They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sitting On The Porch In The Summer-time Proves Deadly In Atlanta

AJC: 2 shot, 1 killed in Atlanta home

From The AJC Article:

A man sitting on his front porch was shot and killed -- and another man injured -- in Atlanta Saturday night, police said.

Atlanta police responding to a call at 3074 Waters St. in southwest Atlanta found two people shot just after 9 p.m.

One man was found dead on the porch of the residence.

The other shooting victim was found inside the home. He was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital and is listed as being in critical but stabilized condition.

Police have not released the victims' identities.

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Federal Debt Debate - Can The Black Progressive Sub-Prime Predatory Journalist Transparently Report Information Without Campaigning?

The Robert Henderson Jr - Obama's Enemies Want Him To Be A Black President With Bad Credit

Note: The Colored Bars are the plots of the expanded US Debt by president - using the numbers provided by The article.   Since Obama is the sitting president the data for the 2009 & 2010 debt limit increases and the proposed (presently under debate) numbers came from press reports.  The projections for future debt comes from Congressional Budget Office federal deficit projections.  (I will afix the actual numbers for the CBO projections through 2016 - and remove this part of the note)

On Wednesday of this week I sat in on a presentation review meeting with my boss's boss.  I was brought to the point of cursing in my mind as he took the data that I had collected on behalf of an important client and then trashed them.   He demanded quantitative information and not "platitudes" for the consulting recommendations to be presented to the customer.   At the end of the meeting I got past my frustration at having invested the time compiling information that I had collected and then edited from a team of other people ultimately having to toss a large portion of it.

A few day's later we had the actual customer meeting and it turned out that my up-line who pissed me off was correct in what the customer was going to do.   They challenged us to prove our findings using empirical data and not just pronouncements.

Years of this type of "abuse" - first by those inside of my company who don't want to be embarrassed by data - and then later by customers who are taking our recommendations and then needing to convince their own management that the strategy is sound.

In summary - scrutiny and then defense of your "numbers" is a good thing.   It forces those who generate opinion and analysis to operate within certain boundaries.

What Was The Grio-Root's Agenda In Their Obama Bad Credit Article?

When you see an operative projecting "Obama the 'Black President' " into a policy debate that has nothing to do with his race - you should understand that you are dealing with a scoundrel who is seeking to compel YOU into a racially defensive posture so that they can ultimately advance their own agenda.

The analysis of The Grio's Robert Henderson Jr should be filed along with the recent open letter from radio mogul Tom Joyner who suggested that Blacks should reelect Commander In Chief Obama for the purposes "Black racial pride".

As you come across people like this you are advised to hide your wallet.

The chart above attempts to unravel the application of factual data to make a dishonest point.  This is what Mr Henderson is guilty of doing.

Shame On You Mr Henderson & The Root.Com

Let me start out with my conclusion:
WHEN (not if) Commander In Chief Barack Obama, having been successfully elected to a second term in office is also tagged as having grown a debt in 8 years that is larger than George W Bush's ($6.1T) debt - do not expect the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" to report this news as an INDICTMENT.

These are strange days that we are living in.
If you have ever took time to sit back and analyze the key principles of  Hard-Left/Progressive-Fundamentalist economic policy analysis, you'd know that "Ronald Reagan" is at the heart of their discussions which ask "What happened to the economic engine of the United States that it is now derailed?"

"Reagan inflated the national debt!!! Clinton left office with a surplus"are their key talking points.  (In addition to them targeting Reagan for "union busting" w/ the PATCO strike and his visit to Philadelphia MS to send a message to Black people).

It is quite odd, then, to hear progressives of today point to Reagan's debt spending - not in the pretext of spitting upon him but instead to gain cover on behalf of Commander In Chief Obama so that he too can put through blog buster debt spending.

Seriously people - how do you do these things?   How do you logically promote something that you had previously denounced YET receive comfort that it is your ADVERSARY who is the hypocrite because he now opposed what he once supported?    In the consciousness of 'Keep Your Enemy On Trial" - you are not prone to see your own shift in viewpoint as well.  Are ye not less of a hypocrite?

The bottom line of the graph below is that Mr Henderson of The Grio-Root is using a slight of hand in which he has no respect for TIME (terms in office).

We have presidents that have served two terms (8 years) upon which their debt is attached to and we have few that have  a few that only served one term in office.   Commander In Chief Obama has only been in office since January 2009 - this is about 2.5 years out of his 4 years of a presidential term.

Mr Henderson main agenda is to ask "Where is the outrage" over these others.  He uses the virtual qualifiers of "!" and then "Even" to give away his hand.  (Side note: There are still some propagandists who are going around saying that Clinton cleared the US debt, with some of these people claiming that he had a $5.4T SURPLUS that Bush squandered.  Some people do not understand the difference between a debt and a deficit)

The fact is, Mr Henderson - there were two Debt Ceiling Increases under Obama already -

  • $290B in late 2009
  • $1,900B in 2010
Henderson appears content to enumerate the tale of the tape with these other presidents, hitting Bush II in particular.  He appears loathed to talk about Commander In Chief Obama's TRAJECTORY which has him on pace to exceed Bush's deficit spending.

Fear not though people.   If the Obama Fist Bump Black Press is allowed to edit the messages - we will be told that Obama spent the money because he had to first clean up after Bush II and then he had a Republican House that did everything possible to wreck the Black President's credit report.  (Oh - excuse me.  They are already reporting that message)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Disturbing Interviews On "Tell Me More" With Only One Of Them Likely Causing A Disturbance Among The Base Of Listeners

I empathize with Progressive-Fundamentalists on occasion as indeed certain members of the "Tea Party" provide ample evidence in support of the image that the left has engineered about them.

Tea Party Patriots Spokeswoman Shelby Blakely should be kept away from the microphone. While I believe her to be correct regarding the long term budgetary outlook of the federal government - her framework of solutions prove problematic.

The fact is that the Republican only control one half the legislative branch and her Tea Party caucus only controls a small portion of the Republican caucus. It is able enough to hold up legislation but not enough to reconstruct the government's balance sheet and working order.

Michele Martin's question to Ms Blakely in which her qualifications as compared with the experts that she disagrees with was masterful. (I would love to see her make the same challenges against those on the left that she is more inclined to agree with).

My hope (and assumption) is that the House Republicans are seeking to drag the nation into seeing that we are on an unsustainable fiscal trajectory and our undivided commitment to change course is necessary. At the same time they also need to be conscious of the damage that increased interest rates will bring to all.

Rep Emanuel Cleaver

Unlike the Tea Party operative, Rep Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) is an elected official and as a result his answers were more coherent in respect to how the system actually works - as opposed to how it "ideally should work".

Cleaver's argument is that the damage done by a loss in "AAA" credit rating would be far more deleterious than what a $2T increase in allowable debt would bring. I agree.

After that we part company.
I have noted constantly that the Progressive is unmatched in his ability to frame issues into the "clear and present TRANSACTION" while failing to make note of the last cycle and/or the impending future.

The last time there was a "confidence vote" he noted the damage that would be borne by "The Vulnerable Masses" IF their sole funding source was taken away by austerity cuts. Most rational people would agree that "Grandma would be hurt" if these funds were taken away.

My problem with Cleaver's style is that he and other Progressives are never held to account for the failure to build up the INSTITUTIONS that they now have control over. The institutions that were supposed to build up the competencies of the masses:

  • Making more of them productive - and adding money to the pot
  • Ultimately paying for the expanded entitlements that the "Social Justice" platform calls for
What we actually see is that the immediate indictment lapses as time and attention pass by.  The correlated agreement for reform and productivity increases are lost.   Thus the cycle is restarted as a crisis is confronted.

The Narrative Of The Loss In Black Wealth

Again I credit Rep Emanuel Cleaver on his narrative about the great loss in Black wealth.

He knew that he had a problem on his hand with respect to his party's "Wins" and the Black community's "Loses" so he took the lead in assigning a narrative:

"Black people have the balance of our wealth in houses and Black people were TARGETED by the banks, who stole away our wealth"

This is a definitive accusation.  It has "cause", "effect" and a motive of RACISM(!!!!).

The primary thing that it lacks - and my prime indictment against it - is PROPORTIONALITY.

Total US Home Ownership Rates (~67.5%)

Economic Policy Institute (2009)

Do you see that if you don't stake out the dimensions for the debate that those people who have a vested interest in arguing a particular point - for the purposes of self-protection - will do so, unabated.

The question in rebuttal to Rep Cleaver's claims that the BANKS caused the precipitous loss in Black wealth as they "targeted Black people" with high interest loans is to force him to use the resources that he has to define he PORTION of Black people who suffered this fate in relation to the whole.

Did all 46.2% of Black people receive sub-prime loans?
Was it 50% of this total (46.2% of the total Black population of adults and 50% of this 100% )?
Was it 10%?

I get suspicious when an INDICTMENT is used as a substitute for structured analysis.
Fro past experience - the example of a given range of scoundrels is sufficient to convince the masses that "We Wuz Done Wrong".   Rep Cleaver and others are thus allowed to continue on as the "Defenders of Black Interests".

Will any one ask if they were asleep at the switch the last time when all of occurred and thus this too is a terminable offense?

The "Humanitarian Mission" On Libya By The American Imperialist And 3 African Colonizers Protect Libyans By Bombing The Television Broadcast Infrastructure In Libya

More damaged that the Libyan infrastructure that was judged to be a "humanitarian threat" is the credibility of those who chant "Free The Land" as they gather together in America with their hearts in Africa.
At this point is is clear that the question is no longer "What will NATO and the American military do in Libya".  Instead the question is "What won't they do in the future with the facts being clear that they won't be checked by either:
  • A massive anti-war movement in America and globally
  • An organized effort by Afro-Centric American Black who see that this is not the way to "Free The Land"

Friday, July 29, 2011

"Do You Regret Switching Over?"

"Do You Regret Switching Over, Attorney Bell?"

This was the question that a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist caller asked Ashley Bell this morning on WAOK AM's "Lorraine Jacques White Show".

Ashley Bell, long time political analyst in Metro-Atlanta shocked the world last year when he notified his listening audience that he had switched to the dark side.  He left the Democratic Party and became a Black Republican.

The main change that his "departure" has brought forth is that, now that he is "out of the closet" his analysis of politics as it relates to the preferences of his Black Democratic audience is more purposefully balanced.  Where as the prevailing theme on Black-Wing Talk Radio is to fuse the Democratic Party with Black Interests and attack Republicans - Attorney Bell is a bit more introspective and strategic in his analysis.

Indeed he tells of the 'missed opportunity' that the GOP has generated in their outreach to Black people as they pursue a given strategy.   But he gives more critical analysis of the DEMOCRATIC strategy as well.

It is important to understand that on Black-Wing Talk Radio most criticism of the Democrats are merely guised attacks upon them for not being "leftist" enough.   Its not that they failed in absolute terms.  They merely have failed to fight against the Republicans hard enough and thus don't have a "spine".

  • I have no problem at all with a single Black person who is a progressive and a Democrat
  • I have no problem with a group of Black people who assemble their common thoughts together into a coalition
  • I have no problem with this group forming an activist group
  • I don't even have a problem with them framing public policy issues from a progressive perspective and selling others on the notion that this is the best path way forward
What I can't tolerate is when a Black Progressive - faced with the sight that NOT EVERYONE AGREES WITH THEM - chose to label the opposition as RACIST.

On the one hand of the balance scale is the notion that, indeed, some of these people are motivated by racial interests and the unwillingness for them to let go of their (White) power.    (Of course their White Progressive friends that coalesce with Black people have let go of their own "White Supremacist" thoughts and just Luv black people)

The greatest indictment of Black Progressives who use the racism indictment is that far too often there is a large mass of "Dark-Matter" that accompanies their indictment against their enemies (Conservatives and Republicans) that they are not able to address as they tell the radio listening audience why RACISM(!!!) is the driving force of the opposition against Obama.

"Does The Black Community Regret Allowing The Hijacking Of Our Organic Community Development?

 The prevailing "Black Progressive political struggle motion" is TRANSACTIONAL in its composition.  We are told that the threatened cuts to Social Security is an "attack on grandma".  The goal is to focus the indictment and claims of 'meanspiritedness" upon the transaction at hand - Will the debt ceiling be raised and taxes be placed upon the rich so that the burden is "not placed upon the backs of the poor"?

The most frustrating part of this hijacked focus is that the Black Progressive is not compelled to acknowledge their failed "Black Community Uplift" efforts since the 1960's where the institutions that were to prosper when they took over have failed to provide the necessary uplift.

As we move forward past the indictment and look at 20 to 40 years out - the real cost to "Grandma" is that the Social Security system that they are now loathed to cut is likely to experience a massive fail.

In summary - the INDICTMENT is not the proposed cuts to Social Security as a means of constraining its cost foot print.  The real indictment is the long term massive impact that the Black community will suffer as Social Security's solvency erodes over time AND the institutions that we have invested our confidence in STILL have not produced the benefits to our people, allowing more of us to be the "Professional Service Agents" that our community needs to retain our desired living standards.

The drive for 'Social Justice' has our consciousness fused to the outward government instead of the alignment between our community goals and these needs.    The key point that is purchased with this hijacking is the SILENCE that transpires as the data points reveal stagnation rather than uplift.

How does a person fuse so much of their future upon an entity that is clearly listing?  

The problem is the lack of respect for our community institutions which is exploited by those who are more interested in maintaining ideological unity than they have the interest in managing our resources toward the required ends for our survival. 

Today - worse than any slave master than you can point to who is alive today - is the aggregate damage that is generated as the potential is squandered - mostly by ideological bigotry and hatred for the agreed upon enemy.   

That enemy seems a bit closer than ever.  He seems to be in our community control room.

There is no longer an "Organic Black Community Uplift Agenda" it is ONLY a political agenda in the "American Political Domain".

WHO is going to demand a "Switch Back"?

In Response To The US Census Racial Wealth Gap - Embedded Confidence Men State Authoritatively: "Something Must Be Done About This!!!"

Follow the bouncing ball on this one.

  1. An operative group assembles together.   Makes the case that as they work to control the Black community by placing "favorable people into power" - the Black community's development goals will be achieved
  2. They execute their plan for nearly 50 years, fusing the "Black Community Development Consciousness" and the "Equal Black Vote" into "The Urban Contemporary Strategy" 
  3. With their "Mission Accomplished" state according to the plan, Black people having made the requested is now time to look into our "Black Community Aggregate Value and Wealth" bucket
  4. A third party report shows that it has been used as a "Spittoon".
  5. The very same operatives who have been spitting in the receptacle express outrage at what the latest numbers say

When we consider the analysis of this condition which says that Whites have 20 times the wealth of Black people - note that the loss of home values is indeed the driving reason for this.

Those who are out front on this issue have a vested interest in diverting attention away from the governance model that is presently insufficient within the Black community and instead blaming it all on "Predatory Lending".

Of The Entire Population Of Black Home Owners - How Many Of Them Took Out "Mortgage Loans" During The Past 5 Years?

The primary means by which Black people are manipulated by the "embedded confidence men" is for them to make note of the sensibilities and sensitivities of our people and then LEAD with a narrative that drives home that point.

(Note: As a person who has just refinanced this month - I do not see the banks as my friend.  The numbers from my old loan and the years of interests that I have paid has me more committed than ever to go on an accelerated payment plan and get them out of my life.   I did not receive a "Predatory Rate".  Instead they came to me with a proposed rate adjustment for their customers with good payment histories but who could benefit from a reduced rate.)

If Stone Mountain Georgia (Dekalb County) is any reference - there are far more variables than "Predatory Lending" that explains the rampant loss of property values.   For those who know that the "Black people were targeted" narrative works best - they have no interest in pursuing these other points as they seek to construct an accurate model of events with the hopes of mitigating the situation in the future.

Who is defining for us the total population of Black home owners and then the portion of them who have refinanced or obtained a new loan at unfavorable terms during the period in question?

Of course job loss is a precipitating factor.  Those who can't pay their mortgage and then trigger a foreclosure result in drastically lowered home values.  The reduced price at which the foreclosure was sold at also reduces the valuation of the neighboring properties. 

Do You Notice How The Sales Men Are Always "Selling" And Never Take A Hit When Third Party Figures Provide "Constructive Feedback" On The Efficacy Of Their Agenda?

They set themselves as "advocates for the best interests of the Black community".
Note, however, that the first people they run to at the sight of such news provides evidence of what they are most interested in.

The latest US Census report, as well as each NUL "State Of Black America" report is taken to the legislative forces who are asked "What are YOU going to do about this situation?"

Rather amazingly - there is little evidence of a transparent entity within the Black community that is making note of our progress on a time line and asking the "Black Racial Services Machine" why their power keeps growing via their "joint-venture partnerships" yet the contents of the "Black Community Aggregate Value & Worth" seems a bit light in comparison to the investments made.

Our community has a governance and management problem.   
At present the "struggle motion" is focused upon promoting a given ideology (methodology) into the American Political domain.  When unfavorable statistics are transacted - even as the machine that has been assembled has maximum power over our communities - the tendency is to double down and "struggle harder" so that one day public policy can be changed so that we might receive our "social justice".

Is "social justice" achievable inside the Black community and then its excess projected outward as it is shared with others?   Or is it always necessary to seek "social justice" at the next higher rung of government and society - justifying our climb up to the next plateau so that the our dreams that were sold to us for the lower plateaus might be realized?

What happens when we run out of plateaus to claim up?

Condolences To The Family Of Rev Dr Howard Creecy Jr

SCLC leader Howard Creecy Jr. dies

Prior to the AJC article announcing his death, I did not realize that Rev Dr Creecy was the lead pastor at Olivet Church.  I pass by the building frequently and know several friends who attend the church.

Rev Dr Creecy came to my awareness as the new leadership for the problem plagued SCLC.

I will not harp on my disagreement with him at this time stemming from my one engagement with him.

Age 57 is far too young for an accomplished man who was a strong voice in the community to be taken away.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

13 Year Old Kidnapping/Rape Victim In Dekalb County GA Won't Trigger The Same Outrage As Did The "Racists" In West Virginia Who Kidnapped Megan Williams

DeKalb brothers charged with sexual assault of 13-year-old

I am not seeking to make light of this matter.
The pattern is clear.

When it comes to the question of an assault upon a Black person...............the race of the assailant determines the intensity of the outrage that is expressed by the forces of  "Fight The Power".

This post is not focused upon the rape of this 13 year old in Stone Mountain GA or the kidnapping and sexual assault of Megan Williams Of West Virginia in 2007.  (Note: Williams was also mentally challenged and recanted some portion of the original claims of assault. )

The real story here is how third parties make mischief with the news of a sexual assault.  Race is the caustic ingredient which defines the intensity of the public reaction (or none at all).

The use of the "protection of a woman's honor" as the proxy for racial outrage and/or violence has been an important attribute of the divide between Black and White since the origins of our interaction.  Of course the institution of slavery and Jim Crow had it as a given that a White man's sexual assault upon a Black female was condoned per the protections afforded to it under the law.  The failure to prosecute the action because the relative value of the White male to a Black female was a cornerstone of White Supremacy. Likewise Emmitt Till was murdered and his killers set free because he violated the "sanctity" of a White woman by whistling at her.  A "crime" that was punishable by death in Mississippi during his day.

As yet another example of how threats from back in the day are carried forward to this day, with such misplaced defensiveness causing a misappropriation of the protective cover needed to express the permanent interests of "Safe Streets" in the present day circumstances.

With so many of our community resources focused upon the external threat that has proven to be the agent which can provoke the strongest bonds of "enforced ideological unity" within the Black Community - the most frequent threats to our people within this protective cover often comes from the threats within.   After suffering from the "anti-matter" force called "benign neglect" - these, the would be "pillars of our community" are allowed to fester into the prevailing threats.  I have a large video library of Black women and senior citizens who are on the local news camera saying "I do not feel safe in this community.  I am looking for another place to live".

The New Governance Model Of The Black Community Via Management Science 

Why did I make this post?  (Besides the claims that "I hate Black people" as a "self-hater"?)

The answer is because I see that the only way to obtain the desired outcomes within the Black community is by forcing a set of dimensions which function as confinements by those who seek to "boil the ocean" in the maintenance of their agenda.

In this particular confinement my goal is to establish a COST that is borne on the backs of the Black community as the embedded confidence men promote the threat of the White (racist) enemy who seeks to rape all of our women over their fiduciary responsibility to maintain a normalized level of safety and protection for all who are within - REGARDLESS of the race of the assailant.

The prospect of seeing the ominous pictures of two Black males, "darkening" the front page of the local news paper - fomenting the notion in the minds of White people that "Black people are violent people" and "Black communities are dangerous" is most disconcerting to those who are most guilty in running the misappropriations of our conscious attention.  One can hear this in their arguments.

Instead of defining a desired level of acceptable behavior WITHIN the Black community and putting forth an effective "human resource governance" model - the news that White people (Fox News) has made an indictment against the safety of the Black community will be followed with evidence that "White communities experience violence and rapes as well".  

"They are in the mud with is" provokes the spirit of contentment more than it solves any problems within our community.

Without our people "knowing ourselves" and defining what is tolerable per our own community definitions - we will remain vulnerable to the antics put forth by the "Embedded Confidence Men".

Functionally - the value of the victim within our community is related to the value of the assailant as an organizing point of angst for the congregation.

By the same token - if aggressively and publicly going after the assailant would perpetuate certain negative stereotypes of Black people - then the victim is forced to suffer in relative silence.

The most rational means of addressing this dichotomy is to proactively engage the people within the community, making them conscious of the value of people and ensuring that there is a culture in place by which the normative standard is advanced which promotes the premium value of all people.

Charlie Burton, 25, is charged with the sex assault of a 13-year-old DeKalb girl.

Lapraver Burton, 18, is charged with the sex assault of a 13-year-old DeKalb girl.

A 13-year-old girl who left home was picked up on the street, given marijuana and sexually abused by brothers living in her Stone Mountain neighborhood, according to police and court documents.

Charlie Burton, 25, and Lapraver Burton, 18, were arrested July 25 on charges of statutory rape, child molestation aggravated sodomy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and enticing a child.

The girl's mother filed a missing person report the night of July 19. According to the report, the girl "had a bad attitude during the day and ran out of the house" in a subdivision off South Indian Creek Drive. The girl was allegedly picked up by the brothers and taken to their nearby Seneca Way home.

The victim has an unspecified mental disability, according to the missing person report.

The men gave the girl marijuana and sexually abused her, according to arrest warrants. Then they dropped her off near where they found her, according to the police report.

Both men are expected back in court Aug. 22 and are not likely to post bond, according to documents obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In the police report, a DeKalb police officer looking for the missing girl said he found her "standing in the street" and returned her to her home.

The next day, according to a police report, the girl's mother called to report her daughter had been sexually assaulted

What Is The Bigger Threat To The Black Community Today? "Voter Suppression" Or "Squandered Investments Of 'Equal Black Ballots"?

The NAACP is convening in Los Angeles.   One of the main themes this year - a year prior to the American presidential elections - is that "The Black Vote Is Under Attack".   There are various (Republican-lead) themes that are seeking to strip Black people of our power but stripping us of our vote, thus disenfranchising our people.

This is sold to us in the spirit of "White Supremacy".   The fewer Blacks that there are voting - then more "favorable people" to the White Conservative - who thinks ill of Black leadership.   This is how the story goes.

The task of the NAACP (and MSNBC) is to "wake the sleeping giant" - the Black Community - sufficiently prior to the elections in the "American Political Domain", riling up our people by convincing us that there is a COST - a THREAT - to our interests if we do not first protect our interests in retaining the equal status of our "Black Ballots".   Then it is critical that we invest those "Black Ballots" - now that the Black Racial Services Machine has restored them to their "Equal" status - after duly fighting off those who would suppress our rights by minimizing the equality of our voices that are deposited into the "American Political Domain".

This is a rough approximation of the "struggle" that has been advanced by the NAACP.   Their ground game from this point forward is "voter registration and education" outrage.  They are a "non-partisan organization" after all.

It must be understood that the maximized registration of Black people in the elections of the "American Political Domain" is the cornerstone of the plan voiced by Bayard Ruskin regarding the pathway to "Black Community Control" and then prosperity within our community.   I have argued earlier that the primary and secondary goals of this agenda have been wildly successful.   The voting rates of Black people - while perennially trailing the rates of White people - are substantially higher than the rates in the past - when there was a consequence suffered by Blacks who dared try to vote.

Primarily - the Black vote has been engaged.  Despite the frantic messages about the looming threat - from a PROPORTIONAL standpoint the Black vote is an "Equal Vote".   In the 2008 election Black voter participation reached historic highs.

From a secondary stand point - "Favorable People" have been elected into power where the Democratic-leaning Black community has the final say in who will represent their interests or where they are aligned in coalitions in various states to ensure the same end.

It is the tertiary point in which our community was to achieve an undefined state of prosperity as a result of the other two building blocks being put into place that has not come through as promised.   Ironically - the third leg is the only element which is fully experienced by the Black community as a "return on investment".

To clarify - it is the government and its enforcement mechanisms that affirm the 'equality' of the Black ballot.   The NAACP works through the channels of government, prompting it to enact regulations or lawsuits for protection (as they SEE IT).  It is the government which also administrates the elections through which "favorable people" are to be placed into power.  The integrity of the election operations is a critical portion of maintaining "the Equal Black Ballot".

The third element - is represented WITHIN the Black Community.   The hope for the Black community - as represented by the icon to the left - is that our "Community Aggregate Value & Worth" chalice will become more full as a result of these other operations that have been outlined above.

The true test of the efficacy of this entire series of engagements which make up a substantial portion of the activism of various "social justice organizations" that compel Black people upon a given "struggle motion" in pursuit of our permanent interests is the appraisal of this third leg.

The question is "Did the Bayard Rusking Plan work?".   And of the results that have been obtained -WHO did it profit?

The Impact Of The Struggle Motion - In The Mission Accomplished Zones

In the space that exists between the engagement of the Black Community to execute our "Community Development Consciousness and Hopes" and the machinations within the 'American Political Domain' there is a high rate of manipulation that is easily observable.  

In normal governance distributions those who have fiduciary interests in the body at hand (the Black Community) maintain a protective disposition of its interests.   When these interests appear to be compromised from previous transactions - a defensive posture in protection of the critical resources is erected.

Unfortunately - in the Black Community, as it is presently oriented today - those individuals who are cast as "Black Leaders" are duplicitously positioned as "Democratic Party" operatives.   Their own interests for "Black People" are indistinguishable from the party line.   When ask to explain - they might say that this is the result of their past effectiveness in customizing their party into a worthy receptacle of  the Black Community confidence and trust.

There are few people around who challenge this fundamental assumption.

It is my stands that "Popularity Does Not Equate To Effectiveness".
The use of popularity as a justification of one's congregational stance is a circular reference.  It only showcases what is commonly assumed to be the case.   It can also set up the stage by which all challenges to the presiding orthodoxy are spiked.

What better metric can we use to affirm the utility of a plan other than the assessment of the receipt of promised results in the "Black Community Aggregate Value & Worth" chalice?  

Isn't this what the preliminary building blocks that we were compelled to engage in by those who had the position of confidence supposed to deliver upon our community?

A significant portion of the  Mission Accomplished Zones today show the opposite.

In these places we can observe high rates of molestation of the interests of Black people.
Sadly and shamefully - the presence of the prevailing machine too often provides cover for the operatives who are failing to provide the promised returns.  With the sight of a "favorable person" in power and the "racial and ideological pride" that has been fomented by the congregational leaders - an attack on that elected official is promoted as "an attack on the Black community".  The confidence men who have fused this point of consciousness in our people have successfully advanced their marginal interests in their joint-venture partnership.  They have violated the trusts of the Black community's interests.

The fused governance model is at the heart of the problem.   In the face of failed delivery of our Permanent Interests:

  • The expression of Quality Education
  • The attainment of Safe Streets per statistical representation 
  • The formation of Thriving Local Economies where human resources are applied to address the market needs of our communities
the PROBLEMS that are denoted by standard measurements (ie: the US Census) gets digested by the "Embedded Confidence Men" who are in positions of control and spun to their own purposes.

The Black community is in a precarious position.   On the one hand its boundaries are not defined by a landmass.  Its relative population numbers and related influence is dependent upon the political boundary in question.

To the "embedded confidence man" who seeks mischief - the delivery of the latest bit of "constructive feedback" - as expressed in the recent news of the Black/White wealth gap - is evidence that the government should double down on its efforts to fight against.......................RACISM(!!!!).

They blame is placed upon "Predatory Lending" as the source of the loss of Black wealth as compared with White.    

This presumes that all of the Blacks who have suffered loss in wealth had recently acquired or refinanced their mortgages.  With this line of argument - the unscrupulous banks are the thieves.  (I don't disagree with the thieving part - having recently refinanced my own mortgage and seeing the fees that were amassed at my expense.   I, a Black man, did not receive a 'predatory rate', however).

As you listen to the arguments you won't hear the role that schools and favorable community environments have in defining property values of a given area.   My own home's value declined from its peak but was substantially more than our original purchase price.  This "conservative" community has received a net influx of Black people over the past 10 years.   They too are covered by the retention of property values in this area of metro-Atlanta.

The places that have seen substantial losses in property values are in the areas where lower-middle class residences who's values got inflated in the "house flipping" rage of 7 years ago, only to come crashing down as the perfect storm of job losses, loss of renters, neighborhood blight from vacant homes that are stripped of their copper pipes and public schools that are not performing up to standard measure.

The list above does not prove to be a perfect model of the community - but it is surely more accurate than those who are heard on television going after the banks.

The Equal Black Ballot Is Made Irrelevant To The Uplift Of The Black Community After "Mission Accomplished" Is Acquired

The series "Brick City" is one of the best exposes' of "Mission Accomplished Politics". After having achieved the grand plan of community control by placing "favorable people" into power.

With the enemy party and ideology having been purged from all offices - we begin to see Progressive factionalism in the face of continued failure of the interests of our people within.   Fear not - for the interests of the NAACP remain.   While the intramural battles proceed within the city - each side in the battle are able to fuse their agenda and vote for the same machine at the county, state and federal level.   This is ultimately all that matters.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

There is no mechanism by which reforms are made to these local "Mission Accomplished Zones" on a more organic basis.   The sight of Black interests that remain short of expectations is shifted as an indictment of the county, the state, the federal government.  In as much as it is true that "Progressivism is Inorganic" it suffers no loss of support from the Black community from such failures.  Instead it proactively shifts the indictment of the present condition up to a higher domain, and then compels the people to struggle upward toward the next plateau - ensuring that more Progressives will obtain power - with hopes of fixing that which was promised to be fixed if the lower plateau was taken over.   Is it in their control - but they suffer no loss as the people struggle forward.

Who Are The Defenders Of The Black Permanent Interests Today?

I don't worry much about the NAACP these days.  They have shown themselves for who they are on various occasions over the past several years.  (The NYC charter schools lawsuit as the NAACP stood with the teachers unions against the parents and said that the parents were helping the slave masters).  

An entity that has the Black community's best interests in mind would seek to prevent the "embedded confidence men" from having their way with our community's key resources.  These resources would be made available to the joint venture ONLY IF previous targets have been met for the benefit of the Black community.

Today we have a group of people who seek to have Black people compelled to believe that the election of a "Favorable Person" (and the progressive policies that he comes with) IS the attainment of the Black Community Permanent interests.

That way they don't have to worry about the pesky "constructive feedback" that the various longitudinal measures provide to them.

Where is the outrage - people?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Distinction Between An "Anti-Republican Site Posing As A Pro-Black Site" Versus A "Protector Of The Black Community's Interests"

This post is NOT about the resignation of Democratic Congressman David Wu (D-OR).   I am using him to make a point about my observations.

Congressman David Wu Agrees To Resign In Response To Sex Scandal

Again the: Model Of Behavior
  • Elected official involved in a scandal
  • The usual suspects make note of his party affiliation
    • Republican - Earns him front page notation on every "Black Progressive Blogger Understudy" site -even if he lives in a lily White district with about as many Blacks as did the town where the "KKK Snowman" was constructed in Idaho
    • Democrat - Enumerate the list of Republicans that have committed the same sin. Ratchet up the Progressive-Fundamentalist troops to echo the very same talking points as heard on MSNBC, Media Matters and DemocraticUnderground
Go to the sister blog "Surveillance Upon The Embedded Ideologues That Lurk Within Our Community Consciousness" and go through the links on the right hand frame.   You will notice the lack of coverage of the David Wu resignation.   I am not suggesting that they should.  His resignation has little impact upon the Black community.

The Oregon 1st District
The New York Times - Racial Density Map - Black Population Of Northwestern-Oregon

The truth is that a fallen Republican elected officials only has impact upon the Black Community to the extent that the Black Community's consciousness has been fused to the Democratic Party and Progressive politics.

Regardless of the unmanaged problem that exists WITHIN the Black Community - the sight of a Republican/Conservative squirming on the ground is able to draw the attention away from our needed focus points.  The antics of the Embedded Confidence Men - are on full display.

I have stated before - the weakest area for the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser to is the zone WITHIN the Black Community that they have the most uncontested control over per its 'Mission Accomplished' status.

Prof Melissa Harris-Perry And The Failure To Understand The Importance Of "Organic Competency Development Via Our "Human Resource Development Institutions"

See The Video From MSNBC - Melissa Harris-Perry Notes The Future Majority-Minority Nation

If anyone seeks to understand the "Venus vs Mars" relationship between my views and that of the dominate Black Progressive interests - listen closely to the arguments made on MSNBC (The Black Progressive Agenda Network) by Prof Melissa Harris-Perry.    I recall about 4 years ago listening to a speech by Marc Morial as he argued the same line of reasoning and I got an elbow in my ribs from my wife for me to stop sighing out loud.

In summary the Perry-Morial argument is:   Since this nation has a "Majority-Minority Future" it is the obligation of the nation to reform itself, promote REDISTRIBUTIVE PUBLIC POLICY so that the wealth that is in the hands of its present (White) power structure is used to prepare the minority communities that are presently disbursed at the lower rungs of society, the economic scale and the academic scale.


ANSWER!!!!     A Black man like me who is WATCHING the people who are talking.

To fail to note that they have a long history of taking over the very "Human Resource Development Institutions" that our people need to uplift and then, upon assuming the desired control quickly losing sight of the key mission for education of our kids is something that only cultural and ideological amnesia can explain.  Simply put there is no explanation for it.

This is only a matter of "They Can Do It Because The Black Community Lacks The Governance Model That Affords Us 'Corporate Memory' Necessary To Defend Our Interests Against The 'Perpetual Strugglers'".

I stated before "Progressivism Is An Inorganic Methodology".   It values loosening (what they perceive as) societal strictures.  Leave them all by themselves - absent an adversary to struggle again and my analysis will be plan to see.

What force in the Black Community (except, quite possibly, the "School Choice Movement") dares to hold a time line in the face of Progressives such as Melissa Harris-Perry and asks her to explain the squandered resources and potential that has been the case thus far?

Keep in mind - such a person or entity within the Black Community needs to come to the debate with the consciousness of mind to believe that:

A Black Child Born In 2003 And Is In The Third Grade Suffers LESS From The Forces Of Slavery And Jim Crow Oppression Upon His Back Than He Does From The Dysfunctional Actions Of The Aggregate Number Of Adults Who Sculpt The Ecosystem Within Which He Lives, Their Actions Aligned With The Desired Community Uplift

From what I can tell from "listening in" - the "Slave Reference" is sufficient to disarm any such indictment on the present machine's competence and fitness for the task at hand.

It is stunning to me that Prof Melisa Harris-Perry (a perfect substitute for the Progressive-Fundamentalist Rachel Maddow) can't seem to understand that increasingly we are a nation of 'FIAT FINANCING".

In the context of the impending "Debt Ceiling Increase" -

  • There is not more gold that will be stored in Fort Knox (Note:  Who knows what the African Colonizers plan to do with Libya's gold)
  • There is no addition GDP that will back the $2,000,0000,000,000 economic expansion
Only a vote in the federal legislature and a signature by the executive branch will ensure that..................."Grandma receives her social security check".

I am not sure what most of you see when you view this diagram.
FOR ME - the "WHITE" that is most concerning to me is the area that is represented in "white" between the total costs of Medicare and the "Non-Interest Income".   

As the nation becomes "Majority-Minority" as Prof Perry says - the WHITE that we need to worry the most about is this void in ORGANIC PRODUCTIVE CAPACITY.

Sadly and shamefully - a plot of:
  • Social Security
  • Medicaid
  • The Federal Government Expenditures
all show a similar trajectory.

My mind is contorted to the point of a migraine as I try to understand why (it seems that) some people believe by mere ATTRITION and achieving the balance of the vote - these " 'Bridge Is Out'  Problems" are going to go away.

This is not a problem of "distorted income distribution".  This is a problem of lack of organic GDP, the cancerous effects of interest payments and fiscal spending commitments beyond our productive means.

As the argument goes - America has yielded too much of her productive base for "middle man work" (financial services and profits from "margins trading").   I have not seen anyone detail how the implementation of a more aggressive progressive taxation and redistribution system is going to mask the foundational indictment - the value of the US economy is increasingly based on "virtual valuations" rather than "hard currency"-type manufacturing and production.

Achieving The Required Outcomes Through Our Institutions

Until someone with coherent understanding stands up to the "Perpetual Future Sellers" and demands that they show "investment income" via the institutions that they have secured with the assistance of the people - the sight of a "Majority-Minority" nation will look little different - from a Black economic perspective - than does the modern day Chicago, Philadelphia or Atlanta  -  successful acquisition of elective offices - while the people on the ground never receive the promised benefit - as they are compelled to make yet another investment if they ever want to see the promised deliverables from the last interval. 

Ironically - by leaning against these "embedded confidence men" we are merely enforcing the integrity of our community institutions from purposeful usurpation. 

"Tell Me More's" Michelle Martin Interviews Two "Hijackers Of Black Community Development Consciousness" But Fails To Define The Construct Of The Debate Properly

Today I listened into "Fight The Power Radio" (WAOK AM Atlanta).
In the convergence of:
  • A Black mother who was charged with vehicular homicide of her own child as she crossed a busy street in the middle of the block and a drunk driver struck and killed the child - a mass community show of support converted what was sure to be jail time into probation for the grieving mother.  The gathering of the activists proved to be a "self-chumming" event showing the "Strength and honor of Black people to change the mind of a 'White judge' who was going to throw her in jail" (paraphrased quote from a caller)
  • The Black Unemployment Rate
  • The concerns over the US Debt situation
  • The Atlanta School Cheating Crisis
The result of all of this was a massive "The Black Community NEEDS TO" forum where all agreed that:
  • WE NEED TO support Black owned businesses
  • WE NEED TO create our own jobs
  • WE NEED TO manage the affairs in our own community because the police are not equipped to do so
  • WE NEED TO provide tutoring and guidance to your Black students so they can learn in school
  • WE NEED TO support our elected leadership so they can defend our interests in hostile environments

From this "We Need To" session I was forced to note that this very common point of thinking has been the operating agenda for the Black community for decades and decades.  In fact the "Black Racial Services Machine" that I keep referring to was indeed founded after a mass gathering of "Black leaders" who resolved to make more effective use of our valuable community resources for the purposes of obtaining improved outcomes.

The 2-D Graph / Time Line - A Foundational Management Tool For The Protection Of The Interests of The Black Community

Before I get into my review of the NPR interview with the NAACP and the National Urban League - it is important to introduce a key construct 

To the left is a standard management tool.

On the X axis is a time series.
On the Y axis a number of different measures can appear.   In this particular post the measurement of the intensity of our "Investment Of Black Power Resources" into the "American Political Domain.
The Y axis is categorized into the 4 segments of governance - including "The Black Community".
I have stated previously - in my observations of those who work to manipulate the resources of the Black Community - walking into a debate with them with only your mouth (your arguments) you will never out-debate them.  They know how to throw out indictments and put the onus on you:

  • "What have YOU done for Black people?"
  • "Where were YOU when we were getting beat up by the police?"
  • "Show me YOUR better plan before we agree to stop marking on our plan (that we were just heard grieving about as being insufficient)"
On MSNBC ("The UN-FOX-Biased Biased Network) we often hear the slam against Conservatives being "anti-science" because they are so doggedly entrenched into their ideology.   It is clear, however that those who doggedly avoid seeking to MEASURE the forces that they say are bearing down upon the Black community (threatening to return us to slavery) are of this same spirit of non-science in favor of non-sense.

By not submitting to a model - in which the forces that bear down upon the Black community are put into their proper PROPORTION - they are able to claim the presence of "Racism(!!!)" and the acceptance that racism is present is sufficient to dismiss their culpability in our present aggrieved state.

The other force, besides the oppressive force of "racism" (or the stagnating force of "corporate abandonment") are the affirmative INVESTMENTS that the Black Community was compelled to make as we accepted the quid pro quo promises by the "Black Racial Services Machine" in support of our "Community Development Consciousness".  

It is my contention that if the Black Rank & File do not enforce the INTEGRITY of our institutions and resources that are put at play - we are going to get PLAYED.    I believe that the NAACP and National Urban League - in their present form are PLAYING THE BLACK COMMUNITY.   The primary means by which they are allow to get over is the absence of:
  • A Time Line
  • The Lack Of A Video Tape In Which Their Community Development Plan Is Reviewed For Its Efficacy 
Both of these are necessary tools in the protection of the Black Community Interests from usurpation

The NAACP, NUL And Other Black Racial Services Machine Must Be Forced To Submit To Constructs Which Protect The Core Black Community Interests From Usurpation From Failed Schemes

The graph above shows the implementation of the plan by which the outcomes within the Black Community were to be improved as "The Black Community placed favorable people into seats of power, to control the institutions within our community, electing Democrats, to advance favorable public policy for the benefit of the Black Community."   This more or less models the "Black Progressive Agenda" that was voiced in 1968 after the death of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

This plan was first implemented in a large scale in 1968 as the mayoral elections in Cleveland took place.  The same Black institutions that had been driving for "Civil Rights" began to carry political campaign signs on behalf of Carl Stokes.

As with the recent comments made by radio talk show host Tom Joyner the "Black Racial Pride" in seeing "First Black (Progressive)" in office can be used to compel our people to "Vote Our Race".   Despite the attempts to suppress this sentiment among White people in 2008 - Joyner and other embedded operatives are not about to ask Black people to "disarm" in this manner" - regardless of the data indicating the state of our community as the plan from 1968 has run its course.

The other day my "racial consciousness eye" shed a tear as I heard a person on the radio argue that our Black children in school TODAY are still suffering from the after-effects of SLAVERY in our schools.  This despite the fact that "favorable people" run the schools and the larger community within which they reside.

It is clear - that absence some CONSTRAINT - they are going to keep selling past infractions as present indictments - compelling Black people to look past the incompetence of some of the people who have been invested in - and instead SELLING US on the importance of fighting the present fight that is in front of us.

Chart Description
BLACK COMMUNITY Level  - The "Black Community Development Consciousness" - our quest to improve the conditions within as we are positioned to interact with more leverage to the greater community.   The other elements of the chart is an approximation of how our community consciousness has been fused to the "American Political Domain" - compelling us to continue the investment of this valuable resource along with the "Equal Black Ballot"

MUNICIPAL Level - The struggle to insert "favorable people" into power over the key local institutions (mayor's office & executive/administrative staff, city council, police & fire departments, public school systems) has been most dramatic at the municipal level.  "Black (Democratic) voting blocks" are most effectively leveraged in the domain with such closed quarters.

STATE Level - As the population of Black people is diluted into a greater whole - the need for "Joint Venture Partnerships" and coalitions was seen as necessary to achieve the favorable policy goals that are common among the individual Progressive-leaning groups.  The relatively small group of Black state representatives and state senators needed these partnerships to advance the stated (progressive) interests of the Black community

FEDERAL Level - At the federal level the use of coalitions and caucuses are vital.  Blacks are only 13% of the population.   The Democratic Party and the "special interest groups" that seek to influence elected officials are vital.  The "Labor" coalition and various "Social Justice" partners that supported "redistributive economics" were seen as partners.

As time passed the "Black Agenda" was forced to yield into a more generic "Progressive/Left-Wing" agenda.

(Not the next passage has no bias applied.  I am reporting the stated facts based on their announced plans).
In listening to the NAACP and "The Leadership Conference On Civil Rights" over the past few years - they have affirmed their expansion into "Immigration/Hispanic Rights" and "Gay Rights" and "Abortion Rights".   I have previously analyzed this as evidence of compromised "Black Interests" for the sake of "Progressive outcomes".   In truth the historic Black Civil Rights organizations are "freed up" to support the activism in these other venues because so much of the "low hanging fruit" of unchecked racism on Black people has been picked.    TODAY WE ARE OPERATING IN A PURE IDEOLOGICAL/POLITICAL DISTRIBUTION.

(Note: Just as the incident of a murder does not prove that this is a "murderous nation" - the example of an incident of racism against Black people does not prove that this is a "racist nation".  The measure of RACISM in America must be based upon the proportion of these hateful actions are left unchecked by the government, by the non-governmental institutions (businesses and clubs) and by groups of individuals in the society).  Failing to apply such discipline to the issue merely allows those who are seeking to make mischief with our raw sentiments on the subject due to history to continuously have their way.  The cost is that our community will never implement a more functionally effective governance model).

Analysis: Why Michelle Martin Failed To Apply The Proper Constraints Upon The "Hijackers Of Black Congregational Unity" In Her Interview With The NAACP And NUL

  • Listen to Commander In Chief Obama
  • Listen to Prof Melisa Harris-Perry (Of The Nation Magazine), subbing for Rachel Maddow last night
  • Listen to the leaders of the NAACP and the NUL
They all seek to set the domain of the debate upon "THE LAST 10 YEARS"  (2001-2011).
During this time:
  • There were not enough taxes collected (due to ideology)
  • There were not enough jobs collected
  • There were wars, tax cuts and Medicare programs that were expanded but not paid for
In the face of discernible results that have been rendered as "favorable people" take over at the various rungs of government - it seems fairly predictable that the "Black Racial Services Machine's" analysis will be:

  • The Indictment of the enemy in order to gain power for Progressives
  • The transference of blame upon the enemy in order to allow Progressives to retain power, setting the stage for battle in the next election.
Malcolm X's warnings have been fully jettisoned. 

I have stated before that the strongest weapon that a progressive has is his ability to render an INDICTMENT.   Clearly "the past 10 years" equals "8 years of Bush".   If they can make the "first 3 years of Obama" into "The massive clean up job after Bush" - then they can successfully control the INDICTMENT upon which the Black voter will be compelled to make our next batch of "Investments" in the two year cycle that we have been conditioned to fold our "community development goals" upon - coincidentally mapped to the biorhythm of the elections in the American Political domain. 

This strategy is as deliberate as is "Dollar Cost Averaging" is in the world of stocks and investing.   With the death of the "Organic Black Community Development Agenda" - I see no other way to escape the gravitational pull of politics and the "ideological death match" that we have been ensconced within.   As long as the Black community can be compelled to believe that the threat from the ENEMY in the upcoming election is a bigger threat than the past failings to deliver upon the promises that were laid out by the "embedded confidence men" - no one should be surprised to see the present antics that is "The Black Political Consciousness".

Without some force WITHIN the Black Community enforcing the integrity of our institutions and consciousness from these operatives who are strictly playing in the "American Political Domain" - don't expect to see any of the promised benefits that continued struggle portends. 

What Michelle Martin Should Have Done To Stop The Hijacking Of The Black Community Development Consciousness

The facts that comprise my model of behavior are clear.

Marc Morial, Ben Jealous and other members of the "Black Racial Services Machine" are unhappy with the present condition of Black America but are PLEASED with Commander In Chief Obama's PROGRESSIVE POLICIES that they commonly believe are the fix.

Michelle Martin allowed them to define the time from (the  last 10 years) but never dared rest the problem as that of failed uplift for the past 50 years.  (Note - it would be acceptable in their mind to make our present problems a condition of the past 400 years.   This is because in doing so the indictment is removed off of the backs of the "Black Racial Services Machine" who received our confidence but did not deliver as promised.)

If you note very carefully - What was to be a "Black Community Control leads to Prosperity" movement has now vacated the Black community and become a NATIONAL battle in conjunction with other Progressive Joint-Venture partners.  These operatives have suffered none - for having lulled our community on a quest - and upon achieving success at a given plateau - instead of being made to prove their efficacy - they instead continue their "Struggle Motion" by scaling to the next rung on the mountain.

Those who are interested in protecting the institutional integrity of the Black Community would force Jealous, Morial, Sharpton, Van Jones and others who pretend to operate in the interests of the Black Community to be bound to their promises of a "Stronger Black Community" - after their fusion in with the American Political Domain.

Instead - as the recent news from the US Census shows - the engines for organic uplift WITHIN the Black community are as anemic as ever.    Sadly and shamefully - this latest news has a greater chance of triggering a "double down" in the present struggle - then it would trigger those with transparent intent to fundamentally question the agenda of the machine that has received the balance of our investments.

I make a plea to Michelle Martin and other Black journalist who pride themselves on professionalism and objectivity (as much as their own biases and sensibilities permit them to):  STOP ALLOWING those who purport to represent the Permanent Interests of the Black Community - to set the terms of the discussion.   

They are always going to place the popular congregational adversary on trial - but always escape their turn in the witness chair. 

The level of absence in such a disposition ensures that the "Black Community Institutions" are always available for hijacking.  Ultimately irrelevant to the conditions on our streets.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

US Census Results: The Black Community Air Conditioner That Was Invested In For Black Community Uplift Does Not Have Sufficient Freon For The Task Of Altering The Black Community's Economic Room Temperature

Wealth gap widens between whites, minorities

From the article
WASHINGTON — The wealth gaps between whites and minorities have grown to their widest levels in a quarter-century. The recession and uneven recovery have erased decades of minority gains, leaving whites on average with 20 times the net worth of blacks and 18 times that of Hispanics, according to an analysis of new Census data.

The analysis shows the racial and ethnic impact of the economic meltdown, which ravaged housing values and sent unemployment soaring. It offers the most direct government evidence yet of the disparity between predominantly younger minorities whose main asset is their home and older whites who are more likely to have 401(k) retirement accounts or other stock holdings.
After documenting the arguments made at a recent local "Reparations For American Slavery" conference - the framing seen in the title of this post will be seen as if I have a arm growing on my forehead.

In the advertisement of this conference (I will have my post from the "Reparations" conference and the "Anti-Libya Bombing" conference edited and posted shortly) I heard a radio host argue from the 'devil's advocate' position the question of:   "They were free for 100 years in this country..............Why didn't they lift themselves up by their own boot straps?".

The prevailing Black cultural, social and economic theory cleaves to the notion that we are STILL "Damaged Goods" from American Chattel Slavery.   If you want to "make friends and influence people" you had better have this as your core belief - even though the outward expression of this has changed recently.   No longer is the "radical pose" a necessary uniform.  The intent to produce differentiated results is all that matters.

Add this latest factoid from the US Census as yet another inference that we should make about the machine that has been erected for our community uplift and its efficacy.

I noted previously that the US Census had documented the exodus of Black people from "Mission Accomplished Cities" - where the plans as voiced in 1968 had been incontrovertibly accomplished.  Indeed - as Bayard Ruskin vocalized - Black people have inserted "favorable progressives" into the seats of power - as Democrats.   So Blacks can have control over our community.   It was the tertiary BENEFIT that did not show up - the favorable outcomes - as shown in the vital statistics.

The irony of irony is that Black people, seeking to actually obtain their "Permanent Interests" have been seen moving out of these places that they had help to shape per their investments of "The Equal Black Ballot".  They moved to more conservative suburbs and, perish the thought - back down South - as a means of obtaining the desired ends.  

Of course, not willing to suffer any slight, we heard those who lead the way in the "Urban Strategy" promising to assist the "Black Flight Progressives" if they experience racism in the suburbs or down South.   Never was there a transparent accounting of the forces that motivated them to depart - with the hopes of mitigating these forces from their blunt instrument attack upon our people in the future.

A New Way Of Thinking Is Necessary For The "Exercise Wheel" To Be Removed From Its Suspension And Make Absolute Gains As It Gains Traction On Solid Ground

Sadly, each year the National Urban League releases its "State Of Black America Report" - its principals print out 536 copies of the report and run to Washington DC to show the damning results to the federal legislature and executive branch.  They would be wise to convert the report into a daily "Twitter feed" - where the recommendations are converted into 140 characters and repetitively streamed to the Black community - so that our daily repetitive tasks are made to support the goals of uplift.

The painful truth is that - so much of what the Black community has been ensnared into struggling for through the activist organizations purporting to support our uplift - is not for organic elevation of our interests.  Instead that which Bayard Ruskin had vocalized in the scope of the Black community is now being down in coordination of the "Joint-Venture Partners" that have been fused into a common struggle.

I beg someone to tell me why it is wrong of me to REFUSE to take another step forward with a band that I believe has been CONTAMINATED in their agenda?

These results as seen by the US Census ARE NOT evidence that WHITE SUPREMACY IS GROWING and there is a need for a stronger force of "Redistributive Social Justice Policies" from Washington DC.

What I see in this report is what I witnessed first hand in my shocking visit to the streets of Philadelphia, where I grew up.   The ability to use my vision from 1985, when I departed, applying it to the world of 2011 - afforded me the ability to do "time lapse photography" to make note of the gross difference between POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT gains had by the "Black Racial Services Machine" and its joint venture partners versus the absolute gains had by the Black community.

Point blank - the Chinese/Korean/Dominican/Indian/Ethiopian/Pakistani vendor in the main shopping districts in the neighborhoods have more evidence of progress than do the residents within the community.  (I should note that Black American converts to traditional Islam - had a strong representation in the retail outlets that I saw when I did my walking tour as well).

With all of this longitudinal data streaming for our consideration - what are the chances that this "constructive feedback" will force a corrective turn of events within the controlling "Black Racial Services Machine" that claims our community as their province?

(You know the answer already)  NONE!!!!

They will merely "double down" on their ideological fight, ensnaring their collection of "congregational members" along with them.

We might even hear the David Swerlick-type's - tacitly admitting defeat by asking the "Black Conservative" to provide the Black community with his own TONIC as a pre-condition for his discontinuance of his own Progressive-Marketing campaign.    He will agree to allow the Black Rank & File to call in and cancel the automatic daily shipments of merchandise IF a better tonic is proven.

The main flaw in this logic is that it fails to acknowledge that in our present grievance - WE are today living within their SOLUTION SET!!!!   No one takes the hit for misappropriating the Black Community investments, yet failing on the expected returns.

It is far more likely that the arguments that I heard from the "Reparations Conference" - where the modern day results prove that we are a "Damaged People".   All the while the prognosticators of this viewpoint don't ask the question if THEY ARE DAMAGED GOODS and thus are talking as such.

How does one point to a BLACK CHILD BORN IN 2005 and use him as evidence of our SLAVE DAMAGE?

In my line of reasoning - this "new edition" is damaged by the "gestation" / "incubation" machine that enveloped him during his formative years.    If one is seriously interested in a FIX - they'd begin to circle the wagons and make sure that no foul thoughts and messages are ALLOWED TO ENTER INTO HIS 5 SENSES that God gave him upon his body.

But wait - that would require "Organic Human Resource Development and Management Skills", forsaking all else that is not WORTHY of soaking through the semi-permeable barrier - Wouldn't it?

BLAX News: The Root-Grio Asks: "Where Is The Black Press On Covering 'The Black Misery Index' In The Age Of Obama"?

Leonard Pitts:

Now, let us be fair and balanced here. Fox is owned by Murdoch and the last thing any news organization wants is to be in the awkward position of reporting on itself. To have to air that which might embarrass or damage colleagues or bosses is the definition of a no-win situation, especially since there will always be doubts, from within and without, about your ability to do so fairly. But when professionalism demands, this is what you do.

Fox's failure to report -- and allow viewers to decide -- speaks volumes and offers definitive answer to the question of what Fox is.

It is the nation's leading manufacturer of false outrage and fake fury -- War on Christmas! War on Christmas! -- top supplier of bogeymen for those who need to feel terrorized in order to feel alive.


Note: When you see a report from BLAX News Network you should understand that this is review of the stories that the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press" has spiked.  BLAX News lurks outside of their offices.  Instead of setting up a picket line we "dumpster dive" - bringing to you the stories that did not make it through their:
  • Reporter's filter
  • Editor's filter
  • Publisher's filter
  • Their CORPORATE OWNER'S filter
You have to understand the peculiar charge by first modeling the construct of Mr Pitts' indictment.
This one registers as an  "All White Jury - Mississippi 1949" level of audacity shown by Mr Pitts and The Root-Grio.

For the past 4 years "The Obama Fist Bump Black Press" has shifted from telling Black Americans how screwed up the economy is - due to Bush and the Republicans (and how the local favorable people have tried to work on behalf of our people despite the road blocks put into place ).  
Today when the "vital economic statistics" for Black America are at depression levels - they are now seen TALKING about the problems but proclaiming that the Present President's Progressive Policies are the fix to what ails Black America.   Thus when it comes to the debate over the debt ceiling and associated "social justice" program cuts the talking points from the Root-Grio is "the Republicans are trying to destroy the economic recovery".   Few of them are willing to look at their mission accomplished zones of Newark, Detroit and Chicago and make note that these policies have been blunt instruments upon the interests of Black America - when left all alone without a nutrition source to "redistribute" from.   Their real problem is that they failed to produce organic productivity from the institutions that they took over with the support of the Black rank & file.
So when I looked at a headline on TheRoot-Grio in which the coverage from FOXNEWS was being scrutinized as it relates to the COVERAGE OF SELF - I did not look at the transactional indictment that was at hand.  I decided to create yet another model.  I want to have the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" to try this model on for size.
The Model Of Self Protection
  1. There is an important figure which was instrumental in the erection of the entity upon which you reside
  2. He ultimately used tactics that were agreeable to you - in that you are associated with the organization and you continue to use them
  3. There is no evidence that you, the reporter, has initiated any reforms - thus we must conclude that these tactics are an indelible part of your own character
  4. The organization comes under scrutiny for its conduct.  After years of claims about the behavior and certain points of evidence collected of the actions and the need for reform - a "camel back breaking event" occurs and the antics of the entity are exposed to the world
  5. The governing body that ultimately must enforce the integrity of the organization that it has granted licence to - has ALSO been found complicit in their actions in support of the company's antics
  6. The checks and balances system within the governance model forces those who are accused of having compromised their integrity to testify
  7. The operatives directly involved with the scandal are fired so that they are separated from the greater whole
  8. The cogs in the organization that were found to be corrupt were shut down from operation
  9. The machinations of the governing body - will apply the longitudinal regulation to ensure that this level of comfort and corruption shall never happen again
In my quest to understand what makes the 'Black Community's Political Mind Work?" I am going to apply this model to the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" - at a time when the INVESTMENTS that our people have made in "Hope And Change" - no - not from 2008 but from 1968 and before - need to be inspected for our "Return On Investment" but a (in my opinion) very corrupt middle-man messenger who should service as "Investment Advisers" to the entity that they CLAIM to be working in the best interests of - constantly prove themselves as "The Killer Of Sheep"
From the model above - let us do the work that The Root-Grio SHOULD be doing in protection of the investment assets of the Black community.
  1. The individual who was instrumental in erecting the "Black Racial Services Machine" is not Commander In Chief Obama.   This prize goes to all of the organizations and associated leadership that "struggled" in the name of Black progress.  They chose to do so in the "American Political Domain" - where they were later subsumed by other forces
  2. The tactics that are in question is the adopted methodology that they have put forth as the gateway through which Black Community Prosperity was to be had:  Progressive Advocacy in the name of "{Fill In The Blank} Justice".  
  3. In as much as there was a planned architecture that was to be erected - the concerns that should have been trapped at the local level where they took over certain Black Community "Human Resource Development Institutions" should have been trapped, reformed and then made to prove their efficacy.  Instead the Black Press - the one agent that can act as a check upon all of the other cogs in the wheel chose to go along - as the marketers for the favorable forces and the attack dogs against the conservative enemy. 
  4. When the machine came under scrutiny from the local press operations - the machine rebuffed the charges - often claiming RACISM(!!!) as the motivating factor.  "They are just disturbed at the idea of a Black man having power.  We must stick together so they don't split us apart"
    1. The event that fomented the "broke back" of the Black Racial Services Machine was the Placement Of Commander In Chief Obama Into The Executive Branch and the resulting convergence of the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" in their reaction and protections of this vehicle for their Progressive-Democratic Party interests
    2. There has been observable infighting among Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers.  
      1. Some wanted to fold all of the traditional Black community organizations around the protection of the President - using "Black Power" as a shield against the obvious corruption of what their subjective and selective antics had exposed
        1. Today we see operatives like Radio Host Tom Joyner and Bev Smith blatantly asking Black people to "Vote Our Race" (In truth they want us to Vote our PROGRESSIVISM - it is the number of us who are FOOLED that matters the most)
      2. Others thought forward and saw that if they put aside the delivery of their "Permanent Interests" because they sought to protect their "Permanent Friend" that "After Obama" the credibility of the Black Progressive institutions would be shot with other presidents who don't share their skin color.  (Sorry Tavis and Cornel - the credibility was lost a long time ago as those of us who are watching see that the "Struggle Forward" is just a license to reach a certain plateau and STRUGGLE MORE - No earnest money being asked for along the way to "The Big Pay Back".
    3. The "Straw That Broke The Camel's Back" is the data on Black American's interests that don't show "increase" but actual erosion.  In as much as these operative groups who see these numbers have CHANGE THEIR TALKING POINTS by which they have moved from indicting the INCUMBENTS over to outwardly seeking to shepherd their IDEOLOGY forward as the ultimate fix.  Their ideology, not the fix, was their agenda all along.  The serial news events that come across our desks on a daily basis and their resulting function as "Interpreters" on behalf of the congregation as the old lady is convulsing on the floor - relaying "God's words" to the masses is merely an opportunity for all who are interested to observe their FRAUD
      1. BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT?  NOT the proof of unfulfilled promise of the Bayard Ruskin Plan - but evidence that "Republican Tax Cuts have failed".   (Note despite Chicago being a "high tax city" - they lost 180,000 Black people - thus showing that taxes are not the magical fix for what ails Black people)
      2. BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS THAT ARE NOT CALLED "CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS" - With the "shutters removed from the US Justice Department Civil Rights Division" as Martin Luther King III told us on election night - it appears that the blinders remain on their eyes as to the competency for a Black man to commit an attack upon another Black and it be considered a "Civil Rights Violation" because the end results are the same as when a White man rendered the same assault
      3. SUCCESSFUL RETIREMENT OF THE LABEL "NCLB" BUT FAILED SCHOOL REFORMS - with "Education as the great equalizer" - it seems that the Black community does not plan to be "equal" any time soon.   There was more cheerleading over "Race To The Top" than the benefit that it could ever possibly have delivered.  DELIVERY was not the point.  Favorable Marketing via the Black Press on behalf of Obama was
      4. AFRICA IS BOMBED BY IMPERIALISTS AND AFRICAN COLONIZERS - I still have a report to file about my time spent with former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney where I learned that she first protested outside the offices of her former colleague Rep John Lewis for agreeing to fund the bombing of Libya  and then later the protesters were invited inside for refreshments as he explained the political game to them.  It appears that they took sufficient pictures of the protests outside and the Lewis staff did not want them to suffer from dehydration in the hot Georgia sun.
  5. For the Black Community the "Governing Body" is the "Black Rank & File".   We only need to look at the quarterly statements of the Investment Portfolio to note that the rank & file is a substantial investor in the Black Racial Services Machine
  6. The "Checks & Balances" system has been flipped upon its head.  It is the "Black Racial Services Machine" that has learned how to keep the Black Rank & File in check by convincing us that if they are made to lose power that our "racial enemies" will get back into power.   Then not only will the "Black Community Vital Statistics" be eroded as they are now.........................we'll also HATE those who are in power.  The coverage of them on MSNBC and Media Matters providing the only solace that a BQPFRC can turn to.
    1. (I had to run to my basement to confirm before printing this) Progressives get released from service when they "Go Too Rightward")    Former Rep Albert Wynn (D-MD) was made into "Bush's Boy" for voting to authorize Bush's war actions after 9/11.        I just confirmed that his replacement Rep Donna Edwards (D-MD) voted to authorize Command In Chief Obama's bombing of the African nation of Libya.   She along with the balance of the Congressional Black Caucus has nothing to fear about their funding decisions.  In the Black community "popular sentiment" trumps consistency in one's "Moral Stance".   
    2. In order to "Separate" the cancer from the whole body - those charged with removing the cancer would have to commit Seppuku 
  8. There will be no shut down of a cog in the wheel that has proven to be corrupt or ineffective - this translates into less "feet on the street" in the longitudinal fight against the right-wing forces of Conservatism.  The notion of "They Can't Choose Our Black Leaders" is introduced as an internal rallying cry which puts forth the notion that "THEY were convicted by laws that are not our own.  As far as we are concerned - they are still in good standing"  (See the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal)
  9. Again the Black Rank & File is the only force that can demand a RETURN ON INVESTMENT from its "Equal Black Ballots" and its "Fusion Of Black Community Development Interests" in with this machine and its joint venture partnership.   The Obama Fist Bump Black Press has nothing to worry about in regards to the squandered "Hope And Change" that was the case long before Obama came onto the scene and which continues during his term in office.   

    With the tacit assumption that the Black community will always reside on the lower rungs of the the societal scale - the most powerful agenda item for the "Black Racial Services Machine" and their White Progressive Cheshire Fox joint-venture partners is to harvest some of these "Equal Black Ballots" into their cause.

    They understand that our people are conditioned to keep a keen eye on what the "White Conservative Enemy" is doing to a greater extent than what those who's proximity allow them to pick our pockets of our community valuables are doing.

    With the "MSNBC-ification Of The Black Community Development Struggle" the abstraction between the conditions on our street and our ideological loyalties will continue to grow - without the squandered investments being punished.

    Keep up the good work Grio-Root (and Pitts, Robinson and Hutchinson) you are giving the people what they want.  Why upset them with the linkage between their grieving state and the usurpation of the resources that they hold?