They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Biship Eddie Long Scandal Exposes Some Factions In The Black Community

This scandal involving Bishop Eddie Long has shown that there are several clusters of Black people who are expressing their opinions and likewise getting their shots in.

  • The Black Gay Community is pointing to Bishop Long's "hypocrisy" over his anti-gay statements and his anti-gay marriage stand.  They wish to 'take a critic out' so that everyone sees the consequences of hypocrisy.  How these events justify "Gay Marriage" I still don't see.
  • The Black Secular Progressives are using this scandal to point out how Black Christians are being duped to support 'conservative' policies that are against their interests.  The B.S.P. want to have them worship at the alter of government instead
  • The Black Anti-Prosperity Preaching Christians use this occasion to showcase the pitfalls of the message that they believe compromises the true spirit of Christianity and how such a large church can lead to idologry
  • The Blacks who see Religion and Culture as a valuable agent of social order
Put me into this last group.  I am a Christian and believe that Christ is my savior.   Beyond the "mystical, magical Jesus" meme, however I see a great amount of logic and truth in the use of the worship of Jesus Christs and the enforcement of the associated "Judeo-Christian" cultural ethos.  From this we receive our modern day societal rules.  Our marriage rules, our judicial system, our patriarchal order all are derived from this source.

We need to put certain people on blast by going beyond any sort of praise for them as "champions of liberty and justice" and instead evaluating them upon the RESULTS THAT ARE RENDERED in a society.  

We as a people have been fully engulfed into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" with so little to show for it but strong loyalties to our "team".

Some of the same people who are attacking New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and their $50 million building complex are the very same people protesting to the GOVERNMENT, demanding that it us income redistribution to build them a community center in their home district.

I have observed that the 3 main oracles of influence within our society are:

  1. Government / Politics
  2. Entertainment
  3. Religion

Some people see #3 as the biggest threat and use #1 and #2 as a means of attacking it.

NAACP Partners With Gay Rights Groups - Continues The "Struggle"

The The NAACP Reaches Out to Gay-Rights Groups

When you work to understand the NAACP in its present form it becomes easy to see why they made this move.

I have stated previously that to understand the modern day NAACP (and other Black activists organizations) you must first look at them as Left-wing Progressive organizations that are seeking to advance Progressivism rather than Black organizations who are bound to advancing the interests of Black people.   In turn if the Black permanent interests are achieved via a route that is not a "Progressive vector" then you can be sure that the NAACP and other progressive groups will either remain silent or would fight against such progression.  (ie: school choice in the wake of failing 'government operated schools').

I have stated many times that my anaysis shows that PROGRESSIVISM IS IN-ORGANIC.  It does not stand on its own, being able to develop a people when it is "the last man standing" in a particular domain.  Instead it is by its very nature an expansionary struggle-themed ideology.  It keeps the "permanent strugglers" unified by the motion of STRUGGLE against some threat.  If the progressive is not "struggling" then he dies as a progressive.

This move by the NAACP is a tactic admission that all of the "low hanging fruit" of (White right-wing) civil rights threats to Black people have been placed into a reguatory framework and no longer unchecked as they were in the past.

Add to this the fact that despite so many of the deliverables that were promised to Black people as a result of erecting the present Democratic-Progressive fortress in our community have not been delivered.  Since the NAACP and the Black Establishment ultimately control the public sentiment within our community this failure of the "prescription" they have sold to us will not be the basis of grand public protest.  They would ultimately have to protest against THEMSELVES when they wage a protest against a "favorable person" in power per their last voter registration drive for the benefit of  the Democrats.

The NAACP's Struggle For Gay Rights Allows Them To Continue The Struggle

I have stated previously that all civilized societies have a list of points of discrimination that are enforced.  Some are unjust, some are necessary points of social control.  White supremacy was unjust it worked for no other reason than to afford White (males) total power and control over all others - the rights of these others be damned.

The problem with the NAACP and other progressive groups is that they have a far more open and tolerant idea of the entries that should be removed from the "discrimination list".   They, in theory, argue that "all discrimination is wrong" and they are going to stand by society's victims.  The problem with their disposition is that they are never going to own up to their own obligations to retain societal order per their growing power over the cultural and social institutions.     If given the choice of regulating marriage as a means of attacking the problem with damaged Black youth who are fatherless and reside in communities without strongly enforced definitions of marriage OR prioritizing the individual sexual freedoms - the progressive is going to opt for the latter.

He achieves rationalization of his choice by looking at the resulting dysfunction as a failure of GOVERNMENT.   By working to reform the social entitlements provided by the government so that the off-spring of this liberated social order they achieve another point of STRUGGLE while never having to do the necessary introspection of how their "de-regulation" is the source of the damage.

The Modern Day NAACP Is Merely An Organization And NOT A Black Institution

Most Black people are treated to the honorable actions of the NAACP in the context of the history lessons that they were treated to as a student.  I am of the opinion that this organization exists no more.

While indeed the NAACP has always been left-of-center, the problem is that societal conditions have changed, taking away its central purpose as compared to the past.

I have no problem with the NAACP's new strategy.
As long as they don't represent themselves as the voice of the Black Community - they can do what they please.

If they slip up and attempt to place themselves in to that role I am going to put out my transparent measuring stick by which to evaluate them.

I struggle to understand how, with the people that they have helped to elect into power in place - the NAACP is able to press on despite the conditions within many of our communities.   The truth is that they are not at fault and neither are the politicians.   The problem resides with the Black Rank & File.  Absent an infrastructure by which these policies are evaluated in total rather than on a transactional viewpoint with respect to the latest problem that our community faces - we will never receive a holistic appraisal of where the NAACP and other leftist-progressive groups now stand in regards to our present NEEDS as a community.

From where I stand we need HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT at this time.  They are working to retain their progressive loyalties.

Please - Let them go!!

  1. How are our schools today?
  2. Are we safe in our own communities? 
  3. Have we erected a local economic system which DEPLOYS our people into productive means?
  4. Are our social and cultural enforcements in line with our community goals?
Again - let them GO!!
We need to build up new institutions in line with the present needs of our community.

We need COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT and social order.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Progressive-Fundamentalists Are Correct: Europe Represents America's Future - See The Anti-Austerity Protests

Though Howard Dean's ideology runs counter to my goals of "competency development within the Black community" I have to admit to his correctness about one prophetic piece of insight that he rendered:

When it comes to providing nationalized entitlements to the masses he critiqued Clinton's attempts at doing so with one big step by saying - "You must give people entitlements on an incremental basis. Allow them to incorporate each individual step into their way of life. Then if you try to take any of it away they will fight those who try to do so vigorously".

Howard Dean has perfectly described what is going on all over Europe today.

After accepting the notion of a large social safety net - these nations are seeing that their level of economic productivity is not able to afford their lifestyle goals.

Now that the same government system that gave them these entitlements are seeking to "right size" their government - the progressive-anarchists are taking to the street in protest.

VIOLENCE is the next phase if these governments actually execute their cost cutting plans.

European cities hit by anti-austerity protests

OF COURSE only the "right wing" is violent

Is Bishop Eddie Long A "Right Wing Evangelical Hate Mongerer" OR A "Black Establishment Democratic Party Operative"?

If you go to one of the many "Lambblack Yellow Journalist" news-opinion web sites OR the far larger number of their "Black Progressive Blogger Understudy" web sites you will see them attempt to link New Birth's embattled Bishop Eddie Long with former president George W Bush. This picture is their standard fare:

This picture is typically posted in the context of the attack merchant:
  1. Recalling Bishop Long's "Pro-Traditional Marriage"/ "Anti-Gay Marriage Rally" of a few years ago
  2. Them attacking Christian Blacks as sheep who "vote against their best interests".  One blogger noted that their "best interests" were to support government condom distribution
It is clear to me that the Black Secular Progressive would prefer these Black church members to worship at the alter of the government.

A History Of Ideological Gamesmanship

The power of BIGOTRY is that you don't have to sell the person on the point that you are attempting to drive home.  You only need to line up the present subject at hand with the "guilt by association" indictment that you are attempting to make.  They will read between the lines that you have drawn, taking over from your inference.

In the case of the Black Evangelical Christian and George W Bush there is a "before and after" tale as it relates to the caricaturization put forth by the Black Secular Progressive.  When Bush set up the "Faith Based Initiative" he sold it as a partnership between the government and the religious community as a means of allowing those who already provide these services with a high level of efficiency to expand to do more public good.

For the first time in my life I watched Al Sharpton refuse to take money from the government.  A swarm of progressive attack merchants provided a full frontal attack on the program through all channels of the media. They told Black churches to not take the money.  "It is a trick to ensnare Black voters into the Republican party".  (Who is a better reference as to the power of government money to ensnare a people?)

Fast forward several years.  When a report came out which noted that the vast majority of the money when to the traditional (White) religious organizations - the Catholic Charities being the largest - these attack merchants spun the situation around as then asked "WHY didn't more Black churches receive this money???   How are the Republicans going to attract Black voters with such racism?".

The Truth Is - Eddie Long Has Bankrolled Democratic Candidates
Fast forward to today.
What did we recently learn about Bishop Long's political investments? 
He supports Democrats - just like 90% of the people who attend his church.

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ATL Civil Rights Leaders: White Man We Are Not Going To Allow You To Separate From Us

AJC: Lowery challenges Sandy Springs on Voting Rights Act

There is so much distortion and propaganda surrounding the drive by some voting regions around the nation to remove themselves from Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.   This targeted propaganda is a fear campaign meant to convince the masses who listen to the propagandists rather than do their own research that "the clock is turning back".

I have spent the past week listening to "Black talk radio" more than I usually do so that I can analyze how the Bishop Long scandal is being rationalized.   In the process of listening in I have heard the phrase "Take Back America" that is used by the Tea Parties being promoted as the Raison d'ĂȘtre by the "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" to operate their "ideological unity enforcement operations" among the Black rank & file.  If Black people don't vote for the Democratic party in the upcoming elections - our gains will be turned back.  If they who operate under the guise of civil rights protections rest, believing that the White racist (who just happens to be only right wing White conservatives, housed in the Republican party) are fooled into complacency as they believe that systematic racism has been checked and they need not be vigilant against it - we as Black people will find ourselves "re-marginalized".

View Larger Map

For those of you who are not familiar with metro-Atlanta -  Fulton County Georgia is the county that encompasses the city of Atlanta.   Atlanta resides in the middle to south of the county.   In recent years the northern part of Fulton county have transitioned from unincorporated areas that received their municipal services from the county over to chartered cities that collect their own taxes for these services that they provision to the people in their immediate area.  For years the people in the northern portion of the county had complained that they have the dual combination of high taxes and sub-par service.  Instead of protesting, begging the Fulton County board to provide them with better services they did what most "fully self-actualized people" must do beyond complaining - they chose to do it themselves.  The critics point out that the growth of these "White cities" is a direct result of the recent "Republican majority" Georgia state house and senate.  Indeed the "Southern Strategy" took more than 40 years to finally tip the balance in Georgia.

Let's turn back to the broader impact that their incorporation had on greater Fulton County.   They lost the greatest funding source of their "redistribution" efforts.  Understandably the elected officials from the south and Atlanta stood opposed to the incorporation efforts which had to be approved by the Georgia state legislature.  They knew that this would cause financial problems in those districts that received a net inflow of resources.  Some of these people drove home the racial aspects of this move toward incorporation, making the case that "White folks" wanted to separate themselves from the more diverse southside of the county.

Enter the city of Sandy Springs.  It is the new city that was formed a few years ago that borders Atlanta to the northwest.   There was some talk of incorporating this land into the city of Atlanta in the past.  Atlanta provided them water and sewer services.    Atlanta and Fulton County lost revenues as Sandy Springs started assembling their own services under the guise of a city.  Several firemen and police that had been directly employed by Fulton were laid off.   Many immediately were rehired by the new city governments that were formed.

With Sandy Springs as a brand new city they withdrew from the pre-clearance sanctions of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.  They argued as did the new city in Texas that triggered the Supreme Court ruling - "We were not around during the time of systematic racial prejudice in voting.  We don't believe that we should be bound to these sanctions.   We choose to look forward."

Section 5 mandates that any region that is under sanction must first petition the US Justice Department for permission to make changes in their voting related policies before implementing them.  Changing polling locations, changing the distribution of election machines to a given polling place.   Anything that if done with malicious intent might serve to suppress the vote of a targeted population.

I have no problem with those who are functioning as civil rights operatives showing skepticism.  This is what they should be doing.  I have a problem when they use lies and fear to spread their message and when they selectively scrutinize - mostly because of their own ideological biases.

  1. A talkshow host asked the Black man who is leading the charge against Sandy Spring's opt-out if "How many bubbles in a bar of soap"-type questions that must be answered prior to voter registration could come back as a result the removal of Section 5.  Shamefully the guy said "Yes". This is a lie.  The broad statutes of the V.R.A. is what bans this and poll taxes and grandfather clauses.  By confusing the issue the theme of "Black people are under attack" is driven.
  2. If we review he past 5 elections in metro-Atlanta - more procedural violations of voting operations have been committed in Fulton County and the cities of East Point and College Park which have caused Black people to wait in line or not show up on voting polls than anything that they can show that Sandy Springs has done by malicious intent
    1. Long lines seen in East Point and College Park which had a "suppressive effect" on Black voters is a fact.  With each county having their own voting administrators who are regulated by the Georgia Secretary of State - if there was any violations that impacted Black voters it came from the "favorable people" that ran the county elections.   We see here and so many other places that the best way for a local incompetent administrator to gain cover is to rattle the chains of RACISM as the reason for situations that more logically are traced back to their own incompetence.
    2. Fulton County Georgia agreed to sign a consent decree due to violations of voting rights policies as they dumped registration cards. 
My bottom line is that these dogged civil rights activists are so busy watching what "White folks" do that they are not "managing their own business" where the problems are more likely to hurt Black people - WHERE WE LIVE IN OUR HIGHEST CONCENTRATIONS.

I listened to an organization that stated that they are looking for "Black victims" of voting rights violations in Sandy Springs.   A new "Rosa Parks" if you will.  The point that they fail to make is that a Black resident of Sandy Springs did not accidentally move there.  They purposely opted to not live in other areas, many chose to move closer to their jobs and avoid the traffic jams.   This civil rights group are asking these Black residents to be on the lookout for even the smallest slight so that they could be the featured litigant which topples Sandy Spring's exodus from sanction by Section 5 pre-clearance. 

The Use Of The Law As A Weapon

Take a step back and make note of how the left is constantly driving to remove the stain of a felony from a person's record.  They see the suppressive effect that this has when it comes to employment and residential options.   They take the opposite viewpoint, it seems, when it comes toThe Use Of The Law As A Weapon using sanctions put forth by the federal government to live in perpetuity.  They argue that "these areas have been shown to be racist in the past.  We need to keep an eye on them so they don't act upon their intrinsic ways".   As with other mall cops - those who show hyper scrutiny against their adversary fail to make note of the violations that are taking place elsewhere which have more negative impact upon them.  

In my analysis it is their struggle - in and of itself that serves as a political movement for the civil rights operatives.   I have to credit the Obama/Holder Justice Department for listening to the facts around Sandy Springs and approving their waiver. 

Minding Your Own Business

My theme of "competency development" comes into play here.  
The days in which the City Of Atlanta and other cities in which these civil rights operatives have promoted the present power structure in place yet with their own biases they can focus people's attention OUTWARD - are over.   Bottom line - Why did you become a city and/or promote "favorable people" into power if ultimately you have no interest in becoming a self-sustaining entity?

After having obtained the seats of power in these places they need to shift from ACTIVISM over to MANAGEMENT.   If you want to retain your relationship with your resource distributor among high - dissolve yourself as a city entity and your newly unincorporated state will entitle you to these resources.  This requires that you give up the nominal positions of power that you have.   Instead they wish to retain the power and their right to the redistributed money.

The big loser in all of this are the Black rank & file who live in the areas that have the "mission accomplished" signs planted all over.   Instead of holding the people in power over their communities accountable - they run a protection racket against their "permanent friends".

The local chapters of the NAACP, the SCLC and the "Poor People's Campaign" have grown increasingly silent about the matters of local consequence in direct proportion to the election victories of their "permanent friends".   For example more people stand to protest the upcoming trial of Troy West - the White man who beat up the Black woman in the lobby of the "Cracker Barrel Restaurant" than we say any protests about the taser related deaths of Black people (at least 2) in Dekalb County.

It should be depressing to all to see that a White man who has no attachment to the government has more power to trigger a rally than a local government's actions are able to do so.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oct 2nd: March On Washington: NOT IN MY NAME!!!!

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For the second time in the past few months those who wear "black face" will congregate in Washington DC to assemble in a march in which they PURPORT to be marching for the benefit of the Black community.

I have said previously that if everyone studies this operatives from the perspective of them being "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" we can get a clearer understanding of their actions and their motives.

It comes as no surprise that during the balance of their activism movement their marches were AGAINST those who held the SEAT OF POWER. In essence a march is a demonstration of unity to show the stronger adversary that as a united force those who are marching are equally as powerful.

BUT WAIT!!! This rally for "Jobs and Justice" is NOT a rally AGAINST those who are in power........they helped PUT THEM INTO POWER!!! Instead they are actually marching - what did they say??? "clear some space" so that those who are now in power can provide relief to the grieving masses.

Now of course - we are not supposed to look and note that this same machine has all the "space" that they needed to show what they could do in:

  • Detroit
  • Milwaukee
  • Chicago
  • Buffalo
  • Cleveland
  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore
  • New York City
  • Atlanta
Despite having all of the space that they could ever need to prove that they could:
  • Provide QUALITY EDUCATION -as they now control the schools
  • Render JUSTICE - as they put a favorable mayor in office who appointed the police chief who controls all of the officers
  • Put forth a balanced set of policies that could create LOCAL ECONOMIC PROSPERITY and JOBS
After being provided with this "clearing" - and with the fact that they have no internal checks and balances to make note of the efficacy of their mission few will notice that THEY NOW CONTROL the seats of power that they used to protest against.

Thus they are on a CHASE or a STRUGGLE rather than a quest to actually address what they are in pursuit of per their dictates.

Ben Jealous says "THEY fear diversity" and "WE embrace more opportunity for all".
WHERE can this be found in any of the places that they now have dominate control over?

I was brought to the point of screaming at the television when I came to realization that they see the GOVERNMENT as the primary jobs creator for the future.   

Did either of them see that even CUBA is downsizing their work force?

It cannot get any clearer to see that these are "Economic Central Government Nationalists".  Once they wrest control of the economy from market forces and render it to CENTRALIZED CONTROL BY THE POPULAR VOTE - the grand hijacking will be completed.

The only problem is that they can't bear to see that this very same plan, when executed at the local level, as they drove home the need to control the political machinery has NOT produced the benefit there for anyone to be comforted that it will produce a different result when or if it is scaled.

Their adversaries still can run away and not be subject to their controls or pick pocketing - thus thwarting their agenda.

Street Pirates Prove They Have No Respect For MLK; A 93 Year Old Man Or The Sanctity Of Human Body - That They Murdered And Left On The Side Of The Road

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Street Pirates (Black and White) are NOT Victims of "Jim Crow"
They deserve to have their asses locked up for THEY are the attackers and terrorizers of the community today!!
It was not their "race" that put them there but their uncivilized actions in the context of a civilized society.
A car leaves "road kill".
A street pirate leaves "a street pirate slashing victim's body discarded for the police to figure out who that person is and who murdered him".

These hard working people in Southwest Atlanta won't call "Street Pirates" when they see the police in the back yard of their houses.  Instead they breath a sigh of relief knowing that protection is nearby.

WHY do the active elements of "left-wing injustice" so far askew as to what is really going on IN BALANCE within the Black community?

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Progressives & Anarchists Deride Recent FBI Raids - Don't Link Them To "Obama/Holder's Oppressive Use Of Government"

I pointed out several years ago the pattern that I noticed with Jesse Jackson.   When he was talking about Reagan/H.W. Bush's international policies Jackson would explicitly say "The Reagan Administration" or 'The Bush Administration".  However when he was talking about an offense that occurred under the Clinton Administration's time in office - Jackson would say "The US Government.........".      I believe that the talking points enforced when conversing with fellow ideological travelers spills over into one's common pronouncements.  The only problem is that the general public is likely to have far more people scrutinizing the content than does the flock.

Notice that the two stories above denounce the resent FBI raids on left-wing activists groups that apparently are being monitored by the Eric Holder Justice Department.   If you read both of these stories, however - you never hear the words "President Barack Obama" or 'Eric Holder" contained within.  

I would be more impressed if both groups said "Rogue Agents, left over from the Bush Administration and its unjust 'War on Terror' are intent on exerting this suppression of our constitutional rights".    They didn't mention Bush because they know that Holder and Obama have administrative control over everything that the FBI (and CIA and US Military and DEA) does today.

The evidence of a fully compromised individual is at hand when they experience the SAME violations as was the case when their ideological adversary was in place, however, in as much as THIS TIME they wish not to inflict damage upon their "permanent friends" they raise their threshold of tolerance of his actions far, far beyond what they were previously to the point of incredulity.   In the back of their minds they believe that if they stay consistent and speak out as doggedly against their "permanent friends", their actions might cause them to be pushed out of power, thus returning their permanent adversaries back into power.  

They should make note of the UNITY that was shown when their permanent adversaries had triggered them into protests.   If this change in power ever happens again - they will take over the town square - away from the present Tea Party protesters.   AND they won't be called "Racists" because there will be a sufficient number of "Progressive or Anarchists who are Black" to take the diversity issue off of the table. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maps Plot Racial Concentrations In Several Key American Cities

UK Mail Online: Maps Plot Racial Breakdowns Of American Cities
(Hat tip Redding News Review web site - for the link to the article)

I am most concerned that these concentrations can also be used as a predictor of:
  • School Quality
  • Crime Rates 

Whereas come people will take offense as they assume that these differences prove RACISM - I am of the opinion that the primary differences are found in "human resource management" and the related effectiveness of the tools used in the process of delivering directed outcomes.

Those who accept "constructive feedback" as to what the data on their community shows and then alter their management strategy accordingly are the ones with the best results.

Congressional Black Caucus Lends Hand To White Democrat To Defeat A Black Republican

CBC to help Rep. Ron Klein fend off black Republican Allen West

I actually applaud the operatives from the Congressional Black Caucus for "coming out of the closet" and doing what was already clear to everyone who is honest.

The best way to understand the Congressional Black Caucus is to see them in the context of the popular assumptions that are held by "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black". They believe that:

In supporting their (White) Democratic brother in the struggle for progressivism over the Black conservative Republican - the Congressional Black Caucus can use this instance to showcase several valuable points:

  1. They can claim that they are not a "racialist" organization.   When it came to the interests of the Black community - they chose a White man who is a progressive and thus has the "best interests of the Black community in mind" over a Black man who "sits with the conservative enemy" - upending all progressive legislation that has the INTENTION of helping Black people.
  2. They can show that as an organization they "support those who support Obama" - a Black leader.  In as much as Lt Col West has been very vocal in his criticism of President Obama's policies and their impact upon the nation - the active snub by the CBC shows that there are costs to attacking a Black leader that is POPULAR WITH BLACK VOTERS.  Do so at your own risk.

The main problem that I have with this adopted strategy for Black community progression, beyond the fact that I did not receive an opportunity to vote upon it prior to its adoption, is the fact that it never yields itself for inspection of its efficacy.

While indeed progressivism is the most popular ideological and political dogma within the Black community and Democrats reign supreme over ever single one of our institutional seats - the fact is that this configuration has not sufficiently mitigated the grievances that are all about our community.   In fact - the continued presence of these grievances gives rise to even more entrenchment into the "struggle milieu".  The progressives and the Democrats merely insert themselves as the channel through which we act upon our grievances.

I struggle to understand why Lt Col West is seen as a "threat to the Black community" yet few people in Chicago look at Mayor Dailey as such, following up on this belief by making sure that his party never has the absolute control over Chicagoland as it presently does.  Sorry folks - you won't hear the words "We cannot allow the policies that got us into the present ditch to resume their place in power".

 I am pleasantly pleased by the actions of the CBC because they prove my observations to be accurate.  DIVERSITY is a tool that is used to impress upon one's adversary the imperative that they expand their scope of consideration of qualified candidates.  That by expanding this viewpoint the resulting environment will be enriched and more of a model that is in line with the greater world.  I notice, however that when the diversity ADVOCATE himself has to accept a bit of diversity in his own ranks - he often acts just like the BIGOT that he has long sought out for change.

When it came to the question of that "45 Black person in the US Congress" OR retaining a maximized amount of progressives and Democrats - the Congressional Black Caucus showed its true colors.

I am glad they did so.

Dear New Birth Community: Your "Institutional Integrity" Is Hanging In The Balance

I listened to portions of the words said by Bishop Eddie Long to his congregation at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church today. In response to the litany of charges raised against him - he adamantly denied all of these claims and said that these others were lying.

When he first spouted his innocence and said that he would fight the charges - I heard a thunderous applause from the congregation in support of Bishop Long.

Let me clarify my point for a second.
Over the past 10 years as all of these "Mega Church" leaders (Long, Dollar, Jakes) have been attacked by one force or another - I have strongly defended them.

The positions that they hold coupled with the medium of television, Internet and printed books have allowed them to expand the reach of their positive message far beyond the walls of their church.

About 3 years ago as I snuck away from the office to go to the "Mega Fest" at the Georgia Dome I had another 'Million Man March"-type experience as a large pack of Black males took over the MARTA "Five Points Train Station" and let out a unified chant bout responsibility. (I don't recall the exact works of the hymn they sang). Compare that to the high likelihood of seeing an EMBARRASSING spectical on a normal day of riding the train.

I am the first to admit that this spontaneous chant was merely an emotional draw - at the same time I have to conclude that I would prefer to see a train station full of Black men doing so in the context of their religions faith than in submission to an entertainment or political figure.

The Need For Governance To Fill The Void

The difference between "wasted emotionalism" and the spark that allows someone to span that last inch of doubt is the management of the credibility and integrity of an institution.  As I said before there is no MAGIC in this world.  Upon "trying harder" at doing the very same thing it is likely that you will be frustrated and tired as a result.

I am of the opinion that the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church fielded a "miss" today.

The subject of scrutiny about unthinkable actions was allowed to take to his microphone in his bully pulpit and proclaim his own innocence.

WHERE is the "New Birth ORGANIZATION", which must be independent of one man, in all of this?

I instead see the very same "us against them" - team sport - that is present in Black political activism - being present in this space.

With 4 young Black males making public pronouncements that the man who was entrusted by New Birth as their mentor has VIOLATED this trust and the power afforded to him by the church - it is the CHURCH ENTITY that needs to be a bit more TRANSPARENT in its actions.

After listening to the words said by Bishop I got the feeling that New Birth loves its pastor more than it loves its INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY. 
There is no harm in making a decision to ask their pastor to step down from his public facing duties while this matter is being adjudicated.  A pastor enjoys a position that requires supreme trust.  This is a position that deals with the highly emotional charged issue around people's salvation and its connectedness to the real world challenges that they struggle with.

Instead the New Birth community seems to choosing the claims of its founder above the indictments that 4 independent Black males have put forth.  I am not calling for them to do a "perp walk" with Bishop Long being lead out of the church.  Something more than what I saw today is appropriate though. 

How many mothers upon hearing the molestation charges against their male significant other have chosen to believe that their children are "lying" or "not in their right minds" BECAUSE she seeks to not believe that her male significant other is capable of doing what he is alleged to do?

The New Birth INSTITUTION needs to take these allegations seriously and NOT GET INTO A DEFENSIVE POSTURE.

They risk permanently fracturing the largest church in the state of Georgia if they fail to act appropriately.

A Tale Of Two Different Forms Of Piracy - Technological vs Commodity Items

On Friday I was treated to the news that several academics had been arrested for bilking Georgia Tech University out of up to $2M in equipment and patent proceeds. These charges broke earlier this summer. Today the criminal prosecution process was initiated after the investigation was concluded.

The framework of the story is that greed motivated several members of the GA Tech academic research staff to set up a series of shell corporations overseas so that they could submit fake invoices and also could avoid assigning patents to the institution as Tech would also be entitled to the proceeds from licensing. The centerpiece of all of this was a new high speed computer processor that was developed by the players involved.

Upon viewing this I was disappointed that these men would exploit the recent investments in public/private partnerships that was set up in the GA Tech business incubation center. This is housed in a set of buildings that were constructed about 3 years ago.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Immediately following the GA Tech story was a very different "technology" story. The news reported that a major telephone outage had occurred in a suburban area. A few years ago such an outage would be limited to voice telephone service. Per our high tech advancements - the severed lines also brought down Internet access to a large swath of businesses. They were not able to process credit cards nor transmit faxes. At this point in the story I became mindful of our dependence upon technology.

It is when the reported detailed the source of the outage that I realized that we have an "S.S.D.D." event. It seems that COPPER THIEVES saw an opportunity to score big by ripping some copper lines out of the ground. In the process of cutting the large trunk cables they also sliced a fiber optic cable.

If there is ever a market for recycled glass from fiber optic cables - I believe that the Street Pirates might be able to bring down the entire Internet in this county.

Between the two stories look at the "value add" and the "high order" involved in both of these crimes. One used a powerful computer processor as the vector for the crime. The other used the desire to gain access to a commodity product - copper. It didn't matter that the copper was in a finished form, DEPLOYED as an element in a complex system upon which many thousands of people depended upon to maintain their standard of living. In as much as these copper thieves did not care about this big picture - they ripped this commodity out of the ground.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Then the street pirates destroy air conditioning units at Black churches within the community they similarly don't care that the metal is used in a complex system for the comfort of the worshipers within the building. They see a box with metal inside and they steal it.

Street Pirates Don't Give A Damn.

Street Pirates Need Constiutional Regulations Placed Upon Them

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Dear Michelle Alexander:

Please watch the video from above. It is a segment from the History Channel show "Gangland" in which they reviewed the antics of the "Traveling Vice Lords" of Memphis TN.

I want you to pay particular focus upon the ORGANIC brutality and "civil rights violations" that this street pirate gang enacts upon others. Though I realize that you will attempt to make this behavior as a FUNCTION of the oppression and disenfranchisement that they have suffered as Black males - this does not sufficiently explain nor justify the organic acts of violence that they project for the sake of power and control. I am made to see that their violence is no different than the violence that is seen during a post-colonial period in the Congo or Uganda.

In all of these cases I am of the opinion that the more powerful force than the indictment of "YOU did this to us!!" is the dispassionate realization that if a CORRECTIVE force is not made to sublimate this violent behavior that more Black people will be murdered and terrorized in the process.

Mrs Alexander - take a look at all of the telltale evidence that is exhibited by an "abusive enforcement" entity. If they were the police you would be protesting them:

  1. Enforcement of the gangs rules by violence or the threat of
  2. Disrespect of the leaders of the group is met with violence
  3. Promotion within the group comes to those who show the propensity to project violence at the bequest of the leadership
You see Mrs Alexander - upon reading this list - those who are on the left will begin to see a pattern that closely matches that of the American government.  The police and the military and then your logical recourse will be "how are THESE Black males subjected to attack and imprisonment when they are merely doing what the government of the United States does and have taught them to do?"

You see Mrs Alexander when I make note of the pattern I have a different viewpoint - I make note that the noted corruption of the police and regulatory forces of New York, Chicago and elsewhere was done from decades of activism, demanding that they use their force for the public good in the execution of their sworn duties.

Unfortunately Mrs Alexander - these young Black males in these street pirate gangs are not serving in any "official" capacity as such.  They who were, at least on paper, slated to become the pillars and the protection of our community have instead become the main assailants who terrorize our communities.  It seems that we have been so conditioned toward accepting the "American system" that was formed around us that we are now failing to step outside of the box, ensnaring these males to see the vision of them as protectors of the community while their behavior is corrected toward a more productive course.

Indeed it is a more fruitful and ideologically gratifying struggle to go against the "system" that made them this way than it is for you in the left-wing social justice community to work directly with them prior to them exiting their "larval form" and allowing them to morph into a street pirate.  With a proper organization inside of the community they could morph into conscious butterflies, their broad wings used to protect the community.

In summary, Mrs Alexander, your theories on behalf of these Street Pirates endures only to the extent that you are able to debate their fate from an academic perspective.   IF you lived in a community that was oppressed by those who DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK - last nights gun fire on your block that caused you and your children to jump out of bed and dive to the floor for your protection would cause you to consider more of the organic actions of these people.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bishop Long Your (Alleged) Actions Has Caused Me Much Grief Amongst My Friends

With this being the end of the week I got a call from a few of my close male friends and we inevitably talked about the Eddie Long situation.

My standard line with them upon initially talking with them has been "Listen man. We have been friends for a long time.  If you are a 'Down Low Brother' like Bishop Long - tell me now and I won't hold it against you".  :-/

The disposition of my friends is so predictable.  I knew how the conversation was going to go in advance.

Friend #1: Hardcore Progressive Democrat, Corporate-type, Church Member
We did the "Why boys(?) when there are so many fine women in that church if you are going to do some dirt" line.
I interjected that this was an organizational failure.  This is like a sole proprietorship that has grown into a major corporation and the corporate board fails at its duties to protect the entity against its founder's actions.  They showed too much deference when they should have considered the fallout to their entire entity if this ONE MAN were to show that he is a man rather than a profit without sin.  The church should have placed an institutional framework around the pastor - never allowing him unfettered access to ANY individual in which any question of such sexual impropriety could take place.  If these allegations are true - the church failed to keep such an integral party of its organization "away from himself" and his proclivities.

He agreed with my assessment.

Friend #2: Anti-Republican/Conservative - Democrat
(I wish I was making this one up)

George W Bush came to Coretta Scott King's funeral that was held at the New Birth Church sanctuary.   Bush looked around and saw all that BLACK PEOPLE had built up and was in disbelief that we were capable of such a feat.   He then realized that all of this is TAX FREE because it is a church.  

Bush realized that he must bring this Black man down because he is too powerful.

As he was talking I was thinking to myself - THIS is a Black man who is educated and has a master's degree talking right now.

I asked him: "So are you saying that the FBI planted these young Black males in Long's presence so he could be snared?  Why didn't Obama and Holder stop the operation if this is so?"

His answer - "You know what I'm talking about.  They have been trying to take out Black men with too much power for a long time. You keep fooling yourself".

I asked him: "So how do you figure THEY are going to take out Obama - the most powerful man in the country and the world?"

His answer - "Obama and his family are descent people.  He is intelligent enough not to get trapped up in anything like that.  He would never be able to survive what Bill Clinton got away with.  They are not going to let any Black man off of the hook like that".

(I should have saw the caller-id and let it go to voice mail)

Friend #3:  Self-Admitted Communist/ Anti-Jewish / Anti- Christian

"I told you about that comic book called the bible.   Here you are praying to Jesus and that man (Long) is going to receive $10 from everybody this Sunday who is going to go and hear him lie about what he did.

Tell me where there has ever been peace where there is Christianity?   That White man gave you that religion as a means of controlling you.

All the while that Jew is sitting back orchestrating all of this and ya'll Negroes swear you got control of yourselves.  Don't nothing happen to you all without some Jew somewhere making it happen."

Me - trying to get the conversation back on track to the points relevant to Bishop Long - "This was a problem with the church governance.  They should never have allowed him to be alone with anyone on official church business.  They should have assigned a set of policies to make sure this never happened".

My friend:  "You didn't hear a word I said"

Me:  "YES I DID!!  What did you say that has relevance to the situation at hand?"

My friend:  "That man got Black people to give them all of that money to build up that mega church and he was preaching from a book that does not connect to our spiritually as Black people.  This ain't our natural religion man.  It was stolen from us.   That devil had us enslaved and he stole our culture away"

(At that time I was thinking about my wife's recent trip to Africa and how she said that she would never go back to Nigeria.   An armed checkpoint guard pointed a gun toward her car and it was aimed right at her head - rattling her.   I could not bear to get into it with my friend.  His vision of the "mystical magical Africa does not exist and NEVER DID".  )

I have come to the conclusion that their is no MAGIC in this world.
There is a Christian religion that has a set of rules by which to live by.
These rules and this philosophy has endured for more than 2000 years, this DESPITE the devilment of MAN, who imparted the name upon himself but choose to do all sorts of things that were contrary to these standards.

A religion or other set of rules also require ENFORCEMENT.  A group of conscious people who know that a society that does not have such rules will collapse.  That an institution that fails to uphold its standards with integrity will have those who were predisposed to "hate upon them" will be provided with the ammo to prove their suspicions right.

PERFECTION on this Earth is not possible.
It must be MANAGED toward.
No one man can ever be allowed to be more important than the integrity of the whole.

Sadly too many people get their narrow agenda item out of the inspection of the entity in question.

I Listened To Rev Al Sharpton Set Up And Then Slaughter A "Black Obama Critic Today" - He Didn't See It Coming

I am not sure that my heart and brain can stand listening to my third day in a row listening to the content on Atlanta's in order to listen in on the latest community sentiment on Bishop Eddie Long.

As I got into my car this afternoon I caught the last hour of the "Al Sharpton Show".  They were talking about President Obama's approval ratings.

I am convinced that someone had done a genetic fusion between Black people and the Democratic Party.  We should no longer pretend that we are listening to "Black people" when we hear Sharpton and others talk.  We are ONLY listening to "Progressives who are Democrats".   There entire (purported) "Black community development agenda is 100% based upon:

  • Getting Progressive Democrats elected into power beyond the local institutions that they already control
  • Leverage this new political power to make Black people "IN RECEIPT OF Social Justice Entitlement".
To be clear this is NOT a "Community Development" agenda.  There is not one point of COMPETENCY that is developed in the Black community that provides us with access to this higher standard of living.  There is ONLY nationalization of more elements of our standard of living.  The government is made more powerful and integral in our lives.

Please make note of how the COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT challenge is the primary means of thwarting the "Democrat who is Black".  They care more about us eating the fish.

Sharpton Side-Kick: Obama's Approval Rating Rose 1% Up To 43% - He Is Not Falling

I literally "cry inside of my soul" when I listen to some of you all and realize how much some of you all have vacated your consciousness.   In listening to the (who I assume was) political analyst that was a guest on the Al Sharpton Show today - it drew tears such tears.

You see I knew full well that if the very same set of circumstances WITHIN the Black community but an unfavorable president both Sharpton and his operative side kick would be running the 100% opposite game.  This was not a "Black community" segment of the show.  This was ONLY "Black Ideological Unity Enforcement".

The man went on to say that we should not look at Obama at 43% alone.  We need to consider that the US Congress as a whole and both political parties are tracking LOWER THAN OBAMA.  Thus Obama's ratings should be put into CONTEXT.  

Here is what kills me about the "Democrat who is Black".  They talk about "context" when they want forebearance in favor to a "favorable person".  Yet they have no intention of talking about the CONTEXT of the Black community where - EVERY SINGLE INSTITUTIONAL SEAT is ALSO controlled by Democrats. 

Remember how, after this movement took over all of the local seats of power and yet told you all that they don't have NATIONAL power yet to be held accountable for the local results?   Well today they have this national control and yet they are still depending upon your gullibility to focus upon your conservative enemy so that you won't notice that your interests are still unfulfilled.  

You are being strung along and YOU are a complicit player.

After that a lady called in and said:
  1. I have never seen a President who has been so attacked in everything that he does.
  2. Obama has done so much.  He has done everything that he promised on the campaign
    1. He gave us Health Care
    2. He moved the troops out of Iraq (or at least started to - she corrected herself)
    3. He addressed education
(The most disturbing thing about some of you is that you have an INSURMOUNTABLE threshold for your enemies to receive your approval but your friends have it so easy. Your PERMANENT INTERESTS be damned.  Despite the fact that EVERY large SCHOOL SYSTEM with a majority Black population did not meet Adequate Yearly Progress standards last year - this woman is fully satisfied with the federal educational policies.)

"There are some people who will never be satisfied with the man.  The "Tea Parties" cam out and supported Bush, no matter what he did................................THIS IS WHY BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER AND SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA"!!!!
(Again - please notice that WHITE FOLKS in Alabama and Mississippi are called RACISTS when they plot to do the same thing in support of a Republican.  Why is it that the same Snarling Fox Liberals are so pleased with Black folks supporting a Democrat that they fail to make the parallel?)

Then the side kick stepped in:
"Regardless of what the Republicans say about Blacks voting for Democrats - DEMOCRATS ADVANCE THE INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE.  The Republicans VOTE AGAINST our interests".

Please keep COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT on your bookmark for the second time in this entry.

Al Sharpton Positions A Black Critic Of Obama Into The Perfect Position Before Slaying Him

I have always said - Al Sharpton is the best pugilistic that the civil rights industry has going.  I have to give the man a hand in how he tore apart the Black guy who called in with criticism of Obama.  After each sentence in which the guy set up his argument I was yelling "No, No, No.  You have no clue".  He opened himself up with empty statements about what "Black people SHOULD HAVE DONE in the 2008 election" and then Shartpon took it all in and slashed him.

The guy said:

"Barack Obama's present approval rating is directly correlated to how Americans PERCEIVE his leadership skills.   He is seen as indecisive and too willing to compromise.  He doesn't make it perfectly clear that he is a Christian.  He defends Middle Eastern Muslims but shies away from the American Muslims in the Nation Of Islam.  He reduced funding for college grants even as compared to Bush.  This is why he is losing support among White people and Blacks.

A commercial break came and in closing Shartpon asked "Do you know of any poll that Obama has lost support among BLACK PEOPLE?"

I cried inside upon hearing this. 
THIS, Rev Sharpton IS THE PROBLEM!!!!
No unemployment rate, Drone attack increase, 
  • Black people don't know anything about politics - Empty rhetoric
  • Black people invested so much in the idea of having a 'Black President' that we did not do enough to remain realistic about what was possible.
Sir - you didn't see it coming.  Al Sharpton was cocking back to hit you - after each point in which you did not have your arguments firmly based on the proper construct.  (More on this later).

Al Sharpton took the microphone.
He asked the guy if "Black people had any doubts that Obama was a better choice than was McCain?".

The guy took the bait and began arguing in "retrospect" regarding what we have learned now about Obama's policies and their effects.  He was made to TALK UP McCain.

People when I make note of the #1 tactic for the progressive that is called "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" THIS is what I am talking about.   This guy was made to detail "what Blacks should have done" using McCain and the Republican party as the means of "placing our eggs in more than one basket".  In making this statement - Sharpton merely forced him to PROVE IT! 

The debate was gone by then.  The guy started hemming and hawing.

You Never Walk Down The Path That A "Progressive Who Is A Democrat Who Is Black" Sets Up For You

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyle And Relationship Outcomes

IF THIS is our list of "Permanent Interests" then the question that would PUT AL SHARTON and other "Democrats who are Black" on trial is to force THEM to go down the list and MAKE THEM PROVE - after decades of Black people "ingesting the blue pill" which is supposed to cure us - that any of these points have materially advanced.

Why would anyone who purports to be advancing our permanent interests per their political strategy that is linked to the Democrats seek to avoid such an inspection?  Beyond the obvious fact that the Black community's political establishment HAS NO TRANSPARENCY which enforces the alignment with this list - they also realize that this is NOT their agenda.

They are FIGHTING CONSERVATIVES.  Period.  This is an IDEOLOGICAL battle - akin to the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".  The Black community is to receive its "help" once the Progressives win.   As Progressive-Fundamentalists they have no damned intention of initiating a self inspection for the sake of transparency for the rank & file.  They know that you are COMPLICIT.  You hate your ideological enemies more than you hate your failing schools.  They merely have to play off of your resentment and grievances that you direct toward outside forces.  

Until you learn that "Anti-Conservative/Republican/White IS NOT Pro-Black Community" you are going to continue to be used.

Worst of all the most damning situation that you could ever be in is BEING LEFT ALL ALONE - your ideology being the main source of the standard of living that your people will live within.

In as much as progressivism is in-organic - your goal is to struggle so that an overlay of -social justice entitlement forms the source of the key elements of your standard of living per your membership in this country.

If I Were Debating Al Sharpton

I would never make the mistake of allowing the conversation to remain in the "American Political Domain".  The only counterpoint to Sharpton is to:
  • Make up fairtales about what distribution of our votes into the Republican Party would do
  • Try to condemn Democrats and Republicans equally (which Sharpton would not buy)
  • Create some fantastical third political party as a means of having our votes respected.  (Again - they will argue that this will mean Republicans taking over because the Black vote is withdrawn from the Democratic Party.  Sorry - don't waste your breath)
The only legitimate way to counter a "Democratic Who Is Black" is to 
  2. Make note of the steady growth of control that his favored machine has grasped and yet our interests remain unmet
  3. Lay out the case that the truth is that HE has sold out from his own interests and is instead more interested in his ideology and party - Despite them standing strong within the Black community - we are still disproportionately "The Least Of These"
  4. Show him that his policies do not BUILD UP COMPETENCIES within our communities.  Instead they make us "in service of" 
    1. For example in obtaining the benefit of Obamacare there was not a need for one single additional Black physician to have matriculated from the public schools that we had taken over decades ago in that such a take over would improve our academic position.  
    2. This "permanent struggle" merely allows the progressive to keep his carrot dangled in front of you.  You get amnesia about the promises from the past "election struggle" as you have been trained like Pavlov's dog to fight against the Republican.
    3. Failing to tie in the institutions that you now control with the ORGANIC provisioning of the services for your community and the FINANCING THEREIN provides no evidence of a "progressing people".  It is ONLY "progressing GOVERNMENT".  The one thing that you should fear is EVER being distanced from this umbilical chord.  A community abortion will have taken place as you are detached from your main nutrient source.  
The tables must be turned on the "Onchocerciasis larvae" that swims in our bloodstream and has unchecked access to our sentiments.  He is allowed to frame the arguments in a self-serving manner.  That "SELF", however is not our community - it is his ideology and party.

If you are WAITING for this group of embedded operatives to create a transparent infrastructure for all Black "community development activities" (of which political action is a subset) which they must be regulated against then you should also wait for Wall Street bankers to agree to self-regulation.  The very same SELF-SERVING conspiracy is present in both cases.

If our goal is not COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT - where our people are made to be the professional service agents of our needs - then please tell me a greater priority for a community of people?

Why The Labor Left Does Not Like Fox News: Union Auto Workers Busted In Detroit Boozing On Their Lunch Hour

Fox Detroit: Chrysler Auto Workers Busted

This video is getting play locally in Detroit and nationally on Fox Business Channel.   A local Fox affiliate broke the story after receiving a tip and conducting surveillance.

In a world of check and balance between capital and labor - this type of expose' is a necessary thing.  When one side is compromised and there is a protection racket from a biased media who looks the other way - fraud is the only possible result.  Yes it is true that Fox needs to be as dogged in pursuing corporate graft.  It is abundantly true that the left biased press needs to police their own as well.

If this video makes it to "Democracy Now" they will respin this, saying "Fox is worried about harassing struggling auto workers while allowing corporate fat cats to destroy our economy".   You watch.

Reformist Black Mayors Face Attacks From "Domestic Economic Hit Men"

Washington Post: Other black mayors grapple with forces that led to Fenty's downfall

As I we reading the post above from the Washington Post in which they detailed the events surrounding the downfall of one term mayor of Washington DC and Democrat Adrian Fenty I stepped back from the "transaction" of this scenario and looked for the pattern within which this should be placed.

Here we have a Black, Democratic mayor of a city with a large population of economically under-deployed Blacks who are the "rank &; file" and an overlay of "progressive who are Black" activists that seek to retain the appearance of "control" over the political institutions. The activists claim these "rank & file" Blacks as their protectorate. The "rank & file" see this overlay as their "voice" for they are "voiceless". (note: I chose not to use the word "disenfranchised" because it is not an accurate term here. "under-deployed" is a more accurate term)

Since I am far more familiar with the political machinations of Atlanta and Philadelphia than I am of Washington DC and Baltimore in reading this article the face of Atlanta's "Domestic Economic Hit Men" came to mind. These are the progressive activists who in the name of protecting the interests of "the least of these Blacks" in Atlanta ran Grady Hospital - the hospital of last resort in Metro-Atlanta as a political patronage machine. When the hospital was near economic collapse about 4 years ago they made an indictment against the state for the "racism" which had them sitting by and not offering money as "poor Black people risked losing their access to health care" if the hospital was to close.

When a hospital rescue plan was develop in which the entity would be turned into a "corporate non-profit hospital" they doggedly stood opposed to this plan. It took away the politically appointed board and proposed to replace them with a diverse group of individuals, particularly those who could raise funds from corporate donors.

The flow of corporate dollars into Grady had frozen up because to do so was to "put good money in after bad". After two years of new management - the fund raising exceeded the goals. The hospital's future was no longer in doubt.

As "permanent activists", however, the "Domestic Economic Hitmen" were intent on finding something to attack.

  • The new CEO of the hospital received a $200,000 bonus in pay in support of his having exceeded the fundraising targets.  With this taking his compensation to over $600,000 per year the activists noted how much indigent care could have been paid for with this sum of money.  They argued that this new scheme was merely an attempt to use the hospital as a sieve to channel money directed toward the hospital into the hands of the high-paid, corporate-loyal hospital administrators.  They mentioned nothing about the new financial health of the facility, night and day from when they had control
  • When Grady's new board decided that they wanted to get out of the kidney dialysis business and thus would close several clinics around the metro-area, allowing the array of private clinics that are paid by Medicaid to provide these services - again the "Domestic Economic Hitmen" were powered back into action. 
In summary the "Domestic Economic Hitmen" are a group of "poverty ideologues" who's attention is directed at the last remaining vestiges of economic activity in their domain of control and seek to put their imprint upon the entity with the goal of "controlling the money" and "eliminating the exploitation" of the least of these.

The "Domestic Economic Hitmen And The 'Rust Belt' "

Every time I present the facts that I have imparted from my research which says "the Rust Belt was created by forces more than 'greedy corporations who moved overseas'",   the forces of organized labor and the political machines in these places ALSO played the part in the ultimate demise - I get attacked for not following the popular line of thinking.   Just like the tale of "The Southern Strategy" and "Reagan went to Philadelphia Mississippi to send a message to Black people" - if you stray off the beaten path because the facts don't support this tales OR there were far more powerful forces that make these functionally irrelevant to our present conditions - you should expect to be attacked as a consequence of not going with the flow.

In the case of  modern day Washington DC - it is experiencing an economic revitalization.  Its once dilapidated communities are being recapitalized.   The problem is that there are two "foreign groups" that are apparently making the most headway - White Americans and Ethiopian immigrants.

The ill-fated Mayor Fenty, it seems, did not 'defend' the interests of the Black "least of these" community within the District.  Instead of assuming a stance of "racial protectionism" in defense from market forces he made the mistake of taking a "post-racial" line which says "my job is to revitalize the city not pander to provincial racial interests within.

Fenty ultimately made the mistake of buying into the notion that in grading a "level playing field" and then allowing market forces take place on the newly smoothed surface that old claims of unevenness and advantage would be sublimated.  Boy was he wrong.

Please note the two points of irony.  The "Progressive who is Black" often uses the term "Post-racial" as an indictment against White America.  In as much as THEY told us that racism is over per their willingness to vote for a Black president - those who make such an indictment pointed to various racial incidents (and/or promoted all criticism of the president as being motivated by racial hatred) as proof that Blacks were correct to be skeptical.   These same people did not factor in the organic Black racialism that still remained.  It is assumed to be INFERIOR to the racialism coming from Whites - you see.

In addition the meme of the "level playing field" was shown to be merely a tool to bash one's adversary over the head.  Similar to the call for "diversity" - both are used as calls to this adversary who holds the power position to "strive toward a higher order of human connectedness" and "realize the world that we share together".   When this "domestic economic hitman force" is asked to be the diversify-ee they expresses their EQUAL HUMANITY and show resistance and intolerant just like those who stood against them in the past.

The critical difference is that the "Domestic Economic Hitman" has the grand indictment of "Slavery and Jim Crow Oppression" as his cover.  He argues that since his interests have been so up-ended as documented by  history - this modern day attempt to protect what little he has from being over run by other "tribes" is merely an attempt to prevent those who have ADVANTAGE from "When Affirmative Action Was White" from carrying this advantage though to another interval of time.

Of course - the fact that they treat their brothers in the African Diaspora - the Ethiopian immigrants - as a threat as well - would seem to deflate this claim.  The "Domestic Economic Hitman" has no more need to be intellectually pure than does the White conservative that he battles against.  Both are equally inclined to cherry pick history to support their narrative.

When it comes to the Rust Belt region of the United States (Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, etc) he is unable to accept that his constant work as a "counter-balance" to the corporatists, while having short term benefit in salary and working conditions for the "sellers of labor" against the "exploitation" put forth by the corporate "consumers of labor" - his lack of a sense of balance ultimately pushed these "consumers of labor" to seek out a far less hostile place to base their production works.

With the departure of his long time adversary the "Domestic Economic Hitman" had to find some other center of economic activity in his domain of control to "struggle" against.

With so many of the corporate powers having departed - he because to turn his sights toward the GOVERNMENT.   The notion of "social justice entitlements" owed to every member of America - per the "national contract" that we had as our bond triggered the "Domestic Economic Hitman" to focus more doggedly upon taking over the upper rungs of government.  With control over local governments in hand, he set forth to take over county governments, then states, then more thorough control over the Federal government.  

You see - while this corporate capital was able to "vacate" from his local domain of control , going away toward a district that his taxes and regulation were not in force - by taking NATIONAL control - there would be no where for these corporatists to run to.   Running off to a "right to work state" in the South would be nullified because the federal government has control over all interstate commerce.   Packing up his domestic US operations and moving them to China, India or Guatemala would be neutralized as the federal government also controls all trade treaties.

When Democratic Corporatists like President Clinton began to support "free trade agreements" and "fast track approvals" the "Domestic Economic Hitmen" were up in arms.  They saw that "NAFTA" and "GAAT" and trade agreements with Columbia as a threat to their desire to have monopoly control over the US labor monopoly and the import rules.

The "Domestic Economic Hitman" is unaware of the fact that he is merely a monopolist who seeks to use the very same tactics that are used by "corporate monopolists" - CONTROL the inputs to a process and create scarcity and the prices that are extracted from a process can be kept artificially high.

The corporatist uses an abundance of labor to keep his salary payouts low.
The labor monopolist uses controlled access of labor to starve the demand for labor and thus attract a higher payout.  Failing this he uses legislation to dictate a salary floor for labor (minimum wage/ living wage).

The Domestic Economic Hitman Fires Upon Anything That Moves Within His Domain

With his adversaries having reacted to the attacks by the "Domestic Economic Hitmen" against anything that is economically alive in his domain of control  - MOVING their operations after the plant has reached the "end of life" - the "Domestic Economic Hitman" sought to control other institutions within, having lost a significant portion of the private sector.

He shifted toward building up an overlay of federal subsidies and programs that would flow into his community.  In the past one's labor activity drove the resources the family would receive in support of their standard of living.  If you didn't work there was no safety net to catch you.    In the new world of activism - the nation of people was to show that they equally valued all people by using the federal government to build up a safety net in which everyone was guaranteed never to fall below a minimum standard.

The biannual political motion of the activist was successfully switched toward electioneering.  By getting more favorable people into Congress who would fortify these federal programs  as a guaranteed entitlement due to one's American citizenship - and then TAXING the wealthy - the location of the corporate production (having vacated to "right to work states" became irrelevant.

It is critical to understand - since this ideology made WORK LESS RELEVANT THAN ENTITLEMENT - it mattered not that the plant that was once in Detroit Michigan is now in Tennessee, free from labor union strong arming.  As long as the federal taxation overlay extracted the economic productivity from this union-free center of production and applied it where necessary based on the assured entitlement - the functional effects of the "Domestic Economic Hitmen" were accomplished.

The Impact Of Abstracting Work & Competency Development From One's Standard Of Living

In the economic "yin and yang" of life one move begets a response in kind.  The hollowed out factories which I saw with my own eyes recently in Detroit has trigged "idle minds" in this and other places.  Having separated work activity from the resources applied to one's standard of living - a class of permanently "under-deployed" Black males was created.  (I know some of you were wondering if I was going to tie all of this back together. :-)  )  (Again I refuse to use the term "economically disenfranchised as this makes the case that there was an overt conspiracy AGAINST these Black males.  In truth they are victims of 'unintended consequences' and 'benign neglect' BOTH stemming from the domination of an ideology that molests economic and societal/cultural truth.)

In a follow up to this post I will channel the "Domestic Economic Hitman" on his willingness to accept a lower wage rate for the under-deployed If doing so would:

  • Keep them busy and thus out of jail?
  • Have them doing productive pursuits that build up personal competencies and community enterprise
Today the macro-theories that are in place in these centers are ultimately counter to the interests of competency development and local management of human resources per the need to control as many variables as possible as if you OWN THEM.

The Local News Investigative Reporters Protecting The Interests Of The Black Community

Once again we have the local news media focusing a microscope on evidence of fraud and corruption in Dekalb County GA government.

With "favorable people" now dominating every seat in the county the local civil rights groups that used to do the muckraking against the government there have no intention to go after their friends.

Though the Dekalb Housing Authority has a majority of Black clients using its services and thus the money stolen is money that will not go to these people - this still is not enough to have them go against their permanent friends and risk having their "portraits hanging on the wall" taken down from the Dekalb County Government Services building.

If only Dekalb County had a Tea Party chapter to divert Black people's attention upon. Then we'd see these dormant civil rights activist groups on the east side spring to life against an active threat. They see corruption in their county but they see no threat. In fact if the news media keeps focusing so much on Dekalb, Clayton, Fulton and Atlanta we might see these groups protesting outside of their offices -as they have done against the Atlanta Journal Constitutions several times in the past claiming that "Black elected officials are under attack by racists in the press".

If you all would just stop being so obvious in your selective indictments I would have to try harder in exposing your real interests: POWER and the protection of it. Surely the interests have nothing to do with improving the standard of living for the average Black person living in your area. You want them to feel proud over the elected official, seeing his portrait upon the wall is supposed to simulate the "least of these" into following in his footsteps.