They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Friday, September 30, 2011

A Hijacking Of Our Community's Priorities

To be clear:  I do NOT seek to prevent the NAACP and the other Civil Rights Pharisees from promoting their agenda.  Their First Amendment rights afford them the ability to assemble and advocate for any reason they choose.

It is when they CLAIM to represent the "Best Interests Of The Black Community" that they come under my transparent scrutiny of their agenda.

When it comes to their present advocacy against the death penalty - No one with a rational interest in the EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE of the Black Community could reasonably note the "threat level" between state based executions and murder on the streets of Black America and conclude that job #1 should be to focus on retiring the death penalty.

The State Of Georgia Executed 2 People In The Year 2010

The State Of Georgia Is The 9th Most Murderous State In The Nation

Estimated Number of Murders In Georgia In 2010:

  • 5.8 murders per 100,000 people
  • Georgia population is 9,829,211
  • Estimate: 570 Murders in 2010 
  • With Blacks represented as 50% of Homicide victims: 285

Two New Black Themed Television Networks Appear On The Scene - Bounce TV and KIN TV

NAACP - "No Barbaric Acts Should Ever Take Place In Georgia Again"

Was the NAACP's Georgia leader talking about the TWO DECOMPOSING, DISCARDED DEAD BLACK BODIES FOUND IN ATLANTA IN THE PAST 24 HOURS?  (Separate incidents)

NO!!!!!   He was talking about the state execution of Troy Davis.

If I was lying to all of you about what is going on I would feel much better inside.   At least I would be able to reconcile what I see as a resident of metro-Atlanta versus what I see among the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers who set the narrative of the sentiment WITHIN the Black community on the news.

At this point in time there are two ships passing in the night WITHIN the Black community which do not align with each other in the real world.   The basic credibility and integrity of the forces that PURPORT to represent the interests of the Black community is on trial.   They believe that the large crowd of Black people standing behind them in the rally provides them with all of the credibility that they need.   In truth it shows the power of BIGOTRY as these forces work to remain unified behind the power of OUTWARD INDICTMENT.

As the Georgia NAACP opens its state conference with the vow to end the murder of Black people BY the state - they carefully walk by the issue of the the murders of Black people WITHIN the state.

Shamefully though they smell the stench of DEATH coming from TWO DECOMPOSING BLACK BODIES found in the bushes over the past 24 hours, in different parts of the city of Atlanta they choose to drive by on their way to protests at the state capital and the church where their convention is being held - having assumed that the smell of death was that of road kill.   They obviously chose to close the vent of their car so that the putrid smell of the outside air does not penetrate their passenger compartment.

Unfortunately that smell was not coming from a dead deer or dog or raccoon or opossum or armadillo - the frequently spotted "road kill" that we see the buzzards swooping down to feed off of.  These were EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS - who's bodies were discarded.  The main reasons why there has not been any outage over the fact that their dead Black bodies have been treated as such is because the PROFILE OF THEIR KILLERS HAS NOT YET BEEN ESTABLISHED.   This is the primary determining factor of the VALUE of the Black carcass - in the minds of those who's consciousness is focused outside of their own scope of control.  These bodies are but a metaphor for the affirmed value of these two Black people until an interesting subject is identified to lift them beyond common refuse.  We would have a greater chance of a protest if the City of Atlanta called out the "road kill squad" rather than the coroner because ONLY THEN will there be an INDICTMENT against an entity who "disrespected" Black people.   An individual Black acting in his own volition can't do a deed that triggers the same effect.

These are only two specimens in one metro area around the nation.     A Black person is murdered in metro-Atlanta roughly ever 1.25 to 1.5 days throughout the year.  We just need to allow the clock to tick forward for the inevitable to happen.

Since there is no principality for them to protest against in pursuit of JUSTICE the choice of the Civil Rights Pharisees is to be SILENT - knowing that the average Black person in our community who are looking in at the situation is not going to call out the fraudulent slight of hand that is being played at our expense.

All Of These News Stories Are From The Past 24 Hours Of Atlanta News

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Relative Distances Between Where These Two Decomposing Black Bodies Were Found
View Larger Map

Let me be clear - I do not assign the NAACP as a permanent, intractable component of the Black community. They are merely a group of individuals that have assembled together into an organization that is represented by a piece of paper representing their incorporation as a 501c3 in the local secretary of state's office.

Understand the psychology of the NAACP.  With Georgia as a Republican dominated state they are able to accomplish their mission of drawing Black people into PROTEST..................against those who WANT BLACK PEOPLE DEAD.   The mode of death is "The Death Penalty".   It does not matter that more Black people are murdered in 2 weeks on the streets than the state of Georgia puts to death each year - by execution or police shooting.  

The job of the Black Rank & File is to make a more transparent assessment of THE TRUTH that is occurring in the Black community and assign the forces of governance toward mitigating the violence that does not trigger the grand protests that a state execution seems to draw.  

I have stated previously - the key distinction between these two forms of "Black death" is the onus of the INDICTABLE FORCE.

  1. An EXTERNAL Indictment allows these masses to achieve their goal of "Black Unity" - their province over the consciousness of the Black community proven by the large crowd and the claim of the MORAL HIGH GROUND
  2. An INTERNAL Indictment is far more problematic.  It forces these same individuals to choose the BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - the development of an ecosystem where "SAFE STREETS" is chosen above ideological bigotry and entrenchments.    It forces them to CALL OUT THEIR OWN.   The favorable politicians that they placed into power to deliver for our people would necessarily move from being a "point of pride" by their very presence - ironically - into an individual who is FULLY EQUAL to the previous occupant that was called out when they failed the Black community.    With this also comes the necessary indictment of the Black Rank & File themselves for from their bosoms CAME THESE KILLERS of Black people.  Whatever cultural confines that created the consciousness that they used to execute or injure the Black people that stream across the television screen - is the entity that needs to be executed.

With the understanding of the mutually exclusive forces of "UNITY" versus "RECALIBRATION" those embedded confidence men that have been USING Black people by drawing us into transactional political engagements lack the character and the vision to lead our people toward a long term "directed outcome".

GEORGIA BEING A RED STATE is irrelevant to the question of the number of Black people who are homicide victims in Georgia (note: those who are executed are classified as "Homicide victims" on their death certificate).   Their drive does not stand the "Proportionality Filter".  

I do not blame corrupt and bigoted forces like the Civil Rights Pharisees.  Just as I heard an interview about White Americans who are stuck in their "old ways" there exists a faction of Black people who are no different.  The interview stated that younger White people understand that this way of bigoted thinking won't change until they pass on to glory.   Since Black people are 100% equal - the very same is true with this group that holds a death-grip upon the consciousness of the Black community.  I am not wishing for their early death.  I am only suggesting that people who know that I am telling the truth - push them aside for want of less terror within the Black community.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Philadelphia The BRCM Can Fail Black Students At Martin Luther King Jr High And Not Worry About Losing Their Jobs

Phila Inquirer: Annette John-Hall: Getting the King charter story right

From The Article:

That's when Mayor Nutter finally released the report by the city's chief integrity officer, Joan Markman, that detailed all of the shady shenanigans pulled during the charter school selection process at Martin Luther King High School.
Let's face it, as imperious as you were at times, Queen Arlene, you were no match for the Godfather (State Rep. Dwight Evans) and his consigliere, Robert L. Archie Jr., the former School Reform Commission chair who doubled as your boss.
By now we know the tawdry tale of how Evans and Archie tried to pressure you into rejecting a recommendation by students and parents at Martin Luther King High to award a $50 million contract to Mosaica instead of Foundations Inc. King, you see, was part of Evans' "overarching plan" to create a "Northwest Education Corridor," and he and Foundations were already partners in other schools.

With all due respect, Mrs Hall, the saga of Martin Luther King High School in Philly goes far beyond the contract corruption associated with the selection of a charter school operator.   It is more accurate to note the failed state of the school's operation that mandated the school system to seek out a new plan for the schools governance.   THIS  is the real story.

For more than 30 years the people of Philadelphia had been promised the delivery of a first class school product in exchange for their support for the machine that was assembling power over the school system.

While former school superintendent Dr Alrene Ackerman got fired by the Philadelphia School Reform Commission - the community that is being failed by the ENTIRE COLLECTION of these operatives have not yet made their imprint upon the situation sufficiently.

They are quite well aware that a protest is not going to fix this complex, long running saga.

I am still not convinced that they are not more appreciative to State Senator Dwight Evans for attempting a "hookup" for the $50 million contract to a favorable institutions than they are angered at Evans and others for failing to govern the school system's resources in a more competent manner as a means of producing better results.

The "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice' Consciousness - Part II - It All Depends On What You Are Really STRUGGLING For

If you reject all other points of my argument regarding the hijacked consciousness within the Black Community the one thing that stands without dispute is:
"The Legal Status Of The Death Penalty" (As Rendered By The Government) is irrelevant to the issue of "Murdered Black People On The Streets Of America"

It is my contention that some of those forces who have gained the confidence of our community based upon the promises of advancement that they would bring forth have a vested interest in having the Black conscious focus shifted from the matter of "Street Pirate On Black" murder over toward the GOVERNMENT, compelling it to stop killing Black people via the death penalty.    They hope that you don't notice the number of dead Black bodies that the crowd had to step over on their way to the protest rally in front of the offending government building.

The Previous Ban Of The Death Penalty 1972-1976
Source: US Crime Stats

My argument IS NOT that "The Death Penalty Serves As A Deterrent To Murder".
My argument IS that while you claim your MORAL SUPERIORITY by focusing on having the GOVERNMENT to ban the capital punishment that is offensive to your have failed to set up an EFFECTIVE means within the society that you have increasing influence upon to compel the individuals who receive their consciousness from your product to value human life and not murder another person.

Total Murders
Total State Executions
Ratio - Executions / Murder
17, 780
18, 670

Can a person / movement that commits as their top priority the prohibition of state sponsored executions while in the midst of mass carnage by individuals on the streets that they are responsible for claim to have ownership of the moral high ground?

OR does he stand higher than others because he stands upon the corpses of murder victims that allows him to achieve the necessary moral elevation as long as others agree that these murders are INFERIOR to those which are conducted by the state?

There are no reported cases by which a Street Pirate Murderer admits that he had doubts yet executed the wrong human being.   He merely goes out and kills the correct person during a second hit, never admitting his mistake.

In The Consciousness Of "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" - Why It Is More Strategic To Ban The Death Penalty Rather Than Management Street Pirate On Black Murder

The chatter surrounding the Troy Davis "lynching" continues at full steam.   Various Black-Wing talk radio participants are the whistling tea kettles that are laying on the couch at the psychologists office to tell why this "state murder" had such an impact upon them.  

Despite never knowing Troy Davis personally his execution was "the symbol of 400 years of oppression and injustice" that all came out for all of us who believed that this nation was beyond this point to see that this is not the case.  For some strange reason though "The Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" on a daily basis does not have the same effect upon them.   Also, despite the fact that a decomposed body was found in Southwest Atlanta on yesterday no vigil has been performed to purify the land where the spirit of the dead departed the body.


As such I am less concerned with agreeing with or relating to this sentiment that is triggering so much grief and a renewed sense of activism for making the death penalty illegal than I am interested in documenting how this new front in THE STRUGGLE works to unify Black people by providing a cause.

"Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" - Placing The Racist System On Trial To End The Death Penalty
Effective Human Resource Management & Development Processes WITHIN The Black Community To Mitigate The Number Of Street Pirate On Black Murders
The Logo's Of The Movement

The Spirit Of Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice:
  • Prisoner - You Are Free To Leave - You Have Suffered Enough Of The Oppression And Violation Of Your Civil Rights
  • Jailer - Assume Your Rightful Position In Your Own Jail - My People Will Cheer Upon Seeing Your Detention

Table Cell
The New Strange Fruit Dangling From Organic Trees In Urban Gardens.

Those who's consciousness was culitvated in the lands that the flags of victory have been planted should serve as the evidence of the character of agenda of  those who God assigned to nurture them so that their next generation of crops might nourish their community orchard.
The Pictoral Evidence Of INJustice
 George Stinney - the youngest person executed by the state. 
Funeral For Mayor John Thornton Of Washington Park, IL.    Murdered while in office by a Street Pirate as he monitored the streets of this "Mission Accomplished City" to ensure its safe keeping.   
The Strategy In The American Political Domain
GOAL:  Place Progressive Legislators and Progressive Judges In Place To Make The Death Penalty Illegal

To Do So: We Need To Unify As A Community To:
  • Vote Obama Back In For A Second Term In Office So That Likely Retirement Of One Of The 5 Conservative Leaning Supreme Court Justices Can Be Replaced With A Progressive-Fundamentalist Who Will Ban The Death Penalty - Just As Marshall and Powell Assisted In Doing Back In The Day
  • Vote For Progressive Democratic Legislators At The Federal Level Who Will Implement More Federal Reforms And Oversight Onto Capital Murder Cases And The "Prison Industrial Complex" In General
  • Vote For Progressive Democratic State Governors And Legislators So That States Can Ban The Death Penality - Just Like Europe Has
  • Continue To Vote For Progressive County and Municipal Officials So That Progressive District Attorneys Won't Bring Death Penalties To Murder Cases, Progressive Police Cheifs Will Crack Down On Corrupt And Racist Police Practices, Progressive Mayors Will Allocate Public Spending More Fairly Into Community Centers and Education So That Those Who Have Suffered From "Societal Abandonment" Aren't Left To Have A "Killer Consciousness" To Forment In Their Spirit Due To The Racist Sentiment From Society That Has Held Them Down
The Cheshire Fox Smiles Brightly For His Student Can Operate "Pass Plays" In The Game Without Requiring His Coaching.  He realzies that even if the Black community LOSES at obtaining what they claim their movement was driven by (Fewer dead Black people) that HE WINS because his ideology will remain entrenched and his political machine will expand - REGARDLESS of if the Negro  Wins, Loses or Draws  Snake Eyes as the Street Pirate On Black Murder Rate Remains high.

He is more interested in having the murderer's voting rights restored as quickly as possible to replace the lost ballot from the Negro who got kilt. 

The Black Community Desires Safe Streets.
To The...........
  • Police Man
  • Judge
  • District Attorney
  • Jailer
PLEASE YIELD your strategies to reform our community from WITHOUT.  You have helped us enough and has caused great injury.

The COMMUNITY must submit itself to more effective strategies, with full acceptance that the evidence of its effectiveness is the reduction in crime and that the EVIDICE OF THE COMMUNITY'S BIGOTRY is that it is unwilling to change its ways.  Thus it must accept this fate by having to endure as victims of higher rates of violence and murdered Black people.   It must accept that it chose to do everything necessary to render this end.

It failed to instill a new consciousness among its young people.
The Strategy In The "Black Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domiain" 
The "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" has no place WITHIN the governance model WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  

It is an OUTSOURCING schematic.  While effectively organizing our people in OUTWARD STRUGGLE it has failed to produce the INTERNAL YOLKING that our community needs in its consciousness as a means of achieving a balanced state of being in the places were we are left all alone.

The INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY must be developed to provent Embedded Confidence Men from dangling promises of hope and justice to be delivered TO our community while desperately failing to produce "Social Justice" within the circle of our community from our own hands.
The proof that 'Black Life Is Equal" will ultimately come from the fruit of the works of Black people in this domain which has suffered from benign neglect as our people have been sent out, away from our battle stations by forces that desire UNITY over EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES that are in line with our Permanent Interests.

This protected zone must be governed by transparent processes that have been proven to develop the desired outcomes.  It must first compel the people that the primary agent for their OWN SALVATION is themselves.  Failing this knowledge they will have a series of empty promises dangled in front of them by the confidence men who seek their valuables.

The value of Black human life will be seen in the evidence that it has been cherished, honored, protected, erected and propagated through to others in close proximity via the INSTITUTIONS that the community has developed.  

The outward expansion into the larger society, thus, will NOT be an attempt to gain from them that which is lacking WITHIN the Black community (education, civility or health consciousnesses).  Instead this expansionwill be the attempts at educating the rest of the world on how it might change its ways to achieve the same outcomes that have been mastered by a people who have mastered their inner space

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When The Negro Is Heard Saying "WE" When He Is Talking About Democrats, Threats To Their Control Over The US Congress AND What The Black Community Must Do To Support Them It Shows That "WE" Are Lost As A People

(The title says all that needs to be said about the present lack of consciousness among our people)


Consciousness Priority Jacking - Some People Are Not Qualified To Control The Agenda Of Our Community

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!


Many of you are not intimately familiar with metro-Atlanta and thus don't understand how the majority of the assaults upon the Black community that I report on happen in certain concentrated areas.   The majority RACE of these areas is not the predictive agent as to where these assaults will transpire.  Instead the areas where the BIGOTRY that I bring to light is in place as the prevailing order among the people.   These are the places where the "10 Guilty Men Who Were Let Free" due to the sanctimonious members of the jury are now waging their attacks on those who believe themselves to be operating from a higher moral ground.

This Great Man Who Once Walked The Streets Of
Atlanta Knew That Jesus Would Understand That
When His Community Was Under Assault By
Those Possessed With Demon Spirits That
Their Job Was To Force The Wicked To Change
Their Ways - Backed Up With The Authority Of
The Bible In One Hand And The "Do Better Medicine"
Of A Firearm In the Other Hand  In Case They Were
Both Wicked And Illiterate Thus Not Able To Read
The Guidance In The Bible.
JESUS is actually providing them with words of "constructive feedback" - warning them that since they have failed to instill the proper consciousness in the young people that they had under their control since birth - their entrenched and unyielding ways now has created the situation where the "chickens have come home to roost" against them.  That which they achieved in the name of UNITY among the congregation has thus far failed to produce the fully erect Black people that God has molded us in his image to be.  They fail to see that this erect stance starts first with a consciousness, not the physical representation that they covet in others.

With respect to the constant stream of issues that fall into the lap of the Black community to manage - some people prove - time and time again that they are INCOMPETENT in properly prioritizing the conscious interests of the Black community.

As I type this message "Fight The Power Radio" is STILL talking about Troy Davis and his claimed "lynching".

Anyone who lives in Metro Atlanta knows that a "Ninja gets kilt" nearly every day.    For some reason, however there is a stack ranking of the value of that dead Black person based on the KILLER.

The diversion of attention toward some INDICTMENT is merely a coping mechanism for a people who otherwise feel that they have no control over their environment.   By having a force that has "bricks and mortar" and authority associated with them take the blame for the conditions in the Black community - the gap that exists in their minds between what their ideological proclivities tell them how high they should be versus where they actually are.  The gap is blamed on someone else.

As we take a step back and consider the issue of COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE - it becomes clear that these people are more like ping pong balls - bouncing from one "Chasing"/"Struggle" to the next.

They are compelled to "take politicians" that they disagree with OUT more than they can show evidence of an ability to promote ideas and people who can deliver material, ORGANIC advancement for our people.

There is no wonder why "Black Flight Progressives" move away from the "Mission Accomplished Zones" that this consciousness stands unchallenged.

Congrats To The Atlanta Dream!!! Going To The WNBA Finals

I am going to try very hard to take my family to at one of the championship home games to show support for the team.

Dr. Wilmer Leon Evaluates Obama And His Critics Based On Progressive Policies But Not Aggregate Benefit That The Black Community Has Received While Controlled By The Machine

Dr Wilmer Leon - Some Black Critics of Obama Are Right

I think that it would be helpful to provide my personal disposition that I come to the table with as I read an article like the one that Dr Wilmer Leon from XM Sirius "The Power" has put forth.

In reading his article it is clear that his measuring stick for Obama and other Black leadership is that of PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY.

  • Did Obama pass "The Public Option" for health care?
  • Did Obama close Guantanamo?
  • Did Obama end the 'Bush Tax Cuts'? 
In my view these are transactional appraisals that are rooted in one's ideological disposition.
Just as I have noted about the "NAACP Legislative Report Card" - these are not ABSOLUTE assessments of right or wrong, nor do these points - in and of themselves - prove that the Black community's permanent interests have been moved forward.

They are ONLY - measures of PROXIMITY toward a progressive index.   If you are a progressive and believe that your policy set is correct then Dr Leon's framework for analysis will sit well with you.

I, on the other hand, believe that the more effective appraisal is to consider the attributes that the Black community started the interval in question with (ie: 1968) and where we stand today.     Less important is the evidence of progress as shown by having a "Black President" and 10,000 Black people in elected positions.  Instead the model which looks at the 39,989, 956 other Black people.

Progressivism and conservatism are methodologies that purport to take us toward a certain end.
Democrats and Republican Parties are vehicles by which people are transported to the desired ends.
To focus on the methodology and the vehicle is akin to worshiping a car and its stainless steel rims while avoiding looking at the GPS system to determine your present coordinates relative to when you first got into the car.

In addition - my logic tells me that the votes that the Black Community has made in support of the characters that Dr Leon speaks of tells of a certain amount of complicity by the rank & file in believing in and then fusing their "Black Community Development Consciousness" to these operatives in question.  Sadly there is no spirit of "Black Community Investment Protection" coming from the average Black Progressive media commentator.   More frequently we are told about the THREAT to all that we have by Tea Party racists and thus we need to double down our investment in to the golden cistern.

Where The Black Community Stood Prior To Engaging In The Bayard Rustin Black Community Development Scheme

The average commentator is prone to go back to 1968 and look at the attributes of victimization suffered by the Black community:
  • Police Harassment
  • Job Discrimination - Hiring and Hostile Work Places
  • Restrictive Housing Covenants 
  • Inferior Public Schools
They point out as their accomplishments the body of laws that are now in place to mitigate and punish any of these actions today.

My personal preference in appraising the efficacy of this entire engagement that the Black community has bought into is that we as a community should be able to look at the state of the institutions that we have at present.  Are these institutions governed in a manner by which all of our people who matriculate through them have their human potential recognized?   Are they in a position to take control over our communities once they reach adulthood and move us closer to "the next level"?   Or are we still catching "economic pneumonia" decades after these forces took over the steering wheel.

In the background as I am typing these words I am listening to Embedded Confidence Man - Warren Ballentine giving approval of Obama's CBC speech.  He agrees with it because "it is the truth".   And I quote - "HE KNOWS what is going to happen to Black people IF THE REPUBLICANS take over the Congress.  Look at our communities!!!  Look at the number of single Black mothers.    Do you think that this is going to improve if the Republicans have their way?"

The only person that will fight you physically harder if you dared call them a "Sellout to the interests of the Black community" more than would Mr Ballentine is Professional Progressive Political Preacher Al Sharpton.   These entire force of operatives don't bat an eye in interchanging BLACK COMMUNITY INTERESTS with DEMOCRATIC PROGRESSIVE INTERESTS to retain power.   It is out of their consciousness scope to make note that the Black children in 9th grade today had their entire exposure to the world of education, civics and industry during a time where the Black community ultimately had the final say on the thoughts and ideas would represent us.

The prevailing Black consciousness has the disposition of a STRUGGLE.
  • You need a Job?  You must FIGHT for it.
  • Black people need better health care?  We must FIGHT for it
  • Shaprton stood on the steps of the former "Preparatory Academic For Colored Youth" and said that he intended to go after QUALITY EDUCATION - unaware that it was once in this same building in the past
If there is a FIGHT then there must be someone to FIGHT AGAINST. 
When you find yourself left all alone with the institutions in your own hands (see Newark and Flint) - but retain this consciousness - you will find yourself exiting out of your city borders to find the person who is guilty of injuring you via benign neglect.

Rarely will you inspect the notion of Superiority/Inferiority where your present control over the same institutions that you used to protest against are no longer the target of your street protests because the leadership over these institutions are no longer worthy of protest.  The forces that you seek to indict for these resources have moved away.  Your job is to follow them to seek "Social Justice".

WHY don't we ever hear a transparent analysis of the system that the Black Racial Services Machine have compelled the Black community to engage in?

  • Is it EFFECTIVE in regards to our community obtaining the greatest "bang for our buck" from the "human resource development" institutions ?
  • Are we building a "house on sand"?   Where our "social justice" is streaming from our "social contract" with the national government instead of showing evidence of ORGANIC INCREASE?
  • Is the African-America - the wealthiest, most educated population of Blacks around the world in a position to help others in the diaspora? 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Racism Chasers Journal: There Is RACISM That You Know And RACISM That You Don't Know But You Know That White Folks Are Racist

Ms Goff:

I have learned that it is not worthwhile to live through someone else's life experiences.

Thus as I have been drawn into the various "Just Between Us Chickens" corporate pity parties where a room full of Black folks get together and tell their stories of RACISM(!!!!) I typically sit and listen but not add fuel to the fire.

You see - that high paid sales manager who told me that the White secretary of the branch VP is RACIST I thought to myself that even the WHITE FOLKS believe that she is a "bitch".   Maybe she is cold to you but she is cold to everyone - regardless of their skin color.  I wondered to myself how could a well paid Black man allow himself to have his own personal worth defined by a secretary that made a fraction of what he made.

I didn't follow the logic of your argument though.
You argue, similar to former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsefeld that there is "known racism, unknown racism that you know and then unknown racism that the White folks are better skilled at hiding these days".
Republican Newt Gingrich places his hand around Keli Goff's waist - tries
to steal her kidney because she is Black

Let me ask you a question - Ms Goff - is there any possibility in your beautiful mind to imagine that the White folks that accept you into their close company might also be racist?  Racist - not in the call you "Ninja" type of racism.  But racist in the sense that while they are often heard saying that the low poll numbers for Obama for a particular group is rooted in RACISM but that same White Progressive Cheshire Fox can't bring himself to look at the suspiciously high rate of approval for the machine that controls the Black Community - yet in the wake of:

  • High Black unemployment after decades of their Economic Planning
  • High Black crime victimization rates after they got favorable people over the criminal justice system
  • High amount of health ailments after people who had our interests in mind took over our schools but have thus far failed to produce Black educated professionals that would service our community - allowing us to live up to the level that we desire as a people?
Despite these facts that same commentator is never heard asking questions - not about the pot that Black people put our "Equal Black Ballots" into but the fact that we are see being compelled to VOTE FOR OUR SALVATION.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!


On my outbound flight at the Atlanta Airport I was in the boarding line as they called "Zone 2".  There was a White man in front of me.  Two White men merged into the main line.  One of the White men yelled out "How you do'in there boy"  (TRUE STORY).

He was not talking to me.  He was talking to what appeared to be his golfing or business buddy that was ahead of me.

There was no fluctuation of my blood pressure or heart rate upon hearing the word "Boy".  

This is the picture of my venture out to get something to eat on a recent business trip.  I stood at the counter of a Brazilian Steak House as three of the hosts (one Black) worked on the computer.  I stood about 3 feet back from all of them, waiting for one of them to raise their head and acknowledge my presence.

A WHITE MAN with (seemingly) an Austrian accent walked up to one of the hostess and asked her a question.  She motioned as if she was going to seat him to the left.  

I voiced my protest: "Excuse me miss - I WAS HERE FIRST!".   

I did not fault THE WHITE MAN.   He saw an employee and he walked up to one of them to get their direct attention.
SHE SAW ME standing there.   It was her job to say "Excuse me sir, please let me take care of this (Black man) gentlemen first he was standing here before you came.  

She immediately handed me a little buzzer thing to notify me when my table was ready.

Later on in the meal I noticed that the Gauchos kept passing me by.  I told my Brazilian waiter and he went and got one of them to bring me some "Garlic Chicken'.   As soon as he walked over to my table - he moved my green/red disk from being blocked by the dinner roll holder so that he and others could see it better.    
This second act was not RACISM - I just needed to move my green disk into a clearer view.

As I drove around town I stopped at a traffic light.   A White homeless man approached my car, begging for money.

I thought to myself "I am a Black man.  There are still some White people in this nation who believe that a BLACK MAN HAS NO RIGHTS THAT A WHITE MAN NEED RESPECT'.

I was prepared for him to say "Get out of MY car Ninja!!!   With the law on his side I would be legally obliged to obey his command.

Then I thought to myself again - "I have the law on my side!!!  I have written proof that this is my car".

Then I drove past him - not giving him any money.

  A Homeless White Man
I went into a local Wal-Mart to look for a duffel bag so that the airline would not ding me with an overweight bag fee.

As I walked past the layway section I saw a White male with pierced ears.  I recalled that NAACP's Ben Jealous said "A White male with a criminal record is able to get a job before a Black man with a degree".

I thought to myself - "Despite all of these years of education, good performance reviews on the job, certifications and sales quotas met.........this White boy with discs in his ear could take my job".

To do so he would have to remove the discs from his ear and then go to visit Mike Tyson to bite off the elongated portions of his ear lobes in order to be presentable to my present base of customers.  He does have the main qualifier though - his White skin.
Note: Since there is no good way to take a picture of an interesting specimen please focus on this guy's ears and not his crazy stringed up neck.  The ear is representative of the White kid I saw in the Wal-Mart
As I cashed out with my rental car - I noticed the total was higher than I had estimated.   I stood at the counter and checked all of the itemizations.

I saw a charge for $70 labeled "ADOC".
I asked the agent - "What is an ADOC"?
She told me "Additional Driver Option Charge".

I told her "I am here by myself.  Why would I pay for an additional driver?

The manager came over to the terminal because she did not know how to reverse a charge after it had been closed out.  He showed her and then took off the extra day that I had to pay for keeping the car for 12 additional hours.

BECAUSE this Black man read his invoice I did not pay the "Black Tax".
I believe that they were charging everyone who did not pay attention to the invoice.
Instead of racism it was a matter of READING. 

As I was in the airport - I was thirsty.  I went to the store and saw that they were selling water for $3.00 a bottle.  I look and I saw that Coca Cola was $3.00 per bottle.
I thought that the airport would not be crazy enough to put a public water fountain in the same area that they are hijacking people's wallets.
I looked across the hall and noted that there were two water fountains.

I drank out of the taller fountain and noted that it was just tap water (not cold).
I then shifted to the short kiddie fountain.  I was just slightly cooler.   As I looked up I saw a WHITE WOMAN that was waiting for me to move.
I got so distracted by my hydration that I was actually blocking both fountains (OR she was a racist and did not want to put her mouth so close to a Black man that was drinking water).

I raised up - apologized for making her wait.
I did not dare turn around as I didn't want to see if she had pulled out a paper towel to wipe the fountain off after a Black man had preceded her.

I focused on MY WATER not her choice to react to my melanin.  I yielded none of my power to her.
But I swear that she called me a "Ninja" as I walked away.

Note These Are TRUE EVENTS with a sarcastic spin to them.  

I empathize with the Racism Chaser.
The main difference between me and they - is that my "Signal To Noise Ratio" is set far differently than what theirs is.

Doesn't Dillan Radigan appear to handle the "race question" like a White guy who lacks rhythm at a step dancing venue that his Black girl friend took him to?

The Church Service Theme From The Civil Rights Pharisees Last Sunday

The Wall Of Racial Segregation On Peyton Road

Formally united as the Citizens Committee for Better City Planning (CCBCP), "old guard," young adult, and student organizations protested the Peyton Road wall, erected by Mayor Ivan Allen to deter African Americans from moving into white neighborhoods in southwest Atlanta. CCBCP successfully demonstrated, negotiated, and litigated for the desegregation of these neighborhoods.

As "The Real Killer" Of Officer MacPhail Remains On The Street......"Fight The Power Radio"........

.......Is Working To Put The District Attorney Of Chatham County Georgia Out Of Office For The "Lynching" Of Troy Davis

(You have no idea how much I wish that I was lying about all of these events that I record in this blog)

Pictured is the most most wanted Black man in the state of Georgia per the rantings of the "Fight The Power" forces.

No, no, no - this is NOT a picture of reported killer Sylvester "Red" Coles.

This is a picture of Chatham County District Attorney Larry Chisolm, the Black man who flied the papers for convicted cop killer Troy Davis' execution to proceed.  He did so only after the court system followed the extra-ordinary request from the US Supreme Court for the local district court to review the evidence of Troy Davis' innocence.  After the judge ruled that these claims of innocence were mostly "smoke and mirrors" Mr Chisolm proceeded with the findings of the jury and a multitude of judges in the process.

The main "crime" that Mr Chisolm is guilty of is failing to respond to the 600,000 petition signatories that believed that Troy Davis did not have access to his "due process".  In their mind DA Larry Chisolm was a "Black man at a LYNCHING" (along with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the other two Blacks on Georgia's Clemency Board - one of which is the chairman.

You see - in a world of "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" in which THE SYSTEM is thought to be the real killer of Black people both directly or by the benign neglect that occurs when we are "left all alone - by ourselves" - you are a HERO if you through a wrench into the wheels of IN-justice and spare the life of 4 X Killer Brian Nichols - the "Court House Shooter" who murdered:

  • A Judge
  • His Court Recorder
  • A Black Father Of 2 Who Was Also A Fulton County Sheriff
  • A US Customs Agent who was at the wrong time where the wrong Street Pirate was looking for a car to escape in
When 2 jurors LIED about their sentiments on the Death Penalty in order to get impaneled and then voted to deadlock the jury BECAUSE (and I quote) "I don't want to see this system kill another Black man" - THESE PEOPLE are HEROES in the minds of the Progressive Fundamentalists who practice 'Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice'.  IF ONLY they could compel Street Pirates to have more respect for human life.

In The Perverted World Of Leftist Rationale THIS MAN Can Walk On The Streets Of Savannah - More Likely To Be A Victim Of The Salient Crime Than He Is To Have A "Citizens Arrest" For Murder As Delivered By The Civil Rights Pharisees Who Took A Time Out From Chasing After "Civil Rights Cold Case Files"

Please, by all means, download this picture and put out an "APB" on this man on the streets of Southeast Georgia.  

He is assured the guarantee of safer passage than what anyone believes that DA Larry Chisolm would receive - if the sentiments heard on "Black-Wing Talk Radio" are true. 

I am not sure of a lot of things in life but one thing that I am certain of is:
  • The Spring-Time Commemoration Of the "1906 Atlanta Race Riots" 
  • The Annual Commemoration Of The Lynching Of 4 Black People At Moores Ford Bridge In 1946
WILL NOT be postponed as the Civil Rights Pharisees in Georgia load up their church buses to drive to Savannah GA to do a protest in front of Sylvester "Red" Coles' house.   Nor will they protest against the local "Civil Rights Pharisees" of Savannah Georgia who allowed their community to turn so violent that:

  • A Black man was shot in the jaw as he rode in a car that sped away from a party
  • A Black man was pistol whipped, while in a state of desperation knocked on the drive through window of a fast food joint, triggering attention from a paid officer of the law
  • An officer of the law who confronted the individuals involved in the violent assault on the Black man - had his life taken as he was shot once below his bullet proof vest and then again in the face as he lay on the ground - bleeding out
  • A series of people who first suffered from the THREAT OF VIOLENCE by the Street Pirate if they dared open their mouths
  • And they the threat from the Police - to indict them on their previous criminal records if they didn't speak as the police asked
IF YOU NOTICE THE PATTERN - the Civil Rights Pharisees are NOT able to bring "Social Justice" into fruition in communities under their watch. 
They are only able to STRUGGLE for the want of "Social Justice" against principalities that favorable people increasingly are placed into power over - yet they merely shift their indictments so that only people who disagree with them ever suffer from their wrath.

UNTIL the Black Community demands EFFECTIVE RESULTS on their watch and adopts an INTERNALLY focused governance mandate - it is going to be lead along on an OUTWARD STRUGGLE MISSION.

I just hope that someone brings a remix of "The Electric Slide" if Tom Joyner and Michael Baesdon agree to join in on the struggle to oust the DA of Chatham County.

If I were DA Chisolm I would tell the masses "My Replacement is a WHITE Tea Party Republican.  It has HIM who forged my signature on the execution request for Troy Davis.  My office is conducting an investigation on the matter right now.   We promise to find HIM and the actual killer of Officer MacPhail at the same time.  It could possibly be the same man.".  This should be enough to turn the crowd into his favor.  

Obama Asks "The Blacks" To Take Off Their House Slippers And Put On Their Marching Boots

Progressives Who Are Democrats Who Are Black House Slippers
Progressives Who Are Democrats Who Are Black Marching Boots

When A Black Man With A Position Of Power In The "American Political Domain" Is Able To Speak Into  A Microphone With Full Confidence That The Fellow Black Progressive-Fundamentalists In Earshot Of His Words Also Have As Their Own "Permanent Interests" The Political Success Of The Man With The Microphone, His Party And Ideology -  He Knows That They Are Not Going to MARCH AGAINST HIM Despite The Shrinkage Of Their Community 401K Account.  Thus It Is No Cost To Him To Tell Them To Put On Their Boots As The Chinese Made House Slippers That They Have Been Wearing Do Not Provide Sufficient Protection For Their Toes That Might Get Stepped On As He Tells Them To Stop Complaining And MARCH. 

The best way to understand how the Black Racial Services Machine operates is to listen to the commentary that is derived from their congregational meetings.    Such was the case in their recaps of the "Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Weekend".

I find that my personal understanding of my own beliefs and my differences with the way they think is clarified by my passive listening to what they have to so.  From their rationale comes their justification for what they advocate for.  The main reason why losses sustained to the lack community don't translate into loss of power to their powerbase is because of their reaffirmation of the ideas that keep them going.

I listened to "The Bev Smith Show" on the local "Black-Wing Talk Radio Show" yesterday. She played President Obama's speech to the CBC in its entirety.   Obama and the Black Racial Services Machine (in the context of "Blackness") are merely an anti-Republican force.   Their progressive fundamentalism stands at odds with the conservatism of the GOP and thus they remain at odds.

The problem is that most people don't understand that "OBAMA IS NOT A 'BLACK LEADER' ". He is a political leader in the American Political Domain.  As well the members of the CBC are also politicos.  In the present consciousness of the Black Community nearly 100% of our "racial migration movement" is now political in nature.   I have analyzed and written of this fact for several years now as their antics prove this to be the case.

As such there is no consciousness by which the "Black Consciousness Nucleus" needs to be protected from the whims of politics - as Malcolm X had warned us about.  Today political and ideological interests have contaminated the core and now all of the tentacles are merely focused on ideological and political interests.

When ideological understanding predominates one's operations - it should be no surprise that after "trying harder" and still falling short of one's desired attainments - the failure is placed upon the ideological enemy by those holding fundamentalist positions that they don't plan to change.   Coupled with the fact that all of the cogs are of the same mindset - we then see a convergence upon the evidence of outside tampering and an avoidance of the "self-breast exams" that might impose a self-corrected course as the RESULTS are made more important than the METHODOLOGY.

This lack of institutional integrity through transparency enforcement is what the Black Community operations lacks the most.    Many of the very same people who call for transparency and open disclosure for Wall Street, Political Campaigns and for Elizabeth Warren to implement such in the Consumer Advocacy Agency - can't imagine voluntarily yielding their power over the Black community by submitting to these same standards.

(Note:  I am working on a post that captures the disconnect between the high standards expected of corporations and government while the pattern of behavior of a collection of individual Blacks are inferiorized, not seen as a 'corporate effect')

The Struggle Meme

These congregational meetings between "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" largely affirm my previous analysis.   I stated previously that - in their consciousness - an effective Black Progressive politician is able to sense the rumblings of the crown that is ready to cast a "no confidence vote" against him.  He takes he stage acknowledges their frustrations and then levitates off of the platform, microphone in hand - and leads them on a march forward - AGAINST THEIR COMMON ENEMY.

While the above depiction is really "Politics 101" which itself is derived from "Human/Group Behavior 201" the problems with this strategy flies above the present consciousness of the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist.

For them - a Progressive Black President who has a good "ground game", tapping into his knowledge of THEM, derived from his days as a "Community Organizer" - he is smart enough to link back into their sentiment to want to blame the system as the foundational drive forward.  They can't accept that HE IS "THE SYSTEM"!!!!!!!

In listening to Black Political Discourse as heard on "Black-Wing Talk Radio" their primary goal is to keep Black people focused upon the TRANSACTIONAL issues that are ahead of us.  Typically related to the next election.   The conversations are typically focused on the evil that the enemy has done to us, the list of great things that the friend has done for us, and if there are any points left to doubt - the insertion of the phrase "IF you think this is bad......if the ENEMY was in place you would be in worse shape because they don't care a damned thing about Black people".

That which is effective in keeping Black people ideologically unified does not always prove to be the schematic that produces organic competencies within the Black community.   I am convinced that those who have prevailing control of the Black community's consciousness care much about the long term impact of having failed to develop our people per their control over the key "human resource development institutions".  Thus the key irony.

In as much as their 'struggle motion' has been for the stated goal of lifting up our people - their success at grabbing control over these institutions WITHIN our community yet failing to deliver has not translated into mass terminations followed by a reevaluation of the master plan that these conspiring forces of the Black Racial Services Machine operate upon.

It is this "machine effect" of having all of the "checks and balances" on the same page that allows them to come to the logical conclusion "Since we all are doing what we logically agree is JUSTICE, yet the results are not as we understand should be the outcomes - there must be some EXTERNAL FORCE that is purposefully working against us.......because the force that we apply has checked out to our satisfaction".

This folks are the roots of "Racism Chasing" except it has taken on a new tweak with respect to the present political operations.  If you listen carefully to "Black-Wing Talk Radio" the seasoned operatives no longer make broad brush statements against all White people.  They are more careful to qualify their comments to state "Conservative Republican White People".  Despite the fact that both Fox and Wolf were born from the same womb it is only the Wolf who offends the spirit of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.   In truth the Fox is his Progressive Joint-Venture Partner and they are now careful to avoid conflict at the convention that they all gather just before the elections.

Unemployment Is A Civil Rights Violation

Progressive operative Bev Smith recounted a panel that she lead at the CBC Weekend.  All of the fundamentalists who were assembled on stage agreed - "the state of unemployment is a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION".  (WTF??)

I have learned over time to look past the immediate irrationality of such a claim and instead to understand how such reasoning radiates from their line of thinking.

You would be in error to put forth the JOB and then try to figure out how a rational person could logically make such a statement.   Instead you should make note of the fact that their mission is UNITY IN STRUGGLE.   Thus if the rank & file have been "self-convinced" that their present inability to sell their skills for a salary is the residue of a carefully crafted capitalistic scheme which they have received the smelly end of the stick - then the person that is driving their line of thinking could have some interesting influences on their reaction.

Think about it - were our people live in our highest concentrations - the ENEMY has been voted out of power.  The Progressive has the dominate control over the educational system, the criminal justice system the economic development public policies.    With our grievances well noted but also the prevailing ideological entrenchment in place - What do you expect to be put forth for the masses assembled at the CBC to feed on?   A message of "WE FAILED to produce as promised - vote us out of office and allow an alternative strategy to be built up?????????".    Of course not.

With their seasoned slight of hand the INCUMBENT MACHINE argues that your right to earn a salary is a part of a bigger plan to DESTROY THE BLACK COMMUNITY.   Despite the fact that the struggle from 30 years ago was against the people who occupied the very seats of power who are now sitting on the stage at the CBC - they are organizing like minded Black people to STRUGGLE on past the seats that have been won and instead find some other enemy that stands against their interests.

We must logically conclude that they are not talking about "Organic Black Interests" because this interest is employment and education and safety and health.  They are ONLY talking about left-wing PROGRESSIVE INTERESTS IN BLACK FACE - because then we can better understand the architectural bindings that they have put forth.   Since the local institutions are run by people of good intentions and a favorable ideology, their's being an INDICTMENT based ideology, they are forced to scale their indictment beyond the city and county boarders and upward to the state and federal government.

Since the "self protections" of the Black interests are all aligned - few will make public notice that our previous struggle was encompassed against the local school boards, mayors office and sheriff.  With these as "Mission Accomplished Seats" yet our "social justice" is still being violated - talking to the  "HNIC" that the community placed into power is no longer working.  The real POWER needs to be sought out.

If you are not following all of this let me cut to the chase.  This inability to manage effective outcomes through the INSTITUTIONS that are now in favorable hands is merely an instantiation of "Black Inferiority" as our salvation is always expressed OUTWARD, needed to be grasped out of the hand of an EXTERNAL adversary.  Previously this enemy was just "White".  Now in our role as starters in the Malcolm X Political Football game EXTERNAL is now "Conservative and White" - ascending to the wishes not to offend the White Progressive Cheshire Fox who doesn't mind calling his White Conservative Wolf Brother a "racist" if it will lead to more "equal Black ballots" but upon the Wolf being called "racist" he will quickly remind the Blacks "all that he has done for us".  How unappreciative we are indeed.

The worst part of this assumed consciousness within the Black Community is that despite the fact that from their own mouths we hear that "Black people are in a DEPRESSION state" - the primary means by which the establishment Black people can receive cover is to tell the grieving rank & file that THE ENEMY would have us to do worse.

Only a people who are EXTERNALLY YOLKED (their consciousness and SELF-CONFIDENCE indexed to some force other than themselves ) could such a scheme work so effectively.   The main indictment against the Black Racial Services Machine, however, is their failure to build up our people via these institutions that they control.  INSTEAD they chose to transact Black people into the biannual biorhythm of the American election process.


I like to break down the arguments into their elemental form so that the ironies can be produced to all who "get it".

At its basic form - Black people have our SKILL and LABOR for sale into the marketplace.  In exchange we desire:
  • A Salary to afford a certain quality of life for our families
  • More Knowledge from our on the job experiences
  • More Formal Education to make us more effective on the job and thus more valuable
  • To Solve A "Corporate Problem" in the context of our work effort to gain the since of inclusion
Functionally they are forced to look past their own failure to create a MARKETPLACE so that the needs of the Black Community (that they control) are handled by the UNDER-DEPLOYED Black human resources at their disposal.   

In their drive to tell of the shared obligation that THE RICH have to uphold the "social contract" (they read the column from NYTimes Paul Krugman which said the same thing) they can't see the gross irony that THE LEAST OF THESE - Blacks who are living in the zone that they control are not being engaged as the primary agent OF THEIR OWN SALVATION.

  • They took over our schools - the force that they said creates EQUALITY - preparing our people for the market into which their skills will be traded.   Instead of producing academic excellence for our children - these schools have become "Minority Contracting Centers" and Jobs programs FOR ADULTS
  • They have control over the prevailing cultural messaging that flows within our community - the mechanism by which our CONSCIOUS PRIORITIES as a people are established.  They chose to promote "Freedom Of Speech" in regards to ignorant messages come from our people and then chose to get offended by ignorant words said about our people from outsiders.   When an outsider lipsyncs ignorant words produced by a Black that was pushed into the popular space - the consumer of these words is tagged for "saying them in public" despite the fact that this is where she heard them in the first place.
  • They have the prime seats in the Criminal Justice System of various Mission Accomplished Cities.  The only change that this has produced is that now a majority Black prison guards staff now controls the detention of the majority Black prisoner population in the metro jail

Facing this conundrum of their having WON at what they set us out to do yet we having LOST at actually attaining what we had hoped - in the void of governing control - they have the power to set the Black community out on another mission.

A JOB IS A CIVIL RIGHT - is that mission.
It places the ONUS for the job upon the NATIONAL executors of Social Justice.  

When these executors move out of Milwaukee to the suburbs, leaving the "least of these" citizens in the city that they struggled to control - a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION has occurred - per the rantings of Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Jesse Jackson - NOT because of the unemployment in Milwaukee but because the Republican governor has refused federal debt spending money to build a high speed train from the core city to the suburbs so that "The Least Of These" could find employment.

Until  we see that their cascading INDICTMENTS are as predictable as were the rulings of the All White Jury of the past - we are going to continue to be strung along.   Anything is likely to be produced from the machinations of their mind but it is NOT likely to be Salvation for the Negro community.

I assure you that the next batch of Obama 2012 Commemorative Plates are now being manufactured in China for distribution into the Black Community by this time next year.

This is the first place to start with regards to restoring jobs in America. 

Pssst - Fahad From WAOK - You Just Said What I Had Drawn A Long Time Ago

"Why are you going to tear down the character of those who have been working for you for 30 years for a guy who just came on the scene?  When he leaves the office of the President we are still going to need these other people to fight for the interests of the Black community."

You mean just as I have depicted here?

Fahad - The problem that you and "Dr White" fail to see is that IN BOTH CASES you are attempting to set up a protection racket for PEOPLE.     You miss the fact that there needs to be INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY which affords us the ability to retain our order REGARDLESS of who his in power.

Worst of all you fail to see that OBAMA IS NOT A "BLACK LEADER".  He is the leader in the "American Political Domain".   Those same Negroes that you speak of have violated our community trust by fusing our Community Institutions into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

Dr White by you claiming that some Negroes have it in for the President because of jealousy is missing the point.  This can be seen on the 95%+ Democratic City Councils of Atlanta, Philly and Chicago.   This intramural progressive fight says NOTHING about the common leftist baseline that they all support despite their squabbling. 

Ironically, in the face of failed policy outcomes you are forced to go after them as having FAILED TO SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT (forcing him to go harder left).    All the while you are unable to make an aggregate appraisal of their entire movement - TRANSPARENTLY assessing their EFFECTIVENESS as it relates to the interests of the Black community.

Monday, September 26, 2011

EEOC Suit Filed Against Irish Pub "Tilted Kilt" For "Lightening Up" Their Workforce

Rosewell GA Pub Accused Of Racial Discrimination

This is one place where this Black man won't be spending his money.
The hiring manager appears to have gone against the corporate policy as he hired too many melanated people.  
A black woman claims she was hired by a Roswell restaurant and bar, but then fired before she started work because of the color of her skin.Najla Salaam completed her training to work as a server at The Tilted Kilt, but was never scheduled to work and told that too many black women had already been hired, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
A former general manager at the restaurant told the EEOC he was instructed to fire Salaam because she was African-American and too dark, the lawsuit states. Because the general manager objected to the owner's instruction to fire employees based on race, he was also fired, the EEOC said Monday.