They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

In The Middle Of A "Food Desert" The Struggle For "Food Justice" Continues

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This news report from Campbellton Road in Southwest Atlanta is interesting because it fails to show the context of the community within which this store resides.

Don't focus on this particular store within the strip mall to the south side of Campbellton Road where the "Super Giant" store is. Had they panned their cameras northward they would have seen a small, Black owned farmers market-type store that goes underutilized in that same community. If I am not mistaken the owner is a vegetarian (but at least is Afro-Centric). She has a full compliment of fruits, vegetables, spices and natural foods. The only problem is that the people in the community are indoctrinated to go into a full scale grocery store instead of investing their money into people who do indeed "have their best interests in mind".

The best thing that everyone who walks through the door of the store that is selling marginal meat can do is to become (more) vegetarian in their ways.

View Larger Map

This is the picture of the small farmers market. If you spin the picture around you will see the shopping center where the "smelly grocery store" is.

In addition the Muslims have a restaurant, book store and bakery that opened at Campbellton and Delowe Drive in that exact same area. There are plenty of options available in the area.

Sometimes the best struggle for "Food Justice" is one you fight on your own, with CONSCIOUSNESS as your main weapon.

The Lampblack Yellow Journalism Review Of 30 Black Republicans Running For Congress

Do I need to be a Republican to call out fraudulent reporting that is streamed to Black people?

Black Voices: Paul Shepard: More Than 30 Blacks Running for Congress (As Republicans)
The (Offending) Article:
Maybe, just maybe, Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele isn't quite the complete political buffoon he has appeared to be during his years running the national GOP strategy.
Maybe in between making embarrassing statements, feuding publicly with Rush Limbaugh, clumsily trying to use hip-hop language in his speeches and earning thousands for speeches that former RNC chairs made for free, Steele has actually been doing some work to benefit his party.
According to the National Black Republican Association, 32 blacks will be on the ballot for Congress in the upcoming elections.

Honestly, while the vast majority of these candidates stand little chance of getting elected to Congress, Steele should be commended for opening up the closed ranks of Republican candidates to new black faces.
While I have little love for black Republicans, it's important for black people to have candidates on both sides of the political ledger.
It's clear that Democrats pays more attention to the needs of black people than Republicans, so it's no accident that every black person in Congress is a Democrat. Same goes for the first African American to live in the White House.
The problem is that Democrats could begin taking blacks' interests for granted, knowing we have nowhere else to present our grievances.
There is no reason in the world why both political parties don't take the concerns of black people seriously. If some black people can work themselves to leadership positions in the GOP, black people may actually get to choose politically.

This is the most frustrating consciousness that a Black person can have in my estimation.

The author is more appeased by those who "pay attention to the NEEDS of the Black community" than he ventures to detail a few more important points:

  • Have the COMPETENCIES of the Black Community been enhanced after our "needs" have been attended to?
  • Is the "American Political Domain" the only means by which our "needs" can be addressed?
  • Though the author "does not like Republicans" does he value the need for DIVERSITY in addressing problems where he will not be the one firing the fatal shots against these Black Republican candidates, as he pursues the goal of maximizing the Democratic Party hegemony over the Black Community and the Rest of America?
In summary the author proclaims that the Democratic Party, and by extension "progressivism" is more POPULAR with the Black community than is its "Republican" or conservative alternative.  Please note that the author never talks about EFFECTIVENESS of this popularly chosen track.

With Mr Shepard being a part of the array of loosely conjoined Black Establishment operatives he continues the trend of self-diagnosis, self-prescription and self-appraisal.   With the Democratic Party being the uncontested establishment WITHIN the Black Community where does Mr Shepard step back and scrutinize the existing "all Democrat" array of forces that control the Black community?   He knows that to do so would require a bit of self-indictment.

Certain ironies are likely missed by Mr Shepard.  The irony that this week the home town of the "first Black President" who is also a Democrat having calls for the deployment of National Guard troops for the protection of Black people as they strive to live in peace in their own communities.  As an opinion columnist who is inclined to proudly proclaim the "mission accomplished" with the election of President Obama into office Mr Shepard is disinclined to note that Chicagoland is "Democratic country".  Despite having "the party that he likes" in power the interests of the Black Community appear to be stuck in the form of "Little Rock 1957", where the national guard was needed to insure our protection just the same.

Beyond the question of "Democrat" or "Republican" - attributes of the "American Political Domain" I make the claim that our choice is not binary.  Despite the one party rule of the Black Community our "needs" have not been addressed.   I don't believe that the "Lampblack Yellow Journalists" who function as marketing machines for the Progressive Establishment are going to ever venture to ask IF there are other models that exist which might address our problems.  More importantly address our problems by deploying our own HUMAN RESOURCES as the primary agent of salvation.

Who among these journalistic voices are going to make note that despite the "WINS" that the Black Establishment has lined our votes up to assist in our fundamental "needs" still have not been addressed?  TRYING HARDER is not the appropriate disposition to take in securing this success. 

The Killing Fields Of Chicago - "Chicago Lady 216" Makes Her Return

In the wake of the mass killings in Chicago 2010 few people have bothered to do detailed analysis regarding the gross ironies that this present state of affairs show for all to consider. This environment which on paper from a political perspective should be another 'feather in the cap' for the establishment powers that have monopoly control locally. Instead the conditions and the lack of subsequent discussions about the underlying issues merely shows the corruption and dishonesty that abounds in those who claim to have our community's interests in mind.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Manifesto Of A "The Least Of These" Supporter (Who Lives In Detroit)

On the one hand I believe that the best way to expose a particular force is to allow it to "talk" without me interrupting the natural course that it prefers to take.

Unfortunately I realize that many of these people are "dyed in the wool" and believe what they say with little hope of having reality change them.

The following is a manifesto from a blogger named "Mellaneous". Though he is an ideologically biased individual I do believe that my friend Mellaneous has a good heart. He flashes it on occasion. Still he is a committed progressive-fundamentalist.

As I read through his list of his ideal world I got the sense that he is unaware of the CENTRALIZED AUTHORITY that is needed to make all of the items on his list appear to work. In doing so this force must strip the basic humanity from "those who have" as it feeds those who are "the least of these".

This list comes from the mind of a person who really believes that this society should be ordered SERVICE 'the least of these'. Just think of the manicured life that we imagine for the wealthy people and flip it upon its head. Now we have people who are seeking to dispel from themselves the notions of selfishness and capitalism. As a result they look for a "the least of these" people, open up a folding chair and give them a foot massage and a pedicure right there upon the street.

Above everything I am happy that this type of mind has no POWER over me.


Now that you got the KLAN to stop their NIGHT RIDING, Steve, what are you going to do with the Street Pirates who are assailing your people as they listen to "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Music?

CF since you asked. Hers a start

-It would be helpful to make sure that everyone living in those neighborhoods got a legitimate shot at a job, paying a livable wage.

-Absolutely outlaw all discrimation in hiring.

-Set up training centers in the various hoods to make sure that everyone was able to acquire a skill.

-Set up drug rehab centers in everyhood as many as are needed in each hood.

-provide real rehab and community support for those young people coming out of prison which would include transitional housing and job building skills

-Use ALL of US military capabality and technology to interdict drugs from entering the country. Make the CIA and other Big Business cease and desist from their drug dealing activity, (why do you think the drugs are so available because Pee Wee and nem shipped them in or flew them in?)

-Hand out long sentences to gun dealers who sold guns to people as part of a gun fair without going thru checks and balances.

-Make sure that the housing in the city was affordable and well maintained.

- Make sure that their children were afforded the same kind of education that the kids in the suburbs got, no matter the cost and the human resources.

- Use the churches and other volunteer organizations and social clubs to set up programs to catch up the kids that are behind with after school programs.

- use these organizations to begin to set up community education classes in which black history could be taught, thus restoring ones pride in ones race and ancestry.

- aiding this would be the absolute outlawing of all forms of discrimination

- set up the same kinds of businesses that are in other parts of the city as well as grocery stores with the same quality.

-use churches and social organizations to set up positive forms of entertainment for youth

- set up venues in which hip hop and spoken word and other art forms can be cultivated in a positive manner that would reflect the changes occuring in their environment

And of course I am aware that some won't want to go along but we'll just work around them.

7:51 PM

Defenders Of The Establishment In Detroit Are Pissed That Dateline NBC Filmed A Critical Portrayal Of The City Of Detroit



They operated upon their lust for power for years, failing to build up the internal infrastructure that would have build up the competency of the masses along the way.


Question:  What is the difference between those who think that there is no particular point of being "too negative" in television portrays of the American South versus those who are now up in arms about Dateline NBC's characterization of modern day Detroit?

Answer:  A perceived personal assault and a desire to protect the establishment.

When it comes to the South if the entire region is attacked as "backward and bigoted" then this opens the door for "enlightenment" by forces that are favorable to the person in question.   For Detroit - a report that focuses on its painful truth is a report that has gone too far.

If Dateline NBC had simply stuck to the script and blamed the corporations for all of the areas problems these same people would have cheered.

The real tragedy of Detroit is that the main people who are demanding an "Urban Marshall Plan" are a part of the movement which took over Detroit in the past several decades.  Not only have local voters expressed "voter nullification" in retaining this machine - with this new round of money dumped into Detroit they are on the verge of retaining their power through this episode.  Just as the various banks and corporations that took money had to fire their leaderships - so to should the leadership of Detroit go if they take the external money.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Morehouse Student Carjacking Switches From An Indictment Of Pirates Over To Finger Pointing At The Police

Article: Atlanta Police versus Kidnapped Morehouse Students

Four Morehouse students were carjacked and forced into the trunk of their car. One of them had a cellphone hidden in his pocket and called "911".

According to the claims by the student in a subsequent television interview - repeated calls to "911" went unanswered.

Upon hearing this news the Atlanta Police provided the audio tape of the two calls which showed that the dispatch attempted to respond.

Chalk this up as yet another example of the difference between one group of "equal human beings" that are expected to carry out their duties to the community and a different set of "equal human beings" who's antics must be defended against in this same community.

For many - those who accept the badge of "authority" also must accept the indictments that some times come from the dereliction of their duties.  I don't have a problem with this.   The challenge comes in seeking to define a proper disposition in relation to those who have abdicated any particular base of authority.  The community is forced to project its own authority upon the streets lest this particular subset of people from within the community molest the interests of the community.   This conflict defines the most pressing challenge for the Black community today.

In the Morehouse car jacking story the "Street Pirates" why preyed upon these students have fallen largely into the backdrop.  Yes we saw one of the Street Pirates crying in court the other day but the audio tape of the "911 call" has taken over.  It seems that street piracy has become passe because of its frequency.

This frequency points to a massive breakdown in the system that is in place to bring "authority" upon these young males in the community who so frequently act against the interests of the community.

If there was ever a time that I'd be willing to "expand the police tape" beyond the actual crime scene in order to make an indictment upon society it would be right now.  Instead of making an indictment upon history I am more inclined to go back no further than 1996.   Since the Street Pirate who committed the carjacking, Jevontay Fleetwood is only 17 years old - this means that he was consummated in 1996 by the acts of one man and one woman.

The actions by the adults between that time up to the present had the most prevalent impact upon the character of Javontay.  There resides the answers to the question of: "What allowed these 4 Black male Morehouse students to go to school for the purposes of improving themselves as compared to Javontay Fleetwood who chose to pursue a life of crime, feeding upon the community within which he is allowed to roam.

Jevontay Fleetwood, 17, charged in April 25, 2010, carjacking of four Morehouse students.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Last Time An Environment Was Hazardous Enough For Blacks To Require The National Guard For Our Protection

ARTICLE: Ill. State Reps Ask Gov. For National Guard to Cut Murder Rate

This picture is a group shot of the "Tavis And Friends" session at Chicago State University a few weeks ago in which a "Black Agenda" was discussed.  It was soon followed up by a meeting in New York City by the National Action Network to AGAIN - discuss a "Black Agenda".

Soon after the Black Brain Trust cleared out of Chicago there were calls for a force that some thought would be more effective to take their place - the Illinois National Guard.

My post is not an attack on anyone at this table per se.  None of them have ever assaulted a Black person in Chicago.  As far as I know - Juliane Malveaux has never harmed anyone beyond wishing that Justice Clarence Thomas would have a heart attack after his "White wife" fed him eggs for breakfast each morning.

Instead of an attack on Progressives, The Black Establishment or the Democratic Machine I am merely asking for CONSISTENCY based on my own knowledge of history.

History Of The National Guard
Guard units played key roles during the Civil Rights Era. In 1956 President Eisenhower federalized the entire Arkansas National Guard for a month to prevent a segregationist governor from using it to stop the court-ordered integration of Little Rock High School. The scene was replayed in 1962 during the desegregation of the University of Mississippi. In both cases, Guardsmen obeyed the President and helped enforce the law, even though real progress in effectively integrating 

The environment of violence and non-justice in the South during the Civil Rights Era required the National Guard to come in to come in and supplant the prevailing local forces.  Their entrenchment made for a "killing field" for Black people where murder and intimidation was used to advance the interests of the establishment forces.  There was a unified call to have the forces that were doing the killing and the forces of government who were ineffective in protecting the Black community to be toppled lest the blood continue to flow.

What about modern day Chicago which hit the century mark for homicide in the fourth month of the year is materially different than the conditions in South of the past? Likewise there are forces who seek to protect the killers and who seek to defend the local establishment, protecting them from the embarrassment of having to answer for the tragic condition: "Dead Negroes In The Streets"

Chicago surpasses 100th homicide mark

The 100th homicide of 2010 was recorded last week in Chicago, a RedEye analysis of preliminary police data found. It was about the same time last year—April—the city's homicide tally moved into triple digits.

In the last week, Chicago police recorded 17 homicides, an unusual spate of violence for April. Sixteen of the victims died from gunshot wounds. One victim, a 78-year-old woman, died from asphyxia after a plastic bag was placed over her head in her Edgewater home, according to information from the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office.

Meanwhile, North Lawndale recorded three homicides in the last week, including a double homicide on Sunday in which two men, ages 21 and 25, were shot to death, according to a records review.

Chatham and Greater Grand Crossing each saw two homicides in the last week. Gunshot deaths also were recorded in Auburn Gresham, Avalon Park, East Garfield Park, the Lower West Side, Morgan Park, New City, Roseland, Washington Park and West Englewood.

Citywide, 34 homicides have been recorded so far this month and 106 this year, as of 4 p.m. Wednesday, RedEye found. Chicago police recorded 41 homicides in April last year, based on a RedEye analysis.

The Free-Range Negro Leadership

I have ranted continuously about the unrecognized costs that are borne by the Black community for allowing the present disposition with the popular leadership.  They are allowed to travel the nation looking for issues that match their forte - rendering indictments against the system.    Their main weakness is - after aggregating power and becoming the establishment themselves they are disinclined to render indictments. This despite occupying the seats of power that they used to protest against.

All the while the Black rank and file are made to believe that we are WINNING.  As long as we live vicariously through the political victories of these operatives (and don't look around at home too inquisitively) we can be made to believe that our elation is justified.

I assure you people that I am not a Black man with a depressed disposition. Instead I am watching a game being played and I am resolute to not allow it to continue upon our backs.

The truth is that we have far too many professionally educated people with management skills to see through all that is happening in the name of a power grab for forces who ultimately could care less about the interests of the Black community.   These individuals should see that while their short term interests in which they see their ideological soul mates standing tall, it is the long run truth which proves far too disconcerting for our community.  The need is for a system by which anyone who purports to stand in the interests of our community are made to prove that they have done so.   This does not come from their own "self-analysis" with a Black Media operative that they dined with the night before to rehearse the line of questioning that the figure will be asked.

There is an immature level of acceptance of dissent and criticism within.  One of the worst offenses that a Black person seeking to retain his good standing within the community can do is to ASK QUESTIONS and be accused of sounding like a Republican or Conservative.  TODAY I was asked by a poster" WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON?"   (True story).   I laughed at this technique which works well in high school.

We as a community lose as certain operatives who know the exploitable points that can be tweaked within our community are leveraged, mostly for diversionary purposes.

Ironically as these Free Range Negro Leaders are able to cherry pick the issues they wish to focus upon they do so in the name of protecting the civil rights of the people inside of the fort that they have departed from.

This post is less about these people who have access to various megaphones and more about the Black Rank and File.  The time is now to set up a more transparent infrastructure.  One that focused upon Human Resource Development and Management.  Another that focuses upon the measure of the efficacy of the prescription that our community was given.

Rest assure - those who now enjoy unchecked POWER in the context of our present void of governance are the least likely to initiate such a structure.  As long as they can make the case that our ailments are due to racism rather than "benign neglect" stemming from their own failed vision - don't expect substantive changes.

"100 Black Women Of Atlanta" - Showing Young Black Girls The Path To Their Full Potential

(Sorry about the delay in posting this.  Blogger had an error in allowing pictures to be posted)

I have to give applause to "The National Coalition Of 100 Black Women Inc" and their scholarship banquet which I attended in Atlanta.

The featured speaker said something to the effect that the organizations job is to introduce young girls to their inner beauty and to assist them in reaching their full potential in support of the community.

I saw the entire program as a "rites of passage" that has for too long been vacated within too many of our communities.

These young ladies are on their way to various colleges throughout the country.  Their mentors in the organization did everything possible to prepare them for this journey.  Above all else their appeared to have provided them with consciousness and a sense of dignity about themselves.

I believe that more of our young people need to be "ensnared" into a system by which certain expectations are placed upon their shoulders.  With this would come a sense of boundary and focus.  The most prescient way for them to travel would be forward.

Black Pres Operative Makes A Request For A Cap On Investigations Of Black Elected Officals

An Open Season On OUR Black Elected Officials

Maybe I missed it but does Mr Stevenson ever argue in defense of the innocence of these officials?  I am actually surprised that he didn't make the case that political corruption was no big deal until Black people got into power.  I have seen people functionally argue: "if our tax money is going to get stolen as it usually does - I'd rather see a Black person receiving the proceeds"

This is yet another diversionary article.  It attempts to get Black people to focus upon "racism chasing" than to note how much those that we sent to represent us may have compromised themselves and thus our interests. 

Put me on the list of those who believe that the recent prosecution of former Baltimore Mayor Shelia Dixon was a waste of legal resources.  She should have been spanked in some other form.  At the same time certain places are known dens of corruption.  With an abundant set of "apologists" who remain resolute that "White folks are not going to pick our Black leaders" - and thus they move forward having lost their consciousness about why they placed a "favorable person" in office a long time ago.   Absent some state or federal entity to impose a standard of law and order - gross corruption is the typical product. 

Mr Stevenson does for the compromised Black politician what is done to the Black common criminal: MAKE THEM A VICTIM OF THE SYSTEM. This allows Stevenson and others to continue their "struggle milieu".  If you figured that a new day had dawned when that favorable Black got into power you were sadly mistaken.  The common narriative is to key in upon the WHITE person that has not changed his ways with the dawn of the "Elected Black".  We need to understand that his Black compliment on the scale that the great Thomas Nast had noted more than a century ago has not changed either.

The Black community loses if we fail to manage the BIGOTS who reside inside and out.

A Black Community Turned Into "Killingdale" - Sorry Sir "Jumping Up And Down " Is Not Going To Fix Internal Issues

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This news report is important because it contains several key issues that are relevant to the major challenges that are present WITHIN the Black community.  I empathize with these community members.  They are home owners who simply seek "safe streets" in the neighborhood that they have invested in.

Unfortunately too many of these same residents are seeking to leverage techniques that were honed from "The Civil Rights Movement" to address an antagonist that is not external.  The assailing force which has brought them out of their home for the television cameras came from within their own eco-system.

The one man in the video suggests that other members of the community should join with him and be "shouting and jumping up and down".  Unfortunately this is not a direct "human resource management " technique.  Instead it is a ritual.

Protests and "jumping up and down" are messages sent to an oppressive power.  The community stands as one to show this external POWER that they are stronger together as a fist than as individual fingers.  When the threat is from an internal source these techniques don't quite work.  How does one protest against "Street Pirates"?  Where is their headquarters building where the march should take place?

The young Black males who are threatening to this community, thus functioning like "Street Pirates", were indoctrinated from internal forces to the community.  Some of us are more inclined to believe that their present  fate was cast from slavery instead of the "benign neglect" that the community who was charged with the obligation to set the limits within which these young Black males were to operate.  In as much as these young males were born after 1992 rather than 1892 a stronger case can be made that the obfuscation toward "slavery" is yet another example of the cognitive dissonance that allowed these young human resources that were being nurtured under their own tutelage to fall astray.  Instead of a case were the community leadership is made fully aware of the responsibility that is placed upon their backs as THE ESTABLISHMENT, they are comforted because the prevailing line within the Black community is that we are indeed "history's victims" thus providing us with an outlet that presents a greater demand for introspection to more affirmatively correct our course.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

These "White Face"/ "Black Face" Characters Will Not Be Featured On The Field-Negro Blog

Some things speak for themselves. They merely must be strung together for all who care about intellectual honesty to see.

Over at the Filled Negro blog my theory was substantiated once again.  Any White person in America who does something racially offensive to the standards of Filled Negro and other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers gets top billing upon his blog. 

It matters not how poor, irrelevant or ignorant this White person may be in the grand scheme of things with respect to the livelihood of Filled Negro and the vast majority of other Black Americans.  Instead some unknown agent that is contained in the epidermis of the people who Filled Negro is most prone to respond to.  I will continue my search to find this magical agent that provides these people with such superior power - in the mind of Filled Negro and others.

Imagine the shock when I saw a few videos who's contents are modeled around the type of "insults" to Black people that would trigger entry upon Filled Negro's blog. Unfortunately (and for some strange reason) they did not appear.

  1. The sight of a Black high school holding a school sponsored event to bring forth awareness about the dangers of DUI.   Some Black students have their faces painted white to signify they had died.
  2. The sight of a Street Pirate who robs a store at gun point as he is wearing a "black face".  Unlike the story that triggered a post on the blog in question - this robber's "black face" was real, not a mask that he could remove.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

I realize that one sure way to get accused of "hating Black people" is when one attempts to decipher the rules of  Black Progressive Fundamentalism.  In as much as Black people suffered while we were victims of "all white jury-ism" and its arbitrary assignment of outrage - I hope that me - a conscious Black man will be tolerated as I seek to force those who claim they are operating with the best interests of Black people to justify their antics.

FORSYTH COUNTY Georgia - White Folks Too Are Scared Of The Racist Graffiti Painted By White Kids.

This one is so convoluted that it actually belongs on the "Parallel Hood" blog.

Let me set up the scene.  Forsyth County Georgia.  This county to the north of Atlanta which lives in the folklore of certain people and is references more than all other tails except the one about "Ronald Reagan kicked off his presidential campaign in Philly MS and failed to mention the 3 civil rights workers who had been killed there 16 years ago, thus proving that he doesn't like Black people".  Forsyth County back in the early 80's was the sight of a civil rights protest.  When Blacks who moved into the county were harassed out, the Atlanta civil rights machine got into their cars and departed the problems in Atlanta and drove up GA-400 to confront these White folks. 

Well the White folks in Forsyth County are in the news once again.  This time the "White nationalist" forces that they allowed to fester in their community have bitten the hands that feed them.  Indeed - like the ML King Center a few weeks ago:  "West Forsyth High School Has Been Vandalized".   The White nationalist thugs came on the school grounds at 2 in the morning and spray painted all over the place.

The key point to the story is that there are two offending messages of note.  Depending upon one's disposition one will be seen as more offensive than the other:
  • "White Power"
  • "You Are Gonna Die.  Bomb At 10:45"
Again - even though by all measures the "White Supremacist" element has been successful, it seems, at keeping down the number of Black people in attendance in the school and up to 500 students were pulled out of the school because of the bomb threat - I get the feeling that my friend Field Negro would pick the first message as the most threatening.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Think about it folks - in the mind of some - the slightest actions done by a "Tea Party Confederate" triggers visions of the return of Jim Crow. When we see proof that White folks have been terrorized by graffiti written by the depraved minds of individuals in their community it appears that those who view them as their own "threatening force" are not able to see that we are in the same boat than we are different. There is a need to crack down on fundamentalist extremists on both sides.

This brings me to the maniacal rantings of Bertha Lewis of ACORN. It appears that "She sees White people". (Note: I am going to do another post on this video later but it seems appropriate here as well)

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Progressives: What The Hell Is "Food Justice"?

Add this to my "A Fish Don't Know He Wet" series.

In a recent episode of the NPR (progressive) radio show "Tell Me More" the subject of "food justice" and "food deserts in the hood" came up.

Tell Me More: Food Providers, Farmers Fight To Sustain Minority Communities

I am convinced that for some of you all - you know that if you can "civil right-ify" something that it becomes a "progressive" movement item.  As a result you can get Black folks to do things that we should be doing anyway, even without your wordplay.

"Food Justice".
I am convinced that some of you all have a goal of pissing me off.
What is "food justice"?   How do you violate someone's civil right to food?

Sure if you are a parent who has power over a household resident it is possible to lock this person, particularly a child, in a room and deny them food.  For "equal human beings" - especially adults I actually find the term INFERIORIZING.

Welcome to the strange confluence of events that we have arrived at today.  In the infinite universe which some have not realized that it has looped back upon itself those who give chase to the taillights of the vehicle which has ran over their foot fail to see that they are looking at the rear of the car that they are riding in, giving chase.

Is it possible that the notion of a "food desert" means that the faux standard of living and "wage floor" that certain communities have been conditioned to expect now prevents them from seeing - as the post-Hurricane Katrina t-shirts that were on sale used to say - "We all we got!!"? 

Clearly there is a NEED for quality foods within a given space.
This NEED has not quite been crystallized into a DEMAND as coherently expressed by the residents.  At this point the consciousness of the 'demand' is resident within the observations of the "handlers" of the people who reside outside of this eco-system, as they make note of the conditions within.  For the people within since no retail supplier offered the option for "quality foods" the people who are consumers merely purchased what was offered to them - greasy foods from the closest fast food joint.

To be clear - the audio report did say that the group is working to coordinate the effort to bring in higher quality retail outlets that can offer a wider array of food choices to meet the dietary needs of the resident.  I am not criticizing them for this.  I APPLAUD THEM ON THEIR EFFORT TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEM.  My point is - this is a cut and dry MARKET DEMAND scenario.  Why is there a need to put forth this fake 'Social Justice' overlay to the scenario?

  • Is "Best Buy" providing "home electronics justice" to bridge the digital divide?
  • If the "Office Depot" or "Staples" up the street from me closes do I now have an "Office Supply Desert"?
Get serious people.

The choice of certain businesses to express their "no urban mandate" coupled with the statements by the radio guest that "the Black dollar" is being left on the table tells me that there is an abundant amount of opportunity for those who choose to enter into these places to meet the demand, thus prospering from the effort.  What is "racist" or "suppressive" about this?

Sadly many of the same people who might attack the national grocery chain for slighting the Black community will also be the same people who make note of the National Urban League annual misery index report to see that the wealth of Black people is a mere fraction of that held by White folks.  What they won't see is that example of "food justice" being fulfilled by others are the key reasons why Black Americans miss out on wealth aggregating enterprises in their own community.

I reported in the past of how after years of complaining about the lack of quality food in Riverdale Georgia a Korean owned farmer's market chain has stepped in.  Now they control the bulk of the jobs at the store and they also take the proceeds back to the communities where they live.

Please stop with the emotional appeals that tap into the racial grievances of Black people.  Please!!
If there is a NEED in our community and there is abundant UNEMPLOYMENT there is the makings of a solution that can address several problems at once.   The same arguments against "outsourcing" over to China and India can be made about having someone else "insource" the venues by which the basic demands for the Black community are met.

Blacks And Immigration: Outsourced Indictments & Misplaced Moral Supremacy

This week I worked from home.  I went into the office today after hours in order to check my mail.  The bustling office by day was replaced by an array of workers after hours.  Whereas during the day one might hear the clicking of keyboards, the unicast conversation of an individual talking into a telephone headset or some idle conversation among people gathered around an office or cube the night time crew had trash bags, cleaning cloths and my favorite - a backpack vacuum cleaner.

The one thing that I note from my reference from nearly 15 years is that there has been a dramatic shift in the composition of the cleaning crew.  During the initial portion of my career Black owned building services firms (or at least "Black staffed" ones) predominated.  Typically there would be a middle aged Black female who came through to vacuum.  I would make sure that I spoke to her and had some type of conversation out of respect and appreciation.  I would imagine that for her - seeing the "Black occupant" of the cube or office who's family portraits adorned the workspace was a source of comfort as well.  Again - at least I imagine so.

This is my own reality of the immigration debate.  I have been assigned to various offices in the Dekalb County Georgia area over the years.  North Dekalb is a hotspot for immigration and diversity.  One only needs to go to the various eating establishments to see the racial composition of the area.  I am not making any particular indictment by noting this point.

As I was driving home today I listened to the NPR radio show "Tell Me More".  In the "Barbershop" segment they talked about the new illegal immigration crackdown law in Arizona.  In as much as this crew is typically populated with Black Progressive/Leftists - they were near uniform in their condemnation of the "racist" law in Arizona.   I get the feeling that for progressive Blacks this is an iteration of the "Fugitive Slave Laws" updated for 2010.  In as much as they are inclined to aspire to experience their own "Civil Rights Movement" (see "The Jena 6 'Astroturf Protests'") all new legislation by America's "right wing" is viewed from this reference.

This blog post is not about the merits of this legislation and the thought that all "brown people" might be stopped at the whim of the authorities to have their "emancipation papers" checked.

The Failure Of The Establishment To Migrate "The Least Of These" Upward Upon Their Assumption Of Control Over The Institutions Within The Black Community

This is the most appropriate context by which this debate should be considered.  My executive summary question for this entire post is:  "Why did you take over control of our schools, cultural entities and other civic service functions of the Black Community if you had no idea how to develop the competency level in our community by which proportionally larger amount of our people could qualify for jobs at a higher rung?"

(I realize that some of you think that I am biased against progressives and pick on them too much.)

My frustration with Progressivism is that too often it is decoupled from the painful economic choices that come with "opportunity cost" for the sake of their own "moral supremacy".  In the case of how to handle illegal immigration it appears that they value their ability to say "I have never discriminated against any person who illegally entered this country all for the want of livelihood for his own family".

In pursuit of this "moral supremacy" they look at the right-wing who has the audacity to actually enforce the dimensions of our population and ultimately our labor force as acting upon their own hatred - racial hatred in particular.  All of this flies in the face of the known history of the organized labor movement.

When the Progressives fomented the organized labor movement for pursuit of better wages and working conditions they functionally established a "labor monopoly".  By cracking down on "Scab Workers" brought in by the corporate owners the ownership was forced to deal with the "incumbent work force" or remain shut down, thus losing money.  It seems rather obvious then that to allow for unregulated expansion of our labor force out of this spirit of "moral supremacy" against discrimination - the elements of the progressive left that remain today in effect are working against their ultimate best interests.

The real problem is that they position themselves as not having to shoulder the burden of the choice that must be made.  Thus they outsource the blame.  Take a listen to the NPR "News and Notes" segment.  Like clockwork - the blame is shifted to "the people who hire the illegals".  Don't blame the laborers supplying the demand - blame those who have the demand.

This flies in the face of what I just noted above about the history of forming a "labor monopoly".  With all due respect to the illegals who are mostly from Mexico - they are functioning as "Scab Workers".  (This is a dispassionate analysis.  I have no intention of fanning any racial flames.  Nor will I be intimidated by anyone hurling claims of racism).

Now back to the key argument of the section.   Look at the Black worker.  With the Black unemployment rate at 16.5% we should consider these people or at least a portion of them as "Wage Holdouts".  To be clear it is not necessary that we look at their own individual demand for a certain wage floor as it is the case that in their present desperation they indeed may work for a far lower rate than when they had the bargaining power.   Instead the entire movement to drive a minimum wage rate/living wage rate that is hire than what the market will bear for the given set of skills that the segment of individuals have needs to be put on trial.  Large patches of "urban America" exist today as the consequence of the "high stakes game of 'Chicken'" that those who claimed to have their best interests in mind have played.

I noted several times previously that a corporation that has a $300 million manufacturing plant with a 20 year lifespan is inclined to "tuff it out" and acquiesce to the demands of its labor force for more salary and benefits than what the bottom line says they should.  However when the plant reaches the 17th year of its existence and the company needs to make a decision - do we retool this existing plant or do we build somewhere else - you had better believe that the cost of production will be considered in the decision matrix.  

My argument is that it is in the best interest of organized labor to negotiate the most ENDURING set of terms, not the MAXIMIZED set of terms which pay out today yet which render the "consumer of labor" unable to compete as the market that they operate in changes.

Again - back to the Black worker.   A sizable portion of the Black middle class was built upon good paying jobs in the manufacturing and industrial sector.  As Detroit and Cleveland and Trenton shows - when these jobs were plentiful our wealth as a community grew.  As these companies vacated (closed down, moved to other areas of the US, went overseas) our fate suffered in kind.

Few people ask the question about how the fiscal resources obtained during this time of prosperity were used.  Fewer people cross index this point against the favorable political and institutional arrangement that came to predominate these places.  Long story short - as we were "winning" what did we actually "win"?  Who did "win" in the end?

Back to my argument about competency development and the illegal immigration debate.  Clearly the illegal immigrant from Mexico is an unskilled worker.  Add more of them to the USA labor pool and you have competition with others who are similarly unskilled.

As I frequently criticize the RITUALS of the Black Establishment the key indictment is that too often their antics are vacuous in nature.  They are too often done for the purposes of INDICTMENT against our past treatment by America and White Folks.  As such they remain popular because of the ease of finding Black people who allow their grievances to be tapped as such.  When the person doing the tapping don't have your interests in mind but instead their ideological and partisan interests - sadly - the longer you ride on this train without demanding "earnest money" at fixed check points along the way - the greater the chances are that that pot of gold at the end of the rail line will be contingent upon you helping the conductor to lay more rail, continuing the struggle despite having crashed through the barrier which was to be THE ARRIVAL AT YOUR GOAL.

How long are you going to keep chasing after the carrot that they dangle in front of you?  This is a self-recalibration question that needs to be asked.

As a people we are told that "EDUCATION" is the key enabler of our cause.
It is indeed EDUCATION that is required to move every Black American up - one standard deviation.  The former "unskilled laborer" now has basic typing and computer skills.  The former secretary now has computer programming skills.  The former team supervisor now has the skills of a business analyst.  She is able to take her advanced knowledge and work with local firms improve their bottom line.

So much of the anticipated benefits of our arrival at the state of "Once We Are In Control - Things Will Be Different" have been squandered.  The quest for power and the attainment of the seats has brought forth the reality that certain key structures that are needed to allow us to "operationalize" these potential advantages.

At some point the Black rank and file must realize that it is in the same situation as the "Wall Street Banker".  Beyond operating for selfish advantage - there is a need to submit one's self to a higher governing authority.

In my view as a non-Progressive and, more importantly a person who's real job functionally boils down to watching human resources as they execute business processes and make note of how various technological innovations might render their efforts more productive - a few things are obvious.  First and foremost - a human being operating in the confines of a corporation differs little from a human being operating as a community, a church, a civil rights organization.  In apply an effective management discipline their efforts can be made to be more impactful in advancing the collective goal that they are working toward.

I get the sense that when I criticize the Black Establishment, showing the audacity to demand that they actually DELIVER that which they sold us upon that it is ME who is being "racially disloyal".   Of course this is the view of those who seek to protect the BLACK ESTABLISHMENT as they confuse them as being synonymous with "The Black Permanent Interests".  They are not.  They merely represent a POPULAR set of assumptions of the policies that are needed to be put into play so that our community can prosper.   I make the case that a city like Chicago should serve as evidence of what we should expect when the "Black Establishment" WINS.  If you believe that the Southside of Chicago represents the promised land for our people upon this victory - there is little that I can do for you in engaging you further.

An Accurate Model Of The Real World Is Needed

Operatives from left and right always seek selfish advantage.  As they construct their own model of the forces in the world that both positively and negatively impact their cause you should expect to see bias which is in line with their interests.  The key flaw at present with regard to Black community best interests is that there is no transparent force who is inclined to construct a dispassionate and transparent model of the REAL WORLD - 2010 that is faced by Black America.

  • Police are the main criminals in Black America  
  • The gap between White and Black employment is due to the fact that a White boy with a criminal record can get a job that a Black man with a college degree can't get
  • The damage from slavery is the primary negative force harming Black people today
  • (Or in the case of the ACORN president Bertha Lewis) The coming round of "Jim Crow" in America is going to be worse than the original period of Jim Crow
Sadly the purveyors of these jewels are not asked to prove their claims using empirical evidence and a transparent model by which the evidence can be collected.  The steady stream of news that "yet another Black person was murdered last night" is not enough for some people to see that the Tea Party need not even purchase any rifles to murder us.  They are better off purchasing gift cards from the local gun dealer and handing them out to our people so that we can do this deed ourselves.  

The damage of the squandering of our educational opportunities - with the failure to maintain a system of discipline - also means that effective management schemes, as learned first from classroom instruction and then real world experience - will never be deployed in sufficient quantity to turn the tide in our community.

While I don't have the unrealistic goal that 100% of the Black community will one day receive college education or advanced technical training, it is clear that a sizable portion of the desperation that is present within certain portions of our community is due to the vortex that we are in.   In pursuit of their interests for power and control and the FIGHT AGAINST THE ENEMIES THAT PROFIT THEM THE MOST - those who have the greatest influence upon the Black community and our collective distributed actions are not inclined to turn inward and demand that we sacrifice the array of activities that we engage in and instead make a focused effort to develop the competency by which we are less impacted by the addition of a large group of unskilled workers into the country.

Atlanta's V103 Brings Rashan Ali Back With Ryan Cameron

Rumors Confirmed Rashan Ali joins Ryan Cameron at V-103

I have to be honest. I have not listened to Atlanta's V-103 for years. I am into NPR and other Sirius XM that I stream to my iPhone in my car now.

I am happy to see that former air personality Rashan Ali has been brought back to the station after moving to a competitor and having the morning show canceled in favor of the nationally syndicated "Ricky Smiley Show". (Note: It is possible that she did not previously work for V-103 but instead was picked up by Ryan Cameron when he worked at 107.9)

I am happy for Rashan Ali because she is an attractive woman and has a great personality. She does a lot for young girls in the metro area, insuring that they are shown a clearer path. Did I already say that Rashan Ali is an attractive woman?

Listen To Yourselves Argue On Behalf Of The Democrats Over Your Own Interests

From the "AJC Blogs:Jay Bookman" section

Me replying to a poster named HDB - Loyal "Democrat Who Is Black"


You are marketing the Democratic Party and Progressive politics as IF they have developed Black people. Let us apply what I call "The Proportionality Filter to your argument. Please note I am a "Black Conservator Independent". The model of my world is that there is the "American Political Domain" and then what I call the "Community Cultural Consciousness and Competency Development Domain". The Democrats/Republicans reside in the first. The present Black Establishment has largely ignored the second - where most of our problems reside.

[quote]1) I received my education funding when Clinton had a Democratically-controlled Congress…which increased the education spending!! [/quote]

HDB: Notice that when Health Care was too expensive and shutting people out the Progressives went after the industry to control prices. Why is it that with college education - which is inflating just as much as health care - you and other Progressives brag that the government is PAYING THE INFLATING BILL FOR YOU? HDB - where is the demand that the Federal government go after this inflation that denies hundreds of thousands of people a college education due to finances?

2) Affirmative Action granted us ACCESS to the work place…but we had to meet the same STANDARDS as everyone else!! [/quote]

HDB - from the index of PROPORTIONALITY - What proportion of the African American community has prospered under Affirmative Action? Has this program prepared our people for the realities that took place as the demographic landscape changed? As favorable people took over our cities as ideological and racial impact triggered suburbanization - how was the "WIDE MIDDLE" of Black America prepared to do when WE were a growing portion of the CITIES? Affirmative Action requires an ENTITY upon which it is applied. This track toward racial development does NOTHING when you are the "last one standing" in a city and need components of the economy that create jobs and employ people and add to the "gross local product". It seems that some people are more keen on "fighting the White Establishment" than on developing the area THEY NOW HAVE POLITICAL CONTROL OVER per the elections they have won. I am NOT a supporter of Affirmative Action. It is a diversion from the real investment in our human resources that must be made to increase competency.

3) I DID watch the Clarence Thomas hearings…and I noted a man who wanted to eliminate the same pathways that allowed him to prosper his educational pursuits….he failed to recognize that Affirmative Actin allowed him to ENTER Holy Cross so that he COULD be successful!! [/quote]

HDB - IF this is the only indictment that you have against Clarence Thomas (and I am sure that it is not) then he is doing well. I would like for you to index the sins against Clarence Thomas because of his Black Conservatism and compare this to the damage done by the Progressives - man of them Black who CONTROL THE BLACK COMMUNITY. They control our public schools - the key to our growth as a people and we are NOT prepared to operate as the "professional service providers" for our own people after matriculating through this process. Thomas' predecessor Thurgood Marshall teamed with Judge Brenan to block all capital punishment - even before they opened the file folder to read the facts. HDB - in the progressive theory you all fear that with capital punishment - 1 innocent man put to death is worth letting 10 guilty men to go free. Sadly HDB with the moral superiority of the progressive - you can't see that our community is being over run by the "10 guilty men" you let go free. I am not impressed by "moral stands". Let look at what is allowed to erode as you stand on your mountain.

My support of Clarence Thomas comes from the fact that he has the AUDACITY to believe that BLACK PEOPLE ARE EQUAL UNDER THE LAW. This pisses off leftists who transact on BLACK INFERIORITY. The "Ricci vs New Haven" firefighter case shows this clearly.

4) Why is it necessary for a candidate to “reach out” to a community? Are we not constituents? Are we NOT voters??
Republicans don’t even think I exist…..and every time their policies have been implemented, I’ve lost ground!! You ask who’s been in my pocket more? The GOP….from tax LOSS of INCOME…..they’ve affected my growth more than the Democrats have!![/quote]

HDB this is a disingenuous argument. IT JUST SO HAPPENS that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, and EVERY OTHER BLACK LEADER ARE DEMOCRATS. As I said in my initial post - is it a surprise that we Blacks drive to get into the "racist subdivision" yet we are attacked INTERNALLY if we are Republicans? To pretend that there is no negative force to avoid voting for the GOP is dishonest. Listen to the words of Dr Ronald Walters - a "Democrat who is Black". He said that the worst mistake that the Black community can make is to SPLIT OUR VOTE ACROSS MORE THAN ONE PARTY.

Notice that this warning says NOTHING about the notion of us pursuing an "any means necessary" course for our community development? With the Democrats controlling every single voting district where Blacks are 35%+ of the voting base - HDB - when do we proclaim them to be the ESTABLISHMENT FORCE in our community and thus demand that they produce or risk being tossed?

Instead in Clayton County Georgia after one clique of Democrats fail (school accreditation) the Black voters toss out the one Democratic clique and put in another. HDB it is NOT that the Democratic Party has benefited our community - the results have been mixed as systematic racism has been regulated - the problem is that the Black community does not PUNISH the Democrats for failure as we are inclined to do with Republicans.

We are presently at the worst case scenario HDB - our "sold out leadership" have us voting as loyal Democrats. Where they have WON - our community interests are LOST. Yet (in Chicago for example) in the face of Democratic control and tepid results this sold out Black leadership sees a "GET OUT THE BLACKS TO VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATS" drive as a cure for our problems. You see, HDB if the REPUBLICANS get back into power, we are told......the fate of South Side Chicago, Vine City Atlanta, and nearly all of Detroit will REALLY be screwed up.......if you allow them to tell it.

Constructive Feedback

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Conscious Parent In Henry County Georgia Objects To Convicted Felon T.I. Being Featured Speaker At School Program

Henry principal faces backlash over T.I. visit

Give that parent blue ribbon.
TI and his handlers fail to realize that there is a correlation between school systems in metro Atlanta that tend to have a certain standard that shows via their academic results and others who are more inclined to allow him to be a featured speaker at a school assembly.  Henry County is one of those school systems that have received a significant influx of parents (Black and White) who "flew" from other schools.

For many schools with high standards they don't need Clifford "T.I." Harris to come to their schools to talk about anti-gang or anti-bullying or anti-violence.   They merely need to point to him, the messages delivered via the product of his work that has made him rich and famous and the jail time that he has served over the years to send a clear message to the students without him setting foot on campus.  The worst possible outcome is that T.I.'s visit will become a "career day" and thus they will follow in his footsteps.

The actual article that details the conflict is very interesting:

First the parent's saga:

A Henry County parent is complaining he wasn’t notified when Atlanta rapper T.I. was invited to speak to his children’s school.

And he was shocked by the response the school’s principal gave him.

Tom Myers declined to talk to an AJC reporter about his concerns, but told WSB that he wanted to know ahead of the March 5 anti-bullying assembly that the rapper would be appearing at the school.

Myers was upset that T.I., a convicted felon also known as Clifford Harris, was speaking to students at Woodland Middle School.

“Had I had the opportunity to not let them [my children] go, I would have had them sit out,” he told WSB.

T.I. served a year-long prison sentence last year on federal gun charges for trying to purchase a machine gun. As part of the condition of his release, T.I. was required to serve more than 400 hours of community service, including speaking engagements at schools.

In an e-mail to principal Terry Oatts, Myers said he told Oatts to give parents a choice of whether to “allow our children to be exposed to these questionable individuals.”

Now the principal's response:

Oatts’ reply, according to e-mails provided to WSB: “I thought about asking a guy who snorted cocaine and got arrested for DUI when he was 30 to come and speak to our kids, but President George W. Bush was not available.”

Myers said he was floored.

“I could not believe that he would put that in an e-mail,” the parent told WSB
Blogger's note:  We all know that if someone were to make reference to President Obama's admitted past cocaine use the person making the statement would be subject to attack.  Many are praising the Bush comments as "tell the truth and shame the devil".

Now let's inspect a few things about Woodland Middle School
I have to give credit where credit it due.  Woodland Middle School is doing what it needs to do to educate its children.

You had better believe that I would make a public spectacle upon learning that my children's school invited a potty mouthed rapper to an officially sanctioned school program.  Without due public shaming I am not sure if TI and the rest of the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" will get the message.

Most certainly Democrats who cry bloody racism when their adversaries say the N-word yet invite entertainers who make liberal use of the word on stage to campaign for them for their power to pull in the Black vote have little problem with allowing a felon who recently exited jail to come into the schools as a credible source.

Previous Posts About Inviting Thugs Into Schools:

If education is indeed so important why aren't these castles where our jewels are created protected from ignorant influences?

In The Age Of Obama The Black Progressive Fundamentalists Continue To Protest - Just No Longer Against The President

Despite the facts about our economic situation that has an undue impact upon the Black community and American troops remaining in two theaters of battle - the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers have been relatively content.   Their previous protest marches against an array of issues have subsided.  Now the 'Tea Party Movement" agents camp outside of various city halls in order to be first in line to obtain permits for large protest marches.

As I was reading an article about how "Get Tough On Crime Policies Target Blacks" I happened to see the advertisement for a rally in DC where singer John Legend is a headliner.  It just so happens that this is a rally in support of the "Climate Change bill" that is working its way through Congress and which is supported by the Obama Administration.  It just so happens that John Legend is one of many entertainers who will be pushing the "Federal Democrats" to construct a strong bill that puts the squeeze on the "polluters".

Interestingly enough I listened to a report which detailed the higher food and energy costs that will result as these regulator and taxation measures are applied to corporations.  As their prices rise they will ultimately be borne by the consumers.  I suspect that as the "cost of living" increases some time in the future we will see the "Economic Policy Institute" - a left leaning think tank rail against the loss in "purchasing power" that the salaries of the working poor bring forth because of the increases in cost of living.  They too will have a "targeted protest" at that time.  Instead of making note of the tax and regulatory burden that precipitated a good portion of this erosion I suspect they will call for more "income redistributive policies" that might ease the burden upon the working poor - "The Least Of These" among us.

Not to be outdone by Mr Legend is actor Danny Glover.  Mr Glover was recently arrested in an act of civil unrest against a corporate exploiter Sodexo.

Danny Glover arrest for protest against Sodexo like Hugo Boss

Why The Left Usings "Racismification"

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

The analysis in the video by O'Reilly and his guest, James Taranto ("Why The Left Needs Racism"), from the Wall Street Journal are mostly on point. Decrying those who oppose the leftist-fundamentalist agenda as being "racist" is merely an instantiation of the "keep your adversaries on trial" strategy that they use frequently. Their hope is to move the public focus off of the substantive issues under debate over to a disposition by which their adversary must prove that they are motivated by legitimate points of disagreement rather than base hatred due to race.

Just as with the "soft tissue injury" from historical racial injury where the victim is allowed to tell the society when he is healed - in the case of those who are put on trial their assurances that they are not motivated by race will only be accepted when the "jury" is good and ready to accept that their enemies are not motivated as such. You see - there is no particular advantage for them to yield this point so don't expect it to come.

My challenge as a Black man who does not believe that those who are using my race for their own ideological and political purposes - of which has little to do with our racial advancement - is to take on their claims of racism and not run from the charge. You see to play the "racism tit for tat" game is a flawed strategy. It was ridiculous for those who battled with the question - "Was Rep Cleaver called a 'Nigger' by the Tea Party protesters?" to engage in such a battle - on either side.

Instead I call upon everyone who is serious minded to go beyond the question of what one "ignorant White person" may have said amongst a crowd of angry protesters and instead make note of how much of the "low hanging fruit" of racial intolerance has been removed from the tree of public discourse. Look at how desperate we are right now. No I am not defending the use of such language. I am not falling for feigned outrage.

I believe that Oreilly and Taranto were a bit off on the source of this strategy. It is not the Democratic Party that has hoisted this "all Tea Party protesters and opponents to Obama are racists". This has been crystallized from well known racial political antics that are tried and true. I pointed out last year that with leftist Janeane Garofalo and her claims of racism being the key motivating force behind the opposition to Obama she found the perfect storm. Her real goal is to have leftist policies advanced. With Obama she has the perfect 'ball carrier'. She sees her policies advanced. This time when the right-wing attacked she can redirect their expected opposition away from the leftist-policies themselves and over toward the carrier of them. Once again the opposition is put on the defensive (if they bite) and are forced to make the case as to why they are not "racists". All the while the leftist position is advanced while those who oppose them are on the defense stand.

We also must make special mention of various Black opinion operatives (Eugene Robinson, Roland Martin, Cynthia Tucker, etc). They have nothing to lose if they take the unrepentant position that "YES - the Tea Parties are racist! Here is the pattern of individual behavior that all add up as a criminal indictment, proving my point". Now of course - if someone on the right were to make a profile of the behavior of a "protected class" - making the case that the individual actions of the loosely coupled group in question paints the picture for the whole - they will be accused of profiling. In essence - either you go along with the indictment or you too will be indicted.

How To Thwart The Racism Chasers

Let me be clear - OF COURSE there are some racist Whites disbursed throughout the Tea Party movement that don't like the fact that Barack Obama is a Black man.  Find me any group of White folks who don't have a preference for their race.  Add the ideological differences to the racial concerns and the confluence of the two make for an exploitable point - both pro and con.

Ultimately only the "Black rank and file" can force the faux claims of racism out of the public debates.  This will be done once our people make note of how we are being used and how the results that are obtained after the battle field is cleared don't always translate into our permanent interests when the side that we were made to support "wins".  The words "No in our name" needs to be put forth by the masses as certain Charlatans attempt to exploit us as such.

Some people fail to see the cost that are borne by them by running this game.  In playing this racial game our communities have been "won" by favorable forces - Black and White.  While the people and policies that were popular became entrenched the clear evidence shows that in many cases our permanent interests have not been obtained.  The cost is that we did not achieve an EFFECTIVE END and thus our suffering continues.

With discipline we should call for a more transparent engagement where rudimentary and rogue exploitation of race is managed out of the discourse by both sides so that neither side is diverted by well known exploits.  This requires both sides to manage their own.

With the Black community experiencing more self-determination now than ever before in our existence in this nation the time is now - more than ever - to promote a system of transparency in the governance of our key institutions.  At present we have too many "self-diagnosers" in place.  The same people who have grown in power in our community also have the influence to direct our focus upon "our enemies", avoiding inspection of their own results.

The key flaw in our present political disposition is that the methodology and the vehicle by which we are to obtain our permanent interests are more important than the development of a transparent system of inspection which evaluates if the methodology and the vehicle in common use are EFFECTIVE, changing them when necessary.  As we have fundamentalists entrenched within our core consciousness their fixation on the methodology and vehicle will have them to look beyond the domain of their previous "victor" where they now stand as the establishment and instead expand outward, looking for a new battlefield by which they can confront their adversary.

Once the Black community makes note that our enemy has no particular skin color or ideology then we won't be as susceptible to being used as we are today.