They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year 2012 - RECALL / REELECT / RECLAIM !!!


On the verge of this blessed new year I wanted to hijack the guidance that I heard on "The Keeping It Really Democratic With Al Shartpon Show".

A Black elected official from the Midwest laid out the charge to "Recall, Reelect and Reclaim" as the marching orders for Black Conscious people.   I was "feeling her" as I assumed that she was talking about sweeping the executive and legislative chambers of the city of Detroit, Flint, Milwaukee and Chicago clean and start anew so that Black people's interests are no longer molested.  The subsequent callers who gave her props as a "strong voice" who needed to be on the air more had me even more interested.

Unfortunately she was ONLY talking about getting rid of Republican Scott Walker, governor of the state of Wisconsin.

After listening to the rationalizations of Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton  and Rep Lena Taylor the "congregation" listening to the show has successfully fused their "Black Consciousness" with the Democratic Party.

It stands to reason that as the entire city of Detroit sits on the edge of foreclosure - this chartered state entity having failed to hold up its side of the bargain and remain ORGANICALLY SOLVENT - that an Embedded Confidence Man like PPPP Rev Sharpton would not speak in terms of HOW THE INCOMPETENCE SEEN IN DETROIT HAS HURT THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S INTERESTS WITHIN.

Such a conscious disposition would have to come from someone who stands WITHIN the "Black Bank Vault", protecting the jewels from theft.

Instead what we have is Sharpton and other Confidence men standing on the OUTSIDE of the "Black Bank Vault', having long ago taken dominate control over the flow of valuables in and out and who now intend to ensure that no REGULATORS come in to "mess up their flow".

Even though the citizens of Detroit can drive around their city - as i did in the summer of 2010 and see with their own eyes areas of stark desolation and destruction amid other areas where there is economic production and education - in their desperation they are looking for someone who will organize a "STRUGGLE MOTION" for them to latch onto.   They are inclined to "FIGHT RATHER THAN SWITCH".   They can't see that those who now seek to lead them in a "Struggle Motion" were the ones that lead the PAST longitudinal "Struggle Motion" which lead them to their present situation in which they are stuck on the rocks and close to sinking.

As I observe in my longitudinal study "What Makes The Black Community Political Consciousness Tick?"  I understand that the "Lumpenproletriat perspective" that is held by the "rank & file" makes it so that they cleave to their notions of what is "their space" and can easily be manipulated into believing that they are under constant ATTACK from outside forces.  

In the same light when it comes to "my space" ('their space') the initiatives that they have adopted that was to LIFT UP this island is so often subject to the "Piano Lessons" of the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men who's schemes ONLY need to "sound good" to the prevailing consciousness within.    The question of "Did It Actually Work" can be quickly dispensed as the fault of THE EXTERNAL ENEMY - who "Don't Want A Ninja Having Sh#*!".

My (seemingly) cynical attitude with respect to the "Black Racial Services Machine" comes from the fact that as I watch what they do in relation to the "Black Rank & File" I understand that we are dealing with a stacked deck and a loaded set of dice.

It doesn't matter WHAT THEY DO and the results they garner.
It only matters what the CONGREGATION can be compelled to believe is true.
With the void in the Black community governance structure as such - the patient ,is the physician, is the pharmacist, is the pharmaceutical drug manufacturer, is the medical claims processor, is the patient that ingest the concoction, is the physician who later tells the patient that he prescribed a cure for that his CONTINUING PAIN is not the fault of his TREATMENT and its EFFICACY.   Instead he has the prepotency to argue that the damage suffered from SLAVERY has attenuated his otherwise effective treatment.   A stronger dosage, a longer period of time and commitment to the regimen and a more careful watch upon the external assailants is necessary for a cure to be had.

I Do Not Black The Black Embedded Confidence Men.  The Negro Progressive Intellectuals Who Know Better Are To Blame

In watching the interview with Harry Belafonte on "The Charlie Rose Show" he made reference to the "Black Intellectuals" that formed the core of "the struggle".   These were the famous actors and entertainers that had social consciousness and an impression upon the Black masses per their relationship on the stage and screen.

If these 'learned and conscious" individuals existed back then - WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

They have not gone anywhere.  They are still among us.
My previous observations describe their disposition.

I have previously noted that to the Black Progressive Intellectual, who buys into the "Talented Tenth" model (and thus the Un-Talented 90%), it matters LESS that a fellow Black can substantiate why they agree with their common conclusions.  ONLY that they AGREE.

More accurately - Those Blacks who disagree with them are a greater threat to them than are the lower portion of "The Un-Talented 90% " (The "Least Of These 35%) who might be tuned out of all INTELLECTUAL MATTERS and the 'Finer Things In Life' but who ultimately INVEST their "Black Community Development Consciousness And Hopes" where the "Thought Leaders" suggest that they do.

This short term advantage for their cause comes at the cost of the long term failure to build up a more sound governance model for the Black community.   It stands to reason though.  Since these intellectual elite actually believe in "Black Inferiority" - they don't believe that ON THE BACKS OF THESE PEOPLE will ever be built an ORGANIC engine for our uplift.   The envelop of the US Federal Government provides them with the means through which to transact our people's uplift - by VOTING.   (Or so they say).

To be clear - they don't want Black people to VOTE from the perspective of GOOD GOVERNANCE.
If this was the case we would have heard PPPP Rev Sharpton and Jackson making the case that the damage done to "Black Detroit" should be punished by VOTING for house cleaning.   Instead they want Black people "VOTING" as the methodology for our "Black Struggle".     It matters not that they are only advancing a Leftist-Fundamentalist orthodoxy and its accompanying psuedohistory that provides the appropriate diversion.

It is clear that the worst case for Detroit and other "Mission Accomplished City" that the progressive-fundamentalists now have command over is to be LEFT ALL ALONE, being forced to produce ORGANIC OUTPUT via the machinations now under their conscious guidance.

PPPP Rev Sharpton was heard calling for the Obama/Holder-lead US Justice Department to swoop in to prevent the "State Republicans" from violating the voting rights of Black people - as they seek to nullify the CITY LEADERS duly elected by "Black people".

Anyone reading this blog will note that for years I have said that the disposition of the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men" is one of "Shut up.  Mind your own business and give me my redistributed money to spend locally as we see fit".   Thus cities - instead of nodes of "organic productivity" become COST CENTERS - receiving money in the name of "Nationalized Social Justice" and with the local politicians "cheezing" at the photo-op the impression of WHO was responsible for granting the benefit to the "Least Of These" is permanently fused - as this picture of them standing in front of the big check is posted all over town.

Would YOU allow YOUR CHILDREN to fall for such CONFIDENCE SCHEMES as you know are being transacted upon "The Least Of These"?

If your children matriculated through a school (institution) and yet did not meet YOUR "development goals" would you pull the plug on their interactions with this school?  (Thus becoming a 'Black Flight Progressive')
WHY do you allow your "Team Mates" to do this to "The Least Of These"?

If you complain that there are not enough suitable Black love interests of the opposite sex (and you are pissed at Michael Jordan's new fiance' ) WHY aren't you more active in reforming the system which is not "finishing" an adequate number of suitable mates?

Do you think the present trajectory is going to improve this situation?
All it is capable of doing is producing "Black Complicity" using "Hijacked Consciousness".

If there was ever a time for you to stop cowering behind the LOUD VOICES who seek to cajole and intimidate, as you work to implement a correction - the time is NOW.

THIS AIN'T HAITI Or Post-Katrina New Orleans!!!  This Is EAST POINT GEORGIA At The 2010 Distribution Of APPLICATIONS For Housing Vouchers

Now you have the AUDACITY to demand another ROUND OF INVESTMENT from US in your CONFIDENCE SCHEME?

We are standing at the  "Fool Me ( (2012 minus 1964) divided by the 2 year election cycle = 24 ) Times - G*d Damn US For Being So Foolish To Follow This Track For Our SALVATION"

The size of the crowd that has grown shows the CHARITY that "Social Justice" has afforded us as they argue that BEFORE 'Progressive Social Justice Public Policies" THE LEAST OF THESE had no Housing Authority to camp outside over night to receive a voucher.

Those with SENSE would see that in as much as this line has NOT shortened there is a baseline of FAILURE that our people have accepted as NORMAL.

The forces that made this NORMAL in our CONSCIOUSNESS need to be moved away from their "Community Microphone" least they do more damage to our people - spilling into the next generation.
TriceEdney Wire: 'Occupy the Dream' Aims to Grow Black Business Ownership

From The Article:

(TriceEdney Wire) – A national group of Black clergy, led by former NAACP Executive Director Benjamin Chavis, is aiming to reverse the Black unemployment rate by changing the economic mindset of Black people.

“You’d be surprised that a lot of people ask why we are the most unemployed. They say we need jobs,” Chavis said in an interview with the Trice Edney News Wire. “But, the truth of the matter is that in order to get jobs, we have to have employers. We need more Black business people to hire Black people. If we are waiting for somebody else to hire us, it’s the consciousness, our mindset has to change. Empowerment means what you do for yourself; not what somebody constantly does for you.

The mission, which is being called “Occupy the Dream”, will start on Monday, Jan. 16 in commemoration of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday holiday. On that day preachers, who are part of the “Occupy the Dream” movement, will connect with the well-known “Occupy Wall Street” group to hold protests at Federal Reserve Banks in 10 cities around the nation, Chavis said.

The strategy will be to raise the conscious level of African-Americans starting in church pulpits by spreading the message of income equality, economic justice and empowerment leading up to Jan. 16. “It starts in the pulpit and then we’re going to go to the community at large,” he said.

Then, the ministers will grow and sustain a movement with monthly activities focused on transforming the Black mindset from consumer to owner, he said.

This post IS NOT about the new scheme called "Occupy The Dream".  
Is as much as the "Permanent Strugglers" cog of the "Black Racial Services Machine" have nothing to lose as the Black community en masse is not going to hold them accountable for the massive failure of the "Bayard Rustin 'Vote Yourselves Some Salvation' Scheme" I believe that it is wise council to latch upon the 'Occupation', pointing to the crowd that they cause to gather as PROOF of their "forward motion" for motion sake.

I ask you instead to look at the "press release" that appears in the Edney Wire and to note the LACK OF ANALYSIS that is contained within.  
Hazel Trice Edney is a long time associate of the "National Newspapers Publishers Association".  As such she has full knowledge of all of the "action plans" put forth by the "Black Activists" and "Civil Rights Pharisees" over the last 4 decades.   What Ms Edney is unwilling to do, however, is to place some MEASURE OF EFFECTIVENESS in her report.  Thus it is merely but a "press release" among comfortable friends.

What If Your Kid Matriculated Through To The 7th Grade And Couldn't Read Yet You Were On The School's "Booster Club"?  Which Would You Prioritize?

We are beyond basic "ideological differences" and are fully into the range of "wholesale fraud".

Those who compelled the Black masses to "do their part FOR THEIR RACE", transacting our "Black Community Development Consciousness" into VOTING show their utter contempt for our people due to the lack of the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that they express for the protection of our "Permanent Interests"

To be clear the evidence of this protection IS NOT "Voting Republican"!!!
The evidence that others see a distinction between the facts that define our "Permanent Interests" and the METHODOLOGY that we were SOLD as being the gateway for our increase is that those who purport to be the "Keeper Of The Black Flame" would now be heard enumerating a RETURN ON INVESTMENT.


Our people had a specific set of development needs that all came to a head in the 1960's as our "civil rights" were codified.   In the wake of the assassination of Dr King a group of "Black leaders" got together to define the question that King had "Where Do We Go From Here?".    They conjured up a medical treatment and a prescription.

With Civil Rights Activist Bayard Rustin as the lead voice - the masses of "leaders" propagated the message that:

  • The Black Community would be made to prosper.....
  • If we VOTE.....
  • For Democrats..........
  • Into Every possible seat of power............
  • To advance PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY............
  • Thereby Bringing SOCIAL JUSTICE into fruition.............
  • For the benefit of the Black Community.
Anyone with honest intention would have to admit that this mark has been met.  THE BLACK COMMUNITY did its part in following through.   The "Mission Accomplished Cities" where our people live in our highest concentrations are evidence of the SUCCESS of the front end of the "Bayard Rustin Scheme".

Anyone who has read the Manning Marable masterpiece "Malcolm X - A Life Of Reinvention" will note how Bayard Rustin was instrumental on convincing Malcolm X that the only way that he and the "Nation Of Islam' could achieve its goals for Black community uplift was through POLITICS.

The notable point - that I have seen NO ONE ELSE mention - is that in their series of debates Bayard Rustin put Malcolm X on the post and asked him to show any bit of evidence that the "NOI" "Black Separation Plan" was making any progress.   At the time there was no movement plan, there was no "ships" being built.  There was just talk.

With reference to that particular time during the late 1950's and early 1960's - BAYARD RUSTIN WAS CORRECT!!!!     He had time on his side and he rightfully called out Malcolm X


Listening to the "Keeping It Real With Al Sharpton" radio show as I drove for 40 miles yesterday was painful for me.   This "Christian preacher" had me cursing at the radio.   I had to ask "Jesus" to forgive me.  I did not hear "Jesus" from the radio host or any caller.  I heard DEMOCRATS!!!!

The evidence that "The Malcom X Political Football Game" that he warned us about now being the core of the prevailing "Black Consciousness" can be heard IF you listen to Black folks.

The religious faith that allowed "The Nation Of Islam" to clean up many lives of Black people, the industrial opportunities provided by Marcus Garvey has been supplanted by POLITICS at the center of the "Negro Consciousness" today!!!!  PERIOD.

The stamp of "Integration" has cast its way beyond the schools and public accommodations into the protected zone of the "Black Consciousness".

This would not be problematic BUT FOR its main "benefit" is that it provides the "Congregational Unity" for the purposes of CORRUPTION.

Those who seek to cover the tracks of the "favorable people" now in power based upon the INVESTMENTS of the Black Community's "Equal Black Ballots" seek refuge from traditional termination for failure using two important antics:
  1. Execution Of "The Permanent Struggle" 
  2. Excusing Any Failed Uplift Upon The INFERIOR STATUS Of Black People - Having Been Caused By SLAVERY
The reason why the reference to "your child's school" and how you would react is important is because such a contrast points to the molestation that is going on among our people.

Indeed if your child could not read - per your own inspection - you would go to the school and confront the authorities - asking why they did not trap the problem long before this period in time.  (Not to mention the parent's culpability).

When it comes to the enumeration of the "Black Community's INCREASE" after loyally following along - the pain from stepping on "the ingrown toenail" points to the self serving, "insider trading" that is taking place at our community's expense.


The people who now act as "Press Agents" have abandoned the traditional role of "Protectors Of The Black Interests".

In truth - the balance of their time was spent fending off external threats.    They are not used to dealing with internal threats and the need to SEPARATE from their common ideological sensibilities for the interests of long term community concerns.

The only thing that I can do - beyond calling out the FRAUD - is to point to the resulting consequences that the BLACK RANK & FILE is made to suffer for failing to step up and erecting more TRANSPARENCY among those who are SCHEMING at their expense. 

Young Turks Operative: "The Blacks" Will Vote 95% Again For "The Best Republican President Since Lincoln"

When a hypothetical is tossed up it is best to appraise its veracity by applying the author's arguments beyond their original confinements.

The one article penned by Tina Dupuy has been syndicated around the Progressive-Fundamentalist tangled web:

Ms Dupuy makes the case that Obama has earned the title because:
  • He Passed "Obamacare" Which has the same insurance coverage mandate that a few conservative organizations supported before they were opposed to it
  • He renewed the "Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich"
  • He cut taxes for 95% of all Americans - just like Republicans like
  • The government work force has been reduced on his watch
  • Despite running an International Coup in the African country of Libya - He has quelled the Anti-War protesters
  • He left Guantanamo Bay open for Terror Detainees put there by Bush (while killing new ones using drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Yemen and Libya and Somalia)
  • His EPA scrapped new mandates for clean air regulation

Again the best way to challenge Ms Dupuy's claims is to consider why Black voters - the most loyal Democratic Party base would ever vote for a "Black Republican".

The truth is that Ms Dupuy has listed a set of points of evidence of how "The Progressive-Establishment" has compromised itself so that its "Speaking Truth To Power" will not harm his reelection chances.

The silencing of the "Anti-War Coalition" is not because they have gained new consciousness.  They have shown that their past antics where ideological and political in spirit.   If the very same offenses - American Imperialism - triggers differentiated results then the indictment of RACISM that Ms Dupuy decries in her article should be paired with the rejection if IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY that Obama benefits from.

Football Star Cam Newton Handles "Racism" Question With Poise

Panthers' Newton: Criticism not racist; JaMarcus, VY to blame

From The Article
Some of Newton's critics were so harsh that his mentor, Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, believed their reviews were racially charged. But Newton wouldn't play up the race card in an interview for next month's issue of ESPN The Magazine, instead pointing to people's bias because of past failed high-pick QBs -- although there is a catch to what he says.
"I can't sit up here and look at it like, 'Oh man, my critics are racist,' " Newton said. "I blame JaMarcus Russell and to some degree Vince Young. If you have the opportunity to make that kind of money doing something you love to do, why would you screw it up? I'm trying to be a trailblazer. If Baylor's Robert Griffin decides to come out, I want people to say 'He can be the next Cam Newton' instead of 'He's going to be the next JaMarcus Russell.' "

Now, about the catch, Newton specifically blames two black quarterbacks for his being disrespected, so maybe the criticism was racial but no so much racist (there is a difference)?

Cam Newton is a stud.
He knows that the best way to silence all critics or those who seek to use him for their own agenda is to let his performance on the playing field do the talking.

The antics of certain interviewers are some times reprehensible.  They try to stoke the subject into making a racial indictment by queuing up certain questions.

I notice that there are those interview subjects who are aware of how they are being lead along and others who don't.  Of the type that understand they either play along with the interviewer's lead or 'flip the script' and thwart the attempt.

There are small minded people in our society who's bigotry can't allow them to see the MACRO level advancement in race relations that has a "Cam Newton" leading a team and collecting millions of dollars - an amount that they will never see.  Instead they choose to TRANSACT RACISM - coming to the table with the assumption of racism and so frequently satisfied because their myopic vision is attuned to it.

I hope that Cam Newton will continue doing as he is doing and will one day have a team built around him, allowing an NFL champion dynasty to be built in "The Carolinas".  Even when this happens someone is going to make the case that the Southerners haven't supported the Panthers who are lead by a Black quarterback as they have the Pittsburgh Steelers who won all of their Super Bowls with a White quarterback.  

It is your obligation to filter through the ignorance and make up your own mind.

The Top Assaults Suffered By The Black Community As The "Black Racial Services Machine" Failed To Protect The Black Community's Interests Because They Were Focused On Their Ideological Protection Racket

(Note: I have learned that "a bigot cannot be changed". He can only be enveloped with a more powerful set of visions and thus isolated from his ability to execute unmitigated damage upon our people.  It is up to you to understand WHO all of the BIGOTS are and enforce the needed isolation from your own "Consciousness Core" that he wishes to play upon.  
Comcast Corporation's News One: Top 10 Racist Quotes Of 2011.
Notice the character of the list provided by Comcast's NewsOne "Top 10 Racist Remarks" which play on Black people's "Insult-ability", as it centers on White people and the Republican enemy versus the list below which is centered WITHIN the Black community".
Which of these two "Centers Of Gravity" do you think you will be able to change via more effective INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE?  )

Violation Of The 'Black Community's Permanent Interests "Constructive Feedback" And "Do Better Medicine" To Produce Better Outcomes For Black People In 2012
Violation #1:  The Black Racial Services Machine, Specifically The "Black Press" Has Been Hijacked By The "LampBlacked Yellow Journalism" Element And Is Now Functionally Contaminated, Unable To Defend The "Black Community's Interests Above The Ideological Interests Of The "Corporate Media" That Pays Their Rent And Light Bills
Violation #2: In The Case Of Foreclosure Upon The City Of Detroit Due To Insolvency The Civil Rights Pharisees Try To Get Black Folks Fighting To Prevent The State Republicans From Pushing Local Black Leaders Out Of Power Instead Of Them Saying A Peep For The Past 30 Years About The City's Course And Heading And Providing Proper Guidance
Violation #3: Philadelphia PA As "A Killing Fields" For Black People Yet Ronald Reagan's Visit To Philadelphia Mississippi Proves To Be A Greater Threat In The Minds Of "Tired And Retired" Black Journalists Who Seek To "Continue The Struggle" From Back In The Day But Prove Incompetent At Handling Today's Business
Violation #4: The Failure Of Public School Systems In Kansas City, Memphis, Philadelphia And Atlanta And The Protection Over The "Favorable People In Power" Instead Of The Majority Black Student Population That Was Harmed
Violation #5: Tom Joyner, Bev Smith and Dr Ronald Daniels Tell Black People To Vote For Obama In 2012 BECAUSE He Is Black
Violation #6: Prof Randall Kennedy Argues That "The White Folks" Who Ran His Family Out Of South Carolina To Washington DC Are SUPERIOR To The Street Pirates That Run Black Folks Out Of The Anicostia
Violation #7: The Majority Of The Black Run Blogs That Present Themselves As "Black Blogs" Are Exposed As Merely "Anti-Republican Blogs", Indicating What Is Of SUPERIOR Interest To The Authors
Violation #8: "The Occupation" In Which "Mission Accomplished Cities" Where The Scenes Of Protests That Pitted The Local Government That The Civil Rights Pharisees Had Promoted Into Office Against The Black Progressive-Fundamentalist  "Fight The Power" Forces As No Black Progressive Intellectual Applied The Perspective Of Time, Showing That "The Occupation" Is Merely A Form Of "Establishment Power Repudiation" Thus Questioning The Effectiveness Of The Longitudinal Power Aggregation Of The Progressive Movement And Its Benefit To "The Least Of These"
Violation #9: As Progressives Smiley And West Go On A "Poverty Tour" The "Pragmantic Obama Bots" Wage "Pro-Obama" Counter Protests As They Seek To Prevent The President's Image From Being Soiled
Violation #10: The Black Racial Services Machine Desire To Talk About POLITICS And The "Political Threat" To Black People's Preferred Alignment Instead Of Talking About The Condition Of Black Community And The Effectiveness Of The 50 Year Medical Treatment That Was Supposed To Heal Our Community
Violation #11: Freshman Congressman Fredrica Wilson (D-FL) Stands In Front Of A Room Full Of Unemployed Black People And Tells Them That The TEA PARTY Is The Reason Why They Are Unemployed - THEY CHEER WILDLY Instead Of Running Her Off Of The Stage
Violation #12: Commander In Chief Obama Aligns The American Imperial Powers With 4 African Colonizers To Lead An International Coup In The African Nation Of Libya.    The "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" Cheers As Gadahfi Is Shot In The Head, Claiming That "Obama Handled The 3 AM Phone Call Competently"
Violation #13: The "Threat" Of Carding Black People At The Polls Is Marketed As A SUPERIOR Threat Than What Is Happening In Various "Mission Accomplished Cities" Where The Black Vote Is Unmolested But The Black Community's Development Consciousness Has Been Molested
Violation #14: Black Woman Doused By Gasoline And Set Afire But The Attributes Of Her Killer Prevent The "Civil Rights Pharisees" From Treating This As An EQUAL Assault Upon The Black Community's Civil Rights Because Of The INFERIOR Ability Of The Street Pirate Arsonist To Execute A "Civil Rights Violation"
Violation #15: As It Becomes Painfully Clear That The Present Economic Circumstances For The Black Community Has Proved That The Plan Uplift The Black Community By Electing Democrats Into Every Office Possible In Order To Advance "Progressive Public Policy' Has Failed The Black Progressive Political Analysts That Otherwise Show The Ability To "Tie Up All Of The Loose Ends" (Just As MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Does), Show Their Reluctance To Apply Their "Intellectual Curiosity" To This Matter As They Protect The Methodology That They Push In Their Own Articles On A Weekly Basis
Violation #16: Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton Gets His Own Show On MSNBC As "Trained Black Journalists" Are Upset For Not Being Considered For The Spot More Than They Are Upset That Sharpton Publicly Vowed To Not Criticize The Sitting President Of The United States Because It Provides His Enemies With More Ammunition.   They Don't Criticize Sharpton For This Corrupt Stance Because They Operate With The Same "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Never Have To Indict Your Friends For Their Failure"
Violation #17: As The Civil Rights Pharisees Throw All Of Their Focus On The "State Sponsored Execution" Of Convicted Cop Killer Troy Davis They Are Unable To Provide Protection To The Community Against:
  • Slyvester "Red" Coles - The Person They Said Actually Killed Officer MacPhail 
  • The Street Pirates Who Performed A "Street Pirate Sponsored Execution" Of A Black Man In Atlanta Who Was Killed Around The Corner From Ebeneezer Baptist Church The Same Night As The Congregation Was At The State Run Execution Chamber Down In Jackson GA Demanding "Social Justice" For Troy Davis

Violation #18: The Same Year That  US Representative John Lewis Of Atlanta Receives A "Presidential Medal Of Honor" For "Protecting Black People Back In The Day" A Black Man Is Murdered Right In Front Of The Old "Pascals Motor Lodge" - The Abandoned Building That He Helped Block Its Demotion About 6 Years Ago, Preventing Clark Atlanta University From Building A Brand New Dorm For Present Black Students.   Lewis Said "Dr King Ate Here Back In The Day" And Then Promised To Move "The Busy Bee Cafe" Into The Building.   The Building Remains Abandoned - A Symbolic Reference To The Present State Of "Black Consciousness"
Violation #19: Rev Joseph E Lowery - Who Also Got A "Presidential Medal Of Honor" Now Holds The Honor Of Having The Street Named "Rev Joseph E Lowery Blvd" As The Most Deadly Street For Black People To Traverse In Atlanta 2011.  Having Successfully Removed The "Confederate General's Name" From The Streets - Dr Lowery's Promise That The Violence Would Stop Because The Black Community's Oppressors' Names Have Been Removed Has Not Been Proven Correct.  Street Pirates Don't Give A Damn About "Dr King" Or "Confederate General Ashby".  They Care About Nullifying The Human Threat That Stands Between Them And The Booty They Seek To Possess.  Dr Lowery Should Have Focused On WHO Fomented Their Present Consciousness.
Violation #20: Black Republican Primary Candidate Herman Cain Proved To Be A Greater Threat To The "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press" Than The Cascade Of "Favorable Elected Officials" THAT DID GET The INVESTMENT OF THE EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS From Black People.   Herman Cain Was Treated By Th e LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press Like A Person With The Power To Command The US Military To Bomb Africa Should Be Treated.  This Will Teach "Future Negroes" From Threatening To Dismantle The "Progressive Income Tax System" Which Is At The Core Of The "Nationalized Social Justice Redistribution System".
Violation #19: Rev Joseph E Lowery - Who Also Got A "Presidential Medal Of Honor" Now Holds The Honor Of Having The Street Named "Rev Joseph E Lowery Blvd" As The Most Deadly Street For Black People To Traverse In Atlanta 2011.  Having Successfully Removed The "Confederate General's Name" From The Streets - Dr Lowery's Promise That The Violence Would Stop Because The Black Community's Oppressors' Names Have Been Removed Has Not Been Proven Correct.  Street Pirates Don't Give A Damn About "Dr King" Or "Confederate General Ashby".  They Care About Nullifying The Human Threat That Stands Between Them And The Booty They Seek To Possess.  Dr Lowery Should Have Focused On WHO Fomented Their Present Consciousness.
Violation #21: Black Progressive Fundamentalist Professor Melissa Harris-Perry And MSNBC's Chris Matthews Make The Case That The Loss Of Support For Obama By WHITE Progressives Is Due To Their RACISM.  Neither Of Them Assume The EQUALITY Of Black People As They Show Interest In Inspecting Why The Black Community, After Making 50 Years Of Investments Of Their "Black Community Development Consciousness" Into The Democratic Party Yet Remain At The Bottom Of Most Economic Survey's Have Not Developed A Community Development Consciousness Other Than "The Malcolm X Political Football Game" Where They Are Now Allowed In As Starters Thus Retaining Their Support For Obama Above 80%.

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Dark-Matter Report: Silence After The "Free Mumia Rally" - REPORT: Of The 10 Most Populous Cities Philadelphia Is The Murder Capital Of The USA

Philadelphia Inquirer - Dec 30 2011 - Kill-adelphia: Yet again, city tops list of homicide rates

If the past formula remains true today -where more than 80% of the homicides in the City of Philadelphia are of Black people then roughly 260 Black people have "Got themselves Kilt" in Philadelphia in 2011.

With "only the respect that is due" to them - the characters that assembled at the "Free Mumi" rally a few weeks ago at the US Constitution Center - charging that America is guilty of killing Black people are not going to take up this news with any particular passion.  Doing so risks the creation of a "self-indictment" and pain on their "ingrown toenail".

I DO NOT claim that the "Civil Rights Pharisees" are responsible for killing any Negroes what so ever in 2011.   

Their main offense is that they solicit "congregational unity" as a means of redirection of the indictment, functionally leaving our communities exposed to the ravages of the consciousness that is prone to take over as a result of the "benign neglect". 

Sadly everyone knows the truth about the "Negro consciousness".  
  • His resolution reaction to a police shooting of a Black man which says "THEY are going to learn that they can't just kill our people" - is not said to those who stand within the protective circle and are deemed "societal victims".
  • His proclamation that there is a conspiracy to lock up Black folks in the name of "The New Jim Crow" fails to note that in Philadelphia the much heralded election/promotion of "favorable people" into the key spots of the "Criminal Justice System" would have THEM as complicit agents in attempting to destroy Black people by locking us up.
    • Mayor
    • Police Chief
    • District Attorney
    • Sheriff Of Philadelphia

What we have to accept as a community is that with the present array of "conscious leadership" - we have WON all of the key battles that we were promoted to fight yet we have sustained tremendous losses in the areas where it counts.

Unfortunately no one will be held accountable for their "investment advice".  
They merely need to promote the notion that a greater threat lurks and that we must remain 'congregationally united' OR then "if you think that today is bad......just wait". 

I swear that I wish that there was more "there there" but there is not.

We have to accept that the present formation is not working and that the "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" - far beyond our population proportions is an unfortunate consequence of our present order.

The Racism Chaser's Consciousness - The Distinction Between Their View And Mine On The "Hallucinating White Girl" Who Claimed To Be Kidnapped

Update - Dec 30 - "False Hostage" Suspect Due In Court

On occasion a transaction is put into the public discourse for each of us to display our character.

Earlier this week a White girl woman sent an emergency text to her friends claiming that a house full of Black folks she was a victim of kidnapping.  As a result the friend, who we should assume is White summoned the police to investigate the incident.

The police come to the house, as we would expect them to.  They place all of the Black people guests in the White woman's house in handcuffs until they get a grip on the situation.

As you can see from the video above - the police got a grasp on the situation and they arrested the White girl girl who made the fake kidnapping claim for cocaine possession. 

Again - I make the case that we expose our present consciousness based upon the transactions that this world bring our way.

WHEN I SAW THE VIDEO.............................

The first reaction that I had was - in the presence of "favorable cops" who now listen to all of the facts and then arrest the violator - we have achieved A NEW DAY in race relations.


When the police found that the girl had cocaine SHE was arrested and her "Black friends" were released.  The news media interviewed them as victims of a hallucinating cokehead.

"Progress in Race Relations Is Evidenced By The Small Bits Of Evidence" I said to myself.


As I was driving down the Interstate listening to the WAOK "Fight The Power Show" between 4pm to 7pm I was treated initially to a "What Blacks NEED TO DO" conversation as we drop our present political orientation and invest in fertilizer called "10-10-50" to make our crops grow.

(Note: The main flaw of 10-10-50 is the same that Farrahkan has: they both fail to understand that the Negroes who are their #1 obstacle for disconnection from the present politically centered consciousness - are "invited guests" on the stage with them".  The very people who failed to develop our people after years of hijacking our "Black Community Development Consciousness" are NOT going to drop their exploitative ways and develop an "organic movement".   They are going to be "Spooks At The Door", sent by their present 'Joint-Venture Partners" to retain the present harvest from the Black community.)

When they did start talking about the "Becky In The News" their arguments were totally different (but not unexpected).

Instead of noting that the Black friends were rightfully detained in the context of a phoned in threat and then released once the police learned the truth - they instead made a grand HYPOTHETICAL about what would have happened to "Becky" had she been a "Shaquitta":
  • Having called in a fake hostage situation
  • Having been caught with cocaine 
A caller "put the television media on file".   They claimed that the local news media tried to sanitize the situation with "Becky".  They did not mention the cocaine angle until the end of the story.

Ironically - in the previous segment "Fight The Power" was defensive about how the same news media decided to associate the "Post-Union City Anti-Police Brutality Rally" violence with the people who were in attendance.  Instead infiltrators that donned masks over their face and pretended to be a part of "The Occupy Movement" did the vandalism.   He charged that the news media promoted this non-affiliated violence over the issue of a Black male having been killed by the police.

"Fight The Power" should know a bit about media slander.   He is now receiving what he had done to "The Tea Party".  Several weeks ago he complained that Obama had "taken the legs from under" those who believe that the Tea Party is RACIST when he said "people are free to have their own opinions and show their disagreement in public".  Had Obama said that they were RACISTS - this would have allowed "Fight The Power's " minions to run on that indictment. 

The most RACIST EFFECT that Black people suffer from in 2011 come from the overlay force who is unable to see the fundamental equality between the "Street Pirate Sponsored Executions" and the "State (or Police) Sponsored Executions".    With the Street Pirates running about 50 to 1 - the asymmetric responses point to the 'Assumed Inferiority' of him as a killer but most importantly the unwillingness to make what amounts to a SELF-INDICTMENT of the people who allowed this consciousness to fester in the 'community womb' that it was developed in.

Dear Rob Redding - Some "Constructive Feedback"

Mr Redding:

I listened to your radio program this evening (Thursday) and you compelled me to address some of the points that you made.

I respect that fact that you are an "Independent" and don't claim any ideological affiliation.  This is not going to be a "gotcha" post.   I understand that it is to the advantage of my own debate adversaries to paint me as a "Black Republican" and thus others can read between the line and summarily dismiss all that I observe about their antics.  The sad truth is that since they ultimately suffer no consequences WITHIN the Black Community for fomenting "congregational unity" while failing to deliver results it stands to reason that anyone who dares question the leadership of "the congregation" about the present condition of "the church".......should be tarred and feathered.  My observations of how it all works makes their labels of irrelevant significance. 
Your self-identification is ultimately irrelevant to me.

I believe that you "live variously through President Obama" - "The Black President".  Again this is not a "gotcha indictment" of you.  There is nothing wrong with finding favor in him and suggesting ways that he could be successful, applying the assumption that his success will show well for Black people.  .  In doing so you are prone to talk about what he does right and wrong in the context of his reelection prospects.  This comes at the cost of the consideration of the present condition of the Black Community.   Ironically the "equal treatment" of President Obama that is sought by Black people turns into vicarious living.   Thus when the "Commander In Chief Of The American Allied Forces" bombs Africa........those who are observing Black people can learn how to get Black folks to agree with something that would have otherwise drawn wildcat protests.

In your promotional commercial you ask a caller "How does it benefit America if the President Of The United States fails?" and then you pull out your slave whip to correct her thinking.  I ask you - "What good is to have a 'failed Black America' as it props up both Obama and the favored political machine as we complicitly grieve in silence, not wanting to upset his reelection chances?".  The real question that we must all ponder is:  As our people matriculate through the institutions in our community that develop their consciousness and competencies - if and when there is an abrupt change in the dynamics of the world over the next 200 years will the Black diaspora have developed to the point where we can defend against a SLAVE WHIP upon our collective backs?

Certainly I do not ask your one show to carry this heavy burden.   I do, however, see your show and the radio stations that are likely to carry your show as part of a "machine" way of thinking and advocacy:  "The Black Racial Services Machine".  Their goal is to influence Black people, today almost exclusively through politics.

I guess I owe you a bit more context to explain why your series of arguments compelled me to write.
I had just read this weeks "The Final Call" in which a series of (those who I call) "Embedded Confidence Men" said plainly that Black people's standing is ERODING while having full knowledge that their own position of confidence is not at risk DESPITE them being the architects of the strategy for our community development.  ("Embedded Confidence Men = those who have strong influence over segments of the Black community who pretend that they are advancing a "Black Agenda" when their scheme is ONLY ideological and political.  Judge them not by what they do that is agreeable with the prevailing Black Consciousness but what they see is FAILING but they are not willing to stop.  This reluctance to stop shows that their ideology is more important to them than are the results that are received for our community).

For me it is erroneous for the "Black Political Discourse" to focus on Obama and the 2012 election in a disconnected fashion from the present state of our community development.  The truth is that the "Black Community Development Consciousness" is on a 50 year run in its "politically hijacked state".   It is to the advantage of the "Embedded Confidence Men" to focus Black people's attention on what we must do on November's election day to grow STRONGER instead of them pulling out a TIME LINE and then the video tape archive of what they stressed to us in November of every even year for the last 50 years.

As I listen to the antics of the people who come on WAOK prior to you and their rants about the present situation in Detroit (as just one example) their framing of the argument for Black people as the need for Blacks to prevent the "state Republicans" from coming in and removing "Black people from power" as they execute their agenda of SILENCING BLACK VOTER VOICES - rather than Detroit being a situation of an incompetent machine that is governing a city needing to yield to the state as it regulates a chartered city which is no longer fiscally viable - shows me that the "Embedded Confidence Men" within our community make for the fraudulent "stacked deck" against the interests of the Black community that I write about all of the time.

The Black Community suffers from the lack of  INTERNAL INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENT more than we do WHITE RACISM IN AN UNCHECKED FORM today.  In fact "forward thinking Negroes" KNOW that the way to get around any "congregational push back" for their failures to develop our people is to "Charge It To Tyson's Account" blame it on White Racism.

Here are several points that you discussed today and my views or reinterpretation:

Rob Redding's Subjects "Constructive Feedback" On It
Barack Obama The "Gay Friendly" President And The Unappreciative Gay Community Mr Redding you enumerated all that Obama has done for the gay community and how the most strident voices in the gay community are still not satisfied that he has done enough.  Some even said that they were not going to vote for Obama again until he stands with them on Gay Marriage.

As you were making this point and suggesting that they should think with a clearer head on the entire set of facts AND as you said that you were waiting for a 'Black Friendly President" I wondered why you didn't post us the present facts about the "Black Racial Services Machine" (the Black establishment) and how any of them that made measure of 'What Obama has done for Black people" and then vowed to not lift a finger for him in the future?

A dear friend of mine - one of the staunchest "Progressive Fundamentalists" that I know personally told me that Black people's proper disposition with CONSERVATIVES is to always claim that they are "racist" so then "we" can compel them to do more for "us" than they would otherwise be willing to do per their organic nature as they work to prove that they are not "racists".    Thus, Mr Redding - for "The Blacks" it pays to never be satisfied with the efforts of the ideological enemy from a strategic stand point. (Since the prevailing Black political consciousness is progressive).    The challenge then is up to the "conservative adversary" to KNOW HIMSELF and what he is willing to do that supports outreach but does not ultimately COMPROMISE the core integrity of his (conservative) being.

I challenge you to appraise President Obama NOT from his "outreach efforts" and apparent ungratefulness from the gay community but from his core beliefs.  More to the point I challenge you to go beyond Obama and politics and consider the societal implications with the question of: "Do you believe that certain foundational elements should not be rendered to politics and popularity?  Instead your personal clarity on what is best and the damage that yielding these truths will cause society to suffer.".

For me President Obama's "Evolution" is a disaster for a Black Community who's core is not "evolving" but is MELTING.  We made the mistake of promoting the "American Political Domain" as our VEHICLE for salvation.  Instead it has turned into a "Trojan Donkey" - destroying the conscious integrity of our INSTITUTIONS just as Malcolm X warned us about. 

You see, Mr Redding - take Prof Cornell West and how he was stripped of his shirt and lashed by his fellow Black Progressive-Fundamentalists who are Democratic Establishment players and then double this beating for any Black Progressive who says that he WILL NOT vote for Obama in 2012.  West was advocating to hold Obama up to a "progressive measuring stick" BUT STILL planned to vote for him in 2012.   Just imagine this same voice who said that he WOULD NOT vote for Obama in 2012?  He would soon see the difference between the "Political Machine Negroes" and the "Ideological Purist Negro Progressives" - who can't be bought or sold as easily.

Do you see Mr Redding - the problem is not "The Gay Community".  The issue is the BLACK COMMUNITY!!!
We have a STRUCTURAL / INSTITUTIONAL problem at present.  After years of "messaging" our "new norm" is that of Politics and a Protection Racket.  The conditions of our communities are irrelevant to the greater quest for "Congregational Unity".

Again - listen to your radio-mate on WAOK from 1pm till 4pm. Obama needs not worry about the portion of his base that LOOKS PAST their present condition, despite all of their INVESTMENTS and dutifully frames everything as a battle against the Republicans.   He knows that the "Black Community Development Consciousness" is a Democratic Party Consciousness - back since the mid-1960's.

Why do you focus on "The Gay Community" and how they are "playing Obama " and forcing his responsiveness OR even the "Tea Party" who battled Obama in a game of "Chicken" several months ago over the Debt Ceiling and "won" and then later did the same with the "Payroll Tax Extension" and 'lost'?  (Note: "won" and "lost" are not my view - only done for expression of popular sentiment.  WE ALL are "losing" when it comes to the political games that envelop our nation's fiscal conditions)

The real debate needs to be how the BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS has been hijacked by its fusion into the events on the field of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game'.

You Oppose Gay Marriage Because Of Your (Christian) "Religion" Mr Redding - with all due respect - THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT (Your Version) OF YOUR "CHRISTIAN RELIGION".

If  slave holding "Christians" are able to find a justification for slavery in "their Christianity" do you really believe that a Gay Rights-Fundamentalist is going to yield their viewpoint based on what "Christianity" says?   They are going to find other chapters and verses to hang their hat on.

If a gay person with power begins to use their position of power to prevent those who don't believe that a same sex relationship should be seen in equal stature as a married heterosexual relationship are they any different than the White bigots who had Black people who damned their "civil rights" fired from the job?  (Or the Whites that had Robert DeBarge - the White father of the popular singing group fired in Detroit of the 1950's after they found out that he was married to a Black woman?  Source: TVOne 'Unsung' show)

More likely though, they are going to do what other "Special Interest Christians" do:  Find some other "bible rule" that others are violating and then say "If not US then why THEY?".

Their goal is not to promote a more consistent Christianity, removing hypocrisy so that "Jesus' Love can flow with less obstruction on arbitrary matters".
Their goal is to tell others "stop hating on us and we will agree to look the other way on 'Your Sin' ".

If someone slips up and calls them on their scheme of "Hypocrisy Surfing" by implementing a "Fundamentalist Revolution", adopting a more strict and consistent reading of the Christian verse for ALL who claim the label "Christian" to submit to - they would lead the fight AGAINST such a revival as they know that their present call out of HYPOCRISY is merely an indictment that is used as a weapon to disarm the other guy.  They had no interest in getting their critics to comply to Christian tenets .  Only to shut up.

Your argument "Because my religion told me to" is not going to work.
They will tell you that Jesus and Allah talked to them last night and told them otherwise.
(Yet another Institutional Integrity issue in another form).

MY argument says that every society has the mandate to define the order of living among the people within as they drive for a stable, conscious and productive population of people who matriculate through the societal institutions.

The establishment forces must stand accountable for all that is produced.  "Good Intentions" and "Maximized Liberties" - while noble ventures on the front end, must be discarded as we look at the bottom line results that are produced.

As such - as I look at the proportions between the total number of homosexuals seeking marriage versus the total number of heterosexuals who do everything that married couples do yet do not submit to the bounds of marriage and the stabilizing effects that it has on a community and society - the bottom line point is that the later greatly dwarfs the former.  The argument is not that these two points are mutually exclusive.  The issue IS about scale and importance in the large scheme for a stable society.

The same social consciousness that seeks  to promote "Gay Marriage" has been incompetent in addressing the societal challenges with heterosexual marriage who's erosion is have a greater deleterious impact upon our society.  A clear thinking society would force them to sufficiently address the far larger issue and the damage that it causes our society before they are afforded any credibility in the "bit issue" they advocate.

When faced with this point of clarity they must reduce the argument into RIGHTS(!!!).   This is an attempt to make an indictment against those who disagree with them and thus render him as a "Bigot".   Though their points of "tolerance" and failed enforcements produce far, far, far more damage to our society - they depend upon the growing tide of disconnectedness between the FUNCTION of societal order and the dysfunctional results.

You mentioned that a female learns her "female ways" based on the examples that is in her world to pattern after.  I was puzzled why you didn't take this same argument and apply it to the greater society and the RELATIONSHIPS that are noted and accepted?  I hear even the most blatant Black progressives talk about the breakdown of the family as the root of our community's present travails.  Their main different from my standing is on the subject of WHO is responsible, they favoring an external force that seeks to destroy us.

I understand that those who are intransigent in their "conservative ways" against change are commonly criticized as bigoted and hateful.

 We have not developed the language to apply to the special interest groups that are functionally pulling the threat that hangs from the "societal fabric" which provided us with boundaries at the side so that we could move forward.
Some people believe that a "Do what you want as long as it does not hurt anyone else" as the height of consciousness. 
In as much as our present cultural consciousness is defined by generations 3 hops backward - the societal consciousness that these unbound social agents are driving for is unable to stand on its own because it doesn't stand for anything.

They must be forced to prove that their radical ideas which attack the traditions that allowed societies to flourish for several thousands of years are in need of abandonment and replacement.  They can't show any affirming evidence in the small places where their theories stand alone.   They dysfunction in these places they seek to nationalize.

President Obama's Body Man Mr Redding - I understand that you are both a political analyst and as a radio host you must bring up light points that will keep your audience interested.

I personally could care less about "Obama's Body Man".   If he had chosen Rihanna as his "Body Man" and Michelle was down with it while Bill O'Reilly was provoked to call him a "swinger" - it would not change one damned thing about the important issues that plague the Black Community - long after we were compelled to "Invest Our Pot Of Gold" in our "Salvation By Obama".

When I read the web sites of more committed "Pragmatic Obama Bots" their overload of "Obama Paparazzi" is merely done to filibuster against the critical analysis that they should be doing "in these times".
No sir - NOT a "critical analysis of OBAMA".  There needs to be a critical analysis of THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S ANTICS with reference to the entire "American Political Domain".

Long before Obama and his "body man" came on the scene the Black Community was told by the 'Embedded Confidence Men' that
  • IF we invest our Equal Black Ballots THEN our schools would be fixed - as people who "loved our children and cared about the Black community" took over the leadership posts
  • IF we invest our Equal Black Ballots THEN our streets would be safe - filled with "Social Justice"
  • IF we invest our Equal Black Ballots THEN economic policies and regulation would ensure abundant jobs for Black people and safe working conditions - now we have "safe jobs" but far too few of them in our community
In my view - and I am certainly not a script writer for your show - by NOT stitching this 50 year agenda together and challenging those who DARE ask the Negro to make another deposit of our valuables - you are allowing "The Hired Hatred" that we have embedded in our "Racial Consciousness Nucleus" to continue unfettered.

Who is monitoring the veracity of the past promises made to Black people to provoke our support?  The ones that were painted with "Black paint" but in truth had an ideological/political core that is now rancid?  Now they try to change the expiration date and resell it.

(Please go purchase this week's "Final Call" and see those who (mis)lead us now saying that our condition is eroding but they give no hint of self-imposed silence as they acknowledge their role in leading us to this place)
Libertarian Gary Johnson A Threat To Obama's Reelection (I understand that you argued about Gary Johnson in terms of "The Gay Vote")

In your discussion of Gary Johnson you, once again, lived vicariously through Obama, wondering about how Johnson's entrance might shave votes of of Obama.

Again I challenge you to look past Obama's fate - he has an entire campaign staff to do his strategic thinking about his campaign - and instead consider the fate of the Black Community.

REGARDLESS of if there is 20 non-Democratic candidates in the generation election or they all drop out and Obama stands alone - President Obama is going to get 95% of the Black vote - regardless of how our fate at the time stands with regards to our "Permanent Interests".

Your radio mates look at this as evidence that "Through UNITY The Black Community Remains Strong".

Unfortunately this merely provides evidence of the disconnection between the "Investments" that our community can be compelled to make and our will to manage our "Return On Investment" for our interests.

TO BE CLEAR:  VOTING against Obama DOES NOT provide proof of "Black 401K Investment Returns Protection".   The failure to have a development channel other than high-stakes party policies IS PROOF that the Embedded Confidence Men have no plan for our development other than through their Progressive-Joint Venture with other groups.

I suggest, with all due respect, instead of limiting your analysis to the "warm bodies" that jockey for position within the "American Political Domain" - you go through the video tapes of past successful attempts at drawing the "Negro Development Hopes" and set up a stronger defense of our sacred vault full of jewels.

The present debate over Detroit shows me that THEY AIN'T GONNA CHANGE!!!!   These forces know that Black people are most attuned toward "White Racism" and they have successfully fused it to "The Republican enemy".  The damage to the Black community IS NOT that it does not provide an open mind to "Republican outrage" - as Herman Cain claimed as "brain washing".   The real damage to the interests of the Black Community is that our present prevailing consciousness affirms the present hijacking by the Embedded Confidence Men who know that the community will dutifully follow along regardless of how much they have failed us.

THIS CONSCIOUSNESS is a threat to the Black Community beyond any concern that we should have for President Obama's reelection.

Hillary Clinton May Replace Biden In VP Slot (See entry for Gary Johnson above)
"The Occupation is a movement that shows anger at both Democrats and Republicans" Mr Redding:

On this subject I will work to prevent any particular application of  "guilt by association" upon you as this is not a "gotcha" post.

I disagree with your assessment of "The Occupation".
I am aware that you went to Atlanta's Woodruff Park in support of "The Occupation".
I now see the "Civil Rights Pharisees" attempting to latch "The Black Agenda" upon "The Occupation".

For me - "The Occupation" is a (mostly) left-wing faction that provides the "Back In The Day Leftists" with an OUT that allows them to save face from necessary accountability from where we stand after taking their "Do Better Medicine" for decades.  (Note - though "The Occupation" is racially diverse - my focus is about BLACK FOLKS and their agenda with relationship to "The Occupation")

It comes as no surprise to you that there are factions within the Black community who are committed to "The Struggle Motion".   The springs in the chair of the studio you broadcast from get exercised by activism of the person who sits in that seat just prior to your arrival on the air. 

I have called out the 'Insider Trading" that is present within the "Black Racial Services Machine".  Those who architected the strategy that our community has been executing for almost 50 years (the "Post Civil Rights Era") have no intention what so ever to submit to a TRANSPARENT appraisal of where we stand.

Despite having achieved all of the METHODOLOGICAL points that our people were commissioned to focus upon (political activism to elect people that will advance "Progressive Public Policy") our RESULTANT CONDITION within our community should otherwise call in to question the integrity of their agenda and if any "back room deals" were cut at our expense.

Mr Redding - these forces know how Black people think (more than I sometimes give them credit for) because they are Black.   Just as the conditions within our community draw the storm clouds in which a "No Confidence Vote" is cast upon them and their entire machine - they know that if they get Black folks STRUGGLING - this will necessitate that we drop our "foolish disagreements and grievance" and work against this greater threat.

The sight of the "Would Be Last Black Mayor Of Atlanta (If We Don't STRUGGLE To Not Let This Happen)" - as we were told about 2 years ago now falling out of favor because he chose to enforce the same laws that kept the 98% Black homeless population in Atlanta out of Woodruff Park is a contradiction in terms that a book should be written about.   In their anger they called for a recall vote against him.  They said that HE "Wuz Working For Da Man".   NEVER did any of those who still have their finger prints on the Diebold voting machine after having cast a vote for him challenged on their ability to do "character analysis" and thus suffered a loss of credibility.

The point is that Mayor Reed was placed into power - by Atlanta's Black Racial Services Machine run the affairs of the city.  When his job ran counter to THEIR wishes - "The Fight The Power" faction temporarily broke with "The Civil Rights Pharisees".

Today "The Civil Rights Pharisees" are using the "cooling off" of tensions (since they are no longer in violation of the law in the park) to use "The Occupation" as the scaffolding that the "Black cloak" will be erected upon".

They now wish to take up:
  • Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Police Brutality
  • Income Inequality
The same progressive agenda items that our present political victories were SUPPOSED to cure.

My goal is not to do a "gotcha" on you.
My goal is to ask you and others who are not as "over the edge" as many of your "broadcast buddies" to identify Where the Black Community' PREVIOUS INVESTMENTS are placed under a forensic audit to show APPRECIATION since the contributions made since the 1960's?   The very energy that the Civil Rights Pharisees are seeking to resurrect today.

I understand that the Black community's political consciousness is largely a lumpenproletariat consciousness.  That which is said to oppress its goals of prosperity is more damning that that which has been adopted as a cure for what ails them.

I am even willing to accept that there are people with pure intentions - new to the game and thus having no "finger prints" on the video tape from the past.

This does NOT dispel the larger truth that there are OPERATIVES FROM THE PAST who's agenda is to escape accountability by keeping us "Consciously Occupied".

I understand that the national Occupation plans to wage bipartisan attacks of civil disobedience.  I wonder if the BLACK OCCUPATION is able to see that certain Operative Activists -DESPITE their common ideology and apparent position outside of elective office have functionally been operatives for those who are in power and thus this TAINT should force them to be expelled from "The Occupation" least its own integrity be compromised.

Failing to enforce INTEGRITY - "The Occupation" will merely be a reincarnation of that which brought us to our present condition.  It risks having its official mascot be the "Groundhog" with the Civil Rights Pharisees demanding that the groundhog have black fur.

Mr Redding - what was the common theme out of all of these posts? (I'll help you)


My respect and trust of "The Black Press" is at an all time low (inclusive of all written, spoken and video 'opinion givers' and influencers") .

They prove repetitively that they see no difference between their role as marketers of the METHODOLOGY through which our people are promised increase and their job of making a TRANSPARENT APPRAISAL of the "water level" that we have amassed.

Like the abusive boyfriend they insert themselves so intricately in the lives of their "love interests" that "she" never has enough "self-time" to identify HER OWN INTERESTS that are separate and distinct from her abusers.

If there was ever a time for "The Black Press Activists" to give VOICE to a victim - it would be the voice they give to the "Black Rank & File" in defense against the "Black Racial Services Machine" as it has been hijacked.

If there is a brick that "The Occupation" needs to throw - it is the stained, glass window of "The Congregational church" building that the Black Racial Services Machine has erected.   Let the gas out via the broken window .....................or wait until the Street Pirates that they have fomented with their benign neglect steals their HVAC unit - causing them to open their doors because of the heat that has built up inside. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear United Negro College Fund - My Cousin Just Took Your Donation To Pay For His Bail

A client of mine finally came through with the check that I was waiting for.
Yesterday I was plotting out how much I was going to pay on my credit card (and tell the bank to kiss my behind) versus how much I was going to pay to the charitable organizations that are blasting me with e-mails and mail messages, hoping for that year-end tax deductible contribution.

I saw the caller id from South Carolina.  My 100 year old grandmother is on "watch".  Every time I see the area code I wonder if this is it.

Not this time.

"Your cousin is in jail and is in need of bail money to get him out" - said my aunt.
He had a warrant for his arrest for an unpaid traffic ticket of some type.  "I told him that it is going to be hard trying to find someone with money during this time of year to bail you out.  You may have to stay in jail over the holiday."   ("Why did you decide to call ME instead of one of my siblings first?" I thought.)

As far as I know this is my cousin's first time in jail.

I did not register a protest.
I did not give any "conservative 'I told you so' " sermon.
I told her that I would put the money into Western Union tomorrow when the check I just deposited from my client clears.  If I put it into my grandmother's bank account as she first suggested - he would likely have to stay in jail until Monday or Tuesday.

I see this as "repair money".  Money spent to FIX what you already have rather than money spent to acquire something new.  Yes you need to spend the money because you value the object in question but that doesn't take away the feeling that it is money that did not need to be spent had "preventative maintenance" had been made.

My cousin is in his early 20's.   He did not graduate high school and has two kids.
I understand how it is to struggle.  On my own "reverse migration" down to Atlanta I stayed for one month at my grandmother's house and left several boxes in her house as I stayed with a friend of mine in the ATL.  I even borrowed money from another aunt to tide me over.

The difference between my cousin and I, however, is that I have "marketable skills" (a college degree as well - but this is less relevant than the skills).   Rather than "having money" as they see in me - I have a means to develop multiple income streams as I provide needed "value added services" to companies that are willing to pay for them.

I understand that a "$30 bank balance" is distressing.  One mistake and it will turn into "-$70" with two ill-timed transactions that the bank hits you with NSF fees.

My cousin took the risk of driving with an expired license and he got the worst type of "NSF Fee" - the one issued by the POLICE which now has him detained in jail.

The reason why I had my grandmother's bank account number is because I am the "son that lives in the South" and gets to visit this portion of my family more than my siblings in the North.   In seeing that those of my family with direct care of my grandmother were also forced to spend their limited household funds for her utilities - I coordinated a plan with my siblings to take this burden off of their backs.  They provide primary care for her and this is worth an untold among of money but can't be "capitalized" via an invoice for services rendered.    Not one of my siblings protested having to take on these new expenses each month either.   The issue was that there was not sufficient communication between my "country cousins" and my siblings - all of whom are also college educated with gainful employment.

My "country cousins" don't have the marketable skills necessary to transition from their direct financial dependence upon their parents.  As life throws them challenges - a car with a blown engine, an unplanned pregnancy, a job loss or the end of a relationship with a love interest who they live with - their parents who are barely making it themselves are forced to shoulder the burn of the bird who has not left the nest completely.

"Let his behind stay in jail" did not enter my mind as the cure for my cousin.   He has two children and a job that allows him to scrape by in supporting them.
Sadly, despite being in his early 20's there is little evidence from his actions that he will change course and pursue education or the acquisition of technical skills that will change the next 20 years of his life.

I asked my aunt if she had gotten her computer fixed OR used the laptop that my brother gave her (thinking about her young granddaughter) and she told me "No" (see - My Own Family Reunion - "She Don't Need The Internet")
I could not help but think about the Forbes Magazine blog article in which an outsider gave suggestions to "Poor Black Kids In West Philly" on how they must use computers to reverse the trends that are so unfavorable for the.

I AM a Black kid from West Philly.   It was parental management of my academic career that made all of the difference.  My parents bought me an Atari 400 computer.   It was my personal interest and curiosity that compelled me to take open the case and upgrade it from 16Mb (I didn't say Gb) up to 64Mb of memory, becoming quite proud that I did not destroy the console with the soldering iron. 

I don't have an answer for my cousin.
I will recommit to traveling back up to South Carolina and setting up the internet connection for my little second cousin who believed that the Google Street Maps image of my grandmother's house came from a camera that is across the street.  I told her to go to the window and wave so I could see her on the computer.  She showed aptitude enough to show her mother what I taught her.  She needs some "distance learning" to harvest her conscious attention.  I will work to forge a relationship between her and my kids who are computer savy from their benefit of my direct presence.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Black-Wing Talk Radio: "THEY See Us As Apes, Dogs Or Monkeys That They Can Shoot Down. WE Need To Have A Strong Showing Tonight To Show THEM That They Are Wrong"

Black-Wing Talk Radio caller "THEY See Us As Apes, Dogs Or Monkeys That They Can Shoot Down. WE Need To Have A Strong Showing Tonight To Show THEM That They Are Wrong".

These are the words of a Black man who called into the WAOK "Fight The Power" radio program just a second ago in preparation for a "civil rights" rally in Union City Georgia tonight in support for "justice" for 19 year old Ariston Waiters who was shot dead by Union City police a few weeks ago.   I believe the caller said that he was with "The National Action Network".  (I will remove this claim after I review my recording of the program after my computer completes this segment of recording if I am wrong.)

My new understanding of all that churns in our community is that I SUPPORT THE FREE SPEECH AND FREE ASSEMBLY RIGHTS of all in this country.   Those who gather tonight in Union City are expressing their concern about how the police engage alternations within the Black community and appear to be too quick to draw their weapons, ultimately leading to a higher number of "officer involved shootings" within communities of color.

Their goal is to get police forces to act more responsibly in these engagements, not turning a request for protection of the community into yet another assault upon the community, thus increasing the tension between the community and law enforcement.   I get it.

I do not plan to attend.
Not because I do not believe that this is not a valid concern.  A young man's life was lost needlessly and surely the claims made by the police department do not align with the observations of others who did not see a physical altercation between the policeman and the now dead Waiters who was said to be fleeing rather than confronting the officer.

I believe that the issues regarding crime and justice within the Black community are vast enough to afford them to "do their thing" in line with their ideology while I continue to focus on that which I believe creates more "body bags" within the Black community and thus is a greater threat.   It is not an "either/or" but a "BOTH" situation.

I will go further to say that the unmanaged/unmitigated cultural and social situation that I focus upon leads to the increased interactions and conflict with the police.

The Use Of Language To Rile Up The People

The provocative language of the caller had an effect upon me but opposite of what he was intending to engender.

When I hear such talk on Black-Wing Talk Radio my first instinct is to wonder if they believe that the "Street Pirates" who are far more pervasive killers of Black people think of fellow Blacks as "Apes, Dogs and Monkeys", worthy of being shot down?

If the "White Police Officer" is conditioned by White Supremacy from birth to arrive at the "crime scene" to apply this viewpoint that is so frequently fatal to Black suspects in the field of his vision............what does the EQUAL HUMAN BEING who plays the part of "The Street Pirate" - shooting our people done on the street and leaving the carcass dead as if it were a squirrel or a pitbull that fell out of the back of a pickup truck on the Interstate - WHAT is going through his mind in the way of conditioned hatred for Black people?

The problem that I have with this sort of talk is that I sense a bit of "compensation" within it.   The truth is that THEY KNOW that the consciousness of the "Would Be Pillar Of Our Community" who's ultimate utility to our community was of their own making.    Greater than that which they actively permit in our communities in the way of "libertine"/permissive social and cultural dogma is the VOID of social governance as expressed in their ideology which contributes to these "peer formed" values and associations that these young people carry.

It is a well known conclusion as evidenced through time that "The Young White Male" has the propensity to advance his own genetic standing above all others by leveraging THE SYSTEM to his advantage.   The "Civil Rights Movement" was an attempt to mitigate the brutal forms that were transacted in support of this agenda.    The evidence of success or failure of this effort IS NOT the incidental "racist" murder/rape/firing of a Black person.   Instead the SYSTEM who sees this and applies or fails to apply THE LAW provides the index to "the state of race relations".

When we get to the matter of Black on Black - intramural assaults and the ability to curtail them - the hyperbolic words use to "rile up the Black folks" to come out to a march are changed dramatically.

You Can't Protest Your Way To Good Self-Governance WITHIN The Black Community

Those who are expert in usurping Black American sensitivities for their own ideological and political agenda understand that they need to play at the margins.  They understand that if they focus on THEIR "successes" - most of them being gathering small congregations that do "good works", while never focusing on the full dimensions of the community problems - most of which are left unmanaged despite their "success" - they can achieve their ultimate goal:  "Black Community Congregational Unity".

I am 100% certain based upon my observations that "Congregational Unity" is more important than "Effective Outcomes".  With the "congregational unity" - failure to achieve the promised outcomes allows the congregation to MOVE THE GOAL POSTS, never making an indictment against those who received their investments.

As I watch all of the antics that go on in the name of 'The Black Community Agenda' I am often stunned how, despite the obvious looking the masses right in the face, their own complicity prevents them from noting the distinction between their "permanent interests" and the METHODOLOGY that was adopted which purported to add increase to these interests.

The short term agreement which says "You Are Not Going To Pick Our Black Leaders" merely produces the burden that the Black community is forced to carry.  This burden is the failure to develop COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE THROUGH OUR INSTITUTIONS that should have been perfected over time.

The people who are truthfully denying the EQUAL VALUE OF BLACK PEOPLE are those who's actions today ensure that little is going to be different 50 years hence as our INSTITUTIONS are not reformed to "finish" those who matriculate through them in a manner that is in line with our community needs.