They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, February 28, 2011

"Mission Accomplished Cities Watch": Detroit Proposes To Close 70 Schools - Raising Per Class Average To 60 Students

I do not blame the present Mayor Bing for this state of erosion in Detroit.
Unfortunately the people and the machine who are most responsible for this assault upon the interests of the community are unrepentant in their intentions to "keep struggling" per the very same methodology that brought them to this place.

If Only The "Clarence Thomas Haters" And The LampBlack Journalists Asked "What Happened To Your {Fill In The Blank 'Mission Accomplished District'}?

Take my advice (or ignore it if you choose): When you see those who you find ideological favor with spending the balance of their time "keeping your common enemies on trial" while doggedly avoiding scrutiny of the zones where "favorable people" control - they are playing you using the points of hatred that they know that are contained within you.

If you notice - every time any news about Clarence Thomas hits the wire the "usual suspects" fire off an article that provides the latest "chum feeding" for those who are known to be pacified as such. At the same time when a bit of news flows which would cause the objective observer to begin to question the set of theories that have been marketed to our people (ie: The US Census which documents "The migration back into the South despite the "Southern Strategy") the SILENCE and lack of ANALYSIS within their ranks proves to be the greatest indictment.

"What Happened To Your {Fill In The Blank 'Mission Accomplished Political District'} That You Were Compelled To Drive For Change Within - After You WON?".

Why are you not inclined to hear more post-mortem assessments from those who had stroked you beyond your points of insecurity, prodding you to move forward?

Why is that they write abundant critical articles about your common ideological enemies yet pen so few stories about the people who you promoted into power and now preside over destruction and your continued grievance?

Worse than the words of Clarence Thomas - a man who's ideology is REJECTED by the majority of Black Americas - are the people who HAVE POWER where we live and DESPITE the eroding conditions - their every word is praised and they invite you to the campaign after party.

Perhaps Rep Alcee Hastings would be more productive if he focused upon the massive problems in the public schools of West Palm Beach FL that are failing Black people? I am not sure he'd get a "standing O" for these results.

Palm Beach Lakes High School - 4 of 10 Great Schools Rating
77% Black Student Body - Alcee Hastings and the rest of the establishment machine has no need worry about receiving a rebuke from the "usual suspects" for their failures. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jesse Jackson Compares Union Events In Madison WI To Selma AL And Gettysburg - Does Not Fear Rebuke From Those Who Go After White Folks Who "Hijack History"

Jesse Jackson compares Madison to Selma and Gettysburg Continue reading on Jesse Jackson compares Madison to Selma and Gettysburg

(Stolen from Redding News Review)

This posting is not about "tit for tat".
Instead my goal is to model the reason why individual of all ideological and partisan stripes seek to hijack or molest the events or opinions of the past for use in today's political and ideological parlance.  It is important that we understand their motivations but also make note of the reactions

Huffington Post: Jesse Jackson - Assault On Unions Is An Attack On Basic Civil Rights

(Do you see why I have a ban on syndicating HuffPo content on this blog?)

I will post more on this later but - With more than 407,000 local and state government workers jobs having been cut in the past 4 years (according to International Socialist Review magazine) it appears to me that the "assault" on workers does not require an enemy Republican governor to make it the case.  The workers in Detroit MI and other cities like it that have suffered as the tax reservoir has run dry no doubt wish they had a JOB which would make their union membership relevant in the first place.

"The Democratic Party Preacher"
Rev Jesse Jackson
The Black Progressive-Fundamentalist
Rep Michelle Bachmann (R)
The White Conservative-Fundamentalist

Attempts to lend credibility to the present events by going back in history and then bestowing the aura from a historic event or person upon the present situation, ignoring all of the gross ironies in such a proposition
Attempts to cherry pick the "good" out of the history that also contained certain elements of skulduggery and terrorism that they as the modern day establishment condemn in others when they do so today.  The goal is to sanitize the actions of key historical figures so that they can serve as unchallenged reference points of where we should go from here.
ExampleToday's protests in support of the Government Workers Union in Wisconsin is just like the struggle that took place in:

  • Selma AL - Where racist agents of the state of Alabama violently turned back "Civil Rights" marchers who were expressing their constitutional rights to public assembly as they protested against the establishment powers that were molesting the US Constitutions and the Civil and Human Rights standards contained within.
  • The Civil War battle at Gettysburg PA - was done in the context of a group of people seeking to split the land which had several decades ago been appropriated from the Native Americans without granting them compensation or legal recourse to protest.  

Keep in mind that if we change the context of the argument - Rev Jackson could be found CONDEMNING the actions at Gettysburg and many other battles for control of the land at that time.
Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin frequently put a spin on American history as it relates to the ultimate complicity of all of the founding fathers in support of this wretched system.

Those who fought for freedom for White men from Britain did not see the kidnapped Africans who were enslaved as worthy "equal human beings" to stand their ground in support of their freedom from enslavement.

If "character counts" then these "great men" who indeed should be credited for providing us with the framework of government which allowed their faults to be corrected some centuries later must also be stained with the knowledge that their desire for money and a unified national government caused millions of "equal human beings" to suffer not only from the oppression of slavery but perpetuated the lie that one of "God's EQUAL CREATION" was actually akin to a farm animal. This done as a means of buttressing the system which allowed him to be sold as such.

The fact that these two "species" could mate and produce a human offspring was not enough evidence to cause those with bigoted hearts to admit to their indignity in the sight of God.

The only time where God's pronouncements are being equally molested for one's own will is TODAY, among players from all ideological stripes who also use it to advance their marginal agenda.

    The key difference between these two offenders posted above is that only Rev Jesse Jackson won't be called a RACIST for abusing the history of Black people as such.

    Selma AL

    Gettysburg, PA
    Modern Day Wisconsin

    The Need For "Organic Competency Development" As A Hedge Against The Storms On America's Fiscal Horizon

    Bloomberg News: When Pretending Fails to Hide Bankruptcy: Laurence Kotlikoff

    With blind and fraudulent leaders who know that you hate your enemies more than you love yourselves - they have you enlisted in a "struggle" in which you are made to become happy at the "electoral wins" that you occasionally amass and then try to get you to "try harder" as a means of shaking off the depression that is felt from the electoral loss.  They tell you that your continued unity is needed lest the enemy reform and "turn the clock back".

    If you had any consciousness about you you'd stop falling for their "self-chumming" which causes you to fear a return to the past and instead focus on what far too many registers are saying will imperil your future.

    • With the present control over the key "human resource development institutions"  - what are the competencies that are being developed in your community now that your popular enemy has departed?

    Bloomberg Article: 
    Our country is bankrupt. It’s not bankrupt in 30 years or five years. It’s bankrupt today.

    Want proof? Look at President Barack Obama’s 2010 budget. It showed a massive fiscal gap over the next 75 years, the closure of which requires immediate tax increases, spending cuts, or some combination totaling 8 percent of gross domestic product. To put 8 percent of GDP in perspective, this year’s employee and employer payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare will amount to just 5 percent of GDP.

    Actually, the picture is much worse. Nothing in economics says we should look out just 75 years when considering the present-value difference between future spending and future taxes. Over the full long-term, we need an extra 12 percent, not 8 percent, of GDP annually.

    Seventy-five years seems like a long enough time to plan. It’s not. Had the Greenspan Commission, which “fixed” Social Security back in 1983, focused on the true long term we wouldn’t be sitting here now with Social Security 26 percent underfunded. The Social Security trustees, at least, have learned a lesson. The 26 percent figure is based on their infinite horizon fiscal- gap calculation.

    But the real reason we can’t look out just 75 years is that the government’s cash flows (the difference between its annual taxes and non-interest spending) over any period of time, including the next 75 years, aren’t well defined. This reflects economics’ labeling problem. If you use different words to describe the receipts taken in and paid out each year by the government, you produce entirely different cash flows and an entirely different fiscal gap measured over any finite horizon.

    Matter of Language

    It’s only the value of the infinite horizon fiscal gap that is unaffected by the choice of labels of language. Take this year’s payroll tax contributions. Let’s call these transfers from workers to Uncle Sam “borrowing” by the government, rather than “payroll taxes,” since the money will be paid back as future benefits. If the future payback isn’t in full (equal to principal plus interest), we can call the difference a “retirement tax.” Presto! With this change of words, our 2011 deficit of about 10 percent of GDP is boosted another five points to 15 percent.

    With one set of words, taxes are higher now and lower later. With the other set of words, the opposite is true. But neither set of labels makes more economic sense than the other or changes what the government takes, on balance, from any person or business in any given year.

    This is no surprise. The math of economics rules out an absolute measure of the deficit, just like the math of physics rules out an absolute measure of time.

    Bottom Line

    The bottom line, then, is that we need to look at the infinite-horizon fiscal gap not just for Social Security, but for the entire federal government. That analysis, based on the Congressional Budget Office’s long-term alternative fiscal scenario, shows an unfathomable fiscal gap of $202 trillion. And covering this gap requires coming up with the aforementioned 12 percent of GDP, forever.

    If this gives you the willies, there’s a ready narcotic -- the president’s 2012 budget, which shows that most of our long- term fiscal problem has miraculously disappeared; the fiscal gap isn’t 12 percent of annual GDP. Nor is it 8 percent. It’s now 1.8 percent.

    This fantastic improvement in our finances is due, we’re told, primarily to the Independent Payment Advisory Board. This board, to be established in 2014 (after the next election, of course) is charged with recommending cuts to Medicare and Medicaid providers when their costs grow too fast.

    Repealing Cuts

    We’ve had laws mandating such cuts for years, and they are routinely repealed. Indeed, President Obama signed the latest such repeal last June. But rather than laugh out loud at this cost-control mechanism, the Medicare trustees, three-quarters of whom were appointed by the president, assume in their 2010 report that these cuts will be made -- to the dollar. And the 2012 budget cites the report’s fictional forecast as its authoritative source.

    No one takes the 2010 Medicare trustee report’s long-run projections seriously, least of all Richard Foster, Medicare’s chief actuary. Foster added this statement to the end of the report: “The financial projections shown in this report for Medicare do not represent a reasonable expectation…in either the short range…or the long range.”

    This isn’t the first administration to conceal our long- term fiscal problem. Back in 1993, Alice Rivlin, then deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, asked me and economists Alan Auerbach and Jagadeesh Gokhale to prepare a long-term fiscal gap/generational accounting for inclusion in President Bill Clinton’s 1994 budget.

    Politics Triumphs

    We worked for months on the analysis, but two days before the budget’s release, the study was excised from the budget. We were shocked, but, in retrospect, the politics are clear. The Clinton administration wanted to claim it was fiscally prudent and the study, which showed unofficial debt growing at enormous rates, showed the opposite.

    The fiscal gap’s next near appearance in a president’s budget was in 2003. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill commissioned Gokhale and Kent Smetters to do the study. It showed a massive $45 trillion fiscal gap -- not a great basis for pushing tax cuts or introducing the prescription-drug benefit for seniors, known as Medicare Part D. O’Neill was ousted on Dec. 6, 2002, and a couple of days later the fiscal-gap study was discarded.

    I’m not sure whether censoring the fiscal gap is more dishonorable than fudging it. What I do know is that we can’t assume our problems away and that I expected far better of this president when I voted for him.

    Laurence Kotlikoff is professor of economics at Boston University, president of Economic Security Planning Inc. and author of Jimmy Stewart Is Dead.” The opinions expressed are his own.)

    To contact the writers of this column: Laurence Kotlikoff at;

    More Black Inter-Generational Wealth Destroyed Than By "Racist Loan Bankers Bearing Sub-prime Loans" - The Legacy Of "Hidden Hills Subdivision" In Dekalb County Georgia

    If you have been following this blog for a number of years you have no doubt heard me make reference to the community in Stone Mountain Georgia in Dekalb County where so many of my closest friends were home owners or renters.

    • Mike Tyson Fight Parties
    • Invitations To "Investment Club Meetings" During The Height Of The "Internet Boom"
    • House Parties With Good Food And Good Friends
    All of us were either dating or childless newlyweds at the time.
    I was talking about the houses in  "Hidden Hills"

    At this time "Hidden Hills Subdivision" had just completed a cycle of "White Flight" in line with the rest of South Dekalb (my friend actually purchased his house from a Korean merchant).  The community was a "golf and tennis community".  The "Hidden Hills Golf Course" was a public course and the place to be among the politically connected within the Black community.  

    This was a solidly Black middle class community that was the destination for Black professionals who had migrated to the South from other places in pursuit of opportunity or had exited the city of Atlanta to take advantage of the growth in the suburbs.

    The most interesting part of this tale is that many of my dear friends who lived in this area had teased me about choosing to bypass this area (mostly due to the traffic jams on the main streets and on I-20) and - (I quote), instead "to go live with the White folks on the Southside".  Fast forward about 10 years and I noticed that ALL OF THEM(!!!) moved to Gwinnett County - in pursuit of:

    • A better school system
    • More stable home values/ appreciating home values
    • Access to higher quality shopping venues / recreational facilities
    • Avoidance of the "criminal element" that was allowed to run unchecked (The Street Pirate problem)
    • A rejection of the "Cynthia McKinney - Fight The Power" leadership machine that had taken over South Dekalb
    These were the classical "Black Flight Progressives"!!!!   Much of my analysis which lead to the formation of this label is based upon the action of these friends.

    Today the place that I moved to has its most significant growth from "Black Flight Progressives" that are exiting Dekalb, Fulton and other areas.

    Shamefully "Redan High School" which was one of the top academic institutions in the entire state during the 1970's and 80's began to experience the very same problems ("Street Pirates In Training") as any inner-city urban school.  This despite its location in the SUBURBS!!!!

    The Overgrown Grass On The Golf Course

    About 4 years ago I drove through Hidden Hills to check out the house that my good friend had moved his family out of but retained as a rental property.

    A tear welled up in my "mind's eye" as I drove through the winding roads that meander through the golf course greens and I noticed the unkempt conditions of the golf course.  I knew that the golf course had struggled financially and had closed down a few years prior.  At least one other "Golf/Swim/Tennis" community in the area shut down its course and instead reclaimed the land for new houses.

    In the case of "Hidden Hills" the attribute which once drove the home values up was the albatross that dragged the home values down.   Those who moved into the community so that they could have a view of the greens on the "Par 5 8th hole" found themselves with an unfettered view of grass that was 6 inches high, the white balls from the dandelions, and the only "caddies" seen on the ground was "Sitting on 24's with music banging as it drove by carrying the young people of the new residents that had moved in."

    I would be remiss if I failed to make note of the one incident that apparently sealed the fate of the Hidden Hills golf course.   (I can't find the story on the web so I have to guestimate the year).  In the late 1990's a local Black male teen robbed a White golfer on the greens.  The golfer reached in his golf cart and shot the teen.  (I don't recall if the teen died or if he was just shot).   The news of this shooting triggered the Local Black Establishment to demand that the White golfer be arrested as (and I quote) "Assault with a deadly weapon is not the penalty for robbery".  The steady drumbeat of this news about safety concerns of the Hidden Hills Country Club and the disposition of leadership to defend the "criminal element" sealed the fate of the golf club that was already struggling.

    Over the years I have heard my good friend tell me about:

    • His neighbors who have sold their homes at a loss in Hidden Hills
    • Express his frustration about the "educated Black people with good jobs" who's CHILDREN are allowed to act up in school.  He blamed their condition on "capitalism".  Black people who had bought into the materialism of America, spending more time on their professional jobs than on properly raising their children
    • How his wife has pushed him to move out of Dekalb County, up to Gwinnett because their children need to be in an academically competitive environment, competing with a diverse student body - just as they will match wits against when they get into college and on the job
    While I thought about the irony of all that they were now saying as compared to how they taunted me - "The supposed 'Black Republican' " - over the years - I did not say anything closely approximating "I told you so".

    I do recall complaining to my friend about the harassment that my Home Owners Association inflicts upon me.    He told me that their HOA is very permissive by comparison and they have stopped collecting dues because so few people pay them.  (Side note:  I owe my HOA its 2011 dues by April 1.  IF I don't pay them I would have a letter from the HOA lawyer by May 1 and then a lien on my house by June 1.  You can believe that).

    The Destruction Of "Black Wealth" By The Failure To Retain The High Standards Of The Community

    I have little doubt that the homes in Hidden Hills (priced from $170K to $230 - my estimate) have suffered from a certain amount of "house flipping" and "subprime mortgages".  If given the choice the "community activists" will claim that these schemes from outside forces caused the present state peril that the community suffers (as well as the injustice surrounding the shooting).  

    Anyone who have watched the collapse of this community over time must "beg to differ" IF they are honest with themselves.  The condition of Hidden Hills today is a much a case of "community self-inflicted wounds" as it is about the other more popularly accepted narratives where "external bad guys" are at fault.

    Boarded-up foreclosed properties could soon disappear from the Hidden Hills community in Stone Mountain with the help of $5.2 million in federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds.

    The community of 1,650 homes, which has about 55 vacant houses, has been approved by DeKalb County as the target neighborhood for funds from the U.S. Department of Housing.

    The HUD program provides for fund recipients to demolish blighted structures and to acquire, refurbish and sell foreclosed or abandoned homes.

    While the money has been allocated for DeKalb County, an application to receive the funds must be filed to HUD by March 1.

    A response is expected by April 15, and officials hope to see work going on in the community by summer.

    Pauline Dailey, president of the Hidden Hills Civic Association, said she appreciates the focus on her neighborhood, a former golf course community located off South Hairston and Redan roads.

    “I think they chose Hidden Hills because they felt like it was on the edge of going one way or the other,” Dailey said. “Rather than see it go from being a top neighborhood to nothing, they chose us so that we could maintain.”

    DeKalb County received $18.5 million in 2009 from the first year of the neighborhood stabilization funds, known as NSP1.

    Chris Morris, DeKalb’s director of community development, said applicants for the current year’s program, NSP3, were directed to focus on neighborhoods, rather than doing isolated projects over wide areas.

    “When we look at many factors that strengthen neighborhoods, NSP3 funds by themselves won’t do it,” Morris said. “But when you combine NSP3 funds with an active homeowners association and an activity level where the neighborhood is already working to address issues … we can all work together to say we’ve made a difference.”

    Morris said Hidden Hills was selected after a local market analysis was conducted by professors Michael Rich and Moshe Haspel of Emory University’s Office of University-Community Partnerships.

    The professors were commissioned by the county to find the HUD-deemed “areas of greatest need” based on the number of foreclosures, seriously delinquent loans, vacated homes and high-cost mortgages.

    They also developed local criteria to produce more comprehensive neighborhood profiles, looking at such factors as population change, home sales and whether neighborhoods were already involved in improvement activities.

    That’s where Hidden Hills scored big.

    The civic association’s overlay committee has been working for several years with neighboring communities and county planners on a blueprint for new development in an area bounded by Redan Road, Covington Highway, Panola Road and South Hairston Road.

    Hidden Hills’ privately owned golf course was abandoned years ago.

    Dailey, who has been the civic association’s president for two years, doesn’t know the number of foreclosures in the neighborhood, but she does know that three homes on her street alone were lost to foreclosure.

    “We’re looking forward to those [empty] homes being sold to the fireman, the teacher, people who can bring some quality to the neighborhood,” Dailey said.

    Under the first Neighborhood Stabilization Program, 27 second mortgages and 81 homes were bought and rehabilitated in DeKalb. Of those homes, 29 were sold, generating about $2 million in program income, Morris said.

    That first-year funding also helped fuel the $9.5 million renovation of the 168-unit Cedar Pines apartments in Clarkston.

    Renamed Avalon on Montreal, the complex was purchased at foreclosure by Cortland Partners, which received a $4.9 million loan in Neighborhood Stabilization funds.

    The rehab work to be done in Hidden Hills will provide short-term job and fee-for-service opportunities for area small businesses.

    Interested parties are asked to wait until mid-April to contact the Hidden Hills Civic Association for information by sending an e-mail to

    2010 Total Pending Foreclosures, Single Family Residential

    Gwinnett 25,651

    Fulton 22,843

    DeKalb 18,781

    Cobb 14,397

    Clayton 10,261

    Henry 6,627

    January 2011 Total Pending Foreclosures, Single Family Residential

    Gwinnett 2,085

    Fulton 1,779

    DeKalb 1,534

    Cobb 1,222

    Clayton 855

    Henry 514

    Source: DeKalb County, Atlanta Foreclosure Report

    Down payment assistance

    Up to $25,000 in down payment assistance is still available for some of DeKalb’s NSP1 homes. For information, contact one of these county contractors:

    Read more: CrossRoadsNews - Hidden Hills getting 5 2 million to fight foreclosure blight

    Savannah GA High School Students Make Video In Response To Gold Tooth Ban

    And some people believe that the biggest threat to Blacks living on the Atlantic Coast is coming from the "Neo-Confederate Tea Party Militia" that they tell us is reforming as a push back to the "advancement" of Black people. :-/

    Savannah High School Rules Trigger Rap Song & Video

    What Entity In The Black Community Inspects The Performance Of "The Democratic Party Preacher" Rev Al Sharpton?

    (The Democratic Party Preacher) Rev Al Sharpton Tells Black Leaders To Reconnect With Their Communities

    A fiery sermon given by Reverend Al Sharpton in Albany over the weekend has put some African-American leaders on the hotseat, questioning whether they're doing enough to help their constituents or if they're just focused on helping themselves.

    Several years ago at the funeral of Coretta Scott King I reported on the speech that "The Democratic Party Preacher" (DPP) Rev Al Sharpton gave in which he:

    • Admitted that the Civil Rights Movement had gotten off track
    • Told of the consequences to the Black Community for it having lost its way
    • Told of his plans to REINVIGORATE the movement by PROTESTING and VOTING
    At that time I asked as I am asking right now:

    What Other Leader Of An Entity Has The Power Of "Self-Appraisal", Is Able To Find Fault, And Then Proclaim His Plans For Leadership In The Next Interval?

    ANSWER:  Surely Fidel Castro and Gaddafi have "Strong Man" systems which offer them the power of such "self-diagnosis and self-prescription".   We are now seeing how pleased their subjects are per the riots that are taking place in certain parts of the world.

    The key difference between the entire people of Libya and the specific sub-population known as "Black Americans" is that the African-American Community is an "overlay" community.  There is a formal government that has "controlling legal authority" over where we live.

    Ironically - even as the "Black Establishment" increases its success at placing "favorable people" into the rungs of "the Controlling Legal Authority" (as proven by the 50%+ Black vote of support" the Black Establishment retains its "STRUGGLE milieu".

    In practicing the art of "Establishment Authority Denial" those who execute this scheme rely upon the "Congregational Complicity" of the masses to retain their power.  The masses articulate their grievances but agree to blame some external force for having failed them.  Thus the "favorable people" who are in the seats of power which used to be targets for demonstration - now are able to join in with the protest march as they set out against the external enemy who has caused their plan to fail.

    If you make note of this scheme - it is not about using the institutions that they gain increasing control over, manging them so that favorable outcomes are expressed.  Instead it is nothing more than an IDEOLOGICAL romp in which they continue to cleave to their IDEOLOGICAL THEORIES as to what they BELIEVE will bring forth the changes that they struggle for.  

    Sadly the EVIDENCE ON THE GROUND, when it proves the CONTRARY is not enough for the "Ideological Bigot" to being to question if his theories are the problem and not merely the "hatred" of those who stand against his IDEOLOGY.  

    The only reason why people like Al Sharpton are allowed to continue is that he is able to claim the "Moral Authority".  His INTENTIONS are to spread "Social Justice" upon everyone.   He had the aggrieved masses believing that the log jam which is denying them their proportion of this "Social Justice" is always resident in the hands of the people who he summons to stand with him.

    If you make analysis of the EXPRESSION that Sharpton and other Establishment leaders ask the people to posit it is as follows:

    1. VOTE - Use their EQUAL BALLOT which they have struggled to obtain for the purposes of promoting "favorable people" into power.  (They all just happen to be 'Progressive Democrats')
    2. PROTEST - Against any force that is an enumerated threat to the "interests of Black America".  Again - it just so happens that the Black Establishment ITSELF is never a target of protest.  As long as all players retain their alignment with the "Black Progressive Agenda" - this provides them with the necessary shielding from protests, regardless of the results that prove to be a molestation of our stated "Permanent Interests"
    The Failed Organizational Management Theories That Undercut The Efficacy Of Today's "Black Community Development Advocacy"

    Let me open with two points that define my perspective:
    1. There is no longer an "Organic Black Community Development Movement".  It has been hijacked.  
      1. It is now 90% about "American Electoral Politics"
      2. And 95% Ideological Positioning
    2. Though I approach this entire analysis and debate from the perspective of my professional "management consulting" skills that I have learned on my "real job" - the fact is that a CORPORATION is full of "equal human beings" seeking to accomplish a particular mission AND a "Virtual Community of People" who are seeking to improve their condition are similarly composed
      1. Thus I REJECT those who claim that the tools and points of analysis that is true for the world of business are not applicable to the world of "community development"
      2. There are people who occupy the same time and space as we do here in America that are effectively using these tactics to gain advantage.  This INCLUDES large segments of the popular majority adversary who a disproportionate attention is invested upon by our "internal confidence men"
    To my ideological adversaries I ask you to LOOK AT THE PRESENT RESULTS!   Regardless of how much you satisfy yourselves with:
    • "I know who did this to us and we are going to make them pay"
    • "Your ideology has been soundly rejected by the Black community as evidence that it is not right" (circular logic)
    • "We are promoting people who have proven to care about Black people into the seat of power to fight against those who don't care"
    The bottom line remains - YOUR GROWTH IN POWER (and the power of people who are "ideologically favorable" to you) has failed to substantively and comprehensively change the conditions for the majority of Black Americans AND our fate is as vulnerable as ever - per the shifting sands that global competition will impart upon this nation in the next 100 years.

    The Need To Separate "Methodology" From "Mission"

    The biggest fraud that is being cast upon our people is being made by the "embedded confidence men" who know our grievances as a community and who give us TASKS to perform, knowing that by leveraging our emotional sentiment - we will forget to apply dispassionate scrutiny to the RESULTS.   As long as we are "congregationally unified" in these actions - this trumps the results.   

    In addition those who hold the megaphone and the editors pen for the narrative merely need to fault the adversary for standing against us as the reasons for the failure.

    Even as I point out how in the "Mission Accomplished Cities" where LOCALLY these theories go unchallenged and still don't transform our community - they merely NATIONALIZE the indictment - pointing to the "redistributive tax policy" cuts of their adversaries which have starved the "Mission Accomplished Cities" of needed resources, thus putting a boot on the "Social Justice" who's stem had just broken through the ground, ready to blossom.

    The debate here is between those who believe that a strong central government is necessary to control as many of the variables that lead to the disparate outcomes between population segments AND those who believe that each competing interest group should field a strategic platform which they perfect locally, allowing it to multiply on new fronts as it builds off of its productivity to generate more prosperity for the masses.
    (I could even argue that indeed the Black Establishment is using this model.  The key difference is that they are building up electoral strength rather than the human resource development track that I am speaking of in the commercial and academic track.  This benefits their political interests of their joint-venture partners than it does our community.)

    Is there an organization or journalist or entity WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY that steps away from the "ideological methodology" that is commonly approved within our community and instead sets up a TRANSPARENT FRAMEWORK FOR APPRAISAL of where we stand in reference to our "Permanent Interests"?

    Please note - the "State Of Black America" report done by the National Urban League is not an example of this.  It makes White Americans the "1.0" perfect reference that we should one day hope to obtain.  This report is taken to the legislators in the Federal government and around the nation as documentary proof of the inferior state of Black America.  The prescribed solutions are akin to what Sharpton asks:  VOTE for new programs.  PROTEST against those who don't support these programs as a gateway to our salvation as a community.

    Please note - the plan that is followed for the development of Black America - inside of America - has no hope of working for other Blacks in the Diaspora who have no strong central government with an organized system for redistribution:  Haiti, The Congo, Chad.   If there are only 40 million Blacks in the USA but an estimated 850 million Blacks around the world, clearly this is not a system that could ever hope to ORGANICALLY assist the vast number of Black people around the world, pruning & grafting this system to help them.

    Beyond the noted use of INDICTMENT as a force of ideological unity it is clear that this present scheme is not working today but instead appears to be a remnant of times past.

    These Retirees In Alabama Who THOUGHT They Had A Pension Are Little Different Than Those Of You Who Believe That With "The Public Option" You Would Have Had "Health Care" and "Social Justice"

    Take the saga of the 100 retirees of the city of Prichard AL and extend it to the situation that a significant portion of Americans face with regard to their assumptions about Social Security, Nationalized Health Care and Redistributive Tax Policies in general. In doing this you will begin to see that there is a tremendous disconnect between:

    A) Those people who can articulate that "They Have Done Everything That They Were Asked To Do" per the PROMISE that they'd receive retirement benefits and/or a higher standard of care in this society and thus are DUE WHAT IS OWED TO THEM.


    B) How the real world economic truth that is necessary have these PROMISES delivered often have NOTHING to do with them upholding their end of the bargain.

    The point that I am making is that far too often in the world of American Politics the notion of what our "entitlement rights" are per the "national contract" that binds us together often is merely a political and ideological notion that has been crafted without regard to the fiscal realities that are necessary to bring this forth and, more importantly, the articulation of what all people who expect to receive benefit must do to ensure that these benefits are available to them as promised.

    Some promises that were fraudulent from the start have enjoyed a strong initial run because their initial flood of cash has obfuscated the pending reality that would later imperil the program. Over time those who voiced warnings OR who dared to reform the system were said to be motivated by malice for the recipients. These points of attack where sufficient to keep the reforms at bay.

    Today as the "rule of compounding debt liabilities" brings these programs closer to the edge of collapse there are no more tricks that can be played to delay the "day of reckoning".

    Worse than the politicians and ideologues who have lied to us are the members of the "Rank & File" who:

    • Knew in their heart that something was not right
    • Went "Financial Projection Shopping" for the voices that told them that all was well
    • Took these voices as their own as they went on the attack against others

    Saturday, February 26, 2011

    Americans Who Have Stood By Gadhafi In His Struggle For African Independence AND Protested Against Police Brutality In America Have A Mandate To Speak Out About What Is Happening In Libya Today

    A week ago today I listened to the closing comments of a group of individuals who I credit for having a high amount of community consciousness to their agenda - despite my ideological differences with them.  

    One of the priorities that they listed in these remarks made to the audience, summoning us to stay focused upon the "Struggle" was to "Fight Police Brutality".

    At times when my priority list does not match up with that of others I chalk it up to differences in location and life's circumstances.

    The events in Libya provide these people an opportunity to stand true to their calling.

    There is no doubt about it that a large segment of the Black Nationalist movement in America has supported the efforts of Libya's Gadhafi to stand up against the "American Imperialists" who sought to under cut him.  When the American President Reagan bombed Libya they were grieving for Libya as it suffered from a "terrorist attack" from America rather than buying what the "Man Who Trekked Through Philadelphia Mississippi" told the public about his justifications for the bombing.

    Today in Libya  Gadhafi has procured journeymen and missionaries to fire live rounds into the crowds of his fellow countrymen who are protesting for democracy.  This is "police/state brutality" by any measure.

    I am looking toward those who have defended Gadhafi in his struggle to go on record to impart their views of the current events.

    The Most Rapid "Evolution" In The History Of The Earth - "Obama Has Now 'Evolved' To Support Gay Marriage"

    The "Power Is Now Speaking" But The "Truthiness" Of His Words Are Questionable
    The Most Rapid Evolution In Human History

    President Obama's views on his definition of traditional marriage has "evolved", just in time for the 2012 election season.

    The executive branch has decided that the "Defense Of Marriage" law is unconstitutional and will no longer defend THIS law of the land.   This once again proves its power to cherry pick laws.

    Last night I watched "Thurgood" on HBO.  This was the one man stage show performed by actor Laurence Fishburn about life of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

    One of the criticisms that Marshall levied on Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr was that by breaking the law to make his point he was undercutting the efforts of Marshall ad the NAACP in USING the law and having it ENFORCED to make the social change that they both desired in common.

    Marshall specifically called out GOVERNMENTS for their choice to ignore laws that they disagreed with.  The fact that "Brown V Board" was settled favorably meant nothing until the various governments enforced this law.  Marshall noted how President Eisenhower's lack of clarity about his passion to "vigorously enforce the law" in line with the US Supreme Court ruling - added decades to the struggle for integration in America.

    I challenge everyone who supports President Obama to call him out for these very same reasons.
    Black people have suffered tremendously from the history of the executive branches (at all rungs of government) that have ignored laws that they disagreed with but did nothing to go through the legitimate process of removing them off of the books.

    Please remember - you will not always have a "favorable president" in power per your preferences.

    It's A Good Thing That I Don't Leave Social And Cultural Matters To The Government.  Secular Progressives Have Their Way When This Is The Case

    Those who advocate for "Gay Marriage" do so from the perspective of their "RIGHTS" to marry whom they chose to.  Further they make the case that they are being discriminated against with respect to access to government resources that they as  a couple are barred from but which a traditional married couple receives for no other reason than their gender paring.

    I am going to take this argument over "RIGHTS" and contrast them with the need for "Social Control" and "Social Order" and allow the compulsion of my argument to allow reasonable people to decide.

    CDC: Marriage And Cohabitation In America

    Central to my argument is that, while indeed marriage is an important bond for ordering the scheme for relationships with individuals in a society those who pursue the "These are my rights!" track often preside over a far greater system of societal dysfunction which their advocacy fails to address.

    Population Subset
    Marriage Data
    Percentage Of Homosexuals In The US Population:
    Estimated To Be 1.5% to 4%
    (12M People Using 4% Estimate)

    Percentage Of Black Americans In The US Population:
    Total Population Of Black People In America: 13%
    (Slightly Over 40M People)

    Percentage Of Eligible Black Americans that are Married:  29%

    All Americans Percentage Of Marriage:   59%

    CHALLENGE QUESTION:  How can those who claim the mantle of "progression" and "social justice" arrive at this point via their commitment to advancing "same sex marriage" while they get a pass for presiding over the condition of low marriage rates for Black Americans?

    (Note: This blog forces upon the BLACK COMMUNITY.  I am less concerned about what other people are doing.  [The 'look who is in the mud with us' argument as a means of gaining comfort from other people's similar unconsciousness])

    The answer to the challenge question is simple:

    • Those who claim the mantle of "Social Progress" do so by focusing on the "new rights" that they have exposed to a larger group of individuals by going against the forces that seek to retain the status quo.  Thus the segment of homosexuals that WANT to get married but are denied is their present cause for "social justice".
    • While the larger segment of people who DON'T choose to get married, thus forsaking the benefits that a stable, long term, monogamous relationship has - the people who carry the mantle of "Social Progress" are rendered ineffective in setting up conditions by which individuals OWN UP to their obligations, submitting themselves to societal strictures (such as marriage) and thus giving up some of their personal freedoms so that a greater synergy can be obtained.
      • Of this group of advocates that are "Secular Progressives" - they work to establish the government as the source of these benefits that the marriage relationship has traditionally provided
    Do Not Allow Them To Disaggregate The Argument

    Those who pursue the "Marriage Rights" angle of the argument seek to focus on the "special interests" angle and limit the scope of the argument to "These Are My RIGHTS And I Want Them".  

    When it comes to taxation, public accommodation and education - they are prone to speak about the "common good" that interconnects us into a "social contract".   Having laid out the case for the benefits of marriage (some of which they also put forth) they don't feel obliged to address the comprehensive need for marriage, detailing a plan to get more heterosexual partners to engage as such.  

    In the end - Each society is mandated to decide upon the social order that perpetuates their existence and maximizes their interests.   I believe that those who are allowed to cherry pick in deferences to their special interests ultimately fail to consider the interests of the larger society.

    Preemptive shot:  The typical argument will be : "Since there is such a small population of gays that seek marriage, as you suggest, then why do you focus on this insignificant population and not focus more on the larger group?"

    ANSWER - "Right back at you!!!!"
    The truth is - that it is THEY who are guilty of this.   They know how to loosen the societal strictures but are incompetent in applying them via culture, instead preferring GOVERNMENT and the perpetual STRUGGLE.

    The worst possible situation for them to reside in is in a zone where their theories are the final word.

    More Of The "Black Mafia Family" Organized Street Pirate Gang Arrested

    Even though the Black Mafia Family has been pronounced dead and gone before, law enforcement officers are still picking up stragglers from the gang that at one time controlled or had a hand in virtually all the cocaine and crack sold in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles and places in between.

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    Marshall & Thomas And Those Who Sought To Sink Them Using Charges Of "Womanizing"

    Though the race of the "All White Jury" does change over time - the bottom line motivations remain the same - POWER in their quest to advance and maintain their IDEOLOGY.

    As I watch "Thurgood" on HBO, as performed by Laurence Fishburn several ironies are showing through.  While Thurgood Marshall was a man of his time - those who try and make today's world like the world of 1949 are no different than the White conservative who seeks to clean up the past so that their ancestors don't suffer from indictment.   The only difference is that they seek to avoid INDICTMENT per their Establishment Power - TODAY - by misappropriating the threats that our community faces today.

    Associate Justice
    Thurgood Marshall
    Associate Justice
    Clarence Thomas

    The Forces That Tried To Derail The Black Man's Judicial Career By Promoting Evidence Of Womanizing
    Racist White Southern Senators Who Could Not Accept The Sight Of A Black Man With Power
    Racist White Snarling Fox Liberals And 
    Their Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Joint-Venture Partners Who Could Not Accept The Thought Of A Black Man Who Has An Ideology Other Than That Of A Leftist
    EvidenceBook Excerpt:

    Marshall is portrayed as an outspoken critic of black militancy and nonviolent demonstrations. Williams mentions, but does not dwell on, Marshall's history of heavy drinking, womanizing and sexual harassment. But his private contacts with J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, even while that organization was working to discredit Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, receives critical attention. This relationship "could have cost him his credibility among civil rights activists had it become known," writes Williams. Likewise, it would appear that his extra-legal activities and charges of incompetence and Communist connections would, if publicized, have kept him from the Supreme Court, as he himself admitted. Nevertheless, this work will stand as an accessible and fitting tribute to a champion of individual rights and "the architect of American race relations."
    See Various Articles From:
    • Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    • Eugene Robinson
    • Jack White
    • Common Cause

    Justice Thurgood Marshall says in the play "I don't see why anyone needs a firearm in a civilized society". Had I been of age during his time I would have pointed Justice Marshall to Bishop Henry McNeal Turner who's life experience during his day proved to the contrary.

    "Negroes Get Your Guns" said Bishop Henry McNeal Turner

    The Black Community Can No Longer Take The "Community Disaster" That The Establishment Political Machine Is Hoisting Upon "Mission Accomplished" Cities Like Chicago But A Player Voluntarily Resigns w/o Being Pushed Out

    (Note: This blog has a ban on syndicating Huffington Post content unless the post is about HuffPo or it is the sole source of the information at hand.  I refuse to propagate the feed from the information source that is key to the present hijacking of our community consciousness ).

    Huffington Post: Illinois State Senator Ricky Hendon Steps Down After 18 Years

    It is the "Black community" that is being "stabbed in the back" and its own finger prints are on the knife which has slashed the body.

    Once again - notice that HuffPo "reports" but does not "analyze" when it comes to discussing the "innards" of the Black community.

    So tell me again why State Senator Ricky Hendon resigned his office?  He represents District 5 on Chicago's infamous "Southside".
    • Because the schools that the political machine that he is attached to are failing to educate Black children?
    • Because the environment in certain parts of his district are as deadly as the "Post-Confederate South" for the Black people living within?
    State Senator Hendon says that the recent poor showing of candidate Carol Moseley Braun was a "Black political disaster"!!!

    View more videos at:

    Mapping For Justice - Overview Of "Failing Schools In District 5"

    Mapping for Justice:

    In this first map, we see that Illinois State Representative District 5 (currently represented by Ken Dunkin) is a narrow strip that stretches from the Near North Cabrini-Green area, South to past 63rd Street. The far North and most of the Southern part of the district have neighborhoods of high poverty.
    Predictably, the pockets of high-poverty are littered with "failing schools," and consistent with other maps we’ve made, there are far too few tutor/mentor programs helping kids whose scholastic performance indicate a need additional help.
    How can our maps help coordinate efforts to fix this?
    Well, similar to the situation we looked at with Mt. Sinai Hospital in Lawndale, hospital leaders at Provident Hospital of Cook County can perhaps work with Representative Dunkin to create strategies that support new and existing programs in their community.

    When Will HuffPo Proclaim That The Establishment Machine That Presides Over Chicago Is The "Establishment Machine That Presides Over Chicago" And Thus Must Be Held Accountable For The Outcomes That Transpire On Its Watch - PER The Popular Vote Of The People Who Put Them Into Office?

    The best way to receive forbearance from attack because of the results that are delivered on your watch is to project a "Struggle Disposition".    When an elected political official enacts this stance he functionally walks down off of the panel at the public forum where the official legislative body is assembled and leads the rank & file on a protest march AGAINST the body within which he is empaneled.

    With this brilliant move, which requires complicity from his constituents, the people are made to accept that "their present fate" is due to the fact that the opposition forces on the panel have refused to implement the policies that this rank & file believe will transform them.  Thus we move from "inspecting the veracity of their assumptions as expressed through these POLICIES" over to an INDICTMENT of those who stand against them and the policies that they bring forth.

    I have to admit -for the establishment who seeks power more than they intent to make a fix - this is a brilliant strategy.  As long as the people see them as "fighting for them" - they are not going to force the machine to prove its worth.

    Add to this the fact that neither HuffPo or Black journalists like "Eugene and Earl" are never going to inspect the establishment as a means of validating their worth in mitigating the problems and thus we are left with the conditions that remain in Chicago and other "Mission Accomplished Cities" but the machine remains entrenched, regardless of the outcomes.

    Singer John Stephens: "After My Fans Who Are Struggling Economically Sent Me Their Money To Entertain Them......I Don't Need A Tax Cut"

    John Legend: Take my tax cut. Please.

    Clearly John Stephens is an educated man, having gone to University Of Pennsylvania.  He merely lacks practical application.

    Mr Legend effective argues that money into the GOVERNMENT COFFERS as compelled by the "IRS offering plate" known as the 1040A - is the only way that choice "cultural programs" will receive funding.

    I wonder how our ancestors in Africa managed to build up the rich culture that we hear about so frequently - all without the benefit of the printing press to make paper money or a mail system through which tax forms could be distributed?

    I noted that with Affirmative Actions in college admissions - those who make note of the advantage that people who graduate from the University Of Pennsylvania would be more true to their calling IF they allowed PENN to discriminate as they wished BUT they went out to the employers, law firms and government offices that these elite graduates go to and DENY these graduates special dispensation.  This would be the best way to remove the advantage of these elite schools - and be in line with the "progressive struggle".

    I must apply this same reasoning to the latest piece of brilliance provided to us by John Stephens.  His millions in the bank has come from the sale of his music and his paid performances to "the little people" who are now struggling for the want of "redistributed resources" through taxation.   Why doesn't he stand against the entertainment industry which sets high prices for those who wish to CONSUME the "culture" that he is putting forth - and thus becoming a millionaire?

    How is it that Mr Stephens believes himself to know what other millionaires "Need"?

    The truth of the matter is that "hope springs eternal" with regards to what some people believe is possible with a government that is fully loaded with "private property" that was sent to it via "progressive taxation".  With the politicians making choices of how this money is spent - impacted by the loud and angry protests of the people who impress upon their choices - this is DEMOCRACY in the mind of John Stephens.

    What About Organic Productivity In The Mission Accomplished Areas?

    What John Stephens won't tell you is that the city of Springfield OH ,where he grew up, and other cities were given a state charger to form a municipal government and a school system BECAUSE the city fathers proved to the state legislature that they had enough local resources that were aligned to provide the people encapsulated within these cities a higher standard of living as a LOCAL FRANCHISE than they experience in their present "unincorporated state".

    The state agreed to allow this local entity to tax the LOCAL PEOPLE so that the key services (education/police/fire/roads/sewers) could be provided and prioritized according to their liking.

    INCUMBENT within this charter was the necessity that the town make decisions that allowed it to retain its productive capacity so their desired services could be paid for.   What Mr Stephens is unable to make note of - per the restrictions of his ideological entrapments - is that WORSE than the sight of a "millionaire who DOES NOT LIVE IN SPRINGFIELD" getting a tax cut from the federal government - is the long, long list of cities and counties and states who took their eye off of their mission and who are now FUNCTIONALLY INSOLVENT - unable to produce the financial revenues necessary to empower the people to live at their desired standard of living.  This is the greater tragedy.

    Mr Stephens chooses to look at the number of digits in his own bank account and holdings and feels a bit of guilt.  If he were more transparent in his analysis he would see that it was a SYSTEM that caused the individual dollars from people who valued his music to flow into his money market account before being transferred elsewhere by his finance people and thus we must have a SYSTEM by which the talents of other individuals who are "selling" their goods or talents into the market place to receive compensation from those who consume them.

    We could tax the wealth of every millionaire in this nation, taking down their wealth to more "fair" levels - just as Jesse Jackson has lobbied for.  In a few short years the smoke will clear and we will see that AMERICANS REMAIN 'CONSUMERS' and those who followed along with the scheme are now looking to the confidence men within their midst to find other pots of gold to partake of in support of their desired standard of living.

    Why doesn't Mr Stephens look at the empty promises that the political power grab that swept through these "Mission Accomplished" places has left the people high and dry - despite them erecting a wall of regulation and taxation upon their enemies?

    I now need to find the economics professor that set up the fund for "Millionaires who suffer from the guilt of their wealth to donate their tax savings".

    WASHINGTON — Singer John Legend was in Washington to sing at the White House on Thursday but he had a few choice words for the politicians in town, too.

    Legend told reporters before an evening concert celebrating Motown's music that too often the arts are the first thing to go when budgets need to be cut.

    "People fought to give me — a millionaire — a tax cut this year," he said. "I didn't need it. And all the other millionaires didn't need it either."

    The singer said he'd benefited from cultural organizations such as community choirs and arts councils in earlier years, which often suffer when budgets get trimmed.

    "I hope our politicians will not think that they are expendable and they can just get rid of them and nobody will feel the pain," he said. "Because I think society will feel the pain."

    He added: "I'm really frustrated with some of the discourse that's coming out of Washington."

    "Black People Can't B RACIST.........Unless They Have The POWER To Put Up Billboards Provoking Thought About Abortion"

    The past few weeks have forced me to start thinking about a valid formula for a "Black Consciousness Index".

    It would be some ratio between:

    • The Amount Of "Free Will" That We Have As A Community To Conduct Ourselves Without The Sanction Or Direction Of Any External Forces
    • The "Human Resource Management Guidance That Is Put Forth To Promote Or Suppress Behaviors And Thoughts And Messages That Support Or Threaten Our Permanent Interests
    In my solemn opinion - We are presently at an all time LOW.
    Whereas my frequent debate opponents tell of the past where our views and actions were shaped by the threatening force of "White Supremacy" and thus we should not look at the dysfunction that occurred due to this external force which made us respond............................. TODAY it is OUR FORCE of "Community Inertia" as free willed individuals that must be INSPECTED.   

    Those who make the case that "There Is STILL White Supremacy" attempt to put forth the notion that "ANY Presence of White Supremacy, anywhere" is indictment enough to cancel out criticism of what Black people do ORGANICALLY.

    I worry less about what they say in their "Racism Chasing Venture" as much as I do that there seems to be a large group of "merry men and women" following along with the sound of their flute.

    My disposition which is laced with sarcasm and contempt for certain (B.S.) antics that are put forth as "defense of the rights of the Black community" is merely my coping mechanism.  For if I did not respond this way I too much exhibit the symptoms of "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome".......even though I was never a slave. (But at least the concept sells books)

    The Billboard Featuring The Black Anti-Abortion Little Girl Is Racist!!!

    Please keep in mind that "Black people can't be RACIST because we don't have the POWER to enforce our 'hateful acts' upon other people in a systematic fashion".    

    This once again proves that the cover provided in defense of certain indictments are only provided when the "coverer" agrees with the actions and are seeking to provide..........."cover".  Congregational Complicity at its best.

    Which One Of These "Racist" Public Marketing Injections Did The Black Progressives Protest About?

    Trina w/ A Bullet In Her Mouth
    NAS "Nigger Album" 
    Using "the most hateful word in the English language" (If you allow them to tell it)
    Plies "Goon" Street Pirate imagery

    No one mentioned that "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" artist Plies had the POWER to make the Black male image into that of a criminal.
    This Sign Will Promote "Racial Profiling"
    "Democratic Party Preacher" Rev Al Sharpton says that this board is offensive because it denies a woman her right to "choose". He neither bothered to explain HOW nor did he reference the biblical verse in which "Jesus" told his people to "Be fruitful and multiply BUT if it is an unintended pregnancy - remove the progeny from its nutrition source of the mother's womb and then help lobby the government for more government issued condoms to ensure that this "accident" never happens again.

    Trina With A Bullet In Her Mouth
    With the shameful amount of gun violence in the Black community no one said a word about how the choice to put forth an album with such a picture sends the wrong message to the "Street Pirates" who are murdering Black people who have survived their mother's womb.  

    At minimum they would have inquired as to which gun shop sold her the bullet and pushed to give them a fine for placing deadly weapons in the hands of Black people for them to kill themselves.

    "The Attack On Unions Is An Attack On Democrats" - Why Didn't Rachel Maddow Walk Down The Hall To Talk To Her MSNBC Colleague Who Gets It Mostly Right? Making The Puzzle Fit In The GOP/Union Stand Off

    In the face of hidden agendas to spur their own favorable ends - it is nice to see an article that gets it mostly right.

    If you listen to MSNBC television,  the "Fight The Power" radio and "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies" - you will hear the conflict in Wisconsin and Ohio and Indiana framed in terms of "The Republican Assault Upon The Working Class".  Those who said nothing as I documented the eroded fiscal situation of California, Illinois, Michigan, New York and New Jersey based on their spending priorities are now motivated to speak out due to the "threat" from Republican governors.  They can't see that THEY are the political operatives who are responding on queue to the "chum" that they are being fed.

    Tim Curry does a good job adding texture to the conflict at hand.

    • States have 19.5 million workers as compared to the 2.8 million federal workers.  The pension and benefits crisis is hitting them particularly hard
      • Pension costs are on an trajectory that is unjustifiable
    • State funding has taken a hit recently, only exacerbating the problems
    • Unlike the federal government the states can't use "debt spending" to stimulate their economies
    • The risk of defaulting on municipal bonds

    I will be on the watch out for how New York and California address their massive problems. I will keep a look out on how those who are claiming that this is about partisan politics will respond to these two governors who also have to deal with budget realities.

    I Had Lunch With Two White Women From Wake County NC (Raleigh Durham)

    There was the opportunity right in front of me.  I was in Wake County, North Carolina.   Right in the heart of the Tea Party lead movement to "Turn Back The Clock" on the rights of Black people to receive "quality education" via sitting next to White students.

    For the bulk of the lunch we talked about the strategy by which we could win the business from a few other capitalistic corporations who had similar interests in generating profits.

    I had a choice to make.  Do I ask them where they stand on the most pressing "civil rights" issue of today or do I keep it on the level and just talk business?  

    They had already talked about their own children and asked me about mine so we have already talked about issues other than business.  Now I only needed to prepare myself for the possibility that they would pull out their "Tea Party membership" card and show me who they really are.  Indeed I have heard several times, from several Black media outlets that the Tea Party is the new "Klan".

    (End Of Sarcasm)

    I asked the following question:
    "I see that your school system here has made the national news regarding school busing.  What is going on?"
    I wanted to have them put forth their perspective on the events so I asked a non-leading question.

    Here is a summary of their views:

    1. "I live in a community where I can see the elementary school from my house.  The way this school busing program is set up many of the children in my neighborhood are driving past this community school and sent somewhere else in the county".
      1. "Imagine if you have to pick all of your children up early from school and you have to drive all around the county to collect them up?  Wake County is a large county and you could be driving all over the place."
    2. "There are people with 2 or 3 children in elementary school or middle school or high school.  Instead of them all being in one school - this plan doesn't respect families, they could be in all different schools.  It is insane"
    3. "Children who are of the same age in the community can all go to different schools.  The only time they get to see their local friends is if they participate in an after-school sports program locally or some type of club."
    4. "Parents who would like to become "class moms" in their children's now have to consider the distance between their house and the school.  It has the effect of suppressing parental environment.  Imagine the impact on the PTA involvement when you have to fight through traffic to make it to your children's school that is across town"?
    5. "Imagine if your child misses the bus in the morning and now has to get to school but the school is across the county instead of in the community that you moved into?"
    6. (And Finally)  "The busing policy tries to keep each school's population of kids receiving  'Free Lunch' at or below "40%" of a schools population.  The goal is to prevent one school from having too many low income students concentrated in one place."   Something to the effect of the following was added: "I am in favor of diversity and schools sharing the load but the present system creates all of these problems.  If someone was to do a study to enumerate all of the transportation costs used to keep this program up they would see the great amount of money that is being spent.  This money spent here is money that can't be spent on classroom instruction".
    The other woman has her children in private school so she admitted that she personally doesn't have to deal with these issues but the general sentiment in her city (within Wake County) is as the other woman has indicated.   These policies merely motivate the people who could send their children to public schools but who can afford private school a bit more impetus to remove them from the public schools.  It exacerbates the spiral downward.

    I asked them about "per student funding".  In the "Pre-Brown v Board" era - that this time is being compared to Wake County would be a perfect situation where discrimination between Black & White was seen:  a large school system that encompasses both of these communities but the resources were allocated in balance toward the White kids.

    I was told that the entire county collects property taxes for school but that she also lives in Raleigh and the city also has a tax.  I clarified that they have both a property tax and a sales tax.  She was not sure if the schools that are in the cities receive a funding boost from the cities.    Still Raleigh and the rest of the larger cities in the county are racially diverse so, even if this was so, this does not prove to be an exclusive advantage.

    They asked me how things are in Georgia.  I mentioned that the state has 154 counties, each with their own school system.  The counties appear to be a bit smaller than what is the case in NC.  If you don't like the schools in one county - you move to another county who's policies produce more favorable outcomes.

    "We Are Going Forward. We Are Not Going Backward" - North Carolina NAACP

    North Carolina Vs The Feds: Landmark Segregation Investigation

    As I listened to the version of events on the ground from the "virtual Tea Party racists" that were in front of me I could not get past one thing that I keep railing against on this blog:   What is the standing of the "Free Lunch Kids" with respect to their assumed EQUALITY?

    When this quantity of children must be kept below a minimum, lest "bad things" happen inside of the school where they congregate then we must admit that the problem is with the prevailing consciousness that is injected upon these children and seek to correct it.  I investigated the "assumed inferiority" of this line of thinking in this post (click here).

    Ironically the very same force that see the DAMAGE done to "Free Lunch Kids" IF they are allowed to remain in schools where THEY are the majority seeks to prevent "Bring Your Own Lunch Kids" from using their own efforts to fortify their own community schools.

    Again I must point out the irony of seeing a program that has "children bused past several schools" in order to go to the school that they were assigned to, COMPARED TO a time of blatant racism in which Black kids were bused past several local schools that where "White Schools", over to a school that the school system had assigned them to.

    I have a blog entry in draft form that is entitled "What Is The COST Of Diversity".  I now need to finish it and publish it.  It asks the basic question: "Is there a point that is reached where in your pursuit of 'Diversity' you own self-dignity and self-worth is compromised?".

    I still can't reconcile in my own mind that force that a "single Black child" sitting in a "White classroom" receives BUT WHICH CAN'T be generated in a classroom where this same "single Black child" is congregated with other "single Black child".

    The warnings made by Zora Neale Hurston about the implicit inferiority of Black people per our pursuit of these policies are more justified today than they were at her time.

    I am just saddened that the "Struggle Milieu" that has been adopted by the "embedded confidence men" within our midst has been used to avoid the necessary focus on getting OUR PEOPLE brought in line with the mission that is needed to change the outcomes that are produced by changing the repetitive behavior (and the thoughts that underly them) that is conducted within.