They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Malcolm X's Football: How "Truth" In Our Community Is A Matter Of Who Is The "Historian"

I found this action request in my corporate Inbox the other day.  It was relayed from one of my circle of friends who I call "Corporate Obama Supporters".  Despite them working hard for their commission checks, striving to be #1 in their sales territory - when they talk politics some of them can be heard making the case that the corporation has too much tax and the CEOs are making too much money.  In most cases its not that they would actually turn down the money.  It appears to be that since they don't have that big money - the government should tax it in a punitive manner if needed.

I rebut only about 1 in 10 of the propaganda campaigns that they send to me because I don't have the time or interest to do so.  To some people I am a "Republican" if I merely work to put the truth out for people to ponder.  I obtain more value in observing what they say without me altering the conversation.  (Kinda just like I wonder "What do White people talk about when a Black guy is not in the room?  :-)  )

In the case of the education cuts in Georgia - anyone who has read the newspaper recently or watched the news should realize that there are massive education funding cuts planned at the state and school system/county level, regardless of which party is in charge.

None of this matters to some people.  For them such a propaganda piece advances their notion that their party is good and the other is evil.  They plan to take food from the mouth of babes.

The person who sent me this lives in Dekalb County Georgia.  They are facing a $115M shortfall and are planning massive funding cuts.   In nearby Clayton County they have a $119M budget shortfall.   These are huge budget cuts. I would not wish job losses on anyone.   Still for some people this pain is abstract as they are still game for a bit of political gamesmanship and jockeying .

 I previously noted the run on property assessment requests from homeowners seeking to reduce their tax bill and how it would impact that county's ability to fund their schools..  We see that the demand for reductions has stripped the school system of funding and has triggered the layoffs detailed in the video below.

Some people are more appeased when they can identify the conspiracy from the external boogie man who caused the funding to be cut.

The question is - When are some of you going to start pushing back on the propaganda?

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The Power To Label - The Power To Manipulate Public Sentiment

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A clarification of my agenda is at hand, once again.

My contention is that the sensibilities of the "Black rank and file" is being exploited by those who have no other purpose but to use us for their own political and ideological agenda. In their minds the charge of "White Supremacy" rings as a bigger threat than anything that any Black man can do to assail our community.

I desire to take "ME" out of the debate and instead to leverage this blog as a "portal into the real world....WITHIN the Black community".

Those who have the power to label make use of a perverted set of tools to retain their power.
They work hard to keep the Black community consciousness focused EXTERNAL to our community. They realize that they can trigger a more concentrated response by tapping into these sensibilities.

When a person like me, having recognized their scheme, and then showing the audacity to keep the microscope focused upon the land that they already control - they render their attacks upon me. I am called a "self hater". In truth I am merely working as a counterbalance to their fraud.

Isn't it strange that a person or machine who CLAIMS that they are working in earnest for the PROGRESSION of the Black Community desperately fear those who dare walk behind them and make independent measure of their efficacy?

If they were restaurant owners they would work as the distraction for the "County Health Inspectors" as they come by to do their inspection, the results posted at the entrance for all to see.


Yesterday in Atlanta there was a "Civil Rights violation" that took place.  Did you hear about it where you live?

  • A man had a beef with the owners of the store.  The despite is unknown at this time
  • The man brought some flammable material to the store, making a threat against the store owners
  • The man turned into an "Arsonist" when he lit the liquid and threw both bottles into the store
  • The employees escaped, clinging to their lives
  • The building burned to the ground
  • The store is no more
  • The community is now terrorized that this would happen "in these times" 

What about these bullet points is different from what have been the case 50 years ago?  Is there one end point that is different?

Ultimately we must ask:  "What does the label 'Civil Rights Violation' or 'Hate Crime' matter IF THE OUTCOMES ARE THE SAME?"

  • Assaulted Black people
  • Terrorized Black community
My challenge to all is to LIFT the threat from the "Black Assailant" to that of EQUAL to a White or any other.  Failing to do so merely plays into the hands of the "bigots within" who have a vested interest in keeping us looking outside our community.  A community that THEY just happen to manage.  

In their own self-interests and desire for preservation they realize that by keeping us focused in a certain direction we will retain them as valuable leaders who defend us rather than the establishment who should be held accountable for failing to manage the threats that impact us.

Why did they take the job if they are not willing to manage the safety and security within?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

13 Year Old Math Wizz Makes It Into Morehouse College

AJC: 13 Year Old Math prodigy took unique path to college

In a navy pinstripe suit too big for his small frame, 13-year-old Stephen Stafford II sat in the last row of a packed auditorium at Clark Atlanta University. He devoted his full attention to his handheld video game.

Next to him his mother, Michelle, watched the stage so he wouldn’t miss his cue. The occasion was a college prep seminar. Stephen, a student at Morehouse College, was to be the special guest speaker.

In the audience were about 200 African American high school students, full of hopes for college but in some cases low on money and grades. The session’s message was urgent, repeated like the hook of a pop tune: Bad grades kill college plans faster than low bank accounts. Buckle down, don’t give up.

Stephen fidgeted. Every now and then, his mother shot him a sharp glance that meant be still. If Stephen happened to catch it, a sheepish grin crossed his heart-shaped face.

This pre-show routine has become old hat for Stephen. For months he and his mom have gone before audiences to tell the story of how he arrived at Morehouse almost three years ago. He knows his lines well: Gifted in math; began college classes at age 11; doesn’t believe standardized tests best measure ability; plans a triple major of biology, math and computer science; will become a doctor if he doesn’t create the next Google.

Michelle fills in the rest of the family’s story, a sermon on achievement delivered with passion worthy of a revival meeting: With “relentless” parental involvement and advocacy, a lot of kids out there could be like Stephen.

It’s common to hear the tale of a young black child as a budding rapper or sports star. Yet in a country where by virtually any measure, black boys fare far worse than their white classmates in school, Stephen’s story stands in high relief.

Which is why his parents, Michelle in particular, have been so intent on telling it. They say it is an antidote to the worn narrative that portrays black boys as classroom underachievers at best, potential criminals at worst. It stokes the debate over the virtues of standardized testing, and is a reminder that schools alone aren’t responsible for educating children.

Most of all, it is a testament to the Staffords’ belief that parents must believe their kids can succeed and push toward that goal, even if it means taking risks and ignoring some conventional tenets of education.

The Clark Atlanta auditorium grew quiet as the moderator introduced the keynote speaker.

“You ready?” Michelle asked her son.

On cue, Stephen tucked his game into his pocket, straightened his tie and strode down the aisle to a swell of applause.

Portrait of a prodigy

Stephen sees himself as a kid like any other, albeit one who is in college when most children his age are in middle school. Even though he lives at home and sleeps in a bunk bed with Scooby Doo sheets, campus life seems to suit him. Between classes he hangs out with his Morehouse friends debating, among other things, the virtues of PlayStation Portable vs. Nintendo DS. Teachers say he’s engaged in class. But when he toys with the lift on his chair so the seat slides up and down like an amusement park ride, they have to remind themselves: He is still a kid.

“Boring.” That’s his favorite word for anything that doesn’t involve video gaming or math. His thin, coppery limbs are in constant motion and his voice still has a child’s pitch. When he speaks his thoughts rush out in a flurry. A reasoned flurry.

“Emotion clouds thinking and leads to bad decisions,” he declared one recent afternoon at the Staffords’ Lithonia home. Seated at the kitchen table where Michelle home schooled him for years, he and his mother were discussing what makes a person smart. Between crunches of Doritos and sips of fruit punch he refined his point.

“It’s like this, if you use an emotion to counter logic, emotion is going to lose. Now some people go on a hunch and it benefits them, occasionally. But if you can think logically, do.”

Michelle stirred a simmering pot of stew, its aroma filling the spacious kitchen. She shook her head.

“Stephen, Stephen, come on now, son,” she said. “You don’t think emotions are important?”

“Emotion clouds thinking and leads to bad decisions,” Stephen repeated.

Michelle pushed her salt-and-pepper hair back from her forehead. “He gets this from his father,” she said.

When Stephen shares his story with others, he delivers it much this way: straightforward, in black and white. The picture his parents paint is rendered in shades of gray.

Commander In Chief Obama Shows People That A President Is Different From An Unbound Civil Rights Leader

Tavis Smiley Reports March 31st PBS

Tavis Smiley reviews the legacy of Dr King with regard to his critical comments about the US war in Vietnam and the fallout that he faced from Americans - White and Black.   He then does some measure of comparison to the present war efforts of President Obama in comparison to his (Obama's) words said on the campaign.  (I have not yet seen the video and thus can't detail the extent of this contrast).

Per the "Democracy Now" interview below it appears that Tavis Smiley assembles his standard set of "Tavis & Friends" partners to provide a leftist critique of the President and how he has come up short as compared to his words of peace which prompted them to actively campaign for him - explicitly and tacitly - a few short years ago.

In my appraisal of the big picture that this entire machine has painted their indictment should be rendered against themselves, the  Black Progressive-Fundamentalists.

While they are allowed to reside on their mountain called "the moral high ground" they should note that Barack Obama has ascended to the office of the "Commander In Chief".  He has not changed.  His responsibility has changed per the office that he now holds.

It is THEY who chose to believe that he might radically abandon the legacy of the office and the expanded sensibilities of the office-holder.  Thus it is they who stand today, having sold themselves on an array of unrealistic expectations.

These are the very same people who cast Obama as a "blank canvas", for everyone to paint their dreams upon him as such.

They now claim to be gently nudging the President who they helped elect into power on the winds of CHANGE to now correct his course.

The truth is that:

  • No amount of dead US troops in "illegal wars" under his watch

  • No amount of failed schools in areas that their machine already has control over

  • No amount of economic erosion suffered by "the Least Of These" while his policies have been enacted and regulated by the Democratic Congress 

  • Will stop them from trying harder for him in 2012.  After all - a course correction requires more time.

    WHO IS THE BIGOT in this situation?

    They are unable to see that they now are living in the scenario that those who struggled for us for so long in the past had once aspired for to achieve in the future.  Their machine controls all of the key variables where our people live but with their monotone megaphone trained upon our people they are allowed to set the narrative of their own story.  

    Absent from this story is any sense of self-critique with the possibility of self-expulsion as a consequence to them falling short of the standards that they previously set for themselves.

    Just as the National Urban League can publish their dream of having "full employment in 'living wage jobs' by 2025 for all Americans,  with their their good intentions winning them praise from those who feel "economically marginalized.  The quixoticity of their drive will ultimately go unchecked.  It was enough to get the machine elected.  By the time 2025 comes - they will have implemented yet another "stretch goal" for the Black rank and file to dutifully follow as a sign of unity.

    I consider our common goal to be the drive toward accurately modeling the real world around.   With this model with fidelity in hand we as a people are empowered to develop a set  of counter-forces that can achieve the appropriate correction.   For some people their own bias prevent them from making the proper assessment.  To do so would require them to go against their own ideological leanings.

    Not even the "change" in Obama affords them the opportunity for them to do the appropriate introspection.

    In this battle between the fidelity of King and Obama to the realities of their situation I am forced to make the distinction between a man who was on the outside of the official channels of government and one who is, by definition the "inside man".   The first was agitating from the outside for the nation to live up to its creed, no need to ponder election returns in the process.
    The other man is in the seat of power and thus is forced by the circumstance of reality to captain the ship of state.  His every word has financial, military, homeland security, legal and political consequences.

    If only THEY would bind themselves, their actions, their theories to something that has consequences.  Let's start with the "Black Community's Permanent Interests"?

    The real indictment is against the entire machine which has built itself up from every local Black community through to the White House and Congress.  Both Obama and his present critics from the left are passengers upon this vessel.  

    They no longer "agitate" against the person sitting in the seat which is failing our community's interests as they did before.  Now they struggle to make the occupants in this seat successful.

    Instead of "Speaking Truth To Power" they now speak as if they are standing in his shoes.  Today when they speak the "wind" that is created merely spins the windmills that they are chasing so doggedly.

    More than anything else - the Black community needs a system by which all operatives who claim to be working for our permanent interests - are transparently evaluated; supported for leading the masses to our competency development goals, but also dutifully excluded out when their plans (and the ideology upon which they were based) fails.

    We cannot afford to key "trying harder".

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    Monday, March 29, 2010

    Snoop Dogg Wonders Where The Black Super Heros Are

    Snoop Dogg wants to know why there are no black superheroes


    I wonder when the Black community will dispose of the "pimps and hoes" that are allowed to damage our image in commercial media.

    Inferior Schools Or Inferior People Within Them?

    "Inferior Schools".

    Upon hearing a term over and over again to fail to inspect the parameters of such an argument would be intellectually lazy.

    In the video below those who are advocating to protect the government operated school establishment and thus more funding continue to use the term "inferior schools". These are schools that are filled with Black and Hispanic students. In their view the magic elixir is "more money".

    Even after the struggle has been won, this term is used. In this case the battle ground is the Chicago public school system. They have purged the unsavory forces who didn't "think the right way" from every seat in the school system and city government. The commanding heights of the city finances are controlled by the machine which is favorable to all per their votes. The parents who were averse to integration have moved away. They are more among friends than at any point in the city's history.

    Despite all of these favorable elements, at least on paper - the same code words are being used by these Progressive-Fundamentalist activists.

    One must ask: What Is An Inferior School?

    • What do the students look like?
    • What do the teachers look like?
    • What does the community look like?
    • Who defines this state of "inferiority"?
    This "perfect storm" of evidence proves a damning foreshadowing of what we as a community can expect when the establishment forces "win" their final victory against the enemies that they have set out against.

    It is clear that this force that they chase after is always outside of their own sphere of influence and center of gravity.   Even as their favored people gain control over the institutions - their notions of equality of expectations from the occupant of these seats is not retained.  They no longer protest against the present occupants as they once did.  Instead they focus their protests against those who departed.  They seek ever more encompassing social contracts.  Those who no longer live amongst them are guilty of "benign neglect".

    At what point are we, via our bond to intellectual honesty, forced to inspect the present force that is in control over these "inferior schools" and make note that they are not up to the requirements to run such an important institution?

    1. They have cleaved to their flawed economic theories which enumerate "social justice rights" but fail to set the groundwork for organic funding of these all important functions.  Why do they suffer no consequence despite their growth in power and the spread of misery?
    2. They claim that education is the great equalizer in society yet they have squandered this resource by focusing this axiom upon outsiders for the sake of drawing resources from them rather than convincing those who stand to benefit the most that this is their best pathway out of poverty and ignorance. 

    Ultimately - the question is:  "When will there be a grand indictment against the macro set of Progressive Theory?".   It does an excellent job in driving consciousness among the greater society.  

    It appears to fail miserably in motivating "the Least Of These" that their own actions pay the biggest part in their Permanent Interests than any outsider could ever expect to do.

    LaSalle Language Academy Chicago

    Unfortunately "Greet Schools" does not have a numeric rating of LaSalle.  The reviews of the school have given it 5 stars.

    Democracy Now debates the "Inferior Schools Of Chicago"

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    Clayton County GA On Verge Of Violating Tavis' Covenant As Bus Service On Verge Of Shutdown

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    A bus service that costs $10 million per year to run yet only brings in $2 million per year in fares shows that more than "social justice" and a covenant is necessary to maintain a certain standard of living.

    I have empathy for the working class people of the county who will be disconnected from their places of employment upon the shutdown. There are several private bus services in nearby Dekalb County that are fighting over the very same route, up and down Buford Highway. It would be good if at least one of them diverted their vehicles to service the demand on "Tara Blvd" and "GA Hwy 85". They would have more passengers from this service as the sole provider on this route than they are presently getting by being one of three options on Buford Hwy.

    Women Living In Fear In Their Own Homes: The Primary Consequence Of Street Piracy

    Women In South Fulton County Neighborhood Fearful After Street Pirate Attacks

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    Videos is more powerful than my own words.
    The purpose of this video series is to counteract the purposeful mis-allocation of attention upon "threats" that are more political in nature, as conducted by the various operatives within the Black community.

    Please note that those who claim that they are working for the best interests of the Black community via their antics as they point out these "national" threats.

    The reason why they are reticent to focus upon these more proximate local threats that cause more of our people to live in fear is because there is no political gain or ideological stimulation in doing so.

    • Focusing on that which more of our people say is threatening them might have them labeled as "Haters Of Black People".
    • Organizing against "Police Abuse" because of their authority is far more appealing than going after equal human beings that operate as "Street Pirates" merely because they are inferior as they lack official authority and thus have far fewer expectations placed upon them.
    • They might be accused of showing the "Negative In The Black Community" as a means of shaming us
    • They realize that Black people have a longer track record of being stimulated to respond to "external threats from White men" than we do in MANAGING internal threats
    • The threat from these external Whites are seen as "superior" to that which any Black man can render.  Their logic for "hate crimes laws" is that the news of the assault has a more chilling effect on the psychology of more Black people beyond the physical attack and thus these type of attacks deserve special attention
    Please discard all of these points.  They don't matter.

    The PRIMARY reason why these type of attacks go unpunished via a more comprehensive strategy to initiated by the Black community establishment is because THERE IS NO CONSEQUENCE THAT WILL BE RENDERED UPON THEM BY THE "BLACK RANK AND FILE", REBUKING THEM FOR FAILING TO FOCUS UPON THE KEY THREATS THAT IMPACT THEM.

    Women In Southeast Atlanta Neighborhood Fearful Of Street Pirates

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    Woman Raped By Street Pirate At Gun Point In Front Of Her 3 Year Old Grandson

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    Luckily the elected officials in the Georgia Legislature have been watching the events in Metro-Atlanta and they now have an "Anti-Street Piracy" legislation pending against the swarm of "Smash And Grab" robberies that have blanketed Atlanta. Several businesses have gone under due to loss of inventory and higher insurance rates.

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    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    Black Folks Don't Be Tricked By The Right Wing - Latinos Are Not Your Enemies - White Right-Wingers Are

    Right-Wingers’ Cynical Attempts to Pit Black Americans Against Latinos Isn’t Working

    The irony of it all is that in the background I am watching the (propaganda) documentary "Letter To The President" in which "THEY" are blamed for all of the problems in Black America.  (More on this later).

    The fundamental objective of the medial elements of the Black Establishment (and Progressive Establishment) is to get Black people to think in a certain framework that is favorable to their cause.

    The notions of labor economics in which there is a set of jobs that doesn't keep up with population demand for jobs results in unemployment seems lost on them.  When White folks understand this calculus and have the audacity to demand that the border laws are enforced - they are doing so because they are filled with HATRED.

    All the while the Black leftist is able to maintain his moral high ground with the claim: "I have never discriminated against anyone".


    Ultimately when his community suffers from disproportionately high unemployment rates as the unskilled labor segment of the labor market is overrun with competition - HE AGAIN - Blames RACISM for his condition.

    Let's review:

    • There is a fight against RACISM on the front end demands that Black people NOT control the quantity of  "sellers of LABOR" by enforcing immigration laws
    • There are claims on the back end that RACISM is the reason why Black people have higher unemployment rates
    • When we consider that education is the key force to lift people into higher skilled jobs that are better paying it matters not that "favorable people" now run the schools in our community.  RACISM makes them "inferior schools".
    Is there a LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR in these elements? 

    Is RACISM CHASING an empowering concept that we latch onto or an immobilizer?

    Unemployed People Provide "Neighborhood Watch" To Suppress Crime

    AJC: Has the recession arrested crime?

    The next time you see your unemployed neighbor, a nod of gratitude is in order. He may be what’s standing between a burglar and your flat-screen TV while you’re at work.

    After two long years of economic woes, this recession has managed to create a few unexpected benefits — namely a noticeable drop in crime — and confound a few economists and criminologists along the way.

    Until this recent downturn, a bad economy was easy to read: crime and deviant behavior (think drug dealing, fencing and the like) go up when the economy goes down.

    But the latest set of police reports across the country, including in Atlanta, don’t square with past downturns. The underground market, it seems, has been turned on its ear in this recession.

    “This is a real break in past patterns,” criminologist Richard Rosenfeld told about two dozen economists from around the world who gathered in Stone Mountain this month for the second annual meeting on the “Economics of Risky Behaviors.”

    More eyes on the street

    Across the nation, crime, on the whole, is down considerably, especially property crimes and violent crimes such as robbery.

    The counterintuitive nature of this recession makes sense when you peel back the layers.

    Take home burglaries, for instance.

    “We assume crime climbs when the economy is down,” said Rosenfeld, Curators Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri in St. Louis. But “during high unemployment, more people are at home and that cuts the rates of burglary.”

    Additionally, people tend to carry fewer valuables these days, so there are fewer street crimes such as robberies, Rosenfeld added.

    Even The "LA Black Workers Center" Talks About The Problems But Not THE PROBLEM!!!

    Blacks Urged To Unify In The Wake Of Jobs Crisis
    (Hat tip to the Black

    I have to respect the boldness of the Black Establishment and those who vociferously defend it.
    They, like me, are able to key in upon the broken promises and dreams that have come forth after the "victories" that occurred in the political space.  However, unlike me, they are suggesting that the Black community stay unified and try harder for the next go round.

    I simply can't allow the same forces that (mis)lead us into our present condition to drive the tour bus through the next interval of time.

    The article linked above expressly says that the cities where Black people live were built up by abundant jobs that paid good money.  I strongly suspect that the "LA Black Workers Center" is strongly pro-union and thus they argue that they played a strong hand in turning "exploitative jobs" into "good paying jobs".  This narrative enjoys strong support by those who have a "struggle milieu".

    The key irony that I have a hard time dealing with at present is that in the wake of their "victories" the political arrangement and the organized labor efforts are safely in their hands.  Despite these facts these same places have statistically higher misery indexes.   While they have wrested control away from their corporate enemies and have their will expressed via the regulatory balance within these places - the balance of their promises that kept the people unified have failed to be delivered.

    Can we all agree that there is a balance point that needs to be maintained?   Indeed the Industrial Revolution-era corporations that denied its labor force to organize was askew in favor of the owners.  In the period that followed the forces of organized labor too often tipped the balance in the other way.  The corporations in their midst were often seen as the bad guys that must be restrained (See Obama with the insurance companies and banks.  This is the very same spirit that was seen in these places when that mindset was localized.  Imagine if he treated individual misdeeds and irresponsibility as he does the corporate version?  "You who are unemployed are going to pay back every dime that I give you in a monthly check" he would say.).

    The problem in the Labor Establishment and the Black Political Establishment is that there is little infrastructure which acts as a counter-balance to their leftist sensibilities.  Not even the evidence of the gross destruction of their own long term interests that many of the population centers where they control proves enough for the bigoted among them to realize that something a bit less than left-extreme indeed is more palatable than the present "jobs desert" that they face.

    Unfortunately since they are the writers and griots of their own history their narrative states that they were the heroes who got the exploiters in line and paid out "living wages".  When the corporations realized that they could no longer exploit the workers they shut down shop and moved to the South, to Mexico or to over-seas where they were free to exploit the workers.

    I wonder if the gross decline of Detroit, Camden and other once great American cities is not proof of the EXPLOITATION that takes place when only one version of history is told?

    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    The Economic Realities In Euro-Socialist Nations Force Tough Choices On Social Safety Net

    WSJ: Europe crisis presents choice between growth or safety net

    The combination of a heavy load of social justice and centralization of government and economic powers threatens to imperil the Euro-Zone.

    Attention Black Flight Progressives Of Fayette County GA - Your County Is A "Conservative Mecca" - Be Affraid

    Fayette County GA Chronicle Newspaper:   Its Official: Fayettte Is A Conservative Mecca

    In some circles the word "conservative" is synonymous with the words "racism" and "hatred".
    Yet when I make note of my first hand observations about the migration trends of a segment of the "Black middle class" who have progressive/leftist ideological viewpoints and their propensity to move into this conservative, Republican dominated county those who are in denial seem to keep demanding more proof from me before they accept it.

    The ironic point is that most of those people, who I call "Black Flight Progressives" have moved away from locales that, at least on paper, are a better match to their ideological leanings.  If we match the rhetoric from the Black Establishment propagandists with the facts on the ground with Fayette, Henry, Coweta (you know - all of the counties in South-Metro Atlanta that I have been calling out as conservative) we should see White people assaulting Black people as prime evidence that "Your kind of people are not welcome here".

    Sadly the reverse is true. 
    • Safe Streets
    • Quality Education
    • The Fruits Of A Thriving Local Economy (Home Values Retained, Quality Retail Outlets) 
    are found in these counties as evidence of the migration pattern.

    Fayette County schools - theoretically racist - manages to graduate 91% of its Black students.  In some of the neighboring progressive counties the graduation rate for our children is less than 78%. 

    I am not seeking change the votes or party loyalties for anyone.  
    Instead I am asking those Black people who have moved into "enemy terror-tory" consider the processes by how their permanent interests are being accommodated and focus upon DOCUMENTING them.  

    I am a "conservator".  I believe that there are well-known processes by which our permanent interests can be accomplished.  My job is to :
    1. Make observations
    2. Document that which works and what fails
    3. Work to propagate these findings to the masses
    4. Establish systems by which these findings can be "operationalized"
    5. Insure that this knowledge is propagated to the next generation

    Rockdale County GA Is Now Blue

    In a banquet a few weeks ago I listened to a family friend who was at the microphone in a room full of Black people.  He made note that:  "In the election of 2008 Rockdale County Georgia (to the east of Dekalb County) voted 'blue' for the first time in a long time.  {The name of the woman from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation that he was recognizing} played a large part in flipping Rockdale County toward positive political control."

    Now my friend failed to note that the vast majority of the Black residents of Rockdale County are expats from South Dekalb County.  They often moved "out to" Rockdale county to get away from certain unfavorable conditions in their former residences.  Most commonly questions about the school system or the influx of a "criminal element" is the driving force.

    I questioned what about the mere election of a Democratic regime in this county gave my friend evidence that a better future in the county is ahead of the Black folks who did their part to make it this way.   As Spike Lee says "People - we've got a Black president now......we can't keep doing this".  This statement is appropriate in this case because it does not demand that Black folks do some major introspection as to how despite their past "WIN" in Dekalb County - it became a place where they could no longer live within.

    The truth is that the Black Political Establishment promotes the "FIGHT milieu" for Black people in the political space.  Again the veracity of this agenda is best borne out if they slip up and "WIN".   Yet their control over the land merely promotes them to look for new land to conquer as they are "perpetual strugglers".

    At minimum the "Black Flight Progressives" who have moved into Rockdale and Fayette owe it to the places that they departed to make frequent return visits and detail the PROCESS by which "conservative counties" manage to effectively educate Black children and retain property values thereby retaining wealth for Black homeowners.

    It's official: Fayette a Mecca for conservatives

    By Trey Alverson

    Fayette County has long had a reputation as one of Georgia's more Republican-leaning counties, but now a national media outlet is calling Fayette a Mecca for conservatives "dreaming of fleeing their NPR-besotted, blue-state neighborhood for more sympathetic environs."

    The Daily Caller, a conservative online news Web site founded by television pundit Tucker Carlson, listed Fayette County as number seven on its list of America's 100 most conservative-friendly counties.

    Of counties in Georgia, only Forsyth (2) was higher ranked.

    The Daily Caller's editors used a host of factors to create the rankings, including voting trends over the past two presidential elections, median income, cost of living, home ownership rate, marriage rate, veterans as a ratio of the population, weekly religious attendance, tax rates and other factors.

    To be eligible, a county had to have a population of at least 50,000.

    Fayette is considered "extremely conservative friendly" by The Daily Caller's editors because of its high percentage of military veterans, low taxes and overall prosperity.

    The report also celebrated Peachtree City's golf cart path network.

    Nine of the top 10 conservative-friendly counties are located in the South. A total of eight metro-Atlanta counties made the list. The Daily Caller said Atlanta has "perhaps the most conservative suburbs in the nation."

    In addition to Fayette and Forsyth, Cherokee (10), Paulding (19), Cobb (60), Henry (66), Gwinnett (69) and Coweta (71) all made the list.

    Williamson County, Tenn., located in the suburban Nashville area, was named the most conservative-friendly county in America.

    The Violence At The Anti-Police Protests In Portland That You Likely Did Not Hear About

    As the "Lampblack Yellow Journalists" focus upon "Violent Tea Party Protesters" who are vandalizing the property of government officials to express their anger - we are not likely to hear about the present conflict in Portland Oregon. 

    In the wake of a police shooting of a knife-wielding homeless man that charged at an officer there has been several nights of protests that have turned violent. 

    The news that an "government authority figure" - a police man - was assaulted as a bicycle was thrown at him by an angry protester will not be used to indicate that there is a violent streak in those who are prone to protest against the police. 

    Portland man arrested for police assault at shooting protest

    The triggering incident:

    If The National Urban League Is Serious About A Fix It Would Transform Its "State Of Black America " Report

    From The National Urban League Web Site:

    The report coincides with the National Urban League's Centennial initiative, "I AM EMPOWERED," which includes a goal for the nation to achieve access for every American to a quality job with a living wage and good benefits by 2025.

    For the first time the State of Black America report, which measures disparities between blacks and whites in areas of economics, education, health, civic engagement and social justice, includes a Hispanic index. While they still lag behind, with an overall Equality Index of 75.5 percent, Hispanics are faring better than blacks, whose overall Equality Index was 71.8 percent.

    I have reported previously my issues with indexing White Americans as the perfect "1.0" reference to which Black folks should set our goals.  Beyond this being an ignorant assertion I believe that it feeds into the notion that it is RACISM that defines this gap and that "racism chasing", using the power of government regulation is going to cure these gaps.  I would challenge the NUL to show any evidence that their plans thus far have any hope of achieving full employment and "a living wage" by 2025 or even 2100.  This is not me standing as a "hater".  Instead it is me showing resolve that I will no longer be lead down a path without the "earnest money" called a "reasonable framework for ever attaining the goals that are posted".

    The "industry index" is a common tool for one competitor to see where they stand as compared to others.  We see this in the fast food industry between McDonalds, Wendy's and Burger King.  We see this in the telecomm space as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile all list their subscriber numbers, consumer index and wireless coverage maps.   I do agree that these corporations are ultimately a group of human beings who have assembled together to accomplish a common goal, leveraging the resources that they have control over and managing toward a certain outcome.  If only the NUL chose to consider the "propulsion" by which these corporations obtain their goals and worked on mapping out a definitive set of steps that Black people should take as a means of achieving these goals.  

    Instead I see an approach that is far too "government centric" based on the assumption that these numbers point to the fact that Black people have not received our "fair share" and thus there are discrepancies.  In the mind of those who are driving this is the assumption that resources are distributed among the masses more equally per the intervention of government.  They too often fail to acknowledge that certain imbalances are maintained due to flawed assumptions regarding how wealth and/or "standards of living" are created and maintained.  Even worse is the knowledge of how much Black people are willing to yield our power and freedom over to the government for want of  results that are "more equal".


    The thought that a measure of the aggregate status of White Americans provides instruction that Black people can use for our own progression is preposterous.   White people, like most others, have a wide variety of education levels, income levels and health outcomes.  I see little in this report that the Black American community can latch on to as a prescription for our own development.  I strongly suspect that this report is not written for Black Americans to read.  Instead the audience is the array of government officials and policy makers who will be expected to sculpt the conditions by which these outcomes are achieved.

    The call for "full employment" and "living wage" is a decades-long day dream without a better understanding of what drives a good paying job.  Typically unique skills that have a high market demand is the model.  I strongly suspect that the NUL plans to achieve their ends by creating a "labor monopoly" which can demand these wages.  At present there is an anemic set of "consumers of labor" in the places of most concern.  Thus this "stretch goal" simply has no chance of succeeding.  If they were to succeed using their course of action the remedy will be worse than the cure.

    I propose to the National Urban League that they radically reorient their framework so that the measures are more meaningful and the prescription provides more guidance regarding what our people need to do on a daily basis to come closer to a more qualified reference standard.

    Purge the racial stratification because it does not lend itself to actionable items.  Replace it with a far more functional structure as follows:
    • Black Communities that are a "1.0" reference 
    • Black Communities that are short of the "1.0" reference
    A community is not necessarily a physical neighborhood.  It is nothing more than a collection of people that have some common tie that binds them.  Certainly the community of "Black Small Business Owners" have certain attributes that are more favorable to this target than does a group with a different employment profile.  We would expect the business owners to have a more significant impact upon the economic standing of the Black community per their ability to provide services to consumers, employ people and take advantage of certain tax advantages that come from business ownership.

    The basic point is that the Black community's challenges will not be "resolved" only "managed". There are specific actions that we can point to which assist in managing toward the desired results on a continuing basis.  With this plan our people's own repetitive actions contribute to the desired outcomes. More importantly the leadership to whom we yield a measure of our own interest to for the sake of the common interests will be pressed upon to make decisions that drive toward these ends.  With the present orientation of the NUL report the claim of racism as the cause of the gap promotes "racism chasing" as the remedy. 

    Furthermore all well managed communities have a fairly common list of "professional service" positions that can be identified which provide the pillars of their community's living standard and the forum within which they operate:
    • Physicians and the Hospitals/Clinics that they work in
    • Dietary Specialists/ Personal Trainers and the Grocery Stores and Gyms that they provide guidance in
    • Financial Planners/ Tax Specialists and the Offices that they work in
    • Landscapers/ Brick Masons / Painters who work upon our houses and common areas
    In summary - the proposed change in the NUL report alters the focus of our ascension upon the backs of the Black community, our leadership and our efforts.  It is a far more empowering strategy than the present order. 

    The cost of the failure to identify a key component in our standard of living and adequately address it shows up as a gap in the index between the communities that address these points and those who don't.   With each annual report from the NUL - those communities that did not render the desired results are motivated to seek out that which worked more effectively and implement it in their domain.

    This is what I see businesses doing as they scour through their respective "Industry Index".

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Progressive Fundamentalists: Using Government To Redistribute Wealth To Establish A Living Standard w/o Enhancing Competency

    The following article from the New York Times is very telling regarding how the left and the right think about "The Least Of These".

    MSNBC: In health bill, Obama attacks wealth inequality

    As a self described "cultural strategist" I can't help but be disturbed at the logic and thinking that is present behind the policies hoisted by the left.  It is clear to me that they prefer creating an artificial living standard among the masses that their own actions cannot support.   Worst yet in the interval of time in which the masses are allowed to live at this artificially inflated standard - these same altruists never seem to get around to actually proving the enhanced productivity that the "seed of opportunity" that they have planted has produced.

    I keep referring to the architecture of this nation and how the progressive movement has scaled from local toward national as it has slowly implemented its policy set as a good means of understanding the results and the unintended consequences.  The left got its toe-hold at the periphery via the Labor Movement.  The drive to reform the working conditions and compensation for a day's work is the basis of the modern progressive movement.   It is no stretch for me to recognize that at least some of their efforts were needed and were a good thing.  They shifted the balance that was askew toward the ownership more toward the center.   I am a supporter of "collective bargaining".  I merely don't like many of the antics of those who purport to represent the interests of labor.

    The key problem with the progressive movement is that they never are forced to turn around and consider the entire slate of consequences that they have rendered upon the "Least of These" and the communities that they reside in.  Key areas in the Northeast and Midwest where they are strongest are in dramatic economic decline.  They indeed "won" the political struggles in these places.  One would be hard pressed to prove that the people "won" along with them.

    The View Of Government

    I read someone say several months back in the context of the Health Care debate that "the government IS the people".  In their line of thinking the corporation was a self-interested entity and that the government represented the "union" of the people against this threat.  Will all due respect - this type of ignorance is why we as a nation reside where we are today.

    The truth is that the government is an overlay representation of the interests of the people.  In this democratic-republic we yield a bit of our personal interests to this entity so that it can manage the key resources in our land with the hopes that our rights will be protected and our resources can be synergized to a greater whole.

    I am not fused to the government.  A voluntary "ward of the state", agreeing to do so because it makes it easier for more of us as human beings to (seemingly) live at a minimum level of prosperity.
    I see my goal as managing the government in all that it does, rebuking it when it steps upon me.  Redirecting it toward a more rationale course.

    Analysis Of The NY Times Analysis Of The Progressive-Fundamentalist Agenda Lead By Obama

    First of all it is important to get one thing out of the way:  This AIN'T about Obama.
    In this long running football game as modeled by Malcolm X - we have reached a point where we gain mental solace by defining a face for "our team" and then working hard so that "our side" might win.   In the process so much of our own selves are compromised as we unify behind the team.

    For the Black community specificially the biggest indictment is to note that after decades of "cheerleading" for a team in the "American Political Domain" our communities stand as they are.  We now have a circular reference where for our pot of gold to actually be obtained we need to "double down" and help the machine that has now taken over to win even more so that what they promised we'd have if we got this far might be obtained in our future victories.

    Instead I see Obama as part of a "machine".   A machine is an organized expression of a particular ideology.  They work in a coordinated and conspiratorial manner to translate their ideas into actual policy.

    If the old saying of "You can judge a society by considering how they treat their poor" is true then this should serve as the biggest indictment against the Progressive-Fundamentalist.   For me I value making the "poor" "UN-POOR" by understanding the specific set of processes that one must do to not be poor.

    The same progressive who pats himself upon the back for creating the middle class as a result of his fight against the corporate industrialists can't see the present errors in his way.  The corporate eco-system created a "pie" of wealth.  The labor struggle did not "create the pie".  It granted the worker a larger slice of the pie for him to take home.

    We only need to look at the present state of our economy and the conditions in certain specific areas to see that despite having ample government - the economic fortunes of the people who need money in their pockets has not been fulfilled.  It is their anti-corporate bigotry as they lust for common control over all of the forces within the economy that causes the Progressive bigot to misunderstand the delicate interplay between the "consumers of labor", "the sellers of their labor services" and the government who's job it should be to guide.

    Some would have it for the "government" to become the "consumer of labor" - with the assumption that the interests of the masses will be protected because they have a popular vote in the matter.

    If only they could see that we are debating issues that are thousands of years old.  In biblical terms - nothing about the state of man changes over time.  Only his access to technological knowledge and forms of transportation changes. 

    I believe that my progressive friends prefer to develop a society of "Maintenance Payments".   They focus upon the end result of "equality" and less upon the central forces that must be present with a heavy hand to "equalize".

    To the person who seeks to run fast with his extra effort AND benefit personally from it this system will inevitably see his velocity and target him for milking.

    To the person who is at the back of the pack and thus below the line that no "equal human being" will ever be allowed to fall - this centralized force will give resources to him so that he might be brought up to this standard.

    I challenge the progressive to look beyond the fact that this individual gets to eat for another day.   Instead consider what is INCULCATED within this person as a result of your gratis.   Fast forward for 30 or 50 years.  Will this group of people that you have "maintained" be "maintained" in their present condition or will they be prosperous?

    More to the point - will they be in any particular condition to take what they have learned from you and go help other "Least Of These" people somewhere else in the world?

    The likely answer is "NO".
    You did not show them the intrinsic value and competencies that they have to stand fully erect.  YOU showed him that YOU cared for him as an "equal human being", with the right to live at a certain minimum standard.  It was his presence next to you - his radiant heat source - that afforded him to live as he does.

    He is not inclined to depart from you, venturing out into the cold where other "Least Of These" people and seek to render any "heat energy" upon them.  He will be too fearful that he might freeze.

    Prove to me that the "Progressive" has the mission of DEVELOPING "the Least Of These" and I will yield and become a PROGRESSIVE.

    Metro Atlanta Expands - Metro-Detroit Withers

    Atlanta moves to 9th largest US Metro area

    The Motorless City blog
    Atlanta's reputation as a booming metropolis is confirmed by new census figures that show the city and its suburbs breaking into the top 10 U.S. metro areas by population.

    As of 2009, Atlanta was ranked ninth in the nation, based on new population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

    The metropolitan statistical area reached 5,475,213 people, an increase of 1,227,192 from 2000 when Atlanta was ranked 11th.

    Atlanta actually dropped a notch from 2008 when it was the eighth largest metro area, but that wasn't due to population decline. The area gained 89,627 people but was outpaced by growth in and around Washington D.C.

    The top three cities -- New York, Los Angeles and Chicago -- retained their places with less dramatic growth. New York added 746,357 people over the decade and now has 19,069,796 residents.

    The only top 10 city to lose population was Detroit, which lost 49,121 people over the decade, nearly half of them from 2008 to 2009. Detroit was bumped from ninth place in 2000 to 11th in 2008, where it remained last year.

    The Census Bureau defines a metropolitan statistical area as core urban counties and any adjacent counties with social and economic ties indicated by heavy commuting.

    The bureau based its new figures, which were released this month, on estimates using birth and death registries, federal tax returns, military and Medicare files and other administrative records that indicate domestic and international migration.

    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    Street Pirates Have No Respect For Civil Rights Or The Memory Of Civil Rights Leaders: Decapitated Body Found On Rev Joseph E Boone Dr

    AJC: Police try to match dismembered body to Atlanta missing

    View Larger Map

    This is the corner of "Reverend Joseph E Boone Blvd" and Elm Street in Atlanta Georgia. The street is named after the civil rights leader Rev Joseph E Boone.   When Rev Boone was alive he struggled for our community so that we might not have to wake up in the morning and read news report that a dead body was found, discarded in the underbrush like trash.

    Rev Boone's name was hoisted upon the street signs of the old Simpson Road in Atlanta.  The theory at the time was that the foundation for the transformation of this crime plagued community resided in stripping the names of "their long time oppressors" from the streets named after Confederate generals and replace them with civil rights heroes.   I have no problem with the prevailing municipal establishment making such an imprint upon the domain that they now have control over.

    I reserve the right to scrutinize the results of the plan.  It is true that none of the honor guards who stood at the ribbon cutting ceremony a few years ago as the "portrait" was hoisted upon the telephone pole killed this Black woman who's body was thrown into the bushes.  This is not about their direct actions this is scrutiny of their "gravitational pull" through symbolism and imagery.   This is the latest Street Pirate attack upon a Black person in the community that is recognized as "the most deadly block in Atlanta"  (Elm is about 4 blocks away from the intersection of Joseph E Lowery and Joseph E Boone - which has that formal title).

    The real question that must be asked is:

    Did the strategy of replacing the street signage in the community as a means of uplifting the spirits of the community and make it a "safe place" work?

    I am not seeking to exploit the murder of this Black woman.  Regardless of the circumstances she did not deserve to have her head and arms cut off and get thrown into the bushes.  This incident outrages me as it does any other rational person looking in upon it.   I also acknowledge that the people in the community feel terrorized and the Black women in particular are forced to live around murderous Street Pirates with an elevated amount of fear after seeing one of their own carved up and discarded.

    My frustration comes in my observation that my "hands on human resource management to produce directed outcomes" strategy is seen as lacking compassion.  Others who seek to apply yet another dose of the "inspire them and they will come" - inductive gravitational pull strategy appear less "hostile" to "Black interests" than my way.   My rebuttal is:  While a diet pill will aways be more attractive than an exercise program that has you waking up in pain in the morning - one depends upon unseen hope while the other requires directed actions and the endurance of pain.  This pain is temporary and will dissipate once your body is used to the regiment.

    I don't want to get lost on an apparent attack against my ideological adversaries.  The true assailant here is the Street Pirate.  The evaluation of the efficacy of our dueling strategy must be based upon the effectiveness in curbing "Street Pirate Attacks that terrorizing the Black Community" as such.

    The bottom line of it all is:  Street Pirates Don't Care About Portraits Hanging On The Wall.   They use the name "Simpson Road" or "Rev Boone Blvd" as navigation aides for their vehicles.  There is little guidance in these signs relative to their actions.

    I challenge those that I so frequently engage in intellectual combat with to come up with a plan to get the Street Pirate who presently doesn't give a WHAT about our community and the standards within to change his behavior, becoming an asset rather than a liability who terrorizes the community.

    I refuse to apply some notion of "intrinsic value" for a person who have no consciousness enough to extend it to others.

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    AJC Story:

    Police are trying to determine whether a dismembered body found Monday belongs to one of several missing Atlanta women.

    Atlanta Police Maj. Keith Meadows confirmed at least two matches of missing women fitting the description of the body.

    While Meadows told WSB Radio early Monday evening that those two women's ages were in the late 20s and early 30s, he later said the number of matches had grown.

    "We have more than that now," Meadows told the AJC. "We have to go through the elimination process."

    Cadaver dogs were searching the immediate area after the woman's body was discovered Monday afternoon.

    Police discontinued the search around 6:30 p.m., but will return Tuesday to search through vacant homes in the area, Meadows said.

    A woman cutting through a vacant lot at the corner of Elm Street and Joseph E. Boone Boulevard stumbled upon the naked female corpse that was missing its head and hands and wrapped in a comforter, Meadows said.

    An autopsy will be performed on the body Tuesday morning by the Fulton County Medical Examiner's office, but a spokesperson for the office said identification will be difficult without the head to gather dental records, or the hands pull finger prints.

    The body was discovered at around 2:25 p.m. in the west Atlanta neighborhood known as the Bluffs.

    "She didn't think it was a body at first," said Jamilah Garth, whose friend discovered the body. "So she went up to it and kicked it, and she said she just started screaming."

    Investigators believe the woman was murdered elsewhere and dumped at the lot, Meadows told the AJC.

    "It appears the body has been here a couple of days," he said. "It's never easy to work cases like this."

    Garth said her friend had just left Garth's apartment when the body was found. The friend ran back to Garth's apartment after her discovery.

    "The head ... the hands were just cut off," Garth said, repeating what she said her friend described. "Her arms ... they were laying there."

    Insider Trading : The #1 "Democrat Who Is Black" Calls For "A Black Party"

    Article: Dr Ronald Walters: Tea Party, Coffee Party: Why Not A Black Party?

    Question: What credibility does a man whose marching mandate for all Black people over the past few decades has been: "Beyond anything else - the Black community must never allow itself to split its vote across more than one party, lest it lose its power as a unified voting block" when it comes to his new call for a "Black Party"?

    Answer:  You take this suggestion seriously at your own peril.  This time you had better ask him for earnest money that you put into escrow - collecting a percentage of the balance after each 100 mile segment of the trip. 

    Me personally - I refuse to drive my taxicab from New York City down to Washington DC, buying the story that my fare missed his plane and has an important meeting that he can't meet.  The present Black establishment was last seen sneaking out of the cab as I was stuck in traffic on I-495, having been appeased by the conversation on the ride down.

    The chief engineer of the current political establishment machine that runs vertically from every Black community up through to the White House and Capitol Hill is now suggesting ways on how we as a community might more EFFECTIVELY have our community needs addressed.  I suggest that they go to city hall and talk to the people that they helped put into office, threatening to protest against them just like they did against the man who sat in the very same office 50 years ago when the Black community's dreams were similarly denied.

    Instead of protesting against the element of the machine that they helped get elected - we are more likely to have our civil rights leaders of today go back to the jail cell that they sat in 50 years ago as part of a "Civil Rights Memorial Tour" for college students.  They suggest to these young people that they should never give up the struggle.   They point to the lands that have not yet been conquered. They need to be pointing to the land that has been trampled upon yet now needs a new set of skills that the perpetual protester may not have: Human Resource Management.

    Let's be clear - the idea of ideological diversity in the mind of Dr Ronald Walters - loyal Democrat and political science professor at the University of Maryland is when Dr Michael Eric Dyson was down with then candidate Obama and his wife Marcia Dyson was for candidate Hillary Clinton.  By the end of the marital dispute in their article of record they unified in loving matrimony, agreeing that they are going to vote for whatever Democrat insure that the Republicans vacated the White House - thus having the Democrats running all of Washington DC - in addition to every single voting district that has a 35%+ Black (or minority) voting base.

    The key point that Dr Walters and many other "Democrats who are Black" fail to realize is that in their calls for "Black voter unity" there is not one iota of a mandate that such a unified Black vote will   ensure the EFFECTIVE attainment of our community's PERMANENT INTERESTS.  Far too often when they do articulate or community's interests - they focus upon OBTAINING them rather than MANAGING them into fruition using the human resources at their disposal.

    In summary - they prefer UNITY behind their ideology over the question of EFFECTIVENESS, building the appropriate infrastructure to bring it into existence.

    They believe that "as the fortunes of the Democratic Party goes - so goes the interests of Black people".  When this theorem is put to the test in these zones of 100% Democratic Party control - in the outposts of Black communities - the gross failures of the attainment of our community's PERMANENT INTERESTS does not force this group to do introspection.  Instead they use their "insider vantage point" within the protected space of the "Black community's nucleus" to conspire on behalf of the Democrats.

    Previous failures of their strategies allows them to tap the persisting grievances among Black to motivate us to "try harder".  They are able to note that the questioning of their agenda is surely an opening for the Republicans to come back in and run our communities.  This threat of the "Klan's return" into our midst that they have conditioned over the years is able to trump any carnage that they presently see within their community under the purview of the "favored leadership".

    Sadly this indicates the lack of structure and maturity of the Black Establishment as an entity.  Their goal is to enforce unity so that the march forward does not lose focus as the internal energy of the molecules within is lost in the form of heat that is generated from friction.  (See the modern day SCLC as a perfect example).  The external boogieman provides the necessary "lubricant" to keep this machine running smoothly.  The smoke that is coming out of the tailpipe indicates that the head gaskets are in need of replacement. 

    If Tavis Smiley - long time liberal and loyal Democrat can barely escape with the "Blackness" upon his backside intact for daring to go against the Black orthodoxy what might a real "enemy" who has a divergent ideology expect?  

    This same establishment force demands "transparency" for external entities (corporations, governments, banks)  as proof of their commitment to "diversity".  To them "diversity" that might question their own operating foundation is called "disloyalty".

    Analysis Of The Article

    In the first part of Dr Water's article he does a "hock spit" upon the "Tea Party" and other "right wing forces" aligned with the Republican Party.  If only he was able to use this same angst against the machine that is presently in control over the schools, forces of law & order and over the economic policy presently in effect WITHIN the Black community.  Oh wait - that would mean he'd have to spit straight up into the air and allow it to land on his own body.

    After clearing the deck of his ideological enemies Dr Walters says the following:

    Today, it is clear, however, that beyond the general discussion about accountability, there needs to be not only a place where you get down to the “nuts and bolts” about exactly who should be accountable about what, but how to develop effective methodologies of tactics and strategies to achieve it. Thus, whether you call it a party or a posse doesn’t matter, the point is that there is a necessity to mobilize to achieve the ends people are talking about.

    A Black party could enable the discussion about accountability to focus on the cabinet agencies where the Federal budget exist to achieve some of the things needed by the black community. Some of the specific programs being rolled out around jobs and a new focus on home foreclosure and etc. look good, but others such as “race to the top” as an educational program looks questionable to me – and the issue is that few of these programs across the board have been developed with the vigorous input and engagement of those for whom the programs are supposed to be designed.

    A Black party could also monitor and engage local initiatives more effectively. Where the rubber meets the road is in the local communities and there, mayors, county officials, state legislators and others presumably have some idea of what it takes to make black communities whole, what resources are addressed to that task and what is lacking. A mobilized force could assist in this task of projecting community needs and monitoring whether or to what extent they are met.

    What I am suggesting has been happening to some extent with the vigilance of our Civil Rights organizations, the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and the action of progressive black officials at the national, state and local levels.

    However, there should be a greater role for citizen engagement and a Black party mechanism could be the key. What we are witnessing is the rush of media attention to these movements, a dynamic that gives them power and places our interests farther and farther into the background. Mobilizing would give us the power to regain the footing to address the truth of our condition.

    When I read words above from Dr Walters I am made to think of the Showtime series entitled  "Dexter". This is a perfect analogy for the gross cognitive dissonance that is contained within the relationship between Dr Walters and the Black Community.

    (No I did not call Dr Walters a "serial killer".   I know how the editors of 'Lampblack Yellow Journalist sites work with their headlines)

    The character Dexter is a serial killer by night who IS the creator of the crime scene in question as he executes his INTENTION for "justice" upon the murder victim of his choosing.  He kills because someone else has killed.

    By day, however,  Dexter is the expert police investigator who is charged with analyzing this same crime scene for blood splatter patterns, assisting the authorities in figuring out "who done it".

    The curious thing that one notices about Dexter, the inside man, is that he never seems to find the actual murderer because he knows how to clean up after himself from his deeds the night before.  Instead he is skilled enough in "police procedure" to set up what ever unsuspecting scapegoat that, if kept alive, would expose Dexter for who he is:  a killer who kills killers in the name of justice.

     In the case of Dr Ronald Walters and other "Democrats who are Black" the "night before" is their hard work for the past several decades to frame up the scene of the "Black Community" so that the failures within are perfectly scrubbed of their "blue" fingerprints.  The only problem is that that in the Black community even the "Internal Investigations" squad are Democrats.  They have been known to tell Dr Walters - that he has missed a spot that needs cleaning up. 

    In some future episode of the show I expect Dexter to team with OJ Simpson,  leaving no stone unturned until the real killer is found.

    Likewise I expect the search for new "effective" methodologies identified by Dr Walters under the auspices of the "Black Party" to be drawn from the widest set of tools and options available to Black folks.  

    Sadly it is the same establishment group that developed the present eco-system within the Black community which they are complaining about who retains the right to appraise the effectiveness of the new solutions.   And you thought that the "9/11 Commission" was a stacked deck.

    Dr Ronald Walters - who is arguably one of the most talented "Democrat Who Is Black" strategist beside Donna Brazille is not telling Black people that we need to come up with methodologies that can more effectively appraise the EFFECTIVENESS of the leaders that represent the Black community. He is merely taking the lead before too many people begin to put the puzzle pieces together and begin to question him - the present establishment.

    I credit Dr Waters for using his inside knowledge about the Black community - our grievances and emotional triggers.  He then takes this information and expertly wraps them around the machinations of the Democratic and progressive movements in this nation.  

    Again - while many others are merely talk and bravado - Dr Walters and Brazille are effective at what they are executing.

    For me as an observer and a critic I merely ask "What entity are they executing on behalf of"?  

    To most Black people being a "sellout" to an external entity is a label that all wish to avoid.  However when one is provably "sold out" to an external group that is deemed popular to be "sold out" reactions are radically different.  This is not  considered "sellout" behavior. This is especially when the typical name caller is standing right by your side doing the same thing.


    What did the Civil Rights Movement of ole do when the corrupt local forces of law & order skewed the investigations so that it would not indict their drinking buddies per the agreement they made at the local tavern the night before?

    Great investigators such as Charles Hamilton Houston and Thurgood Marshall, with the help of a cast of thousands of Black eyewitnesses to the crime scenes they were living in - put together a lock tight case that was full of damning evidence.   Though the federal authorities to whom they would ultimately have to go to in order to receive ultimate justice had trace elements of the very same bigotry within them as did the local conspirators - with so many of the nation's eye's watching the preponderance of evidence assembled by these great litigators - they would reject this evidents at their own peril.

    The key point that was at stake was the very CREDIBILITY of the United States itself.

    I see this blog, my video collection in particular - as a resource of irrefutable evidence.
    I have concluded that the role of the "Federal Authorities" of today resides with the BLACK RANK AND FILE.

    Whereas the words "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired" was said by Black grassroots activists against those who assailed them and their attempts for justice being squandered by the system - today the Black community tells of its tiredness just the same.  The key difference is that IT IS COMPLICIT with the corrupt establishment.    Our community will heal from its sickness and become rejuvenated once it puts the presently presiding Black Establishment into a framework of transparency.

    The United Nation's "International Criminal Court" was established to provide legal recourse which superseded the attempts of nations which refused to punish instances of human rights abuses within.  The American conservatives refused to submit their country to the authority of the UN ICC.   It is clear to me that the Black Establishment forces of today have a similar aversion to submitting themselves to such transparency.

    Only the rank and file within the Black community can force their chosen leaders to submit themselves to a framework of transparency.

    Ironically the present Black Establishment sees itself as the authentic voice that represents the Black community.  It just "happens" to be Democrat and Progressive because - in their view - this is the natural orientation for Black people.   It will see any effort to bring it into the control of such a framework that has it actually PROOF that it is more EFFECTIVE than it is merely POPULAR as a threat that is attempting to usurp its power and authority.  These operatives use this void of structure for their own advantage.  Progressives and Democrats benefit more than does the Black community.  We as Black people are asked to look at the portraits upon the wall as PROOF of our racial advancement and their good works.

    If they are indeed committed to transparency and effectiveness the court hearing will bear this out.
    As with any establishment order they refuse to submit to a trial when there is no consequence bearing upon them.

    Monday, March 22, 2010

    Your View On These Facts From Aurtur Davis' District Likely Determine Your View Of The Health Care Bill

    Artur Davis And the Congressional Black Caucus Split On The Health Care Bill

    Here are the key paragraphs:

    Alabama's Davis represents the only majority black congressional district in Alabama. The 7th District, which includes parts of Birmingham and west Alabama, also is one of the poorest in the country.
    Davis said he has more constituents living on Medicare and Medicaid than private health insurance, and the Senate bill does not ensure the long-term solvency of Medicare or make the Medicaid funding formula more fair to Alabama. He also argues that it should -- but won't -- lower premium costs.

    Those who see "poor people" in the district who are struggling and who would benefit if the government policies stepped in and provide even more of them with a "national premium pool" thus making their burden easier - will be inclined to support this legislation.

    Those (like me) who see that while there is an abundance of NEED in this district but also a great many number of equal human beings who are not being engaged to provide the services that their own community needs - thus I must question the prevailing leadership as to why there is such dependency upon resources that stream from the outside of their borders - the goal being to lift them up to the national standard that has been identified.

    I have made my viewpoint known.
    My goal now is to get those who are inclined to claim that results that remain entrenched are due to some discriminatory intent what must be remedied by more government intervention are now merely running a circular reference.

    Having exhausted the most clear cut and onerous sanctions that they faced because of their skin color in the nation, today's round of actions are increasingly "economic ideological". The notion that a person was "lynched" because of his race overpowers the claim that an otherwise equal human being with full voting rights, having used them to fully populate the institutions that surround him - still suffers from a negative force that brutalizes him as did the whip and hangman's noose.

    Simply put - our community lacks the institutions by which the very policies that have us on the course of "social entitlement" on TRIAL.

    As further proof that the so called "Civil Rights Movement" has now become a purely "political and ideological economic enterprise" one just need to look at how the recent insurance reform legislation was cast as a "victory for Obama and the Democrats". These are the very same machine elements that already run Artur Davis' district and many like it around the nation.

    They did not bring an increase in the productivity of the human resources in these districts with the signing of this legislation. They merely increased the level of abstraction between the product of one's work and/or acumen to address these needs in his community from the receipt of these services that are needed by "the least of these".

    Profit vs Deficit - Resource Allocation Using Government vs Corporations

    Don't be misled into looking too deeply at the various forms by which the fundamental debate in America instantiates itself.   Today its health care economics.  Tomorrow it will be the question of access to jobs, so that an individual seeking to "sell his labor" in exchange for money will be afforded the opportunity to do so, the government acting as an agent of opportunity when, per the view of some - the market acts in a inefficient or even a discriminatory way.

    In the nature of man few things change over time.  We often hear that the challenges with sin of man as encapsulated in the bible from thousands of years ago remain.  Only his material condition that allow him to travel further and faster has changed.   In my observation the economic behavior of man and society does not change over time either.

    The old grey men in our books - Smith, Marx, Keynes and Hayek merely documented what was before them per their perceptions.  They did not create their works any more than those who created the language of chemistry or calculus can have claimed to have created the underlying subject which their language describes.  The common thread is that each of them attempted to MODEL AND ELEMENT OF THE REAL WORLD.

    In the world of modern economics and related policy - the intent is to both model the real world of today and to mold it into a favorable form.  Just as the smelter of steel must know something about the characteristics of the material he is working with, he must also apply the appropriate forces by which to mold it.

    As I listen to the various operatives arguing back and forth on our latest dust up - Health Care - the issue of PROFITS keep getting thrown up.  Those who insert this into the conversation make the case that one man's desire for profits should not preclude another man from seeking access to health care services.  In effect - the profit motive is a barrier to certain social justice rights.  The presence of gross profits are not a sign of innovation but instead a sign of market imbalances.  Those who support this view call upon the government to step in as the middle-man to regulate the profiteers - opening the floodgates of the dam that has been artificially queued up by market manipulation.

    As I listen to them I notice that many of them focus upon the "demand side economic" aspects of the debate.  There is an abundance of need and this need must be fulfilled.  They appear to be oblivious to the underlying messages of what the DEBT that is generated when these social entitlements are erected.  Instead of noting that the existing three large entitlement programs are the primary forces triggering our national debt (Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid) they instead focus on the great benefits to society that these programs have rendered.

    If PROFIT is evidence of a market imbalance - what is it that DEBT indicates?

    Clearly DEBT indicates that a person or a group of persons are consuming at a point beyond which their productive means can legitimately afford them to do so.  Since we know that government is often used as the agent by which PROFIT  is suppressed so that more people can benefit (most time the progressive tax policy targets the mountain of PROFIT in order to "regift" it)........what is the corresponding agent that punishes DEBT?

    ANSWER - the Financial Markets!!!

    I have previously noted that despite the fact that the nations of Laos, Chad and Guatemala are free to dictate that henceforth all services in their nations are "rights" and free to all - their words are instantiated into an actual standard of living for the people IF there is system of economic financing that backs these services.

    In America and all of the other "high order" nations which can point to their advanced system of health care and social services which translate into their "standards of living" DEBT is a common characteristic in each of them.   By definition DEBT must be held by some entity and interests payments must be made to service this DEBT.   An entity loses its creditworthiness once investors fear that the working capital resource that they possess - the bond that represents this debt - will never be repaid.  (or more accurately the income from the continuous interest payments will stop or the underlying currency that these payments are made in is made worthless).

    Using My "The Universe Has Turned On Itself" Metaphor - profit and deficit / government and corporations are all ultimately tied at the hip.  Though I might prefer one over the other - our debates center around the point at which our own sensibilities reside on the Cartesian grid upon which both are plotted upon.

    The key distinction between people who operate from a particular point of advocacy is that which they claim to be marching for.  All seem to be fighting for honor and justice.  This despite them being on opposing teams.   No different is this from the parallel prayers to Jesus that takes place in the locker rooms just prior to a battle between two teams.

    Thus it stands to reason that we can't accept the notion that one's ideological preferences alone should be the evidence of his own propriety.


    • The  Sustainability Of His Ways (Endurance)
    • The Organic Development Of The People Who Live Within
    • The Environmental Impact
    • The Scale Of The Solution
    All of these must be critical points by which to evaluate the appropriate points on the line.

    For me personally - the system that develops the people, allowing those who had been SERVED to become PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDERS is superior to the others. The scale will come as an abundance of these service providers are created and then are propagated elsewhere.  Environmental impact can be mitigated as they use their same scientific discipline that got them this far to resolve this new round of problems.

    By comparison - the "Being In Receipt of Service" model can only merely spreads enumerated demand for service.

    National Debt Around The World (That Will Imperil The Delivery Of "Social Justice")