They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Roland Martin & Friends: "We SUPPORT Barack Obama"

There are few shows that force me to go into my basement and watch television so I can talk to myself than does the TV One show "Washington Watch With Roland Martin".

Roland Martin supports Obama.

I support:
  • Safe Streets
  • Quality Education
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes.
MY ENEMY are the forces that have FAILED  to deliver upon these points for my community.

On occasion you might hear the people in the video clip below mouth the same words that I do.
In substance they are saying something totally contradictory to what I am saying.

"The problem is that we don't understand how power works.  We are so disenfranchised that for so long...........its not a once ever 4 years thing.  We are so used to fighting the power that we don't understand how to be the power"

Where have you heard about the failure to prepare how to MANAGE as the Black Establishment won power?

The key difference between ME and the people sitting at the table is that they have no intention in DISMISSING the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Power Structure upon its FAILURES to deliver upon our Permanent Interests.  For them to fire the leadership..........they would have to FIRE themselves and their deeply embedded line of thinking.

The key flaw in their consciousness is that they PRETEND that President Barack Obama should be shaken down as he now sits atop of the Federal Government - all the while they are loathed to make note that he sits atop the SAME MACHINE that they are apart of..................the same machine that has a vertical scaffolding that stretches from our local Black communities, up through all of the rungs of government and into the White House and Federal Legislature.

This specific clip of the conversation between "Roland Martin and Friends" particularly got me riled up.

I must ask everyone of you a question:

Does a group of people who are in CONTROL over the key institutions, the money and the productive human resources there in seek to PROTECT THEIR RESOURCES, leveraging them for their interests OR do they make it their goal to fuse their pot of resources with others and then lobby the government to return their money per their FAIR SHARE in the name of "Social Justice"?

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

The truth is that the places where this Machine that Obama sits atop of is in control don't have the productive capacity to generate the resources necessary to allow them to live at the standard of living that they desire. Thus, it is no surprise, an essential part of this movement is to lobby the government, demanding these resources.

The man said "We need to get money from the government".  To him this was as natural and as comfortable as the proverbial fish in the water, not knowing any other way.  Does this popular director, Mr Hudlan not see that the only reason why he is leaning up the federal government is because the lower rungs of government that have far less people who are hostile to his ideology have failed to field an economic model that would allow the more local resources to be as productive as he needs?

I now feel the need to put to rest the present point of obfuscation being used by the left with regard to "who is raiding the federal treasury".

Recall that their standard statement upon being rebuffed about their attempts to raid the treasury is "Well Why Are You Spending All Of This Money On:"
  • The Iraq War
  • Tax Cuts For The Rich
  • Wall Street Bailouts
  • Bank Bailouts
Again we must note - a group of people who have their interests (and their money) violated would naturally seek to reduce their exposure from the entity that is mishandling these resources.

Secondly the claim that the banks took our money and now they must be punished doesn't seem to extend across those individual mortgage holder or unemployment insurance from this same government.  Those who demand higher taxes upon corporations and a fees targeted at these banks - don't seem to have the same punitive spirit upon "the least of these".

"Coffee Party Movement" Fills The Void That The "Bitter Black Coffee Movement" Has Yielded Against The "Tea Party"

Washington Post:  Coffee Party movement: Alternative to tea

Annabel Park, founder of Coffee Party USA, a grassroots online Facebook/Coffee Party) network which advocates cooperation among elected representatives and promotes civil public discourse, was online Friday, Feb. 26, at 2 p.m. ET to discuss an alternative to the Tea Party movement.

It is important that we understand the key distinctions between the "Tea Party Movement" the "Bitter Black Coffee Movement" and (what I know about) the "Coffee Movement".

The Tea Party Movement

The Tea Party Movement is a right-wing oriented movement demanding that the government not seek to tax its way out of its present predicament.  Instead spending cuts must be considered.  Since they are indeed right-wing and thus reside in the array of where the Republican Party resides they have been pilloried by certain segments of the press and called "racists".  What better way to nullify a movement's "real" intentions than to accuse it of having some nefarious motivations.

The Bitter Black Coffee Movement

The Bitter Black Coffee Movement is no less prone to angry protests than the Tea Party.  They have a "Demand-side Economic" theory.  In the face of massive government spending cuts they take to the streets, noting the gross violations of "Social Justice Rights" that will result if the government makes such cuts and fails to raise taxes.........mostly upon others.

The Coffee Movement
The Coffee Movement appears to be pushing civility at a time of great acrimony among the masses.  I don't have enough information to determine where this Coffee Movement fits on the partisan ideological divide. 

BLAX News: All Black Hockey Team Forced To Share Tournament Title After A Scoring Dispute

The celebration of a notable first for the "Anderson Consulting Alabaster Hockey Tournament" quickly dimmed days later. It was surprising enough that an all Black hockey team had traveled into unfamiliar territory and boldly entered the tournament where few other Blacks had ventured.  The fact that their performance was good enough to win the entire tournament sent shock waves through the circle of hockey fans that live and breath the sport, protecting its integrity.

With the sport of hockey so closely affixed to their culture the thought that THEIR sport being taken over like basketball and football have been was quite disturbing to the loyalists. 

Chatter on the numerous Hockey blogs upon the Internet blew up with the news of the all-Black team's victory.  The sight of the Black captain of the team skating around the rink, holding up the tournament cup was one of the most downloaded video in YouTube's history.    No one is sure if the video was being viewed out of praise for the team's accomplishment or scorn over the encroachment of this team on sacred ice.

No one contests the fact that here was a "level plane of ice" that all who participated in the tournament were treated it.   In fact, immediately after the tournament, all of the losing teams petitioned that theZamboni used during the championship game that featured the all-Black team be dismantled and inspected to insure that the ice that it resurfaced did not give the winning team an unfair advantage.  No advantages were found.  The ice that it put out of the machine was JUST AS COLD for the winning all-Black team as the all-White teams who they had beaten.

In the final assault upon the all-Black team, Arthur Anderson - the sponsor of the tournament admitted that its judges made an error in the tabulation of the final scores.   Five days after giving the All-Black winning hockey team the large check for its victory - they learned that in fact they must share the title with an all-White hockey team due to an error in tabulation on the total number of points won throughout the tournament.

Since all of the teams who lost the tournament were not able to destroy the video of the victorious All-Black Hockey team skating around the rink on that fateful day - they used their majority power to put in a rule for next year's tournament - no video cameras allowed in the building.   It will make their job easier when there is no visual evidence.

The All-Black hockey team is not bitter by the results. They were "par for the course".

Instead they plan to take their skills from hockey and apply them to a similar sport: Soccer.

Their key lesson learned from the hockey incident is that they should assume a more defensive position - as shown here:

Guard the "Family Jewels" next time.
Proving once again: 
SOME people don't want "EQUAL JUSTICE" in their pursuit of diversity......they want ADVANTAGE.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

AJC Highlights Streets Named After "Civil Rights Leaders" Fails To Talk About The Promises Of Increased Consciousness That Would Result From The Change Of Signs

For Black History Month: What's in a street name?

In celebration of Black History Month we decided to dig behind the stories of a handful of roads named after lesser-known individuals. You won't find Andrew Young International Boulevard or Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive included here. However, you will find a collection of streets named after men who made a significant mark in the struggle for African-American civil equality in Atlanta.

My commentary should not be read as any sort of attack upon those who's names adorn the street signs. I have the utmost respect for these men and women who proceeded me and their leadership that they provided for the city.

My critique is focused at two forces:
  1. The present establishment leaders in the city of Atlanta who told the community over the past 20 to 30 years that the change in signage in these problem plagued communities would usher in a new set of consciousness from the people within.
  2. The people carrying out their lives today on these streets named after these heroes yet too many actions degrade the memory of the people who's name adorn the streets.

To give some backdrop to my concerns one must understand the agenda that has taken place.  The Black Civil Rights and Political order of Atlanta has been asking rhetorically:  "How do you expect the people in the community to live in peace when they look up and see the names of their long time oppressors being honored on the street signs in their community?".   This was said about the streets that had been named after various "Confederate Army Generals" that doted the western part of the city of Atlanta.

With their power in hand they began removing the names of these "Confederates" and replacing them with "Civil Rights Heroes".  They made sure that they were photographed in ever name changing ceremony that was captured, dawning a new day and a new consciousness. 

Anyone who watches the local news will know that some of these "sacred streets" are also some of the most violent streets in Atlanta.  Sadly the corner of  "Joseph E Lowery Blvd and Joseph E Boone Drive" was called the "most deadly block in Atlanta". 

I view this "ceremonialism" as a derivative of "Portrait Upon The Wall Worship".  Those who are now in the seats of power that these honorable men and women who are recognized had ones fought against for our freedom - are the one's responsible for hanging these portraits upon the wall for the modern people to bask in.  In the minds of some of these people the masses will fall in line behind them "acting properly" and striving to do their best merely driven by the pride that they have in the "portrait". 

My goal is to press reverse of the video tape of promises that the community was promised if we silently follow.   Those who lead us along this course need to be made to account for the present situation - especially since they are now in the seats of power and thus have the responsibility to do so.

Sadly too many Black American voters are so overjoyed to have Black people in power representing their interests that they are disinclined to hold them to actually delivering upon these interests for fear that outward criticism might allow "the enemy" to get back into power.   They would prefer to satisfy themselves that their elected leaders have the INTENTIONS of delivering for them, as they spout words that are in line with the person's own beliefs, more than they actually demand that their interests be actually satisfied. 

NAACP's Jealous: We Pushed Aside A Great Mind When America NEEDED Him The Most

In the latest edition of Time Magazine - Ben Jealous, head of the National Organization For The Advancement Of Colored People states - (the title of this post was paraphrased):

"We pushed one of the greatest minds to the side in this country when we needed him most".

This was said as a justification for the NAACP providing Van Jones with an "NAACP Image Award".

Here are several points that I find contemptible about these words.

  1. Ben Jealous would likely not be able to tell anyone WHY Van Jones felt it compelling to resign.
  2. If someone who was himself "ideologically contemptible to Jealous his brilliance would not be enough for Jealous or the NAACP to refrain from protesting.
  3. Jealous believes that Van Jones in place as a government operative is the most effective means by which he can advance his "Green Initiative".  
Please review the video of the leftist "unifying theory" that we will no doubt see more of in the coming years.  "Green Jobs" play an essential part in this.  I prevously posted my opinion on the matter, stating that Van Jones would impress me most if he were to invent a new steel/aluminum/copper smelting process that used a mere fraction of the electricity and polluting fuels that are needed today.  For the Progressive-Fundamentalist this "green jobs" movement is merely a jobs program.  The intention of saviing the Earth and preventing the "oceans from boiling" due to Global Warming is a cunning attempt to change the conversation at best.

Those who oppose this theory oppose human-kind itself.  For they stand against the long term existence of all living beings on this Earth as man's actions will imperil us.

The "boil the oceans", expansionary intention is the trademark of the progressive movement.
Those who are wise would instead demand "earnest money".   Force them to temporarily forbear their long term goals as they accept a smaller project with better defined diminsions.   Give Van Jones and The Apollo Alliance a plot of land of calculable dimensions.  Take sufficent "before" pictures of the area and then evaluate the efficacy of what they do with respect to time lapsed measurements.

As it stands right now - Van Jones' theories and strategies make little sense to me.  He was a guest on "Democracy Now" in which he suggested that the Federal government should spend its debt money to invest in "green jobs" and "green technology".   He failed to observe that his own economic ideology, if in place over Washington would not allow this very same government to sell its "Debt Bonds" (Treasury Bonds) on the capitalist driven financial markets.   Ironically Mr Jones and his ideological soulmates fail to see that our present economic doldrums was ultimately caused by the aggregation of those who sought funding to purchase property that they should not have received financing for (I am also talking about million dollar homes obtained with "interest only loans"), a financial system that convinced itself that it could sufficiently "spread the economic risk", thus doling out the money and middle men (mortgage brokers, property appraisers) who fudged the numbers all to make it work.

This entire "Green Jobs" scheme looks eerily similar.  The key differince is that they are going directly to the federal goverment for a "bail in" rather than through the financial markets who themselves would turn to the government when the Ponzi scheme fails.

How about starting out with more economically viable ventures in the first place?

I would personally praise Mr Jones and Mr Jealous if they were to define such a domain, aggregate fund from private sources who "got religion" and indeed achieved what this country "needs the most".

Hip Hop - Voice Of The Street Pirate: A Documentary Series

The latest edition of "XXL" Magazine asks: "Does Getting Locked Up HURT or HELP Rappers?"

In their bit of hedonism they fail to ask: "Do the messages precipitated by 'Hop Hop-Voice Of The Street Pirate' advance or stunt the consciousness and interests of the Black community and all who live within it?"

Follow my line of thinking for a second. The goal is to take some real world examples that are sure to trigger a response from the "Defenders Of Blackness" and then to construct a parallel to the issue at hand.


A series of news stories show that Black people are being assaulted on the streets, all over the country.   The common patter is that White skin head organizations are involved in all of these assaults.  Upon further inspection it is noted that there is a common theme in the messages that flow within this underground lifestyle.

This message is in their music.  The music has a lyrical style upon which their ultimate agenda is carried forth to everyone.  Supplementing the music is their magazines, their style of dress, their tatoos, their video programs which are broadcast over the Internet.  A watered down version of these messages also appear on broadcast television.

QUESTION:  As we look at the END RESULTS - (Assaulted Black People and Black community living in a terrorized state)  Do YOU believe that upon seeing this systematic scheme that the Black Establishment forces and their White Snarling Fox supporters (ex: Rachel Maddow, etc) would sit back and PASSIVELY watch as all of this transpires?

What if their PROTECTORS within their extended community struck back against anyone who dared called out these Skinheads?  They argue that the vast majority of these Skinheads are non-violent.  The critics are taking the actions of a few and attempting to indict them all.  All the while the "corporate media and news organizations" are blamed for emphasizing the few who do wrong while suppressing the "Conscious Skinheads" and their positive messages. 

Would they blow this movement off as merely "young people expressing themselves"?
Would they make note of the spirit of these young people and attempt to redirect this movement toward a POLITICAL end?   If these people did appear on stage in support of an established political party candidate would this pass without challenge?

Take this framework about the Skin Heads and apply it to the HIP HOP - VOICE OF THE STREET PIRATE.   Then ask yourself WHY these very same systematic violations of the Black Community's trust are allowed?

Hip Hop - Voice Of The Street Pirates

Its one thing to argue that the "system" is systematically oppressing a class of people in America and as a response - they form an underground culture that fills the void that is created from being a "disposable class" in America.   It is a very different issue when those who are providing the indictment against America are silent about the ORGANIZED and INTENTIONAL images and messages that this genre bathes in.  When one's "street cred" is built up within this space by one's ability to push the line with socially destructive behavior - WHO will step in and provide limits?

Change that last statement.  Let's take away "socially destructive" because this may allow some of you to dismiss this as "the White man's rules".  Let is say that this behavior is a violation of the PERMANENT INTERESTS of the Black Community from which they come from.   Does this fact increase the interests of the "Defenders of Blackness"?

I know how it works folks.  The Black Establishment will accuse me of "Blaming the Victims" of this American system which has discarded people.  They would prefer that I take down my protest signs against "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" and instead join them in their march against "Da Man".  I have already proven to you that their march has little integrity.  Their past marches against the men who held the seats of power over the local seats in their government has now shifted to the national stage.  Its not that these local seats have lost their power or have stopped failing them.  The only thing that has changed is that a "favorable person" now occupies these local seats.  Thus since theirs is a "grievance based movement" they must scale their struggle, following "the enemy" where he has departed to.

The Defenders Of The Status Quo WITHIN The Black Community

The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" movement is a movement that exists in a period of time in which the "Civil Rights Movement" has been WON. With all of the low hanging fruit of our oppressors having been picked off of the tree and the middle rung of fruit 98% consumed as well - this force represents "UnDEPLOYED Minds" who have little to do because the threat that they would have had to rally against is now held in check by the threat of government prosecution.

The forces from this struggle are now in power. The problem is that these establishment forces have not learned their role in the "Human Resource Management" space that this now affords them.  Their forte is PROTEST not GOVERNANCE and thus we see the outward shift - the run up to take control of the federal government cast as the grand scheme to insure abundance within the local places that they now control.

I suspect that after this grand victory at the top they will return to the local communities and see great carnage.  This carnage and destroyed consciousness is a direct result of their failure to construct a culture of competency and restraint.  They failed to confront those who actively conspired to make use of the most vile and hedonistic attributes that exist in the conversation between individuals in a community.

Now they find themselves at a cross road.   For so long those who argued that a Black man who was locked had merely violated laws that had been created in some distant legislative body and was enforced by an occupying foreign army of police.  Today they find themselves as this "authority" of law creation and law enforcement and must confront the permanent revolutionary messages that they once harvested and cherry picked for the benefit of their own purposes in the "American Political Domain".

Some of these same people are the most articulate purveyors of 'victimization talk'.  They can pinpoint the historical date in which "the Black African had his CULTURE stripped away from him".  They can tell us WHO DID THIS TO US - and have a oil painting of the assailant because photographic equipment was not invented at the time.  I applaud them on their skills.

I notice, however, that they are totally incompetent when it comes to making note of the CULTURE that is forming right under their noses.   They are keenly aware of the hipocrisy of a Sarah Palin who has bible service out on the front porch of her house, while her daughter opens the window of her bedroom to allow her boyfriend who climbed up the tree to sneak in.  They are unable to see their own open window regarding who is "having their way" with their own family jewels - and the deadly and destructive effects there in.

The key problem is that when it comes to the RACISTS that the "RACISM CHASERS" always have an eye out for - they have cause to hide their racism.  Fear not though - Black folks have experts who can "read between the lines" and interpret what the racists who "speak in tongues" was really saying when they spoke.  When it comes to "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" they have no inclination to hide their assaults upon our community.   They receive more "street cred" when they do so.

All of this is such a strange parallel to the actions of Al Queda and their access to the video camera.  When it comes to the human rights violations done by the US Military those who seek to maintain the highest standards among our troops must sue under the "Freedom of Information Act" to have the evidence released.  However Al Queda actively publishes its own violations (ie: the  head of a captive being cut off) so that the rest of the world can see what will happen to them if they don't back off.


This is nothing more than an issue of "Power Relationships".  There is the ESTABLISHMENT and then there are the ANARCHISTS.  There is nothing new here.  This has been seen globally and through out time.

The key distinction, however, is that the Black Progressive Establishment has failed to make note that with its new POWERS they must establish a new order over these young people who engage in Anarchical Voice Of the Street Pirate to yield to.   Todate the establishment feels that they can do a "collabo" with them.  Thus far they are BFFs as they stand against the White Conservative Republican establishment who they are unified in their contempt for.

Ironically many of these same people make note that demographic changes in the United States will render the White Conservative Establishment power to that of a retreating glacier due to Global Warming.   Thus they focus on the new powers that they will have.  They fail to make note of the new RESPONSIBILITIES that this will bring their way as well.

THEY will be responsible for fielding a new order of control over the masses and will shoulder the burden to educate, fund, heal and render "conflict resolution" services upon these masses.

In order for this new system to be maintained over the duration of time those who are now PROGRESSIVE will have to become CONSERVATORS of the system that they have struggled to place on the playing field as the new rules.

Time to step out of the recording studio in which you rap about the "hard knock life" on your streets and instead construct the infrastructure that your community needs to operate off of.   This also means that you need to confront those systematic movements that seek to up-end everything that you have built.

The glacier that you seek to redirect everything toward is melting................................................

Friday, February 26, 2010

More Action Than Just Soccer In Store For The World Cup In South Africa - SA To Double Its Supply Of Condoms During The Games

South Africa to double its condom supply in time for the World Cup


In their hopes that  the only souvenir that all who travel to the World Cup return home with are the trinkets that they intended to carry with them and declare in customs..........the wise government of South Africa has insured that it will have an ample supply of condoms on hand in support of the influx of men who will attend the games.  Apparently they want to do more than merely look at men in shorts, kicking a ball around all day long.

Note: For purposes of balance - There are surely some people who will travel into SA and bring certain "surprises" with them as well.

Supplies of condoms will be doubled during next summer's 2010 World Cup in South Africa, which has about 5.7 million cases of HIV - more than any other country, according to Africa News.

Medical authorities in South Africa say they want to make sure there are plenty around in time for the games, which will be held in June and July.

"There's going to be a large number of people who will be descending onto the country," said Victor Ramathesele, general medical officer for South Africa's 2010 organizing committee. "There's going to be a spirit of festivity and there could be a more than usual demand for measures such as condoms. So there are measures in place to ensure that the condom supply is going to be ramped up during this tournament."

After years when the South African government failed to provide out lifesaving HIV/AIDSdrugs, the nation now has the world’s biggest anti-retroviral program.

Clarence Thomas - "The Most Hated Black Man In America" - As Reported By "The Black Agenda Report"

I don't run from a challenge.

My friend from "UptownSteve" of  Bowie, Maryland - the Black Utopia that is the closest to heaven a Negro living in America will ever experience in this racist, right wing country - challenged me to read a synopsis on Brother Justice Clarence Thomas.

I stated that Clarence Thomas' main flaw is that he has the audacity to see Black people as "equal human beings" under the law.  For this he is, as Glen Ford of "The Black Agenda Report" calls him - "The most hated Black man in America".   I noted that, in fact it is the more leftist associate justices - such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg that traffic in "Black Inferiority" in their rulings.

UptownSteve provided me with the URL to the story.  I did not allow the fact that it was hosted on "AlterNet" - a leftwing, progressive-fundamentalist web site to skew my opinion.  No worries.  I am already familiar with the antics of Glen Ford from his days working as a co-conspirator on the "Black" web site.

The Article:
Clarence Thomas, the Anti-Black


Let me first dispense with my points of agreement with the story:  IF CLARENCE THOMAS WAS NOT BLACK HE WOULD NOT BE SITTING ON THE SUPREME COURT RIGHT NOW.

You see - its not that his critics have a problem with "Fast Track Blacks" - they voted for Obama after all.  Instead they have a problem with Blacks who are in denial of their jet pack.

I am forced to agree that Clarence Thomas had the pedigree from Yale - as many others do - but also had the right combination of right-wing/conservative values that his "White Republican Sponsors" valued.   Thus they saw him as a mantle upon which to hang their claims of supporting diversity upon this man.  His race was diverse but his ideology was the same as theirs.

Here is the problem that I have with Glen Ford, Peter Gamble and others who channel their viewpoints through "The Black Agenda Report", "The Black" and other progressive-fundamentalist sites:  In their arrogance they believe that LEFTISM is the dispositive orientation for the Black man.  When the outcomes that occur upon the dominance of this theory over the key institutions of a given area where Black people (and or Progressive Whites) live - they won't ever confront their theory of normalcy of their views.  Instead they must seek out external or historical forces that have caused the failure.  Ironically the more power they aggregate in the "American Political Domain" - taking the seats of the people who they had struggled against as their oppressors - they are forced to chase after their enemies where they have departed to instead of implementing a management order that delivers that which has long escaped them.

The Narrative On Clarence Thomas - As Written In Venom By Glen Ford

To most "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" who read the article in question the words of Glen Ford will be music to their ears.  It will merely confirm what they already believe about Brother Justice Clarence Thomas.

Few of these same people will step back and make note that their circular reference of reliance upon Glen Ford is akin to the White community of Jackson Mississippi circa 1942 looking at the findings of an "All White Jury" in their conviction of a Black defendant.  In both cases - absent one's own research, bound to some transparent model of the real world - the findings are merely bricks used to support the prevailing bigotry that is rife within the "clan group" rendering the judgment.

As I read the article I noted the irony of Mr Ford's view.  If Clarence Thomas was simply to accept his own victim status as a Black man in America and worked to fight the system - the actions done in support of this "Speaking Truth To Power" would be enough to move Brother Justice Thomas off of the lawn of White folks and upon the wall of many Blacks.

This was not an evaluation of the legal rulings of Brother Justice Clarence Thomas.  There is no need to run through the weeds of such trivial items.  Instead this was a "character assessment" of Thomas.  Ford uses Thomas' life story as the bigging indictment against him.   The irony is that if Clarence Thomas had said that he was a victim of slavery - damaged goods - that he would pass inspection.   Keep in mind that it matters NOT that Black people are "damaged goods" and thus INFERIOR - in the mind of the BQPFRC and his partner White Snarling Fox Liberal - it is an issue of "WHO DID THIS TO US".  They have a problem with a Black who disconnects from the mantle of inferiority that their grievance based movement is founded upon.

If African Americans had our own insane asylum, Thomas would be welcomed in and cared for, with proper compassion for the sorely afflicted. But there are no such facilities available to treat a man who forgives whites for Jim Crow and every other aspect of past and present discrimination -- indeed, embraces the most racist among them -- but can never forgive Blacks for the way they treated him in Savannah, Georgia and the outlying shanty town of Pin Point.
Recall that the great Booker T. Washington SAID TO THE WHITE MAN - (and I'll paraphrase) "No White man can hold a Black man in a pit unless he resides in the pit with him".  Not that Glen Ford likes Booker T. Washington any more than he does Clarence Thomas but the moral of the story is that you can only soar as high as you are inclined to take your feet off of the ground........and thus off of someone else's neck in the process.

The irony is lost on Mr Ford and other's who's world outlook is founded upon grievances that their future will look strangely like the past - a past that they keyed upon in the present and thus failed to build up an infrastructure to handle the weight of the future.  Even when they are nominally in charge of the key institutions to which their people will look to for civic services - the fact that they - the purported though leaders of their people are so misaligned that this future will be damaged by those who's messages to the people shape it.


The power of these BQPFRC messengers is that they have the near ubiquitous presence to tap into the salient grievances that many Black people feel in this country and contextualize the situation to fit their ulterior motives.

The truth is that Brother Justice Clarence Thomas is not a THREAT TO BLACK PEOPLE.
Brother Justice Thomas is a threat to the ASSEMBLAGE that those on the Black Left have built up over time.  To them Clarence Thomas is more of a threat than a "super-gang" assembled from the combined membership of the Crips and the Bloods - thus wearing a purple robe.

The frustrating part of these messengers if that despite their growth in power in the "American Political Domain" and their own adoption of policies that have hurt our community in the "Community Cultural Consciousness and Competence" domain their control over the MESSAGE affords them the ability to constantly shift the read laser that is always trained upon their target toward whereever he might go.  The Blacks who are hypnotized by the dot that they are asked to focus upon will fail to notice that "they are WINNING" in the battle of attrition in the political space that their sold out leadership has them equating their racial gains to.  It is in the "CCC&C" space that they continue to lose.

One has to step back and question a biased Black media that spends more focus upon their enemies who reside outside of the Black community than upon their friends that they have put into power.  I noted in an e-mail to Ford and Gamble (I am not sure that they even remember me from years ago) that it must be disturbing for them to walk into the offices of "Black" and see all of their editorial cartoons framed on the wall, 96% of them containing caricatures of their ENEMIES rather than the vision of where their FRIENDS are taking them.

If Clarence Thomas submits judicial rulings laced with "venom" then it is also true that the biased Black press makes use of the same ink jet cartridge supply company that refills their printer cartridges with venom.

I suspect that this loosely coupled network of like-minded actor-vists would yield that the seat that the "one Black man" named Clarence Thomas has more POWER affixed to it than does the hundreds of Black Establishment press agents have in the way of:
  • Blogs
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Television Shows
  • Music Lyrics
They fail to note two important ironies:
  1. Their power in the CCC&C Domain has far more proximate impact upon the mental consciousness of Black people than does anything that Clarence Thomas can do to offend their leftist outlook
  2. While Clarence Thomas has 8 other people to act as a check upon him - the loosely coupled biased Black Media Establishment operates relatively unabated.  Clarence Thomas does not have the luxury to call his critics "racists" as they reserve the right to do so

Clarence Thomas and Barack Obama

Glen Ford makes the case that "White Conservative Republicans" found their "Black guy" to advance the ball all the way to the top - thus he sits upon the Supreme Court.   Mr Ford is too biased to realize that the "White Liberal Snarling Foxes" see President Barack Obama in the same vein.

Who failed to see the early antics of Janeane Garofalo and others?  With Obama carrying their pigskin full of leftist/progressive policies any one attempting to stop the "Black ball carrier" because the policies were putrid to them were called "racists".  Surely the fact that the Tea Parties did not assemble in response to Bush's spending could only mean that they are rooted in RACISM.   I am still waiting on Ms Garofalo to get back to me and tell me why the "Anti-War Protests" have stopped upon the ascension of the "Black Guy In Chief"?  Is it possible that the Snarling Foxes don't feel that this president can be burned in effigy as the last one was and have those who do so not be thought of as the "lynch mobs" of the past?

Here is a stunning part of Mr Ford's article where he reports of a Black journalist group prodding CBS for its failure to drill Brother Justice Thomas during the interview:

Karen J. Bond, of the National Black Coalition for Media Justice, offered a detailed questionnaire to the producers of the 60 Minutes farce, including:

"Do you feel an interview excluding ... critical pieces of information about the content of Justice Thomas' book would leave the viewer with an accurate perspective? Why was there little or no attention given to the opinions of these critics who come from the ranks of his peers, his former classmates, highly esteemed literary figures or the poor and working class citizens that he claims he represents? With so much contradictory evidence available, why was there no substantial challenge made as to the veracity of the claims Thomas presents in his book?"
 How soon we forget that during the 2008 Presidential campaign ABC News triggered a near protest march when it accepted some questions from outsiders to drill then candidate Obama with during a debate.  Those of you operatives who swear that you are the paragon of integrity are instead agents of subjective justice.  Its not that you have an aversion to a  Black public figure getting screwed.  You have a problem with a "Black public figure THAT YOU LIKE" getting screwed.  Most certainly racism is the triggering reason when such an attack upon a favorable person occurs.  The Blacks who "don't think right" are "Free Range Blacks" free from your protective veil.  It seems that the notions of "injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere" does not extend to your "racial protection racket".   Sadly some of the most frequent use of racially degrading words against Brother Justice Thomas are themselves Black.  I have commented several times that the very words heard by a Black man prior to lynching (coon, etc) can be found on certain biased Black media sources.  The presence of these attacks seem to correlate with Supreme Court rulings being made public.

In closing - the grand contradiction of Glen Ford's piece (and with BQPFRC Theory in general) is that their entire superstructure is based upon their own acknowledgment of "White Supremacy".  Theirs is a system that purports to fend against this supremacy.   The key flaw is that as they gain political success they can put to too few Blacks who live under the tutelage of their institutions who have been healed from the state of being "The Least Of These".  Despite their boisterous disposition against the machinations of this nation that they say is oppressing them - they react violently to notion that they will be left along - absent assault from the system - having to depend upon their own theories to produce their desired standard of living.   "Pin Point Georgia" is a sample of the conditions that are created per their husbandry.

Any resentment that Brother Justice Clarence Thomas has of his days in Pin Point Georgia is wisdom gained in his stance against those who's policies know how to faithfully replicate these conditions where ever they might take root.

(Hey Mr Ford - hows that "Exodus of Capital From The Cities" project going?  It must be frustrating to know that despite having control over your own body and thus the choice of when to commit your body in support of labor on behalf of others - the places where your theories are most entrenched - are demanding that the government force your long time EXPLOITERS to set up shop in these places so you can engage in the exchange of your labor but on your terms (living wage).   While there might be a need for another meeting in Gary, IN - this time it might be better spent doing a massive course correction that starts with introspection.

The key focus:  How do we leverage our potential labor and need to make a living into actual productive work that actually produces something of value that someone else would willingly purchase?

The absence of MONEY might indicate the absence of VALUE.  Money is merely an index of VALUE.  You see the absence of money as PROOF of discrimination.

When you protest - WHEN will you star protesting against YOURSELF?)

Police Corruption In New Orleans - Cop Pleads Guilty In Post-Katrina Murder & Setup

Details Of Police Officer's Guilty Plea and Information About The Crime Scene

The eco-system in and around New Orleans proves once again that it is a cesspool of corruption. The police killed people and then planted evidence to cover up their actions as the same department investigated the incident.

In late December, the grand jury hearing evidence presented by District Attorney Eddie Jordan's office indicted Sgt. Kenneth Bowen, Sgt. Robert Gisevius, Officer Anthony Villavaso and former officer Faulcon with first-degree murder in the death of James Brissette, 19. Faulcon also faces a first-degree murder charge in the shooting of Ronald Madison, 40.

Retired officer's guilty plea in Danziger Bridge case a blow to a struggling NOPD

Coverage Of Police Murder

The guilty plea hit the police force like a punch to the gut, one veteran cop said.

Police Superintendent Warren Riley, meanwhile, called it a dark day in New Orleans. Others likened the news to a black eye, the first blow in what is surely going to a knock-down, drag-out battle between the federal government and members of the New Orleans Police Department.

When former NOPD Lt. Michael Lohman pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to one count of conspiring to obstruct justice, for participating in a cover-up of the Danziger Bridge police shooting in which two civilians were killed and four wounded, cops and citizens alike cringed.

New Orleans, with its long-troubled police department and historically high crime rate, has spent the better part of the last two decades in a push-and-pull struggle to repair the force's tarnished image.

In the mid-1990s, the actions of a killer cop and crooked officers sullied all who wore the crescent-and-star badge. But a housecleaning followed, and things got better. Then, a decade later, Hurricane Katrina walloped the department and exposed its ill-preparedness again.

Now, after years of trying to rebuild, a lone guilty plea puts the department again on the precipice.

"Today is a dark and disappointing day for the citizens of New Orleans, especially for the honest and dedicated members of the New Orleans Police Department," Riley said in a news conference Thursday afternoon.

"Yesterday's guilty plea was a shock to me and the entire department," he said. "This action has disgraced the uniform worn by law enforcement officers."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Bitter Black Coffee Movement" = The "Demand-Side Economics" Photographic Negative Of The "Tea Party Movement"

For clarification:

  • Supply-Side Economics - An Economic Policy Theory That Seeks Effectively Lower Taxes That Will Result In People and Producers With More Money In Their Pockets To Spend On Capital Investments and Consumer Goods Thus Stimulating The Economy and Generating Tax Revenues From The Transactions and Wealth Creation.  The Tea Party Movement Would Tend To Promote These Policies
  • Demand-Side Economics - The Prioritization Of The Government Commitment To "Social Justice" Entitlement Needs As The Justification To Maintain Higher Levels Government Spending Levels and the Progressive Taxation Upon The Wealthy and Corporate Producers In The Name Of Fair Resource Distribution.  The "Bitter Black Coffee Movement" would tend to support these policies.
Notice that most of these videos are different from the arguments made by the Tea Partyers.
The "Bitter Black Coffee Movement" is opposed to spending cuts from the government because it will lead to a variety of service cuts.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Street Pirates In Metro Atlanta Are Harming The Case Against "Street Pirate Profiling"

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

In recent days the multiple assaults upon the community by Street Pirates has really undercut their cause in their question to be treated with the benefit of the doubt with regard to their guilt.

Here are even more Pirate Related Assaults On The Community:

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Two Views Of Mortgage Trouble Resolution

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

One appears to demand that the government make the banks do "Mortgage Loan Modifications".
The other seems to tell people to avoid doing "Mortgage Loan Modifications" and make use of some other market based alternative. (Likely bankruptcy).

In any event I suggest that everyone who finds themselves in this predicament do their own research and not depend upon either of these sources. Both of them are making use of this situation to advance their own particular interests.

In either case it is not a good idea to do what this guy did:
BULLDOZE HIS HOUSE PRIOR TO IT GOING INTO BACK TO THE BANK SO THEY ONLY HAVE A PILE OF RUBBLE. Brother man will likely go to jail over this one. He won't have to worry about room and board for several years.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Notice the words on the yard sign.

Man Bulldozes $350K House In Moscow, OH

The Unified Progressive Strategy - Tying All Of The Loose Ends Together

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This video is a "must see" for all who are seeking to understand left-wing strategy.

This is why I have expanded my consumption of left-wing activism beyond the "Black Establishment" messaging. I find that sources such as "Democracy Now" and "The Nation Magazine" and "International Socialist Magazine" provide a more clearly articulated and fundamentally pure picture of what the left and the Black Establishment has in mind. Most certainly they don't have all of the baggage and "racial gamesmanship" that certain Black operatives use to hide their cards.

I'll even go so far to admit that I don't always disagree with everything that they advocate for. For me it is more of an issue of "methodology" and implementation than it is an interest of mine to "disagree for the sake of disagreeing". Too often those who seek to retain their moral high ground fail to make note of their consumer dependency on the standard of living that the "evil things" that they oppose afford them.

This woman tied it all together:
  • Anti-War
  • Get the banks under control by the government
  • Get the corporations in line
  • Fight Global Warming
  • Create "Living Waged Jobs"

Dekalb County DA Searches The Home Of The Dekalb School Superintendent - Things Are Going To Get Better When "Our People" Are In Place Over The Schools

AJC: DA searches DeKalb schools chief's home, offices

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

The DeKalb school board chairman says Superintendent Crawford Lewis is cooperating with investigators as they search his home and three school offices.

The search is part of an ongoing criminal investigation into multimillion-dollar school construction projects.

The DeKalb district attorney’s office served a search warrant at Lewis’ home in the Southland subdivision in Stone Mountain around 7:30 this morning. Around the same time, investigators showed up at the DeKalb school headquarters on North Decatur Road with a second search warrant.

Investigators are now searching the two school board buildings on North Decatur Road and the Sam Moss Service Center on Montreal Road in Tucker, said Orzy Theus, a spokesman for the district attorney.

“This is all part of an ongoing investigation which was started at the request of the school system’s administration. After reviewing the information we gathered today, we anticipate bringing this matter to an appropriate conclusion,” District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming said in a statement.

The district attorney's office has been investigating construction projects in DeKalb schools. It's unclear what searchers were looking for in Lewis' home. Fleming declined to comment further.

"We haven't been able to get our hands on the search warrant," DeKalb school board chairman Tom Bowen told the AJC. "Our assumption is they are looking for documents with the ongoing Pat Pope investigation."

I get the feeling that a few more Black parents are going to look past the "racist" statements made by the Gwinnett County school board head and choose to migrate north toward that particular school system IF this keeps up in Dekalb. (I know several "Black Flight Progressives" who have done just that). If you recall - during a discussion about higher than normal disciplinary action executed upon Black males a report was shown which said that these higher rates are the case in every state except Idaho. To which the Gwinnett School head said "There is likely not enough Black people in Idaho to make a difference anyway". For this comment - SOME Black parents and the Gwinnett NAACP demanded that J. Alvin Wilbanks be fired for making a "racist" comment.

Dekalb County District Attorney Gwen Keyes Flemming

Left Wing Professor, The "Smirking Chimp" Blog and President Obama

I have to give Prof David Michael Green some credit.  Despite being a raving leftwing lunatic - he knows that he does not have the liberty to use the word "chimp" to refer to THIS president as he did the last president.  He knows that he would not have a job right now if he did so.

The Smirking Chimp - Hofstra Prof David Michael Green's Blog

Sadly few people will ask: "What about President Obama makes him (or any other Black man) closer to a CHIMP than was the previous occupant of the White House?"


Is there such a thing as an "Angry White Male Liberal"?   Prof Green comes as close to this label as I have ever seen.  

Banker Milton Jones Making Moves In The Southeastern Financial Services Market

Milton Jones part of group to buy banks

The Tale Of Two White Greek Letter Organizations Who Have Recently Impacted Black America

In the news recently there have been two rather large "news" stories surrounding two distinct groups of college aged White people and their "consumption" of Black culture.  Despite the fact that the motivations of each respective group were different - for some Blacks - the sentiments that they (the Blacks) expressed were the same - scorn.

In the first case we go to the University of California - San Diego.  Leave it up to the intemperate idiocy of the MTv generation to come up with their own tribute to "Black History Month".  Had they mocked "Christianity", an array of Conservative White Men or the line up of Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Shelby Steele, Condi Rice and Ward Connerly, they would have experienced far less scorn.  Hell - "The" threw most of the members of this list out of the Black race.  These White kids would have had cover for attacking "Free Range Blacks".  In fact some AfroSpear blogs would have proudly run the story.

Funds Cut After College Show Mocks Blacks

SAN DIEGO - The University of California, San Diego has halted funding for student media after a TV segment ridiculed black students outraged by a party mocking Black History Month.

The head of the campus Associated Students froze funding for 33 media outlets last week after one, The Koala, ran a student TV episode calling black students ungrateful and using a derogatory term for blacks.

Associated Students President Utsav Gupta called the program "deeply offensive and hurtful" and revoked The Koala's television charter.

Some of you will never know how much I hope that one day that the funding will be cut for certain "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" acts. They are as offensive to Black people as are these White folks in black-face.  The fact that these performers know better makes it hard to take.  The fact that they go on to sell a million records from their minstrel acts makes it an intolerable situation.

Secondly we have the "White girls" of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority.
For the record - when we talk about Black Sororities and Step Shows the names:
  • Delta Sigma Theta
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • Zeta Phi Beta
  • Sigma Gamma Rho
all come to mind for most Black folks.   This group from "Zeta Tau Alpha" has surely "upset the apple cart" for many of those who typically champion DIVERSITY.  That is when the other guy is the forced to "diversify" that is.

I do credit the crowd that attended this recent event in Atlanta.  These White girls were well received.  There were no perceptible "boos".  There was a thunderous applause at the end of their show.

However, with my knowledge about the concerns that my "sistas" have about their "brothers" being sweet on White girls - especially the brothers that have matriculated through college and have the potential of making something out of themselves - this recent encroachment by these "White girls" into this once protected space surely must be seen as yet another challenge in the minds of some "sistas".


These two stories actually highlight what the Black Activist movement has been longing for.  On the one hand I would dare say that the majority of college dance parties held by White folks make heavy use of "Black music" and/or the "Blue-eyed Soul" version of it (See Lady Gaga, etc).   Thus the mocking that was shown in UCSD was merely the addition of the full accompaniment of stereotypical costumes and shoe polish for the skin to go along with the music that they had already been dancing to all year long.

In regards to the step shows - don't be too surprised, my people, if other White sororities and fraternities get into the "step show" business, taking it and running with it.  They have a far larger embedded base of patrons who can pay for the tickets to see the show.

What is clear to me in regards to "diversity" is that those who are in control of the entity that is being forced to diversify often are resistant to change.  Those who the agents of diversity are seeking to break down the doors, expediting the day where a step team can be judged by the content of their performance and not the three letters of their "greek letter" organization.   For some, however, when they take the prize money home from their winnings - there is a problem with this "transference".  They merely have to step up their game.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BQPFRCs Battle BQPFRCs - Smiley Vs Sharpton Over Obama

Black America Web: Smiley, Sharpton Spar Over Black Agenda, Obama

For some of you who are watching this verbal sparring match between the "Black Folks Must Hold Obama Accountable" camp headed by Tavis Smiley versus the "When Obama Wins WE When Thus Black Folks Must Guide Obama Respectfully" camp headed by Al Sharpton (and the bulk of the Black Progressive Establishment).

I am of NEITHER of these groups.

I say BOTH OF THESE GROUPS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!!  They both are birds of the same flock.

This is no "Booker T Washington vs William Monroe Trotter" or "Marcus Garvey vs W.E.B. Du Bois".  This is akin to the great battle that I reported on in 2008:  "Mr Michael Eric Dyson for Obama versus Mrs Marcia Dyson for Clinton".  At the end of the article they both agreed that they wanted the Democrat to win.  This is called "diversity of thought" by the Black Establishment forces.  At least as much as they care to attend to.

The key question that must be asked of these two cliques are:

  1. Did both of them vote for Obama?
  2. Did both of them SELL our community on the benefits there in?
  3. (more importantly) Did both of them assist in the erection of the MACHINE that now controls every single voting district in America where Black folks are at least 35%+ of the voting base?
  4. (most importantly) Do both of them share the same prevailing ideological, economic, academic and cultural order that controls the KEY INSTITUTIONS within Black America?
  5. Were we SOLD on the benefits after each and every step along the way to where we are right now?

WHY THEN should Black America figure that by "picking sides" in one of these FACTIONS is a sufficient way forward?  They are merely a sub-container within a larger container of LEFTIST POLITICS (Social Justice and "Demand-Side Economic Policies).  

For those of you with any sort of management science inclination to your way of thinking - This is a battle over TACTICS not STRATEGY. (I have been referring to the terms "Goals/ Methodology/Vehicle" so I will switch over to these terms.)

  • Common Goal Between The Two Factions - Advance The Interests Of The Black Community 
  • Common Methodology Between The Two Factions: - Use THE GOVERNMENT as the primary channel by which these interests are advanced.  (Progressive Politics)
The split comes when it comes to the interaction with THE VEHICLE that they have been using.  The VEHICLE is THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY as the assembler of  "Progressive Policies".  They need to "conquer America" and thus the benefits will rain down upon the Black community.  There is no need for the Black community to radically reform itself internally in order to have this "rain water" to soak in.

The election of Barack Obama is the source of this conflict between these two "peas in the same pod".   

  • DO We CONTINUE to "Speak Truth To Power" now that WE have one of our own IN POWER?  Agitating and showing "Faux Moral Outrage" over what "the power" has been doing?

  • DO We Fold our "Black Establishment Organizations" in with the MACHINE that is in power (just as we helped them to become) and thus work THROUGH them to assist them in being successful?

MY VIEW as a Black Conservative Independent:  BOTH OF THEM SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!!

  1. They don't want to acknowledge that with Obama (a Democrat and an 'favorable Black') in the White House and the Democrats controlling congress that they are at the apex of their power (especially in 2009 when there were 60 votes in the US Senate).   
  2. In addition to the horizontal power structure they also have a vertical structure in certain key states: CA, NY, NJ, MD, PA, IL, MI, WI, CT, MA - solid blue states where, except for some exceptions - the Democrats run things from the municipal to county to state level - where Black folks live in our highest concentrations
  3. They have a circular reference to their advocacy - Aggrievable conditions in the places where they have POWER emboldens this same force to obtain more power as they expand.  The theory is that if they had a more expansive VERTICAL power base - that one day this victory would cause the Black Community to prosper after having thwarted the enemy - CONSERVATIVES
Some of you fail to see that they are now standing at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and are still "naval gazing" regarding how further expansion against their CONSERVATIVE enemy - going westward - is going to paper over some key problems.   Their apparent "PROGRESS" forward as seen in election night was taken as absolute advancement by those who were over joyed.

The reason why both should be held accountable is because they both bought into the battle in the "American Political Domain".  They believe that the void in Black America is a denial of SOCIAL JUSTICE RIGHTS.   Who is the "payee" of these Social Justice Rights?   

ANSWER:  Other Americans.
Not through the purchase of a good or service that the buy VALUES and thus receives benefit from its consumption.

Instead their transaction dependent upon the BUYER to live up to some principles that they themselves don't hold in common or at least they can't get "their own people" to buy into when we interact with each other.   Try demanding 40% of financial resources from the wallet of a common Black man walking down the street in the name of "social justice".  I rest my case.

All the while that they were serving as the "victimized poster child" on behalf of the Snarling Fox White Liberal Democrat - these leaders from this combined clique that is now squabbling over how to engage the "Democratic Machine" (which Obama as President is) they failed to erect the needed infrastructure WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

They figured that by scaling up the various plateaus - Black mayors/County Managers/Governors and now President that they had a sound foundation.  In truth ONE BLACK MAN'S SUCCESS merely appeased our people from the hard truth.

I refuse to allow those who lead us down the path of the "American Political Domain" to retain any credibility in the protected space of the "Community Cultural Consciousness and Competence Domain".   When not pressed to do so - they showed which domain they are more committed to.

In truth both of these factions are debating over the disposition that the Black community should take with respect to the "Government King":

  • Should we CONFRONT HIM - demanding that he feed us?
  • Should we WORK WITH HIM to have us plant more seeds that come from bags stamped with the words "USAID"? 
The one painful truth is apparent - after more than 40 decades of following their lead and ARRIVING AT the apex of that which is possible in the domain that they focused upon - our community is no more able to organically yield produce from the fields  that we now are assigned to tend (per our control) than we had been previously.

This debate seems fatal only because neither of these groups tolerated dissent nor did they erect a platform where such strategic debates are held TRANSPARENTLY.   Note the planned Chicago conference between "Tavis & Friends".   Basically "The New All White Jury" of Progressive-Fundamentalists have reconvened.

The media host listed some of the most noted political and academic leaders as invited guests, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree, author and scholar Michael Eric Dyson, professor Cornel West, California Rep. Barbara Lee and Dorothy Height of the National Council Negro Women.
Surely this is a line up of RADICAL INTROSPECTIONALISTS.

With the great "seed distributor from high" heading toward bankruptcy this demand for increased dependency upon it is even more puzzling to me.

Stanley Crouch On Rachel Maddow Who Is Never "On" The Black Community

Stanley Crouch: Mad about Maddow: The MSNBC host seeks influence, but she wants it on her own terms

(hat tip to Booker Rising blog)

The most frustrating element to me about certain "biased Black media operatives" is that they fail to "GET IT" when it comes to the proper analysis of their friends and enemies.

They are so often flattered by the notion that "the enemy of their enemies" are attacking these enemies far more articulately than they can manage to do so.  The above article penned by Stanley Crouch was a complement of a partner in the war against "White conservatives".  This is the primary measure of his BFFs.

As I have observed Rachel Maddow (I record her show every night) I have come up with the key indictment against her.  An indictment that Mr Crouch has missed despite it being the occasional focus of his own articles.

Make note of the topics that Rachel Maddow (and her court jester partner - Keith Olbermann) brings up on her show.  She is basically "Anti-Republican"/"Anti-Conservative".  In this regard her content is music to the ears of the average Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.  She is but another source for their syndication (HuffPo, DailyKOS, Media Matters and a few others rounding out the list).

The "'people's champion'" against organized assailants" is how Ms Maddow positions herself.  She is the "Progressive's Progressive" in this regard.  The indictment that I render against Ms Maddow is that when it comes to the Black Community she has "No Urban Mandate". 

Make a list of the key forces that are terrorizing Black people in 2010.  How many of the legitimate items on the list are caused by the "conservatives" that get so much attention from Ms Maddow?   In turn she knows that if she did go after these forces that most abundantly undercut the interests of our community in 2010 - the very same Black Progressive-Fundamentalists that attack me for calling out these forces would also disconnect from her apron string.  Thus it becomes a matter of "SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO CALL THEM OUT".  There is simply no particular benefit for her to do so.  Her Black followers, of which Mr Crouch seems to be one - is not demanding this of her.  She is more than happy to be complicit.

Let's consider her own bete noir - Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.  When they dare talk about the ills of the Black community and have the audacity to blame it upon Black people themselves - those who had been sitting silent in their grievance about the assaults that our communities have faced by this inside threat seem to gain new life in their unity against the latest assault upon them rendered by Fox News or some other "News Corporation" media property.  Again - Maddow gains nothing by chiming into the "Negro Problem" with any sort of objectivity.

Even upon hearing news that the Crips, Bloods and "Gangster Disciples" have expanded their footprint into more cities - with murderous results - Ms Maddow is not inclined to go after the organized conspirators who pulled the trigger.  This is because - unlike the IRS employee who hung himself - there was no Right-Wing antagonist upon which she could hang place her brand upon.

If she was to talk about the impact of "Street Pirate Gangs" upon the Black community she would package it in a gift wrap that is appealing to the Black Progressive Establishment:  The legacy of racism and marginalization gave these Black and Hispanic males few options other than joining the only employer in their community.

What is most disappointing with Mr Crouch's article is that he dares make reference to Rachel Maddow - the White Liberal in the context of the Civil Rights Movement.  Indeed the White liberal of that time in the past were fighting against the forces that terrorized and killed Black people without regard to our civil rights and dignity.  He is unwilling to note that it was the establishment of a system of laws and the enforcement there in which PUNISHED those who would assail Black people.  Less than changing their minds about race - the key was that if they acted out upon their hatred based upon race - there would be legal consequences.

The Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is conflicted today because if they were to apply this same "law and order" approach against the most prevalent assailant to our people -  this would lead to a jailhouse full of Black folks who act the part of "Street Pirates".   Thus the "boil the ocean" approach where the "police line" is expanded to where the entire United States and its history is the crime scene is the appeal of Stanley Crouch and the rest of the Black Establishment press.  They fail to understand that their stance is an "anti-human resource management" stance.  It disconnects the recent run-up in Progressive and Black Establishment power from the actual solutions to our community's problems.  In truth it exposes their real agenda - POWER - for the sake of IDEOLOGICAL PROWESS (Portrait On The Wall Worship).

I still have a small and diminishing regard for Mr Crouch's commentary.  Still I can't understand how he fails to see that Ms Maddow and other MSNBC Operatives only care about the interests of the Black community in as much as our prevailing political order are their "BFFs" in their own fight against Conservatives.   I think that Mr Crouch knows that if he expects too much from the "Snarling Fox White Liberal" that he is going to be disappointed in what he sees.

Why Does The Black Establishment Still Get To Talk About "THEY" When It Comes To Public Schools?

I have learned that the key to battling the entrenched progressive Black Establishment is to force them to accept that they are now the ESTABLISHMENT POWER within the Black community. They are no longer allowed to engage in permanent external chases against "THEY". (As in "THEY" don't want Black people having sh**)

Whereas I should be smitten with the words of Al Shaprton in this segment I realize that he is not going to go hard against the forces that reside within his Progressive-Democratic coalition on the subject of "School Choice" and "Charter Schools".

You can tell that something is brewing as of late.  I have listened to no less than 8 radio or television talk shows that have focused on Charter Schools.  The sides on the issue have made their loyalties clear.  I notice that the new faux opposition to charter schools is the claim that they are not "DIVERSE".  "Too many" Black and Hispanic students in charter schools are "stuck with" schools that lack diversity (reading between the lines: not enough White kids).

Just when we start seeing certain positive results from kids who are in environments that had been producing failure in the traditional government operated public school yet often with less money spent per child - the "special interests" that Reverend Sharpton speaks about have thrown up the red herring on diversity.  They fail to note that the lack of diversity in these school populations closely mirror the racial make up of the surrounding communities.

Rev Al Sharpton and others who are known to vacillate in the wind when it comes to going against the machine that they are ultimately a part of - instead choosing to support a key PERMANENT INTEREST of our community.  I will have more confidence in him if he were to layout a more transparent framework of what he can support and present this to these "Entrenched Interests" that he speaks of.    In as much as he knows that he will standing with them at the voting booth in 2010 and 2012 his willingness to go to battle with them as they remain obstinate against school reform he knows that he can't push too hard or be seen as "standing alongside their common enemies)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Central Falls RI High School To Fire All Teachers In Faling Schools

Conflict Between Administration And Teachers Union

CENTRAL FALLS –– The teachers didn’t blink.

Under threat of losing their jobs if they didn’t go along with extra work for not a lot of extra pay, the Central Falls Teachers’ Union refused Friday morning to accept a reform plan for one of the worst-performing high schools in the state.

The superintendent didn’t blink either.

After learning of the union’s position, School Supt. Frances Gallo notified the state that she was switching to an alternative she was hoping to avoid: firing the entire staff at Central Falls High School. In total, about 100 teachers, administrators and assistants will lose their jobs.

Gallo blamed the union’s “callous disregard” for the situation, saying union leaders “knew full well what would happen” if they rejected the six conditions Gallo said were crucial to improving the school. The conditions are adding 25 minutes to the school day, providing tutoring on a rotating schedule before and after school, eating lunch with students once a week, submitting to more rigorous evaluations, attending weekly after-school planning sessions with other teachers and participating in two weeks of training in the summer.

The high school’s 74 teachers will receive letters during school vacation advising them to attend a Feb. 22 meeting where each will be handed a termination notice that takes effect for the 2010-’11 school year, Gallo said.

Gallo said she was devastated and that she had thought the union would agree to her conditions, even though she did not offer to pay the teachers more for most of the additional responsibilities.

A month ago, Education Commissioner Deborah A. Gist mandated that the district adopt one of four models to fix the troubled school, which has some of the lowest graduation rates and test scores in the state.

Gallo’s first choice, the “transformation” model, was consistent with her conditions on how to improve the high school. But if the teachers would not agree, the superintendent said she would select her second choice, the “turnaround” model, which requires the removal of the entire staff of the school. The turnaround model allows the district to hire back no more than 50 percent of the old staff.

“I am saddened and shaken at the core by the enormous ramifications of my responsibilities,” Gallo said. “The only solace I have is that I know I provided every opportunity possible, in fully public and transparent ways, the means to avoid this.”

Union officials say they, too, want to improve the high school but are unwilling to sign off on the six conditions, especially without receiving additional pay. In a letter, union officials said they do not think Gallo has the authority to fire the teachers and she must negotiate the terms of the reforms.

In an interview, Jane M. Sessums, union president, said the union intends to fight the terminations, although she was not ready to say how.

Students Friday expressed sadness, frustration and dismay at learning that their teachers would be fired en masse. Most had no idea why their teachers were being let go.

“They are very sweet,” said AndrĂ© Monteiro, 19, a senior. “They help us out and get the job done. They treat us with respect.”

“It’s sad,” said Jessica Lemur, another senior. “They stay when we need help. They love us. I was shocked when I heard the rumors.”

A couple of parents said they were stunned by the announcement and said they blamed students, not teachers, for the high school’s consistently poor performance.

“It’s not fair,” said Angela Perez, who has a daughter at the high school. “They shouldn’t be punished because the students are lazy.”

“The teachers care so much,” said Perez’s daughter, Ivannah Perez, a recent Central Falls graduate. “I’ve seen them stay after school. I’ve seen them struggle. It’s the students. They don’t want to learn.”

Most teachers declined to talk as they left school yesterday. But a couple of teachers paused long enough to share their thoughts.

Sheila Lawless-Burke, an English-as-a-Second Language teacher, said teachers are not opposed to working harder — or longer; they simply want the opportunity to negotiate the details of their contract, not have it imposed from above.

“It’s all about the politics,” she said, “about making Fran Gallo look good. The issue is having the right to negotiate. Once we allow the superintendent to get her foot in the door, where will it stop?”

Gist, who has 10 days to review Gallo’s proposal, said she expects to make a decision early next week.

“We know she is moving forward urgently and we want to support that,” Gist said.

Gallo and Gist say they have the authority to make these changes, based on federal education regulations and on state law that allows the state to intervene in chronically failing schools and districts.

“We’re very confident we are following both state and federal laws very carefully,” Gist said, “and, in fact, it’s the expectation both in state and federal law that we take these steps.”

State's Education Chief OKs Layoffs as Part of "Turnaround" Model for Central Falls High School

Rhode Island Education Commissioner Deborah Gist has approved a school district's plan to fire all its teachers.

All 74 teachers at Central Falls High School are expected to receive their pink slips on Tuesday, reports CBS affiliate WPRI in Providence.

Central Falls Superintendent Fran Gallo has proposed laying off all teachers at the school as part of a "turnaround" model for the school. That high school and five other schools in Providence have been identified by the state as chronically low-performing and must make major changes to avoid being closed.

The turnaround model requires a new principal and governance structure and allows no more than half the teachers to be rehired.

Gist on Tuesday said she had accepted Gallo's proposal. The superintendent has 120 business days to submit to Gist her proposal for overhauling the school.

The teachers' union says it wants more pay for the additional work, WPRI reports. Teachers, along with their supporters, are expected to hold a rally at 4 p.m. on Tuesday to protest the decision.

"I support doing whatever it takes to get the results we need and to do what’s best for the students in Central Falls High School," Commissioner Gist said. "I know that there are many great teachers in Central Falls High School. Our goal is to ensure that we have highly effective teachers in every classroom in the school."