They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, January 30, 2012

What Promises Did The Black Community Keep To Itself In Retaining The Integrity Of Our Community Human Resource Development Institutions Over The Past 3 And 50 Years?

If you listen carefully to the language of the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man" during the time of the run up to the elections in the "American Political Domain" - they prefer to have a conversation about "THE PROMISES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF OBAMA" and then dare anyone to disprove that he did not do what HE had promised.

Those who fail to think as a DEFENDER OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S 401K BALANCE will be fooled by this juxtaposition in perspective.

The bottom line remains - 3 years ago and for the past 50 years  the Black Community CONVINCED ITSELF that by channeling its 'Black Community Development Consciousness' into the "American Political Domain" that we would achieve the "High Standard Of Living" that the theory of "Social Justice" has prescribed for us.    In as much as they are protective of this franchise - few are the number of intellectually honest commentators that speak as "Trustees Of The Black Community's Investment Portfolio" - demanding that they be provided with a statement with charts and graphs that show the power of "compound interest" that has lead to the growth of the "401K balance" over these past 50 years.

It is more likely that we will hear how "the wages from SLAVERY remain unpaid" and that modern CAPITALISM continues to steal from the bank vault where these funds are kept.

This should be understood as their aversion to document the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that our people have been bestowed with as we have matriculated through the 'Transformation Process' that they have erected.   They are guiding us through the process of "Conscious Integration Of Our Community Development Hopes Into The American Political Process".   The PROCESS of protecting of our "Equal Black Ballots" has become THE GOAL.   Like the original Pharisees those among us today focus on process over ultimate outcomes.

The "Struggle Meme" against the enemy serves as the unifying factor.    It is sufficient in removing the consciousness from the masses that it is their duty to demand EARNEST MONEY at predetermined check points along the journey lest their own failure to defend their interests from the "Embedded Confidence Men" who rile them up serve as the reason for their net stagnation.

Unlike the Thomas Nast cartoon below entitled "The Great Compromise" - the "constructive feedback" above depicts the Black Community as an equal partner at the negotiating table, pawning itself as a prize.

It is seen SELLING OUT ITSELF FOR BITS OF SILVER THAT WILL ALLOW IT TO EAT TODAY, its long term Permanent Interests be damned.   This is a necessary compromise of its own "Community Development Consciousness" that resides within the "Community Cultural Consciousness And Competency Development Domain" because it has built its house in the quicksand of the "American Political Domain".   In 2 and 4 years in the future the same Embedded Confidence Men will be seen back at the negotiating table and then returning to their megaphones that are trained upon the Black community, making promises about how the next round of investments of "Equal Black Ballots" will fix their present lull in fortunes.

The Original Activist Forces In The "Black Progressive Struggle"

They took the guidance given to them by Bayard Rustin and built up a Progressive Political Force through the "American Political domain", with the promises that victory in this domain will finally allow Black people to take control over our communities by controlling the policies and the institutions.  The imposition of "Progressive Political Policies" are going to allow the Black rank & file to prosper.   They just need to yield their "Equal Black Ballots" to the cause.

During The Interim Steps Of Their "Struggle For Social Justice" They Were Seen Coalescing Their Community Institutions Around A Favorable Celestial Body, Protecting  It Against An External Force In The "American Political Domain".   They Necessarily Had To Temper Their Criticism Of The Shorfalls In The Promised Return On Investment Least "Their Enemies" Hear Discontentment Within Their Ranks.

They Began To LIVE VICARIOUSLY Through This VENERATED POWER.  Any Political Attacks Against This Celestial Body Became An ATTACK ON THEIR RACE And Its Associated CONSCIOUSNESS.  

Whereas the "First Black President" FELT THEIR PAIN as a means of compelling their invested ballots........THEY began to FEEL THE PRESIDENT'S PAIN, remaining silent as he used the US Military Forces to make raids in Africa and Tweeted "Godspeed" to the federal agents that shot first and counted dead African bodies later for the press release that made them cheer his STRENGTH.   

Per their present consciousness they desired to have their common enemies attest to HIS STRENGTH.   Unfortunately this STRENGTH was proven by his ability to Kill People Of Color Around The World, ironically assuming the role that they project on their racist enemy and his intentions for them.


When The FEDERAL TROOPS Leave The Negroes All Alone THIS NEXT TIME Those Who Have Been Watching Them Over The Last 60 Years And Then Saw Them Compromise All Of That Which They CLAIMED Were Their PERMANENT INTERESTS As They Showed Their Intent To Not Publicly Embarrass Their PERMANENT FRIEND Who Was In Power Will Now Be Emboldened To Ignore Them Even More.    They Now Understand That Their IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY And Political Gamesmanship Is Of More Importance To Them Than Is The "Social Justice" That They Speak During Their Protests.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

BLAX News: Second Crime Scene Taped In Stone Mountain GA This Weekend - Man Killed

Series: How The 13% Is Made To Occupy 50% Of The US Homicide Statistics- One Street Pirate Slashing At A Time

(Standard Response from my Black Progressive-Fundamentalist bigoted critics: "Ooh he is saying that Black people were better off in slavery!  This is why Black people don't like Black Conservatives.  They have self hatred for their own skin color".


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(See 1:35 Mark,  4:35, 6:00)
AJC: Man, 29, shot dead in Stone Mountain

(Now why don't you be so bold as to ask the other people who seek to control the Narrative Within the Black Community what THEIR agenda is)

It is my observation that in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" the "Embedded Confidence Men" understand that their best hope to retain "Congregation Unity" is to keep preaching "sermons" that give focus to an EXTERNAL INDICTMENT that can put the Black rank & file in a racially defensive posture.  They depend on their knowledge that most Black people assign a greater value to fighting against a "racist threat" - real, imagined or hyped beyond its proportional threat - so they can lead a protest march against this threat - making sure that all of the local news media is on the scene to capture the footage so they can store it on their Tivo for later viewing.

They understand that the only way to keep the Black rank & file from questioning their competency in their ability to bring ORGANIC SOCIAL JUSTICE WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY via the "Human Resource Development Institutions" that they now control from election struggles past - is to promote the narrative that "The Black Progressives are doing all of the right things to achieve Social and Economic Equality but our long time adversaries keep mugging us as we walk down the street, minding our own business".    Racism Chasing is thus a "Black Community Consciousness Distraction Scheme".   The Embedded Confidence Men understand that by keeping the Black Conscious Attention trained upon a serial set of transactions that each news day brings before us they can prevent those among the masses who have a "GPS" in their pocket from pulling it out to do an independent appraisal of our COURSE AND HEADING with reference to the "Black Community Development Plan".

They necessarily have to focus the masses on "State Sponsored Executions" and to avoid talking about "Street Sponsored Executions".   In the state of Georgia - an activist struggle to "Execute The Death Penalty" is seen as a back door, strategic way to get Progressive Democrats back into power at the state level as they "care about the lives of Black people and thus are against the death penalty".

If they were to focus on the "Street Pirate Sponsored Executions" that are far, far, far more numerous someone within their band is bound to notice that as they march on the state capital seeking to ban the death penalty - the "would be pillars of the community" are left alone within the communities that the Civil Rights Pharisees claim to be protecting.  Their consciousness in which they don't respect human life is allowed to fester due to the combination of the "social justice abandonment" that takes place AND the tendency for this same crowd to hold "community service projects" and then pat themselves on the back about all that they have done to "uplift the Black community" without ever bothering to inventory the DIMENSIONS of the problem and thus ask if their HVAC can scale to keep the climate within at the desired temperature.  If they walked around back they would see that the Street Pirate has already cut the padlock off of the cage and stolen all of the copper from the HVAC unit of the sanctuary that the congregation is sitting in.   The building is actually being heated by the hot air from their talking and the sweat that has been generated as they execute their rituals.

One man was killed and one was wounded in a shooting that occurred in Stone Mountain Saturday evening, according to DeKalb County police.
Police said in a statement that the shooting took place around 6:41 p.m. at 3300 Summit Lake Drive.
Police said a 29-year-old man was killed and that charges were pending against a 23-year-old in the shooting.  Police did not identify the people involved in shooting.
Witnesses told DeKalb police that three men were in an altercation in the parking lot at 3300 Summit Lake Drive. Two of the men started firing weapons, according to police. One man was shot and taken to an area hospital by a citizen. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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Philly PA Has Assumed The Character Of Philly MS - Back In The Day When Witness Intimidation Was A Civil Rights Violation

Recent Articles On Witness Intimidation In Philadelphia
  1. Dec 2009 - Witnesses Fear Reprisals And Cases Crumble
  2. Dec 2009 - On Snitches And Stitches In Philadelphia
  3. Feb 2010 - Sen Specter Introduces Bill On Witness Intimidation
  4. CBS Philly - Witness Intimidation
  5. June 2011 - Inmates Call Rings Up Witness Intimidation
  6. Dec 2011 - Two Kensington Men Receive Long Sentences For Intimidation
  7. National Snitching Blog

The City of Philadelphia Mississippi has largely gotten rid of their "earthen dams" that made it famous in the past for environmental reasons.  Today it is on the map because so many people in the area type its coordinates into their GPS as they head to the Native American owned casinos there.

Its name sake of a far larger size and importance in the state of Pennsylvania seems to be following the rogue path of the past rather than leading the way for its "country cousin".   While Philly PA also is building casinos for gaming it is retrogressing as a location of "Civil Rights Violations" on a grand scale.  Luck for the Philadelphia Chamber Of Commerce - The Civil Rights Pharisees and the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist" Press agents that still talk about the Neshoba County Fair and the "hint" that Black people were given some 30 years ago during the kick off of a presidential campaign - aren't inclined to call the antics seen in Philadelphia PA "Civil Rights Violations".   

There is no need to make such an indictment during a presidential campaign, producing risk that someone might note the scales that have grown over the eyes of those with the power to search out "civil rights violations" and call them am as such.  After all, they produce the same results as the violations that they do call out.

The City Paper Article On Deadly Witness Intimidation In The Mission Accomplished City Of Philadelphia PA
Missing from Mayor Nutter's crime plan: convincing the public that cops will protect witnesses.
On Monday, Rosemary “Reyna” Fernandez-Rivera was assassinated while working behind the counter of a North Philadelphia / West Kensington bodega. Neighbors told reporters that they believe she was targeted because she may have witnessed another murder, a month prior.
But they also told reporters that she was targeted because she was seen being brought in forquestioning by police officers several times, despite apparently asking the officers not to do so.
Yesterday, Mayor Nutter announced a nine-point crime-fighting plan including increased rewards for tips leading to arrests in homicides and promised to double the budget for victim/witness services. The mayor in the past has chided Philadelphians for failing to come forward in investigations, and prominently supported a “start snitching” campaign.
But Fernandez-Rivera’s death highlights the fact that many residents not only don’t trust the city’s police force enough to confide in it, but have good reason not to.
Reports of the murder have posed the question: “Did knowledge of a murder get store worker killed?”
But another good question is this: “Was Fernandez Rivera’s death partly the result of sloppy police practices?"
According to reports citing various residents in the area, police were seen questioning Fernandez-River and bringing her in for questioning several times and right in public.
They picked her up three, four times. Everybody saw,” was what Luis Sanabria told the Daily News. “They set her up.
Fernandez-Rivera’s brother in law told the Inquirer: “Last week, she was taken to the police station — she did not want to go …”
In the same article, neighbor Gladys Martinez describes hearing four shots the night of the murder and yelling out from her porch, “What happened?”
The answer: “What do you think? They shot Reyna.
It appears to be obvious to everyone on that block that Fernandez-Rivera had been in danger not just because she may have witnessed a murder — but because Philadelphia Police put her in danger by making their questioning of her obvious to everyone on the block, drug dealers included.
Mayor spokesman Mark McDonald says the case is still under investigation and that "There are a number of different stories out there," and that "an easy one to grasp, particularly if you don't like police, is the one you mentioned."
But he also concedes that the mere perception that police questioning may have contributed to the killing of a murder witness matters in and of itself: "Whether or not it's true," that police repeatedly questioned Fernandez Rivera in public, that perception matters, McDonald said.
City Paper has not yet been able to reach 25th District Captain Frank Vanore or Police Commissioner Ramsey — but we're working on it.

AFRICA - A Continent Full Of "The Least Of These" Awaiting "Progressive Public Policy" For "Social Justice"

In Both Cases Above The Tears Are From A Representative Of A Group Who Has No Power To Do Anything About What They See Happening.  The Saline Water On Their Cheeks Are But An Expression Of What Has Welled Up Inside Of Them.

In The Case Of The American Negro Consciousness, However, When He Is Heard Cheering The Success Of The American Forces In Power That He Venerates And Lives Vicariously Through All Of The Imperialist Conquests- Those Who Are Watching Their Antics And Noting The Damage That Integration Into "The American Political Domain" Has Done To Their Consciousness About Themselves Are Made To Shed A Tear For This Is A Greater Destruction Than Can Be Done To Any Real Estate.   Nature Will One Day Reclaim And Return The Land To Its Natural State, Destroying All That Man Has Built Upon It.  It Will 'Right' Itself As Time Is On The Side Of The Earth And Heavens.  

A PEOPLE'S CONSCIOUSNESS ABOUT THEMSELVES Can Only Be Restored By A Greater Will Of The People To Achieve Different Outcomes Than The Marginal Victories That They Must Fool Themselves Into Celebrating In The Name Of Congregational Appeasement And Unity.


Being "IN RECEIPT OF BENEFITS" That Allow You To Live Up To A Desired STANDARD OF LIVING In The Spirit Of "Social Justice" Is NOT The Same As Possessing The  ORGANIC COMPETENCIES Which Empower You To Use Your HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS To Build Up Your People - Positioning Them To Be The PILLARS THAT SUPPORT YOUR UPLIFT TO THIS DESIRED LIVING STANDARD.  Instead You Are Left As A Function Of Another Group Of People's View Of Your Worth, Their Willingness To Extend "Humanity" To You.  History Shows How Well This Outsourcing Has Worked.
With Both Of These Theories - The Masses Of People Will Affix Their CONSCIOUSNESS Where They Are Compelled To Expect Their Productive Ends From The Methodology That They Are Inculcated With.  Only One Of These Methodologies, However, Allows Them To Thrive When They Are All Alone, By Themselves, Needing To Replicate That Which Is Contained In Their Consciousness So That They Might Live Another Day.  

Just As American Corporations "OUTSOURCE" In Order To Avoid The High Regulations And "Living Wages" In America ........External Governments Are Heading To The African Continent To Benefit From A Similar Ease In Doing Their Business


Chinese Fund, Architect And Supply Construction Workers For The  New Headquarters For "African Union" In Ethiopia
(African Union To Miss Gaddafi's Money, China Dries Their Tears)
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Economic Hard Times In The Donor Nations Mean A Reduction Of "Social Justice" That They Are Able To Distribute

Ivory Coast's New Leader, President Alassane Ouattara, Visit France And THANKS Its Colonial Father France For "Rescuing" Democracy In His Country, Forcing The Former Leader Out Of Power Using Military Violence To Make Him "Hear Their Voice".

He Fails To See That Ivory Coast Has A Problem With Weak Institutions That External Military Intervention Will Not Fix.

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Ivory Coast signs a "Joint Security Agreement" with France.  While the French government has the POWER to ensure that  no Ivorian will EVER set foot in the nation of France with anything more than a flashlight, a radio and a set of master keys as we walks his rounds as a security guard who receives basic pay, a portion of which he sends home to the former colony in its own discretion France will return to the Ivory Coast with its helicopter gun ships and the mercy of the people in its grasp as Ivorians yield to their display of SUPERIOR force that their former colonial powers remind them in a brief history lesson that their armed forces conduct with the blessings of the Ivorian President.  The 'disaporatic Blacks are equally impotent in changing the balance of power that is shown .


American President Obama Orders The Hit That Rescues  2 Westerners From Somalia But Leaves 9 Somalians Dead - No Questions Asked.  Americans Cheer But Not Protest

NOTE TO SELF: "Just Call Them PIRATES And The State Sponsored Execution Will Go Unchallenged As No One Will Ask If All Who Died Where "Armed Black Men" As Would Be The Case In America.

Camp Lemonier, The American Military Base In Djibuti Serves As The Platform For American Military Operations In North Eastern Africa

(Not even the SPEARS in the logo of the "CJTF Horn Of Africa" were protested by American Anti-Imperialist activists, let alone their presence)


China To Finance, Build  Energy Production And Distribution Infrastructure In Ghana

Libyan Infrastructure Needs To Be Rebuilt After Destruction By NATO
NATO Bombs Communications Infrastructure In Libya To Prevent Sovereign Government From Communicating With Its People

The Only "Broadband And Social Justice" International Policy That The American Imperialists Know That An African Understands As It Advances Its Agenda

American And Other Western Businesses See Opportunity In Post Gaddafi Libya 

Dr King And Hosea Williams Would Not Recognize The Threats That Blacks Face In The Stone Mountain Georgia Of Today

Removing the names of these Confederate Generals off of "Ashby Street", "Gordon Street" and "Simpson Road" in Atlanta didn't stop the killing and make the Black Community safe in Northwest Atlanta as the Civil Rights Pharisees stated to the news media during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

 One must wonder if they initiate a project to chisel the "vandalism" off of the side of Stone Mountain will keep Black people safe on the streets of Dekalb County today?

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Of course - some group could rent some time on one of the new digital billboards around the county and play this recollection from the late Hosea Williams which detailed the risks that a Black man walking down Memorial Drive in the 1950's faced.

While these were NOT "the Good Ole Days" for Black people - in an ironic twist of fate more people would be happy to see the police today than they would to see what happens after they spill a drink on a Street Pirate who has "conflict resolution issues".

Black People Who Went Through Dekalb County When Hosea Williams Was A High School Student Had A Very Different Experience At The Time

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View Larger Map

Saturday, January 28, 2012

How HIgh Will The Ratio Of "Dead Somalians" Go Before The "Obama Fist Bump Black Cheering Gallery" Begins To See That Their Credibility Is Being Measured?

"Police Commissioner" Barack Obama Give A Light Hearted Interview On How He Ordered The Hit On 9 Somalians Just As The State Of The Union Speech - A&E's "The First 48" Did Not Capture The Video
United States State Sponsored Executions In AfricaState Sponsored Executions In The USA
Please Wait For The "Commercial Sponsor" to play his video before watching the "Commander In Chief" Of The "Allied American Imperialist Forces Recount His Rescue That Involved Killing 9 Africans.
This Video Has No Commercial Sponsor. It Documents How The Black Progressives Feel About "State Sponsored Executions" Of Blacks That They Have A Connection With.

"The Police Never Even Told Us That They Were Sorry For Our Loss".  "They didn't have to shoot my grandson"

BREAKING NEWS FROM ABC:  Commander In Chief Obama Did NOT Use His Blackberry To Text Message "Godspeed" To The SEAL Team Just Prior To Them Killing 9 Somalians Which Made So Many Black American Progressives Cheer When They Heard The News Of The Rescue Of 2 Westerners.

April 13, 2009 -  LA Times: U.S. captain rescued; 3 Somali pirates killed

With the news that American sea captain Richard Phillips had been rescued as American snipers - "fearing that his Somali captors were going to kill Phillips" had shot 3 Somali in the head to "neutralize the threat" - a good portion of the 'Fight The Power Black Wing-Talk Radio" listeners let out a festive cheer.  They used this moment to establish the "strength through force" that their "Commander In Chief" had displayed.

As usual - they turned their scrutiny to the reactions of the White Conservative Republicans, skeptical that they too would lay alms at Obama's feet for a "Mission Accomplished hit" in Africa.

LA Times article

April 13, 2009|Josh Meyer and Edmund Sanders
WASHINGTON AND DJIBOUTI — After days of tense negotiations, the U.S. Navy rescued an American sea captain in seconds Sunday, with snipers shooting three Somali pirates who officials feared were about to kill him.
The commanding officer of the U.S. guided missile destroyer Bainbridge had received approval from President Obama to attempt a rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips by force if his life appeared to be in imminent danger after five days of captivity off the coast of Somalia.

When I tell you that the most important lens that we can operate to do is NOT the one cast upon "Obama".  Of course for Black America the lens is focused on how White folks choose to show respect for Black people by showing respect for the "Black occupant" of the "Commander In Chief's Chair".

With these two lenses fully monitored, any of those missed by the front line forces,  "Media Matters"
will surely capture and Tweet - I would like to make note of a 3rd lens that appears to be unmanned:

The Lens Up BLACK AMERICA And How The Stage Actor Named "Obama" Can Compel The Black Audience to react.
  • Obama's presence has the power to compel "Black Racial Services Machine" elements to agree not to publicly criticize him in failing to materially provide a "return on investment" for the "Equal Black Ballots" that were deposited for his campaign's benefit  as in doing so they might give their common enemies ammunition and thus hurt Obama reelection chances.
  • Obama is so venerated and his experiences are so vicariously lived through by the "Pragmatic ObamaBOTs" that they are able to explain away Obama's actions that would have previously been grounds for a wildcat protest.  Its' almost as if Obama is explaining his own actions when THEY explain Obama's actions TO THEMSELVES, thus justifying their silence.  To go against Obama would be as if they left their own house to protest out front of their house and then came back inside to watch the video tape of them marching outside of their own house to show their disappointment with........themselves.
  • With them so vested in Obama - instead of debating Obama's actions on their own merits the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press' knows that it only needs to tell their loyal consumers what Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich or Herman Cain SAID about Obama's actions that have otherwise violated progressive dogma.  The debate will turn to an attack on the bete noir - since they didn't really want to hold their progressive integrity up by criticizing Obama.

Fear not.

The world knows that the lines of national sovereignty in Africa are a joke.  Like in colonial days the land is there for the taking.

Since in many African nations - "The Rule Of The Gun" is the prevailing policy - the endless deployments of the United Nations' "blue helmets" and the constant military assistance by former colonial masters merely shows what the real problem is:   NO ONE RESPECTS POWERLESS, DEPENDENT NATIONS.

The colored regions of the map on the right is a more powerful determinant factor in the final verdict in Africa than are the penciled lines characterized in the map on the left.
The same people who shaded in the map on the right also drew the penciled "international" boundaries on the left.

The present prevailing consciousness of American Negro just provides evidence to those who are observing that despite his claims of "Free The Land, Free Mumia" - he is disconnected to the land that he rhetorically holds in such high esteem, not allowing concern for the actions done by the favorable Commander In Chief against a "few Africans" to upset them as much as a Republican who calls him a "Food Stamp President".   Indeed their words are superior in their ability to injure this present consciousness.

Good Thing That Amadou Dialo of Guinea West Africa was shot in America and not on "The Mother Land".  Absent the wide expanse of the Atlantic Oceans Black Americans were able to "connect" with him - as the blood stains and spent cartridges of the authorities were there for them to see.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Critical View Of The Black Republican - Part II

I listened to the second hour of the recent "Conservative Black Forum" as I was exercising.

My agreement with the principles of what I heard among these "Black Conservatives" was overshadowed by my disagreement with their tactical execution of their agenda.   I return to my question "WHY does 'Black Conservatism' need to be projected through the Republican Party and by extension - the 'American Political Domain' ?"

Ironically they argue that "Black Republicans" should go into the Black community and plead their case, convincing other Blacks that "Republican Values" are "Black Values".


They one thing that I kept shouting in my head as I was jogging on the treadmill as they were talking about "How Black People Vote" was "Black People Don't Vote Against The Democrats To Show Their Discontent - THEY MOVE AWAY FROM 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONES'!!!!".

I honestly believe that no one in that gathering understands this observable fact.
I have documented the case of the "Black Flight Progressive".    These are "normal thinking" Black people who understand the social and political dynamics within the Black community.   They understand that despite their display of consumer preference for the outcomes that their ideological enemy produces in their residential ecosystem of choice - they can still "Get In Where They Fit In" by continue to VOTE FOR the force that ultimately compelled them to move away from the "Mission Accomplished Zone".

The problem that I have with "Republicans who are Black" is that they ultimately wish their PARTY to succeed.  They see the full engagement of the "American Negro" into "American Political Domain"  as the framework for our development as an intractable fact.  In this way they are little different than the "Democrat who is Black", the "Occupiers Of All Black Community Leadership Positions" at present.

Pat Buchanan Is Wrong About Assimilation - The American Negro Has An Assimilated Consciousness
They Fired Me From MSNBC And Claimed A Victory.
MSNBC May Assist In Firing Gov Walker (R-WI) And They Will
Also Claim A Victory.  But What Registers As A VICTORY In
Their Present Consciousness Should Only Be Understood
As A Bigoted Sense Of Intolerance For Divergent Viewpoints That Is
No Less Driven By HATRED Than That Which They Accuse Me Of.
More Of The People Who Are "Offended" By My Words Suffer
Material Damage Inside Of The "Mission Accomplished Spaces"
That Their Curious Ideology Brings To Fruition Where Ever It Lands.
In Wisconsin Their Victory Will Ensure That
Their Unions Will Be Protected But Their Jobs Well Be
No Less Fiscally Secure. The Real Demographic Change They
Should Be Focusing On Is The Progressive Migration Into "Right To Work
States".   It Is The Leadership That Promotes The Union More Than
The Least Of These Seem To Find Food Through This Channel.
Milwaukee Wisconsin  Will Remain As A Protected Center Of Black
Grievances As No Camera Crews From MSNBC That Came To Town To Cover
The Recall Election Will Bothered To Go To Review The Condition Of
"The Blacks" As They Did Not Indict The Leadership That Was Favorable
To MSNBC And Its Bigoted Sycophants Who Are Failing To Develop
"The Blacks" As They Have No Real Intention Of Doing So.
Their  Only Goal Is To Them Strung Along With The Promises Of What
The Investments Of Their Ballots Will Benefit Them In A Future Who's
Good Living Is Always Visible Through The Next Election.  Since
"The Blacks" Don't Seem To Have An INTERNAL System By Which
That They Merely Need To Employ A Lineup Of "Favorably Thinking 
Blacks" And The Black Rank And File Will Be Appeased Both By Seeing
And They Will Be Compelled To View This As THEIR PROGRESS
These Paid Negroes Merely Will Agree To Spike The ANALYSIS
Of The News About The Black Community That Would Provide The
Black Rank & File With The Necessary CORRECTIVE FEEDBACK Necessary
For Them To Appraise The EFFECTIVENESS Of The Course That
They Now Travel In The Development OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

Theirs Is A Hatred That Is Self-Justified Because They Are The "Self-Justifiers".
The Evidence Of Their Practice Of "Non-White White Supremacy"
Will Become Clear To Those Who Were Fooled When
The Forces That They Dedicate So Much Of Their Energy Into Defeating
Are Gone And THEY Are Now The Establishment Authority, Forced To Produce
WITHIN What They Have Long Struggled To Externally To Acquire.
Their Spirit Of Confiscation Is No Less Than The European Explorer.
They Merely Use The Term SOCIAL JUSTICE As The Justification
For The Sword That They Swing.  The Tendons And Muscles That They
Cut, However Are Those Which Produced Stable Societies And Families
And Social Order. 
As The Aggrieved Masses Later Turn On Them For Nutrition
The Series Of Failure To Develop The People Using The
Institutions And Culture That They Now Dominate These Aggrieved
Masses Will Understand That They Have Been Used.
At That Point Those WHITE FOLKS Who Called Me A RACIST Will
Be Seen Parting Company From Those Who Are Now Angry At Them
And Weill Be Seen COMING TO LIVE WITH ME And "Their Own Kind",
Again Fighting Me For Social Justice But Without The Sword Of
RACE To Use Against Me As We Are Of The Same Skin Color.

Ironically the focus upon the "American Political Domain" by both Black factions in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" prove that dismissed MSNBC host Pat Buchanan to be WRONG about his claims that the streaming groups of ethnic minorities into this nation are not "assimilating" into the American way.

The prevailing Black consciousness is that of an "American consumer" vying to achieve his material, social and cultural desires through the channels of voting and the political arm wrestling match that accompanies it.   If and when we see the violence and insurgency that is/was present in Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Iraq or Nicaragua  as the channel for political change in America then one can claim that the American system is under threat from these external forces.

Of course Pat Buchanan is concerned at the loss of the comfortable "White male power" structure where his power to rule went unchallenged for no other reason than demographic fact.

Don't get too comfortable though Progressive-Fundamentalists at the "Browning Of America".   I maintain that it will be your IDEOLOGY'S FAILURE to produce FAVORABLE RESULTS through ORGANIC PRODUCTION that will imperil your fate WHEN demographic changes tip the balance in America - NOT ANY INTRINSIC INCOMPETENCIES DUE TO YOUR RACE - as you would like to believe that Pat Buchanan is arguing.

It is clear from your present antics in the US Presidential Race, 2012 Edition that you prefer CONGREGATIONAL UNITY in fortifying your voting block by making RACIAL INDICTMENTS.   What you NEED TO BE FOCUSING UPON is that day in the future where RACISM CHASING as the "corn starch" bonding agent of your stew fails to deliver the EXPECTED BENEFITS to your base through the INSTITUTIONS that you now have dominant control over.  Add to this - I predict that many of your White Progressive Cheshire Fox joint venture partners will show their teeth once they too fall from their perch of power per the racial dynamic.  The fox will join the wolf in their own protected nature preserve.

But What Of The Future Of The Negro?   Let Him Alone!!

The "Republicans who are Black" are spot on at the fundamental level as they are giving voice to my observations of the need for "Organic Competency Development".   Despite their error in the use of the Republican Party and the American Political Domain as frameworks their focus on the 'inner space" is sound.

The contrast between conservative and progressive could not be more different.
The calls for "Social Justice" is intrinsically a "Competency Outsourcing Scheme".   It makes note that the national contract that binds us together as a nation has clauses that affirm the 'social justice rights' of all within to a certain minimum standard of living.  This affirms the evidence of the consciousness and compassion for the society as a whole.

If you observe progressive-fundamentalism via a longitudinal study, however, you begin to understand the disconnect between the ability of this movement to successfully conquer land through struggle and its competency to actually deliver upon the promise once the "mission is accomplished".   THE STRUGGLE IS THE UNIFYING FORCE that brings them the sense of accomplishment among their base.  Ironically the conditions in lands that they have "won" prove to be their biggest failings.

I am not sure that anyone at the forum understood that beyond their struggle against Black Progressive Democrats they are actually battling a classical "Lumpen Proletariat" movement.  "Blackness" is merely an attribute that provides its own "spice" to a struggle that is easily understood as such.

The reason why forces like the NAACP and the progressive Obama Administration has taken up the cause of the "THREAT to Black voting rights" - rubbing two sticks together to create the smoke that they point to as a great risk of fire - is because they understand that THE QUANTITY OF THE VOTE cast in their favor is far more important to the desperate masses than any threat of accountability for their failure to deliver as promised. They understand that the US Justice Department Civil Rights Division can't do a damned thing to fix the areas where the Negro has chosen the politicians and policies of their own choosing but where 'civil rights violations' are taking place, BUT FOR the common race of the assailant (please watch "Brick City").  This perversion in terms has the effect of NULLIFYING THE BLACK VOTE from the actual delivery of benefit to the Black community making it merely an agent for the entrenchment of progressive public policy and the Democratic Party.  Bayard Rustin is smiling from his grave.

Again the "Republican who is Black" does not seem to understand that the dependency that they often point to among "The Least Of These" is merely the "Social Justice" fundamentalist's marketplace through which political transactions take place.  Those who believe that they are shut out from the formal commercial "supply chain" in America will utilize the political channel to create the market force that they need to alter the balance of power.

The job of the defenders of this system - which fails to produce sufficient "Organic Competencies Among Black people" is to point out that there are other White people in the mud along with us.  Despite the endless "Black people need to................." discussions they understand that as long as this system is present as an option the masses will not be compelled to change for its own good.  No different than the debate over petroleum fuel consumption due to its availability.

The Best Strategy For The "Black CONSERVATOR" 

It is clear that the monopoly majority of the "Progressive who is a Democrat who is Black" over all of the institutions in Black America allow them to steam roll all challenges.   Greater than the challenge from the loathed "Black Republican", is their ability to remain standing despite the expressed failure of their machine.  (See Detroit, Newark, Philly, Chicago).

As long as they dominate the Black Press - their synchronized choir will convince Black people that we need to PROTECT the "Black Elected Official's" seat of power from a loss to a White Conservative.  This is their message after they have linked the "Black Community's standing" as a vicarious element of the Progressive Negro who occupies the seat of power.   Through this fatal protection racket the Black Press is able to convince us that Slavery, Jim Crow, New Jim Crow and Republicans are the reason why those people who's theories are in line with what the masses of Black people know to be the proper channel for our development have been molested.    But for their opposition (based on racism) and their removing spikes from the rails of Black progress - we would have SUCCESS.  Thus our job as "real Black people" is to fight against this enemy.

This engagement in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" produces the consequence of removing SOUND MANAGEMENT from WITHIN THE INSTITUTIONS OF BLACK AMERICA.  We only need to look at how the latest news of "Racist Homework" in a school system that the NAACP has little power over is able to generate more resolve for a correction than what is shown in the 3 majority Black school systems in the core counties of Atlanta.   "The struggle" which channels our racial defensiveness from attack is an easier exploit than is the more deliberate, longitudinal task of "finishing our human resources" through proper management of the institutions within the Black community.   Racism Chasing is merely a diversionary tactic for protective cover.  It provides necessary comfort into the unconscious mind that 'though WE are in a failed state - it was due to external molestation".

Ironic it is that the primary channel for quality Black education is through the integration of schools.  Black kids sitting next to the children of Racist Tea Party members.  The proof of their RACISM being their resistance to such inclusion.  In maintaining this indictment those who took over the Black school systems but having failed to "finish" our children avoid the classification of "racist" despite the results that they generate.

What then is the harm of being labeled a "RACIST" (or Tom) when it no longer represents the main channel by which:

  • Black people are murdered?
  • Black people are under-educated?
  • Black people are under-deployed?  

If those Black Conservatives who choose to channel their power through the Republican Party had any sense about them they would first confront the larger Black Progressive / Black Racial Services Machine and demand that BOTH COMBATANTS agree that EVIDENCE OF "PRO-BLACK" is seen by success WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

The Black Progressive-Fundamentalist understands that as long as he INTENDS to help Black people, making indictments at the national level his "Boil The Ocean" struggle - which intensifies every 2 years, in line with the elections in the "American Political Domain" is all that he needs to focus upon to keep the congregation filling up the offering plate with the ballots that he government enforces the equal value of.

Ironically that which pacifies Black people as being "the truth" in our present state as American Consumers does not exactly translate into the methodology that actually addresses the longings of Black people.  With their knowledge of these unfulfilled longings - the Embedded Confidence Men conspire from the inside to fuse our "Black Community Development Consciousness" with American politics.

The Black Conservative should force the hand of the Black Progressive.  Deny his ability to shift the scope of his indictment and instead go to the Black Rank & File and convince them that the saying in the post-Katrina t-shirt is true:   "WE ALL WE GOT!!".  

Through our community schools pass our children.  This must be their "finishing agent"
Through the culture in our community.....................
Through the business enterprises in our community.................
Through the respect for law and order in our community.............
Through the male/female relationships in our community...................

With this said the main task of the critic of those who is watching the hijacking of the Black Community Consciousness must be the mastery of the WELDING SKILLS that will allow him to secure the GOAL POSTS - preventing the Black Racial Services Machine that is in power from MOVING THE GOAL POSTS WHEN IT PLEASES THEIR DESIRE FOR SELF PERPETUATION.
Ironically it is in the BLACK BEST INTERESTS to force this action.
PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is the only loser if this happens.

WHO will promote the need for the rank & file Negro to stop yielding his body into the American Political Football Game after his consciousness and emotions have been engulfed?


Or should these others continue to see that a "man who can't even help himself in a land of plenty is of no use to them in their barren state?

How To Countermand An Ideological Bigot: In The USA The President Gets A Finger Pointed At Him. In Mexico And Philadelphia And West Kingston JA..........

The Co-Founder Of AfroSpear And Other Progressive Bigots Focus On The Finger Pointed At The President Of The United States And Are Aghast At The "Disrespect" Over The "RACISM" That They See Against The Mexican.

Previously they were focused on "Headless Mexicans" that could not be found in Arizona.  Today they feign outrage that someone dared to disagree with the force that they Venerate And Live Vicariously Through As They Pursue Their Endless Quest For "Social Justice"
Those Of Us Who Understand That The International Border That Is A Few Miles From Where These Two Elected Officials Stand In Their Personal Confrontation Is But A Man-Made Political Boundary.  Law, Order And Organized Force Is What Allows The Majority Of The United States To Be A Respite From Unchecked Violence 
You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Rational Americans Understand That Within A Mere 3 Miles From El Paso Texas The Mexicans Who Are Under Assault Could Only Wish That "RACISM" Was Their Biggest Threat.   Instead Of Having FINGERS Pointed In Their Face As A  Sign Of DISRESPECT AND RACISM..............They Suffer From Automatic Weapons Being Pointed At Their Body
And Then You Have The Painful Truth About The Place Where The Ideological Bigot Resides 

While The "Free Radicals" Are Able To Shout "Free Mumia" The Number Of Killers Who Will One Day "Double Bunk" In His Former Death Row Cell Line Up Outside To Do The Perp Walk - 80% Of The People They Kill In The "Mission Accomplished" City Of Philadelphia Being Black

THAT NEGRO THREAT In Philadelphia Is A "Threatening Street Pirate" Who Wasn't FINISHED As The Bigots In His Community Chose To Focus Elsewhere, Attesting To His Inferiority As A Priority And The Failure Of Their Ideology As An Agent Of Conscious Transformation
Remind Him That He Too Was Once A "Resident Of The City Of Juarez" And That Despite His Self-Charitable Ways In Support Of Allowing All Of "The Least Of These Seeking Shelter" Into His Tenement 
It Was Actually The Tactics That He Despises That Eventually Lead To Fewer Murders Of HIS PEOPLE.   When They Are Murdered The Killer Is Not Called A RACIST For They Are All Of The Same Race........Where He Comes From.  Thus He Understands That RACISM CHASING Is But A Useful Tool For Useful Idiots But Does Not Protect The Lives Of Negroes.

UK Mail On Line: May 201060 Loyal Followers Of Drug King Pin Christopher Dudus Coke Die Protecting Him In West  Kingston, Two Are Murdered For Refusing To Defend Him

"We Don't Give A DAMN About No Stink'in Defense Attorneys Who Are Outside A De Yard!! Dem Chat So!  Let THEM come back home and convince  the  massive to respect this Gun Free Zone that de law book say that the Queen dem blessed."

"US Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez Has No Power In Kingston JA To Investigate Brutal Police Tactics And Procedures.   Did You Tell The Police Man To Go Eat A Beef Patty Before He Shot You?"

"The Occupiers  Set Our Police Headquarters On Fire!!!  Someone Is Going To Pay For This."

Just as the 2010 US Census is proving that Progressives are departing from their "Mission Accomplished Zones", outward to live in teritories where their "RACIST" adversaries live - so it is the case that those who feel terrorized and unemployed in their homeland South Of The Border prefer to live with those who are labeled "RACISTS" by Ideological Bigots who have proven incompetent at keeping the "VICTIMS OF 'RACISM' SAFE FROM THE PREDOMINATE 'NON-RACIST VECTORS OF THEIR MURDER AND COMMUNITY TERRORISM". 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Documenting "The Character Of The Civil Rights Pharisees" As A Bumper Crop Of "Strange Fruit" Is Found Around Metro Atlanta & Other "Mission Accomplished Zones"

Subtitle: How 13% Of The Population "Bleeds Out To Become 50% Of The Nation's Homicide Victims, One 'Street Pirate Induced Paper Cut' At A Time"  As Those Who Claim To Be Our 'Civil Rights Bandages' Use 'Racial Inferiority Profiling' To Passover Killers That Have No Official Government Authority But The Same Capacity To Murder

We Heard Their Impassioned Speeches Before.
We Know That They Believe In 100% Equality Among Human Beings.
What Is It That Is Causing Their Muted Outrage?
Aren't They Still Tired Of "Constant Images On The Television"?

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

HAVE YOU HEARD THEIR VOICES FROM THE KILLING FIELDS FOR NEGROES IN AMERICA?  Not the last screams of the "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" But From Those Who Claim To Be The "Moral Conscious Of America" When They Have Possession Of An External Indictment.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!


You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!


Oakland CA Police Department Must Reform Or Go Into Federal Receivership

Judge: Oakland police must reform or face takeover

From The San Jose Mercury News

SAN FRANCISCO—A judge says the scandal-plagued Oakland Police Department will go under federal control if it fails to quickly make good on reforms agreed to nine years ago.
U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson also increased the oversight authority of a court-appointed monitor in a scathing five-page ruling Tuesday.
Henderson says Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan must first consult with the monitor before making important department decisions. Those include promoting and disciplining officers and changing policing policy and tactics.
Mayor Jean Quan agreed Wednesday that the city was moving too slowly to improve the department. But, she said, Oakland's new leaders are committed to making it happen.
The reforms were ordered in a 2003 civil settlement stemming from allegations that a group of officers beat up or framed suspects.

Huffington Post: Oakland Homicides Spike In Rough 2011

The Right-Wing Response To The SOTU - Corporate Capitalist Treasury Raiders

A portion of my analysis of the 'Day After The State Of The Union" was focused upon "right-wing talk radio" and the financial press.

While my line of thinking on economics is closer to theirs than to that of an "Occupier" they are guilty of being the bookend of the "Social Justice Raider Of The US Treasury" that must be guarded against.   The "Corporate/Military/Wall Street Raiders Of The US Treasury" seek to use the federal treasury as their play toy in a manner that is ultimately no different than those on the extreme left.  Those who are interested in protecting the long term fiscal viability of this nation (too late) would be wise to keep them out of the bank vault as well.

Thus the criticism of the "right wing" response to President Obama's State Of The Union speech.

While they are good at putting down the "confiscatory spirit" that "Obama's Base" has - a point that I agree with - they are loathed to talk about the RESENTMENT that is aroused as the hijinx and outright fraud that their capitalistic friends have committed at the expense of the federal balance sheet.

"They should have been allowed to fail" is not a sufficient cover for what actually happened.

I am fully aware of the spirit that desires to have the central government issue punitive regulation.  This is seen as the only means to control those capitalistic forces from executing upon their own self interests AND to extract money from the marketplace that those on the outside have failed to order their own resources that would allow them to make a valuable product for sale on their own.  

When the same forces who resist regulation also are seen failing to pressure their peers to remain operating withing certain boundary of ethics and transparency - the "industry self regulation" that was advocated is shown to be less powerful than the selfish interests that caused the observers to turn the other way.

The issue of Obama's race as the driving factor of their opposition is no more powerful of a force than what is seen by Black progressives who latch Black development dreams to the Obama Administration's success - looking past the shortcomings that damage us AND the White Progressives who, in the context of the fight with their Conservative "womb-mates" make use of claims of racism/sexism/homophobia/etc as a bludgeon in the field of play.  Most of the time these merely are a cover for their own hatred in kind.

This is all about POWER and MONEY.   PERIOD!!!!!  These other points are merely vectors of indictment.

Those who feel that they are out of power as the corporations are able to unilaterally change interest rates on their credit cards even though you have paid them monthly as you ran up a balance on a 9.99% low rate card during the days of "easy credit".   Despite holding up your side of the agreement as a customer - that "fixed rate card" turned out to be not so fixed.   Just because the bank's risk exposure tolerance has changed - their strong fisted move - changing the terms in mid-session - is bound to push some consumers over the edge.

"Its your own fault for buying stuff on credit" does not quite address the issue.  When a part of your purchasing decision was that the "cost of money" was 9.99% and then the terms change to 17.99% because the bank has changed its risk management policy - this translates in to thousands of dollars in more money paid to service the debt.

While I believe that most of their aspirations should be produced at a more local level where they have more control over the institutions the grievances that are expressed after watching the Corporate Treasury Raiders has at least some merit.