They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In The Shooting War Between The Embedded Black Fox And The White Conservative Wolf - Where Is The Cheshire Fox?

The Shooting War Between Black Progressives and White Conservatives has broken out.  Each day their respective media channels fire more volleys.  I heard two recent comments from Rep Andre Carson (D-IN) and radio host Rush Limbaugh that I would like to analyze.

Rep Andre Carson - "The Tea Party Wants To See Black People Lynched And Returned As Second Class Citizens Once Again"
Rush Limbaugh-" The People Lynching Blacks Where Democrats"
First let me say - Rep Andre Carson doesn't really believe that the Tea Party has an agenda to lynch Black people.  He knew as Waters and Wilson knew - Some Black people will rally behind a "racially defensive posture" and will cheer a Black person with a microphone in their hands that leads them on.

If you listen carefully to "Black-Wing Talk Radio" today many of the hosts are carefully specifying that their enemy is CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN Whites.  They desire to retain their "Joint Venture Partnership" with Progressive Whites thus the demarcation.

If you listen to Rep Carson he is articulating HIS OPINION that the Tea Party seeks to have Black people lynched from trees and made "2nd Class Citizens".

I have learned long ago that it is futile to seek to engage a person on his feelings and opinions.  Instead it is better to go out into the real world and make interrogations as a means of affirming the veracity of the concern.

For Rep Carson's 7th District Of Indiana - he is not likely to have to worry about "Tea Party Lynchings Of Black People" as a viable threat.

From the symposium "Reducing Black On Black Crime In Indianapolis:

Homicides involving black victims killed by blacks in Indianapolis in recent years:
• 2000 -- 53 of 86 homicides.
• 2001 -- 53 of 91 homicides.
• 2002 -- 56 of 83 homicides.
• 2003 -- 60 of 81 homicides.
• 2004 -- 70 of 93 homicides.
• 2005 -- 57 of 88 homicides. 

Simply put - Rep Carson - as with so many other of his colleagues in the CBC realize that as they flex outward as "protectors of the Black Community" they will not be tagged for being apart of the ruling authorities that preside over zones where Black people's lives are cheap.

When Carson is able to make the indictment for this "cheapness" upon his enemy while looking beyond any self-degradation that emanates out of our community - he is at his strongest.

The Black community ultimately has a decision to make.   Do you keep allowing others to set the priorities and terms of the "fight" or do we retain control of our "Permanent Interests" - providing the necessary push back to those in roles of leadership who seek to keep us in a "racially defensive disposition" rather than a focus on what we need as a community.
Rush Limbaugh made the case that those who most actively lynched Black people during "Reconstruction" and "Jim Crow" were Democrats.   This is true but this does not capture their motivation.

Other Black Democrats arguing these points made the case that they were White Conservatives.  Since today most White Conservatives are Republicans - the indictment belongs to the Republicans.  (This despite the fact that Black Democrats attend "Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner" - the annual recognition of two slave holding Presidents - proving that the Blacks who say 'yesterday's Democrats are today's Republicans' don't have any intention to break with the origins of the Democratic Party)

They too are wrong.

The motivation for the lynching of Black people was not ideology.   Woodrow Wilson - a progressive -was as big of a racist as any of the slaveholders before him.

The driving factor for the lynching torture of Black people was:

  1. A fundamental disrespect for Human Rights
  2. A total disrespect for the rule of law
  3. A seething hatred for a person for no other reason than his race - and their desire to reign supreme even if violence was the means by which this was achieved

The Role That The TEA PARTY Plays In Present Day "Black Political Discourse"

People are noting the frequent references to "The Tea Party" by:
  • Black Progressive Elected Officials
  • Black Progressive Journalists 
  • Black Progressive Bloggers
  • White Progressive Journalists
............but are getting their analysis cluelessly wrong..................

In the analysis above Bill O'Reilly and Alan Combs of FOX News refer to the "racist" signs at "Tea Party Rallies" that target the "Black President" as the motivating reasons for the push back by the Black people who are watching the Tea Party antics with offense.


The reason why the analysis of what is happening is wrong if because they fail to understand the relationship between the "Prevailing Black Political Consciousness" and PROGRESSIVISM - via the Democratic Party.

When considering the two forces:   "Blackness" and "Progressivism" - the modern day "Black Political Discourse" is merely PROGRESSIVE /Left.   As the journalistic great George S Schuyler observed 60 years ago - "There is no Black Progressive Political Discourse" there is only a "Progressive Discourse".   Black Progressives merely seek to utilize a PROGRESSIVE methodological vehicle to divert more of their "Social Justice" spoils into the Black community.  The "Blackness" in their ideology and agenda is not in differences in their mechanics - it is merely a matter of more Black representation at the table where the nationalized goods are distributed.

In front of all of our faces is abundant evidence of this.   If you listen to Black Progressive Political Operatives surrounding the labor protests in Wisconsin, for example - they did not say "This is a new start of a Black Civil Rights Movement".   They are merely Progressives who seek to use Wisconsin and the fight against the Republican Governor there as an accelerant for a revitalized Progressive Labor movement, ultimately in support of the Democratic Party.   It must be noted that while plenty of Democratic legislative and executive authorities have decimated the ranks of their unionized labor force in the sight of budget deficits (California, Detroit, Newark) - these forces of protest are ultimately fighting to protect their UNION more than the actual fiscal viability of the entity that the labor force is attached to.   In short defend of the METHODOLOGY that they have assured themselves is the way to middle class prosperity is more important to them from an ideological standpoint than is their willingness to see that various "Mission Accomplished Cities" have actually been an assault upon their interests.

The common theme in my analysis is the call to make note of how "Methodology Over Material Gains" matters more.   Understand this point and you understand the DNA of the present day "Black Political Discourse".

I do my leg work each month, purchasing left wing political magazines as a means of understanding the source ideological moorings of Progressivism.

  • The Nation
  • Z Magazine
  • International Socialist Review
  • Dollars and Sense 
  •  - others
In these trade rags one can see a more honest and transparent analysis of how "The Black Vote" fits into the larger Progressive/Left voting block.   These (often White) writers don't need to put on a "fake racial front" about their intentions with respect to the loyalties of Black people.   They talk more openly about how the Black community as an "aggrieved community" that is disproportionately poor, disproportionately outside of educational opportunity and over-represented in the criminal justice system is a natural fit into the Progressive "Struggle Movement" for institutional reform.

I have more respect for the transparency of these mainstream left wing journals (and "Democracy Now" on television) than I do the operatives WITHIN the Black community that merely place a "lampblacked coating" - soul food seasoning if you will - on what is otherwise a straight-line leftist/progressive agenda.
A part of this repudiation is related to my observations of their knowledge that they are using and manipulating their fellow Black people.  They make "racism" a matter of an "ideological container" for none other than partisan political purposes.

Establishment Authority Repudiation

Put yourself in the shoes of elected Black progressive leadership - the "Congressional Black Caucus" of the federal government, for example.   You are alive as the nation elects its "First Black President" - as the cherry on top of the MACHINE that has been architected.  After all of the "HOPE" that was sold to Black people as their "racial pride" was fused to this accomplishments - the same grievances that the 2008 election had papered over remain as the primary assailants of the dreams and development vectors for Black people:
  1. Safe Communities
  2. Quality Education
  3. Thriving Local Economies 
  4. Healthy Lifestyle & Relationship Outcomes

With the combination of more relative POWER than ever before yet admitted shortfalls in the promised deliverables - the Black Establishment:  (The Black Racial Services Machine) are aware that they are sitting atop of a major crisis that they must stay in front of.

Their power has been augmented by their "Progressive Joint-Venture Partnerships" with the left from other races and causes.  When you listen to Black-wing talk radio there is no mistake that their enemy is the Republican Party.

Ironically even though I read an article that talked about increasing racial segregation in the communities of America and thus our schools - this is rarely translated into the understanding that with "re-segregation" also means that more "FAVORABLE PEOPLE" are in power over our communities and schools as "the enemy" can't get elected in a Black community - particularly a Black Conservative.

Faced with the growing knowledge that "their fingerprints are on the steering wheel" the Black Racial Services Machine know that they must not allow the "Black Rank & File" to see THEM as the presiding establishment and that the community is still being failed.

It struggles against the status quo while evades acceptance that it is now "Da Man".  It is a "struggle milieu".

The Black Racial Services Machine - the coordinated congregational conspiracy between: the Black Progressive Elected Officials, Black Press, Civil Rights Pharisees, Labor, Entertainers, and Black Public Intellectuals 

They promote their progressive METHODOLOGY over any notions of governance in which the integrity of the "Black Community Institutions" are defended against compromise.  With the Black Racial Services Machine as the "Judge, Jury and Executioner" within the community domain - an INDICTMENT only sticks when it has popular appeal among balance of the cogs within machine depicted to the left.

After years of provoking the Black Rank & File to invest their "community development hopes" into the American Political Domain - and then achieving a "Mission Accomplished Moment" with Obama in the White House - the years of "Failing Upward" as they failed to develop our people via the INSTITUTIONS have come back to haunt the operatives.   The education crisis, the employment crisis, the economic vulnerabilities in which our people lack fiscal leverage against forces that seek to conduct business within the Black community (Koreans merchants, Check Cashing Businesses, etc) has not been developed.  That which should have been developed internally has been outsourced to public policy hopes through the government.

It is clear - The Equal Black Ballot and the "Fused Community Development Hopes" through politics is why the machine has been so successful staying in power and growing their power while not being tossed out for its intermediate failures.   In this limited yet selfish viewpoint - the "Black Racial Services Machine"has proven it competency in keeping the Black community unified.

My argument is that UNITY - around a SYSTEM that ultimately has a vacuous core that is open to manipulation by Embedded Confidence Men is not the type of "Unity" that the Black Community can afford.  The unity needs to be around a system that has sufficient governance that has the consciousness of mind to purge METHODOLOGICAL exploits that fail to deliver up to our NEEDS as a people.

The Embedded Confidence Men Know How Black People Think
 As a check point:

  • Your Ideology and Distribution System are in Power
  • The Independent Measures (US Census) show that your people remain in an inferior position despite the promises of how the people's investments would mobilize the masses
  • Your ideological adversaries are fortifying gains that effectively block your IDEOLOGICAL advancement
What does an "Embedded Confidence Man" who has committed himself to a "Progressive-Joint Venture" that faces a potential "No Confidence Vote" from the Black Rank & File IF the prevailing sentiment sees that they have not received a "Return On Their Investments"?


The Embedded Confidence Men know that if they put Black people on a "racial defensive" that our survival instincts will have us curl into a defensive ball to protect ourselves from "incoming missiles" rather than have a "Vote Of No Confidence", scuttling the Black community into a civil war.

The Tea Party - at its fundamental form is a THREAT TO PROGRESSIVISM!!!

The Black Community has popularly adopted Progressivism as the pathway toward Black Community Development.  With the nation recognizing our "equal worth" via nationalized "Social Justice" - the hopes for the jobs, services and resources necessary to have the Black community live up to the desired high standards appears to be a palatable course of action.

The Tea Party with their acerbic, "In Your Face" contention - and its fair share of nincompoops proves to be a worthy vessel for the Black Racial Services Machine to stand up as "Enemy #1 " To The Black Community.

Again - listen to the various channels of political discourse today for the Black Community and you'll hear a suspiciously coordinated abhorrence to the Tea Party - beyond any plausible correlation to their actual force as defined by physics upon the Black community.

The point that people don't understand is that the forces that bear down upon the vessel known as Black community being presented with regard to their proper PROPORTION is a  matter for aviation engineers and rocket science - NOT the governance of the Black community.

When it comes to the Black community  those who can keep our people "congregationally unified", the indictment focused upon a group that the "cogs" find as worthy of attack - will receive acclaim for their success in our unity - providing the filler material to the mental question of "Why are we still struggling after the investment to remove the enemies from power and replace them with favorable people?".

I have stated many times that I ultimately don't blame Black Progressive Embedded Confidence Men.  They are doing as any other operative will do - present themselves as our protectors while brokering our riches for some other agenda.  In as much as the Black rank &file agree with this agenda these people are doing what is popular.

The Black Rank & File is at fault for failing to erect a firewall - the Institutional Integrity Protections - between the whims of  those who are politically active and the "Least Of These" people who have a ballot in hand and can be compelled to invest it into something other than what has proven to be their own interests per the exposure that time brings to light.

The Solution For Black America - Manage Our Institutions - Promote Development Of Our People Through Properly Governed Institutions

If there is no imposition of a disciplined governance model where the forces working against the uplift of the Black community are measured for the goal of mitigating them by  an "engine of uplift" that overwhelms their contraflow - there will be no gains in the Black community that are:

  • Organic
  • Enduring
  • Comprehensive
  • Transferable To Future Generations
More than anything else there must be the enforcement of PRIORITIES.   
As the daily "Twitter Feed" from "Media Matters" or "MSNBC" is cast upon the Black community - each of us needs to decide..............:
  • If Glenn Beck calling us "Colored People" is more important than the chaos in the Philadelphia Public Schools and its 100,000 Black kids
  • If references to a "Tar Baby" is more important than the daily indoctrination sessions on Black-wing talk radio which conspires to avoid talking about the spilled blood that makes so many of our sidewalks sticky
  • If Rick Perry was a racist when he was a Democrat 13 years ago thus raising questions if those in the approved "Joint-Venture" might also be "racist" by extension
Long story short - it is up to the Black Rank & File to REFUSE TO BE USED.   
Resisting the short term cheerleading in the American Political Domain and instead key in upon governing the interests of our own institutions.

BLAX News: Eugene Robinson - "Obama Please Feed Us Some 'Stretch Goals In Our Struggle On Your Behalf' Via An Unrealistic Jobs Program To Sell And If It Fails We Can Blame The Tea Party

Washington Post - Eugene Robinson: On jobs, time to be bold

Please read the article above by the Washington Posts' Eugene Robinson.   Can you find a voice that is distinct from that of "Vicarious Living Though Obama"?

Mr Robinson asks the President to "surprise us" with an UNREALISTIC and UNREASONABLE jobs program.

Now keep in mind that Mr Robinson receives his pay check by telling the masses how UNREALISTIC and UNREASONABLE Conservative Republican public policies are.  In a first, Robinson asks Obama to submit a plan with these attributes.  Instead of swatting the plan down Robinson promises to market it for Obama and not charge the Administration the standard ad rates for the Post.

From The Article
Obama can quite likely win by convincing voters that even if they’re unhappy with his economic policies, the nation is better off sticking with him — because any of the Republican candidates is likely to make things much worse.

This line of argument has the benefit of being true. Does Mitt Romney have anything to offer except the warmed-over policies of tax cuts and deregulation that landed us in this mess? How will Rick Perry explain his view that Social Security is an unconstitutional Ponzi scheme? Can Ron Paul convince Americans to carry satchels of gold dust to the mall? Does Michele Bachmann have an economic program at all?

In my humble analysis it appears that Mr Robinson is asking for Obama to roll out a marketing program that is as vacuous as "Hope & Change".  After all Robinson was a part of the forces that "Made Us Believe In It".

Per the clip from the article above - Mr Robinson executes the expert task of "KEEP YOUR ENEMY ON TRIAL SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAKE AN INDICTMENT AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS".

Does Mr Robinson see the irony of first suggesting that Obama - who has been in office for more than 2.5 years - to throw out an UNREALISTIC and UNREASONABLE jobs plan but he then looks to his common Republican enemies with Obama and demands that they produce a REAL jobs program.

Until the Black community sees that the "Jedi Mind Trick" that Mr Robinson displays in this article is the same scheme that allowed the "Black Racial Services Machine" to "FAIL UPWARD" into the position of power that they presently have over our communities.

Thus - Black Americans are still catching "Economic Pneumonia".   Perhaps Mr Robinson has some snake oil that we can take for a cure?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Black African Mercenaries In Libya

It Depends On Who "Da Man" Is

MSNBC White Progressive Cheshire Fox Chris Matthews - Obama's Lack Of Support By Whites Due To Racism. Says Nothing About The Equal Value Of The Black Voter's Judgement

MSNBC's Chris Matthews: Racism behind Obama's falling popularity among whites

I have learned a better strategy on how to deal with the rantings of a White Progressive Cheshire Fox.

They execute a "Keep Your White Supremacist Conservative Brothers On Trial So You Don't Have To Talk About Your Own Sentiments Of Black Inferiority Thus Upsetting The Progressive-Fundamentalist Joint-Venture"

Understand one thing:  It costs the White Progressive Cheshire Fox NOTHING To Conclude That His White Conservative Wolf Brother Is A RACIST.   In the grand scheme of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - the Black Vote is a vote for the Cheshire Fox's team.   Does he risk having the Wolf claiming that he (the Cheshire Fox) is a "disgrace to his race"?   It doesn't matter.   These type of racial gravitational pull that Black people beat ourselves up with do not work on White people intramurally.   Ultimately both the Wolf and the Cheshire Fox are focused on the perpetuation of their genetic phenotype.

If a PERENNIALLY WEAK Black Community chooses to continue to invest his "Community Development Consciousness HOPE" into the Progressive bucket (as compelled by the Joint-Venture Partner Blacks) - does it matter to the Cheshire Fox that the Black never actually achieves what he struggles for?  

Look past their indictment of the RACIST motivations of  CONSERVATIVE WHITE PEOPLE and figure out why they don't make an inspection of the level of support for Obama BY BLACK PEOPLE.

The man who gets "tingles down his leg" over Obama does not see the BLACK VOTER'S JUDGEMENT AS EQUAL.  He realizes that the Black Political Discourse is a "Democratic / Progressive Political Discourse" and thus Blacks at 90% approval rating of Obama while:

  • Black Unemployment is at 15.9%
  • School Reform For Majority Black School Systems Has Failed
  • Civil Rights Violations Of Black People Are An "Intramural Affair" - In Balance not EXCEPTIONAL.  Blacks are merely "perceptive"........"aware of who has their BEST INTERESTS IN MIND" and who are the "RACISTS who wish to deny Black people an equal chance at the American dream".

Why would a Democratic Party operative like Chris Mattews and other MSNBC (The "Un-FOX-Biased Biased Network") want to upset Black people by doing such an assumption of our EQUALITY?   What interest does MSNBC have in having a "Black Web Arm" with a Black "Civil Rights Pharisee  Leader" being provided with a show that echo's their corporate sentiment?

For most Black Inferiorist White People - the condition of Black people after so much success of their Progressive-Fundamentalist policies in our community is STILL evidence that the racism of this nation has allowed our people to remain:
  1. Poor
  2. Ignorant
  3. Victims Of Violence
  4. In Dysfunctional Social Arraingments
The GLUE that keeps the "Multi-Racial Progressive Joint Venture" intact is that the EMBEDDED BLACK FOX bigots will agree to market the "Equal Black Ballots" and the fused "Black Community Development Consciousness" into the Joint Venture - as long as the White Progressive Cheshire Fox bigots agree that the travails of the BLACK COMMUNITY are IN-ORGANIC and EXTERNAL in nature.   

On MSNBC you don't see investigative reports on Street Pirate violence on Black people - this would violate the "Don't Blame The Victim" mantra that has been adopted by the bigots of both races.   Thus when a Black man commits a "Civil Rights Violation" in the same manner that a White man has killed a Black - they withhold the LABEL and thus it is not a "Civil Rights Violation" - the Negro being just as dead none the less.

The bottom line of it all is that - despite the Black Wing Talk Radio AFFIRMING the Cheshire Fox's observations (I learned about the comments of Mathews from radio host Warren Ballentine who AFFIRMED Mathews' comments about the motivations of White folks)........................these radio hosts secretly realize that:
  1. Chris Matthews is NOT going to REFORM FAILING BLACK SCHOOLS
  2. Chris Matthews is NOT going to MAKE BLACK COMMUNITIES SAFE
The ONLY thing that Chris Matthews and other White Progressive Cheshire Foxes are going to do is polish off the EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS that the Black Racial Services Machine deliver to them.

There is such a lack of integrity by the Black Community Institutions that even after we made investments of our souls into this Joint-Venture - we STRUGGLE MORE for the bullet point items above that continue to be elusive. 

Just let a neo-Marcus Garvey reveal himself, seeking to produce MEASURABLE INCREASE in Black America and causing an increasing number of us to ABSTAIN from FEDERAL ELECTIONS because "we can't have our emotions tied in two masters" .    

I assure you that those pearly white incisors will being to show their sharpness. 

The 2008 Campaign Versus 2012
In the 2008 campaign I blogged about how both White and Black media asked "Can White people put aside their race and vote for the best candidate when the best candidate is BLACK?".
I noted that the same question was not asked about Black people.

I then added my inside knowledge to note that the equivalent question is NOT to ask Black people to vote for Republicans.  Instead we need to look at how the Black community remains after the "Mission Accomplished" state that this Progressive Establishment has amassed in our community.

The equivalent question to ask Black people is "WHY do Black people continue to invest their Black Community Development Consciousness Into The METHODOLOGY Of VOTING Rather Than Developing Some Other Pathway For Their Development After Being Shorted As They Have Been On The Present Track?"

The answer is clear.
Just as the Black Rank & File comes to the conclusion that a "No Confidence Vote" with respect to our investments - the Embedded Confidence Men place a cloud of racial fear within Black people.   We then make a RACIALLY DEFENSIVE investment.  This protection is more important than a repudiation of failure of our previous investments.

The Grio: The Plight Of "Martin Luther King Jr Blvds" In America

The Grio: Have artists been good stewards of MLK boulevards?

BLAX NEWS:  Has The Black Community Put The Fear Of Respect For Institutions Like "MLK Jr Blvd" Into The Hearts Of Street Pirates That Assault Our People On "MLK Jr Bvld", "Abernathy Dr", "Lowery Dr" "Boone Dr"?

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

The Grio story tells the version of events which says that the Black community was APPEASED (by the power structure) in the naming of "Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd".

They clearly did not come to Atlanta to do their research.  If they did they would find that Civil Rights Pharisee Rev Dr Joseph Lowery spearheaded the effort to achieve "community pride" by getting the Confederate General's names off of Atlanta Streets and replacing them with "OUR heroes".

While Rev Lowery was able to snag a street in his own honor - replacing Confederate General John Ashby - the truth is that the only thing that this has translated into on the streets is that when a police report is filed regarding the assault or murder of a Negro - instead of writing "543 Ashby Street NW" it says "543 Rev Joseph E Lowery Blvd".

In short The Grio "fell for the okey doke".   Who within the Black Press is walking behind the "Black Racial Services Machine" and what they compel our people to INVEST IN as "Black Community Development" and affirm that there has been "lift up" rather than "JACKING"?

Rev Lowery and other Civil Rights Pharisees told the community that by placing their "heroes" on the street poles the pride and dignity expressed would lead to a mitigation of violence.  This is like placing a paint job on a failing school and believing that they will become academic all-stars.

In as much as one is likely to be ATTACKED by questioning the veracity of the underlying motivations that are sold to the Black community ("What - you prefer a Confederate General to a Black person that fought to protect you from the Klan.....?") - these Embedded Confidence men are allowed to carry forth their agenda UNCHECKED by the results that they ultimately engender.

Fear not - they only need to keep their feet moving, finding another incident of RACISM to chase after to allow them remain in good stead with the majority of Black people.

I suspect that the next accomplishment for the Civil Rights Pharisees will be for them to secure donated sand blasting equipment from Home Depot and Lowes in order to remove the stain off of the side of Stone Mountain.

I would be more inclined to join in on their "racial gravitational pull" if they were to compel 1,000 Black students to become electronics engineers.   The goal being to switch out the lasers in the "Stone Mountain Park Laser Show" for those which etch off a speckle of stone face from the side of the mountain each time it casts a light upon it.  In about 5 years those "Confederate Bastards" will be gone.

One half of the electronic engineers should be assigned to building up a new class of "Laser Tasers", giving them to the innocent Black people who have to live in modern day Stone Mountain GA and suffer from the fear of Street Pirate attacks.

BLAX News: Which "Obama / Africa" Story In The Media Is Black-Wing Talk Radio Most Focused Upon?

We are presently living within a time warp in our existence as a people.

(In line with the rebranding of this blog) That which is of relative UNimportance is lifted up as KEY.

That which should be of PRIME importance is reduced to "radio silence".

In truth what we see in both cases is the promotion of the congregational agenda.  Their silence and projection are both done in support of their PRIMARY AGENDA:   Defense of their IDEOLOGY by defending the VEHICLES they have adopted to carry their Ideological "Spirit Water".

Which Is A Priority For Black Americans? Pictorial Evidence
Obama's Kenyan Uncle Arrested For DUI - "We Must Get The (White Conservative) News Media To Focus On The Important Things And Not Allow Them To Attack Obama Through This Backdoor Method" (Paraphrased words of a Black-Wing Talk Radio host)

Obama's Uncle Held By Immigration Officials In Mass After A DUI
Commander In Chief Obama Conspired With 4 African Colonizers To Bomb The Hell Out Of Libya With 17,000 Air Raid Sorties In 6 Months.  In The Coup In Libya - NATO Operated As The Air Force For The Rebels.

Any other African nation that even thinks about going against the flow of the powers in the United Nations should now see how foolish this plan is.

US Media Sources Complicit In The Action As CNN  Shows Gaddahfi's Nanny Who Was Permanently Scared By Scalding Water But Did Not Bother To Show Any Africans "Permanently Killed" By NATO Bombs 

When You Allow Your "Community Development And Protection Consciousness" To Be Controlled By Operatives That Are More Qualified To Publish On "Bossip" Then You Should Content Yourselves With The Results Because YOU Have Done Everything Necessary To Render Them Into Your Existence Based On The "Bread And Circuses" That You Have Supped Upon

Monday, August 29, 2011

If "Education Is The New Civil Rights Movement" Then The Black Community Has A Lot Of Eugene Connor Feeding Us "Bull"

(Note: This post has been updated after I invested the time to listen to the audio report again to capture more granular details about the arguments made about the school system of Philadelphia.)

The Grio: Education as the next civil rights movement

The Grio and several other Black themed publications have taken up the theme that 'Education is the next civil rights battleground'.

From my perspective - if this is so I would like for them to enumerate who the "Eugene 'Bull' Connor" is for today.

Please show his fact to us or drop the analogy.

"When We Get People Into Power Who Love Our Black Children And Care About The Black Community Things Will Improve For The Black Community In Philadelphia"

As I matriculated through the School District Of Philadelphia in the 1980's this is the key talking point that I heard from various Black Education activists who were engaged in a "struggle".
Fast forward several decades later and - by all accounts - they have reached a "Mission Accomplished" condition of what they set out to do on the front end.   The school system and the city are run by "favorable people".   There is no "Tea Party Militia Member" around in Philly to create mischief.

The problem is, as is so often the case - the front end METHODOLOGY that has been adopted by the "Black Racial Services Machine" in Philly has been a smashing success.  The fundamental deliverable which triggered the investment of the Black community in support of its 'Community Development Hopes' has been a miserable failure.   With 160,000 school children, almost 65% Black - the Philadelphia Public Schools are now run by an state sponsored control board in search of reforms.   The poverty rate for the students is 70%.  Considering the antics that are going on in the leadership over the schools and the city - I don't have confidence that this poverty rate will be mitigated as more of them are turned into the "UN-Least of These People" based on the proper function of the local "Human Resource Development Institutions" that were so much a part of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" as power was assumed within their halls.

WHYY - Radio Times - Philadelphia public schools, after Arlene Ackerman

Racism Chasers Don't Need Divergence In Race To Execute Their Forte' 

  • "In a room full of Black people calling this firing 'Racism' doesn't make sense"
  • "There are rules for women, there are rules for men......There are rules for Black people and there are rules for White people..............I am a double minority" 
  • "We had a Black school superintendent for 11 years (prior to Ackerman). She was a beloved figure when she came in.  She was a beloved figure when she was here.  She was a beloved figure when she left.  She was a double-minority as well but she negotiated her way through it"
  • "Children of color don't get a fair shake in their education unless some adult stands up for them........without someone standing up for them they are destined to receive an INFERIOR EDUCATION"
  • "When there is an issue in Philadelphia and you can't figure the source of it think twice because RACE is the likely reason for it in this diverse population"
  • "African Americans are a constituency that has been historically underserved" (unsaid statement - even when Favorable People are in power THIS REMAINS the case.  This should cause all CONSPIRING NEGROES to see that in compromising themselves for their political machine is merely a compromise of themselves and the institutions that are needed for their uplift)
  • "People who get lynched don't get to go home and certainly they don't get almost a million dollars"
  • "Scaling back Dr Ackerman's Promise Academies was like 'turning (fire) hoses on the children' "
  • "The SRC sole Dr Ackerman's job and she was yet another Black woman beat up and trashed"
  • "The SRC carries the White man's water"
  • "The SRC favored the White Racist Supremacist Unions over African-American contractors"
  • The State Of Pennsylvania Is Sitting Back And Watching Philadelphia Sink

If we hear the words "Racism" and "Lynching" ever when favorable Black Progressives hold all of the power........what chances are there that these words will be withheld when there is DIVERSITY in the power structure?

From The Article

In the most egregious example, she not only overruled the School Advisory Council at West Philadelphia High School, she implied that they had sold their children out to choose an educational management organization that had paid parents a pittance a year earlier to knock on their neighbors' doors and invite parents to school council meetings.
And they got played in a backroom maneuver after approving a vote by the Martin Luther King High School's parent-led SAC to turn over the reform of King to Mosaica Turnaround Partners.

Archie, who had recused himself from the public vote because of a prior conflict of interest, later met with John Porter of Mosaica, State Rep. Dwight Evans and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Leroy Nunery to discuss a matter that he said he couldn't vote on.

A day later, Mosaica suddenly turned down a contract at King that could have netted the company $12 million a year, clearing the way for Foundations Inc., a firm that has been a regular and generous contributor to Evans' campaign coffers.

Foundations later walked away when the tricky dealing became public. Both the SRC and Ackerman claimed to be completely in the dark about the meeting.

This is the same SRC that found itself outside the loop two months ago when the district took a $7.5 million contract for security installations from Security & Data Technologies to give the work to IBS, a minority firm Ackerman favored.

Ackerman distanced herself from that decision. Nunery later claimed he'd made the decision without consulting anyone. Somehow, a $7.5 million deal got switched without an SRC vote.

So, why would we expect them to know why an educator with such a commendable record for improving academic achievement would get ushered to the exit just before the start of a school year?

Let me suggest a reason. The SRC couldn't dismiss her for cause without implicating themselves. So, they maintained the status quo by moving Nunery up one slot to interim CEO.

Now that they've changed the name on the CEO's door, they can return to their naps.

(MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.   WHO in the Black Press will figure out what the MISSION really was?  It CLEARLY was not a mission to lift up the Black people that matriculate through the doors of the institutions.)

The School System Of Philadelphia:

  • A "Mission Accomplished" School System And City Government Where "Favorable People" Are Now In Power After Decades Of "Struggle" For "Social Justice"
  • A School System That Crashed And Burned Several Years Ago - A State Take-Over To Initiate Reforms
  • The School System As A Contracting Scheme (Well Connected Favoritism And Minority Contracting)
  • The School System As A Jobs Programs - With Principals That Did Not Have The Proper Certifications Were Placed Into Power By The Superintendent
  • The Reform Plan Of The Failed "Martin Luther King Jr High School" As A Political Favoritism Scheme - The Political Hijinx In The School Reform Operators Contracting
  • Claims Of Racism And Sexism In A "Mission Accomplished City"
  • A School System Of 160,000 Children, 65% Black And 70% Of Them Qualifying For Free Lunch Per Their Poverty
  • A Former Superintendent Is Now A "Chef Who Would Not Eat At Her Own Restaurant" Stating In Her Departure Letter That VOUCHERS To Allow The Children To "Eat Elsewhere" Is The Only Solution For Parents Who Seek Quality Education To Receive It
  • The Education Of The CHILDREN Is Apparently The Lowest Priority For The Adults Involved In The Political Battle

Though Individual Players Are Tossed - THE MACHINE Always Manages To Remain Standing, Regardless Of How Much They Injure Black Students

The sad part is that Philadelphia is but one episode of a series and saga that is playing all other the nation where Black children are concerned.

As we consider what the "Black Press" DOES Choose To Invest Its Time And Investigative Resources Upon - Per The Guidance Of Its "OWNERS" - Might The Conditions Seen In Philly, Atlanta, Chicago and Newark be evidence of that which is allowed to FESTER in the dark because of the bias and ideological mission that the Black Press operates within?

Please Discontinue The "Civil Rights Meme" For Education.
YOU ARE NOT PREPARED To Treat The VIOLATIONS Of Our Black Children As An EQUAL Assault As When A "Tea Party Klansman" Does Far Less.

In Your "Struggle Meme" You Have Had So Much Success That The "Infinite Universe" That You Had Operated In Has Now Doubled Back Upon Itself.  The Tail Lights That You Are Chasing From The Car That You See In Your Windshield Belong To The Same Car That You Are Riding In.

Request For Pardon For Marcus Garvey Rejected By The Obama Administration

Obama Rejects Marcus Garvey Pardon Request
(Salute to the co-founder of Afro Spear for this topic at hand)

Continuing on with the legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois and William Monroe Trotter who saw the message and infrastructure that Marcus Mosiah Garvey built up to migrate Black people forward without the framework of American Politics - the Obama Administration has rejected the pardon request to clear Garvey's name.

As I have noted several times per my previous research - in addition to the dogged attempts of J Edgar Hoover - operating in a capacity as a federal agent in a pre-FBI era the same forces in Black America that attacked Booker T Washington also conspired with Hoover to remove Garvey  from his perch of power.

When Hoover succeeded in getting Garvey ('s) Black behind locked up union leader A. Phillip Randolph penned a letter to Hoover offering any assistance that he could in deporting Garvey back to Jamaica.

From A.Philip Randolph - American Experience (Some of you won't believe me unless you saw it in writing from another source)

When Marcus Garvey arrived in Harlem seeking followers for his movement, Randolph became one of his strongest supporters. In the spring of 1917, Randolph, who at the time was a respected Harlem soapbox orator, presented Garvey to a Harlem audience and asked that they listen to the young man from Jamaica who was "one of the militant black fighters for social and racial justice." Randolph was particularly impressed by Garvey's ability to reach masses of people with his spellbinding speaking voice.

By 1920, however, Randolph and other influential black leaders had begun to question Garvey's motives and the overall feasibility of the Garvey movement, and The Messenger began to publicly critique the movement. The opposition of Randolph, Owen and others eventually escalated into the "Garvey Must Go" campaign calling for federal intervention and Garvey's deportation. Randolph specifically questioned the plausibility of a black shipping line and the creation of a Universal Negro Improvement Association-controlled empire in Africa.
Let is index where we are:

  1. The Prevailing Progressive Force In Black America - Hated Booker T Washington as an "Uncle Tom"
    1. They rejected his call for Black people to focus on building up "organic competencies" for immediate trade instead of pursuing the course of "Social Justice" without the necessary leverage
    2. Booker T Washington and Marcus Garvey were pen pals - expressing mutual admiration
  2. The Prevailing Progressive Force In Black America - Hated Marcus Garvey
    1. In my book Garvey, while he did have his flaws and had thugs that intimidated his critics - erected the most successful "Organic National Black Community Infrastructure For Black Mobility" than any other group - with respect to that which stood against Black people at the time.
      1. Today various Black Christian Churches and the Nation Of Islam have amassed more money on relative terms.  They don't have the scale and scope that UNIA had.
  3. Some of Malcolm X's family members were "Garveyites" and from this the reformed "Malcolm Little" would base his Black Nationalist foundation upon what his family members had noted to him
  4. W.E.B. Du Bois and William Monroe Trotter campaigned to have the Black people who could vote to support then candidate Woodrow Wilson for President.   As a Progressive they figured that he would be the best hope for Black people
    1. When Wilson got into office he resegregated the federal offices in Washington DC telling his intention to show any Negro who assumed that a vote in his favor would sway his opinions "how mistaken they were".  

What about what Marcus Garvey was doing as he grew an increasingly large set of Black followers - creating JOBS, and lifting up their self-worth - proved to be threatening to Randolph and Du Bois?   What caused these Progressives to hate Garvey so much that they would conspire with their COMMON OPPRESSOR in order to remove the "Threat" that the US Federal Government and the Black Progressives had in common?  

Is there any evidence of this same "Only One Black Thought At A Time Can Stand" at play today?

The "Garvey Must Go" Campaign
PBS - American Experience
When Marcus Garvey first arrived in the United States in 1916, he quickly found his way to many of New York's most prominent black radical activists and intellectuals. And, at least briefly, Garvey enjoyed their support.

But by 1920, A. Philip Randolph and other black leaders, some of whom had supported Garvey after his arrival in the United States, came to believe that Garvey's program for black advancement was unsound, and that Garvey himself was a charlatan. Though they admired his skills as a propagandist, these prominent black critics derided Garvey's proposed solutions for the problems of African Americans. They believed that his plans for black progress, including the Black Star Line and the establishment of a pan-African empire, were unrealistic and ill-advised; they considered the Universal Negro Improvement Association's grandiose titles and military regalia to be preposterous; and they thought Garvey, with his assumption of a regal posture under the title "Provisional President of Africa," to be little more than a self-aggrandizing buffoon. A. Philip Randolph, who had introduced Garvey to his first American audience on a Harlem street corner, said Garvey had "succeeded in making the Negro the laughingstock of the world."

Federal investigations into the finances of the Black Star Line, along with a blistering analysis of the shipping line by W.E.B. Du Bois in the NAACP's Crisis magazine, gave fuel to Garvey's black critics. Randolph personally critiqued the economic feasibility of the Black Star Line in The Messenger , an influential magazine he co-edited with Chandler Owen, and accused Garvey of squandering the hard-earned money of his hard-working, poor supporters.

Black opposition to Garvey coalesced into what came to be known as the "Garvey Must Go" Campaign. Supporters of the campaign, known collectively as the Friends of Negro Freedom, intended to unmask Garvey as a fraud before his black supporters. They also appealed to the federal government to step up investigations of irregularities in the Black Star Line, and to look into alleged acts of violence on the part of Garvey's inner circle.

The "Garvey Must Go" Campaign gained momentum after Garvey held a secret meeting with Edward Young Clarke, the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, in June 1922. Immediately afterward, Randolph and Owen's Messenger magazine published an article entitled "Marcus Garvey! The Black Imperial Wizard Becomes Messenger Boy of the White Klu Klux Kleagle." Black leaders were further infuriated when they learned that Garvey, at a speaking engagement in New Orleans, remarked that because black people had not built the railroad system, they should not insist on riding in the same cars with white patrons.

The Messenger vowed to begin a vigorous editorial campaign against Garvey, and promised to "[fire] the opening gun in a campaign to drive Garvey and Garveyism in all its sinister viciousness from the American soil." The campaign from this point on was characterized by vitriolic personal attacks on both sides, and by escalating threats of violence. "Garvey Must Go" meetings were violently dispersed by Garvey's followers. A. Philip Randolph received the severed hand of a white man in the mail. It was accompanied by a note signed by the K.K.K., but Randolph believed the hand had been sent by the U.N.I.A.

On January 15, 1923, a group of eight prominent African Americans petitioned Attorney General Harry M. Daugherty asking the U.S. government to continue its prosecution of Garvey on charges of mail fraud, and to investigate acts of violence attributed to Garvey's followers -- among them, the assassination in early January 1923 in New Orleans of J. W. H. Eason, Garvey's former deputy, who had been expelled from the movement at the August 1922 Convention on charges of personal misconduct. The letter of petition ended by urging the Attorney General to "use his full influence completely to disband and extirpate this vicious movement," and imploring him to "vigorously and speedily push the government's case against Marcus Garvey for using the mails to defraud."

Garvey would eventually be convicted of mail fraud charges in 1923. He was jailed in the Atlanta federal penitentiary in February 1925, where he would serve almost three years of a five-year sentence. And in 1927, Garvey would be deported from the United States, never to return.

Article From Carib Life Central
THE already strained relations between the Barack Obama administration and the Government of Jamaica could be in for more severe testing, as the US government now says the granting of a pardon to Jamaica’s National Hero Marcus Garvey would be a waste of time and resources, since Garvey has been dead for ages.
A report in the Sunday Observer says the flat rejection of a request for a presidential pardon for Jamaica's first national hero, the Right Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, follows an eventual reply to Florida-based Jamaican-born attorney Donovan Parker, who has been writing to president Obama every week since January, requesting a posthumous pardon for Garvey.
Many believe that Garvey was set up by the J Edgar Hoover-led Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), fearful of his widening popularity among downtrodden US blacks.
Garvey was imprisoned for mail fraud totalling US$25 in June 1923, and after spending two years and nine months in an Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, was deported from New Orleans, Louisiana to Jamaica on a ship.
The Sunday Observer says it acquired a copy of one letter sent by Parker to the US President, and the first ever reply from the White House on the matter .
"Marcus Mosiah Garvey is also a National Hero of Jamaica, West Indies and a leading forebear of the African American civil rights experience," wrote Parker.

Can The Progressive & Black Press Represent The Interests Of The Black Community - Distinctly From The Interests Of The Political Arm?

Obama faces uncomfortable questions from black community, lawmakers

Another story about "President Obama AND The Black Community" from The Washington Post (owners of "The") and yet another story of how the press gets it wrong.

In various articles there is talk about the entities of:

  1. The Black Community (Black Voters)
  2. Black Elected Officials
  3. The Obama Administration
The big question for the 2012 Presidential Elections is "Will the Black Voter Show Up For Obama As They Did In 2008?".  

Listen to the Black Press and that same question is processed as "The Republicans Seek To Suppress The Black Vote By Creating Doubts In Obama".  (One article a few weeks ago said "doubts in the ability of a Black president to lead the nation")

Listen to the Mainstream Progressive Press and they appear clueless to the architectural model that I have assembled about the relationship between Blacks, the Black Racial Services Machine and Obama.   Obama IS the VEHICLE through which Black Progressive Operatives that have the strongest influence upon Black America hope to achieve their "Community Development Goals".   

All the while they are seeking to appraise how the present economic conditions threaten to turn up the pressure on Obama to deliver - they appear equally inept (or corrupt) in their willingness to INSPECT THE FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION:  Is The Assumption That The Progressive Joint-Venture That The All Of The Elements On The Bullet List Above Will Lift The Black Community Up To Our Desired Level Working?  Is It Even POSSIBLE That It Could Ever Work.

The Washington Post is not going to note that the cascade of Black Elected Officials - throughout the nation are the executive fruit of the "Bayard Rustin Black Community Development Scheme Through Voting For The Democrats".   They are the progressives that are in strategic position necessary to push "progressive public policy".   President Obama is the cherry on top of this grand plan.

They want us to look at the people in the seats of power as the evidence of the success of their plan.
Consequentially they want us to look past the actual conditions of Black people on our streets, in our schools, in the work-places that were not developed as a result of this grand scheme.   If the Washington Post and like-minded media did in fact take up these Progressive forces, calling them on their claim that they are OF THE PEOPLE - they might be forced to publish a damning investigative report based on the numbers that prove otherwise.

The Washington Post ultimately buys into the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" dogma in their reporting on the Black Community and its power structure.   The Black Racial Services Machine - composed of the Black Elected Officials, Civil Rights Pharisee Organizations, The Black Press Operations - want us to believe that gap between Black and White represent the ROAD THAT HAS NOT BEEN TRAVELED in their struggle.   

The truth is that when we slap a "Time Line" upon their struggle, noting the amount of time, the great investments in their cause from the Black community and the resulting INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL that they have amassed over key community development resources - the Washington Post and others would be forced to appraise the basic EFFECTIVENESS of the "Social Justice Distribution Model".  It would look for evidence of UPLIFT rather than agreeing to follow the obfuscatory path where a small force like the "Tea Party" is inflated by the media into a worthy forbearance from scrutiny of the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES of the forces that have been erected to defend and grow the interests of the Black community.   This after so many years and so much investment in the cause.

The 2012 Election For Black People Is Not About "Reelecting Obama Against The Backdrop Of A Tea Party Candidate".   2012 Is A Vote Of Confidence In The Development Track For The Black Community

Back in early 2008 I told everyone that "I am not watching (candidate) Obama - I AM WATCHING BLACK FOLKS!!!".   This is why I am not surprised that with the 2012 campaign heating up the embedded confidence men are desperate to make it a vote about the "Tea Party" rather than about the present status of the Black community after having purchased 'Hope & Change'.    

The key point that the Black masses appear not to see is that just as the confidence men sold us on what would happen in 2009-2013 they are now covering their bases by telling us that in 2013-2016 Obama as a lame duck that doesn't have to worry about reelection will "really" be able to cater to the Black community this time.

This entire line of reasoning shows that lack of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that exists within the Black community.  Those with intimate knowledge of our people realize that a "scared Black person" made to be put into a "Racially Defensive Posture" will look past the skepticism that was built up from being shorted in the past and agree to invest his "equal Black ballot" yet again.   Throughout these 47 years by which our "equal Black ballot" has been secured by the government - they have little inclination to demand a "401K statement" that shows our return on investment.  

The Black community has been conditioned to operate like a team in the proverbial "Malcolm X Political Football Game" rather than as the star running back that I heard radio sportscasters talking about over the weekend.   A running back who posted the best numbers in the NFL is under contract but is holding out from training camp until the team pays him more money.   He knows his value on the field.  He is filling the seats in the stadium for the benefit of the owners and television broadcasters and those who purchase commercials to entice viewers.    He is not going to allow anyone to tell him that his value and integrity is less than what he KNOWS OF HIMSELF.

What entity stands as the transparent defender of the interests of the Black community - separate and distinct from the EXECUTIVE channels who have adopted certain METHODOLOGIES that they claim will cure our people yet are not subjected to the scrutiny of their performance?  They only need to be PROGRESSIVE in order to pass with flying colors in the eyes of the corrupt evaluation committee. 

Surely the Black Press and Progressive Press is not this entity.  

Rebranding Of The "WITHIN The Black Community Blog"

 The second "P" in the long version of the name of this blog has been changed from "Policy" to "Priorities", and necessarily so.

Greater than a problem with "Public Policy" (which is ultimately derived from politics) the Black Community in its present composition has a problem with PRIORITIES.

The frequent statements of "We Need To Do {fill in the blank with 'THIS' }" or "I commit from here on out to {fill in the blank with 'THAT'}" does not seem to last but for a few days when an INTERNAL or EXTERNAL bigot - who feels threatened by the heightened sense of purpose that has gathered among Black people chooses to test the waters to see just how serious Blacks are.

Indeed - several years ago as I attended a "Community Organizing Meeting" at a large activist church in Atlanta - the head pastor was heard saying before the crowd "We as Black people need to stay off local news media and not worry so much about what they say about us.  We need to commit to all that we have agreed to in this meeting today."

This was on a Saturday.   By that next Wednesday I saw this same preacher on the local television news with a microphone in front of his face - speaking on behalf of the "Concerned Black Clergy Of Metro Atlanta" in response to some incident that went down that week over which they were upset.

So much for that which was committed to just a few short days prior.

Worse than the notion that the priorities can be subverted (emergencies justify such an act, for example) are the categories of things that are seen as WORTHY PREEMPTIONS, which cause that which was clear in our minds to be placed into forebearance.

I am personally of the opinion that certain forces that influence the Black community would prefer to have a "Ideologically Unified Congregation", placing the benefit of our concentrated effort over calibration toward EFFECTIVENESS, over their choice to develop a SYSTEM through which EFFECTIVENESS is achieved because MANAGEMENT affords course corrections and the appropriate tools for the job.

As we see with the present infighting on the Black Progressive Left - the present system is intolerant.  The forces with cascading influence over our people's "consciousness narrative"  reserve the right to stand up our ENEMIES and our FRIENDS - attacking the former and defending the later - even as their antics stretch credulity.

"Credibility and Integrity" only matter in a contextual sense.  The "All White Jury" of the past used their agreement that "credibility" of their judgements were reserved for jury rulings involving exclusively White people.  The integrity that they were holding up in all of their cases, irrespective of race, was the integrity toward "White Supremacy". 

In the case of the modern day Black community the "credibility and our integrity" needs to be affixed to a system that is more TRANSPARENT toward our ultimate Permanent Interests" than what we have evolved to today.   "Congregational Majorities" now define:
  • The Prevailing Policy Agenda
  • What we should be outraged about
  • What we should be silent about lest our rightful outrage produce a "dirty laundry" effect
The claim of "Our enemies are watching us" provides more of an impetus than the fact that WE are also "Watching Us" - and noting the compromised positions that occur from this feigned external focus that works for the benefit of the Black Establishment Forces, allowing them to evade consequences for their deliverables.

Priorities Are Ultimately A Show Of Self-Worth And Self-Respect

Honor and honesty to one's self are the foundational building blocks upon which larger societal honor is constructed upon.

We have been lulled into the notion of "We do not need to act a certain way as a condition for receiving respect from others in our society.  This respect is innate to our citizenship and humanity".

This point need not be contested for the "anti-matter" supposition to also be true:  With respect and discipline amongst yourselves - the leverage that is necessary to shape the relationships with others are formed.  Those groups that have a rather disciplined culture of commerce that they can leverage are seen migrating to various places around the world and replicating what they know to do.

Likewise, those who don't develop this about themselves, failing to inculcate their progeny into such a "functional culture" will find themselves without leverage. 

In both cases they are likely scorned but one is able to overcome this antagonistic force per the leverage that they have built up.

How can this leverage be more universally received unless it is incubated from within first?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Which Black Congressman From Florida Has Disrespected Black People More?

Video Evidence
Constructive Feedback Analysis
Rep Allen West (R-FL)

According to Black-Wing Talk Radio he insulted Black People by:

  1. Saying that Blacks are on the 'Democratic Plantation'
  2. Showed that he is unstable and disrespectful as he attacked a White woman the head of the Democratic National Committee - Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
  3. Attacked Keith Ellison - A Muslim member of the CBC
  4. Since West stands with the Tea Party he stands against Black People
  5. He is a fierce critic of President Obama and this will surely win him no Black Progressive friends - look at how they dealt with West and Smiley

West Appears On Fox News - not to stand against Fox News' hosts in their "racist" attacks on Black people but to allow them to assist him in getting his message out to his Tea Party friends.  An unforgivable sin to any "Black Politician in
good standing with the Black Progressive Electorate"
Rep West needs to drop the Slave Analogies for Black people.  This is a tired and over used reference.  Sadly 200 years from now some people will see a Black person and STILL see someone who has been negatively impaced from "American Chattel Slavery".

I thing that Rep West is ultimately a creature of the "American Political Domain" but with some good ideas on the need to achieve more of our goals through our community institutions.

Unfortunately on events like the NATO bombing of Libya he too will consider legal and military logistical matters instead of keying in upon the prescedent that this sets up for future invasions of African nations by imperialist and colonialist powers.
Rep Fredrica Wilson (D-FL)

At the Congressional Black Caucus Jobs Fair Rep Wilson stood at the podium and said the words that brought her cheers from the Black Progressive-Fundamentalists, having taken a page out of the book that Rep Maxine Waters had opened days before when she too got a thunderous applause from saying "The Tea Party Can Go To Hell!!!!"

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!
Credit should be given to Reps Wilson and Waters for knowing their audience and what they DEMAND.

Unfortunately this intimate knowledge of how many Black people thinkg allowed them to stand in front of a large gathering of unemployed Black people and say the words to produce a produce a loud cheer rather than a demand for a "No Confidence Vote" against their leadership for having failed to produce sufficient jobs in the Miami area (and other Mission Accomplished Cities). Though Rep Wilson is new to Washington DC - she clearly shows that she has mastered the game.
REAL WORLD BLACK PEOPLE Waiting For Jobs At The CBC Jobs Fair In Atlanta No Analysis Needed

  • After 45 Years Of The "Bayard Rustin - Take Control Of The Black Community By Voting For Progressive Democrats - Black People Are Still Catching "Economic Pneumonia "
  • Though Various Black JingOist Blogs Can Print Out A Long List Of "What Obama Has Done For Black America" And "We Should All Personally Thank Him For Because He Didn't Have To Do Such Great Things For Those Who Don't Appreciate His Time And Brilliance"

    My only question is - Of the people standing in long lines in the various CBC Job Fairs - How many of them took a hold of Nancy Peloisi's talking point which argued "Obama has created more jobs in 1 year than Bush had created in 8 years?"

    As a people who are so ensconced into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - living vicariously through Obama, susceptible to the diversion attempts of the Embedded Confidence Man Elected Officials who should be held accountable and inundated with streaming propaganda from the neo-LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press - that Black people are willing to carry someone else's water more than we are inclined to set a line in the sand over which WE will not step at the urging of someone seeking to play upon our fears.

    It is clear that Wilson and Waters have no intention of making strong Black INDIVIDUALS within our community and West has no intention of notating a pathway for development of our people outside of the realm where the donkeys and elephants spread their manure. 

    Absent a force that maintains the integrity of our institutions - we will continue to be disproportionately represented in "The Least of These".   I am not sure if some people don't want it that way.  An aggrieved, ignorant group is more easily manipulated.   A perfect analogue resides in the Tea Party.

    While The Civil Rights Pharisees Amassed In Washington DC So "Self-Celebrate" - A Black Man Was Shot 5 Times On MLK Jr Blvd In Atlanta

    No comments for this post.
    If I hadn't posted the screen print from the newspaper some of you wouldn't believe me.

    The Multi-Racial Progressive-Joint Venture In Georgia Fear Georgia Becoming A 'Super White Majority-Lead" State

    Either I am a Black man who was blind as the forces of my people's eventual re-enslavement were converging around me (in the form of the Tea Party ) - fencing us in prior to striking out at us with the fatal blow - OR...............................

    That which is seen in Georgia (and other states) as push back against confiscatory progressive public policy  is proof of the past fatal mistakes by the "Black Racial Services Machine" which will make Black people vulnerable as we remain in our "Least Of These Status".

    Clearly the masks have come off.
    Politics has become Race.
    Race has become Politics.

    Many of those loyal White Democrats who were "on our side" because of their party membership have been either forced out of office via an election or opted to "move over to the enemy" for the sake of survival.

    Fear not.  I have already predicted that after this nation experiences the predicted racial demographic changes - the White Conservative and the White Progressive will one day retreat to a land of their own as they continue their intramural battle without the guise of "racial diversity" employed to tip the balance.

    The Real Question That Must Be Asked Is - What Is The State Of The Black Community After The Take Over Of The Key Development Institutions Within Our Communities By "Favorable People"

    Last week I heard a Black wing-talk radio host sound like a radio broadcaster in Rwanda.  She specified the enemy of Black people as "White Republican males" and "White Republican females".  Never before have I heard an Embedded Confidence man make such a granular indictment about "White Racism" - narrowed down specifically to party membership.   Indeed the masks of the Embedded Confidence Men are coming off.

    I am not proclaiming that the Tea Party Republicans are VICTIMS of the attacks made by the Black Racial Services Machine as were the Tutsis.  My point is that the PROPAGANDISTS who's job it is to get the masses focused upon the designated enemy is common between these two events.

    The greatest indictment is that as the Black Racial Services Machine gained power over time - they largely failed to deliver upon the promises made to our people as they compelled us to make an investment in their cause.

    Yesterday on the rebroadcast of the "Al Sharpton Show" the "guest bigot" in the broadcast seat said "If The Tea Party Gets Into Power In 2012 ...... Black People Will Be Eating Bread And Water".  The key point that he was not able to process is that despite all of the "success" that Blacks have had in investing in the Progressive Democratic Party - we are STILL disproportionately represented among "The Least Of These".

    The same Southern states that are becoming more "racist" because they are "reddening" are the very same Southern Confederate States than an increasing number of "Black Flight Progressives" are moving into in search of opportunity.  Opportunity that they found lacking in the "Northern Mission Accomplished States".

    The sight of increased Progressive domination in "Mission Accomplished Zones" like Chicago, Philadelphia and Newark provides affirmation that the "Black Agenda's" completion is closer than ever.
    The sight of growth in Conservative forces is a threat, even if more "Black Flight Progressives" choose to live among the Conservatives as a more certain way to obtain their "Black Permanent Interests".

    The Entrenched Ideological Bigotry Of The Black Racial Services Machine Prevents Them From Representing The Best Interests Of The Black Community

    Why is it that the Tea Party that insults the "Black President" is more evidence of hatred for Black people than the results provided by the Memphis Public School System which claimed itself insolvent and asked to be fused with the smaller (more White) county-wide school system of Shelby County?

    When Black people are made to prioritize the METHODOLOGY through which we are to achieve our "Permanent Interests" but when obvious shortfalls exist in attainment we are lulled by racial fear to continue down the path - we have lost our way as a community.  The failure to push back creates a state of COMPLICITY in the results that are obtained.

    The sad part about this present Republican reconvergence in the South is that the Black Racial Services Machine has not built up an alternate channel outside of the realm of politics which affords our people solace if and when the (racist) Republicans strike out at Democrats and Progressives.   With Blacks allowing themselves to be cast into "Progressives with a soot covering upon them" - that lashing out is just - even if some choose to claim that RACE is the motivation.  Surely RACE was the gravitational pull that made the masses remain silent as to the flawed strategy.

    The most frustrating part of all of this is that while the "Cheshire Fox" that lead us into this corner is able to use his 9 lives and land on his feet even if he has to live among the Conservative Fox........the Embedded Black Fox Confidence men will suffer no damnation from the Black community for the largest injury that the Black community has sustained on his watch:  NO EVIDENCE OF COMPREHENSIVE AND ENDURING "ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT" among our ranks after he has taken over our institutions.