They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Management Science Understanding Of The Black Community: Barack Obama Residing In Two Domains - "Black Leader" / "American President

Progressive Black Leader, President Obama proves to be a conundrum in the often vicious interplay of race and politics.  Remove the issue of his race and the attacked received by "Obama the President Of The United States" remains in the realm of bland partisan sniping against any dirt that the present occupant in the White House should expect as part of the job.

Add the dynamic of RACE and it gets interesting.  Malcolm X is shaking his head for we did not listen to him.

  • The White opposition against the Black politician at hand is going to make use of racial innuendo as much as he can - reading between the lines but surely not crossing the line and going into the space that Black people were confined to 60 years ago - despite the protestations that we are indeed there today.
  • The White supporters of the Black politician is likely to play up the "racial insult" that his "skin brother" has waged against the Black in question.  The very words or thoughts that are prefixed with "I would never say this in public about Black folks.....BUT......." are now cause for feigned offense for ideological and political advantage 
  • In the case of Obama - we have the Black Establishment who is running a protection racket on behalf of President Obama.  Per the value system that they show based on their actions - their know that "RACIAL DEFENSIVENESS" is the most tried and true means of provoking their primary agenda item:  BLACK IDEOLOGICAL UNITY.
    • They successfully get Black people to focus on EXTERNAL threats rather than asking questions as to why more of the promises that they had made previously regarding the benefit to our community IF we vote accordingly have not been delivered 

Why I Reject The Claims Of ORGANIC Racism In The "Obama Monkey" Or "Obama Birth Certificate" Distractions

Let's go back to the first major racial conflict of the Obama Presidency in order to understand the forces and agendas at work here.

This cartoon appeared in the NY Post - owned by "News Corp", owner of Fox News.

To those who don't life Fox News this was further proof of their racist agenda. It was also a means of getting out the protesters in front of News Corp.  These protests - at the time when the 'Hope' was still virgin in Black America was a shot across the bow against "White Racists" - warning them to not mention anything about monkeys and Black people.  (Of course - unless the subject is a "Free Range Black).

Let's consider the process that I observed that people are demanding with regards to material that MIGHT be seen as "racially insensitive" as it relates to President Obama.

To be clear - I do not have a problem with content publishers considering the sensitivities that might be violated if certain content is published.  I only have a problem with FRAUD and INFERIORITY.

The truth is that the very same people who cry RACISM if an when any of the adversaries of the President Of The United States find some dirt to slap upon THIS president - racially tinged or not - are the very same people who was silent when previous presidents (and other present politicians) were hit with the same type of streaming attacks - all done to undercut the credibility of the said president.

Those individuals with character would EMPATHIZE with their feelings felt if a president who they favored was labeled as a 'monkey'.  Instead, in the past we saw that such ignorant material was not enough to break the "joint-venture".  They both hated the target of attack and thus we never saw "The Color Of Change" or other (supposed) "Anti-racism groups" ask "Bush Or Chimp" to tone it down OR ATLEAST remove the "Advertise Liberally" marketing banner that they all post in common on their Progressive-Fundamentalist blogs.
According to NPR's "On The Media" - Abe Lincoln was often portrayed portrayed as a monkey/gorilla by his political enemies.   Ironically a "racist" did not have any progressive defenders at that time against this "RACIST" assault upon a human being.  OR is "RACISM" a contextual indictment for political opportunism purposes? 
In an ironic and perverted twist of fate - "Color Of Change" the ideological hit man organization that goes after ADVERTISERS of Conservative outlets that they say spew HATRED and RACISM are in fact solid partners with an array of Progressive-Fundamentalist blogs who "Advertise Liberally" BUT have never asked "Bush Or Chimp" to leave their alliance - as NO HUMAN BEING should be referred to as a MONKEY.

I need nothing more to show exactly what this charade is.

But lets continue.

What Is Black America Talking About Besides "Birth Certificates" & "Monkey Pictures"?

Please Pick The Top 4 PRIORITIES that the Black Community SHOULD BE talking about as represented by the documents below?

More Black Community Defensiveness And Outrage Over Obama Being Asked For Proof Of His Birth In The USA

More Marriage Certificates Between Black Men & Women WITHIN The Black Community
More Graduation Diplomas WITHIN The Black Community
 More Black Communities Being Certified As "Safe Communities"
More Evidence Of Healthy People WITHIN The Black Community

Until you get the PRIORITIES right - those who play on your racial fears are always going to have an ample number of "Vulnerable People" to work with because they failed to build up ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that would allow them to fend for themselves.

The Curious Case Of "GOP Governors" Taking Away Union Rights And "Protesting White Folks" To Prevent Draconian Policies

I was recently in the New England area and I listened to the news as the state legislature debated a bill to impose an punitive tax upon the local electrical power generation company.  I was surprised when the staunchest opponents against this bill were Democrats.  They argued that this tax upon the power generators would cost jobs.

Today I learned that the Democratic controlled state house of Massachusetts passed a bill that strips public service union workers of their right to negotiate their benefits packages.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Ironically the news of Republican legislators who voted for the Paul Ryan budget bill now going home and facing the wrath of their constituents if PROOF that they are handling a piece of legislation that smells like toxic cow manure.  The presence of PROTESTS is proof positive of the quality of the legislation.

Yet just two short years ago during this same recession period as Health Insurance Reform was presented to the local constituents the sight of "Angry White Folks" disrupting their congressman was proof that ignorance and bigotry was taking over America.

The Hand Of Fraud

What we have here is blatant evidence that the news media - from top to bottom feeds off of a NARRATIVE which is set to color all events. Never before have we had the same issues, expressed through different instances to make note of the dramatic differences in reaction. (Note: On the grand scale the differences between the Bush & Obama presidencies as it relates to war coverage, economic issues, perceptions of inaction with respect to 'Black Issues' serves as the larger scope. The distinction between "Angry White folks in town halls a few years ago versus angry White folks in Wisconsin versus NO angry White folks in Massachusetts are transactional examples of what is at hand.)

The bottom line is that the "GOP Governor Attacks Unions" is merely an attempt to get the UNION movement back on track - in preparation for next years elections. If they were to go after ALL OFFENDERS - Including the mayors of various "Mission Accomplished Cities" that have laid off more union workers than has Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (mayors in Detroit, Newark and Milwaukee) this would confuse the message.

They instead give us SILENCE - figuring that we are too STUPID to see what is going on with their selective reactions.

Corruption In The Reform Attempts At "Martin Luther King High School" In Philadelphia Shows The Need For A "Little Rock Central High" Moment For The Black Establishment

The "Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr High School" in Philadelphia is a school in chaos beyond what its name would have an observer to assume could ever happen.

It appears that the city leadership had done an appraisal of the molestation of King's good name that is taking place within the edifice and have decided that by making it a charter school they can retain the name and work on making a change in consciousness within the "Negroes" that enter into the building every day.  (After passing through a metal detector, that is).

Turns out that various "Black Establishment" leaders involved with the decision of which school turn around company would get the contract had their thumb on the scale as to which would be selected - for the benefit of the predominately Black student body at the school.

When I call out the NAACP for being staunchly on guard against SYMBOLIC offenses like a historical plaque commemorating the burning of Atlanta during the Civil War, located in a place that would DEFACE "Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd" in Atlanta - all the while when the true spirit of Dr King gets lynched - the NAACP (and other operative groups that work on marginalization) make an assessment of the players and they put when there are no indictable figures with toes they can step upon and not feel the pain themselves.

King High School Reform Advisory Board Members High-Five Each Other

The proper analysis of this fiasco at Philly's King High is that leaders who got comfortable in their INSTITUTIONAL SEATS in politics chose to use the honor of the Black public school students as pawns that could be traded.  The people running the institution of the school had previously failed to serve out their duties.  The charter school is NOT A THREAT to the public school - the incompetency of the establishment players who failed to carry out their duties as prescribed IS THE THREAT.

Take this same template, package it up and apply it elsewhere and you will get an exact match.  Local corruption, external state scrutiny of that corruption - draw up the Black community to fight against the EXTERNAL INTRUSION by their enemies as they are told this is a "power grab against BLACK LEADERSHIP".  

I get the feeling that some people will hear bits and pieces of the scenario and get it wrong:

  • Public School
  • Black School
  • Named After King
EQUALS - a threat!!

The stunning part of it all is that some people have an apparent inability to see that the THREAT is actually the present chaos which is confiscating instruction time from Black students.  The question of WHO will run the school is secondary and irrelevant IF these services are quality.   Those who oppose these reforms are functionally defending FAILURE and are content that by STRUGGLING for CHANGE via their perpetual defensive posture that they are actually doing something beyond mental masturbation. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

USA Today's DeWayne Wickham In PAID As He Tells President Obama That The "Hope" That Wickham Helped Obama Sell Ain't Working

Column: Obama breaks vow with jobless blacks

I can find few things more pleasurable than to read the antics of certain Black Establishment Journalists as they are forced to do what they are desperately unwilling to do but the preponderance of evidence at hand force their hand. To be clear I give them a bit more credit than the balance of their compatriots. They too see the problems WITHIN the Black community but they realize that in the present hijacked consciousness - a good story about RACISM or a Republican threat can clear the decks of anything that hints at drawing up demands for INTROSPECTION.

The Black Progressive Journalist walks a tight rope.
If they dare to treat Obama EQUAL to the past Presidents who they took a more blunt assessment of their success as they used the Black community as the "canary in the coal mine" with regard to policy impact and one can't help but be suspicious of them as they add a number of caveats prior to voicing "criticism" of Obama.

It is far easier for them to do as what was heard during the first 2 minutes of the "MSNBC Presents - The Black Progressive Agenda" in which the spokes model told of the 15.2% Black unemployment rate and then coyly said "Black people aren't buying the Republican plan to limit unemployment to 99 weeks" - totally avoiding blaming Obama for the continued unemployment as his 3rd year in office draws near. As the campaign promises from 2008 get overwritten by the need to defend against the enemy in 2012.

The Black Journalists know the consequence of daring to stand upon the BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS, going against the grain of the Black Establishment. This can get you attacked by BLACK FOLKS for daring to do so!!!

DwWayne Wickham:
This is not an easy column for me to write. It's never easy to tell someone you like that he's a disappointment. I like Barack Obama. I liked him the first time we met back in 2006 when I took a small group of journalism students to Washington, D.C., for a meeting with the then-freshly minted U.S. senator.

I liked Obama even more when an aide to his presidential campaign invited me to a July 2007 speech he gave laying out his commitment to improve life for people in urban America — which for most politicians is a euphemism for black America.
DeWayne Wickham USA TODAY columnist

"Today's economy has made it easier to fall into poverty. … Every American is vulnerable to the insecurities and anxieties of this new economy. And that's why the single most important focus of my economic agenda as president will be to pursue policies that create jobs and make work pay," Obama said that day to his mostly black audience.
At that time, the nation's overall unemployment rate was 4.7%. Whites had a jobless rate of 4.2% while the black unemployment rate stood at 8.1%. Today, the black rate is 15.5%, nearly double that of white job-seekers.
I don't blame Obama for the economic conditions that are responsible for so many blacks being out of work. The seeds of this problem were planted long before he moved into the Oval Office. But I do fault him for not doing more to fix this problem.

Mr Wickham:

When you talk about what Obama inherited - do you, just one bit - make note of the MACHINE that dominates everywhere the Black community has the final say in who will represent them and note they were in power long before Obama came around? OR is there some other force that you are more intent on blaming?

I think you know where I am going.
While it is best for you to put the present conditions off on some amorphous set of circumstances that preceded Obama's "Hope" for "Change" you are also loathed to talk about how every politician that received 50% +1 of the Black vote in the past 40 years SOLD us on the promise of better tidings IF we invest our votes in their candidacy.

The ironic point, Mr Wickham, is that by you attempting to make this a "transactional indictment" upon President Obama - including all of your qualifications (if Obama was a blog you would have pressed the "Like" button on nearly ever post he has made) you are unwilling to do an inspection of where I believe the real problem resides: THE BLACK ESTABLISHMENT and their inability to provide ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT among our people.

You can't be allowed to blame this on conditions prior to Obama yet fail define WHAT CONDITIONS you are referring to. This merely is done to take head off of the guy you "like".

In this picture with Obama and the Trotter Group on your visit to the White House to "compare notes" as to how you would "Stand With Obama" during the 2010 Midterm Elections. I wonder, Mr Wickham, as you got to sit right next to The President Of The United States - did you bring up how Obama and his machine-mates throughout the rungs of government - who Black folks have supported so doggedly as they WAITED FOR THIS DAY - a Black man at the top run - did you tell him about your DISAPPOINTMENT with the Black Unemployment rate? At the time of your meeting Black unemployment was above 15%. What changed besides YOU?

I am force to question your article's timing.
You know as well as I do than 1 year from now we will be in the throws of a brutal presidential campaign. I suspect that you and other in The Trotter Group will be having far more articles about how insulted you are about the Republican's campaign strategies than you will mention anything about "Black unemployment" and your "disappointment" in Obama. It is good to get this one article out of your system right now.

It is laced with enough padding as to make all who read it understand that you are far more interested in not upsetting Obama his failure to address Black unemployment rate that you are upset that the decades of promises made that the Black vote invested as such would lead to a different outcome in this area and so many others.

The real question that I have for you Mr Wickham is - What's next as a strategy after "We've Been To The Mountain Top" - with respect to the strategy that the Black Establishment has erected as our Black Community Development agenda?

The BQPFRC - Living Expressing Their Life Hopes Vicariously Through Obama - Projecting Black Inferiority Upon Obama As A Coping Mechanism

First of all let me say.

Donald Trump - you need to apologize to the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser segment of Black America for you have injured them badly.  Turn to "Fight The Power" - WAOK (owed by CBS Radio) and you will hear how much they are no running you down.

YOU - a White man, a Republican and a White Man who assaulted President Obama have hurt those who have so much vested in him that they are talking about you rather than:

I will continue to search for the magical attribute of Donald Trump that causes him to become a SUPERIOR threat to the BQPFRCs.    

As I scan various Black Progressive propaganda channels it is tragically stunning how much they are aggrieved by Trump's actions.   

They are now trying to assign "Black VICTIM" attributes to the President Of The United States - in line with what a Black man walking down the street in an exclusive White area of town at 9pm might face by the police.  In their view Obama was the victim of the political version of the "aggressive policing" and subsequent "carding" for ID.

This has set various Black Progressive blogs into a frenzy as they try to show some connectivity.

There it is.  The connection!!
If they (the White racist conservative Republicans) have the audacity to see a Black man in their "White House" and card him......what are the chances that a 'Ninja' like me will escape their racism as they have me spread eagle on a the trunk of a police car..............when all I was doing is trying to VOTE?    I'ma vote for Obama TWICE AS HARD this time.   We can't allow those Tea Party types to do this RACISM to us.  This fight against RACISM  is far more important than worrying about the 15.2% Black unemployment rate under Obama.  This is due to RACISM as well - anyway.  Why load this burden upon Obama?  He is the president but THEY don't respect him that way.  Don't be a hater upon him - like they are".

There it is folks. The ole  "Black people can't manage to keep track of our government issued photo ids and thus, come election day - any attempt to make EVERYONE show their photo ids at the voting place is RACIST against Black people. Just as the RACIST district attorney in Jena LA was able to have a multi-racial school assembly yet train his VOICE in a manner in which only Black students who listened in heard the frequency in which he issued his threat to destroy anyone with his pen - so too is it the case that photo voter ID is RACIST against Black people and others who answer when called "The Least Of These" - the new N-Word.

A Coordinated Strategy For The Election??

  • MSNBC - The Non-Fox-Biased Biased Network - Home Of The Black Progressive Agenda
I would have more respect for the NAACP if they went into "Mission Accomplished Cities" like Camden, Newark, Flint, Detroit and Chicago where - REGARDLESS of how many ballots Black people cast - the machine power in the city is on lock down and their local vote will have ZERO impact upon their lives.  They are merely switching between Progressive Action A and Progressive Faction B.  Ironically - if we "turn the clock back" about 30 years the very seats of local power that are now in "favorable hands" were the seats that the local people were told were KEY to improving their lives IF a favorable person was put into power.

The Transaction Of Black Inferiority Is The Cornerstone Of The Progressive-Fundamentalist's Agenda

As the narrative goes:  "If Black people were to relax and fool ourselves that we have secured our rights and are EQUAL under the law - we will end up like the proverbial 'frog in the pot of cold water who waited too long before the heat of RACISM started to boil the water and cause him to be cooked".  We as Black must be forever vigilant against (Republican) RACISM.  We must stick together ideologically. Don't let any statics fool us into believing that the Black leadership that is actually PROTECTING us are failing us. Those Blacks who moved out to the suburbs as the US Census told us - are going to find themselves the first one's strung up at a tree - as they have separated from the 'real Black community' ".

I told you before.

  • Black folks don't vote for Republicans
  • Black folks AIN'T EVER going to vote for Republicans
  • It is a waste of time for "Raging Elephants to tell us that King was a Republican and you should be one too
You should accept that the U-Haul truck out of the "Mission Accomplished Area" and NAACP's desperate attempt to try and get Black students to drive past their community schools and sit next to WHITE FOLKS so they can get a good education is the only vote of No Confidence that one should ever expect to hear out of a Black Progressive who wishes to save face and "get in where she fits in".

With these losses mounting - and the "Republican Governors and State Legislatures" scheming on redrawing the political boundaries per their recent electoral victories - if you are an Embedded Confidence Man and you need to get Black people back on the RACIAL DEFENSIVE and use fear as a provocation - what should you do?

ANSWER;  You need to project a threat to Black people.  You need to transact upon BLACK INFERIORITY -as compared to others to show that a policy is done for no other reason than to strip the Black Ballot that you have fought to make EQUAL - so that the Democrats would win.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Did anyone else notice that White Liberal Snarling Fox Chris Mathews argues THIS TIME that "everyone knows each other". Please note that one of the inferiorities applied to Black people is that we MOVE AROUND TOO MUCH and thus our ID doesn't match. What if we "move around" and no one knows us in the voting precinct? Does the discounting of photo ID by the Snarling Fox mesh with the claim of lack of knowledge of us as we move around?
The point is IT DOESN'T MATTER. They will throw up anything, at any time. As long as Black people are willing to OWN the inferiority as a means of getting the favorable outcome - all is well.
Faced with the possibility of looking at a Detroit, a Camden, a Milwaukee where the Black Permanent Interests have been molested - what do you do to make sure that Black people operate upon YOUR priorities:

  1. Fighting Against RACISM
  2. The INTENTION Of Good Schools
  3. The INTENTION Of Safe Streets
  4. The INTENTION Of Thriving Local Economies
It is ironic indeed that the VOTE is said to be a people's voice in a free society yet these forces of Black Inferiority accept that Black people are prone to lose our Identification when it counts the most.

As such - instead of us expecting to hear a compelling statement telling the "Least Of These" to protect their photo id because they will need it to speak on election day - they instead ask Black people to put on our tap shoes, black suit and facial paint and play the role of the INFERIOR POSTER CHILD.

Our ancestors never would have guessed that one day the hand that forces us into inferior submission would be the one's asking us to lower our heads so that they can put forth their "trick play".

You Don't Know JACK - STOP HIJACKING CIVIL RIGHTS VILLAINS For Your Ideologically Based Emotional Upset

With President Obama's Birth Certificate, Klansman Trump Reminds Blacks They Will Never Be Equal

One Black man elected President Of the United States Of America was an event that had the POWER to make masses of Black people believe that they too could be PRESIDENT.

One WHITE MAN named Donald Trump who dared ask the President to show his long form Birth Certificate had the POWER to provoke the co-founder of Jack & Jill Politics to believe that SLAVERY would soon return and that the census which showed Black folks moving back to the South and into White suburbs are actually reporting back to their "Slave Stations".

Such is the case in the machinations of the Ideologically Bound Negro.
He lives vicariously through Obama and thus his personal biorhythm is like a pair of electrodes attached from Obama's rear end to his forehead.

If you ever wonder why the assumption of organizational control over a particular institution by "favorable progressives" and its subsequent failure to help Black people is never punished by the Black voter - it is because they choose to LIVE VICARIOUSLY through the "First Black" who they put into the seat.  For them to fire that favorable subject - they would have to agree to make themselves "homeless" per their self-eviction from their dream home.

The truth is that the initial ascent was a victory over their ENEMIES - not done with the expectation that the "self-chummed" propaganda dreams would ever be fulfilled.

When the smoke clears and they indeed see how much they had fooled themselves - they are content to focus on the ATTACKS suffered by their protectorate, connecting THESE ATTACKS with the reason why their dreams were not answered - THE OPPOSITION PREVENTED IT.  Thus they double down on their support.   They are not fighting for effective results to be delivered.  They are only fighting against their enemies.

IF only there was universal respect for "The Office Of The President Of The United States".

I wonder if Baratunde "Jack" Thurston was around in Atlanta in 2007 when then President George W Bush came to the "Martin Luther King Jr Center For Non-Violent Social Change"?

As (warmongerer) Bush came to lay a reef at the tomb of Martin Luther King Jr - an angry mob circled the building - intent on 'RESPECTING' "The President Of The United States.

The US Secret Service was forced to ring the entire black with public transit buses in order to keep the angry crowd from "praising" the "President Of The United States".

IF President Barack Obama came to the King Center to lay a reef at the tomb that now has been expanded to hold the late Mrs King as well as her late husband  - and if an angry crowd came to protest against the present Commander In Chief's choice to drop American bombs on the continent of Africa - the very same thing that President Ronald Reagan did - as proof that intentions for his trip to Philadelphia Mississippi were true - the very same Black people like Mr Thurston - who said nothing about the "praise and worship" shown against President Bush in 2007 would be ENFORCING such respect against the anti-war protesters against Obama as he stood in the very same spot.

Please understand - I am not pointing out HYPOCRISY in order to REMOVE the standards.
I am only suggesting - that the  very best time to identify a STANDARD and ENFORCE it - is among your like-minded friends - when they are the ones who are throwing physical and verbal and typewritten tomatoes at your common enemy.

As they live vicariously through Obama they see this as merely an iteration of a "Black male executive in a business suit - walking home toward his expensive house in an exclusive neighborhood and getting CARDED by the racist police.

As they project themselves upon Obama they believe that WHITE SUPREMACY is so powerful that - DESPITE President Obama being powerful enough to order that bombs be dropped on the continent of Africa - over his signature - he can't escape his skin - and thus is subject to the same "racial harassment" that all of us "common Black folks" receive.

With their marching orders set in which they DEFEND AGAINST RACISM(!!!!!) - Mr Thurston and the rest of the AfroSpear Propaganda Network - won't have the idle time necessary to tell President Obama.

"War Is Not The Answer - ESPECIALLY NOT IN AFRICA.   Just as we as Blacks are sensitive to 'monkey references' and will defend YOU when some racist Republican sends out an e-mail - we are ALSO sensitive about IMPERIALIST MISSIONS inside 'The Motherland'  and we are prepared to stand against YOU for ordering American munitions to destroy the infrastructure in a relative poor African nation - setting them back several decades - just as we stood up against Ronald Reagan when he sat in the same office and ordered a bombing run." 

A Reasonable And Balanced Analysis Of Progressive Motivations

The Foundational Hope
The Methodology
The Threat
Increased Voting By "The Vulnerable Masses"  If the people can have their voices organized and heard via the institutions that have authority over the society - the present grievances of the Vulnerable Masses will be made to change for the Better
The adoption of Progressive ideological theories, promoted into the key institutions, used to counter corporate capitalist and conservative forces.
Defining elements of a “National Social Contract” to which the government will be held up to as the cover for doing what is necessary to carry out their desired end.

The real threat to Progressivism in the domain of voting is actually a lethargic, disconnected populous who have lost hope that VOTING within the system is the means by which their lives will change.

The Conservative and Republican opposition is merely a worthy scape goat .  The main value of the Conservatives is that they are always “Put On Trial” as a means of
The main flaw with this approach is that it always requires an expanded border out to which Progressivism must scale in order to compel the aggrieved masses into action, prompting them that the Conservative threat that is denying them their "Social Justice Rights" and thus the must engage in the battle.

They are loathed to look BACKWARD upon the land that they have WON, noting the increase that has been achieved by the people.

I retain my opinion that "Progressivism Is An INORGANIC Ideology" and thus it requires INDICTMENTS against an external oppressive authority as the primary means for UNIFYING the masses into a perpetual struggle.  Upon winning a domain yet falling short of the expectations - they expand.

Progressives would be better served if they focused on closing the ranks around a given city, county or state and achieving their desired ends INTERNALLY.  Allow those who are 'down with the game' to remain and work INWARD for these end points.

Cities such as Newark and Flint show that the VOTE is ultimately irrelevant after the ultimate victory has been won and yet still your desired ends have not been met.  Without a conservative enemy to fight against - they begin to factionalize and fight against each other.
Unions The Employees Union represents a reasonable observation that when individuals form a coalition they can operate as a entity which can provide equal and opposite force against the ownership (or tax payers) , seeking to obtain the best deal possible for the workers Unions work to alter work rules, promote better pay & benefit packages for the workers within the context of the industry in question.  They are also aware of how political protection and regulations are critical in the attainment of their ultimate goals.  They traditionally support Democratic Progressive candidates - their political activism often becoming the balance of their organizational purpose. The threat to unions are the forces that tend to support the ownership class against whom unions are sitting across at the negotiating table.

Just as unions are seeking to alter the "bottom line" of their workers - those entities that seek to defend the bottom line of the entity to which the union is supplying labor to  - the cost controls and/or expression of competitive advantage within the market place within which the corporation is forced to compete in is seen as a threat to the interests of the union.

Cost controls, relocation to areas where the corporation's interests are more balanced toward their favor, a more flexible regulatory environment - all serve the advantage of the corporation and are seen as threats to the union.

The union needs a "Labor Monopoly" in order to have the "Consumer Of Labor" to deal with them as a sole supplier of labor.  "Right To Work States" are a threat to this monopoly.
The real objective is the expression of one's self interests through gainful employment.

At times progressives get so caught up in this INTERMEDIARY structure (the union) that they fail to note that:

  • The "Consumer Of Labor" is engaged in a competitive marketplace and must survive or will die, imperiling them all
  • That a GOVERNMENT has a labor force for the purposes of providing SERVICES to its constituents - in line with what they can afford to pay.  When government becomes merely a jobs program a circular reference is created.  The abstraction between service levels and the tax dollars to pay for them is created.  Fiscal insolvency will soon follow
"Social Justice" Entitlement Programs The presence of government programs is said to be the expression of the society as to the VALUE of "the Least of These" among them.

The market forces in the society often provides unbalanced outcomes.  Certain vulnerable individuals are allowed to fall through the cracks.

Social Justice programs seek to promote the societal value that no human being should be allowed to live below a certain minimum standard.

They are "Transference Programs" - in which the progressive tax system looks toward wealthy individuals who are otherwise focused on matters important to their own interests to pay tax dollars to the government.  This provides those in government with a more "Progressive Consciousness" with the resources necessary to lift these vulnerable people upward.
In addition to the transparent intent to help "The Least Of These" - the Progressives also realize that in providing for these "Vulnerable Masses" and getting them to recognize that their ballots are EQUAL to the one rich man at the top of the hill - they can sell the masses that by forming a coalition against those monied elites - they can ultimately obtain more permanent relief by using their political voice to drive for more progressive taxation and a broader network of social programs. The main threat to Progressives in the areas of Entitlement Programs are those who have an interest in defending their own wallets against government nationalization of their private property.   They are wary of these forces in that they have the breadth of power to orchestrate a propaganda program to counter the Progressive's Propaganda program.  Their fortunes and ownership of certain commercial brands onto which "The Vulnerable Masses" have an emotional attachment to - provide them with a gateway into the consciousness of this same group of people that the Progressives are attempting to maintain exclusive control and representation of.

The people who are "fooled" by this propaganda are said to be "voting against their own interests".

The "Citizens United" ruling which allowed the corporate class to invest untold resources into propaganda is a threat for these reasons. The Progressives don't oppose propaganda.  They need to control the ease at which their adversaries are allowed to propagandize.  
With the goal of "Uplift Of The Least Of These" as their claimed objective - Progressivism ultimately fails mostly because it does not produce sufficient ORGANIC COMPETENCIES within the subjects to which it offers the most targeted assistance.

Having failed to build up an infrastructure in which the people themselves are asked to be the main agent for uplift to the living standard that they desire - we see the present vacillation of intensity of interest by the masses in pursuit of their own interests become more closely related to the ELECTION CYCLE, just as the progressive has conditioned the masses to do.

If the enemy moves away - politics become less relevant, the social programs are starved because they were ONLY transfer programs.  Thus the lack of organic infrastructure IS THE PROBLEM - not CONSERVATIVES!!!
Government Operated Public Schools  The Progressive hope for public education is that this free public resource will provide the escalator upward in social mobility - a common trough for all in society to drink from for nourishment.

A society benefits when there is less "functional illiteracy" 
The methodology in progressive interaction within public schools as been the goal of retaining control of this important resource - through which the vast majority of American children pass through - in order to provide the "social norming" into the children that is of strategic advantage is to:

  • Retain Teachers Union Power & Representation 
  • Drive for control over school boards and administrative seats
  • Fight against threats to this power base from Charter Schools, Vouchers, Federal School Reforms
  • Turn questions of academic results into perpetual drives for more funding
The primary threat to the Progressive in the area of Government Operated Public Schools is the notion that there is a distinction between "Government FUNDING Of Educational Services" versus "Government OPERATION of Educational services".

This is the root of how otherwise logical human beings can be see defending the honor of otherwise failing public schools in their particular community.  They are frothed into the notion that the greater threat to their children - does not come from the printed results as to its present instructional competencies is the change in the DELIVERY MECHANISM of education.  The OUTCOMES are of secondary concern with so much POWER at risk.
The area of public education causes me to take a cynical view as I conclude that there are some people in this nation who truly realize that there are always going to be a few IGNORANT people in this world and thus they may as well ensure their ownselves - a job and some associated political power as they go through the motions of INTENDING to provide them with education - never having to come through.

The grand contradiction is that the same state of "Social Justice" that is INTENDED to be obtained is essentially accomplished IF the mental discipline and uplift through EDUCATION was actually delivered into the 'Equal Human Being' in question

The truth is, however, the uplift of "The Least Of These" showcases the grand contradiction that is "Progressivism".  IF their base is no longer in need of their care-takers services then their cause will be marginalized.

More importantly, since they see the OUTWARD society as the main causes of the oppressive results among "The Least Of These" - that too few time and attention is spent upon fortifying the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES within.   Instead claims of "Blaming The Victim" is more likely heard by anyone who (ironically) dares to suggest that the greatest among of SOCIAL JUSTICE that one can expect to obtain is when he aligns his own mind to the mission of his own uplift - and then takes the primary responsibility to ensure that his own children and other members of the community are kept in line upon this disciplined path.  This is unfortunately an anathema to the "PERPETUAL OUTWARD STRUGGLE" that defines Progressivism.  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chicago - City Of High Gas Prices

CNN: Chicago: City of the big gas prices

It is interesting that a few years ago a co-worker of mine who is also a hyper-partisan and also is a Chicago native forwarded to a group of friends at work a particular picture showing the gas prices during the Clinton Administration versus the Bush Administration.  In his e-mail he argued that the prices were a sign of the gap in the quality of leadership between the two administration.

As gasoline prices return to the highs - the last time we had "incompetent leadership" I am wondering if my good friend is going to send out another picture?

The best part about having an "evil President" followed by a "Leader For All" is that artifacts like this are still around.

Drivers in Chicago pay more for gas than they do in any other major metropolis in the continental United States. Analysts say that's due largely to a perfect storm of federal, state and local taxes.

The average price for a gallon of gas in Chicago was $4.32 a gallon on Tuesday, according to data from price tracker That's more than what drivers pay in sprawling Los Angeles, where gas averaged $4.22 a gallon, and crowded New York City, where it's $4.20 a gallon.

Indeed, the only major U.S. city with higher prices is Honolulu, where gas must be imported from the mainland or from refiners on other Hawaiian islands. The average price in America's 57th largest city was $4.44 a gallon.

Fear not people - I try to stay above such petty arguments.

The real reason why the gasoline prices are increasing so much is due to the FALL IN THE VALUE OF THE US DOLLAR.

The reason for the fall in the value of the dollar is because the Federal Reserve is flooding the market with dollars in order to try and stimulate the economy. If you think that gas prices are hurting you - wait until INFLATION kicks in.

AfroSpear - The Light Bulb In The Dark Of Night For Black Progressive-Fundamentalists Who Eat Chum

Tavis Smiley - WHO In 2012 Will Be Executing The RACISM In The Presidential Election?

Mr Smiley:

Perhaps you need to look beyond the information provided by MSNBC, Huffington Post (and their syndicates) and possibly update your talking points regarding death threats against Obama.
From the horse mouth - and while under oath - US Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan DENIED that the level of death threats against President Obama were any higher than the two immediate predecessors.   The author of the book that originally made this claim had closed out his research and published his book in February 2009 - right after your friend Michael Eric Dyson announcing on his radio his intention to vote for Obama's reelection in 2012 - but just after Obama had 1 full month into office.

Still I am curious Mr Smiley and as an inside man maybe you could help me out.
If we go back to the campaign of 2008 - I said then that the media appeared to use WHITE PEOPLE as the standard reference for "racial tolerance" in voting selection.   The question was repetitively asked "Will White Americans put aside their racial loyalties and vote for a BLACK MAN if they otherwise believe that he is the best candidate?".    I noticed that they never asked the same question about Black voters - appearing to indicate that we were a part of the "Least Of These" with no such expectation of transparency.

Yet after a "Black man" had successfully been elected into office The Huffington Post ran an analysis regarding where the WHITE VOTE showed most RACISM - as it voted for Senator McCain over Obama - out of line with more "evolved White people" in more "Progressive" areas.

I couldn't help but notice, Mr Smiley that they didn't bother to run the very same analysis on BLACK PEOPLE.  You see - according to The Huffington Post - the Whites in Mississippi and Alabama who voted for the "White Consensus Candidate" to the tune of 91% and 89% respectively were deemed RACISTS.  Yet with Black Americans - across the board - having voted for then Senator Obama to the tune of 96% - neither this data nor the "My President Is A Black Man" t-shirts and videos caused the same ire in these White Liberal Snarling Foxes who are always on the look out for RACISM among Whites but never seem to check in their own den to determine what the putrid smell is.

We Can't Appraise Black People By Their Willingness To Vote For Republicans
Again, Mr Smiley - while I watched as you were discarded from your circle of friends for having dared to argue the importance of criticism of Obama from the Black community - I am still not sure that you learned your lesson - as I have.

We can't appraise Black people by our collective willingness to vote for Republicans.  I understand this.  As our hijacked consciousness goes - the Black Establishment has erected the "Republican Party/Conservatism" AS the primary threat to the advancement of "The Black Progressive Agenda".

What IS a legitimate appraisal is for you and others in the media to venture out and make note where this ideology as a firm grip upon the institutions of a given area and then inspect for evidence of ORGANIC UPLIFT for Black people - as we have become fully marinated in all of the promises that have been made to us by the embedded confidence men, in support of the joint-venture that they have erected (supposedly) for our benefit.

You see, Mr Smiley - I see the 2012 Election as a "VOTE OF CONFIDENCE IN VOTING!!!"

If the wheels are coming off of the national economy then, likely - the Black community is already running on all 4 rims.
The only problem with this tired statement, Mr Smiley is that we were SOLD promises of UPLIFT if we all invested our ballots into the MACHINE that you and Obama are affiliated with - in spirit or directly.

As it will be the case that whomever is in power after the 2012 elections - they alone will have minimal effect at taming the painful realities of this nation's financial future - I, a Black man, am more interested in looking back WITHIN the Black community and finding evidence of ORGANIC INCREASE.

With our ballots made fully equal and invested as such - we only need to look at cities like Newark and Flint to see that their BALLOTS are about the most irrelevant resource in the determination of the fate of the people who live within.

Just as the machine that you support SCALED their scope upward to higher rungs of government - so will be the case that the BALLOT will be indeterminate in the condition of the people at the state and then national levels.   Following that will be the massively weakened dollar.

Thus it all comes back to ORGANIC COMPETENCY.

If you can tell me that the insult of RACISM made by a White person is SUPERIOR to the measurable ASSAULT that is the case when after several generations of living within the confines of certain INSTITUTIONS that are now in favorable hands and yet there is no comprehensive evidence of the increase in our people - as we were sold upon - then all this shows is that the threat of "White Supremacy" is of a greater value than is the:

  • Actual Attainment Of Quality Education on our own backs
  • Achievement of Save Streets per the existence of respect
  • Presence Of A Marketplace to exchange goods & services for compensation
  • Healthy Relationships among our people to incubate healthy minded people
We know that the White people in Alabama are "White Supremacists".
We now need to understand the infection of "Non-White White Supremacy" within the Black community that has so many of us to invest in a struggle that is OUTSIDE of our community.

By the way, Mr Smiley - the next time you are on MSNBC - could you ask Rachel Maddow to cover assaults upon "vulnerable people" like the Black man who was shot dead in broad daylight in New York City?  She knows the threat of the Tea Party Militia.  I am not sure that she views Black Street Pirates as an EQUAL threat though - regardless of how much they prove to be the case.

The Root.Com: President Obama Got Rich As We Pushed His Book And Used Government Money To Save GM & Chrysler From Going Down Due To Their Union Labor Expenses

The - David Swerdlick - Why Barack Obama Is The Real Donald Trump

Lampblacked Yellow Journalist.
To some it is a slanderous comment.

The truth is - that when you have no journalistic integrity and, prior to you put one finger on the keyboard you have already picked out a particular slant to a story to and your words are merely filler - the title is appropriate.

So is the case with so many content providers over at "The RootGrio".  Their agenda is the only thing that is transparent.

David Swerdlick argues that "Obama is the Real Donald Trump".
I am not here to refute the right of anyone to believe anything they please.

I am just here to add more value to the constructs of one's narrative.

Mr Swerdlick points to how Mr Obama became rich - mostly on the sale of his books.  I say that Obama left "money on the table" as he should have charged licensing fees for the "Obama Presidential Commemorative Plates" that Mr Swerdlick, no doubts has invested in - likely purchasing an entire crate as the ship arrived from China.

I want to avoid the "transactional fight" because with such an exchange at a certain level - we all lose perspective.

The key point that we must all understand is that, above all, the Lampblacked Yellow Journalist Press sees Obama as THEIR GATEWAY through which THE BLACK COMMUNITY will prosper.  Thus they WRITE vicariously through Obama and his experiences. 

They see themselves as fighting off the enemies of Obama, the Democrats and Progressives.  

Ironically - as this machine takes over the key INSTITUTIONS OF BLACK AMERICA - the failure to deliver as promised is not seen as a the machine's failure.  Instead - when external "Republican Governors" come in and apply the state's constitutional obligations to provide education and civic services - that have been FRANCHISED to the locally chartered entities which are in the hands of "favorable machine members" - the Lampblacked Yellow Journalist Press and their "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies" who one day wish to get a job in their ranks in order to join the "Unity Journalists Of Color" organization - see their job as defending the machine against these attacks.

The notion that they would enforce their expectations of the people they put into power has been lost by the more immediate IDEOLOGICAL threat.

Government Money vs Money In The Financial Markets

Mr Swerdlick appears to not see that the untold billions that Donald Trump has received via commercial financing through various investment banks is very different from the money spent out of the government treasury to bail out General Motors and Chrysler Motors.  His general references to "Detroit" are ironic for two reasons.

  • Ford Motor Company DID NOT RECEIVE A GOVERNMENT BAIL OUT.  Ford, seeing the tumultuous times ahead and its anemic balance sheet started out early on a COST CUTTING program.  It engaged its union labor and worked out a compromise.   While Ford indeed suffered from the collapsed US economic marketplace - these preemptive moves allowed it to avoid backruptcy - and the shredding of union contracts and stock value - that their competitive partners suffered from.
  • DETROIT - Certainly he was not talking about the CITY
    • If "The Grio-Root" was more transparent we would see not only articles about the condition of the city of Detroit but also ANALYSIS of where they stand and what decisions of the past brought them there
I wish to expound upon that last bullet point because it is important to understanding the machine that the Lampblacked Yellow Journalist Press is attached to.

Detroit, by all measure is a "Mission Accomplished City".   Over the last half century its political institutions were used as a scaffolding upon which this machine was able to ascend into power.   The paring of organized labor, the Civil Rights organizations and "favorable politicians" in place was supposed to allow the Black community living there to scale to new heights using the new found POWER that was assembled.

We are not going to see ANALYSIS of how things now stand coming from the very same sources that propagandized  the ascent along the way.  The commonly agreed upon narrative was that "Corporate Abandonment", prompted by CAPITALIST GREED (and a dose of RACISM) is what lead the city of Detroit to where it stands today.   The fact that there were two parties at the negotiating table all the way and they both had "their number" in mind prior to the meeting - thus showing a bit of complicity in the end results that transpired is not a narrative that we will likely hear.

It is not important to look at things at the transactional level though.  We should look at the RESULTS and ask "are the working people of Detroit better off today than when the ascent to power was kicked off?"
  • How are their property values?
  • How are their schools?
  • What about their public safety?
You see - just as Mr Swerdlick will LOWER the threshold for favorable examination of President Obama's performance - so that he will always get "passing grades" (as long as he remains Progressive - and they agree not to talk about drones over Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan)  he also has a threshold that his IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES will always bump their foreheads upon as they make a leap that is targeted at the threshold at one level, only to see it raised in mid air.   

The spirit of "How Many Bubbles In A Bar Of Soap" lives.
This trick was originally used to keep Blacks from registering to vote - due to bigotry.
Today this trick is used to ensure that the newly EQUAL Black ballot continues to be invested where operatives like Mr Swerdlick want it to go. 

Perhaps knowledge of the distinction between COMMERCIAL CAPITAL funds and GOVERNMENT BAILOUT funds would assist Mr Swerdlick and others in understanding a bit more about how our economy works.

I am happy that he at least appreciates the stock market and its recent rise.   I am sure that if I found one of his articles from the year 2007, however, that the news of the stock market hitting an all time high 14,164 would be dismissed as being irrelevant on the issue of "Black Employment". 

We nee "Black Journalists" who will defend the position of BLACK AMERICA.  Ones who will understand that while the Black community indeed promotes representatives into power - THEY TOO need to be scrutinized not just based on how well they fight against the popular enemies for Black folks but - on occasion the THEORIES that they all operate from in common needs to be put up to the light for inspection.

Some people prove themselves to be unworthy inspectors.

The Weapons Of Mass Distraction Have Been Found

From Yahoo News:

If 31,000 people on one site took their time to focus on this issue - just imagine how many other people are focusing on this story and how many productive man-hours have been wasted?

The Declining Value Of The US Dollar And How It Is Going To STEAL YOUR PURCHASING POWER AWAY All The While You Are Distracted, Fighting Against Your Political Enemies

How Low Will The Dollar Go?

The Grand Distraction Of The "Embedded Confidence Men"

The Cry's Of RACISM Today Is Not The Primary Indicator Of The Condition Of Black People

THESE "Disruptive White Folks" Don't Have To Worry About Being Called RACISTS For Disrupting A Black Elected Official As He Speaks

"RACIST" - as it is used today is an INDICTMENT, used by those who believe that the OWN the right to label it as such.

This time such public outbreaks by White people was not motivated by hatred, anger or RACISM against the "Black speaker". It was their impassioned resolve to get the TRUTH.

This former host of 'Air America' is not a 'Tea Party' member and thus we can't conclude that this is an "Astro Turfing" issue.

Evidence Of RACISM Through Time

Attention All Black People:  Be On The Look Out For The Klan - They Now Wear Business Suits And Watch Fox News!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

With Obama's Birth Certificate Released And Sarah Palin Silent - Will The Black Press Begin To Focus On The Issues Going On WITHIN The Black Community

I applaud President Obama for releasing his long firm birth certificate, tactically taking the winds out of the sails of his political adversaries.

These adversaries - unable to show evidence that they have a consciousness that causes them to be disciplined about the key problems that this nation now faces - have chosen to seek to draw some political blood out of Obama - using FUD to cause some people who were looking for a movement to attach to a bit of purpose.

Please note - The next several days will be an exercise by which the ENEMIES OF THE ENEMIES Who Are Obama's Friends - will print articles about the birth certificates as they do to these enemies - just as these enemies attempted to do to Obama - attack them.

Few people will make note of the streaming content selection from these "Anti-Birther sites" - noting that their contents were also void of relevant content as they focused on going after the "Birthers".

Now that the "Bithers" have been formally discredited and Sarah Palin seems to have forgotten the password to her Twitter account - the real question is - WILL WE START SEEING CONTENT IN WHICH OBAMA'S PROMISES IN THEIR RESPECTIVE COMMUNITIES are inspected and their appraisal process is sufficiently credible?

I couldn't help but note that just prior to the mid-term elections many of these sites did indeed do the "State Of The Dream" appraisals.   Cord Jefferson of "The" did a 6 part review of the Obama presidency which read as if he was positioning himself to be the first presidential press secretary of color.

Don't be fooled by the supposed "victory" over the "Birthers".    What these operatives who are claiming victory over is meaningless. What they are PROTECTING as they distort their coverage is where we are LOSING at the most.

Rodney Watchman Foster - From "The" on "Obama's DELIVERY"

One can only accept that such "bigotry" flows both ways.  
While most measures within the Black community have us listed as 'The Least Of These' (Per the assessment of the National Urban League" - the post below is a representative sample of how this constituency is so easily won over with "deliveries" from those that they favor.

My analysis says that Mr Foster is "living vicariously through" President Obama.  Thus with some White Republicans seeking to throw mud on Obama - The Black President - using time tested tactics - Obama is a victim of RACISM and thus Mr Foster is able to put aside the long list of promises that were strung out to win his vote but haven't been delivered - for the benefit of the Black community.

He is willing to accept the forbearance BECAUSE in his mind the presence of RACISM trumps:

  • The delivery of Quality Education for Black People - now that the machine has control from local through to the Federal government
  • The presence of Safe Black Communities now that the police command staff and ranks reflects the cascade of color in the community
  • The deployment of Strong Local Economies so that the Employment of our people as they provide services has been assured
The truth is that if Mr Obama was not in office and there were no Birthers - Mr Foster and others would be actively seeking to hold the establishment authorities accountable for these shortfalls that are present.  With Obama he knows that there is the INTENTION to deliver but the Republicans are blocking his way - so the forbearance is justified.

The blog message:
ONCE AGAIN the PRESIDENT has deliverd. But its a sad day in this country that racism is so alive in the so called birther people of the republican party that a black man has to go farther than anyone in history to prove himself a citizen of this country. This is not anything to celebrate. This is a shame to this nation. That in the 21st centry WHITE PEOPLE (politicall leaders) still have these ignorant thoughts about African Americans. I am actually appauled by this. And ashamed to be an american today. ... and since these so called birther people want to be so historically correct and non - sensical why not have the president put in chains and stood on a action block and have the white people of the birther racist examine his genitals and loook all in his teath and undress him and take a look into his behind as well since you want so much TRANSPARENCY? hell he might be wearing a tail that made through customs pre - 911?. Thats a good political issue to shout about until its done as well. After all he is black. Come on white people keep the mess going you have come to this point in history!!! ... Since something this silly can be a issue with so called so many concerned white folks (REV. FRANK "not his daddy" GRHAM)... when its nothing but a insult to the color of his skin. MR. GRHAM its called AMERICAN BIGOTRY. SO JUST PUT YOUR SHEETS ON THEY STILL FIT !!!!! ...... As a result there wont be an investigation on the assaination of JFK will it.? after all this is the president its national security. Right?..... Lets launch an investigation on the Bush administration. And start hauling folk like Boehner (who have not shown his birth certtificate) and the leaders of the republican party for obstruction and domstic terrorism. But thats national security. Lets see what really happened with Dick Cheney and Haliburton. Now that we want to see so much transparency..... but all that too personal. Right? They were the [ president ] This is just how Malcolm X felt by not being able to do anything about the killing of 5 little black girls in that chuch. YALL MAKE ME SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aND YOU CAN BELEIVE i WONT CHANGE MY WORDS FOR YOU.

What If Journalist-Operative Mary C Curtis Was Forced To Talk About Something Other Than The "Elephant In The Room" On Race?

The - Mary C Curtis Obama and the Elusive Idea of Race

We all know that (now) anyone who uses slanderous antics against (this) President in order to hit against the occupant of the White House for political gain and ideology obstinance are motivated by feelings of racial hatred for their target.

As we set this clear indictment aside - those of us who are intellectually curious are forced to wonder if there exists another force that stands in the domain of "anti-matter" but which appears to be conjoined with those who's "Racially Based Criticism" is based on hatred.

If we use as our permanent reference the notion that a given political figure represents a body of POLICIES and an IDEOLOGY which, if allowed to gain entrenchment will:

  • Bring Good Tidings To The Friends Of The Politician
  • Cause The Detriment Of The Adversaries Who Don't Like The Politician Or His Policies
Thus, per my line of thinking - it appears rational for us to step away from the politicians and their policies and go to do an INSPECTION of the places where these type of politicians and policies are already entrenched.  In summary - the RACE of the politician is the most irrelevant part of the analysis of the IMPACT where the policies flow unchecked.  These policies must be made to stand on their own.

Indeed this is the case.   I suspect however, that the team upon which Mary C Curtis operates upon along with "Eugene and Earl" - and several other journalists who are presently in "Propagandizing Overtime" mode are averse to doing such an INSPECTION.  They know that if they were to do such an inspection - the would be forced to perform the role that they had been doing just 3 short years ago:  EXPOSING THE 'DAMAGE' of the prevailing policies - thus providing justification as to why those who brought forth the policies WITHIN the domain in question needs to be retired so that a person who is more competent at bringing HOPE in the CHANGE that he had promised would take the lead and guide the grieving masses a bit of satisfaction.

Isn't it ironic that Ms Curtis engaged a White man who had an interracial marriage and children who are products of this act of miscegenation - a Black woman is able to confront her in debate about racial labeling - all of this being done in the "Confederate State" of North Carolina - in a city with a Black mayor.   Yet - the story written by Ms Curtis made use of these dynamics - all for the purpose of claiming that her political enemies were RACISTS - just like Rush Limbaugh and the "Red Shirt Rifle Club" who had run all Blacks out of office just after the Civil War.

But Wait - That's Not My Argument - I Know You Better Than This

I realize that the evidence of "Black Progress" is NOT proof of the "Absence Of Racism".
I heard the Congressional Black Caucus leader Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) say "The CBC is still needed today BECAUSE there is still racial bigotry in this nation".
In this calculus - the PRESENCE of racism is the provocative issue.  As such there is little interest in quantifying this force against ALL FORCES that bear upon Black people - positively and negatively.

You see - there is a FORCE that these elected political officials and their associated machine partners exert upon Black People.  This was sold to us as THE FORCE OF COMMUNITY UPLIFT.

If there was more transparency present within the Black Establishment Press then we would also see more TRANSPARENT inspection as to the measure of how much the prevailing downward push of RACISM
impacts our "community vehicle" as compared to the upward lift of provided by the forces that our Black Establishment Leadership have brokered for us.

The truth is that by NOT assigning an amplitude to these forces - people like Curtis/Robinson/Hutchenson - and the long list of other operatives are able to continue to point out the PRESENCE of RACISM while covertly providing the protection racket of silence in support of the "Forces Of Uplift" that are not providing enough LIFT - despite their domination of our key "uplift" institutions.

This is why the "KKK Snowman In Idaho" - crafted by some anonymous WHITE hands - a lump of snow - is given the POWER per these hands that crafted it to appear on a broad array of (so called) "Black Themed Blogs and opinion columns".

In my line of business I assist companies to gain clarity on their business strategy by discovering their PRIORITIES and helping them to align their actions with these PRIORITIES.

When it comes to embedded operatives who fester in the VOID of transparent management WITHIN the Black community - such a disciplined exercise in management science would be a threat to their agenda.

In the world of "To Be Cool Or Smart" - these educated Black people profit not from the IGNORANCE of their readers but by the complicit hatred that affords them the ability to "Play Dumb" as to what is really going on via their counter-signature.

Not only can you not use "Opinion Polls" to assess the actual condition of the Black can't accept the topic selection of the "enlightened opinion leaders" (like journalists) as being representative of the what is really going on.

This is how the Black vote is NULLIFIED with relation to our Permanent Interests.
This is a 100% political movement in support of their IDEOLOGICAL agenda - using the Black Grievances to trade upon our "Black Consciousness".

With Black Progressive-Fundamentalists And Obama It's Not "Racism" It Is "Racial Fusion Between Progressive Politics, The Black Consciousness & Racial Conspiracy Theories"

My case is justified by my inspection of the "Bev Smith Show" yesterday (in addition to the general pattern that is expressed on "Fight The Power" Black Progressive Talk Radio AND the streaming propaganda that is coming out of the Lampblacked Yellow Journalist Press as election season heats up and they need to reaffirm their control over Black Community thoughts using racial fears).

Again I go back to my analysis of the "Sharpton /West Debate" on the "MSNBC Presents The Black Progressive Agenda - Featuring Ed Shultz" broadcast as my key reference.   This diagram shows how so many Black people are INACCURATE in their analysis of what has transpired.

Caller after caller on "The Bev Smtih Show" got it wrong.  They desired to "keep our dirty laundry in-house" but were LOATHED to see through the facade that this entire presentation was.   If you want to talk about BLACK ISSUES - you don't do so on the biased MSNBC network and you, most certainly, don't ask Ed Schultz to be the moderator.  Both the venue, the host, and the line up of panelists speaks VOLUMES as to what this actually was:  Evidence that THERE IS NO LONGER AN "ORGANIC BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MOVEMENT".  There is ONLY a political movement in which embedded progressive-fundamentalists are USING our grievances as Black people to channel our "equal ballots" through the Democratic Party and every other tentacle of the "Black Establishment" is usurped into this agenda.

For ME - the evidence of a "credible BLACK AGENDA" is shown by its ability to FORCE A STOPPAGE of what has been implemented but which is INJURING US!!!

Yet these inside traders have no motivation to do a transparent inspection of what is really going on IN OUR NAME - because in doing so they would have to do a self-indictment.  In the void of a transparent overlay structure to ensure that our Black Consciousness is never molested in such a manner - they all are free to do as they are doing and claim that by mere MAJORITY CONSENT - they are the purveyors of "The Black Agenda" - their INTENTIONS trump their RESULTS for the benefit of our people.

Black People Would Prefer To Operate A Protection Racket For President Obama As His Success And The Democratic Party Success Means "Black Success"

"When President Obama turns on the radio (Black talk radio shows) HE doesn't need to hear all of this negativism.  People tell of their LOVE FOR OBAMA and then they say 'BUT' and tear him to shreds.   We need to have a 'SUPPORT FOR OBAMA' section in these shows so that everything is not negative" - said one caller on the Bev Smith Show.

(Note:  When you hear "criticism" of Obama from Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers it is important to put it into the proper context.   Cornel West WAS NOT giving ABSOLUTE criticism of Obama.  He was holding up PROGRESSIVE POLICIES as the ideal reference and then criticizing him on his LACK OF FIDELITY in delivering PROGRESSIVE OUTCOMES.  

At no point do you have an ENUMERATION:

  • Black Unemployment is now X
  • Black Academic attainment is now Y
  • Despite having more favorable people in the stack of Institutions - Black Economic standing is Z....
which would cause them to go down a line of thinking which would have them to consider that their STRATEGY is not working because the FOUNDATIONAL ASSUMPTIONS are in error.

They are merely criticizing the TACTICS, not the STRATEGY.  They ultimately seek to fight against their Conservative enemy - even when he is gone.)

The common theme heard among the callers of the "Bev Smith Show" yesterday is that Prof Cornel West violated some vow of protection for President Obama.  If they had their way they would want to avoid having WHITE FOLKS to see that Black people are anything but UNITED in our support for Obama.  That these disagreements should be handled without a recording device going.  Ironically these "back room deals" in smoke filled rooms in the past is how Black people's rights were systematically molested.  Just let an adversarial city council try to violate the "public meetings policies", just as they are suggesting with regards to "the Black Agenda" and THEY would be the same people protesting this action.

The real question is: IS THE BLACK AGENDA TRANSPARENT and thus has nothing to be embarrassed about in a public showing?

The truth is "NO!".
In the modern form it is a biased perspective, having been hijacked by ideologues who care more about fidelity to their ideology - results be damned.  As long as they can retain control over the ability to make indictments - and have them shine outward - all will remain content about their commitment to our cause.

One caller said "Obama is being asked TOO MANY QUESTIONS from Black people".   (WTH?)
"We need to begin to appreciate when 'a brother' has to deal with the hand that he is dealt and help him to get what little he can get for our benefit".
Again - Black people are asked to FUSE our "Racial Development Goals" on the back of President Obama - who just happens to be a Progressive Democrat.  They are loathed to note that this same machine already dominates every single institution where Black people had the final say in who would represent them.  Instead of establishing a check point by which what our community has received in benefit thus far along the road that was constructed by our leaders and their joint-venture partners - the "congregational agreement" is that we will LOOK FORWARD at who is OPPOSING the prevailing ideology that we have fixed upon as a people.

Thus having "President Obama" - a Black man, a Progressive, a Community Organizer - in the office of the President - is an opportunity for the Black Community to receive our desired outcomes by becoming "ground laborers" - supporting the LEADERSHIP that is streaming from the White House.

If there was ever a time to set up a firewall between "The Black Consciousness" and "The American Political Domain" - just as Malcolm X warned us about - THIS IS IT.

Sadly the mindset displayed by these bevy of callers show that, in their desperation - they are willing to fuse these two incompatible domains.

When we take a step back and look at how the present "Lampblacked Yellow Journalists" and their "Black Blogger Understudies" are acting at present (more claims of RACISM - targeted at interesting targets while their benign neglect about INTERNAL issues that are producing "Klan Results" for our people) we can gain an understanding of WHY they are so focused on these targets by first understanding that they see the need to use their CHANNEL - as part of the "Black Establishment tentacles" that they have control over to project the "congregationally agreed upon" message that they have fixed upon - Use The Democratic Party to project the PROGRESSIVE ideology, where its success one day will mean "Black Success".

Again I am not challenging their right to have a given ideology and political preference. I AM challenging their right to USE MY RACE - claiming that they are working in our "racial best interests" but are so unwilling to be transparent in their willingness to report on their real intentions - mostly by standing accountable for the RESULTS.

Simply put - there is NOTHING that Obama could do - there is NO resulting state of injury that can be experienced by the Black community - after having been totally represented by this ideology and machine that is going to cause the Black Establishment to express any contrition and submit to "opening their books".

The Republicans!!!!!!

I love a logically laid out argument.  It bothers me less that someone else has a different world view from me and thus emphasizes some attribute that is different than my own.  What gets me is when this difference is buttressed by some "conspiracy theory" or more importantly a "Violation of the Proportionality Filter" to allow it to remain as a valid argument in the person's mind.

One caller named "Jay" laid out the case that Obama is failing us because he (get this) is "not telling America what the REPUBLICANS are up to!!!".

"The GOP wishes to dismantle Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security - the very programs that have lifted us up in this country".

Here is what I marvel at.
If you look at any actuarial chart on any of these programs.
If you look over to Europe where nations that have advanced such social transfer programs more comprehensively than we have are now on the verge of having to make massive cuts, despite their high taxes already - Or the entire nation will implode fiscally.
 If you look at the present condition in America and how each of them are growing in their portion on the "balance sheet" of all states and/or the federal government - and how it is expected to GROW in the future - I am just floored that a person like"Jay" can take in all of these FACTS and yet see that it is the REPUBLICANS who are the real threat to these programs.

I have learned from the past that you don't "debate" people like Jay.  You instead must make sure that you never allow yourself to be under the political control of him.  Since the numbers don't matter to him, because they would otherwise force him to acknowledge that his previous assumptions may need to be altered - the only thing that one can reasonable do is to ALLOW Jay to have his way - but only within a sandbox where he can't take your sand.

As we consider the tragedy of Detroit, Flint, Camden, Newark and Cleveland - I am made to wonder if Jay has any inferential skills?  In these places - past electoral victories translated into ideological and policy advancement - just as he would have us to implement via President Obama on a national scale - did not prevent the present situation which presently imperils people who live within.

With Jay and other progressive-fundamentalists - if they focus on the ATTACKS on "Programs" or "Workers Unions" they don't need to focus upon the underlying failure to sustain an economy who's "water flow" was necessary to keep the reservoir from which these programs and the public unions tap into -  FULL.

 Indeed both of these elements are attributes of a higher level of societal living.  Government workers are able to provide high level services to the constituents within.  The big 3 entitlement programs enable the elderly, the handicapped and the poor - the ability to live closer to a minimum standard of living that would otherwise be impossible - absent the program.


Yet when it comes to assigning the SOCIETAL RESPONSIBILITY in allowing people to live up to this higher state - per the "American Social Contract" - people like Jay appear to have no qualms in having the government used as the "collection plate enforcer" in the religion of "Social Justice".

As they ask "So you think that the RICH should be allowed to live high on the hog while the poor suffer at their feet?"

Wait, wait - how did you make this logical leap from considering the OFFICIALS who you promoted into power to take care of your interests via the INSTITUTIONS that they now control - over to wealthy people having some special "authority" and thus obligation?

The one construct that appears to be an anathema to people of a certain ideology is "ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT".

If your child is being sent into an academic institution that is support to DEVELOP her, yet as you sample your loved one for evidence of INCREASE and you keep noticing that they are barely treading water in their advancement - do you begin to take a look at the individual and the institution OR do you retain your commitment to the institution, promoting its expansion across more venues?

This is the debate that Jay needs to be brought into.

Jay argued that BARACK OBAMA needs to be made to understand the PLIGHT OF STRUGGLING PEOPLE.
I thought that he was a "Community Organizer" - detailing his grounding?
When various progressive groups - Union officials, Progressive Press agents/bloggers and Civil Rights Operatives were brought into the White House thus far - they were NOT brought there to "Give the President a piece of their mind" in expressing the voice of the people!.

They came to the White House to COORDINATE STRATEGY, taking Obama's VOICE (which is the PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGY VOICE) back INTO the Black community - having us to remain united - not holding HIM and the platform of POLICIES accountable for the LACK OF INCREASE over TIME!!!!

The grounds of the SELLOUT BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY - to our PERMANENT INTERESTS have been laid out.

Then Jay "hurt me" in his closing comments.
He noted that President Obama told of his intention to go after WALL STREET SPECULATORS AND OIL COMPANIES that are driving up the price of oil and gasoline - hurting WORKING CLASS PEOPLE.

He then asked Bev Smith: "Why is it that no one in the news is looking at the timing of Obama's attacks on Wall Street and Oil and Michelle Obama's airplane almost getting into a mid-air collision?  It shows that if you try to cross them THEY'LL TAKE YOU OUT!!  "

(A tear streamed down my mind's eye when I heard this.  Anyone who was attached to Jay's reasoning via his impassioned presentation about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid could not help but be disappointed that he chose to add on this conspiracy)

I notice that talkshow hosts like Bev Smith (and some right wing hosts) are content in allowing their callers to spew such foolishness IF this foolishness ultimately serves as a hit against their common enemy.

Jay gave no consideration of the complex coordinated conspiracy that would have to transpire for Mrs Obama's plane to be made to fly 3 miles behind a large military transport plane instead of the 5 mile distance necessary to avoid the turbulence that it kicks off.   Doing all of this the right time after Obama's Oil Speech.

I could not help but notice that NOT ONE CALLER focused upon:

  • Obama and the bombings in Africa (note: Italy has notified its intentions to join in on the bombing using planes launched from its runways)
  • (Most Certainly) No one mentioned how the printing of DOLLARS is making it weaker.  The Oil Prices - denominated in DOLLARS is this raised in prices - because OIL HAS NOT LOST ITS VALUE as the dollar has.