They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I Was Asked For My Opinion Ohio Governor John Kasich And His Choice To Pick The Cabinet Of His Own Choosing

I wanted to find the voting results by race for the Ohio governor's race from 2008.   This would have helped to draw the picture of how important "diversity" was for the entire voting population of Ohio at that time.

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My Response.

  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal(R-
  • Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA)
  • Mississippi Governor Hailey Barbour (R-MS)
  • Maine Governor Paul LePage( R-ME)
  • Florida Governor Rick Scott (R-FL)
  • Georgia Governor Nathaniel Deal (R-GA)
  • Alabama Governor Robert Bentley(R-AL)
  • Ohio Governor John Kasich (R-OH)

7 Republican governors that have been in some form of heightened conflict with "the Black community" or "the Black press" over the past year.  SOME OF THE decisions, missteps by these governors which have raised the ire of SOME Black people were self-inflicted wounds.   They have a particular pro-Democratic component of their constituency who have certain sensitivities and sympathies.  Many of these men have been "tone deaf" in striking the right balance with their words or remaining silent.   There is no getting around the fact, for example, that anything related to "Confederates" is going to be controversial and seen as a slight to Black people.  Gov McDonnell had nothing to gain in reestablishing the official recognition of "Confederate Memorial Day".  The choice to avoid the reference to "Slavery" as a means of "not offending" the "Confederate Sympathizers" in his official proclamation was a self-inflicted wound.

At the same time - I see that the "Civil Rights Pharisees" that are strongest and most unified when they are making a racial indictment against someone and are STRUGGLING, saw fit to board a bus and wage a protest march against Governor Kasich for his "lack of diversity" in the state administrative cabinet.  For the SCLC which has had a recent spate of internal problems - it is indeed refreshing to their mission to have the family feud healed by them walking together on a picket line against a common external - ideological and partisan enemy.

The Goal Of Ideological Homogeneity With Diversity In Other Attributes

I have been in enough "just between us chickens" conversations to fully understand the code words for the struggle for "diversity" really mean.
When a Progressive-Fundamentalist drives for "Diversity" they are talking about:

  • Promoting an Ideological "Progressive"
  • With Variability with reference to:
    • Race
    • Gender
    • Religion
    • Sexual Preference
    • Handicapped Status

If Governor Kasich were to find a "Clarence Thomas" type of candidate to fill any of the remaining seats - this Black 'Non-Progressive' will be called more names over his career by those who ask for tolerance and diversity than he will face by those who are identified as 'racists' by Black people.   PERIOD!!
They would do everything in their power to insure that this Black Non-Progressive and his boss will be "One term governors", exiting office after the 2014 elections.  It is never "racist" to do everything to make sure that a non-progressive is a "one term-er".

I would be interested to hear if any of the "Ohio Congressional Black Caucus" made a calculated consideration of the importance of "distributing their eggs" so that they would have influence upon Governor Stricktland or Governor Kasich, regardless of who wins?

"Today it feels like 1811 in the State of Ohio"

When such unfettered rhetoric is voiced in the spirit of a racial indictment which plays upon Slavery - it is important to develop a PICTURE of the day that the person wishes to "Turn The Clock Back To" and TODAY.

The State Of Ohio For Black People In The Early 1800's

Numerous African Americans have resided in Ohio. Today, African-American Ohioans continue to enhance Ohio's cultural and social landscape.
Prior to becoming a state, very few African Americans resided in Ohio. In 1800, only 337 African Americans lived in the area. Most of these people were free, but undoubtedly, a small number of them were slaves. African Americans hovered near two percent of Ohio's total population throughout the first half of the nineteenth century. By 1810, 1,890 blacks called Ohio home, increasing to 4,723 a decade later. By 1860, 36,700 African Americans resided in the state.
Ohio's first constitution, the Ohio Constitution of 1803, outlawed slavery. This was a requirement of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. Despite this legal protection, some black Ohioans were actually slaves. Slaveowners lived especially in southern Ohio. If a sheriff or some other law enforcement official accused the white man of violating the law, the slaveowner would simply transport his African American property across the Ohio River to the slaveholding state of Kentucky.
The vast majority of black Ohioans were free. Prior to statehood and the growth of cities, many of these people lived with friendly Native American tribes. Most blacks in the state had run away from slave states in the South. Although slavery was banned in Ohio, slaveowners still had the right under the United States Constitution to retrieve their runaway property. Many African Americans hoped that whites, already fearful of the Indians, would not look for them among the natives. During the late 1700s and the early 1800s, many African Americans settled in Upper Sandusky, a village of the Wyandot Indians.

Runaway Slaves In Ohio - 1800s

The State Of Black People In 2011

  1. Cleveland
  2. Cincinnati
  3. Akron
  4. Youngstown
I have learned from my appraisal of the prevailing political and ideological machinations WITHIN the Black community today - that there is a need to have a FIXED CONSCIOUSNESS which defines your priorities BEFORE you go into a debate where a TRANSACTIONAL INDICTMENT will be throw out for you to bite onto.

Thus - to answer the question of the person who asked me about Governor Kasich's cabinet and the protests that have resulted - I am forced to consider what are far greater molestations of Black people's Permanent Interests - suffered by FAR MORE BLACK PEOPLE in Ohio and note that these conditions have not only avoided triggering a protest - but the individuals who presided over these eroded conditions received the majority balance of the Black vote.

I choose to make a reference index as to the PRIORITIES that are suffering from "benign neglect" as certain embedded operatives hijack our community consciousness and attention.

The question of which battle is a priority (the fight with the governor or these elements below) is one of personal preference and what your respective long term agenda is.

In as much as the PREVIOUS cabinet that was satisfactorily diverse did not trigger a protest and neither did the results - I am forced to question the agenda of those who march.

Black Community's Permanent Interests The State Of The State Of Ohio For Black Americans In 2011
Safe Streets

"Blacks Should Shun Elected Officials That Fail To Keep Their Communities Safe"
Columbus Ohio Is Most Deadly Of Ohio Cities In 2010
Quality Education

"Blacks Should Shun The Machine That Fails To Develop Our Human Resources In Preparation For Their Development To Be The Professional Service Providers For Our Community In The Future"

The Struggle To Transform Urban Education In Ohio
Thriving Local Economies

"The Black Community Should Shun Any Platform Of Economic Theories That Fail To Tap Into Our Human Resources, Fully Deploying Them For Trade Of Their Skills And Services In Support Of The Desired Standard Of Living For Our Communities"

Ohio State University - Unemployment Study

Gov. Ted Strickland, the incumbent in Ohio, has made only marginal gains in getting Ohioans back to work, most of that attributed to state spending on education and health care. The latest Ohio unemployment figures, released Oct. 22, show a 10 percent unemployment rate, higher than the national average of 9.6 percent.
High unemployment and a stalled economy is one likely explanation for Ohio's neck-and-neck governor's race. Most polls are showing Gov. Strickland lagging slightly behind challenger and former Ohio Rep. John Kasich.
Article: Jan 15, 2010
Blacks, Hispanics and men have suffered the most mainly because they have been disproportionately employed in sectors hardest hit in the recession -- manufacturing and construction. For instance, the unemployment rate for blacks is expected to reach 27 percent in Michigan, which has been shedding auto industry jobs. Other states with jobless rates above 20 percent for blacks are Alabama, Illinois, Ohio and South Carolina. 
Healthy Lifestyles And Relationship Outcomes

"The Black Community, Desiring To Have Our People Live Healthy Lives In Stable, Enduring Relationships Should Reject All Social And Cultural And Health Related Concepts That Undercut These Goals "

HIV Infection Rates For Black Males & Females In Ohio

Until there is active protection against those who seek to exploit the "transactional whims" of the Black community, instead keeping us with our "eyes on the prize" - there will be yet another "fill in the blank {Republican/Tea Party figure} who will always be in the "gun sights" of Black America - just as the embedded operatives want for us in the name of Ideological Unity.

Some People Are "Unmasked" Based Upon What They DON'T Protest Against, When That Which Attacks Us Would Force Them To Break Rank With Their Ideological Entrenchments Rather Than Appraising Them With Regard To What They DO Protest Against - In Their Question To Retain Their Ideological Unity

Am I the "Sellout" for not "biting" on this one?
Or are people that you align with ideologically the sellouts - as they are nullified over challenges to our community interest in which aren't resolved by protests and "profane outrage"?

Solution: "Multiple Taxpayer Paid Health Care FACILITIES"!!!!

Judge Rules Parts Of Health Insurance Reform Bill Unconstitutional

I have provided a rational solution to get around the pitfalls and flaws that the recent health insurance regulation law has contained within it.

Create "Multiple Taxpayer Paid Health Care FACILITIES".   Anyone is able to enter into these government run facilities and receive care, without regard to their insurance or ability to pay.

Allow private care facilities and private insurance to remain as they are.

Ironically - this is how various European nations that were used as "reference standards" last year during the debate have their system configured.

I have talked to several individual friends of the family or co-workers from the UK.  They make the case that the UK indeed has a public health care system.   However, with the economic realities that are as real and immutable as "gravity" the economics of scarcity makes these public facilities open and accessible to all - but slow and with sub-optimal service levels.

I was told by an immigrant of 20 years that those people with private insurance in the UK choose to wait until that same doctor who does rounds in the public hospital sees private patients at his private office.  They get a higher quality of care and more responsiveness in their test results.

The bottom line is - people need to decide if they want "universal access to health care" OR do they want to erect a system of centralized "command and control" that places the government as the strong arm over all entities in the health care service delivery system.

The Church Might Be Full Of People But "Jesus" Is Nowhere To Be Found

Politics and Power Struggle Has Consumed The Push To Maintain The Integrity Of The Church As A "Human Resource Development" Institution

Chicago Mayoral Candidates Go At It In "Trinity United Church Of Christ"

Church Conflict Over Who Will Be Their Pastor Turns Violent

Fletcher North Carolina Church Battles Over Pastor

"These people are not of God if they come in here to fight!  Don't you understand this is God's house!  And they don't understand this is God's house.  For violence to go on in God's house is so wrong.  Its so wrong!!"

Even In The School Facilities Which You Have Allowed Them Access After Decades Of Denial - They Have Lost Their Consciousness Of Where They Are

They arbitrarily divide themselves into "teams" as a basis for their continued fighting

I am the interpreter for what this woman hath said while speaking in tongues:

"Lord please help my people.  Restore the 'mystical African culture' that we had many centuries ago which connected with our nature as a people.   They acknowledge that this culture was stolen from us but the main people who can tell us the very year and month in which this culture was stolen have done little to train up 'cultural anthropologists' to try and reconstruct this culture and later resurrect it upon our people.
While we practiced this culture there were no "money changers" allowed inside of our temples.  They were not allowed to sell their wares in the sacred building nor draw upon our people to sell the currency of their ballots for those who tried to purchase their consciousness for use in the political domain.
We ALL WERE KINGS and QUEENS thus there was no need for destructive politics.   It appears, Lord, that though the notion of "kings and queens" are merely metaphoric because there can only be one head of state - it was none the less instilled within the CONSCIOUSNESS.   They certainly did not disrespect the institutions of HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT that you have provided to them with your grace.   They were to "develop themselves into your form", instead they work to fortify the most hateful stereotypes against them.

Chis Hedges - A "Non-Attached Progressive-Fundamentalist" Who Has Captured My Observations About The "Establishment Progressives"

This man is named "Chris Hedges".  He is a progressive-fundamentalist war reporter for "The Nation" magazine.

I have heard no other progressive who has done a better job voicing what I had previously observed about the "Establishment Progressives" per his recent C-SPAN Book TV presentation.

If you scratch out "The Liberal Class" and replace it with "The Black Establishment" there would be a near 100% complete match in his words exposing their antics.

I don't pretend to agree with Mr Hedges with regard to his general positions and his analysis.  Certainly if the city of Camden has no grocery stores - this is not an example of corporate exploitation.  This is an open opportunity for a non-aligned group to come in and build up a strong customer base without the threat from Wal-Mart.  His main flaw is that he focuses on the fight against corporations while failing to articulate how "progressive minded individuals" can collaborate to build up a parallel system in the rubble of American Corporate Democracy.

At the same time I am forced to agree with a good number of the observations that Mr Hedges puts forth in his book.   The use of consumer credit is what has allowed many Americans to regain the standard of living that their productivity and income can no longer substantiate.  There are great problems ahead unless we realign these living standard with the income.

He criticizes his friends on the left for largely speaking as "Progressives" but ultimately operating within the capitalist war-socialist system that they merely mouth condemnation of.

The "Black Establishment" IS A Component Of The "Liberal Class"

C-SPAN Book TV (CSPAN II) plans to re-air Mr Hedges presentation on February 7th.  They have not yet published the time so you need to keep track of their schedule on their web site.

I had previously described the classifications of:

  •  "Establishment Progressives" - those who use the words of "progressivism" as their mechanism to make inroads into the seats of power within the government, corporations and other institutions. 
  • "The Unattached Progressives" - those who have an anarchical streak within them.  They are more committed to ideological purity and enforces it upon both Conservatives and "Establishment Progressives".
By far the best critical analysis of progressive figures that are typically "off limits" by the mainstream media (including Civil Rights leaders and elected officials who are racial minorities) has come from my frequent reading (OK - monitoring) of hard left media sources.

This includes:
  • "International Socialist Review" magazine
  • "The Nation" magazine
  • "Dollars and Sense" magazine
  • "Democracy Now" television broadcast
  • A select number of web sites
For example, I learned about how Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson used heavy handed tactics against striking sanitation workers in Atlanta back in the 1970's - NOT from the Black Establishment Media channels who seek desperately to protect their brand and all who have their portraits hanging inside of their art gallery.  Instead it was a (White) progressive magazine which did a review of the squandered promises in various cities where "favorable people" where put into power but they ultimately chose to protect the establishment institutions.    

On another occasion I recall reading a progressive magazine which enumerated the functions of all of its "coalition partners" in driving "progressive social and economic change" for the nation.  While we might expect "labor" to be enumerated as such - they listed "The Black Political Machine" as an important component of the progressive takeover.   It was disturbing to see these third party observant eyes expertly capturing what our people have been ensnared into marching along with.  If I am Black BUT NOT a "progressive" does this mean that I stand opposed to BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT?      I maintain that the best evidence of the forces that stand most opposed to "Black community development" are those who control Flint, Detroit, Newark, Camden, Gary, Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Rochester and Buffalo.  

The point is not whether I agree with their analysis or not.  The point is that such critical analysis is largely absent in the "Black Establishment Press".   Their job is to defend the establishment and their IDEOLOGY over any concern about a dogged focus on the promised benefits and showing an unrelenting resolve for receiving the delivery.

The truth is that they and Hedges have this as a common flaw.  In as much as they are focused on "Ideological Enforcements" rather than results - they are never made to ask if their IDEOLOGY is the best tool at the present time to deliver upon the promises.  The desired results will only come from the adoption of more effective management strategies that are parceled out in a more segmented fashion geographically.   Whereas most franchise seek to execute their success locally as a means of aggregating their wealth for the benefit of the centralized entity - the Progressive sees "localization" per the view of the racially hijacked term known as "States Rights".  By forgoing their nationalized claim of "social justice" they believe that they are left vulnerable to the whims of a "distributed market economy" where their interests can be sliced and diced and exploited.     They see  With the Black Establishment Press they have a "dual axis of planetary rotation":   Race and Progressive Ideology.   In general practice both are maximized.  

The unfortunate consequence of their machinations is that it is often necessary to deemphasize the conditions of the 'Black Permanent Interests' in pursuit of their ideological goals.  While Hedges made mention of "The Tea Parties" and, of course, the Republican Party in his briefing - he set his sights on the grand hypocrisy of his fellow travelers on the left.  He realized that his progressive goals could only be accomplished by purging those who have incorporated progressive talk into their spiel  but have ultimately misappropriated progressive values.   By comparison the focus on the "Tea Parties" IS the central "ideological unity enforcement" mechanism for the "Progressive who is a Democrat who is Black".   While they are able to make the case that "racist White people" always need to have an enemy to get mad at...............they can't see that they make use of the very same "group think" accouterments for their own purposes.   There is simply no way a serious minded Black Community Conscious person can look at failing schools, heightened violence and eroding economic opportunity in the Black community and see SARAH PALIN'S face as the threat from which this has originated.  Palin and the "Tea Parties" are a threat to DEMOCRATS.  In as much as these embedded operatives that lurk within our community consciousness are Democrats - they misappropriate the PRIORITY FOCUS of the Black community upon "unifying enemies".

Hedges On Obama And The Democratic Party

With Obama promising to raise $1B for his reelection campaign - Mr Hedges dares to ask WHO will be supplying the balance of these funds and WHAT they will have purchased from helping Mr Obama win a new round.   Of course in the first go round the story that was emphasized was the record number of small donations from individuals that Obama received via new "social networking" channels.  The "Establishment Progressives" that Hedges calls out did not mention that Obama also got a record amount of corporate money.   

Hedges calls out Reps Conyers and Kucinch as Progressive allies who demanded the "multiple taxpayer paid health care" (the "Public Option") and rhetorically threatened to refuse to vote for anything less.  YET when this multi-billion dollar gift to the insurance industry was voted upon - they stood in support of it.   Hedges points out that millions more customers will be brought into the fold of the insurance companies and that government subsidies will fatten their balance sheets.  In his view the private health care system should have been taken apart, the only sure means to remove profiteering from the system.  None of his "progressive friends" stood up and refused to go along with the compromise.

I have more respect for those who seek to retain the consistency of their dogma.  They are more predictability in their reactions without the complicit outrage or silence in reverse correlation to their adversary's or friend's placement in the seat of power at a given time.

When The "Black Community Is Made Into A Partisan Or Ideological Constituency" We Lose When They Win

 There is a big difference between "compromising" when the conditions require it and BEING COMPROMISED as you adopt an external entities platform as your own.

This past weekend as I was doing my review of "Lampblack Yellow Journalism" I was stunned at how articles purporting to represent "Black Community Development Interests" started out and concluded with POLITICAL strategies.  In the "virtual Black community" when the ideological adversary is present there exists a battle over seats of power so that the community resources can be more "justly" distributed.  When the adversary "leaves us all alone - to take over all of the institutions seats" as he goes elsewhere to populate his own damned seats - this is called "corporate abandonment" of Black people.  

Few of the "congregational reporters" dare to observe that in the decades of the pitched battle where seats in the "human resource development" institutions were won by attrition - the lack of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT within the domain has left our people in a great state of peril - after the "catalyst" has departed their midst.

Indeed there was a VICTORY -as evident by the "campaign victory parties" where "The Electric Slide" was executed with great precision.   There was also an unfortunate LOSS suffered by the Black community in that what was focused upon as our "victory" was not, in fact, that which developed them.

Rev Deforest Soaries Jr: In A World "After MLK" and "During Obama" Black Preachers Face A New Challenge

Now that blacks have legal equality, it's up to churches and other civic organizations to address their most pressing issues.

With all due respect, Rev Soaries Jr - your article doesn't go far enough in analyzing the "spirit" that is presently infecting the consciousness of too many Black people.

You see back during King's day there was a "clear and present danger" facing the Black community.  This threat was external and thus it was easy to unify the Black community against it.  Most of the internal conflicts were checked because the priority against the external threat has a unifying and nullifying impact on the internal dysfunction.

The protections that you have enumerated that our community has received as the government began to enforce its own laws don't speak to any particular changes that can be pointed to WITHIN the Black community with respect to new processes that have been adopted to mitigate our INTERNAL issues.  These issues have popped up now that so much of the issues that King had faced are mitigated.

These pastors that you speak of largely echo and many times are 'thought leaders' in reference to the prevailing consciousness that is in their congregation.  In as much as many of them have the "Civil Rights Movement" as the key modality from which they base their "moral compass".  It was easy for them to indict this external bad guy.  

Today with the internal problems that you mention - it is easier to look past them or obfuscate toward a more interesting subject - allowing these issues to fester. 

I have learned to accept that you can't force a group of people to be more transparent - accepting that as their freedoms grow and more "favorable people" are put into power over their key institutions that they must also accept a larger portion of the accountability for the outcomes that are produced.

There is a concept called "Establishment Denial" that is running rampant.  It allows this force that is growing in power to lay claim to their own inferiority in controlling the dynamics of their community.   The "congressional complicity" that is erected has most going along with the scheme, regardless of the lack of veracity therein.

The best thing that the preachers that you speak of can do is to promote a new spirit of "community ownership", pressing the people to be the stewards of the plot of land that circles the church, making sure that the "devilment" that at times is abundant is mitigated per their own focused attention.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

If Martin Luther King III Is Successful In His Stake In The "NY Mets" Will He Apply His Quasi-Socialist Theories On Income To Professional Sports?

ESPN: Martin King III Seeks Ownership Stake In The Baseball "NY Mets" Team

I am going to avoid submitting any Internet based claims about Mr King's economic theories if they don't meet a minimum level of authenticity.

I can tell you that I have heard the man do no less than 2 radio interviews on the local talk radio station and several speeches in which he espoused views that spoke of:

  • Guaranteed jobs and minimum salaries
  • Attacked Corporate Capitalism
  • Connected "Social Justice" with Government Tax Policy (while mentioning nothing about the squandered Human Resource Development track record of the ideological and political forces that he supports)

Yesterday I hear multi-millionaire Russell Simmons proclaim that he would "gladly pay more in taxes" - knowing that while these mere words give him "street cred" in the Progressive-Fundamentalist community - they mean NOTHING with regard to actual IRS action against his earnings.

In as much as we hear corporations and the executive suite receive an array of attacks from those who are supporters of "government confiscation" as their primary accelerant of economic development for "The Least Of These" it is equally stunning to hear how ENTERTAINERS and SPORTS FIGURES receive 7 and 8 figure salaries without a whimper from this same group.

Even though the (evil) corporate executives provide them with tangible goods and services, the proof of the consumer purchase appearing on their bank statements each month - the people who they PAY for the opportunity for the masses to have an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION - receive their mass millions and a bit of praise for their service.   What other than the ability to focus our consciousness upon an artificial world does the movie actor or sports star do?   We are told that "health care is a social justice right" and news of $16 billion in profits across the top 15 insurers is a sign of theft from the public coffers.  Yet there is a chest of BILLIONS contained and extracted from the "emotional engineering" businesses of sports, music and entertainment which goes unchallenged.

THIS MONEY is mostly DISCRETIONARY money from the perspective of the consumer.   They resent those forces that send them an invoice for services rendered on a daily basis yet the choices made for purchase of entertainment as they pursue emotional connection goes unchallenged.

How does Mr King reconcile his condemnation of market capitalism while he seeks to enter into one of the areas that has the BIGGEST GAP between "ball boy" and "ball thrower"?

How much does a MLB Ballboy make?:  $81.50 per game

How much does the top paid MLB player make in one game?:   A-Rod ($33M per year): $205K per game
(assuming a 161 game season)

Please understand - I AIN'T MAD AT THEM!!!   This is what the CONSUMERS have chosen to do with their money.  There is an expressed value in what is being sold to them in this space.  I am merely asking the "haters" to be CONSISTENT - rather than fearing they'd upset where they want to "get in".

"Confederate Outcomes For Black Mortality" In The State Of Pennsyvania

Pennsylvania Is Second In Rate Of Black Homicides

From The Article:

Pennsylvania has the second-highest rate of black homicide victims in the nation, and Philadelphia was responsible for more than half of those slayings, according to a study released yesterday by the Violence Policy Center in Washington.

The study looked at 2008 FBI data, the most recent available, and found that 449 of the state's homicide victims that year were black, which resulted in a black homicide rate of 31.05 per 100,000.

Of those victims, 263 were killed in Philadelphia. Pittsburgh had the second-most black homicide victims with 66, and Chester came in third with 16, according to statistics provided by the Violence Policy Center.

Pennsylvania has ranked either first or second in the study for the past five years, said Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center.

"Pennsylvania residents should be deeply concerned and very troubled," he said. "What this shows is that there's a consistent problem."

Chad Dion Lassiter, race professor at the University of Pennsylvania and West Chester University, said the stats were "extremely alarming."

"You let three white men die in one given Saturday because of gun violence, there would be an uproar," he said. "But here in Philadelphia, if three black men don't die in one weekend, we wonder what was going on. Was there a sporting event or something happening?

"The larger society does not put value on the price of a black body."

The last line proves to be most frustrating to me.
It attempts to INDICT the "larger society" for its lack of care of Black people.

  • I heard entertainment mogul Russell Simmons itemize the number of "cold case" murders who's victims appear on a wall in his neighborhood, surrounding the image of the late "Jam Master Jay"
  • I watched a documentary on Flint Michigan which noted that there are 400 UNSOLVED murders in the city in the past 8 years
When we realize that NONE OF THESE unsolved murders that will be made into "Civil Rights Cold Case Files" - EQUAL in offense to the slashings done over the past 70 years by the "CCC" and "Confederate Sympathizers" - then we can begin to understand the problem.  There will never be as much passion to find the murderer that compares to that which is shown i the "Civil Rights Cold Case File".

Sadly - if the "authorities" were to doggedly turn over every lead in their attempt to bring the killer to justice - certain operatives WITHIN the community would speak out about the drag net that too many people have been ensnared in.

I am forced to conclude that only the community has the power to define the acceptable level of homicide and violent assault that is tolerated within their own community.  From there they will provide evidence of their commitment to this standard by the policies and actions that they are seen enacting to fortify these claims.

The Misappropriated Leadership In The Black Community Today

The news that "Confederate Sympathizers" were to have a banquet to commemorate the anniversary of the start of the Civil War will garner more attention than this shameful factoid that this "Black Murder Rate" of genocidal proportions represents.   Since there is no direct "indicitable adversary" - SILENCE and eventual REDIRECTION is the preferred response.  They want "ideological unity" and not internal controversy, after all.  By showing audacity in actually defending the Permanent Interests of "Safe Streets" within our community, not worried about the toes that are stepped upon - such a person risks being called "AGAINST Black people" per the "hatred" that they show in "painting Black people as criminals".

 I have suggested previously the need to not accept the worn out label of "RACIST" as it has been hijacked as a mere ideological and political weapon.

The ENEMY OF BLACK PEOPLE shows his face based upon:

  • His willingness to murder, assault, rape our people as a means of keeping them in their place via his projection of power
  • His willingness to destroy the Human Resource Development potential of Black people by derailing Black Education 
  • His willingness to undercut the Black community's Economic foundations by assaulting the ability of Organic Economic Institutions to create wealth and deploy Black people
  • His willingness to disrupt the Quality of Life of individual people and the society by derailing the social order between Black people and their healthy living activities
When you use THIS framework as a means of profiling the enemy of Black people - the face of your enemy will be shown:

I see no difference between the "Machine" that actively conspired to assist those who killed Black people and the machine today - who in the face of a precipitous amount of Black people being murdered on their watch - they realize that by OBFUSCATING outward, getting the Black Rank & File to agree to focus upon their popular ideological enemy, thus producing the environment of BENIGN NEGLECT in which the Street Pirates fester.  

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Selective Indictment Between Those Who Dare Ignore The 14Th Amendment Vs The 2nd Amendment

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I value historical documentaries about "Jim Crow" and the "Civil Rights Movement". It allows me to see what my people had to deal with. More importantly it has me appreciating what I no longer have to deal with today.

The central theme of the struggle was to have the Black community PROTECTED from the wanton assault upon our basic humanity by an array of forces who desperately sought to keep us terrorized and intimidated so that they could have their way with us.

The issue of "Community Protection" is a central theme.  The "community organizers" stated that in as much as they bear the ultimate responsibility for protecting the households in their community - since the police and other government authorities were failing to do so, as they have a varying amount of complicity with the assailants, the Black community was ultimately responsible for its own protection.

These leaders were the first Black Americans to express the theory "don't start none - won't be none".  Their enemies knew the threat of this "balance of power".

Seeing the Black community seeking to take up arms to defend itself and knowing that THEY were the ones behind the hoods - the authorities sought out ways to restrict guns and ammo in the hands of the Black community.    The "2nd Amendment rights" be damned.

The video above shows left-wing activist Angela Davis responding to a reporters question about elements that promote VIOLENCE contained in the "Black Panther Party".  She does a good job in rebuking the challenge - making note of how her community in Birmingham Alabama was terrorized by those who used violent means to "keep Black people in their place".   What they now see as "violence" by Black people is merely a justified stance of DEFENSIVENESS against those who "DON'T GIVE A DAMN" about live up to a higher sense of honor.

I support Angela Davis' position on this point.   The challenge for the Progressive is to move from his mandate of having those with HONOR to live up to a certain standard over to working with those who "DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THEM" to live up to a higher standard.   If you can do so peacefully and without assembling an equal and opposite force of power - have at it.

The 2nd Amendment
Notice in the video below the caviler manner in which our 2nd Amendment rights are cast away as "antique", irrelevant to our civilized society of today.  There is no chance that any of these people will be called "Molesters Of The US Constitution".   When it comes to the "2nd Amendment" as long as the "Progressive Consciousness" of the nation agrees that this one entry is a stain upon the constitution and they mutual consent to look past it - one is called a hero in his role as a "defender of a peaceful society".

The carrot dangled before the people with this consciousness is that IF they one day achieve their regulatory control over the gun industry and slowly wean them out of existence - America will have "progressed" closer to the true spirit of its founding.

You dare mention that the "14th Amendment" was focused on allowing "freed enslaved Blacks" citizenship and NOT for allowing those who snuck into this nation you are considered a KLANSMAN.  If you suggest that we ignore or amend out the 2nd Amendment you are a visionary.

If you agree that the government should engrave serial numbers upon bullets - THIS type of increased government is fine.  If you support that same government tracking library card usage then you are an oppressor.

Mr Stockman - I ARGUE FOR MY GUN.   When you get those who don't give a damn about the law and they acquire guns anyway - then we can talk.  Until then you are a violator of the Constitution, no difference than a free speech oppressor.

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Talk To The Street Pirates And Make Him Respect The Other Text Of The US Constitution

I am an owner of several hand guns.  I stash them in my house and my vehicles.  I assure you that my possession of these potentially deadly weapons does not increase the threat of offensive assault and violence in our society.  If you ever hear about me in the news having shot someone it will be in self-defense after THEY initiated a threat to me or my family.

Sadly today since the "intellectually elite" among us are more interested in scoring political points than in going after those who ACTUALLY committed violent actions or who plot to do so - we have a shift from systematically targeting the environs that produce the HATRED that spawns the violence over to using the government to go after the inanimate objects.

Notice how quickly the operatives in the video above are seen throwing out the HYPOTHETIC regarding what the POLICE would do if BLACK PEOPLE were to show up at a rally with masses of fire arms.  What most would fail to notice is the slight of hand that is at play.   Even Russell Simmons is complicit in the act.   He recognizes the mass carnage that is going on in the streets of the inner city.  However, unlike the "Reconstruction Era South" - he is not calling for an all out coordinated war to eradicate the MENTALITY of HATRED that prompts people to kill.  Indeed he has profited greatly off of "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" tunes, even buried a close personal friend (DJ Run) in the process.  For Russell Simmons to go after the "GUNMEN" would be for him to ultimately go after the swamp which he has incubated over the years.  "WHO" killed these people that you reference, Mr Simmons?

The Progressives Maher and Maddow, accompanied by Stockman the "fiscal conservative" are loathed to identify ORGANIC HATRED that is present in the Black community.  Instead they choose to take a regulatory end around to address the problem:  Go after the GUNS.

When we see the "Stop and Frisk" policies that open up the jail cells for Black males to enter in - WHY is it that those same people who promoted the policy are not indicted as the enablers of the "Prison Pipeline"?

When they promote "Gun Control" they have in their mind a business man who has a manufacturing plant, a distribution network and a gun store for retail sales.  They have sinned in that they made the mistake of enabling "our sons to kill each other".

It is my view that "White Supremacy" that is discovered by the ABSENCE of reference of the EQUAL HUMAN BEING of a Black man who has conspired to kill people is the type of clandestine "White Snarling Fox" Supremacy that Malcolm X has talked about.

Until the Black man is returned to the DEFENDER OF HIS COMMUNITY - just as he was made to do so when the Klan forces in Birmingham prompted him to stand up - we will be subject to these schemes - where the Black victim of gun violence is kept SILENCE as the "Superior Shooter" in Tuscon is the agent that made "America care".

I have no respect for the Black political operatives who jumped into the pool and dished ideological and partisan blame against their ideological enemies - that same Saturday before the sun went down.  Yet when it comes to the issue of "Street Pirate On Black Wanton Murder" - they run their PROTECTION RACKET OF SILENCE - because they know that such a crackdown on the assailant would cause them to account for the culture of violence that has been incubated as they departed their battle stations in the community to go fight with their outsourcing partner.   Their "community consciousness" was the commodity that was transacted.

Jesse Jackson: "Take Back America" Is Racist But "Take OVER America" Is Social Justice

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Progressive-Fundamentalist believes that he OWNS certain concepts. He render's INDICTMENTS against anyone who uses phrases that say the very same thing that he says. He knows that large portions of the public will "ride along" with the scheme.

The one thing that he hopes for, however, is that when we do "Turn Back The Clock" we don't focus on the immediate past. The past where HE (the Progressive-Fundamentalist) became the establishment power which shaped portions of the misery. He was no longer a passive victim of exploitation by the mighty. He sat in the seat of power as a "Shot Caller".

No One Asks If The 6 Year Olds Who Found The Body Of A Dead Black Man In The Woods Will Be Scared For Life

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A 6 Year Old And A 4 Year Old Playing In Their Community Find Body Of Missing 21 Year Old Black Man, Murdered By A Gunshot To The Chest

"Strange Fruit" keeps appearing around metro-Atlanta.  The fruit, having fallen from the tree has not yet decomposed enough to provide nutrients to the earth - just as the Street Pirate had intended in support of his escape from justice.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- DeKalb County investigators identified a man who was found dead in a wooded area on Wednesday afternoon.
Police identified Christopher M. Bennett, 21, on Thursday after a couple of children found his body in a wooded area near the 4600 block of Wildginger Run near Lithonia.
Detectives said Bennett was shot.
Nicole, who did not want her name used, lives at the end of the dead end street. She said her 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old niece found the body in the woods at the end of the street.
Nicole said, "They ran in the house, 'Mommy, mommy, there's a dead man laying in the woods.'"
She said at first she thought they were playing.
“Then I said, ‘How do you all know he's dead?' 'Cause he’s just laying there he’s not moving.' They said, 'Come with me,’" said Nicole.
Nicole and her neighbors said they heard gunshots four or five days ago. They were not alarmed because hunters are often in the woods, according to Nicole.
"This is scary. My child, she's only six. She shouldn't have to grow up to see that type of stuff, especially in the kind of neighborhood we in. We live in a suburban neighborhood," said Nicole.
Nicole said her daughter and niece are shaken and have a lot of questions.
"We are religious people. So they want to know if he's in heaven or with the devil but I don't have that answer to give to them," said Nicole.
Investigators said the man appears to be in his early 20s. On Wednesday night, they said they had identified him and were contacting family members.

Space Shuttle Challenger - 25 Years Later - Where Were You When You Heard?

Challenger: 25 years later, a still painful wound

This is a tribute to the American astronauts that were lost in the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion 25 years ago.

From the article:
A quarter-century later, images of the exploding space shuttle still signify all that can go wrong with technology and the sharpest minds. The accident on Jan. 28, 1986 — a scant 73 seconds into flight, nine miles above the Atlantic for all to see — remains NASA's most visible failure.

It was the world's first high-tech catastrophe to unfold on live TV. Adding to the anguish was the young audience: School children everywhere tuned in that morning to watch the launch of the first schoolteacher and ordinary citizen bound for space, Christa McAuliffe.

I can recall where I was when I first heard the news.
I was in college and in my dorm room.
I was pledging my fraternity at the time.   At that specific time I was "skating".   I had my pledgee uniform on, taking a nap because I was tired.  They had us up late the night before at a "set".   I had ignored a series of calls from my "big brothers" trying to find me.  Cellphones where not a popular item at the time so it was easy to "get lost" for a few hours at a time.

I had the radio playing.  Janet Jacksons'   "Nasty Girls" (or was it "What Have You Done For Me Lately"?  One of the two.) was the popular hit that was playing on the radio.

The announcer stated that the space shuttle had blown up upon lift off.

January 28, 1986

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Perpetual Education Debate: How Ideological Bigotry And Ignorance "Aborts" Education As A Vehicle For Uplift In Black America

First let me clarify my point:   Black people are 100% EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS.  
Therefore we have the same amount of brilliance and IGNORANCE within our ranks as any other population of people on the planet.

The resent episode of the Black mother in Akron OH who sought out better quality education for her own children has allowed various BIGOTS to use the the Internet and other channels to express their "judicial rulings" that they had before their walked into the jury box in which this particular issue demanded their opinion.

For a long while we were told that Black people should "get theirs" any way they can.  As long as they "pull another up" along with them - this was "one more Black who made it through".   This tale has proven to be as played out as the "Blaxploitation" movies that we heard it said within.   TODAY the most "brilliant" of our social and political policy theorists have another agenda.

In a perpetual shadow boxing match that they register against their enemy who is always out to get them, PROFITING from their burial we can see how it is that despite their "Mission Accomplished" victories over the key institutions of Black America they STILL never take a hit for the failures that exist after they have given us the "benefit" of their brilliance.

As I have scanned though various social media outlets and "Fight The Power" radio stations - a certain theme has emerged with identifies the problem that Mrs Bolar had faced which "forced" her to do what she did.  The analysis of some people allow them to do either or both of two things:

  • Blame the condition of the Akron Public Schools (and others) upon some organized conspiracy to destroy the academic outcomes for Black (or poor) children
  • Allow them to escape, UNSCATHED by the pictures of them partying at the campaign victory parties held by the numerical majority of the school board members presently empaneled.  Since all of them have terms that are staggered over 4 years - they were assured at least 3 parties each election season
When I analyze the problems that we face as a community I go to the PATTERNS and not the "transactional" points which the operatives seem to get ensnared within.   These patterns which show the mental entrapment of people (and this is not just "progressives" here.  All ideological bigots - right or left are guilty) go along way in explaining the carnage.

"Charter Schools" - The New "Private Prisons".  

A few years ago one of my "focus words" was "PROPORTIONALITY".    The goal of the concept was to avoid certain people from renting a "scanning electron microscope" and finding "1 part per billion" of some contamination and use the evidence as their justification for the tragic failure that has happened.  All the while their ideological color blindness has them unable to see the toxic waste that they have added to the mixture.

Back when the key indictments against Private Prisons and the drive for profits was the "indictment de jour" (Oh - I'm sorry - it has not stopped) I was moved to go and do research in order to establish the PROPORTIONALITY of the concern.  I found that only 2% of the population of US prisoners at the time where housed in these facilities.  A mere 60,000 people.  Hardly grounds for their grand conspiratorial concerns.

Today CHARTER SCHOOLS have been inserted into that slot.  
In their nefarious goal to destroy (only) the public schools that Black people attended - those individuals who took their kids out of public school and started up "private academies" to escape the wave of the power base that now run the "Mission Accomplished Cities" are now said to be returning to finish off the Black urban dweller - using educational policy "surgical scissors" to stab our young students in the brain stem.  

In the various outlets which focused on the grand scheme for the take over I never heard anyone ENUMERATE the present number of Charter schools as contrasted to the total number of traditional government operated schools.  (Note Charter schools are public schools)

Please recall - Charter Schools are typically initiated based upon PARENTAL demand for access to a customized set of educational policies which will lead to better academic outcomes for their children.  To summarily dismiss the TRANSPARENT attempts of the majority of the parents to seek out better education by embroiling them into a grand conspiracy theory is a slap in their faces.

The truth is that there is a group of ideologues who seek to protect the Public School System - students be damned.  They have been so conditioned to the elbow in the ribs and the "Psst, watch'em....they are trying to steal our power" (the power of the adults that is) that they have lost their way and their CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Power Of Denial Of Their Establishment Role
One day someone will investigate the phenomenon that frequently rears its head when it comes to urban politics.  While it is a frequently used tactic for one political candidate to run as an "outsider" and thus drive reforms - to see an entire ideological force deny their roles in the ESTABLISHMENT that is present in their own community takes this notion into a grand scale of perversion.  

They congregationally agree to deny their own power in shaping the present unsavory condition in the school system and community that they dominate.  Yet these same people can be heard saying that another person with the wrong ideology could not be elected as "chief pooper scooper' in the voting district.  The tactic of proclaiming their prowess on the one hand and then transacting their inferiority when it comes to standing in account is a tired scheme which imperils our community.

They can be heard calling out their ideological enemies as being SILENT about the academic issues in Akron OH.   All the while the balance of the leadership in this place have voting patterns akin to their own.

By constantly agreeing to not "self-indict" themselves over the present condition yet putting the onus on their ideological adversaries to craft a FIX ......."If you REALLY care about Black people as you claim"..........the same tragic cycle of nullification is continued.  They will continue to "try harder" in gaining more political power as the grand fix.  They will continue blaming those who "can't even become dog catchers" in the district for the continuing problems.

If one makes note of the scheme and tries to stay as far away from their mentality as possible - then - "there's an app for that" - they will be said to be hatefilled per their attempts to get away from the "least of these".

Mother Trains Up Her "Street Pirates" By Taking Them Along On A Bank Heist

Police: High school students skip school to rob bank with mom

Three DeKalb County teens got an unusual field trip Friday when they skipped school to accompany the mother of one of them on a bank heist.

Police in Lilburn said Tawander Simmons, 35, of Stone Mountain, pointed a handgun at a teller at the Wells Fargo Bank in the 5500 block of Lawrenceville Highway Friday morning. She was accompanied by two of the teens, while a third waited outside in the getaway car, said Deputy Chief of Police Bruce Hedley.

Hedley said early in the day that Simmons checked her son Benny Brice, 17, and the two other boys, out of Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain just before the robbery. Hedley said that account was based on what the arrested youths had told officers, but he said the school police later told him that only one of the teens had attended school Friday and then walked out but that the others had skipped.

School officials gave an account that differed slightly. A spokesman for the DeKalb County School System told the AJC that there was no record of any of the three teens attending school Friday morning.

"Nobody has a record of them showing up to class," said the schools spokesman, Walter Woods. He said there also was no record of Simmons checking them out.

The robbery occurred at around 9 a.m.

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My Friend Over At "King Politics" Has Some Nice Charts

I can't be sure that he would analyze the charts in the same way as I do.

My friend Marvin King over at "King Politics" has some interesting factoids about racial interposition.

Since I have been a bit frustrated by his analysis and content selection over the years I figured that I would add my own imprint on his choice content.

Weekly Income by Race and Education (note: The above  title was "de-inferiorized" from what the author's original title selection)

My Analysis: A Black man with a college degree has more EARNING POWER than everyone else who does not have one.  We need to get more Black people "degreed up".  "Equality" with others WITH a degree will come when OWNERSHIP increases and you are the hiring manager or the one who writes the checks.
Black Poverty Rates By Education Level

My Analysis: There is a COST to having an "educational development" strategy in which you focus more on sitting "your people" in someone else's high performing schools instead of making sure that YOUR community schools practice effective "Human Resource Management" and thus drive YOUR community's poverty rate closer to zero.  Then you don't have to worry if (the ubiquitous) "THEY" want you in their schools or not.
Plot Of "Elected Officials Who Are Black"

My Analysis: The Clear Trajectory of a growing ESTABLISHMENT POWER who leave an increasing number of "Finger Prints On The Steering Wheel" of our community.  Their main POWER comes not in their increasing head count but instead in their ability to DENY their "Establishment Power" in relation to their failure to MITIGATE (I did not say "solve") the problems within our community.  Ironically as the problems increase the authority delegated to them by the rank & file, permitting them to "struggle harder" is increased rather than INSPECTED.

Subtext - No less than 99% of these individuals are from a "favorable" ideological and political affiliation to the populace.
Plot of "Elected Officials Who Are Black By State"
THEIR Likely Analysis:"You see - (Racist) Alaska has the fewest number of Black Elected Officials.  The Black Media's obsession with the former governor from the state is therefore JUSTIFIED.   They talk more about her than about 9,900 of the Black Elected Officials in proportion to her superior threat.

My Analysis:  When MSNBC host Rachael Maddow displays her occasional "Fully Evolved Northeast vs Paleo-South" comparison maps which document the inferior position of the Southerner due to the POLICIES that are in place - does she include these Black elected officials in her attacks?  Or are all the Blacks officials on "Our Side" - just like I saw displayed in a graphic in the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine in the grocery store last night?
Other Observations From "King Politics"
  • 50 Million People Lack Health Care and thus oppose "Tax Cuts For The Rich" (that Obama agreed to)
    • While "Tax Cuts" reduce the intake of revenue to the government.....does Mr King also acknowledge that flawed economic, academic and labor cost theories have caused even more than $1.5T in economic wealth to vacate from his favored "Mission Accomplished" cities?
  • "How We Look At Poverty"
    • If we go back to those favorable elected officials and make note that for far too long the constituents in their districts have "looked at poverty" on their way to the voting booth but still have not seen the inability for the ballot alone to scrub it out of their community - do you think that someone will earnestly attempt to break this association planted into their head during the "struggle"?
  • Should I Have Been Surprised That The "New Policy Center" link that you had on your blog page is out of business - thus proving that they were not pushing 'new policy' but instead, more likely - tired old, leftist policies - warmed over?

Will The Modern Day Kneegrow Ever Free His Own Consciousness From Seeing A "Slave" When He Sees Another Black Man?

The only way I figure that we will one day reach a point where the infection called "Non-White White Supremacy" is stripped out of the consciousness of some Black people is to attack it when it shows its face.

Oakland Local: The Zipcode Is The New "Separate But Equal"

Worse that any molestation of the image of a Black historical figure that can be hoisted upon a "Tea Party" operative is the shameful hijacking of the conditions faced by a "Black CONSCIOUS Freedom Fighter" as a means of misappropriating their greatness to the transaction of INFERIORITY that is seen today.

My name is Kalimah Priforce and I am a social entrepreneur who works to match the dreams of our tomorrow’s leaders – our kids

Zip codes have replaced “separate but equal” within our American education system and you chose to do something about it. You chose to “underground railroad” your children to a better education and towards a better future. You are my hero. You are my Rosa Parks. You are my Harriet Tubman
When I hear a "community organizer" extracting the choice nutrients from the "Slavery/Jim Crow" era of this nation and attempt to resuscitate this framework into the work of Internet based global connectivity - their credibility plunges below a certain line of tolerance that I have built up.  As an inside player in erecting the technological society that we all will be consuming as a staple 5 years from now and beyond - THIS is one critical step in blocking past inferiority at the "generational synapse".  I argue the very same thing in regards to the transmission of CULTURE.

Indeed "technology is a tool".
Most tools are used for constructive purposes, building up something of utility for the mases.
In the case of the mentally poisoned "racism chaser" the tool that he uses best is "indictment".
Unable to see clear of his present entrapments he will make use of the one tool "that works every time".
Even when he is provided with an array of access options to the Internet, low cost computing devices or, at worse - access to a government owned computer that provides him with free access to both a computer and the Internet - they merely up the ante, seeking to find yet another "point of inferiority" to register an indictment.

The old "Central High School" in Little Rock?   Fully integrated.  In fact, just like my the community around my former high school in Philadelphia - where if I missed the 31 SEPTA bus - I would have to walk through a minefield where Catholic School White boys would call me "Nigger" - causing my heart to jump out of my chest as I faked my bravado while hoping that the stones they threw at me would miss - the neighborhood is ALL BLACK around Central High School.

Oh Black people are still threatened by violent attack in Little Rock - its just not a White racist who is the threat - per the documentary that I saw.

The new "racism" at Central High is that the AP courses are 90%+ White - in a school body that is slightly majority Black.  This is where the new "CCC" is educating their children, it seems.  :-/

To see Mr Priforce lifting the images from history and apply it to modern day Akron Ohio,  Charlotte, Baltimore, Flint or Chicago is too much for me to take.  It SHOULD BE too much for the rest of the people who know their history to digest.

Mr Priforce brought us a reference to "The Underground Rail Road".  The human body of the Black person who was ensconced in the perversion called "chattel slavery" was a valuable commodity to those who "owned" them, per the enforcements of the law.  When the historical great that is pictured "lead them" away from their own hell - they made the calculus that the fate on the plantation as maintained by their White oppressors was far worse than the risks that "escape" into the unknown could ever register.  I challenge Mr Priforce to erect any sort of parallel going on today that is any less absurd than the notion that "Black people are subhuman beings" that was used to justify our enslavement.

The truth is that our FREEDOM has been misappropriated in service to some people's political agenda and Ms Bolar is merely a symptom of this fact.

This picture appears to be a strategy session by the legal minds who plotted to uproot the "Jim Crow era" DE JURE oppression called "Separate But Equal".

When this policy was in force - a school board that was a controlling authority over a set of schools - Black and White - would extend the system of "White Supremacy" by misallocating financial resources in favor of the White schools AND they prevented Black children from attending the "White schools".
Regardless of their qualification to attend the schools per the residency requirements - Black students were required to walk past one, two or more "White schools" on their way to the schools where they "belonged".  The White students were allowed to receive an education in an environment which was to their own liking - Negro free.

The most painful point about the present day NAACP's position in North Carolina is that THEY are now the agents seeking to have "Black kids travel past several local schools" in order to attend the school where, according to the NAACP of 2011 - "they belong".  It just so happens that WHITE KIDS in the school are the key attribute that makes this so.

The last picture that Mr Priford has appropriated to his argument of today was the picture of "Mission Accomplished" - the successful court ruling in the "Brown v Board" case.   Though the case centered around a school in   Topeka Kansas - it was the "Central High School" in Little Rock a few years later that is the marquee event for the struggle over school integration.  The news reels of the angry White mob scene took place in Little Rock rather than Topeka.   The case of Ruby Bridges showed similar hostilities.

The Differences Between Today And The Past That The Racism Chasers Wish To Take OUR CONSCIOUSNESS Back To For Their Continued Domination

When the present facts would otherwise cause those who seek to protect the establishment don't fit their forte for exploitation and indictment - you can be sure that they will aways seek to reframe the issue so that they can avoid what they realize what is necessary:  The need to TRANSPARENTLY appraise their own ideological - which is now the "prevailing order" in the domain in question.

I suspect that the Akron Public School System is not the hostile environment that those who are seeking to draw the similarities hope for.

The more rational argument is that the present prevailing consciousness in these schools are misaligned from the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT requirements of the city.  This misalignment prevents the city from attracting the "consumers of labor" who seek out an "educated workforce" that will assist it in building a "best in class" entity that is a market leader.

Absent a PURPOSE - the school building merely becomes a holding pen for the various societal dysfunctions that have taken over.  Just like what I saw in my recent screenings of "Hard Times At Douglass High" and "Little Rock Central High - 50 Years Later".

I empathize with the attempt of Mrs. Bolar to protect her child from channeling toward squandered mental resources.  To look at her one case while not consider "where the smoke is coming from" is dereliction of duty and complicity in retention of the status quo.

It seems to me that the grand mistake was in taking over the INSTITUTIONS per the goal of projection of power but not considering all of the financial generation requirements which circularly depend on a high quality educational environment AND a system of "productive social control" to insure that these human resources remain pointed toward the desired "directed outcomes" .

Still some people can't see that in order to move forward they will need to RELEASE their present baggage.

[quote]We wished we had someone like you fighting for us, because that is what a good parents does – fights for the future of their kids.[/quote]

"Fight WHOM", Mr Priforce?