They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Black / Brown Coalition?

Second "Street Pirate On Cop" Attack In Two Days

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A female Georgia state trooper making a routine traffic stop was beaten about the face by a male Street Pirate. After a physical struggle the state trooper got a hold of her service weapon and fired, striking the street pirate in an unknown region of his body. The Street Pirate jumped back in his car and escaped.

After a brief chase, the Street Pirate was captured by the police.

Ironically both the injured state trooper and the Street Pirate were sent to Grady Hospital in Atlanta for treatment of their injuries.

Why The TV Show "The First 48 Hours" Must Be Allowed To Film Police Interactions With Street Pirates

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The sad and unfortunate accidental shooting of a little girl by the Detroit police has triggered demands to prohibit film crews on police raids.

I am strongly opposed to such prohibition.
I have confidence in the police that they will not allow their professionalism to be compromised in favor of the camera crew.  Instead these fugitive squads are well aware of the dangerous mission they are asked to do.  They go through a tremendous amount of training to fortify the goal of minimizing the harm done to the citizens they are charged with protecting and their fellow police force member who must enter into someone's home.

The series of videos posted above are meant to provide a picture of the people who live an "A Don't Give A 'What' Lifestyle" and how the police have the unenviable task of having to interact with them in an attempt to maintain law and order.

The police are bound to certain "rules of engagement", the department can be sued.
Your only hope is that you don't ever find yourself standing between where the Street Pirate presides and the trinket of value that he wants.  He will not think twice in killing you in order to obtain it.

This edition of "The First 48 Hours" is important because it showed a Street Pirate who murdered a mother and father right in front of their young children.
It also shows the karma of  "street justice" that is in effect as the person who was thought to have killed the two parents later was found dead.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Manning Marable - Beyond Black & White - My Preview

I have no problem expressing my bias and low expectations that I have after having purchased the book "Beyond Black & White" by Prof Manning Marable.

The strategy as stated on the back cover tells me all that I need to know. This viewpoint shows that Prof Marable has not changed from my previous observations of his work.

Many in the US, including Barack Obama have called for a "post racial" politics yet race still divides the country politically, economically and socially.

In this expanded new edition of a highly acclaimed work, Manning Marable rejects both liberal inclusionist strategies and the separatist politics of the likes of Louis Farrakhan, arguing powerfull for a new "transformationist" strategy, which retains a distinctive black cultural identity but draws together all the poor and exploited in the united struggle against oppression. In a substantial new introduction, Marable looks back at the last ten years of African-American politics and the fight against racism, outlining a trenchant analysis of the "new Radical Domain" that must be uprooted.

After reading this paragraph I don't even need to read the book. The contents contained within are a non-starter with me for the following reasons:

  1. Manning Marable, like most other defenders of the "Black Establishment"/ "Progressive Establishment" / "Democratic Establishment will never arrive at the point where these forces have enough power over enough institutions and places where they can be held accountable for the present results or at least the failure to make measurable advancement.  
  2. The most notable quote for me from Marable says "Black people are the most intelligent voters in America.  They know who has their best interests in mind and will support them".   I get the feeling that "stupidity" will come to Black America if we ever stop deciding to support the Progressives/Democrats to the 85%+ tune that we presently do.  
  3. The above notation in #2 shows that Marable is more interested in a "struggle" and "good intentions" than he has any particular interest in demanding "earnest money" along the way where the forces that are leading us along are made to ante up, proving to us that we are making progress in regards to OUR OWN PERMANENT INTERESTS and not merely in the interests of Democrats and Progressives.  (Or are Black people inherently Progressives and Democrats and thus their victory is our victory?)
The point that frustrates me above all else about the long list of "Humanities Professors" and self-described "Public Intellectuals" that tend to chaff my skin is that they haven't yet developed the language that defines the point in time when:
  • Black People (or at least favorable people ideologically) are "Da Man"
  • Black People are the oppressors or terrorists (ie: Street Pirates intimidating our communities)
Add to this, from an economic standpoint - continued poverty in some Black communities is seen as a function of the failure to put forth an economic/academic/behavioral control order that produces wealth instead of the racial/class gap being a function of racism or oppression.

In fact as I study the Progressive-Fundamentalist I note that denial of the acceptance of their establishment presence (the transaction of their "inferiority) is a fundamental portion of their mindset.   In as much as "The Struggle" IS their struggle - that which unifies them - it would be a move toward intellectual self-extinction for them to ever proclaim that the struggle is offer - "We run things now.  You can hold us accountable for all outcomes from here on out".   Simply put - this is not going to happen.

The updated book by Marable, published in 2009, surely contains an update that includes the Obama Presidency.   As the paragraph hints at, however, the new fight is against the "New Racial Domain" denotes the new mission.  It is comical to see people promote the mistaken assumption that "the presidency of Barack Obama meant the end of racism".   Their antics used throughout the campaign and beyond in which they defended candidate Obama from any racial slight - real or manufactured said it all.   The White voter in America was asked "can you put aside your racism and vote for the best candidate?"  Never did I hear a single news outlet make note to the Black voter:  "The machine that Barack Obama sits atop of ALREADY controls all of the key institutions in your communities.  In as much as you still have massive grievances about these critical components - 'Why are you inclined to give this machine a promotion?' ".    If this is not racial politics in line with calling out White folks - what is it then?

I accuse Progressive-Fundamentalists such as Manning Marable and other "Humanities Professors" of leading Black people along for IDEOLOGICAL purposes while not establishing the transparent (non-partisan, non-ideological) infrastructure to vet the veracity of the entire machine and its outcomes.

In his call to unite all "oppressed people" into a movement I can read between the lines and see that Marable is yet another "Least Of These" caretakers.  I challenge Marable and other self-proclaimed "Public Intellectuals" to define a process by which we can one day become the "UN-least of these" using our organic resources and NOT through the expansive government theories and enforced national regulatory regime that is no doubt a part of his grand scheme. 

One Street Pirate Attack Triggers Three Bishop Henry McNeal Turner Self Defense Awards

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View Larger Map

Scroll around the map and look at the proximity of the "Portraits Upon The Wall" that bring pride to the Black Community.

  • Morehouse College
  • Spelman University
  • Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
  • Ralph David Abernathy Blvd
  • Joseph E Lowery Blvd
  • Even the brand new "SNCC Way" - that was affixed about 3 weeks ago (Raymond Way)
With all of this pride in the picture none of this matters to people who "don't give a damn what you think and aren't trying to live up to any particular standard".

Another weekend - another shooting in the West End/Southwest Atlanta.  

An off duty Atlanta policeman decided to poke his nose into other people's business.  It seems that under the guise of purchasing automobile rims from a person a group of Street Pirates decided to rob the person.  Officer Roach of the Atlanta PD saw what was going down and decided to stop the foolishness that was in progress.  

Unfortunately the Street Pirates didn't appreciate Officer Roach an authority figure interrupting their pirate attack.  They decided to shoot the officer.  Whereas the New York Legislature is pondering a regulation that officers of the law must shoot an assailant in the arm or leg rather than other areas of the body which might prove more deadly - a Street Pirate - DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE LAW AND LEGISLATIVE REGULATION!!!  They shot Officer Roach in the arm and in the stomach.  Only his bullet proof vest saved his life.

I have high praise for the citizens who were in the area who saw what was going on and decided to not "mind their own business".  

With more than 10 shots fired and a Street Pirate straddled on top of Officer Roach an upstanding citizen, Donald Melvin, decided to hit the Street Pirate with his passenger vehicle.   Donald Melvin is the first recipient of the "Bishop Henry McNeal Turner Self-Defense Award".   The fact that this citizen put himself at potential risk in order to save the officer's life is indeed "Bishop Henry McNeal Turner" behavior.  Mr Melvin tried to shoot the Street Pirate but there were no bullets left in the Street Pirate's gun.  He then decided to beat the street pirate with the gun.   Thank you Mr Melvin, your efforts are recognized and praised by some of us who realize the mentality of the person you were dealing with.  I am thankful that you were not injured. 

The second recipient of the "Bishop Henry McNeal Turner Self-Defense Award" is Atul Dey, the manager from the Churches Chicken.   He assisted in holding down the Street Pirate.  He took the officer's handcuffs and gave the Street Pirate a new set of stainless steel bracelets that he can add to his "bling" collection.

For all of the attacks that are rained down upon the police as they do their job that is far too often "thankless" I feel proud to see ordinary citizens stepping up and "taking back their communities".  

A fearful populace is the breeding ground for "Street Pirates".

It is a mistake to attempt to offer more benefit of the doubt to a person who has no intention at all to return the favor to you.   A violent Street Pirate only respects violence and countervailing power.   

Glenn Beck and Field-Negro Don't Realize How Predictable Each Of Them Are

  • I record the "Glenn Beck Show" from Fox News each day, eventually watching it in order to keep an eye upon what he is talking about.
  • I tune into the "Field-Negro" blog (brought to you by AfroSpear), each night to see the daily "self-chum feeding" that he will provide to his fans
If each of these men, who see themselves standing upon the polar opposite of the ideological and partisan divide, were to be asked individually they would reject the notion of their commonality.  As a consumer of both of their product offerings I see them as inseparably joined at the hip.

They both serve the very same function for their respective followers.

Their goal is to:

  1. Serve up a daily bit of information that will rile up their base, convincing them that their sensibilities are under attack from the other side.
  2. Provide a platform for their followers to express themselves, that enemy used as a pinata 
  3. Leverage this heightened concern to craft the "unity" behind their desired  ideological and partisan flags
On the Friday before Memorial Day 2010 Glenn Beck presented two contradictory points into the body politic.  
  • He used the words of Malia Obama in a radio skit to mock her father - Beck's present obsession
  • He did an episode of his "Glenn Beck" television show's series called "Founding Fathers Friday" to emphasize the point about how Blacks were fully involved in the founding of this nation during the "American Revolution" and the course correction that took place during the "Civil War".
For many Blacks who are politicos these two actions of Glenn Beck - a man who they don't like and have hoisted up as the 'face of racism' - was taken as follows:   

"If your goal was to show your good will to Black people by highlighting how our ancestors were critical players in American History your skit using the Obama girl just ruined any chance that we will listen to what you have to say about your regard for Blacks in history."

In their test for "Friends Of Blackness" they have a list of "favored Blacks" (and unsavory for that matter) and then evaluate a White person's viewpoint of these people.

  • Barack Obama - If you love him and defend him then you are "down with Black people".  Conversely - a good "read between the lines" indicator of a White racist is his contempt for the "Black man who is President"
  • Clarence Thomas - If you love him and defend him then you "hate Black people", as you appreciate him as a tool to confiscate Black civil rights in line with your own goals to do the same
Ironically this litmus test has no interest in taking a more empirical view of one's actual impact upon the interests of the Black community.  There is simply no doubt that some collections of people who have operated with the INTENTION of helping the Black community, who's views were in line with the popular mandate from the Black community have instead produced policy results that have been counter to our community's interests.   In this case such a fault is forgiven because of the popular acceptance of the path that was taken.  In as much as our community is inclined to blame amorphous, external forces of racism for railroading all that we do - indeed there have been some operatives who are apprised of this tendency and have fully exploited this knowledge to their advantage.

The same White person who gets plus points for coming dangerously close to calling for the lynching death of Clarence Thomas yet who lumps praise upon Barack Obama will receive praise by certain elements of the Black community.  The words and tactics used in this specific attack and praise being free from the normal racial second guessing.    Thanks to the near perfect exchange between race and ideology/partisanship amongst Black people the reverse situation (criticism of Obama and praise of Thomas) has a very low threshold of tolerance before the charge of "racism" as the motivating force of such words is proclaimed.

The Motivation Of Glenn Beck

I watched the "Founding Founder's Friday" episode of Glenn Beck from two different angles.  

From a pure historical perspective I was appreciative that Mr Beck and his historian guests humanized the Black faces that appear on various historical paintings that are American heirlooms.   Those Black men on the boat with George Washington as he crossed the Delaware served important roles in the success of the operation rather than being cast as "flora and fauna".

Ironically, if anyone other than Glenn Beck had such a special on television the effort would be highlighted by the Black press.   The effort would be seen as groundbreaking as is the CNN "Being Black In America".  The opportunity to expose White America to the full humanity of Black people.   Ironically (as I mention frequently on this blog) MSNBC with its polemic disposition in relation to Fox News merely needs to show "Klan forces in America" in order to remain in the favor of Black America.  If their model of the threats to Black America is fatally skewed because they skip over the damage from Street Pirate Gangs - this jaundiced view rests fine with many Blacks who are looking outside to spot their enemy.  

I do agree that Glenn Beck had an ulterior motive in his presentation of "Black Founding Fathers".   Beck's goal in presenting the interplay of Black people in the American Revolution and the Civil War was to show that the White Founding Fathers had appreciated the value of Black people and were not the evil racists that 'the Progressive' makes them out to be.   

My friend Filled-Negro proclaims that Beck provided a "whitewashing" of history with his presentation.   Filled-Negro fails to see the irony of his own assessment.  When a Black person or "favorable White" embellishes the activities of Blacks in American history they are praised.

As I type this I am thinking of the show "Liberty's Kids", a cartoon that I was ensnared into watching over the years as my children prepared for school in the morning.  This cartoon promoted a Black character into a certain heroic role while downplaying the racism of the time.  This cartoon which was targeted at young children avoided such weighty subject of racism and slavery yet was not seen as threatening as Mr Beck's work.   Equally disturbing should be the people who dehumanize Black people, casting us as mere slaves and Whites as non-human automatons who's only goal is oppression.

From the Wikipedia page on "Liberty's Kids" - describing the Black character "Moses"
Moses (D. Kevin Williams)
Born in Africa, Moses was brought in chains to America as a slave. Because of his ingenuity, Moses learned to read, forge metal, and buy his freedom from his master, thus freeing himself from the slavery of the American south. He eventually moved to Philadelphia and found work at Dr. Franklin's Print Shop. His brother, Cato, had not been so fortunate and escaped, later joining the British troops as a soldier. He looks out for Dr. Franklin's young wards, especially Henri. Like Henri, he values his freedom more than anything. Iron-willed Moses will never allow anyone to strip him of his dignity, despite his or her feelings on race. By working at the Print Shop, Moses hopes to educate children of all colors in the ideals of America so that everyone may one day be free. At the end of the series, Moses leaves to set up a school for children of all races.

By the end of the show Glenn Beck or his guests had made several critical references against "Progressives" that made their intentions clear.  Their argument was that as the left discounted the contributions of various Blacks who played important roles in American history their view of the "White" founding fathers in America as irrational bigots is advanced.  

I have no doubt that my friend Filled-Negro heard all of the digs against Progressives and chose to discard the entire show in total.   

To be clear this repudiation was not done in accordance with Filled-Negro's heightened commitment to historical accuracy.  If a hit piece against the founding fathers was done with compromised fidelity with the truth - such a work would not be rejected in kind.    Instead it is all relative to Filled-Negro's interest.

As I read through each "daily self chum" from Filled-Negro I look past the content contained within and instead make note of the reason WHY my friend has posted on this subject.  Regardless of the other more important subjects as hand for the day look for Filled-Negro to stay true to his agenda.   A hit against his ideological enemies is of more valuable to him than the illumination of a major problem endemic to the Black community.  The only exception being when the "Philly Homicide Count" (which he tracks in the "Right side frame of shame") gets beyond a point than can be looked past. 

While there is no doubt that Glenn Beck's audience and sphere of influence is larger than Filled-Negro's blog site, their basic function are indistinguishable.  

Saturday, May 29, 2010

US Solider Survives War Unscathed - Beaten & Robbed By Street Pirates Back At Home

As far as this solider is concerned - Street Pirates are more deadly than the Al Queda operatives that he fought against in the field of war.

His own cousin conspired with the Street Pirates to take his military service weapon.

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NAACP Only Likes "Klan Reenactments" Of Its Own - Says Little About Modern Day "Klan Like" Attacks On Blacks By Street Pirates

This is getting "ridiculous-er" by the day folks.

  • Georgia NAACP is in Lumpkin County GA in response to a Klan reenactment
  • Civil Rights Actor-vist group "New Order" Leaves Post Defending Illegal Immigrant College Student In Cobb County GA, Travels To Gwinnett County GA To Voice Objections Against Klan Reenactment

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So let me understand this:

Do these so-called "Civil Rights Activist Groups" believe that the antics of the Klan were so hurtful that no young people today should see such reenactments?


Please note that earlier this year their ideological friends from the Georgia Coalition Of Black Elected Officials, featuring State Senator Tyrone Brooks did a reenactment of the KLAN LYNCHING of 4 Black people at the "Moores Ford Bridge" in Walton County GA

Hundreds of onlookers will gather in Walton County today to watch dozens of amateur actors recreate one of the most harrowing unsolved race crimes in North Georgia history.

The annual Moore's Ford Bridge lynching re-enactment, put on by the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials, has been both lauded for bringing national attention to the cold case and criticized for being too sensational.

The annual re-enactments remind people of the important role the law plays in protecting civil rights, said state Rep. Tyrone Brooks, president of the GABEO.

"America cannot survive without the rule of law," said Brooks, D-Atlanta.

An all-volunteer cast will re-enact the night of July 25, 1946, when George and Mae Murray Dorsey and Roger and Dorothy Malcom were stopped by an unofficial roadblock and a group of men in white hoods on Treadwell Bridge Road in rural Walton County.

An estimated 30 people witnessed the mob force the couples out of the car, drag them down an embankment to the clearing and shoot them repeatedly at close range.

The lynchings came in retaliation because Roger Malcom allegedly had stabbed a white man in a fight days before.

No one has been brought to trial for the 63-year-old lynching.

The re-enactment also will feature a tour of significant locations, which include the farmhouse where Malcom was arrested, the old county jail where he was held for 11 days, and the Moore's Ford Bridge where the lynching happened.

The first re-enactment received national attention in 2004 as the FBI and Georgia Bureau of Investigation reopened the cold case. Earlier this year, at a March 28 community meeting and update on the case, agents from the Atlanta FBI office made a public commitment to solving the case and bringing the still-unfound criminals to justice.

"I am convinced that the FBI and GBI are working every day," Brooks said. "We could probably see some significant advances this year."

Any efforts that help bring new information to light are helpful, said Kirklyn Dixon, vice chairwoman of the Moore's Ford Memorial Committee, a social-justice group formed to commemorate the lynching.

Others continue to celebrate law enforcement's efforts while questioning the effectiveness of the re-enactment. In a letter published in the Athens Banner-Herald in August, Rich Rusk, the former secretary and a founder of the Moore's Ford Memorial Committee, said the re-enactments "played fast and loose with standards of decency" and the facts.

Rusk is on a two-year leave from the committee and says his opinions do not represent those of the committee, which does not host or sponsor the re-enactment.

"I don't think any group should be hosting annual re-enactments of racial atrocities as commemorative events," Rusk said. "They are simply too inflammatory, and I believe they undercut the work of the Moore's Ford Memorial Committee."

"We don't care about what people think about what we do," Brooks said in response. "We care about justice and putting criminals in jail."

The re-enactments help to bring both legal and emotional closure to the killings, said Robert Howard, a Monroe civil rights activist who will narrate this year's re-enactment.

"The truth needs to be told, and we haven't had much truth about these lynchings," Howard said.

Re-enactment events start at noon at the First African Baptist Church, 130 Tyler St. in Monroe, with meditation and prayers. Participants are scheduled to leave the church at 4:30 p.m. for the tour and arrive at the Moore's Ford Bridge - which spans the Apalachee River between Walton and Oconee counties - at 6 p.m.

The only thing that we can say is that the NAACP doesn't like it when anyone outside of their circle does "Klan Reenactments".

Friday, May 28, 2010

Actor Gary Coleman - Dead At 42 Of A Brain Hemorrhage

Fox News: Former Child Star Gary Coleman Dead At Age 42

I was saddened to hear the report that Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42.  I had always hoped that he would get his self together and then forge a comeback as a television host somewhere.

There is no doubt that Coleman's life after the hit television series, "Different Strokes", went off the air was troubled. Both of the other child stars in the series,  Todd Bridges and Dana Plato had their post stardom troubles.  Ms Plato died several years ago of an overdose.

I recently rented a "Best Of Dave Chapelle Show" DVD that featured a scene about Gary Coleman.  Coleman played a security guard who was down on his luck.  He resented a female patron demanding that he say "What You Talking About Willis" and proceeded to attack her.

Add Gary Coleman to the long list of entertainment stars who failed to adapt to life and who died too young.

MSNBC Is Not Going To Feature The Blood & Latin Kings Of Newburgh CT As Equal Threats To The Tea Party Militia

Violent Gangs Terrorize Newburgh NY

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I am going to try a new tactic.
Instead of me pointing out the selective coverage of certain "threats" by certain media operatives I need to appeal to the sensibilities of the gang members themselves.

Since "respect" is paramount in the consciousness of certain Street Pirate Gangs I need to make an appeal to them.

These Street Pirate Gangs are being disrespected.  They are not seen as "equal threats" to that of the "Right Wing Militia Groups" or "Tea Party Protesters".

Something needs to be done about this.
Regardless of how many people they kill - Rachel Maddow is not going to give them top billing.
Regardless of how many "Black or Hispanic People" are seen "On The Television News Crying" - Keith Olbermann won't make the Bloods and the Latin Kings  his "Worst Person Of The Day".

It is time for me to take this "diss" to the Street Pirates and demand that they ask to be covered.

Can any of you answer the question?
"WHY aren't Street Pirate Gangs given the very same coverage as are Right Wing Militia Groups or Tea Partiers?"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cloud Of Shame Cast Upon Dekalb County GA: Former School's Chief Indicted In Corruption Scandal Over Construction Contracts

AJC: Former DeKalb schools chief, three others indicted

Shame comes, once again, to Dekalb County Georgia.  This time it is the school administration that is caught up in a criminal scandal.

In as much as Dekalb County is often sold as "the second wealthiest Black majority county in the nation" it is becoming more clear that the take over by "favorable people" (Blacks and Democrats) is merely a case of new faces in high places, doing the very same underhanded actions that riled up the Black community and triggered the previous take over.

Unfortunately - there will not be a second "take over" triggered by this and several other scandals.  The "rank and file" within the community is content with the "hue" of the people who are depicted in the portraits which hang on the walls of government.
I take little pleasure in writing about the misfortunes that take place in Dekalb, Fulton or Clayton County. My goal is only to get the "Black Rank and File" voters to realize that as they march forward seeking to put "our people in power so that our permanent interests will be addressed", far too often there exists a large gap between the motivations of the voters and the motivations of those who get inserted into power. They often USE race to get into power but benefit personally from the endeavor. The consequence of this process is that the voting district in question gets painted as an area where the blind loyalties of Black people allow corruption and incompetence in the way of delivering quality services to get masked by supposed "racial pride".
Cointa Moody, secretary for Patricia Reid.
Which Black Establishment forces are missing in this upheaval before us?


  1. The Black Press
  2. The Black Activist Community

I will need to make a special trip over to Dekalb County to search out the "Dekalb Crossroads" newspaper. In as much as one can travel to Republican dominated "East Cobb County" and find a GOP loyalist newspaper - "Dekalb Crossroads News" is like a campaign newsletter for the fused "Black Political Establishment" and Democratic Party.

I doubt that we would find a history of muckraking journalism that doggedly inspected the actions of these operatives in the Dekalb County school administration. Instead they are more inclined to operate as a P.R. tool for the superintendent - making sure that a certain quota of pictures of his face appear in their pages to fortify in the minds of their readers "who runs things now".
Regarding the Black Activist Community in Dekalb - in as much as I have not heard a peep out of them regarding the two recent "Taser Involved Deaths" of two Black people in Dekalb over the past 4 weeks - I am not sure that we should expect to hear any indictments out of their mouths regarding the 4 individuals who crafted this inside horse trading.

We are more likely to hear them call for a "fair trial" and that we should "not rush to judgment".

Keep in mind that the prosecution of these individuals is being conducted by yet another Democrat and Black who was put into power by the same machinery who erected the machine that now runs the schools - District Attorney Gwen Keys-Fleming

Time For A "True Up", Black America

In a continuation of my theme that "the infinite universe has doubled back upon itself and you are now chasing your own tail" is time for a major recalibration within Black America regarding our "raciopolitical" loyalties.    The more we are lead to believe that a person who qualifies because of his skin color and ideological compatibility has our community's best interests in mind - the more we will continue to be used.

The foxes will continue to guard the hen house at our expense.

Today in Black American the main disqualification for a Black person is his IDEOLOGY.   Clarence Thomas will continue to be assaulted politically more than a countless number of Kwame Kilpatricks, William Jeffesons, Shelia Dixons and Monica Conyers combined.   After all they "worked to advance" the popularly held "Black Best Interests" while Thomas and other Black Conservatives are believed to have assailed them.

With this enforcement action in mind - the collective sludge is focused upon those who dare "think the wrong way".  This says nothing about the presence of an appropriate MANAGEMENT infrastructure to keep those who are politically favorable in check.

In fact we are more likely to hear the forces of "The Concerned Black Clergy" and the "NAACP" ask for "fairness in judgment" of their Permanent Friends.  Absent is the "feigned outrage" that is present against their enemies.  Instead they ask that we all respect the tenants of American jurisprudence "INNOCENT until proven GUILTY" .

Dekalb County is a unique place.  Gone are most of the contentious "Black/White" or "Republican/Democrat" battles.  "We Run Things Now".   The main fault of this and other environs is that having "struggled" for so long against the popular adversary - the Black Political Establishment has failed to erect an infrastructure that remains loyal to our PERMANENT INTERESTS, beyond merely placing "Permanent Friends" into power.

To publicly confront a "Permanent Friend", challenging him on his failures and thus sounding just like the news media and external Republicans is often times more of an offense than what the rogue insider is accused of doing.

After all "THEY" used to do the same corrupt things when "THEY" were in power.
Why is it such a big deal now?

Rockdale County GA: Twin Black Widow Spiders Kill Their Mother

Friends not surprised twins charged in mom's death

The words to the "Bell Biv DeVoe" song "Poison" has never been more true.

That girl is poison
Never trust a big butt and smile
That girl is poison poison

It's driving me out of my mind
That's why it's hard for me to find
Can't get it outta my head
Miss her, kiss her, love her, wrong move you're dead

Two cute young girls. Mama's cute. Grandma's cute.
Two cute young girls murder mama. Grandma is distraught.
Her daughter is dead. Her grand-daughters are charged with the murder.

The two girls were taken away from the mother a few years ago due to domestic violence. Mama told her friends "If anything ever happens to me - my daughters did it".

After spending time outside the home with other relatives - the Family Court of Rockdale County put them back at home with their mother.

6 Days later - the mother ends up DEAD on the kitchen floor. Stabbed several times and beaten.

Where was the male influence in their lives?
What was the Rockdale County Court system thinking?

One aggressive sister who did all of the talking.
One passive sister who allowed her domineering sister to walk all over her.

From the mug shots it is clear that one has "anger issues" the other has "depression" issues.

Both will be charged as adults for the brutal murder of their mother.

How was this allowed to happen?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Drawing Power Of "Klan Imagery" Over The Continuing "Klan-Like Assaults" Upon Black America

Sometimes a series of video clips can speak more effectively than I will ever be able to.

First we have the responses to the White teacher in Lumpkin County Georgia who allowed her students to dress up in white sheets to do a class project involving a recreation of a Klan attack.

The power of that particular story was blunted once news broke of a Black teacher in Gwinnett County GA who did the same thing.

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My argument trumps both of these Klan incidents.
Today the Black community suffers far more material damage from Pirate Attacks than we do from the present day Klan.
While the sight of a White man in a White sheet might elicit a greater response, the truth that is told by the facts on the ground say that we need to be watching out for a greater domain of threatening individuals.

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What If We Could Put "Rules Of Engagement" Upon Street Pirates Just As Police Actions Are Regulated With?

Two recent policy changes must be noted because they focus on the same broad issues:

As a frequent viewer of "The First 48 Hours" and "Gangland"  I am strongly opposed to Mayor Bing's new policies placed upon the police.   These shows are invaluable in articulating the shameful antics used by Street Pirates as they "moon" the rules of civility, law & order and civil/human rights.

Long story short - These type of regulations only apply to one half of the "equal human beings" who are in the battle for same streets in our civil society.  For the Street Pirate - his "I don't give a what" lifestyle makes him immune to certain regulations or "rules of engagement".  

A Street Pirate doesn't care where he shoots or whom he shoots in his effort to exact injury for the sake of taking what he wants or escaping.  His only goal is to take out the threat standing in his way.

These legislators and municipal executives realize that there are large financial liabilities at play as their police operatives are engaged on the streets in their law enforcement activities.  With these unilateral regulations they risk putting their own personnel at work.

I have pointed out the difficultly in forcing a higher standard of principles upon a person who is not bound to any sort of honor system.  Society as a whole needs to come up with new "rules of engagement" by which these young men who should otherwise be on the track to "model citizenship" are not diverted into the life of the "street pirate" and the acerbic consequences that they render upon the community that has the misfortune to house them within.

I Don't Agree With Dr Walter Williams On Discrimination At Public Accommodations

I generally agree with the broad points made by Dr Walter Williams - economist, author and talkshow host.  He applies logic and empirical evidence that provides a dose of reality to certain issues that others rely on "hope" to surmount the challenge.

I tuned into Dr Williams because I heard that he was a guest host on the "Rush Limbaugh Show" on Tuesday.  He keyed in on the comments of Kentucky senatorial candidate Rand Paul regarding the ability of private entities to practice discrimination.

Dr Williams took the standard libertarian view with the dispassionate analysis of an economist in making his point.  He told of his belief that the owner of private property should be allowed to do with it as he pleased without government sanction.

He further made the point that we should not compromise our beliefs and core principles in support of certain ideas that might not be popular but instead we should remain true.

When it comes to my frequent debates with Progressive-Fundamentalists I have frequently made reference to a person who is being devoured by a great white shark from the feet upward.  As the shark has her body up to the knees she still refuses to use the spear gun that is in her hand to kill this threat to her existence.  The problem is that the great white shark is on the Endangered Species List and the person in question does not want to violate this law.   So much so that she would rather sacrifice herself in support of the law.

Sadly Dr Williams has reached this zone with his argument in support of the protection of private property at all costs.

Dr Williams, a Black man, believes that a privately owned public accommodation should be able to service lunch to a long line of White people. Yet when he, a Black man, reaches the counter to place his order the owner of this privately owned business, the owner refuses him service for no other reason than his race.  Despite his anger over this individual slight Dr Williams has to logically thank the private owner for being a patriot, expressing his right to make use of his private property as he sees fit.

In this instance Dr Williams' commitment to ideological purity does not mesh well with the real world history of this country.   That economically clear choice that he registered on the radio fails to mention that some thug who has nothing to do with the business would likely come up and enforce the racial prohibition - using violence if necessary.

I understand Dr Williams' "slippery slope" theory.   I just believe that we are intelligent human beings who can make value choices as to what is important to us as a society.

We as a society should enforce openness in our public accommodations.  No attribute that is irrelevant to the service requested should be used as a discriminator.  Of course a person who is dishevelled and smelly should not be allowed into a sit-down restaurant. We as a society cannot allow arbitrary points of discrimination to stand.

In this case Dr Williams is little different than the theorist who is being consumed by the great white shark.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Listened To Atlanta's WAOK And I Wasn't Prompted To Scream At The Radio

During my Monday morning drive to a client meeting I didn't have my normal audio information sources. I had my satellite radio in the trunk. My iPhone was not accessible to me. I could not listen to NPR, CNBC or Bloomberg.

I decided to tune into AM radio. As I flipped through the buttons I came across "1380 AM". I typically pause, knowing that there is a very high likelihood that the topic of discussion on "The People's Station" WAOK (or is that what their sister station WVEE calls themselves?) is going to be upsetting to my soul.

They indeed are "the voice of the Black Establishment".  They fight against Republicans and Conservatives more than they can articulate the benefits that they have espoused upon the Black that their machine has control over all of the key institutions within.   If you want to listen to "Black ideological bigotry" that is a mirror image of "White ideological bigotry" tune in sometimes.

Today I was very pleasantly surprised.   In the absence of the morning show guest they had on Janice Mathis - of the Atlanta "Rainbow/PUSH" organization.  They did a show called "Sisters In The Law".  I believe that Mathis is a lawyer and she had a family attorney on as a guest.  People called in with various divorce and child custody cases.

"For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I'm Really Proud of..... " this radio station.  They were talking about issues in the "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain" instead of the "American Political Domain" on behalf of the progressives. 

The Need For Cultural Regulation Of Male/Female Intimate Relationships

I was actually disappointed at the over-reliance of the external court system to force non-resident parents to pay child support for the children that they bore.  The failure of the cultural constructs at the backend which should some cultural rituals necessary to insure that the male and female that are matriculating toward sex and/or a long term committed relationship fully know each other and are conscious about the importance of what they are on the verge of committing to.

We as a people have been focused for so long on the external struggle.  It seems rather obvious to me that in the wake of this necessary external focus of the past many internal issues now suffer from benign neglect.

My personal opinion is that there is indeed a mutually exclusive aspect inherent in the belief by some that their mission is to relieve the individual from all undue confinements in a cultural orthodoxy and the present need to add structure to these relationships so that these toxic after-results are reduced.

I agreed with the one host who said that a parent who was physically attracted to a partner in the club and had sex with this person that same night had no intention at all in dealing with the proper parenting of a child that was produced by this exchange of body fluid which initiated the gestation process. 

There is simply no running away from the connectedness of these challenges that we presently face.   Those who stand on their moral high ground proclaiming that they cleared the way to allow absolute freedom for the individuals in the society should also be made to acknowledge the self-serving consciousness that was incubated as a result of this orientation.

A people or community that is on the move will look to manage their human resources in line with this motif.  They will put forth messages which tend to promote the need for everyone to be conscious about the part that they play in the greater whole and that in failing to do so they threaten the ultimate attainment of the end goal by the group.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Biggest Indictment Of The Priorities Of The Present Black Establishment Operatives Is To Show Videos Of The Past

In 2010 who is assaulting Black people with their rocks thrown at us?

The 1919 Race Riot Of Chicago

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The second point that must be mentioned from this story is the fact of how racial interest groups sought to retain their space in the employment market from newly cast immigrants. Sadly violence was used to get this point across in too many cases. None the less it seems counterintuitive that today's Black Establishment leaders who on the one hand are suffering through a Black unemployment rate of 16.5% are also eager to support illegal immigration despite the reports that Blacks on the lower end of the wage scale are most impacted by this influx.

In their question to preempt "racial profiling" they are not made to stand accountable for the deliriousness impact that their policies have on the Black Permanent interests of "Thriving Local Economies" and the organic employment that is produced from it.

The ability to project indictments outward has a stultifying effect on the policies that are ultimately supported by this political faction. As long as they see themselves as "struggling outward" for employment of Black people in their community, against a system which is denying them as such - they will cast themselves as the harvesters of jobs that are brought home.

In truth their policies often price the "consumers of labor" out of their local market, going elsewhere to a place where the cost of production is brought more into balance.

There is no question that the Black Rank and File must create a new relationship between itself and those who purport to be advancing their interests. Today they make use of various black and white video clips that tell of our people's past oppression. For me - when I see these films and match the information provided within with the fact that today the institutions that allowed the past oppression to remain resident are now occupied by a favorable individual. I am not willing to be drawn in by this past as fed to me by the operative with the power. Instead this increases my resolve to hold them accountable for the promised results.

Demand That The US Dept of Justice Break Out "Hispanics" From The "White" Classification Of Hate Crimes

Above is a screenshot from the Wikipedia page for "Race and Crime".

Notice that the racial categories for victims and assailants are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Native America
  • Asian/Pacific Islander
  • Multi-Racial
  • Unknown
I hedge my statements upon the assumptions that the US Department of Justice has not altered the granularity of their data collection since 2007, the year represented in this grid.  

This is no longer acceptable.  

We have heard that the fastest growing category of hate crimes is between "Brown and Black".   With the US Department of Justice counting Hispanics as White this type of analysis is not possible.  

Instead the data as presented above gives unjustified ammunition to the racism chasers who will utilize this data to make the case that "Caucasian on Black" hate crimes represent 54.1% of all that are committed.  This is simply not the case.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Which Of These Issues Are Proven To Trigger A "Civil Rights Protest" Today After The Low Hanging Fruit Has Disappeared?

Indeed it has been a tough 18 months for those who operate under the banner of "Civil Rights Organizations". So many real challenges within the Black community left unfinished yet the mine field is more complex now. Its not like they can go out and attack those forces that have control over the key institutions any longer. Not after they worked so hard to put these people into place.

High Black Unemployment? - Sit tight Black folks!! Give the polices time to work. Besides you now have extended unemployment insurance because you now have leaders who care about you.  You DO recall how angry you were about 24 months ago over the administration in place then right?  Don't allow misplaced anger today to assist them in getting back into power.  Suck it up.  You needed to lose a little weight anyway.  Less food in your house might not be so bad.

The "Bloody Summer Of 2010" that came about 2 months early this year? - Black people get killed all of the time.  This is little more than background static.  We need to unite and keep an eye on the "Right Wing/ Sovereign Citizens Movement".  They killed 2 White police officers in West Memphis Arkansas a few days ago.  They are reloading and plan to kill Black people.  Ignore the 147 people who were murdered in 2009.  Why get divided on this issue?  If we stay focused upon the potential murder of Black people by the "White Sovereign Citizens Movement" we will be so unified that this alone will reduce the "Street Pirate On Black Homicides"

Rand Paul Is A Threat To The Civil Rights Act And We Must Let Him Know That We Won't Tolerate His Views - We looked into the eyes of Rand Paul and we saw a man who desires to "turn the clock back" to 1947 where "a Black man had no rights that a White man need respect".  We cannot let this stand without telling Rand Paul that he is better off remaining as an eye doctor.  We don't need him in the Senate with his views.

With these three choices at hand I figure that the protest at the offices of Rand Paul is the best investment of our time.

Oh wait - someone else got this idea already.

Rand Paul's Views On Civil Rights Act Trigger Protests In Kentucky Outside The Republican Party Offices

Kingston Jamaica In A State Of Emergency

I just had dinner with friends of the family in the States from Jamaica for their son's graduation from school.  They got texted while eating dinner that the airspace over Jamaica has been closed due to this violent situation going on.  From this chaos in the streets thousands of people will have their lives negatively impacted.

Is this drug lord more important than the stability of their country?
Kingston, Jamaica (CNN) -- Jamaican authorities declared a state of emergency in Kingston after gang members supportive of an alleged drug lord wanted by the United States attacked at least three police stations and blockaded a large swath of the city.
Two of the police stations were evacuated after being hit with Molotov cocktails, while the status of the third was unclear.
Gang members blocked off a miles-long area of Jamaica's capital city -- mostly in West Kingston -- using vehicles, sandbags, barbed wire and anything else they could find.
The standoff revolves around attempts by the United States to extradite suspected drug kingpin Christopher "Dudus" Coke. On Friday, Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding said citizens should "allow the courts to deal with the extradition matter," the state-run Jamaica Information service reported.
In a statement issued Sunday afternoon, Golding announced an emergency meeting of his cabinet in response to the violence and blockades, the Jamaica Information Service said.
The state of emergency extended to St. Andrew, an area near Kingston, according to the Jamaica Information Service.
The U.S. State Department is "monitoring the situation closely," a spokesman said Sunday evening.
The State Department issued a travel alert for Jamaica on Friday, saying that the "possibility exists for violence and/or civil unrest in the greater Kingston metropolitan area."
"If the situation ignites, there is a possibility of severe disruptions of movement within Kingston, including blocking of access roads to the Norman Manley International Airport," the alert said.
The United Kingdom on Thursday updated its travel advisory for British citizens in Jamaica.
The British Foreign Office urged UK citizens to take extra care when traveling away from their homes or hotels due to the "increased risk of civil disorder and street violence in Kingston" and potentially other urban areas.

Washington DC Plans To Upgrade It Brand Of Free Condoms

D.C. to begin using more-expensive Trojan condoms in HIV prevention program

"If people get what they don't want, they are just going to trash them," said T. Squalls, 30, who attends the University of the District of Columbia. "So why not spend a few extra dollars and get what people want?"

Health officials and consumer advocates say that in terms of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, there's no difference between Trojans and the less-expensive Durex condoms that the city is offering.

But because Trojans are considered the better-known brand, city officials say, they are willing to spend an extra few thousand dollars a year to try to persuade sexually active teenagers to practice safer sex. The Durex condoms will still be offered.
If people were honest they would notice the irony in the thoughts and actions contained within this article.

The stated goal is to reduce the infection rate for HIV/AIDS by offering free condoms to sexually active people, thus removing any barriers that cost might introduce.

After the fact the DC government is made aware of the fact that these sexually active people prefer a more expensive condom to the free option offered by the government.   What is the message?

Government if you want us to protect ourselves from the HIV/AIDS infection, where if we were to get infected would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to care for us then YOU had better start distributing the brand of condoms that we prefer - Trojan.

Permanent Interests: Who Stands With Us And Against Us In Regards To The Quality Education Of Our Children?

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Chances are that this documentary is not going to be shown on many Black Establishment media organizations. If so they would be forced to question their own alliances with forces shown in the video who are more concerned about the interests of the adults that prosper off of the school system and having it remain as it is today. The notion that these schools are primarily set up for the edification of the children is a secondary point to many of them.

For decades the Black community has been sold on the struggle that intended to reform the public schools in their present form. We have done our part. As a native of Philadelphia I recall the chants "We need people placed in our schools who 'care about our children and have our people's best interests in mind'". Today after having achieved this goal of the placement of "favorable people" - the same basic problems exist in these schools - if not worse than before.

A charter school is a public school. The key difference is that these schools are run at the school level. The "School Administrative Establishment" (ie: the School Board and Superintendent) do not manage the day to day operations of these schools as they do a traditional public school.

Some people are threatened by the notion that this central establishment power might be undercut by Charter schools. As with so many other debates that swirl within the public space they know that the best way to achieve their ultimate goal is to get Black people sold on some other point which might stick. In the case of charter schools the trick is to make note that 'long time enemies of Black people are backing the charter movement'. This are conservatives, Republicans and corporations seeking to make a profit. They hope that our community will take our eye off of the prize - QUALITY EDUCATION - and instead go into our defensive position. Most Blacks are clear about how they feel about Republicans. If the charter movement can be cast as a Republican movement - no other debate is necessary for many people.

The average Black parent knows that their child gets one shot to attend all of the grades in K-12. It is illogical for any of the political operatives to expect them to wait while the government operated schools are "fixed". It is entirely reasonable for a parent to tell the system - "You go ahead and prove that you are going to indeed fix the schools as you have promised. I will have to make a decision on where my youngest child will attend school in about 5 years when she is of age. I will come back around to see how far you all have progressed. In the mean time I need for you to move out of my way while I place this child right here in the school that I have chosen as being for him".

To show that in one community (Harlem) with two schools, right across the street from each other can produce dramatically different results is a threat to some. With one school having 17% proficiency while the other has 71% is enough information for those who are honest.

We as a people are used to rendering indictments. When two differentiated outcomes are had that impact our community the rhetorical question that is typically heard is: "What else can this be except RACISM?". In Harlem these results are had WITHIN the same community. The normal indictments can't stand.

This time any indictments that might be rendered would tend to go against the establishment that many are inclined to protect.

The only logical choice is for those who are seriously interested in the attainment of the permanent interest of "Quality Education" to step back focus on the outcomes and allow the methodologies to get there become more fluid based on their results.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Transcript Of "Chicago Lady 216's" Perspective

Chicago Lady 216 Wants Obama To Make Her Feel Good Once Again - Just As She Felt While Standing In Grant Park......Prior To Her Son Being Murdered In Chicago - Which Brought Her Back To Reality. We Cannot Allow People With This Type Of Consciousness To Lead Our Way Forward Any Longer.(Click For Video)

I have to apologize to some of you.
You likely wonder why I am so fixated on this woman's words.

I upgraded my computer to Google Chrome 5 beta and it made the video to the left that is below the static picture show up as a video instead of a link, thus rendering it as I had intended.  I watched this video one more time.  It prompted me to yell out at the computer.

I decided to transcribe the words of this video clip.  It just goes to the heart of the consciousness that some people possess.

Now granted - I attended the "Million Man March" back in the day.  I have to admit that I too was smitten over seen so many Black people together in peace.  I can empathize with "Chicago Lady 216" with respect to her emotions that were drawn up on the day that a large crowd came together in celebration of the election of a "Black President".

Unfortunately for this woman - and everyone else who was a part of the panel - each of them had a child murdered on the streets of Chicago.

For "Chicago Lady 216" the loss of her offspring after this glorious day in Grant Park was not enough to shake a bit of reality into her consciousness.

This video is important to me BECAUSE of the misalignment that is on display by this woman.
She lost her child to a Street Pirate on the streets of Chicago who was living an "I don't give a what" life.   Her response to this unfortunate act is to rally a troop of Black people, 1 million strong - to fight for GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION.

The key point that makes me pull my hair out is that at a time when she is "winning" in the space that she clearly has vested her hope for salvation in - POLITICS - the loss of the being that once occupied her womb is not enough for he to think beyond her present confinements.  Clearly a being that once gestated inside of some other mother's woman was inculcated with a set of thoughts that were destructive to the community and those who live inside of it.  It is not the lack of GUN CONTROL that killed her child.  Chicago continues to have one of the strongest gun control laws in the nation.

The force that killed her child was the force of inattention called "Benign Neglect".

I appreciated the words of "Rational Lady Who Ain't Buying It".
She expressed cynicism because, after losing a child of her own she was grounded to the fact that holding hands and singing "Kumbya" is NOT going to make the streets of Chicago and elsewhere safe.

For me as a critic of the Black and Progressive Establishment I have accepted the importance of having broken through this previous obstacle and having a Black President, regardless of my personal views of his policies and how much they have failed when applied locally.  At the same time I realize that IF LEFT UNCHECKED - people with the consciousness of "Chicago Lady 216" are going to not allow the fact that their own UNREALISTIC expectations that were dashed as they achieved what they have invested in alter their plans to "rinse and repeat" in the next interval.

I am most fearful that the consciousness of "Chicago Lady 216" will one day have power over me, this after having yielded all of their individual powers to the government that will 'make it right' for them.   She and others are not going to allow the facts of their past psychological misalignment cause themselves to do a gut check and possibly pursue a different course of action which might allow them to satisfy their grievances and hopes.

From the CNN Special "The Deadly Streets Of Chicago - 2009"
Tommie Bosley: Our President of the United States is from here. He knows. He's from Hyde Park. He knows what's going on here. And its time (sigh) for him to address this as a major issue.

Chicago Lady 216: Its a combination of all of the above. Everybody's got to band together

CNN: Do you agree with what he says though? Is this a national issue now?

Chicago Lady 216: Oh my God yes.

CNN: Would you like to see the President

Chicago Lady 216: He needs to say "No More! No more let's stop it!"

Rational Lady Who Ain't Buying It: "How" is the question? I mean realistically. Because I am still kinda cynical. I don't think that we'll live in a "Oh I love you, put the guns down" kinda world. We just won't

Chicago Lady 216: But weren't we like that the day that he became president?

Rational Lady Who Ain't Buying It: Yeah, we were

Chicago Lady 216: Didn't we band together and come to Grant Park? And it didn't matter if you pushed me or stepped on my foot or touched me. I had no fear of the city because WE FINALLY GOT AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT. We were a million strong in Grant Park. So why can't we be a million strong for gun control?

Its that last line that always causes me to want to jump out of the window.
If she would have said "So why can't we be a million strong and take back our communities from the Street Pirates, restoring law and order?"

Or even "So why can't we be a million strong but work as individuals to make sure that each of us is directly engaging these young people who are shooting up our communities, grabbing hold of them before they become net negatives for our community.  The community will operate as the safety net to cover for the individual failures of the parents".

If she would have said either of those two concepts she would have been one of my favored people.

Instead her type of thinking is a threat to the attainment of the "Permanent Interests" of our people.  She is prepared to outsource these community interests to the government, all based upon unrealistic expectations.

Another Night In Atlanta. Another Car Driven Through The Front Door Of A Business. Don't Worry Black Folks Rand Paul Didn't Do It. Carry On

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

AJC: Two smash-and-grabs in southwest Fulton

As a business owner in certain parts of the metro area you already are at a disadvantage as you have to invest more money into security systems and physical deterrents that your competitors have to do in less crime prone areas.

In the warm weather months of 2010 there has been a continuation of the mass anarchy that we saw last year.  The daily occurrence of the "Smash and Grab" robbery done by people who "Don't Give A Damn" about the destruction of private property that must be executed in order to gain physical access to the loot that they desire.

The problem got so bad last year that even the SCLC took a break from its in-fighting and held an "Anti-Street Pirate Rally".  To be honest though, more Democratic candidate campaign signs were held by the parade participants than were "Anti-Street Piracy" placards.

I can only conclude that the lack of community outrage over seeing yet another stolen car driven through the front doors of a business in their community is only because the "rank and file" in these communities don't believe that it was an assault against them.  Many dismiss it, saying that the company has insurance that will pay for the damage.

What they fail to realize is that the insurance company has a geographic survey system that can plot out where these crimes are happening and make an actuarial estimation about the risk that other businesses have in being robbed as such.  Thus the premiums paid by all businesses in the area go up.  This cost is reflected in the prices they charge the consumers.

How much longer is the Black community going to incubate these Street Pirates?   It is time to more directly engage these young people at a far earlier age, instilling them with the appropriate consciousness about themselves and MANAGING their educational experiences so that they won't be the ones who hotwire a car and drive it through the front door of a business in the area.

AJC Story
Atlanta police are investigating two early morning smash-and-grabs in southwest Fulton County

The first happened at an Aaron Rents store on 2973 Headland Drive around 4 a.m., police said.

A silver Ford Taurus destroyed the front of the store for thieves to then enter and take several flat screen TVs, Atlanta police spokesman James Polite said. A white mini van waiting nearby was used to transport the TVs, Polite said.

A security camera recorded the incident.

The second smash-and-grab happened at about 45 minutes later at a package store on Cleveland Avenue.

This time a maroon-colored van was used to smash into the store front, Polite said. It's unclear what was taken from the store.

Investigators are looking at both incidents to see whether they are connected, Polite said.

Earlier this week, thieves smashed a vehicle through the front doors of the Tower Package Store in the 3100 block of Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, just off I-285, taking about $2,000 of liquor.

Dispatchers told the AJC that police are looking for a Dodge Caravan as a "possible vehicle of interest."

Also on Monday, burglars backed a blue Dodge Caravan through the front door of the Wolf Camera store on West Paces Ferry Road near I-75 and took a flat-screen television and a couple of cameras, police said.

View Larger Map

A Potential "Mumia Abu Jamal II" In A Philly Suburb - Street Pirate Shoots Policeman, Wishes He Had A Bigger Gun

Police: Gunman would have shot more cops if he had bigger gun

The parallels between the violent actions of Marvin Marmolejos and Mumia Abu Jamal are striking.  Both of them shot a police man in the metro-Philadelphia area.  Both were heard wishing they had the opportunity to do it again.

The key difference is that unlike with Officer Daniel Faulker - the human being/husband/father/police officer that  Mumia Abu Jamal murdered  - the police officer that Marvin Marmolejos shot is still alive, clinging desperately to life.  I only hope that Officer Ray Blohm has memories of the assault upon him so that he can testify in the criminal trial of Mr Marmolejos.

With Officer Blohm alive to talk those who practice "Left-wing Injustice" will not be able to concoct a tale about a "magical negro" that appeared in the mist of the night fog, shot the police officer and then vanished without a trace.  This is not to say that one day Mr Marmolejos won't one day participate in a conference call from his prison telephone with fellow "social justice" seekers who are reviewing his book.  Assuming that Mr Marmolejos is literate, his value as an insider - reporting about the injusticies suffered by those who are incarcerated are of value to this group.  I would advice Mr Marmolejos to come up with a tale of how a life full of oppression from "societal injustice and capitalism" had pushed him to the edge. 

"I did not pull the trigger!!  Society programmed me to pull the trigger.  I now sit where this society wants me and other Black men to sit". 

Daily News article
Blasting four shots into an Upper Darby police officer who fired back apparently wasn't enough for a man charged with attempted murder in the incident.

He told officers standing guard at his hospital bed that he wished he'd had a bigger gun.

"That's a direct quote: 'If I had access to my AK-47, I'd have killed all the cops on the scene,' " said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

Both the police officer, Ray Blohm, 31, a married father of two young girls, and the suspect, Marvin Marmolejos, 27, of the 6700 block of Montgomery Avenue in Upper Darby, are expected to recover from wounds suffered in the shootout early Friday morning. Blohm was discharged from the hospital later in the day.

A 10-year department veteran, Blohm spotted Marmolejos in the parking lot of Brownie's pub, near the 69th Street Terminal, just after 12:30 a.m. Marmolejos was drinking from an open container and appeared to be smoking a joint, Chitwood said.

Blohm, who had watched Marmolejos on several consecutive nights meandering in the area, known to police as a drug-dealing spot, approached him on foot. Marmolejos walked away. Blohm followed and ordered him to stop. Blohm then pulled out a Taser and threatened to use it if Marmolejos did not comply.

That's when Marmolejos wheeled around, pulled a .22-caliber pistol from his waistband, and began to fire, Chitwood said. The men stood about six feet apart.

Four bullets struck Blohm before he ducked behind a nearby vehicle. Two hit his lower back just below his bulletproof vest, one of them fracturing a vertebrae. A third hit the vest at his shoulder, and another spliced a wire of his portable radio before nicking his left thumb.

Blohm returned fire with his .45-caliber revolver, hitting Marmolejos in his right shoulder, right calf, and lower back, and grazing his right forearm.

Blohm chased Marmolejos, who ran south on Copley Road toward Chestnut Street, until he collapsed in the unit block of Copley Road. Blohm called for help on his cell phone, Chitwood said.

Marmolejos had fired all five rounds in the pistol's chamber. His explanation to two paramedics who treated him on the scene: "I had to shoot him. I had drugs on me," according to a police affidavit.

Police searched Marmolejos and found four sandwich bags full of marijuana, a small bag of crack cocaine, a digital scale, and an open knife. Police located the gun in a bush on Copley Road. Marmolejos does not have a permit for it, and police are trying to determine its origin. The handgun has not been reported stolen, Chitwood said.

Both men were transported to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Marmolejos was in stable condition, Chitwood said.

Blohm, meanwhile, went home with two bullets still lodged in his lower back, Chitwood said. Doctors may try to remove them later, but it does not appear that they damaged his spinal cord.

"We know at least probably 10 shots were fired back and forth, maybe more," Chitwood said. "He's very, very lucky."

Marmolejos was charged with attempted homicide, assault, drug possession, and other counts. He was arraigned and ordered held on $1 million cash bail. He has been arrested before on narcotics charges and a robbery charge, Chitwood said.

The last time an Upper Darby officer was shot was in the summer of 2004, when a gunman opened fire in the lobby of the police station. Lt. Anthony Paparo was hit in the shoulder by another officer's bullet. The gunman was killed.

In 2002, Officer Dennis McNamara was shot and killed by Thomas James "Tom Thumb" Campbell, a member of the Pagans motorcycle gang. Campbell is serving life in prison without parole.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sure Your Opposition Is To Racial Profiling And Not Protection Of Illegal Immigration Rev Sharpton

The debate strategy put forth by Rev Al Shaprton in response to a Black man who called into his radio show to tell of his own support for the Immigration Enforcement Law in Arizona speaks volumes of the intellectual dishonest that is abundant in this debate.

Rev Sharpton said that he strongly opposes "Illegal Immigration" and that illegals should be sent home.  HOWEVER he is against having all Hispanics inspected in a way that WHITE FOLKS aren't inspected as the authorities seek out illegal immigrants by focusing on HISPANICS who are here legally.

OK Rev Sharpton let's apply your claim to a real world situation.

This link provides details of Jessica Colotl  an illegal immigrant who was brought to this country by her mother years ago and who graduated from a public school in Georgia and then was accepted by Kennesaw State University.

Here is the chain of events that has transpired.

  1. A traffic patrol officer pulls Ms Colotl over for a minor traffic citation while she was driving on campus
  2. She was not able to produce a valid drivers license to the patrol officer
  3. Her failure to prove that she was legally allowed to operate her vehicle on the road got her arrested
  4. Upon arrest the officers attempted to establish a valid identification for Ms Colotl.  At this time she gave a false address - according to the Sheriff's Department
  5. Since she did not show up in their systems the Cobb County Sheriff's department, utilizing their authorization to initiate deportation proceedings decided to execute this process upon Ms Colotl 
This synopsis is not a legally binding depiction of events but you get the picture.

In the world of Al Sharpton the fact that Ms Colotl did not have a drivers licence and was not in the system should not provoke law enforcement to come to any particular conclusions.   If a White man with a Georgia accent or a Black male with a Boston accent came through with these same infractions - Rev Sharpton figures that the very same process that these first two are taken through is exactly what the Sheriff should have done to Colotl.   I assume that this involves a fine or some sort of arrest for driving a car without a license.  After serving her time - she is to be let out, free to live her life - again - without them ever establishing her true identity.

Now lets pretend that every day this Sheriff picked up an unlicensed Mexican person who could not produce a drivers license.  Despite the fact that every one of them had been found to be in this country illegally Rev Jackson and others suggest that it would be RACIAL PROFILING for anyone to make reference to the pattern that is clear to everyone