your Ground" to the rise in homicides is that they ASSUME that a person who is later involved in a "self-defensive shooting" DID SO BECAUSE of their awareness of the new "Stand Your Ground" laws.

The Trayvon Martin shooting case provides an ironic rebuttal to the Post's fraudulent claim.  George Zimmerman and a state's attorney who made a first pass assessment of the events after the fact claimed that this was a self-defensive shooting.   The state's attorney doing so before all of the corroborating evidence  (phone calls, etc) were aggregated.  The worst that we can say at this point is that the reason why Zimmerman is not now sitting in jail is because the state's attorney misapplied "Stand Your Ground" to Zimmerman rather than Trayvon Martin.   It was Zimmerman who was the aggressor that provoked the incident.

Washington Post is guilty of doing what many other groups are now doing - Using the death of Trayvon Martin to carry out what they already planned to carry out - fight against the NRA for more government gun control.

The Washington Post is absolutely not going to ever do one thing:  Make note of the over-representation of Blacks as homicide victims and begin to do a deep dive into the question of WHY the Black community produces so many murderers of its own people and which CULTURAL REGULATORY changes are needed within the Black community to achieve them.

If you ever wanted to see  a mass resignation of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists from the Washington Post's opinion page and their "The" subsidiary - just let one of their White Progressive opinion creators write such a story.   PERIOD!!!

As long as Progressives - White and Black - can team together for EXTERNAL struggles against the perceived threats from the right wing - who dare to allow Black young people to possess weapons, the Progressives proclaiming that the right wing WANTS Blacks to kill each other........this Progressive Joint-Venture will continue unabated.  

No amount of "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" within the protected zones of the "Mission Accomplished Cities" will ever be allowed to become a point of criticism for the "Social Justice Strugglers".

BLAX News Editorial Board
 Despite Having No "Stand Your Ground' Law - 35% More Street Pirates In Chicago Show That THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN About No Law, Nor Human Life

In 2011 Chicago Police Superintendent Talked About "Gangs, Guns And Drugs".
He hit on the theme of
  • Slavery
  • Jim Crow
  • Black Codes
..........all of which warmed the hearts of the Black Progressive audience at Father Pfleger's church in Chicago when he mentioned GOVERNMENT SPONSORED RACISM.

In 2012, After Seeing A 35% Rise In Street Pirate Sponsored Executions, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is seen moving around his police command staff in order to achieve more "Operational Efficiencies".

Since it is highly unlikely that "The Sundance Channel" and  Forest Whitaker is going to do a new series called "Windy City" to supplement the award winning "Brick City" that covered Mr McCarthy's struggles with the dysfunction of Newark NJ - it appears that there is a new meme that Mr McCarthy needs to trot out.

Instead of seeking easy applause from an aggrieved audience of "The Least Of These", Mr McCarthy needs to do a reverse engineering to determine HOW THE STREET PIRATE RECEIVED HIS MURDEROUS CONSCIOUSNESS where he exhibits contempt for HUMAN LIFE that stands before him as a target.

Mr McCarthy - WHAT did you do that would make you appear that you needed to be "afraid"?
You feed the audience CHUM and they clapped.

Go back to the days of the Newark City Council budget meetings in which the Black constituent that called Governor "Crispy Creme" also called YOU "The Klan".  Think hard as to why you couldn't make HER CLAP by throwing out mere words.

McCarthy: "Federal gun laws that facilitate the illegal flow of firearms across the country that are killing our Black and brown children".  

Dear Mr McCarthy - you clearly don't know your history.
During the days of "The Black Codes" it was the local government, understanding the threat that night riders faced from an armed Black constituency IF they dared tried to terrorize our communities in the cover of the night, that worked to apply GUN CONTROL TO THE NEGRO.  This done for self-preservation reasons.

You are unable to tell the truth to the clapping crowd of Black folks as you extend EQUAL HUMANITY to the young "black and brown" people who are KILLING EACH OTHER in Chicago, Newark and most other 'Mission Accomplished Cities' that you might work in the future.
Your attempt at an "Occupation" of the gun manufacturer's profits from gun sales can't mask the painful truth about your slight of hand.

You can't tell the audience that is before you that whatever they are doing to nurture a consciousness of respect for life in their young sons is failing.   That THEY MUST CHANGE.

Instead you rationally argue: "Government PLEASE pass gun control laws that work to keep guns out of the hands of black and brown people because we all agree that when they have such tools - THEY KILL EACH OTHER, our previous attempts at instilling a consciousness within them having failed".

Mr McCarthy while you are speaking the language of the aggrieved people in that church you and them share a common trait:  Deep Down Inside You Both Understand That This NEW STRUGGLE That You Wish To Stand Up Is NOT Going To Change A Thing, Primarily Because YOU DID NOT ASK THE PEOPLE TO CHANGE, Enforcing This CHANGE Within Their Own Ranks.  You Are Merely Pacified That Per Their STRUGGLE  There Will Be A Tentative UNITY That Might Cause The Blacks And Browns To Stop Shooting Each Other.

I would have had more respect for you sir, had you brought The Crips, The Bloods, The Latin Kings in one room and had each of their treasurers give an estimate of the money they make annually on their vices and then you handed out the annual report of "Smith and Wesson", "Sturm Ruger & Co
 and "Glock, telling them that they are thinking too small.  This would motivate them to seek greater revenues and stop their killing as a businessman that is incarcerated can't make as much money.

How To Counter A FRAUDULENT Rebuttal About "They Don't Really Care About Black On Black Murder"

The Only Benefit That You Will Receive Is The EXERCISE From Running
After Their Approval.

IT IS THEM Who Need To Get The Black Rank & File's Approval That We Have
Before A Single Additional Step It Taken With Them In The Lead  

Instead DEMAND That They Should The Community The CASH BALANCE Of The Fund And Give You A Tour Of The Actual Bank Vault Where Our Riches Are Stored

Ask Them To Open Their Wallet And Out Look For An ID Card From 
The Corporate Media Operation That Pays Them 

Jack & Jill Politics - Don't Let THEM Keep Fooling You
(Editor's note - You have no idea how much I wish that this was a self-diagnosis for AfroSpear)

A Retweet From The New (Progressive-Fundamentalist) Possibilities Blog
As Roland Martin pointed out, critics such as Rev. C.L. Bryant don’t really care about black-on-black violence. They are merely trying to distract us. If they actually cared, they would be out there marching to stop the violence. If they really cared, they would fund anti-violence and anti-gang groups. Instead, all they are doing is attacking committed freedom fighters such as Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Preemptive Insertion

I have learned over time that the best way to assess the veracity of a person's argument is to assume that he believes all that he claims and then test this belief based upon a measure of his actions in reference to the actions that you would expect from a person who had such beliefs.

When it comes to the statements by Mr Asaka we should walk past those who you would expect to be the targets of their indictment - THEIR CRITICS - and instead scrutinize them on how they treat two classes of Black people:

  1. The "Least Of These" Segment of the Black Community 
  2. The Hyper-Racism Chasing Segment That Blames Everything On "White Supremacy" And Indictments Against America

It should come as no surprise to anyone that both Asaka and Martin are Progressive-Fundamentalist operatives who's goal is to have Black people channel our "Black Community Development Consciousness" struggle through the Democratic Party and thus "The American Political Domain".

The two groups listed above represent natural allies, despite having failed to do what Mr Asaka has suggested - "work IN the community".

They are either tuned out from active participation in the "grand fix" for the Black community as THEY are the targets of the "help" that Mr Asaka is suggest that all "real Black people" submit to prove their worth.  OR they are a part of the "Free Radical" components of the Black Political Discourse.  Thus, despite speaking Mr Asaka's language in blaming "White folks and the Republicans" for executing a grand plot against Black people - they are not represented in the grassroot work that Mr Asaka suggests.

In my observation - the critic of the "Black Progressive Agenda" is seen as a greater threat than the far more massive CONSUMER base who they purport to work on behalf of but who don't ultimately do anything for the advancement of the community.   After several decades of the rise to power, the political "Progressive-Joint Venture Partnership", is more angered by the existence of BLACK CRITICS than they are over the perplexing existence of the far larger "Least Of These" coalition.


ANSWER:  They can't!!!    
They ONLY need to retain POPULARITY among the ranks of Black people.  One central part of this scheme is to keep the "Least Of These" directed OUTWARD, making indictments against the forces that have stood against "Progressivism", making them as the greater reason for the condition of Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago and Cleveland than is the machine that took over with the promises of salvation.

The Black Racial Racial Bomb Thrower - while putting forth the front of "Unbought / Unsold" is not a threat to the Black Racial Services Machine.  Despite the fact that he has pronounced far more violence than has "The Tea Party" - the machine understands that he is not going to ever go after THEM.


If there is never an INSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION framework by which these forces who purport to advance our interest are not allowed to "Self-Prescribe" - the Black community will continue to be used as pawns in their game.

These two valuables that are in possession of the average Black person in America.
  • The Black Community Consciousness (about one's self and the community)
  • The Equal Black Ballot - who's value is enforced by the government
When you hear talking points from Roland Martin and Anson Asaka  - if you fail to factor in one basic truth about where we stand TO-DAMNED-DAY - you indeed will be fooled:


When I heard Roland Martin debating Rev CL Bryant the other day I was aware that Rev Bryant was not apprised to what Roland Martin was doing.

During the debate Mr Martin INDICTED Bryant asking "What are YOU doing to support justice for Trayvon Martin".   Rev Bryant then went on to talk about how some "Skinheads" are presently trying to run him out of town.

Sorry, wrong answer.

The way that you handle a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist bigot is to not allow him to frame the issue on the TRANSACTION that he wants you to focus upon.

After more than 50 years of the "Bayard Rustin Black Community Salvation Campaign".....Roland Martin and the other members of the "Black Racial Services Machine" are forced to focus on TRANSACTIONS de jure because they can't produce a statement of the "Black Community 401K balance sheet" and prove to unjaundiced eyes that we - the Black Rank & File have received SUFFICIENT RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

The "Self-Check List" In Which One's "Self-Success" Is Assured
The check list of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser, regarding what he has done to HELP BLACK PEOPLE is long.  

Nothing could be more untrue. There are plenty of stop the violence groups and community anti-gang initiatives. Stop the violence rallies and marches regularly occur in our communities. Many civil rights organizations have fought to eliminate the root causes of inner violence such as high unemployment, inferior schools, influx of firearms and drugs, etc.

There is no other group in America who's list hangs as long as theirs.

As you read the checklist provided by Mr Asanka - the one thing that you will see beyond the "What We Did To Help Black People" is an index of its EFFECTIVENESS.

  1. WHAT was the scale of the problem, as measured prior to encamping others in your "struggle"?
  2. WHAT was the amount of the INVESTMENT of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" did you successfully collect?
  3. WHO where the in the set of human resources that needed to be engaged in this struggle?
  4. HOW many of them did you get to participate as this was ultimately for their own good?
  7. IS IT PORTABLE to another city, let alone another "Diasporatic Nation"?
Last but certainly more important than the rest of the line items:
It goes without saying that I have the strongest vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the agenda of those who operate today within the auspices of the "Black Racial Services Machine".  NEVER before has there been more of a self-serving machine that has arranged to align the "Black Community's Consciousness" about itself into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" all without any risk of BEING FIRED for standing at a future interval in time and asking Black people to MAKE ANOTHER INVESTMENT in their scheme.

There is no spirit of 'INVESTOR PROTECTION" that is present within the Black Community as evidenced by those who see the threat that this group of operatives which seek to produce "congregational unity" are necessarily kept outside of our "Community Consciousness Nucleus" - lest they manipulate our interests for their own agenda.  


I am going to KEEP MY FOCUS ON THE EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN.   Like an expert church pastor they understand the tonal inflections that are necessary to provoke the congregation to "Catch The Spirit" and spin around on the ground as it EMOTES, just as a co-conspirator translates the tongues that one of those seen spinning told them they heard from "Their Jesus".

The Dark Matter Analysis

The "Dark Matter Analysis" model would have Roland Martin and his media operative placed on trial, demanding they ask WHY the daily "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" in various "Mission Accomplished Cities" are not worthy of their "Black Consciousness Attention Filibuster Operations".

  • We were told to MARCH together
  • We were told to VOTE together
  • We were told to STAY SILENT and not be critical of the MACHINE Supported Elected Official - As Criticism Might Give THE ENEMY Ammunition
Why does Mr Asaka and Mr Martin suggest that "WE" need to be working within the community IF WE ARE "REAL BLACK" - but they never leave THEIR AGENDA open to SCRUTINY and TRANSPARENCY?    Surely you didn't think that a "Black Agenda For A Stronger Black America - Presented By MSNBC" was transparent but to the loyal followers?

If you all don't see that the void in the "Keepers Of The Black Interests" - separate and distinct from the OPERATIVES - will leave us as a people vulnerable to the molestations of the "Embedded Confidence Man" who transacts his "joint-venture" agenda at OUR expense.

SORRY - I am no longer buying your B.S.

They fully understand that "The March" is only effective when there is an EXTERNAL entity that is worthy of indictment.

When the Black community is faced with the abundant evidence that there is a misalignment between what the "Black leadership overlay" claims to be the problem and what the pain on the street indicates to all of us who have our eyes open - they NEED to execute a scheme that will retain their "Congregational Unity" - their main deliverable.

The cause of "Racial Profiling Against Black People" (in hoodies or not) fell into their laps.

I have no problem with this loosely coupled set of operatives using their free speech rights to keep whatever they choose to propagate through the news cycle to achieve their intended results.

IF AN WHEN they claim to be doing this under the auspices of "The Black Community Voice" - this is when their claims must be inspected for veracity.

An ACTIVIST will only ever be an expert in his marginal set of interests.
The Black community makes a fatal mistake when it attempts to allow such an operative to handle duties that are outside of this domain.   We will soon see that this "dark matter space" that goes unmanaged is the source of yet another INDICTMENT - the responsibility gets OUTSOURCED in the name of "Nationalized Social Justice".

All of the "Ninja That Got Themselves Kilt" during the time of this scheme must necessarily be INFERIORIZED because attention focused on their CIVIL RIGHTS TO LIVE become an unfortunate distraction.

The Cost Of The "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster": The Permanent Interests Of Black Philadelphians That The Empty Calories Of "Skittles" Won't Satisfy

Fairhill man slain as family, bound and gagged, sits helpless

The legacy of the Black man MURDER as his family watches helplessly.  The nightmare of what they saw with their own eyes permanently etched inside of their conscious psyche.

NO this is not a tale captured on black and white film that is to be shown each 3rd Monday of January or the entire month of February, attesting to the brutal and hate-filled spirit of Philadelphia Mississippi.  This is a news clip from THIS WEEK in the "City Of Brotherly Love" - Philadelphia PA.   The city who's mayor mentioned something about an "assassination" that occurred in Florida during the month of February.

The analogy of how the Black consciousness suffering the pain of emasculation that is registered as the  "White supremacist" has his own way with the Black man in front of his family as he lets all who doubted the POWER of his race is NOT GOING TO BE MENTIONED on "Black Wing Talk Radio" upon hearing this latest murder in Philadelphia.  Though the EQUALLY DEADLY RESULTS of "Another Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" have been rendered AND the mental torment upon his families minds have been fused - unfortunately there is no "Street Pirate who Is Black" that has sufficient continence to render the damage to Black people that his SUPERIOR - the "White Racist Killer" is able to do.

If we consider this from a psychological perspective and not from the vantage point of yet another transactional analysis of the police report or newspaper article - we must accept that it is not the STREET PIRATE that has the POWER to cause those who peer upon his murderous handiwork to JUDGE that his actions are EQUAL.  Though the brain activity of Roshan Sullivan (the murder victim) has ceased and his body has entered a slow process of decay - just as would be the case if a "White Supremacist" had murdered him.   Though the mental wounds that the (Black) family who watched him their loved one be put to death are as stinging - it is NOT the mechanical facts on the ground that determine the EQUALITY of the events that have happened this week at this particular crime scene.

The gravity of these events, placed in the context of the larger awareness of the threat to the healthy living of the members of the Black community are actually rendered - NOT based on a fair and proportional reading of this threat.   Instead, our understanding of this threat awareness requires that we look at the MARGINAL consequences of considering this an EQUAL MURDER OF A BLACK MAN and the forces that would suffer a setback if it was judged as such.

In a modern day "How Many Bubbles In A Bar Of Soap" routine - it is the prevailing over that has inserted itself as the "Voice Of The Black Community" and "The Consciousness Of The Nation" that gets to decide IF this latest "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" is worthy of being assigned an equal standing to some other that was murdered by a worthy individual, who's attributes allows them to render an external indictment.  Again - since their goal is NOT "The Development Of The Black Community" (ie: "Safe Streets) but instead "Congregational Unity" - the use of the indictment to express moral outrage serves as an effective tool.  This in the context of a Black community with a gaping void of internal governance that would tend to put a check on their exploitative exploits at our expense.

No - the killers who struck in the Fairhill section of Philly are not working in cahoots with the "Black Racial Services Machine" over lay.  I assure you that they detest this murderous action equally to what I express.  The key difference is that they are not willing to promote these actions as equal because it would trigger a tacit indictment upon themselves and their competences at developing a consciousness among the people in the community that is markedly different than what was seen in the "young Klan recruits" from AL, GA, MS, SC of the past that they fear we might fall back into if their present day political adversaries are allowed to win on the "Malcolm X Political Football Field".  To which I say that their main success as been that they have been able to appoint "favorable political establishment machines" in place in Philly and elsewhere.  Their main failures, however, is that they have not been able to prevent the very assaults upon Black people (violence, failed educational systems and anemic economic opportunity) that got them appointed as "community development strategists" in the first place.

Education Is The Great Equalizer.........But What Are YOU Willing To Sacrifice To Pay For It?

Having just spent nearly a week in my home town of Philadelphia I saw little evidence that the next 25 years within certain neighborhoods will be any different than the past 25 years.  The best indicator of this is the present retail/commercial establishment AND the condition of the schools.   In the chairs of these classrooms today reside the "best and brightest" from the community who, upon reaching adulthood will lead the city in a direction that is closer to the oft mentioned "higher standard of living" that we are struggling for.

I am not going to slam the consciousness of our young people.  In my visit I did not focus on them at all.  The more important target is the INSTITUTIONS that are being run by the present set of adults that are in power today, and the question of what is being distributed to the young people today.

It is clear that Philly has experienced a massive racial and class upheaval since I departed 25 years ago.  This shift has also impacted the schools.  With the previous composition the Catholic School System Of Philadelphia was a relief valve for the public schools.  Though parents paid taxes for the benefit of the public schools the Catholic schools provided the educational services.  In addition, at the time, more church affiliated personal operated the schools, living off of a basic stipend, their housing provided by the church.  As more laity assumed this function the costs to operate the system increased (as they were paid a full salary), just as the population of Catholics in the city plummeted, slashing the church's ability to subsidize the schools.

In its present composition the Philadelphia Public Schools do not have a tax base sufficient to provide the educational services that it once provided in line with the previous make up of the city. 

This is not directly a "race" issue though there is no doubt that race and the associated attributes have a bearing.  One can argue that there is nothing stopping the present community from developing a "full service church" which compels the people to dedicate themselves, per their calling, and provide cost relief to this new parochial school that seeks to fill in the present void.   Historically the African Methodist Episcopal Church has stepped into this role, providing such educational services to Black students.  At this time there was no "Social Justice Rights of a Black man that a White man need respect" per the rantings of Justice Taney.  

While it is popular for many to believe that "this nation has come much further along than this" - on racial terms - and thus make use of references to "the richest nation in the world".   With this, the larger point is lost.

The proper consideration is to hope that the BLACK COMMUNITY "has come further along than this", having not lost its core consciousness that allows it to see the void in the community in which our needs have gone unmet and it steps up to the plate to align "Equal Human" RESOURCES with the need that persists within. 

I contend that there is greater damage done to the long term interests of the Black community as these resources that are needed for our uplift are kept functionally sidelined because the central government has failed to provide sufficient funding (in the common view) that would attract the resources who are needed to perform these tasks.   In my view the nationalizing of our struggle in the name of "Nationalized Social Justice" via the American Political Domain has us placing our fortunes in the notion that political victory will one day lead to the spoils of quality education in the local space, once "progressive public policy" is adopted. 

Those who are the guardians of this trust are unable to make note of the local nodes where the victory has been amassed, using them as a premonition of what is to come in the future.  They should be fortifying within these places the system that proves to successfully deliver the desired civic services, making them worthy of further scale.  Instead they leverage these places as stepping stones for further power in the higher rungs.  The tax policy that will be imposed will allow funds to be channeled downward.  The issues of the ORGANIC PRODUCTION that produces excess that flows upward is far less of a concern.

Once the realities of the nation's $16 trillion debt (and growing) sets in the future will be one in which the community is made to ask "Why weren't the LOCAL INSTITUTIONS put in place that would allow us to weather the brutal realities that our present condition has waged upon us?"

A View Of The Murder Scene In Philadelphia

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A Fairhill family was thrust into a nightmare when a group of masked men burst into their rowhouse and killed a 36-year-old man while his mother, siblings, and 6-year-old niece sat helpless, bound and gagged by the intruders.
Police were called to the house, on Ninth Street just north of Somerset, shortly before 11 p.m. Wednesday and found the man in a back bedroom bleeding from a gunshot wound to the back of his head.
On Thursday, police identified the victim as Roshan Sullivan, who was pronounced dead at the scene at 11:03 p.m., Chief Inspector Scott Small said.
Police said the masked men tied up Sullivan's relatives - including the young girl - and gagged them with duct tape while they raided the house, stealing cash.
Police said Thursday they were unsure how much money or whether anything else was taken from the house.
Sullivan's 22-year-old brother was hit in the face and suffered a cut during the attack, but his young niece, 30-year-old sister, and mother, who police said is in her 50s, were not physically harmed, investigators said.
In the aftermath of the crime, the wailing of relatives and friends who gathered on steps and corners filled the narrow block as police led the survivors to the steps of the two-story house.
Sullivan's sister's arms were wrapped tightly around the child.
Police whisked them away to be interviewed by homicide detectives, and investigators said they didn't think anyone saw the gunmen enter or leave the house. But a surveillance camera on the awning of a nearby corner store may have captured the men.
Small said the victims told police three to five masked men had committed the crime. He said duct tape and zip ties were found in the bedroom where Sullivan was slain and in the living room, along with a shell casing in the bedroom.
Investigators said they were unsure whether there were any signs of forced entry, and police said they were uncertain whether the victims knew their attackers.
Sullivan was convicted last year on an animal-cruelty charge involving two puppies with clipped ears and was fined, the PSPCA said.
Early Thursday, as police continued to investigate, disbelieving relatives held one another tightly, tears flowing.
A man who gave his name only as Cary and who identified himself as Sullivan's cousin looked on with a crowd of about 30 people - most of whom, he said, were other family members - at the end of the block.
"Right now, we're just trying to find out what happened," he said. "We're hurting."

Detroit: Look At The Template For The "Progressive/Black Leadership Protection Racket" At The Expense Of The Black Rank & File

Subtitle:  The Foreclosure Proceedings On Fiscally Insolvent And Institutionally Bankrupt Detroit New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz threatens to burn Detroit down

Those among us who listen to the latest threats by New Black Panther Party spokesman Malik Shabazz to "Burn down Detroit" IF the (White Republican) state government dares to assign an "emergency manager" to regulate the affairs of Detroit and sees this as proof of his "Black Power" are, in fact, not looking at the big picture truth that proves otherwise.

Despite the damage that has been done to the interests of the rank & file in Detroit (educational services, police protection, civic services) neither Shabazz nor the Professional Progressive Political Preachers that have ventured into town to display their opposition are ever heard speaking FROM the perspective of the interests of the Black community - except for the claim that the present Detroit leadership represents the choice of the majority for their civic leadership.

I have stated before that POPULARITY does not equal EFFECTIVENESS.   The proper response to the rhetorical indictment which asks "So what are you saying - 'Black people don't know who has our best interests in mind.' ? " is to ask them to look at the results and determine if these results are in line with what we need as a people to prosper.  

In as much as the Black Racial Services Machine stand in the void and drive home the marginal arguments as they strive to produce "Congregational Unity",  the interests of the Black rank & file are never distinguished from the interests of THE MACHINE. 

The Black Racial Services Machine has committed itself to several key methodologies through which it will achieve its ends:
  • Political Power Building
  • Progressive Public Policy
  • via The Democratic Party
 The key point that many people miss is that the "Mission Accomplished City" of Detroit represents success of that modality and the ultimate failure that it actually represents for Black Community interests.

It stands to reason that any of the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men who struggled for nearly 50 years to execute the "Bayard Rustin Black Community Salvation Scheme" would have to turn against THEMSELVES (and that which they have built up) as a prerequisite to protecting the permanent interests of the Black community. 

Since this same machine controls all of the key "struggle elements" through which criticism and opposition might derive from - there is no CONSEQUENCE that is registered in failing Black people.  In as much as the conditioning of our community by "The Least Of These" theories - our present consciousness has it that today's conditions are blamed on external threats AND tomorrow's fix will come from continued STRUGGLE.  In as much as the machine are the "congregational historians" they are more apt to say that "Today's situation in the country reminds me of the backlash received by Black people just prior to us getting our civil rights".  This is far more likely to be heard than the statement - "I heard these same claims used by people seeking the investment of our votes and I am not going to take another step forward until they show evidence that our fortunes have risen SUFFICIENT to our needs as a community".

Detroit As A Template For The Protection Racket

If you don't fundamentally understand that a city is a chartered franchise of the state then you too will be fooled by the claims of "Voting Rights Suppression".  The state issued the charter to every city in America with the promise that their authorization to collect local taxes to be spent on the delivery of civic services - all for the promotion of the interests of the local community.  

It stands to reason that when this franchise shows itself insolvent, incompetent as it demands more aid from the state that the state has a fiduciary responsibility to step in and enforce the constitutional mandates that it "franchised" but did not abrogate. 

Those who used the shortsighted notion of "THEY are trying to knock BLACK LEADERS out of power" can't bring themselves to see that IF they were not Black & Progressive - the voters would have ran them out of town on a rail a long time ago.    Indeed RACIAL BIGOTRY is a two way street.  Sadly it is Black people who come up short in both dimensions of its flow.

Not only is this stand a front, it comes with the demand for more state aid as a means of proof that the state has no ill-will for the "Black run" city.   This front of "Black Power" is merely a protection racket for the benefit of the Progressive Democrats that are in power.   The Embedded Confidence Men fully understand that if there was a transparent market for Black people to make a policy choice based on the EFFECTIVE RESULTS many would choose to oust the scheme that has failed them.

They understand the truth of my observations about "The Black Flight Progressive".  This is a Black person who agrees that the scheme has failed to develop Black people and thus they move their families out of the local influence of the "Mission Accomplished Machine" yet they continue to lend their moral support in the way of verbal struggle and investment of their "Equal Black Ballots".  They understand that in their new area of residence there is a greater, non-progressive system that defines the balance of their civic service delivery.  Their job is to "smooth out the rough edges".  By no means is their progressivism the final arbiter as they are fully aware of how their interests are compromised when this state is achieved.

In the big scheme of things despite their frustrations that "The Black Flight Progressives" have left the Mission Accomplished Zones - they retain the favor of the Black Racial Services Machine  because they remain loyal progressives who vote for the Democrats.   The "Congregational Unity" that I speak of is not "Black unity" within the "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain".   It is "Progressive Unity" in the "American Political Domain, the area that the consciousness about themselves as Black people has evolved into thanks to integration via politics.

When faced with the situation that some brave soul will start to ask about the COMPETENCY of this machine to develop and protect the interests of the Black American - as it stands alone for independent appraisal of its worth - there needs to be an agent that can flip the script, turning a SELF-INDICTMENT into a new STRUGGLE.

That wild card agent is called "Nationalized Social Justice".

With the scheme of "Nationalized Social Justice" the Embedded Black Fox Confidence men can execute "Establishment Power Repudiation".   They refer to the wounds from slavery that still exists from the virtual slave lashings that are upon their backs.  They can feel them each time they bend down to touch their toes, the once elastic skin on their backs offers resistance because of the keloids that have formed as the wounds have healed.

As they take control over all of the institutional seats of POWER in a given area, their name plates now affixed to every office door which they used to form an "occupation" during the Civil Rights Struggle - they reserve the right to DENY that these are sufficient "Favorable People In Power" for rational people to begin to assert blame on the elected officials - just as they used to do the White people who previously held these same seats of power.  

We will hear various circular references put forth by their official propaganda organ - "The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press Operations" which ask - "IF these favorable people that are now in power are indeed at fault for the conditions of the city......then how do you explain that Black people are not protesting outside of their offices and instead keep voting for them? .....If you are so smart? "   This reference is printed in the opinion column that has, 20 submissions prior, served as a press office channel for the elected political cog in the machine.

Shouldn't we be asking about Detroit:  "WHY didn't the Black Progressive Journalists and the NAACP see this catastrophe coming years ago and preemptively warn the Black community about the damage that it would suffer?"

I know the answer:  The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser is TRANSACTIONAL in all of his workings.  Just as we are seeing a "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" on the Trayvon Martin case, as the "Bloody Summer Of 2012" creeps upon us, seeking to get our attention about the problem of "Street Pirate On Black Crime" - so too is their inability to operate in the big picture best interests of the Black Community when it comes to GOVERNANCE.

I can do a quick scan of metro Atlanta to note that of the last several NAACP lawsuits against public schools NONE of them have been against the "Mission Accomplished" school systems where their ideological friends are in leadership position.  Despite these systems having the balance of the Black student population in the metro area and the performance being below what the "green field opportunity" school systems (the one's that have not yet implemented a diversity program in the leadership of the schools) it seems that RACISM CHASING is of more concern of the NAACP than is a stance of "unbought / unsold" in the protection of the interests of the Black community via our educational systems.

Detroit has one of the most powerful NAACP chapters in its network.  They are neutered by the fact that Detroit is run by forces that have toes that the NAACP does not seek to step on lest it feel the pain as the injury flows up the spinal chord and is sensed by the common conscious brain that the "Black Racial Services Machine" uses to coordinate its loosely coupled cogs in the machine.

Rejection Of Thugism

If there was a thing called "justice", we'd see more condemnation of the antics of the New Black Panther Party printed on the pages of the "Paid Opinion Giving Negroes" that are featured in the mainstream press and their "Black auxiliaries".  For some reason, though, these type of threats that are registered from the New Black Panthers are not as superior as those which might have been mouthed from the Tea Party Klan had they threatened to burn a city as a means of political protest.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Only Force Powerful Enough To Regulate The Corrupt Antics Of The "Black Racial Services Machine"

On my recent trip "home", one of the two enlightening talks with my family was with my father who explained more details about the "devilment" that took place in the church that we attended during (approx) 3/4ths of my childhood.

The corrupt preacher that took over, just prior to my family's departure, according to my father , had a book that was entitled "How To Run A Black Church".  

The central theme of the book was that "The Black Woman" IS the backbone of the "Black Church" and she is the one who does most of the "cultural/social upkeep", fund raising and is the most loyal supporter.  The men are mere figureheads.  

I won't attempt to elaborate upon the book that I only have a second-hand reference to.  This is not the important point.  

What is important is, as everyone knows, in our present condition as a community and a people - the Black female stands as both the primary victim of our present order AND the primary agent of "consciousness development" for all of the young people who assume the adult positions within.

 As I observe the streaming manipulation of our "conscious attention" (The Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster) I am stunned at how much the actors leading the charge do so with respect to their own tune. 

In their effort to force "Black Congregational Unity" they must necessarily sublimate certain important issues of concern to the Black community in order to gain maximum compliance around an issue that makes for an effective EXTERNAL indictment against those who have wronged "us".

A woman has more adherence to a "biological clock" than does the average man.  She understands that wasted cycles in her life's relationships leads to missed opportunities that will cause her to fall short of certain important life goals.  As a result she is more inclined to demand CLARITY OF INTENTIONS from those she engages with

(To be continued)

Black Wing Talk Radio: "We Need To Get To The Root of The Problem And Fight The WHITE SUPREMACY That Has Disregard Of Life"

In my estimation the wort type of Negro is one who attempts to FRONT "strength" as a means of hiding his internal weakness and inferiority.

To hear some people argue that it is WHITE SUPREMACY that has a benign disregard of the value of Black Life yet they can't bring themselves to see that their entire message is one of BLACK INFERIORITY. 

Their cries for "Social Justice" are couched on their internal knowledge that they lack the COMPETENCY to manage the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS within the Black Community.   After decades of STRUGGLE through which they got "Favorable People" into Power - following the Bayard Rustin Black Community Salvation Plan - now that it is time for the Black community to make a dispassionate appraisal of what we got for our INVESTMENTS - they understand that they must stay one step ahead of the rank & file.  

SOURCE OF THE PICTURES:   I went to Google Image Search and typed the search
"Murder Suspect". I then went through the results, picking out Black Murder Suspects.
I was not concerned with the race of THEIR murder victims nor the justification, just as they
didn't give a damn about the value of the human life that they took.
Sadly, I suspect that there are more people who will be upset at my gathering of "Black Criminals",
as further evidence of my "Self-Hatred" than these same people will dare to look at the PRODUCTION FACTORY
that created the CONSCIOUSNESS of these men in which they were made to believe that their
quest for whatever "respect" or material position that their victim had was more valuable
than their continued existence as a living, breathing human being on this Earth.

When YOU can stop the STREET PIRATE SPONSORED EXECUTIONS - I will join you
in putting the "State Sponsored Execution" to an end.  Until this time I will continue to believe
that you KNOW that you are INCOMPETENT at achieving these ends THROUGH THE PEOPLE
and though the INSTITUTIONS so you instead work to keep us UNIFIED in OUTWARD STRUGGLE,
believing that this masks your fraud and corruption.   


  • A Street Pirate Don't Give A Damn About Your Hair Cut
  • A Street Pirate Don't Give A Damn About How Articulate You Are
  • A Street Pirate Don't Give A Damn About Your Degrees
  • A Street Pirate Don't Give A Damn About You Wearing A Hoodie Or A Tailored Suit
  • A Street Pirate Don't Give A Damn If You Are A "Fine, Upstanding Citizen" Or A "Fellow Street Pirate"
  • A Street Pirate Doesn't Know Who Emmet Till Is
Witness the face of the CORRUPT cog of the Black Racial Services Machine known as the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press".

THEY EXPECT YOU to look past all of the dead Black bodies that are 'Strange Fruit' left out to dry within our community and NOW follow along with them BECAUSE now they have a "Struggle" that they can all provide cover to.


You no longer call the shots on:
  • What Negroes should be angry over
  • What Negroes should be silent about because it might harm your corrupt political aspirations
  • What Negroes should remain congregationally unified about to show OUTSIDERS that we "stand together"
  • What Negroes should invest our EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS INTO.

If it was not for your protection racket the people who successfully fused the "Black Community Development Consciousness" into the Malcolm X Political Football Game would be thrown out of the Black Community Consciousness Nucleus so they cannot molest our interests any longer.

You know as well as I do that your White Progressive Cheshire Fox Joint Venture Partners are SEEING what you are doing in the name of "Trayvon Martin" and even THEY would not move into a Black community because they understand that GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is not the most prevalent KILLER within the Black Community.

Any Black person who uses this time of 'congregational unity' BUT FAILS TO SPEAK THE TRUTH must be seen as A CO-CONSPIRATOR in your FRAUD!!!!

The Black Women Crying On Television News - After Suffering A Personal Loss IS The Only Force With Her Feelings Openly Exposed That Can Get You To STOP Molesting Our Cause As SHE REFUSES TO BE SILENT Any Longer

There Are More Black Bodies Receiving The "Emmet Till" Treatment On
On Season Of A&E "The First 48 Hours" That DON'T RECEIVE ONE
Than There Are Black Male Homicide Victims That You
Enumerate As Part Of Your Racial/Ideological Tribalism

The Late Biship Henry McNeal Turner Speaking To Today's Negro Preachers Who Focus On Guns Rather Than The Consciousness Of Those Who Kill

Bishop Henry McNeal Turner
The man who would become a linguist, a scholar, and a
proponent of black rights in the ferociously racist pre
and post war South, was born and raised as an illiterate
farm hand.

It was against the law to teach a Black to read or write
but people of good will recognized the boy's capacities
and he eventually read voraciously in a wide variety of
Bishop Henry McNeal Turner -

In my view, pound for pound, the GREATEST "Black Preacher For (Real) Civil Rights For Black People" in American history.

This is based on the time period that he lived and the relative lack of protections that he had at his disposal.

In as much as there were no reliable protections  for Black people in the "Reconstruction" / "Post Reconstruction Era" of the South - Bishop Turner did what all conscious people would do - initiate a writ of SELF PRESERVATION for his people.

Bishop Turner, upon noting that the Black community was left vulnerable at the whims of "Night Riders" suggested that all homes in the Black community have in their possession a fire arm.

In his wisdom, Bishop Turner understood that there was no "government" to go and lobby for "Social Justice Protection" from.  They were all corrupt.  The only thing that the Black community had in its possession is the ability to show all marauders that indeed they could come into the community to terrorize the "vulnerable masses", however, they run the risk of injury or death IF they did so, for the citizenry is now armed.

Fast forward more than 100 years to 2012.
There has been a massive change in consciousness within the Black community.
The people who today perpetrate the role of  Bishop Turner & Dr King understand that the guns that flow through the Black community that are most actively used are done so with malicious intent and NO LONGER for "protection of the community's interests".

In as much as they forces go relatively unchallenged, they also understand that they can retain their influence over the community by driving home "congregational unity" in support of GOVERNMENT control over fire arms - while escaping the great irony that confront our community:  "WHAT CHANGED?   How did a tool that had been vital for self-defense, become a tool of unchecked violence that terrorizes the community?".

Their choice to look at the tool rather than the CONSCIOUSNESS of the "Equal Human Being" that they were charged with developing as a resource to the community is further evidence of the consciousness issue that our community now faces.  It has, in fact, been systematized.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

I believe that Bishop Henry McNeal Turner and the balance of the Black people who sought protection by their own hands would not be able to relate to the voices and consciousness that is present behind the microphones that are trained upon the Black community today.

Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Operative Tamron Hall Can't Bring Herself To Ask If Continuing "Income Inequality" Has Anything To Do With The Failed Development Initiative That "The Least Of These" Invested In?

The enemy of the Progressive-Fundamentalist is the time line.

Previous Post:  "Within The Black Community Blog" - The Management Tools Necessary For The Black Community To Retain Control Of Its "Black Community Development Consciousness", Protecting It From Usurpation By Embedded Confidence Men And Their Joint Venture Partners

They understand that the "Least Of These" who are hungry for opportunity today and who have an "Equal Ballot" in hand for investment into those who can pleasure them - are not going to pull out the video tape of what they have been told over the last 50 years that previously compelled their hopes.

Income Inequality is not just evidence of a "society that needs to be reformed so that OPPORTUNITY can be more equally distributed".    The continued existence of inequality, after  certain promises were made AND few people are presently rising up against those who let them down - is evidence of a lack of infrastructure that separates the desires for a "Higher Standard Of Living" from a fixation on the METHODOLOGY about how this is to be achieved.

As it stands - those who are entrenched in a particular methodological viewpoint regarding how "social justice" income equality is to be obtained, can also be expected to retain their faith in the people who have failed them after assuming power over the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" yet who show mastery at feeding the people what they want to hear and summarily redirecting their angst toward an external, unifying target.

Observation Of The Need For The "Black Racial Services Machine" To Control The Agenda And Not Mention The Unmentionables

When I coined the term "The Black Racial Services Machine" I did so based on my careful analysis that these loosely coupled cogs in the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Machine" function in line with an agenda.   This agenda has NOTHING to do with the ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT of the Black Community.  It ONLY has to do with synergyzing "Congregational Unity" under the banner of Progressivism.  PERIOD!!!

The amount of INTELLECTUAL CORRUPTION that does damage upon the interests of the Black Community as it INVESTED in this machine with the promises of "Community Salvation" is at an all time high.   The forces that made the promise that our fortunes would increase IF we stayed UNIFIED and fought in a STRUGGLE are now standing flatfoot, knowing that if they fail to KEEP STRUGGLING that the Black Community will rightfully turn against them.  

Sadly there is no evidence of an "independent judiciary" WITHIN the Black community that is able to make assessments of the veracity of the "Policy Makers" and then the efficacy of the "Executives", rendering guidance TO THE PEOPLE, separate and distinct from the "LEADERSHIP".  Instead they ALL ARE IN CAHOOTS ideologically and politically.  

The "Black Conscious Attention Filibusterer" in support of Trayvon Martin merely allows them to avoid self-incrimination regarding the thousands of other "Ninjas Who Are Gonna Get Themselves Kilt" in America before the year 2012 closes out and, once again Black Americans return as 50% of the homicide victims.

UNTIL better "Stretch Goals" are put upon these so-called Black Leaders and their "Racial Services Machine" we are going to continue to be in reactionary mode.   The goal of "Reducing The Black Homicide Victim Rate Down To Our Population Proportions By The Year 2016" is a more rational and comprehensive objective than is "Ending Racial Profiling".  

On a near daily basis in Metro Atlanta it is the STREET PIRATE that generates a PROFILE that is damaging to ALL who have the unfortunate status of sharing the same skin color as a "Street Pirate Who Is Black".   Since Progressive-Fundamentalism is based on rendering INDICTMENTS - it stands to reason that the woman who had her purse stolen by a Street Pirate last month is going to clutch her purse TODAY if a person who reminds her of her attacker comes within her field of vision.  In today's line of reasoning SHE is to be condemned for profiling.   As such the people who have the fiduciary responsibility to ensure that their "Would Be Pillars Of Their Community" are raised with a consciousness that alters the stereotype that is associated with their population subsegment.  Instead of fighting against mischaracterizations - they are MAKING the statement of their own.  Unfortunately they are "making a statement of their own", just not with sufficient positive assertions.

The Foreclosure Of Detroit As A Going Concern

If you consider the conditions in Detroit.  It goes without saying that Black citizens are being materially harmed by the conditions that have fermented in this, a "Mission Accomplished City".  Whereas otherwise such a circumstance would have the "Black Conscious Community" to make note of the assailant and seek to separate it so that it can no longer attack - we instead see a REDIRECTION via "Black Consciousness Filibustering".  The external Republican government that THREATENS to strip the "local Blacks Progressive Democrats"  from power has assumed the face of the masked villain.  At least to those among the gallery of observers that have been fooled.

Think about the perversion of it all. 

The same people who argued that malfeasance in the financial services industry requires REGULATION and punitive action so that they don't do it again - are now seen "rallying the Black Progressive Troops" in Detroit - to prevent regulation from the state as the "White Republicans" are bent on running Black folks out of power.  

The grand fraud of the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men" is that they have failed to develop the consciousness of our people with their schemes that, even in desperation regarding the conditions around them - they can raise a standing army to defend the fort, erecting a barrier wall using the scrap material from the housing stock of Detroit that once housed millions.

The Elephants In Africa Are Not Republicans

The references to the elephants has nothing to do with Republicans.   Republicans are a function of the "American Political Domain".  

In their conscious integration, the parasites that  have embedded themselves into our "Racial Consciousness Nucleus" understand that Black Americans can be made to "VOTE..............Against our best interests"  (compelled to put our emotions behind VOTING when it is in our interests to place a check upon the confidence men on the stage).

If there is not a greater reference that the Black American Consciousness is affixed to - we are going to continue to be lulled into this marginal, corrupt and ultimately unfulfilling system of American Politics.