They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In The Present Consciousness Of The Black American Christian Bill Maher's Ideological Views Are More Attractive Than His Bigoted Anti-Christian Views Are Offensive

This post is ultimately not about Bill Maher. Maher just dropped $1,000,000 into a SuperPAC who's goal is to get President Obama re-elected. This move makes him "more Black" in the minds of some Black Progressive-Fundamentalists than his string of Black girlfriends that showed the finer things in life.

For me - Bill Maher is a classical bigot.  The only reason why he is not called as such within the prevailing Black political discourse is because the primary target of his comments are in common with that which the "Black Racial Services Machine" attacks - Right-Wing Conservatism.

Fair enough.

Maher's comments:  "Not all Republicans are racists but if you are a racist you are most likely a Republican" gets the Black Progressives in the crowd to stand up and cheer.

Fair enough again.

But wait a minute.  I thought that you were a Christian spirit in the from of human being with an assigned skin color and associated culture?   The majority of the challenges that you face because of your race, your income class, your education level are all WORLDLY MATTERS.

While Bill Maher, the comedian will be dismissed from his latest anti-Christian rant - the only time that he was called out for his "jokes" within the Black Press has been when "The" wondered allowed if Maher is going too far with his racialistic jokes about Obama.  We must keep in mind that he wasn't attacking Obama in an organic fashion.  He was actually living vicariously through Obama while understanding that putting "black face" on is a social "no no".  Instead Maher suggested that Obama get more "gangsta" with their common enemy - the Republicans.   While it is a sin to affiliate "The Blacks" with food stamps or crack - the use of "gangsta" references by a "favorable progressive" is not off limits.

I assure you though that his $1M donation in support of Obama will have patched things up.   The congregation that has been corrupted understands the healing power of a cash donation for the cause.

The "Occupation" That The "Africa-American" Is Seemingly Oblivious To

  • Uganda
  • The Congo
  • Central African Republic
  • South Sudan
  • Djibouti (Africom base)
  • Somalia - drone strikes and commando raids
  • Ethiopia - drone surveillance 
  • Libya - NATO attack 
  • Ivory Coast - recent French military action to dispose of former president

While it is true that the national boundaries that mark the territories of various African nations are merely lines on ground in the view of external powers (including the United Nations), the real problem with most African nations is that few of them have been able to rise above their intramural and regional conflicts as the first step at fortifying their ability to defend themselves.

The Somalian Prime Minster that is welcoming bombs sent from Europe, the leader of the Ivory Coast who recently traveled to the headquarters of his country's colonial leader - France - both understand that in as much as they are unable to use their respective national governments to enforce law and order among their own people - the superior armaments of the West will be needed to tip the balance within.

If Jesse Jackson Believes That "The Food Stamp President" Is A Good Title Why Didn't He Defend Newt Gingrich Against Those Who Said He Was Racist For Saying It?

Lifted from Booker Rising and the Kenneth Durden blog

This was the initial response from the JingOists as Republican Newt Gingrich made the indictment against President Obama that he was a "Food Stamp President".

Just as "Crack Is A Black Drug" - they believe that "Food Stamps" are an underhanded reference to Black people.

Then the standard process takes place:

  1. Express racial offense against the political charge by an adversary against a protected elected official.  
  2. Remind the progressive base why "WE" (Black folks) do not vote for those who hate "US" (Black folks)
  3. Go to the data, reporting that:
    • More White people are on welfare
    • More White women benefit from Affirmative Action
    • More White people use Crack
    • More White people use drugs but more Blacks are arrested
  4. A state of pacification is achieved among the Black Progressive base - without them realizing that while "The White Conservative Enemy" has been punished for real SOLUTION for Black America has been achieved.
  5. The ONLY benefit that has been achieve via this transaction is that the Black Consciousness has been fused as an Opposition To White Right-Wing Consciousness, but still unable to stand on its own

Appraising Jesse Jackson's Food Stamp Social Justice Outside Of The Context Of America

In a sober analysis - PPPP Rev Jesse Jackson's arguments make sense for the Progressive-Fundamentalist.   

After the first phase of their response model in which "RACISM(!!!!)" was charged against the enemy who made the claim, PPPP Rev Jackson comes back and reconciles the progressive view of food stamps with the discussion at hand.  He shifts the defensive response into an affirmation.

There is no doubt that food stamps and the "Social Justice" overlay is an attempt by America to express its "social contract".  The belief that no "equal human being" within America should be allowed to fall below a certain line in his standard of living.

I believe that there is a difference between the broad agreement among the majority of Americans that there should be some form of a social safety net versus the rhetorical cajoling that takes place in order to shame people into wanting a more productive life.  The main difference between left and right is the starting point and the comprehensiveness of this safety net.   

For me - I judge the effectiveness of a "Social Justice Program" not just by how many people that it has been able to keep from starvation for another day.  With this in mind success is seen in those with the "longest soup line".   

Instead we must view effectiveness as a measure of the transformative capabilities of such programs.  How many people who receive these benefits as expressed from the greater society, are able to stand on their own in 5, 10, 25 years?   Did they use this down time to develop skills that they can leverage for their benefit in the future?   OR did they buy into the "right-ification" of their condition and subsequent social justice claims?

Jesse Jackson failed to place the "Equal Human Being" at the front and center.   That same farmer and truck driver who receives payment because of a food stamp has enabled a penned up demand for food to be transacted - also gets paid when a "pay check" is presented at the retail counter.    We must confine our focus to the effects upon the consumer and the long term viability of the scheme.   That which was set up as temporary assistance cannot be allowed to become a lifestyle.  

I still have the recording of PPPP Jesse Jackson who came to Atlanta to protest the razing of the Bowen Homes in Northwest Atlanta.   After a 3 year warning that the large housing project would be razed, and job training and relocation assistance was provided - many of the tenants that remained said "we were not given enough time".   Jackson spent the night in one of the units and bragged about the homemade biscuits that the  host had made for him as he woke up in the morning.  This was his version of "walking in another man's shoes".  

Unfortunately this all masked the truth.   Everyone living in Atlanta for an extended period of time would agree that Bowen Homes was an address that appeared frequently on the police crime reports.  It was a "Killing Field for Black bodies and Black dreams".

Despite all of the "Black women crying on the evening news after suffering a loss", many of them vowing to move away from this violent community - when it came down to destroying the ecosystem and starting over - many of these same people resisted someone tearing down "their home".

In truth they were fearful of going out into the real world.  A world were rents were not artificially kept low.   The goal of the Atlanta Housing Authority was to "never again allow a high concentration of this CONSCIOUSNESS to aggregate into one area".   

Ironically, when we look at the NAACP primary "Black education theory" for the Carolians they have spun this same theme as they argue "all schools must SHARE THE POVERTY".  This allows them to save face as they tacitly admit that a certain CONSCIOUSNESS, when allowed to predominate a space has corrosive rather than progressive results.

The Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is unwilling to dive too deeply in considering the forces that create and perpetuate this consciousness.    

By pushing a "Social Justice' theory they hope to effectively place the indictment for the plight of "The Least Of These" upon an "UNJUST" society.   The issue is not about lack of skills, dysfunctional cultures or "progressivism as an inorganic theory" to them.  The capitalistic system and its misallocation of resources is the triggering event.

Ironically PPPP Rev Jesse Jackson works to CAPITALIZE the benefit of food stamps by noting how many other elements in the supply chain benefit from that one drop of water added to the top of the mountain, that later appears as spring water as it gets filtered through the system.

I challenge PPPP Rev Jackson to take his theory to another Black Diasporic land and try to graft it upon their present system.  Absent a larger capitalistic benefactor within the nation - would this social justice program work?

Monday, February 27, 2012

With All Due Respect Minster Farrakhan - Your Latest On Obama Does Not Reconcile With Those Who Have More Actively Stood Against You

With all due respect Minister Farrakhan your latest pronouncement that President Obama faces a racist assassination threat in the future comes at a time in our recent history where you and those who you value have been attacked by forces who are likely hear your latest words and will now seek to converge with you in the protection of Obama.  This despite the fact that the President Of The United States is the most protected man on Earth who have training commensurate with the American forces who are operating in Africa.

When I hear such comments I am made to wonder if those who live vicariously through Obama, focusing on his safety more than they can manage to arrange for the safety of individuals in their own community, are merely shifting their focus upon such external matters as a means of saving face as they confront their own failures to protect our own people within our community - from other members in our community per the consciousness that has been allowed to fester.  We must ultimately ask - What are the costs to that which we purport to value the most in this projection scheme?  Is it a misdirection?  As you depart your ramparts to form this conscious shield  - who and what gets exposed and what mischief do they get into without your primary focus?

In my view "the real agendas" of the operatives within our community's midst get exposed in this exercise.    Our ancestors struggled for the right to vote in order for our community's voice to be expressed for the purposes of advancing our community's interests.   This original thought has been perverted to the point that we are now asked to live vicariously through all of the Progressive Black Leaders who are in power, putting a "faith circle" around them when their theories get implemented in Detroit and other "mission accomplished cities".  This merely shows that this is a protection racket and not a scientific search to find good governance for our community.

Since our "stolen culture" was not given to us on tablets from the sky but were learned slowly over time - today's hijacked consciousness in which we are asked to fight an outward ideological struggle and agree to be silent about what is happening within should be studied for the corruption that it will surely produce as it is inculcated within our very being.

While these forces who were previously critical of you did so for the protection of the man named Obama when YOU were criticizing the actions of the "President Of The United States"  for his hand in the violent assassination of your beloved friend Muammar Gaddafi - now that you are speaking their language which compel them to form an ideological human shield around Barack Obama they will likely be willing to listen to you again.

I have been observing this entire dynamic.   It shows just how much these forces are willing to toss aside long time, consistent voices within the Black community for their vested hopes in the "American Political Domain".  

Bayard Rustin's Children - An Ideological Consummation

Minister Farrakhan though many read the very same books that I read as we all study the condition of Black people, I note what is inside many others based on the "take aways" that make it into popular political discourse.   In the case of the masterpiece by the late Professor Manning Marable "Malcolm X - A Life Of Reinvention" there was more talk about Minister Malcolm's sexuality prior to him receiving the discipline from the "Nation Of Islam" then most cared to talk about the most important portion of the book - his debates (and temptation) by one named Bayard Rustin.

Mr Rustin's goal was to convince Minister Malcolm that his religious, rebel rousing ways, while popular with certain segments of the grieving Black populous were ultimately folly.   Rustin, like the Professional Progressive Political Preachers of today, had the task of convincing Black people that our salvation would be achieved through voting, and voting for the Democratic Party, to implement a "progressive-fundamentalist secular theocracy" upon America.

During his day Rustin understood that he could not critically attack Minister Malcolm who had hundreds of thousands of supporters of the Muslim and Christian faith.  So Rustin agreed to a series of debates over time.

If Dr Marable's accounts of the early debates are correct I would have to admit that Rustin's challenges against the effectiveness of the "NOI" at the time as he demanded an itemization of how your group was to transport Black people from "point A to point B" was correct.   Young Minister Malcolm stumbled in his ability to rebut the challenge that the "NOI" was using separatism as anything more than a rallying cry.

With the blessings of time, our present day calls us to put "The Bayard Rustin Black Community Development Agenda" on trial.   Through the handiwork of "Bayard Rustin's Children" they now stand where the Nation Of Islam was made to stand, proclaiming that their scheme would result in the salvation of the Negro masses if we followed loyally.

The problem is that there is no present organized force that has noted than an indomitable force of power has entrenched itself within the "Racial Consciousness Nucleus" of Black America.  One who sees no need to hold a debate with its own "Bayard Rustin character" who demands that IT PROVE IT IS COMPETENT TO LEAD THE NEGRO FORWARD.

In its arrogance and use of journalistic character assassins it has survived thus far by "Keeping Its Enemies On Trial'.  It makes use of the skills first put forth by Saul Alinsky and then mastered by various MSNBC hosts as a means of comically mocking all who challenge the progressive-fundamentalist "Black Racial Services Machine".

All the while that the tickle the Negro's feet with their bigoted journalistic narrative our community suffers greatly, with more to come as the competencies in governance that we SHOULD be creating at this time, instead is made into a protection racket for ideological bigotry and incompetence - all justified by the larger fight against the right wing that they dangle in front of our face.

Here is how this turns back around to you and your development plans, Minster Farrahkan.  Your plan fundamentally requires the Negro to begin to value HIS OWN INTERESTS above all others.   For the Professional Progressive Political Preacher who tells us that "Jesus would be voting  Democrat for social justice" your threat at promoting a notion that is greater than the American election to the mind of a Negro that has become a victim of "conscious integration", you should expect a violent rebuke as you seek to topple what took many, many long decades to forge into the Negro's present consciousness of himself.

The ironic point, Minister Farrakhan is that the prevailing consciousness of the Black American with a CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS is that even as one threatens to put THE NEGRO'S OWN INTERESTS as supreme to that of his American political loyalties - THIS too will be taken as a threat that is meant to weaken him.   This is because the Embedded Confidence Men has convinced the Negro that he is "The Least Of These", if left on his own without his voice within the national American Political Domain he will come face to face with his own self and that failure will surely be the inevitable result.

If indeed YOUR agenda has the development of the Black Diaspora above any concerns that you have for your Zionist enemy then I humbly suggest that you look at who is more proximate to your physical body and thus is more likely to slit your through because you represent a threat to their agenda.  Surely the Zionist's skill color would expose him to you.  This tells me that a person in "black face" is the more likely hitman to your agenda.

We are clear about the losses sustained through integration as the "Black owned stores" were no longer good enough for our newly tuned palates.    This that I speak of is worse for it is an "integrated consciousness" where those who are now loyal players in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" are willing to yield their bodies in support of their team.

In listening to your speech made recently to college students the fundamental message that I received is one of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY as the fundamental means of our community achieving its dreams.

We now see that with President Obama on the stage the institutions WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY were compelled to CORRUPT THEMSELVES in protection of the favorable person in the chair of power.  The truth is that they have been corrupt for a long time as they took their eye off of the prize, becoming mere progressive-fundamentalist political operatives with the key attribute of racial indictment to use against their enemies.  

If they and you can't see:

What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?
..............then they must necessarily be removed from their ability to have broad influence upon the Black Community's ways of thinking about itself lest they continue to molest our people for their marginal agenda that ultimately fails to deliver everything our ancestors have desired as they lived with the constant threat of terror.

When you received criticism from the two "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" journalists pictured above - a few of the staff writers from "The Final Call" accused them of kowtowing to "the Jews".  I disagree.  These are two highly educated Black men who are more than capable of thinking for themselves.  It was not a "Zionist Jew" that put them up to their attacks on your words against the US invasion of Libya.  It was their own Progressive-Fundamentalism and desire to have President Obama stand strong that motivated them to go against you - a critic of the American operation for which you refused to cover for the man in the seat of power.

Truth be told - both of these men have ideologies that would fit comfortably in the front section of "The Final Call" as it mostly comes from the NNPA syndicate.  While the back portion of T.F.C tells the Black man "What He Must Do" - the front portion reads like any of the other members of the NNPA.  I assure you that if you shook hard enough you could agitate a few more of them to attack you, all without prompting from a Zionist but because you stepped over the progressive "kill zone" line.

In the summer of 2012 I attended the "Anti-War In Libya" rally at Atlanta's "Shrine Of The Black Madonna".  Representatives from your organization shared the stage with other progressive activists who all stood opposed to this US-lead action through NATO which lead to the demise of your dear friend Gaddafi.

Despite the argument that the forces who were against African unity when it threatened the western oligarchy's financial and natural resource interests on the continent;  despite the fact that one person said "Ronald Reagan dropped a bomb in Gaddafi's living room, killing one of his daughters while Obama blew up his entire house, killing his son (a metaphor of the greater scale of the attack on Libya waged by Obama as contrasted with Reagan).............................I was puzzled with what I saw at the conclusion of the "Anti-War Rally".

In this large auditorium of progressive activists of every race and ideology at the closing moments of the "protest rally" someone asked a question that brought the masses back to reality.  The question from the audience asked - "What does all of this mean for the November 2012 Election where President Obama will seek a second term?"

By unanimous agreement on the panel they all agreed that a "Progressive Democratic President" who had a right-wing foreign policy was far better than a "Conservative Republican President" who would have both a right-wing foreign and domestic policy.  They all agreed that they were going to vote again for the man who they assembled together to criticize.   While I had great respect for the grasp of the issues as expressed by your International representative, Akbar Muhammad, he lead the way as the final segment turned into an "Obama voting rally" at the end.  This even as he told of his engagement with the American CIA in Guyana.  Surely they too are under the command of Commander In Chief Obama at this time, just as are the US Military Forces.

The problem with your position, Minster Farrakhan is that you enter into the discussion with the "given" that Obama did not start out this way - as was the case with George W Bush and Cheney.  He was a good man who was "changed" when he surrounded himself with forces of the evil empire.   With this as your premise you will always ultimately come around to defending the SEAT of Commander In Chief Of The US Allied Forces and all commands that come from it BECAUSE you are intent on protecting the ultimate occupant.

My reasoning says that the best thing that this "hidden hand" that you reference could do to advance its agenda while minimizing the wildcat protests at home and around the world - is to return a "Protected Man" back into the seat as he will ultimately receive your cover - regardless of what the American Machine that he commands does on his watch.

I personally like your message on "Black Community consciousness" and the framework that you present in this realm.  It is true that our community should reconsider the source of its food for consumption as the competency in this area has been a fundamental requirement throughout man's time on Earth.

I am not sure that you see that the most likely attackers to the plan that you have announced will likely come from the beloved Black Democratic operatives who see that the main threat to their agenda at retaining "Black Congregational Unity" where Black people VOTE for our community salvation through the Democratic Party success is an independent consciousness movement that REALLY MEANS IT.

I am not talking about the fake fronts that say "Free The Land, Free Mumia" and yet cheer as they hear about another drone attack on Somalia.   In their confusion they desire to have a "Strong President Obama", as they look to their enemy - the White Conservative - and demand that they show this enemy show equal regard for the Black race as they live vicariously through the respect shown for the "First Black President".

They can't bring themselves to see that this "Strong Black President" from their community is ALSO  -the Commander In Chief Of The Navy SEALS.  In their confusion they are using the American prowess at using its military strength at killing Somalians (another drone strike in the sovereign nation of Somalia again a few days ago) to bolster the stature of the man that they venerate, failing to note that this advances an imperialist agenda that they had marched against a very short time ago.

This brings me back to the "hypothetical" that you have erected over the racist threat to Obama.  The facts indicate that "people of color" living within sovereign nations with drones buzzing over head have a greater possibility of being struck than does the Black man in the White House with a heavily armed staff of trained professionals who will put their life at risk for his protection.

The people who are killed because the person behind the remote controlled screen said they were "terrorists' could be so lucky.  Gone is the talk about "due process" and avoidance of torture.   There is no doubt that the 12 noted "Somalian Pirates" would prefer to be waterboarded than affixed a red dot upon their head.

The comments of a Jewish man writing for a local Atlanta Jewish political magazine describing a hypothetical means of advancing the interests of Israel by the use of an assassins bullet is not likely "operationalized" by a force of assassins and they would have to make their way through the Secret Service.   The plan to launch drones from the US military base in Djibouti to strike against sovereign African nations is operating today.  While this one Jewish man's words against Obama  drove his separation from the paper, those who will hear your words about the threat to Obama believe that YOU have finally come to your senses, after having gone astray last year with your "attacks" on Obama.  Their veneration of Obama has effectively self-neutralize their protests against the American military and CIA's hand.

I can't reconcile your position but to observe that the Zionist has the power to cause you to sublimate your ability to delineate between the man who sits in the chair of power and his ability to receive the same marination to the core that you believed that his predecessors had absorbed.

Melanin has properties which keep the harmful effects of the UV rays of sunlight out.  It does not block the absorption of the "marinade" of imperialism.

The "It's Not A Civil Rights Violation For No Other Reason Than The Attributes Of The Killer Which Disqualify Him" Docudrama - Mass Night Club Shooting In Jackson TN Is Not "Deva Vu" Of The Old South

LeMoyne-Owen College
Lane College

Another Black Woman Seen Grieving Over Her Loss At The Hands Of A Street Pirate On The Local News

Charlotte Todd lost her young son to an early death, just as several thousands of other Black mothers suffer in America each year.   The sad truth of the matter, however, is that once the forces that purport to struggle for the defense of the Black community make note of who killed LaCarlos Todd and were responsible for shooting 18 other Black people in the club.........the passion which compels them to say "THEY CAN'T DO THIS TO US!!!!!".....will slip away from their sails.

The problem is not their lack of passion in keeping the Black community safe from those who seek to molest "us".  The problem is that they practice "Black Inferiority" - unable to make the assaults of a "Would Be Pillar Of The Community" EQUAL to a more interesting target.

We all know that "pickup truck wielding Southern White Racist Red Neck Street Pirate who kill Black people in the South due to RACISM(!!!!) are a superior threat enough to get classified as a "Hate Crime" when they kill.   We even recently learned that a Black Homophobic Street Pirates who beat down a man who is a double "Protected Victim" (Black and Gay) can produce a civil rights violation.

For some reason, no matter how many incidents in which we see a "Street Pirate On Run Of The Mill Black Assaults" - these are not made to rise in their SUPERIORITY as are those others that have a greater qualification due to the attributes that distinguish them.

Though they pat themselves on the back after assembling an in-school service project and deem all who showed up "Worthy" and "Down With The Struggle" - they know in their hearts that they do this as a "check list entry" in defense against someone who asks "What are YOU doing to help the Black Community".   This is often what they say against their ideological enemies.

I have said before though - The Civil Rights Pharisees are not the problem, per se.  They are merely opportunists.  The problem resides within the Black Rank & File.   While the "arm chair critics" of the Civil Rights Pharisees are few - those within the Rank & File who are not doing ENOUGH - as measured by the effective mitigation of this problem.  They receive cover, however, because they don't criticize the "Black Racial Services Machine".  They are instead a wealth of "Equal Black Votes" to be harvested and thus a symbiotic relationship exists where neither side attacks the other's failings but instead unities outward in a perpetual struggle.

Dark Matter Analysis
It is very clear what can prompt the Civil Rights Pharisees and the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press into action as a threat to the well being of the Black community.  There is always a particular qualifier that can allow them to put their foot down without stepping no any one's toes - namely their own.

 Over the weekend I was reading the latest edition of Jet Magazine.  My wife rolled over and asked "Is that what you like?" (You know what I am talking about brothers).

I told her that I wasn't looking at the "Jet Beauty", I was looking at the racism chasing article to the right.  Jet Magazine felt that "racial insults" done to Black high school athletes was significant to warrant a full page spread.  Clearly their agenda is to ensure that no Black person is ever made comfortable with the notion that we are are "post racial society".   It is clear that every White person in America has the POWER to do something to a Black person that will earn them inclusion on the next episode of the "Racism Chasing Report".

When it comes to issues that deal with "Street Pirate On Black Assaults", however, after I read Ebony/Jet I get the feeling that a handgun with legs run down the street in the Black community and shoots Negroes.   Their desire to avoid any sort of "self-incrimination" of the culture that they (the Black Press) either directly promote or remain suspiciously and complicitly silent about causes them to skew the narrative accordingly.   The Black community's "Struggle" then is to work at gun control.  The logical but unspoken argument becomes "Help us to fight against our enemies who refuse to help us keep guns out of Black youth's hands so they can stop killing each other - just as our racist enemies want us to do".

If we go back to the Southern past we should note that "gun control" was NOT seen as the most effective means at reducing the gun violence (or lynching) of Black people.   In fact Bishop Henry McNeal Turner and Robert F. Williams affirmed gun ownership rights among Black people as the primary means of self-protection against those who did not respect Black life.

If there was more honest internal discourse on the matter we would be noting that since calling for more guns to defend against our own is not a viable solution the failure of the overlay system (the Black Racial Services Machine) to take their rhetorical indictment against EXTERNAL forces which says "They Don't Respect Black Life!!" and make note that this is the case INTERNALLY they will continue to avoid the obvious:  An internal CULTURAL civil war is necessary before the rates of homicide and violence victimhood within the Black community is reduced down closer to our population proportions.

The use of conspiracy theories like "The New Jim Crow" - while effective at provoking a new "struggle" - also walks past the fact that even in "Mission Accomplished Cities" where the majority of the principles in the Criminal Justice System are "favorable" (Progressive and/or Black Progressive) - these systems produce results that are little different than the areas that are controlled by the conservative enemy.

Absent a transparent observer (ie: the Black Press) checking the "Perpetual Strugglers" on this point rather than remaining as their primary press agents - "Ninjas Will Get Themselves Kilt" and the community will absorb the latest assault, choosing to do a release of emotion the next time that a cop or a White man is the killer.

Just as I told my young children last weekend as we visited a "Holl'in Black Christian Church" (their first time at this present level of awareness) - the Black women that you see "catching the spirit" have a lot of stress on their shoulders.  They are letting it all out among friends and loved one's who will not judge them.   It is also the case that when you see the Civil Rights Pharisees pounce on the latest assault from an outsider - they too are releasing emotion that the near daily attacks from WITHIN prevented them from making an EXTERNAL INDICTMENT to their liking.

In both cases there needs to be a "Jesus Disciple" who thinks in a preemptive fashion, working to align the actions of the community so that in the long run the stress will be reduced and the number of church nurse attendants  who must be on hand to catch them so they don't fall and injure themselves can be reduced as fewer "Black Women Are Seen Crying Over Their Loss At The Hands Of A Street Pirate Who Was Not 'Finished' Right". 

The Distance From Lane College To Club Karma
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

BLAX News: From This Point Forward No Negro Has To Show Photo ID. It Is Too Hard For The Kulored To Keep Track Of Their Card. The Republicans Are Working On A Tattoo Version That You Can't Lose

Personal Note:  This story was filed as a "BLAX News" report because of my observations that in the game of Black Community Development Consciousness Hijacking - the most Angry And Obstinate Black Strugglers Are The Best At Disguising The INFERIOR Disposition That They Come To The Table With.

They must let everyone know that "Black People Are Damaged Goods" and that a universal requirement for all will cull the weak with the herd - who disproportionately have black fir, making them easy targets.  

You can't develop STRENGTH from selling WEAKNESS.
Societal Equally Can't Be Produced From Self-Adopted Inferiority.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

When I see the arguments used such as those in the video above I cringe.  
I know that the Negro is used as the "Inferior Poster Child" in the cross fire between the "White Conservative Wolf" and the tag team of the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" and the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man".  

When we get down to the most marginal issue such as a universal requirement for photo id for voting while I am most amazed at the willingness of the Black Fox Embedded Confidence Men to point out candidates for Black Inferiority for the camera my greater concern is something different.

I am most concerned that when the White Progressive Cheshire Fox gets beyond this present battle where "The Blacks" are used as the "Inferior Poster Child" they won't know when Black people are just playing along with our "transactional inferiority" or if the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man" is serious.

Worst of all what happens when the Black community seeks to stand erect and has to go against ALL of the forces that are so used to seeing us bent over with the knowledge that we will receive some benefit at the end of the transaction?

The Fraudulent Substitution

Asking everyone for Phto ID is like asking Black people:
  • A Poll Tax
  • Literacy Tests
  • "How Many Bubbles In A Bar Of Soap"
"Its like deja vu" 

If you listen to those who "Know White Folks From Fighting Them With Dr King" they all are used as references to the past.   They tell about all of the old tricks that had been used to suppress the Black vote prior to the Voting Rights Movement and then they say that "asking Blacks for photo ID reminds them of when the KLAN rode through the community".

In all seriousness - I recently took a boat ride with a Black person who is a child of the South.   My quest to get on the river boat ride with the group of children and this adult that I was with was protested because - since we were the only Blacks - the other Whites might want to throw us overboard in the dark of the night.  (This is a true story).  

Not even the fact that the ferry assistant was a Black man was sufficient to ease this bit of irrationality.  It was not until another Black male walked aboard as a second Black male who could fight off the violent White tourists did my group get permission to take the ride.  (Again this is a true story).

EITHER I am a sell out Black man who throws caution to the wind OR I am unwlling to suffer from the visions of a racial threat that was REAL IN THE PAST but which shows itself as irrationality.

I did not bother to ask what about this second Black man seen walking the plank caused this person to change their mind.   I just accepted that we all were able to go along as he was the enabler.

As we branch back out to the issue of photo id in voting the dynamics change.  The forces that feign Black Inferiority have nothing to lose by holding out, regardless of how irrational they prove to be.

USA Today - Photo ID Voting Laws - Feb 2012
South Carolina. In December, the Justice Department blocked the state's voter ID law under its authority in the Voting Rights Act to review election laws in jurisdictions with a history of discrimination. The Justice Department said non-whites in South Carolina are less likely than whites to have a photo ID and, therefore, the new law would be discriminatory. It said almost 82,000 non-white registered voters about 10% — do not have a photo ID from the state Department of Motor Vehicles, compared with about 8% of white voters.

The 2% gap produces the INFERIORITY.

It Doesn't Matter Because It Doesn't Matter

By focusing on the marginal battles in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" we are lulled into staying in line.  The victory at the margins are seen as a WIN after we "stuck together".  In truth it is all an attempt at "congregaional unity enforcement" that prevents the Black community from firing those who have received our investments yet failed to address our challenges.

The "Black Vote Of 2012" is fundamentally an OPPOSITION vote or a PROTECTION RACKET VOTE.  It, unfortunately has little relevance in the place that it matters the most:  THE INNER SPACE.

My rebuttal to the lady above who had "visions of Jim Crow" in today's photo ID is to help clarify her vision:

The Fear From The Past
The Present Threat That Goes Unmitigated Within By Those Who Keep The Black Rank & File Looking In The Rear View Mirror For Present Ideological And Political Gain

Like Deja Vu - Except There Are No Protests

Like Deja Vu - Except No One Gets Fired For Failing To Educate Black Students
Like Deja Vu - Except Those Who Economic Theories Have Failed To Develop Infrastructure Have No Interest In Rendering A Self-Indictment And Thus Hari Kari So That The Community Can Grow
The Black Racial Services Machine And Their Progressive-Joint Venture Operatives With The Primary Deliverable Of "Black Congregational Unity" Using RACISM CHASING As Their Most Effective Gravitational Pull.  With This Tool They Take Control Over Our Institutions Or Retain Power When Their Should Be Fired For Failing To Develop Black People As They Have PromisedThe Integrity Of The Institutions Are Compromised Each Time The Rank & File Knows That They Are Being Failed But Agrees To Shift Their Community Goal Posts Forward - Accepting THE JOINT VENTURE'S VICTORIES AS THEIR OWN - This Despite Their Continued Grievances.  The Black Racial Services Machine's  Primary Incompetency Is In Developing The Equal Human Beings Within The Black Community, Using The Institutions That They Now Control Due To The Investments Of The Black Community Development Consciousness Into Their Cause.  Ultimately The Black Rank & File Is At Fault For Failing To Enforce Their Own Institutional Integrity Against An Embedded Confidence Man Who Knows How To Use Their Grievances For Their Agenda In The Malcolm X Political Football Game

In Today's Consciousness That Builds Up A Political Powerbase And Consumer Culture In The Context Of America
That Helps You And Other "Diasporatic Blacks" 100 Years From Now HOW?
You Have "Health Care Justice"
Built Upon The Shifting Sands Of American Capitalistic Debt
As You Live Your Existence What Do You Have To Offer "The Real Least Of These" That Might Improve Their Life Condition?

  • More Physicians That YOU Have Created In Surplus Of Your Community's Needs As Your People That Have Matriculated Through The Institutions That You Now Control Are Made Available?
  • Economic  Consciousness that allows your own people to prioritize their own value as evidence by their ability to keep their own COMMUNITY HOSPITALS OPEN.   If charitable organizations of 100 years ago saw the need for Black people's health care and opened hospitals within the Black community as Jim Crow raged - what should we say about the CONSCIOUSNESS of our freedom in 2012 IF the condition of so many closed hospitals within the Black community calls for a nationalized effort because the people who were told they are "The Least Of These" can't order their free souls into focusing on their own needs?
  • A Greater Consciousness Of Healthy Living To Reduce The Number Of People Needing Clinical Care For Lifestyle Diseases?
You Have "Economic/ Employment Justice" Built Upon Your Notions Of A "Fair Economy"
Are you able to take your theories about economics and job creation  to another land that is abundant with human and natural resources, leveraging their potential into a prosperous ecosystem while maintaining basic private property rights?   The best way to predict the results in foreign diasporatic lands is to first look in the Mission Accomplished Zones here in America. 
You Have "Education Justice" Built Upon Affirmative Action & Diversity
Are you able to leverage the culture of educational excellence that you have built up in America and transplant this into another land so that these other people can receive the education that has worked so well for your development?  Those who are expert at telling "The Least Of These" that their culture from Africa was stolen are not automatically the most qualified to develop an Organic Culture Of Consciousness. 
You Have "Justice Justice" Built Upon Your Ability To Decide What Is A Civil Rights Violation
Based On The Assailant
Does the cultural theories about respect and conflict resolution that has allowed you to be UNDER-represented in the US DOJ Crime Statistics as both Victims and Assailants allow you to consult with other diasporatic masses, offering them advice as to how the changes in governance that you have struggled for has fundamentally changed your existence, using this as your reference as to why they should listen to you?

The use of the "I See Racist White People" diversion often comes at the cost of good community governance today.   Their voices are presented because they tell Black people what we WANT TO HEAR in our prevailing consciousness.  In doing so they practice "Non-White White Supremacy" as they can be counted upon to not talk about the proportionally greater problems WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  The absent of a worthy antagonist to motivate the people means that our community is made to lumber along, unable to successfully mitigate these issues that harm us more.

I maintain that the Black community should change its STRUGGLE from the "hand to hand combat" which makes our STRUGGLE into a "Democrat vs Republican" struggle into one where we focus on the prevailing powers that are in place where Black people are in our highest concentrations, noting that those who put us up to the STRUGGLE are strangely silent in the places where our VOTES put favorable people into power but they have no interests in removing this power after failing the Black community.

It is clear that this is a partisan and ideological battle with no interest in developing Black people through the INSTITUTIONS that they now control.
The Embedded Confidence Man who suggests that we should "unite together" to protect the Progressive Black Leadership that "WE" voted into power does not argue that this machine that they have built is EFFECTIVE at building up our people.  They are only interested in using the Black Rank & File as a protection racket for their agenda. 

The Aggregate Value Of The Black Community Will Never Grow Larger Than The Protection Of The Integrity Of Its Key Institutions.  The Size Of The Congregation Of Followers Is Not Proof Of Value, Only Popularity 

BLAX News: Barry Lynn - "Schools Handing Out Condoms Make Students Think That Their School Is A Strip Club"

We have entered into a new phase in the American culture.

Yes indeed there are grand flaws to the "Judeo-Christian Culture" that we have been handed, mostly because the corrupt human beings that molested the transparent implementation of this standard chose to do so for selfish interests.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

As the Progressive-Fundamentalists win their "progressive base hits", using their skills at incrementalism to remove the key threads that hold our cultural consciousness together we should not look at the radical right-wing forces that are their main targets, instead those who stood silent with them and walked along are going to have what matters most to them taken away.

Rev Barry Lynn - "A School That Hosts A Worship Service For An Extended Period Of Time
May Make The Students Believe That The School Is A Part Of That Religion"

I personally know of several Black Christian Churches that hold their worship services on the weekends in rented church facilities.   In cities around the nation there are public schools that rent church halls as backup locations of their outdoor graduation ceremonies in case of inclement weather.

Despite this fact it is far too easy to get a so called "Black Christian" to side with secular progressivism because of their conditioned consciousness that the "right wing" occupies the traditional position, a position through which we were oppressed.

The truth is - you haven't seen anything yet in the way of oppression.   It won't be race but non-compliance just the same that will be the driver of the oppression.

When we look at Secular Progressivism (even if it wears a "Jesus Collar") we should note its adoption of brinksmanship tactics as it vies to have its way.  It main flaw remains, however, that in its drive to use "rigth-itication" to achieve its base hits it cannot produce a comprehensive replacement culture that produces the "Social Justice" that it claims as it sword in its crusade.

After years of mocking those who held up traditional Judeo-Christian values - they will be the prevailing establishment power, forced to deliver upon the promises that they sold to the masses to obtain the power.   While there is no question that they will continue to divert the attention of their base by focusing on the new minority - the large portion of their base will understand that this is akin to the pacification seen where Christians were fed to the lions in the past.   While the scene may have been better than the "WWF" match - it does nothing to address the fundamental challenges that remain after the happy people go home and try to cope with their struggles.

Libya - After NATO's "Humanitarian Mission"

No amount of video evidence from Libya or Somalia is going to compel those who were heard cheering over the conquest to protest on behalf of the Geneva Convention IF it causes them to go against their domestic agenda in America.

In this sense they are the "Anti-Dr King" despite the fact that they already tracked to Washington DC to the new memorial as evidence that "Black people have arrived".

The main thing that has arrived is the "Integrated Consciousness" into the American Political Domain.

Reducing Early Voting From 45 Days In Advance To 21 Is "Restricting Access To The Ballot"????

AJC: Early voting window smaller

Election officials are closely watching voter turnout this year, especially following the passage of House Bill 92. Signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal in May, HB 92 shortened the period for early voting in person from 45 days to 21 days. Proponents say the change will save money and prevent confusion.
The bill — which had bipartisan support — also for the first time required that a special early in-person voting session be scheduled for a Saturday. For the March 6 primary, that session is set for today.
Some officials are expressing concerns about how the law will affect access to the ballot box.
“I still believe going from 45 to 21 days inhibits full participation of the voters,” said state Sen. Vincent Fort of Atlanta, the Senate Democratic whip, who voted against HB 92 last year. “I believe then and I believe now that ... they did it because they wanted to restrict turnout in November of this year in the presidential election” when President Barack Obama will face re-election.

Early Voting, like the Tax Rate becomes sacrosanct when a certain level is achieved.  If someone dares to reduce that rate then the rhetoric says that they have a nefarious reason for their activism.  When a Black Progressive critic is given a microphone to comment on the matter there is a good possibility that Racism(!!!) is going to be included as an additional indictment.  When we listen to the claims of "voter suppression", second only to "carding everyone" and thus "suppressing Black people" is the claim that by reducing early voting "because too many Black people voted in 2008" is a close second.

The state of Georgia reduced the window for Early Voting from 45 days in advance down to 21 days.  They added Saturday voting and to top it off it had bi-partisan support.

The issue should not be left up to the hyper partisan (and racism chasing) views of Sen Vincent Fort (of Atlanta's "Pittsburgh Community" - where many "Civil Rights Violations That Are Not Called "Civil Rights Violations" Because Of The Assailant's Attributes).  

There was no "Early Voting" 10 to 20 years ago.  It was created to relieve the pressure on the system during the official election day.  Why is it that 45 days is "just right" but 21 days is suppression?

In the view of Sen Fort - cost savings or efficiency doesn't matter.  In the mind of the Racism Chaser any perceived reversal of fortune is one more step closer to "Jim Crow".

If there was more sense about our community we would expand our political discourse beyond the perceptions of "voter suppression" which promote the defensive spirit within our community and instead invest more scrutiny on the places where the Equal Black Ballot has been accomplished control over our "Human Resource Development Institutions", affirming its efficacy in developing our people.

If the RESULTS were put forth as the primary focus - we would soon see that the policy wonkishness of the racism chasers are done to pettifog our attention away from the sad truth that what is POPULARLY promoted into power for the benefit of our community is not always so.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My "self-breast exam" on the worth of my agenda against those who claim to hold the same agenda for the long term benefit of the Black community.

The Candidates  The Field Negro Blog

The We Are Respectable Negros Blog

The Constructive Feedback Political And Cultural Consciousness Blog Ring

  • Within The Black Community
  • Surveillance On Embedded Confidence Men
  • 5/5ths Equal Human Being
  • JingOism Journal - The State Of Consciousness & Institutional Integrity After Obama

Constructive Feedback'  analysis of the blog's agenda Anti-Republican Blog To Protect The Progressive Establishment Powers An Anti-White Conservative Supremacy Blog An Anti-Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Establishment Blog which seeks to provoke Black people of conscious to establish a framework through which our Permanent Interests can be achieved for our people through our Institutions
The Name Says It All Field Negro - A Slave Reference.

Despite the fact that we are nearing 150 years since the end of the Civil War - "Slave References" of the Black American experience in America remains as a popular analogy. (The Plantation, "Sold Down The River", Whipped and "Massa")

These notions are retained not for the purposes of developing an independent consciousness among Black people circa 2012.  It is only done with the knowledge that the name caller against another group of Blacks who are not doing their bidding are always going to be the "rebellious slave", the "no sell out slave", the "backbone of the race".  This regardless of if he believes that "Massa" should provide him with an increased amount of care - just as the video clip from the Jefferson Davis documentary showed.  Except the altruism displayed back then by the racist Whites for the "infantile minded Negro slave" so that he might live a civilized existence was not called "Social Justice"
"We Are Respectable Negroes" - Gives rise to the notion that my friend Chauncey DeVega is talking to some external person that he is seeking to impress upon that "The Negro" is not a threat, that they should feel at ease.

One Black person talking to another Black person would not need to make reference to their common RACE in order to convey their good intentions as they approach. 
Constructive Feedback - The notion that the information provided is of the best intentions but, as many coaches learn - the arrogant player might not want to hear.  In as much as the coach benefits if the "team" is made more successful through the enhanced performance of the individual players a critic of the critic will say - in order to reach these players you must engagement them in a manner that does not produce resentment.  Point well taken.

While indeed a balance must be achieved between engaging the subject and retaining the integrity of one's own is when there is obvious evidence of manipulation of the "player" by embedded forces that seek to keep him consciously loyal to a methodology that is ultimately failing to effectuate his full development that the choice to be pleasing to his present CONSCIOUSNESS becomes a tactical mistake.

One's real enemy tells him what he wants to hear rather than what he needs to hear in order for results that are more in line with their Permanent Interests to be achieved through their own efforts.
What The Blog Believes Is The Primary Obstacle To Black Progress? I am of the opinion that my friend Filled Negro believes that the Black Community is being held down by continuing White Racism as expressed through the obstinacy of the White Conservative who's views are expressed by the Republican Party and its policies.  Thus the "Black Struggle" is a political struggle through the Democratic Party.

Filled Negro should be credited per his experiences in the city of Philadelphia PA as it has taken on the characteristics of Civil Rights Era Philadelphia MS in its proficiency at killing Negroes and his work in the criminal justice system.  He understands that "Street Pirate On Black Homicide" is a serious problem within the Black community as he runs a permanent of the body count of Philly - understanding that up to 80% of the carcasses are Black.  This prompts Filled Negro to interrupt his standard Racism Chasing/ Republican Opposition Research posts as he focuses on a heinous crime in Philly done by a heinous Street Pirate who doesn't give a damn that he is heinous because he thinks that you are referring to his "hinney" that is showing as his pants are sagging. 
"We Are Respectable Negroes" is but a written version of the interactions that its main content contributor, Chauncey DeVega, has with his White Progressive Cheshire Fox Males who invites him to their radio shows.

They have an unwritten agreement between themselves.  With their common enemy being the White Conservative Wolf- the Cheshire Fox agrees to NEVER enumerate an ORGANIC dysfunction within the Black Community and suggest that it might be the cause of some of our ills while Mr DeVega agrees to qualify all of his criticism against White people as "Conservative White People".

This tenuous partnership by which no wholesale attacks on the others "side" but instead using great specificity allows both entities to fight against the Wolf.  Mr DeVega is called in to attack the Black Republican Omega Fox, the low man on the Black totem pole.  His joint venture partners understand that they might be called racists by the small group of Blacks who see that they are pushing the notion that "The only good Blacks are the Blacks who agree with us" and thus they appoint a "Willing Negro" on their show to say what they think but could not say.

They understand that the "Black Front" is merely an ideological and political stance.  If this were not the case then "Black Protection", like "Unconditional Love" would be enforced by Mr DeVega and others regardless of how much THEY perceive the recipient has violated the treaty.  Ironically a Street Pirate has a greater chance of receiving "Unconditional Love" than a "Black Republican Omega Fox".  While the Street Pirate who assaulted another Black - taking his property or his life can be seen as a VICTIM of societal manipulation via the White Supremacy that made him a killer......the Black Republican Omega Fox successfully compelled the "Wrong type of White People" to like him and his messages.  Thus he occupies company with them absent the angry front that DeVega and others demand.
The greatest impediment today to the progress of the Black Community is the willful molestation of the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY of the framework that has been erected for the protection, prosperity and propagation of our community.

The use of TRANSACTIONAL RACISM as a purposeful means of keeping Black people on the defensive has the effect of retaining the incumbent power who no longer is accountable to standard measures of competency.  Since the individual cogs of the  "Black Racial Services Machine" work in conjunction with a timing belt - they all propagate the same agenda rather than enforce the necessary integrity for our interests.  They instead enforce "congregational unity" while never proving that the prevailing congregational consciousness if sufficient for our growth.

The best way to get beyond the point of "agreeing to disagree" is to measure the effect of having the Black American removed from the "belly of the beast", off on his own with nothing but the systems that have been built up during his freedom to count on for his sustenance.  Next we should look at the fiscal health of "the beast" to determine IF this is a remotely possible event within the next 100 years and then demand that those who have the influence over the so called "Black Agenda" to PROVE that they have our community on a trajectory that would enable us to survive such a catastrophe while maintaining the greatest measure of our living standard.

Even today as that which is popular among Black people is tested as it is "left all by itself" in "Mission Accomplished Cities" it fails to show its competency in developing our people.  The fraudulent quest for "NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE" provides the Embedded Confidence Men the necessary tools to evade accountability for their diversion of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" as they set the Black community's sights on a struggle beyond the dimensions that they previously guided us to conquer.  With this victory in hand they need to keep us struggling. 
What They Propose As A Fix To The Black Community? The Filled Negro blog is ultimately a Political blog.  It makes no attempt what so ever to do anything but promote a Progressive-Fundamentalist line.  Even as the blog author is a resident of the "Mission Accomplished City" of Philadelphia and could use his skills at interpolation to see that the United States as a functional "single party nation" just as Philly is - IS NOT going to prove to be the cure to Black America any more than "The Blacks" in North Philly have been cured - it doesn't take much intellectual girth to understand that for my friend Filled Negro - "The Struggle" is more important than the destiny.

"Black Congregational Unity In Progressivism" IS THE GOAL.

If this was not the case - someone would have already been fired for taking in so many Equal Black Ballots yet failing to produce the promised benefits.  Temporary happiness at the sight of a campaign victory is NOT an organic benefit.  It is merely a circular reference.

Filled Negro will surely remind "The Blacks" how happy they were in November 2008 and suggest they do the same thing in 2012 so that they might be happy once again.  When his blog goes 3D in 2016 he will be doing the same. 
The "We Are Respectable Negroes" blog is also a political propaganda blog.  The "White Racist Right-Wing" and what they think is the main character - NOT BLACK PEOPLE.  Don't be fooled.

With this in mind we can interpolate how "The Browning Of America" will further marginalize the focus of the blog author.

With Progressive White/Black/Browns in power in America - the implementation of 'Nationalzied Social Justice' will be easier to achieve. Having learned my lesson after failing to see that the blog "Crooks and Liars" did not  retain their focus upon those with prevailing powers -  I predict that at this time in the future my dear friend Chauncey DeVega will focus on how the last vestiges of UNCHECKED White Supremacy is still resisting change in their towns in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.  This will allow him to do a necessary inspection of the areas where his Progressive-Fundamentlism stands unchallenged and its efficacy in delivering to the Black community what he has long promised.
Nothing short of a reform in the Cultural Consciousness about ourselves will prove to be a fix for the Black community.

Our ancestors saw the value of Education in line with productive pursuits , Communities that were predictable as law and order mitigated terroristic threats.

Today the Embedded Confidence Men hear the grievances of the Black community and then OPERATIONALIZE these grievances into a vote for the Demcoratic Party.

My issue is less that Black people favor the Democrats in our present disposition.  My problem is that there is a lack of TRANSPARENT INFRASTRUCTURE that notes the INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO built up by Black people over many decades and that there are so few voices that dare to speak from the perspective of an OWNER of these funds, mandating that they be shown proof of growth.  Instead most of the investors are compelled to believe that their only option is to keep investing in the "American Political Domain".

Without some greater vision for the Black American - he will continue to focus on the marginal gains that the American Political Domain has to offer.

What Is Their Sentiment On Crime Within The Black Community?

What Is Their Sentiment On Education And Economics Within The Black Community?

What Is Their General Reporting Bias On President Obama - Commander Of The US Allied Military Forces? Diversionary Diversionary Look Past Obama And Into The Congregation To Note How Their Veneration Of Obama Has Caused Them To Violate The Standards Of The Church