They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Necessary Re-Framing Of JJP & Chauncey DeVega's Advice To Fellow Progressive-Fundamentalists Infected With JingOism

This is a special simulcast of the "Black Conservative Garbage Pail Kids Korner" on the "Politics, Policy, Pathology And Hope WITHIN The Black Community". The "Garbage Pail Kids Korner" is a series that normally runs on the "Surveillance Upon The Embedded Ideologues That Lurk Within Our Community Consciousness" blog.  It was originally created in reference to the rantings of one - Chauncey DeVega of the "We Are Respectable (Progressive-Fundamentalist) Negroes Who Follow Tim Wise" blog.   Since Mr DeVega and others are so comfortable in assigning ills within the Black community to Black Conservatives - far, far greater than what their numbers can justify - this series is meant to provide necessary "consciousness redirection" to Mr DeVega and others who merely seek to protect the "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist" governing bloc from due inspection and criticism.

Mr DeVega recently penned an outrage to his fellow Black Progressive-Fundamentalists who, unlike him (or at least he claims) are infected with "JingOism" as evidenced by their attacks on Progressive Public Intellectual Professor Cornel West.

While I credit Mr DeVega for telling his fellow Black Progressive-Fundamentalists that there exists a greater proressive world that resides outside of their world view - I am stunned that Mr DeVega is unable to see that the same holds true for his world vision.

Mr DeVega has shown his fellow travelers that there is a greater shell that surrounds their affinity to Obama, instructing them to break out and observe a greater galaxy that exists.

He is unable to see that he too has a shell which he affixes to his outward vision - employing fellow conspiring "Attack Sheep Dog Bloggers" (From the basements of Kansas City) to defend the integrity of this outer shell.

If I Were A Progressive I Would Agree With Both Prof Cornel West And Chauncey DeVega
I wrote a few weeks ago that after actually listening to Prof Cornel West articulate his points and put assign his hyperbole said against Obama - he proved himself (to me) to be one of the most articulate PROGRESSIVES in the public square.

As a person who constantly receives "English Lessons" from individuals who don't care to debate the content of my arguments - I am not at all surprised to see individuals who choose to go after West for his "pettiness" while avoiding discussion of the key arguments critiquing Commander In Chief Obama.

Obama IS the NEW FACE of the "American Imperialist Military Machine".    The point that must be understood is that it is PROGRESSIVES that have changed their disposition in relation to that machine.
We see no angry protests against the American bombing of Libya in partnership with three African Colonists Powers FOR NO OTHER REASON than these leftist forces don't wish to harm Commander In Chief Obama's poll numbers.   They instead bought into his claim that this was a "Humanitarian Bombing Mission".

Analysis Of Chauncey DeVega's Manifesto To His Comrades

Mr DeVega's defense of the progressive framework as expressed by Dr West is rational.  Again - for those who are bound by the theories of Progressive-Fundamentalism Dr West's arguments are sound.  He just chose to beat President Obama upside the head with a progressive bible - causing the "JingOist Secret Police" to batter the Professor - stripping all of the clothes from his hide.

Mr DeVega's views ultimately fail by what he FAILS to include.   In as much as we all are tasked with constructing a model of the world that is a representative sample as the key pretext for us finding a solution - Mr DeVega is unwilling to include certain variables because of his own ideological constraints.

Thus the best model by which to appraise Mr DeVega's works is the "Matter / Dark-Matter" framework.   In physics "dark-matter" is not seen but its impact on known matter (ie: gravitational pull) has force scientists to factor for its existence - though sight unseen.   I choose to use this as a reference to the "half truths" that remain on the floor - not picked up by those who choose to assemble their arguments by lifting up the "truths" that were appealing to their ideological underpinnings.

For me - the mutual claim from West-DeVega that PROGRESSIVE public policy needs to be focused on THE POOR is a NON-STARTER for me.   We can rip up the pages of the white-paper and put it in the compost bin after this argument shows it face.   Until these gentlemen can package their arguments and then deploy them in Haiti, transforming Haiti into a pre-Earthquake Japan - PRODUCTIVE beyond what their size and proximity of natural resources say they should be - this "bumble bee" of an argument will not fly with me.  It can't fly based on what the engineering says AND because there is no place on Earth where it has ever done so - ORGANICALLY.

The only thing that a charitable person can say about this West-DeVega theory on "Poverty Based Public Policy" is that it can only exist in the context of a nutrient full HOST from which it receives its feeding via an umbilical chord called "Social Justice".   Take it out in the real world - all ask it to stand on its own -

  • Its fluid filled lungs
  • Its digestive system that was not developed to digest plant matter and flesh
  • Its mind and consciousness that was stunted by the inculcation and indoctrination of PROMISES that were meant to compel the masses to act a certain way in the context of the SYSTEM that they seek to game ..................
will most assuredly result in an abortion of the creature that they hoisted so much protection upon as they were constantly called:
  • The Least Of These
  • The Vulnerable Masses
as terms of "endearment" but also a testament to the subtle contempt that the purveyors of these words had for them.

The fact that they are attracted to individuals who market BLACK INFERIORITY but the Black Masses accept it in as "care and concern for our people" is another important "genetic marker" that we should all use in inspecting the credibility of the "Negro" who is thankful for the assistance that they provide to us.

In truth they want our "Equal Ballots" which are made so by the system that we live in at present.  They realize that the gateway to this currency that even the poorest among us have is our "BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS" - a once protected family jewel that is now prostituted by those who have failed to develop HER into a fully conscious woman with SELF WORTH.  Today she seeks protective cover from a "MAN" - without whom she is unworthy and incomplete - JUST AS the embedded confidence men have indoctrinated us all to think.

Find ONE PASSAGE in which the "Snarling Fox Friends" have instructed the Black Community what WE NEED TO DO to develop the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES necessary to overpower the "White Supremacist Force" that they say has us incapacitated as a people today?  You WON'T FIND IT.

Their job is to keep the Negro on the "Racial Defensive".   A "Fearful Negro" does what he is TOLD to do.  He does not look at the last "Fire Drill" that he was taken on when the same threatening circumstances were erected by the same operatives.  Instead he is asked to be PROUD that those who lead him on - are now the:

  • The Fire Chief
  • The Police Chief
  • The Mayor who appointed them both for their past good work at being a team player

Out Of Transparency I Have To Note that the words that I am responding to are not from Chauncey DeVega.  I printed them from the Jack & Jill Politics blog as written by Fredric Mitchell.

Please accept this as a formal apology to Mr DeVega for initially attributing these words to him.

Since Mr DeVega's views are roughly the same - I won't spend the time reformatting what I have already written.  I will do a follow up post on the offending perspectives made by DeVega

Frederic Mitchell Of Jack & Jill Politics says:

One of the biggest challenges I face when discussing worldly issues with my Black friends is the innate sensitivity in our discussion if its shifts to cultural upbringing. Whether light-skinned or dark-skinned, well-off or working class, the moment a hint of these issues seeping into our conversation sparks raw emotion. Quite simply, the :”Black enough” complex rears its ugly head.

SUMMARY: Some Black People prove the "Willie Lynch Letter True" with their actions
What Mr Mitchell should note is that with all of the important matters on the table for his Black friends to ponder RACE-RELATED hangups can trump all others in the minds of his friends - per their present consciousness.

DARK-MATTER Analysis - If YOU can observe this about Black people - DO YOU THINK that both the "Embedded Confidence Men" who have contracts with the Democrats AND the powers in the Progressive-Democratic Party DO NOT see this same thing?

With the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT at stake - are they compelled to deal with you in an HONORABLE manner - not exploiting this easily observable fact?

With Black unemployment at 16.1% and America bombing Libya - is there any accident that the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" is talking about Harley Davison and the woman from Alaska that is riding on the back of it rather than UNEMPLOYMENT?

We don’t like divisiveness and we certainly don’t like anything that looks like crabs in a bucket ESPECIALLY if accusations of cultural reference get flung around.
It is in that vain that my dear brother Dr. West kindled such firecracker.

SUMMARY: "Enforced Ideological Unity" is the main product of the present day "Racial Services Machine".   As long as there is CONGREGATIONAL AGREEMENT - it doesn't matter what the STATISTICS say.   

Cornel West dared to stand up out of his "Associate Pastor" chair and SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER.  Though he was reading out of the PROGRESSIVE BIBLE - those who were more enthralled by the new Preacher in the pulpit than the were inclined to read what the progressive scriptures said - when Prof West dared to stand up and church and read the actual bible passage - he committed an offense that was more damnable than what Joe Wilson did in the hollowed halls of Congress.

To speak out of turn in the "Black Methodological Apostolic Fundamentalist Anti-Zionist Church Of Progressivism" is a sin that is worthy of excommunication.

Read the words of Tom Joyner in which he argues that a "Black man in power" that we protect is far more important than us "Speaking Truth To Power" to the President Of The United States.  The Black Progressive-Fundamentalist has COMPROMISED HIMSELF on this point.  

There is no turning back.  HE cannot set the terms for the restoration of his credibility and integrity. 

The question I have for all of my progressive and intelligent audience, however, is can you open your mind to the possibility of something else outside of your emotional shock?

While Mr Mitchell is making note of the "closed minds" in the Black Progress-Fundamentalist community as it relates to their attachment to Obama. (Where ever did he get this idea from?  It might have been the daily Obama picture on the web site or the Michelle Obama fashion layout.  I'm just saying).

I struggle to understand why:

  • Detroit is not a SHOCK
  • Chicago is not a SHOCK
  • Atlanta is not a SHOCK
  • Philadelphia is not a SHOCK
  • Baltimore is not a SHOCK
  • Washington DC is not a SHOCK
Even without Prof West expanding the argument outward to the affairs of the military or national monetary policy - who among us lacks the skills of 3rd grade INTERPOLATION that limits the ability to see that what has failed to work at the "Mission Accomplished" city/county level - has the same chance of producing providence at the national level as it takes dominate control over the key institutions there?

If Mr Mitchell were more transparent in his argument he would not limit his question to the attachment to OBAMA.  He would instead question the very attachment to this ideology which is a "Protest Methodology" but has a limited track record in producing ORGANIC COMPETENCIES within the people that it purports to serve and protect. 

  1. Has the President championed ideas and programs that specifically target poor and working people?
  2. Has the President addressed, in any speech or recommendation, ideas to reduce disproportionate incarceration of poor Black men?
  3. Has the President proposed taking any percentage of the war budget to combat ANY of these issues?
  4. Do I feel that the President has a sense of urgency about these issues and that they are true priorities on his agenda?
  5. Have the needs of those who need it most been communicated as a higher priority than those who do not?
Why does Mr Mitchell ask these questions of Obama but not of the "Stack Of Progressives" that summarily took over the key institutions that represent the interests of Black America - per our own popular vote assignment of them into power?

  • Why haven't "the poor" been encapsulated into a more productive environment in which the EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS that were previously taken over by "favorable people" are now supplying the skilled labor that our community needs to change into net-productivity?
  • With Wayne County, Cook County, Jefferson County (Memphis), Philadelphia County, Fulton County and several others provisioned with "favorable people" who:
    • Arrest
    • Jail
    • Prosecute
    • Render Judicial Verdicts
    • Imprison............
    • any Black who goes through the system of these respective counties - WHY is Mr Mitchell focusing on OBAMA for a reduction in these rates rather than using "intellectual curiosity" to presuppose some other force that might be at work.  (Please put down the Michelle Alexander reading material)
  • Mr Mitchell - in as much as THERE ARE NO BLACK PEOPLE PROTESTING the bombing of Libya - and the contracts that will be rendered to Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Loreal Space Systems - why do you believe that your indictment is anything but words?
  • Mr Mitchell - Obama has an 85% Black Approval rating at a time of 16.1% Black unemployment.   When Osama Bin Laden was assassinated - the "Obama Fist Bump Press" published more stories LAUDING his improving poll numbers after shooting an "unarmed man of color" than ANY of them bothered to do analysis of the April 2011 job numbers which saw an increase to 16.1%
    • IF YOU WANT TO TALK "URGENCY" you must first look at the "Obama MARKETING ENGINE" that is embedded WITHIN the Black Community and get THEM to buy into the URGENCY.   Sarah Palin IS NOT A DAMNED URGENCY FOR BLACK PEOPLE.  She is ONLY a threat to PROGRESSIVES!!!!!!!
  • Mr Mitchell - e-mail me the next time you are in Atlanta.  I can take you on a car ride through the "Black Vote Harvesting Districts" in which our people are kept pacified but POOR.   As long as their leadership remains in power - selling the masses on how much their interests are presented at the table of power THIS is the only "communication" that is needed.
    • I would pass a law that each  political campaign sign who seeks to place a campaign sign in public space MUST first clean up the public (or abandoned) property that is 15 feet - each direction from the sign.  
    • Just to show you how much contempt that these people have for the masses - they'll put their sign in a yard full of trash, broken bottles and unkempt grass - NOT GIVING A DAMN about the message that it sends.
Yes, it is a giant distraction and it makes us feel like our kitchen table conversations are on display for the Boston Globe to chime in on. Mr Mitchell:   Do you believe that Ed Schultz and other White Liberal Snarling Foxes DON'T SEE WHAT IS GOING ON - even without the Boston Globe article?

When "Progressive Political Preacher" Rev Al Sharpton is openly proclaiming that he WON'T CRITICIZE THE PRESIDENT and that "We must find a way to obtain our agenda without harming the President"  - do you REALLY believe that any White Liberal or White Conservative doesn't see the fraud that is going on?

Likewise - is it at all surprise that the claim of RACISM is at an all time high in politics today?  The very same people who openly strategize the value of a BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE (see Tom Joyner) know that their White Liberal Snarling Fox Joint-Venture partners are NOT going to call this RACIALISM IN POLITICS.

The real question that you need to be asking is - with this double standard - while the BLACK BALLOT IS the HUMAN BEING carrying it to the polls EQUAL?

The problem with "The Black Progressives" is that you are on a perpetual run for SHORT TERM GAINS - the election victory.   All the while you are consciousness immune to the long term DAMAGE that your strategy afflicts upon the Black Community.


As I hear Black people on the (White owned) CBS Radio station in Atlanta talk about how "WHITE FOLKS don't want Black people to have JACK........this is why we should support Obama"  - it becomes clear to me that people like you are worried less about IGNORANCE than you are that this same person is IDEOLOGICALLY compatible with you and will cast his vote as such.

The main thing that you and others should be pondering is a RECOVERY from this period.  The establishment of an INTERNAL FIREWALL around our consciousness - never to be MOLESTED by anyone, ever again.

OBAMA DID NOT DO THIS.  He is at most an opportunist - refusing to halt the "panties thrown on stage" as alms to him.

Those Embedded Confidence Men who FAILED to erect and enforce PROTECTIONS are the ones to blame.
The true question that I have to ask myself, and I believe we all have to really push for with Barack going into 2012 is this Mr Mitchell - I recently read about how the "Black Civil Rights Pharisees" of New Orleans have written out a Performance Plan for Mayor Landreau.
This document from this one small slice of Black America represents MORE than what as EVER been printed about either Commander In Chief Obama OR the cascading array of other "Favorable Elected Officials" that have received 50% + 1 of the Black vote.

Why do you need to enumerate what you are going to ask of Obama THE NEXT TIME when you only need to look at what:

  • Tired & Retired Jack White
  • Donna Brazille - the new "Dr Ronald Walters"
  • Tom Joyner
  • "Progressive Political Preachers"
  • others
have in store for you?


Why waste your time developing a CHECK LIST when documented evidence shows that "RACISM CHASING" is the most POWERFUL force to compel Black people to respond in the "American Political Domain"?

If I can "read' you all - what makes you think that others who are PROFITING from understanding how you think are not doing so?

My Need To Master The Use Of A New Graphics Editing Program

My use of the combination of Open Office Draw and MS Paint has reached a dead end.
These tools are good for quick and dirty manipulation of graphics but they fall short when more advanced image manipulation is needed.

Since I have given up at my attempts to learn how to draw at the expert level of a editorial cartoonist I choose to use images to editorialize.

When I learn GIMP I will be able to make the satellite entities that are orbiting the central gravitational sphere look more polished.

The curve of the word "Progressive" would be more expertly fused to the "Black Power" button
This is a depiction of how things were prior to Obama coming on the scene.  
  • "State Of The Black Union" Meetings
  • NAACP Conventions praising or attacking the President depending on his party
  • National Urban League - "State Of Black America" Reports
  • Protests over standardized tests
  • Anti-War Protests
GIMP allows me to crop the Obama logo as a circle.  Most other tools only allow for rectangular crops.  Thus you see the white edges around the Obama logo.

I would have also put some distance between the two logos and made an actual crescent moon effect out of the "Black Power" logo
The Present State Of Affairs in the Black Racial Services Machine

Having failed to build up sufficient institutional integrity as they focused on personalities - when a STRONGER PERSONALITY came along - the minimal infrastructural protections which protected the BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS from the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN were shattered.

When noted Progressives dared to appraise Obama with traditional progressive measures OR dared to continue "Speaking Truth To Power" they were attacked in a manner reserved for Black Conservatives.  They have no one to blame but themselves because prior to Obama they also enforced the "Ideological Unity Enforcement" strategy which is now biting them.
With GIMP - I would have shown the "Black Power" icon as deflated or with a jagged edge as having been severely damaged.
When The Obama Presidency Is Concluded - The Damage Done To The Black Community Institutions BY BLACK PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST Enforcers Will Be Fully Realized

  • They chose SILENCE & SUPPORT Over Continued Promotion Of Their Permanent Interests - Thus Proving That THEY ARE NOT PERMANENT But Ideological And Political
    • The Next Adversarial President That Comes Along Only Needs To Point To This Time As A Means Of Showing That The Attacks On Him Are "AstroTurfed"
    • The Next Favorable President Who Registers The Same Unfavorable Vital Statistics Within The Black Community Yet Receives Criticism Need Only Bring Obama Out Of Retirement In Order To Have Him Redirect The Angst Against The Enemy As Black People Have Shown That "Pacification" And A "Struggle Against" A Threat Is More Important Than The Actual Attainment Of A Certain Desired End
  • After having achieved the proverbial "Mountain Top" the conscious among the Black Progressive-Fundamentalists will realize that while they indeed have the power to LEAD BLACK PEOPLE ON by dangling their ENEMY in front of them - there is something needed beyond "IDEOLOGICAL UNITY ENFORCEMENT"
    • It was not supposed to be like this during the "Mission Accomplished" Era.   
      • Cities In Fiscal Duress
      • Schools Still Not Preparing Our Young People To The Professional Service Agents That Our Communities Need To Live At A High Standard
      • Abundance Of POTENTIAL Black Labor Yet The Failure To Develop Employment Venues To Allow People To Trade Their Skills For Salary.  The Products Produced Addressing Needs And The Revenues Keeping The Entire System Going

GIMP is complex but powerful.
I will need to spend more time reading the book that I purchased and the video tutorials on the Internet for me to understand how it works.

Years ago before Microsoft PowerPoint was on the scene as the king of the presentation graphics tools - Aldus Persuasion proved to be a radical new way of thinking for me - as I recall.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Present Intramural Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Battle Shows The Lack Of Resilient Infrastructure In The Black Racial Services Machine

In their own arrogance some people can't accept that their antics are so easily documented by those who observe them.

In as much as what they do feels so "right" to them - such an observer need not apply too much analysis in his ability to predict how things are going to turn out as these people are put through the paces, real world events testing their resolve and allowing the world to see what is inside of them.

The following grid is my own collection of works that attempt to model what I know is inside of them.  Also are some sage advice offered to them so that they might change course and achieve the results that they CLAIM to be in pursuit of per their antics.

I am forced to accept that as I stood in the polling booth and placed my finger on the Diebold voting machine on the down ballot contests - leaving my choice of US President blank signifying "None Of The Above" that today's events that are at play within the Black Political Consciousness were inevitable in the development of a more sure footing for our community.

The cop in the clip from Malcolm X above said "That's Too Much Power For ONE MAN To Have (over a people)"

As I watched how Black people reacted in 2008 I, a Black man, said "That Is Too Much Of A Fusion Of 'Black Consciousness' For Deposit Into 'The American Political Domain' For ONE MAN To Trigger AN ENTIRE RACE OF PEOPLE To Vest Into A POLITICIAN"

(Hint for some people.  The cop in Malcolm X was focusing on THE ONE MAN.
Constructive Feedback was focusing on THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Their lack of infrastructure to protect their "Racial Consciousness Core" from hijacking was quite disturbing. )

Despite all of the hem-hawing to the contrary - WE as a community now stand at the foot of the Pacific ocean, still looking west for expansion to mask the unresolved issues back East.   The "progressive motion" forward having masked much of the consternation that remains.

All additional advancement within our community will come once we turn back eastward and more effectively manage the territories who's issues were placed on forbearance - the hopes that future national election victories were going to fix the ills.

Watch the full episode. See more Tavis Smiley.

The Face-Saving Way Forward For The "Black Racial Services Machine" - After Obama

(I had to go out and learn GIMP - the image manipulation tool in order to express a series of images which detail the eclipse that the "Obama phenomenon" has had over the preceding Black establishment infrastructure. Stay tuned)

The past 3 years in Black America have actually exposed some critical weaknesses in infrastructure.
While I maintain that the "Embedded Confidence Men" continue to exploit the void in the infrastructure and integrity WITHIN our "Community Consciousness" - few of them could have expected that the Age Of Obama would so reorient the traditional infrastructure and demand that people "go along" or get rolled over.

Rather ironically - Progressive-Fundamentalist Professor - Cornel West - a man who I heard with my own ears say last summer that "conscious thinking Black people" must be able to push President Obama to deliver PROGRESSIVE policy solutions for "our" benefit - while fighting against the RIGHT WING forces that mean Black people no good.

In the opening salvo of Prof West's speech in the video above he makes the clear case that " THE ESSNECE OF PROGRESSIVE STRUGGLE IS TO STAND UP FOR POOR PEOPLE".

As a NON-Progressive I have to credit West for so clearly articulating the agenda of the Progressive-Fundamentalist.   In fact - I am quite astonished at the fact that his fellow ideologues have tried to attack him for simply "Beating Obama Over The Head With A PROGRESSIVE Measuring Stick".

The main thing that West is guilty of is seeking to hold the "Wrong President" up to the Progressive standards that are used to indict and derail all people in power who don't accept the banner.

The Fundamental Flaw Of Cornel West - Despite His Articulation

The key "non-starter" to Dr West's argument is that public policy should be focused on THE POOR.
In the aftermath of the man who I believe has done the most destruction to the "Black Independent Consciousness" - Ted Kennedy - I wrote a series of posts in which a wide array of Kennedy supporters kept referring to BLACK PEOPLE as "The Least Of These", "The Vulnerable Masses" and other points that emphasized BLACK INFERIORITY.

The problem with this strategy - and it is plain to see - is that these people who hold the "moral compass" are great at engaging "The Least Of These" - fighting to ensure that they receive SOCIAL JUSTICE and thus policies that are said to lift them up to the minimum standard of living assured to all Americans.

The fatal flaw in this ideological disposition is that it values "The RECEIPT OF BENEFIT" more than it concerns itself with the SOURCE of this uplift.

It violates the very principles of the "ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT" that I now see as the premier "Permanent Interest" that must reign over all others lest our people get assign to working on a STRUGGLE that ultimately puts them in service of "Joint Venture Partners" that care little more than for the "Black Equal Ballot".

"Organic Competency Development" As A Diasporatic Solution 

Follow the end point of any of these flows from 1492 to the present and one thing is for certain: BLACK AMERICANS having successfully secured the right to "Medicare" is not going to do ONE THING to assist any other Black person that resides outside of this protective container of America.

If we saw a flow of "Moral Compass Holders" temporarily emigrate to Haiti or Chad or Belize with the hopes of using the very same politics that gave Black Americans health care in these other nations - they'd fail miserably.  The truth is that their strategy has been founded in "resource redistribution" - NOT - the creation of the necessary professional service agents necessary to provide services commensurate with the desired high standard of living.

The CONSCIOUSNESS between these two strategies could not be more different.
The long term strategic impact could not be more telling.

We as Black Americans have conditions for ORGANIC CONSCIOUSNESS DEVELOPMENT which would lead to ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT - that is more favorable than any other Black people around the world in the diaspora (YES I SAID IT).

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

IF ONLY the notion of "Helping The LEAST OF THESE" was put into the mind of OUR "Least Of These" in America - as this message was used as a cover to achieve:

  • Discipline In Our Schools - Giving Our Young People A Greater Vision
  • The Prioritization of Financial Assets (By Choice and not by Government decree) 
  • Make Use Of Global Internet Communications For Something More Than "Twitter Gossip"
As it stands right now Dr West's prioritization on " the least of these" are meant purely for domestic ideological purposes.  Our "domestic least of these" will never be put into a conscious position to help others who have less resources than they have.

Al Jazeera Captures Video Of "Western Boots On The Ground" In Libyan, Collaborating With The Opposition Fighters In Support Of The "Humanitarian Mission

The UK Guardian Report Of Western Boots On The Ground In Libya - In Violation Of The UN Mandate

Mediaite: Al Jezeera Captures Video Of Western Boots On The Ground In Libya

A report by Al Jazeera includes video the network’s correspondent suggests shows “evidence for the first time of allied boots on the ground” in Libya–a development that could break a United Nations resolution prohibiting “a foreign occupation force” in Libya.
In the video, Tony Birtley, a veteran war correspondent, describes a group of six men as “a group of armed foreigners, possibly British…seen liaising with the fighters. It could be to facilitate forthcoming helicopter attacks.”

Black People As The Poster Child Of Poverty - Indictments In Right & Left

The notion that the term "Welfare Queen" used by Ronald Reagan was actually a reference to Black people was easy for progressive-fundamentalist economist Paul Krugman to 'read between the lines', understanding exactly what (racist) Ronald Reagan of Philadelphia Mississippi fame had in mind.

Interestingly enough I had just watched the documentary "The One Percent".
It is a documentary made by a young heir to the "Johnson & Johnson Company" fortunes.   Jamie Johnson contrasts the lifestyles of the rich, old money families with the fate suffered by the poor.

If a reference to poverty has a "black face" upon it and this is negative and racist then how does one explain the movie in which all of the "poster children" for poverty - the flora and the fauna of the film - were Black people?

I have fully documented the use of Black people as poster children by the White Liberal Snarling Foxes. For some reason though - while they know that Reagan's words can easily be "read between the line" - when their go to people are also Black the White Liberal Snarling Fox is seen as giving the poor a voice - not as exploiting them.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

We only need to watch the clips from the documentary "The One Percent" to make note that indeed the Black American is the poster child for American poverty.  This linkage will not be attacked because - unlike the White Conservative - the White Liberal Snarling Fox seeks to vocalize the plight of the Black poor because he seeks to feed us. If only we can use our Equal Black Ballot to assist our ideological joint-venture partner with his success at defeating his conservative enemy - our hunger will be nourished.

We should be thankful for his efforts.

If only Malcolm X where still around to repeat his warnings said about 50 years ago.

Mission Accomplished Cities Still Most Violent Despite Slight Decrease In Crime Crime Is Down, But These Cities Are Still Dangerous

I would be remiss if I did not specifically applaud for publishing this information.   While I am critical of the operatives on their cable broadcast arm - knowing that this information is not going to be analyzed on the "Rachel Maddow Show" with focus on the decades long policy failures that have lead us to this point in these cities - I am comfortable in admitting that is my favorite web based news portal of all of the major broadcast and cable new outlets.

City  Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell
1) Flint MI Population: 109,245
Violent crime per 1,000: 22 
Median income: $27,049 (46.1 percent below national average)
Unemployment rate: 11.8 percent (2.8 percent above national average)
2010 murders: 53 
2) Detroit MI Population: 899,447
Violent crime per 1,000: 18.9 
Median income: $26,098 (48 percent below national average)
Unemployment rate: 12.7 percent (3.7 percent above national average)
2010 murders: 310 
3) St Louis MO Population: 355,151
Violent crime per 1,000: 17.5 
Median income: $34,801 (30.7 percent below national average)
Unemployment rate: 9.3 percent (0.3 percent above national average)
2010 murders: 144 
4) New Haven CT Population: 124,856
Violent crime per 1,000: 15.8 
Median income: $38,279 (23.8 percent below national average)
Unemployment rate: 9.6 percent (0.6 percent above national average)
2010 murders: 22 
5) Memphis TN Population: 673,650
Violent crime per 1,000:15.4 
Median income: $34,203 (31.8 percent below national average)
Unemployment rate: 9.9 percent (0.9 percent above national average)
2010 murders: 89 
6) Oakland CA Population: 409,723
Violent crime per 1,000: 15.3 
Median income: $51,473 (2.4 percent above national average)
Unemployment rate: 11 percent (2 percent above national average)
2010 murders: 90 
7) Little Rock AR Population: 192,922
Violent crime per 1,000: 15.2 
Median income: $38,992 (22.3 percent below national average) Unemployment rate: 6.8 percent (2.2 percent below national average) 2010 murders: 25 
8) Baltimore MD Population: 639,929
Violent crime per 1,000: 14.6 
Median income: $38,772 (22.7 percent below national average)
Unemployment rate: 7.4 percent (1.6 percent below national average)
2010 murders: 223 
9) Rockford IL Population: 156,180
Violent crime per 1,000: 14.5 
Median income: $36,990 (26 percent below national average)
Unemployment rate: 13.3 percent (4.3 percent above national average)
2010 murders: 20 
10) Stockton CA Population: 292,047
Violent crime per 1,000: 13.8 
Median income: $45,730 (8.9 percent below national average)
Unemployment rate: 18.4 percent (9.4 percent above national average)
2010 murders: 49

These numbers are misleading.
As a resident of Metro Atlanta - one of the most violent metros around the nation I know that since a good portion of the killings take place outside of "Atlanta proper" this stack ranking of "Dangerous Cities" does not completely give a representative picture.   Street Pirates don't give a damn if they assault you inside of the city limits or wait to execute their crime of opportunity until you get outside of the city limits so the central city does not look so bad per the statistics.

Why Aren't These Homicide Cities Of Today Dealt With As The Racist South Was Dealt With?

The sad truth is that the 144 people murdered in St Louis Missouri in 2010 are not seen as victims in the same way as was the case when RACISM ruled the day in this nation's past.  Since the vast majority of these murders listed above were intra-racial crimes the will to promote the incident as having a message as important as the status of "race relations" unfortunately means that such crime are seen as inferior to these others.   This despite the fact that a corpse has been produced just the same.

The unfortunate residue of this bifurcation in value is that the community has to accept that absent such staunch repudiation and active refusal to accept it as something beyond their control - they have made the choice to live with a certain higher than average murder rate.    In the world of "Racism Chasing" where theatrics and resolve have a particular unifying effect upon the masses that would otherwise be detached.   In the world where the community sees the dead body and then looks at the likely assailant and figures that he is of the same kind - the natural outrage which says "THEY can't do this to US" is stripped away.

Racially Offensive Words In The Media - The Offense Is Correlated To The Value Of The Indictment Against The Target At Hand

No need for a write up on this one.
Let's just say that Howard Stern and Sherman Hemsley are not "interesting targets" enough to allow their "jokes" to be registered as "offensive" to the usual suspects.

I hope that Dr Laura does not browse YouTube and happen upon this and other video footage that's out there.

Let me figure the probable excuses as to why this has not purcolated up as was the case with Dr Laura (and those who say Limbaugh WANTS to say the same):

  • "Howard Stern is on Sirius XM - a pay per listen service and not doing this over the public airwaves"
    • Lesson Learned: The offense of this language is only a function of the medium over which it is broadcast (except if it is a conservative - then it is further validation of their hatred for Blacks)
  • "Robin Quivers is not a Black Conservative with a POLITICAL bent in her agenda.  She does not have a track record of adopting policies that hurt Black people and thus her co-conspiracy in the studio as Stern and the other liberal White men around her make excessive use of the word "Nigger" is not the same as James "Snerdly" Golding - who sits in the studio with Rush Limbaugh - a person who hates Barack Obama for no other reason than he is a Black man with power instead of one who is shining his shoes" (again - these are words likely to be said by those defending the absence of attack on these clips from Howard Stern)

Supplemental Track:

South Africa's Zuma Heads To Libya To Set The Terms By Which The USA & Its 3 Colonist Partners Will Stop Bombing Libya

South African leader to visit Gadhafi, push for cease-fire and talks

Dafniya, Libya (CNN) -- South African President Jacob Zuma is set to meet embattled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Monday, his second visit to Tripoli since unrest started roiling the North African country.
Unlike many other world leaders and alliances, Zuma, his African National Congress party and the African Union -- which he will represent on his trip, and which Gadhafi himself once led -- have not called for the longtime Libyan leader to step down. In fact, it has criticized the NATO airstrikes targeting government forces.
Noureddine Mezni, an African Union spokesman, said the mission is to call for the cessation of all hostilities, followed by peace talks between the warring parties. The continental organization has helped mediate such talks before, including ones in Kenya and Zimbabwe that left the ruling powers still in control.
Zuma's first visit to Tripoli in April was launched with similar intentions, but did not achieve its desired results. On Saturday, rebel leaders marked the 100th day of an uprising they say was launched over concerns about lack of freedom, democracy and other concerns related to Gadhafi's 42-year rule.
Its leader, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, told CNN on Saturday that his opposition movement is running out of money -- at the same time it has achieved key victories militarily and diplomatically, including Russia joining others in calling for Gadhafi's exit.
The chairman of the Benghazi-based National Transitional Council did not suggest in an exclusive interview that the rebels would pull back in their fight against Gadhafi's government. But he pleaded for more resources so that the effort -- which is being backed by many Western nations -- could be successful.
"We are in desperate need of money," said Jalil, a former justice minister under Gadhafi. "We really need money. This is clear. We are going through a financial crisis."
The opposition movement's stature has been bolstered by the sale of a shipment of oil to China for $160 million, Jalil said. Still, he said the financial situation remains precarious for now -- especially with rebels' limited access to more oil.

The Fox News Sponsored Battle Between Two Elected Blacks Showcases The Folly Of Investing One's Future In Politically Based Outcomes

The Black community's immediate history is one filled with "Winning but losing".
Elections won but consciousness and our 'Permanent Interests' as unobtained as "WMDs in Iraq".

The great debate that was set up between "Tea Party favorite" Rep Allen West (R-FL) and "Illegal Immigrants Have Rights Too" marcher Rep Donna Edwards (D-MD)

Critical issues that will no doubt negatively impact the Black community in the next 20 to 40 years were boiled down to ideological talking points where eggs were thrown on the respective opposition party.  The underlying argument is rooted on the notion that one party loves the elderly per their willingness to raise taxes in order to care for them at all costs.  The other party loves the elderly and wants to ensure that the system that allows them to live at a state that is above destitution remains fiscally solvent in the first place.

As I analyze all of the positions and their respective claim of the moral high ground it is indisputable that the one missing element in both parties is the clear communication of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT AT THE PERIPHERY as the only way we are going to:

  • Have a system that remains solvent over the duration
  • Have a system that provides resources in support of those who have retired from active productive work and have earned the privilege of living with the help of public assistance 
The debate was one for the benefit of partisans.   Black people have increasingly fused our community consciousness upon the "American Political Domain" that these two individuals operate within.  We have been lulled into investing our hopes into politics where our "Equal Black Ballots" are deposited.  There exists little evidence that our local human resources are used to eek out a strategic advantage for seniors living within our community per the targeted services or financial arrangements that have been established.  Much of which had been provided by the family in the past is now nationalized.  In as much as this national government is $14T in arrears and growing fast - the standard of living afforded to our seniors and the vulnerable among us is increasingly a matter of credit purchases. 

The NAACP Shows Its True Colors In Its Opposition To Increase In Charter Schools In New York

Pictured to the left is Geoffrey Canada of "The Harlem Children's Zone".

In the past several years I have heard many Black people who I am inclined to disagree with ideologically rain praise upon Mr Canada and what he has done to advance the cause of education for the Black children in Harlem.

At this point I am less interested in the alms laid at his feet in the past.  The present situation and willingness to speak out at this time is what matters the most.  
It seems that all of that "nice talk" will be tested as the forces at work in the debate over the future of Harlem per the education of its young people is coming to a head.

One side is committed to protecting the INSTITUTIONAL status quo.  For decades they have kept the people together by focusing them on the chase for more financial resources from authorities from the state and federal government  as proof of "Social Justice" from America.  Since the attainment of this goal was always "inches from their finger tips" - the next election in which the masses of Black people stay ideologically united behind their agenda was sold to them as the solution for the educational quality long denied, RACE being the primary point of denial.

For the other side of the debate we see parents.  They and their children are the consumers of the educational services from the present system.   Since their have only one shot to expose their children to the best possible EDUCATIONAL QUALITY for each grade that they matriculate through - they want Educational Choice.  Ironically and pervertedly - in as much as they are focused on the Education of their BLACK CHILDREN more than they concern themselves with the METHODOLOGY and INSTITUTION which provides these services to them and the associated quality - they are askew from the agenda of the NAACP and others who are protecting the system that is failing their children.

What we have is a basic conflict between:

  • Those sell Black people a better future by dangling a better future in front of us as a means of remaining UNIFIED IN STRUGGLE - loathed to look at the immediate past in which the "Mission Accomplished" administration too often fail to live up to its billing
  • Those who are dealing with the present and the threat that it represents to their children. They want to take matters into their own hands - investing in a charter school which requires the parents to be engaged in the management of their children's education as a part of the attendance agreement.
The two points of consciousness cannot be more different.

If it were that much of a cut and dry decision one would indeed be suspect about the actions of those who drive the status quo.   Enter the need for racial defensiveness.    

Those who seek to protect the status quo and evade accountability in the "Mission Accomplished state" bring in "The Koch Brothers" and other "corporate forces" that seek to steal educational resources directed to the education of Black people.   If we take the same framework of argument against "Private Prisons" in which a Black body is said to be a profit center - the same fear tactic is used as a means of preventing reforms in the government operated schools via competition from charter schools.  (Charter schools are public schools.  They are administrated by a school-centered administration that is not part of the management chain of the school system.  They still must comply with the key educational and testing standards of any public school).

Not only is the education of Black children at stake - the disposition of Black people to the government that surrounds them (and the "favorable people" within the government) is at play.   It takes no stretch of the imagination to see that those who today no longer want Black people to  "Speak Truth To Power" to the "favorable power" also seek to apply the very same standard for local officials on the slate. 

I will be watching to see if Black people are more loyal to the educational outcomes or the institutions and their leadership.

Parents Rally In Harlem To Protest NAACP's Involvement In School Closure Lawsuit
Parents rallied in Harlem Thursday to blast the NAACP's involvement in a lawsuit to halt the closure of failing schools and expansion of charter schools.

The families, many with kids in city charter schools, and advocates criticized the civil rights group for joining the teachers union in a fight to block the closure of 22 schools and stop 17 charter schools from opening or growing.

"Charter schools are public schools, too - we need space to grow," Harlem Children's Zone founder Geoffrey Canada told the crowd of about 2,500 people gathered outside a state administrative building on 125th St.

"The simple obstacles in the situation should not have led to a lawsuit," said Canada.

Parents at the rally said the NAACP is working against the interest of minority families who have children in charter schools by participating in the suit.

"People of color go to these charter schools. If anything the NAACP should be on our side," said Yasmeen Holloway, 30, a transit worker from Harlem whose daughter Kayla Doctry is a kindergartener at the Harlem Success Academy II charter school.

Several charter schools, including Harlem Success Academy, suspended instruction Thursday morning so that parents and children could attend the rally.

"Parents and teachers wanted to be here. It's an emergency," explained Harlem Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz, who attended the rally along with teachers and students from her schools.

Read more: