They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In The Past Klan Forces Denied Blacks Their 2nd Amendment Rights. Today.......

Jesse Jackson Sr, Bobby Rush, Others Denounce Supreme Court Ruling

Just the other day one of my many blog adversaries said "What makes the White Conservatives happy often makes Black people miserable".

In this case I stand as  a Black man and a gun owner and say - "What makes the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" unhappy when it comes to the protections of the Second Amendment rights guaranteed to all Americans....makes me quite happy and proud.

I just wonder why they are not called "Suppressors of Constitutional Rights"?
The sad part about it all is that Jackson, nor Rush nor the 4 Leftists on the Supreme Court give a damn about the travails faced by one Otis McDonald who resides in the Morgan Park section of Chicago.

After years of placation in which he was told "Let the police handle it.  This is their job" - Mr McDonald took things into his own hands and had the audacity to leverage his Second Amendment rights.  To the distress of the Progressive establishment in and around Chicago.

These 2nd Amendment Suppressors point to the gun violence in Chicago as their defense of the ban.  They fail to note that this violent bloodshed is taking place WITH the ban in place.  In summary they focus upon the regulation of the gun but have thus far been ineffective in regulating the KILLERS.

The Roots Of Policies To Keep Guns Out Of The Hands Of Black Folks

Again I pay homage to my most favored Bishop in the AME church of all time: Bishop Henry McNeal Turner.  At a time when "Black folks had no rights that a White man needed to respect" was the law of the land in America - Bishop Turner realized that "Jesus" would forgive him if he were to retain a rifle and sufficient ammo in his house for the protection of the occupants in his house.  Too often it was a marauding White racist Christian, who believed that he was on a mission per his own Gods grace that needed to be defended against.

I respect Bishop Turner because the conditions and crisis of the day forced him to put aside the empty placation that passes for leftist Christian consciousness today and instead focus upon his God given instincts to protect his own interests.  Of course this didn't stop Bishop Turner from praying that God up above would one day convince his enemy about the incivility and ungodliness associated with killing Black people and intimidating them in order to retain providence over them.

The White racist establishment powers, seeing the threats of "Negroes with guns" set forth a number of "Black codes" aimed at making sure that they retained an imbalance in power.  In as much as they and their friends were the night riders who would suffer the threat of buckshot in their hide - it was in their vested interests to KEEP GUNS OUT OF THE HANDS OF ALL NEGROES.

 Failed Human Resource Management Of Today Obfuscated Toward The Gun

As a Black man who owns 3 guns and has never killed anyone I can safely testify that my community is not threatened by my ownership of guns.  Instead the fact that I am a responsible gun owner accentuate the level of security for my neighbors and their property.   Any outside offender seeking to threaten our community had better think twice.  This just like in the days of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner.

The 2nd Amendment Oppressors in Chicago and elsewhere are now staring in the face of decades of failed "human resource governance policies".   For so long they have been working to "provide for" the dysfunctional masses that they failed to shape the consciousness of them.

There is not one genetic difference between me and a Street Pirate who's very presence threatens Brother McDonald and others who have the misfortune of being in close proximity to him in Morgan Park.

If we were serious about solving the murder and terror problem rained down upon us by the Street Pirates we would begin to look at the process of metamorphosis by which this would be "pillar of his community" that should have taken a leadership role within is now the number one agent of terror in his community.  The one that proves to be rather expensive in his management and regulation.

At some point, Black community, the theories of Jackson, Rush and others NEED TO BE PUT ON TRIAL along with the violent actions of these Street Pirates.  If our quest is to mitigate the violence then most certainly we need to inspect how the terminal failure will allowed these young males to receive this consciousness was allowed.  Then we can figure out "Who's ass to kick".   It takes interest in finding this out to have these actions precipitate.

Al Sharpton Can Articulate What The Black President "Owes Us" But Won't Dare Make A Threat To Pull Black Support

Sharpton to NNPA: Corporations 'Owe' Ad Dollars to Black Newspapers

In a recent Black alumni association meeting for my school I told the others about the importance of having our organization "show its VALUE" to the population of unattached alumni in the area so they are prompted to join with us.

In reading the views of Al Sharpton as to how the corporations that he is seeking to garner advertising dollars from "OWE US" it appears that he has it all wrong.  He will always be in a permanent struggle, working to demand respect - and the money that flows with it.

An advertiser INVESTS their money were they can obtain the most positive returns.  IF a particular demographic is within their target market - they will raise awareness among this group by spending money in the channels that reach the members of this group.

What we see, however, is the hole that Rev Sharpton and others have dug themselves into. Their only recourse is for THEM to do the advertising to the ADVERTISERS, showing them how much they OWE THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

The American Political Domain - Politics 

First lets talk about his reference to politics for he has already exposed himself as "Obama's Man On The Street".   This reference to the "Black President" is only done for rhetorical purposes.  I don't care IF after 4 years of Barack Obama - every meaningful Black statistic is down - Al Sharpton and the rest of the Black establishment have already made up their minds who they are going to vote for in 2012 and 2010.  Just as the old saying goes "I love you and there is NOTHING that you can do about it".   In their case they have failed to build up any alternative - certainly no ORGANIC ones and thus, in their perverted view, the pathway to the development of the Black community runs straight through the erection of POWER for the Democratic party.

The federal government, the Black President needs to be advertising with the Black Press. Otherwise what does it mean to us if we have Negroes in high places if those on the ground don’t have anything,” he said.
Again - this theory of "on the ground" will soon be tested.  Shaprton and other "Democrats who are Black" already have been contaminated to the point of non-credibility in regards to the stand alone Black interests.

The Black Establishment Press

He added that in keeping the heat on advertisers, Black newspapers must adhere to their historic mission of defending Black people and defining the struggle for justice.
I have never accused the Black Establishment Press of not knowing what its "historic mission" has been.  Indeed they all know that they were founded to give voice to the Black community because the "mainstream press" had ignored our community news or was only interested in slandering our names when we did appear in the paper.

As with the modern day NAACP, I charge that the Black press has fallen into the same abyss that originally brought them to life.   Where more is the INJUSTICE and "Civil Rights Violations" that take place today WITHIN the Black community ignored than in the local syndicate of the NNPA?   They, like the NAACP are so busy echo popular progressive Democratic platform positions and telling the masses how the Republican legislation threatens the Black community that they don't have time to put forth investigative resources toward the true agents of terror and intimidation on the streets of Black America today.

When they do talk about the problem they speak in terms of how the young males in question were "made that way" as part of some conspiratorial plot or via some "national social contract" that has been violated.  All this despite the fact that the paper helped put into power the players that control the local franchise of government.   It is my view that indeed the Black Press has lost its way.   They now serve as press agents for the Black Establishment. Unmotivated to provide check and balance against their "Permanent Friends" and ideological soul mates.

The Value Of The Black Dollar

Worst of all in this list is the inability of Rev Sharpton and other operatives that tell us the value of the "Black Dollar" and how it must be respected is for them to put forth a long term plan to leverage these dollars.  I am not talking about a boycott or protest.   These are only crafted to raise the awareness of an external power.

I am talking about the capture of these dollars within the community so that those who benefit the most can direct these monies into local and targeted advertising venues.   The very demographic that Shaprton claims to have value.  

Basically what I am saying is that the rather imbalanced strategy where the same people who show us the National Urban League report that shows that Blacks have $0.16 on the dollar of wealth as do White folks yet they are working to articulate to outside companies what they OWE the Black community per our support - must end.  
Unfortunately Al Sharpton and the Black Establishment no only have no real intention of communicating to the community that beyond the short term pain of "disconnecting" and targeting their financial resources is the long term benefit of controlling the community's productive resources.   What they fail to see, however, is that in order of this plan to work at the fundamental level they would need to adopt many of the corporate management strategies that they call "dispassionate" and "greedy" - FOR THEMSELVES.  In as much as their present economic theories are unable to sustain a well run business - they are stuck in the permanent activist role.  Working to cajole those firms that are bound to sound governance of their limited resources to "break some off" to them.

Someone just told me a few days ago "those who have power don't need to keep reminding people of this fact".

A conundrum indeed.

Does this look like a man who is going any where in defense of his "Permanent Interests"?

Philadelphia Unemployment Project - "All Things Are Possible Through Government Which Strengthens Me"

What does a group of people who have been on a perpetual struggle do when they are living during their time of victory, at least on paper, yet they see that so many of their fundamental issues have not be fulfilled despite their long STRUGGLE?

They keep "trying harder" with the same struggle.

If there is any city in America where the "victory has been won" regarding progressive interests it is Philadelphia PA.  They have dominate control over all of the political institutions in the city and almost as much control in the state government as well.

Despite these facts the activist movement continues their outward struggle for "jobs and justice".  Just the same as when the Rizzo-era placed a "boot on their necks" is so many different areas.

I was drawn to an organization called the Philadelphia Unemployment Project after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about their recent protests.   The key point that I noticed is that nearly every single one of their platform elements relies upon government funds, government policies or government regulation to fulfill their demands.  More to the point the majority of their positions look toward EXTERNAL sources of resources to carry them for another day.

Cities Were Provided With A Charter From The State Because They Were Solvent Entities

At one time all cities that were founded in America after the formal state, county and municipal governments were established were provided with a city charter as granted by the state.  Prior to this incorporated status these places were unincorporated plots of land, disallowed from collecting taxes to fund government services.  Instead the county or state provided these services and collected taxes from individuals.

What happens when an increasing number of cities become insolvent?  Unable to provide the goods and services demanded by the people?  More importantly - what happens when these places become "jobs deserts" - unable to provide a market place where the demand from the "consumers of labor" (employers) are matched with "sellers of labor" (employees).

I see the United States as an aggregation of multiple "local economies".  The productivity of each of these economies when counted together provide America with her economic girth.  Though the government financing (local, state and national) is separate but interrelated with these local economies - when these economies require such a great infusion of capital resources from the governments that are already massively debt laden - a serious structural problem exists.

Simply put - the old standard of living that many are used to is gone because so too is the economic productivity that propped it up.   Trying to return to this old standard is merely going to cause the red ink to flow even faster.  This will hasten the day when the entire system collapses due to insolvency.

The Problem Is Competency With Governance - Not The Race Of The Officials

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

These videos show various examples of how arrogance and lack of accountability are the key ingredients in producing incompetence. Once again the local news media are to be applauded for their muckraking in exposing certain conditions that producing injustice, failed organizations and fiscal mismanagement. They constantly prove their value to the Black community beyond what the sold out activists are willing to do to take action against their permanent friends.

Street Pirates Conduct "Klan Reenactments" Causing Black People To Cry On TV

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The videos speak for themselves.

Yesterday's noose is today's "automatic weapon".

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hats Off To Otis McDonald - Winner Of The "Bishop Henry McNeal Turner Self-Defense Award For 2010"

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I wish that the term "Those Who Fail To Know Their History Are Doomed To Repeat It" had not been so contorted and hijacked into the fatalistic, cajoling warning that it has been used as during the post-Civil Rights era. This is a favorite phrase used by operatives who seek to prevent Black individuals from using our God given intelligence to make proper inferences about the world that is presented to us.

In the case of Brother Otis McDonald of  Chicago (and his co-defendants) - he learned the hard way that:

  • Street Pirates don't give a damn about fences around his property
  • Street Pirates don't give a damn about burglar bars over every portal of his house
  • Street Pirates don't give a damn about alarm systems
If an individual has some private property that the Street Pirate desires - the Street Pirate will steal it.
If that private owner stands in the way of the Street Pirate stealing this property - the Street Pirate is a violently natured man and he will kill the owner if it comes to it.

Mr Otis McDonald is a wise man.
He realizes that the theories that are articulated at One First Street N.E Washington, DC 20543 - does not necessary apply in the Southside of Chicago. 

Mr. McDonald is a retired maintenance engineer who worked at the University of Chicago and has been a Chicago resident since 1952. In the 1960s, this Army veteran, who served in Germany and came home to raise a family in Chicago, was a pioneer in integrating his local union, rising through the ranks until he became head of his union local.

In addition to being a civil rights and union leader in the Chicago area, Mr. McDonald is also a community activist who has been threatened for his efforts to rid his neighborhood of drug dealers and other criminals. He owns a handgun, but cannot keep it inside the city because of the handgun ban.

The Morgan Park Community Of Chicago

CS vs BET Uncut - The Painful Truth vs Make Believe

This picture is from the propaganda blog from my good friend BTX3 - better known as 'BET Uncut'.

He shows a picture of legendary Sambo character "Step N Fetch It" along with folk teller Will Rogers.  BET Uncut Photoshopped a Republican logo on Rogers in order to make a reference to the "superior/inferior" connection between Black Republicans and White Republicans.

Of course the fact that Will Rogers was a life long Democrat did not prevent BET Uncut from proceeding with his bit.

I am not a member of any organized political party.
I am a Democrat.Will Rogers

As I was going through my stack of newspapers, attempting to catch up on my research I came across the picture below.

While this picture came from the "Wall Street Journal" - owned by "The News Corp" - the company that tortures Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers by showing Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly - I plead guilty to doctoring the picture in order to make a point.

You see back on the BET Uncut blog the panel of the "Neo-All White Jury" has agreed with MSNBC's assessment that President Obama has "accomplished" more than any other president since FDR.   I choose not to debate the point but instead take the argument to the streets and look where it counts most to Black people that have overwhelmingly supported Obama and the machine that likely dominates where they live.

The picture is real rather than an entertainment piece as BET Uncut showed.  The picture is of Frank Wallace a Black man, a family man, who has been unemployed since May 2009, within 10 weeks of being jubilant about the ascension of President Obama into office.

To be clear I do not believe that any president of the United States has the power to create abundant private sector jobs.  In fact, the tools that the Prez does have to tweak the job market has the economic consequence of running up the federal debt.  Any jobs that are created by this government stimulus must add more economic value to the economy than the debt burden that is produced in the wake.

My problem with BET Uncut and other members of the "Neo-All White Jury" is that the are focused more on protecting Obama and singing the praise of his legislative exploits - with the assistance of a monopoly Democratic majority in both houses of Congress than they care to go back to the places within the Black community to see how all of this "hope and change" is fairing.  

When I look I get the sense that the present economic peril that is present within our community - our 16% unemployment rate - that our people are being used for the sake of a grand protection racket.  In one of the biggest "let them eat cake" scams in this nation's history we Black folks are asked to look proudly at the "Obama Commemorative Plate" on our mantle and over look the fact that many of us have only table scraps to eat from this plate.  These operatives deemphasize the fact that the same machine that is in the White House and US Congress also control the key institutions where the highest concentrations of Black people live - just as they have appointed them into power with their vote.

Though the popular political discourse within the Black community will not have this Neo-All White Jury labeled as "Sellouts" to the Black permanent interests in favor of their permanent friend Obama - the truth is that this is functionally what is happening.

The cost of the silence within the Black community on this matter simply means that we will "keep trying harder" in pursuit of the same theories.  The painful truth failing to be the "hand on the hot stove" that provides "corrective feedback".

Instead I suspect that Frank Wallace and hundreds of thousands of Black people just like him will join the call from the Civil Rights Pharisees to march for "Jobs and Justice" later this year.

My question:

  • Who are you marching against as you now control the local economic institutions where you live?
  • What justice do you pursue outward that you can't see the the gross "non-justice" that is occurring in these same communities where our people are being terrorized so?

Monday, June 28, 2010

What Is Making Black People Cry In Group Gatherings?

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Street Pirates Don't Give A Damn About Pregnant Women Or New Born Babies

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The Street Pirates are not going to stop committing wanton attacks upon people.
I am not going to stop exposing their antics.

As if you can get any lower than this!!
Two clandestine Street Pirates knock on the front door of a house, asking for someone who doesn't live there. It turns out that they were casing the joint.
As the couple goes to sleep for the night - the Street Pirates return to the house -KICKING IN THE FRONT DOOR.

The Street Pirates run to the bed room and hold a gun to the head of the couple. They THREATEN TO SHOOT THE 6 MONTH OLD BABY IF THE PARENTS TRY ANYTHING FUNNY.

As the one Street Pirate holds the couple up at gun point, the other pirate cleans all of the flat screen televisions out of the house.

Street Pirates don't give a DAMN about a new born baby.

Nor do they care about a "woman with child".
On North Avenue - surely right around the corner from the offices of the SCLC and the "King Center" in Atlanta - a pregnant woman was shot in the leg. Another woman was shot as well.

There will be no protests in either of these assaults.

The actor-vist community has bigger fish to fry. They are making signs to march against Glenn Beck in Washington DC in August.

The "Undocumented" Obtain Official Documents Via Fraudulent Means

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Don't call them "Undocumented Aliens" any more.
They now have auto registration and vehicle tags after running their scam.

Philadelphia - From Struggling Against The Establishment Over Injustice To A Partnership With Them To Become A Sanctuary City

As I reported several months ago - the state of Pennsylvania is rated the most deadly state for Black people.  The city of Philadelphia delivers its fair share of corpses of Black males to allow this state to retain this designation.   This point will go relatively unchanged because the bias in Black America figures that this deadly distinction belongs to Mississippi or Alabama.  This can't be happening in the enlightened North.

Philadelphia is a city of constant struggle.  As a native Philadelphian I was aware while growing up of the struggle against the Rizzo Administration and Police force.  Claims of police brutality, harassment and illegal arrests have long dogged the department.  

These concerns were had in the wake of the city being persistently represented with an annual murder count that topped 250 dead bodies each year.  In recent years up to 80% of these homicides were of Black people.

As a result of this struggle for justice, community safety, quality schools and economic development the activist forces operating within the city of Philadelphia worked to install their slate of candidates into the machine that controls their city.    With each passing election they drew closer to their goal.

This post is a focus upon how Philly is faring now that all of the "Mission Accomplished" signs have been hung around the city, representing the political victories of the political operatives.

The short summary is that despite having favorable people in place the key issues that the activists took the previous machine to task over remain unmet.
  • Justice - remains elusive 
  • Community Safety - still not set but thankfully an increasing number of community organizations are fighting to maintain the streets in their own community
  • Quality Schools - the scandal plagued schools in Philadelphia continues to have an imbalance of quality high schools and failing high schools
  • Economic Development - if you are not in downtown Philadelphia there is a limited amount of economic development to be expected
When those fighting for justice "win" a favorable slate of individuals in this realm yet still feel shorted - What do they do?

They shift over to a new issue which they and their new "Permanent Friends" in power can agree upon - Make the city of Philadelphia a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants!

The list of favorable individuals in power are all from the same party and machine:

* Mayor Nutter
* DA Seth Williams
* Chief Ramsey
* Solicitor Romulo Diaz
* Sheriff & Chief Jailer John Green
* Public Defender Ellen T. Greenlee 

In one smooth running machine you have 

1) Those who arrest 'em
2) Those who detain 'em for trial
3) Those who prosecute 'em
4) Those who defend 'em
5) Those who judge 'em
6) Those who drive them to Greaterford Prison


With the Sanctuary City drive it provides an opportunity for the entire community of activists and officials to come together in agreement on an issue all the while the original concerns that lead them to power remain unmet.

I am an outsider to the city of Philadelphia.  I have no ability to force them to do anything.   I can attest to the environment because I have a large number of friends and family that live in the region.  Many of them have existed the city because of the eroding conditions and the crime rates that exist.

In my opinion the reason why the activist community has taken up the Sanctuary City movement is because this allows them to connect with government whereas the bulk of the other problems require them to directly address the individual people in the city - the parents who are not managing their children in school, the criminals who are assaulting the community and the skills gap which prevents attractive companies to invest in areas other than downtown.

If these "Activists of Leisure" want to shift the focus on an easy win this is their call for their city.  They are using imagery of Arizona as a means of having the city to block the use of the relationship with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation of people who are illegally in this country.

The problem is that their actions are not put in check with regard to some greater calling to manage all of the quality of life issues in the city, particularly the ones that leaning on the government to do right will fix.   As the murders continue on the streets the activists have found their new groove.

I am not suggesting that the activist community in Philadelphia is unable to do more than one thing at a time.

The point remains, however, that after decades of struggle they merely have favorable people in power with the same results largely occurring.  This calls in to question the actual motivation of the entire movement all along.

It seems clear that instead of tough decisions that need to be made - which would likely stem the exodus of solidly middle class and working families  - the activists would rather stay on the struggle, unconcerned about the full impact of their antics.  Most assuredly not holding themselves accountable for the shortfall in results if it means that they have to change if better results are to be had.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Despite New York City Receiving C's & D's Regarding Black Interests - There Are No Plans To Purge The Progressive Establishment Powers

NYC Gets Bad Grades on African-American Progress

After a year of research and evaluation, the groups gave the city:
  • a "D" in the area of employment
  • a "D" in  health care
  • a "D" in child well-being
  • a "C-"  criminal justice
  • a "D" education
Where is the evidence of  "progression" in this report?

Nothing about this report details the organic empowerment instilled within the Black community after decades of progressive leadership and control over the key institutions.  It is certain that this report represents the state of being SERVICED as interpreted by the Black community instead of the marshaling of all of the resources that are necessary to express this desired higher standard - human resources being the most important.

From the article:
"We want this to got to elected officials, policy makers, commissioner on the city and state levels," said Darwin Davis, president of the alliance.

"The purpose is to bring strength to collaboration," said Davis. "There's no one issue facing the black community that stands alone by itself."

In the report, it focuses on the impact of the economic downturn on the black community - finding that blacks on all income levels list lack of jobs as their top problem.
As with the National Urban League report on the state of Black America - the report is mostly meant to be delivered to the elected officials for them to provide more services and consideration to the Black community.

I would love to see a pocket sized version of both reports that is targeted for distribution to the people who, if they change their ways, would be the primary beneficiaries in this new strategy. 

Too often we hold our votes for distribution to those who care for us the most.  Instead there is a need to promote the value of these healthy ends in our community upon the people who will receive the greatest benefits. 

Judge Rules That Sending Blacks To A Top Ranked School A Few Blocks Away From Their Prefered School Is Not Racist

Here is what I reported a few weeks ago Black Parents In Lower Merion PA Concerned About Students Sent To A School Closer To Home

I provided the racial demographics, school performance and the proximity of the two school.  Literally they are less than 3 blocks away from each other.

The aggrieved parents desired to have their students attending the older more well established Lower Merion High School.  (I believe Kobe Bryant attended there.).   The fact that they were sent to the newer Herriton High School which was closer to their homes was said to be racist public policy.

Despite the fact that both schools are a super majority White it seems that the point of racial discrimination against Black students is a moot point.

An Open Letter To The Right Wing Tea Party Militia Groups At The G20 Conference

Police arrest more than 400 after vandalism at Toronto economic summit

Dear Tea Partyers, Right Wing Militias and others who have been motivated by Glenn Beck:

I know what you are doing.  I am not fooled.

There is a mass gathering of conscious protesters who are wise to the schemes that the global capitalistic, imperialistic forces are conspiring upon in these meetings (Except for President Barack Obama.  He is not one of them.  He is fighting against these forces of evil).

You all who are of the forces of hatred, destruction and oppression have planted yourselves inside of these groups who want peace and global "Social Justice". 

You attempt to embarrass these leftist groups by breaking off from them and executing violence against the property and the police in Toronto.   None of us are fooled at what you are doing.

I listened to "Democracy Now" this past week where Amy Goodman reported that the same company that constructed the massive security wall in downtown Toronto is the same corporation that makes bullets for the US military.  Millions of these bullets have been used to kill people in Afghanistan and Iraq.  (Again - Obama inherited this contract.  He only uses Predator drones to win the "right war").  

It comes as no surprise that this wall of oppression has provoked the people into violence.  You would argue that the group of leftist anarchists are known to be violent and thus the wall.   You know that it was the wall that provoked the violence. 


Just as Rahlm Isreal Emanuel told us that the Obama Administration's energy planning invited oil companies, government officials and environmentalists to the table the G20 should bring the peaceful protesters into the meetings with Obama and the other world leaders.  It is THAT WALL which is blocking all of this.

The wall is the symbol that they are not wanted.

Instead of allowing the Right wing militias to embarrass these peaceful protests allow the peaceful protesters into the meetings.  Label them "Peaceful Progressives".  Then label all of the others who are still burning up police cars as "Right Wing, Tea Party inspired, violent anarchists".

Every police car they burn they are really thinking about doing the same to Obama.


They travelled from Los Angeles after the the Laker's riot up to Toronto and then they are going to desecrate Washington DC on August 28th.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

VP Biden Comes Clean: We Are Not Going To Restore Many Of The 8M Jobs That Have Been Lost

Biden: We Can Recover All Of The Lost Jobs

For the man who was part of the team that set unrealistic expectations in order to get their jobs and then upon seeing that they were now in power tried to taper down the expectations. Then when a legislative challenge came up (the Stimulus) they started making promises again - I have little empathy for their present will to be more circumspect.

Ultimately - it ain't about them. The government and the president has a limited ability to create sustainable jobs without burning a hole in the federal deficit. I am more concerned with the individual people who retain the belief that "all things are possible via government".

In my view the long held economic theory learned from the "New Deal" that we can "spend ourselves" out of a recession/depression is going to be disproved in that today's structural imbalance and long term debt vastly exceeds the nominal amounts seen in the past. The claims that on a percentage basis these are not the greatest debt load ever seen is going to be smashed because America's industrial base was on the incline back then compared to today where the rest of the world is beginning to stand tall.

Vice President Joe Biden gave a stark assessment of the economy today, telling an audience of supporters, "there's no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession."

Appearing at a fundraiser with Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.) in Milwaukee, the vice president remarked that by the time he and President Obama took office in 2008, the gross domestic product had shrunk and hundreds of thousands of jobs had been lost.

"We inherited a godawful mess," he said, adding there was "no way to regenerate $3 trillion that was lost. Not misplaced, lost."

Claims for jobless benefits fell by the largest number in two months last week, but were still high enough to signal weak job growth. Meanwhile, the Senate on Thursday failed to pass an extension of unemployment benefits.

Biden said today the economy is improving and noted that in the past four quarters, there has been 4 percent growth in the economy. Over the last five months, more than 500,000 private sector jobs were created.

"We know that's not enough," the vice president said.

Last week the White House put out a Recovery and Reinvestment Act update claiming that between 2.2 million and 2.8 million jobs were either saved or created because of the stimulus as of March 2010. In signing the Recovery Act into law on Feb 17, 2009, Mr. Obama said the measure "will create or save 3-and-a-half million jobs over the next two years."

Teachers Aid Who Protected Students During The Black-Asian Conflict in S Philly Laid Off

South Philadelphia High aide who protected students from attack is laid off Article:
When South Philadelphia High School exploded in racial violence on Dec. 3, community liaison Violet Sutton-Lawson twice risked serious injury to protect Asian students who were being beaten by mobs.

She was disappointed that School District officials never sent her so much as a thank-you note.

This week, they sent her something else: A layoff notice.

"I put my life in danger," an angry, disbelieving Sutton-Lawson said in an interview. "They just laid me right off."

Sutton-Lawson, who worked with pregnant students and teenage mothers, was bumped from her job by seniority rules, among 61 support staffers who were laid off to save money and consolidate duties.

Eleven community-relations jobs were eliminated, said spokesperson Evelyn Sample-Oates. But some of those employees had seniority that allowed them to displace other workers. Sutton-Lawson's job at South Philadelphia High will be filled by one of those longer-tenured workers.

"It's unfortunate," Sample-Oates said. "Ms. Sutton-Lawson is welcome to apply for another position with the district."

Sutton-Lawson earned about $36,000 a year, barely a decimal point in the $3.2 billion school budget but crucial to a woman who doesn't own a car and lives in a tough area on Wharton Street.

The slashing of those 61 jobs from the payroll has been controversial because the move largely targeted employees who focus on student safety. Laid off with the 11 community-relations workers were 17 nonteaching assistants and 33 climate managers, who help keep schools calm.

It was not immediately clear how much the job cuts would save the district.

A teachers' union official criticized the layoffs.

"They laid off the lowest-paid people in the district at a time when you read about bonuses for top administrators and additional people in the superintendent's cabinet," said Arlene Kempin, a vice president of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.

"Clearly," Kempin said of Sutton-Lawson, "this is a lady who has put the kids first. It doesn't seem like the district does."

Sutton-Lawson, 58, said she was saddened and surprised to lose her job, particularly given her actions on Dec. 3. That day, about 30 Asian students were attacked during a daylong series of assaults carried out by groups of mostly African American students.

Sutton-Lawson, who is African American, said that in her job she sees only children, not color.

The violence spawned national headlines, a request from the government of Vietnam that Vietnamese students be protected, and investigations by the School District, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, and the U.S. Justice Department.

The district responded by adding security staff and programming, and spending $685,000 to install 126 more security cameras.

The Victims Who Are Forced To Live Around Street Pirates That Don't Give A What

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Diversity In East Point, GA - Gay Is The New Black

AJC: Diversity a point of pride for East Point

East Point GA is just south of Atlanta's West End area.  It is conveniently located on the MARTA train line.

East Point and its southern neighbor College Park have struggled for years to revitalize themselves.  They both were concerned at the number of renters versus home owners.

I can personally attest to the attempts in East Point to spark interests in the entertainment and dining district along Main Street.  For a while several establishments responded.  Unfortunately the crowds never came to sufficiently support enough of these places and several of them disappeared.

East Point is potentially another hotspot between Black and White regarding the struggle for land and political power.  There is less of a gap in class as many Black homeowners are present as compared to "Old Fourth Ward" (King Center area).  The confluence in residential circumstance between Blacks and liberal White Gays are well documented in many cities.   I viewed a documentary that detailed the subject in Cincinnati OH.  (I will post a link once I recall the title from NetFlix).  The tolerance of the politically liberal Black community accommodates these new residents.   The relatively better capitalization of the liberal White Gay community often gives them the advantage in gaining control over the city by attrition.

My prediction is that East Point - a "First Ring City" relative to Atlanta - will return to majority White in about 20 years.

As State Senator Fort has his eyes on the land in nearby Fort McPhereson massive changes are taking place around the MARTA station a few stops southward.

Wikipedia Demographics

As of the census[1] of 2000, there were 39,595 people, 14,553 households, and 9,430 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,878.9 people per square mile (1,111.8/km²). There were 15,637 housing units at an average density of 1,137.0/sq mi (439.1/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 78.16% African American, 16.10% White, 0.20% Native American, 0.62% Asian, 0.09% Pacific Islander, 3.40% from other races, and 1.42% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 7.57% of the population. 
There were 14,553 households out of which 34.5% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 28.7% were married couples living together, 28.9% had a female householder with no husband present, and 35.2% were non-families. 27.4% of all households were made up of individuals and 5.5% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.69 and the average family size was 3.27. 
In the city the population was spread out with 29.3% under the age of 18, 11.9% from 18 to 24, 31.3% from 25 to 44, 19.5% from 45 to 64, and 7.9% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 30 years. For every 100 females there were 89.5 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 84.8 males. 
The median income for a household in the city was $31,874, and the median income for a family was $36,099. Males had a median income of $27,114 versus $25,839 for females. The per capita income for th

An Open Letter To The NABJ and Roland Martin

The "Democrat Who Is A Journalist", Roland Martin Forwards An Open Letter To The NABJ

My question to the National Association of Black Journalists and Roland Martin is simple:

"We know that you working hard.  WHO are you working for?"

Per my read on history the Black Press was originally formed because the "mainstream"/ White press was not interested in covering stories that advanced the interests of the Black community OR they were only interested in slandering us via their official press channels.  Various Black newspapers sprung up to tell the narrative from our community's perspective.  Later on various Black radio programs and then television programs followed.  Today we have all of this and more on the Internet.

On the surface it appears that Roland Martin and crew is content on having a "Black face" represented on the airwaves.   In truth we all know that he wants a "Black Progressive" who is ultimately supportive of the Democratic Party and protective of the "Black Establishment".   Let's just be honest.

This is the reason why I must question the very character of the Black Press.   It is one of the "10 Peas in the Pod" of the Black Progressive Establishment.  

As with the other tentacles its main job is to protect the other 9.   If you believe that this the Black community's permanent interests are an intrinsic part of this mission - you'd be wrong.   Instead their goal is to protect the Progressive agenda which purports to protect and advance the interests of the Black Community.

One can clearly observe the compromised state of the Black Press merely by inspecting the areas where they have been successfully in promoting a favorable political machine into power.   The two critical questions that should be used to inspect the character of the Black press are:

  1. Now that this machine in is power have the Permanent Interests of the Black Community been materially advanced?  How
  2. Since the answer to question #1 is "NO" more often than "Yes" - Why has the Black press stopped their muckraking against the person in power in the seat?  
Instead it switches modes and beings to protect this establishment player, making sure that he has a platform to broadcast his version of events.  

Too often the Black press fails to go around this establishment and report from the streets.

Mr Martin, NABJ - we don't need any more "Black Faces" in the media IF their only job is to tow the line that you favor all the while our community continues to suffer and operate far below our potential.

I wonder WHO is the watch dog group that watches over the NABJ and other Black Establishment organizations that cast themselves as watchdogs?


"The Summer Of Klan Reenactments Continue"

Shooting At Funeral In Chicago Brings Business To 2 More Undertakers
(Hat tip to "Black Political Thought" blog)

When is this madness going to abate?

This is why I maintain my disposition.  Those who PURPORT to seek to protect the Black community from assault have their efforts nullified and exposed when it comes to "internal termite infestations".  They seek to protect our people from EXTERNAL enemies that affords them the opportunity to unite Blacks against a common enemy.  I have to conclude that their real objective is the UNITY of Black people NOT the protection of our interests.

The Street Pirate appears to be from the very same protected class of individuals as are the favorable politicians that preside over the institutions where this carnage is happening.  In both cases the Black Establishment seeks to avoid the disharmony that will be trigger if they go after those from the inside who are killing us AND those who they assisted to put into power who are failing to deliver upon the all important Permanent Interest:

SAFE STREETS - Were our people can congregate in peace, regenerating the social fabric that holds our communities together.

A Hamilton Park neighborhood gang member has been charged with two counts of murder after he allegedly opened fire on three other gang members -- killing two -- after an argument broke out following a funeral the afternoon of June 9 on the South Side, police said.

Tirell Reed, 18, of the 7400 block of South May Street, was charged early Friday with two counts of murder, according to police who said Reed said he shot the three people because someone “disrespected’’ him.

Reed is expected to appear for a bond hearing later Friday in Cook County Criminal Court and police are not seeking anyone else in the attack.

The shooting happened at 1:32 p.m. on June 9 in the 4700 block of South Forrestville Avenue, police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala said.

An argument broke out among four men -- all known gang members -- and one of them went “literally ballistic” and opened fire on the three others, a Wentworth District police officer said.

Initially, one man was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and another to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center -- both in critical condition, Fire Media Affairs spokesman Quention Curtis said.

William Huntley, in his 20s, of an unidentified address, was pronounced dead on the scene, according to a Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office spokesman.

Frenchie Ford, 25, was pronounced dead at 2:17 p.m. June 9 at Northwestern Memorial, the medical examiner’s office spokesman said.

Autopsies preformed June 10 revealed Huntley died of multiple gunshot wounds and Ford died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen, the medical examiner’s office said. Both deaths were ruled homicides.

The third man, 29, was shot in the shoulder and was initially listed good condition at Mercy Hospital, police said.

It is unclear whose funeral the four attended or if they were from the same gang, according to police.

Wentworth Area detectives and the Gang Intelligence Unit are investigating.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Civil Rights Pharisees Should Celebrate King's August 28th Speech On The Streets WITHIN The Black Community

The label "Civil Rights Pharisees" is shown to be the most accurate description of these band of operatives with each passing year. Their irrelevance to the ultimate conditions on the streets of the Black community becomes more obvious.

I have notated many times before that painful truth that there exists great poverty and "devilment" in walking distance of many of the most ornate Black churches across America. While all of the Christians enter into the edifice for Sunday Service, Wednesday night prayer service - there exists a far larger community of souls in ear shot that will never receive the "good news" that those who are treated to the acoustical "Feng shui" of the chapel's audio system are embellished with.

When I watched the video of Al Sharpton's sorrow that the "Civil Rights Pharisees" failed to plant someone with a folding chair outside of the US Parks Service overnight thus obtaining the permit for the Lincoln Memorial on August 28 I was made to think about the need to break up the ritual and disperse the message of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

A far bigger insult to the memory of King than is Glenn Beck - are the "Klan-like" forces that are terrorizing the Black community to-damned-day. With the situation as critical as it is in this "Bloody Summer 2010" - there is more of a need to get the message that was going to be delivered at Lincoln's feet out to the masses.

I would be more impressed with Al Sharpton and other Civil Rights Pharisees if they were to take a copper penny, flip it to the heads side and lay it on the corner of every Black community that is problem plagued and read a speech that was distributed via FaceBook to all who are interested. This speech at "Lincoln's Feet" would be far more useful to the Black community where we stand today.

Hank Johnson (D-GA) "Let's Pass Campaign Finance Reform To Present Republicans From Getting Elected"

AJC Kyle Wingfield: More Republicans, maybe, but what about Guam?

The best thing about being a liberal Democrat is that when you conspire, using the power of government to supress a targeted group of people............ few people will make the claim that what you doing is "government oppression".

If only Rep Johnson had said "We need to put the boot on the necks of the GOP".

Tim Scott (R-SC) - "Republican Who Is Black"

I think that it would be a better tact for me to explain to some of you what I am looking for in public leadership. It is not the case that I am "un-satisfiable" and thus wage attacks on everyone.

Instead the truth is that politics are not going to solve the problems with the Black community. In watching the video with Tim Scott, Republican candidate for US Congress from South Carolina - I don't expect him to raise his fist in the air and talk unapologetically about the Black community. Instead when I listen to him - a "Republican who is Black" and the far larger majority of operatives - "The Democrats who are Black" it is clear to me that they all are too bound to their respective party line and the American political domain in general to be of use in the solution.

They will only ever be black face in support of their party's ultimate position.

Tim Scott assigning President Obama an "F" is in the same continuum that has Obama rated with a "91%" approval rating by Black America despite having so much of our interests eroded via the economy. Despite the fact that his party machine controls every single Black majority district. Despite the fact that they have failed to advance the competencies within these districts and the infrastructure for productivity that should have been assembled over the decades.

In both cases they fail my primary measure:  Make a MODEL of your world that has fidelity to the real world so that you can construct a solution set that accurately considers the forces that are pushing you up an down.  

I assure you that more Blacks in South Carolina will be pissed that Scott gave Obama an "F" than they will at those who see it as their duty to "protect the President Of The United States" (now), this new found patriotism having come upon their body about 18 months ago.  

Too often the political debate has us focused far outside of the streets of the Black community and into Washington DC, making sure that in that political football game that Malcolm X taught us about we don't let down our respective team, now that they allow us in the game as starters.  Indeed some of us are expert at moving the ball for the team.

It Is Not "VALUES" That Are Going To Attract Blacks To The GOP, Mr Scott

I disagree with Mr Scott on his "values premise".
Point blank - Black people vote for the Democrats in a 9 to 1 ratio mostly because we remain in the consciousness of a "STRUGGLE".   The GOP represents the establishment.  The progressive Democratic party takes the role of the revolutionary competitor that seeks to make an "in" for Black folks against those who are intransigent.

This theory breaks down as Black folks and/or favorable people begin to be fully represented in or dominant of the establishment entities which we look to for civic services.   As we more fully traverse this new interval in time that we have been in for several decades the old models of protest must fall and be replaced by a more effective "human resource management model".    Though my own ideological understanding prevents me from convening with the progressive party my goals are not those of the Republican party either.   I have yet to see a Black Republican that understand how to articulate the new ground that we as a community and this country as a whole are now trekking through.

The Democrats have a more nationalistic orientation because - the worst possible situation for many of their constituencies to be in is ALONE, ALL BY THEMSELVES with the social and economic theories that they advance as the primary force determining their standard of living.   While the changing demographics (illegal immigration) may favor the Progressives on paper - we have to also remember that ON PAPER - Chicago, Detroit and Trenton should be the modern day "Promised Land" for our interests.

The key flaw is that it is not "voting" that is going to bring you salvation.  Instead your utopia is MANAGED TOWARD.   When your milieu is "the fight" then you are only as effective as the proximity of the adversary that you fight against.  If he leaves - you are screwed.

The Black community needs to adopt a new framework for our community development.   Per my observation that new foundation is "competency development".   Work to make full use of all of the human resources within, having them aligned with a common goal.  Make the participation voluntary yet something that is popular because the consciousness to do so is the driver.

The Conservative fails because he seeks to plot out an exclusive space and govern the land that is enclosed within the survey stakes in the ground.   This is great for the people within and not so great for those who reside outside.  I, for one, value living in a city and a county where the prevailing governance is in line with my own views.  Absent the work of communicating these views and relating them to a functional outcome that is desired (directed outcomes) then a person with this position might be viewed as "stuck in his ways.   While I tell my son "because I said so" as a means of cutting off his barrage of questions - this does not work well in the public policy space.   There needs to be some connectedness between these policies and the favorable outcomes.  I do not believe that conservatives and Republicans do a good job of this.   They are thus slated to lose power by attrition.  Again - not to say that the outcomes will be favorable for the prevailing authority.

In closing - I don't look to Barack Obama, Tim Scott or Artur Davis to be the key agents for community change in our interests.  In truth they are more of a mile marker regarding where America as a whole stands with respect to tolerance.  Their presence, however, do not intrinsically translate into prosperity for the Black community.  

Our challenge is to learn how to apply the comprehensive "human resource management" processes that can be leveraged upon the masses as a means of the vehicle of propulsion for our community.

I hope that Mr Scott wins but he is certainly going to be attacked for "racial disloyalty" when in truth he has merely violated the popular view that Blacks are Democrats.

Which Of These Two Would You Prefer To Have As Your Neighbor?

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Situation #1 A band of drug dealers are busted for having safe houses where drugs, guns and boat loads of cash were stored. The value was over $1 million

Situation #2 An unlicensed dentist operates a dental practice out of his trailer home. He is an illegal alien and provides these needed services to an exclusively Hispanic clientel

For me - I'd take the dentist who is practicing without a government license. He is likely operating with regard to the standards that are permissible in Mexico. He was operating in this location for years. Though there is no doubt that the office fails the American standard of sterility - he is providing a service that many people who are conditioned into the American culture would demand that someone else give to them.

This dentist is operating upon the teeth of people that realize the post-Katrina phrase: "We all we got".

In Fulton County GA - Paperwork Shreds The Justice System - All Without Protests

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A Black female is stopped at a traffic stop and then arrested and detained for a week. The policeman who stopped her sees that she has an outstanding warrant against her. The only problem is that these charges were previously "Dismissed" and they should have been purged from her record.

Welcome to Fulton County Georgia. As with their neighboring county - Dekalb - there is clearly a massive problem with the processes and the paperwork in the "Criminal Justice System". In as much as Black people are the disproportionate victim of these systematic screw ups done by the administrators - the civil rights community has not waged protests against their permanent friends that now administrate both Fulton and Dekalb Counties.

The promises of "Things would be better once people favorable to us are in power" has seemingly gone by the wayside. It has purchased the silence of those who used to be loud and "unbought and unsold".

Once again I have to give credit to the "Muckraking Local Television Investigative Reporters". They are the new "activists for justice" for the Black community. With many others having been compromised or nullified as they are not willing to go against their permanent friends - these muckraking journalists have a vested interest in "Asking The Tough Questions" - as one of these stations has adopted as their moniker.

I bring these issues up because it is so glaringly obvious what is going on. These governments have gotten no less hostile in their effects. It is only the case that a friendly and familiar face now greets the voters on the campaign trail.

(Who is the real "sellout" in the Black community?)

I Am Not Prepared To Send This Female Jailer To Jail Until I Have More Information About The Criminal She Attacked

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Yes the video is damning.
A female sheriff's deputy in Fulton County pushes and then strikes a criminal under her watch with a milk crate. The criminal's hands are bound by cuffs. For this she is fired, sentenced to 3 months in jail, 3 months of home arrest and years of probation. The US Assistant Attorney is in on the case as they crack down on shady behavior in the Fulton County Jail.

I am not convinced that she is deserving of such harsh prosecution. While there are higher standards upon the "authorities" that are trusted to uphold the laws I still hearken back to the "Detroit Gang Squad" video in which the officer said "those who try to operate at a high standard with someone who is trying to knock your block off will soon see that they must at times get on the Street Pirate's level in order to survive the situation".

I personally would like to know the following about the CRIMINAL that she struck:

  • What criminal statute did the prisoner that was struck violate to land in jail?
  • While in the Fulton County jail has he initiated any attacks against other inmates, not giving a damn about their rights?
  • What verbal taunts did this prisoner, a male,  make against the female guard that might have provoked her to hit him as such, augmenting his hearing ability? 
This information would assist me in determining the context within which this all occurred.

"Pimps In The Pulpit" - Woman Claims Pastor Violated Her Trust - Seeks $20M Out Of The Offering Plate

"Tawdry truth or 'Pimp'ing a ride?

I can think of several family members that were funeralized at Sharron Baptist Church in Philadelphia.  It is a shame that I now have to hear this news about this church that provides a platform for thousands of people each week to worship their God .

The paster that that he was gaming someone and it appears that he is the one that got played in the end.

I don't believe that this woman should receive $20 M of money that was otherwise provided by the well-meaning parishioners  for good use via their offerings.  The former pastor should be personally liable instead.   With the number of people who are struggling in the economy that is present in the original home of Sharron Baptist in SW Philly - it would be nothing short of a crime to hand this private individual $20M of this church's funds as the masses who are outside of this palatial church building get to watch her and the corrupt preacher drive by in their luxury cars.

My view about liability would be very different if this was a child in the churches care that was abused or the church displayed gross negligence in assuring the woman's safety.   Some male pastors now refuse to council female parishiners unless there is a woman accompanying them in the room.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Excuse Me Courtland Malloy - The Black Street Pirates ARE The "Black Wing Militia" That Are Akin To The "Right Wing Militia" That You Are Focused Upon

Earlier today I read the works of my favorite opinion propagandist Derrick Z Jackson who cherry picked the issue of the offense of the Tomahawk chop over the vuvuzela out of thin air.

Now I see that Courland Milloy has Jackson topped.

Tolerance of white militias exemplifies racial double standard

From the Courtland Milloy Article:
Imagine that the inauguration of President George W. Bush had sparked an explosive rise in African American militia groups. Suppose thousands of heavily armed black men began gathering at training camps in wooded areas throughout the country, devising military tactics for "taking back their country" after what they believed was an electoral coup.

Do you think Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney would have reacted to a black militaristic buildup as coolly as President Obama has to the phenomenal growth of white militias?

Since Obama took office last year, the number of white militias has shot up from about 170 to more than 500, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors extremist groups in the United States. Armed with enough firepower to take on a police department, some of these groups are honing their sniper skills using photographs of Obama for target practice.

They cling to the delusion that the nation's first black president is somehow a subversive working for Muslim extremists, and they aim to bring him down.

"If the people we saw running around armed to the teeth were black, I think their organizations would be destroyed in a matter of hours," Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project, told me. "If people saw on their TV screens photos of black militia members shooting at images of a white president, I don't think they would last."

Why does Mr Milloy have to craft a hypothetical? The Black Street Pirates that are terrorizing the Black community are the functional equivalent of these White right wing militia. The key difference is that these White folks aren't killing Black folks at the rate that the Street Pirates are.

Perhaps Mr Milloy needs to read the recent article about the "Iron Pipeline - The Gun Trade From Georgia to the North".

We must understand the importance of cherry picking outrage to the operative.

Despite the fact that the original rise in gun purchases after the fear that Obama would issue harsh gun control laws - the rate of gun purchases has slowed.  You see - it is important for Mr Milloy to point out that the ravenous, hate-filled right wing, fearing a "My President Is A Black Man" have chosen to arm themselves to the teeth as a sign of their irrational hatred.  

Mr Milloy - is there an increase in "Right-Wing Militia On Black" shootings over this past 18 months?   What about increased news that White folks are entering into Black communities to "teach us a lesson" - not to get too big for our britches.

Worse of all Mr Milloy referenced the "Southern Poverty Law Center".  As a member of their e-mail distribution list I can attest to the fact that they are seriously infected with "Mall Cop Syndrome".  This is an ailment in which one is so focused on the person who fits their profile per their own bigotry that they look past the real shoplifters that are robbing the store blind.   To my knowledge there is no "Street Pirate Gang" that appears on the list that is maintained by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  As with Rachel Maddow they are too contaminated by their desire to expose the threat from 'right wing groups' that they can't be trusted as canaries in the coal mine.

Try as they might to make commercial recordings of their threats to kill Black people and Hispanics - the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" performer will not be recorded on the threat watch from the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Now let's just see what would happen if country star Toby Keith made a remix of various songs from Young Jeezy, TI or The Game in which they threat to smoke a Black man that steps to them.  If you thought that Elvis stealing "Black lyrics" triggered a more substantial response - you have not seen anything yet.

A More Logical Way To For Threat Measurement

When certain people read my arguments they are of the perverted view that I am defending these "right wing militias".  The fact is that I could care less about them.  Instead I am working to prioritize the more proximate threats against the community of my interest.  I am, in fact, attempting to stop people like Courtland Milloy from executing a diversion.  I am not doing the diversion.

As we slide through yet another "Bloody Summer" let us focus our threat matrix upon the key source of murder for Black people.  In Metro Atlanta alone a Black person is murdered seemingly every 1.5 days.   How can anyone justify placing SUPERIOR focus upon the Right Wing Militias per Courtland Milloy's accounting?

It seems to me that the forces seeking to manage our communities and mitigate the threat to our people should look at the numbers and work to address the "use cases" that represent the most significant loss of life within our communities.

Yes we are able to gain more unified condemnations around a defense against "right wing militias".  However as we have our shot guns pointed out the front window of our shut gun shacks, waiting for the sight of a right wing militia member to crumple one strand of grass on our front lawns - the TERMITES WITHIN are eating the hell out of our main support beams.   In due time a large quantity of residents within the shack who are under the veil of protection by the shotgun will perish when the roof collapses and their necks are snapped as the load falls upon them.

They have your number and know what it takes to keep you "united".

Did anyone notice if Mr Milloy reported on the 2 people murdered in Baltimore this past weekend with 8 people having been shot?

I realize that the Klan no longer wears hoods any more but have they all donned the Black face mask that the robber that we heard about several weeks ago brought forth?

My Planned Counter-Counter Protest In Washington DC On August 28, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr executed upon the "March On Washington For Jobs and Justice" on August 28th, 1963.  This march was  was originally planned by A. Phillip Randolf during the FDR Administration.  On this date the famous "I Have A Dream Speech" was presented by Dr King on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial.

Fox Political Commentator Glenn Beck chose to congregate his fellow travelers in Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 2010.  As the story goes - after the fact someone notated to Beck that August 28th was the date that the hallowed "March On Washington" took place.  Beck says that on this date he will reveal is his plan to "Save America" to those who are in attendance.

Upon hearing about Fox New's Glenn Beck's plans to gather his friends on this hallowed day in Washington DC at the same site where MLK and several others delivered speeches to a large crowd - elements of the Black Actor-vist Establishment doubled over and "feigned offense" that their sworn enemy Glenn Beck would dare go to the US Parks Department and apply for a permit on the last Saturday in August 2010, which just happened to fall on August 28.

I am actually surprised that there has been no television commercials from the NAACP/NUL/National Action Network with a voice over saying "Upon hearing that Glenn Beck was meeting on the steps of the Washington Monument on August was like my father was being dragged down the road with a chain tied to his body all over again".  I have to credit the NAACP for rising above the "Jesse Helm's-type" propaganda ads where White hands were seen holding a pink slip to his job, having been fired because of Affirmative Action.

They Are Not Going To Stop.......They Are Not Going To Focus Until They Get "Constructive Feedback" To Put Them Back On The Right Track In Support Of The Permanent Interests WITHIN The Black Community

Those who express hatred in response to perceived hatred are still HATERS themselves.

Is anyone truly surprised that these Black Actor-vist groups are congregating in Washington DC to wage a counter protest in a grand "Self-Chumming" exercise?  Glenn Beck's choice to file this paperwork with the US Parks Service was the triggering action for these groups.

Many of them will depart their home areas that are suffering from "Bloody Summer 2010" in order to confront the ENEMY of Black people - Glenn Beck and the rest of the line up on Fox News.

I struggle to understand one thing about the Rank And File in the Black community - WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP YOURSELVES FROM BEING USED?

Is there any sort of internal compass inside of you which can enumerate the top issues threatening the progression of Black America?   With this as a reference do you see that Glenn Beck executing upon his permit from the US Parks Service is not on the priority list?

What Are The Priorities?

I marvel most at the power of those who hold the dry erase marker that is used to insert the priorities for the Black community to follow.  So frequently we see a situation akin to what was described in the book "Animal Farm".   In the wee hours of the morning the leadership sneaks up to the whiteboard and makes their desired changes to the "constitution" for Black people and upon the rise of the sun they deny that any of the contents on the board had changed from the day before.  They count upon those who are willing to go along with the scheme to "play dumb" and not protest too much.  Good things that no one had a camera phone with them just as they have trained upon the antics of the police.

I am waiting to see some sustained push back from the rank & file of the Black community against these operatives who clearly have no other goal than to keep Black folks UNIFIED against the enemy that the Black Establishment chooses to promote.

My Planned Counter-Counter-Protest

If the announced plans by all parties involved go off as planned I am going to make myself present to wage a "Counter-Counter-Protest" against the Black Actor-vists who are misappropriating the images and power of the REAL "Civil Rights Movement".  They are not doing this for any material advantage that will ever be seen WITHIN the Black community.  Instead this is purely an ideological and partisan exercise on their behalf.

I won't be standing WITH Glenn Beck.
I will be standing AGAINST the Fraudulent Individuals who are allowed to use the legitimate interests of Black people as a hook to garner the support of a few hundred Black people.

Here is the poster that I will be carrying in opposition to the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" that will be convening in DC: