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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black Farmer's Settlement Round 2: If You Want Some Black Folks To Like You Don't Enforce The Agreement That They Signed With You

My position in this matter ultimately has nothing to do with the "Black Farmers" who won a settlement with the US Department of Agriculture for the years of systematic racism that they suffered in obtaining loans.

Ironically I just lost a portion of you with my first statement.   In truth what you are saying is that because I am not willing to see that they are BLACK and VICTIMS OF RACISM and thus look past the terms of the original agreement that it is ME who is a racist sympathizer or Uncle Tom.

Instead I am focused upon upholding of a mutually agreed upon settlement.  The present case where the Congressional Black Caucus is upset over agricultural funds going to farmers in Arkansas for disaster relief  (see Booker Rising) has nothing to do with the settlement regarding the aggrieved Black farmers nation wide. 

Here are the facts surrounding the case:

  1. A class action lawsuit was filed by the Black Farmers seeking damages regarding years of systematic racial discrimination in lending and assistance provided to Black farmers by the US Department of Agriculture
  2. After years of trying a settlement was reached back in 1999 for $981 million directed toward approximately 23,000 farmers.  The agreement requires that any farmer with a claim come forth within a 6 month time window for consideration.  They need not prove that they were discriminated against, only that they had been denied a loan by the Ag Dept. 
  3. At the end of the 6 month window for claims an additional 73, 000 people came along with intention to file suite.  After an initial rejection of their claims a judge ruled that a one year extension should be given to those who could show just cause as to why the missed the original 6 month window.  This left the bulk of the 73,000 shut out. 
  4. Having suffered a loss in the legal system the case was put back into the political system.  A bill that would provide an additional  $100 million for additional payouts was worked upon back in 2008.
  5. As the number of claims were trued up with the costs this $100M grew to the present $1,500M, far more than even the original payout that was contractually agreed upon in the original settlement

    Per the original terms:
    As in the original settlement, claimants can seek expedited damages of $50,000 under a lower threshold of proof than a typical civil case -- essentially by showing they applied for and were denied USDA farm assistance.

    Claimants also can bypass the expedited process and pursue larger damages, but most are expected to seek the $50,000 payment.

    If just half are successful, it would cost $1.8 billion; a two-thirds success rate would cost about $2.5 billion
    The difference between legitimate redress for injury and by which everyone it told to tap into the gravy train is defined by the integrity of the entire process.  Even Rep Autur Davis admits to placing a low ball figure for the second round ($100M) during the budgeting process, knowing that a more realistic number would have scuttled its inclusion in the farm bill.

    Why then doesn't any one consider that with the price tag at $1,500 M, a 15 fold increase - that the present push back is a legitimate response to seeing the con that was made during the budget process? 

    My personal position remains.  I would prefer to see $1,500 million invested in the various HBUC Agricultural and Mechanical schools from which the next generation of Black agricultural professionals will descend.

    The present agreement has government funds being transferred into private hands due to a grievance that the recipient has.  I believe that a more sound investment in our strategic future is had if this money is used to fortify the system of academics from which new farming techniques will derive from advanced studies.

    It takes the notion of  "dignity management" to be in place for this type of vision to carry forth.

    From the USA Today story:

    Supporters acknowledge that the $100 million was an arbitrary amount that will not come close to covering the actual cost. Yet the measure ran into little opposition during the monthslong debate on the farm bill, mainly because of the artificially low price tag.

    "The reality is that we had to fix some dollar amount to this provision because that's what the House rules require," said Rep. Artur Davis, D-Ala., a lead sponsor of the proposal.

    With a higher estimate, he said, lawmakers probably would have stripped the provision.

    The decision to allow new claims comes almost 10 years after the Agriculture Department settled a class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of thousands of black farmers. The farmers, mainly from rural areas in the South, alleged that local USDA offices routinely denied them loans, disaster assistance and other aid frequently given to whites -- practices that often drove them out of business.

    At that time, 22,500 farmers filed claims. Nearly two-thirds were awarded a total of $981 million in damages, including one Virginia farmer awarded $6.6 million.


    • 90% - The amount of Black support that President Barack Obama enjoys while the rest of the nation has his approval rating at 47%
    • 1.38% - The percentage of Black viewers that the Fox News Channel pulls in.  Most Blacks receive their NEWS ABOUT Fox News from "Media Matters" - thus "Watching Fox So You Don't Have To".  Interestingly enough though - Fox News operative Glenn Beck has received more coverage in the Black Press this year than have all the 43 members of the Congressional Black Caucus. 
    • 15.4% - The Black unemployment rate at this time, despite the fact that those who are content with the political machine that is running this country and their communities also suffer in silence, seeking to protect their Permanent Friends by putting a forbearance upon their Permanent Interests. 
    How does one explain this discrepancy in numbers beyond the "2008 White Alabama Voter Effect"?  

    One would have to sublimate their own permanent interests to protect and support their permanent friend for this to stand.

    Despite the pain felt around the 15.4% unemployment rate the masturbatory stimulation that often results from the attack focus upon Fox News appears to have psychosomatic influence upon the condition of consciousness of those in question.

    Add to this fact that the same forces that control the national government also control the local environs from which so much of the grievances derive from and the results that are seen are even more suspect.

    Chicago Youth Shot 13 Times: When The Indictment Call "THEY" Is Not Available For Exploitation

    Another week goes by in the summer of 2010 in America. Another case of the wanton murder of a Black person is exhibited. Pick the large metro area of your choice and you will find your own exhibit to focus upon.

    This time the location is Chicago Illinois.  We see the usual respondents to such an event:

    • The local news
    • A community march
    • Jesse Jackson
    • Huffington Post (Notice the straight news report from HuffPo - no expanded analysis linking this one killing in to a larger pattern that threatens the Black community - as would be the case if a right-wing militia group had struck even once.  They know that Blacks are killing each other.  It would do more damage to their relationship with Progressive Blacks to make such a connection than it is to stay silent and merely wait until  "unifying Republican" says something stupid that the White Snarling Fox and the "Progressive who is Black" can retain their solemn unity around. )
    The fact remains that none of them have the scenario at hand that allows them to make their strongest of indictments.  These are typically notated by the words said to the camera:  "THEY cannot do this to Black people!!!  Shooting us dead like we are animals.  Their hated of our race shown in the wanton violence of the attack".

    The notation of a pattern of violence in which Black people are being killed is not enough of an indictment that can trigger forces near and far to converge upon the violent streets of Chicago or any other place where this pattern exists.  Instead it is the value of the assailant that is the key determining factor of how much "legs" the story will have.  How far they will travel to make a national statement which says "The Black community will not tolerate such a violent attack against US"

    Indeed it is awesome to see this community come together for a "stop the violence" march.  The fact that the aggrieved parents of the 13 year old who was violently murdered participated in the march makes it even more powerful.  Everyone's outrage is real.   However, in as much as a march symbolizes the unity of the individuals in the community against these violent acts - the fact remains that a march is most effective against those who have POWER.  A march is a statement of POWER against an opposing force that is POWERFUL.  It shows that the individuals standing together is too powerful to be rolled over.  An accompanying sit-in shows this power that this mass will not be moved until they relent.

    The terrorizers of this particular community in Chicago, and so many others where Black people live in our highest concentrations come from WITHIN the domain of the community.
    Unfortunately the Street Pirates don't have a building that can be picketed or any advertisers that can be boycotted in order to force change upon the target.

     Thus, I argue that a MARCH is not the most effective tool to foment change in the consciousness of those who have so much contempt for the life of a fellow human being that he would shoot him between 13 and 22 times - UNCERTAIN of the identify of the human who's life he took.  Not giving a DAMN about the other human beings who are extended to the being that he is about to slay.  Shot after shot to vent his hatred, an empty clip telling them to stop.

    Clearly something with more fortitude than a march is needed.

    The Disconnectedness Between The Black Political Operatives And The Main Threats On The Street Which Terrorize The Black Community

    This was a relatively quiet week as compared to the week prior in which Shirly Sherrod was the headliner in which some are saying she was "lynched".  The week prior we had the NAACP indicting the Tea Party for racism as they decided upon the marquee message specifying the "primary threat to Black people" from their convention.

    When we clear the decks of the issues that the Black Progressive Establishment would prefer to focus upon - we are left, all alone in our secret spaces, having to deal with the problems that suffer from the benign neglect as those who purport to be our community consciousness leaders have their attention focused elsewhere.

    I am not arguing for one minute that anyone caused this violent and senseless death besides the Street Pirate who pulled the trigger at least 13 times, pumping bullets into the body of the young Black male who looked like him.

    I am only arguing that those adults who have control over our communities are allowing this murderous consciousness to metastasize, unabated.   Those who seek to set the agenda for Black America have us focused upon enemies the enemies that garner the greatest political advantage in the "Malcolm X political football game" in which we are now starters.   This focus has a greater unifying effect upon the Black masses.  In advancing this agreed upon focus no one has to get their toes stepped upon.

    If the Southern States of the past were "Killing Fields" for Black people and thus required the interdiction of  an array of forces to ensure the well-being and safety for the Black community then why aren't the same observations being made of today's "killing fields" in which an inordinate amount of Black people are allowed to live their final moments on this Earth, their lives snatched away by the same SPIRIT which once possessed the body of our long time oppressors AND which was not checked by the force of AUTHORITY which allowed them to act with impunity?

    Indeed it is a SPIRIT that we are fighting.  Those who stand within our consciousness nucleus would prefer to place a skin color, ideology and political party on this SPIRIT.  As they chase after their windmill they leave our jugular vein exposed to be slashed by those who are reside WITHIN yet go unregulated.  RACIAL PROFILING, indeed.

    Unfortunately for the prevailing consciousness within our community to change this requires a bit of SELF-INDICTMENT and their commitment to a framework for change.  Since self-correction is so rare among groups who suffer from "insider trading" - our community is bound to suffer even more of these senseless deaths. They don't present the usual suspects with the exploitable vector by which to operate upon.

    WHO is really devaluing the lives of Black people but Black people?

    Chris Tucker Owes $11M In Back Taxes

    'Rush Hour' Star Chris Tucker Owes $11M in Back Taxes, Report Claims

    From The Article:

    Chris Tucker's ongoing tax problems have reached Nicolas Cage proportions. According to new documents, the "Rush Hour" star now owes the IRS more than $11 million in back taxes.

    The Internal Revenue Service filed documents with the L.A. County Recorder's Office yesterday, which show Tucker owes $11,571,909.26 in federal taxes for the years 2001, 2002 and 2004 through 2006.

    Here's how it all breaks down:

    2001 -- $4,007,794.34

    2002 -- $5,060,074.23

    2004 -- $55,544.84

    2005 -- $660,414.94

    2006 -- $1,788,080.91

    But this isn't Tucker's first issue with taxes. As TMZ previously reported, the State of California filed a lien against Tucker for allegedly not paying $3,594,409 in state taxes over the same time span.

    Back in 2001, Tucker reportedly took in a $20 million payday for "Rush Hour 2" and scored $25 million for "Rush Hour 3" ... which hit theaters in 2007.

    So far, no word from Chris' people on the tax situation.

    Friday, July 30, 2010

    This Black Man Who Was Shot & Thrown Out Of A Moving Car Did Not Suffer From A Civil Rights Violation

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    A man was shot in a car traveling through Dekalb County Georgia. His body was thrown from a moving car as the car and the murderer within kept going.

    According to some witnesses the man was conscious as he laid on the street. The paramedics attempted CPR as he was taken to the hospital. This man was pronounced dead at the hospital.

    The idea that a human being could be so disrespected and discarded like "trash" or a "dead animal" is typically enough to get people riled up upon hearing the news. Unfortunately though - There will be no protests over this latest offense that has transpired in the "Bloody Summer of 2010".

    You see - unlike James Byrd who was brutally dragged to death behind a pickup truck - the man in Dekalb County who was found discarded upon the streets was killed, it is highly likely, by a person that has no political and ideological interest to those who typically protest when a Black person is so brutally disrespected as such.

    My goal is not to taunt anyone or take advantage of this sad situation. Instead I intend to document my observations and my analysis so that I can pull them off of the shelf when needed.

    Crack Is Not A "Black Drug" - The Impact Of Focusing Upon Government Sanction

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    Meet "Chronic" - the drug dealer in the first video.
    Chronic doesn't give a damn about the impact of the drugs that he sells to the people who live in his community. He only cares about the money that he can make by acting as the middle man for his drugs. He sees the value of getting more people addicted to his drugs because this means more money into his own pockets.

    There are competing theories regarding how to address the scourge of drugs and/or balance enforcement with the consideration of how punishment impacts communities.

    The reduction of the crack mandatory sentences is seen as a victory, a step toward justice by some people. As usual they point to a secondary indictment (Racism) as a means of undercutting the policy and its motivations. Of course, unless you believe that "Crack is a Black drug" - their outrage makes little sense. Their evidence that more Blacks are locked up for crack possession than are Whites merely proves that, despite the known risks and addictive results - the RISK are still made to use crack instead of powder or other intoxicants.

    I see this policy having a few important impacts upon the community that people claim are being damaged by the "racist" prosecution of crack over powder. (White people use powder more).

    A person who has the lack of character and thus sells drugs within his own community will either continue to see these drugs with a reduced sentence dangling over his head OR he will merely find some other criminal activity to engage in. Recently the "smash and grab robbery" has employed those who would have otherwise been drug dealers.

    The main failure of this strategy is that it does nothing to address the need for employment and the lack of skills that many of these people have. Drug dealing is both a line of employment and a choice to go for the 'big money' as they turn down low waged jobs that they qualify for. Ironically most of the street level drug dealers don't make much money. He might have small evidence of money per his clothing, jewelry or other accouterments but he remains poor, uneducated, unskilled and a predator in his community.

    Having just toured the city of Detroit it is clear that many of the employment opportunities for the unskilled laborers have disappeared. The increasing costs of labor and the regulations that have been added to the "consumers of labor" caused many of them to shutdown, move to a more competitive American location or shift their production to another nation. In particular cars that were going to sold in a particular region was made there instead of being exported from what is now called the "Rust Belt" region.

    If we consider the drug dealer as an EMPLOYEE with multiple options if he is developed in a certain way then it is also true that we are not debating enough about:

    • The failure of the public schools to prepare him
    • The failure of the community eco-system/families from which he comes from to regulate his behavior
    • The failure of the local economic policies to retain their base of "consumers of labor", instead often treating them in a hostile manner
    My main criticism about the Progressive is that they choose to cherry pick and render indictments instead of fielding an all encompassing set of solutions that also respect core issues like property rights and reasonable taxation below the point of confiscation.   Opening the doors of the jail cells in pursuit of their brand of justice while ignoring the quality of the schools that they now control is not a solution.  The previous stances against the tired claims of "family values" by the conservatives should not be mistaken as proof that they have a community/relationship management strategy of their own that delivers outcomes.

    Instead government and corporations are often the sources of the indictment.   I am not against the 18 to 1 compromise.  I am only making the case that THIS AIN'T THE PROBLEM and thus it is not going to provide the fix that many (like leftist judicial activist Michelle Alexander) claim it will have.

    I would be more impressed if someone assembled a program to develop construction arts skills by targeting the grossly abandoned houses in parts of Detroit and Atlanta that I have recently seen.  Take the "Habitat for Humanity" model yet make it into a skills training program that is also revitalizing the community and ridding it of its inventory of collapsing buildings. 

    Clayton County Georgia - The Foolishness Continues - Tax Commissioner vs The County Board

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    What does an all Democratic County do when they can't get along with each other?
    They ask the Republican governor to come in to settle the squabble between them.  This is the second time that Republican Sonny Purdue - the same leader of the Georgia government that Clayton County board chairman Eldrin Bell said two weeks ago needed to CHANGE - is once again called into the county.   If you recall, about 20 months ago as the county school board was engaged in a pitched battle Republican Governor Sonny Purdue was called in by one faction of the 100% Democratic board to provide relief.   At the time the governor did not have any legal power to reach into the matters related to a county school system.  The governor was given this power in the last GA legislative session.

    I keep an eye on Clayton County Georgia because it so often proves to be ground zero in the indictment against the Black Political Establishment overlay that has been allowed to take over the interests of the rank & file. We are long past the statement "We keep voting this way because our interests are being advanced, unlike the other alternatives.".

    Both Clayton County and Dekalb County show that when it comes to favorable Black elected officials the Black voting public has merely swapped out often incompetent WHITE legislators and government executives in exchange for BLACKS who are often incompetent or who have dysfunctional relationships.

    I actually see this as EQUALITY!!!!   Both are equally incompetent.

    Unfortunately the bias and bigotry that is too often present among the Black voting public removes this notion of equality.   The reason why I argue this is the case is because this incompetence is not punished by the voters.  They are too often lulled in to looking at the "portrait upon the wall" of the government building which show the hue of these leaders that trigger pride.  As such the voters then listen to these leaders, community activists or persuasive preachers as they work to redirect the angst that the community feels about its present condition, shifting it upon the closest adversarial political and ideological force around.

    This is what happened about three weeks ago as I called out the array of officials from Clayton and Dekalb who through their strong support behind the Democratic candidate for governor all the while looking past the local mismanagement and dysfunction back at home.

    I still don't blame these politicians for cherry picking their glory and redirecting the public attention.  This is their function of power aggregation.  The problem resides with the fact that the Black Community Management has been fused with these political operatives.  This allows the elected officials to do their dysfunctional deeds while never suffering the consequences.  A loss of this "favorable Black Progressive Democrat" is a loss of "Black representation", after all.

    This regime in Clayton County has:
    • Presided over the loss of accreditation of its public school system
    • Presided over the loss of the public transit system for the county
    • Presided over the massive loss of property values for the county and have the highest rate of foreclosure in the metro area
    We are now at the point of asking the voters - "Why do you keep doing what you do despite the results that fall short of your expectations?"

    Clayton County Tax Commissioner Terry Baskin says if the county wants its money, it can come and get it. The County Commission is asking Gov. Sonny Perdue to force Baskin to deliver weekly tax receipts or face removal from office.

    The latest showdown between Baskin and the commissioners isn't likely to affect public services.

    On Thursday, Baskin’s lawyer said the tax commissioner is ready to turn over the money if somebody from the finance office picks it up. They've done that before, lawyer Steven Frey said.

    One reason Baskin won't transport the receipts himself is because the county took away the tax office’s four cars July 9. Baskin last delivered the tax receipts on June 11.

    “There are some issues as to liability,” Frey said. “That was a factor in the tax commissioner deciding not to use his personal automobile.”

    State law says the tax commissioner must “pay over” taxes on a weekly basis.

    Commission Vice Chairman Wole Ralph, who voted for the action against Baskin, said county attorneys don't see any gray area in the law. The county attorney sent a July 19 letter demanding Baskin pay the receipts.

    "We've never had any question the last six years about what ‘pay over' means," Ralph said.

    But Frey sees the law differently.

    “Our interpretation is we are to make that money available to the County Commission,” Frey said. “There’s nothing in the code that says he has to physically deliver to them.”

    The county police took the tax office vehicles July 9 as the commission moved to limit the use of take-home cars. Baskin tried to block a tow truck and was charged with obstruction.

    Ralph said Baskin could get back some of the vehicles if he'd agree not to drive the cars home. Frey said Baskin has agreed to that but was still refused the cars.

    The County Commission must ask the governor to discipline Baskin because he's an elected constitutional officer, not an appointed official.

    Neither Frey nor any county official has said county operations were endangered, but Frey noted, "The longer you go without money, the closer you get to danger."

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    A Tale Of Two Issues Of "Federal Supremacy" - Reverse Civil Rights Movement Where Federal Law Enforcement Is Ignored

    Executive Summary:

    IF we are indeed a "nation of laws" then the proper method to obtain what you want in society is to change the law via the formal legislative process. This is the case with your desires to increase legal immigration, allowing more people in. Otherwise why have a US Customs enforcement at airports and seaports? This is the case with availability of drugs that you desire but which are presently illegal.

    Instead of following this process we see that certain advocates who have a left-wing disposition choose to IGNORE the federal law and do their own thing. Since the law doesn't say what they want it to say - they do what they want and dare the law enforcement authorities to prosecute them. The jury of public opinion will never convict them.

    When these leftist forces infiltrate the federal government they will ignore their own laws and then sue a state that has the audacity to actually ENFORCE the federal laws that the Feds are ignoring.

    During the Civil Rights Movement states thumbed their noses at federal law and constitutional rights. The Federal government was forced to insert federal troops and law enforcement in order to enforce "federal supremacy".

    Today we see the opposite. Federal laws are being blatantly ignored. As certain states cry foul and choose to enforce the federal laws - to the letter of the law those who know they have no leg to stand on will protest over a secondary impact and make a plea to the jury of public opinion. Since they can't argue that asking immigrants to carry their paper is illegal - it is federal law - the secondary attack that they make is that the enforcement of the law will lead to "Racial Profiling". Even the Federal government knew that this had no legal bearing and did not include this claim in their lawsuit against Arizona.

    In my analysis those on the left who blatantly violate the law are equal offenders to those state officials who did the same 50 years ago.

    (Preemptive Note: If you ask "Where are the Black people that are being murdered today as was the case in 1960?" I ask that you look around today and note those abundant "Civil Rights Violations" today that simply aren't labeled "Civil Rights Violations" while the favorable government regime is in power. This is because of the hue of the killer and the lack of political advantage in going after him.)

    The Expanded Adoption Of Medical Marijuana By States - In Violation Of Federal Law

    The Controlled Substances Act classifies cannabis as a Schedule I drug and defines it as a drug "with no accepted medical value in treatment". Despite its long history of use as a medication, cannabis is classified as a "new drug" and legal access is only possible through an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    I have traveled to several states this year and have noted billboards openly advertising the availability of "Medical Marijuana".  I am presently in Michigan.  On I-75 there are several signs notifying "sick people" where to get their hit.

    One thing I don't see is the Eric Holder lead justice department claiming "federal supremacy" against these obvious violations of federal law.  Recall last year when the DEA enforced federal law by raiding several medical marijuana dispensaries.  They were legal by local law but, none the less illegal by federal statute.

    What did the Eric Holder Justice Department do after the protests from the jury of public opinion?

    February 2009:  MSNBC -  Attorney General Eric Holder Confirms Suspension Of DEA Drug Raids

    Holder confirms states to have final say on use of drug for pain control

    If someone could find exactly where Mr Holder found these "states rights" to "have the final say" I would appreciate it. They don't. He has chosen to not enforce this element of "federal supremacy"

    “What the president said during the campaign ... will be consistent with what we will be doing here in law enforcement,” he said. “What (Obama) said during the campaign ... is now American policy.”
    Obama indicated during the presidential campaign that he supported the controlled use of marijuana for medical purposes, saying he saw no difference between medical marijuana and other pain-control drugs.
    “My attitude is if the science and the doctors suggest that the best palliative care and the way to relieve pain and suffering is medical marijuana, then that’s something I’m open to,” Obama said in November 2007 at a campaign stop in Audubon, Iowa. “There’s no difference between that and morphine when it comes to just giving people relief from pain.”
    White House spokesman Nick Shapiro hinted at the policy shift shortly after the California raids, telling The Washington Times that the dispensaries were legal in California and that the Obama administration’s stance was that “federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws.”

    How does the chief law enforcement officer and the man who is ultimately over the Food & Drug Administration unilaterally make such a policy without going through the formal process? Instead they ignore the law and thus the policy change has been executed.

    Illegal Immigration - Ignore Federal Law But This Time Attack States That Enforce The Law

    If this second case were not so much of a blatant point of hypocrisy from the initial position that I noted it would not be so burdensome to me.

    Yesterday the Obama Administrations lawsuit against the State Of Arizona's choice to enforce the federal laws that had not been enforce drew first blood.  The federal judge agreed that the state had no right to enforce the federal mandate that all immigrants must carry their papers.

    From NY Times article:

    The law, which proponents and critics alike said was the broadest and strictest immigration measure in generations, would make the failure to carry immigration documents a crime and give the police broad power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally. Opponents have called it an open invitation for harassment and discrimination against Hispanics regardless of their citizenship status.

    While police demands of documents are common on subways, highways and in public places in some countries, including France, Arizona is the first state to demand that immigrants meet federal requirements to carry identity documents legitimizing their presence on American soil.

    One can detect the bias of a news outlet based on their willingness to deemphasize this FACT.
    Instead they are forced to undercut the clear law by bringing in secondary concerns, namely claims of "racial profiling".

    As we accept their manufactured concerns of "racial profiling" and ignore the law, once again we have a tacit policy enacted, just as the jury of public opinion desires. The Keystone cops in federal law enforcement choose to ignore their own laws and go after the state which is the gateway for the largest number of illegal aliens that flow into our nation. Where as the original Keystone cops were incompetent the Neo-Keystone cops are merely ideologically bigoted.

    Essence Magazine Hires A White Fashion Director - Some Diversity Advocates Are Pissed

    Essence Hires a White Fashion Director, Backlash Ensues

    All one needs to do is sit back and observe the behaviors and reactions of the biggest "diversity advocates" to see how much they themselves are racialist. 

    When it comes to diversity - many operatives merely use it for their own exclusive advantage, seeking to have their long time adversaries to unilaterally "disarm". 

    In the case of Essence Magazine there is the case of a "Black power" institution (ie: an entity that has the power to hire, fire and has a certain level of economic wherewithal).   They stay true  their mission for diversity by hiring the person who they believe is most qualified to lead an important division of the company.

    In response to their decision to hire a White woman in a pivotal role some Black readers threaten to cancel their magazine subscription in protest.

    We all know the likely defenses:  "Since Vogue and Elle would never hire a Black person as their fashion director, why should the Black magazine, Essence, do anything similar by hiring a White?

    I didn't realize that there was such a "quid pro quo" or arbitrary conditionalism involved with "diversity"?  It was sold as the "right thing to do".

    If we consider the quantity of  job opportunity seats under "White control" as compared with those under the control of Blacks such a response that is triggered based on this woman's race is not strategically sound.

    Writer, stylist, and cultural critic Michaela Angela Davis stirred up controversy when she tweeted, "It is with a heavy heavy heart I have learned that Essence magazine has engaged a white fashion director, this hurts, literally, spiritually." Davis worked at Essence as fashion editor, was the founding fashion director of Vibe, and served as the editor-in-chief of Honey magazine. She told Clutch:

    Offering her immediate reaction to the hiring, Michaela says, “I am so so hurt and confused and frankly angry by this news. I feel like a girlfriend has died.” Michaela’s tweets and Facebook comments on the hiring informed many media insiders, and former Essence staff members who had no clue... Michaela says her feelings on the news have much to do with black women’s hostile history with the fashion industry. Further explaining her concerns around the issue, Michaela wrote on Facebook: “It is personal and it’s also professional. If there were balance in the industry; if we didn’t have a history of being ignored and disrespected; if more mainstream fashion media included people of color before the ONE magazine dedicated to black women ‘diversified’, it would feel different.”

    The new fashion director is Ellianna Placas, who has worked at O: The Oprah Magazine and Us Weekly. Commenters on Facebook have called Davis's point of view "reverse racism," but that's not quieting a whole lot of upset people:

    Joan Morgan, an award-winning journalist, author and long-time writer for Essence says she could care less how qualified the brand’s new white Fashion Director could be. “This is about the fact that the publishing industry, particularly when it comes to mainstream women’s magazines remains just about as segregated in its hiring practices as it did in 1988.” Joan referenced a 1988 Folio article about Blacks who are discouraged by the publishing industry’s “laissez-faire attitude toward recruitment.” Joan says, “When these same institutions (naming Conde Nast, Hachette and others) start to employ hiring practices that allow Black publishing professionals the same access to their publications, that’s when I can get all ‘Kumbaya’ about Essence‘s new fashion director.”

    Others still are threatening to stop buying the magazine.

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Attention Democrats Who Are Black: Congress ONLY Reduces Crack Sentencing Down To 18 To 1 Vs Powder

    US Congress votes to cut cocaine sentencing disparity

    Let me start out for the record:   CRACK IS NOT A "BLACK DRUG"!!

    There is no attribute about crack which targets melanated people.  PERIOD.

    It also stands to reason that:

    • Menthol Cigarettes are not Black smokes
    • Malt Liquor is not a Black drink
    • Fried Chicken and Watermelon are not Black foods
    All of these are points that have been adopted after the fact based on the choices, preferences or mere stereotypes for Black people.   I did not include "Welfare" and "Affirmative Action" on the list because, as we are reminded when the assignment is made - 
    • There are more White women on Welfare than Black
    • White Women benefit from Affirmative Action than do Blacks
    When it comes to the high rate of crack arrest by Black people my argument is far more evident than any other claim:  The choice of the drug dealer to sell crack into the Black community rather than powdered cocaine is related to the ease of transporting the drug in rock form.   In addition to the preference of the consumers to smoke the rock form of cocaine the "Street Pirate Drug Gangs' " own selfishness must be considered.

    This preference comes from the consideration of the ease of retrieving the drug from the jeans pocket of a carrier of the drug.
    1. When a baggie of powdered cocaine breaks into one's pocket there is a great challenge to separate the white powder from the blue and grey lint particles that is mixed amongst the product.  Snorting this lint into the nasal passage is quite painful.  ( :-)  )
    2. When a baggie of crack cocaine breaks inside of the drug dealers pocket he only needs to turn his pockets inside out, spilling the contents upon a table and can simply pick the valued product from the dust
    But What About The Great Imbalance In Drug Arrests?

    Individuals such as professor Michelle Alexander have pointed to the conspiracy against Black people by noting the great imbalance in drug arrests between Black and White drug suspects.  The claim is that "if you are White" you get drug treatment.  "If you are Black" you get jail time.   

    In this argument they set up the notion that in the very same court room with the same judge - the first case with a White defendant the judge rules one way, upon seeing the race of the next defendant as Black the judge gives him "Life!!!".  This is simply not the case.

    Instead these differentiated sentences are correlated to the geographic location of the court and the prevailing problems of rampant drug dealing ON THE STREETS.   Inner city drug dealing has more street corner transactions where crime and terrorized communities that have triggered a stronger response by the police and district attorney.  The so called "White areas" host drug users that transact and consume their drugs in a more clandestine manner by comparison.  

    The proof of the differing characteristic of the two 'drug games' can be seen in the rates of drug related murders and how Black people are dramatically overrepresented in the victim count. 

    Ironically several web sites that I reviewed make the claim that the two peak areas shown in the graph are due to government enforcement of "prohibition".   The first peak surrounding the crack down upon alcohol in the early part of last century.  The second peak due to the "War On Drugs". The above chart in which the peaks show a spread far outside of these two "Wars" show these claim to be dispositive. 

    How do they explain the recent reduction in homicides?  Did the "War On Drugs" stop?

    What Will The Black Activist Do About This "Slap In The Face Of Black People"?

    Assuming that you do believe that "crack is a Black drug" - the recent "1:18 Compromise" in the Congress, which is expected to receive the signature of President Obama is akin to the slavery era "3/5ths Compromise" being adjusted to "18/20th's" but not parity.  No?

    If you are serious about your contention of racial assignment I challenge you to take to the streets and rebuke the notion that this "Black drug" is more of a threat than its "White crystalline" form of powder.

    For me I will continue to stick to my "don't start none, won't be none" disposition.  If a person keeps their hands off of drugs they will not enter into the criminal justice system.  If you find cops planting crack on a Black man who was merely walking down the street - call me and I'll join in on your protest.

    Then there is my "Crack Kit" idea that has not been take up. 

    Rev Bernice King Will Not Take The Helm Of The SCLC Until The Judge Settles The Foolishness That Is Going On

    Bernice King will not take top SCLC post next month

    If there is one group of Civil Rights Pharisees who should have triggered unity in their ranks by finding an external conservative target - the Souther Christian Leadership Conference fits that bill to a greater extend than its sister organization, the NAACP.

    In the wake of the soap opera that has played out on local Atlanta news stations Rev Bernice King has decided to hold off on her ascension to the organization's presidency until a Fulton County Georgia judge makes his ruling on which of the two factions that have been cutting up actually run the organization.

    Bernice King, the youngest child of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has decided she will not take the position of president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference at the group's annual convention next month, a spokesman said Tuesday.

    Bernard LaFayette said King would wait until a Fulton County judge has resolved the months-long internal struggle for control of the once-premier civil rights organization.

    “She wanted to wait until all the stuff cleared with the court. Then she wanted to have that installation,” LaFayette told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday.

    Bernice King, who is the first woman elected SCLC president, did not respond to a message seeking comment. She nodded but declined to speak when an Associated Press reporter asked if her plan was to delay taking the post.

    Bernice King, a minister at New Birth Missionary Church in Lithonia , was chosen last October to take the position that was once held by her father, co-founder of the organization, and her brother, Martin Luther King III.

    Several dates have been set for her to take the position, only to be postponed.

    In court testimony in the lawsuit filed in a dispute over who runs the group, one witness said the delay was because Bernice King had “demands” that had not been met and she wanted a contract before taking the job.

    LaFayette said King simply wanted to put off taking the position because “she didn’t want to do it in the midst of the crisis.”

    The internal power struggle that has blown into a court fight began at the end of last year when questions were raised about $569,000 Raleigh Trammell, then the chairman, and Spiver Gordon, the treasurer at the time, had spent from SCLC accounts.

    Trammell, of Dayton, Ohio, and Gordon of Eutaw, Ala., initially agreed to step down until suspicions were calmed. But then the two men and their backers sued to stay in control.

    In the months that followed, two factions claimed to be the authorized board of directors. One side was led by Trammel as its chairman. The other side was headed by Sylvia Tucker, who had been second under Trammell.

    There are ongoing local, state and federal investigations into the money issue.

    Both sides have hired lawyers. They each have held multiple news conferences and released numerous statements to the media. Last spring, Markel Hutchins, the man named president by the Trammell-Gordon group, bolted a lock on the SCLC headquarters and chained and padlocked gates to the parking lot.

    A hearing on a lawsuit brought by the group fighting Trammell and Gordon was expected to last only a day. It started in early June and lasted, with periodic breaks, into July.

    LaFayette said while Bernice King would not be taking over as president at the national convention in Atlanta starting Aug. 8, the SCLC would select a vice president who would serve as acting president until she assumes the job.

    “She wants to stay in the clear,” LaFayette said.

    But as soon as the judge rules, LaFayette said, “we will set a day for the inauguration.”

    Rep. Alcee Hastings: If Obama Doesn't Help Meek's Senatorial Run I Won't Help Him In 2012

    President Obama support: Meek so far

    So let me get this straight.
    Obama's Black support as it stands today is at 90%.
    US Rep Alcee Hastings is threatening Obama, telling him if he doesn't show up in Florida to help Kendrick Meek then Obama should not look for him in 2012.

    It seems to me that Alcee Hastings not opening his mouth FOR Obama in 2012 won't have any negative impact at all for Barack Obama in his presidential run.
    The fact is that Alcee Hastings would have to be HONEST, defending the Permanent Interests of Black America by pointing out:

    • The High Black Unemployment rates
    • The correlation between popular Progressive Democrat control over a district and tepid local economic productivity for Black people 
    • Long running Educational issues despite favorable people in place
    In summary - For Alcee Hastings to hurt Obama he would have to put the Black community's Permanent Interests over the interests of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama.

    Isn't this ironic?
    It stands in line with my observations about how to debate a Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser:  The best way to silence them is to take the conversation into the places where they have the most exclusive control instead of allowing them to mount their carrot upon my head, selling me on the future IF we agree to stay silence on the present issues in the name of UNITY. 

    Black lawmakers are prodding the White House to get more involved in Florida Senate hopeful Kendrick Meek's campaign amid growing concern that less-than-robust backing from President Barack Obama will signal to Democrats that it’s all right to help independent Charlie Crist.

    Rep. Alcee Hastings, a Florida Democrat, told POLITICO Thursday that he might not work for Obama's reelection if the president doesn't get into gear for Meek — a four-term House member seeking to become the first black politician elected to the Senate since President Obama won in Illinois in 2004.

    "If they do not step up their support for Kendrick, then they cannot expect that I and my allies will support them in 2012," Hastings said, after describing the West Wing's treatment of Meek as "poor."

    Hastings and Meek were among a cadre of Sunshine State congressional members who worked against Obama in the presidential races and who stayed with Hillary Clinton until long after it was clear she had no path to victory.

    Read more:

    Washington DC Schools Chief Purges Subpar Teachers - Union Strikes Back

    Rhee dismisses 241 D.C. teachers; union vows to contest firings

    Let me put forth a model:

    1. An entity harms Black people's interests
    2. Concerned Black people stand against the entity, demanding that they change
    3. The news media provides coverage (and some times activism), shedding light on the issue
    4. The governing authority implements the necessary changes and regulations to insure that the problem is fixed
    5. The Black community monitors the situation, making sure that the changes stick
    There are many important issues that this model has been applied to:
    • Police assaults on Blacks
    • Substandard Housing
    • Unfair Banking Practices
    • Failing Schools
    When we talk about "failing schools" there is an exception - as seen in Washington DC.
    When there is an external entity that is underfunding the schools where Blacks attend, when their policies track Black boys into a remedial track, when some believe that standardized testing are over-used - we see the expected push back from the Black educational activists.   They define who the ENEMY is that is resiting change and go after them.

    Look at how the situation in Washington DC stands out from this.
    With a reform school chancellor in power who is going after the UNIONS that are unwilling to change this time Michelle Rhee is often the one who is attacked.

    These 241 teachers were judged to be below standard via what has been accepted as a fair process and were summarily dismissed.  As much as we have heard over the years that "Black school receive the worst teachers" one would think that the community would come out in full support of this action.

    Instead there is relative silence.  

    Ms Rhee is presently suffering from the force that many who dare to go against the grain suffer - "Standing Up Against An Element Of The Black Establishment" - this time the UNIONS.

    Within the Black community there are long held assumptions about our list of Permanent Friends and Permanent Enemies.  When results from our friends don't actually match these assumptions, the legacy of favor affords an excuse to cover them.  When  results that  the popular enemies are able to render within the domain that they control is desirous to us - many Blacks claim that these results are rendered due to exclusion and they attack.

    At some point the results must be judged at face value and not some "ideological profile".  You don't like profiling.  Right?

    Listen to Black Establishment Leaders talk and they will make note of how EDUCATION is the cornerstone of Black development.  It is clear that as long as this struggle for education is an EXTERNAL one - all can march in unison without fearing having to step on anyone's toes.  Michele Rhee and her struggles with the unions force them to choose their Permanent Interests over their Permanent Friends. 

    We see which is preferred. 

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    "Fighting Whitey" Yet Demanding To Go To School With Him For Your Benefit

    I suspect that within the mind of many of the most ardent Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser is a bunch of scar tissue and fear. Their actions remove the cover from their front.

    A new edited video clip came to my attention on "The Magic Negro Watch" blog. It shows the thoughts of another Sherrod. This time the husband Charles Sherrod.

    When I hear views as expressed by Charles Sherrod or Jeremiah Wright as they talk about "the White man" and "Uncle Tom Blacks" who disagree with them I am not surprised one bit. These type of views are common among the hate-filled, attack Left. I have lived my entire adult life listening to such views. They are as intolerant as their right-wing adversaries are. The key difference is that they believe that their hatred is justified because their adversary are the one's that will stop at nothing to gain power. Thus they respond in kind.

    Charles Sherrod is talking about the creation of a new community radio station in Albany Georgia. If you want to hear similar talk about "White folks" - tune into WRFG Atlanta at 7pm on Friday nights or within several shows in the weekend line up on "XM 69 The Power". Look no further if you want to hear the same style of racism based talk that right-wing radio is called out upon. If Mr Sherrod wants to hear episodes of fear based electioneering he should tune in to these venues. They all stream their content on the Internet. f

    When Mr Sherrod talks about "Black Uncle Toms that vote AGAINST THE BLACK INTERESTS" he is speaking of Black people who are not LEFTIST. You see there is little qualification of "Black Best Interests" beyond what he is talking about:

    Mr Sherrod doesn't much care if these policies work as prescribed.  He is more interested in the unifying and struggle effect that they garner.

    If I take Mr Sherrod on a tour of:

    • Black Schools that favorable people to him now run but which are failing to provide quality education
    • Business Districts in some Black areas that don't produce opportunity
    I assure you that Mr Sherrod would be more emboldened by the need to continue struggling than he would be interested in a course correction so that these entities might be fixed.

    In Durham "Quality Education" Means Distributing The Poor Blacks So They Are Not Concentrated Into Schools

    Yesterday's "Tell Me More" program on NPR featured an interesting set of details about the school diversity debate in Durham North Carolina.  

    I learned from the NAACP representative that "quality education" means that no Black student shall be in a school that has over 40% of other poor Black people in it.  Yes I purposefully inserted the qualified word "poor Black" because if this was not the greatest number of the poor the NAACP would not be doggedly pursuing this issue.  The policy says "40% receiving school lunches" and a 25% of people scoring below proficiency levels.

    My problem with the North Carolina NAACP is that they key upon DIVERSITY as the magic elixir rather than the management of the human and community resources in question.  They are all but yielding that a group of poor students in a school is a group of INFERIOR students, who's situation is so dysfunctional that they need to be diluted into a broader (White) cultural prevailing standard.

    Reverend William J Barber won't ever be so bold as to admit that he is using the diversity claim as a rouse for his underlying point:  Too many poor Black people in one school is a threat to Quality Education.

    (Note: I am not attempting to slander anyone.  The facts of the matter bears out my claims. )

    The sad part about this line of thinking is that it merely allows the misaligned way of thinking that exists among the community leaders to continue.  

    Imagine if, upon realizing that there was no other way forward but for the community to achieve "quality education" by getting everyone involved to buy into this end per their daily actions?   This is more of a "directed outcome", expressed upon the backs of the people per their own commitment.   This is problematic for the NAACP and other progressive groups.  They are more interested in making indictments, in telling people what their 'social justice rights' are.    With this disposition they can lean upon the system to be more accommodative.  To change so that others might have their opportunities expressed.

    The reason why these two articles are related is because, taken in total, they represent the consciousness of those who are most dogmatic in their front.  The notion of "Black strength" in their fight all the while they transact upon "Black inferiority" cannot stand in the same place and time.

    My suggestion is that the BQPFRC forgo their intolerance and attacks against those who disagree with them and instead work to align their management focus upon the people who will ultimately receive the benefit from their own salvation.

    The differences in opinion between me and them boils down to the question of how one's "standard of living" is obtained.  They see this as a province of a properly reordered set of societal commitments by the larger society.  I see this as the fruit of a well managed community and human resources within.   Confidence in government versus confidence in the people to yield themselves to a greater purpose and grow strong as a result.

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    The More Important Segment Of The Shirley Sherrod Video That Few People Are Talking About

    Note - this is a clip of the original video, begging at approx the 21:40 mark

    When I made my earlier post about how Shirley Sherrod, a Black woman in America who suffered through the murder of a parent does not place her into special company - some people accused me of being shameful in my proclamation. I was not focusing on Shirely Sherrod but instead upon those who selectively assign value to a Black person who has been victimized by a White while remaining strangely silent when it comes to Blacks who are attacked and murdered by other Blacks.

    I stand by my observation and my choice to lift up the Black killer of Black people to a status of equal contempt as is a White killer of Blacks. If we are searching for equality why not start here and begin to treat them as such?

    I just viewed the entire run of the speech by Shirely Sherrod. I agree with many of the macro-level points that she has made regarding her suggestions to the young people to be conscious about the opportunities that are out there that are going begging for someone to come along and take them. There is no debate about the correctness of these points.

    The problem that I have with Mrs Sherrod's message is that she, like Barack Obama, is able to tell a narrative about her enemies but is unwilling to connect the dots as to the sins of her "friends".

    Certainly the thought of having a Black woman in the past having to dawn a shotgun in order to scare off racist White men who set foot on her property to burn a cross to intimidate her and her family is quite unsettling. Mrs Sherrod is unwilling to update her story for 2010 to make note that today these Black women in question more frequently have guns pointed at them. The "man" with the gun trained upon her is less frequently WHITE. Despite the fact that RACISM is not this modern man's motivation the spirit which does have him motivated proves to be as deadly and intimidating.

    The video clip listed above highlights the portion of the speech were Mrs Sherrod felt compelled to call out her enemies, tell of the common enemy of the poor and then suggest that a class based progressive movement be made for the interests of all of these aggrieved people.

    I would love to ask Mrs Sherrod if she believes that these fellow "Poor Whites" have any ideological and political views that they should retain or must they drop their "foolish" ideas and come up under her tent - as Rev Joseph Lowery has so frequently indicated in his numerous "we need to come together under one tent" speeches.  With poor Whites sticking to their Republican roots and poor Blacks going for the Democrats - can either Sherrod or Lowery see that their continued impoverishment is pointing to something other than party loyalty as the grand elixir toward a fix.   In fact, Mrs Sherrod never does hit upon what "it" is.

    I could not help bot notice that when Mrs Sherrod talked about "health care" she framed it as an issue of WEALTH PROTECTION by the "haves". This does not stand up to the scrutiny of inspection.

    Today more than any other time in our history - with more control over our schools, the economic wherewithal of our communities and, most of all - the control over our "labor and human resources" - there has never been a more opportune time for the Black community (and the poor Whites) to align all of the institutions and resources that are at their disposal to provide for these social entitlements that at present - Mrs Sherrod, Barack Obama and many Progressive-Fundamentalists can only see delivered by nationalized, confiscatory policies.

    These points of disconnection ultimately doom an otherwise coherent speech by Mrs Sherrod. She never seems to grasp the irony of how so much of the funding available from her own government organization goes unclaimed that so too is the in ability for these aggrieved groups to identify a need for a higher standard of living via health care, the elimination of "food deserts" and economic development by engaging the maximum number of beings that need to have their skills applied in the region at hand.

    Indeed cities like Augusta Georgia are crime plagued. We can go around to any number of towns around the South, around the nation and say the same thing.

    The common denominator in all of these places have to do with the benign neglect which has allowed those who should otherwise be pillars in their community to morph into Street Pirates and other assailants of the community's soul and equilibrium. These forces draw upon the community's resources rather than contribute. Many of those "Police Abuse" claims that are so popularly talked about in Progressive circles stem from the painful fact that these unmanaged human resources are also the forces that are attracting the external police forces to enforce the law, thus standing in the breach between civility and chaos.

    In summary - Mrs Sherrod never makes the strong linkage between - the DEMAND for - DIRECTED OUTCOMES where it is said: want this standard of living in your community........ must do these things that I have laid out for you have to be content because you have done everything necessary to end up where you presently reside.

    My final plea with all of you reading this.  Make note of MY perspective and analysis of Ms Sherrod's video - regardless of how negative and critical you might think I am...........................and now go to the hundreds of other BLOGS and OPINION COLUMNS and find ONE which ever moves away from the "Racist Republican Operatives" subplot and instead keys in on the connections that I have observed.

    I have no implicit hatred for Mrs Sherrod or the NAACP or Progressives.
    It is simply my opinion that when it comes to the most pressing issues that translate to a MANAGED FIX for the Black Community - they are not of the consciousness and temperament to lead this effort.   They are too easily distracted by that which they have built their movement upon.   I don't even need to type the word.

    Now I See Why The "Attack Left" And NetRoots Are Always Talking About Fox News

    The ratings grid through the evening says it all.

    The most comical part of the story which presented this grid is that they talked about how much Rachel Maddow has trounced CNN at the 9pm hour.

    MediaLite:Rachel Maddow Nearly Doubles Larry King With Huge Ratings Thursday

    Isn't it also true that Hannity nearly doubles Maddow?

    Maybe the Progressive-Fundamentalists that are watching Fox News and then using the video clips from MediaMatters are actually putting money into Rupert Murdoch's pockets?

    Why was it that Glenn Beck's name bantered around so frequently at the NetRoots' conference this past weekend?

    Two Party Switchers In Clayton County GA Tarnish Their Credibility

    Emory Wilkerson you lost me on your latest move.

    I saw orange signs advertising the campaign for long time political hopeful Emory Wilkerson, once again running for the District 74 Georgia House seat.  Wilkerson is a long time Republican who, despite his qualifications and past leadership has suffered from two important issues in the Clayton County and Fayette County races that he has run:  His Race and His Party.

    Wilkerson ran for the 74th District seat against Roberta Abdul-Salaam, a one time paralegal and community organizer.  Since the 74th resides mostly in Clayton and a tiny bit in Fayette - Wilkerson,a practicing attorney chose to deemphasized his Republican affiliation in his advertising while Ms Abdul-Salaam printed on her signs the subtitle -  "A Proud Democrat".   In Clayton county this was all that was needed to roll her way into office.    On her watch Clayton county has lost their school certification, lost their public transit service and has had gross infighting between the various Democratic cliques that run the county.   Despite all of this - nothing can seem to shake the Black voter's confidence in their Democratic leaders.   Those who tire of the antics in this dysfunctional county simply pick up and move next door to the Republicans in Henry, Fayette or Coweta counties to the south of Clayton, continuing to vote for the Democrats.

    After his 74th district loss Emory Wilkerson, Black Republican - ran for the Clayton County Board in a special election that was open as a result of a death of a board member.  Ironically in this majority White and strong Republican county just to the south of Clayton's solid blue constituency there were 4 Blacks and one White running for this seat.  3 of the 4 Blacks where Democrats and then there was Emory Wilkerson.

    Whereas in my majority White college the Black students used to settle upon a consensus Black candidate to run for homecoming king and queen and thus successfully win this title on occasion it appears that the White political establishment in Fayette agreed to similarly not split the majority "White vote" among multiple White candidates.   Emory Wilkerson, clearly the best qualified candidate - lost yet another election in the area.

    I believe that Wilkerson also ran a second campaign for the 74th and possibly for city council.  Since I am not sure of this I will not elaborate.  It is true, however that the White Republican that beat him out for the county board seat was busted for having a stash of marijuana in his vehicle.  Despite a strong attempt to boot him out of office via a lawsuit and a recall effort he has survived and remains in place. 

    Today as I was reviewing election results I was stunned to see........Emory Wilkerson has become a DEMOCRAT!!!!!!

    The one time Black Republican was no doubt frustrated by being out of phase in these two adjacent counties that have extremely different political ideologies in their majority was more frustrated by the clear racial voting that robbed him of what should have been his seat on the present all Republican, all White Fayette County board.   Since he couldn't change his race - he decided to change his party.

    I am sad to report that Emory Wilkerson (D-GA) has again lost to Roberta Abdul-Salaam (D-GA).  While I did not tune in as much to this round of the "Black General Election" in Clayton County - I strongly suspect that Ms Abdul-Salaam was able to overcome any threat to Wilkerson holding her accountable for the damage to the county that occurred on her watch was to point out that "she is a long time Democrat" and that she is glad that "Emory Wilkerson has finally seen the light.  Welcome to the good side".

    Lee Scott Becomes A Republican

    Someone needs to make a documentary on the "Black on Black" politics within Clayton County. It is indeed one of the most interesting dramas that one can find around the nation.

    In the past 6 years Clayton County has been inundated with propaganda billboards from Lee Scott - the Democrat who aspired to market his way into office.  He and his wife Jewel are transplants from from metro New York.  He was running for the Clayton County board, Jewel ran for county district attorney.  Jewel won for one term and then was voted out.  Lee Scott never was elected to office despite his multiple attempts.

    In the present election Lee Scott is running for the Clayton County board as a REPUBLICAN (yes a Republican in Clayton County).   His wife is running for the same seat as a Democrat.  If they are the last two standing in the general election come November - one of the two promise to drop out so that husband and wife don't have to compete against each other.

    Here is what a blog site has forwarded from Lee Scott


    This popped up in my in box this weekend. I thought I would pass it on. Looks like we had better make sure we are keeping a close eye on him and her and other supporters and friends.


    Above is for Advertising Purposes Only

    The Desk of Lee Scott

    Clayton Community and a new Opportunity: A Fortune by Hi Tech.

    Thank you for allowing us to come into your homes for the past sixteen years. We visited some of you by TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, newsletters, postcards, telephone calls, and yes, even yard signs. These promotions were designed to provide you with local news, stories, ads, community education, or community impact and emergency alerts. Much of the information and alerts fell on deaf ears, but thankfully, a few did hit the mark and helped. But here we are now.

    My wife and I have no immediate or future political ambitions or plans on the horizon. However, we want to remain a viable part of our community and disseminate information to you that we believe may benefit you and keep you informed. We have been active participants in the development of this community for nearly twenty years and in many local organizations. I am a new member of the Lake Spivey Civic Association. I am considering increasing my participation in this organization and actively engaging in dialogue about important issues that have impacted our Clayton County community and that will continue to impact us futuristically.

    One of these issues is that all of our property values have plummeted, some as much as 70% as compared with other Georgia areas, especially in this nation wide recession period. Many businesses have shut their doors while Clayton schools are still on probation. Recently one of the oldest landmark restaurants in our neighborhood, Longhorn Steakhouse on Tara Boulevard shut its doors for good. That is very disheartening and very telling about what is happening economically in our community. Many other businesses are still leaving. Our public transportation system, C-Tran just closed its doors. I am sure that everybody can't be happy with, why and how we got here.

    Many tenants are leaving their rental houses and apartments because they and their children cannot take a bus to work and school. Homeowners are abandoning their houses. What will be the impact on the apartment complexes and the houses that cannot be sold or rented? Will this transportation issue further impact the housing value? Will it help or hurt? Yes, the property values are already down and the tax rates are up. Are we pouring gasoline on the flames in an effort to put out a fire? Frankly, no one seems know or have a viable plan. Do you? What are we doing? Even an inexperienced doctor knows a cure is not supposed to kill the patient. Let us attempt to build a financially solid future together.

    If you wish, we can have a dialogue to come up with plans and suggestions to address serious community needs, reduce crime and improve our financial situation, including our property values. The zoning overlays look promising. What do you think? I want to hear from you. How do we fix the plight we are in? Do we keep your options open? What are our options? How do we get our property values back? What do you think about the transportation issue? Whose plan failed? Why? Which plan will work? How do we save our homes? What new positive opportunities do we have? Our future is in the choices we make.

    Please drop me a line, if you wish? Thank you.

    Lee Scott On a very positive note: The websites, below, may prove very valuable to you or someone you know!

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    For a comprehensive overview and full story go to

    This message was sent from Clayton County's Future & Fortune by Hitech to It was sent from: Lee Scott, PO Box 1398, Jonesboro, 30236 . You can modify/update your subscription via the link below. Email Marketing by.


    This Reporter Snoopy really doubt anything that Lee or Jewel Scott has to say, since they did over throw the Clayton County Government but legally, but then they did launder over $ 200.000 dollars on his wife Campaign Discloser Forms by the State that is very illegal and still under investigation by the Federal Government when Lee Scott used all his slum lord money from New York that he and his wife got kicked out of New York and with all them fake ass companies he tried to get incorporated thru the State of New York and just like he tried here in the State of Georgia, and Lee always beat his wife up in New York as it been always given the appearance of back then.

    But Lee and Jewel Scott wanted to be the New God Father and Mother of Clayton County which they also had moved all the friends and supporters into Clayton County so they can over take the Clayton County Government as Lee and Jewel Scott wasted about 3 million dollars of their own money to put his wife Jewel Scott (Clayton County from DA 2004 thru 2008) and other close friends like Victor Hill (Clayton County Sheriff from 2004 thru 2008) and Leslie Miller Terry (Clayton County Solicitor General from 2004 thru 2008) then they also ran other paid political campaigns with their own money for the other friends like the Ex-Phantom Mayor of the City of Riverdale Phaedra Graham and all these people stated above is nothing but self serving AssClowns that only loves to Waste Taxpayers Money and also in the County Offices stated above they only hired their close friends and family members and also in 1 case a daughter of a crooked State Representatives Roberta Abdul Sallem that is nothing but a totally liar and she never pays her State and Federal Taxes. All these people above are very good close friends and they also took over the Clayton County Democratic Party with their close friends and supporters which has been known to all Lee/Jewel Scott Organized Crime Syndicate, Yep just like another other Crime Organization.

    When Jewel Scott (Ex Clayton County DA) and Leslie Miller Terry (Ex Clayton County Solicitor General) did not never prosecuted any cases as there was a Big Huge back logged in cases just like in the Sheriff's Department under Victor Hill as Sheriff when they was back logged in serving warrants.

    I just hope the Clayton County Commissioners will sue them all for all of the taxpayers money that was spent on all their salaries that all got paid for 4 years and maybe that money could have saved C-Tran Bus Service in Clayton County hum Yep something for the readers to think about. And everyone knows Lee Scott is no Dr. (Doctor) he has all them FAKE Degrees from them Fake paper mill colleges as they will give you any type of Degree if you pay for it (Threw the Nose).

    As Barack Obama Enjoys 90% Support From Black American - Unemployment

    The facts act as a spotlight and thus speak for themselves.

    We are now beyond the point at which the Black Establishment should be debated with.
    Instead they must be forced to enumerate their "Black Agenda" in detail and then explain why, despite having so much that seems favorable on paper not actually producing the promised benefits to the Black community which has so loyally supported the arrangement of the present set of circumstances.

    NO LONGER can they be allowed to put their adversaries on trial and ask "Well sell me on how things would be better if the adversary was in power".

    You took the prescription that you told would heal you.

    Now it is time for you to show your true character and seek forth your permanent interests even if it means that you must abandon some long held beliefs that have served you well up until this point.

    The unemployment rate in the Black community must be seen as evidence of how the present establishment order that has been in power has failed to build up the infrastructure by which our people's skills and intelligence could be fully utilized.

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    With All Due Respect Slyram - The Black Community Can't Afford To Be "Obamacrats"

    Slyram - a moderate Democratic blogger has posted an article on his blog "Project Logic GA" entitled "Obamacrats: Get Smart and Scrappy".

    The purpose of my post is to clarify my rebuttal to his claims that the "Black community" must find "reasonable conservatives" to work with for the advancement of the policies championed by Barack Obama.  In turn "we" (Black folks) must fight harder against the entrenched conservatives that "hope he fails".

    I want to clarify my points to Slyram because I believe that he has been a rather fair commentator over time.  My original response to his post was not as fine tuned and comprehensive as I believe that he deserves from me.

    Obama Get More Aggressive Against Your Adversaries
    When I hear this comment I see a person who is attempting to "live vicariously" through Barack Obama's shoes.  In the process of doing so one can only set themselves up to yield their permanent interests in support of their permanent friend.  Barack Obama will only ever have one of many perspectives on how to progress the interests of the Black community.  In his case - he believes that by increasing the social entitlement from the government for everyone - that Blacks will benefit from this generalized benefit. 

    I am prone to look at "Barack Obama The President of the United States" as a bundle of ideas and policies.  These policies just happen to already be in place in every single Black community in America (and other progressives cities).  I judge Obama based on the efficacy of these theories in addressing the key problems of these areas where the "Mission Accomplished" signs are in existence.

    As I make my analysis as such it is clear to me that these areas where the "Obamacrats" have control don't produce the local environment where productivity of the people can fund their own social justice enterprise.  As such the presence of Obamacratic policies in the White House merely means the nationalization of an increasing amount of these social entitlements to smooth over the lack in economic productivity that would allow this funding to occur at the edge.

    In my view the key distinction between those who stand for Obamacratics and those who stand against them are centrally focused on the issue of the "Receipt of Benefit" for these masses and............WHO paid for them.    Those who are more inclined to support the state of "Being In Receipt Of Benefit" as a birthright to an American are less concerned with the dignity of HOW these funds were received.  National redistribution is fine because the ends justify the means.

    Those of us who see the connection between the local economic choices and enforcements in which these policies must be managed in line with the outcomes that are desired are inclined to be resistant of the "no-fault insurance" theories where "there is nothing that a person can do to lose his entitlement to certain societal standards".   The society, in effect, ABSTRACTS the person from his real world behavior.   In my analysis - this abstraction can only ever create a massive centralized government overhead, an increasing amount of redistribution and ultimately bankruptcy of the government that tries to match every unmet need as a part of its DNA.

    I am awaiting someone who can tell me why I am wrong to use the conditions that are present in his home town of Chicago Illinois as an index on what we can expect from the nationalized version of Obamacratics?   On paper Chicago IL - a totally Democratic city should be a utopia for what the rest of Black America should hope for.  Instead the recent news from Chicago that comes to mind for me is:
    • The call for National Guard troops to protect the lives of Black people from street terror
    • Grieving "community activists" who are protesting the inability of the city to fund its public school operations and thus they make a symbolic protest against the external state government, demanding more funds or else they are going to register to attend public schools in rich, lily White suburbs some distance away.  These places were cherry picked because of their wealth, all the while they failed to note that CPS has a higher school funding level than the state average.  Just not as high as their "target White folks"
    • The recent break between the Black community on the Southside and their typical union friendly leadership over the issue of Wal-Mart in their midst.  After having run the policies for the Southside for decades and delivered  the community to its present state - the community demanded that the Wal-Mart be allowed in.  The construction and operations jobs were needed.  The "Food Deserts" that exist within need to be filled.
    The Black Establishment Has Departed The Black Community's Interests

    The key point that irritated me about Slyram's commentary was his outright assumption that the Black community's natural orientation is whatever point that stands counter to that which is "right of center" and thus we have identified the enemy and who we should be fighting against.

    I yield the point that indeed Slyram has identified what is true as it is practiced today.
    My disagreement has to do with the need to correct this mistake that is being maintained by embedded operatives that distort our sensibilities.

    The so called "Black Agenda" can only ever be one that is focused upon our "Black Community Permanent Interests".
    • Safe Streets
    • Quality Education
    • Thriving Local Economies
    • Healthy Lifestyle and Relationship Outcomes
    • Comprehensive and Enduring Solutions
    • A Preference For Policies That Prefer Organic Efforts At Developing Our Competencies
    When THIS is not the key reference point by which we govern our interests, instead keying in upon supporting one politician or political party or ideology to the death - we can only, ever compromise ourselves.

    The list above is the foundation.  All of these other elements are mere methodologies on how one INTENDS TO obtain these ends.

    Our present Black Community lacks an overlay group by which the political and ideological operatives must yield to as their THEORIES AND METHODOLOGIES are confirmed for their veracity over time.  In the context of the American government - the periodic vote is that check and balance.

    Unfortunately for the Black Community of today we have a purely "popularity and racial cajoling" model.  The misalignment of these theories to our interests, as shown by the results on the street does NOT mean that these theories will be purged.  Instead, to the contrary, it often sets up a situation where the imbedded operatives will TRY HARDER to fight against their external enemies.

    Thus we hear the notion that - despite having total control over:
    • The Executive Branch
    • The US House
    • The US Senate
    • Many State Governments Where Black People Live In Our Highest Concentrations
    ........WE are told that we need to HELP OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS FIGHT because this will be a brutal election in November 2010.

    If I did not have a ban on using "Slave Metaphors" I would say that we have a "Massa 'Wez Sick'" disposition between the Democratic Left and the Black Community governance. 

    As we accept this "What is good for the Democrats is good for the Black Community" we accept this fake fusion that has been erected over the past 40 years.  Thus no amount of grievances that are heard in the places where they are the 'last man standing' will cause them to be held accountable for the results that have been garnered. 

    Instead we are going to see what we presently see - the various "Get The Black Folks Out To Vote For The Democrats" initiatives. 

    I Am Not Asking Black People To Stop Voting For The Democrats And Instead Vote For The GOP

    We as a community have been provided with a fake binary choice.  I believe that the Civil Rights leaders such as Baynard Ruskin are responsible for forging this linkage.  They told us that the Black community will seek control over our community and our interests via the Democratic Party.   In as much as this was erected during a time of STRUGGLE for representation it was an understandable strategy.

    It is also clear that these people from our past did not figure on a strategy that withstood the test when WE WON the control over our communities.

    When one becomes the establishment power over a domain they must shift their consciousness from that of "struggle" over to that of resource management.  They must ultimately be held accountable for the results that take place within the domain.  They must be expected to alter their strategy when the 'constructive feedback' from their exploits indicate that something ain't working.    The choice to ignore these painful truths is nothing more than bigotry and entrenchment.

    If the Black Community (and News Media) demands that White voters not attach their racial development demands to a particular party and the race of a candidate - WHEN will someone challenge the EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS - known as Black Americans - be asked to do the same?

    If total control of our communities and results that fall short of our Permanent Interests are not enough to drive the Black rank & file to ask more questions and regulate those who are in control - I am not sure if we as a community are in fact really serious about actually obtaining our Permanent Interests.