They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

As Long As "The Black Racial Services Machine" Defines The Narrative - No Failed Black Community Uplift Effort Will Ever Have Their Finger Prints On It

You have to give credit to the insight of:

  • AOL / Huffington Post
  • NBC Universal / Comcast
  • Washington Post Co
  • NY Times Co
They obviously studied the prevailing Black Political consciousness - tDihe most loyal Democratic Party constituency in America.

If you scroll down the list of articles on "Huffington Post -Black Voices" you'll notice that it is yet another "Fish Don't Know He Wet" Black Progressive-Fundamentalist perspective media source.

The problem is not that they have a far left of center perspective - as is the case with the audience that it caters to.  The problem is that when we seek to apply their view of the world to the REAL WORLD --- WITHIN the Black Community - so much of what they claim is askew to the truth.

You see normally - a "professional consultant":
  • Analyzes
  • Diagnoses 
  • Prescribes
  • Monitors.............
a patient in his care who came his way for a cure of what ails him.

Regardless of how this professional consultant makes the patient feel that he cares for his health and that they are B.F.F.'s - ultimately the PATIENT has the fiduciary duty to appraise the efficacy of the "treatment" that he has submitted his body, mind and consciousness to - as rendered by the person that holds his confidence.

In his latest article on Huff Po - PPPP Rev Al Sharpton - this time standing WITHIN the circle of trust of the Black community - to tell us that "Black Wealth has been diminished".   

Now keep in mind that while normally a "leader" in a position of incumbency is put on the hot seat for failings that have occurred "on his watch".  You typically hear them ducking and weaving and obfuscating - talking about everything but this decline.  After all they were sent into power as a representative of the people.  They received this confidence from the people largely because they told of the INCREASE that the masses would receive if they stayed united and kept struggling in pursuit of these interests.

PPPP Rev Al Sharpton knows Black people very well.
He knows that he need only itemize the tons of grief that is in our community - no need to run away from it.  Then he takes OWNERSHIP of our grief - proclaiming that he is going to be the voice of those who are grieving.   Some "march on your behalf" metaphor will be crafted in his oratory.  
By the close of the article the grand indictment against his ideological enemy will be cast.  
It all comes together at the end.
We know who the enemy is that MADE US POOR - we merely need to stay strong and stay united.

(Do you notice that a person who is seeking to work your confidence never uses NUMBERS and PROPORTIONS to render a transparent argument?)

Why is it that there is no other "Black Press Operative VOICE" that is taking in what their ideological soul mates are spitting out and representing themselves as the DEFENDER OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S INTERESTS and not just the defenders of their Ideology and Party?

I have said over time - From my experience, an ideological fundamentalist cares less about the accuracy in why someone believes as she does.   She cares more THAT they agree in common.

Thus the bevy of operatives who's goal is to "keep Black folks marching" - they care more that their "Equal Black Ballots" are vested in the appropriate place than they are concerned that they have laid out a transparent argument which convinced them.

For the life of me I can't understand how anyone who claims to be operating in pursuit of "The Black Community's Permanent Interests" can look past 45 years of organic development PROMISES that have fallen through and instead agree to place all of their latest "ummph" into getting Obama's "2 million jobs plan" passed through past "Republican Opposition".   

Even if we put aside the PROPORTIONALITY filter which says that this is "Too Little" - it is their unwillingness to show self respect and not go along into the tank once again - as they are made to look past the former promises that did not increase our standing.
It is clear that they merely want Black people STRUGGLING.  The "Struggle Motion" being evidence of our unity.

State Of Georgia Charges 12 Voter Registrars With Voter Fraud In Local County Elections

12 former officials indicted for voter fraud

QUITMAN, GA (WALB) - 12 former Brooks County officials were indicted for voter fraud. The suspects are accused of illegally helping people vote by absentee ballot.
State officials launched an investigation after an unusually high number of absentee ballots were cast in the July 2010 primary election. "As a result of their grand jury findings 12 individuals were indicted in that particular matter and we will be trying that case in a court of judicial law instead of a court of public opinion so that will be pending this next year," said District Attorney Joe Mulholland.
The defendants include some workers in the voter registrar's office and some school board members. They are Angela Bryant, April Proctor, Brenda Monds, Debra Denard, Lula Smart, Kechia Harrison, Robert Denard, Sandra Cody, Elizabeth Thomas, Linda Troutman, Latashia Head, and Nancy Denard.

BLAX News: DeWayne Wickham - "Urban Strategy" By Progressive-Joint Venture Is The Reason Why No One Is Fired When "Mission Accomplished Cities" Fail To Advance The Permanent Interests Of The Black Community

Disturbing The Peace: GOP's Southern Strategy to blame for black legislators loss of political clout in South

Can I let you in on a bit of the sentiment that I am feeling as I ran across the article by USA Today columnist DeWayne Wickham?  

There is not one ounce of anger inside of me at the sight of this latest stream from the "Black Racial Services Machine" - "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist" cog.  

In fact, when I see scouring the nation looking for "Black Issues" to write about and I note the polarized filter over their eyes which only allows them to indict certain issues per their own ideological bondage - I am made happy because the MODEL that I have constructed after years of observing them is proven to be accurate, fully calibrated to their antics.

You see - Mr Wickham had the choice to talk about:

  •  "The political parties in the South becoming "racially identifiable" - in line with the stone cast by Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy" about 40 years ago.   Even though - the state of Georgia - for example is only on its second Republican governor since Reconstruction - a move that took 28 years after Nixon ran his grand scheme in the South - the time span is not relevant to Mr Wickham.   It only matters that he has this nefarious scheme from the past through which to construct his argument."
  • "Detroit, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Atlanta - all prove that 'The Urban Strategy', as erected and executed by "Democrats who are Black" in partnership with "Democrats who are White" has a solid grip in areas with high concentrations of Black people.   So much so that Black people who are disappointed in the results of these "Mission Accomplished Zones" choose to MOVE into more conservative areas - while never having to vote some someone other than the Democrats.  Thus they are "Black Flight Progressives".

The point that Mr Wickham can't understand IS - where the rubber met the road in the lives of these Black people and what is most important to them - they, ironically, used the strong Civil Rights laws that progressive Democrats helped to enact to MOVE their families into areas who's racial hostilities have been mitigated - as they see that their "Black Permanent Interests" appear more tangible in living next door to their "ideological enemies" rather than allowing their family to matriculate through the institutions that their IDEOLOGICAL PREFERENCES had compelled them to sculpt in to its present form.

Please allow this irony to marinate for a minute.

You see - in the mind of Mr Wickham and his like-minded "paid-Black opinion writers" believe that Black people should think that there was a great offense rendered by White Republicans to trigger White folks throughout the 1960's to vote for other White folks - in the racially defensive posture that they were put in.

The truth that does not pass through his filter says that the growing list of "Mission Accomplished Cities" where the Progressive-Joint Venture now "occupies" all of the key institutional seats of power - having secured the balance of the "Equal Black Ballot" investments for more than 50 years, while failing to produce the promised uplift for the Black community - suffers no threat of displacement BECAUSE once the "Mission Accomplished" stage is attained and yet the results fall short the Progressive begins an OCCUPATION.

He no longer believes that the people in the seats of immediate power are worthy of protests, where it is demanded of them to produce 'Social Justice' within their domain of power.   In as much as such a demand upon the people that the Progressives PUT INTO POWER  would ultimately be a SELF-INDICTMENT - they are forced to "Move The Goal Posts" - making indictment against the entire system - as they cleverly avoid having the Rank & File that they lead along note that while "THEY WON" what they were previously set upon to struggle to obtain - "THEY'VE LOST" because the core issues that they were seeking redress upon - have yet to be addressed.  Only their legs have been exercised in "The Struggle".

The Necessary Molestation Of "The Black Community Development Consciousness In The Bid For The Perpetuation Of The Ideological Protection Racket

Ultimately our people can be made to accept that "the wolf" that was growling at us - letting his true thoughts about our people be known had plans to "bite up" if we drew too close to him.

What is unacceptable and in truth a greater offense is the scheme that those who are "of us", which leveraged our confidence, using their intimate knowledge of the grievances and frustrations that the Black community suffers - as a means of latching hooks upon our "Community Development Consciousness" - having us to STRUGGLE ultimately for the benefit of some other force.  

Why didn't Mr Wickham talk about Detroit?   Has he, Jack White, Leonard Pitts, Tanya Witherspoon, Mary Curtis, Charles Blow, or Jonathan Capehart appraised the current condition of Detroit as a BETRAYAL of the "Black Community Development Hopes" that they acted as agents in compelling our investments?  

What force is ultimately "Checking The Opinionated Investment Analysts"?   Affirming that they are delivering to our community a "return on investment" that is WORTHY of their continued credibility?

It came as no surprise to me than when given the choice to talk about:
  • The failing Black majority school systems in Memphis, Kansas City, Philadelphia.......
  • The race toward insolvency in Newark, Detroit and Milwaukee.............
  • The "Strange Fruit" that is shown on the 6AM news that was uncovered as the sun came up......
that Mr Wickham chose to "rattle the old rusty chains" of "Republicanism Racism Chasing" - playing upon his audience's ideological bigotry that allows them to walk past the broken glass that the bullet points above represent.

THEY ARE NOT GOING TO STOP ON THEIR OWN - ANY MORE THAN AN "INSIDE TRADER" ON WALLS STREET - who has paid off the federal regulators with their illicit profits plans to stop on their own.

Those Who Entertain The Consciousness Of The Occupiers With "Bread And Circuses" Receive Passover By The Occupation

America's Top Earning - Bankers Vs Entertainers.

Rank Banksters Conscious Attention Stimulating - Males Conscious Attention Stimulating - Females

2008 Compensation $10M
2010 Compensation $75M
2010 Compensation $35M
2008 Compensation $40M
2010 Compensation $76M
2010 Compensation $44M
2008 Compensation $68M
2010 Compensation $77M
2010 Compensation $45M
2010 Compensation $10M
2010 Compensation $80M
2010 Compensation $45M
2010 Compensation $15M
2010 Compensation $84M
2010 Compensation $45M
2009 Compensation $16M
2010 Compensation $90M
2010 Compensation $45M
2009 Compensation $21M
2010 Compensation $100M
2010 Compensation $55M
2010 Compensation $18M
2010 Compensation $107M
2010 Compensation $90M
2010 Compensation $19M
2010 Compensation $113M
2010 Compensation $290M
2008 Compensation $36M
2010 Compensation $130M
May 2010 thru May 2011 - $739M
(Note - I have no idea why they have Gaga listed twice)
StatsAverage: $25.3M
 Median: $18.5M
Average: $93.2M
 Median: $87M
Average: $143.3M
 Median: $45M

Note To Self: Those who typically play with the emotions of the masses don't like using numbers or comparative analysis to make their argument.

Cornell West: "We Implemented Our Progressive Fundamentalist Political Strategy And It Failed To Provide Uplift For The Least Of These So Now We 'Found An Occupation' "

You have to give it to the Progressive-Fundamentalists.   What is in truth their failure and weakness - they front as their STRENGTH.

"I think the problem is that the poor children, keep in mind it's 42% of poor children who live at or near poverty, it's 25% in poverty. Our audience needs to keep that in mind." Cornel West said on MSNBC this afternoon.
"Poor children need more than just a $1,000 for their family, they need a war against poverty to make it a major priority in the way which we have a priority for Afghanistan, and a priority to bail out banks, and a priority to defend corporate interests when it comes to environmental issues," West said about more and new entitlements for the poor.





Having compelled Black people to go along with their confidence scheme, achieving a "Pyrrhic Mission Accomplished State" at the present - they understand that the masses within our community are not going to hold them accountable for RETURN ON INVESTMENT.......................................................................... they save face and CONTINUE THE STRUGGLE. 

Cornel West is a master of group behavior.
He understands that he never has to shift from the "Lumpen Proletariat" of "Perpetual Strugglers" over to the ESTABLISHMENT POWER - accepting that as the Progressive-Fundamentalists gain more POWER they also must be held accountable for delivering the promised benefit in the areas where they dominate.  (Philly, Newark, Detroit, Chicago, LA)



Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Lives Up To Their Title

BATON ROUGE, La. — A Baton Rouge rapper known as "Lil Boosie" has been sentenced to eight years in prison following his guilty plea to drug charges.The 29-year-old rapper's real name is Torrence Hatch. He pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiring to smuggle codeine, marijuana and ecstasy into two state prisons. They were the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola and Dixon Correctional Institute in Jackson, La.
Assistant District Attorney Dana Cummings says Hatch was serving a prison term for a separate conviction for marijuana possession when he smuggled the drugs with help from a prison guard.
State District Judge Mike Erwin in Baton Rouge sentenced him to the new prison term.
Hatch also faces a first-degree murder charge in the 2009 death of Terry Boyd. The trial is scheduled to start April 30.
A bullet hole is shown in a window of a car at a liquor store parking lot in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 after a shooting. A hail of gunfire along an Oakland street left eight people wounded, including a 1-year-old boy and a woman who authorities say were hospitalized in critical condition. The gunfire broke out Monday evening in a liquor store parking lot after a crowd had gathered, police said
A liquor store is shown in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 after a shooting. A hail of gunfire along an Oakland street left eight people wounded, including a 1-year-old boy and a woman who authorities say were hospitalized in critical condition. The gunfire broke out Monday evening in a liquor store parking lot after a crowd had gathered, police said. 

Blood is shown at a liquor store parking lot in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 after a shooting. A hail of gunfire along an Oakland street left eight people wounded, including a 1-year-old boy and a woman who authorities say were hospitalized in critical condition. The gunfire broke out Monday evening in a liquor store parking lot after a crowd had gathered, police said.