They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Street Pirates Don't Give A Damn About "Portrait On The Wall" Worship - Maynard H Jackson School Suffers Smash & Grab

Smash-and-grab burglars hit Atlanta school

Based upon a new understanding that I received from reading about how we as Black people should avoid propagating the negative stories about the Black community and thus avoid being "conservative" I realize the sins in my ways.

The only problem with this particular strategy is that it provides cover for those who ARE CRIMINALS in our midst. The fact that this plan has no element in which the "Street Pirates" who receive this defensive cover are asked to "pull up" proves to be the fatal flaw as we put forth a false front to the rest of the world. Add to it that these Street Pirates are attacking our people and/or our community property or businesses within - this makes those who run the scheme co-conspirators.

So it is that we provide the latest tidbit of news. The Maynard Holbrook Jackson High School suffered a smash and grab robbery in which street pirates looked to steal computer and other electronic instructional aides from the school.

The street pirate DON'T GIVE A DAMN about their efforts to assist the "Digital Divide" to remain entrenched in certain communities. What is a learning tool to the student is a quick few hundreds of dollars in fenced equipment - no question asked about the source of the merchandise.

The street pirates have learned that a dab of "Goog Gone" will erase the "Property Of The Atlanta Public School System" stencil off of these items. If this marking is etched into the item - it is up to the purchaser of the stolen goods to ignore it and never bring the computer out in public. This is how it usually works.

One person was in custody early Monday and police were looking for at least one other suspect in an overnight smash-and-grab burglary at a southeast Atlanta high school.

WSB Radio reported that the thieves smashed their way into a computer lab at Maynard H. Jackson High School on Glenwood Avenue early Monday.

The suspects fled into nearby woods when officers arrived and interrupted the burglary.

"They were in and out in minutes," Atlanta police Officer Brian French told WSB.

Police said the fleeing suspects ditched the stolen computers in the woods.

Four computers were recovered, but more may be in the woods, police said.

The identity of the suspect who was arrested has not been released.

Channel 2 Action News reported that that man suffered cuts, likely from the window broken to gain entry to the school, and blood was found on some of the recovered computers.

Clark Atlanta University Takes Heat For Former Leader's Compensation Package

AJC: Clark Atlanta defends million-dollar presidential payout

The issues where the "usual suspects" should be shouting the loudest - they are often most silent.

There is more evidence of a direct negative impact on a Black student body confronting a higher bar in pursuit of their education due to increased financial burden placed upon them than can be proven by the standard fare of the attacks on "corporate CEO pay" that we readily hear about from the "permanent opposition".

Clark-Atlanta University had suffered a serious financial crisis that hinted of the travail suffered by its sister college Morris Brown College.  Years of capital plant expansion left it financially anemic.  There were student protests when the university announced that certain academic programs would be cut as they needed to save money to protect the viability of the institution. 

This story shows that there exists a clique on various "executive compensation panels".  In their attempt to accept "only the best" for their institutions they occasionally forget to retain consciousness about the interests of the consumers - in this case the students.

This problem with compensation panels was seen in various corporations over the past 5 years.  It is clear to me that certain mega-church governing boards have a similar problem with cliquishness.  I am supportive of compensation packages that reward accomplishment as they have specific goals itemized that are challenging and require material reform (for the better) as a pretext.

AJC Article
The revelation that Clark Atlanta University paid its former president more than $1 million the year he retired shocked and angered faculty and many alumni, but the chairwoman of the university's board of trustees says it was a good deal for the financially struggling school.

In his final year at Clark Atlanta, 2008, Walter Broadnax was among the 30 highest-paid private-college presidents in America, according to the annual salary study by the Chronicle of Higher Education, which was released last week. His total payout that year came to $1,158,537.

"The contractual payout amount was not out of line with the job we were asking Dr. Broadnax to do," board chairwoman Juanita Baranco said. "He came in and literally transformed the university, so the contract was a sound business judgment when we entered into it in 2002.. I do want to emphasize that this was a unique situation."

But an expert on compensation for college presidents said the deal appears to have been extraordinarily generous, and Clark Atlanta faculty say they've been unable find presidents at comparable schools who made comparable money.

Baranco said Broadnax was hired to turn around the college's finances -- expenses had outstripped revenue for a couple of years. She said the compensation package was standard in 2002 for college presidents at comparable institutions.

Raymond D. Cotton, a Washington attorney who has represented more than 200 colleges and universities and is an expert on compensation issues in higher education, said turnaround situations often merit higher pay. But he said Broadnax's package still appeared extraordinarily generous -- especially at a school with financial problems -- and out of line with comparable schools.

He also said Broadnax's annual pay and deferred compensation, which usually totaled more than $400,000 a year, appeared to be at the top if not above the pay range at comparable institutions.

Street Pirate On Street Pirate Violence Fills The Streets Of Palm Springs CA

Authorities have counted 19 homicides this year in the desert community

To be honest with you metro-Atlanta ticks off 19 homicides in about 2 weeks.   Still the accounts of the brutality of the crimes and the terror felt upon the community in Palm Springs CA points out, yet again, who suffers most from the plague of street piracy: the women trapped in close proximity to this dysfunctional behavior.

CATHEDRAL CITY, California — The master-planned Palm Springs Country Club Estates rose from the Southern California desert in the post-World War II boom, promising weary veterans and their families a fresh start with a sign that oozed optimism: "Come buy your dream home."
That promise abandoned this tract of dusty, single-story homes long ago, but its memory christened an unlikely legacy, one of the most notoriously violent Southern California street crews: the Barrio Dream Homes gang.

We are more likely to hear from certain critics about the legacy of racism associated with the "GI Bill" which allowed government entitlements paid to veterans to be applied toward real estate that respected housing discrimination practices rather than any detailed review of the present dysfunction. These street pirates will be said to be operating as a FUNCTION of this past discrimination rather than upon any organic abilities to render their own hatred per their actions.

After a two-year calm, the notorious gang is again the focus of police following a recent drive-by shooting that killed two and left three wounded, including a 2-month-old baby boy. The infant's father, who remains hospitalized with gunshot wounds, is a Barrio Dream Homes member, as is one of the dead, said police Lt. Chuck Robinson.


In Cathedral City, a 16-year-old mother was shot in the head as she showed off her newborn to friends. And in Indio, two men in costume were shot dead at a Halloween party.

The women suffer the most.

The Barrio Dream Homes gang, one of the most established, has a colorful history that stretches back generations to the first years after World War II and remains linked to three large Mexican families, according to court records.
When original plans for the ritzy Palm Springs Country Club Estates stagnated early on, 80 percent of the homes were sold to lower-income, working-class families. Many were immigrants who fled Los Angeles to escape growing prejudice from white city dwellers and had witnessed the tensions that spawned the infamous weeklong "Zoot Suit Riots" between Mexican-American men and U.S. sailors in 1943.
Strong distrust of law enforcement after the riots became a hallmark in their new community and that hostility coalesced into a gang. By the 1970s, members were conducting drive-by shootings and turf wars with rival gangs from nearby neighborhoods.
One such fight happened at a drive-in theater where gang members had gathered to watch the 1979 movie "The Warriors." The movie about rival New York gangs ended with several real people dead.

I strongly suspect that the Hispanic community is configured like the Black community and the progressive White community: a strong contingent of voice that can amass against police brutality. A tepid amount of ability to mitigate violence that comes from the individuals who don't wear badges. Instead the police and other "authorities" will be blamed for failing to protect the masses.

The Police Function Is Mandatory For A Civilized Community

This message is not directed at the members of any community that are disturbed by a pattern of abuse by the police, the resulting violence upon their people and the voicing of their concerns as a means of drawing attention to the problem.

I am focused upon the embedded operatives who's only goal is to claim the moral high ground against the antics of the police yet who's finger prints are upon the controls of the cultural tenor of the community.   The young men who work against the interests of the community operate within an environment who's disciplinary tracks have been removed by those who now cry foul.   They have outsourced so much of the inculcation duties to the government via their past advocacy.  Today they return to indict that same government for brutally enforcing its laws.   The enforcement of the laws is said to be taking away needed resources to fund the inculcation activities that they demand more of.

In as much as "the struggle never ends" so too is the case that this conflict will continue on.  The perpetual demand for resources into the community as a means of mitigating the potentially hostile situation will exceed any evidence of the competency of the local community management forces to render control upon the direction of their young.   The young are perpetually generated and the set of cultural norms that they need to be molded into need to be stable, rational and balanced.

Unfortunately those who have been fighting and/or grieving against the system as their core makeup are disinclined to doggedly enforce a system of control upon their own communities.  The more profitable discourse is to feign outrage that the greater society has abandoned them as worthless and seek to unite their community by organizing a struggle against the greater society that new national leadership might show more care by redistributing needed resources within.  

Little will be said about the need for local constraint and discipline as a matter that is NOT contingent upon the receipt of the nationalized entitlements and attention.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Deadly Start To The Holiday Season At Select Shopping Centers Around The Nation

Shooting At Mall In Metro Detroit

College Park Georgia Flea Market Shooting

Police are looking for the man accused of shooting his estranged wife to death Sunday afternoon in a south Fulton County shopping center.

Asa Stean Barrow, 32, died after being shot at the Old National Discount Mall on Godby Road shortly before 4 p.m., Lt. Bruce Braxton with College Park police said.

Barrow, of Atlanta, was unresponsive when police arrived and wad dead on arrival at South Fulton Medical Center, Braxton said.

Investigators believe Barrow was shot by her estranged husband, 36-year-old James Jamell Barrow, Braxton said.

"The perpetrator then exchanged gunfire with a mall security guard before fleeing the scene in a white sedan," Braxton said in a statement.

The Barrows previously lived in Gwinnett County, according to address records.

Anyone with information about James Barrow's whereabouts is asked to contact College Park police at 404-761-3131.

The Disentombment Of Frederick Douglass - Part II - The Fundamental Reason For The Obfuscation Of Our Consciousness Into Politics

Frederick Douglass - born in 1818 under the brutal vestiges of American chattel slavery.   At a time where a White person could be punished by law for teaching a Black person how to read - young Federick Douglass was undetered, refusing to allow his curious mind to be settled with the question "Why can't I as a Black man learn how learn how to read?".............."Because THEY say so and THEY enforce it by the law".

From the Wikipedia entry on Frederick Douglass
When Douglass was about twelve years old, Hugh Auld's wife Sophia started teaching him the alphabet despite the fact that it was against the law to teach slaves to read. Douglass described her as a kind and tender-hearted woman, she treated Douglass like one human being ought to treat another. When Hugh Auld discovered her activity, he strongly disapproved, saying that if a slave learned to read, he would become dissatisfied with his condition and desire freedom. Douglass later referred to this statement as the "first decidedly antislavery lecture" he had ever heard. As detailed in his autobiography, Douglass succeeded in learning to read from white children in the neighborhood and by observing the writings of men with whom he worked. Mrs.Auld one day saw Douglass reading a newspaper she ran over to him and snatched it from him, with a face that said education and slavery were incompatible with each other.
He continued, secretly, to teach himself how to read and write. Douglass is noted as saying that "knowledge is the pathway from slavery to freedom." As Douglass learned and began to read newspapers, political materials, and books of every description, he was exposed to a new realm of thought that led him to question and then condemn the institution of slavery. In later years, Douglass credited The Columbian Orator, which he discovered at about age twelve, with clarifying and defining his views on freedom and human rights.
When Douglass was hired out to William Freeland, he taught other slaves on the plantation to read the New Testament at a weekly Sunday school. As word spread, the interest among slaves in learning to read was so great that in any week, more than 40 slaves would attend lessons. For about six months, their study went relatively unnoticed. While Freeland was complacent about their activities, other plantation owners became incensed that their slaves were being educated. One Sunday they burst in on the gathering, armed with clubs and stones, to disperse the congregation permanently.
In 1833, Thomas Auld took Douglass back from Hugh after a dispute ("[A]s a means of punishing Hugh," Douglass wrote). Dissatisfied with Douglass, Thomas Auld sent him to work for Edward Covey, a poor farmer who had a reputation as a "slave-breaker." There Douglass was whipped regularly. The sixteen-year-old Douglass was indeed nearly broken psychologically by his ordeal under Covey, but he finally rebelled against the beatings and fought back. After losing a confrontation with Douglass, Covey never tried to beat him again.

If nothing else please note that I use our "Slave History" not as an indictment in the spirit of "I know who did this to us". Instead I use slavery and the black & white films of the civil rights era as a means of making an inference to what we NO LONGER HAVE TO DEAL WITH TODAY. This is a threat as it triggers the same set of questions to be put upon the present leadership as the slave masters feared that the "enslaved Blacks" of their times might begin to ask upon receiving enlightenment from their ability to interpret the written word. (Yes you can quote me on my above words).

Why We Can't Do At The Wholesale Level Today A Freemen What Frederick Douglass Did As An Oppressed Individual When The Clock Was 'Back In The Day'

If you look around the various web properties that purport to represent the tenor and the tone of the Black community via their political activism you begin to understand the problem as you make note of the prevailing subject matter that they focus upon.   You might also see images of Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King Jr being claimed by various sites, regardless of their own ideological preferences.  Some of them being out of alignment with the historical figure in question.

The one thing that they are averse to noting is their tremendous success in taking over the educational institutions in our community.  They are more inclined to tell about their domination over our community's institutions as evidence of their popularity with the masses in our community.  In their world "popularity is evidence of correctness".    When we move to the next logical step and charge them with being responsible for the product that matriculates out of the institutions that they control then we have a problem.

I seriously doubt that anyone will grasp the gravity of the situation.  The story of Frederick Douglass is played as a strong Black man who overcame the unyielding oppression of "da man" to find a way to obtain his literacy as the foundation of his superior elocution and guiding voice for the freedom of the equal human being that was suffering the savagery of enslavement.  He first learned how to read.  Then he learned how to read the US Constitution.  Then he held the US Constitution to the face of America as a means of challenging her to live up to the words that are written on the paper.

The only claim that I make in reference to Frederick Douglass is my propensity to hold up certain promises and principles that some have claimed to be the keepers of the "moral compass" of to their faces, challenging them to protest against themselves as they did against others when they so occupied the seats of power.

Lost upon some people is the fact that today's public schools no longer have the legal prohibition against literacy for Black Americans - punishable by law.   This relief alone has not translated into the universal mental manumission of those who pass through these institutions in our community, free from the molestations of the past.

With favorable people now in control over the local educational institutions, as testament to the success of the struggle - the promised improvements that were to be delivered to the masses remain elusive.  Instead they dawn their elaborate outfits and perform rituals of the Pharisees to retain the attention of the masses.

I Challenge The Black Progressive Establishment Of Today To Deliver Upon The Promises That They Used To Obtain Power Over Our Key Institutions

Put aside your progressive, expansionary antics in which you focus upon outward threats from Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Steele, Glenn Beck and The News Corporation.   Instead circle your wagons and key in on the HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT of the individuals who are looking your way for a more permanent fix to their situation.

Toni Morrison & Angela Davis Hijack Frederick Douglass' Legacy On C-SPAN

We do not have a "Black Community Development Movement" in America today.   Instead we have a left-wing activist movement that controls the key points of influence upon the Black community and the vocal chords that appear to emanate from within.  As I listened to authors Toni Morrison and Angela Davis I did not hear any "organically Black" methodologies for solution of our community's challenges.  Instead I heard a left-wing perspective that I could just as soon read in "The Nation", 'Dollars and Sense",  "International Socialist Review" or "Democracy Now".  (Which is why I frequently read or watch all of these as points of reference).

The only thing that we can say is that Morrison and Davis seek to apply leftist tools and methodology with the INTENTION of helping Black community issues.  The best way to understand that the promotion of their methodology is their real interest is to make note that even upon its failure to fix the problems after it is the "last ideology standing" does not cause them to seek out alternative methodologies in pursuit of a fix.  Instead they "struggle harder".

In two hours I witnessed:

  1. A cellphone call from death row - featuring Mumia "Killa Mu" Abu Jamal - triggering a mass applause in the auditorium.  The fact that he has a street named after him in France is further proof of his innocence
  2. Two wealthy authors who have traveled the globe with the proceeds of their writings both calling for the destruction of CAPITALISM - never making note that the majority of the people living under the vice grip socialist alternative not being permitted by their governments to travel openly, a sizable portion of the also not having the financial resources to travel, the proceeds of their labor having been nationalized
  3. Two women discussing the need to shut down the prisons in America - yet despite all of their spirituality that is projected they can't seem to connect to the steady stream of women that I future on this blog in the series entitled "What Is Making Black Women Cry On The Television News".  As they tell it is it the "prison culture" that creates the Street Pirates who commit criminal acts against these women or their loved ones, triggering the tears.   They are unwilling to see that it is their ABSTRACT theories which is the root of the disconnected culture and benign neglect which fails to mold these human resources into "upstanding citizens".  Instead they are left to foment into "street pirates".
  4. The Accomplishment Of Frederick Douglass teaching himself how to read after receiving a baseline of guidance from his "owner's" wife being hijacked to cover the perverted metaphor that the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX of today is the reason why so many Black males cannot read.
Sadly people, this is not seen as "Far Left Radical Thought" that is to be expectorated from our community consciousness.  INSTEAD these are the viewpoints held by individuals who have a high likelihood of receiving:
  • An NAACP Image Award
  • A Seat at the head table of the "Congressional Black Caucus" Legislative Weekend Scholarship Dinner
  • A featured speaker on the Tom Joyner Foundation "Party With A Purpose" Cruise
If only Clarence Thomas or Representative Allen West could be so lucky.

You see the views of Thomas or West are seen as implicitly against the "permanent interests" of Black people.  At the point in which legislation to "help" Black people by addressing a need for health care, educational funding or a reparation for discrimination against Black farmers from the government these "traitors" might apply their ideological dogma and stop the proceeds from flowing - standing in line with our noted "enemies".

Few people will see that Morrison and Davis' are far more damaging.  Their use of "permanent struggle" and associated "stretch goals" perpetually keep the Black community off balance, unable to apply an effective management framework to address the human resource management problems within our communities.   The call to "shut down the prisons" and send the money to early childhood development will have few staunch progressive-fundamentalist that would stand and oppose the measure.  The one point of note that should condemn this policy to the trash heap, however is that she never details what she does not articulate what she would have the "Street Pirate" to do to uphold his part of the bargain.   Instead their notion of "unfettered giving" will make use of the government as the channel for confiscation of resources from one group of people, giving to another until a cure is registered.  IF the people who have the wealth resist then they are hate-filled capitalists.

In the closing minutes of her diatribe Angela Davis reaffirmed what I had previously noted about the "Progressive Struggle":  It is never going to end.
Ms Davis noted that the "struggle for freedom never ends".  I am convinced that she has no mental concept of a point at which "her theories" are the "last theory standing" and thus has command and control over the domain in question.  Where it IS the "establishment" that is looked toward to deliver the standard of living that she and others are in constant pursuit of.

The answer is - since "Progressivism is inorganic" it will never accept itself as the establishment.  This would require the progressive to render an indictment against the progressive.  This is a mutually exclusive space in the universe.  Instead when this point of "intellectual consistency" is reached - both sides of the progressive array (the rank & file and then those who occupy the seat) will agree to find a unifying external threat to focus their indictment upon.

The Pacification Of Black People Using Statistics

In response to the recent report documenting the educational crisis presently suffered by Black males I came across a Washington Post article that attempted to blunt the indictment.

It turns out that having the total population of college students consisting of Black males is not so bad considering that they are only 6.5% of the total US population.

I wish that Valarie Strauss and the New York Times had focused in on the population of individuals from 18 to 24 and thus of college age in order to obtain a more accurate depiction.  Still it does not matter.

The real question that needs to be asked is:  Are There Enough Black Males Receiving Higher Education Commensurate To The Need To Turn Our Community In A Different Direction?

It is important to understand that some people's goal is to find contentment that "other people are in the mud along with us".  By showing that the issue suffered by Blacks is not too far out of line with others a bit of contentment is obtained.

My question above marks a departure from this prevailing consciousness.  It challenges the Black community to make inventory of the amount of force that is necessary to alter the course using the organic means that we have control over - our human resources.   This is not the defacto consciousness for a community that is used to responding to an external threat instead of living up to the God given potential that we have been provisioned with.

None the less here are some stats that I cam across per my research.   Academic enrollment by race:

See Historical Tables: Age Distribution of College Students 14 Years Old and Over, by Sex: October 1947 to 2008

Academic Year 2008

Racial Subset College Enrollment Percentage
All Ethnicities 39.6%
Males All Races 37%
Females All Races 42.3%
Blacks All Genders 31.6%
Black Males 29.1%
Hispanic Males 23.0%
Asian Males 53.9%
White Males 38%
White Males - Non-Hispanic 41.7%

I interpret the percentages listed as being the percentage of individuals in the specified population subset who are enrolled in college.  In order to arrive at the 5% number that is of concern we would have to tabulate the total population of college students and then enumerate the total number of Black males contained within. 

The more significant point is to evaluate the relatively low percentage of Black and Hispanic males in college relative to their total population numbers (not the total of college enrolled young people). 

Furthermore we need to appraise why the academic institutions that are controlled by "favorable people" are not preparing more of our young people to return to their communities to become "professional service agents".

We are more likely to see the "White Male" stat used as a reference for us to follow than the more successful "Asian Male" as a point of study to understand their relative success.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

American "Anti-Police Violence" Protesters Should Take A Vaction In Brazil

Street Pirate Drug Gangs In Rio Join Forces To Fight Against The Police

23 Street Pirates Killed In One Week During Police vs Street Pirate Violence.

Question: What Type Of Policies Would Prof Cornel West Deem To Have A Racial Beneficiary Impact?

Cornel West Says Obama Policies Have Racist Effects

Fear not Obama fans - Prof Cornel West does not mean it when he says Obama's policies have a "racist effect" against the interests of Black people.  He is merely agitating from the left, hoping to garner the attention of the President.  During an interview this past summer Prof West did speak of his anger with Barack Obama for walking up to him at a conference and talking to him like a "school boy" rather than a distinguished member of the "Professional Left".  Obama must have taken notes on how to engage with the good professor from Lawrence Summers, a member of Obama's staff that had a similar conflict with Prof West in which he heaped criticism rather than praise upon West.

I take Prof West at his word that his goal is to remain critical of President Obama but to ultimately distinguish himself from the right wing critics of Obama.  They are attempting to hurt Obama, making him into a one term president.   Back in February 2009 West's friend Michael Eric Dyson had announced to the public that he would vote for Obama in 2012, a month into the President's term.

Fear not people - this is how agitation is done by Black activists now that their "Permanent Friends" that they have worked so doggedly to get into power now sit in the seats of power.   Having compromised their "Permanent Interests" long ago they are now simply rustling their feather in a game of respect.

From The Article
Princeton University African-American studies and religion professor Cornel West was asked by Democracy Now! about his reaction to Kanye West's calling George W. Bush a racist, but answered with a response about President Obama. The activist professor said that President Obama's policies, like Bush's, discriminate against African-Americans, with "racist effect and consequence" despite neither President's "racist motivation and intention."
Quite strange that West believes that both president's policies have "harmful racial effects" despite their intentions otherwise YET President Obama has a 91% approval rating amongst Blacks while Bush's approvals steadily remained below 25% and those Blacks got the "side eye" from other Blacks.

What Type Of Policies Would Prof West Deem As "Racially Beneficial"?

I have learned from seeing these type of pronouncements over time that the best method to appraise the veracity of such statements made people Progressive-Fundamentalists who think like Prof West is to reverse the charge and evaluate the policy set that would make them happy.

In the rebuttal of Prof Cornell West, Rick Cohen provides the following words from Prof West as he goes on to defend Obama in the rest of the article:

“He doesn’t care about the Black poor: The evidence is overwhelming! . . . His policies [a]re . . . generating misery among poor people, disproportionately Black and Brown . . . The Obama Administration seems to have very little concern about poor people and their social misery . . . (L)ook at the policies of Black Farmers – a settlement already in place but they don’t want to execute it because they don’t want to be associated with Black folk too explicitly . . . (W)e can go right across the board—look at the policies of the new Jim Crow."

Thus we are lead to believe that the evidence of being "Pro-Black" is to agree to a government payout for the grievances that small Black commercial farmers have against the claimed racism in the distribution of loans from the government. We will put aside the observation that this loan program from the US Dept of Agriculture would have been called "corporate welfare" if received by larger farming entities.

The fact is that the primary means by which President Obama could win the favor of Prof West and other Progressive-Fundamentalists is to erect and defend a massive set of redistributionist policies that functioned to extract wealth away from those who obtained their wealth in the capitalistic market place and shift it to those who are among "the Least of These" - the disadvantaged, the poor, the handicapped, the minority.

In the mind of these elements of the Democratic/Progressive base their vote for President Obama back in 2008 was their part of the "quid pro quo" from which the goods that Prof West is agitating for. It is their belief that Obama used their hopes to get elected but did not follow through. In truth Obama's only sin is that he did not stop them from "painting their own fanciful images" on the "blank canvas" that he presented himself as and thus THEY are the one's who are guilty. If they had any sensibilities about themselves we would see a list that is entitled "Never, Never, Never Again Will We Allow Ourselves To Have Our Hopes Vicariously Channeled Through A Vehicle That Is Outside Of Our Center Of Gravity".  Sadly such a pact would be written during the middle years of Obama's first term but then jettisoned once other elements of their left-wing coalition begin their empassioned advertising campaign against their right-wing enemies starting in the spring of 2012.

The key filter for screening the veracity of certain policy initiatives that I apply today is the question:
Will the adoption of the policies/programs in question lead to a community that has enhanced competencies in support of the community's goals for a higher standard of living?
 All too frequently the notion of "competency development" is put aside as the drive for "social justice" rights that are afforded by the mere "membership" in America is driven as the primary indictment.

The truth is that "POOR PEOPLE" are not "Generated".   Poverty is the default state of man.  Absent a system that generates wealth that can be leveraged for the individual's benefit - a person will remain impoverished.   This is a fundamental concept that must be understood and executed upon.  Failing to do so will have people contented by the notion that a framework of social entitlements granted upon them and serving as their daily food source is a state of accomplishment.   This is not the case.

IF these people are removed from this type of system, or worse - as we see in present day Europe - the system is cut away from them due to insolvency - the people will rue the day that they find themselves without the presence of the system and having failed to develop the competencies that permit them to continue to live at the standard of living that they have become accustomed to per the output of their own productivity.

The Need For Strategic Agricultural Investments Rather Than Civil Rights Payouts

Regarding the government payout to the Black farmers for the liability that was created in the racist distribution of loans in a "last chance" farm assistance program for all who had problems obtaining credit from traditional banking sources I notice the absence of a few key points that could have allowed it to be legitimately branded as a "Pro-Black" victory.   We now know that up to 73,000 Black people who were in the farming business will receive upwards of $50,000 each in payment to the alleged racism by the government.  They are free to do with this money from the US Treasury as they please.

In the context of the challenges that our community faces notice that the following ideas were never brought up for this $1,250 million dollars

  1. Urban Farming Research - We hear a lot about the presence of "Food Deserts" where health problems are caused by communities that only have fast food joints but few options for fresh produce for sale in the local stores.  If tribute is going to be paid what better target than a strategic payment to fortify the effort to redress this situation?
  2. Funding For Agricultural & Mechanical Universities - $100 Million to 10 of the key "A&M" colleges so they could fortify their scientific research on how to bring forth the next generation of domestically produced agriculture, cattle and seafoods would have allowed the "grievances" from the past to be projected forward into solutions for the future.
In an interview with Essence Magazine, Dr John Boyd of the "Black Farmers Association" hints that he plans to  return to the "well" and seek another potential $1 billion (a third payout) to insure that all who have been aggrieved receive their money from the government.

Sadly with the activists seeing this as both a "litmus test" on the "Love" of Black people and little consciousness about the points that I have itemized above - we should expect to see the same sort of agitation as the next round comes about.  Any President at that time who resists will be said to have "racist effects" upon Black people.  They will counter that the Black farmers should receive the money AND the programs that have been listed above should be funded.

Time Appended: "From Emmett Till To Barack Obama To Bobby Tillman"

In a recent article by Dr John McWhorter entitled "Where Is Our Deliverance" regarding how Blacks should reconcile the hopes that the election of Barack Obama brought versus the reality a reference was made to a Time Magazine photo gallery entitled "From Emmet Till To Barack Obama".

In my assessment Dr McWhorter's article falls short in his intention of bringing understanding to the Black masses regarding what President Obama could ever hope to realistically do while in office.  Dr McWhorter focuses upon Obama's initiatives while failing to mention the most important item which needs to be discussed in Black America:   The existing architecture of control over our communities that extends from the local institutions up through the Obama White House.  It is my contention that to focus upon the Obama Administration and fail to mention the tentacles of the Progressive Democratic machine that extends through to every nook and crannie of the Black community is flawed analysis.

This architecture is leveraged in a bidirection manner.  During the immediately past elections of Nov 2010 the Black community was asked to look past any concerns that we had locally and instead "Stand With Obama" thus nationalizing our votes.  The plentiful "Vote Straight Democratic Ticket" signs that I photographed made the case clear.  The top down flow from the White House promises to implement "redistributive domestic policies" in which the federal government promises to "smooth the rough edges that capitalism leaves behind".

Failing to make note of the abundance of this machine that now occupies our:

  • Legislative seats in the municipal, county, state and US House representative bodies
  • Executive seats in municipal and county governments
  • Circuit court judge seats 
  • District Attorney and Public Defender 
  • Wearing Police chief and Sheriff badges
  • Academic policy making functions and administration of our school systems 
These individuals need not be "Black".  They all possess a favorable ideology and party membership that allow the population in these cities to popularly elect them.

Per my previous research about governments in developing nations I learned that "Democracy is not evident in the 'presidential palace', instead it is expressed by the fabric of systems of economics and justice that are spread throughout the nation".   Similarly, from personal experience, a marriage is the sign of the state of maturity of a relationship.  The election of a Black man to the helm of the nation is a sign of the forward progress of the nation in the acceptance of racial tolerance.

While Dr McWhorter hints at a need for more reality and sophistication among the Black voting populace he fails to point to the present control over the key institutions seats that need to be used as the source of our community's progression.

Before Obama
After Obama
The beating death of an innocent young Black male
in the South drew national outrage that gave the
Civil Rights Movement new resolve in the fight for
justice for Black people
The death of a Black male in the modern day
South as a fatal stomp to his chest in which his
broken rib punctured his heart causing him to
bleed out on the ground.  When the Civil Rights
Pharisees gathered the community together for
his honor they worked hard to shift the
 gathering away from the needed introspection
 and back to the indictments that fortify their
strength as activists.  Thus they told the crowd
that the Justice system is RACIST against Blacks.
It never dawned upon them that their own responses
to this incident is muted for no other reason
than the fact that Bobby Tillman's killers were

The murder of Emmett Till was committed by White
Racists who believed that they were protecting the
honor of a White woman to whom Till had winked at.
In their perverted notion of  enforcement they had
no concept about the rights of a Black man in proportion
to the "offense".
Shamefully today the Black female's honor is more
often violated as they are made to cry by the antics of
urban Street Pirates.  They have a perverted notion
of their own self worth in defense of their honor in
which they will assault or kill anyone who "disses"
The unjust hijacking of the law enforced the notion of
"Separate But Equal".  Government policy was used to
express the ideology of a group of people which ended
up suppressing a given group and extending the notions of
their inferiority as they extended the power of government
into our lives in order to carry out their perverted theories.
Today those who are frequently heard referring to a
group of equal Americans as "The Least Of These"
have taken up the mantle of using government policies
to reach deeper into our lives in order to engineer a
certain outcome.  In the assumed inferiority of "The
Least Of These" the policies don't appear to make them
the "UN-Least Of These" by developing the
competencies of the masses but instead express their
"Social Justice Rights" to certain entitlements.
The Little Rock Nine required an escort from National
Guard troops to insure their safety in the public
Today School Resource Officers and their metal
detectors are used to insure the safety of students from
external threats that seek to confiscate quality education
from the students.
White Supremacists protest against a speech made
by Malcolm X as he stood resolute with his "too Black
too Strong" message of consciousness and self-sufficiency
as the cure to the problems in Black America.
Today the Tea Party Protesters have been cast into
the modern day "White Supremacists".  The main proof
of their hatred is that they oppose the policies of the
Black president.  These "redistributive policies"  are said
to be of great assistance to the "Least Of These" in the
Black community and thus anyone opposing them are
"Anti-Black".  Those labeling them as such just
happen to be Progressives and Democrats who are
seeking to protect the president from criticism.
In 1963 a group of activists amassed in Washington DC
in a march for "Jobs and Justice".  Their adversaries were
in power and thus had control over all aspects of
employment and the question of due process for all Blacks
On August 28, 2010 the Rev Al Sharpton proclaimed
the mantle of Dr King and assembled a March On
Washington.   The initial gathering took place at "The
Preparatory School For Colored Youth" now called
"Dunbar High School".  Al Sharpton demanded "quality
education" for all children but did not realize that the
school in its old form was indeed one of the nation's top
performing public school of all races.  The march went
on to protest against the new Klan leader - "Glenn Beck"
of Fox News.
The march across the Edmond Petus Bridge in Selma
Alabama is forever forged in the annals of Civil Rights
history.  The sight of racist police men attacking peaceful
marchers filmed in black and white footage are played
every year during the King Holiday
and Black History Month in February. 
Today the fight against Police Brutality is one of the key
tenants of the "No Justice No Peace" movement.  Today
more than ever, however, the Police Chief and the
Mayor and City Council who appointed and approved
him are "favorable officials" and not the Eugene "Bull"
Conner-type of antagonist that was put upon the
community in the past.
Malcolm Little transformed into Malcolm X as he turned
away from a life of crime and purposelessness into a
disciplined man who adopted religion as his main source
of clarity and purpose.   In addition to fighting for justice
the main point of development for his people was for
the people to do massive introspection and insure that
they are not caught up into the vices that allow them to
be ensnared into the entrapments that are put forth by
the "Blue Eyed Devil".

The concept of the MALCOLM X FOOTBALL GAME was the warning given by the great Malcolm X about the perpetual fight by the White Conservative and White Progressive.  He warned that we should not get caught up
in this fight because it is not a fight for our benefit.  We should keep our eyes on the prize and have our advocacy focused centrally on the interests of our community.
A new round of "Progressive Social Justice" advocates
in place today have adopted a more secular progressive
brand of community activism.  They use the same
entrapments of the "racist conspiracy" that is used to
destroy the lives of Black people by keeping them
locked up.
These activists can't seem to explain why "Progressive
Mission Accomplished" judicial circuits in:

  • Cook County IL
  • Wayne County MI
  • Fulton County GA
  • Philadelphia County PA
have the very same judicial outcomes with respect to
Blacks and drug convictions as do places that have 
a more "racist conservative" criminal justice establishment

represents the balance of the Black Political
Advocacy movement.  The key Black Advocacy
Institutions are all Progressive.  Thus they now
operate on the notion that their partnerships with
other Progressive-Fundamentalist organizations
allows their interests as "Progressives who are Black"
to be advanced.  They fail to mention the gross
compromises within the Black Community
consciousness that we have suffered as a condition.
The primary consequence is that the establishment
members withhold their dogged criticism of the
progressive political machine that is failing us locally.
Instead they dutifully realign the Black community
vision - outward and onward into acquiring more
power nationally on behalf of the Democrats and
against the Conservatives - even when the control
of our local communities by conservatives is at an
all time low and the results have not substantively
Brother Malcolm X soon learned that the same dogma
that he once used to call out people who disagreed
with them  "Uncle Toms" (ex: Rev King) would show
their intolerance from criticism and questioning by
turning against him.  He was later murdered by those
who carried out a Fatwa against him.
Tavis Smiley, a charter member of the "Neo-Black
Progressive-Fundamentalist Establishment Machine"
suffered the same rebuke that Malcolm X suffered as he
figured that the rest of his establishment operatives
would be agreeable to erecting a TRANSPARENT
system of appraisal for the Black Democratic President
and the favorable Congress in relation to the Permanent
Interests of the Black community.  When the Black
Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism
Chaser faction saw that Tavis Smiley was serious in his
intention of separating the dogged pursuit  of the Black
 Community's interests from the blatant political
advocacy and marketing on behalf of the "Democrats
Who Are Black and are in Office" the group that
he was once firmly a part of began to attack him as if
he were Ward Connerly or Michael Steele.  Mr Smiley
soon learned that those who claim to fight intolerance
are themselves not very tolerant.  Those who most
doggedly advocate for diversity are not so keen when
they are the block of power that must accept diversity.
The Watts Riots of the 1960's saw a city set ablaze as
an oppressed community took to violence as proof of
being "Sick and Tired Of Being Sick and Tired".  The
antagonistic municipal governments caring little for their

In Oakland California those claiming the mantle of
"No Justice No Peace" in honor of a Black man named Oscar
Grant who was killed by the actions of a local police man take
 to the streets.
In a previous violent march when the incident first took place
the crowd ignored the requests of the favorable mayor (a
Progressive, Black, Democrat) for the crowd to disburse and
allow the course of JUSTICE to take place rather than
destroying the places of retail commerce and employment in
the downtown Oakland area.  After he left some of the
rebel rousers in the crowd  went back to their property
destruction thus proving that "favorable people in power" do not
lead to different outcomes.  
Martin Luther King struggle with many challenges.
His compass afforded him the ability to gravitate
toward clarity.   At the time when he had to choose
between the appreciation toward the "President Of
The United States" in support of Civil Rights legislation
versus going against the President for conducting a
war on foreign soil that could not be justified for
self-defense Dr King was forced to not stand in
SILENCE.  He spoke out against the war in
Vietnam and suffered the consequences from his
previous allies who now were disturbed that
"he did not know his place".  (Many of these people
were Black)

During the August 28, 2010 "Reclaim The Dream" rallies
that took place around the nation the calls for "Justice and
Jobs" were plentiful.

While there was a small group of individuals showing
"Anti-War" posters they dare not press too hard in their
protests against the sitting "Commander In Chief" over
his escalation of the War In Afghanistan and use of
drones in Pakistan.   They would feel the wrath of the
others who wanted to focus upon external indictments
in which the Commander In Chief was emboldened against
their common enemies - in the Republican Party.
Martin Luther King Jr goes to Memphis in support
of the striking sanitation workers.  A White racist
shoots him down, silencing his voice.
Memphis Terrorized By The Traveling Vice Lords

If Martin Luther King Jr was alive today and needed to
allow his passions to drive his travels his return trip to
Memphis TN would have him focused upon the terror
that Street Pirate Gangs have upon the innocent people in
the city.   Likewise the greatest threat to Dr King's life in
2010 would be that of a Street Pirate assassin angered
that his own business might be compromised by the light
that Dr King threatened to shine upon the communities
that are terrorized by their efforts.
Black students bused from their communities into far
off schools in the name of racial diversity.  This policy
was reasonable for the time because of the lack of
infrastructure and control that the Black community
had over its institutions.
Today with the key school systems where our people
reside in our highest concentrations under firm control
by "favorable people" the results that have been delivered
on the promise of "quality education" as a result of the
struggle have yet to be received.   Instead of looking
a bit more fundamentally at the core assumptions that
are held which are not working toward this favorable end
the community appears to remain entrenched with a certain
ideological disposition, enforcing unity around these
theories rather than demanding effective results.
Jesse Jacksons' run for the Presidency was a symbolic
attempt to have the issues of Black America included
in upon the Democratic Party debates that would be
nationally televised.  
Today with a full compliment of favorable Black elected
officials in office and the Democratic Party constantly
receiving over 90% of the support of the Black voters
there exists no strong voice that is questioning when
our community will move beyond
SYMBOLIC/EMOTIONAL efforts and instead begin
to treat those who are in power over our key institutions
from which we receive our civic services accountable
for the delivery of that which was promised in the run up
to their present power.
The Black Entertainment content providers have
always done their part to support the present mode within the Black community by voicing support for the
political activism within
The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" has been
embraced by the Democratic Establishment.  The
knowledge that they have reach with millions of
young people who are voters required the
Establishment to refrain from repudiation and
criticism.  That which was used to advance the cause
of Black Consciousness is today evidence of the
compromise of our community's consciousness
for the sake of victories in the "American Political
Obama ran a successful campaign by avoiding as much as
possible the issue of race.

The White vote was shown to be the gold standard based
upon the antics of the news media and other Politicos.

  • In the 2008 campaign the White voter" was asked "Will you put aside your racism and vote for a Black man as your President"?
  • This same media did not ask the Black voter "With the machine that candidate Obama controlling every single voting district where you are 35% what is the force that has you assuming that things will be different if this same force is scaled to control both the federal Executive branch and the Legislative branch"?
Two years into the term of President Obama the
news media continues to express the notion that
the Black voter is unable to bear the same level of
transparency that they expect of the White voter -
their gold reference standard.

  • The rise of the Tea Party critics of the "Black President" was judged to be based upon their RACISM.
  • With the Black voter support of President Obama remaining at 91% while Black unemployment remains high and Black academic attainment remains low - few in the press express any "Intellectual Curiosity" as to identifying the source of this approval in addition to the approval of the local machine-mates that are failing to deliver as promised.
Jesse Jackson and other Blacks cried at the sight
of our nation's first elected Black president in Grant
Park in Chicago.
Chicago Lady 216 was also there in Grant Park.  She
believed that the overwhelming joy and unity expressed
during this time amongst Black people was enough to
see us through the next 4 years and onward to forever.
Unfortunately the murder of her child on the deadly
streets of Chicago by a Street Pirate dimmed her hopes.
She now hopes that the Black community can leverage
the Obama lead government for....................gun control.
No mention of the need for "Street Pirate Control".   The
primary antidote being attacking the benign neglect that
has been exhibited as we are distracted from the key
human resource management principles within our
community in pursuit of external political power.
The nation and the community had great promise and
anticipation that a new President would usher in
a new spirit of cooperation in resolving the issues
that America faces.
With the electoral victories of the House Republicans and
state-wide Gubernatorial and Legislative seats - some said
that the RACISTS have gotten a bit of a retrenchment
in their attempts to "Turn Back The Clocks" upon Black
people.   This sentiment will be cured IF the Democrats
win in 2012 though.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Supremacy" As Evidenced By One's Focus Rather Than Their Words

For those of you who didn't guess, the cluster of icons on the left represent:
  • Thriving Local Economies full of Productive People
  • Healthy Lifestyle and Relationships
  • Quality Education
  • Safe Streets

Unfortunately if one reads the vast majority of media imprints (including blogs) that purport to represent the prevailing consciousness of the Black community it becomes quickly clear that the "adversaries" on the right hand side of the red line enjoy far more frequent coverage than do the "Permanent Interests" notated on the left.

You see - as they see it - the FIGHT AGAINST those who "threaten" the prevailing methodology that has been adopted by the Black Establishment Overlay in our community are themselves "threats to the Black Community's Progression".   Such a rational association is vital for those who seek to doggedly retain their ideology regardless of the results that are garnered from its full application.   As they index the standing of the Black community against these external threats they logically can blame any failure that takes place while "favorable people" are in power upon the actions of these external enemies.

The key objective is to: AVOID SCRUTINY OF THE PROGRESSIVE DOGMA, having it "Placed On Trial" in front of a TRANSPARENT court of inquiry and being made to PROVE its efficacy in addressing the long running challenges faced by the Black comunity.

In as much as they promote the threat from these external adversaries as they attempt to "turn back the clock" the truth is that those who promote Progressive-Fundamentalism as the key methodology for our community's salvation are averse to noting how their ideology fails when IT IS the establishment ideology, the adversary having departed from the local domain.

If you reject all of my points of analysis as I study 'What makes progressivism tick" please understand one point of fact:


You are never going to see those who bathe in this ideology accept that they now have enough POWER over the key institutions that are now under their control to begin to express the promises of progressivism upon the people per the elements of their standard of living.

  • It doesn't matter about the reports that are shown about the state of education in the Black Community
  • No listing of "Most Dangerous Cities / Zipcodes" which have a large quantity of Black people as victims that added to the count is of any consequence
  • The University of Wisconsin should have saved its ink instead of publishing the index of "Black Male Unemployment Cities" 
  • 72% Of Unwed Mothers may as well be 99%
  • The 18 year old Black male who's broken rib from the boot that stepped upon his chest, puncturing his heart will not make it into the civil rights history books.  He was killed by a force that does not lend itself to exploitation and thus UNITY

As long as the Black Rank & File stay united as they too hate these threats on the right hand side of the red line more than they prioritize those key indexes of our living standard on the left - none of this is going to change.

All that I ask is that at some point this Rank & File content itself about where it stands for they have done all that is necessary to remain their.  A combination of hatred and ignorance which allowed for the complicity being the biggest forces that rendered the condition as such.

"No Child Left Behind" School Transfers Overwhelm Good Schools In Prince Georges County Maryland

Student transfers from failing schools via No Child law swamp successful ones

The transfer requirement, in which school systems must allow students to transfer from high-poverty schools that repeatedly fail, has created similar problems in the past for struggling school systems around the country, including New York City and suburban Atlanta. They and other systems have responded by limiting the number of students who are allowed to transfer.

In other systems, such as the District's, the number of failing schools is so overwhelming that few meaningful choices exist, unless students leave for charter or private schools.

In Prince George's, by contrast, there were decent choices and a school administration that thought it was important to comply as fully as possible with the law. The school system is using $1.3 million of its federal Title I funds on busing students to their new schools.

Prince Georges County Maryland:
More than half the county's schools failed to meet the No Child standards this year, up from last year, even though test scores rose modestly. Hite said the influx of transfers "adds a strain to those schools that are actually doing well," calling them "overwhelmed."

A growing chorus of education advocates shares the concern.

(TeaParty) Students In The UK Stage A Second Round Of Violent Protests Against Tuition Increases

Student protests: the aftermath

"Respectable Negroes" And Their White Snarling Fox Liberal Cohorts

We Are Respectable Negroes: Of Michelle Obama's Patriotism and Sarah Palin's Ignorance

My last post on the 'We Are Respectable Negroes" blog was deleted by the administrator of the blog.

I pointed out that his latest post in which he presented an article from Richard Cohen which attacks Sarah Palin as a racist is yet another registration of a (supposed) Black Progressive blog focusing in upon a "threat" that has little to do with the present challenges to the Black community.

I think that I raised the ire of the administrator when I suggested that the pattern of the posts on the blog (see for yourself) highlights what is a threat in the "American Political Domain" while he provided short shrift to the one recent post that had direct relevance "WITHIN" the Black community - the post about the academic problems with young Black male students as compared to their White counterparts.

I think that I really pissed off Chauncey DeVega when I reminded him that Malcolm X taught us almost 50 years ago to be aware of the football game between the "White Conservative and the White Progressive" of which the Black community is the football.  You see - if you scan around to different "Black blogs" the image of Malcolm X is co-opted by the most anarchistic Blacks who ultimately want integration via economic redistribution to the most nationalistic Blacks who for some strange reason believe that Black inferiorist Tim Wise is a prophet.

Just as is the case that those who claim the mantle of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr yet are strangely silent with THIS "Commander In Chief's " war activities, so too is there gross irony with their operations against the warnings of Malcolm X as they are full participants in the American Political Domain.

Richard Cohen "Takes Us Back In Time".

Earlier this week I saw a video of White Progressive bigot Ed Schultz claiming that the present outrage over TSA groping was due to "the White right wing" wanting to attack a "Black President".

The will to use the claim of RACISM as a metal shield against the standard back and forth within the Malcolm X football game between Conservative White and Progressive White is a dynamic that is afforded with a Black Progressive President that is in office.

Few people who agree that the White Conservative is using Obama's RACE as a subtle attack upon him (and indeed this is true in some instances) will note that the White Progressive (Janeane Garofalo and Ed Schultz) are using Obama's race as a means of defense for their desire to see him carry their progressive football a bit further without attack. You can't hit a Black man with glasses after all.

In Richard Cohen's article (which I have now read Mr DeVega) it is important for him to take us back on a historical trip of RACISM by which he justifies Michelle Obama's statement "For the first time in my life I am proud of my country".   He points out that the "White right wing" pounced on the statement during the campaign trail.  As Sarah Palin brings the statement back up in her new book Mr Cohen feels motivated to make the case that it is Sarah Palin who seeks to put back up the "Whites only" sign, the best of times for America.

All of this is being done to feed me - a Black American - on the notion that the biggest threat to MY livelihood and freedom resides not only in the upsetting of the political cart that has been built as Sarah Palin makes her romp but the White RACISTS that are the winds at her back.

While You Were Watching The Malcolm X Football Game On Your New 1" Thick LED HD TV

The main reason why I keep dangling:

  • The Black community's "Permanent Interests"
  • The video tapes of:
    • Street Pirate Attacks Upon our people
    • Failing Schools
    • Consequences of Failed Local Economic Policies 
  • The POWER Of The Black Progressive Establishment Overlay in the Institutional Seats of POWER
is because absent such keen focus those who wish to defend this power array will do so among our people using DISTRACTION AND OBFUSCATION as their primary methodology. 

I fault the Black Press (and their Black blogger understudies) for continuing the fraud that is hoisted upon the consciousness of Black America.  For them the most powerful force of THREAT is that we as Black Americans will have "the clock turned back" upon us IF right-wing Republicans are allowed to gain power in political office.  This election oriented mindset scales perfectly.  In metro-Atlanta where I live the use of the "racism chasing" based threat of having a White person who has been painted as a Republican or Conservative being elected to mayor, county chairman, governor or President Of the United States was used to prod the Black voter to do his part and vote for the Democrats.  This after an emotional fusion was constructed using the arc welding torch of media propaganda.

The reason why the Lampblack Yellow Journalist Press is so disappointing is because of their high level of co-conspiration.   Today we can drive through "secured territory" which has eroded souls of Black folks walking through the streets, looking ominously like the time when there indeed were "Whites Only" signs.  The more abundant signage in their communities today, however, is the Democratic Party campaign signs.  These are the vote harvesting acreage in our community.  For some reason the bigger THREAT to our people resides in Alaska and other "tea growing" regions of America but not these places that are killing fields of the spirit and potential of our people.

I am not a naive person.  I have studied those who I am locked in upon, realizing that they are not going to change with mere exposure or a call for them to rise up to a higher level of (racial) consciousness.   Ultimately the spiritually destroyed and destitute state of Black people along the length of "Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd in Atlanta" is not an indictment against their failed HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT efforts as they battle external wars against the White Republican.   Instead these equal human beings in their undeveloped state represent the raison d'ĂȘtre for the Progressive-Fundamentalist to believe that his job of external resource acquisition is not yet done.   His present control of the commanding heights of the eco-system within which they live is not a cause for indictment.

Thus the time travel undertaken by Richard Cohen, back to the days where "a Black man had no rights that a White man need respect" fails to countermand the truth about the order of powers over the key institutions present TODAY which should be forging a more purposeful order in the lives of various people within the Black community.

I can imagine no day in the future in which Richard Cohen, Chauncey DeVega or most other hyper progressives will look at the PRESENT domination that they have and judge THESE FORCES to be more powerful in determining the present fate of the Negro than did the PAST.  The past provides an UNLIMITED INDICTMENT for them to make merriment with for their own jaundiced purposes.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

(Pssst Progressive Fundamentalists:) News Corp Purchases "Wireless Generation" An Education Technology Firm - Joel Klein NYC Schools Chancellor

Attention all Progressive-Fundamentalists:  Don't say that I have never done anything for you.   I was listening to the Brian Leher Show on NPR this morning as he interviewed Joel Klein - the outgoing Chancellor of NYC Public Schools.  It appears that Mr Klein has some sort of association with "Wireless Generation" and will assist in its marketing efforts to obtain contracts from public schools across the nation.

News Corporation to Acquire Education Technology Company Wireless Generation

Update: HuffPo beat me to it:   After Joel Klein Hire, News Corp Purchases Wireless Generation
(Its now just a matter of time before AfroSpear, The Root and The Grio syndicate this story )

Possibly "The Color Of Change" would do better to doggedly protest against contract opportunities for "Wireless Generation" rather than going after Glenn Beck's advertisers?  Sadly the education of our children would be used as a pawn in the political game.  Then again - this was the case with "No Child Left Behind" as well so why should this be any different?

New York, November 22, 2010 - News Corporation today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 90 percent of Wireless Generation, a privately-held Brooklyn-based education technology company for approximately $360 million in cash. Upon completion of the transaction, Wireless Generation will become a subsidiary of News Corporation and will be managed by founder and CEO Larry Berger, President and COO Josh Reibel, and Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Laurence Holt, who will collectively retain a 10 percent interest.

Established in 2000, Wireless Generation provides mobile and web software, data systems and professional services that enable teachers to use data to assess student progress and deliver individualized instruction. Serving more than 200,000 teachers and three million students across all 50 states, the Company is dedicated to creating innovative tools to help educators teach smarter. It currently has 400 employees.

"When it comes to K through 12 education, we see a $500 billion sector in the U.S. alone that is waiting desperately to be transformed by big breakthroughs that extend the reach of great teaching," said News Corporation Chairman and CEO, Rupert Murdoch. "Wireless Generation is at the forefront of individualized, technology-based learning that is poised to revolutionize public education for a new generation of students."