They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, October 31, 2011

As Black "Fight The Power" Forces Seek A Recall Of Atlanta's Mayor, Reed Wins Governing Award

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed named one of nine "Public Officials of the Year" by Governing magazine

Governing magazine has named Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed one of its "Public Officials of the Year," a designation for state and local government leaders honored for "leadership and excellence." The annual awards program is in its eighteenth year. This year, it included a university chancellor, police chief, judge, governor, senator, county executive, Reed and the co-chairs of a Boston IT agency.
Reed was recognized for an overhaul of the city's pension plan and in increase in Atlanta's fiscal reserves. He also reopened community centers and pools, added new police officers and pushed a pay raise for police and firefighters. The winners are profiled in the November issue of the magazine and online.

It seems fitting that there is a gross misalignment that is in place among the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers who are upset that Mayor Reed had the audacity to enforce the laws of the city of Atlanta and the view of "Governing Magazine".

As I type this I am listening to the WAOK morning show and two attorneys who are guests of the show.   The best way to understand how the "Black Fight The Power" forces have fused their agenda with the "Amistad Occupation ("We Want Free....)" is that they are providing free consulting services and media cover to this fledgling left-wing movement as a means of advancing their salient leftist agenda.  They are "feeling" the "ANGER" felt by the Occupiers.  

By comparison when the "Tea Party" featured a group of "Angry White people" who were standing against Obama - they ANGER was evidence that these "racists" were drawing upon their intrinsic hatred and racism.  The same media fixed their messaging in line with countering the Tea Party agenda.

Interestingly enough - one of the attorney guests noted that all of the places where "Occupier vs Police" conflicts had taken place were run by Democrats.  The key point is that she noted that the young people were frustrated about the schools and the economic condition.  "Attorney Divita" could not bring herself to state that these 'Mission Accomplished Cities" are arranged today as they are BECAUSE of the past struggles to obtain such benefits per the execution of the "Bayard Rustin Voting For Our Salvation Scheme".

Their constant struggle over time also means that the young people who hop on board the struggle are not aware of the promises that their progressive predecessors had promised would be available to them in the future.   They are now living in that future and the past promises have proven to be a lie.  Yet this distribution strategy successfully allows the progressive movement to grow like kudzu without ever having to own up to its past success at compelling people to make investments yet never being of consciousness to demand an enumeration for their "Return On Investments".

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Which Of These "Gun Related" Stories Is Of More Concern With The Cofounder Of The Afro-Spear Blog?

Candidate #1 - Texas Gun Training Instructor Bans Obama Supporters & Muslims From His Class
(Note - I believed that my friend Filled Negro had the story about the (racist) gun range own in Texas that told all Obama supporters and Muslims to not bother coming his way for training - posted on his blog.  Either he removed the reference to the story OR the story was upon some other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser blog.    Since I haven't posted anything about my dear friend Filled Negro in a while - please consider this as a "BQPFRC Profiling" post.  )

Candidate #2 - Street Pirates In Flatbush Who Need Shooting Target Training

BLAX News: Tired And Retired Jack White Says Black Voting "Investors" Prove The Late Republican Senator Barry Goldwater Correct

Tired And Retired LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Jack White is at it again on The (Owned by The Washington Post).

  • The Jack White - Herman Cain's Flim Flam Racial Politics
    • Note - look at the URL for the use of the words "Flim Flam Racial Politics" rather than the title that the editors actually chose - "Herman Cain's Wily Racial Politics"
  • The Jack White - What Happened To Juan Williams 
    • He's been transformed from courageous journalist to apologist for Clarence Thomas.
Mr White clearly has a sense of human in his retirement years.   This is the only way for me to explain his weekly submission to "The".

As the Black community experiences the painful truth of our present condition I can only imagine that Mr White has an increasingly difficult time finding "enemies to put on trial" as he is hired to do while retaining his personal integrity.

You see - his journalistic integrity has long evaporated.  As we consider the real world condition of the Black community within our "Mission Accomplished state", Mr White, having yet to refuse to be the "token report for 'The' - must be judged as complicit.

When I say "token" I do not mean "the only {fill in the blank}" (black, woman, elderly journalist).  Instead I say "token" as being USED to fill a particular function despite his conscious knowledge that certain subjects are off limits.

The parallel with regards to Tired and Retired Jack White's present assignment at "The" is that despite his full knowledge that there are about 10,000 Black elected officials - with, I dare say, 99.5% of them loyal Democrats - Mr White, a journalistic veteran was hired under the banner "Right Wing Watch".    Thus about 9,950 Black people are off limits in his column.

Now let me explain - I am forced to accept that the "First Black Cops" in Atlanta were compelled to do as they did.  In the sea of racism at the time they were forced to suffer through the degradation and disrespect in not being a "Officer Of The Law With FULL AUTHORITY" because they understood that this was a stepping stone for what we have today - A Black police chief, a Black mayor who appointed him and a majority Black police force. In essence they desired to express the full integrity of their duties as a police officer.  The SYSTEM limited them to that of a "token".
Dr King's sidekick Rev Ralph David Abernathy endorses the election of Ronald Reagan, causing then Time Journalist Jack White to have heart palpations.  White sent him his column about Reagan's visit to Philadelphia MS - 16 years after the 3 Civil Rights Activists were murder.   Today - More Black people are murdered on "Ralph David Abernathy Blvd" in Atlanta each year - without triggering a column by Jack White. Mr White writes more times each year in his retirement about Reagan's visit to Philly Mississippi than he does about the loss of life on streets named after "Civil Rights Heroes" who EARNED the honor because they PROTECTED BLACK PEOPLE from harm.

With "Tired and Retired Journalist Jack White" - the condition is reversed.  He was recruited by the operatives of the Washington Post owned "The" to submit a weekly column that ONLY focused on that which he knows best - "The Right Wing Watch".  He is forced to subvert his journalistic integrity and promote his IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY in crafting his column each week.

The measure of Mr White should not be the POPULARITY of his views among other Black people but instead the ACCURACY OF THE MODEL OF THE REAL WORLD that he constructs in his columns with reference to the reality that the Black Community deals with on a daily basis.

The news clip from Atlanta in the summer of 1967 as the Black community around the nation begin to riot in response to violent conflicts with the police AND "racist" or "uncaring municipal administrations" who were hostile to the Black community.
Fast forward to today and we see that and so many other cities are "Mission Accomplished Cities", governed by individuals who are favorable to Jack White and thus will never appear in his column - lest they start becoming "Less Progressives" and thus to his disliking.

While these favorable people command the police forces, are promenently featured in the District Attorney's offices and sit up high on the bench as judges - the key benefit that the Black community was supposed to receive by fighting the people gathered in Philadelphia MS to hear Ronald Reagan has not been delivered to the Black community.  While these racist forces have been placed in check and thus any "Civil Rights Violation" they cast against Black people receive VOICE within Jack White's columns and in "The Root", "The Grio" or "Washington Watch With Roland Martin".   The key problem is that the more frequent vector through which Black people are murdered today are not covered as intensely merely because a person like Jack White doesn't call what a Black murder does a "Civil Rights Violation".  Thus by his labeling this is an "inferior threat" to our community's interests and he is freed up to continue chasing Right-wing windmills where ever the suction actions of the turbo fans draws him in. 

Oh Yeah - Barry Goldwater

Barry Goldwater - who I am sure was able to get Jack White's goat when he was alive is associated with the racist joke that says:
"Give a Black person $100 from the government and send him on his way.    Give me a handful of costume jewelry and I'll get all of that money back". 

Sadly as I do my undercover investigation of the Black community, preparing for a report on "Hair Imported From India" and how the Street Pirates are compelled to do smash and grabs upon these (largely) Korean owned stores because the hair has a high value on the streets......I came across this actual sign that was on one of those Indian hair stores:

It stands to reason - AT LEAST IN MY MIND........that if the Koreans are watching the consumer values that have been conditioned in Black people and supplying our desire for "Indian Hair", thus profiting off of our people by supplying our desires........................................
there clearly are some forces at the Washington Post and MSNBC/Comcast who see "Black people walking down the street with an EQUAL BLACK BALLOT bulging out of our pockets".

These forces that are arrayed, who speak with the voice that Tired and Retired Jack White speaks in - realize that the same "Negro who has an affinity to Costume Jewelry and Indian Hair"........................can be given an "Equal Black Ballot" as protected by the full faith and confidence of the US Department Of Justice and later on the forces of "Confidence" can dangle all sorts of trinkets in front of the person who is so CONDITIONED to respond in a predictable manner that they feel as confident as Senator Goldwater felt that he too would receive the ultimate profit from the "Negro who lacks consciousness and priority".

The major difference - however - is that unlike Barry Goldwater - the "Embedded Confidence Men" who are transacting at the expense of the "Development Of Organic Competencies WITHIN The Black Community" is not called a RACIST for transacting against us in such a manner. 

If you do happen to find such a depiction of THE TRUTH within our community - it is spun as a tail of "Exploitation By The Merchants".  The story would compel Black people to be on the lookout for what these OUTSIDERS are doing.  We might hear of a "Black owned" hair weave shop that should be tendered.

The key point that you will never hear from Jack White and all of his students at Howard University's School Of Journalism who received approval from their teacher (Mr White) is that they are doing the very observations and usurpation of Black community precious resources - they merely receive cover because of their favorable IDEOLOGY and their common skin color.

Is it possible that just as the term "Civil Rights Violation" has been hijacked for selective indictment - the term "racism" is not applied to those who traffic in their knowledge of how Black people will respond - BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK THEMSELVES, keeping us in a racially defensive disposition so they can achieve maximum advantage of our sacred resources.  Black people are then herd thanking them for protecting us.

The Corrupt LambBlacked Yellow Journalist Press is more likely to focus on exposing "The Korean" or "The Jewish" RETAILER, demanding that they "Stop Exploiting The Blacks" who have the CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS.    Yet they are active, fraudulent participants in the biggest consumer fraud in the history of our people.   They are the primary agents though which our EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS are harvested and yielded to the Progressive Joint Venture - which they are a part of.   Their actions put the Jewish and Asian merchants to shame.  They have no shame.

Their goal is to dangle SOCIAL EQUALITY in front of the Negro consumer of the what is put forth to appear to be JOURNALISM but which is, in truth Machine Propaganda.   All for the purposes of bailing "Negro Consciousness" in the transaction of his EQUAL BLACK BALLOT. 

The Does A "Rachel Maddow Report On Detroit" - Thousands Of Detroit School Students Lack Textbooks

Dan Rather Reveals Corruption In Detroit Public Schools
The Thousands Of Detroit School Students Without Text Books For Months

The above link points to a story in the MSNBC owned "The" in which they focus on how several Detroit Public Schools students are without direct access to text books - 7 weeks into the school term.

Of course the big picture problem is the insolvency of the school district and the city which encapsulates it.  As a result of massive budget cuts - the text book budget was reduced from $6.5M down to $3.5M - the lack of new books and the presence of outdated history books is the news that has made it to the pages of The Grio.

The story captures the frustrations of some present students, some former students, some angry parents, the teachers union and a representative from the Detroit Public Schools who acknowledges the problem and who also indicates that the content for the core subjects is available online.

The Rachel Maddow-Reporting Style - What Is Missing From The's Coverage?

A few months ago I posted a video of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - the coworker of the resources from "The" - as she also ventured up to the city of Detroit to report on the condition of one school.  A Detroit school for expecting mothers or mothers with newborns was a victim of the budget situation in the city.

As a long time viewer of "The Rachel Maddow Show" I knew in advance that her "agenda" was NOT merely to go to the "Mission Accomplished City" of Detroit and use the sob story of "The Least Of These" in order to make an indictment of the school system and the city administration.  True to form - her goal was to indict the "Emergency Financial Manager" who was assigned by the state to manage the resources of the insolvent city.   While the previous Democratic governor initially assigned this person with the power to void local contracts and over-rule locally elected officials, Ms Maddow was careful to point out that the new Republican governor has given the "Emergency Financial Manager" new teeth to bite the citizens of Detroit with - usurping democratic processes in the course of conducting his business.

The proposed closure of the public school for student mothers, the program that had a sound track record in leading them to the job market or college, was the "harm" that the new Republican administration had rendered.

My agenda is not to fall into a "Democrat vs Republican" debate.  This is a report on the bias in reporting that is marinated into the coverage of "The Least Of These Blacks".   The key point is that even when there is "Mission Accomplishment" in which "The Blacks" do their part - usually investing or "Equal Black Ballots" and fusing our "Community Development Consciousness Hopes" into the American Political Domain for the benefit of one side - the RESULTING FAILURE never gets analyzed by the "LambBlacked Yellow Journalist Operative" as a possible failing of the "power projection methodology" that has been commonly adopted by the Black community.   Instead - the transition to references to a "National Standard Of Social Justice" that all children, regardless of their local government's ineptness, should have access to.

The function of such a disposition is - the motivation to change course, as expressed locally is halted.   The people - "The Least Of These" - having done their part and came up empty handed - are not compelled by the leaders who purport to have their best interests in mind to call out those who compelled them to make their investments.  THESE ARE THE SAME FORCES and as such - they'd have to call for a protest AGAINST THEMSELVES!!!!!

What we have is yet another example of the compromised and molested state of "Institutional Integrity" of the key "Human Resource Development" Institutions that are in place to sculpt our people into 'pillars of our community'.   With a sufficient distillation between "the good guys" and the "bad guys" having transpired with the exodus of "the bad guys" - the resulting failure is not blamed on the "good guys" who took in the investment resources from "The Blacks".    We are instead treated to stories of "benign neglect" at the state and federal level as "The Blacks" were left all alone and thus - synonymously - "Targeted For Failure".

I have stated many times before - with the present consciousness that has been inculcated upon our people by the corrupt hands of the "Occupiers Of Black Leadership Positions" that are seeking to maintain their "Political Joint-Venture Partnership" - the worst possible condition for Black people to be in within this country is ALL ALONE, BY OURSELVES, with nothing but our people (with this induced mental condition) and the institutions that favorable people now control as our main source of:

  • Socialization
  • Education
  • Commerce
  • Inculcation
After years of hijacking our institutions for the sake of political power - our bird of prey is not able to fly on his own.

The South As An Ecosystem That Must Change

Rachel Maddow - the coworker of the staff at The never misses a chance to take a shot at the South (the former Confederate states - that is).    As the logic goes - it is legitimate to make measure of the present standing of the people (subjects) inside of a given political boundary in order to make inferences about the forces in power who are shaping that ecosystem with their ideals, policies but also biases and bigotry.

As such we often see a bake off between a Northeastern state (MA, NY, CT, VT) versus one of the "Red States" that all just happen to be governed by the ideological and partisan enemies of Ms Maddow (SC, GA, AL, MS).   

With the "Northeast = good governance" and "Southeast = bigoted conservative, racist governance which harms the people" in place Ms Maddow pulls out certain points upon which to make her indictment:
  • Educational Attainment
  • Obesity Rates
  • Median Income
  • Child Mortality Rates
Each time Ms Maddow releases such a segment - I note that my frequent Black Progressive-Fundamentalist debate adversaries are the main one's "Re-tweeting" the news.  

They fail to see that this slight of hand done at the state level falls apart when more granularity is enforced in the name of transparency.  In short "The Negro in both areas under inspection live lives that are more similar than not".   

Ms Maddow is seeking to make ideological and partisan indictments so she has no interest in comparing "The Bronx NY" with "The Pittsburgh Community In Atlanta" in order to show the common fate of both of these majority-minority ecosystems - regardless of who is in control of the constellation within which they fall.

The article from her co-workers at "The" on the Detroit City Schools fits this same framework.   
No "The" can't be charged with evading a negative story in a "Mission Accomplished City" due to their will to protect the all Democratic-run institutions in Detroit.   This is not what they are guilty of in this case.

Instead - just as Rachel Maddow brings up "The Tale Of Two Cities" in order to bring change into the hotbed of intractability in the South via a change in ideology and governance - The Grio has NO intention whatsoever to build up a case necessary to indict the forces that dominate Detroit on their way to compelling Black people to question the strategy of "Voting For The Salvation Of Black America".

Though The Evidence Is Abundant The Corrupt District Attorney Refuses To Make An Indictment Because He Knows That "The Neo-All White Jury Will Not Convict The Defendant"

The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man IS The Corrupt District Attorney Who Will Not Prosecute In Support Of The PERMANENT INTERESTS Of The Black Community IF The Indictment Means That He Must Distance Himself From His IDEOLOGY AND Starting Position In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" .   When He Is Not In Court He Works As A Opinion Writer In The Black Press

"The All White Jury" Is The New Black Racial Services Machine
As with their predecessors "Black people always suffer undue homicides as long as the Neo-All White Jury is impaneled" as they attempt to prop up a system that has run its course and failed to provide the necessary uplift for "The Least Of These" within its protectorate.  As long as "The Blacks" remain within their place, this time spouting the "congregational message" they receive protective cover in "The Ideological Passover".  Today's "Occupiers Of Black Community Conscious Thought Leadership Positions" function as such within the "Mission Accomplished Zones" where our people are made to suffer because of the Embedded Confidence Men's blindness and bigotry which directs him to tap into the community's resentments about their disproportionately inferior position after having failed to build up Organic Strength WITHIN the "Black Community Institutions" that they control.  They now advantage of the power of arbitrage, with the "Equal Black Ballot" secured for play in the "American Political Domain" they convince Black people that our salvation in our "Protected Community Space" will come via the targeted investments of their ballots, the channel of resources from the "American Political Domain" will water our crops.   Our continued investments are needed to have the joint-venture partnership stop its adversary from stealing the rain water out of the sky.   (This after they gave up on "Boiling The Ocean" with their public policy agenda.) 

When faces with the negative evidence that might force those with inside information about the "Joint-Venture Partnership" to publish a disclosure to the "Black investors" - the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man will always choose to:

  • WITHHOLD this information as it might prove damning to the "Favorable Progressive Forces" in power
  • REDIRECT the indictment (the next time their radio program, opinion column or television show runs) upon their ENEMY 

You will often here a volley consisting of:
  1. What did {the enemy} do to help Black people when he saw this situation?
  2. This is nothing more than the results that have been engineered by {the enemy} when they separated from Black people due to their racism, pulling all of the support structures from our community and upon the collapse they could say "See Black people are incompetent"
  3. We are equal Americans and are due to receive the very same benefits as the people who live outside of the boundary lines that they have conveniently escaped across in order to avoid having to live up to their social contract that we share in common
What you WILL NOT hear is:
  1. Maybe it is time we re calibrate.  We went chasing our "Community Development Hopes" through the gateway of aggregation of political power with a certain ideological methodology.  This is now in place BUT our "Permanent Interests" remain unfulfilled.  Maybe it is time that we reengineer our entire program
  2. Our Black Community Institutions are now under our control.  We used them as "Political Career Stepping Stones", "Jobs Programs" and "Minority Contracting Agencies".   Unfortunately they have failed at their main line of business (ie: the education of our children in preparation for them to be pillars).   We now stand at the point where the TRUE CHARACTER AND PURPOSE of our people must be forged.  
  3. We failed to establish the necessary framework for transparency.   Along the road that we have been asked to "struggle down" we as a Black community failed to put up CHECK POINTS that function as REVERSE TOLL BOOTHS.    Instead of the OPERATORS OF THE ROAD asking money from us for using the road.........the BLACK COMMUNITY should have put a stop to the caravan and demanded that the VEHICLE OPERATORS document the INCREASE IN OUR "COMMUNITY 401K" that our loyal investments that we have rendered along the way have appreciated into.  We will not take ONE MORE STEP FORWARD until he shows us our INCREASE based on ABSOLUTE TERMS...................instead he makes us look at THE ENEMIES' PORTFOLIO BALANCE SHEET and compels us to move forward so that this ENEMY won't make any more gains
    1. (The Koreans and Indian/Pakistanis are building businesses within the Black Community in the shopping center spaces that we were told were ARID as they build up their own PORTFOLIO BALANCE SHEETS based on the CONSUMER NEEDS OF THE NEGRO - "Especially hair shaved off of the head of an Indian girl that sells for $75 per packet)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

"The Philadelphia Negro Report" - Philly Green Party Says Youth Curfews Pushed By Black Democratic Mayor And City Council Is 'The New Jim Crow"

Philly Greens Call Curfew, "new Jim Crow

For the second time this week the key talking points from "The Civil Rights Movement" have been hijacked and applied to the actions of a city with a Black mayor who received "50% +1" of the popular Black vote.

It shows that these words are NOT spoken as a means of accurately modeling the real world that Black people experience every day.  Instead the speak knows the gravity of these words upon "the Negro mind" and they are said as a means of latching a tether to draw him into whatever cause they are selling.

Mayor Michael Nutter (D-PA)  - Popularly Elected By Black People In Philadelphia
Police Chief Charles Ramsey - Now In Philly, Formerly In Washington DC and Chicago

Wikipedia - Philadelphia City Council entry

Earlier this year I reported on the contents of the NPR "Radio Times" episode that looked at poverty in the city of Philadelphia.   Despite the fact that this is a majority Black city the Blacks who were interviewed by a University of Pennsylvania professor felt "Economically Disenfranchised".

This set up the framework for my personal visit to my hometown.  I conducted a tour that followed in the footsteps of W.E.B. Du Bois which I entitled "The New Philadelphia Negro".    I went on a shopping spree in West and Southwest Philly in order to see how things have changed in the 25 years that I had been gone.

I reported that while the Black neighborhoods were economically stagnant - the Dominicans, Chinese, Koreans, Indian/Pakistanis and Black Americans who had converted to Islam had opened quite a few businesses in the Black shopping districts that were otherwise called "deserts".

Today the issue is about the teen curfew that the city leaders have adopted.
As you recall the city had a problem with "Flash Mobs".  The anarchic actions of a few (majority Black) teens triggered a public safety crisis. The violence that is typically looked past when it occurs in West, North, South or SouthWest Philly made headlines as South Street and the riverfront area became the grounds for such attacks.

The Green Party of Philadelphia - sensing an opportunity to make some headway is now saying that these actions by the city government amount to "The New Jim Crow". 

Street Pirates Who's Robbery Triggered The Vehicle Death Of A Police Officer In Albany GA Charged With Her Murder - Under "Don't Start None Won't Be None" Rule

Robbers charged in murder of Officer who died in Chase

The city of Albany Georgia and the family of late officer Terry Lewis-Flemming have suffered a great loss.

As a result of a police response to a bank robbery their subsequent pursuit of two Street Pirates triggered an accident between two police cruisers which took the life of Officer Flemming.

The Street Pirates did not crash into the vehicle causing her death.   Instead they initiated the series of events that triggered the police response that resulted in the officers death.  Thus they are rightfully charged with her vehicular homicide in the commission of a crime.

Yes the Albany Police Department should reevaluate their officer driving safety policies so that the danger of high speed chases are mitigated.  None the less the facts of this case remain - the Street Pirates who started the events must be charged accordingly.

Companies In NATO Nations (And Black Americans) Seek To Profit From The Business Opportunities That The International Coup In Libya Has Opened

Firms from NATO countries hope gratitude will be a factor in awarding contracts

From The NY Times Article

The guns in Libya have barely quieted, and NATO’s military assistance to the rebellion that toppled Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi will not end officially until Monday. But a new invasion force is already plotting its own landing on the shores of Tripoli.
Western security, construction and infrastructure companies that see profit-making opportunities receding in Iraq and Afghanistan have turned their sights on Libya, now free of four decades of dictatorship. Entrepreneurs are abuzz about the business potential of a country with huge needs and the oil to pay for them, plus the competitive advantage of Libyan gratitude toward the United States and its NATO partners.
A week before Colonel Qaddafi’s death on Oct. 20, a delegation from 80 French companies arrived in Tripoli to meet officials of the Transitional National Council, the interim government. Last week, the new British defense minister, Philip Hammond, urged British companies to “pack their suitcases” and head to Tripoli.
When Colonel Qaddafi’s body was still on public display, a British venture, Trango Special Projects, pitched its support services to companies looking to cash in. “Whilst speculation continues regarding Qaddafi’s killing,” Trango said on its Web site, “are you and your business ready to return to Libya?”

In the case of the international coup that was executed in the African nation of Libya where the American military conspired with 4 European African colonial powers to provide air support for the rebel forces in the country under the guise of "The Arab Spring" is merely a case of "AGREEMENT AND THE COMPLICIT SILENCE THAT COMPANIES IT".

Some have promoted the attributes of EFFICIENCY as JUSTIFICATION.  They understand that there is no need to provide justification because the forces of "Anti-War" and "Anti-Imperialism" are ether in direct support of this effort or they are silent because they desire to hoist up the present American "Commander In Chief" above his immediate predecessor.  My have they "changed" in their views since reading "The Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man".

As we review the world "Occupation Protests" about the corruption of governments and corporations - many of these same operatives are unable to apply consistency as they note that the scramble for commerce in the newly "freed" Libya is driven by the very same spirit that they protest.

The main product of their successful ascention into power has not been higher moral conduct.  Instead we are treated to an increase in silence as their past INDICTMENTS were merely a tool to forge congregational unity against their ideological enemy who was in power.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Affirmed - Metro Atlanta Income Inequality In Line With The Norm

Atlanta had greatest income inequality in U.S., Census show; metro far better

My analysis of the income inequality study about the city of Atlanta proper was affirmed by a subsequent article from the AJC.   While indeed the city is a domain of vast differences, the far larger Atlanta MSA is more balanced.

The news about Atlanta will still be used for the agendized purposes of those who wish to render an indictment.  After taking over all of the reigns of the city they argue that the "abandoned core city" needs to be kept up by moving toward a regional funding model.   Of course the "favorable people" retain their positions of power and they are permitted to function as "resource distributors" into this protected zone - THIS after having failed to retain or develop sufficient ORGANIC production of revenues necessary to sustain their desired standard of living for their constituents.

The twin sister of "Too Big To Fail" (where the government props up entities that grew in power yet failed to practice the good governance necessary to sustain themselves) is the "Social Justice Carve Out" that the progressive-fundamentalists drive.

I have stated before there are two equal threats to the US Treasury:

  • The Wall Street/Corporate/Defense Industry Oligarchs
  • The Social Justice Confiscators And Redistributionists 

Both operate on the assumption of entitlement and morality to justify their positions.  Those seeking to guard the integrity and endurance of this nation had better defend our fiscal resources against the both of them.

The "Social Justice Carve Out" argues that "The Least Of These" who have made investments to erect a certain power structure over the "political domain" that they now dominate should receive NO CONSEQUENCE for the PUBLIC POLICY that they have promoted.  Since they are operating in the 'Best Interests of The Least Of These' - even upon a grand failure (see Detroit, Camden and East St Louis) the "Social Justice Rights" of the PEOPLE should mandate that a measure of EQUAL RESOURCES be afforded to them.

When I make the case that "Progressivism Is INORGANIC" it is due to the scenario that is presented here.
As they are on their expansionary track to take power over the government in question - the Progressive Fundamentalist is on the attack - guns and knives blazing, seeking to cut the throats of their ideological and political enemies.   In this game of attrition they play a "Scorched Earth" game.  

After they assume control over all of the rungs of power within a domain and then start to execute their "Progressive Public Policy" if and when:

  • The corporate powers that they ran against MOVE OUT
  • There is "{Fill In The Blank} Flight" of those who become the target of punitive taxation
.......................the resulting eroded fortunes of the 'Mission Accomplished District" is rarely blamed upon those who erected the prevailing scheme that is "the last man standing".  Those who "flew out" are assigned negative attributes:
  • Greedy
  • Intolerant 
  • Racist
  • Selfish
Why is it that the people who are now in control - having collected store rooms full of "Ballots" that were invested from "The Least Of These" with the promises of uplift - never assigned such negative attributes?

Instead, with this new foothold upon the latest plateau upon the mountain they are scaling conquered - they use their persistent grievances to make another run up the mountain.   The conditions of the lands now under control is evidence of the lack of commitment to "social justice" of the "Least Of These" inside.   Their present run is an honorable attempt to compel the rest of the nation to yield their selfish ways.

With this mantle their power is accentuated as the struggling people now march past the "seats of power' that they USED TO protest against.  Now the occupant of those seats of power now lead the protest march toward a higher rung up the mountain - sustaining the "congregational unity" all the while.

(As long as they keep hands off the "Favorable President" who sits at the top of the pyramid like the Sphinx - their struggle will remain unified.)

The Value Of Transparent Data Sources

The 2010 US Census needs to be applauded.  From it we continue to receive jewels of information that should promote deeper discussion.    The value of a TRANSPARENT information source as a means of getting around "Popularity Polling Data" is unquestioned.

For me as an observer of "What Makes The Black Community's Political Mind Tick?" this data continues to shatter the fake front that is maintained in the name of the 'congregational unity' that the "Occupiers Of Black Community Leadership Positions" seek to put forth.

Rep John Lewis' district envelopes nearly the entire city of Atlanta.  Behind this tale of rich and poor is a violent city that puts many dreams of Black people to rest when they are laid to rest, having been murdered on a thoroughfare named after a "Civil Rights Hero".   Those who cut their teeth based on the claim of "protecting Black people" implicitly speak their internal thoughts based upon their actions:
"While a struggle can eventually force a corrupt government or corporation into compliance with "social justice"........................we have not yet found the right combination of actions - as we cleave to our entrenched ideology - to bring the Negro in line, submitting to a greater power which would align him up with the path to glory".  

The GOP's flaw is that they enter into a negotiation saying "NO NEW TAXES" 

The flaw of the "Occupiers Of Black Leadership Positions" is that they enter into each interval of time in the development of Black people saying:  "The Outward Struggle For Social Justice In The Past. The Outward Struggle For Social Justice In The Present. The Outward Struggle For Social Justice In The Future.  We Will Pursue Our Ideological Enemies Where Ever They Relocate To And Demand That They Give Us Our Social Justice And Not Leave Us Alone For Us To Craft It On Our Own Backs, Thus expecting 'THE LEAST OF THESE' To Act As If He Is EQUAL And Up To The Task.  What A RACIST Idea. "

"Things Will Be Different Once WE Get Into Power" Archive: Clayton County Fails To Indict Cop Killer In 90 Days, Eligible For Bond

Clayton deputy killer eligible for bond

I removed the "Alleged" from the title from the AJC story because I am not a journalist and there is no "uncertainty" as to this killers actions.  He murdered Clayton County Deputy Rick Daly during a traffic stop.

If there is any justified "Occupation" in Metro Atlanta - every sheriff's deputy and concerned citizens should be doing a sit in at the office of the Clayton County District Attorney for dropping the ball in the violate murder of one of their associates.

District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson recused herself from the case because she was a juvenile judge who presided over Bun’s cases as a youth.  But chief Assistant District Attorney Erman Tanjuatco said prosecutors were waiting for investigative reports from the GBI.
Ethically, we’re bound by looking at the reports, looking at the evidence before we make any charging documents,” Tanjuatco said.
GBI spokesman John Bankhead, however, called that thinking “weird.”

Screw the ethics!!!   A Street Pirate doesn't give a damn about ETHICS.  
The community he was raised in failed to teach him about ETHICS.  This is why he was allowed to morph into a STREET PIRATE.   Now he might get turned loose, back into the same community from which he received his consciousness, left to terrorize them some more.

When he fired shots that struck Deputy Daly as he approached the car in a traffic stop - this 17 year old must have figured that he was playing a video game.  He killed the deputy and ran away.

The one rule that could halt this decision doesn’t apply in this case, Carlson said.
“The only exception is capital [punishment] cases where the judge extends the period for an extra 90 days,” Carlson said. “And because of the defendant’s age, I don’t think this is a death sentence case.”
On the day of the July 20 shooting, Daly was tasked to initiate a traffic stop with other sheriff’s deputies to arrest Bun on a warrant for a 2010 armed robbery.
Bun allegedly shot at Daly as the deputy approached the car, hitting the 55-year-old lawman just below his protective vest. Bun then fled into a nearby wooded area, leading to an eight-hour manhunt. 
A 17 year old with a previous felon conviction who has a warrant out for his arrest and then shoots a police officer to evade capture does not need to be treated as a minor.  His "Extra Judicial Murder" shows that he is wearing the 'big boy pants' and he needs to be treated as such when it comes to the question of his eligibility for "The State's Death Penalty" as a follow up to the one that he has rendered upon a law enforcement officer.

Joe Beasley - Dual "Civil Rights Pharisee" & "Fight The Power Activist" - "When Mayor Reed's Police Busted Up The Occupation.....It Was Like Selma Alabama All Over Again"

About 5 years ago metro-Atlanta was abuzz about a collaborated election campaign commercial featuring Congressman John Lewis, former Mayor Andrew Young and then City of Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin.   In the context of the Fulton County Chairman elections the voice over featuring these 3 said "If the Republicans take the Fulton County Chairman Seat"..................."the Police Dogs and Fire Hoses will come out again".

Now keep in mind that the mayor of the City of Atlanta has a larger police and fire department than does the county because the increased incorporation of the county into cities has reduced the need for Fulton County resources.  Mayor Franklin would have been more likely to call out "the police dogs and fire hoses" as most of the Blacks living in Fulton County live within the City of Atlanta.  

After hearing a radio interview of Joe Beasley after the "Amistad Occupation ("We Want Free..") was busted up by Mayor Reed I now understand that their references to "Police Dogs", "Fire Houses" and "Selma"

Joe Beasley Calls For A Recall of Mayor Kasim Reed

What was the incident that triggered the "Fight The Power" alliance to call for a recall effort for the Mayor Of Atlanta who they helped to get into power in order to keep the streak of "6 Black mayors" going?

  1. This is a necessary house cleaning in regards to his association with the failed Atlanta Public School System.  Though the mayor does not have direct control over the schools - he has influence and this is merely the first step in changing direction for the betterment of the majority Black school system
  2. The city's precarious financial condition is a result of failed leadership over time.  We are starting at the top in order to build an Atlanta that will be more self-sufficient and prosperous
  3. The mayor must go because he has stepped on the "ingrown toe nails" of the people who put him into power.   He is being influenced by Cola Cola, Atlanta Central Progress Commission (a business group) and Georgia Pacific - owned by Koch Industries and the Koch Brothers.  By removing him from power - using the same techniques used against Governor Scott Brown (R-WI) - the last elected officials who agreed with the mandates of the Koch Brothers.   We need to show who is the boss in this city.

Sadly as the student population of Georgia Tech observably is becoming more "brown" as Indian/Pakistani students flood into engineering slots.................the "Occupiers Of Black Leadership Positions" are always seeking to struggle and protest as their means of retaining "Congregational Unity".

The most accurate analysis of "Amistad Occupation ("We Want Free....")" - in Atlanta is that there were multiple forces all seeking to get something out of the movement.    For the most part the White kids main line Occupiers were driving home messages that were in line with "Occupy Wall Street".   Despite the empty rhetoric that is not connected to a mechanism that will produce change - they believe what they believe.   the second wave came from the "Black Fight The Power" forces who are "Progressives in Black Face" largely believing everything that the original Occupiers believe.   

They understand that there are different mechanisms for compelling Black people to join such a movement.  They got on the mic and cajoled Black people to "join the Occupation" or risk being "Herman Cained" - 30 years from now as they are asked "Where were you during the revolution".   They lent street cred to the Occupiers by stating that they are using the foundations of "The Civil Rights Movement" today.

In the end this was a big RACIAL LOYALTY test.    
The Black community in metro-Atlanta is large.   The group of Black Occupiers is small.   But for the intervention of the Black media operatives who actively sought to fuse the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist struggle onto the Occupation this beef with the mayor would not be at hand.

Since these operatives do not speak for the Black community.  Their goal is to erect a front as if they do.
The better measure of their value is to look beyond what they erect in the way of a following but instead we need to make a measure of our "Permanent Interests" and determine their ability to provide COMPREHENSIVE recourse to our issues.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fraudulent "Color Of Change" Don't Think To Ask MSNBC Executives Where They Will Migrate To If Pat Buchanan's Predictions On Racial Discord Come True

The organization called "The Color Of Change" is a fraudulent organization made up of fraudulent individuals.
At the risk of lending them any credibility I instead will use this opportunity to (again) note the pattern of their actions and then provide clear thinking people with the tools necessary to map THEIR OWN priorities against the agenda that the corrupt Color Of Change is operating with.

The Black Fox Embedded Confidence Man

If you notice Color Of Change's M.O. - while they are no doubt lending their efforts to "The Occupation" and calling for JOBS - their forte' is actually in getting people fired by threatening to use economic weapons against corporations with some type of retail presence to do as they wish or suffer the economic consequences and bad press.

I support the right of the fraudulent people behind "Color Of Change" to use their free time to collaborate under the entity that is in existence as proven by the paper forms that sit in the secretary of states' office making them a 501c3.  They know that many corporations express cowardice and seek to avoid public confrontation - this despite what CoC imagines that "Citizens United" might tip the balance.

As with most Progressive-Fundamentalist operative groups one should appraise them by what they don't talk about which is hurting the Black community and not what they are beating their bongo over.  Indeed they ran ads in Atlanta seeking to save the life of convicted killer Troy Davis.    With the double hand full of Black people who have been murdered violently in metro-Atlanta since that time (working up toward that 7,000 murdered Black people per year) only the local television news shows show the proverbial "crying Black woman" on television as she has suffered the loss of a loved one.

Pat Buchanan Is A Racist And We Want Him Off Of "Our" MSNBC

I have listened to the arguments of conservative Pat Buchanan regarding his predictions of how the loss of "White Euro-centric" social, cultural and economic control in the United States is going to lead to tribalism and denigration of the United States as our battles become lateral and internal based on race and class - thus losing our competitiveness.

I have already made a blog entry on my assessment of Pat Buchanan's comments and won't repeat them.

Since the fraudulent Color Of Change now has a campaign to get MSNBC to fire Buchanan because of his "racist viewpoint".
 (hey wait a minute.  The CoC story is in "The" owned by Washington Post but is not in "The" owned by MSNBC).

This fits the pattern of the CoC operatives.

They are so interested in rendering an indictment over their faux offense to words spoken in open exchange, seeing to purge that which is "offensive" to THEM.
All the while you will hear nothing from the Color Of Change by which they are made to enumerate the INCREASE received by the Black community from the base of power that they conspire with the other elements of the "Black Racial Services Machine" to produce for our people.  In doing so this would force the argument away from their "hurt feelings" over to the justification for the continuance of their ideology and practices under the guise of "Protection of the Interests Of Black People" and propelling us upward as a community.

The best way to neutralize Pat Buchanan and his believes in "White CULTURAL Supremacy" is to ensure that whenever this point in time comes about - the INSTITUTIONS within the Black Community are in fact sculpting our people into the form that we need for them to function as "Pillars Of The Community" - holding up their end of the bargain.

Silencing Pat Buchanan does nothing to prepare Black people for the conditions that our people will face in 2025 - as Buchanan predicts as the "Day of Reckoning" / 2041 the year that Social Security is expected to go insolvent or 2075 in which the debts of the nation become insurmountable.

Ironically the hyper focus on "White Folks" done by the Color Of Change and other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser organizations expose them as "Non-White White Supremacist" organizations.   The balance of their focus provides evidence of what their priorities are.  That which they avoid defines what they are incompetent in changing.  They realize that the structural order of the corporation and governments can effect change in all who are  are ensconced within their management chain.

Likewise they understand that the most pressing disorders WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY take place in a void which has no distinctive levers for them to tug upon.

If they were to treat "Street Pirate On Black Murder" as EQUAL to "White on Black Murder" it would violate their notions of "New Jim Crow" as their advocacy in the name of EQUALITY translates to more young Black males going to the Prison Industrial Complex.   Thus it is far easier to hold a BIC lighter under the Atlantic Ocean and make an indictment that says that the system of racial oppression takes jobs away from these young people and turns them into killers ........just as White men like Pat Buchanan wants Blacks to do.

If they were to treat the "favorable people" who now control the predominately Black public school systems just as they treated Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina this would cause problems with their "Permanent Friends".   A few years ago Governor Sanford - a Republican rejected Obama's "Debt Stimulating Stimulus Package" as a means of heading off the governor's proposed educational cuts.  The Color Of Change initiated an attack campaign against Sanford - claiming that a disproportionate number of Black children would be harmed as the Republican governor rejected the money due to politics (and no doubt racism. )    We should note that the Color of Change is silent about the lost opportunity for jobs in the same state as the 'National Labor Relations Board' seek to prevent Boeing from constructing their new 787 airline in South Carolina.  As well - when the state of California issues pink slips to an even larger set of teachers as their budget deficit was larger than SC's entire budget - the Color Of Change did not take massive action against Governor Brown - a progressive Democrat.   Though far more Black kids were no doubt harmed in CA than in SC - Brown must not have been MOTIVATED by "racism" and thus CoC went back to Media Matters and the Oliver Willis blog to find a more worthy target for protest.

When these operative groups are allowed to set the agenda and promote a narrative - we can be sure that the Black community will be taken for a ride.

Where Will The Executives Of MSNBC Go When And If "Racial Tribalism" Becomes The Prevailing Order In The United States, As Their Contract Employee Pat Buchanan Predicts?

This is the GATEWAY Resource That  MSNBC Was Desiring To Manipulate When It Crated "The" and dramatically increased the presence of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist on their whow

This is the ultimate reason why MSNBC is cultivating loyal Black Progressive voices in their multi-media channels.  The more they can compel Black people to focus on the "American Political Domain" and the battle against the enemy on this playing field - the less chance that an Organic Black Consciousness Management Agenda will push the Embedded Confidence Men out of our protected zone

The White Progressive Cheshire Fox WINS Regardless Of The Losses That The Black Community Suffers.   If the Black Community's grievances are not abated - he blames the White Conservative Wolf for denying Blacks our SOCIAL JUSTICE, compelling us to fight even harder on the "Malcolm X Political Football Field".   If Black people do claim some measurable success his machine takes credit for it - thus extending its loyalty.

WORSE - As OBAMA makes GAINS while the BLACK COMMUNITY takes on water - the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man under the employ of the JOINT VENTURE is needed to REDIRECT THE ATTENTION OF BLACK PEOPLE UPON OBAMA and off of the failed uplift of the Black community that was promised.

From a Pure Plan Of Political Manipulation (Removing My Personal Skin That I Have In This Situation) I am forced to GIVE MSNBC/COMCAST CREDIT for this brilliant move to cultivate Equal Black Ballots.
The same MSNBC executives that the fraudulent Color Of Change want to fire Pat Buchanan because he is a RACIST are the very same executives that invested their resources in creating "The" - a "Black news aggregation and opinion" site who's editorial bias is akin to the "MSNBC mothership".    The "MSNBC Blacks" are resources that are shared between the MSNBC television content, The content - and even Rev Al Sharpton's "Keeping It Real" radio show (not owned by MSNBC).  The radio show is owned by "Radio One".   Radio One is part owner of "TV One" - of which the Comcast Corporation owns a part of.   Comcast purchased "NBC Universal" a few years ago.  Thus what appears to be just an organic assembly of like minded progressives, in truth, has a bunch of corporate synergy via shared resources standing behind the message that they propagate.

It would be interesting to know what the (White) executives of MSNBC believe about Pat Buchanan's predictions of America 2025 and beyond as the racial power dynamics change.

If it is true that even Progressives are known to move out of communities once they reach a certain "racial tipping point" it stands to reason that the executives that the fraudulent Color Of Change are asking MSNBC to disassociate itself from Pat Buchanan - will themselves have to make a personal decision for their families in the world of 2025 and beyond.

I predict that if and when this situation goes down - The Wolf and the Fox will reunite - continuing their perpetual ideological battle on land that they retain control over.  Their underlying drive for "Genetic Perpetuation" sustained.

Unfortunately I, a Black man, will be left with people who have the consciousness of Color Of Change.
This is the only reason why I do not give up hope that they will one day get a clue and work on INVESTING IN BLACK PEOPLE'S CONSCIOUS DEVELOPMENT instead of being ideologically bigoted hit men using social networking tools to hijack the conscious attention of our people.

Democratic King Maker Dr Joe Reed: "Montgomery Should Have A Black Mayor"

Reed sues Montgomery, claims racism for no new district lines

This man is a "Bigot Who Is Black".
He is an intolerant man who indicts others for being intolerant.

This is Dr Joe Reed - king maker for Democrats in Alabama.

Any Black Democrat in the state who seeks to get elected had better receive his blessing.   As Artur Davis found out the hard way - if you positions that he doesn't agree with - Reed will leverage the Democratic machine - and its loyal Black supporters to come down upon you.

Dr Reed has sued the city of Montgomery over the redistricting for the city of Montgomery.  Reed argues that there should be another "Black district" within the city and that this "racist" redistricting is preventing the city from electing a Black mayor.

While it is possible that gerrymandering could indeed define the content of the city council I struggle to understand how any redistricting scheme - short of "How Many Bubbles In A Bar Of Soap" as a mandate for casting a ballot - can prevent a popular election of a mayor.

Please note - even though Huffington Post, DailyKOS and the various operatives for Media Matters ran the racial election results from the Presidential Election of 2008 as a means of indicting Alabama as a RACIST state because 92% of its Whites voters voted for John McCain - "the White candidate" you can rest comfortably in knowing that they are not going to indict Dr Reed (or Tom Joyner) for publicly calling for racially defined voting outcomes.

What is behind the differences in the handling of these "racial prognostications"?   Are these Black voices EQUAL or INFERIOR - even if one is a multi-millionaire who presides over a multi-media empire as does Joyner?

Or are the usual suspects that render the indictments of "racism" happy that by calling for "Black representation" in the mayor's office of Montgomery or in the White House - they are simultaneously calling for "Progressive Democratic" representation and thus "no harm, no foul"?

What Is The COST To The Black Community?

I previously ran the number on the old Artur Davis - 7th district .  The district encapsulates several "Black Belt Counties" and despite its "D+18" Cooks partisan index rating - it remains as one of the poorest districts in the state and country.

With Dr Reed's style of politics - both the 7th district in the western central part of the state and the City of Montgomery that is just outside of the 7th will remain poor as visionless leadership MISDIRECTS the focus of the Black people into thinking that politicians and politics are going to feather their bed with the finest goose down if they "struggle hard enough" for it.

Indeed these "Black Belt Counties" were crafted with the forces of slavery and Jim Crow segregation.  As I study what makes the Black political mind tick I see that we must change from allowing them to use the "Soft Tissue Injury" of RACISM and instead put them on a "Performance Management Program" where they are made to show INCREMENTAL PROGRESS - as measured by how erect the Negro is now standing after matriculating through their "thrashing machine".

I suspect that the 6 year old Black boys and girls sitting in the first grade class in this area will be more damaged by the failure of the engine of uplift that is operated by cronies who have the blessings of Dr Reed than anyone can measure the force that haunts the masses from "Slavery" or "Jim Crow".  

Note that my challenge DOES NOT depend engaging in a debate over the presence or absence of RACISM.  (The favored subject of "The Racism Chasers")

It instead is focused on the "Pounds Of Thrust Per Square Inch" that is come out of the engine that Dr Reed has carefully assembled in the state on behalf of Black people.

If the Black community of the area continue to follow the "Occupiers Of Black Leadership Seats Of Power" we be sure that in 2101 - the economic state of the Black community in the "Black Belt regions" will remain as they are today.   The only thing coming out of the "Propelling Nozzle" of the Engine Of Uplift being the air released as the embedded confidence men vibrate their vocal chords regarding "what ails the Negro" and how we must remain CONGREGATIONALLY UNITED to fight the threat.

Atlanta Tops In "Income Gap Between Rich And Poor" - Misleading Geographic Reporting

Gap Between Rich & Poor Is Greatest In Atlanta

The news that the City of Atlanta has the widest gap between rich and poor is no surprise.
The report, however, does not give an accurate depiction of the picture of the entire metro-Atlanta area.

Atlanta is made up of extremely wealthy areas in the high rise condos of "Buckhead" and "Midtown".  This paired with expensive homes on "The Northside".

On the other end of the spectrum are poor communities spanning I-20 (Pittsburgh Community, Vine City and "The Old Fourth Ward".)

Balancing things out are the largely middle class communities of Southwest Atlanta and the rapidly gentrifying Southeast Atlanta.

The extremely wealthy areas are skewing the span.

The flaw in the study, however is that the "City Of Atlanta" proper represents a small fraction of the population of the Metro Atlanta MSA.

The Atlanta MSA has 5.2 million people.  
The city of Atlanta has a population of just over 400,000.
If the study were composed over the span of the entire MSA the numbers would look far more normal.

Most middle class families have moved out of Atlanta and the new transplants no doubt head into the suburbs rather than planting their roots inside of the central city.

7 People Shot In Welltson (St Louis) Community - "A Shocker Even For THIS Community"

Based on the references to the small city of Wellston made by the reporter in the video clip above - the people living in the St Louis metro-area are none too surprised about violence and murder in Wellston.  When 7 people get shot, however, even they are surprised.

I am not writing this to "pick on Wellston".  It appears to be a poor city with little hope.

The purpose for this post is to bring to attention the problem with VIOLENCE in our community and to make further note about how the attempt to hijack our consciousness as we are compelled to focus on THE DEATH PENALTY is merely an attempt by those who have strong influence over our people to avoid making note of the needed change of course that confronts them.

The words "A shocker even for this {fill in the blank}" is typically reserved for an attack against some former Confederate state based on the prevailing discourse among Black people.   The sentence makes reference to an existing baseline expectation for the plot of land in question, noting that the level is INFERIOR to that which is seen in other areas and then it proclaims that even the low level of expectations have been violated.

If this was the repetitive occurrence in the South and had a racial angle - it would be aggressively pursued as such by the "Civil Rights Pharisees".  Their indictment would call for "the protection of Black people" from the blood thirsty attackers who have no respect for Black life.

Unfortunately when it comes to the issue of "Street Pirate On Black Murder" there is a measure of SELF-INDICTMENT involved since one would have to argue that the Street Pirate's "lack of respect for Black life" was a fault of the community who's benign neglect allowed this consciousness to fester.

  Wellston Missouri 

View Larger Map

View Larger Map
 From Wikipedia:

As of the census[1] of 2000, there were 2,460 people, 779 households, and 578 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,732.6 people per square mile (1,055.3/km²). There were 961 housing units at an average density of 1,067.5 per square mile (412.3/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 92.07% African American, 6.30% White, 0.45% Native American, 0.16% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 0.37% from other races, and 0.61% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.06% of the population.
There were 779 households out of which 36.6% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 22.3% were married couples living together, 44.9% had a female householder with no husband present, and 25.7% were non-families. 23.6% of all households were made up of individuals and 9.5% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 3.08 and the average family size was 3.64.
In the city the population was spread out with 35.7% under the age of 18, 12.4% from 18 to 24, 23.8% from 25 to 44, 17.6% from 45 to 64, and 10.5% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 27 years. For every 100 females there were 82.8 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 75.3 males.
The median income for a household in the city was $18,596, and the median income for a family was $20,625. Males had a median income of $21,264 versus $18,917 for females. The per capita income for the city was $6,262. About 59.2% of families and 68.1% of the population were below the poverty line, including 70.1% of those under age 18 and 78.6% of those age 65 or over. Wellston is one of the 10 poorest cities in Missouri.