They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Plight Of Fiscally Insolvent Benton Harbor Now Seen Around The World

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What some are calling an unjust power-grab is, in truth, evidence of what I have been stating for a long time:

A CITY is a creation of the STATE.

At some time in the past every city was required to petition the state for a city charter.

The notion was that by being allowed to collect taxes locally the city leaders would be able to extend a higher standard of living to the residents inside of the city limits of the unincorporated parcel of land in question.

We all know how insolvent corporations are dispensed of. Few people like to talk about a city that is no longer fiscally viable.

Black Parents Increasingly Removing Their Children From The Threats Of "Mission Accomplished" Cities

Census: Fewer black children in biggest US cities

This should be catalogued as yet another story which focuses on the after-effects, makes references to the motivating effects but yet ultimately fails to do the necessary introspection of the large gap that exists in Black America between:
  • The investments of our "Equal Black Ballots" and our "Fused Black Community Consciousness" 
  • and the "Present contents of our "Black Community Bucket of Worth" that we were told would be overflowing if we had stayed IDEOLOGICALLY UNITED in line with the "Black Racial Services Machine" and the Joint-Venture Partnerships that they had lined up for our salvation.

I am often accused of pointing too many fingers of blame against my ideological enemies but offering too few SOLUTIONS.

What people can't seem to understand is that WE ARE NOW LIVING IN YOUR SOLUTION that you sold to us some time ago!!!

These people need to first prove that THEY are of the proper consciousness to VET ideas that are presented to them as SOLUTIONS so that their interests are protected in the future and thus this situation is never allowed to happen again.

Until the Black Community erects a framework that defend our "Core Consciousness" from the ideological and political exploits that seek to misappropriate the contents of our 3 buckets - NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

NEW YORK — A catastrophic flood emptied New Orleans of much of its black youth. Powerful social forces may be doing a similar thing to places like Harlem and Chicago's South Side.

Over the past decade, the inner-city neighborhoods that have served for generations as citadels of African-American life and culture have been steadily draining of black children.

Last year's census found that the number of black, non-Hispanic children living in New York City had fallen by 22.4 percent in 10 years. In raw numbers, that meant 127,058 fewer black kids living in the city of Jay Z and Spike Lee, even as the number of black adults grew slightly.

The same pattern has repeated from coast to coast. Los Angeles saw a 31.8 percent decline in its population of black children, far surpassing the 6.9 percent drop in black adults. The number of black children in Atlanta fell by 27 percent. It was down 31 percent in Chicago and 37.6 percent in Detroit. Oakland, Calif. saw a drop of 42.3 percent, an exodus that fell only 6 percentage points below the decline in flood-ravaged New Orleans.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Does Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton (D-NY) Have Any Credibility To Talk About Herman Cain's (R-GA) Policies

The  Al Sharpton - Your Policies Are A Joke Herman Cain
(Do you ever wonder why The Grio-Root never argues from a pure Black Community perspective but instead gives voice to the Embedded Confidence Men who lurk within our community?)

Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton, paid substitute for Ed Schultz on MSNBC - The "Black Progressive Agenda Network" rips "Republican Who Is Black" Herman Cain on his policies.

P.P.P. Rev Al Sharpton, former Democratic Presidential candidate and now acting as the voice of the Obama Administration into the Black Community has some policies that he espoused when he ran for he Democratic nomination in 2004. Its just that few people remember what they were. I believe that it is fair to say that his policies are strangely similar to the "Mission Accomplished" cities where Black people are departing for greener pastures.

If you watch various Progressive-Fundamentalists you soon understand that they are forced to "keep their adversaries on trial so they don't have to stand trial for their own results". In the case of various "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" - for some strange reason Herman Cain - a man who has never held elective office and never received the investment of 50%+1 of the "Equal Black Ballot" as a sign that he has obtained their CONFIDENCE - is particularly disturbing to them.

When such a man is able to provoke the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" and all of its affiliates to write more hit piece on this one Black man than they are willing to do against the sitting President Of The United States as they "Speak Truth To Power" - you know that something is askew if you dare to use TRANSPARENCY to make note of the perversion of this situation and the irony.

In as much as they can be heard detailing the problems and grievances in Black America as we suffer:

  • Economically
  • Academically
  • Public Safety-wise
not only are they transparent enough to start a conversation which questions the actual benefits delivered to our people after such an investment of our key resources (Equal Black Ballot and Black Consciousness) and agree that we as a community must PROTECT OURSELVES from ever "opening so wide" in the future.

With this in mind - I will put forth an analysis between that which was found "offensive" to P.P.P. Al Sharpton as compared to "Republican Who Is Black" Herman Cain.

The Offenses Of Herman Cain Against Black Progressives As He Attacks Obama
The Offenses Of The Black Community In Living Vicariously Through Obama As The Black Community's Permanent Interests Are Attacked
Economic Offense Suggested That "Minimum Wage" is not necessary In The Mission Accomplished Cities - What Is The Black Unemployment Rate That The Black Community Should Be OFFENDED About?

Summary: Those who are UNEMPLOYED would not benefit if the Minimum Wage was lifed to $50 per hour.  They don't have JOBS to allow them to express their government assigned minimum worth per hour.
Various "African" References That Are Offense To Black People "Obama grew up in Kenya" as a means of appeasing the "Birthers" Obama giving the order to Bomb the African nation of Libya using the forces of American imperialism in conjunction with 3 African Colonists:

  1. France
  2. Britain
  3. Italy
American Lead Bombing Of Libya Called Successful

Religious Oriented Offenses "No Muslim will be allowed in my cabinet" Muslims are no longer being tortured under the Obama Administration after having been captured on the field of battle.  Instead with the increased use of unmanned drones they are killed and thus their lungs that had been "water boarded" are now blown to bits as the bombs that are dropped allows Obama to "Do Justice".

But this above paragraph is not the "indictment".
With all of this said - Obama has the BRILLIANCE to convince Black people to NOT participate in any ANTI-WAR PROTEST MARCHES to rebuke the US Military Actions.  They know that if they see the same effigies of Obama at a parade today that had been shown against Bush - they'd have to call their Progressive-Fundamentalist friends "RACISTS".  It is better to not attend any protest rallies to avoid it all.
EDUCATIONAL ISSUES  Herman Cain has never held any elective office and therefore he has not presided over a failing, predominately Black school district. While President Obama has never presided over a Failing Majority Black School System - he said "Your Doing A Good Job Arnie" as he promoted the former head of the failing Chicago Public Schools up to the US Secretary Of Education.  

  • While Duncan announced his plan to return America to the top spot for college graduates in the world - the fact that Chicago has a high school graduation rate of 51.9% and a Black and Hispanic student population of 87% did not provoke any Black Activist to wonder if the Obama Administration's "Return To The Top" included BLACK PEOPLE
  • When Arnie Duncan appeared on the "Obama Rolex Watch With Roland 'Thurgood' Martin And Smokie" and said to his face 'Hurricane Katrina was the best thing to ever happen to the New Orleans School Distirct" - Mr Martin said NOTHING about this slight
  • On the Presidential Campaign of 2008 when then candidate Obama warned America about the pitfalls of leaving Black people all alone by ourselves in inner city schools - these same Black Conscious Activists did not call him out on "Inferiorizing Blacks"
Nefarious Associations Herman Cain is down with "The Tea Party" who are today's KKK and who don't like Black people. Various "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate Social Justice Violators" are down with Obama.  Despite the fact that their products of work contain so many references to the tools and situations which are the most prevalent vector for MURDERED BLACK PEOPLE TODAY .........................these forces seem to not be able to say or do anything that can rise to the level of what the Superior White Conservative adversary can say.

The Root: Philly 32 People Shot In One Weekend
(If the Philadelphia Police Can't Protect Black People Then Call In The Feds?)

NPR Reviews The Migration Of "The Black Flight Progressives" From The North To The South

There have been a flurry of news stories that have documented the migration of Black people from the "Mission Accomplished Cities" in the North and West into areas that are portrayed as "hostile to Black interests" when certain hosts on MSNBC and other voices are allowed to provide the narrative about the South (and its dominate political leadership at the state level).

The common refrain is for the author of the story to tell about the attributes of the South that are proving attractive to Black Americans. In addition credit is given to the "Civil Rights Laws" that were crafted in the wake of much blood shed and bruised bodies. (Which I agree is the case).

The point that is missing in the majority of these reviews is a clear and unpretentious analysis of WHY Black people are now motivated to move away from the Northern and Western cities that were originally so full of opportunity for Black people as the South was inhospitable to our people and WHAT about the pathway that we were walking on that was in line with our "Community Empowerment Struggle Motion" ultimately turned out to be insufficient to provide the and sustain the necessary uplift and thus now many of these cities are no longer sufficient for occupancy by Blacks who desire to uplift themselves?

If this disposition in the forensic analysis is not engaged then what is going to prevent the scene - 40 years from now where Black Americans are again seen moving out of the South to the growth areas of Montana, South Dakota or Idaho - because they are more favorable places for us to live?

  • Are we merely CONSUMERS of a favorable societal order or do we possess the discipline and competences to craft such a favorable order when we have control over the set of policies that are prevailing?
  • Are the policies that are popularly rejected by Black people with a certain ideology and consciousness at the "transactional" level ultimately policies that produce favorable conditions for Blacks?  While those policies that initially seem to be in line with the goal of "societal progression" the policies that turn out to be against our long term interests - thus causing us to migrate?
In not answering these questions it appears that we will remain on a constant chase for satisfaction as distributed by others.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NAACP'S Position On "Separate And Unequal" In NYC Schools Challenged - The Need For A Transparent Black Press

Short and sweet:

Did YOU see any of the (so called) Black Press sources attempt to do their own investigation of the true situation in New York Schools.................or did they just publish the NAACP talking points verbatim?

WHO is the NAACP representing in New York City schools?

Source: The Economist Magazine

Clearly "STRUGGLING" for Educational Equality is not the same as PRODUCING Educational Equality.

If I had to advise the parents in Harlem who are promoting the interests of their own blessed children over the other forces and embedded interests that are swirling around them - I would tell them to MOVE - distancing themselves from the forces that have the power to derail their attempts to take the management reigns of their own children in the community in their own hands.

"Street Pirate Social Justice Violators" Back To Smash And Grab Robberies - Driving Up The Insurance Rates Of Store Owners And Pushing Them Closer To Insolvency

AJC: Smash-and-grab burglars hit downtown boutique

A Model Of The "Fortress Of Blackness" Guarded By The "Black Racial Services Machine"

This is a diagram that I published about 3 weeks ago.  It describes how the "Black Community Consciousness Core" and "Permanent Interests" are coated by a ring of operatives that I call "The Black Racial Services Machine".

At that time I told you that for this particular group it DOES NOT MATTER that the person in their sensory field that they are having a dialogue with has materially advanced the interests of the Black community - or for that matter has failed at her job and thus has 100 Black children that are not academically proficient.  

As I listen to this enveloping force - and study their ways it is very clear that the main attribute that determines the favorability or threat level of the person they are in discussions with is that person's propensity to:

  1. Tow The Ideological Line That They Expect
  2. Join In On The Attacks That They Publish - Or Not Confound Their Arguments When They Do
  3. Agree That The Popular Enemy of Black People IS THE ENEMY
  4. Feign Offense To An "Attack On Black People" When An "Interesting Subject" (Ideologically) Does Something That Has A Political/Ideological/Racial Benefit To Him Being Called Out
  5. Operate Complicity To The Silence That This Same Group Agrees To Maintain On A Congregational Basis To Issues That SHOULD BE Prioritized Within The Black Community But Which Will Likely Lead To Some Toes Being Stepped Upon

The Malcolm X Political Football Game Is Heating Up

I started to redraw the above picture but I think that it sufficiently captures the issues surrounding some of the major dust-ups that have occurred in the mounting American Presidential Campaign that are spilling over into RACE - and which has had the predictable results.

The political gun battle between the Republican candidates who dared to mention that the Black Community has not prospered as had hoped under the Obama Administration and then the "Democrats who are Black" that fired back - rendering personal attacks against the messengers.  Instead of refuting the claims they instead detailed all of the "Anti-Progressive" policies that the GOP have initiated (or Progressive policies that they have blocked), thus "hurting" the interests of the Black community in the process.

The key point that a transparent observer should note is the lack of inclination for those who went on the attack to do the following:
  1. Notate that the same criticism of the Black condition can be found within the Black Press though not the same blame
    1. High Unemployment Rates
    2. Lack Of Economic Development Within
    3. Stagnated School Reforms
  2. The Reluctance To Note The INCUMBENT State Of The Machine That Obama Is Apart Of Which Dominates All Rungs Of Government In The Representation Of The Predominate Ideology And Policy Base
While I accept that there is no love lost between the various Black politicos that are conjoined with the Democratic Party and certain Republicans who dare to mention anything at all about race.   I can even accept, to a point, that in the game of political volley ball - you undercut the credibility of your opponent to make any points of analysis about your condition as a result of your past 'victories'.    However when there is such a coordinated scheme by which the condition of the Black community that had been talked about rather openly is now withdrawn for no other reason than the person's STANDING - there is a major problem.

Simply put - those who stand within the "Racial Nucleus" but also stand firmly in the "American Political Domain" are going to always prove that they cannot serve two masters.   While indeed the execution of an open debate with Gingrich or Bachmann is NOT going to directly solve the crisis in Black America.......................the evidence of the coordinated attempt to not originate critique of Obama from the Black community because it might harm his reelection attempts in favor of the forces that were heard critiquing him is even more offensive from where I stand.

In as much as one respondant was sure that "Obama's Black vote was in the bag" in 2012 - there is an overt admission that the Black Community's INTERESTS as expressed via our vote is at play for something other than the INTERESTS THAT CAN BE MEASURED.

Why Is It That The Republicans Even Need To Make A Suggestion About The Condition Of The Black Community?

Of the more interesting theories which attempted to define why the GOP is inspecting the condition of the Black Community and talking about it is the notion that they are trying to get Black people to see the frovolity of having a "Black President" and thus not bother to show up to vote in 2012.

In listening to this line of argument I am forced to note that such a person has no concept of the ability for the Black Community to make a transparent assessment of our own interests - make note of what has not worked and then CHOOSE to INITIATE an alternative way forward - not just sitting at home without voting.

If "Voter Suppression" is the indictment against the GOP - what should Black people who are committed to actual solutions and a more transparent manner of achieving them call those who continue to lure Black people to invest our "Equal Black Ballot" and our "Black Consciousness Loyalities" into and "investment" that has largely not paid back as much as we have put into it - no where matching our HOPES? 

If "Fear and Doubt" used in voter suppression by your popular enemy is proof of their hatred of you......what do you call what the "Embedded Confidence Men" who string you along with fear to place you into a "Racially Defensive Disposition" and then compel you to remain "Ideologically Unified" - as time shows that you have not reached your desired state of increase - and then they are seen "rinsing and repeating" the scheme that has worked before?

I am not suggesting that a single Black person listen to the GOP and be compelled with what they are selling. I am only suggesting that until there is a separation of the "Black Community Consciousness" from the "American Political Domain - we are going to be continuously lead on this present track - our community biorythim set to the American political campaign schedule.

Monday, June 27, 2011

NAACP Applies "Separate But Equal" To A Black On Black Situation

(Side Note:
QUESTION: "Why is he always targeting the NAACP, SCLC, Concerned Black Clergy in his posts?
ANSWER:  Because I WATCH THEM!!!!    I can't see how any serious minded Black person who makes a transparent attempt to understand why certain "inferiorities" for Black people are perpetuate DESPITE having assumed operational control over the key "Human Resource Development" institutions that influence our community - can't see that our problem as a community resides in the fact that our "community consciousness core" is left OPENED and VULNERABLE to a set of operatives who:
  1. Ultimately have no accountability for the results -after having compelled our people into a STRUGGLE
  2. Have no plans to self-impose some organizational discipline by which the METHODOLOGY of choice (ie: Progressivisim) and the VEHICLE of choice (ie The Democratic Party) and the DOMAIN (political versus community & cultural)  is kept separate and distinct from the CORE PRINCIPLES that are sought out for attainment. 
In this undisciplined the operatives with the most influence are allowed to run roughshod over all of the important institutions that must be PROTECTED from such molestations.

It is so easy to predict how these organizations will respond.  When given a challenge that requires INTERNAL COORDINATION From Black People so that we might consume the community benefit OR manipulating Black people into a state of IDEOLOGICAL UNITY as we roll up in a RACIALLY DEFENSIVE POSTURE and stand together to fight an EXTERNAL THREAT - for short term but diminishing benefits - it is clear that these groups are going to MANIPULATE our people rather than MANAGE toward better outcomes.
NAACP Kim Keenan, General Council Of The NAACP - Separate And Unequal Is Still Wrong

 As I was analyzing the situation about the successful attainment of quality education for Black people I concluded that nothing will change until the educational activists - such as the NAACP - are given operational control and thus are placed on the hook to DELIVER rather than ADVOCATE.

In truth their "operational control" is not necessary.  From a functional state - they already have it.   Gone is the fire breathing bigoted mayor and school board who sees Blacks as janitorial and house maid candidates.  In the places where Black people live in our highest concentrations exists an eco-system of favorable Progressive authorities.    The NAACP has been engaged in loosely coupled "Joint-Venture Partnerships" with these groups as they ascended into power - displacing the obstinate inindividuals that were systematically picked off as the tide of opinion and demographics have changed.

These officials in the school boards of NYC, Philly, DC, Atlanta and Chicago don't have a "racial discrimination" problem.  They have a resource limitation problem.  The combination of an eco-system that has not sufficiently retained its state as a base for "consumers of labor" to settle - thus producing jobs and revenues AND school systems who, despite receiving double the funding than they did about 30 years ago has retained its voracious appetite for financial resources.

The charter school in question is like the other charter schools in New York.  It was founded as a means of discovering new volumes of "educational best practices" while the main line system continues in motion - the quantity of forward movement being the question.

The actions of the NAACP show clearly that the rhetoric of "progress" isn't as free from "embedded interests" and their desire to resist reforms which threaten the loss of power.

I, for one, do not blame the teachers or the teachers unions for the situation in the schools.  The teachers don't get to choose the parents and the students and the communities that they have to deal with. They have to work with what they have.   The activists, on the other hand - introduce a measure of provocation among the parents and community.  In addition worse than the "Conspiracy Theories" that some of them operate off of is their guilt in NOT shutting down the "Conspiracy Theorites" that they know to be a lie.  When New York NAACP representative Hazel Dukes made the claim that those Black parents who were standing against the lawsuit filed by the NAACP and teacher's union to stop the school closings and the formation of charters - she said they were doing the work of their "slave masters".

NAACP leader Hazel Dukes blasted a pro-charter-school parent from The Bronx as "doing the business of slave masters" in a shocking e-mail defending the civil-rights organization's lawsuit against city plans to expand charters.
Dukes made the stunning attack in response to a Hispanic woman who wrote a heartfelt letter urging the civil-rights leader to pull the NAACP out of a lawsuit aimed at blocking the expansion or co-location of 19 charters in city school buildings.
"If you and the NAACP continue on this horrible lawsuit against my daughter's school and the fellow 18 charter schools," Janette Ramos said, "it will not be the best legacy to leave behind."
For some strange reason the image of the "Koch Brothers" came to my mind upon first reading this reference to "Slave Masters".  The best way to get Black folks to follow a prescribed pathway is to evoke some reference that will put us on the racial/ideological/political defensive against an insidious attack from an enemy.
Sadly that which "works every time" are merely short term scare tactics which often fail to place our community in line with our LONG TERM needs.   
The best rebuttal that I can offer to Ms Dukes and Ms Keenan of the NAACP is to ask them to consider the amount of time that their organization and related "Joint-Venture Partners" have been seeking QUALITY EDUCATION for Black people and then make note of all of the "favorable people" they have amassed into power based on this struggle - as they SHOW ORGANIC INCREASE among the elements of the Black community who had the fortune of their protection for so many decades.
In as much as the "little Black boy" who now attends first grade was born in 2005 - what are the conservative forces that have pressed upon his family and derailed his progress as an equal human being?

Is there anyone who is as committed into defining the PROPULSION that he needed for uplift and how much his community via its leadership have failed to provide it?

As NYTimes/Root Tell Of The Migration Of Blacks Back To The South - Neither Focus On WHY We Are Living The Mission Accomplished Zones

Question:  Why did Black people leave the South during the "Great Migration"?
Answer:  To escape Racism in society, Economic Oppression and to plug into the Economic Growth of the North

Analysis:   There was a negative agent where Blacks lived which held Black people down.  There was an alternative theater in which Black people felt that they could migrate to in pursuit of their dreams

Question:  Why are Blacks leaving the Mission Accomplished Cities in the American North?

Answer:    We are not going to get a straight answer because of the protection racket that exists within the Black Community.

Analysis:  The proper way to get beyond the wall of  ideological and political protectionism that is enforced within the Black community is to look at the ACTIONS of the people and not the official talking points.

The truth is that the Black community in the North has been a critical partner in the shaping of the environment as it presently exists.   In the "struggle motion" that our people imparted upon these environments were customized to the liking of the people.   During the interim period these incremental "victories" had Black people at various election victory parties as a sign of their complicit approval.

As the dust settled and the popular adversary began to depart the prevailing consciousness of the leadership seemingly failed to understand the implicit need for them to transition from STRUGGLE over to ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT per their leadership over the key institutions.  When I say "Progressivism Is In-organic" it is not a message of empty slander.  It is a notation that it is fundamentally a STRUGGLE disposition and that it requires an archenemy in theater to battle against.   The central adversary is the body of cultural and traditional norms and economic machine.  

With victory comes responsibility and accountability.  

The American Southeast is attacked as a racist, backwater place by progressives like Rachel Maddow and Eugene Robinson - who is from South Carolina.  In their battle against the conservative Republicans that are in power in the South - they typically seek out "Ignorant Southerners" to put on display to show that their ideological enemies are responsible due to their intransigence.  The obvious solution is for the South to "liberalize" - adopting the "Social Justice" that appears to be abundant in the North.

There is no big leap in logic to see that those who had been putting down the South as a key component of their own ideology would be reticent in their will to put their "Mission Accomplished Zone" on trial as the erosion that it is presently suffering begins to reduce its sheen.  

Instead of introspection where they are forced to "Put Progressivism On Trial" as a part of the problem in the North - they initiate a narrative in which their enemies are blamed for the downfall:
  1. Corporate Abandonment - corporations came in, built up the city using our labor and then left us behind as they moved to another place where they could exploit labor at a cheaper rate
  2. Taxes As A Weapon - Southern, "Right To Work" states have been "stealing" jobs from Northern areas as they use tax breaks to woo greedy corporations 
Those who live on the indictment also believe that they have the "Moral Authority" on their side.  If these secularists had religiosity they'd be saying "God Is On Our Side".    In as much as secularism functions as their religion their antics should be understood as being draconian in a manner that they personally view right-wing Christian evangelicals.

At present there is a gun battle between the Republican presidential candidates and certain "Democrats who are Black" - Black Fox Embedded Confidence men within our community.  The important thing to note - as I have called them out on - is that they have no interest in talking about the conditions WITHIN the Black community in the context of accepting accountability for taking POWER and failing to transform our people.  The instead are interested in running pass plays in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".  Thus no one should be surprised that these same operatives are not inclined to report on the great migration of Blacks to the SOUTH - by keying in on the conditions IN THE NORTH that are motivating Black people to leave.   Anyone who relies on this troop for fair analysis -  when there is a risk that they must put their beloved Progressivism on trail as the get to the root of the problem - is sadly mistaken.

For me - I have contented myself to do transparent analysis, build predictive models and then when the events transpire - adjust for my errors but silently applaud my growing amount of accuracy.

Those with the balance of power are ideologically bigoted operatives with no intention of yielding POWER to a more transparent set of  INSTITUTIONS that put EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES over their ideological interests inside of the "American Political Domain".   Many of the can't see that the temporary gains to their advantage in the short term are also the myopic views that will ensure that the Black community remains stagnant as this nation and this world converges into form for the next interval of national and international economic competition.

With control over the messaging within the Black community they are going to continue to use our people - projecting the indictments encapsulated in the concept of "SOCIAL JUSTICE" upon someone else.  What they fail to see is that this "SOME ONE ELSE" is not always going to be a solvent and sovereign force to trade their "Equal Black Ballots" and "Black Conscious Loyalties" to.   The consequences of the failure to build up Organic Competencies will be clear in due time.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Squatters In The Leadership Void Within The Black Community - NAACP vs The Mayor Of Indianapolis

With Indianapolis being one of the cities that crime show "The First 48 Hours" films from - it is clear that there are bigger problems in the city than the NAACP feigning offense.

The organization clearly has a chip on its shoulder.  It seeks RESPECT FROM people rather than focusing on making the key attributes of the communities that it has the most unchalleged support RESPECTABLE.

Again I ask - Is the NAACP and other "Black Racial Services Machine Elements" able to bring forth ORGANIC SOCIAL JUSTICE WITHIN the Black Community or is SOCIAL JUSTICE something that the adversarial ideology must be pursued after to deliver and thus it makes a great organizing tool for marching and unity in struggle

Wikipedia - Indianapolis Demographics
According to the 2006–2008 American Community Survey,[13] the racial composition of the city are 66.6% White (Non-Hispanic Whites: 63.3%), 25.9% Black or African American, 0.2% American Indian, 3.2% Asian, 3.4% from some other race, 2.1% are from two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos (of any race) make up 7.0% of the total population.
A University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee study recently concluded that Indianapolis is the least segregated city in the northern United States, with 25% of the population living on a city block with both white and black residents.[

The Civil Rights Pharisees Leave The Murder Scenes Around Atlanta To Go Fight For "Social Justice" At The Prisons That They Say Are Holding Too Many Black Males

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

We are conducting a walk for change on the 20th of June 2011. This walk will be a combined effort of all organixzations lead by Noah's Ark and the SCLC president of the Atlanta Chapter. We  will walk from Rice street jail to Johnson state prison which is 139 miles in a seven day span. We are asking that other organizations join us and call us for more details on the march. We must do different things to get the different results we need in today's society. Our youth are in distress and the families are slowly but surely deteriating. We need new blood in the ranks of our leadership and we need new voices tro get the word out to the people. Rick Evans has been there and done that, He has walked in almost every part of life a man can think of. God has prepared him for this assignment and he is moving out full speed ahead. please contact him directly for any information, or to let him know about any upcoming events that you would like home to attend.
Devonta Emon Stembridge, 18, of Riverdale.
2 Teen Executed In College Park Shooting, Shot In Back Of Their Heads Inside Of A Car

Supplemental video of murder victim family's response.

Please click here to listen to the audio interview between radio host Loraine Jacques White (married to the President of the NAACP Atlanta Chapter) and the new SCLC head Rev Dr Howard Creecy on "Fight The Power Radio" - WAOK AM in Atlanta.

If you recall - about 3 months ago Rev Dr Howard Creecy was on another show on WAOK.  I had never heard of Rev Dr Creecy prior to this but I noted his character when he began go CHERRY PICK through the MURDERS of Black people and selected the "White On Black" murders.  The Black man in Mississippi who was found hanging was said to be a part of the new wave of RACIST attacks on Black people - this even though there is no evidence that any White person had anything to do at all with the killing.

These embedded confidence men prove to be particularly upsetting to me.  Not because they are keeping an eye on the Black community and will for our protection but because in their own BIGOTRY they are forced to advance "NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY" - one hand of a White man that murders a Black is SUPERIOR to the 50 other Black On Black murders that transpired since the last White murderer struck a Black in the metro area.

It is then any surprise that in the face of yet another "Bloody Summer In Atlanta 2011" that the "REINVIGORATED SCLC TODAY" displays its same tired old tricks?   Knowing that the entire "Black Racial Services Machine" has proven itself INCOMPETENT at directly engaging the young people in our community via working with their parents and the community to deliver "ORGANIC SOCIAL JUSTICE WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" they are forced to seek out IDEOLOGICAL UNITY by protesting against the JAILS!!!     These jails merely hold individuals who have suffered from the benign neglect that the "Black Racial Services Machine" has cast upon our community as it has HIJACKED our people's COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS - misappropriating it for POLITICAL GAIN.   The only problem is that the GAINS have not born fruit.

There He Goes Again - Rev Dr Creecy Has A Problem With PROPORTIONS 

I am saddened that Rev Dr Creecy has chosen to be an ideological bigot and display dishonesty in the second radio interview that I have ever heard from him.  Beyond my initial disappointment that a "man of the cloth" will transact in such a manner - the ultimate fault resides with the CORRUPT TALK SHOW HOSTS that allow him to MARKET but do not CHALLENGE him.  When Dr White does get around to asking him about the veracity of his claim she allows him to back down to $0.21 per day but says NOTHING about how the Obama Justice Department is not going to allow this (IF IT WERE TRUE).

Rev Dr Creecy knows that the governor of Georgia - Nathan Deal DID NOT ask convicted felons on parole to go to south Georgia and work as farm hands FOR FREE - because the new immigration regulations has scared the immigrant work force away.  The only reason why Creecy said this is because he knows that it will have  a dramatic effect.  Also that Lorraine Jacques White - a fellow bigot - is going to allow him to say whatever he wants to say - as long as it fits their common bias.

Here is were we stand as a Black Community.

On the front end the Black Racial Services Machine has keep Black people unified in the belief that once we assist the Progressive Democrats to gain dominate power in every institution in Atlanta and make it a sense of our racial pride - when it came time to look beyond the seats of power and note the actual benefit for the RANK & FILE - this is where their confidence scheme fell apart.

They needed to build up the organic competency within Black people by leveraging the schools that they control to position our people to take advantage of the opportunities that they were to create - as they used their partnerships in government for the advantage of our people.

Now that Black people are the main VICTIMS of the assaults from the "Street Pirate Social Justice Violators" the crew lead by Rev Dr Creecy have NO PLAN AT ALL to look at their own failings in the matter.  Their only goal is to make note of the Republican leadership in the state of Georgia and set them up as a UNIFYING FORCE to strike out against.

A Black Man Arrested In The City Of Atlanta

The Police Officer That Arrests You  

The Police Chief He Reports To

Atlanta Police Chief George Turner

The Mayor Who Appointed The Police Chief And Can Fire Him

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

The Chief Jailer Who Will Hold You Until Your Trial

Sheriff Ted Jackson

The Man Who Will Prosecute You

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard

The Array Of Progressive Judges, One Of Whom Will Hear Your Case

Fear Not Fulton County Does Not Hand Out The "Death Penalty"

Despite This Fact - WHO Does Creecy Want You To Focus Upon As A Primary Threat To You r Freedom As A Black Man?....................

REPUBLICAN Governor Nathan Deal (R-GA)

Where There Is Bigotry - There Has Always Been A "Dead Black Man" Who's Body Was Found When The Sunlight Brought The Deed Which Killed Him To Light

In the past it was Klan bigotry that was used to cut the throat of Black people.

Today we have Ideological bigotry espoused by the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men that seek to hijack our conscious attention OUTWARD for political gain - all the while the Young Black Men - who should be the pillars of our community are left unattended and they instead foment into "Street Pirate Social Justice Violators". 

Clearly the "SCLC Today" has NOT reformed itself sufficiently for it is still talking the same ole smack and running the WRONG WAY to put out the fire.

I applaud Rick Evans - from Noah's Ark.  I will keep an eye on his efforts and will support him IF they show their independence from the "Community Consciousness Hijackers"

The Need For Organic "Social Justice" Creation Within The Black Community Series - The Battle Over Public Schools

The Civil Rights Pharisees have mastered the tonal qualities that each link in the chain that they rattle makes as they resurrect the ghosts of the Civil Rights Movement Past  to provide cover in all that they do today.  Even when their analysis of our preset situation does not closely approximate the past struggles of our people - they know the power that certain terms and images have upon the Black psyche.  They prove that they are not interested in actually delivering salvation to our people.  The INTENTION to do so has a greater gravitational pull in line with their agenda for ideological unity in the name of struggle.

Who Would Have Guessed That Black On Black Could Be The Basis Of Separate But Equal?
I am convinced that unless these points are plotted out graphically - our people will miss the gross irony of the positions held by many Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers.

While Black people were seen visibly upset that White students in Virginia had received "Brown v Board" scholarships - few of these same people will make note of the HIJACKING of "Separate But Equal" that the NAACP did as Black kids who attended a school labeled a "charter school" were deemed to be advantaged over their Black neighbors who attended the traditional government operated school.  Apparently the Charter school Blacks received the benefits of "Structural Racism" that is typically reserved for WHITE FOLKS.  

The issue of over-crowded schools has been debated since compulsory education first became a goal for America.  There has been and always will be a lag between the social service demand for education and the facilities to accommodate this demand.  In addition migration patterns of students and their family make the challenge of capital infrastructure development an impossible task.  These swings in population and the demographic realities also impact the local tax base from which these funds for capital improvements are primarily drawn from.

Is there a difference between an over-crowded public school with staggered lunch hours as the confined space in the lunch room is shared among students who are ALL attending the government operated school?  What is there now outrage when these same poor Black students are labeled as "charter school students"?  CLEARLY this is NOT ABOUT THE STUDENTS.  There is a greater agenda afoot by the NAACP and the Teacher's Union.

The Academic Challenges of some of these schools were present.  But there was not yet a coordinated national commitment to provide prime focus on the issue.

The Over-Crowded School
In the "Good Ole Days" - school over-crowding was addressed with the addiition of portable trailers that were affixed on the school grounds.  A portion of the school students reported to classrooms in these facilities and went to other classes as required inside of the school building. This served as a temporary solution as the School Board developed its capital infrastructure strategy and then raised the necessary money, typically via a property tax increase and/or a Municipal Bond release to the investor community.

The key point to understand is that these new facilities remained under the aegis of the Government Operated School System and its unionized teaching staff.  Thus despite the relative discomfort of these portable trailers (as compared to a traditional classroom) all of the parties pushed forth because a long term solution  was being developed to provide relief.

The issues of school capacity and school performance are two different conversations.  While these alternative building solutions addressed capacity - there were some newly built public schools that brought their instructional techniques, parents with limited interest in managing their children's academic careers and finally students who's consciousness was molded after the adults who lacked vision - all of whom came to a new facility but ultimately produced the same failed results.

(Note: I just went to "" to look up a high school in Georgia that fits this model.  Brand new facility (about 5 years old now) but same failing results as they are only "4 out of 10" in their academic performance).

Traditional Solutions For School Over Crowding
The present day debate about Charter Schools throws together two very contentious topics and allows for those with no so hidden agendas to exploit the issue:
  1. The Policy To Address Failing Schools
  2. The Constrains On School Facilities At A Time Of Economic Crisis In Funding
It should come as no surprise that the Teachers Union, in partnership with the NAACP has an issue with Charter Schools.   

Charter Schools are a part of a larger initiative of "School Choice".  The School Choice Movement - despite the claims of nefarious intent (typically the word "Koch Brothers" are thrown in at this point) is fundamentally a struggle by the PARENTS of otherwise at risk children to be EMPOWERED with options on how they might provide the best possible opportunity and advantage by providing their children with a quality academic setting.  The basic character of the school's eco-system and the impact of the collective consciousness of the fellow parents and their progeny all come together to define the academic and social experience that a child will be exposed to.

The Threat That Parent's Demand For Quality Educational Alternatives Might Displace The Teacher's Unions From Their Present Base Of Power Has Prompted The NAACP To Bring Forth Terms That Had Been Used To Describe SYSTEMATIC RACISM AND OPPRESSION - This Time Using Them To Fend Off THEIR Perceived Enemy Of "De-Union-Fication".

If The NAACP Were Not So Blind And Ideologically Bigoted They'd See That The Real Enemy If SQUANDRED INSTITUTIONAL POTENTIAL Where The Previos Rise To Power Via The Placement Of Favorable People Into The Institutional Seats Of Power Has Failed To Translate Into The Promised Benefits

If The NAACP Were A Transparent Organization They'd Be Investing Their Time Into Studying How The Black Community Was Left EXPOSED And VULNERABLE To The Manipulation Expressed By Those Who Had Us To Invest Our Hopes In The Previous Strategy That Fell So Short.

From This The NAACP Would Be Forced To Sign A Consent Decree That THEY WILL NEVER AGAIN Play The Part Of Manipulation Of  Black People As They And Their Joint-Venture Partners Had Done Previosly

The narrative  by Karen Finney of MSNBC (The 'Black Progressive Agenda' Network) is merely yet another sales attempt by Progressive-Fundamentalists to tell us what WOULD HAVE HAPPENED if America did as they had suggested.

Notice that Ms Finney does not acknowledge that the school systems in the places were Black people live in our highest concentrations are dominantly controlled by favorable Progressives.  With this being the case Ms Finney and other Progressives are forced to move away from the inspection of the competence and REAL INTENTIONS of these forces that are in control and instead do what they always do: NATIONALIZE THE INDICTMENT and make it about NATION REDISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS.

From the Finney article:
A McKinsey study released earlier this year showed how growing academic disparities doom our economy to failure. McKinsey analyzed data that suggest America’s academic achievement gap “imposes on the United States the economic equivalent of a permanent national recession.” The study suggests that closing the gap between black and Latino students and white students between 1983 and 1998 would have raised the GDP between $310 billion and $525 billion by 2008. Had we closed the achievement gap among income groups in the same period such that students from families with income below $25,000 a year had been raised to the performance of students from homes with incomes above $25,000 a year, then GDP in 2008 would have been $400 billion to $670 billion higher, or 3 to 5 percent of GDP.

The current budget deficit talks raise significant concerns about our ability and willingness to close these gaps among all children. The budget proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) would cut an additional $1.3 billion from federal education spending, which means less money to states and cities at a time when most have already made significant education cuts, letting go of teachers, increasing class sizes and eliminating other resources needed to target interventions for struggling kids. The Ryan budget not only widens the gaps by unfairly focusing on ways to give more to the wealthiest 1 percent; it leaves everyone else, particularly middle- and low-income families and communities of color, fighting each other for the scraps.

A lawsuit filed by the NAACP, United Federation of Teachers and local political leaders in New York City provides a dramatic example of the trickle-down impact cuts in federal funding can have. Budget cuts have hampered the construction of new school buildings, resulting in a practice called “co-locating,” where city-owned school buildings (taxpayer-funded) house more than one school. Co-locating has resulted in overcrowding and increased class sizes. In one example in which a public school and public charter school co-locate, it has created unequal access to facilities including the library, gym and cafeteria. On a daily basis, two children entering the same building spend their days in very different educational realities: one with new materials, laptops, priority access to shared facilities, and the other with peeling paint, outdated materials and lunchtime at 10 a.m. Parents have been pitted against one another as they understandably fight for their kids’ education.

It is important to understand what Ms Finney is attempting to do.  While discarding any acknowledgement that TODAY is the finished line from the LAST STRUGGLE that the forces that she is aligned with had erected - she desperately seeks to nationalize the indictment and show the threat that external conservative forces pose in the way of federal spending cuts.   Ironically - despite the fact that over the past 20 years - the federal educational spending has greatly expanded - Ms Finney makes sure that she focuses on the $1.3 billion in spending cuts that the Paul Ryan plan would translate into.  Clearly she took a page out of the Rachel Maddow notebook.
Note the relatively small amount of Federal Money is involved in public education.  Also note how proportionately small $1.3B is in the big scheme of things.   Why doesn't Ms Finney choose to look at the squandered ORGANIC INCREASE that should have translated in to several trillions of dollars in increased productivity IF her previous plans to grab POWER had translated into the benefit of students rather than the MACHINE that she is a part of.

For the life of me I just don't understand this one contradiction:  The very same people who claim that "Education Is The Great Equalizer" are also the very same people that use this notion as an EXTERNAL indictment against those who have failed to "treat the least of these as they treat their own".   Thus, the present power that these favorable people have over the school district and the municipality and the economic regulation of what happens within is rarely connected together to express the OPPORTUNITY COST that has been squandered as they have been promoted into power.   The Black community that had been lead to believe - as I heard growing up in Philly that "Once we get favorable people into power, who love Black children and care about the Black community......................things will change for the better".   Having achieved this end - by all possible measure - we now know that they can't be held accountable for the failures..........................AMERICA, via its bigotry, failed to provide the adequate funding to these favorable people.

In this slight of hand the key issue that is avoided is the one about ORGANIC INCREASE that did not transpire.  If their sales job had come true - the favorable people would have made the necessary tweaks to the school system that allowed better academic results to come forth.  Those who had been oppressed by the Rizzo Administration were now allowed to shine brightly - using their academic preparation to matriculate into roles within the newly thriving economy.  Where there were not jobs - they'd use their academic preparation to create some.

For Ms Finney - they realize that the Progressives ultimately will suffer no consequences for having WON but the Black community LOST where it counted.

As they erect the notion that the results that remain elusive will finally come IF a certain minimum threshold of funding (national redistribution) is obtained - I am still using the skill of "interpolation" that I learned in 2nd grade to look for the INCREMENTAL INCREASE that is reasonably expected in relation to the relative increases in spending and the presence of favorable leadership.

In conclusion the forces of Progressive-Fundamentalism seek to use the issue of Quality Schools to advance their agenda for more National Redistribution of Funding and the projection of POWER by the Adult Actors in the school system.  The main thing that they hope to avoid is BEING PUT ON TRIAL TO EXPLAIN THEIR PAST PERFORMANCE.  Doing so would prevent them from their 2011 sales campaign.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Voter Suppression: Convincing Black People That Having A Black Black President Has Not Help The Black Community's Condition

This interview on MSNBC "The Black Progressive Agenda Network" is one of the most predictable and corrupt interviews that I have ever witnessed in regards to the Black Community.

Goldie Taylor, operative for MSNBC never once thought to place a stake in the ground regarding what the PERMANENT INTERESTS of the Black Community were.

MSNBC got a hell of a deal when they launched "The" featuring David Love from the progressive-fundamentalist "Black" and an array of other solidly progressive biased content providers.
The key point that Black people fail to see is that today "Black Progressive Politics" has achieved full integration with Democratic Party/Progressive politics.  Journalist George S Schuyler was correct when he coined the term "lampblacked" to point out the fact that "Progressives who are Black" do not have "unique Blackness" but instead are progressives with a dusting of soot upon their antics for "street cred".  Worse yet - Malcolm X warned Black America about the fusion of our interest into the political football game between White Conservatives and White Liberals.

My full analysis of the antics used by Ms Taylor are fully documented on the sister blog site - Surveillance On Embedded Operatives.   It is clear that Ms Taylor did not go on MSNBC to indicate if she was satisfied with the present condition of the Black community upon achieving its'  "Mission Accomplished" state.  She went on to PUT GINGRICH ON TRIAL.  She did not mention ANYTHING about the Black community other than how "Obama's Black VOTE IS IN THE BAG".

This particular post is about the new low that has been reached as expressed by Goldie Taylor

The New Black Voter Suppression Is Convincing Black People That A Black Progressive Democratic President (And Governor and Mayor and US Rep And State Senator And School Board Head) Has Not Helped Them So They'll Stay Home

The diagram to the left is important because it models the truth that certain forces operate with.  In the case of Goldie Taylor - she was so confident in her knowledge that TWO POTS OF GOLD controlled by the Negro was locked down that she need not justify the perpetual actions of Black people, needing to humble herself to the sad truths about the crisis that too many of our communities are in.

The main sin that Newt Gingrich has committed in NOT that he identified BLACK INFERIORITY.  His sin that he used it as an INDICTMENT against the prevailing leadership of the Black Community and their Joint-Venture Partners - the Democratic Party.

When Progressive Democrats - White or Black - mention the inferior state that far too many Black communities are presently in - they do so with the goal of making OUTWARD INDICTMENTS against the greater society.  "The Black community is in its present state due to RACISM and the lack of national commitment to SOCIAL JUSTICE!!!" they say. With this disposition no Black or Progressive toes are stepped upon.  They are enabled to struggle forth - in IDEOLOGICAL UNITY - in pursuit of that which has been denied to them.

No one else will bother to analyze the point which Goldie Taylor was making BUT THEN place her point into a broader frame work to understand how corrupt this point is.

In my analogy of the "Equal Black Vote" to a woman's womb - I make note of the fact that as this lovelorn woman was seeking out a perfect male partnership with the "Progressive Player".......she never thought outside of the box to CREATE A MAN OF HER OWN.  This is the "Dark Matter" domain that Ms Taylor can't comprehend with her antics.

The Black community has "voted harder" for the Democrats.  It now has favorable people in power at every rung of government - including in the White House.  Despite this fact - the grievances that Ms Taylor makes glancing reference to remain.

In the interview she "Puts The Republicans On Trial" - nothing that as Black people realize that we have gotten all that we can out of POLITICS and hit the snake eyes - we will STAY HOME.  Thus VOTER SUPPRESSION has been achieve as the (racist) Republicans dare ask Black people to appraise where our community stands as compared to what we had "HOPED" would 'CHANGE" - not just with Obama but with the more than 9,000 Black elected officials in all rungs of government would bring to us.

Newt Gingrich hoped to cultivate Black Equal Ballots for investment into his party
Goldie Taylor realized that for the average Black voter who is loyal to the Democrats the two general election day choices are to VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT or STAY HOME.

The Black Community Building A "Man" To Its Own Liking
This blog has been dedicated to extending the warnings of the great Malcolm X about the perils of linking the Black Community Consciousness into the "American Political Domain".  Today we are merely living in the world that was voiced by Bayard Ruskin.  To be clear - Ruskin did not form the plan.  This was agreed upon by various Black Progressive leaders who met months after the murder of Dr King.  They all agreed that the Black community needs to take control of the outcomes WITHIN the Black community by:
  • Getting Black people
  • Elected
  • As Democrats
  • Advancing Progressive Policies
  • Within The Key Institutions that bear down upon our community
The problem of today is NOT that we have not achieved this goal - WE HAVE.
The primary problem with the Black Community is the level of "contamination" by which there are too few transparent voices that are willing to inspect the EFFICACY of this strategy.  They realize that such an inspection would eventually get around to putting "Progressivism On Trial".  Since they seek to protect their ideology - these type of exposes' in the Black Press are spiked.   

They tell "Human Interest" stories in which they show a Black woman struggling in this economy.  They are NOT going to pull out their tape recorders and replay all of the promises made to Black people regarding how the investment of our EQUAL BLACK BALLOT and the retained IDEOLOGICAL UNITY would lead to certain enumerated benefit.   Just as Goldie Taylor did not talk about the conditions WITHIN the Black community, attempting to set up a REFERENCE POINT for debating the claims of Newt Gingrich (or even Neal Boortz as it relates to violence within the Black community) they realize that it is far more profitable for them to KEEP THEIR CONSERVATIVE ENEMIES ON TRIAL.  The average Black person will buy it hook, line and sinker.

Why is it that Goldie Taylor was so averse to considering A THIRD OPTION beyond Blacks who are discontented with the "American Political Domain" to BUILD UP an more organic alternative?

The perfect contemptible corollary to the scoundrel who convinces the Black voter to STAY AT HOME is the Embedded Confidence Man who sells the Black holder of the "Equal Black Ballot" on the notion that his vote is going to fill up his THIRD POT of money that is empty IF he casts his vote.

It is the Embedded Confidence Man who has N RESPECT FOR BLACK PEOPLE.

I do not blame the Embedded Confidence Man for doing what he does to manipulate our people.
The main fault goes to the BLACK RANK & FILE which has failed to erect sufficient protections of the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS CORE from such molestations and misappropriations.

Absent such controls - the Black Community will never fully leverage the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that we now have under our control to effectively achieve our development goals.   Instead will will continue to pass from one racially defensive posture to the next as the Racism Chasers bring these transactional incidences to our awareness on their blogs.

The Plotting Against Libya By The Imperialists And Colonists Exposed

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

The calls to obtain news from international sources in order to capture broader perspectives is as true today as it ever was.

How The Spirit Of "Racism Chasing" Undermines The Adoption Of A Functional Governance Model WITHIN The Black Community - Racism Chasing & Dress Codes At The Airport

The Racism Chasing has been at a fever pitch on various "Progressive who are Black" blogs over the past few weeks.

The Black man on the right is Deshon Marman, a 20 year old college student. Mr Marman was at the airport with his pants sagging.

From the story
He refused and was asked again aboard the plane, according to the San Franciso Chronicle. When he again failed to comply, Marman was ordered to exit the aircraft. ”At that point he was asked to leave the plane,” stated San Francisco Police Department spokesman Sargent Michael Rodrigquez. “It took 15 to 20 minutes of talking to get him to leave the plane, and he was arrested for trespassing.”
I hate the sight of our young men’s hind parts out for the entire world to see. However, Marman’s body was still covered by his underwear. As unappealing to some as his outfit may have been, it’s absurd to think that he was creating such a distraction or obscene view for other passengers. His penis wasn’t exposed, nor was his bare bottom, and he wasn’t bothering other people. This may not be the most egregious example of racial profiling, but it is yet another reminder of how intolerable we are in the eyes of so many people.
To the left of Mr Marman is a White man named Bonnie Kirvin who flew from Ft Lauderdale to Pheonix.

From the article:
His clothes are creating quite a stir.
A man, dressed in skimpy women's clothing, is allowed on board a U.S. Airways flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Phoenix.
This is just a few days after another man was arrested on his flight for his pants.
Now, some passengers wonder if a dress code is in order.
It used to be about the glitz and the glamour, the dressing up and adventure of air travel.
These days, it is a bit more casual.
Bonnie Kirvin of Clifton Park says, "I like to wear comfortable clothes."
Renee Burslem of Lake Placid says, "Comfortable...jeans and a t-shirt."
But how comfortable is too comfortable?

Note: the pictures and links were obtained from the "Filled Negro Blog" - the best "Racism Chasing" and Anti-Republican Opposition Research site posing as a "Black Community Interest" web site on the Internet.    Additional perspective was obtained from other Black progressive blogs found on the Rippa blog and from commentary from NPR's "Tell Me More"

Dr Boyce Watkins - Your Black (Progressive) World: Black Man Thrown Off A Plane For Sagging Pants

On this blog I try to wait until there are a sufficient amount of TRANSACTIONS that have been bantered about in order to understand the arguments that have been made.  As usual, for some people, the primary means that a BLACK MAN receives his valuation is to scour the United States to find a SUPERIOR WHITE MAN who had been treated differently and then to throw out an INDICTMENT which cries foul.

I must express my foundational observation before we go on:  PROGRESSIVISM IS IN-ORGANIC

When it comes to identifying a core set of principles upon which their decisions are rendered from on a consistent basis - worse than US AIR's dress code policy enforcement is the ability of the "Progressive who is Black to PRIORITIZE".

Their priority is RACISM CHASING.   In doing "racism chasing" they can execute "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" where the SYSTEM which unjustly convicted a Black man is PUT ON TRIAL, found guilty and forced to change its RACIST ways.

In this specific incident they fail to see how much their transactional blindness undercuts their own long term interests.

Transgender Rights During "Gay Pride Month"
With June having been designated "Gay Pride Month" by Commander In Chief Obama, various progressive outlets like "Tell Me More" have been streaming stories about the struggles that homosexuals face in "coming out" in this "Homophobic society" in which we live.

As these two "US Air" stories have been linked based on "Racial Discrimination" charges - I have not hear a single progressive focus on Mr Kirvin from the prospective of the equal rights for "Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered" people that the progressives are heard advocating for.  Just last year the "Leadership Conference On Civil Rights", the NAACP and National Action Network - traditional "Civil Rights Pharisee" organizations have notated their goal of adopting rights for "Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered" brothers and sisters as an extension of the civil rights struggle that Black people are on.

In their silence on this issue of how a "Transgendered" person might dress I am forced to conclude that it was not the WHITE MAN dress that was of interest (or offense) to them - it was his SKIN COLOR that allowed them to set up their indictment in favor of the Black man's case against USAir.    I would like to see more of these Black Progressive blogs and current events shows go on record regarding their position on men dressing in women's clothing in public spaces.   Confined spaces where intimate contact is necessary - such as an airplane or a public bathroom.

In Baltimore a few months ago a cross dressing White male was beaten into a state of seizure by two women who protested his using of a female bathroom.   I, again, did not see any Black progressive blog site stand up for the RIGHT of a transgenered man who identifies as a woman - to enter into the public facility which best represents his mental GENDER ASSIGNMENT - absent any "Homophobia / Transgenderphobia / Geneder Assignmenthobia" that would cause those who are conditioned in this discriminatory "Judeo-Christian" society to protest his entrance.

The major flaw with Progressive-Fundamentalism is that by focusing on the TRANSACTIONS and the apparent "forward motion" for which they can claim "base hits" this same mindset will not be standing around to take credit for the larger set of dysfunctions that it brings forth.  Instead, as always, it will point to the "societal social reservoir" and demand that IT be TOLERANT of these changes that are introduced.

They realize that they will need to have a new set of indoctrination upon the children growing up so that the societal "norms" that they have set forth are the ONLY NORMS that our young people know.  This is why their domination of education and entertainment are so vital in communication of their messages.

Why is it that this same ideology which is able to "transform society" by establishing a new set of norms on mass media entertainment, knowing that the rest of the society will follow - when it comes to HUMAN SOCIAL INTERACTIONS - can't seem to do the same with respect to the conscious manipulation of YOUNG BLACK PEOPLE - as their conscious references are similarly altered?

When it comes to the present conditions of young Black males - the would be "pillars of the Black community" we are more likely to see his condition defined as "The Slave Master's Whip Still Cracking Upon His Back", thus rendering his present state - in the state penitentiary.

Instead of noting that the consciousness of the INDIVIDUAL must be sculpted as he consumes his daily rations of indoctrination from the media - a grand, nefarious SYSTEMATIC scheme to destroy Black people by destroying the Black male is erected.   It is my opinion that the cries that "The System Is Out To Get Us" is merely a grand "Conspiracy Theory".  As with most C.T.'s  - the goal is to bridge the gap between the real world RESULTS and one's own MENTAL understanding of this world - thus allowing the thinker to RETAIN THEIR IDEOLOGICAL ENTRENCHMENT, as the CT explains the skewed results.    They are doing the right thing.  It is the system that is running up behind them and "molesting them".

Even when a "favorable array" of Progressive authorities run every single element of the:

  • Municipal 
  • Educational 
  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Services
institutional framework - the fact that the same outcomes fall upon the backs of the young Black male - is the only evidence that is needed to prove RACISM(!!!!).      

They can't logically argue why "BLACK PEOPLE voted willingly to extend SYSTEMATIC RACISM" when they elected the suite of characters in Wayne County, Cook County, Philadelphia County, Baltimore County, Fulton County and Brevard County.   This is the primary weakness in Michelle Alexanders "Jim Crow Is Still Here Today And We Need Obama Reelected So He Can Really Focus On It This Time Between 2013 and 2016" movement.

Pants On The Ground
The "Pants On The Ground" fad is understood to have come from the Prison Culture.  The ubiquitous "orange prison jumpsuit" is often removed from the torso of the inmate and allowed to dangle around his mid-section or hang off of his buttocks as he is in the exercise yard.

Having just watched a series of documentaries ("Beyond The Color Line") which focused on the inner city - the sight of individuals who see doing prison time as "rite of passage" - no tremendous leap of logic is necessary to see how "pants on the ground" could become the "in thing" in the general population.

Anyone in possession of the recordings of the Post-Father's Day radio shows on "Black-wing talk radio" on June 20th should post these archives for more people to hear.  In doing so everyone will note the communication of the festering wounds that were given a voice to as the truth about the present state of the Black community was vocalized.

On the day where the grand disconnection that is the position of the Black male in relation to the Black female and his children was discussed in this mass medium - the commonality between these shows that did not collaborate on a topic beforehand was clear to anyone who does PATTERN MATCHING as a MANAGEMENT TOOL (like I do).

Let me ask - when it came to the subject of "Pants On The Ground" - do you think that the Black callers who were unified in spirit that we as a community need to "DO SOMETHING":

  1. Were saying that "PANTS ON THE GROUND do not represent a young Black males CHARACTER, EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT or Class"?
  2. OR - that "This fad and fashion statement is the SIGN of a much more troubling set of FACTS in our community that those of us who are seriously interested in addressing the PAIN and DYSFUNCTION need to begin to address more comprehensively"?
The truth is that #1 was the prevailing position as many Blacks took the rote defensive position as the "White Conservative society" began noticing the frequency of young Black males walking with pants hanging down, grabbing their crotches to set forth a certain subliminal image of their MANHOOD.

The grand round up in which everything is connected together is evident in my observation of how the prevailing Black thought leaders are willing to TRANSACT indictments about how BLACK MALES are treated by society (ie USAirways) while avoiding the conversation of how THE BLACK COMMUNITY NEEDS TO INDOCTRINATE AND ENFORCE CERTAIN STANDARDS as a means of honing the young minds that will one day grow into the pillars of our society, lifting us up to the desired standard of living.

I thus conclude that worse than the absence of the discussion of how cross dressing men in the age of RIGHTS for the "Gay/Lesbian/TRANSGENDERED" is the lack of discussion about how Deshon Merman's "pants on the ground" dress should be enforced by the Black community.

Indeed USAirway's imbalanced dress code enforcement polices have been put on trial.   WHEN will the though influencers within the Black Community begin to reconcile the discombobulation about that which we "struggle toward" to demand that the greater society change to accommodate us versus that which we as  a community need to retain and enforce as a necessary part of achieving our DIRECTED OUTCOMES?

In as much as Progresisvism seeks "Social Justice" from a greater body - this might not be the proper tool to pull out of the tool box when dealing with INTERNAL RESOURCE UNDERULIZATION and UNDER-DEVELOPMENT.