They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Congolese Women Raped At Congo-Angola Border

Congolese women raped on Congo-Angola border, U.N. officials say

Where is the evidence of the competency of these governments to protect the most vulnerable among their ranks? Is the United Nations building them up to eventually allow them to fly on their own, standing in the breach and preventing savagery or nefariously allowing the situation to fester while other areas around the world are beginning to stand tall?

CNN Story
United Nations (CNN) -- Thirty Congolese women on the border of Angola and Congo were held in a dungeonlike prison and systematically raped by uniformed men, according to U.N. officials.

The Congolese women were part of a group of 150 people who had recently been expelled from Angola.

The United Nations said the women reported they were held for nearly two weeks in early October and raped. The U.N. said three people in the group were killed, including two men and a woman, who died after being repeatedly raped. Those who survived and were released then returned to the Congo in the nude and with no belongings, according to the United Nations.

The rapes were first reported to the United Nations on Saturday.

The US Justice Dept Civil Rights Division And The Black Press: A Lowered Threshold For Success?

Cord Jefferson of "The" ran a series that could only be legitimately called a "Marketing Epic For Obama".   In a five part series the author inspects the Obama Administration's impact on areas such as Economics, Health Care,  Education, Civil Rights, and the Environment and how the Black community has benefited from these policies.

Though Mr Jefferson sets up each of these segments in the form of a question - his real agenda is exposed as he seeks out to answer his questions on BEHALF OF Obama.   In the process it is the Black Community that is left holding "Obama Marketing Material".   The greatest disappointment of the series is that it is not written from the perspective of the Black community (ie: standing within the community).  This is most evident by the absolute lack critical inspection or any points of failure.  Just as is the case with Essence Magazine given Obama a "B" for Education - we cannot mistake the grade assigned to the administration with the present state of any of these issues as expressed by the Black community.

(Note: The typically rebuttal that is heard at this point is that 'Obama is the present of the entire nation, not just the Black community".   I reject this argument because the same machine that Obama is leading at the national level is the same machine that controls all of the institutions in Black America.  When you are presently being summoned to "Stand with Obama" in your local votes - the operatives within are merely asking you to vote for the MACHINE, tucking in your local grievances and take one for the party.  Simply put - you can't have it both ways.  The Black community can't bear it any longer.)

An Interview With The US Justice Department, Civil Rights Division

As expected the story is told from the vantage point of a newly revived Civil Rights Division now that a "favorable President and Favorable AG" are back on the scene protecting the interests of the "protected classes" of people from systematic discrimination.

While this posting will focus upon the civil rights sanctions against the school district of Monroe Louisiana I must make note of some of the other examples that were brought up as "civil rights accomplishments":
  • While the Police Department of New Orleans is being monitored for their actions by corrupt police officers in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and beyond there was no mention of the "favorable" municipal administration in New Orleans for at least the past 40 years.  Despite this fact the police department has been a cesspool for corruption.  New Orleans remains as a violent city.  Unfortunately the assaults suffered by the Black community won't be registered as "civil rights violations" for reasons none other than the race of the assailant disqualify him as a "civil rights violator" despite registering the same deadly results.
  • The claim was made that Black communities where TARGETED with "toxic financial products" (ie: mortgages).  "They were being charged higher rates BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE".  It is important for Mr Perez to make the case that their race was the most significant contributing factor because this places the indictment upon the banks that should have known better.  Little is said about the mortgage broker - the majority of whom operated upon the "confidence" that was built up with the Black mortgage loan seeker.  The commonality of their race being used to gain favor.  (Note - this is from my own personal observations of seeing how the mortgage broker market became the "Financial Independence" vehicle at so many "opportunity meetings.   I am not saying that the banks and the feds failed in their due diligence to inspect the "paper" that was being received.  My argument is that Mr Perez and people who think like him are guilty of putting forth ambiguous points of information.  Leaving out the RACE of the mortgage brokers perpetuates the tale that 'White bankers' schemed all by themselves to steal the money and homes from Black people.  There have been several federal prosecutions of fraudulent house flippers who conspired with home inspectors and others to extract money out of houses in certain communities. ).
  • Hate Crimes - Black people suffer far more "civil rights violations" which result in assault, murder or terror of our communities that are NOT called "civil rights violations" for no other reason than the assailant was Black.  In their calculus the common effects on our community is irrelevant.  They only care that the assailant is White for them to be judged a 'civil rights violation.  In California the fastest growing "hate crimes" are between Blacks and Hispanics.    
In summary (before I go into the main rebuttal of my post) from this article we cannot conclude that the Black community is more safe today as a result of:
  • The increased budget to the US Justice Civil Rights Division
  • The increased number of cases that they have decided to take up (note - the Metro Atlanta Civil Rights Pharisees in Atlanta have filed paperwork with US Justice to have the "Cracker Barrel White Man" brought up on hate crimes charges after he pleaded guilty to 3 misdemeanors and will server 6 months in jail instead of the felonies that could have landed him in jail for 42 years.   If US Justice accepts this case after a slate of "favorable judges and district attorney in 100% Democrat run Clayton County Georgia accepted the terms then this would be akin to the local prosecutorial misconduct that the US Justice Department was originally formed to put in check)
  • The listing of preferred indictments 
The only thing that we can conclude is that the typical "Progressive who is a Democrat who is Black" is quite pleased that the US Justice Department is carrying out "their kind of justice".  

I have a full video library of "Black people crying on the evening news" which shows that "their kind of justice" does not fully cover the broad array of assaults that the Black community suffers from.  Instead we should look at this as a join "pat on the back".

The Saga Of "Racism" In The High Schools In Monroe Louisiana

Mr Perez from the Civil Rights Division adds a feather into his cap with regards to his actions down in Monroe Louisiana.  

He makes the case of one high school that is 100% Black and the other high school that is 50% White.  The "White" high school has Advanced Placement courses, thus allowing their students to get an edge on college admissions.   Then there is the Black high school that has been denied their right to equal treatment as expressed by the lack of AP courses.   The Justice Department swoops in and notes this unfairness and thus forces the (bigoted) school system to "do right" by the Black students.  

Sadly Cord Jefferson was so content in making a check list for the Obama Administration's benefit that he did not bother to do any investigation of his own.  Such is life.

In my own research I have concluded that the "White" high school in question is: "Neville High School".  I was not able to pin point which "100% Black" high school Mr Perez was speaking of because, unfortunately Monroe has two candidates which are identified by their failing performance more than their racial make up:  Wossman High School and Carroll High School

The table below details the "vital statistics as the basis for my arguments:

SchoolState AverageWossmanCarrollNeville
(Click to see school
N/A2 of 102 of 109 of 10
Racial Make UpBlack 46%
White 49%
99% Black
1% White
100% Black 55% Black
43% White
2% Asian

Per Pupil Spending   $8,909$8,593$8,593$8,593
9th Grade Proficiency English 65%
Math 41%
English 49%
Math 45%
English 49%
Math 43%
English 81%
Math 75%

10th Grade Proficiency Math 73%
English 62%
Math 61%
English 40% 
Math 53%
English 36% 
English 72%
Math 85%
11th Grade ProficiencyScience 61%
Social Study 62% 
Science 38%
Social Study 44% 
Science 37%
Social Study 28% 

Science 77%
Science 71%

View Larger Map

Using the table above as a reference - Which points of fact represent the greatest molestation of the goal of the Black community to insure that a new crop of young people will one day rise to become the professional service agents within our community thus allowing us to obtain and sustain a high standard of living?

  1. The fact that Wossman and Carroll don't have Advance Placement courses while Neville does?
  2. The fact that Wossman and Carroll are posting academic proficiency results among their entire student body that is far, far, far larger than any population of students taking AP courses stand to benefit from?

I think you know my answer.

This is what I call "Ideologically Based Cherry Picking".   As the new consciousness that has taken over the US Justice Department Civil Rights Division decided to go into the Monroe Louisiana School District to seek out how Black people were being "damaged" they couldn't bring themselves to look at the problems within the "all Black schools" and make note that this is indeed an "injury to Black people" but one that they can't claim as a "civil rights" violation based upon systematic racism.  Instead they were forced to go to where the WHITE PEOPLE receive their public education.  They didn't have an indictment over the per pupil funding because IT WAS EQUAL across all schools.  Instead the best thing that they could come up with is the demand for Advanced Placement courses in the 43% White school that was absent in the 100% Black school.

Then Senator Obama warned America about the damage that would come to Black people if they were allowed to remain in schools "all by themselves".  He said this in his "race speech" in Philadelphia.   It is clear to me that his ignorance in this matter regarding Black people being "all by ourselves" has spilled over into his Civil Rights Division.

I struggle to understand why certain people with a certain ideology prefer to focus upon the portion of Black kids who need government servicing to allow them to get into elite, Ivy League Schools while they are inclined to offer little to the "Wide Middle" of Black America who's fortunes would be improved if efforts were made to manage their academic experiences - allowing them to get into a mid-level state school in greater numbers.  I assure you that our communities would be better served if 1 million new Black college students were made from individuals who now stop at a high school diploma along with 2 million people graduating high school that would have other wise dropped out rather than putting the energies of the civil rights struggle behind Affirmative Action in allowing elite Black students to make it into schools with highly competitive admissions policies.

It seems that some people are content at fighting at the point of fracture with White people rather than considering the far more encompassing and enduring issues that are left waining.


The review series posted by The regarding the "benefits' received by Black America from the Obama Administration did not do any favors for our community's interests beyond assuring our continued support for this president and the machine that he sits atop of.

Sadly our interests are being hijacked by people who rather deliberately look past the need for comprehensive solutions and the methodology of how to carry it out.

If I was the head of the US Department Of Justice I would walk the case of the High Schools Of Monroe LA over to the US Department of Education and demand that they take up this cause - primarily by working with the local officials to engaged the ADULTS in the community to provide better management guidance as to the academic careers and consciousness of their young people.

.....As The Black Community Consciousness Is Nationalized Into Political Concerns.............Street Pirates Commit Civil Rights Violations W/O Being Labeled As Such

What is a "Civil Rights Violation"?   In reading an article that functioned as a marketing tool for the Obama Justice Department (which I will report on later) it was defined as the government protecting the rights of the "protected classes" of people from oppression.

The problem that I have with this myopic definition is that it allows groups of individuals FROM the "protected class" to render assaults that have the VERY SAME outcomes as the assaults done by those who are outside of the "protected class".    Worst of all those who claim to be "civil rights activists" will remain deafly silent because by treating these ASSAILANTS as EQUAL would undercut their entire strategy which is grievance based.

Plastered on today's Atlanta Journal Constitution Metro Section is the tale of the systematic assault and murder of the "Blood - Street Pirate Gang".  ("Cover Story: Gang Violence In Atlanta").   They murdered people.  They assaulted witnesses who dared to "snitch".  They used terrorism to suborn the outcomes that they desired, insuring that they would never be held accountable for their actions.   That the community will never recover from their romp.

If you switch up the scenario ever so slightly their antics would directly match that which was done by Klan groups from the past.  The main difference between that time "when the clocks are turned back" and NOW is that there has been a change in disposition between the 'Main stream press' and the "Black press' yet the reasons why have remained the same - PROTECTIONISM.   Today's muckraking journalist from the local newspaper or television station (and yes he can be Black) does a far better job in protecting the interests of the Black community than does the version of the Black press that operates today.  The primary reason is because the Black press does not want to cast their favored political machine in a bad light and does not want to give the impression that "the Black community has a CRIME PROBLEM".  Unfortunately their readers know this to be the case.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Gang violence in Atlanta: Prosecutors’ case for murder depicts code written in blood

The story of the murderous romp by the Bloods takes place in 2008.  The "Nine Trey Bloods" pull up to a house and stabbed two men who resisted their attempts to kidnap a female at the house.

Days later a Blood member who tried to exit the group was executed in an Atlanta park along with a second person who was merely a teen.  This is what the Bloods call the ritual of "enforcing discipline".

The Blood member's girl friend began to make inquiries about his whereabouts and they came to her house and murdered her 17 year old son as he hid in the closet.  The woman survived but only because the gun that was aimed at her face JAMMED as they pulled the trigger.

Did YOU hear about this outrageous episode where you live?   This is for no other reason than the ASSAILANTS did not fit a profile that made them interesting enough to exploit in a civil rights march for JUSTICE.

In another case about 3 years ago a house was pumped full of bullets and a mentally handicapped Black man was shot dead as bullets from automatic weapons tore through the walls and pierced his skin.  Apparently these street pirates chose the wrong house.  (There were no protests).

This heinous streak of assaults upon the Black community triggered a wave of "aggressive policing" of known gang and drug infested areas in Atlanta.  Setting the stage for some future "community vs police" conflict.

Using The Black Community's Sentiments On Race By Maintaining A Racial Siege Mentality

This court case with the 2 Blood Street Pirate members on trial for murder won't receive a fraction of the passion and attention that the case of the White man who beat up the Black woman outside of the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Clayton County Georgia last year.  We must accept the fact that there is abundant "Non-White White Supremacy" projected on this White assailant and an accompanying set of 'Black Inferiority' granted to these 2 individuals from the Bloods who MURDERED at least 3 Black people and attempted to murder a 4th and attempted to kidnap yet another Black female.

It is when one attempts to extract logic and appraise the value of an assailant by contrasting these events based on the spectrum of the relative gruesomeness of the assault that we come to understand the POWER that the White man holds in the corrupt minds of the "Racism Chasers" that dominate the conversation and the politics within the Black community.

For years they told us that they were fighting against "White Supremacy".   Now that they themselves have power it is also clear that they cultivate "Black Inferiority" per their antics.

Ultimately I cannot fault these larval forces that position themselves inside of our consciousness bloodstream.  They are but a few confidence men that have a certain following.  The fault ultimately resides with the Black Rank & File.  With our education levels and analytical skills as such - the fact that so few others have called out these frauds among us is the real problem.   Those people who should 'know better' realize that in fighting for the EQUALITY of the Black Assailant they would lose an important element of indictment - the one which argues that the threat of RACIAL VIOLENCE (see the Tea Parties) represents the biggest threat from them "turning back the clock" as they "take their country back".

This use of fear and the failure to make note of the institutions that FAVORABLE PEOPLE now control is enough to retain the siege mentality in the Black community in the quest for "Ideological Unity Enforcement".

This short sighted use of targeted news reporting and propaganda ultimately fails to develop the necessary culture of COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT that is needed to keep a check upon these rogue individuals in these street pirate gangs who are committing the "Klan Reenactments" that are impacting our people today.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Supreme Ignorance Has Hit 1M Views On You Tube - Spawned From Original Ignorance Unchecked

Dear Dr Laura - on behalf of all sober Black people everywhere I apologize to you for the faux outrage that your "truth telling session" spawned.  There is a problem with the unchecked us of the word "Nigger" in commercial speech.  The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" is the #1 violator of this standard.

Though you did abuse the question from the Black woman as an opening to talk about something else that was on your mind you merely exposed that which is obvious among all Black people.  Only those of us who are willing to go against the grain of faux front "racial unity"  have the audacity to call it out.  The outrage spawned against you  gave you an opportunity to see what me and others have to stand up against. I don't seek their approval nor try to "get in where I fit in".  I instead study their attack tactics and develop more effective strategies.  They know that they don't stand for the best interests of the Black community in what they are doing.

As I listen to some people analyze the situation they get it WRONG.  In this message to you I am NOT "Seeking your (Whitey's) approval" as they claim.    Instead I am looking at their CLAIM that the word "Nigger is the most hurtful word in the English language" and making note of the primary traffickers of this word into public discourse.   The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" is not a threat to them because they as POLITICAL OPERATIVES gain nothing from going after them as they do YOU - a conservative who is critical of President Obama.  What these embedded larval operatives fail to see is that the Black Community does NOT have the end game of "supporting Obama".  They are doing so with the ANTICIPATION that:

  • Our Economic Standard Of Living Will Improve
  • Our Schools Will Improve
  • Our Streets Will Be Safer
  • Our Relationship and Health Will Be Better
In their myopia, however, they know not how to MANAGE.  They ONLY have been indoctrinated how to work as ACTIVISTS and how to VOTE.   These Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates should be seen as evidence of their MANAGEMENT FAILURE.

Stanley Crouch Claims That "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" Are Worse Than Fox News Despite His Attentiveness To Fox

The Baracka Flacka Flames and Hip-Hop Minstrelsy

In the days B.O.  (Before Obama) I would have read a piece pinned by opinion writer and jazz man Stanley Crouch and been pleasantly appreciative that a Black journalist "gets it" regarding the balance of forces that do more to harm the consciousness within the Black community.

Unfortunately the past 3 years of reading Mr Crouch's works and the subject that he most passionately focused upon has built up too much scar tissue upon my willingness to view him any differently than the cadre of other "Lampblack Yellow Journalists" that have columns in CREDIBLE newspaper and then have a profile on The Huffington Post.

This awakening to the fact that Mr Crouch's real passion is not jazz but instead is his dogged fight against ideological threats forces me to QUALIFY his words using a process of appraisal rather than accepting them as his heartfelt views.

In his words Mr Crouch says: "Yes, the Tea Party images of Obama as a witch doctor, and Fox New's endless RACIST antics, are highly problematic.  But when it comes to DEHUMANIZING Black people hip-hop wins, hands down."

Oh really Mr Crouch?

Upon reading all of the 'race' articles in the November issue of Essence magazine one more time prior to me doing a write up upon their antics it is clear that the "Tea Parties" represent a "White Nationalistic" threat to Black politicos.  This is in addition to the threat to Progressivism and the Democratic Party power that they threaten most obviously.  When the Democrats ask the Black voter to nationalize our focus and "Stand With Obama" they are NOT doing this because they care about the issues within the Black community.  They know that too many Black people care more about defending their party and ideology more than they care about their community interests not being delivered upon.   Those who mistake "Black Ideological Unity" for absolute advancement are easily manipulated as such".

If Mr Crouch did, in fact, view the Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate as a bigger threat to the Black community dignity and interests his disposition would be to FIGHT AGAINST the attempts of his Lampblack Yellow Journalist colleague to redirection the Black consciousness OUT OF the community and toward national interests for the benefit of the Democrats and Progressive.

If you notice Mr Crouch fails to explore the ROOTS OF the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" as one of BENIGN NEGLECT served to them by the political aspirations of the Black Establishment Overlay and complicity followed by the adults within the rank and file.    The culture of ignorance and incivility that Mr Crouch is willing to discuss was fomented by the inattention and failure to show a resolute stance against it by the very people who claim to be pursuing the "best interests of the Black community" via the political process, FIGHTING AGAINST those conservative forces that threaten to give us our "fair share of social justice" that would allow us to develop as a community.

Stanley Crouch says:

Jon Caramanica, a New York Times writer, praised "Head of State" and proved once again how dangerous critics are when afraid of angering and alienating themselves from opportunists more intent on getting attention and making product than saying something artistic. Artistry is beyond Negroes anyway, as these critics see it. Buffoonery will do. Extreme hip-hop has proved that. The more vulgar and violent, the more real and deeply felt -- or so the thinking goes. They are wrong, of course. Even Flocka Flame has described "Head of State" as "almost a form of disrespect" to Obama.

Notice that Mr Crouch mentions the words "ALIENATION" but does not mention a peep about the various Black front organizations/ movements for the Democratic Party. "The National Action Network", "Hip Hop Action Network" and "Vote Or Die" ("Rock The Vote") have all attempted to form an alliance with hip hop operatives in order to use them for common political goals. They made the case that they are able to "understand" these young people. That efforts by Dr C. Delores Tucker which directly confronted the ignorance from the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" segment of the genre merely entrenched them into a hardened position. Mr Crouch missed a golden opportunity to make an assessment of these "co-opting" organizations and if they in fact did anything more than get young Black people to the polls to vote as Democrats.

The old saying goes "When sugar is mixed with sh_t.   The sh_t retains its integrity but the sugar is ruined".   The main flaw with all of these organizations is the flaw with most progressive interventions.  In their attempts to RE-PURPOSE the problem child in question they articulated more about what they would do FOR the child so that he would stop acting out more than they can identify what they asked him to do as proof of his commitment to the higher standard that they claimed to be striving for.

My problem with the troop of Black opinion writers is that their race affords them the compulsion to talk about the problems at hand with the Black community but in too many cases their own ideological loyalties prevents them from making the appropriate analysis as to the underlying source of the problem

The REAL PROBLEM is that Wacka Flacka Flame is not the IDEOLOGICAL/POLITICAL threat that a Tea Party is to the Black Progressive Establishment Overlay that controls the Black community's "outrage expression" mechanism.   With them INFERIORIZING Black offenders as such - it does matter that when the YouTube video its 2,000,000 hits the work "Nigger" contained within it will have been heard by more White people than the size of Dr Laura's listening audience heard her "disrespect" for Black people.  Since the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" is not on the threat report as such - none of this will rise beyond the threat of dust bunnies under the bed.

I will remove the Wacka Flacka Flame video from this blog when I hear CREDIBLE analysis and outrage of it from the usual suspect.   Unfortunately Mr Crouch's analysis falls short because he failed to call out the appropriate enablers to this ignorance and their superiorization of ideological threats to Blacks.

NY Times' Charles Blow: Blacks Are The Only Group Where The Election Is Marketed To As A "Vote For Obama" And That's OK

Charles Blow: Threat Response

My main frustration with "Lampblack Yellow Journalists" is their corruption for the sake of going with the flow.  In their cowardice they fear going against the grain of the Black Establishment and the White Snarling Fox Liberal Bigots who love the benefit that their ideology and party receive as a result of the uncontested Black consciousness loyalties that are diverted their way by embedded larval agents within our consciousness bloodstream.

Charles Blow of the New York Times puts for the argument that while "EVERYONE ELSE" is receiving issue ads and or being told that "Obama is not on the ballot", when it comes to the Black vote the Democrats are using "RACISM CHASING" (my word not his) and explicitly being told to "Stand by Obama".   In listening to the local "Fight The Power" station which has an ad for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate which uses both techniques I have to agree
I am just not sure if Mr Blow and other "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" realize the long term damage that they afford the Black community in regard to what our real priorities are.

This is an example of "Looking past the grievances that Blacks have with districts run by local Democrats to 'nationalize Black loyalties' ".   There is a full court press taking place before our eyes.

The main reason why Blacks should vote for the Democrat for governor or was it 'Barack Obama needs for you to stand by him by VOTING DEMOCRAT in the November election" is because:

  • The Republican governor mentioned "Ghetto grandmothers claiming they don't have a birth certificate" for voting
  • He bragged about voting to not extend the Voting Rights Act - Section 5
  • He said that he did not know where Obama was born and thus is a "quasi-Birther"
With all due respect - when I consider the problems that certain Black communities have in reference to the "permanent interests" that I talk about and I listen to what those who are campaigning to win our favor THINK is necessary to win the Black vote - THIS is more offensive than the term "ghetto grandmother" to me.  They believe that the trigger points in "racism chasing" is a more powerful stimulant for Black people than noting that the hip hop radio station which is playing the commercial play a steady stream of music that is far more ignorant.  Once again we have to believe that the words of a person running for office is more SUPERIOR than an entire line up of "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" who threaten physical violence and call us "Nigga".   They bleep out the word "Nigga" in order to be FCC compliant, thus allowing them to play the song.   They go out of their way to play the "racism chasing words" played by the superior target - the White Republican because they know the value that it has to the Black voter.

The Nationalization Of The Black Attention Span

The reason why Charles Blow and other Black Establishment journalists are not protesting loudly against this scheme that is placed upon Black America is because they are embedded operatives driven to carry out the diversion.  

If the Black community was ever to focus upon delivering our permanent interests by focusing upon those who are actually running our local institutions there would be a massive backlash against people who seek to play upon our sentiments of fear and "racism chasing" as a means of avoiding any sanction for their local failings.  In as much as it is the case that the majority of the pressing problems that we complain about the most occur by squandered potential at the local level this scheme for diversion and "ideological unity" is particularly nefarious and short sighted.   If you ever wonder why despite us "WINNING" on election day but "LOSING" where it counts - in the 4 areas depicted at the bottom of the diagram the reasons are clear.  We are told to invest in victories in the "American Political Domain", strengthening the political and ideological partners.  All the while there is benign neglect within the more important "Community Cultural Consciousness and Competency Development Domain".  

The main people who should be stating the words "Take It Back" are the rank & file of the Black community as they seek to "repurpose" the activism of our community back toward its original development goals.

Friday, October 29, 2010

"Domestic Economic Hit Man Policies" At Work

Quality Education - After The Struggle Is Over And Yet You Are Still Left Wanting

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

As I listened to activist Angela Davis during an interview on "Democracy Now" (I promise that I will do an extensive review of it over the weekend) I noticed that certain people have more acumen as "permanent strugglers" than they do in actually managing the situation after they are successful in putting in people who are favorable to them.

This is the consequence of being lulled into voting for people/parties (Permanent Friends) rather than for your Permanent Interests and then doggedly managing toward these interests afterward.

Even though so might argue that the protesting parents in Chicago and the parents in Atlanta that are calling out the school board in Atlanta are doing just that. I disagree.

The shortfall in the results received will not motivate them to via for a revolutionary change in their relationship as parents to the school and school system in general. There remains too much faith placed in political institutions than in reengineering the relationship between the adults that are managing the community and the educational careers of their children.

During school board elections in Atlanta campaign posters detailing how each respective candidate will come in and "fight for the children" plaster the town. With this, the 3rd Black majority school system in Atlanta hitting the rocks (Clayton County lost their accreditation 2 years ago. Dekalb County is in the midst of a major construction contract corruption scandal that also has the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools [SACS] checking into their administrative policies).

The reason why I keep harping on these issues (I challenge anyone to show where I have misrepresented anything about what is really happening on the ground) is because it is all too clear to me that many of these issues represent the "benign neglect" that takes place as the Black community is lulled into shifting our MANAGEMENT focus from the local institutions that are most critical to the actual expression of our desired high standard of living over to a more nationalized focus upon politics. With nearly all of the Black Press elements that should be pushing back on this nefarious redirection it will continue as such.

Proof That We Are In A Phase Beyond The Civil Rights STRUGGLE - Black Jailers Convicted Of Civil Rights Violation Of Prisoner

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Metro Atlanta is unique for no other reason that there is a significant amount of diversity in various positions of authority throughout.

Whereas I notice that certain people find ideological advantage in looking for the mere presence of RACISM in our society and using this presence to claim that "we have a long way to go" I also notice that they have no vested interest in qualifying this infraction based on the very definition that they had previously told us why "Black people can't be racist": We have no POWER.

This is merely a point of obfuscation because their notion of POWER has a sliding scale. Despite the control over a particular domain in which a reasonable person can conclude that "favored people" have enough POWER to determine the outcomes in the domain, they prefer to make reference to some amorphous mandate for national level control before these "favorable people" can be faulted in the same way they fault their long time ideological enemy.

The video up above provides contextual evidence that the Glascos, the family of the inmate in the Fulton County GA Jail believe that these 3 defendants that were charged with "Civil Rights Violations" of the their now deceased loved one did in fact have enough POWER to render the outcome that proved to be so tragic to them.  Whatever Mr Glasco did to land himself in jail - it was not a death sentence bestowed upon him by the appropriate authorities.

This was the case, so much so, that after the court ruling the family argued that JUSTICE was not served.

The bigger indictment that should be noted here is that "There Will Be No Protests" as a result of this news. The community organizers had their "Stop The Police Violence Against Black People" rally this same time last Friday. Had the judge aligned the sentencing of these 3 former jail employees with last weeks protest rally - they might have been mentioned but surely this is not a "big deal" enough for them to reassemble for another rally.

Non-Citizens Voting In Local Elections - Someone Tell AJC's Cynthia To Read Her Own Paper On Sunday

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Atlanta's WSB TV which is owned by Cox, the same company that owns the Atlanta Journal Constitution has been conducting an investigation regarding how the shoddy record keeping by the state government has allowed non-US citizens to register to vote. The state maintains the database for drivers licenses and state IDs. Both of these are used to feed the voting register.

For years we have heard individuals like Cynthia Tucker make the case that the various drives for "photo voter id" must be driven by RACISM because there is no evidence that people who are not allowed to vote are voting.

This shows, once again, that when a people of a certain ideology can't justify their own view that rejects the requirement for photo identification for voter registrations as sound public policy they promote the idea that there must be some greater nefarious motivation at work by their adversaries. In this case they claim voter suppression and racial profiling.

From their arguments I coined the "List of Inferiors":

  • The Poor
  • The Handicapped
  • The Elderly
  • The Minorities (The Blacks & The Hispanics)
In their quest to form a protection racket they extend inferiority to my race.  We are some how not able to manage to obtain a photo id in 2 years and upon election day it is likely that we have lost our ID.
I also noticed that as they filed their lawsuits to stop the requirement for photo id because elderly people did not have a photo id - they showed no interest to use the same church vans that they employ in their election day "Get out the Blacks to vote for the Democrats" to drive these same people to the local drivers services location to get an ID in 2 years time.

This makes the case of my global argument:  The fewer the population of "The Least Of These" for them to help the relevance of these activist organizations is diminished. 

Since the Sunday AJC will have the results of their research I am very interested in hearing what AJC opinion writer and progressive matron - Cynthia Tucker - has to say about a body of research that refutes a point that she has argued for a long period of time.

I assure you that she would switch her argument over to one of "quantity".   She will point to the relatively small numbers and make the case that the size is too small to get worked up.  Of course when it comes to HER issues of "justice" - then she and others starts quoting Martin Luther King  - "Injustice ANYWHERE (regardless of how small) is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE".  

President Obama Doesn't See "Media Matters In Black Face" As A "Threat To America"

Weeks after proclaiming that "Fox News is a threat to America", the President of the United States hosted 5 more Progressive-Fundamentalist bloggers into the White House.   I have never heard of the other 4 individuals. I only know about the antics of one:  Oliver Willis.

Please understand me - I hope that President Obama holds a "Progressive-Fundamentalist Blogger Session" every single month.  They may as well be rewarded with the honor of entering the White House and being treated to free coffee and donuts.  They already do a hell of a job marketing for the man and his Progressive policies.

President Obama shows his own ideological bigotry as he proclaims his "enemies list" while keeping close company with his friends.  No bind to the INTEGRITY of the operation in question.  The IDEOLOGY of the operative being the primary concern.  Oliver Willis visit to the White House was "Media Matters Making A Visit To The White House".  PERIOD.

The power of indictment and the retention of the "faux moral high ground" is shattered as President Obama lowers himself into the bowels at which these operatives reside. The office of the President can only be stained as a result.  Those who  claim that "Fox News is not a media organization" apparently have no problems with having the president cavort with operatives who are paid hit men.  When one's ideology is the barometer for the enforcement of your standards of integrity then you have no standards and deserve no RESPECT.

(The Black Agenda Report comments on the previous Obama / Black-Progressive-Fundamentalist Meeting)

The point that I am struggling with is the question: "Does a Black blog author have any particular mandate to key in upon the issues WITHIN the Black community?"

I am forced to say "NO".   One's skin color should not limit their subject matter and scope.

However I as an observer am able to scrutinize the content of this same blogger and make note of the total misalignment of their focus with regard to the issues in our community.  If and when that person later comes back and claims to be an authority on the interests of the Black community's interests his track record of cheerleading and diversion proves otherwise.

A while back I posted some points of appraisal of a Black blog in order to vet their agenda.  Mr Willis' blog molests the majority of these points.  In line with his Media Matters training he focuses more on his enemy than on all who violate our principles.  In fact if you ask these fundamentalist bloggers what their principles are the name "Barack Obama" will be central to them.

Looking At The Big Picture Rather Than The Latest Transaction

The truth is that the Black press has become the "Lampblack Yellow Journalist Press" per its present

The Black community more than anyone else in this nation knows the threat that bigoted vision by police and the press and how it is a threat to justice and the exposing of the truth.  Sadly just as the individuals in the past were blinded by their entrenched and bigoted views the operatives from the Black press and "Progressive Blogger Understudies" are using their media properties in the same manner.   The result is that the interests of the Black community suffer from benign neglect as a result of their outward inattention.

So what about ME?   I am biased right of center.  My life experiences have shown to me that there are particular methodologies for MANAGEMENT that afford an interest group a greater likelihood of obtaining their goals than does pure activism as a time where there are institutions that protect them.  These institutions where not available in the past.  Those who tell me that it was their activism that brought us to where we are today are also the main ones wishing to deny their present control over our key institutions and thus seek to avoid accountability.

Love my perspective or hate it - there is no one that can discount this blog's focus upon the key institutions that have the proximate location and authority over where our community resides in its highest concentrations. For me - those who work to protect the people who are now in power from criticism are the real threat to our attainment.  This is why I believe that the local "muckraking" television and newspaper journalist do a far better job at delivering upon the interests of the Black community.  They are more prone to see that Black "Director of Sanitation" that is a part of a Black Democratic mayor's administration  and merely a "Director of Sanitation" as they hit him hard, demanding that they clean up the illegal dumps on the east side of the city which the residents have been complaining about to the unresponsive city.

Ironically the same people who mock the notion of the "Post Racial America" are also the same people who are guilty of not allowing that elected official that they helped into power to become just another politician who , if his feet are not kept to the fire, will fail the interests of the Black community.   Their efforts at promoting their party and the "right thinking" people in their race function as the petri dish in which the microbial agents that infect the development potential of our community grow.

There needs to be some force developed to put a check on these operatives that exploit the interests of our community - even if it is for POPULAR gain.

Democrats Attack: When Two Black Men In Florida Threaten The Quest For POWER By The Democrats

I have already talked about the coordinated campaign executed by the "Free Radical" Democrats who are Black who are safe in their reelection attempts to represent their problem plagued home districts and are free to make sure that a Black man named "Allen West" never "darkens the doorway" in the US House.  Despite their claims to support DIVERSITY it is clear that their real agenda is Ideological Unity and diversity among the issues of race, gender, sexual orientation and religion.   As long as the Black voters in both of their district look past the struggles with education and public safety and instead agree to NATIONALIZE their loyalties on behalf of their beloved Democratic Party - their struggle for "social justice" where they rest their head will continue to be vacuous.

Meek:  Drop Out Of The Florida Senate Race And Crist Will Become A Democrat

About 4 weeks ago I listened to the "Bev Smith Show" as she interviewed Kendrick Meek.  Based on his own enthusiasm and the host performing an extended but free political ad campaign for his candidacy I would have sworn that Rep Meek was closing in for the strike at Marco Rubio the Republican.

Reports from overnight paint a different picture, however.  Reports are that former President Clinton met with Rep Meek and tried to "talk some sense into him".   He had reportedly told Meek about the deal that Crist would become a Democrat in exchange for Meek's departure from the race.

It seems that a sizable portion of  Black voters are more inclined to "vote to strengthen their party" by choosing a "Democrat that can win".  The irony that one year ago Crist was a Republican and thus unworthy of their vote is lost on many.  

The Consequence Of Losing Focus By Strengthening The Intermediary While Looking Past Your Interests

I have no problem voicing my problems with Rep Meek.  A few years ago when the quality of the public schools in Florida and other places was under debate Rep Meek left an image upon my mind that I could not shake.  He rejected all notions of school choice as a means of obtaining a better quality standard.  Though he complained that school overcrowding was impacting education his ONLY option was to build more PUBLIC schools.  Thus he supports the "Government Operated Public School System" more than he supports the attainment of the end goal:  Students that are highly prepared at the finished line.

This same entrenchment on the METHODOLOGY rather than the end is synonymous with too many people in our community that seek to doggedly defend their interests in their ideology and their party while unable to take a dispassionate look at where they presently stand with reference to their permanent interests.   The only thing this line of think does is insure that Black people will continue to be enlisted as foot soldiers to fight against the popular ideological enemy while remaining unable to take advantage of the control over the key institutions that need to be managed so that their permanent interests can be delivered upon.

Those who reside inside of our community consciousness group and are seeking REFORM so that better results are obtained had better not go against the Black Establishment Overlay and their Democratic Party/Progressive joint ventures lest they be attacked for speaking out of turn.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Raging Elephants Claim "The GOP Is The New Black"

"Speaking To The BEST INTERESTS" Of The Black Community said Quanel X.

I stand opposed to any attempts link the Black community development exclusively around the American political domain.  This is how we are being used today.

I agree with elements of both of these men's perspective but ultimately I can't accept either.

I don't believe that it is the job of the Republican party to "come into the Black community" and sell us on anything.   With our present consciousness intact the only way they can win our favor away from the GOP would be to enter into a "redistributive" BIDDING WAR.   Not one bit of our capabilities will be enhanced.

Instead it is the job of the Black community to determine the "nutrition" that our collective body needs and work to distinguish that which can be accomplished via the American Political Domain versus that which requires more local hands on management.  The fraudulent operative embedded within shows himself by selling us on the notion that VOTING is the key gateway to our salvation.  When we have obtained the maximum possible control over our communities that VOTING will bring - they will STILL be telling us to vote for our salvation.  This is akin to a corrupt preacher telling you to squeeze your eyes more shut and "pray harder".

For the "Republican who is Black" there is no glossy marketing campaign that the GOP is going to do to pry the loyalties of our people away from the Democratic Party.  IF they are not made to call for order in the present circumstance when so many of their "permanent interests" are being molested despite having won the political victory - you all need to change the terms of the debate.

Since you are as committed to "salvation for Black people through your party" - just as they are - you are too compromised to provide the needed infrastructure that our people need to stop those who "are not going to stop".

How The "Democrats Who Are Black" Foment The Condition Of "Benign Neglect" In The Management Of The Black Community

Today the "Fight The Power" radio station, WAOK AM, was in rare form. They are working double-time to convince the Black community to look past the perpetual problems in their community and VOTE to. In doing so they will defend Obama from the Republicans and figth against the Tea Party racists.

The afternoon host Derrick Boazman went into the archives to pull out old Civil Rights era recording of how Black people were beaten by racist White authorities as they attempted to register or cast their vote. The purpose of the propaganda is to detail the "struggle" that we faced to get to this point and how we should not take the franchise for granted. I agree with the justification to vote.

I REJECT the hijacking of the Black community's struggle to vote in the past for the BENEFIT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY today.

Their trick is to interpose voting for the Democrats with both:
  • Fighting against White supremacy (the Republicans)
  • VOTING to advance the interests of the Black community by supporting the policies of the Democrats
They are keen into the threat that "White Supremacy" poses.
They are tone deaf to the far larger threat that "Black Inferiority" continues to exact upon our community.

The most clear point for my argument was made when a woman who was the most clear case of "Democrat who is Black" called in and gave a 5 minute long peep rally:
  1. You can help our community by going to the Democratic headquarters on Spring Street and work the phones for the next few days
  2. (I forget which Black leader she called out) .....said "Any Black person who would vote for a Republican is voting to advance White supremacy and is against Black people".
  3. The problem with the Republicans is that they are for the RICH and the CORPORATIONS.  How can you claim to be FOR THE PEOPLE when you are not willing to spend our nations wealth to HELP THEM OUT rather than helping out corporations, banks and giving rich people tax cuts.
  4. (This was my favorite) The Black community needs to realize that the two most important weapons for defense of our interests are the BOOK and the BALLOT.  We must make sure that THEY never take either away from us again.

OK.  After Fred the Black Republican called in after this lady and started talking about EXTENDING THE TAX CUTS I could not take it any longer.  I tuned to NPR "Tell Me More" to listen to Essence Magazine convince me to use the magazine voucher that I purchased in a school fund raiser for some other magazine instead of advancing their progressive propaganda.  I get "The Root" and "The Grio" for free.  Why pay for progressive indoctrination?

How To Counter Propaganda From Embedded Larval Agents In Our Consciousness Bloodstream

As I listened to the "Democrat who is Black" lady talking I could not help but think that the very worst case for her claims to be vetted as true is in the place where her theories are most concentrated and challenged the least.

THE BOOK AND THE BALLOT?   From the school graduation rates that I posted the other day the sad truth is that where there is more homogeneity in the BALLOT - it is THE BOOK that is most compromised for the Black community.   The sad truth is that the average ACTIVIST has no MANAGEMENT skills.  They are unable to leverage the facts of their control over the key institutions to actually deliver upon the solution to the GRIEVANCES that keeps the Black community "ideologically unified".

I am at the point of banging my head on the wall as I struggle to figure out why the same people that launch the most fervent attacks on CORPORATIONS - per their own union affiliation can't seem to make note that, regardless of their affinity for their economic and labor theories - they don't CREATE JOBS.  They are only effective at insuring that the employee that already has a job is able to take home a bigger slice of the pie.  Give a progressive-fundamentalist an empty pie pan and, regardless of how big the aluminum pan is - there is serious question as to if a pie will ever be produced.

At the end of this lady's call I reasoned that the worst possible situation for her and her fellow progressives to be in is ALONE, ALL BY THEMSELVES and forced to deliver the desired standard of living for the community.

The Use Of "Racism Chasing" To Provoke Black Action On Behalf Of The Democrats

When I watch the black and white videos from the brutal past the first think that comes to my mind is "Thank God that these conditions no longer exist.  I am going to use this time IN THE CLEARING to make sure that the community that I live in is as functionally managed as possible. " (Glass half full thinking).

I notice that the people who I was listening to today were levering the legacy of Black suffering to PROVOKE Black people to do what they wanted them to do.  They were selling the past: "IF you do not do this then the Tea Party Racists will revert to doing what you heard in the audio report.  Is this what you want?".

In as much as there is no organic intent to develop the Black community but instead make sure that we are "well fed" they don't mind using these serial tugs upon our resentment to achieve their present agenda item:  help the Democrats WIN.

(Some of you all don't realize that my "real job" is to model human behavior so I can improve the process using technology.  A human is still a human regardless of him working in the auspices of a corporation OR, in this case, on behalf of  an ideology/party while fronting as if he is working for his "race") 

How do you all justify continuing on as you do?
Even after "winning" the struggle to control the institutions in your community the results that far too often fall short of your expectations do not trigger a call for a COURSE CORRECTION.  Instead it triggers an expansion in the domain of your struggle and then you CONTINUE STRUGGLING.

  • MY "OPPRESSED ANCESTORS" were looking at the SCHOOL HOUSE that their kids were relegated to. They could not control what the "Ancestors of the Tea Party" were doing. They made sure they controlled everyone who walked through the front door of the schools.  Is this the disposition in our schools today?
  • MY "OPPRESSED ANCESTORS" had no say in Klansmen riding though the night into their communities to shoot up the place and terrorize the people.  They made sure that any GUNS that they had in their domicile were used for DEFENSE against those who dared invade their private property.  Is this the main use of guns in our community today?

What happens when you reach your "Pacific Ocean" and can no longer use "expansion" to act as a facade for "absolute progression"?  Do you even have the management acumen to express your agenda THROUGH your people for anything other than having them vote?  Are all of your problems a function of voting?

There Is No Universal Ban In The Black Community Against Cavorting With Bigots

The pattern of behavior of the hate-filled leftist named Bill Maher is clear for all to see.
He escapes being commonly labeled as such for no other reason that his type of bigotry is from the left. Hatred requires more than just spoken ignorance. There needs to be a force that labels it as such and calls it out accordingly.

In the mind of Bill Maher the best way that Americans can lose IQ points is to disagree with him and then express their disagreement at the ballot box.

Funny how a few of his past Black girl friends have reported on his tendency to belittle them as "stupid" and merely use them as spring boards to tell them how much their arguments don't make sense. And of course the sex.

I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to plot out how a world with a cultural order to the liking of Bill Maher would function. It is clear that it would be full of chaos and dysfunction.

Cut #2: Rep John Lewis' Focus On Caulk-Justice Shows How Detached Many Black Americans Are From The Rest Of The World

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Rep John Lewis is increasingly being allowed to operate as an "Activist Of Leisure".
This is defined by someone who is able to tap into his claimed "moral compass" to render indictments against some other while never having to worry about being called out for the plentiful things that they lock past because it would serve as a personal indictment against themselves.

Most recently I have called out John Lewis for having all 4 of the "Most Violent Zipcode Codes In The Nation" that the state of Georgia has contributed to this shameful list.

As we consider how Rep Lewis is marketing his "caulking for social justice" program as one step toward saving the Earth I saw the need to broaden his vision a bit.

There are few broad groups of people in America who have their very existence in jeopardy. Even the poorest among us receive some benefit from the infrastructure that we have available.

It would be grand if Rep Lewis and others were to expand their horizon and look to create "Green Jobs" by actually applying the skills and talents that Americans have for the benefit of people who don't have to worry about caulking their windows as they have no windows.

As the "Black Power Machine" has "removed their radical clothes in exchange for the radical end", thus entering into the halls of the legislature and the executive branch it seems that they have lost their vision. If there was ever a time that I would support "expansionism" for the sake of providing cover for the criticism that is deserved for the plot of land that they now control it would be in regards to connectivity with the places shown in the two videos.

Notice that the people in Benin have no sidewalks or roads or drainage systems that might protect them from the threat that water and its after-effects bear down upon them with. With all of the attacks on "contractors" in theaters of war - where is the grass roots program to leverage the power that is now present in the White House and the Congress to develop a program that trains up:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Urban Planners
  • Epidemiologists 
  • Geologists
  • Hydrologists
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
with the target of building up infrastructure in these places that have the most need?

This is not an attempt to negate the "Green Jobs" efforts of John Lewis or Barack Obama.  It is only an attempt to reprioritize the resources toward addressing the more critical needs of the planet. 

Cut #1: Rep John Lewis Opens A "Green Jobs" Training Center - Hoping To Save The World

After watching this ribbon cutting ceremony and accompanying words from my favorite congressman I was going to run my analysis from one particular angle. Then I saw some other footage that made me think of another angle.

Out of respect for the seriousness of the second subject I have decided to split my analysis into two separate posts.

Rep John Lewis Opens A New "Green Jobs" Facility In Atlanta; Plans To Use Caulk To Save The World From Melting

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The best way to position the words of Rep John Lewis said in 2010 is to go back to the past and make note about how the PREVIOUS "make work" jobs programs had been positioned.

  1. Back when Presidents Carter and then later Clinton put forth their federal employment programs that focused upon increasing the energy efficiency for low income housing they sold it as a "win win" in that the residents were able to lower their energy bills and those who needed jobs would be provided with the opportunity from the government.
  2. Today in the age of Obama and Global Warming - Rep John Lewis should be commended for "Leaning Forward".   He did not make reference to his usual theme of CIVIL RIGHTS, making note of how he was beat down on the bridge in Selma.   Instead he decided to make reference to the new environment and thus market this as a "Green Jobs" initiative thus he is operating under the mandate of Saving The Earth!!!    I would have personally been more inspired had he said "Former Slave and Former Slave Master will perish together if we do not put R-13 insulation in our attics thus stopping Global Warming".

The Future Of "Shannon Mall" In Union City GA Is Uncertain

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Earlier this year in the spring I needed to purchase a lawn mower. I got tired of serving the one that I had because it would not start. I drove past the local Home Depot, Lowes and even a privately owned "Sears Local" in order to purchase a new mower from the Sears at Shannon Mall.

I was shocked to hear that the Shannon Mall in Union City has fallen on hard times and may not endure. The mall owner has not paid its electricity bill or property taxes. Most of the top shelf merchants have departed the premises.

To the extreme south of the Shannon Mall is the city of Newnan in Coweta County, a few exits down on I-85. Further north is the new "Camp Creek Market Place". Both of these alternative shopping and entertainment venues have depreciated the value of Shannon Mall.

Sadly if these present economic conditions continue to linger more of the weaker retail outlets will also perish.

Bring Authority To The Street Pirate And Then Hold Him Accountable Just Like Responsible Brothers Are Held To Account

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Video #1 &  #2
The special security team assigned to the courts in Fulton County Georgia is under fire.  They were observed being too lax in their dealings with Street Pirate Gang members that are brought into court to face the paddle of justice in response to what they have failed to receive from a positive male figure in their lives from an early age.

As usual - anyone who is in close association with a street pirate takes a hit from their dealings with him.  First the community that has the misfortune to contain the location where he lays his head is the area where the most of his street pirate assaults transpire.  Now a collect of (mostly) Black males in the Fulton County GA Sheriff's Department are taking a hit because of their failures to be on high alert with respect to the threat that the street pirate registers.

5 years after the murderous rampage of "Court House Killer" Byran Nichols the judge that is in charge of courthouse security voiced his concerns about the lax disposition of the security detail around these Street Pirate Gang members.  These sheriff deputies are now being held accountable for their "failures" with the goal of correcting their behaviors.  For the Street Pirate there is no contrition.  He often lives an "I Don't Give A F" lifestyle.

The challenge for all who surround him is to figure out a means by which such a person is never allowed to have this type of consciousness instilled within his person.  This requires the adults in the community to apply the appropriate limits and direction toward him during his formative years.

Video #3:   Street Pirate Caught On Tape Violating The Property Rights Of A Hard Working Family
The video speaks for itself.  No need for more commentary.
The bottom line "The Street Pirate Doesn't Give A Damn!!!".  
Any person or security device that stands in his way will be destroyed as he seeks his booty.

Video #4: Street Pirate eludes police after stealing copper.  Tries to scale a fence with razor wire.  Police render aid to him.

Video #5: Clayton County Cop Stabbed At His Home In Atlanta
This occurred just one day after the massive "Stop Police Violence" rally in Atlanta and around the nation.

Video #6: Street Pirate Caught Stealing Rifles By Putting Them In His "Pants On The Ground" Baggy Pants

Video #7: Two Street Pirates Go To Rob A Drug Dealer, One Street Pirate Shoots His Friend To Keep The Booty For Himself
The one street pirate violated the Street Pirate's Creed:   Never trust a street pirate for they are not trustworthy.  They failed their civility class.

Video #8:  The Mosque Arson in Marietta GA earlier this year was an inside job and not the work of a Tea Party Racist.

Black Community Perceptions & Prejudices, Campaign Propaganda, Voting Administration - How Racism Chasing Hijacks Our Interests

Its that season once again.  Time for certain forces to unmask themselves and showcase their true agenda.
That mask that they had been wearing allowed them to present themselves as working in an "unbought, unsold" manner on behalf of the best interests of the Black community.   Or at least this is what they say into the microphones that they have control over as they stroke the confidence of their loyal followers.

If their antics were not so obvious and instead they used more skill to mask their true purpose I would give them more credit.   Instead they continually prove that they are indeed "equal human beings", no different from their noted political and racial adversaries.  This despite their claims of being both a victim and a moral compass.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Race And The Georgia Governor's Race

Put me on the record:  I do not like either one of the two "White men" running for governor.  They both are corrupt individuals.  "Good ole boys" if you will.

The key difference between these two individuals is that one is a Democrat and the other is a Republican.  Well the Republican used to be a Democrat but in the eyes of the Black Progressive Establishment Overlay machine in Atlanta he is now a RACIST and he is a threat to the "Black Interests" and must be defeated.

One of the biggest reasons for my apparent antagonistic disposition with the Black Progressive Establishment Overlay is my observation of their "ideological unity enforcement" tactics.
If you allow them to tell it:

  1. The racist threat from conservatives is worse for Black people than the present economic, academic and public safety conditions that THEY (the Progressives who are Democrats who are Black") now preside over within the Black community.  (ex: "If you think you are having it rough now just wait until your enemy gets put into office")
  2. All of the problems that continue within the Black community are not the fault of the favorable leadership.  Instead it is the fault of the RACISTS who don't wish to allow everyone in America to experience the "American Dream" and thus they doggedly fight the imposition of the policies that the favorable politicians seek to implement, thus disassembling "White Privilege".  It just so happens that all of these favorable policies involve strengthening the hand of government and destroying the market system.
  3. White Liberals have the best interests of the Black community in mind.  We should work to remove all bigotry out of the Black community's own culture (hetero-normative cultural beliefs, patriarchal order, Christian fundamentalism) and adopt more secular progressive ideals.  The Black church should be used as "social justice" organs, accepting all who come through their doors, ACCEPTING them as they are and fighting against those who seek to have them conform or deny them access to resources per the "national contract" that we all live under.  The society must CHANGE, not the "protected people".
As I watched the Angela Davis interview from "Democracy Now" for the second time today as I documented the key segments prior to editing it down for commentary and posting I noticed one thing about her perspective and that of many who are in the "perpetual struggle" for social justice along with her:  THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO MANAGE.  They ONLY know how to STRUGGLE.

When then come to the unenviable point at which their victory over the key institutions of oppression that they have long protested against puts them into the seat of power and thus theoretically on the hook to deliver those who are sitting in that seat are forced into a massive dose of reality:  the rhetoric and abstract theories that got them into power are not going to allow them to manage the knobs and switches on the panel that is in front of them.  

There are two main factions that we must consider in this coalition:
  1. The politician / appointee / spokes model that is the torch bearer for the ideology
  2. The array of activists, supporters and the rank & file that promoted the faction in #1 into power
In the incestuous relationship between these two elements - #2 agrees not to attack #1 for their failings to deliver upon the promises.  #1 also agrees to not "blame the victims" in #2 for their own problems.  

The people who are stuck at the TRANSACTIONAL level love this relationship.  It allows them to retain the pride that they have that their IDEOLOGY is "winning".  They can point to the laundry list of seats that are now controlled by "their side".  Thus it is to their advantage to not doggedly pursue the redress of their grievances to the point where their "permanent friend" is damaged, allowing the enemy to return to power.

The painful truth of the dysfunction in this relationship is that this protectionism that is erected also has the unintended consequence of avoiding the drive to obtain the desired ends THROUGH THE PEOPLE.  Since #1 is averse to going after #2 the both of them content themselves with retaining the permanent fight against the external enemy as this allows them to remain unified and not step on each other's toes.

The control over the domain (the city, the county, the voting district) is thus turned from a defined set of land though which prosperity is obtained via productivity enhancements of the functions within over to a platform that the activist representatives will go off into "foreign" legislative bodies to collect resources for redistribution into the district for the consumption of the people.   In turn - anyone who stands against this redistribution and who pushes back with calls for "introspection" of the dysfunctional practices that squander organic productivity is said to be an enemy.


The perfect counter part to the "Right-wing Talk Radio" stations in Atlanta that are "racist" and that promote the GOP are the "Urban Hip Hop and R&B" station and the "Fight The Power" Black talk radio station.  Both are owned by CBS Radio.   Despite all of the talk about "we Black folks", the truth is that they all receive their paychecks from a corporation.

The reason why the interview with DJ Frank Ski in which he expresses outrage over "Ghetto Grandmothers" is so hard to take based on the antics that are conducted on both of these stations.   I wonder if Frank Ski's grandmother could listen to the ignorant lyrics of many of the songs that he plays and not get similarly INSULTED, wondering if our community has indeed "progressed" or retrogressed into some snake pit?

Take that Wacka Flacka Flame video that I have posted to the right and apply it to a visual of a significant portion of the music played on the station.  There is no greater source of "insult" to the Black community via the use of code words than the music that is played on this station.  Not even the "bleeps" used to cancel out the choice words prevent someone doing "sentence completion" as they lipsynch the words.  I assure you that there is no other greater source for White people saying the word "Nigga" than from the sing alongs done while listening to this music.

If the the previous sentence contained: "Trigger", "Jigga", "Figga", "Gold Digga" - chances are that people can THINK their way around what was said under the "bleep" in the accompanying sentence.  I only ask: What about the words said by Republican Nathan Deal are SUPERIOR to that which is said by the various upstart "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" rappers that have their THOUGHTS trafficked by V-103 and other elements of propaganda into our community?  I am not even sure why Frank Ski was interviewed as a credible source of "outrage". 

As for WAOK - the sister station - the word "Ghetto Grandmother" and the underlying meaning is mild language compared to what can be heard from both the hosts and especially the callers.  Again some people have the nerve to talk about "those damned White people who don't want a Black man having nothing" while doing so in a forum paid for by CBS Radio.

It is ironic that when we evaluate the "Tea Parties" it is their ASSOCIATIONS with White Nationalists that is the main indictment against them.  (I watched an episode of Democracy Now yesterday which had NAACP's Ben Jealous and the researcher that did the report).   Ironically the Black community is suffering from the violence, murder and property crimes - all of which are lyrically depicted in the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" music that enjoys heavy rotation on V-103.   Why is it that THESE associations that have far more forensic attachment to the major problems within the Black community are not scrutinized just the same?  The best answer that I can come up with is that the "Non-White White Supremacy" that infects too many of my people cause them to believe that these White nationalists are a SUPERIOR threat to anything that a Black rapper with a microphone could ever managed to do.  This despite him being a fully EQUAL human being.

Any claims of "strugglers for justice" were dashed over the past 2 weeks as the "Cracker Barrel Beating White Man" received a verbal lynching.  Many pious callers spoke of "not allowing THEM to 'do this to our women' " yet can't be found when the 20 other Black females have been attacked by "one of their own" seek to discover their ORGANIC value rather than having their appraised worth based upon their attacker.

I did not appreciate the use of the words "Ghetto Grandmothers" by Republican Nathan deal in relation to the photo voter ID issue.  At the same time the entire opposition to it was racial and fraudulent as well.  Why ask him to not shoot back at people who are aiming for his head?  Where are the demands for dignity from the people who are advocating your position?

I have stated previously that I too don't support the extension of the Voting Rights Act's two most controversial sections (Pre-Clearance & Majority-Minority districts).   The first throws away the notion of continued sanction based upon present violations rather than punitive spirit.  With the second - these protected districts do a better job electing leftist Black representatives than they have proven to produce districts where the BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS are actually delivered upon.   In fact the reverse can be argued in far too many cases.  This is the cornerstone of the "Black ideological enforcement" scheme that is being hoisted upon our people.

Again I ask - Is Frank Ski and others "offended" by the molestation of the Black permanent interests in the "mission accomplished" cities and counties where favorable people preside?   I noted previously all of the "Democrats who are Black" officials that came out for Roy Barnes several months ago.  Those from Dekalb County and Clayton County had no room to talk about someone's failings.   

From my perspective I looked at areas from the metro Atlanta that I choose not to live per the index of my permanent interests, look at the Black people who agree with my views  per their own residency choices (despite their ideological and party loyalties) and from there consider the MACHINE that is in control over these places and DISCREDIT their endorsements rather than using them as my voters guide.

Administration Of Elections

The final two videos were posted for the purposes of communicating the presence of the "Man Behind The Curtain".  There are people who administrate our voting process.  Today there is a system of safe guards to protect the integrity of the system.   Despite all of this there are occasional errors made that have no malicious intent behind them.

I should also point out that in the last election cycle this same department in  Fulton County received sanctions from the GA Secretary of State for violating certain voting processes that put the integrity of the vote and the confidentiality of the voters at risk.

Of course these "offenses" are not likely to appear in any "Voting Suppression" report.  While fire requires oxygen, fuel and an ignition source - a voting rights indictment by civil rights operatives requires the presence of Republicans in power.

After every election it seems that in private conversation or on the "Fight The Power" radio station we will hear complaints about the "voter suppression" that was triggered by the long lines in East Point Georgia or South Dekalb or Southwest Atlanta (read between the lines - Black areas).  All the while people in Peach Tree City or Alpharetta were provided with a valet service that opened their car doors, ushered them into vote and then provided them with some hand sanitizer so that no germs from the touch screen would infect them.  Maybe the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

When these indictments are rendered I notice the frequent use of ambiguity about the race or the likely party affiliation of the people who are placed in charge of the elections process when such specificity would cause them to indict "their own".   For some people it is easier for them to believe that Ken Blackwell in Ohio was able to hijack the entire elections process statewide than to accept that their favored people were charged with the administration of the elections process in a more regionally based distribution.

Furthermore the thought that "outsiders" would dare come into these geographically distributed administration node as "process monitors" is yet another point of indictment.  "What you think that Black people are corrupt?" is the common refrain.  Rarely do we hear "We have a transparent process in which the regulations of the state are strictly followed.  We have nothing to hide.  As long as you don't interfere with our operation you are welcome to come and observe.  We will have representatives observing where you come from as well as we believe in 'trust but verify' ".

All of this leads me to repeat my previous observations about living in a metro area where there is a higher than average amount of diversity in the ranks of the local government leadership: 

The struggle for civil rights and the delivery of free and open elections only afforded Black people the right to vote and for Black candidates to run for office.   From my perspective Black officials show that they are 100% EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS.  Out of a crowd of them:
  • Some are visionary leaders
  • Some merely tread water, not rocking the boat
  • Others are incompetent and should be removed
The distribution of them into these segments are little different from their White counterparts.

TRUE progress will be had within the Black community when the results that are delivered within the domain of control over which these officials of ANY COLOR is the primary determining factor as to their ability to retain their seats or get the boot out of office.

In as much as the Black community is allowed to have our interests hijacked as our focus is nationalized in line with a grand "Mission From God" the bigger threat than having our "vote diluted" because we are no longer a voting block is that our PERMANENT INTERESTS are diluted because we fail to manage those who we have entrusted with the institutional seats of power.

There is a need for a force that can sublimate the present Black Power Overlay, forcing them to work on behalf of the interests of the people rather than executing upon the terms of the partnership agreement that they have made with their ideological and partisan friends.