They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Black Press Has Been Too Compromised To Provide Honest Guidance In Support Of The Black Community's Interests

Dwayne Wickham: Jackson, Sharpton Rallies Carry More Influence Than Beck's

The present state of the Black press has gone beyond bias and has now reached the state of fraud and corruption.

They count upon their knowledge that their followers are biased left, allowing them to feed their readers concepts that violate any sense of credulity where they not complicit.

Take the issue of Glenn Beck and throw him and his rally away.   His presence has merely brought to the surface some truths in the Lampblack Yellow Journalism body of operatives that had already been there.

When I produced my representative model of the Black progressive establishment I promoted the press as the king of them all.  Not that they have more power in the official channels of government than do an elected politician.  The point is that when it comes to the 9 other conspiring actors - they have the ability to critically inspect them and place a check upon their actions.  This is because the press provides a vital link in bringing awareness to the Black rank and file, allowing us to respond accordingly.

When an embedded operative becomes so fraudulent and corrupt as to willingly provide cover for those who need to be regulated in relation to their impact upon Black community's interests - that operative needs to have some more transparent entity to check it.

DeWayne Wichham On The Desperation In Detroit - Jackson's Here To Help The People

The article written by DeWayne Wickham goes beyond the blitz of attacks upon Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin that was standard fare in the Black press over the past several months leading up to this August 28th event.  Mr Wickham's article had the audacity to reference both the collapsed city of Detroit and the calls for education reform and other chants made by Al Sharpton from the stage as the crux of his argument about the value of Jackson and Sharpton in pushing the interests of the "least of these" in America.

I am stunned to the point of insanity as I watch as people with the mindset of DeWayne Wickham look past the fact that Detroit and other cities like it are 100% controlled by the Democratic Party yet focus on the INTENT that is in place to help the "least of these" people. 

Recall that about 4 years ago we were sold upon the "Hip Hop mayor" being in the mold of the future Black politician by media operatives in line with Mr Wickham.  With Kwame Kilpatrick in jail, Monica Conyers heading to jail, the Detroit school system on fire and the economic situation of the city in dire straits, Mr Wickham is ablle to cherry pick enough of a spin upon the value of the national "community organizers" to cause those with short memories to buy into it all.

Having triumpantly told the narriative of the grand future that the Black community will have now that "we have favorable people in charge who have the best interests of our community in mind" these lampblack yellow journalists seem to be unable to make note of the impact of the past interval of time that they did their part in hoisting upon Black America and are selling us upon a new future.

Jesse Jackson and his union friends say - it is insane to blame a group that merely sought to provide working people a living wage in support of a higher standard of living for the closure of the factories in Detroit and the region.  What all of the aforementioned people can't seem to grasp is that while they cast their corporate capitalist enemy, having been lead by greed and uncaring for people - as the reason for the collapse.  They, being the forces of good, worked against these forces and stood for the people.  I support collective bargaining to allow one employee to team with others in support of their common interests in relation to their employer.

The problem comes with the denial that this entire group has with regard to the negative impact of their policies.  A unified force that is bent on increasing the cost of production, imposing regulations, punishing the entity with high cash settlements in jury awards and seeks to tax them as a means of achieving societal corrective results with their money is a force that the "consumer of labor" is inclined to get away from.  The left seeks to set up a "labor monopoly" so that any "consumer of labor" under their control has to deal with those forces seeking to implement these points against them.

Imagine if the union movement was a manager of a community grocery store.  This manager progressively raised his prices knowing that he had a monopoly over the area and the people were not likely to travel long distances for an alternative.   After the prices are raised to a certain point those who purchase the goods sold will seek out alternatives or will move away from this bind all together.

In this scenario do we say that the "purchaser of the goods sold" are greedy and selfish for not agreeing to the increased costs that are imposed upon them?

(Back to Detroit) Worse yet - the sight of the before and after condition of the city and the people within is STILL not enough for the progressives to see that they went too far and in effect did work against the best interests of the people as evidenced by their broken state.

The quality education that Al Sharpton and the NAACP is seeking is no where to be found in the areas where they enjoy their strongest support.  The index of educational quality has no relation to the implementation of their favored political candidates into office and in control over the school systems.  Despite this fact they are allowed to continue to struggle, gaining more seats of power in the process.  Power for the progressives and the Democrats. The education in our community is dangled as a carrot.

We are NEVER going to hear this type of analysis from DeWayne Wickham and similarly biased operatives in the press.

While I appreciate Wickham attempt to shift the attention away from Glenn Beck, who is indeed largely irrelevant to the issues in the Black community (he is only a threat to progressives) it still is troubling that Wickham is unable to call it right.

Dr Laura Still Beat Cee Lo Green As He Only Said The Word "Nigga" Twice In His New Song That Has 4M Downloads

Does the fact that White actor Aston Kutcher has tweeted all of his followers, telling them about Cee Lo's new song that has the word "Nigga" in commercial speech count as an offense? How many White people will be heard lipsynching the song and heard saying the word "Nigga" out loud?

I wish someone would commit this rule to paper.

(Not to mention the coarseness of the lyrics of the song.)

When I Am Critical Of A "Democrat Who Is Black" Politician vs When A Fellow "Progressive Who Is Black" Renders Criticism

Though the words of criticism of a Black Progressive Establishment figure used by Kevin Powell and myself might seem the same - don't be fooled.   His mission is merely to replace Congressman Ed Towns.

My goal is to hold up what can be agreed to be the consensus permanent interests of the Black community as a reference and judge anyone with power and influence over our institutions with reference to these principles.
I am not bound to the notions of one's INTENTIONS.  This is the ceramic orange carrot that never rots which is dangled in front of our eyes but never seemingly obtained.

I have little doubt that the only mission of Kevin Powell is to "try harder - to the left" of Congressman Towns. His failure on behalf of Brooklyn is because he compromised with the right-wing - this in the view of Powell.

Notice how in the Black community the FAILURE of the machine does not mean the purge of the machine and the methodology that it hoisted upon us.  Instead a new member of the machine comes off of the bench, seeking to displace the starter.

Dr Ronald Walters is a brilliant man.  He and others who presented themselves as "Black political strategists" have successfully kept the Black political skirmishes inside of the Democratic Party.  The "Black general election" is the Democratic Primary.  Upon victory that individual wins the seat.  The real general election in any district that is greater than D+15 is merely a formality - just as a Black man being put on trial in Jim Crow Mississippi - 1942.  The outcome has been preordained.

Why is it that no one promotes the fact that the real choice for the people of Brooklyn is not "Democrat or Republican".  Instead it is the choice to link their community development to the  "American Political Domain" versus a the more organic orientation of the "Community Consciousness & Competency Development Domain".  By definition the political domain involves the redistribution of money that was generated elsewhere into the district.  A district that generated its own money would tend to defend the exodus of these funds for use elsewhere.  The linkage between the failure to develop our organic competencies via systems of production and the focus upon the build up of the government superstructure is undeniable.

Where are the Black conscious people who are doing transparent analysis of this situation and calling out these money changers within our temple?   Sadly for them to criticize these people they would have to criticize themselves.

If nothing else - just imagine a White Republican calling a Black elected official LAZY?


For far too long, Brooklyn has been under the thumb of the lazy leadership of Congressman Ed Towns. 27 years of incompetency, corruption, and laziness have left our Congressional district lagging well behind the rest of Brooklyn. Ed Towns has had 27 years to help our families, improve our schools, and make a difference in our lives. He has failed. We must not yet again send lazy leadership back to Washington, hoping that this term, maybe, just maybe, Mr. Towns will start to work for Brooklyn. Fool us one time, shame on you. Fool us in 14 elections, shame on us.

While I am Congressman Towns' opponent and political opponents tend to exaggerate, here are the facts:

Ed Towns has missed over 2000 votes in his 27 years, which is more than 74 votes per year. Lazy.

Ed Towns has only introduced successful six bills in 27 years which have become law, which is 0.22 per year. The late Senator Ted Kennedy had over 300. Lazy.

Ed Towns likes to tell us about his ability to bring federal dollars into the district and suggests that he has brought in over a billion dollars in 27 years. As the 26th highest-ranking member of Congress after 27 years, he should bring Speaker Nancy Pelosi money into Brooklyn. 2010? He's ranked number 193 in earmarks. 2009? He's 249. 2008? He's 383. This year, he's behind a 27-year-old first term REPUBLICAN Congressman from Illinois. All this while Democrats are in the majority in Congress. Lazy.

Ed Towns currently serves as Chairman of the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight. His committee has been ridiculed as an ineffective "Dog and Pony" show by the press. Furthermore, Mr. Towns has been
personally blamed for allowing Republican Congressman Darrell Issa to slow down President Obama's agenda of change. Perhaps Congressman Towns truly meant what he said in 2008 of President Obama, "We don't need change." Lazy.

Ed Towns missed five of the six hearings his committee held looking into the collapse of the housing industry and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and AIG. His excuse? Vacation. Lazy.

Ed Towns has not been seen in entire communities in Brooklyn since the 1980s. He regularly refuses to face his constituents. He refuses to debate his opponents. He's frequently at his luxurious "Friends of Angelo" Countrywide funded home in Florida or milling around Philadelphia for some strange reason. Not Washington. Not Brooklyn. Lazy.

Ed Towns personally sent $500,000 to Trinity Community Development Group and Empowerment Group Inc., which sounds like a respectable group, except that Trinity is a fake non-profit housed in an empty building that employed Ed Towns' staffer. A year later, he tried to send Trinity another $5 million, but was only caught when the new Congress promised a new era of transparency and honesty in government. Actually, not lazy. Corrupt.

Ed Towns took a $1300 bribe to "buy a boat" from undercover police in 1982. Lazy and corrupt. Ed Towns tried to shakedown Civil Rights judge Maxine Archer through his personal attorney for $140,000 in 2000. Corrupt.

Ed Towns has decided South Korea will replace us in Afghanistan in a war that he believes is going well. Not lazy. Not corrupt. Preposterous.

Ed Towns. Preposterous. Corrupt. Lazy. And on Tuesday, September 14...finished.

A Refresher Of Where I Stand

To those of you who are committed to transparency and the best interests of our community it should be clear to you what is going on in the name of our community.

With silence as a cover from the "Black rank & file" these ideological and political forces are trampling over the dignity of our community as they walk past the responsibilities of the control that they have over our institutions to participate with their ideological partners in support of the goals related to their common vision.

The Black community is left in a "permanent chase" disposition, failing to develop the management acumen necessary to turn their control of the key institutions into the delivery of quality civic services and social order. Instead we are told that our community salvation rests in fighting against external ideological enemies who are denying us our social justice - even if they have moved away from the places that we as Blacks live so that they can manage a local community and economy as they see fit.  The greater threat to the Black community as we are currently conditioned is being left alone all to ourselves, the prevailing consciousness being the primary means by which the standard of living that we consume is achieved.  The preference for nationalization by our progressive leadership is a tacit admission that they know not how to manage the human resources within our community to be the primary pillars upon which this desired high standard is built.

Instead they turn this living standard into a social justice RIGHT - thus the permanent struggle continues into perpetuity.

The Fatal Conspiracy That Has Compromised The Interests Of The Black Community

Anna Julia Cooper Now Weeps In Her Grave Over Dunbar High School 2010

The present leaders of Washington DC and the Washington DC School System pushed hard to have the history of Black people "RESPECTED" as our leaders of the past are immortalized by the The US Postal Service in their highly coveted "Black Heritage Series Stamps".

From Wikipedia entry on Anna Julia Cooper:

During her years as teacher and principal at M Street High School, Cooper completed her first book, A Voice from the South: By A Woman from the South, published in 1892. Perhaps her most well-known volume of writing, A Voice from the South is widely viewed as one of the first articulations of Black feminism. The book advanced a vision of self-determination through education and social uplift for African American women. Its central thesis was that the educational, moral, and spiritual progress of black women would improve the general standing of the entire African American community. Cooper advanced the view that it was the duty of educated and successful black women to support their underprivileged peers in achieving their goals. The essays in A Voice from the South also touched on a variety of topics, from racism and the socioeconomic realities of black families to the administration of theEpiscopal Church.

The details of the ritual honoring the great Anna Julia Cooper leader of the "Preparatory High School For Colored Youth" upon a postage stamp.
The U.S. Postal Service will issue a new 44-cent commemorative stamp honoring Anna Julia Cooper, a Civil Rights activist and former teacher and principal of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School (previously Preparatory High School for Colored Youth and M Street High School) in the nation’s capital.

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, (D) District of Columbia
Yverne “Pat” Moore, Postmaster, Washington, DC
Gerald Austin, Principal, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Delores J. Killette, Vice President and Consumer Advocate, U.S. Postal Service
Malik Shabaazz, 2009 Graduate, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Carla L. Peterson, Professor of English, University of Maryland

Thursday, June 11, 2009
10:00 a.m.

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
1301 New Jersey Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC

Educator, scholar, feminist, and activist Anna Julia Cooper (c.1858–1964) gave voice to the African-American community from the end of slavery to the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Born into slavery, Cooper developed a love of learning at a young age. In 1887, three years after earning a degree in mathematics from Oberlin College, she was invited to Washington, D.C., to each at the Preparatory High School for Colored Youth (later M Street High School and today Dunbar), the nation’s largest and most prestigious public high school for African Americans at that time.

Noted for the breadth of her education, Cooper also earned a Ph.D. from the University of Paris, Sorbonne, in 1925. At the time, she was one of only four African-American women to earn a Ph.D. and the first black woman from any country to do so at the Sorbonne.

The 32nd stamp in the Black Heritage series features a portrait of Cooper by Kadir Nelson, who based his painting on an updated photograph.

Sadly and shamefully the Dunbar High School of 2010 does a poor job in educating Black children despite the fact that we are no longer called "colored", the impact of unchecked racism in our society are gone as we now have legal recourse and our right to vote has promoted "favorable people" beyond the halls of the once great "Preparatory High School for Colored Youth" into:

  • The the seats of the School Board and Chancellor For Public Schools Of Washington DC 
  • The office of the Mayor of Washington DC
  • The US Congress representing Washington DC
  • The US President's Office - Representing the priorities of the nation
Today there is more talk about "DC State-hood" as the fix for all that ales this great American city AND talk of fears about White people becoming the majority once again than there is talk about the collapse about this iconic high school opened in 1870, right after the close of American chattel slavery.

In 1870 the people were conscious about the need to education "colored children" and thus their mission was evident in the product of this school.  Black parents purposely moved their children into the district to partake of the school's superior education and disciplined environment.   

In 2010 it is the product of the Dunbar High School and many of the schools surrounding it around the city and in Baltimore and Philadelphia that also give light to the priorities and consciousness of the people.  In as much as the call for "quality education for Black children" is used as a driver for more political power, yet those who make the call are not forced by the Black rank & file to note how much of this key institution in our community they now control - it is clear to ME - that what is cast as a drive for "quality education" is not solely focused upon delivering quality education but upon using indictments to expand the political power and ideological disbursement of those who gain power but go unchecked by the Black masses who suffer yet still support these forces.

There is a definite cost that is born upon the backs of the Black community for the presence of these forces who operate inside of our consciousness nucleus but not for our interests.  With this vantage point they are able to manipulate the focus of our people, keeping us continuously struggling for the interests that they want us to by tying our present GRIEVANCES in with a political activism movement who's "cattle fencing" directs those who fail to apply enough scrutiny to their efforts right to the slaughter house as intended. 

The stamp that was made to honor the great Anna Julia Cooper can't overcome the gross disrespect of her memory that is embodied by the present conditions in the school that she had lead for so long.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Obama/Holder US Justice Department Approves Georgia's "Racist" Voter Photo ID Verification System

Justice Department approves Georgia voter verification system

If there was an intent to put a more truthful and accurate headline on this story it would be:

"The Obama Administration Is No Longer Able To Use Any More LEGAL Means To Black The State Of Georgia's Plans To Require Government Issued Identification As A Prerequisite For Participating In Voting, Thus Proving Cover For Progressive Activists"

The "racism" that people charged is inherent to this call for photo id is that Hispanics, Blacks, the Poor, the Handicapped and the Elderly often don't have photo identification and thus the "unintended consequence" is voter suppression.

I call this the "list of inferiors".  Some people don't mind accepting and transacting upon the cloak of inferiority - as long as there is some payoff to be received at the end of the process.  In the past 4 years (or more) that this has been debated these progressive operative groups had ample time to use the very same vans that they use to bus voters to the polls on behalf of the Democratic Party to the government photo identification station so that they can obtain a government issued ID.

The problem is that if they were to do something active to reduce the number of people who don't have ID and thus are impacted by this new legislation then their court case against the "racists" in the Georgia government would be undercut.

The Seeds Of Conspiracy - Porter Goss Is Repsonsible For The Present Attacks On Maxine Waters

The trials of Rep. Maxine Waters: Ethics or payback?

I have my basement computer that I use to record Internet streaming radio back up and working.  It still is not perfect in that it will start a streaming session but won't close the browser when the show is over.

In this one occasion I was glad that it did not work properly.  This is because it kept streaming the WRFG FM radio station (The "PROGRESSIVE Information Station").  A show on Sunday was on as I went into my basement office.

The operative who was speaking had the article that is linked above.  He stated that the present ethics challenges hoisted upon Rep Maxine Waters all have to do with her EFFECTIVENESS in exposing the truth in the "US War On Drugs".  I have to assume that the host was not smoking the funny weed when he said "Maxine Waters has been more effective at stopping the flow of drugs into the Black community than has the complicit US government".

Despite the fact that in this Democratic controlled House, an ethics process defined by Nancy Pelosi to "drain the swamp" we learn that it is Porter Goss who is calling the shots in the take down attempt of Maxine Waters.

As I listen to how certain people stitch together certain half truths that allow them to be functionally (and consciously) nullified in protection of their favored political and ideological operatives it also stands to reason as to why their enemies will never get a fair shot.  This being the case even despite the damage that their friends do to their interests while they have control.

{Fill In The Blank} Is No Martin Luther King Jr

Again I say: In my view this weekend was a "grand unmasking" of the truth. I stated before that the Beck rally showed that militarianism, jingoism and religiosity are important elements of the White conservative ethos and dogma.

So little, by comparison, has been written about the Al Sharpton rally - the antics leading up to it by the "Attack Progressive" forces speaking in unison and their commentary afterward.


The only problem is that they are disinclined to apply this to themselves.

Some crafty people with web development skills from "The Color Of Change" developed a web site.  CoC - the progressive activist group that purports to represent the best interests of the Black community but - just like their George Soros funding mates Media Matters - they only seem to focus upon "conservative threats" to their world.  Mall Cops indeed.  

Up to 40,000 people chose to make the statement "Glen Beck Is No MLK Jr".  They made sure to include a donation button and the requisite connection to Paypal to capitalize off of this reference. 

Ironically it was the "Attack Progressives" who told us that "Glenn Beck was attempting to pass himself off as MLK Jr" only to use this which they built up to slap him down.  Thus the web site.

In the classic reference model that I have noted: "Keep Your Adversary On Trial" - these operative groups execute upon this with grand expertise.

The only problem is that they never get around to apply scrutiny upon that parallel convention that was orchestrated at Dunbar High School - the failing inner city public school that once was the beacon of education for "people of color".  By having our collective attention diverted toward who they want us to focus upon - the Black community never applies due scrutiny upon the embedded operatives who are in our midst.

In short the Al Sharpton Rally was an embarrassment to any connection to Dr King.   If you listen to Al Sharpton and the array of entities that have received at least $1,000,000 from George Soros - you'd swear that the forces that are stopping Black America are gathered together on the Mall.

If Glenn Beck is not MLK - and he is not - who is?   Why isn't a critical eye cast upon those who carry around a patch of King's garment as their cover?

For me as an individual, after having listened to Dr King's "I Have A Dream Speech" and noticed that 90% of the key threats that Dr King listened for 1963 are no longer unregulated threats in 2010 I choose to make a new "ENEMIES OF BLACK PEOPLE LIST" that is more relevant today.

Instead of holding up ONE EQUAL HUMAN BEING - Dr King as a reference model to judge everyone against and - unsurprisingly have the people who I want to approve of being approved while the people who I hate falling short - I choose to put forth a far more transparent measure by which to evaluate everyone:

  • Does This Person's Plans ACTUALLY Bring US Safe Streets Within The Black Community?
  • Does This Person's Plans ACTUALLY Bring US Quality Education............
  • Does This Person's Plans ACTUALLY Bring US  Thriving Local Economies...............
  • Does This Person's Plans ACTUALLY Bring US Healthy Lifestyle & Relationship Outcomes........
  • Are These Plans Enduring and Comprehensive?
  • Do They Leverage And Develop The Skills Of The People Who Seek To Benefit?
We can tell the integrity and transparency of certain operative groups based upon how much they are willing to do do a "Brest Self Examination" and publish the results.

(How long are you all going to accept this fraud amongst you as you continuously grieve despite their growth in POWER? Do you not see your own complicity?)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Racism Chaser Comedy

(Lifted from Jack & Jill Politics)

You have to understand that the tendency to view racism as a light switch is no different than what is seen in Al Sharpton who has no benefit of noting that 'The Dream Is Fulfilled, Now We Have To Wake Up And Start Managing Our Affairs" When the light switch model is used then if it is turned on by the slightest incidence of racism then those who gain their power from the indictment have ready use for such an occurrence. Any White man, regardless of his actual power is able to define the state between the races. IF racism is a potentiometer (dimmer switch) then we must measure the present power of this the negative force of racism and evaluate it in the context of all of the positive and negative forces that work in conjunction to force the airplane down to its normal state - on the ground or allow it to soar above the crowds.

The primary way to nullify the rantings like those found in "This Week In Black" is to ask these type of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers to get out front of the issue and TELL US THEIR VISION OF A WORLD WHERE THERE IS NO RACISM - and the color of the unicorn that they will ride upon.

The real function of these type of comedic, diversionary thoughts are to take away the inspection of the truth that there is a steady ground gain being made by progressives in control over an increasing number of institutions in Black America. More important than the question of Obama in the White House is the larger base of "favorable people" that control the institutions at the bottom of the pyramid which provide the services to our people. In denying the competency and effectiveness of these institutions in relation to what we need as a people the "Progressive who is Black" is able to render his indictment against the nation and the superior WHITE FOLKS who left them all alone to field the government and economic system that the "Progressive who is Black" desired. With the magnitude of the task of having to maintain the desired standard of living by managing the human resources and institutions that support this standard - it is far easier to claim that a violation was made upon the Black man as this adversary departed, leaving him all to himself.

I would love to see "This Week In Blackness" ask Black people if the popular refusal to purge the machines that run our communities despite the educational systems is an example of the effect that is commonly called 'racism'. At least that's what it is called when the White voters of Alabama did it.

Black Racial Jingoism In Washington DC Nullifies Fenty's Improvements Of Schools & Social Centers

Adrian Fenty, Vincent Gray and the politics of race and class in D.C

Notwithstanding the progress Fenty has made in improving the District's schools and lowering its murder rate, his biggest shortcoming in the minds of many black voters is that he has mishandled the most important long-term issue facing the city: gentrification, and the racial politics that go with it.

I get accused of being "anti-Black" in my postings on this board by some of my ideological critics.  The truth is that the antics that are so frequently on display by certain operatives in our community are ANTI-BLACK!!!!

We only need to look at the fight against the improvement in the public education system of DC by those who wanted to protect their jobs more than they wanted to account for the failure of the product produced by the school as our evidence.  This same mindset can be seen in the hostility shown against charter schools by those who seek to retain the failed status quo.  Interestingly enough these people are not referred to as "conservatives" despite the functional parallel in behavior to those who stood against the best interests of Black people throughout the decades.

This post is not about Adrian Fenty.  I do not know enough about him and DC based politics to speak authoritatively about his worthiness of reelection.  Instead this is about a pattern of behavior that is apparent within the Black community by certain operative groups.  Though they are always on the watch for racism against them they appear to do their own fair share of the same thing but slip away from being labeled as such.

Gentrification, in which decayed urban neighborhoods are renovated and then draw in more affluent (often white) residents to replace poorer (often black) ones, has been the key force shaping the city since the 1990s. The process arouses powerful feelings for many African Americans, in part because it threatens the District's identity as a predominantly black town. Sometime in the next few years, the black share of the D.C. population will probably slip below 50 percent for the first time since the late 1950s.


Fenty would continue to push forcefully to improve education and nuts-and-bolts city services, without going out of his way to address racial or economic divisions. Although he's had a recent campaign conversion, saying the right things about becoming humble and inclusive in a second term, it doesn't seem realistic that he'd suddenly start paying much attention to what anybody else thinks. A restless loner with what one business supporter called "the attention span of a strobe light," Fenty doesn't dig into the substance of the issues but leaves lieutenants such as Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and Attorney General Peter Nickles to do the heavy lifting of governance.


That kind of neutral, results-oriented approach is great in theory, and it appeals especially to affluent voters and the younger generation. But it hasn't gone down well with less wealthy, older, mostly black voters in the eastern half of the city. Nearly six in 10 African Americans see Fenty as caring more about upper-income people, according to the Post poll.

Today, Fenty is visibly frustrated that he doesn't get credit from blacks overall for the progress he's made -- especially for the schools and rec centers he's built and the new supermarkets and other businesses he's attracted.

As with the city of Oakland one is brought to wonder if some Black people actually prefer to have a "bombed out shell of a city that is crime ridden" in order to keep out White folks because of their fear of the place. Urban development is not "Anti-Black". It is ONLY a threat to those who consciousness and conditioning is UNPRODUCTIVE to compete in an open world.

It seems to me that the term "Black Redneck" is an accurate observation and just like their White counterpart their antics need to be checked so that Black people can prosper.

The Disrespect Of Black Historical Greats By Those Living Today Who Spit Upon Their Portrait - Dunbar High School

Blogger's note:

This is a new series that I am christening as I escalate my battle to purge the Onchocerciasis larvae out of our community's consciousness blood stream, triggering our "consciousness river blindness".

As I witnessed what was purported to be a "real" tribute to the great Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr hosted at the venerable "Dunbar High School" in Washington DC I decided to inspect the current state of the school. This school which had been known as the "best of the best" educational facility for Black Americans, which prepared the minds of many of our historical greats has fallen on hard times, mostly because of the parasite that now infects the community.

At this purported tribute to Dr King nothing was mentioned about the condition of the facility where the event was hosted. Whereas Dr King had vision forward his lieutenants of today that purport to carry forth his torch are perfect reference models in the statement "river-blinded leading the blind".

Despite having the city of Washington DC fully controlled by a legislative body and executive of their choosing the free people of this great city are unable to manage this facility that prepares their children for the future with the educational foundation that is needed - unlike their predecessors who faced great adversity and racism that incontrovertibly limited their outcomes - despite the high educational quality of Dunbar.

In 2010 the pride at looking at the portrait upon the wall of Paul Lawrence Dunbar is not enough to trigger the pride that is hoped to cause these young beacons of light to receive a high quality education.

It is time for our community to put aside "Portrait Worship". In some cases our DIGNITY should have us to REMOVE the name from those facilities that so violate the honor of the historical great in question. Give them standards and a pathway by which they can earn the title back.

Some people in our community crave power and control over the people - keeping us struggling OUTWARD for our solution while showing incompetence about managing our human resources WITHIN.

Until the masses place a check on these people and push them aside - expect nothing more than the hollowed out facade of leadership that we have today.

Historical FigurePaul Lawrence Dunbar

Portrait Upon The Wall - Paul Lawrence Dunbar - Washington DC
Originally opened in 1870 as "Prepatory High School For Colored Youth"

Originally named Preparatory High School for Colored Youth and later known as M Street High School, the name was changed in honor of poet Paul Laurence Dunbar. Dunbar was D.C.'s first high school for black students. It was later the academic high school, with other schools related to vocational or technical training goals. It was known for its excellent academics, enough so that some black parents moved to Washington specifically so their children could attend it. Its faculty was paid well by the standards of the time, earning parity pay to Washington's white school teachers because they were federal employees. It also boasted a remarkably high number of graduates who went on to higher education, and a generally successful student body.

"We're known for our history of excellence." 

As The People Gained Their Freedom But Lost Their Consciousness And Human Resource Management Acumen

Dunbar High School - Washington DC - 2010     Parent Feedback from "Great"

  1. Dunbar has potential to be a good school. Despite popular belief, most the students are eager and ready to learn, and most the teachers are amazing. Yes, there are a few students who are impossible to control, and yes there are a handful of teachers who need to be let go. But I reiterate . . . Dunbar could be a great school.
  2. Now that the school has new teacher and under new mangement I think the school is going just great. It wasn't just the student out control the teacher were too! So give a little to get a little. Keep up the good work new staff 
  3. While I attended, security, teachers, and staff showed the love they had for each student individually. Entering, I was considered what you reviewers would call an 'out of control teen' but leaving I was a educated, young, black, teen parent with a vision of what I wanted in the future. 
  4. Horrible school. Like most DC public schools, it is full of out-of-control teens, bad teachers, and a failing infrastructure. I don't understand how the nation's capital can have such a bad educational system.
  5. I attended and grduated from Dunbar in 2001. I also agree that the school may not be the best academically, but it really helps you find yourself. It teaches how to deal with peer pressure, who you are and how to make wise decisions. You have to find a place for yourself at Dunbar.
  6. Although the school has Security Officers present there is still a lack of control with the entry process. This can be fixed by adding another guard. This is an excellent school with excellent environment for young adults to develope a sense of themselves and prepare them for the future. 

The Correction - Harlem Children's Zone

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Low-income urban children are ignored and discarded, and the nation is in peril unless someone does something about it, educator Geoffrey Canada said Monday during a speech in Cleveland.

Ownership: "The State Of The Union" vs "The Dream Has Not Been Fulfilled"

In January 2011, President Obama will do as so many other officials that sit in the executive branch of their respective governing entities do - deliver a "State of the Union/State/County/City/School System" speech, per their position.

If you note the orientation and tendencies of these type of speeches - the executive in question is on the hook for the present conditions in the domain in question. As a result this executive is prone to say "The State of the Union is Strong and Growing". He then will proceed to highlight the accomplishments of his administration, using his platform and unilateral projection to put forth a glowing assessment of how grand these accomplishments were. When it comes to the persistent challenges and grievances that remain - any executive will attempt to blunt these points saying, "I know we have some challenges but I am comforted that the trends appear favorable".

In summary "the State of the Union" speech is always embellished into the favor of the executive giving the speech.

It is the news media that immediately follows the speech and all day for the next several days that slices and dices the contents. Providing corrections and amplifications where necessary.

In short - the combination of:

  • The Executive
  • The News Media Analysts
  • And most importantly, the conversations among the Rank & File public who is consuming information from the above 2 entities
are the three elements who ultimately insure that the model of their status quo as represented in the speech is in line with the real world that they live in - as "Rank & File" men and women on the street.  The FIDELITY of this model is most important.  Without fidelity the actions taken to advance from it as a foundation will always be misaligned.

The State Of The Dream

As I was doggedly scanning the results from yesterday's activities on the mall in Washington DC I was particularly focused upon those who purport to represent both the "model of the present state of Black America" and the keeper of Dr King's dream.   

A few hours ago CNN had a video plastered on its web site that said "The Dream Has Not Been Fulfilled".  The person making this assessment was the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Though Al Sharpton has no elected position and certainly "Black America" is not a formal government - the fact is that there are forces that operate (or purport to operate) on behalf of this interest group.  Their favored policies, ideologies and political activism are just as impactful on this virtual entity as one would expect on the various cities and counties around the nation that it has become the prevailing ideological and political force within.

The key distinction between this group of operatives and the first group that I have modeled above is that they have no intention of standing and accounting for what has transpired while they have pressed for their policy set - unlike the executive above who will be held accountable.  The upcoming election being the point at which he will be judged as a CEO.

If you observe the orientation of Al Sharpton and others who play the same role over the interests of Black America they see themselves as fighting in a long and protracted struggle.  There is no intention what so ever to make note that a Detroit, a Chicago, a Rochester, an Atlanta is 100% dominated by forces that are directly aligned or at least favorable to them by party and in most cases by ideology as well.

When Rev Sharpton says "the dream has not yet been fulfilled" he doesn't see himself as the executive who will take the hit for these unfilled dreams.  He sees himself as the activist and his main weapons is the indictment against the system.

Can you imagine if Al Sharpton and his cohorts were to accurately represent their struggle thus far:

  • We struggled and now we control the school systems were Black people live in our highest concentrations
  • We struggled and now we have a favorable mayor, city council, police chief and a line up of judges after having purged out all of the rogues
It is in their favor to DENY any progress for this allows them to continue with their actions, insuring the masses that their work is still needed.

In my analysis this sets up a shadow government that has no accountability for the results that they render per their domination.  As "triple threat performers" both Sharton and Jackson use their live microphones, newspaper columns/web sites and radio shows to pontificate their version of events.  When it comes to the present governments in the places that their machine has most control over - these governments are not taken to task for failing THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Instead we are more likely to hear that the people represented in the Glenn Beck Rally are the main reasons for our continuing difficulties.

This is not RESOURCE MANAGEMENT.  This is pure ideological and partisan politics that have infiltrated our community interests.  

Police Brutality In 2010
The subject of police brutality was a hot one back in Dr King's day.  If you evaluate the various Black progressive interest group blogs - "police brutality" and tasering" is of far, far greater concern to them than are Street Pirate attacks or the indictment of the favorable mayor and police chief to whom the brutal officers ultimately report to.  There is more inclination to call for a "Citizens Review Board" so that the people will have a voice in regulating the police than anyone will be seen starting an "impeach the favorable mayor" recall effort as a representation of the people's voices. 

During the time of Dr King the police departments around the nation largely operated with impunity.  The shooting of a Black man was often dismissed when the officer provided with blanket cover using the statement "he made an aggressive move towards me and I responded to the threat with gunfire".  The investigative committee, if there was one provided at the time would largely favor the officer.  The process that provides even the evidence of justice was not taken seriously.

In 2010 - Al Sharpton seeks to conclude that the continued presence of claims of police brutality is evidence enough for an indictment.  Today we have "dashboard mounted cameras, live audio feeds from an officer's walkie talkie, bureaus of internal investigations, automatic state bureau of investigation review of all police involved shootings, FBI and US Justice Department reviews and the ability for activist groups like the "Southern Poverty Law Center" to file lawsuits of unlawful death (as they did recently in Georgia).

In the eyes of Al Sharpton and those who are similarly afflicted - the equal human being who is made into a policeman with their authority that the uniform gives them is far more superior than the equal human being that has morphed into a "street pirate", the most numerous assailant to the Black community but such an infrequent point of condemnation by this same group of activists.   

Where are the calls for large classes of police cadets that are filled with people who "care about the Black community and work to have our best interests protected"?  The truth is that just as the favorable mayor and police chief is in place, enough to cease the protests that King and others used to make against the people who used to hold these seats, the placement of all favorable beat patrol men walking the streets is not going to fix the problem either.

Today after a crime spree the same Black community that was protesting against police brutality will run back to the mayor and ask that they 'DO SOMETHING!!!!' with respect to the terror from street pirates that is being felt by the entire community.  The favorable police chief and mayor will roll out an "aggressive policing program".   This will curtail crime for a short time.   Then some confrontation between the police and a young Black male from the community will lead the community to demand that the aggressive policing program be curtailed.   

The cycle continues.

MISSING is the question of "Who allowed that young man who was on his way to becoming a pillar of the community to morph into a street pirate, the community as his canvas for his assaults?"

The present detached state of the activist movement (and the Black press)  in which they are allowed to retain their credibility after rolling out a sustained set of stories against their ideological enemies in Fox News and Glenn Beck yet are not held to account for the benign neglect that is shown by the squandered human resources who's consciousness about the world is formed under the watch of those who have this dominate control yet no accountability.   THIS IS THE PROBLEM that must be addressed.

Who Makes The Dream A Reality?
The main problem that I have with the progressive ideology of Shaprton, Jackson and others is that they position themselves as delivering benefit to the Black community after having departed "the fort" and journeyed onward to correct the main distribution point in Washington DC.  After the resource allocation is made fair - more nutrients will flow down river, into the Black community.

Thus the development of Black people is wholly a POLITICAL function.  We need to stick together as a voting block.  In noting dissatisfaction with the results and splintering into groups that vote across party lines all hopes for Black community advancement will be dashed.  They don't care to see that in this state of functional ideological unity, all of the enemy forces having been driven out of our community's political order - we don't see even the early stem cells of evidence that "trying harder" will lead to different results.

This movement is totally INORGANIC.  Progressivism is not organic.
Do not mistake social progress movements that effectively work to line up voters with organic infrastructure by which the people themselves are engaged to do continuing work in support of their communities.  In our present state - handing out brooms, paint brushes and "crossing guard safety belts" where they are deployed as "official snitchers that drop a dime on street pirates"  would do far more good for our community than a voting drive to insure more Democrats in power.

The reason why Al Sharpton can say "the dream is not fulfilled" is because no member of the Black community will line he and the other people who purport to be the leaders of the Black community onto a common stage and say to them:

"THE DREAM IS NOT FULFILLED, DESPITE YOUR EFFORTS, 40+ YEARS AFTER KING HAS LEFT US.  YOU'RE FIRED!!!   We will use our present access to education to develop more effective human resource management processes with adequate transparent appraisal of the effectiveness of our efforts"

On The 47th Anniversary Of The "I Have A Dream Speech" - Woman Murdered In Dr King's Old Stomping Grounds

The Relative Location Of The Two Shootings

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The Relative Locations Between The Murder Scene and the King Center For Non-Violent Social Change

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While the news media is abuzz about the escaped rattle snake from "Zoo Atlanta" because of the potential deadly impact upon visitors to the zoo - precious little will be said about the death that took place just a few short blocks away from the location of the zoo that took place in the cover of night.

Though there was much feigned outrage by the swarm of Lampblack Yellow Journalists who were bent on slandering at least one of the marches in Washington DC as they heard about the ignorant posting by one White blogger over the safety of Washington DC - many of these same people are not moved by the trigger action of "one person" in Atlanta as his actions kills one woman and injures another.

2 Shot, One Woman Killed In Southwest Atlanta

If you focus upon the content of the Al Sharpton speech instead of Beck's (the more popular target of attack) you should be angered at what WAS NOT focused upon. Instead more people who were interested in "keeping their enemies on trial" choose to be pacified that so many of the Progressive on stage with Al chose to focus upon the Conservatives who were at the Lincoln Memorial.

The primary threat that is terrorizing the Black community in 2010 are "Street Pirates with Guns and/or Stolen vehicles". The gun are used to shoot people. The vehicles are used to crash through doors of commercial enterprises to perform a late night robbery of the joint.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Malcolm X Defines The "Political Football Game" Concept - A Lesson That Needs To Be Reapplied Today

Malcolm X's "The Chickens Come Home To Roost" speech.
Note this is an edited version from "Faith In Action", focusing more specifically upon the references to the game that is being played by the "White Liberal" and the "White Conservative". 

The complete speech can be found here.

I make no personal claims of being a "keeper of the flame" for Malcolm X or anyone else.  The man communicated a model that attempted to encapsulate the actions in the real world.  I personally believe that there is a lot of truth to his insight.

The key difference  between Malcolm X's day and today is that the prohibitions of Black people participating in the starting line up of this political game have been removed.  Shamefully there are many starters in the game that have unregulated access to our community's consciousness core where they are free to do their handiwork.

I find it remarkable at how the most liberal Black can make reference to the most conservative Black doing the same and yet have such distinct differences in methods for moving forward - the left seemingly unmoved by the warnings contain in his speech about the "smile" that he is enchanted by from his emissary.

Malcolm X - New York City, December 4, 1963
In this deceitful American game of power politics, the Negroes (i.e., the race problem, the integration and civil rights issues) are nothing but tools, used by one group of whites called Liberals against another group of whites called Conservatives, either to get into power or to remain in power.

Among whites here in America, the political teams are no longer divided into Democrats and Republicans. The whites who are now struggling for control of the American political throne are divided into “liberal” and “conservative” camps. The white liberals from both parties cross party lines to work together toward the same goal, and white conservatives from both parties do likewise.

The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative.

Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.

Politically the American Negro is nothing but a football and the white liberals control this mentally dead ball through tricks of tokenism: false promises of integration and civil rights. In this profitable game of deceiving and exploiting the politics of the American Negro, those white liberals have the willing cooperation of the Negro civil rights leaders. These “leaders” sell out our people for just a few crumbs of token recognition and token gains. These “leaders” are satisfied with token victories and token progress because they themselves are nothing but token leaders….

The white liberals hate The Honorable Elijah Muhammad because they know their present position in the power structure stems form their ability to deceive and to exploit the Negro, politically as well as economically.

They know that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s divine message will make our people (1) wake up, (2) clean up, (3) stand up. They know that once The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is able to resurrect the Negro from this mental grave of ignorance, by teaching him the truth about himself and his real enemy, the Negro will then be able to see and think for himself. Once the Negro learns to think for himself, he will no longer allow the white liberal to use him as a helpless football in the white man’s crooked game of “power politics.”

Let us examine briefly some of the tricky strategy used by white liberals to harness and exploit the political energies of the Negro.

The crooked politicians in Washington, D.C., purposely make a big noise over the proposed civil rights legislation. By blowing up the civil rights issue they skillfully add false importance to the Negro civil rights “leaders.” Once the image of these Negro civil rights “leaders” has been blown up way beyond its proper proportion, these same Negro civil rights “leaders” are then used by white liberals to influence and control the Negro voters, all for the benefit of the white politicians who pose as liberals, who pose as friends of the Negro.

The white conservatives aren’t friends of the Negro either, but they at least don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the “smiling” fox.

The job of the Negro civil rights leader is to make the Negro forget that the wolf and the fox both belong to the (same) family. Both are canines; and no matter which one of them the Negro places his trust in, he never ends up in the White House, but always in the dog house.

The white liberals control the Negro and the Negro vote by controlling the Negro civil rights leaders. As long as they control the Negro civil rights leaders, they can also control and contain the Negro’s struggle, and they can control the Negro’s so-called revolt.

The Negro “revolution” is controlled by these foxy white liberals, by the government itself. But the black revolution is controlled only by God.

With All Due Respect, Lenny McAllester - You Are A Damned Fool!!!

On WAOK AM in Atlanta - the local "Fight The Power" station there is a caller named Fred. Fred is the local conservative Republican caller who for years have been calling in every day to give the "conservative Republican" perspective - standing against 97% of all of the other "Progressive who are Black" callers.

In the 2008 Presidential Campaign, the economy having melted down - Fred (and Shelly Wynters) made a strategic calculation to support BARACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT.

In order to remain consistent with his new found loyalties - Fred was forced to walk back on some of his most staunchly held positions so that he could join the chorus of support for Obama.

Fast forward to less than a year, Obama at the helm. Fred attempted to return to his critical inspection of the gross flaws in progressivism - the force that totally dominates the Black Community's political domain.

Fred soon learned that his temporary "BFF's" had no respect for him AT ALL NOW.

Today when Fred calls in - the next 5 callers that call afterward TALK ABOUT FRED.

The problem with the "Republican Who Is Black" is that so many of them have no clue about what the Black Community is actually fighting and what is needed to correct our course.

We have been hijacked from the operatives that stand within our "secret places" and have put us on a POLITICAL course in order to correct our COMMUNITY/CULTURAL and RACE RELATED ISSUES.

The only possible result from this is that the POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL establishment among us will grow POWERFUL. The best thing that we can hope is that it will FEED US OUR FISH RATIONS for another day.

The concept of Progressivism is diametrically opposed to COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT. As they gain more power per our support they are going to sell us on the next round by PROMISING US MORE. We only need to use our currency - THE BALLOT - in a way that is favorable to them and they will promise to direct toward us the second currency in America - THE DOLLAR BILL.

As long as we don't have the DIGNITY to demand (what is it called) FAIR TRADE in which we will accept no FISH unless our caretaker accepts something ORGANICALLY crafted from our handiwork and which is of EQUAL VALUE to that which he has transacted from us - the Black man's fate in this nation will be one of clandestine dependence that has a white washed coating of SOCIAL JUSTICE as an artificial sweetener that we will be asked to lick as we bow down to the towering institution that is build as a worship tower to the state.

I do not believe that Lenny McAllester has a clue about WHO HE IS DEALING WITH. I am not talking about the Democratic or Republican Parties. I am speaking specifically about the operatives that despise his guts and HOPE TO GOD ABOVE that he CHANGES HIS PARTY - while they can't figure out a single change that THEIR PARTY needs (except to go MORE TO THE LEFT) in the course of bringing the Black man SALVATION.

NO amount of POWER by the Progressives and the continued grievances by the Blacks is going to force those who are BIGOTED in their ideology from seeing the need to commit to unsolicited and introspective change.

From The 

 Why This Conservative Won't Be At Glenn Beck's Rally

With all due respect, Mr McAllester - you are a fool!!!

You, a self proclaimed Republican - who comes on this progressive-biased board to defend the Republican Michael Steele and you get the "long knives" from the "Democrats who are Black" stuck into your body as you say something that they don't want to hear. (Talk about a Black man being mocked by a hate-filled bunch of bigots - Michael Steele).

Now when you are critical of your party and its operatives you are now their "BFF's"???

If anyone ever wonders why - ME a self proclaimed "Black CONSERVATOR" will never be a Republican - look no further than the compromise that Lenny McAllester has to make of himself.

Mr McAllester - had you been more observant you would have chosen to do an inspection of the AL SHARPTON MARCH and tried to find "Dr Kings Spirit" there.

As Sharpton takes the stage with:

* Media Matters
* MSNBC's Ed Schultz
* The NAACP who's main deliverable from their convention this year was NOT a fix for Black education, local economics and "Klan reenactments" by the Street Pirates
* Martin Luther King III - who took time from the court proceedings of the SCLC as their two factions have a judge to provide LEADERSHIP as to who will get the corner office on Auburn Avenue
* The Unions who's policies drove up the cost of production and gave us the present conditions in Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Buffalo, Rochester, Newark, Trenton and St Louis

Had you chose to focus on the REAL problems with Black America - instead of feeding those who hate your guts for admitting that you are affiliated with the political party that they hate as they have fused their Black community advancement in with the "American Political Domain" instead of the highly neglected "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain" you would have penned a different article.

Those incarcerated Black men that serve as the foundation for their permanent struggle, Mr McAllester are victims of the BENIGN NEGLECT that takes place in our community as those who now have control over our institutions have departed from their battle stations WITHIN our community and have instead chosen to march in circles around the encampment of the White Conservative Grizzles which are of concern of them and the Snarling Fox White Progressives who they are in partnership with.

Start WITHIN the Black community, Mr McAllester in your attempt to find any evidence of the legacy of King. The Republican Party will NEVER have any traction within these ranks because so many of its actual Black members who admit being so do such a poor job framing the issue as to WHY after having every single possible position in our community being controlled by this infiltrating PARTY (except Joseph Cao and he'll be a gonner soon) WHY are we still with massive grievances and WHO stands strong despite this fact?

(Dear - will YOU all go down the list of people on stage with Al Sharpton and their affilation with George Soros funding? Color Of Change, Media Matters, If Billionaire Rupert Murdoch's money is unclean what say you about Soros?)

The Day Of The Great Unmasking: The Grizzly, The Snarling Fox & The Progressive In Black Sheep's Clothing

Today, August 28, 2010 a series of events took place that should bring all who are not blind into awareness of what is really going on with the forces that have the greatest impact upon our modern society.

At the foot of the monument paying tribute to the greatest "war-time president" in American history was the focal point of this great unmasking of the real agendas of the respective parties that participated.

The White Conservative Grizzly

At the foot of the monument that pays tribute to the Commander In Chief at the time of the "American Civil War"  stood the White Conservative faction.  He came to town able to talk about any subject that he chose to.  He chose to play tribute to the families of the Armed Forces of America.  This is key institution that allows the nation to project its power internationally and to protect the homeland from enemies coming by sea or air.

Today the grizzly recognized the grand sacrifices that the families of the men and women who serve in the military have made as they called for a reformation of our nation back to our founding principals.

The grizzly knows that militarianism and social control of citizens through strong institutions are the key to his survival.  He needs a well ordered society for his ideas to be expressed.

The White Snarling Fox Liberal

The ideological counter-point to the Conservative Grizzly is the "White Snarling Fox Liberal".  If we watch his antics we ultimately discover that he is actually complicit with his arch-rival as so much of his work is done in response to or as a function of what the White Conservative Grizzly does.

  • His Anti-War Marches are conducted after a grizzly strike. He can't be totally anti-military for his own genetic purity is based on the need to ultimately control the macro-balance of power in the world
  • His Anti-Corporate protests are aimed at reform of corporate behavior or redistribution of wealth that has been aggregated by the corporation.   He can't seek the total destruction of the corporation for his own standard of living is critically dependent upon it.  Is union does not CREATE jobs.  It merely works for the struggle to have those who do get a slice of the pie to bring a large slice home rather than remaining on the plate for the ownership to consume.  He needs the presence of his corporate enemy - the "exploiter" of his labor as the intermediary that deploys his people while he stands as the intermediary, insuring that the employee's interests are protected.  He has little organic ability to make the unemployed into employees via his protests. 
  • His Progressive-Media is merely a surveillance of the grizzly's activities.  Media Matters and the MSNBC Host of "The Ed Show" - Ed Schutz are completely based upon the material that the grizzly projects rather than original content.  Progressivism is in-organic.  It cannot stand alone in its own domain.  It is fundamentally a "protest movement" and a "permanent struggle".  A struggle against that which the conservative has clear-cut from the wilderness yet has engaged for his own selfish use.  The progressive's function is to hone what has been derived by assume no blood on his hands in the taking.
The Progressive In Black Sheep's Clothing

From where I stand as an observer and analyst of the Black community - the grandest unmasking of the day, however, came from those who are a derivative of the Progressive movement who I have labeled the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser".  The content of his speeches today and the functional references to that which he stands against was shown in abundance today.

Though  he purports to be the "Keeper Of King's Eternal Flame" he showed himself to be merely a political and ideological operative 42 years after King's departure.  The existence of Kings dream upon the streets of Black America - where the "Progressive In Black Sheep's Clothing" has the most power is the place where such a concept has been most substantially vacated.

The "Progressive IN Black Sheep's Clothing" fails to notice that - compared to Dr King's day:

  1. He now has "favorable people" sitting in the seats of power that he used to protest against - sheriff, mayor, fire chief - and even the President Of The United States
  2. King Protested against War - Their present protection of their "Permanent Friend" who is a "War Time President" and Commander In Chief would have them cause his popularity to further erode.  Thus they execute the grand compromise of their claimed core values with the knowledge that those progressives in the media won't call them out for their gross hypocrisy  either. The grizzly supports war.  HE is not going to be the original source of attack for the war that is commanded by the Progressive.  SILENCE is achieved by mutual consent. 
  3. King stood against those who were killing Black people - Today's most prevalent killers of Black people and those who terrorize our communities the most are the Street Pirates who's creation is a function of the benign neglect as the leaders of the Black community vacate their positions within in order to continue their external battles against the Grizzly.  
    1. If the "Progressive in Black Sheep's clothing" were more forthright he would see that there is a SPIRIT of destruction that is responsible for the wanton murder and terrorism of Black people.  He is unwilling to note that the very INSTITUTIONS and TRADITIONS that the Conservative Grizzlies covets are an essential part in the productive deployment of the human resources within his domain of control.  He refuses to adopt any of his ideological adversaries ways.  Instead he adopts a PERMANENT INDICTMENT against his adversary, claiming that each generation of being that is born while the Progressive is in control is a victim of the past deeds of the Grizzly.
  4. King & The NAACP fought against the principalities that denied Black people access to quality education.  Today's Progressive in Black Sheep's Clothing is bound to his union partners who stand on stage with him today and thus won't discuss "alternative education" unless the workers are unionized.  (Ben Jealous' words).  A failing but unionized public school proves to be a greater "bird in hand" to project indictments than is an alternative in which his forces are on the dime to produce quality education among the equal human beings that were nurtured within the eco-system that the Progressives increasingly control.  The words spoken that "Education Is Te Great Equalizer" and the "Greatest Present Civil Rights Struggle Of Our Time" does not turn into a SELF-INDICTMENT as people observes that HE is not the one standing in the doorway of the school building as School Board president,  principal and teaching staff
King's Dream Is Now Laid To Rest As Dormant As The Body That Now Rests Beside His Bride

This past year those of us in metro-Atlanta have been treated to the painful truth as it relates to those who claim to carry the vision of Dr King forward.  The "Southern Christian Leadership Conference" that King founded decades ago proved to the world that the only portion of its acronym that remains true is that it's headquarters is in the South.

The two factions of the "Fighting Temptations" were forced to take their grievances into the Fulton County Courthouse to have a judge settle once and for all WHO is the rightful controlling entity of this once great organization.  Today instead of even bothering to lift a finger to provide protection to the citizens - Black and White that are being terrorized in the "Old Forth Ward" / "Buttermilk Bottom" section that is walking distance from the newly christened headquarters of the SCLC - they consumed the time of a judge that should be deciding cases where justice is sought for murderers, rapists and assailants and instead used the court time to address their bickering.  

Again making note that the Progressive is a FUNCTION of his enemies - the low hanging fruit of oppression of the Black man has been mitigated.  Now the SCLC is fighting over who will get the corner office in the headquarters building.  The King family squabbles over who will receive the royalties to the movies made about their father's legacy.

This legacy will be shown on worn out black and white film footage.
The Black community's present suffering under the watch of the progressive can be captured in color on:
  • Camera phones
  • Mini-DV cameras
  • 8 megapixel point and shoot cameras
  • 12 megapixel single lens reflex cameras
  • and, most frequently - the microwave uplink from the local television news remote that is reporting from the crime scene or the sight of the corruption or incompetence investigation of the local elected leader who's PORTRAIT we are asked to worship when we visit the government buildings downtown
Or at least this is what the Civil Rights Pharisees suggest that we do as a means achieving the "circular motivation" that comes from the pride in seeing these portraits upon the wall.

If Martin Luther King Jr Were Alive Today & Visiting Memphis - The Traveling Vice Lords Would Be A Greater Threat For Murder Than Are White Racists

(I keep telling you all that THEY ARE NOT GOING TO STOP as they have no dignity in respect to the BLACK COMMUNITY and its integrity)

 The masks are coming off and certain embedded fraudulent operatives are exposing themselves for who they are.

From the "The Color Of Change" affiliated web site:
Did you know that Glenn Beck is planning a rally to take place on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous 'I Have a Dream Speech' What's more, Beck's rally is being held at the same location where King gave his speech in 1963 and will feature guests like Sarah Palin!

I just signed a pledge to stand with Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of a just, diverse and equal society. We cannot let Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin destroy and distort King's vision. As King once said: 'Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter'.

We can't become silent. Sign the pledge:

In reading one Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser web site that is dedicated to defending against Fox News and Sarah Palin in pursuit of the salvation of the Black community I ran across a "chain letter" that is being propagated by "The Color Of Change".

Yes that "Color of Change".  The one that sold us on the idea that right about this time, after the 2008 elections that we would be "roll'in" if we took the prescription drugs that they were peddling.

Instead of focusing on forcing Obama and the local Democrats that dominate every single Black majority voting district to EFFECTIVELY address the high unemployment rate for Black males, the "Color Of Change" and all of their affiliated operatives that work as confidence men on the inside of our protective circle seem to be instead investing their time.

You see people - This is not about "protecting" Glenn Beck.  Though I would take a few million dollars of his money if he offered it.   My agenda is to expose the frauds in our midst.  Ironically the best way to EXPOSE THE FRAUDS is to hold them up to an important reference standard for the interests of the Black Community and show how they have no intention at all to address these points.

Again - I can't blame "The Color of Change" for their antics.  I have watched the progressive circles that they roam (Netwroots and Democracy Now) and can see that none of this is surprising.  The Black rank & file that is going along with their fraud or, at minimum, which is tuned out as they pursue their efforts to show any movement as "progression forward" - it is the average Black American who must be blamed for failing to set up some internal defenses.

As I sat in the crowd at a local football game last night  I listened to a group of BQPFRCs report on the RACISM in our criminal justice system. They gathered in the Martha's Vineyard to report on the problems in the ghetto streets.  These enlightened "Progressives who are Black" showed the numbers which indicated that more Black males are locked up than their drug use justifies as compared to WHITE FOLKS.

I want to do a more indepth review on this later so I will stop right here.

Needless to say that every time I hear leftwing judicial activist Michelle Alexander contrive an explanation as to why, even in the Blackest and most Democratic judicial districts - Black males are locked up out of proportion - that something is at play - other than the hand of Ronald Reagan, as she suggests. Even in Cook County IL and Wayne County MI and Fulton/Dekalb/Clayton Counties in GA - these Democratic-fundamentalist counties have the very same effect.

When I got home my Tivo provided me with an answer. It showed me two words that Michelle Alexander and the line up of other progressives that met in Martha's Vineyard likely never uttered.

On the eve before the sold out state of the Black Progressive Political Establishment shows their true colors - the History Channel show "Gangland' provided the answers that Michelle Alexander skipped in her accounting.  The backdrop of this particular episode was Memphis Tennessee.

It appears that two Chicagoland gangs have migrated to the city and have created their own brand of "blues" that are nothing like that which the great BB King and Bobby Blue Bland had in mind.

The "Traveling Vice Lords" formed their Southern Strangle Strategy upon the city of Memphis and the "Klan Reenactments" were initiated as a result.

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(Note: at the 9 minute mark in the first video - despite the fact that the Traveling Vice Lords put out a hit on a Black man who was a prison guard that 'disrespected' a gang leader, shooting him in his own drive way - these 20 bullets will NEVER be equal to the bullet that killed civil rights great Medgar Evers.  The quality of the bullet is not due to the metals that make up the slug and chemicals that make up the gun powder which penetrate the body of the Black man in question.  The VALUE is 100% keyed in upon the person who's hand is on the trigger and the political and ideological indictment that can be registered against him in the context of the larger struggle)

Behind all of this TERROR and "Rule by the Gun" that our community is being assaulted with - there is willful complicity by those who are in power in our community to focus on their grand diversion attempt. By keeping us focused on these outside enemies, personally struggling to adopt PROGRESSIVE theories, they who have power in these places yet the problems persist don't risk being tossed out.

This "Permanent Chase" places our community on the path of seeking to obtain the carrot that is dangling in front of us. The Black rank and file doggedly seeks to address our community problems. The confidence men embedded within our ranks use our desperation to benefit the Democratic Party and the progressive interests of NATIONALIZING all of our entitlements. They get absolved of their local incompetence at protecting the interests of the Black community in the process.

The city of Memphis just got through a brutal, racially charged "Black General Election" in which two Democrats battled it out over who will represent the city in the US House. Former Mayor Herrenton made the debate an issue of "diversity in the TN congressional delegation". How much did you hear about the reign of terror that the Dark Seth has cast upon the city of Memphis?

Imagine if Dr Martin Luther King came back to Memphis - NOT as an elite "civil rights great" but as an average Black man with a wallet in his back pocket, walking down the streets of Northwest Memphis? Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr attempted to "take back his community" from the drug dealers and gang bangers that have over run the place, having terrorized the hard working majority? Do you think that the local representative of the "Traveling Vice Lords" would have any hesitation in putting a bullet through his head to silence the THREAT to the favorable "status quo" that they have?

The Enemy Of The Black Community Is A Spirit
The same spirit that possessed the ignorant, racist blood thirsty White men who hated Dr King for exposing their lies and injustice is the very same spirit that now possesses the Street Pirates who are organized as gangs in our communities and who reign terror.

Here is the grand tie in:  Where as the ignorant White racist killers are seen as intrinsically hateful as part of some racial attribute that wills them to kill Black people to protect their genetic seed - few people who reason this way will document the case of the Murderous Street Pirate of today.

The sad truth is that those who function as Street Pirates, terrorizing our communities are would-be upstanding citizens that should have been pillars of our community.   As the sold out "Progressive who are Black" leaders left their posts in our community to go fight their foreign wars against their ANTI-PROGRESSIVE enemies - these young Black males who should have been sculpted into the conscious leadership for our community were allowed to morph into Street Pirates - reigning the very same terror upon the Black community in 2010 that Martin Luther King Jr suffered at the hands of White racists who also wanted to protect their franchise.

The ONLY reason why the Street Pirate's bullets are not seen as POWERFUL as those of the White Racists of the past is because of the "Non-White White Supremacy" that has too many Black people believing that the White assailant's bullets kill us better.

Black America has a choice.  Continue to allow these FRAUDS to lead you on the path that benefits their ideology and party in the "American Political Domain" or regulate their actions while they are within our protected space, forcing them to uphold the principles in the "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain" - the area that suffers the greatest amount of benign neglect from the hijacking of our interests.