They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama At War:The Black Progressive-Fundamentalists Reach Back To A Past Struggle With 'Da Man" But Struggle To Reconcile Their Views About 'Da Man' Today Who's Finger Is On The Button

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From "Indictment Of The Past" as a racket for UNITY among the Black Masses who might otherwise lose focus of "what the establishment has 'done for them' and how they should be appreciative".

A "Protection Racket" in support of the Black President at the present time in which we are asked to focus on the 'Efficient PROCESS' for going into war in Africa and how our President is "articulate", having "looked us in the eyes" during his "War Speech" which spanned the gap of our doubtfulness, allowing us to go along BUT with the knowledge that this is more of a "Thinking Man's War" than the one they adamantly opposed.

If Obama comes to the King Center to lay a reef at the tomb of the Mrs and Mr King - those who previously shouted angry attacks at the previous "War President" would be the ones ATTACKING the Anti-War Protesters, telling them that they WILL NOT "disrespect THIS President" and to quiet down as they can't hear him speak with all of the background noise flooding the camcorders that they are holding.

Street Pirate Store Robbers Clearly Don't Have "High Speed Driving Training" In Their Initiation Process

The Corroded End Of The "Civil Rights Struggle"

A few weeks ago author Dr John McWhorter wrote an article announcing the end of Black History Month (as a beneficial institution for our community). As a student of history and an analyst of what makes the Black community tick - I disagreed with him on this point.

Instead of retiring "Black History Month" the real "end of the road" has come to the "Civil Rights Struggle" as a Black community uplift movement.

I have pointed out the gross irony of how the establishment and present enforcement of 'civil rights laws' are allowing "Black people who can" to move out of the "mission accomplished" voting districts - to live next door to their conservative adversary in the suburbs. Today's US Census is validating what I have been observing for nearly a decade.
The best way to
The problem that the Black Establishment forces face is along the line of "when you are an expert hammerer - everything looks like a nail".
What was once a valid "community management" dogma - because the mortar shells that were being fired from external enemies precluded our community's focus on "organic development".

With this strategy they have "MADE THE BALLOTS SUBMITTED BY BLACK PEOPLE 100% EQUAL" - as enforced by the government. The problem that they fail to see is that in the "Mission Accomplished Cities" where this "equal ballot" has elected a monopoly slate of favorable people - these conditions have NOT translated into the delivery of our Permanent Interests in these zones. I must conclude that an "equal ballot" ONLY has the benefit of electing the people that the establishment forces and their joint-venture partners want to see in power. Far too often this has nothing to do with the question of the Black community's permanent interests being obtained.

Enforcing Unity Upon The Fight Against External Ideological Enemies While Looking Past Those Who Are At The Controls Over The 'Mission Accomplished Seats Of Power'

CASE STUDY #1) The Threat Of "Super-White Cities"
Earlier this week there was a lawsuit by the Civil Rights Pharisees in Metro-Atlanta to block the creation of 5 "Super White" cities that were approved over the last 4 years by the Georgia State Legislature I decided to listen in to their arguments in justification of their positions.

  • Sandy Springs GA
  • Dunwoody GA
  • Milton GA
  • Chattahoochee Hills Country GA
  • Johns Creek GA

I have concluded that there are several conversations going on at the same time, depending on the interest group that you speak to (the residents of the new cities versus the elements of the rest of Fulton County who understand the negative impact of this loss of taxes paid directly to the county would mean for them) you will hear a narrative from both sides but you must also "read between the lines".

I do agree that the means by which each side are transacting upon does not capture the real issues at hand.
  • For those who seek to form new cities to keep their tax money more locally so that they get a better return on their money - OF COURSE they have a certain perspective on South Fulton (Black folks).
  • For those who filed the lawsuit to stop these new cities - and thus have the county level tax dollars restored - though race and "racism" in violation of the 14th Amendment is their methodology - I am not sure if they are away of the real issue

Whereas about 18 months ago we heard of a "position paper" that was released from a few political consultants warning of the threat from having a "White mayor" take over the city of Atlanta - we are to assume that only WHITE FOLKS deal in "racial one-ups-manship" in what they do. They warned that only one Black candidate should remain in the race and the rest are causing the "Black vote" to fragment. I realize that me being a Black man I am supposed to give a "wink wink" and "be down with the machine" as it secures the interests of Black people. The only problem is they are doing everything BUT securing our interests.

The Civil Rights Pharisees and the Black Political Establishment assume that the expanded metro-area does not watch their antics on the news and in the papers and thus should not have a particular response in rebuke of these schemes and unsavory results. Better yet - while they are comfortable in going after the WHITE FOLKS who seek to set up a new political boundary between their own interests and the "Mission Accomplished" areas - they are dumbfounded as to how to deal with the BLACK FOLKS who are also moving out - see the US Census.

The first wave of "exiting Blacks" were called "Uncle Toms" - having turned their backs upon "the Black community". With certain suburbs having reached a tipping point of Blacks and thus having become "Black Communities" - the establishment has contented itself to access that as long as they use their "equal ballots" to vote for the Democratic Party - they can make some lemonade out of this situation.

We are NOT going to hear a transparent analysis of this situation. WHY, despite the victories are our people "who can" moving away - choosing to live near their enemies.

Such a discussion would require those who are most likely to form the community town hall meeting to take the witness stand - agreeing to put themselves on trial - possibly resigning their position when they are found guilty of incompetent resource management.

This is a FaceBook print out from the "Fairview Community" in Henry County. This scenario is a reverse of fortune from the "Super White cities" in that Fairview is a "Super Black" but unincorporated area. Wealthy Black residents are frustrated in that the promises that they would have a county library built in their area has gone unaddressed. Each year the funds are put into the budget. Each year the funds are spent elsewhere, typically for a road project somewhere else in the "majority White" county.

There have been rumblings among the Black community of Fairview to incorporate as a city, granting them with taxation authority and keeping their money from being misappropriated by the greater Henry County.

Thus far they have not acted upon this protection of their community interests.

Case Study #2: The Threat To The Black Vote By Being Carded At The Polls

When our forefathers attempted to register to vote - a White man with a shotgun stood on the stairs of the county building to detail the full cost of us doing so.
Fast forward one generation and those who wish to register their own entry into the annals of the Civil Rights Struggle are concerned in that the sons and daughters of those who once held rifles to our face now seek to hold a government issued ID card "up to our face" to confirm that we are indeed who we say once we attempt to vote.

The best way to understand this latest "struggle" against a "threat to Black people" is to understand that this is merely a subset of the protection of the "Equal Black Ballot".

When a "threat" that is identified in which White Racist Tea Party factions threaten to "turn back the clock" and, once again, strip Black people of our right to vote - this has the effect of triggering Black people who would otherwise believe that a new day is upon us ("See - we've got a Black president now") to agree to come back into the civil rights fold.

The battle over government issued IDs has been running in Georgia for more than 10 years. What stuns me the most is that the same people who are good at triggering "Voter Registration Drives" are similarly loathed to orchestrate a "Get Your Photo ID So The Republicans Can't Steal Your Vote Drive".

The reason for this is that the smaller the population of 'victims' (those who don't have a photo id) - the more their position is under cut..

Their goal is to trigger "Ideological Unity" among Black people and their ideological joint-venture partners.

As I said before - the VOTE is intended to put "Favorable People" into power. The "Favorable People" are to implement POLICIES that are popular. The POLICIES are to produce the "Permanent Interests" that Black people desire in our communities. The one thing that the Establishment forces are unwilling to investigate is the question - Once these POLICES are indeed in place are the "Black Community's Permanent Interests" actually delivered upon?

In too many areas the answer is not just "NO". It is "Hell NO!!!". In fact there has been retrogression.

Add to this consideration the question of there being ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT that has been created in these zones and we see that this must not be allowed to continue.


At a time where the Black Community needs "good governance" and "human resource development acumen" we are provided with a group of entrenched and embedded confidence men who KNOW US because they COME FROM US, using this "insider trading" for the benefit of their Joint Venture Partners.

I read various far-left print and web sources. To see them articulate how "The Black Vote" is an important component of THEIR agenda provides the eye opening understanding that I need. When we see these operatives not as "Black Leaders" but as "Operatives seeking advantage for Progressive Ideological Entrenchment - via the Democratic Party" - their actions become easier to understand.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did The Situation In Detroit, Flint, Chicago Or Cleveland Register A Red Light On The "NAACP Legislative Report Card" Dash Board?

Editor's Note:

As I read the accounting of the "NAACP Legislative Report Card" on Hazel Trice-Edney's web site (put aside my observations of the 100% absence of journalistic scrutiny of the NAACP's narrative by Ms Edney) I had several titles for this post that did not make the cut:

  1. "Is The NAACP's "Burlap Sack" Too Full of Rocks To Be Considered A Credible Measure Of Their Representation Of The Black Permanent Interests As They Place Their Sack On The Scale As An Expression Of Their Hard Work On Behalf Of Black People?"
  2. "Is The NAACP's Interests Of Achieving "Colored Peope's Advancement" Though The Democratic Party and President Obama Causing Them To (Further) Compromise Themselves?"
  3. "Has Hazel Trice-Edney Ever Heard Progressive Journalist Robert Fisk Warning To 'Question All Authority' And Thus Apply It To Obama And The NAACP Before Letting Them Spout On Her Blog?"

UPDATE:  If "Partisan Politics" are upsetting to the NAACP - isn't it reasonable for us to go to a "Mission Accomplished City" where there is SINGLE PARTY RULE to determine if the "Black Permanent Interests" are being delivered?   We should then "back check" the NAACP to determine if they made any protestations to both of the factions of the "Fighting Democrats" - as all 3 entities gathered together at the state Democratic convention.   Oh - I forgot - the NAACP is officially a "Non-partisan organization" (for tax purposes).

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Just as I stated before that in the mind of some "colored people" their "Mission Accomplished" was to have "Obama" - himself elected - it is clear that the NAACP seeing the appointment of Supreme Court Justice's Sotomayor and Kagan as an "accomplishment" gives critical guidance as to this once great organization's new character.

You see - as I have told you about ALL "Legislative Report Cards" - they are only a measure of how a given politician votes in reference to what the "grader" believes is the proper position.  For the NAACP and other Black Establishment components there is no force that is PUTTING THEM ON TRIAL.

The best way to assess the credibility of the modern day NAACP and their acumen in calling out what is "in the Best interests of Black people" is to do a walk around the 4 corners of the Black community to see if any they responded to the warning lights that were flashing prior to some of our communities receiving a blown engine.

In as much as there are strong NAACP chapters in Detroit and Cleveland and Chicago and St Louis and several other place where our community's interests are being eroded without the prevailing political powers suffering any backlash - I believe that we can get a better understanding of the true agenda of the NAACP per their willingness to identify the "legislation" that they believed would grow a strong and competent Black Community versus their willingness to both STAND ACCOUNTABLE for the results and CHANGE - if these results do not pan out.

Unfortunately it is the local areas - in which the Black Permanent Interests are molested the most that the NAACP (and other Black Progressive Establishment forces) have shown themselves to be complicit operatives in the political machines of these places.   In as much as the Black Press is a functional component of this machine - they are averse at calling out their co-conspirators.    

Have you ever tried to be a party planner for a black-tie ball in which various factions are angry at each other for having their "toes stepped upon" and thus the table arrangements are made impossible?   This is the challenge that the various elements of the Black Establishment face in their present form. 

It is far easier for them to "back slap" each other, telling the other division how fine of a job that they have done - than it is for each of them to make a dispassionate assessment of the ABSOLUTE RESULTS and seek a new management distribution to achieve better results.

The NAACP Of Today Exists As A Non-Profit Per The Form That They Have Submitted To The IRS Indicating As Such

The coping skill that I have adopted in attempting to understand various "civil rights pharisees" or "LampBlack Yellow Journalist" operations is to accept them as presenting the individual views of a cluster of individuals who think the same.  I will defend their right to collaboratively project their opinions into the public domain. 

As long as they don't attempt to claim some exclusivity or authenticity in the realm of "Blackness" then nothing that they can do will run afoul to my understanding. 

As for the traditional threat of "Don't call us when a 'racist White cop beats you" - a dispassionate view of the statistics will show that I have a greater chance of being assaulted as such by a Street Pirate than I do a "racist" police man.  Better yet - there is a multi-million payout in response to the police action where as the Street Pirate not only won't net me a cent - it will purchase the SILENCE of said organizations.

The great equalizer that will one day break through the "congregational complicity" are indeed the "transparent tools" such as the US Census which is showing how Black people are increasingly giving a vote of no confidence to this type of ideological spin as we increasingly "vote with our feet" and move out of the racially gerrymandered districts who's purpose is to get a "Black Progressive" elected into power more than they have actually advanced the permanent interests of Black people.  Sadly - more of us are having to move away from these districts to obtain these interests. 

Street Pirate Beats The Hell Out Of A Black Woman On MLK Jr Dr - Wins The "Cracker Barrel Award" - There Were No Protests

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

View Larger Map

A proven greater threat to the Black Community than are:

  • Police Officers
  • Radicalized Muslims
  • Racist Tea Party Militia Groups
is the Violent Street Pirate


Despite this fact - the truth of the state of negation that the Street Pirate produces among the Black Establishment puts the women in our community at risk. They know that the "Street Pirate" is merely a "would be pillar of the community" that has been allowed to morph into an attacker of his own community. They also know that their ventures out of the community - focusing on stopping "Super-White cities" from being formed has created the conditions of "benign neglect" that allowed these "pillars" to create peer groups that lack adult supervision.

IF the Black Establishment leaders were to treat the violent Street Pirate as they did the "Cracker Barrel Black Woman Beater" - they would risk acting against a Black male - just as they recall the CCC "back in the day". This the time period in which THEY got their "street cred" as "Black Leadership".

They function better at having other people "show respect" for the monuments named after Dr King or some other "favorable person". This was the case with the "snow make up day" on King's birth day, their 'offense' at the planned use of a "Dr Martin Luther King Jr Park" as a dog park and so many other displays. When it comes to having a "would be pillar of the Black community who has gone astray" to show respect - NOT JUST FOR - Dr King but for HUMAN LIFE - greater than the failure to enforce Dr King's image is the failure to field and enforce a FUNCTIONAL CULTURE for our entire community.

To be clear - The Black Establishment did not prompt this wayward teen to attack this Black woman. He did this on his own volition.
The pattern and frequency of these attacks within our community must be appraised on two points:
  1. The frequency of these attacks upon our people which shows the failure to instill discipline and respect within those who are doing the attacking rather than protecting their community
  2. The RESPONSE of the "Community Organizers" in this case compared with the incidents that prompt them to take to the streets
Where as there was an impassioned response to the "Cracker Barrel Beating" (and the White Street Pirate who did it) there has literally been NOTHING shown in response to this Black woman who 'got the hell beat out of her' by a Black Street Pirate.

The real reason for the disparate responses is due to the underlying message associated with both:
  • When a White man beats the hell out of a Black woman - this provides these forces the ability to link yesterday's conditions for Black Americans with TODAY'S political activism upon which their power to make an INDICTMENT as the source of their "Moral Authority" for standing
  • When a Black man beasts the hell out of a White woman - they take a defensive posture - making sure that no classical "lynch mob" is formed (by the police) - stretching out wide dragnet which has hundreds of Black males to "spread eagle" on a wall to have their pockets search
  • When a White man beats the hell out of a White woman - this is noted as evidence of their innate brutality and they note how the news media doesn't attempt to project the actions of this "one White man" upon all other Whites - assigning them the label of "violent tendencies"
  • When a Black man beats the hell out of a Black woman - however - this represents "engine vapor lock" for those who project their "moral authority" into the public square based upon outward INDICTMENT and inward PROTECTIONISM

Instead of protests outside of the Atlanta Police Department headquarters in which they demand that the street pirate who "beat the hell out of the Black woman on MLK Jr Dr" to be caught 'by any means necessary' we are more likely to see a "Teen Summit" announced. This will provide them a "check list item" to later ask critics "What have YOU done to help the Black community?".

The problem is that few people dare to ask of these post-assault summits "Are they working?" .
  • Are they comprehensive enough to exact change?
  • Are their messages enduring enough for this change to stick?
  • Is attendance compulsory? Or - as with Sunday church service - the people who NEED to be there the most so they might receive 'salvation' are not present and the "air conditioning" doesn't flow beyond the church edifice?
The Cultural Consciousness Of Diversity & Permissiveness Provided The Street Pirate With His Most Effective Weapon - His Fist And The Mental Consciousness To How To Aim It

Last week I noted how a professor who was commenting on the conditions of "Black marriage" extenuated the "diversity" in the forms that they presently take and the tolerance of Black people that support these changes. I keyed on how he avoided mention of the negative attributes of this permissiveness. (NO - I am not trying to link the street pirate attack to marriage).

When given the choice the tendency is to ask the prevailing culture to "accept" the consciousness or actions without judgement (ie: pants on the ground or thuggism in the NBA) or in holding the line in reference to some high standard and imagery - the former is the defacto course of action. The greater society is asked to change while the collection of "society's victims" are left outside any comprehensive honing process into the prevailing culture.

What we are seeing is evidence of "the end of the road" for external chasing as the meme of our "community struggle". Despite the bevy of laws present to punish untoward acts against us - the base of passion in the Black community remains in this space. Today, however, the balance of unchecked assaults upon us are projected from within. The confinements mentioned above prevent an equal response regardless of the assailant.

What works to stimulate the feelings of moral superiority (the indictment) also serves as the impetus which foments the "benign neglect" within our community. The actions of an outsider are promoted as worse than the inaction or dysfunction that is projected by the actions of an insider as our next generation receive their consciousness about the world.

The American Intervention In Libya Validates My Previous Observations Of Black Progressive Factionalism

I previously noted that within the Black Progressive powerbase (the monopoly majority power within the Black community) there are two factions:

  • The Bound/Machine Elements that leverage the Democratic Party and "Joint-Venture Partnerships" to achieve their ends
  • The Unbound/"Anti-America Americans" Forces 

They both came together to assist President Obama get elected.  
Now that he is fully entrenched in the role of "Commander In Chief" Of The US Military - their distinction is more evident.

The Black Machine Elements
Mission #1 - Get Barack Obama reelected in 2012, take back the US House, retain the US Senate.  Protect their base of local Democratic Progressives in state and municipal seats of power.

They are the voice of President Obama and the Black Establishment into the Black community.  They critics Obama ONLY when he strays from the progressive path.  To be clear - there is no criticism of the ABSOLUTE progress that should have been made by our community per the evident power that these forces have amassed both directly and through their "joint-venture partnerships".   When you ARE the ones who would have to do this inspection and thus would be functionally 'INSPECTING YOURSELVES' as to your own effectiveness - the force of "congregational complicity" takes over and all such inquires are spiked.  

Yesterday I listened to radio host Gayle King state that President Obama convinced her that the war was just based in part to the fact that "he stared right into the camera this time" and "she thought that he was talking right to her as a consequence.  I was made to ask how she would have appraised the CONTENT of the speech had she listened to it on a radio, thwarted from being able to peer into "Obama's dreamy eyes"? She noted that she was wearing "yellow" last night as she watched the speech so this was serious.

When I notice that my various critics avoid reversing my arguments but instead tell me about my writing style - wordy, improper sentence construction and misspellings I call this "Giving me an ENGLISH LESSON" in that they can't evade the CONTENT.   With Gayle King she gave President Obama an "English Lesson" but in this case used the accouterments of the presentation of the speech as COVER for the support for THIS President that she would have given anyway.    The fact that the next two female callers echoed King's notation of Obama's presentation while deemphasizing the questions of WAR leads me into my notation of the key distinguishing feature of this particular faction.

For them it is the PROCESS that Obama has followed which affords them the ability to get past their previous opposition to:
  • War casualties suffered by "the enemy"
  • American sent to war from lower socioeconomic classes
  • The endless budget for war while progressive social programs are cut
It all shows that the most principled progressive position can be compromised by a TRANSACTIONAL will to defend a "favorable person" in office.   The "lesser of two evils" doctrine has them rationalizing that had John McCain won - he TOO would have gone to war - but the coalition would not have been as quality as is Obama's.

The Unbound Black "Anti-America Americans"
As I listened to the Gayle King Show on WAOK yesterday I was surprised to hear a call from "Jahad" (note: I am not sure if this is the correct spelling of his name but it sounds only slightly different than the common Muslim reference).

Jahad is a fixture on the locally produced talkshows on WAOK.  It appears that Ms King's position in support of this war on a sovereign African nation motivated him to make a call up to New York to challenge Ms King.

In this present situation I am forced to applaud the CONSISTENCY shown by the "Unbound Black 'Anti-America Americans' ".   

I suspect that when Obama was elected they took the position that "The Beast" had put a "Brother" into the seat of power and they took some delight in having temporarily defeated their White Right-Wing Conservative Republican adversaries.   They have defended Obama in balance as he waged war against conservative positions (health care reform, undoing 'No Child Left Behind', changing the US Justice Department to focus "back" on Civil Rights - as THEY define civil rights to be).  In short they did not have a renewed hope for America.  They wanted Barack Obama to fight against "America of Ole", applying the "fundamental changes" that Michelle Obama had spoke of.   "White Supremacy" being regulated was their main calling.

As President Obama settled into his position as "Commander In Chief" - continuing American "wars of imperialist aggression" they began to turn on him as having become merely the same ole operator at the controls with merely a darker hue.  He has not cut the defense budget as they wanted.  He has not pursued a course of "Reparations for American Chattel Slavery".  

Jahad's call to Gayle King was important because it stripped away her initial intent to add "interior decorating" to Obama's military action and instead asked her to cut to the chase:
  • Show me the "mass graves" that the Gaddafhi government have filled up - now that the rebels have taken back over the cities where this slaughter was supposed to have occurred just a few short weeks ago
  • So you are arguing that the USA should violate the sovereignty of a nation because its formally recognized government has chosen to put down an ARMED insurrection?  
(there were a few other points that I don't remember but......)
Gayle King was pushed back onto her heels by this caller who was not to be compromised.
He was not interested in discussing the fact that Obama wore a "power tie" in his speech the night prior.  He wanted to focus on the dispassionate facts at hand which should not be covered over by their complicit will to go along with THIS president.

I must also note that one other Black female caller voiced opposition based on the $660 million that has been spent already by the USA.  At a time of great economic hardship - we need to take care of the people at home first.  Not go halfway around the world to squander more money out of our treasury through the military.  She suggested that the European and African nations who have concerns about Gaddafhi - PAY for it themselves. 

Later on in the afternoon the "Fight The Power Show" ("Too Much Truth" on WAOK) had a cadre of callers that had an unmistakable balance of Black Muslim Nationalism included within them.  This is not a slight but only an observation on my part.

Several people told of the news that the government of Libya gives everyone $1000 from the proceeds of their oil sales.  Education is free.  Health Care is free.  They are the second wealthiest nation in the region.   "How can a nation that doesn't want to give Black people health care choose to destroy such a system?"

They took the sentiments of Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party and his "viral video" from YouTube but presented them in a more palatable manner. 
One caller made a statement that I had planned to make into a title for a blog entry but I'll just use it here:

"President Obama showed last night that he is an articulate Black man and I was proud of that.  However, his actions show the power of White Supremacy in that they have educated a Black man to assume their role".  (Then I was going to Photoshop his words saying) "..........................But I am still going to vote for him for President next year"

".......................But I Am Still Going To Vote For Him For President Next Year"

The power of the Black Establishment in its present form is that the embedded confidence men know how WE think, completely.  
They realize that the internal skirmishes among factions can be healed once a LARGER ENEMY is projected and then each factional leader is obliged to get his troops in line and thus "Ideological Unity" is restored.

This is the case in Newark as seen in "Brick City", where the "Bloods and the Crips" - both in the streets and in the city government all converge in support for Obama when he comes for a visit. 

In the large scope - once the 2012 elections roll around even the most staunch "Unbound Anti-America American" will agree that while Obama "works on behalf of the White man" (their words not mine) - he is better than having an ACTUAL White man in the oval office.

The Transactional Focus That Undercuts Black Community Advancement

I have already discussed how those without a "True North" can be compelled to go against what they stood for just a few short years ago IF the appropriate person asked them to do so.  

A greater problem than this transactionalism is the fact that there appears to be no consciousness about the need to establish and enforce a broader set of standards that make for the improvement in positioning in the long run.

For example the same people who support the invasion of a sovereign African nation today are loathed to think that they were complicit in the PRECEDENCE that might one day be used bomb a rebuilt Haiti or Liberia or Zimbabwe.

So few are the messages about Libya which says that had we supplied them with resources instead of bombs - we would make them our friends.  These are words used to indict their adversaries - not to compel their "favorable people in power" to do better.

"Back In The Day" When Jack White Started In Journalism There Were No Bloggers To Scrutinize His Antics - Sarah Palin & Libya?

This is not a picture of Jack White. It is the picture of Ronald Reagan that popped up when I did a Google Image search on "Jack White Time Magazine".

The man who gave us the "Reagan when to Philadelphia Mississippi - 16 years after the murder of the 3 Civil Rights Workers as a symbolic slap at Black people" is at it again. While we did not hear him say anything in 2008 about "Obama going to Philadelphia PA to give speeches - twice - and did not say anything about the more than 150 Black males MURDERED in the City of Brotherly Love" - he has learned how important "Bait and Switch" emotionalism is to his loyal fan base - and "The".

I have little doubt that Mr White - tired and retired from Time Magazine - told us back in 2008 that Sarah Palin just recently obtained her US Passport - thus never having set foot outside of this nation - except for a trek through Canada in order to move from the mainland USA up to her moose nest in Alaska.

Today, however, Sarah Palin proves to be a worthy negative reference for Mr White (and others) to pull out the stick that they plan to beat the piƱata they have crafted in her effigy.

The tactic is simply folks.
Jack White knows what you think of Palin, the Tea Party and other Conservative Republicans. His GOAL is to defend President Obama and all things Progressive.

The thought of Barack Obama - a man who was so staunchly opposed or critical about other "Imperialist" military actions in the greater Middle East in the past is now initiating his own actions which will soon lead to new munitions contracts with Raytheon, Lockheed, and Northrop Grumman Electronics Systems - is secretly problematic for Mr White and others who must "sell" Obama's actions to his loyal base.

I have little doubt that Mr White has a chalkboard akin to those used by Glenn Beck in which he asked "What do Black Progressives hate more than the thought of President Obama using American weapons to create 'collateral damage' - on the MOTHERLAND - no less"? What a tall order.


Jack White (and other operatives) are no different than the bigoted comedian Bill Maher. Sahara Palin is "fair game" in that she is a public figure and puts herself out there as such.

It is when these operatives KNOW THEIR CROWD and make use of "chum, dangled from a string" in order to effect the crowd using the old and tired "hand trick" where they should be scrutinized.

The sentiments of the laughter from sarcastic mockery OR hatred & bigotry dressed up like protective resolve are the entre that White and Maher use to do the quick "switcheroo" on their loyal fan base.

The reason why Jack White spent the first several paragraphs of an article written about the US MILITARY ACTION ON THE SOVEREIGN NATION OF LIBYA talking about Sarah Palin and the critics of President Obama's handling of Libya - is because Jack White KNOWS that he can't reconcile these imperialist actions by the United States against his ORGANIC leftwing-progressive sentiments and thus he needs an opening act to achieve his goal of defending Obama.

We received a foreshadowing of this phenomenon a few years ago when 3 Somalian Sea Pirates where shot in the forehead by American Navy Seals (to save a White ship's captain). The story of these dead Africans was cheered by the "Attached Progressives" (attached to Obama and the Democratic Machine). The same people who were in agreement with Rachel Maddow that all bullet should be imprinted with bar codes to assist in tracking who purchased them - showed that positioning Obama as a "STRONG American President - willing to draw his guns when necessary" was the way that someone can get to their hearts using the surgical violence that is put projected by the US Military.

Let's be clear - many of you assumed that in their expressions against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that they were "Peaceniks" and students of HISTORY - able to quote all of the "Economic and Military Hitmen" operations that the American Beast is guilty of. We see that this is not the case. "Standing by their man" (or opposing the opposition's "man") is the foundation of their agenda.

Jack White has chosen to ABSTRACT the questions of:
  • Multi-Billion dollar US Military interventions at a time when Republican Governors are slashing budgets for the poor and labor
  • The deaths of individuals in other nations at the hands of US military authorities as an expression of how they later come home and kill minorities after they leave the military and become policemen in urban areas, making use of their tactical training
  • "With missiles in the inventory and procurement systems for their replacement in place - America is more prone to use them in order to keep the supply chain operatives appeased"
These type of "progressive stretch conspiracies" are not heard in Jack White's piece.
THIS TIME his goal is not to "take down the Commander In Chief" that has initiated war in support of "American Interests" that are selective and suspect.

Knowing these constraints prior to putting one word into Microsoft Word - he had to go to the chalkboard in order to figure out the forces that his followers disliked more than "American-lead wars in melanated nations".

The results of his thoughtful plotting are found here: The Jack White: Obama Takes A Moral Stand On Libya

I am still waiting for a Progressive conscious to REJECT the attempts to appraise Obama on the "process efficiency" he has exacted in his quick response into war and instead return to their core aversion to wars of imperialist intervention.

I assure you Mr White - Sarah Palin has never been to Libya or any other African nation.
She is only a prop that can be used back here at home among certain interest groups.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Sympathies To The Providence Missionary Baptist Church On The Loss Of Their Assistant Pastor

Another positive leader in the Black community snatched away from us due to material greed and senseless violence & murder.

I have never heard of Rev Derek Moses before.  I only know Providence Missionary Baptist Church because of its senior pastor Rev Durley.

I have been to the church several times to attend various community related events.

If the church community is crediting the late Rev Moses as a "good man" then I accept their reference.

Whomever killed him apparently did not know what they had snatched away from the community.

From The AJC Article:
An associate pastor of a southwest Atlanta church was remembered the day after he was found slain as a man who left an indelible mark on his community.

Derek Moses, 56, was found shot to death inside his Cascade Road office Monday morning, Atlanta police said.

A coworker discovered Moses' body shortly before 10 a.m., said Officer Kim Jones with Atlanta police. Moses' body was identified by the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office.

Moses' BMW was missing from the home, but was later found on Montreat Avenue, Jones said.

Investigators had not yet identified a motive or suspect, police said on Tuesday.

"We really don't have a whole lot to go on," Sgt. Curtis Davenport said. "Our complex case squad is looking into this one."

Moses owned an accounting business based at the Cascade Road address, according to the company's website. He attended Fisk University and Columbia University before starting the business in 1999.

Moses was also an associate pastor at Providence Missionary Baptist Church in southwest Atlanta, where he had been a member for several years.

Moses "always wanted to be in the business world," Senior Pastor Gerald Durley told the AJC. "He did a tremendous amount, working with many ministers here in the area, many people whose homes are going into foreclosure, helping them with their financial background."

Durley said that about 10 years ago, Moses "felt that there was a calling upon his life to not only help people financially, but to encourage them spiritually, so he went to Emory to seminary, and began to combine the skill of managing money with that of spiritual encouragement."

Durley said Moses was supposed to read scripture in church on Sunday, but never arrived. "When he didn't come in, I said, he's probably putting someone's taxes in the mail."

Durley said Moses, whose funeral will likely be held Saturday at the church, lived on a lake in the Camp Creek Road area, enjoying fishing and golfing.

The Rev. Kathi Chavous, assistant pastor at Providence, called Moses "a quiet force' who was "greatly respected. He was not a man of a lot of words, but when he did speak, he had something to say."

Chavous said Moses' presence was felt not just in his southwest Atlanta community, but citywide, as he led classes on money management.

"I don't know that there's a clergy person in this city that does not know him, at least in the African-American community," she said.

Despite that popularity, "when he dealt with you, it was as if you were his only customer," Chavous said. "You were the focus when he was helping you do your taxes, or finance a home."

"This has left a tremendous hole in the resources in this community," she said. "Everybody is still reeling from the shock, trying to figure out why, who would this and for what reason."

Minster Farrakhan - March 2010 - "We Must Protect Our Brother Obama And His Family"

I Must Reject Your Analysis Of  President Obama

I do agree that Michelle Obama and their children should be off limits in political discourse.

Unfortunately the very same people who called it "RACIST" when the White folks of Alabama and Mississippi voted to the tune of 89% and 91% for their "brother" John McCain - they were called RACISTS!   In several debates over the continued relevance of Voting Rights Act - these two states lack of support for Obama was used as evidence of a "racist threat" in voting.

What you are doing, Minster Farrakhan is to FUSE the question of the "Interests of the Black Community" with the "American Political Domain".   In my assessment the greater evidence of RACISM that goes beyond "racist White people" working hard to make Obama a one term president is the systematic harm that is done to our community's permanent interests by the individuals who OUR COMMUNITY has promoted into power.  As they pursue your "racial protectionalism" of these local people who sit in these key institutional seats - just as you suggest that all "conscious Black people" do in protection of Obama - you inadvertently retain these entrenched forces while abstracting them from any accountability.

Mr Farrakhan - fast forward one year in your "Saviors Day 2011" and out of your mouth came the claim that DESPITE all of these Black people in power (I say Progressives - regardless of their race) - the Black community has not made much absolute forward advancement.   I question why you don't RECONCILE this observation from 2011 with the protection racket that you have articulated in March 2010 (see above) as you sat around a table full of Progressive-Fundamentalists who clapped in support of your plan - escaping any accountability that they should share with our present condition after their take-over.


I am not asking that you "write Obama off".
I am only asking that you cease from fusing the ultimate interests of the Black Community with - what will ultimately benefit - the MACHINE that ALREADY has control over our community.

I have assessed you as a "Non-White White Supremacist".   Again - this is the dispassionate conclusion that I am forced to come to.  This "Obama Protection Racket" is a perfect example to substantiate this.

We as Black people, having struggled to put "favorable people" into power and still having fallen short of the promises - are asked to focus on countering the "White Right-wing RACISTS" as they insult and assault Obama.  

With all due respect - Minister Farrakhan - Who should I fire after they attracted our VOTE with the promises of different outcomes?  Yet today they and you are attempting to get me to STRUGGLE SOME MORE.   I am asked to play this defense rather than recognizing the OFFENSE that has been rooted within our community.  The benign neglect that these institutions have suffered from the inattention based on the external war - has allowed these conditions to perpetuate.

WE MUST treat President Obama as "President of the United States" and "Commander In Chief".
HE might be a member of the Black community.
His OFFICE must be understood to be EXTERNAL to the "Black Community".

Those embedded confidence men who seek to "make Black people HAPPY" once again in 2012 seek to make such a fusion of these two domains.

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Series: When Local Favorable Democrats Do Things That "Republican Governors" Are Attacked For, Yet There Is Complicit Silence Among The Labor Justice People

Exhibit A:   Dekalb County Georgia Terminates 82 New Fire Department Recruits In An Effort To Balance Their Budget - Just As "Republican Governors" Have Done

(Subtitle:  "There Will Be No Protests")

I read over the week end that 'Democratic Party Progressive Preacher' Rev Al Sharpton plans to do a bus tour around the state of Wisconsin in order to protest the actions of the "Republican Governor" of WI and to do a voter registration drive.

The all Democratic Dekalb County Board can rest comfortably as neither Sharpton or Jackson will show up on their marble steps with picket signs, seeking their eventual ouster.

From the AJC Article:

Eliminating the recruits will help preserve jobs for about 810 existing firefighters/paramedics in DeKalb, Fire Chief Eddie O’Brien said.

Last month, the county commission rejected a tax increase and cut $33.6 million from the budget, including about $7 million from the fire department.

Despite the cuts, residents should still see the same number of firefighters responding to house fires. However, starting this summer the county will no longer staff ambulances to transport patients to hospitals.

“We will still have the same number of firefighters out there,” O’Brien said.

The recruit cuts are also designed to facilitate outsourcing of EMS transports, O’Brien said. The county currently operates 16 ambulances and a private vendor, Rural/Metro, runs 15 ambulances in the county. The county plans to completely privatize ambulance transports starting this summer.

“It’s changing our whole service model,” said O’Brien, a 25-year veteran who was named chief two weeks ago. “It’s huge. We’ve never known DeKalb County to not transport patients.”

Employees staffing the ambulances, who are already trained in fire response, will now handle fire duties.

The chief said he is still finalizing the numbers, but anticipates that cutting the recruits and not filling about a dozen vacancies will help meet the $7 million cut.

About 25 of the 82 recruits were scheduled to finish their training and hit the streets in about three weeks.

On Monday, Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran distributed applications to the DeKalb recruits. Atlanta Fire has 110 vacancies it is trying to fill, Atlanta Fire Capt. Jolyon Bundrige said.

Civil Rights Pharisees In Georgia Claim New "Super-White Majority" Cities Violate Their 14th Amendment Rights

( Please file this post under the series:  "I Am Getting Radicalized Against The Black Progressive Establishment As I Listen To Their Antics")

What triggered me to have a cathartic "LOL" a few minutes ago as I watched the news? (After I sat back and thought about it though  - a tear formed in my "community consciousness eye")

Georgia Legislative Black Lawsuit File A Lawsuit Claiming That The New Cities In Fulton County Violate Their 14th Amendment Right (Read Between The Lines - To Have Taxes Redistributed At The County Level )

My personal coping tactic is to see them not as "Struggling for the advance of the Black community" but as mere ideologues and Democrats who are strategically working for their own advantage with the hopes that their "flock" (note: This is the word used by Rev CT Vivian - not me) will one day come to the realization that they are not "progressing" despite the label that claims as such.

The Area Under Debate

The "Black Overlay Map"
According to the NY Times Demographic Map - The highlighted area of Dunwoody GA is only 2% Black.
Do you see all of the "dark blue" areas on the map?  THIS is the province of "The Black Progressive Establishment".
What is so POWERFUL that is contained in these 4 cities that cause such a THREAT to those who have filed the lawsuit?

Civil rights leader the Rev. Joseph Lowery is among the plaintiffs, who claim
 the state circumvented the typical legislative process in creating
“super-majority white neighborhoods.”
From The Article:
The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus has filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia in an effort to nullify the city charters of Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Milton and Chattahoochee Hills.
Further, the group of lawmakers aims to prevent the creation of Milton County.

The lawsuit, which includes civil rights leader Rev. Joseph Lowery as a plaintiff, claims the state circumvented the typical legislative process in creating “super-majority white neighborhoods.” The result, it states, is a diluted minority vote in those areas.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court Monday, claims the state violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments.

“We think we have a case that deals with the fundamental issue of whether the Voting Rights Acts of 1965 will still have meaning in the 21st Century,” said attorney Rodney Strong.

The Office of the Attorney General of Georgia declined comment pending further review of the case.

It Is Time To Rule Section 5 Of The Voting Rights UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

The claim is that there is a need for "Minority Representation" in these Metro-Atlanta cities in question.

In truth is that we need to look into the "Mission Accomplished" areas AND the related political rhetoric that is spoken by the "Fight The Power" forces in order to obtain a proper understanding of why the areas where the "Mission Accomplished" signs are planted in cement as a sign of their entrenchment are failing to address the expectations and "permanent interests" of "the Least Of These".

Don't be fooled people.  This is not about "Minority Voter Representation".  This is about the "threat" to the flow of tax money to the Fulton County Government for REDISTRIBUTION into the areas where the Civil Rights Pharisees are the entrenched powers.

When we cross reference this "struggle" for "Minority Representation" with the streams of reports of the migration patterns for Black people per the recent US Census - the PAINFUL TRUTH is let out of the bag:  Black people "who can" are migrating OUT of the districts - leaving the "favorable elected officials" which the "racially gerrymandered districts" have granted them.  In increasing occasions they are using the benefit of civil rights law enforcement to move right next door to their conservative White ideological adversaries.

It is quite ironic to me to hear the very same "leaders" telling the masses in Atlanta the importance of retaining "Black control" over the Atlanta's mayor's office and then claiming RACISM when White folks in former unincorporated parts of Fulton County seek to form their own cities.

The Hijacking Of The Once Legitimate "Civil Rights Struggle"

  1. Any Black person living in Sandy Springs can move to any house they can afford without regard to their race
  2. Any Black person living in Dunwoody (and many do) can send their children to any school in the community
  3. Blacks living in the city of "Chattahoochee Hill Country" in the rural south of Fulton County has more fear that a rabid fox will attack their pet than they do that a Klansman will exact his ignorance upon them because of their race.

THIS is the modern state of the "Civil Rights Movement" per its present molestation by the Civil Rights Pharisees.

I assure you that many Black people in the core of Fulton County will be convinced to support these leaders because the MOTION of their feet appears to show "Progression".   In truth - if they more dispassionately appraised the situation - they would see that these forces that have a vice-grip of control over the places where they live have failed to develop sufficient ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY within these places and thus they are forced to defend against the building of a political boundary that would upset the redistribution of tax money at the county level.

It is strange to me that they cry RACISM in regards to the Black voter representation in these "Super White Cities".
Why isn't anyone crying RACISM in that many of the very same "slashing attacks" that Black people suffered when adversaries were in power are still being suffered against our "permanent interests" now that "favorable people" are now in power in these places.

The Worst Of Times, The Best Of Times For Cop Killers In The State Of Georgia

Recent Or Infamous "Cop Killers" In Georgia

The Law Enforcement Officers That Were Murdered By Them

As the news cameras depart the murder scene and shift over to the court case - the blatant brutality and disregard for the man/woman who wore the badge as a mere HUMAN BEING is lost by some as the pursue their brand of JUSTICE for the (accused) KILLER.   These men were fathers, husbands, mentors and co-workers to those around who shared the same space in their lives - while they were living.

Far too often as the trial is conducted various schemes are used to "expand the police tape around the crime scene" beyond the question of the basic guilt of the killer - stretching outward with the hopes that some alternative narrative might stick.

For the case of Jamie Hood - the recent killer of Officer Buddy Christian - he will be tried at a time when the region is still grieving the heinous murder of another officer - State Trooper Chadwick LeCroy.

There is hope for convicted murderer Troy Davis.  Despite the setback dealt to him by the US Supreme Court that rejected his appeal - it seems that the state of Georgia will not be performing any "Secondary Executions" any time soon.   Thanks to the notification of a death row inmate that the state of Georgia had "illegally" acquired a drug from the three used to render justice upon the convicted killers - the US Justice Department has lead a raid on the Georgia Department of Corrections and seized the drug - sodium thiopental - per the violation of the "controlled substances act".

Is There One Black Male Progressive-Fundamentalist Journalist Who Will Break Out Of The Box?

On the same day that I learned that New York Times' columnist Bob Herbert is departing the paper, apparently to work for a progressive organization that will focus on urban poverty issues - I watched an hour-long interview with his former colleague at the Times - Charles Blow.

I have no doubt that both of these men are articulate and educated men.  (Notice the absence of the racial qualifier.).  I have no doubt that they make heavy use of the statistical references that a newspaper like the NY Times provides them.  They use this information to grasp the picture of desperation among many Blacks and other "Least of These" communities.

My problem with them is that they extract a PICTURE of our economic/academic/public safety/health status but almost unerringly make an assessment that is more true to their IDEOLOGICAL bindings.   In doing so they toss aside the tremendous success that Progressive policies and politics have had in forging power over the communities for which they speak and advocate for.

The Indictment Of Policies Which Tend To Have The People Reside In The Bed That They Have Made Rather Than Purchase New Linen 

No it is not true that I have a target affixed upon the portrait of every Black male journalist at a mainstream news outlet (or The Huffington Post) as some might surmise.

Instead I see that if one closes their eyes and works to define the TEMPLATE that is present in each of their viewpoints individually - they would soon discover that they all are working off of the same sheet of music ideologically (in the intersection between politics and the Black community's interests).

  • Bob Herbert
  • Charles Blow
  • Eugene Robinson
  • Earl Ofari Hutchenson
  • DeWayne Wickham
  • Derrick Z Jackson
  • Sylvester Brown Jr
  • Stanley Crouch
  • Leonard Pitts
  • Colbert King
  • Jack White
  • Roland Martin
  • Ron Daniels
  • Columnist Jesse Jackson
  • Columnist Al Sharpton
ALL OF THEM voice the Black Establishment, "Democratic-Party joint-venture" perspective on the world.

If and when in the "Mission Accomplished Cities" there remains gross poverty, failed public schools and a swarm of violence which functions as a conveyor belt into the Prison Industrial Complex - NONE OF THESE voices will dare to take a look at the entrenched system which is affixed in these places and deem that this system and the people affiliated with it must go.  "Too many Black people have died.  Too much classroom instruction has been taken away from the Negro for this to stand!  Too many productive hours for our economic uplift have been stolen away".      You will not hear this about the "Mission Accomplished Cities".  This rhetoric is reserved for the Post-Confederate South.  Eugene Robinson is particularly adept at detailing the fundamentalist political system in the South that is harming Black people, calling for its ouster.  He seems rather loathed to do the very same thing for the political machines in the urban islands that are today producing the same consequential results for Black people.

In reading their analysis of the after-effects of these plots of land where squandered opportunity meets up with the need to perform some massive introspection of the compass readings which they have been relaying to the masses - they all seem loathed to make note of and call for the removal of the the "Progressive magnet" who's electromagnetic induction has hijacked our "due North" as a community.

The conditions of malaise within these "Lease Of These" communities are a result of America's unfinished reforms.   Instead of them making a sober assessment of how much the policies that they have transacted upon in the past interval of time (the last election cycle) have worked for the absolute benefit of Black people (creating ORGANIC increase) they retain focus upon the forward looking TRANSACTIONAL engagement that we face as a community.  In the present case - the need to beat back the rise of the "Tea Party Militia" and thus the rise of "White Supremacy".   Strangely enough "White Supremacy" seems to only show its face in conservatism and the Republican party.

The Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Journalist IS An Entrenched Part Of The Black Progressive Establishment

In the C-SPAN "Q&A" interview with Charles Blow, host Brian Lamb didn't need to directly ask Mr Blow about his own ideological leanings and political loyalties.  They are all intrinsic to his writings. 

Mr Lamb chose to queue up "Fox News" and "Glenn Beck" for inspection, which Mr Blow quickly swatted down.  Why didn't Mr Lamb, forgo the obvious and predictable and ask Mr Blow about the forces that he supports and their apparent inability to translate the power that they have into a more enduring and comprehensive fix for the groups that he advocates for with his computer keyboard and fancy graphs?

I hope to see some brave journalist use their weekly space to do a dispassionate review on the PROMISE that was sold to the "Least Of These" communities per the rise in power of the movement which I speak of over the past 50 years, its crowning achievement being the election of Barack Obama and the massive amount of unkempt promises that are left scattered throughout the landscape.  

Fox News does not run any urban school complex within with our young people are being channeled off target.  Yet the passions appear to be placed with fending off the "threat" from Fox News than in using the powerful voice that the clearing in racial hostilities which have allowed these men to be featured prominently in various mainstream press outlets to compel the adults in these places to focus on the mission at hand.

I am still seeking out the one Black Male Progressive-Fundamentalist (and enlightened) Journalist who will treat the people in the seats of power over the institutions that are failing our people just as they did when "our enemies" sat in these same seats.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Minster Farrakhan You Must Decide If Obama Is The Full President Of The United States' War Machine Or An Inferior Puppet To YOUR Enemies

"Should Black People Keep Our "Dirty Laundry" In Close Quarters When It Comes To Our Views Of How The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Has Delivered Upon Our Interests For Our Community?"

Please set your mind back to 8 years ago, back when most Black people believed that this (racist) nation would never elect a Black man as President. With your mind set to this point in time - ask yourself if you can imagine a scenario in which this question could even be debated among Black people.

THIS IS THE PROBLEM PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am NOT a "Spook Who Sat At The Door", monitoring the Nation of Islam with the hopes of up-ending them. I am not a member of the FBI, running a reincarnated "COINTELPRO" (and thus working per the orders of AG Eric Holder and President Obama).

I read their materials and purchase various Farrakhan recordings because I strongly agree with him where we agree and I strongly disagree with him where we are at odds. I do actual research in order to understand a source of opinions so that I can base my views on their own words instead of being a subject to what external forces WANT me to think about a particular person or movement or ideology.  

On the subject of "What The Black Community Must Do To Heal Itself" he is one of the clearest messengers that we have yet he squanders this resolve - in the ways that I discuss below".

 I read "The Final Call" each week because it is informative.
I have come to see that this newspaper, the official oracle of the NOI,  has two faces that initially appear irreconcilable .

"The Final Call" contains the "Black Man Know They Self & Do For Self" message from Elijah Muhammad. It also contains the opinions of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" establishment voice.  I used to have to travel to New Orleans to see these syndicated opinion writers in the "Louisiana Weekly" newspaper.  They are prominently presented in "The Final Call".   In one bound newspaper are the calls for culturally disciplined reform of the Black community along with the left wing political struggle of the Black Establishment. They don't promote "Strong Black Communities".  They instead promote "Strong Government Interventions" as the primary means for uplift of Black people to a certain standard of living that we as Americans should be provided with.

These two seemingly disparate forces come together based upon their common adversary in "the Struggle" - the White Right-Wing Conservative and the Republican Party / Tea Party Militia through which this enemy expresses his "threat" to Black America.  This the view of both of these factions of Black people.  (Note: I still struggle to see how references to "The Tea Party" make it into the speeches of Farrakhan and Wright as they talk about "The Black Community". The Tea Party is NOT a threat to "The Black Community".  It is ONLY a threat to the Democratic Party and the Progressive ideology.  It is the FUSION between the "Black Community Consciousness" by the people who sit on the stage with Farrakhan in the above video who are guilty of choosing to focus upon the threat from the "Tea Party Militia" than on the "Murderous Street Pirates" who ferment as our community attention is focused elsewhere.)

Minister Farrakhan himself is also of two minds.  He is one of the most honest and forthcoming Black leaders in making a transparent assessment of the conditions that our community faces.  In the video above he says plainly that - despite an abundance of Black elected officials - the Black community's fate in this nation is no less tenuous as it was before.  In this vein his assessments are in line with what I attempt to expose on a daily basis on this blog.

The second mind of Minster Farrakhan forces me to have him classified as a "Non-White White Supremacist" as I conduct a dispassionate appraisal of his words.  This term is applied to anyone who focus is applied most effectively to the "threat" from external forces to the Black Community at the expense of obtaining our "permanent interests" via the key institutions that we have at our disposal.

Let's put aside the "Jewish / Zionist thing" for a minute and focus upon how Farrakhan applies his sage words upon the Black community.  The very same man who gives us the critical assessment of where we stand as a community appears to have a problem MANAGING the forces who the video above shows him sitting in close comfort with, who are most responsible for the usurping of the Black Community Consciousness for their own ideological and political purposes.

If indeed "the Black community has made no progress" despite the long line up of "favorable people" having been elected then I am forced to ask Minister Farrakhan to show evidence that he has tried to "remove the coin changers from the temple".  The temple being our "Black Community Consciousness".

In speech after speech after Minster Farrakhan lays out the most coherent program for what "WE must do as a community" he loses focus as he lets the establishment forces with power over our communities off of the hook as he focuses on HIS external enemies.  (Right Wing Americans and Zionists/Jews).  Thus earning him his "Non-White White Supremacist" label.  The same man who is able to reform the lives of so many of the members of his organization appears to have difficulty following through on convincing the broader Black community of the need to adopt the core elements of his message to our community.  These messages are a-religious in nature.

I get the feeling that Farrakhan is loathed to step on the toes of BOTH the "Black Progressive Establishment" and CHRISTIANS.  In both cases he fuses these messages into his own but is careful to not "lose the crowd" by delineating a line in the sand between his religious and community managerial beliefs and the forces that are competing with his own.  As much as Farrakhan talks favorably about "Jesus" few people would ever ask him if he believes that  "Jesus is his savior".  It appears that this would be as indignant to ask such a question just as it is for Farrakhan to dare treat these "favorable elected officials" as if they actually held the reigns of POWER.

The Phenomenon Of "Walking Past The Seats Of Power That You Used To Protest Against When Your Enemy Had Occupied Them, Onward To Protest Where They Now Sit"

I have noted the phenomenon in the above section title based on my observations of the activism WITHIN the Black community.  In as much as it is true that the "struggle motion" is meant to forge unity among our people - there is a conscious avoidance of  "stepping on the toes" of the favorable elected officials who had made them so proud upon attaining the office in question.

Since the masses are inspecting these individuals for their IDEOLOGY and not the outcomes - there is no benefit to them to weaken their "ideological friend" by such protests.  This merely opens up the door for a 'conservative adversary' to leverage the discontent and ease into power.

Take this model as expressed in the section title and apply it to that which Minister Farrakhan is now doing.  Many people had assumed that when Farrakhan asked Obama "Who the hell do you think you are" that he had fully blamed Obama for the Libyan invasion.  Assumed that as an EQUAL President Of The United States - vested with all of the POWER that the other 43 White men before him had - that HE was on the hook for calling for the air strikes per his role as "Commander In Chief".

You would be WRONG if you assumed this.

If you listen to both the entirety of that video and Disk #4 of the audio recording from "Saviors Day" - Minster Farrakhan actually offers a warning to President Obama - that HE IS BEING USED by the people who surround him.

Minister Farrakhan still claims Obama "as his own", despite the present air strikes.  He suggests that once the schemers around Obama get through setting him up - that the right wing Tea Parties are going to feast upon his weakened presidency.

The problem that I have with Farrakhan's assessment is that he can't accept that it was OBAMA who hand picked everyone around him.  He dispensed of Rahm Emanuel - who he would call a "Zionist" for a capitalist banker in William Dailey.  Obama chose the Treasury Secretary, the Economic Advisors and retained the Federal Reserve Chairman.  He also chose the Secretary of State and chose to retain the Secretary of Defense from the past administration.

Farrakhan makes a strategic error by seeking to transfer the blame for the present circumstances off of the back of the MAN WITH THE POWER - over to his underlings.

Again - while Obama is a "good man" who must deal with "demons" - George W Bush who preceded him was marinated in the EVIL that is the system of America.

Ironically - Farrakhan surmises that if he makes a blanket repudiation of Obama for his "war making" against Libya and on the African continent that their common enemy - the White/Right-Wing/Republican/Tea Party faction might get the upper hand.   I challenge Min Farrakhan as I ask - WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE when the OUTCOMES are the same?  (Another Muslim nation who was a "Friend of Farrakhan" is now being bombed with munitions with "Made In America" stamped upon them.)

Farrakhan knows that if the balance of Black America had to choose between he and Obama - they would place a veil over the portrait of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr and accept the government line that Libya was invaded for no other reason than Gaddafhi is killing his own people.  Even as the Sunday morning talkshows are noting that the allied actions have gone far beyond a "No Fly Zone" enforcement into determining the leadership outcome for a sovereign state - many who voted King as the "#1 Black Leader in history, placing Obama at #2" will continue to distinguish between this the "Good War" versus Bush's two "Wars Of Aggression".

Farrakhan Needs To Promote Obama To "The Commander In Chief" In Order To Retain The Integrity Of His Own Message

The phrase that we often hear from Black Progressives toward White folks which says "They Can't Accept That A Black Man Is President" is as applicable to THEM.   If there was ever a time to enforce the notion of "No Permanent Friends, Only Permanent Interests" it is RIGHT NOW!!!!

Take this same conflicted clarity over how to treat PRESIDENT Obama and then apply this very same point to nearly all elected seat in the hierarchy of government.  This is the conundrum facing the Black rank & file.  They are unwilling to appear to part from the elected official who they worked so hard to place into power and who MADE THEM SO PROUD in the process.

Whereas with these other officials it could be claimed that there are greater forces at the state or federal government that are forcing a slate of bad choices upon the "favored official" - those who believed that with the President Of The United States was 'where the buck stopped" should now see that this is not the case.  They are not struggling against visible forces who take seats of power and deliver or fail to deliver accordingly.  These are ethereal IDEOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL threats who pop up at the appropriate time as a means of providing relief to those who desperately seek a narrative that they can cleave upon.

What is done for short term ideological and political advantage causes untold damage in the long term positioning of the Black Community as "Ideological Unity" is much preferred to transparency and dispassionate consistency.

Farrakhan need not go on the warpath against Obama seeking a replacement in office as he fully separates his affinity for Obama (and the Black Progressive Establishment) from the knowledge that the SAME OUTCOMES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Not acceptable in foreign nations.
Not acceptable WITHIN the Black community.